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FNS Summer Song Festival! With Funasshi!

Good evening
It’s Ishida Ayumi \(゚∀゚)/ヒャッハー



FNS Summer Song Festival


Morning Musume。’15 was on it




we did a collaboration with Funasshi 4461355[1] :berri:


We performed 「Renai Revolution 21(Updated)4535373[1] ayumi


Funasshi’s energy was incredible!

……but I thought I can’t lose to him!

so I sang along with high spirits 4535968[1] ayumi :berri: 4535372[1]



Ahhhh, it was so much fun!



Out of all the artists there, Funasshi did a collaboration with Morning Musume。’15, that makes me happy 4461355[1] 4367757[1]


Did you all have fun watching?



When I got to watch from the audience seats

all the artists had different feels to them, it was very motivational to see 2035


Morning Musume。’15 has to work harder



Today’s outfits 4538020[1] ayumi


We have red ribbons that match Funasshi’s4543943[1] ayumi



(This is my first time taking these kinds of selfies(lol))



The black and white is cool……



The red ribbon makes us seem more…merry? lol
They were specially added for today 4461355[1] 4543943[1] ayumi


I feel refreshed with my hair done~ 4535373[1] ayumi



Thank you for your support!


I hope we can make an appearance next time too,

this time, due to time restraints, 2 members couldn’t perform, so next time I hope the 13 of us can do out best together!!



Hello! Station aired 4535373[1] ayumi

On sale 8/19
From the Triple A single
Oh my wish!/SUKAtto My Heart/Ima Sugu Tobikomu Yuuki」

SUKAtto My Heart」’s MV(Hello Station edit)

was shown 4414740


By the way,
Oh my wish!」’s MV is here4414740


Ima Sugu Tobikomu Yuuki」’s MV hasn’t been shown yet, so look forward to that 4414740

Mornign Musume。’15
Official Homepage is here4414740
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My hometown’s!

Good evening
It’s Ishida Ayumiヾ(ω-)


Yesterday when I was writing about the radio and I forgot to mention Suzuki Kanon-san’s “Kannon Smile”  4330235[1]

I’m sorry


I want to appear as a guest someday



…so, let’s just keep this between us……lol



With Suzuki Kanon-chan 44511301-Ayumi
and Ogata Haruna-chan in the back

These are the outfits for Imasugu Tobikomu Yuuki, but…


The MV for

4538020[1] ayumi SUKAtto My heart

is up!

It’s different than the Hello Station version, and different than the version on the DVD that comes with the CD 4535968[1] ayumi


Also at the end of the video there’s a little something special 4535373[1] ayumi 4535373[1] ayumi


Just like “TIKI BUN” and “Seishun Kozou ga Naiteiru”



comparing the MV’s :pencil:
is another way you can enjoy the single~


Please check it out :berri: 4538020[1] ayumi






we’ll be on on NHK’s “Inochi no Uta” 2178[1]


“Inochi no Uta” is a song show to spread the message of peace because it’s the 70th anniversary of theWorld War II bombings

KinKi Kids-san was in charge of it!


It’s being broadcasted throughout the entire country 6005[1]

Moreover this show will bond Tokyo, Hiroshima, and Nagasaki through live broadcast 4538020[1] ayumi


Amaaazing4535974[1] ayumi 4414740



Out of these 3 cities, Mornung Musume’15 will be singing 1 song


for the Hiroshima prefecture “Hiroshima Peace Commemoration Event”.


I want to put all my feelings in this song and send the message of peace,



It’s tomorrow at 19:30~ please check out the live broadcast 4535373[1] ayumi


Ishida from below and Ishida from above

The angle changes the picture so much~ 2035



Yesterday, I actually stayed behind in Sendai,

and went to a little festival held in my hometown with some friends 4545075[1] ayumi



It’s been a while since I’d seen them…

I also got to see a friend that I haven’t seen since I joined Morning Musume。4535968[1] ayumi


I felt like a school student again!



Even though I’m always saying that I don’t have many friends (lol)(lol)


I realized?

I should treasure my friends more


That sounds like something an elementary schooler would say←



You guys should all make sure that you’re appreciating the people around you too 4535373[1] ayumi





……what am I saying? lol


See you ayumin 44511301-Ayumi
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Good evening
It’s Ishida Ayumi(´`*)



I’m sure the other members already let you know, but…



Morning Musume。’15

was appointed as the ambassadors for the Kitaraji campaign 4535968[1] ayumi :berri:


Kitaraji is NHK Sapporo Broadcasting, HBC Radio, STV Radio, AIR-G’FM Hokkaido, and FM North Wave. These 5 stations have gathered together, to get

students and young people 4535373[1] ayumi

such as ourselves

to listen to the radio more!!


