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Radio♪ by MIYAZAWA

Good evening!


The video for Love-On was uploaded yesterday!

For those who haven’t checked it out yet, please do.



I had a radio recording today.


I felt like it was really fun this time round.(lol)


Please listen in to it everyone (*^-^*)




I found this in the supermarket recently.





Team Plasma must have switched occupations.


The taste was something I’ve never encountered before but it was delicious.



Now then, I have lots to do right now so I have to stop here.





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Matsudo! by MIYAZAWA

Good evening!



Maaanー, we had fun today too!



To be surrounded by such amazing fellow performers in a hall packed full of the audience, and being able to stand on such a great stage, I feel a great happiness in this.



For us who love anime, the last song sung by the whole lineup was just way too much fun!


How long has it been since I jumped around like that.(lol)




Furthermore, during the live, I had fun seeing how other fans got pumped up in different ways!


Thanks for getting all hyped up for us!





One scene in the dressing room.



Where Okada was getting her makeup done by Tanaka-san.




The Okada today was cuter than usual.


Did everyone notice?




Now then, time to get into the bath.(lol)



The other performers, the staff, and my fellow members, thanks for your hard work!!



And thank you to everyone who graced the venue with their presence.




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Good evening.

After finishing dinner earlier, I was finally able to take a breather.


Today was a totally awesome day!


I’m really happy to be able to meet everyone after so long.

I was able to see many LoVendoЯ fans from the stage, and I got really pumped up.

Of course there were many who were seeing us for the first time.

I wonder how those people see us. I’m curious. ( ̄∇ ̄)



It’s really been too long since we actually held a live show, so the exhaustion is setting in now(lol)

It’s a sign of how wild I went too.


After all we were able to perform with SHOW-YA again, and even acted as backup to them・・・I am truly overcome.


Also I was able to listen to my favorite song “Genkai LOVERS” twice, such a lucky happening.


Everyone was really kind and open, and they were really fun.

I’ll be in your care again from now on as well!!

Thank you for today!


Also, to the staff, my fellow members, the other performers, as well as everyone who came to see us

Thank you very much!



We’ll be at Matsudo for an event tomorrow!


Time to charge up my energy in expectation of tomorrow.


I’ll be waiting.



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Strawberry Uemura Akari

This is Juice=Juice’s Uemura Akari (   )

The dessert after dinner today was my faaaaaaaaaaaaaaavourite, strawberry!!

Ichigo in English is “strawberry”!

I know that much about it ヽ(*´∀`)ノ

Also, I’m getting leader to help me with mathematics tomorrow (o^^o)♪

That’s why I’ll be bringing my textbooks along tomorrow so she can teach me!
「I’ll teach you only if you’re up to it.」She said that to me, and I jokingly replied「Nope I’m not so don’t bother.」, but actually I really want her to teach me!!

Also, there was a rehearsal for the Nama Tamago show!today!!!!

It’s been a while since I got to be at rehearsal with everyone, and I thought that「They’re all so powerful and energetic」and「They’ve grown!And are improving!!」, and I felt that I have to work even harder!

Nama Tamago show!will definitely be fun

Ah~Excited for it~!

Well goodnight then!!

This was Uemura Akari☆彡
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14 years old☆ Uemura Akari

This is Juice=Juice’s Uemura Akari (   )

We had the release and handshake event for『B.L.T  U-17 vol.28』today!!!!!

The cover really stands out, and I’m really happy about this chance for more people to know of Juice=Juice!

Also, since it was only for under-17s, Miyazaki Yuka-chan and Kanezawa Tomoko-chan were above 17 so they weren’t there, but I’d be happy if you would take a look at the cover even without them there!!!!

I have one thing to say!

It’s great to be young!!!!

Well goodnight then(o^^o)♪

This was Uemura Akari!!!
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Good evening!


The cold winter wind has been blowing recently, and it has gotten remarkably cold.



And then with Rakuten’s win they are the best in Japan :bikkuri: :bikkuri:

Congratulations [*crackers*](*^▽^)/


I don’t know much about baseball, but it’s still amazing to know that they’re the best in Japan :kirakira:


I think that my fellow agency senpai Satoda Mai-san’s support for her husband in the shadows must have been a huge factor.

I feel touched by how the Tohoku people were brought to tears by this display of courage.

Congratulations :kirakira:

Now then, on a different topic, I rearranged my room layout today, and brought out my winter futon set :kirakira:


It’s gotten all snug and comfy, so I’m looking forward to sleeping!


Also, I went to Shinjuku yesterday!


I was surprised when it got dark even though it was still only around 4pm :bikkuri:


For this season in Nagasaki, it gets dark only around 6pm.
Night falls faster in Tokyo doesn’t it :aseru:

Finally, I have decided on the songs for the Hello!Pro Shop event on the 9th and 17th :bikkuri:

I’m going to practice straightaway!

I’m really nervous about how the event will turn out, but it’ll be great if it’s memorable!


Please come if you can!


The song I listened to today, in view of Rakuten’s victory, was mihimaruGT’s「Omedetou」!



In the PV, happiness overflows so much that you can’t help but smile along as well!

Even though it’s just the normal, everyday things, there are still so many things you can be congratulated for, and that makes me happy.


The most recent thing I was congratulated for was when I had an event in Nagasaki!

The word ‘congratulations’ made me really happy^^

The power of words is really amazing :dash:


Today’s photo is of the castella I got recently!

