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Tomorrow is my first experiment…


I’m very nervous, and looking forward to it…



It’s like before going on a field-trip like when I was in kindergarten, from now on I’m excited.




Where we’ll go and what we’ll do is a secret!



Tomorrow is the day the 2nd generation members became official members, you know.



Not being able to meet with all the 2nd generation members on that day makes me a little lonely, however…




3 years ago today, I cried a lot!(^ ^)


I’m fidgeting and fidgeting, I flat-out won’t be able to sleep tonight…


“I wonder, is everything alright for all the 2nd generation members?” I talk about things like that…


“But, it seems turning back into an ordinary person, how many alternatives do we even have?” and the like…


Trying to analyze us in our own way…lol


I love everyone in the 2nd generation.


They’re precious(^ ^)


“Perhaps, within us four Mei is the most liked 2nd generation member,” I think.



For some reason I can’t understand but I have confidence in myself! ((*´∀`*))


The day we became S/mileage sub-members, the day we became official S/mileage members…


Having two anniversaries is good, right!


Still after this, because of the people who support us, we’ll sing and dance!






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Good evening

Everyone in the whole country!
Please sincerely be careful
In regard to the typhoon, okay[1] Momo

Today, to the people
Who came to the handshake event in the rain
Thank you so very much

Try not to catch a cold, okay

I’m changing the subject, but
Momochi the other day despite being an idol
Went shark fishing~

As it stands
I want to upload a photo, but
Because Manager-san
Dropped the cellphone in the sea
I don’t have any pictures~ (lol)

The cute photos you can’t see
I feel sorry for everyone, however
I also feel sorry for Manager-san, you know

To make up for it
I’ll show a picture
From the other day when I got to be together with
Hashimoto Kanna-chan, okay!!

Hm, I still put on airs
I’ll do it next timeo0020002012405104802[1] Momo

Nippon TV “Miss Cast”*

Watch my shark fishing, okay!

*T.N.: The show title means “miscasting”.
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The Miracle Worker.

Today, after I went to the place that cheers me up, together with my mother we went to The Galaxy Theatre.


We saw The Miracle Worker.


I was overwhelmed.


Anne Sullivan and Helen Kellar’s monologues.


I was truly overwhelmed.


How important a thing the words are…


The Miracle Worker, because I truly wanted to see, wanted to see, wanted to see it, it was good we were able to go to the theater.


“Loving” isn’t just holding someone tight.


It’s facing each other after being in front of difficult things, and not giving up.


This made me think about that.


The fight scene of Kinami Haruka-san as the role of Anne and Takahata Mitsuki-san as the part of Helen was amazing…


“The actresses are amazing,” I thought.


I have a lot of thoughts, however afterwards I’ll keep them to myself.


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Today, because I was off after a long time, I went out~♪
It has truly been a long time~(・・;)


When I went shopping, I was greeted by a girl fan☆☆


She told me “I’m cheering you on” so I think “I should try harder”…..


Thank you so very much♪♪



Because I like to wear nice earrings, I think “I want to refer some of these earrings”♪


These, are the “dazzlin” brand earrings that I bought↑.


Not just earrings, I frequently buy Western-style clothes at this store♪
The truth is earrings aren’t the only thing from dazzlin, but this time I’ll refer the~se

And, these are “LDS” brand.
Lately the earrings I’ve published on my Blog are this brand, but because they were truly cute, I also bought something that was a slightly different fashion♪♪


At once at yesterday’s high-five event there were girls* who were matching me, I was glad~☆

These, are “WEGO” earrings.
The price is also very inexpensive, I also buy a lot of Western-style clothes and such at this store♪♪♪

*T.N.: Most Japanese nouns don’t differentiate between singular and plural, so it could have just been one girl.
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Japan seems pretty when the cherry blossoms bloom, you know(*’v'*)♪♪
But I wonder, did they fall when it rained in Tokyo?




