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All the Hello Pro Kenshuusei ♩
Looking at all of them, I remember my time in the KIDS (´∀`*)ノ♩
It can’t be helped how cute their shining SMILES are ♡
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Today there were ℃-ute release events!

It was decided that the ℃-ute fall tour final
will be at the Nippon Budoukan on 11/11!

It’s really a very happy thing。

Thank you。

At S/mileage’s Budoukan concert yesterday ℃-ute also intruded for a bit
and I saw S/mileage’s performance、

It was a very S/mileage-like Budoukan!Everyone had incredibly happy-looking faces、which made me think that the faces of happy people are so beautiful~!



℃-ute also has to work hard

First of all、on 9.10 there’s ℃-ute’s Day!

I want to talk a loーt with the staff-san to make both Budoukans the best!

I’ve still gotta keep working hard huh

Completely changing the subject、
you know Mai dropped her iPhone
and the screen broke (°_°)

I drop it fairly often。lol

But it’s the first time。For something like this。

Oh noーーo。it was like

so I’ve gotta get it repaired soon (´・_・`)

Well、today’s clothes

A casual look。

Ahh~let’s show my legs~。(´・_・`) lol


Hello!Sute #75!

Mai was able to MC with Morning Musume。’14′s Suzuki Kanon!

Please be sure to check it out!

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Ga~o :happy: :age:

390a58ba_240Good evening everyone :onpu::onpu:


Yesterday we appeared for one song
at S/mileage’s
Budoukan LIVE、
and then went back to watch the LIVE :happy:
S/mileage、congrats on making your Budoukan LIVE
a success!!
Since they’re still so young I think
that they still have lots of places where they can grow :happy::haato:
I’ll be supporting them from the shadows!


today is the release day of
The Power and Kanashiki Heaven(Single Version):age::age:
Everyone, have you listened to them loーts :rabu::queen:


We had release events today too!
℃-ute announced :haato::haato:
for 「℃-ute Concert Tour 2014 Fall~Monster~」the final additional performance on 11/11
will be a Budoukan LIVE :happy::choki:


Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay :haato::haato:
℃-ute will do our best with all our strength!
Please be sure to come watch :queen:


It was a happy announcement :happy::sparkle:


(* ̄▽ ̄)ノ~~ See yaー♪
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I had a handshake event today~

It was Okai Chisato、Suzuki Airi、Hagiwara Mai~

I talked a lot~

We talked about extremely pointless things at the talk show too lol

Everyone who came、thank you。

For some reason today I wanna watch a movie~

I should watch something。


I wonder what~

Spirits has been released, huh!

I’ll up some pictures from the shoot

Masuda Sebastian-san did them for me。

It was a day where I thought I’m glad it was done like a very sweet girl。

I’ll be in your care again (>_<)

Well、today’s clothes

A casual look。

Summery huh。lol


Today at 20:00 we’ll be accepting orders for the Hagiwara Mai DVD「again」!…

Please check it out!

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It’s unbelievable。
It’s not true right?




Himuro Kyosuke-san。
Graduating from LIVES!?
Is that for real?
Though I don’t know
since a comment from Himuro Kyosuke-san himself
hasn’t come out yet :sob::sob::sob:0680f6b5_240


There was a Himuro graduation announcement
for Yokohama Stadium
on the 19-20。。。


But if it’s something Himuro-san decided
then I’ll feel like
it’s cool。
It was like,
is this the timing
of the BO?WY breakup too??。
He’s someone who’ll always
be a legend of the time。


For now。
Though Chisato can’t go since my schedule isn’t open、
I’m desperate since papa and mama got tickets(lol)


Himuro Kyosuke-san。
What is the truth!?



(* ̄▽ ̄)ノ~~ see yaー♪
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Good evening everyone :happy:90fecaad_240


Today is Morning Musume´14′s
Michishige Sayumi-san’s
25th birthday :happy::age:


Congratulations :rabu::haato:


To the extent
that I don’t think there’s an idol
who surpasses Michishige Sayumi
I think Michishige-san :happy::haato:
is a perfect person!eb188d18_240


And you know?
Throughout these 12 years、
she’s had black hair、and maintained her figure、
and has had pink as her image color、
Are there that many girls who look good in twin tails??
I don’t think anyone does that easily :happy::haato::haato:
So Michishige-san is awesome!!!


