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Cuteness showdown!

Good morning~o0020002012395284945[1] Reina

Momochi was by no means
Able to get up this morning.

Surely there aren’t many
of those sorts of days, right

I’ll show a stunningly cute
Photograph!  In other words!
I’m opening the promised picture that I took with Hashimoto Kanna-chan to the publi~c



Yurushite-nyan♡ pose
She did it “herself”



Kanna-chan is
An overly angelic idol

Momochi has
The alias Angel Momochi

Kanna-chan’s cuteness is
A standout talent once in 1,000 years

Momochi’s cuteness is
A prodigy once in 10,000 years

The somewhat common features are many, you know

“I went to Berryz Koubou’s Nippon Budoukan performance, it was very fun,” she told me that~

I’m so glad

Because you admired Momochi (It’s true.  It’s not lip service. …probably.) after this you have to be a charming idol!

This time’s cuteness showdown
Is a considerably close contest…
I wonder if Momochi’s win is by a narrow margin
(Momochi’s investigation*)


*T.N.: The word she used for “investigation” can also mean “tune” or “melody”.
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good morning:)

Yoshizawa-san, Happy Birthday♡♡:)







The truth is, I got to do a pep rally with Yoshizawa-san before I went to New Zealand(>ω<)!!






It’s a surprise photo, you know(>ω<)lol




I didn’t think that the day would come when I’d be able to have lunch with Yoshizawa-san(。・_・。)!!
I even got a birthday present♪♪♪
A notebook, a stationery set, and a travel set
(T ^ T)
I’m a truly fortunate person.  Thank you very much



I used the notebook as a diary!!
(Nonchalantly using past tense…lol


I promised to write Yoshizawa-san letters with the stationery set I received!♡lol



Yoshizawa-san was the leader when Aika joined Morning Musume!
At that time too many things were happening, I can hardly remember the things from each day..
But it was like Yoshizawa-san was kindly watching over me, she remembered various things for me


That day, we talked about how it was at that time, it was embarassing, but I totally gladly thought “I think she was kindly looking over me”♡


Thank you very much♡♡




Happy birthday!!
I wish all happiness on your birthday!!
Today’s YOUR DAY!! Have a great day:)
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Friends and family!

Tomorrow, I’m trying to stay over at my friend’s house for the first time, however suddenly the lights went out…


It’s a little early, but Happy Birthday!




When I said that,




A Mickey train!


I’m so glad.


It’s this year’s first congratulations.


With the feeling of “Truly thank you very much, year in and year out”…


I’m truly thankful.


I was about to cry.


I’m glad I got to live until today…←André~~~~~~~*





*T.N.: This is from “The Rose of Versailles”, but it doesn’t seem to be from the anime or manga, so it may be from a musical version.
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Only English!!!!!!

From today all the Japanese kids at school,
Vowed to not speak Japanese and to speak
English only!
With the school principal! lol
And, we’ll get an 
English only trophy!
At the school Aika goes to once a month, a trophy will be given to the 
Best English speaker( ^ω^ )♪♪
I’ll try my best
( ´艸`)
I wonder, can I do i~t?
_`) lol












Well, today I was able to do it for now~( ̄ー ̄)☆
I’m not sure if I constructed the sentences correctly. lol


But, saying the things I want to say, the answers to those questions came back to me, my motivation is increasing♡





Oh!  By the way, yesterday I read Beauty and the Beast♪♪


Beauty&the beast
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Morning Musume anew


Michishige Sayumi-chan graduation live.

There were things that caused my heart to fill up.

And, the new leader Fuku-chan

“I’m uneasy, but I’ll try my best!” I got an e-mail that said that2492[1]
It’s okay!!  In the case of Fuku-chan, you’ll be a lovely leader!

Try your best, okay:heart:

And, Ikuta as a sub-leader.

Will that be okay? lol

Just kidding, lol
It’s okay!  Support Fuku-chan, okay!

The Morning Musume after this
I, together with everyone, will support you :heart:
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Tomorrow is my first experiment…


I’m very nervous, and looking forward to it…



It’s like before going on a field-trip like when I was in kindergarten, from now on I’m excited.




Where we’ll go and what we’ll do is a secret!



Tomorrow is the day the 2nd generation members became official members, you know.



