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8/26 Buono!-san

Good day everyone!

Thank you for so many comments and likes on my previous blog as well!

Yesterday at the Nippon Budoukan, 「Buono!Festa 2016」
was held!

Country Girls appeared too, even if it was just for a short time!

The scenery at the Budoukan really is incredible.

Also, the cheering and excitement of so many people, the 10,000 that were there, reverberated through my heart so much it felt like a wonder.

Then, after that I was able to see Buono!-san’s live from the audience!

But I had a kind of mysterious feeling about it.

Momochi-senpai who I’m always doing activities with this time was singing, and Mai was watching.

It felt like Buono!-san’s Momochi-senpai was not the Momochi-senpai of Country Girls.

The setlist and the outfits were both really perfect, and exciting from beginning to end!

And I also thought their performance was of course really awesome.

It left a deep impression of how their power just kept increasing from the first half on into the second half…

Though it’s just been 2 years since Country Girls was formed, I want to sometime have a solo live on such a big stage as the Budoukan.

The Buono!-san I saw yesterday.

And since I especially saw loooots of cool things from Momochi-senpai, I want to put the things I learned from that into Mai’s activities from now on!!!

Buono!-san、that was really the most awesome live!!!!!!!!!


With ℃-ute’s Hagiwara Mai-san, who I appeared together with ♡♡

It’s really too much of an honor to share the same name as Hagiwara-san……♡

Changing the subject・・・・・・・・・

Today at Sendai’s Parco, Funaki Musubu-chan and Mai will be holding an event!!

The time will be 19:00〜!

Since anyone can participate, those who have the time please be sure to come play okay〜♡

On the next day, we have a Hello Concert in Sendai!!

Let’s enjoy Saitama these 2 daysー!( ¨̮ )( ¨̮ )

I hope today will also be a HAPPY day ♡


Chii says she likes to take photos through a mirror (´∇`)

Mini info! lol

Ozeki Mai
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♡thank you♡

This was the best LIVE‼️

Thank you so very much 6912[1] - Momo Sayu Ogata

It was happiness having so many people celebrating for me ♡

I’ll write another more relaxed blog okay!

With our dance teacher’s kid ♡

About the PINK CRES. official blog、、、

It was announced the Ameba blog would open at 20:00 today, but due to the condition of the system, we can’t currently create posts. We apologize for this, and will report as soon as the problem is resolved.
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Today I went to see Buono!’s Budoukan concert〜♩


You know、
I love them〜〜〜♡♡♡

The first Buono! LIVE in 4 years was the best〜〜〜(♡ノωノ)♩

My feelings of satisfaction are off the charts with being able to hear a number of their songs live again after so long!!!

With ℃-ute、and Country Girls、and Miyabin’s new group unit name announcement, it was full of so much content!
Ahgー! the time passed so quickly!

Though I’ve been seeing Momo and Airi singing with C-ute and Country, since I’ve been on the same stage with Berryz when Miyabi-chan sings up there I haven’t had much chance to see her from the audience, I thought it was just as expected from Miyabin showing the performance she did today even though there’s been such a blank for over a year now.

Also, congrats on your birthday again ♡
Seeing Miyabin looking so happy made me happy too ♡

I wanna see a Buono!LIVE again〜〜〜!!!
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It’s Maa-chan
Concerning C-ute-san's news…
I haven't composed myself yet.
I'm sorry.
I'd like you to just please
give me a bit more time
If you're thinking, "Time for what?"
What is it I should do?
Maa-chan also
doesn't knoーw
But I'll do my best*\(^o^)/*

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It’s been announced that ℃-ute-san would break up following their performance next June in Saitama Super Arena.

When I joined Hello, and also when I debuted, there were many people much more senior than me, and I was always watching them from behind.
The next thing I noticed, next in age from ℃-ute-san and Tsugunaga Momoko-san was me.

I love Hello.
I really love it.
And so, with the loneliness I feel with my seniors leaving, it’s like huh? I also feel loneliness that Hello keeps on changing.

Since I love love love Hello,
it’s not a mystery why I feel loneliness since I’ve always been here, is it.

And so, when I heard about ℃-ute-san, a great sense of loneliness was my honest feeling.

Looking at ℃-ute-san now continuing activities for more than 10 years with 5 people from the same generation while other groups’ numbers keep changing, there have been times I felt envious.
Chasing dreams together for many years with my generation-mates is something I’m just unable to do.
I really admire the way ℃-ute is now able to perform in virtue of having various experiences together, getting older, and just spending many years together. Getting older allows you to do so many different expressions as a group. As well as having such a high degree of completion and perfection. That’s something that can only be expressed by people who’ve worked together to make it through all the months and years. Seeing that, I feel again how difficult it is to continue on、、and so I admire the performance ℃-ute-san is able to do in that virtue of having continued on, and think they’re just so amazing.
There’s time left until June of next year. Even today there are times when I’m not able to talk to them very easily, but since I want to make lots of memories, I want to have many talks with them as well.

