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Home Telephone☆

It’s Miyamoto Karin from Juice=Juice!!


Thank you for leaving your ideas for the birthday event and for telling me what you’re into recently!


It makes me happy when I read “I’m really enjoying Miyamoto Karin’s performances”!!


There were many opinions about Akari’s birthday event, Together with Akari, we’ll make sure to consider them all very wellっ!!
Please look forward to itっ!


Today we performed like at Labi1 in Osaka!!


As “Kaden-chan” I was able to talk a lot about my home phone, it was really funっ!!!


We talked about humidifiers and heaters too、、


I wonder if the people who came and listened, now like their home phones more、、(*´д`*)


And for the first time I did “Kaden-chan’s” hairー(lol)


Seems like it has a junior high school vibe to me!!(lol)


I’ll do it again!!




Recently, I’ve been loving the sound a zipper makes, so I’ve been opening and closing zips all the time (haha)


I really like the sound the zip on my wallet makes, and it never changes、、、(lol)


The bigger the zipper, the better the sound、


Jiiiii。is the sound I like!!


There are all kinds of zipper sounds, go and compare some todayっ(^-^)/


☆.。.:*・°☆.。.:*・Today’s Happiness・°☆.。.:*・°☆*:..


I had some grape juice!!


That’s all for now!

Miyamoto Karin.
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It’s Miyamoto Karin from Juice=Juice!!


Today we were busy practicing for our musical!!



This is Uemura Akari in the middle of practiceー!


Should I do it like this?Or like that?We all use trial and error to come up with the best way of performingっ!!


Because it’s a musical it’s a totally different feeling when we are singing, we can’t just be ourselvesっ!!


These are songs where we have to fully become the character、It’s tough、but it’s so much fun!!


We have to practice more and moreっ!!




I was so happy to read all of your comments yesterday, all of you are wearing jackets now!!


I think they’ll be even more coats today as it’s really coldっ!!


☆.。.:*・°☆.。.:*・Today’s happiness・°☆.。.:*・°☆*:..


I’m super tired


That’s all for today

Miyamoto Karin!
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It’s Miyamoto Karin from Juice=Juice!!


Again today we practiced for our upcoming musical!!


Today we practiced singing and dancing(*ノωノ) Po!


And we started a blog for that musical too!!


Please check it outっ(*´∀`*)




Today I wondered what I’d look like as a boy、So I tried on a wig and、、、


well..。Being a boy doesn’t suit me、、


Everyone said it really didn’t suit me、、(lol)


but even so, I’d certainly give it a try for a play or a musical、、


I’ll do my best so that my acting skill increasesっ(*´д`*)


Recently I’ve been using a mouth wash that really tingles, I actually like itっ!!


If there’s anything you’re into recently, leave me a commentっっ(*´∀`*)








☆.。.:*・°☆.。.:*・Today’s Happiness・°☆.。.:*・°☆*:..


I used a single paper cup all day until it was all worn out!!


That’s all for now、

Miyamoto Karin!
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It’s Miyamoto Karin from Juice=Juice!!


Today we had a photo shoot!!


And I had such a great time!!


Although what photo shoot it was is a secretっっ(hehe)


Please look forward to seeing the photos though(*´д`*)




Yesterday we practiced for our musical!!!


The speed of the practice was so fast that I could keep up!!!


Suddenly death、、(haha)


In the first scene and the scene straight after, the moods are totally different, so it’s difficult for me to change between them so quickly、


Trying to convey the feelings the characters feel at that moment、、


So hard。。


All I can do is to read the script again and again!!right?っ(*´д`*)


OK!!! I’ll do my best!!




The other day, thank you for commenting on the jacket that I like!


It was pretty cold todayっ((((・´ω`・))))


I only wore a jumper, that was a little failure(´`:)


It’s hard to judge what to wear at this time(≧


What kind of coat did you wear today??


That’s all for now、

Miyamoto Karin!
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It’s Miyamoto Karin from Juice=Juice!!


Every time I wore my glasses I always felt like they didn’t suit me, so today, I bought some new glasses!!


I’m really pleased with them~(^-^)/


In the store I tried on so many different pairsっ!!


First of all, I think brown suits me, so I tried on many pairs of brown glasses、


but then I tried on a pair with a brick color? Kinda reddish? And they really went well so I went for them っ(*´∀`*)


I’m really pleased with the color I chose (((o(*゜▽゜*)o)))


Easy on the eyes っ(*´∀`*)


Until now I’ve only used contact lenses, but from now on I will wear these glasses too (*´д`*)




Today we practiced for our musical、


We’re nowhere near ready to perform。。


In order to give you all the best show we can do, we’ll do our bestっ!




