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Good evening!

Ta-da! :!!:


Some time ago, Masaki-chan gave me

grape cider :up: :up: :up:


I drank it when I got home from school today :raburabu:

The grape’s flavor and the amount of carbonic acid in it were really great :raburabu2:

I still have more
so when I drink another one, I’ll put it up, ok? :nikoniko:


Actually, tomorrow Peaberry will participate
in Matsubara Takeshi-san’s event :nikoniko:

We’ll go to Takasaki, in Gunma Prefecture♪( ´θ`)ノ

To the people who are nearby,
if you could, please come :music:


The iPhone case that Masaki-chan gave me :music:


Ok then, oyasuminasayashiii :heart:

Sayashi Riho (●´ー`●)
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Good evening!

These are the shoes that I was talking about earlier :music:


They’re cute, right??

10th generation member Kudo Haruka-chan
said on her blog that my clothes are cute
and put up a photo :music:


It’s really hot outside…


Even at school, we can’t really use the air conditioner that much, so a water bottle and towel are indispensable:!!: :!!:

Isn’t there a way to have a cool and refreshing summer?

It’s really humid in Japan, huh…?? :gan:


Ok :!!: We had summer Hello rehearsal today,

but before that, I went out to eat with Ikuta Erina-chan :music:

We had motsunabe :music:


I was so hungry
and I ate way too much,
so my stomach felt bloated…:gan:

But the offal was tender
and the taste was superb :music:


Let’s go again sometime(*^^*)

Ok then, oyasuminasayashiii :heart:

Sayashi Riho (●´ー`●)
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Good evening!

Lately, even just by standing outside, you start dripping with sweat, huh?(;’A`)

Now that we’re doing concerts
my metabolism has gotten better, and maybe because of that

even at school, I’m the only one
sweating so much, it’s like a waterfall (`ェ´;)


It’s hot it’s hot…


I bought new shoes recently :raburabu:

I’m sorry I can’t put up photos…

They’re thick-soled sneakers with something like a flower pattern with distinct colors :!!:


Ah, today we had a rehearsal for the summer Hello :music: :music:

The Juice=Juice members were also there,
and I felt the change in the impression that rehearsal leaves :!!:

It kinda feels like it’ll become really interesting :raburabu: :raburabu:


To the people who are coming, please look forward to it ♪( ´θ`)ノ


Ok then,
oyasuminasayashiii :raburabu:

Sayashi Riho(●´ー`●)
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Happy Bday!!

Good evening!

Today is Eripon’s birthday(。ゝ∀・)b


Sayashi was doing a photoshoot throughout the morning,

but when it was over,
her manager asked her,”Shall we go to Ikuta’s event?”

I didn’t have any plans to go at all,
but since (s)he asked, I took the chance and went :!!:


Eripon was more lively than usual,
and I felt like she was showing us that
“This is the real Ikuta Erina!” :music:

Rock Ikuta was interesting lol

Harunan and Sakura-chan, too,
good job today d┃・∀・┃b


Once again, Eripon, happy birthday d┃・∀・┃b


At the end of the event,
Sayashi waving to the 3 of them with all her might.

Sayashi Riho (●´ー`●)
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A Fun Day!!!

Good evening!

Today was fun! lol
The reason is…

When I was done with school
I went shopping with my dad♪( ´θ`)ノ


Lunch was
shi-su in za-gin(((o(*゚▽゚*)o)))

Ah, it means sushi in Ginza! lol

After that, he took me to buy a computer

that I can use to save and manage data such as songs that I use for work :music:


At any rate, the whole day was really fun :music:

I’m also glad we were able to find a good restaurant for dinner( ´艸`)


Today I’m using my new computer right away to post this entry(・∀・)

I usually use my iPhone, though!

When I’m using a computer, I feel like a capable woman! That’s how I feel at least! lol


Ok, tomorrow~…:music:


Sayashi Riho Zzz…(*´?`*)。o○
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For the first time in ages☆


This corner appears for the first time in ageeeees

I’m introducing elevator buttons♪

Actually, I still have a lot more
But I’ll put up the rare ones and ones that I like


Before we get to the buttons……first of all, the wall is elegant( ̄σー  ̄*)

In addition to the [open and close] buttons, there are [up and down] buttons, too!

And right in the middle……

Heeey :aseru: What is this(°△°σ!?

I wanna push iiiiiit
But unfortunately, there were other guests in there with me……

I went out of my way to make a roundtrip…
But I couldn’t push iiiiiit

Somebodyyyyy :aseru:
What happens if it gets pushed?…

tell meeeeeee9318[1] Reina :aseru:

No! I do want to investigate it myself, after all~

or rather, isn’t this becoming a corner? 44859816[1] lol




①Mad? AyuMizuki
②Staring at each otherAyuMizuki
③The usual AyuMizuki

Let’s say goodbye with those~


About today and announcement☆


Today is Berryz Koubou’s Maasa-san’s

She’s kind and always calls out to me when we see each other at Hello cons and during shoots
I also want to become a senior like Sudou-san♪
She’s a wonderful senior who always makes me think like that.

