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Good Eveningっ
I’m Tomoko Kanazawa, you can call me KanaTomo~

Again and again I left my blog not updated for too long
I’m really sorry……

I safely managed to finish all of my end of term tests (´_ゝ`)!!

Well, these tests were really tough this time!

Each and every night I was rubbing my eyes trying to stay awake while studying!

I don’t think I’ll get any special scores but、

I certainly have a feeling of accomplishment 。

I want to say “Otsukare!” to myself (lol) (translators note : “Otsukare means “a job well done” after finishing something difficult or tiring)

Have all of you students finished your exams now?

If you have finished, then I say “Otsukare!” to youっ

…And of course once the exams are finished

Summer vacation is here~~

As for me, I’ll be doing the H!P concerts

so I’ll be going to all kinds of different places♪♪

It’s our first time to be taking part in the H!P concerts、

And in fact it’s also my first ever summer H!P concert!!

it’s also my first time to Hokkaido, Hiroshima and Miyagiっ。(Maybe!lol)

So I’ll be seeing lots of places for the first time

I really want to take in the flavors of those places♡



And of course many other places all over Japan

And so, if you have the time please come and see usっ

For more details,

please check the official Hello! Project website♡

I look forward to seeing you there。

These concerts will be the best thing this summer!

Everyone, let’s have a lovely summer with Juice=Juice!

That’s all for now

Tomoko Kanazawa~~~


What will today’s photo beー?
I thought about it

I found this puzzled/serious photo so I’ll show you this one。

I wonder what I was thinking about…?



Hi everyone, I’m Karin Miyamoto from Juice=Juice 。

Today we had some recording to do, I sang sooooo much☆彡☆彡

I learned so much about rhythm and how to sing difficult parts, I enjoyed it a lotっ(≧∀≦)

so much so in fact that right now, at home, all I want to do is sing and dance☆彡

The Hello! Project concerts are coming soon right (^-^)

I’m really looking forward to them, every day I’m excited-arin☆彡 (^^)/

but I haven’t practiced enough, so I must practice waaaayyyy more (≧∀≦)

Well, I already sang a lot today, so I’m going to dance until I fall asleep(≧∀≦)

The H!P songs that make me sweat the most are、

Samidare Bijou

Morning Musume。
Koko ni Iru Ze!

Berryz Koubou

Iza、Susume!Steady go !


What songs make you sweat when you dance to them?っ(≧∀≦)(≧∀≦)


Hello! Project 2013 SUMMER COOL HELLO!~Sore Zore!~
Hello! Project 2013 SUMMER COOL HELLO!~Maze Koze!~

These concerts will start July 27th☆

And so… dancing???
Jasmine(lol) (Yeh this is all she said here…. I have no idea what she means)


Karin Miyamoto!

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Good Evening~

I’m KanaTomo!


First of all I want to thank my close friends for all their “Congratulations” messages


It seems like they are reading my blog…


「Make sure you thank everyone who commented」they said to me


Thank you very much


Today we had a show at Hibiya Public Hallっ♪♪


I was so happy that we could do a live show

with my H!P seniors and the H!P Kenshuusei too



It was my first time to perform live outside


And the first time we announced “Ten Made Nobore”


I was super nervous~(;_;)


This version of “Ten Made Nobore!” is where we all sing together

so my aim for this performance was to make sure to make a mistake on timing


But it’s also a very happy song so I couldn’t let the anxiety show on my face


I concentrated and did my best。


You right there who came to see us today!!

…How was it??


That’s right this song will be


Juice=Juice’s 3rd indies single


And the second for the Kenshuusei


It’s out on June 8th, so please check it out


Of course, all of us we will be working at 100% effort levels to make this song popular with many people




Thank you so much to everyone that came today~~


It looked like rain、

And in the afternoon the sun was really strong、


It must have been hard for you right??


I think there must be fans who go to a lot of these events and get really tired


That’s why I want all of you to take it easy today and have a good rest


That reminds me, a lot of students will be having tests soon


Of course、

There are people who have finished、

And those who have far to go、


And all of the people working hard at their jobs


With what little time we have to ourselves

it’s important to pass that time well isn’t it



Let’s do our best tomorrowっ!


That’s all for now

Tomoko Kanazawa~~~~~



At today’s show, the special guest was


Hello Kitty

She appeared on the stage!



When we were told, Uemuuー(Uemura Akari-chan)。said….


「oh I get it~。It’s because Hello! Project and Hello! Kitty both say “Helloー!” in the title, therefore Kitty came today!!」


I’m sure she’s right。Maybe。lol


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Hi Everyone =*^-^*=


Today we had a photo shoot for an upcoming issue of UTB(*^o^*)

Uemuu and Yuka-chan (・∀・) and I, the three of us☆


And purely by chance, we are all blood type O☆☆

It’s true that mosquitoes love blood type O right?