Thank you so much for all the comments yesterday!


I got home no problem!!


And you??


This morning the skies were a beautiful blue and the atmosphere was light, such a great feelingっ!!


Although the wind was a little strong right、、


I want good weather soon(*´∀`*)(*´∀`*)


☆.。.:*・°☆.。.:*Today’s Happiness*・°☆.。.:*・°☆*:..


↑That I found this sparkly bit!!


That’s all for now、

Miyamoto Karin!
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I’m Uemura Akari from Juice=Juice。





Just looking at all kinds of hair accessories is fun for me。



And recently this one has become my favorite






The flower shape is pretty right、

I want to find some more。




A while ago Kanazawa Tomoko-chan said she wanted to get a hamster♥︎
And it seems like it came true!



For her friend、lol

She will be at her friends place a lot I think。hehe



Congratulations on finally getting your hamster。


Well, that’s all for now


Uemura Akari。
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I’m Miyamoto Karin from Juice=Juice!!


Today I sang many songs from our musical!!


They are so different to the type of songs we have sung so far、


Especially the rhythms are hard to get、、


We look nothing like a finished product yetっ。。


Seriously, it’s so important we get the singing perfect!!


OK!I’ll sing loads tomorrow too!!




The recent live show I did for Copink was uploaded to Youtubeっ(*´∀`*)
Everyone! Please check it out(^-^)/


Also, you can see some photos in 「Anikan R YanYan !!2014 Autumn」When it’s releasedっっ!!


It will be on sale from 10/21(Tue)。Please check this magazine out when you can(*´∀`*)


Please do this for me。


I didn’t take a photo today and so、Here is one from a while ago~(*´д`*)






☆.。.:*・°☆.。.:*今Today’s happiness*・°☆.。.:*・°☆*:..


I didn’t use my umbrella much!


That’s all for now

Miyamoto Karin!
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It’s Juice=Juice’s Uemura Akari!

Today we had a  chance to take Polaroids together with our fans to commemorate the release of our 4th single!!

It was my first hand shake event in a while

and my first ever photo event with fansト!!

I was left with a fresh feeling!
Thank you so much to everyone who came!

And tomorrow I’m heading to tomorrow

so for sure for sure!!

Please come and spend some time with me ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

I took a photo of Karin and it came out so well。

I want to show you it but… well… next time!



Also today

Something I love!!

I found some white cocoa and chocolate bagels。

I bought them instantly。

I had some Anakake spaghetti too!!

I’m so full right now.. seriously。

Something Tomoko said today。

『Eating just as much as your tummy wants is just right』

I lol’d。

Isn’t that too much。lol

Honestly, Tomoko’s character is so natural

For an idol, we could say this is a rare type right??

FuFuFu。SO funny。

And Hello! Project’s leader, Michishige Sayumi, is going to graduate so

our new leader is going to be

℃-ute’s Yajima Maimi!

She’s going to be doing her best to make Hello! Project bigger than ever!!!

Of course, watching how Juice=Juice will get better is a good thing right?

And so!
From here on
Please Continue。

To look after us!

Good night everyone!

That’s all for now.

Uemura Akari!
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Good eveningー(*>ω<*)♡

It’s Eriponーーー(*´ェ`*)


I left my autograph on the place where he held our handshake event yesterdayーー!!

So many idol autographs!(*>ω<*)♡

I love idolsーσ(*´∀`*)

It makes me happy to just watch idols performing!!!

And because of that, I really understand how our fans feel

Recently, I’ve been watching a whole variety of idol groups!!

And watching them makes me think that I can’t just stop and let others go past me

I must always do my best to become betterく(*´ェ`*)

Ganbatte Ikutaー!!!!

Tomorrow I’ll be performing in front of fans of other groups

I hope to make them our fans!!!


Ganbatte Ikutaー!!!

゚+.゚вуe вуe゚+.゚

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Good Eveningー(*>ω<*)♡

It’s Eriponーー(*´ェ`*)


Today I ate a salmon bowl(ノд・。)

Even though I went alone。。。

My mom said “Aren’t you an idiot???”っ!!

Isn’t it normal?(*>ω<*)♡

It was like always, just went to eat and came homeー(*´ェ`*)

It was so deliciousーσ(*´∀`*)

After that I took part in a campaign and handshake event (o’ω’o)

So many people came!!!

Thank you so much(๑•́ ₃ •̀๑)

The character mascot for Osaka made an appearance too! ChiChin PuiPui!!!

I’ll be in Osaka tomorrow and the day after tomorrow too!!

Please take care because a typhoon is coming!!


The three of us did our bestー!!

゚+.゚вуe вуe゚+.゚

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