Somehow, it was castella from my favorite shop Fukusa-ya, it’s really delicious so I’m eating one every day :music:

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Good evening(^-^*)/



It’s gotten seriously cold.


How is everyone doing?


I’m still cheerful as ever!


It’s gotten cold all of a sudden, so please take care of your health.


By the way, today is Pocky Day :!!:


Furthermore, it’s also

Nurses’ Day (good day)

Battery Day (Put +and -together to form eleven)

Socks Day (1111←don’t they look like socks)

Nikuman Day ((11)」this looks like the nose of a pig)

Beansprouts Day

Chopsticks Day

Chimney day etc…



Somehow, when you put all the 1s together it’s like「Oooh :kirakira: 」.


For this year, today has the most significance :!!:

It’s LoVendoя’s Reina-san’s birthday!


Reina-san, happy birthday [*crackers*]


I’m always in Reina-san’s care on the YouTube program UF LICKS!


Furthermore, I got to perform as the opening act in their concerts, appeared on Music Festa together, and she’s always been nice to me :!!:


When we’re together, she teaches me stuff I wouldn’t have figured out what to do on my own, as well as giving me tips when I’m lost and teaching me to see things from a different point of view!
I’ll be in your care from now on too


Thank you so much ^^



Now then, the song I’m listening to today is Oku Hanako-san’s「Birthday!




This song is a favorite of my friends, and is full of memories for me!


When I met my friends back when I went back to Nagasaki the other time, they said「It’s a little early but Happy Birthday」and gave me presents while singing this song to me.


Next time when I want to send someone else off with a smile, I will be sure to pick this song every time!


It’s a great pop song that makes you think “it’s great to have been born!”

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Without even saying hello

Good evening!


I went to the park this morning, and when I started singing to myself, a foreigner who happened to be passing by clapped for me!


I was really happy but also a little embarassed :aseru: :aseru:



Now then, on a different topic, this is about something that happened last night.


Normally, so that my piano practice won’t be interrupted, I arranged with my mother for her to call me around 10pm at night.


So when the slightly sleepy me answered the phone, my mother suddenly said this.



Mom「What’s GranChanVolley short for?



She said this to me.


Without even saying hello first.



With me being half asleep
? How would I know



Mom「Then GraCoro?


※GraCoro…The name of a product from a McDonalds commercial

Mom「(lol)Oh, it’s just that there was a CM about GranChanVolley just now, and I thought Asahi might know! And then I thought of GraCoro right after that!




Me「Yeah, I never even thought about it!



We had such a conversation.


Afterwards my mother went「That’s all I wanted to ask! Bye!

>And then she hung up on me.



She really only wanted to ask just that.




But at the same time, I realized I liked such pointless conversations about daily life.




Also! Another of my Nagasaki-based documentaries has been uploaded to YouTube!

Please watch it if you like!

This time it shows me walking around Nagasaki with my friends!


The 3 of us climbing the hills of Nagasaki, and eating stewed pork buns etc!


There’s a lot this time too!

When I watched it myself, more than just the nostalgia, I was really grateful to my 2 friends.


Thanks for always supporting and smiling at me!



The song I listened to today is KOKIA-san’s「Arigatou」!



The singing and the lyrics resonate within my heart.


When something important to you is always nearby, you tend to take it for granted, so you only realize how much it means to you after you lose it.


It’s a song that tells us not to take things for granted, but to be thankful that they exist at all!


This song sinks deep into my heart :!!:

 (This is yesterday’s post)

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2 shows in a day!

Good evening^^



Today, the Hello!Pro Shop event’s emcee made a mistake with my name and called me「Tanaka Asahi」, but I’m Tasaki Asahi :bikkuri:


I was nervous too, but thanks to the emcee’s mistake, my anxiety melted away :nikoniko:

Thank you very much!^^*


Now then, the Hello!Pro Shop in Akibahara event has ended :redtulip:

To everyone who came in support, thank you very much!



There were some technical issues today, but I learned something new from that as well.


I got to sing Fukuyama Masaharu-san’s Sakurazaka for the first time in ages today!


It’s really been a while, and whenever I listen to it
I think it’s a really great song.


I sang Sakurazaka for the first show, but for the second I got to sing my as yet unreleased new song, Koi Gokoro :kirakira:


I was really nervous, but being able to sing it in front of everyone allowed me to figure out the parts where mistakes were easily made, among other things.


When I next sing this song, I will focus on these points for practice!


By the way, Koi Gokoro was uploaded as an unreleased song on satoyamachannel so please watch it if you like :music:


I’ll work hard for the next event :bikkuri:


I might just play that song next ^^


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Injection ><

Good evening!

There’s a beautiful crescent moon today.

Can everyone see it from where they are?


On a different subject, it has finally come, the time to go for influenza shots in preparation for the cold of winter :!!:



I’m not really good at getting injections, and at the site of injection usually gets hot and swells and hurts and itches…it’s terrible :aseru:

I hope I don’t catch influenza though :dash:

Now that my shoulder pain is finally over, now a different kind of sensation is around my arm.

I was hoping it wouldn’t swell so I put a cold compress over it, I wonder if it works?


Now then, it’ll be my first time having 2 performances in a day tomorrow at Hello Shop!



I’m a little nervous but I’m looking forward to it too!


Please come watch if you can :sun:



Has been updated :kirakira:


Please watch it if you can :nikoniko:

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