And that’s what the campaign is :pencil: 



We have Morning Jogakuin, the 12th gen member radio show, Sayashi-san and Harunan on Young Town,

and All Night Nippon Mobile 4535373[1] ayumi


We have a lot of shows 2178[1]


When I talk on the radio I feel really free 4535968[1] ayumi lol

Because I’m able to just talk as myself

I used to be bad with talking

But now I have a lot of fun with it 4535373[1] ayumi
I don’t want to have any weak points…



The radio has helped me a lot!


There are probably a lot of people who say they don’t have the time to listen to the radio4330235[1]




In order to make more people want to listen to the radio,
and to make listening to the radio more fun

we will do our best :guddo: :berri:



Speaking of Hokkaido, Sato Masaki-chan!


Maa-chan is first up!?

We’re working hard, so everyone pleeease try listening to the radio 4535968[1] ayumi 2178[1]




Yesterday was the concert in my hometown, so the members kept saying to me

“Let’s take a picture!!”
“Please take a picture with me!”


I took a lot of pictures with a lot of different members 4535373[1] ayumi


I was happy that my junior’s reached out and talked to me!



Sasaki Rikako-chan who shares the same hometown4367757[1]

She sent these to me 4367757[1]


Rikako-chan and I exchanged contact information back we sang as a duo for Hina Fest 4535373[1] ayumi

We texted after yesterdays concert too 4535373[1] ayumi


Isn’t Rikako-chan so cute~ 4367757[1]



We’re halfway through the Hello concerts,

I’ll do my best to take a lot of pictures and talk with everyone more4535372[1]


See you ayumin 44511301-Ayumi
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Live, Arakashi, and a notice!

Good evening
It’s Ishida Ayumi(_*)


The Hello concert is Sendai is over :berri: 2178[1]



It was really,



hooooot! lol


The glaring sun’s heat is really hard to deal with right? 4330235[1]

But the hot passion from the live was refreshing 4535968[1] ayumi :guddo:


If I don’t swear it’s not a concert!

Today was also really fun!


Since it was my home town concert,
I got to say the lines for a certain corner

(I was the most nervous for that part~ :sweat: lol)

I got really into the dancing
and my legs got tangled up, and I tripped 4535968[1] ayumi

(I didn’t get injured though~ 4535372[1] )


And also today was ANGERME’s Wada Ayaka-san’s birthday, so there was a surprise celebration2178[1]


In a lot of ways

this was a special concert :berri: :guddo:


It was fun!
It was really fun!



Grilling beef tongue over charcoal


The well known grilled beef tongue corner

We had it the time too 4535373[1] ayumi I was sooo happy 4535373[1] ayumi


Today I heard a lot of people day
“There are a lot of good things in Sendai, aren’t there?”

I felt so proud



I want to share the great parts about Miyagi with more people!


……which means
I have to know a lot about Miyagi myself

that leads me to,

With the big theme of “Learning About Miyagi”, I’m always out on location for Araarakashiko4222[1] ayumi-san!



Today I made a studio appearance 4535373[1] ayumi


Fukumura Mizuki-san and Sato Masaki-chan were also with me 4535373[1] ayumi


Everyone always takes such good care of me over there 44511301-Ayumi
They were very warm 44511301-Ayumi

And I felt more at ease because the other members were with me 44511301-Ayumi


It was a live broadcast,
but I wasn’t nervous and had fun 4535968[1] ayumi :guddo:



……Looking at the picture…I look so short………(lol)



And in the back is the

「Bamboo Streamer」

that I designed myself
It came out wonderfully if I do say so myself


What? You want to see it up close?


Okay okay


For those people
please come to the Sendai Tanabata festival



Be sure to take a bunch of photos!


I hope the bamboo streamer I deigned catches the eyes of a looot of people :berri:




Lastly I have a notice 4538020[1] ayumi


For Morning Musume。’15 Concert Tour Fall PRISM~ we will be performing



at Sendai Sun Plaza Hall



YAAAAーーーーーーーーY 4512837[1] sayu 4367757[1]
I’ll be waaaaiーーーーーーーーting 4535372[1] 4535373[1] ayumi



See you ayumin 44511301-Ayumi
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Araarakashiko, Tomorrow!

Good evening
It’s Ishida Ayumi (o’ч’o)



I had the whole day off 4535373[1] ayumi


It’s been a while since I’ve had the whole day off
so I couldn’t figure out what I wanted to do…


What are the good movies out right now 2035 2178[1]


……for now I just want to eat popcorn


I’m pretty sure they only sell the caramel and salt mix in large,

don’t you want them to start selling a medium size!? lol


I can never decide between the two flavors so it’s always a difficult time for me……


If I get caramel I start thinking how I want to eat salt flavor

But the large is for 2 people 4330235[1]



Ah, excuse me


I’m talking about my own hang-ups




I wanted to go see “Yokoku Han” or “Tomorrowland”, but by the time I decided what to see the showtimes were over

This always happens :sweat: lol



Next time I’ll try and make sure that doesn’t happen…

which reminds me



Tomorrow is our concert in Sendai 4535373[1] ayumi




I went to Sendai ahead of everyone else 4512837[1] sayu



I can be carefree at homeー



While I was watching TV

Sendai Housou-san’scommercial for
“Araarakashiko” aired!



