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My favorite Western-style clothing brands and such

Thank you for a lot of questions!
Without delay!
★Do you prefer Disneyland or DisneySea?
Hmm..I want to go to them alternately b~u~t..
Probably Land*\(^o^)/*
★Do you ever think “If, at that time I chose differently~” or “I want to change the past”??
Not at all!
Until now there have been good things and bad things,
And difficult things and sad things a lot but, but because of that there’s a bunch of things I’ve learned too, because of that, I’m enjoying now with all my might
“I want to live facing forward,” I think*\(^o^)/*
★Gaki-san is truly cool how she’s able to not just sing and dance, but act as well!!

How am I able to keep my theater lines in mind?
How much do I remember them?

Thank yOU!
My lines, I read them a few times and then they come in naturally :music:

【Risa-fa】 I’m looking forward to it♡

Please tell me these days’ Risa-chan’s recommended TOP3 brands (*^^*)♡




1 →iam HOLE

2 →2%TOKYO


★With doing sit-ups at the event last time

I promised that, but lately push-ups and squats
Have been added in….
Do you want to meet a macho lady in the Autumn? (lol)

I’ll..I’ll try my best.

★A man who’s growing a beard yes??? no???
“It’s good if it suits him,” I think
 ★Gaki-san seems to like Korea, however

Please tell us what you like about Korea(^_^)☆!!

The food is delicious~

★Did you know, that in my home area of Toyama there’s a Starbucks that calls you the most beautiful person in the world?
What?  There!?
Hu~h what what?  I want to go!
★Lately I’m tending to skip out on my make-up

I can easily not skip out on it
Are there make-up ways and such??
If it’s good please teach me♡

That’s right~
There are times when it becomes bothersome

At times like that, I only put powder on without reservation, and don’t even put on any blusho0020002012459265090[1] Reina:heart: Try it out

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Everyone thank you very much
For the warm messages :raburabu:

I forgot to link
The recent Hello!Station’s URL (>_<)

Here it is!

From Satoda Mai-san
Because there were states of being shocked
By the announcement of them becoming
Members of Country Girls, etcetera, etcetera
Please watch it without fail4275166[1]
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Yesterday’s talk.

Yesterday, I did a costume fitting.


I’m very glad I’m able to wear cute clothes a lot (〃ω〃)


Conversely, for my civillian clothes whatever I wear is okay, but you know. lol


Fashion and the like, because I’m not interested in it…I’m trouble by how little I’m interested in it.



The truth is, I haven’t bought a fashion magazine once in my life. lol


I’m not a girl, you know. (^ ^)



The first magazine I bought, was Takarazuka Revue-san’s Kageki*. lol



Speaking of magazines, I bought books a lot yesterday!


I wonder, was it around 10!?


As far as bulky books from seperate volumes…I had my mother buy them for me ((*´∀`*))


From those 10 today, I’m choosing 3 to put in my bag.



I’m looking forward to it ((*´∀`*))





*T.N.: “Kageki” means “opera”.
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My private property.

The toothpaste I habitually use.





That, right, it’s gel, however I don’t like harsh toothpaste.  Therefore, I brush my teeth with a toothbrush together with the usually harsh toothpaste and this toothpaste gel (^ ^)



There was a time when I added Anpanman toothpaste, but lately I’m using this ((*´∀`*))




And this, is my usual hairdryer.




The truth is this, I used it as a SMILE FANTASY prop +゜。*(*´∀`*)*。゜+



When I said “I want that!” I got it.


When I spend the night, I try to carry this hairdryer.



That reminds me, yesterday when I noticed my cellphone was on standby, Kananan had changed it to a selfie she uploaded (〃ω〃)




Because it’s cute I’m leaving it as it is. lol


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Conquest of the whole country.

S/mileage, this year’s live tour additional performances have been decided~!



With this it’s a conquest of the 47 administrative districts of Japan!


Everyone come, okay




On my blog sometime ago, yesterday wasn’t planning it’s normally private(^ ^)



There’s very few images of Mei being able to perform in a waterfall, but because it seems the monk took a picture for me, I’m posting it, okay.





I’m truly learning…


Next time, I want to go for a week or something like that!


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Speaking of her wedding, the bouquet toss!!!!!!




















