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Berryz Kobo Concerning their Suspension of Activities Next Spring

Thank you for always supporting Hello!Project、as well as Berryz Kobo。

Though it’s sudden、I have a report for everyone。
As was already announced by the Berryz Kobo membersduring the Hello!Project2014 summer concert『KOREZO!』held on (8/2)、
Berryz Kobo in spring 2015 will be entering an「indefinite suspension of activities」。

Though it’s extremely unfortunate as their producer as well、
the members who have been together for the same length of time since they were little talked about their futures among themselves、and this is the result they came to。
For me、I’ve been watching them grow along the way as I’ve developed many compositions for them。
And so、I think the next steps for them will be a great opportunity。

At the time they almost all debuted as elementary students、
since they were intent with the amazingly pure emotions of「I love to sing!」「I love to dance!」「I wanna try wearing cute clothes!」and jumped into this world、
I think they’ve been able to come to now remaining in the same group the whole time。
I’ve also supported these pure feelings from my heart、
and am very grateful to all the fans who have raised them to this point。

And so, I think it is my duty to keep watching over them as they flap their wings and turn toward their next new dreams。

Furthermore、concerning details about their upcoming schedules or what they’ll do after the suspension of activities、
we’ll announce them as soon as they’re decided。

For now, I’ve reported this right away。
From now on as well、please support this summer’s Hello!Project concert as well as the Berryz Kobo fall tour。

Berryz Kobo Producer
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Berryz Kobo.

1c52b59c_640[1]5a2e273a_640[1]Good evening everyone :redribbon:
Today at Nakano Sun Plaza
we had a Hello concert!

There, before going on stage
I heard from our classmates Berryz Kobo
that next spring they would be
indefinitely suspending activities.

Even now I can’t get it straight in my head, and
just keep thinking over and over… it’s so sad.
Also, our memories from these 13 years are spinning around in my head :sob:

Everything from when we all passed the auditions until now.
The day we stood on stage for the first time
The day we debuted.
The days the members fought together
The day I found there were people who supported me.
The days I received energy from all the fans.

Happy things,
things from days I cried.
There were countless times I felt hurt.
Studies and vacations,
there were so many things I endured.
We’ve properly gotten through
these 13 years.

Though I thought a day like this would come sometime,

nevertheless I didn’t think the announcement
would be as quick as this :aseru:
and was surprised so much that I thought my heart would jump,
but it was something Berryz Kobo decided
after talking among them all.
When I hear that, I think from my heart that I want to support Berryz Kobo until the end.

And so, especially since they’re classmates,
I think that ℃-ute
understands what Berryz Kobo are feeling more than anyone.

So until the end,
I want to support Berryz Kobo
and send them off with a smile.

Everyone, from now on as well,
please support Berryz Kobo :guu: !

Okai Chisato
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A Report.

I have a report from us、
Berryz Kobo。
Though it was reported at
today’s Hello!Project live as well、
Berryz Kobo, as of next spring,
will be entering an
「indefinite suspension of activities」。
It’s the result of discussion among all the members over and over
since about a year ago。
These 10 years, for us,
are a really really valuable treasure。
Since Berryz Kobo was our entire youth、
of course the fans、
but also everyone connected to us and around us、our family、our friends、
while really getting so much support from them,
we’ve been able to get to this point。
We thought that for all those precious people,
「Berryz Kobo」is something that if it went away could never be replaced
so without breaking up, we decided on the words
「indefinite suspension of activities」。
I’m sorry
for surprising you with the sudden announcement…。
I’m overflowing with so many different emotions now、
and remembering the time of our debut
the fun things、and the tough things、
lots of different feelings have been revived。
I’m so ve~ry happy
I became a member of「Berryz Kobo」♡♡♡
I’m grateful。
Thank you so very very much。
Since until we suspend activities next spring、
I’ll do my best with all my strength
continuing on from now as well
please support us!
Berryz Kobo  Kumai Yurina
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To Everyone

Good evening ♪

Today, 8/2、it was announced at the Hello!Project live that we、Berryz Kobo, would be entering an 「indefinite suspension of activities」next spring。
Sorry for surprising you with the sudden announcement…
We all talked about this when discussing our future since about a year ago…
The 「indefinite suspension of activities」is the result of all that discussion。
Berryz Kobo has been the entirety of our youth。
It’s so very very precious, and we love it so incredibly much… and more than that the members I love ♡(≧▽≦) are a valuable treasure ♡
If we said we’re「breaking up」 it would feel like Berryz Kobo would be disappearing、
so we thought it’d be so lonely~。
We thought that Berryz Kobo was something that for all the fans and for us was something that couldn’t be replaced, so instead of breaking up, we chose the words「indefinite suspension of activities」。
We debuted on March 3rd 2004、
so this year it has become 10 years。
I’m really full of feelings of gratitude that we’ve been able to continue like this。
So many things happened in these 10 years~
We were all in elementary school when we debuted, huh~
Since that time miya’s had impact as a brazen blonde-haired girl, right⁈ lol (^^)
We fought about so many pointless things。
We did nothing but compete for treats~lol
When I think about it、there are way too many memories…
And now、
all of us have come of age!
We’ve become adults, huh (^.^)
Through lives and events and such、all the cheering from all the fans was what supported the hearts of Berryz Kobo as well as me, Natsuyaki Miyabi ♡
I’m really really thankful。
That we’ve been able to come this far is thanks to all our many fans。
I love you allーーー♡♡♡
Since our Budoukan has been decided、we’ll keep doing our best as Berryz and like Berryz until next spring。
So continuing on、please support Berryz Kobo!
From subcaptain・Natsuyaki Miyabi
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Though you’ve already been commenting and I think there are many who already know、、、At a live at the memorable place where we stood on stage as 『Berryz Kobo』10 years ago on 1/14、Nakano Sun Plaza、we announced that as of next spring we would be begin suspending activities indefinitely。

