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With Mai-chan!/Shizuoka

HELLO :heart: :heart:
It’s Nonaka Miki (´-`).。oO(

The Hello!Cons were fuuuuuuun :dash:
It really was just gone in a flash, a flash! I happy I get to do a concert every day~ :music: :music:

I also have the chance to talk to the other Hello!Pro members at Hello!Con, so that makes me happy, too :heart: :heart:

Lately I’ve been talking a lot with everyone in Country Girls :up: They all have such a wealth of personality… :raburabu:

They have girls with relatively wide gaps in their characters! I discover lots of new things about them all the time :light: :light:


I took a picture with Ozeki Mai-chan :eye: :music:
Mai-chan is always so energetic! Talking with her is fun :heart: :heart:

Earlier I gave her some souvenirs from Shizuoka and she jumped up and down she was so happy :cracker: and before that she jumped up and down when we got together (lol): *\(^o^)/*  :raburabu:

This is abrupt, but what sort of image do you all have of Shizuoka :hatena:  (lol) Maybe Mt. Fuji…?? :kirakira: :kirakira: Tea? Strawberries? :raburabu:

Oh, also also
lately I’ve been shocked by my Shizuoka dialect (lol) :light: I thought I was speaking standard Japanese, though :ase: I’ll talk about it in another blog :heart: :heart:

Look at how far I’ve derailed the topic, I’m sorry!! (lol) :dash: :dash: Do I do that a lot? :nihihi: :aseru: Please think of me fondly (lol)

Okay, all right, see you tomorrow~ :heart:
Good night :guragura:

This was Nonaka Miki!
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Good evening!

Ta-da! :!!:


Some time ago, Masaki-chan gave me

grape cider :up: :up: :up:


I drank it when I got home from school today :raburabu:

The grape’s flavor and the amount of carbonic acid in it were really great :raburabu2:

I still have more
so when I drink another one, I’ll put it up, ok? :nikoniko:


Actually, tomorrow Peaberry will participate
in Matsubara Takeshi-san’s event :nikoniko:

We’ll go to Takasaki, in Gunma Prefecture♪( ´θ`)ノ

To the people who are nearby,
if you could, please come :music:


The iPhone case that Masaki-chan gave me :music:


Ok then, oyasuminasayashiii :heart:

Sayashi Riho (●´ー`●)
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Good evening!

These are the shoes that I was talking about earlier :music:


They’re cute, right??

10th generation member Kudo Haruka-chan
said on her blog that my clothes are cute
and put up a photo :music:


It’s really hot outside…


Even at school, we can’t really use the air conditioner that much, so a water bottle and towel are indispensable:!!: :!!:

Isn’t there a way to have a cool and refreshing summer?

It’s really humid in Japan, huh…?? :gan:


Ok :!!: We had summer Hello rehearsal today,

but before that, I went out to eat with Ikuta Erina-chan :music:

We had motsunabe :music:


I was so hungry
and I ate way too much,
so my stomach felt bloated…:gan:

But the offal was tender
and the taste was superb :music:


Let’s go again sometime(*^^*)

Ok then, oyasuminasayashiii :heart:

Sayashi Riho (●´ー`●)
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Good evening!

Lately, even just by standing outside, you start dripping with sweat, huh?(;’A`)

Now that we’re doing concerts
my metabolism has gotten better, and maybe because of that

even at school, I’m the only one
sweating so much, it’s like a waterfall (`ェ´;)


It’s hot it’s hot…


I bought new shoes recently :raburabu:

I’m sorry I can’t put up photos…

They’re thick-soled sneakers with something like a flower pattern with distinct colors :!!:


Ah, today we had a rehearsal for the summer Hello :music: :music:

The Juice=Juice members were also there,
and I felt the change in the impression that rehearsal leaves :!!:

It kinda feels like it’ll become really interesting :raburabu: :raburabu:


To the people who are coming, please look forward to it ♪( ´θ`)ノ


Ok then,
oyasuminasayashiii :raburabu:

Sayashi Riho(●´ー`●)
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Happy Bday!!

Good evening!

Today is Eripon’s birthday(。ゝ∀・)b


Sayashi was doing a photoshoot throughout the morning,

but when it was over,
her manager asked her,”Shall we go to Ikuta’s event?”

I didn’t have any plans to go at all,
but since (s)he asked, I took the chance and went :!!:


Eripon was more lively than usual,
and I felt like she was showing us that
“This is the real Ikuta Erina!” :music:

Rock Ikuta was interesting lol

Harunan and Sakura-chan, too,
good job today d┃・∀・┃b


Once again, Eripon, happy birthday d┃・∀・┃b


At the end of the event,
Sayashi waving to the 3 of them with all her might.

Sayashi Riho (●´ー`●)
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A Fun Day!!!

Good evening!

Today was fun! lol
The reason is…

When I was done with school
I went shopping with my dad♪( ´θ`)ノ


Lunch was
shi-su in za-gin(((o(*゚▽゚*)o)))

Ah, it means sushi in Ginza! lol

After that, he took me to buy a computer

that I can use to save and manage data such as songs that I use for work :music:


At any rate, the whole day was really fun :music:

I’m also glad we were able to find a good restaurant for dinner( ´艸`)


Today I’m using my new computer right away to post this entry(・∀・)

I usually use my iPhone, though!

