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The Hello Con that opened in Osaka♫
The two days have ended smoothly~(o゚3゚b)b

I think you can really feel the personality and individual charm of each group during each of the performances‼

In these performances, I can see members I can’t normally meet with and sing nostalgic and current songs, so I hope you can also feel the charm of each of the teams♡

This summer。
Let’s make memories at HelloCon‼
How does that sound to you guys~♡?

This time I want to create a lot of memories in Hokkaido, Hiroshima, and the other seven places we’re holding LIVEs♡

The charm of HelloCon。
Within that I’d especially like to express Berryz Koubou’s charm in its pure form✨✨✨✨

Well then…♡

If you have time, please come by all means‼
I’m waiting ♡
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Time to drink♡

The Oronamin C that I love♡



I chug it every time I drink it (lol)

It’s my reward after every rehearsal and LIVE(o゚3゚b)b✨

When I drink Oronamin C I become really lively꒰◍”౪`◍꒱۶✧˖°
So starting tomorrow, let’s go do our best at the Hello Project LIVR~‼‼‼
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☆All right☆

The HelloCon rehearsal has ended smoothly✨
Today Tsunku-san came so I was looking  forward to being able to meet with him‼

The truth is……

I cut my hair without reporting it to Tsuku-san, so I was excited to see what kind of support he’d give me ( ›◡ु‹ )‼‼


Was staring at me through his sunglasses (lol)

After that, I heard
『You cut your hair and how are you?』
『Eeyan‼‼Maasa’s skin is really white, huh‼』
and other things unrelated to my hair (lol)
And he took a picture of my profile✨✨

“You made me happy‼”
is a good interpretation of that, right~♡?lol

I feel relieved that I could show my short hair♫

This is today’s picture♡



This summer。
The major debut has been decided for the junior I love。
Juice=Juice’s Miyamoto Karin-chan♡

The stage play that we performed in last year
【B・B~bumpy buddy~】
Had a lot of relationships between the roles, so of course the play was interesting!
We were alllllways together during practices, and in the green room we had a lot of different chats♫

Karin-chan is really too cute♡
I want her to become my little sister~♡

“Right~”is how I’m feeling right now‼
【B・B~bumpy buddy~】
Watch the DVD of it♡‼
★Sudou Maasa as Kojima Ari★
☆Miyamoto Karin as Tokura Shizuka☆

The relation of those two is an important point ~٩꒰。•◡•。꒱۶
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Good eveningꈍ .̮ ꈍ☪

Lately I’ve been going to the rehearsals for the Hello! Project LIVE that will start on 7/27.♫

Because of the 10th generation members it’s been busy nearly every day~✨✨
Young kids have amazing power(o゚3゚b)b




The youngest in Hello! Project、
a shot with Morning Musume.’s “Kuduu”, Kudou Haruka-chan✨✨

It’s “Suduu” and “Kuduu”~♡lol

Everyone is fired up and noisy for this year’s Hello Concerts, so I want you to come and see us by all means( ´͈ ᗨ `͈ )◞♡⃛
I’m waiting‼
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Three Consecutive Holidays♫

Saturday and Sunday are
『Golden Chinatown/Sayonara Usotsuki no Watashi』’s
release commemoration event。
And today’s the individual handshake event。

Thank you to those who participatedーーー!

I was really happy I could hear your feelings about my short hair in person at the handshake event♡

But for those who were too busy to come during the 3 holidays‼
I’ll be at the individual handshake event in Osaka on 8/25, so for those who want share their feelings about my short hair or have something to ask me♡
I want to meet directly and talk, so I’ll be happy if you come to see me♡
I’ll answer anything~٩꒰。•◡•。꒱۶

Please ask nice questions♡lol
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If you say Saturday…( ›◡ु‹ )♡

3 day vacation‼‼
The hot days are continuing so please have fun while remembering to take care of yourself♡
I’m looking forward to Berry-chan’s event on the third day٩꒰๑ ´∇`๑꒱۶

Anyway, today’s the 3rd performance, after two it’s now the last!

Before starting, I watched a power injected 『Detective Conan』 in real time ✨

And I plunged into 【The Mystery Train Series】‼
I was looking so forward to itttttt٩(♡ε♡ )۶
Maasa’s beloved Giza too…♡

Alright then✨
I’ll do my best for the 3rd time‼
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My Current Feelings!

Two days have passed since showing off my hair at the Tanabata Special Live.

Although I make it a point not to let my nervousness show on my face or mouth, my heart was pounding the whole time!!
Honestly I was afraid to stand on stage.

A lot of 『Ooooh』s were said and entered my ears, and I think they were 『Oooh』s of different meanings.

I read the comments on my blog, and there were a lot of people who said 『It suits you』。
But I think there are also people who think my long black hair was better.

To those who supported the me with long black hair.
I’m sorry for cutting it completely.

But this is what I think‼

Although it’s kind of something brash to say、
『Hair isn’t everything』。

Of course there is an impression and image that is decided by one’s hair。
But not only through outward appearance, but I want to make an effort what’s inside to be shown too!!

So I won’t regret cutting it‼‼

To those who couldn’t come to the Tanabata Special Live。
Those who support Berryz Koubou but haven’t met us in the flesh.

I know you’re busy but I definitely want you to come to meet us‼
And I want you to see me how I am now♡

…these are my current feelings‼
Sorry that this post is so self-important  (>_<)
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From the manga artist that I love。
♡Tanemura Arina-san♡
I received manga and a CD♡



And moreover!





There’s a wonderful picture and it’s even signed꒰⚈้̤͡ꇴ⚈้̤͡ ॢ꒱✧
This is crazy♡
I’m so happpppppyyyyy꒰*´艸`*꒱♡

Thank you for the wonderful present♡
I’m looking forward to future development in 『My Friday with the Cat』ꈍ .̮ ꈍ♡
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How I am now!

We had the “Tanabata Special Live”♫

This year was the third time♡‼
I was really happy that more people came than last yearꈍ .̮ ꈍ♡

I also received birthday wishesーーー꒰*✪௰✪ૢ꒱♡
I didn’t think it would happen so I was surprised‼
Even though it’s been 4 days since my birthday, the happiness continues♡
Thanks everyone♡

But there’s something I surprised everyone with…‼

The long black hair that I’ve had growing for 5 years………

I graduated from it。


If you think about me, I have an image of having long black hair。
But I cut off over 30 cm!

I was so nervous so stand on stageeeee~

What do you think of  the short style?
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Two days have passed since I turned 21♡

I listen to the he birthday I received from Yamaguchi Keppei-san every day♡

The fact that Kaitou Kid-sama calls me 『Maasa』~♡
I’m really happy~٩꒰ ˘ ³˘꒱۶♡

I expressed this happiness to the members my forcibly making them listen
They said 『Cool~♡』‼‼‼

They’re right, right ꒰*´艸`*꒱♡

But what’s cool is how you look♡

Kid-sama isn’t only cool, but he’s also mischievous♡
So I’ll definitely, definitely be renting the Detective Conan DVD that Kid-sama is in♡

I’ll definitely be charmed♡

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