I’m sorry for surprising you with the sudden announcement。
Concerning this、the members have talked over and over again since about a year ago。
With all 7 of us now having come of age、this is the conclusion which has come out after we thought about our futures while continuing to have mutual respect for each other。
As for why we’re suspending activities instead of breaking up、since Berryz Kobo was our entire youth, it holds a very special place in our hearts。
Since if we said we’re「breaking up」、it would feel lonely like Berryz Kobo would be disappearing、for all of us、and for all the fans、it’s something we thought from now on should never be replaced、and so instead of a breakup we chose the words「indefinite suspension of activities」。
Thanks to all the fans’ cheering up until now、we’ve been able to keep going as Berryz Kobo for 10 years。
Thank you very much。
Also、in the remaining half year, we can’t miss all your support!!!

With our September Budoukan、the fall tour、as well as new song releases planned、I’ll make the time I can do activities as Berryz Kobo precious、but since I’ll also be continuing to properly do my best、please don’t take your eyes away from Berryz Kobo!!!


In the remaining time、I want to keep making wonderful memories with everyone!!




Thank you for supporting Berryz Kobo‼︎








Berryz Kobo Captain, Shimizu Saki


All the Hello Pro Kenshuusei ♩
Looking at all of them, I remember my time in the KIDS (´∀`*)ノ♩
It can’t be helped how cute their shining SMILES are ♡
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Today there were ℃-ute release events!

It was decided that the ℃-ute fall tour final
will be at the Nippon Budoukan on 11/11!

It’s really a very happy thing。

Thank you。

At S/mileage’s Budoukan concert yesterday ℃-ute also intruded for a bit
and I saw S/mileage’s performance、

It was a very S/mileage-like Budoukan!Everyone had incredibly happy-looking faces、which made me think that the faces of happy people are so beautiful~!



℃-ute also has to work hard

First of all、on 9.10 there’s ℃-ute’s Day!

I want to talk a loーt with the staff-san to make both Budoukans the best!

I’ve still gotta keep working hard huh

Completely changing the subject、
you know Mai dropped her iPhone
and the screen broke (°_°)

I drop it fairly often。lol

But it’s the first time。For something like this。

Oh noーーo。it was like

so I’ve gotta get it repaired soon (´・_・`)

Well、today’s clothes

A casual look。

Ahh~let’s show my legs~。(´・_・`) lol


Hello!Sute #75!

Mai was able to MC with Morning Musume。’14′s Suzuki Kanon!

Please be sure to check it out!

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Ga~o :happy: :age:

390a58ba_240Good evening everyone :onpu::onpu:


Yesterday we appeared for one song
at S/mileage’s
Budoukan LIVE、
and then went back to watch the LIVE :happy:
S/mileage、congrats on making your Budoukan LIVE
a success!!
Since they’re still so young I think
that they still have lots of places where they can grow :happy::haato:
I’ll be supporting them from the shadows!


today is the release day of
The Power and Kanashiki Heaven(Single Version):age::age:
Everyone, have you listened to them loーts :rabu::queen:


We had release events today too!
℃-ute announced :haato::haato:
for 「℃-ute Concert Tour 2014 Fall~Monster~」the final additional performance on 11/11
will be a Budoukan LIVE :happy::choki:


Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay :haato::haato:
℃-ute will do our best with all our strength!
Please be sure to come watch :queen:


It was a happy announcement :happy::sparkle:


(* ̄▽ ̄)ノ~~ See yaー♪
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I had a handshake event today~

It was Okai Chisato、Suzuki Airi、Hagiwara Mai~

I talked a lot~

We talked about extremely pointless things at the talk show too lol

Everyone who came、thank you。

For some reason today I wanna watch a movie~

I should watch something。


I wonder what~

Spirits has been released, huh!

I’ll up some pictures from the shoot

Masuda Sebastian-san did them for me。

It was a day where I thought I’m glad it was done like a very sweet girl。

I’ll be in your care again (>_<)

Well、today’s clothes

A casual look。

Summery huh。lol


Today at 20:00 we’ll be accepting orders for the Hagiwara Mai DVD「again」!…

Please check it out!

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It’s unbelievable。
It’s not true right?




Himuro Kyosuke-san。
Graduating from LIVES!?
Is that for real?
Though I don’t know
since a comment from Himuro Kyosuke-san himself
hasn’t come out yet :sob::sob::sob:0680f6b5_240


There was a Himuro graduation announcement
for Yokohama Stadium
on the 19-20。。。


But if it’s something Himuro-san decided
then I’ll feel like
it’s cool。
It was like,
is this the timing
of the BO?WY breakup too??。
He’s someone who’ll always
be a legend of the time。


For now。
Though Chisato can’t go since my schedule isn’t open、
I’m desperate since papa and mama got tickets(lol)


Himuro Kyosuke-san。
What is the truth!?



(* ̄▽ ̄)ノ~~ see yaー♪
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