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LIVE Banchou! DVD

It’s been completed, huh~

Already, I yearn for it just a little4335476

I’ll have to try my best in order to make my September Solo LIVE more enjoyable~

I’m getting nervouso0020002012459265090[1] Reina

With the DVD, because my comments and such are there, please look without fail


Even with rain my feelings are bright!
A refreshing feeling Gaki-sangakishock2

Today too, while practice is fun, I’ll still try my best~!!Until backstage is just…..a little!
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Music Dragon!

Today, S/mileage, with hosts Taka and Toshi-san, and Honda Tsubasa-san, got to appear on the program Music Dragon.

Because we got to do a fun talk, and sing a song, please watch without fail, okay.


Afterwards, afterwards, about a month ago I injured my foot…

Instead of injured perhaps I should say, hurt a little…

Because of that, I was admitted to the orthopedic clinic, but today when I had it looked at it was already good, “It’s good it’s the end today~” I was told((*´∀`*))

I’m glad on the other hand,
“Everyone at the orthopedic clinic is a very good person, just recently the conversations started to get lively, they just memorized my name however…” I’ve become lonely.


I don’t like injuries, but if I’m injured again I want to go to that orthopedic clinic, I’ve come to love the room there! lol

The lovely young lady and her smiling face, the young lady whom I talk to a lot, the kind doctor, and the fun young man!!!

I’m relieved that I’m injured again! lol


I scribbled on my face.


Therefore, Music Dragon, please treat me well

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  • Everyone
  • Happy Valentine’s

Furthermore today
Is a White Valentine’s, you know

Yesterday night Momochi
Made cookies

To say nothing of the appearance
The flavor of gold medal grade cookies
Were ready~

While overflowing with a lot of happiness…
Perhaps the happiest person in Japan now
I met her today at recording



Takahashi Ai-san

Today on Valentine’s
She was entered into the family register, therefore…

Seemed very happy

Her eyes were sparkling
She was grinning from beginning to end (lol)
She seemed very happy

I was glad to tell her “Congratulations” directly

  • After that,
  • “There’s fun things of course
  • and difficult things,” I think…

Even at such a time, even as two people

  •“I feel down~”
  • As soon as I say something like that, I get peppy right away~!*

Please overcome this

Without fail,

H・A・P・P・Y life
…Ah!  Have a happy life

Be happy forever


*T.N.: Somehow this part is even vaguer in English, but basically Ai told Momoko what’s in the pink brackets and Momoko wants her to overcome that.
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Good evenin’~♡



Test week is finished~!


“Tomorow and the day after tomorrow I want nothing but to strengthen the grammar I studied,” I thi~nk♪♪












My host mother, she gave Aika and my home-stay sister matching pajamas♪♪






They’re my favorite♡♡






If I may change the subject..




I wa~nt to see LEO!!!!



I need you!!!!LEO;(
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Excuse me for somehow neglecting to write for so longω`)


This week is a test week(。・_・。)!
Yesterday was
READING, GRAMMAR,VOCABULARY, and various stuff like that,
Today was
I’m sinking. lol
I don’t know the results yet
Tomorrow is a speaking test♪♪
I’ll try my beeest
(^)ゞ 3734488[1]





From studying so much, my eyes became bad, thanks to that I’ve become like this(。・_・。)







Just kiddi~ng.
I borrowed my friend’s glasses.









On the recent short tests, sometimes I’ve gotten full points, sometimes I wasn’t able toω`)



I’ll put up the one I got full points on♡lol


Until yesterday I seemed fairly crushed, but today I have a feeling I broke through a little.
The reality is that there’s still much more to go however.



It’s a long journeyω`)
Everyone, please cheer me on, okay.




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The world is so big, and there’s so much that’s delicious, and yet I, I’ve had to live without that for several decades, it’s just so sad…

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Berryz Koubou-san.

At yesterday’s Hello!Con there was an announcement that, Berryz Koubou-san, it was announced that they will enter into an indefinite hiatus this coming Spring.

“Because I myself heard it on that day, I still can’t believe!” I think…

With Berryz Koubou-san, getting to do Geki Hello’s Warera Jeanne together, I got to perform the same role as Natsuyaki Miyabi-san.

Everyone, I was very glad.

I love Berryz Koubou-san.

Seeing as until the coming Spring, there’s about half a year.

I want to get to watch them a lot, and study them!

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Happy birthday to me~ I’m at: New Taipei City

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I’ve heard Tsunku♂-san’s notification.





I was very astonished, I was relieved to read Tsunku♂-san’s positive words.
And, I felt energy to the contrary.


But, I don’t want him to overdo it..(u_u)


I want to go and hear Tsunku♂-san’s songs after this.
Because of this, I want him to rest his body, you know.


I pray for him to get well soon..
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Berryz Koubou

My kouhai “Berryz Koubou” have announced a hiatus.

I was truly surprised by this sudden thing, we’ve arranged to discuss this properly.  Because of that, until the coming Spring I want you to enjoy each day carefully, with all your heart
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