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Cirque du Soleil-san’s
I watched it~

It was amazing!
Even if I presented it with the three letters of “amazing”*
It wouldn’t have been as amazing!

Because the theme this time was insect,

It was a lovely performance
It was a breathtaking performance,
It was a dynamic performance,
It was a twisting and turning performance…

It doesn’t seem like they could be the same people
It was the highlight of the performance

I just watched it yesterday, however
I want to go see it again today…

These details aren’t in full
I’m impatient, but
It was so much more amazing than I had imaginedo0020002012414924220[1] Momo

The picture
I saw it together with Kojiruri-chan


We two were shrieking with laughter

Even though it’s been a day
The lingering memory isn’t fading…

Every Otomomochi
Please watch without fail


*T.N.:”Amazing” has three letters/kana in Japanese; “すごい” read “sugoi”.
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This was quite a while ago, but I went Horse riding~♪♪



It was fun~~~~!!!!
I’ve always wanted to ride a horse♪♪
When I did my graduation memorial
DVD I got to ride, but because that time I did it abruptly, I only did it for a few minutes,
This time I rode for about one hour



With horses, I like their totally pretty eyes♡



C, cute..♡






Unfortunately on the test the other day, 37 points.



On the vocabulary test,
We were to write out,

And explain the Meaning(imi), but
I mistook the English explanation of “to Keep a promise” for
to make a promise“, and got points off


“It would have been good if I had studied properly when I was in middle school”, I truly regret
At that time “Because I’m a Japanese person, I won’t need English or anything!
I complained with that
I complained that I was a person who couldn’t do
I was a person who got sympathy, it was expected


Studing the grammar and foundation and such of English is difficult(ω)ノlol
At first, when I first heard “
Present Perfect“(Genzai kanryoukei) I didn’t understand it~(*>∀<)ノ゙ hahaha
I thought “A perfect present?” or




Well, I’ll try my best to get full points again next time(^_-)!





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Everyone, have a happy night before New Year’s Evehearta_orgmusic_orgliwu_org

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Just a moment ago
Fuji TV-san’s
Waratte Iitomo!
I become much obliged to them~

As the secret guest
I was able to appear

“My, Tsugunaga Momoko’s nickname‘s next nickname
Let’s think about it!” with this
Tamori-san named me for me!

Here it is



But this personality of Momochi
Isn’t acting(>_<)

But, for some reason it’ll stick
I’m frustrated…o0020002012843775247[1]

But, you know,
Tamori-san spoke these kind
Words to Momochi

You’ve gotten slim since three weeks ago?”

He said that!!!

On the previous Iitomo-san
That I got to perform on
I had gotten just a little bit big’s gotten fat

That sound didn’t stop ringing, however
From Tamori-san such
Genial words I received

I’m glad
Thank you very much

Acting, will try her be~st
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Us two ate continuously from morning till night completely without the slightest moral integrity, we couldn’t stopheia_orgThank you little Lu for giving me so much of your guys’ home @亮彩眼镜网 ‘s eyeglasses~so cutehsa_org[1]

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The plan I have..♡

I don’t want rain!!
I have an umbrella, you know..but I don’t want to wait, you know, lol
Aah.  I want to ride Toy Story Mania at Disney Sea..o0020002012459265090[1] Reinagakiheart3
I want to watch my Toy Story DVDo0020002012459265090[1] Reinagakiheart3
I want to go to Disney Resorto0020002012459265090[1] Reinagakiheart3
I want a year passo0020002012459265090[1] Reinagakiheart3
Lately I’ve been only saying things like this, lol
Forgive meo0020002012459265090[1] Reinagakiheart3
I planning something in particular with a certain person…♡♡♡
It seems implimentation isn’t far away, lol
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Mini Stop soft

Coming how after practice, after eating, I went on a walk with Mama~
At Mini Stop I got ice cream~.
So good
It was
By the way, I ate a soft calpis
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Everyone, that’s enough for today(*^^*)♪♪



Today, somehow, there was a call from Berryz Koubou’s Natsuyaki Miyabi-chan and Tokunaga Chinami-chan~(。・_・。)!!
Thinking “This is unexpected”, but it came from two people at the same time~!



I’m glad~♪♪



I picked up a call with Captain Shimizu Saki-chan, and ℃-ute’s Yajima Maimi-chan a little before(*^^*)♪♪
And now I’m currently with Mai-san of the Hagiwaras♪lol



With just taking calls with everyone, I’m energized^ ^♪♪



After!  To Ai-chan I gave a 3734488[1] 3734488[1] congratulation!!(*^^*)
Truly congratulations
Ai-chan wearing her wedding dress……
Even just having imagined it I’m becoming happy. lol


I bet it’ll be totally pretty and cute~(。・_・。)♡


I wish you happiness, for forever…♡








I got full points today, too♪♪




I’ll try my be~st!!

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To hand the coach of the Chiba Lotte Marines and the players valentine chocos, I interrupted Ishigakijima Camp

“This year will be a year that they’ll make even more progress”
I say with a prayer…



It’s Momochi handmade chocos


I tried my best making them

Number 17, player Naruse

Number 19, player Karakawa

I was able to hand them to the two representatives


o0240018012841705110 the number one in Japan-nyan♡

They did the pose
Together with me

I was able to meet with
The two very nice people
I was glad

I’m cheering on the number one in Japan

Today is the 10th
In four days it’ll be Valentine’s
Before long I’ll make preperations to make
Confections for Berryz Koubou’s members
I should begin~
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Today we had an event at Lazona Kawasaki-san.

Somehow, the CD sold out(*´ω`*)ゞ

Thank you very much((*´∀`*))

I’m truly glad…

Thank you very muchヽ(´∀`)ノ

Today was the first time we had an event at Lazona Kawasaki, the scenery was the best( *´艸`)

It was spacious…I was glad that a lot of people came for us.

I’ll try my best in order to be able to come to Lazona Kawasaki-san again, okayヽ(´∀`)ノ

By the way today’s daily chart was 4th place.

Everyone, thank you very, very much.


Tomorrow I’ll try my best at the event in Diver Cityヽ(´∀`)ノ

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