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Thank You So Much For Everything Up To Now

When I woke up this morning,
the Taguchi family’s cat-chan 【Sasuke】
had stopped moving.

Since he looked to be in the same position as when I saw him last night, I think it was surely without suffering in his sleep.

Sacchan had been really doing his best over these three days.
Even though I think it would have been ok if he hadn’t, I wanted him to live longer.

Before going to work I made this promise to Sacchan.
【Since I’m going to work now, wait until I get back okay】
I said、、、。

And Sacchan properly kept to that promise!

I hurried back home,
and when I said,
「Sacchan, I’m back~」
he mewed in a small voice.
It made me happy.
I cried that he waited for me.
Though we had that exchange for three days, on the third day even when I talked to him he wouldn’t reply, so it was rough!!!!

Sacchan has a cute wife!
Since I haven’t told you all, it’s new info right~

Actually, in the Taguchi family, we had two cats!
Though she became an angel before I introduced her to you all、、

But since we’ve come this far I’ll introduce her to you all here too!
Her name is Momonga (means “flying squirrel”)
and we always called her 【Momo】!

Different from Sacchan, Momo-chan was an incredibly friendly cat(lol)
I remember being very happy that she’d accept me kindly even though I’m a dumb brat!

Saachan wouldn’t really listen to me, and hated me so much that he’d give me a cat-punch just if I came close

But Momo would listen to me, and when I think about it now, I thinks he was an incredibly gentle cat.

Momo and Sacchan are married!
After Momo died Sacchan was looking for her for a loーーーng time, and when night came he’d be lonely and going “nyaooooooon”.

But I wonder if he was able to see Momo today?
Surely Momo came to get him!!



They’re both so cute aren’t they?

Thank you so much!!

Also everyone!
When I asked in a previous blog for everyone to send power to Sasuke, thank you for all the comments and concern at handshake events and such you gave!!

Since you all sent Sasuke power, he was able to last for a week even without eating or drinking water!!!
My mother said thank you, too.

Sasuke is happy☺☺☺

You haven’t gotten gloomy have you!?
It’s not good if you did~

If I may say so!
My little sister is learning her multiplication tables,
and today she became able to say up to level 5!
Being able to say all the way up to level 5!!
Big sis is impressed!

Also today, I had dress rehearsal for

Kobushi Factory Live Tour 2016 Spring ~The Cheering Party!~!!!!

When you come to the tour!
Your goods to support Kobushi Factory
Such as T-shirts you bought in previous tours!
And Kobushi Factory microfiber towels and such!
Things related to Kobushi Factory
please bring with you!!!!

↑【there’s probably something good with this】↑

『The Cherry Blossom Front Northward Progression Project』
has at last been completed!!!!
~Concluding chapter(Tokyo Gathering)~

We actually had a photo shoot at Sanrio Puroland!!!
For details, please make sure to check the video!!!


Today is Friday!
Though tomorrow is a holiday, the next Saturday!

Kobushi Factory Live Tour 2016 Spring ~The Cheering Party!~

Hiroshima Concert  Tour Opening Day‼️
I’m so nervoussss!
Tomorrow will always be a good day ✩
Well then, Tagudbye, oyasu-mikan
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Tagucchi guchiranaide♡

(note: the title is a bit of a pun, and translates to “Don’t complain, Tagucchi”)

Good evening (^^)/
It’s Hirose Ayaka ☆

We had release events for Kobushi Factory’s 2nd single that released on 2/17, 「Sakura Night Fever/Chotto Guchoku ni!Chototsu Moushin/Osu!Kobushi Tamashii」!!!

Thank you to everyone who came

It was really really fun!!

Loーーts of people came to all three!
It was fun ♡

It was a happy time being able to sing a lot and get energized with everyone~

Since the audience area was a bit dark at today’s venue、
I was more aware than usual to make sure to make eye contact
with those in the back as well!!♡
I wonder if everyone in the back got to meet our eyes??

I really think that eye contact is important at lives、、、!

