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I had a date with my little sister today。 (๑′ᴗ‵๑)



For the first time in my life
I queued for thirty minutes to eat hamburger。



Although it was well worth queueing for、
I’m not really good at queueing。



But thanks to queueing、
I was able to talk about various things。



But the strange thing about today、
everyone that I met was all so kind…



It touched my heart plenty。。



In my everyday life、
there are many moving happenings and drama…



it’s not something that only happen in a play or on the stage
that’s how I really feel。



The voices outside、this ordinary day、
I’m sure the baby in my belly can also feel it。



I want to treasure this everyday life♡



Lately、I’m addicted to
hot sandwich for breakfast。
Gas grilled、not electric、
Looking at the progress while grilling is one of the joy。
While thinking about the ingredients that I’m going to put it〜
I was able to sleep enveloped with feeling of sleepiness and happiness。
In my case、 it works better than counting sheep‼︎ lol
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Announcement  ✧


The preparation for the start of Abe Natsumi’s Mail Magazine
is now completed‼︎



This mail mag will be delivered starting tomorrow、
you will be able to receive news of me。


Of course it will be in a different format from this blog
I will also be sending massage as well。(tn: massage was originally in English)


Everyone If you would like to、please register‼︎ (๑′ᴗ‵๑)

※You will be able to access the link tomorrow evening!
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This week, I took Me-san with me
ans went flower viewing twice (๑′ᴗ‵๑)


I had curry for take-out, I made my own lunchbox
it was a carefree and easygoing flower viewing。


Eating outside with everyone
made the food tastier。






My fringe is in a jumble。lol


Tomorrow is already April isn’t it。


I pray that I will be able to pass through April with kindness and calmnes
full of laughter, full of happiness ♡


I have an important announcement later⁈
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The other day、 I baked muffin。



Using an idea from a book…

muffin with bean curd lees as the main ingredient。






Using coconut oils and soy milk, it’s healthy。



The outside is crispy, the inside is filling, the sweetness is moderate。



I wonder if putting nuts will taste okay?



Sharing it with my big and little sister who were visiting…

I think I will have the leftover for breakfast。



Today’s Tokyo is warm once again♡



I did laundry、window cleaning

screen door、I also cleaned the floor。



Also, yesterday I went flower viewing with my friend。

There is still more sakuras to look forward to ☺︎




please have a wonderful day。

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The last episode of Abe Natsumi 「Anata ni Aetara」

was a live recording





Thank you for the boatload

really…a boatload of message



I love radio…



When I was bullied during my school days、

the music playing in the radio gave me encouragement



I received something like

the power to look forward and the courage to live。



For me at that time, radio is…



sometimes is a friend who supported my heart、

a healing time that allowed me to escape from reality。



Time has passed the me at that time、

becoming a radio DJ with “my own program’

filled me with deep emotion…



It’s a really wonderful thing、

a special time filled with meaning。



A place to connect with the listener

a place to be myself。



I have introduced plenty of books and songs here

I’ve also learned many things。



Everyone who’ve always supported me

my beloved listener、all the staff members…



You all have given me lots of support for this past 7 years。

I really thank you all。



One part of history has ended…

although there is a sad feeling、



I’m sure one day

I will return to the radio world 。



Till that day comes

if we have the chance…I will meet you again。



(๑′ᴗ‵๑) byeー



Thank you⤴︎

From Abe Natsumi。
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Tonight 9 o’clock〜

bay fm Abe Natsumi no Anata ni Aetara”



Tonight will be the last live recording。



For 7 years、the place where I can be connected with everyone

「Anata ni Aetara」



Geez…my heart is already overflowing with feeling but、

I will put all my love in this program till the end。



Please、please、have a listen ♪



The program is still receiving mails。

The very end will be filled with the energy of a live recording、、

Look forward to it‼︎



Till later〜

Abe Natsumi (๑′ᴗ‵๑)
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Yocchan, once again…congratulations♡


When we unexpectedly met in the office last month
you told me about the news face to face


From your slightly blushing face when talking about it
I could see happiness oozing out…
it made me feel happy as well。


I had work right after that、
but I wasn’t able to hide my happiness…
I was grinning for some time、、。


I’ve been receiving this kind of news many times
ever since I became pregnant, the feeling of happiness when receiving those news has multiplied even more


Please take even greater care of your body…
and have a positive pregnant life
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Just now、I received a good news‼︎



My NewAL that is on sale today「Towards the Light -Classical & Crossover-」…

reached the first place in Oricon Daily Classic Ranking‼︎

Are you serious⁉︎ (ↀ⌓ↀ)

I was so surprised I ended up in a daze。。。。



it’s no 1、、

No1you know⁉︎

I took a deep breath many times  suーhaーsuーhaー

…it took times before I was able to process this news。w

Haa… a dream-like reality。

I’m so happy。

Although I shouldn’t be celebrating, I can’t stop myself from smiling。

For so many people to listen to this album…

I’m unbelievably happy。

I’m not sure how correct this expression is but…

I’m immensely thankful‼︎

Heading to the Cotton Club LIVE on 10/24.25…

I’m going to focus all my energies and give it my all‼︎

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Tomorrow is a special day。
A day of gratitude。

I think I shall sleep earlier tonight。

Although I’m so excited I probably won’t be able to fall asleep…lol




32 years old, there are many things to be thankful for。(*ˊᵕˋ*)੭
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Paco ♡。

I had the first day of script reading.

There were so many people among the staff and cast that I hadn’t seen in a while…



it was a happy and fun place ♪



Maggie-san, Tokuma-san, Ensuke Miki-chan were all from the Kera stage days so…



has it been about 1 year??



I’m so happy we can work together again ♪






it is my first time in a G2 production.



He is someone I’ve wanted to meet for so long.



On the way back, in the flow of the conversation…



we called each other A-chan, Be-chan. lol



…is that…okay. σ^_^;



Tomorrow, right away、、



maybe I’ll gather up my courage and call that out. lol






This is the candy that Non-chan (Tani Kanon) gave me on the way home, running up to me with a tatata.



She said, its cause we chatted lots♡



She was just too cute that I felt all gyuu〜‼ lol






1 month until our opening day.
Let’s do our best ♪



See U Tomorrow♡
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