While Yuka and I were having our photos taken

I got bitten twice and Yuka got bitten once。o゜(p´⌒`q)゜o。


but we still had fun~☆

And then before we knew it, it was all finished(o^^o)

Because today was an early start, we were worried about Uemuu

“Call me at 6:30am ok?”~(*^o^*)っshe made me promise to call her、

but it seems like she got up at 5:30am (◎-◎;)

But I had to make sure so I called her anyway, and she answered the phone with such a cute voice♪

Just hearing her voice makes me feel betterっ(*^o^*)

Actually, I’m the type of person who can’t be woken by just an alarm clock

It’s a secret but my mother has to wake me up☆⌒(oゝω・`o)(well it’s not a secret anymore( T


Yuka-chan always uses cute letters and cute faces in her replies☆

furthermore, she always uses different ones, so it’s always fun to mail her♪

The contents of our mails are very girly, hints, tips, tricks and lots of general advice♪

She also uses Ishikawa dialect “De○○Nen”☆ I love how cute it sounds♪

Well, that’s how my day went~*:.。☆..。.(´∀`人)

Karin Miyamoto(*^▽^)/★*☆♪

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Ten Made Nobore☆☆

I’m Karin from Juice=Juice =*^-^*=


Today we recorded the video for “Ten made Nobore” (*^o^*)

I had to get up super early, but I set my alarm clock by myself~♪

I’m sure you know, there is a Juice=Juice version and Kenshuusei versions of this song (*^o^*)

Both are fun (*^o^*)

Today we have to work really hard from sunrise to sunset

Together we say
「LET’S DO ITー!!]

All the staff are already preparing before we arrive

and they will still be there after we go home。

Thank you so much to all of the staff who work so hard for us。

I definitely won’t forget your hard work!

I didn’t have time to take a photo with some of the Kenshuusei today (◎-◎;)

When we filmed the Kenshuusei version, all of the girls were shining *☆*:;;;:*☆*なパワーで

Juice=Juice refuses to be defeated by the Kenshuusei version, (Fire∇Fire)

That’s all for now,

Karin Miyamoto(*^▽^)/★*☆♪

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♪.I’m fine!

Good Eveningっ
I’m Tomoko Kanazawa aka KanaTomo。

Again I didn’t update my blog for a while

I’m sorry.(つД`)ノ

And it seems……
Some of you were worried about me!

There’s nothing to worry about、
I’m full of lifeーーー!lol

The upcoming Tamago Show in Tokyo、

The release event for!Ten made Nobore!

Thank you to everyone for coming to see usっっ

The LIVE show and the high five events were fun!

It was my plan to try and give all of you some energy but、

In the end it was everyone who gave me energy (´・ω・`)

I hope I haven’t stolen the health of somebody at the event?!

…well, let’s leave that kind of joke to one side、(lol))

This time will my fourth Tamago Show…

I had my first last year in December

Which means half a year has already passed

It has gone by too fast~~…

I’m always grateful to receive such fun filled days though。

As long as you make to sure to learn something while you’re busy,

then being busy is totally fine!


just sleeping has seemed like a waste of time

There are still more things I should do

and things I want to do。

(but actually I love sleeping so it’s something I always do 。hehe)

Happy Sleeperっ。♡

Moving along

Juice=Juice’s 3rd single

and Kenshuusei’s 2nd single

“Ten made Nobore” will be released soon!

On June 8th~

Ten made Nobore has a fresh kind of feeling to it、

There are two different versions

One is with everyone singing together

and the second is a Juice=Juice version。

The part where we sing “LA LA LA~”…♪♪

That’s when I want all of you to sing too!

Well, it seems like I have a ton of photos for my blog to show you

But I’m troubled about which ones to show…

Today’s photo ♪♪

Kosuga-chan is really kind

She always makes sure to take care of everyone♡

I learned from watching her!

Well, that’s where I’ll end today

Tomoko Kanazawaーーーっ


I love towels、

Sometimes I can’t sleep if I don’t have my towel

Right now at home

I have the best towel ever

I always enjoy sleeping。

I slept with it yesterday too。

I can’t describe how much I love my towelーー!

It’s hard to describe what it is I like about it。

P.S.P.S. (lol))

Enough of the blogs where I just talk to mysekf…

Next time I will answer some of your questions~

If you like, please leave a question in the comments below!っ

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Good Eveningっ
I’m KanaTomo otherwise known as Kanazawa Tomoko。

Thank you so much for all your comments!

I haven’t seen them all yet but

There is something I really want to write about

I’ll reply to your questions in the next blog!

Please excuse me (つД`)ノ


Today, at our event

The first time we had ever performed in such an open space。

Thank you very much to everyone that came。


At the event, something huge was announced。



Wait for it!!!








This Summer!!



Will have our major debut!!!!!!