And so I want to make eye contact with lots more people!!

We also have
Kobushi Factory’s live tourー2016 Spring ~The Cheering Party!~♡

The Factory will work hard with all our strength to of course make eye contact as well as sing and dance and MC!!
Please definitely definitely be sure to come ♡

a full group cheki event
and 3-shot cheki event
a full group autograph event
and individual handshakes
we have!!

We’ll be waiting for those who come ♡

Tomorrow is the last of our individual handshakes
for our second single too

And so, I’ll enjoy it with all my might!!!!

Also, we’ll work hard so that we can put out a third single!!

I looooove you!♡

Well then!
That’s all, this was Hirose Ayaka (´ー`)/~~

The 2nd year high school trio!!
We’re not first years anymore you know。
Second years
I often hear it’s the most fun time!
But though I don’t really know,
since every day of Ayaka’s life is fun ♡
It’s thanks to all of you

(t/n: this picture doesn’t seem to be working right on ameba at this time.. will update if it’s fixed)
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Recently here I’ve been watching every day
Angerme-san’s 【Tsugitsugi Zokuzoku】video~♡

In this song my eyes always go to Murota Mizuki-chan(lol)
Her second line ‼️

「Honto no kimochi wa itsu datte hitotsu shikanai」(I only ever have one honest feeling)

I repeat that about 4 times(lol)
Man, I love it (ノ´³`)ノ
Muro is sexy huh (lol)

I also wanna siーng!
「Honto no kimochi wa itsu datte hitotsu shikanai」

Anyhow anyhow anyhow!!!!
My wisdom teeth hurt
Ow ow owー!
Although they haven’t grown in、、、they hurt
I wanna get them out right right right away~
But when I asked my dentist、、、
I heard that when they’re taken out、、、my face will get swollen

I’m terrified and can’t do it、、、、
Moreover、、、though I hear they’d give me anesthesia
anesthesia isn’t effective on me。、、、、
Haa, I’m scared.

was the last performance of our serial event!!!
We had three performances ♡

At the third one、、、、
The MC was、、、Taguchiiii (-∀-`; )
Ah you know、、、、、、I stretched myself out until the end。
Tears were dripping from my eyes

Though there was an accident along the way!
I’m glad I was able to finish the performance without incident ♪

I was happy there were lots of people who told me at the handshake event “Your MC was good~! You were funny~!”✌
It gave me a little more courage that I could do an MC like that!(lol)

Thank youー!!!




Kobushi Factory loves Dachou Club’s material ♡

Iiiiiif I may say so!
Some onigiri I had recently 。
When I thought it would be ok to eat something I bought that morning!
it had passed the expiration date~(lol)
But it was delicious as always ☺
I’ll take care in the futureー。

Starting 4/6!
「KobuTsuba Sweet♪」’s
【Same day sales registration】beginsー!!!

As a “Spring FC Campaign”、it seems we’ll be specially inviting people not in the Hello! Project club to participate、、so those in it and those not, please be sure to come!!!

Though the contents of the event you’re interested in!
are still in the world of the undecided
However, it’ll definitely be a different event than you’ve seen up until now
And so, those who have even a bit of interest in it, let’s come on(lol)
Please come!

Go here!

Tomorrow is Sunday
Tomorrow will always be a good day ✩
Well then, Tadugbye, oyasu-mikan
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♡power Berryz♡

I tried making the Berryz members into the Powerpuff Girls who’ve been trendy lately~~♡












Don’t they look goーod♡

⇧ If you access this, you all can make them tooー♪
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4th Year!

I went to school today!

It was fun being able to see my friends after so long~!
Hearing my teacher talk, I really felt how I only have a  year left. It makes me sad!
I’m glad I was able to properly become a 4th year student while battling my schedule!

During my first year
the Monday after a concert day was rough,
and when I told my mother “I can’t do it! I’ll take the day off!”
she told me, “That’s not right, is it.”
However, my mother took me to school by car, and I was sleeping the whole time (^^)
I also remember she bought something delicious for me! lol lol

After she told me that, I decided to never take a day off or skip no matter how tired I am!
I’m really glad I was able to properly arrive at my 4th year!