Her personality as well、although she always
has a bit of that sharp-tongued image, usually
she’s a very kind
big sis :wink2:


Since it’s sad she’ll be graduating from Hello Pro
I think I’ll keep my eyes fixed on Michishige-san
at the Hello concerts ( ; _ ; ):haato::haato:


Really, congratulations!!


Well then (* ̄▽ ̄)ノ~~ see yaー♪
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Today was opening day!

It was in Fukuoka~

With yesterday being Michishige-san’s birthday
everyone celebrated and such for her~

Iya、Hello concerts have begun huhー

I’ll do my best until September!!!

I took a picture with Michishige-san~



Congratulations on your birthday! (>∀<●)

Also、with Sayashi-chan too!

Occasionally。lol, you know lately, we’ve occaーーsionally talked lol

So she took a picture with me!

Thank you for coming everyone!!

It was happiness since there’s so much delicious stuff in Fukuoka~

Today’s clothes


It’s all EVRIS~

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FukuOkai :point: Chisato

3577c2b3_240Good afternoon everyone!
Today in Fukuoka、
was opening day of the Hello concert :happy::queen:


Since we arrived early yesterday、
in the evening with
Berryz Kobo’s Shimizu Saki-chan、
Nacky and Mai and Chisato
talked about lots of things :happy:heart
Work friends really are precious, huh :choki:
I hope it’ll never ever change!


I had mentaiko!
My belly swelled :xface::sweat:
Since I ate it twice today from the morning until now (=_=):sweat:


Since in Fukuoka
there’s ℃-ute’s favorite motsu-nabe
and mentaiko :happy:
and ichiran :happy:
and the dialect is cute :happy:
if Chisato lived in Fukuoka I’d get faaaaaat(lol)
It’s one of my favorite prefectures!!!


Speaking of Fukuoka、
Morning Musume ´14′s
Ikuta was energetic today too。lol
We got ice cream
from Ikuta’s family :haato::haato::haato:
Thank you!


from the morning today、
℃-ute had handshake events in Fukuoka!
Thank you very much for coming so fired up in the morning (*∩ω∩):haato:


The LIVE today as well
was fuuun :happy::choki:
Thank you for your support :happy::sparkle:


Well then (* ̄▽ ̄)ノ~~ see yaー♪
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Today is opening day of the Hello concerts!!

Ahhーーit’s starting!

So quick, isn’t it!

Kato Miliyah’s song People is incredibly beautiful!

You know I think I’ve gotta work hard if there’s something which isn’t going well lol

It’s a good song~。

All right。Let’s work hardーーー

Hagiwara Mai from before bed yesterday。lol

It’s been happiness lately being able to see Sakicho (^ ^)

Shimizu’s Saki, you know


I’ll do my best!


「Hello Pro ANEX~Berryz Kobo×℃-ute=Sweetsheartvol.2~」
The date is、8.20[Wednesday]

The application deadline is 7/13(Sunday)at 23:00!!

For details→…

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It’s Zawachin ww



was the Hello concerttt


Opening dayyーーーーー  

I was nervous   

Anyhow anyhow

It’s Zawachiiーーーn 


(Note: “Zawachin” is the stage name of a popular female Japanese blogger and talent/idol who is known for impressions of other idols.  She often posts selfies on her blog where she hides her face like this.)


Hagi-san and Oka-san
said that in this picture

my eyes are big!

(they also told me to write this)


My noisy

dear oneeー~~chansーーーww

It‘s Zawachin


This Hagi-san  is not a dear onee-chan (big sister)


face is



did Masa‘s makeup for meeーー


is a lie

And with that
and that



Morning Musume。‘14 Concert Tour Fall GIVE ME MORE LOVE ~Michishige Sayumi Sotsugyou Kinen Special~

Blog advance tickets are on sale for the concert at Nippon Budoukan!!

Seats available:All seats assigned/General seating・family seating
Reception period:7/8 (Tuesday)12:00~7/21 (Monday) 18:00

I’ll deeーーfinitely


do my best



my dance teacher told me


Sato hasn’t changed


I keep thinking


over and over


how frustrating it isー”

and so

in the Hello concerts

we’re doing now

I’ll definitely show you a change

or rather, I’ve gotta change

before Minishige-neeーchan



We want to make Morning Musume。’14


perfect, and even when


graduates…I definitely

won’t cry。
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