I caught it(T_T)
It’s somewhat inexcusable
(T_T). lol
It’s good that Aika catching it was a little soon, however
(í _ ì)




But I got the bouquet from Ai-chan, therefore…♡
I gratefully accept it…
(í _ ì) lol



Thank you very much♡Ai-chan♡
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Osaka ♪

Today, was the campaign & talk event in Osaka♪♪


The members, from left Murota Mizuki-chan, Nakanishi Kana-chan, Katusta Rina☆

At the campaign, we publicized a lot about the new songs and ANGERME♪♪

At the talk event, we answered questions from everyone in a question corner~!
In spite of it being a weekday a lot of people came because of us 3♪

I was ve~ry glad☆Thank you!☆

Because today is pigtail day, the 3 of us did our pigtails and then the talk event♪


Muro is the same age as me, however “She’s so cute(≧∇≦)” I thought♪

Because Kana summarized our time at the talk event, she helped me a whole lot……

I’m bad at summerizing, therefore today when it was being covered she was able to help me a lot♪♪♪

Because we 3 stayed at a hotel, our relationship deepened even more♪♪

Because once Muro starts chatting she won’t stop chatting fore~ver, it’s amusing! (lol)

After this I want her to reveal her personality like this, you know(≧∇≦)♪♪

Starting tomorrow, is the release event rush in Kantou☆

I’m looking forward to a lot of people comi~ng♪♪
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Nishinomiya Gardens.

Today, was the release event at Hankyuu Nishinomiya Gardens!

Well it was cold, generally speaking…….
The suburbs in the Winter are very cold. (lol)
I’m truly glad there were a lot of people who came in the cold!
Thank you very much♪♪♪♪


Fukuda Kanon-san pretending to be Maro♪
Lately I’m speaking frequently with Maro-san!  Oh, I speak with basically everyone, but it seems as if I especially speak with her!?
Maro-san is amusing♪♪
She’s always laughing at everyone. (lol)


Sasaki Rikako-chan♪
We took this picture today when we were eating sushi for lunch~!

She always says “Katsuta-sa~n!” to me~!
I’m glad….♪
I lo~ve that she’s so cute(≧∇≦)

Tomorrow, I have a talk event & handshake meet in Osaka with Nakanishi Kana-chan and Murota Mizuki-chan!

“Some people will even go to today’s handshake meet~” I’m glad people say that to me!  I’m waiti~ng♪♪
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February 15th Berryz Koubou-san…

Good evening, everyone!!

Thank you for a lot of comments
, and likes on my last blog post!




Well then, today was Hello!Con in Osaka!

Twice before each performance,


We got to do handshake meets!



In the second performance I got to perform in my HAPPYEMOTION costume, but everyone


They called me that♡♡



I was glad!!





And, it was the last day of the 2015 Winter Hello!Con..!!!




After joing H!P, immediately at Hello!Con, there were a lot of songs and dances I couldn’t forget,

It was terribly difficult…




But, because now the 2015 Winter Hello!Con was thus a huge success,

“It was good I tried my best at rehearsal!” I think!!




And, Berryz Koubou-san had their last Hello!Con…




I received favor a lot..!



The time in which I received favor from Berryz Koubou-san, my senpais who joined H!P at the start, was short, but


They taught me a lot about various things!!




Today was the last time I’ll get to appear at Hello!Con together with Berryz Koubou-san, but



It was amazingly fun!!!




Berryz Koubou-san, I received favor from you!  Thank you so very much!







And!! Today is


Monring Musume. ’15’s
Ogata Haruna-san’s birthday~!!













I spent today as a fun day with this feeling, too!♡



I’ll try for tomorrow to be a HAPPY day♡

Well then again tomorrow!








Ozeki Mai
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I have a report for everyone.

I, Tsugunaga Momoko at this time
Of the idol group
Country Musume. changed to
“Country Girls”
Have become the playing manager.

Playing manager…
It sounds quite cool, however
Simply put
It’s a position in which together with Satoda Mai-san
I’ll lead and stand as the head of Country Girls

In August of this year
“Berryz Koubou from the coming Spring
Will enter into an indefinite hiatus”
Was announced.

Around 1 year ago
A discussion with all the members
We respected each other’s mutual opinions
Like that we made the big decision.

The other members have things they want to do next, among having goals, “What is it that Momochi wants to do after this4511093[1]
I considered a lot and a lot.

The outcomes I considered about a lot,
“Momochi has no choice but to be an idol4458831-Sayu
“Momochi loves being an idol4458831-Sayu

I thought again

I passed on those thoughts and then I received word on Country Girls, I very gladly think.

Typical activities
After the Berryz Koubou hiatus.

The youngest members are
Seperated from me by 12 years and 10 years
With my characteristic cuteness and charm
“I want to construct a lovely group,” I think

Please check out today’s open to the public “Hello!Station” for the detailed circumstances regarding Country Girls3857[1]

Everyone, after this too
Please warmly support me.

ps. To Satoda-san

Thoughts to Satoda-san’s Country
I precisely bear the responsibility
And to be up to taking the legend to a lot of people
I’ll try my best with all my might4458831-Sayu

Leave it up to Momochi who has peace of mind~

We’ll make it a charming group
So that your husband who loves MomoClo
Will want to change whom he supports the most~ (lol)
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