I want to enjoy this one last year~!!

Today I went to a certain art exhibition for an interview!
It was really fun!

I’ll tell you about it later when I’m able!

Nagoya’s cherry blossoms

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Ugyoo〜n…Sato Masaki-chan

It’s Maa-chan 5652[1]301

Today 2993[1] Maachan2002993[1] Maachan
Morning Musume。’162473[1] Ogata
From 3/12 in Hachioji this year129 Maachan2473[1] Ogata
Odango’sOda Sakura〕birthday
we’ll begin Morning Musume。’16’s1638 Sayu Haga Maachan
solo tour 1638 Sayu Haga Maachan1638 Sayu Haga Maachan1638 Sayu Haga Maachan1638 Sayu Haga Maachan1638 Sayu Haga Maachan1638 Sayu Haga Maachan1638 Sayu Haga Maachan

Morning Musume。’16 Concert Tour Spring~EMOTION IN MOTION~
We had rehearsal for it2002993[1] Maachan
Todayy1133917701[1] Okai Chisato
Last week4551244[1] MaachanThe other day4551244[1] Maachan4551244[1] Maachan4551244[1] Maachan
After being sick with something 1120[1] Maachan357[1] Maachan
and resting7010701070107010
OdangoOda Sakura
2456[1] Okai Chisato Maachan2456[1] Okai Chisato Maachan
has healed up and came baack1243[1] Maachan

Kuduu Kudou Haruka

No4531609[1] Maachan4531892
OdangoOda Sakura
with colds spread around 9816[1]9816[1]9816[1]9816[1]9816[1]
the whooーーーーle time
            whistlingーー13988[1] Ogata
it got to be like6352[1] Maimi Maachan6352[1] Maimi Maachan6352[1] Maimi Maachan6352[1] Maimi Maachan
but her singing skills were all over the place4531597[1] Maachan
Maa-chanSato Masakime〕〕4736 Maachan
was all hyonhyon yaaーーーーy 1322 imatoiumirai4736 Maachan1322 imatoiumirai
OdangoOda Sakura4736 Maachan
out of Morning Musume。’16 5120[1] Maachan6631[1] Maachan
is the beeーーーーーーーst4531597[1] Maachan4531597[1] Maachan4531597[1] Maachan4531597[1] Maachan
at singing 10038413 Maachan1003
and the beeーーーーーーーーーーーーst 22988 Maachan
at lifting her bangs *\(^o^)/*10038413 Maachan8413 Maachan1003
The members 836 Ogata Maachan
laugh a ton 4964[1] Maachan103874964[1] Maachan10387
and are aーーllways messing with her 836 Ogata Maachan
Messing with her…
    Nn~…probably means teasing her
         with words2456[1] Okai Chisato Maachan2456[1] Okai Chisato Maachan2456[1] Okai Chisato Maachan2456[1] Okai Chisato Maachan
Nn well, it’s like that 106[1]

From the left

Morning Musume。’16 9th gen leader 186[4]
Fukunura-sanFukumura Mizuki
and somehow sick and with singing skills 193
OdangoOda Sakura
is the other

OdangoOda Sakura
is so fuuーーーnny176176176

That’s all, this was Sato Masaki

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・・・>_ Sato Masaki-chan

It’s Maa-chan2493[1] Ogata

All the fans4689301
who came today 301
Thank you2993[1] Maachan3857
Today1638 Sayu Haga Maachan
was a Hello! Project concert 2473[1] Ogata