Happy birthday

I hope Sudou-san has a wonderful year

I had a certain shoot today~

It was a shoot that’s close to my private life?
It was fun5249[1] Eripon5249[1] Eripon5249[1] Eripon

My tiredness is as much as the fun I had
I had the urge to drink something sweet


PON! juice(*≧∀≦*)

I drank it PON
It’s been a while since I last drank it, but it’s tasty

It’s just that…during the shoot, there were too many things that I’m bad at ……
Oh noヽ(;*Д*)ノOh no!!!

I’ll announce more details later


Speaking of announcements!

7/3(Wed)Fuji TV “Sakigake! Ongaku Banzuke Eight” 26:14~26:44

10-member Morning Musume’s first performance will be shown(≧∇≦4367468[1])

It’s a recording of when
all the fans rushed over to the studio early in the morning to cheer us on
and we all did “Ganbatteikimasshooooi!” together

You’ll end up staying up a little? quite? late, but please watch it


With Miyamoto Karin-chan, who I ran into by chance at the company♪
Long time no see, huh?864[1]

It’ll be Tanabata soon(Eripon Orihime’s birthday)

I wonder what I should write on the Tanabata paper?
Everyone, what are you going to wish for?

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Kudo is at her limit(´Д` )

Konbanharuka (*^ー^)ノ :kirakira:

Kudo can’t stand the heat anymore.

Ayumin or Ikuta-san’s powers are no use.

Really, isn’t there anyone who can use magic (except Ikuta-san lol) or anyone with supernatural powers?

I’m begging you (꒪ȏ꒪;)

Ah! This, look look!!


I thought, “This is the choco that Tanaka-san said on her blog she likes” so I bought it lololol

*giggle* (*´꒳`*)*shy*

Ok. Sorry for being gross *sweat*


Oh no, I’m breaking into a grin *shy*

It’s not even like I met up with Tanaka-san or anything 5691[1]

Aaah, I’m changing the topic lolol

Sayashi-san’s clothes today were very much to Haru’s liking (⋈◍>◡<◍)


Isn’t she cute?♡

Haru doesn’t like skirts, so she also doesn’t like dresses!

That’s why she’s envious of Sayashi-san who can wear them stylishly 4400492 :aseru:

Haru will also do her best!

With skirts lol←

Ok, I also have school tomorrow, so I’ll go to sleep early :guragura:

k then, oyasuminmin daha\(^o^)/

“Kyou no Duu de mo ii koto”
It’s so hoooooooot sweat sweat sweat

★Kudo Haruka★

I’m begging youヽ(´o`;

Konbanharuka(*^ー^)ノ1075 Zukki Eripon

It’s hoooooooooooot  :aseru: :aseru:

I can’t take this anymore! It’s so hot, I can’t go on living! Enough already!

If it doesn’t stop, I’m gonna turn into this!


A photo from the time of Colorful Character :camera: :music:

When it’s too hot, Kudo becomes like this lol←

Ah! Oh yeah!
Is there anyone with staggering psychokinetic abilities?

If you could bring some cool breezes in the summer, I’d be extremely happy 4397666


I’m begging you

I also did my best in the Hello Con rehearsal today

I sweated a lot gakishock2

Ah! I’m not gonna break into “huuuuuu!!!!” ok? lolol

Ok! I’ll go to sleep early today, too!

k then, oyasuminmin daha\(^o^)/

“Kyou no Duu de mo ii koto”
Be careful not to get heatstroke!

★Kudo Haruka★
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I’m gonna go boom!

Konbanharuka(*^ー^)ノ1075 Zukki Eripon

In Saitama right now, the heavy rain is sparkling 4400491 :aseru:

The rain is incredible (;´Д`)ノ


scary scary lolololol

The lighting and thunder are teeeeerrible Σ(oдΟ;)*amazed*

It’s sparkling so brightlygakishock2

Ah, I was frightened

Anyway, it seems ok, so I only have to wait for the rain to stop………..

I wonder if it’s raining in Tokyo?

I think you all live in various places throughout the country,
so if I can have you comment,
write “It’s raining or it’s not raining in ___prefecture” ok? lol←

I’m counting on you♪

And for the first time in a while, today’s clothes :star: :kirakira:

A lot of people paid attention to Haru clothes when she took a pic with Sanji, so I’m doing this again



Please be understanding of my wrinkly shirt ( ̄∇ ̄+)

Boyish style? Boyish coordinate?

I dunno, but if you could use it as a reference for something, I’d be happy 5691[1]

k then, oyasuminmin daha\(^o^)/

“Kyou no Duu de mo ii koto”
The answer to yesterday’s question is mentaiko spaghetti (lol”

No one answered “mentaiko spaghetti!” lolol

Everyone who answered this idiotic question!

Thank you very much lol


★Kudo Haruka★
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