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New members.

Just now, S/mileage’s 3rd generation members were announced((*´∀`*))

Murota Mizuki-chan, Aikawa Maho-chan, and Sasaki Rikako(^ ^)

Rikako-chan is in the first year of middle school! That’s the same year that Mei entered S/mileage~

Mizuki-chan, we’re in the same year, together in “Team Okai” the Okai Chisato-san led dance group, we were together!!

Maho-chan, is an unbelieveable 163cm!


A tall body…I jump everyday for that!

Somehow, it’s very fun, I’m getting nervous(〃ω〃)

I want us 9 people to seem like sisters!

There will be four of us in our first year of high school!((*´∀`*))

“Somehow, when we entered S/mileage it still seemed out of the question, but truly, that…was interesting.” lol

I thought that while watching the 3rd generation members’ unveiling!

Well, you know, auuuuuuras, you know, the 3 people have fully open idol auras, you know!

They’re sparkling! Sparkle, sparkle!!!

Sparkle, sparkle, sparkle, sparkle~

After this too, please support us(^ ^)
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New members

Today was the opening day of  SMILE FANTASY!, the musical starring S/mileage!

How was it everyone?

“It’s a musical with laughter and tears,” I think.

We talked at a talk show, we were also in tears during practice when the six of us sang. (lol)

Seeing everyone crying, there was a battled so I didn’t cry with them (lol)

It’s becoming a truly lovely work!

Because after tomorrow we’ll continue much more, we’ll try our best!

And, today was the announcement of the 3rd generation members!

The members are: Aikawa Maho-chan, Sasaki Rikako-chan, and Murota Mizuki-chan!


We’ve become a newly 9 people set-up!
After this us 9 people will try our best!!

Please continue to support us!
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Because I had a litle time today, I went and bought the LDS earrings I’ve a~lways wanted♪♪♪


Rina has become blue♪
I’m worried because they’re amazing and cute, but they turned blue~!
I want to put them on and go out soon…..

Because I’m not shopping recently, I want to shop at ease~

After that was practice!
Today we did a dress rehearsal!

Because there are a lot of difficult things, I’m truly anxious, but because the performance will come in the blink of an eye, I’ll try my best!

Because from 10-4~10-13 at Zenrousai Hall Space Zero, we’re doing the musical called SMILE FANTASY!, please come without fail♪
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In the train during rush hour.

Seeing the men who wore suits to go to work, it makes my heart ache. *cries*

But, even more with women wearing suits, for some reason I feel sorrow, you know.

But, thinking “In my neighborhoud there are a lot of people like that”, and thinking “I’ll work hard like them, too” a lot!

But…well.  Of course, my neighbors, are people who can hold on to the hanging strap while sleeping, and such, I saw it, you know…

My heart arches, you know.

I’ll try my best everyday at work, too!!!

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MiTsuI day~~~~~~
(*^^*)♡ hahaha








Like Charlie


Oh!  This time like holds the meaning of, ○○ no you na, or, ○○ ni niteru. mitai na♪♪




Everyone remembered 321 day~!!!(。・_・。)♡
Thank yo~u 3734488[1]


Today, I noticed when I saw the date on my cellphone, and secretly congratulated myself! lol
I don’t mean it’s particularly like a birthday however
Somehow or another, you know



It’s like a second birthday♡








The people here are only called by their first names, because I don’t introduce myself with my full name, I somehow start forgetting!
My family name.




But, when I showed my Chinese host-sister the kanji, “That’s a super pretty name” she said♡
Altogether the kanji hold good meaning**, what!?♪♪


Aika also loves her own name!
I was named by my great-grandma
Thank you!  Great-Grandma♡






Oh!  Yesterday, I saw a shooting star again☆


It probably won’t come on time, but I wished!
Since coming to New Zealand my wish has always been the same.
It’ll surely come true

T.N.: *3, 2, and 1 can be read as “mi”, “tsu”, and “i” respectively.

**The Chinese meanings of the kanji in Aika’s name are “light/shine/ray” (光), “well [noun]/name of the Chinese Well constellation”; less commonly “tidy” (井), “love” (愛), and “good/excellent/beautiful” (佳), which are more or less the Japanese meanings.
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Thank you.

Thank you so very much for a lot of comments yesterday.

In regard to the Hello!Station video, “Is everything okay?”, there are a lot of people who were worried for me, however I’m completely unconcerned.  To the people who were worried for me, thank you very much(^ ^)

The joining of the 3rd generation members, I don’t completely dislike it or anything, nevertheless, I couldn’t help loving, loving S/mileage.

Er, the so called S/mileage group name being changed, at that time I couldn’t take it.

I can’t get it fully straight in my mind.

“But, now, if the beloved S/mileage is going towards a good direction, then I’m grateful for these things” I’m thinking.

Today I’ll try my best at practice, too.

I’m grateful to all the fans.

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March 8th
On NHK “Souhoukou Quiz Tenkatouitsu”
I get to perform

This time’s theme is

Together with Momochi
Let’s aim at the reunification of the whole country*

Please collaborate with me

With “Souhoukou Quiz Tenkatouitsu”, we’re performing an  audience participation type quiz program ”capture the country” battle with quiz results.
All the audience participates in taking the quiz with the respondents, with a “capture the base”** battle formula we’ll aim at the reunification of the whole country.

The decisive battle is March 8th (Sat.)!

00:10~(7th late at night) NHK General live-broadcast

Advanced registration acceptance commences right away!
Please participate in the data broadcasting from the smart phone website.
Home page→

Let’s try our best together

T.N.: *”Tenkatouitsu” means “Reunification of a whole country”.
**”Jintori” (literally “base/camp taking”) is a “children’s game in which the aim is to occupy the other’s home base”, similar to a cross between king of the hill and capture the flag.
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Thank you!

I read the comments from everyone!

There are various thoughts, you know.  There were a lot of parts I sympathized with, I was relieved that it seems like after this we’ll continue to be supported!

The truth is doing yesterday’s individual handshake event, “I quickly want to tell everyone who is saying various things to me these things~” I truly thought that!

I’ll try my best so that after this everyone will support us now more than ever!

Today after a long time, I went and did a ss1422 recording with Nakanishi Kana-chan☆

Takahashi Ai-san came and what a guest she was!!

I don’t speak of her much, however she’s truly my favorite person!


I consult her about fashion and such♪♪

While being healed by the truly sweet Takahashi-san, we did the recording!

I received her photobook, and she gave S/mileage Western-style clothes as presents!

Truly thank you very much!!

“You’re as stylish as that stylish Takahashi-san~!” being told that would make me amazingly happy(;_;)!

After this you’ll still always be my inspiration♪
Thank you so very much!
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Good afternoon

An important notice

Berryz Koubou’s best of album
Went on sale

Its name is Koubou
Special Best Vol. 2

It’s a best of album commemorating ten years since our March 3rd debut

From the songs from singles until now of course
Coupling songs, and album songs, the carefully selected tunes have been compiled!
Two songs were put down for even more new songs

Because it contains songs from about 10 years ago,
There are very many songs where everyone’s voices are piercing

Berryz Koubou’s history
Can be taken in with one CD


Please check it out without fail
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Today is February 22nd

It’s Meow Meow-meow day*
Which equals Momochi day







*T.N.: “Meow” in Japanese is “nyan” which is also a way to say “two”.  (February 22nd=2-22)
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