For me, Angerme is an irreplaceable existence、、but in addition I have very strong feelings of pride of being in Hello, and love of Hello.
Since I want to watch over the Hello that my great seniors have created I want to bring even more energy to it, and just due to loving it so much, I want to develop it even further.

Angerme is now becoming one of the most senior groups in Hello.
And so, in order for us in Angerme to be able to lead Hello along we’ll look deeply at the things which Angerme still lacks, and so that ℃-ute-san will be able to relax and run swiftly to the end, Angerme must also work very hard. That’s what I think.

Though I myself have noticed what the form of being an idol past 20 years old is like, since it’s not an easy thing to continue, I think I’ll feel it more and more as time goes on as well. For who I am in Angerme, and for what I can do, as a possibility? I can’t deny the budding feelings of just keeping on, while having those thoughts.
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It’s been decided that ℃-ute will disband next June, huh.

Though I was a bit surprised when I heard the news,
Yep. Yep.
I felt like they’ve really
given their all.

Since I think it’s something they decided after talking and worrying lots and lots about it,
I want to watch over them until the end.

Since that time will come really really quickly,
I hope they make sure to have no regrets.

I also want everyone to work hard and take care of their bodies
until the end.

I’ll always be supporting them from the shadows!

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It’s come to be that ℃-ute will disband next June.

Maimi, Nacky, Airi, Oka-chan, Mai, who’ve always been together since passing the Hello! Project Kids audition in 2002.
Even though ℃-ute and Berryz Kobo became two separate groups, we’ve worked hard together as generation-mates, shared our time as colleagues, and always walked together with everyone in ℃-ute.

Rather than this news being a surprise, it felt more like this time has finally come.
I expected it would come sometime. But it’s sad…

When Berryz suspended activities, all of ℃-ute got together and said “Everyone in Berryz Kobo has always been ahead of ℃-ute…” but ℃-ute always led the vanguard as well and energized and pulled Hello! Project forward, and I think our kouhai are where they are now because of seeing that as well.

Since I’m sure it’s something that was decided through lots of discussion of the 5 of them, just as we discussed it many times, while looking after them as generation-mates and as one fan, I want to enjoy the precious remaining time of ℃-ute’s songs and performances!!

Things will fly by soーー quickly until that time comes next year.
I want all the members, and all the fans, to make the remaining time precious and enjoy it as much as they can!!!

First is this summer’s Hello!Project concert.
With their time as ℃-ute being the most important, this will be their last time participating in a Hello Concert.

It’s such a huge thing being the first place we stood on stage as the 15 of us in the Kids, the place we went twice every year of these 14, and the place we can say we go home to.
Although from now on there’ll be various things where each will be the “last”, the first of those last will be Hello Concerts.

Please give us your warm support!!!

I love them, ℃-ute, the one and only.
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Thank You So Much For Everything Up To Now

When I woke up this morning,
the Taguchi family’s cat-chan 【Sasuke】
had stopped moving.

Since he looked to be in the same position as when I saw him last night, I think it was surely without suffering in his sleep.

Sacchan had been really doing his best over these three days.
Even though I think it would have been ok if he hadn’t, I wanted him to live longer.

Before going to work I made this promise to Sacchan.
【Since I’m going to work now, wait until I get back okay】
I said、、、。

And Sacchan properly kept to that promise!

I hurried back home,
and when I said,
「Sacchan, I’m back~」
he mewed in a small voice.
It made me happy.
I cried that he waited for me.
Though we had that exchange for three days, on the third day even when I talked to him he wouldn’t reply, so it was rough!!!!

Sacchan has a cute wife!
Since I haven’t told you all, it’s new info right~

Actually, in the Taguchi family, we had two cats!
Though she became an angel before I introduced her to you all、、

But since we’ve come this far I’ll introduce her to you all here too!
Her name is Momonga (means “flying squirrel”)
and we always called her 【Momo】!

Different from Sacchan, Momo-chan was an incredibly friendly cat(lol)
I remember being very happy that she’d accept me kindly even though I’m a dumb brat!

Saachan wouldn’t really listen to me, and hated me so much that he’d give me a cat-punch just if I came close

But Momo would listen to me, and when I think about it now, I thinks he was an incredibly gentle cat.

Momo and Sacchan are married!
After Momo died Sacchan was looking for her for a loーーーng time, and when night came he’d be lonely and going “nyaooooooon”.

But I wonder if he was able to see Momo today?
Surely Momo came to get him!!



They’re both so cute aren’t they?

Thank you so much!!

Also everyone!
When I asked in a previous blog for everyone to send power to Sasuke, thank you for all the comments and concern at handshake events and such you gave!!

Since you all sent Sasuke power, he was able to last for a week even without eating or drinking water!!!
My mother said thank you, too.

Sasuke is happy☺☺☺

You haven’t gotten gloomy have you!?
It’s not good if you did~

If I may say so!
My little sister is learning her multiplication tables,
and today she became able to say up to level 5!
Being able to say all the way up to level 5!!
Big sis is impressed!