When I’m using a computer, I feel like a capable woman! That’s how I feel at least! lol


Ok, tomorrow~…:music:


Sayashi Riho Zzz…(*´?`*)。o○
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For the first time in ages☆


This corner appears for the first time in ageeeees

I’m introducing elevator buttons♪

Actually, I still have a lot more
But I’ll put up the rare ones and ones that I like


Before we get to the buttons……first of all, the wall is elegant( ̄σー  ̄*)

In addition to the [open and close] buttons, there are [up and down] buttons, too!

And right in the middle……

Heeey :aseru: What is this(°△°σ!?

I wanna push iiiiiit
But unfortunately, there were other guests in there with me……

I went out of my way to make a roundtrip…
But I couldn’t push iiiiiit

Somebodyyyyy :aseru:
What happens if it gets pushed?…

tell meeeeeee9318[1] Reina :aseru:

No! I do want to investigate it myself, after all~

or rather, isn’t this becoming a corner? 44859816[1] lol




①Mad? AyuMizuki
②Staring at each otherAyuMizuki
③The usual AyuMizuki

Let’s say goodbye with those~

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About today and announcement☆


Today is Berryz Koubou’s Maasa-san’s

She’s kind and always calls out to me when we see each other at Hello cons and during shoots
I also want to become a senior like Sudou-san♪
She’s a wonderful senior who always makes me think like that.

Happy birthday

I hope Sudou-san has a wonderful year

I had a certain shoot today~

It was a shoot that’s close to my private life?
It was fun5249[1] Eripon5249[1] Eripon5249[1] Eripon

My tiredness is as much as the fun I had
I had the urge to drink something sweet


PON! juice(*≧∀≦*)

I drank it PON
It’s been a while since I last drank it, but it’s tasty

It’s just that…during the shoot, there were too many things that I’m bad at ……
Oh noヽ(;*Д*)ノOh no!!!

I’ll announce more details later


Speaking of announcements!

7/3(Wed)Fuji TV “Sakigake! Ongaku Banzuke Eight” 26:14~26:44

10-member Morning Musume’s first performance will be shown(≧∇≦4367468[1])

It’s a recording of when
all the fans rushed over to the studio early in the morning to cheer us on
and we all did “Ganbatteikimasshooooi!” together

You’ll end up staying up a little? quite? late, but please watch it


With Miyamoto Karin-chan, who I ran into by chance at the company♪
Long time no see, huh?864[1]

It’ll be Tanabata soon(Eripon Orihime’s birthday)

I wonder what I should write on the Tanabata paper?
Everyone, what are you going to wish for?

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Kudo is at her limit(´Д` )

Konbanharuka (*^ー^)ノ :kirakira:

Kudo can’t stand the heat anymore.

Ayumin or Ikuta-san’s powers are no use.

Really, isn’t there anyone who can use magic (except Ikuta-san lol) or anyone with supernatural powers?

I’m begging you (꒪ȏ꒪;)

Ah! This, look look!!


I thought, “This is the choco that Tanaka-san said on her blog she likes” so I bought it lololol

*giggle* (*´꒳`*)*shy*

Ok. Sorry for being gross *sweat*


Oh no, I’m breaking into a grin *shy*

It’s not even like I met up with Tanaka-san or anything 5691[1]

Aaah, I’m changing the topic lolol

Sayashi-san’s clothes today were very much to Haru’s liking (⋈◍>◡<◍)


Isn’t she cute?♡

Haru doesn’t like skirts, so she also doesn’t like dresses!

That’s why she’s envious of Sayashi-san who can wear them stylishly 4400492 :aseru:

Haru will also do her best!

With skirts lol←

Ok, I also have school tomorrow, so I’ll go to sleep early :guragura:

k then, oyasuminmin daha\(^o^)/

“Kyou no Duu de mo ii koto”
It’s so hoooooooot sweat sweat sweat

★Kudo Haruka★
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I’m begging youヽ(´o`;

Konbanharuka(*^ー^)ノ1075 Zukki Eripon

It’s hoooooooooooot  :aseru: :aseru:

I can’t take this anymore! It’s so hot, I can’t go on living! Enough already!

If it doesn’t stop, I’m gonna turn into this!


A photo from the time of Colorful Character :camera: :music:

When it’s too hot, Kudo becomes like this lol←

Ah! Oh yeah!
Is there anyone with staggering psychokinetic abilities?

If you could bring some cool breezes in the summer, I’d be extremely happy 4397666


I’m begging you

I also did my best in the Hello Con rehearsal today

I sweated a lot gakishock2

Ah! I’m not gonna break into “huuuuuu!!!!” ok? lolol

Ok! I’ll go to sleep early today, too!

k then, oyasuminmin daha\(^o^)/

“Kyou no Duu de mo ii koto”
Be careful not to get heatstroke!

★Kudo Haruka★
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