Morning Musume。’16
Country Girls
Kobushi Factory
Tsubaki Factory
all the Kenshuusei
A total of groups129 Maachan864[1] Maachan129 Maachan
had a concert together 445-2[1]
You know, with all the members2993[1] Maachan2473[1] Ogata
I occaaaーsionally 1638 Sayu Haga Maachan2428 Eripon1638 Sayu Haga Maachan
make full eye contact 4556154[1] Maachan
when on stage 90 Maachan2428 Eripon90 Maachan
with them at times 2003857
Although Maa-chan gets very nervous 2473[1] Ogata
when our eyes meet 2473[1] Ogata
it also makes me veery 2493[1] Ogata
happy 2493[1] Ogata2493[1] Ogata
so that’s what’s fun about concerts 5652[1]5652[1]
Today 2473[1] Ogata
we were in Sendaiーーー2493[1] Ogata
You know Morning Musume。’16129 Maachan
Is there anyone here who knows4551244[1] Maachan
We have someone from Sendai 301
Ishida AyumiAyumin129 Maachan129 Maachan
It’s her hometown 1638 Sayu Haga Maachan

From the left

Sato MasakiMaa-chan and
Ishida AyumiAyumiiーn 3857
Ishida AyumiAyumin is very2493[1] Ogata
good at dancing, and sometimes38572993[1] Maachan
she’s good at doing impressions of people129 Maachan
Moreover, the way she does the impressions is a bit funny2473[1] Ogata
I want her to do a Sendai impression too!!1638 Sayu Haga Maachan2349

But when you think of Sendai 38572993[1] Maachan

Beef tongue 2473[1] Ogata
It was happiness 2493[1] Ogata2493[1] Ogata2493[1] Ogata
It was delicious 2493[1] Ogata
Thank you23491638 Sayu Haga Maachan
Ishida AyumiAyumin129 Maachan6087 Airi Maimi
you need to get129 Maachan
more famous than beef to~ngue90 Maachan2428 Eripon90 Maachan

Tomorrow 445-2[1]
Morning Musume。’16 2349
serial events for our 60th single 2493[1] Ogata
at Osaka Morinomiya Piloti~Ha→ll2493[1] Ogata
will be held 3 times129 Maachan129 Maachan129 Maachan129 Maachan129 Maachan129 Maachan
I’m really looking forward 2493[1] Ogata
to what kind of events they’ll be 2493[1]

It’d be great if there were emergency stairs
for people too
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Bacchaーーn, Sato Masaki-chan

It’s Maa-chan




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It’s Daa~Maa, Sato Masaki-chan

It’s Maa-chan445-2[1]

It was cloudy today 17881638 Sayu Haga Maachan
I’m surprised 2349

DaaーMaa had a radio show2473[1] Ogata
All Night Nippon’s 5652[1]

I laughed a ton 2493[1] Ogata17701[1] Okai Chisato2493[1] Ogata
It was fun 301
Though it was cloudy 3869[1] Maachan5652[1]

Tomorrow is a handshake event⁉︎5652[1]46895652[1]
Uhiyooーーーー113393869[1] Maachan11339
Byy~e 3869[1] Maachan
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ooo it can’t be helped…Sato Masaki

It’s Maa-chan031[1]031[1]031[1]

Today was a Hello con and it was veery 035[1]
>_< ←I was asked by a friend about this, “Are you crying4551244[1] Maachan
Does this show crying4551244[1] Maachan
Yep!!! That’s aaーーーll 205401120[1] Maachan205401120[1] Maachan

Duuーーー1638 Sayu Haga Maachan2428 Eripon1638 Sayu Haga Maachan4531597[1] Maachan1322 imatoiumirai4531597[1] Maachan
That’s all ww
I’m sorry 1003   Ehehe864[1] Maachan129 Maachan
From now on 1003100310031003
Hour by hour!! 232 Maachan3768[1]-Sayu232 Maachan3768[1]-Sayu

19th afternoon「Morning Musume。’16 Premium」

19th evening「Juice=Juice・Country Girls Premium」

20th afternoon「Angerme・Kobushi Factory Premium」

20th evening「℃-ute Premium」


Along with this information, member blogs will hold advance ticket sales.


「Hello!Project HinaFes 2016」 member blog advance ticket sales


※PC・Mobile both can access


Masaki will be waiting 4736 Maachan







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