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Call Out from the Bottom of Your Heaーrts – Sato Masaki-chan

It’s Maa-chan 10601060106010601060

We had a concert today too4555675[1] Maachan
There are lots of different things in life, huh~4550940[1] Maachan


Though this’ll be a story from quite a while ago 90 Maachan
When on the shinkansen with Odango 22988 Maachan836 Ogata Maachan
I laughed so incredibly much 1003
that I felt like I hadn’t laughed so long until that day 11056[1] Maachan
That day really was fun 836 Ogata Maachan836 Ogata Maachan
Thanks, oda-chan2993[1] Maachan836 Ogata Maachan2993[1] Maachan

Suzuki Airi-san836 Ogata Maachan836 Ogata Maachan
Whatever happens, I’ll do my best *\(^o^)/*
I’ll look hard at myself.
I’ll calm my mind down…and relax
I’ll make sure not to forget the singing and dancing I was warned about today
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Hour by Hour〜♥️ Sato Masaki-chan

It’s Maa-chan

Today was a fun fun


It was so funーーー


Well well, here



「au Headline Idol Mou Iccho」

       Sato Masaki・First Volume in distribution

「au Headline Idol Mou Iccho」

     Sato Masaki・Next Volume 1/10 24:00~distribution begins


Morning Musume ’16 concert tour spring

member official blog advance ticket sales announcement


We’ll be holding advance ticket sales for the Morning Musume ’16 concert tour spring on members’ official blogs!

Since it’s the fastest advance play guide, don’t miss this chance!

That’s allーーー*\(^o^)/*/


I’ll work hard tomorrow too!???

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10th Gen’s 2nd Daughter – Sato Masaki-chan

It’s Maa-chan

Ayumin, congrats on your birthdayーーーー

It’s so quick that Ayumin’s turning 19, huh
From now on as well I’ll work hard
not to lose to my generation-mate.

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Kyunkyuーn ♥️ Sato Masaki-chan

It’s Maa-chan

Today everyone
had a takoyaki partyーーーー

It was super interesting
and funー

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Understanding????Sato Masaki-chan

It’s Maa-chan445-2[1]

Today2993[1] Maachan836 Ogata Maachan2993[1] Maachan836 Ogata Maachan
was opening day of Hello! Project concertsー1003
It was fun 10031003
Tomorrow also
we’ll show you 836 Ogata Maachan
the current Morning Musume。’16ーーーーー455140920540455140920540


Also a little while ago on Hyadain-san’s radio show 212[1] Chisato Okai Maachan
I appeared 1003
Hyadain-saーーーーn836 Ogata Maachan836 Ogata Maachan836 Ogata Maachan836 Ogata Maachan

Please give us a MaaDuu song445-2[1]445-2[1]

(Though we talked about if Duu doesn’t dislike MaaDuu2456[1] Okai Chisato Maachan

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Morning Musume。’16’s Suzuki Kanon-chan will, with their spring concert tour, graduate from Morning Musume。’16 and Hello!Project.

Teenage graduation. Continuing from Sayashi-chan’s and Meimei’s, it makes me think again of how such an incredible decision it is.
And when graduations continue it becomes sad too doesn’t it。。。

I think that sparkling smile of Zukki’s has soothed everyone. I’m one of them.
Her greeting me with a smile and “Shimizu-san, good morning!” no matter what the time left quite an impression on me.☻

I want her to keep running with that Zukki SMILE!

Though graduations continue in Hello! Project, thank you all for your unchanging warm support!!

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Fuu〜… Sato Masaki-chan

It’s Maa-chan

Tomorrow I’ll change my mindset and without losing.
Believe in myself
and work hard.
I’ll changeーーーー2993[1] Maachan70102993[1] Maachan70102993[1] Maachan70102993[1] Maachan



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『GREEN ROOM』closed the curtain on it’s last episode 38 on 2016/1/21☆

I was really happy that lots of people watched it‼︎
Thank you to everyone who watched! ♡♡♡

I was happy to be able to do a wonderful show with all the staff and Chii-chan ♡

I learned quite a lot being allowed to do my first main MC~~♪

I’m also happy that Green room had in total 38 (mi-ya) episodes, though it was by chance! ♡
I was also able to become closer with the young cute kids through Green room‼︎(lol)

Memorial photos UP♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡




























Well~~A new show is starting todayーーー♡
The new show, with a meaning of 「Girls Meeting」
 ♡『Girls Night Out』♡

They’ll be going to picking up talk about food and fashion girls are interested in, as well as going to hotspotsー( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

Please continue to support us from today on! ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡
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♡rosary moon♡

Yesterday one of my favorite brands ♡
rosary moon had a sample SALE I went to ♡
It was full of nothing but clothes I liked, and I bought lots of things saying like “This too~!” That too~!” ヾ(*>∀<)ノ゙
Shimi-chan also got loーts!♡



I took a photo with Ruru-chanー♡

Her big round eyes are so cute~~♡
I was soothed ( ´ ▽ ` )♪
Airi-san・Rina-san, thank you~~♡
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Mission 1

Good evening everyone~
It’s Taguchi Natsumi!!

The temperature has gradually risen and it’s gotten warmer huh
Haa. Come, come spring!

Thinking of spring、、、、、、、



It makes me want to picnicー✨♡♡
Thinking of picnics、
I remember going on a picnic as an elementary school student, and forgetting my leather seat my good friend let me set on hers‥‥☺

So nostalgic.
Spring makes me feel all warm inside.
It’s a wonderful season when the fresh wind blows ♡

Spring, come soon!

‼️I’ll be waーtchiーーーーーng‼️

Well, tomorrow in Fukuoka and Saitama
we have talk & handshake events!!!!

The Fukuoka members are
Fujii Rio     Nomura Minami     Ogawa Rena

These 3!!
I have a very iーーーーーーnteresting mission for Ogawa Rena here ✨

【Add ‘banbanjii’ (bang bang chicken) to the end of each of her sentences】

That’s it(lol)
Since I think Rena surely won’t get it just from that, I’ll give an example!!!!

・Today also Ogawa Rena will do as well as she can!banbanjii

・Yep!I also have something to say. banbanjii

・That’s right~。banbanjii

Like that(lol)

Moreover!!One more trial!!!
When she says banbanjii、
each time she should do it while imitating 【Bambano】san.

Since it’s best if she could say ‘banbanjii’ with her eyes wide!(lol)

Do your best~
Ogawa Rena ✨

As for Saitama,
Hirose Ayaka, Inoue Rei, Taguchi Natsumi
will be holding a talk & handshake event!!

Since we’ll also be getting missions from the Fukuoka event members, please be sure to come see us completing our missions~✨

Tomorrow is Friday
Tomorrow will always be a good day ✩
Well then, Tagudbye!Oyasu-mikan

ps. Bang bang chicken is the best!!!!!!!

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