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Just now、I received a good news‼︎



My NewAL that is on sale today「Towards the Light -Classical & Crossover-」…

reached the first place in Oricon Daily Classic Ranking‼︎

Are you serious⁉︎ (ↀ⌓ↀ)

I was so surprised I ended up in a daze。。。。



it’s no 1、、

No1you know⁉︎

I took a deep breath many times  suーhaーsuーhaー

…it took times before I was able to process this news。w

Haa… a dream-like reality。

I’m so happy。

Although I shouldn’t be celebrating, I can’t stop myself from smiling。

For so many people to listen to this album…

I’m unbelievably happy。

I’m not sure how correct this expression is but…

I’m immensely thankful‼︎

Heading to the Cotton Club LIVE on 10/24.25…

I’m going to focus all my energies and give it my all‼︎

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Tomorrow is a special day。
A day of gratitude。

I think I shall sleep earlier tonight。

Although I’m so excited I probably won’t be able to fall asleep…lol




32 years old, there are many things to be thankful for。(*ˊᵕˋ*)੭
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Paco ♡。

I had the first day of script reading.

There were so many people among the staff and cast that I hadn’t seen in a while…



it was a happy and fun place ♪



Maggie-san, Tokuma-san, Ensuke Miki-chan were all from the Kera stage days so…



has it been about 1 year??



I’m so happy we can work together again ♪






it is my first time in a G2 production.



He is someone I’ve wanted to meet for so long.



On the way back, in the flow of the conversation…



we called each other A-chan, Be-chan. lol



…is that…okay. σ^_^;



Tomorrow, right away、、



maybe I’ll gather up my courage and call that out. lol






This is the candy that Non-chan (Tani Kanon) gave me on the way home, running up to me with a tatata.



She said, its cause we chatted lots♡



She was just too cute that I felt all gyuu〜‼ lol






1 month until our opening day.
Let’s do our best ♪



See U Tomorrow♡
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First shrine visit of the year

Together with all my friends…



I did my first shrine visit at Shimane’s Izumo Taisha. ꒰•̫͡•ོ꒱












This is the Izumo Taisha that I’ve wanted to come to for so, so long ♪



I was finally, finally able to come ♪



After that, I was able to make a prayer for all the thanks and New Year greetings that I had up until then.



In the main temple, at the very moment that we closed our eyes and joined hands…



a gentle breeze suddenly brushed over us…



and in that moment, I felt like I came into the presence of the gods…



It was clear, then cloudy, then it rained, and then it was clear again and such…



In the few hours I was at the Izumo Taisha, a number of mysterious things happened.



So glad I came.


Grateful (●´ー`) fuu



I pray that everyone has a really healthy and good year…






Please be good to me this year as well ♡

*Wiki to the temple
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Stage Photo♡。

solo corner ♡


















♪Hare Ame Nochi Suki
♪Itoshiki Hito






♪Morning Coffee
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Dreams ♡1。

Just before the show ♪









Rika-chan was doing Viyuuden then 〜♪



Put in some fighting spirit!!  





Like, we could end up crying so soon. lol






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Dreams ♡2。

Love Machine ♡












Summer Night ♡ Love Rev ♡












Nice formation‼ (=´∀`)人(´∀`=)
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Happy New Year ♡



Our first Countdown live ♪






Things got really heated up, didn’t they〜‼



To everyone who came to the hall
and everyone who watched at the movie theater too… ♪



Thank you very much‼



Over in the Dreams Corner, I…



and I don’t know if I was just too excited by midway I felt like I went into a trance…



like even while I was concentrating, I felt all airy and light while singing and dancing…



Well in any case, it was a mysterious experience ♪ lol



(。´ o ` 。) 〜♪



A duet with Horiuchi, Dreams, the song with the first generation members and a solo song.



My first Hello stage in a long time.



And the chaos from backstage with the whole 107 people ~ like, everything put together…it was so fun ♪



I’m glad we could see the new year together with eeeverreyonne ♪



Let’s make this a good year, okay!






So early in the new year, I already hurt my throat..



Maybe I went overboard…?? lol



Siighh I’ll be communicating via writing for a while.   ꒰༎ຶ﹏༎ຶ๑꒱
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My kohai Kanyon.




Kanon (S/mileage’s Fukuda Kanon) and me ♡



She was so sweet to say she wanted to take a photo together with Abe-san …



so when going home, I looked for Kanon and got a snap.



She grew up a little〜



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At the doctor

Did you watch the On Air…⁇



I was also able to watch in real time ♡
Nono even sent me a message saying, I’m wattchinnng ♡


So happy (=´∀`)



Well then, today I have rehearsal again ♪
The show is tomorrow after all ♪



“Nacchi” do your best lol



But before that…



EーNーTー. Yup, off to the Ear-Nose-Throat doctor. T_T



I got taken in by the season’s dryness..



I mean, I already sleep with one or two jumbo sized humidifier but…



it just plain dragged on and my throat and nose are insanely dry..



In the past, I was traumatized by the experience of losing my voice…



Normally I make sure to take really good care of my throat but…



when you’re using your voice, its kinda, you know… 。



My tonsils were weak ever since I was little.



Ughh (;_;)



Well, but you know,
in any case come rain or shine, tomorrow is the show!!



I want to stand smiling in my best condition for all of you who are looking forward to it too‼



It is my first countdown after all ♪



Alright, I’m off (● ´ ー ` )ノ






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