New Zealand is approaching Autumn however there’s still some way to go before our lunches are hot(。・_・。)





The other day my friend’s doggy came to my house, I was surrounded♡
I held him♡
I’m so happy







This puppy, when Aika is stretching out, it immediately comes to lay across me, you know♪ lol
So cute♡







Recently Aika’s English style,
My listening is practiced, but my speaking and writing still have a ways to go



Oh!  After that
Today, my host mother gave me Disney books as a present
(T ^ T)♡
“Reading books is totally informative after all♪♪”
I always said that
ω`), I thought “I can’t re~ad”, but I wasn’t reading at all(T ^ T) lol
The present from Mama is for that me


I’ll read everyday after this.♡
I’ll read them many times over again.♡



So cute♡
Nothing but my favorite stories♡♡
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I’ll try my best! I’m Tamura Meimi!!!

Today, I went to the place that really cheers me up.



It truly cheered me up!  I’m always energetic, however today I was even more so than usual(^ ^)



I tried my singing and dance forms, “There are people who make me think “I should try my best, too”.”, once again I really felt that.



I’m very grateful.


It’s a happy thing.



I, because of that will be able to try my best after this, too!


I want to go to that place that cheers me up again!


So~no~E~ga~o~Ni~Dea~u Ta~me ni~De~ki~ru~Ko~to~Nara~Nandatte~De~ki~ru~Wa~*



*T.N.: This is a line from a song from their musical meaning “If it’s true there are things I can do because that smile appears, I’ll be able to do anything”.
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It’s over.

Smile Fantasy! has finished.



Because it’s over today, “Each and every word of my speech, I’ll say them,” the truth is I didn’t want to say it…lol



With the “S/mileage is rapidly evolving” announcement, for being able to create this type of lovely stage…



I am truly grateful.



During the song called Smile Fantasy!, each and every time I sang with the feeling of saying thank you to all the members and fans…




Truly I’m happy when I meet with those five people, I thank them from the bottom of my heart.




I truly love them.



Suemitsu-san gave S/mileage the most thought possible, the script and direction are also from Suemitsu-san, how much was his thinking about S/mileage incorporated, I was truly glad about that.  I have a lot of feelings of gratitude.



Somehow I’m very lonely.  Lonely.



“Already this stage play is over, huh?”, and “This is the first and last stage with the six of us, huh?”, and various things in addition…




*Sigh*.  I’m an empty shell~…




From tomorrow we’ll pass through our own lives again~.



Thank you so very much to everyone who came to watch.



S/mileage for sure has everyone’s support.



I’m thankful to everyone everyday.




All the fans, after this let’s keeping running swiftly together.  Thank you so very much.




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I was so surprised.



The no ways of no ways.



My clothes, right, I wore the same thing as Wada-san, you know.





Incidentally our bags, right,




Wo~ow. I was prisedsur.



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Tsukemen from my fantasy.

Today after we sang at Smile Fantasy!‘s world, with Wada-san, the two of us went to Tsukemen shop-san(^ ^)




It was so yummyyyy!




Tsukemen, today was the first time I was able to eat it all!
I’m so glad(^ ^)



It was very delicious.



“Ramen shop-san”, “When we eat we go out!”, I felt that, you know.



After we ate, when we chatted as the two of us it had a family restaurant feeling, we left behind the store it was somehow difficult to be at!



It was very yummyyy!((*´∀`*))




It’s true happiness….(〃ω〃)


Wada-san’s close friend Harunan!



She came to watch Smile Fantasy! the other day(〃ω〃)




Harunan is so kind(^ ^)



I love her~.



After there’s only a few performances left, I’m amazingly, amazingly, amazingly sad and lonely. *tear*



I wanted to do Smile Fantasy! more, more more mo~re…



Tomorrow and the day after tomorrow, I’ll try my best!




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I’m very happy about teatimelovea_org[1] The cake is super yummy!  Thank you very much ^o^ Ahaha A beautiful woman really understands my likes in the fabulous Meitu cellphone 2hearta_org Thank you~This request for selfies on the road, at what pace will they be gone forever~heia_org

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