As it was announced, of course I was happy

but I was also filled with anxiety too。


We released 3 singles on the indie label

And we went to all kinds of places

「Working for our major debut…」
This is what we said、

We often wondered if we would be able to debut at all?

Will Juice=Juice continue to perform with these same six members?

We had all kinds of worries

but we did our very best until now。

As for me,

I can’t sing and dance well

The sings I say while on stage aren’t funny

I really felt like I was holding the others back…

My seniors
Juice=Juice members、

The staff

And everyone who supported us

And anyone who did anything for us。

Without all of you, we wouldn’t have been able to reach this day

To stand on the stage and hear that major debut announcement

My happiness has seriously reached it’s limit。
I can’t put into words how happy I am。


Reaching the major debut isn’t the finish line。

We have to see this as a start

We must fly all over the world

we must never forget this feeling of gratitude

To become a well loved group

I will give it everything I possibly can。

and and、
It was also announced that I will be the sub-leader。

The leader is Miyazaki Yuuka

It’s now my responsibility to support Yuuka.。

Everyone, from the bottom of my heart

Thank you thank you thank you thank you THANK YOU!!!!。

From here on, I promise to improve my singing, dancing and talking、


And so, I hope from today that you will continue to support not only Juice=Juice but also myself.

Please look after us。


Ok, well I wrote all of this in a hurry and so

I apologize if the sentences are a little weird

If you see something wrong, just please try to close your eyes and ignore it。

Seriously, thank you so much!

Kanazawa Tomoko~~~


This photo is of the cake we received today!!

It was great。♡♡

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Good Evening Everyone☆

I’m Miyamoto Karin from Juice=Juice =*^-^*=

As always thank you for all your comments(*^_^*)

The other day I think I made you all think that our major debut song “Romance Tochuu” was going to sound like “Uchouten LOVE”

it’s not that it sounds like that song at all, but it has that same excited feeling about it. (≧∀≦)

The way I wrote it was bad, I’m sorry ( p_q)

The song is hard to sing but I can’t even perform the dance at the moment (T_T)

The dance routine has a hip-hop style、
So I’ll re-watch a hip-hop dancing DVD I bought a while ago (^-^)

It’s a really fun dance but、
When I see myself dancing in the mirror, I don’t look cool at all。。。

I want to use more power and get rid of all the rough spots、
but when I give the moves more power, then I don’t look cool

I want to dance with all of you guys!
and so for that reason, I’m practicing really hard every dayo(^u^)o


We’ll be performing at an Idol Festival in July,

there will be all kinds of idol groups there,

but I’m sure the 6 of us, the Juice=Juice members won’t lose to anyone d(⌒ー⌒)!

That’s all for now,

Miyamoto Karin. (*^▽^)/★*☆♪

Photo Booth☆彡☆

Hi everyone, I’m Karin Miyamoto from Juice=Juice  =*^-^*=
Today, four members of Juice=Juice went to a photo booth☆彡





What do you think??

It was the first time just the four of us had gone out together、
We had such a good time, our excitement was at MAX level!!!

What a fun time>^_^<

I bought some make up tools too~☆彡☆彡



I had a really full day~>^_^<

PS.In my previous blog I introduced you to Mimi-cham, it would appear S/mileage’s Fukuda Kanon-chan has the exact same rabbit☆彡

She contacted me today! I was really happy to hear from her!!!!

My ecstatic LOVE, lol. (note: Karin is referring to Uchouten LOVE, Uchouten in English is ecstasy)

Just what you expect from only children right☆☆☆

well, nothing more to say

Karin Miyamoto (*^▽^)/★*☆♪
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Hi, My name’s Miyamoto Karin, I’m in charge of grapes and I’m a 3rd grade junior high school student from Juice=Juice  =*^-^*=
Today we had a photo shoot☆彡

To make sure you all enjoy this new video, we have to keep a lot of things secret、

So instead I’ll introduce you to my younger sister, Mimi-chan the rabbit



I’m an only child, and so during kindergarten I was always jealous of my friends who had siblings(T-T)

And so, with another only child friend of mine, we went to a cuddly toy shop☆

They had so many different bears and rabbits etc、

I was allowed to choose my favorite(^^)/

Also, you could change the weight my adding or taking away cotton from inside, lastly you had to add a heart inside to give your toy life (^-^)

Even now I wish for my toy to come to life ☆!(^^)!

My friends who had younger sisters are always having fun (T_T)

I’m really fond of my toy and we are always together☆彡

I bought so many clothes for Mimi-chan, from hospital theme to her own cell phone  (^-^)

I even have a birth certificate with her weight written on it ☆彡

I would often play make believe, or play house, go outside with my toy and have fun >^_^<

We would often play with my friends together(*^_^*)(*^_^*)

So now you all know my Mimi-chan very well ぁ☆彡

That’s all for now

Miyamoto Karin. (*^▽^)/★*☆♪
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