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Happy New Year!~#马上有钱# Immediately have money!  Immediately have Qian Lin*


*T.N.: Puns galore!  The hashtag says “Immediately have money” (we would say “Get rich quick”, but puns never translate well), and the character for “money” is the same as the one for her family name (Qian).  The characters for “immediately” are literally “horse” and “on/above”, and this is the year of the horse.
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♡New Year’s Card♡

Good morning

Fuji TV
“Yareba Dekiru Janai!~Geinoujin
“Kara Yaburi” Chousen Variety~”

I’m the opening act

“Yareba dekiru janai!” [T.N.: I couldn't do it if I tried!]
Is what you’re supposed to say so…
I tried and did this year’s
Momochi handmade New Year’s Cards



In here
I wrote a brief message
To completion~

It’s considerably a masterpieceo0020002012380845993[1] Momoo0020002012804192447[1]

A girl who can do it if she tries~
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Congratulations on your entry in the family register♡
Truly, truly auspicious!




Furthermore, you registered it for Valentine’s.
That’s so romantic…♡




I expect to be able to see Ai-chan be increasingly happy after this, and I’ll be glad, too^^









I wish you forever happiness….
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Breakfast, is the oden my mother made me.


They’re warming up♪





Yesterday Phongchi came as a guest( ´艸`)♪


Thank you so very much 3734488[1] 3734488[1]




Today is Yoshizawa-san!!
This is my first time appearing together with Yoshizawa-san in theater!!
I wonder how it’ll be~
( ´艸`)♡



I’m looking forward to it♪♪♪

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Today’s guest, is Phongchi 3734488[1]


From 14:00 it’ll begi~n^ ^




Today as well I’ll go and accomplish it very rapidly~!
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Thank you so very much♡

The first day opened without problems, “We totally got everyone to laugh and it was a huge success”, I think!!
I was nervous about my part, but the members enjoyed it, too and it was good~
( ̄▽ ̄)♡






Today Kusumi-san came as a guest~!
It’s been a long time Kusumi-san!
Kusumi-san was Kusumi-san
Thank you so very much
( ´艸`)♡






Laughing, becoming a little serious, gaming, considering…
Various cramming, of all sorts, but I’ll try my be~st to raise my spirits like this until the
23rd 3734488[1]




Thank you very much for the many flowers and presents(^_-)☆







Tomorrow’s guest…


Is making me nervous~!





I’m looking forward to it♡
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Mecha Ike!

Good evening~115[1]
It’s Eritechi~~~~4410725[1]692
Today we did an individual handshake event~90
There were a lot of refreshments, but…
There were lots of chocolates4410719[1]766 Eripon
Because they were totally delicious, I didn’t stop115[1]
I tried my best to restrain myself, but, you know4410719[1]766 Eriponlol


Mecha² Iketeru!, did you watch it4501
Because I tried my best to make myself appealing, If I get to know that people watched it, I’ll be amazingly glad4368493[1] Eripon


It’s a good chance for a lot of people to learn my name
If I’m able to appear again, I’ll be glad4436608[1]4436630[1]
The other day I went to Disneyland4434677[1]4434695[1]
It was totally fun~4411864[1]
It was good I got to go to Christmas Disney3038[1]
After, if I go to Sea…
It’ll be a Christmas Disney achievement1075 Zukki Eripon1075 Zukki Eripon1075 Zukki Eripon


I took a picture of Donald, you know1496 Zukki
“I didn’t take a picture with Donald”, it was no use4410719[1]4313


Tomorrow is another individual handshake event115[1]
Let’s enjoy ourselves, okaaaaay(*^o^)乂(^-^*)
Let’s go and get excited~γ(▽´ )ツヾ( `▽)ゞ


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Good evening~115[1]766 Eripon
It’s Eripon~~~~115[1]
Today, I got to do various jobs90692
Today, for lunch, right, I went to visit my family
I ate various rich quality things4410719[1]
It was delicious~~~~о(ж>▽<)y ☆
My family, it’s been a while since I’ve gone to visit them~4410719[1]766 Eripon


It was good~904410725[1]
I’ll write about it in detail another time, okaaaay537[1]
I want to go and visit my family again~4410734[1]766 Eripon


That, right…
By chance…
We both happened to wear that766 Eripon4410719[1]
Things like, seeing such things and having our “image color” makes me think “I’m glad”115[1]


Only having seen those colors, that girl immediately understood90


Erina is yellow-green
Duu is orange
“Each color is different”, that’s good, right~~115[1]90
It’s a good feeling~~~~4410734[1]


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Good evening~920 Zukki

Eripon reveals~~~4448739[1]692


Today the last of the concert tour approached

It was very fun4442246[1]

To everyone who came, truly thank you very much766 Eripon

“It’s good I’ve gotten familiar with Morning Musume”, I thought1075 Zukki Eripon

That is to say, being able to do a concert at Budokan means we’re big90

I’ll try my best with all my might to not forget this feeling of gratitude!!!

Please come to meet Morning Musume again766 Eripon1075 Zukki Eripon


I’ll try my best in order to get a lot of people to come to Naruchika, too!766 Eripon

I want to do more various activities as Ikuta Erina

To all of the lots of people

Truly thank you so very much1075 Zukki Eripon

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The correct answer.

Good evening~90

It’s EriPonPon~~~766 Eripon


Today, we recorded Mecha² Iketeru!766 Eripon244 Eripon

I tried my best to make myself appealing4442246[1]

I want to get to see a lot of people, I want to get them to like Erina1075 Zukki Eripon692

I totally learned a lot from appearing on the program4448739[1]

Ikuta Erina had the chance to get to be known by many people692

I wonder, did I get close to being the number one idol in the world??

Ikuta Erina will try even harder766 Eripon

The response to the question from a day ago

The correct answer is…

“Fukumura Mizuki”

You should have thought it was her…

It’s Ikuta Erina~~~~~766 Eripon

Yes!!  It’s a selfie~~~90

There was one person who got it right, huh, lol


At the Disney Store I bought244 Eripon4442246[1]

Mickey and Minnie766 Eripon

They’re becoming my comfort~

They’re suuuuuper cute90

Tomorrow, is the concert at Nippon Budokan1075 Zukki Eripon766 Eripon

The last of our concert tour4448739[1]

“I want to get excited”, I think1075 Zukki Eripon4448739[1]

I’ll reveal Ikuta Erina with all my might6924442246[1]

Hello!Station has been opened to the public

You can see how “Funwari Koibito Ichinensei” and Nakano Sunplaza look from behind1075 Zukki Eripon766 Eripon

Watch without fail, okaaaay4442246[1]692

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