Not being able to meet with all the 2nd generation members on that day makes me a little lonely, however…




3 years ago today, I cried a lot!(^ ^)


I’m fidgeting and fidgeting, I flat-out won’t be able to sleep tonight…


“I wonder, is everything alright for all the 2nd generation members?” I talk about things like that…


“But, it seems turning back into an ordinary person, how many alternatives do we even have?” and the like…


Trying to analyze us in our own way…lol


I love everyone in the 2nd generation.


They’re precious(^ ^)


“Perhaps, within us four Mei is the most liked 2nd generation member,” I think.



For some reason I can’t understand but I have confidence in myself! ((*´∀`*))


The day we became S/mileage sub-members, the day we became official S/mileage members…


Having two anniversaries is good, right!


Still after this, because of the people who support us, we’ll sing and dance!






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Good evening

Everyone in the whole country!
Please sincerely be careful
In regard to the typhoon, okay[1] Momo

Today, to the people
Who came to the handshake event in the rain
Thank you so very much

Try not to catch a cold, okay

I’m changing the subject, but
Momochi the other day despite being an idol
Went shark fishing~

As it stands
I want to upload a photo, but
Because Manager-san
Dropped the cellphone in the sea
I don’t have any pictures~ (lol)

The cute photos you can’t see
I feel sorry for everyone, however
I also feel sorry for Manager-san, you know

To make up for it
I’ll show a picture
From the other day when I got to be together with
Hashimoto Kanna-chan, okay!!

Hm, I still put on airs
I’ll do it next timeo0020002012405104802[1] Momo

Nippon TV “Miss Cast”*

Watch my shark fishing, okay!

*T.N.: The show title means “miscasting”.
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The Miracle Worker.

Today, after I went to the place that cheers me up, together with my mother we went to The Galaxy Theatre.


We saw The Miracle Worker.


I was overwhelmed.


Anne Sullivan and Helen Kellar’s monologues.


I was truly overwhelmed.


How important a thing the words are…


The Miracle Worker, because I truly wanted to see, wanted to see, wanted to see it, it was good we were able to go to the theater.


“Loving” isn’t just holding someone tight.


It’s facing each other after being in front of difficult things, and not giving up.


This made me think about that.


The fight scene of Kinami Haruka-san as the role of Anne and Takahata Mitsuki-san as the part of Helen was amazing…


“The actresses are amazing,” I thought.


I have a lot of thoughts, however afterwards I’ll keep them to myself.


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Today, because I was off after a long time, I went out~♪
It has truly been a long time~(・・;)


When I went shopping, I was greeted by a girl fan☆☆


She told me “I’m cheering you on” so I think “I should try harder”…..


Thank you so very much♪♪



Because I like to wear nice earrings, I think “I want to refer some of these earrings”♪


These, are the “dazzlin” brand earrings that I bought↑.


Not just earrings, I frequently buy Western-style clothes at this store♪
The truth is earrings aren’t the only thing from dazzlin, but this time I’ll refer the~se

And, these are “LDS” brand.
Lately the earrings I’ve published on my Blog are this brand, but because they were truly cute, I also bought something that was a slightly different fashion♪♪


At once at yesterday’s high-five event there were girls* who were matching me, I was glad~☆

These, are “WEGO” earrings.
The price is also very inexpensive, I also buy a lot of Western-style clothes and such at this store♪♪♪

*T.N.: Most Japanese nouns don’t differentiate between singular and plural, so it could have just been one girl.
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Japan seems pretty when the cherry blossoms bloom, you know(*’v'*)♪♪
But I wonder, did they fall when it rained in Tokyo?




New Zealand is approaching Autumn however there’s still some way to go before our lunches are hot(。・_・。)





The other day my friend’s doggy came to my house, I was surrounded♡
I held him♡
I’m so happy







This puppy, when Aika is stretching out, it immediately comes to lay across me, you know♪ lol
So cute♡







Recently Aika’s English style,
My listening is practiced, but my speaking and writing still have a ways to go



Oh!  After that
Today, my host mother gave me Disney books as a present
(T ^ T)♡
“Reading books is totally informative after all♪♪”
I always said that
ω`), I thought “I can’t re~ad”, but I wasn’t reading at all(T ^ T) lol
The present from Mama is for that me


I’ll read everyday after this.♡
I’ll read them many times over again.♡



So cute♡
Nothing but my favorite stories♡♡
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