Also today, I had dress rehearsal for

Kobushi Factory Live Tour 2016 Spring ~The Cheering Party!~!!!!

When you come to the tour!
Your goods to support Kobushi Factory
Such as T-shirts you bought in previous tours!
And Kobushi Factory microfiber towels and such!
Things related to Kobushi Factory
please bring with you!!!!

↑【there’s probably something good with this】↑

『The Cherry Blossom Front Northward Progression Project』
has at last been completed!!!!
~Concluding chapter(Tokyo Gathering)~

We actually had a photo shoot at Sanrio Puroland!!!
For details, please make sure to check the video!!!


Today is Friday!
Though tomorrow is a holiday, the next Saturday!

Kobushi Factory Live Tour 2016 Spring ~The Cheering Party!~

Hiroshima Concert  Tour Opening Day‼️
I’m so nervoussss!
Tomorrow will always be a good day ✩
Well then, Tagudbye, oyasu-mikan
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Tagucchi guchiranaide♡

(note: the title is a bit of a pun, and translates to “Don’t complain, Tagucchi”)

Good evening (^^)/
It’s Hirose Ayaka ☆

We had release events for Kobushi Factory’s 2nd single that released on 2/17, 「Sakura Night Fever/Chotto Guchoku ni!Chototsu Moushin/Osu!Kobushi Tamashii」!!!

Thank you to everyone who came

It was really really fun!!

Loーーts of people came to all three!
It was fun ♡

It was a happy time being able to sing a lot and get energized with everyone~

Since the audience area was a bit dark at today’s venue、
I was more aware than usual to make sure to make eye contact
with those in the back as well!!♡
I wonder if everyone in the back got to meet our eyes??

I really think that eye contact is important at lives、、、!

And so I want to make eye contact with lots more people!!

We also have
Kobushi Factory’s live tourー2016 Spring ~The Cheering Party!~♡

The Factory will work hard with all our strength to of course make eye contact as well as sing and dance and MC!!
Please definitely definitely be sure to come ♡

a full group cheki event
and 3-shot cheki event
a full group autograph event
and individual handshakes
we have!!

We’ll be waiting for those who come ♡

Tomorrow is the last of our individual handshakes
for our second single too

And so, I’ll enjoy it with all my might!!!!

Also, we’ll work hard so that we can put out a third single!!

I looooove you!♡

Well then!
That’s all, this was Hirose Ayaka (´ー`)/~~

The 2nd year high school trio!!
We’re not first years anymore you know。
Second years
I often hear it’s the most fun time!
But though I don’t really know,
since every day of Ayaka’s life is fun ♡
It’s thanks to all of you

(t/n: this picture doesn’t seem to be working right on ameba at this time.. will update if it’s fixed)
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Recently here I’ve been watching every day
Angerme-san’s 【Tsugitsugi Zokuzoku】video~♡

In this song my eyes always go to Murota Mizuki-chan(lol)
Her second line ‼️

「Honto no kimochi wa itsu datte hitotsu shikanai」(I only ever have one honest feeling)

I repeat that about 4 times(lol)
Man, I love it (ノ´³`)ノ
Muro is sexy huh (lol)

I also wanna siーng!
「Honto no kimochi wa itsu datte hitotsu shikanai」

Anyhow anyhow anyhow!!!!
My wisdom teeth hurt
Ow ow owー!
Although they haven’t grown in、、、they hurt
I wanna get them out right right right away~
But when I asked my dentist、、、
I heard that when they’re taken out、、、my face will get swollen

I’m terrified and can’t do it、、、、
Moreover、、、though I hear they’d give me anesthesia
anesthesia isn’t effective on me。、、、、
Haa, I’m scared.

was the last performance of our serial event!!!
We had three performances ♡

At the third one、、、、
The MC was、、、Taguchiiii (-∀-`; )
Ah you know、、、、、、I stretched myself out until the end。
Tears were dripping from my eyes

Though there was an accident along the way!
I’m glad I was able to finish the performance without incident ♪

I was happy there were lots of people who told me at the handshake event “Your MC was good~! You were funny~!”✌
It gave me a little more courage that I could do an MC like that!(lol)

Thank youー!!!




Kobushi Factory loves Dachou Club’s material ♡

Iiiiiif I may say so!
Some onigiri I had recently 。
When I thought it would be ok to eat something I bought that morning!
it had passed the expiration date~(lol)
But it was delicious as always ☺
I’ll take care in the futureー。

Starting 4/6!
「KobuTsuba Sweet♪」’s
【Same day sales registration】beginsー!!!

As a “Spring FC Campaign”、it seems we’ll be specially inviting people not in the Hello! Project club to participate、、so those in it and those not, please be sure to come!!!

Though the contents of the event you’re interested in!
are still in the world of the undecided
However, it’ll definitely be a different event than you’ve seen up until now
And so, those who have even a bit of interest in it, let’s come on(lol)
Please come!

Go here!

Tomorrow is Sunday
Tomorrow will always be a good day ✩
Well then, Tadugbye, oyasu-mikan
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