、、、I was in it 4367757[1] 4367757[1] 4367757[1] lol



That’s right,

before tomorrow’s concert,


I will make an appearance on “Araarakashiko” live 4222[1] ayumi :guddo:

The live broadcast is from 10:25~11:39am :berri:


Definitely check it out!

Please support me!





From the last episode 4535373[1] ayumi



I used that bamboo to make my original design streamer!


It will be in front of the Shinseido CD shop on Chris Road from 8/6-8/8 gakishock2


Tomorrow is the 1st

It’s a shame I can’t decorate another one


If you have time you should go and see the Sendai Tanabata Festival 4367757[1]




Well then, until next time


See you ayumin 44511301-Ayumi
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Good evening
It’s Ishida Ayumi(´ρ`)



Today was the first day of the musical

by Engaki Joshi-bu



Thank you for attending



My heart was so full and was moved……





Before and after the show,

all of the members were hugging,


It was wondeful to know that we were by each other’s sides, or something like that… 4535968[1] ayumi


Also before the show

I received a lot of good luck texts 4512837[1] sayu 4535372[1]




I received a lot of power


and when I was on the stage
all that power flew away… (in a good way)





Until the 28th there are 10 more days,


I want to love a lot 2178[1]



And be loved




Tomorrow is the first performance of the Beta version.
I’ll do my best to switch over tomorrow.



See you ayumin 44511301-Ayumi
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Sorry for the wait? lol

Good evening
It’s Ishida Ayumi (ω・。)


Sorry for the wait for my blog post 4330235[1] :sweat:



A while ago I said that I want to eat one of Sendai’s specialties beef tongue,
I really brought it up so suddenly



And then

a friend from my hometown who I haven’t seen in foreeeeever



contacted me 2178[1]




Beef tongue terror.



They wrote that and attached



this picture 17014[1] ayumi 44511301-Ayumi


It’s looks too good!
How mean!




So I thought I would get everyone to sympathize with me←




Also, on the day we were on Wednesday Ballad Festival


A different friend my from hometown contacted me2178[1]


They texted me,

I saw your “Akichaa” (lol)
 4535373[1] ayumi



I’m always scared what my friends are going to suddenly text me! lol

But I was super happy 4512837[1] sayu



You don’t hear about my friends much, do you? lol




Engaku Joshi-bu’s musical

Our DVD magazine that we are selling at the theater’s digest was released today




I honestly don’t really get this whole Suwagee business!




It was really fun 4535372[1]

You can see a lot of facial expressions I bet4535372[1]



Please check it out!




Yesterday we finished rehearsals in the studio


I went by so quickly…



Or rather!
It’s just the beginning! lol


I only have 3 days to get my focus together




I’ll make everyone fall in love with Sakura



See you ayumin 44511301-Ayumi
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Juice=Juice’s Miyamoto Karin here!



Today 2/22!

Meow meow meow

Today it’s Cat Day♡♡

I’m succumbing to pressure to put up a picture cat Jasmine!

At the handshake event, everyone told me to
put a picture of her up♡♡



She won’t lose to any other cat(lol)

o(*・ω・)ノ Yes

Today we had
a instant photo event
a chatting while signing event
and individual handshake events!

At the instant photo event a lot of people said

“I’ll leave it to you to make it cute!” to me

I tried my best at a lot of poses,

and tried to make them easy to see. ゜

I hope you left with a photo that will make you happy when you look at it♡♡

At the signing, it was hard to sign and talk at the same time,
I couldn’t do it(>_<)

I ended up talking about the same things over and over…

Kanazawa Tomoko-chan’s signature was so cute,
I want to be able to draw like she does.

At the individual handshake event,
there were people who just looked at me,
people who talked about their interests,
I want to know more about everyone!!!
So I want to talk a lot and find things that we have in common!

I hope we get to do another event like this in Nagoya again someday!

And if you have the chance, please come!

o(*・ω・)ノ Yes

And today I played hide and seek with everyone,

and no one could find me♡♡

When I heard everyone calling out looking for me

I tried to stay as still as possible(lol)

I want to play again♡♡

☆.。.:*・°☆.。.:*・Today’s Happy Point°☆.。.☆*:.

I played hide and seek with everyone♡♡

That’s all from Miyamoto Karin!
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It’s Kishimoto Yumeno
We had rehearsal for the Hello! Project concerts~(^O^)

Lately, during rehearsals,
my eyes keep following Morning Musume ’15’s Kudo Haruka-san(•ө•)
I~ can’t~ stop~ these~ feelings~



This is from when I was hanging out with my friends over winter and got too excited.
This is from yesterday!
It’s Hello! Station ♡

Good night

Let’s meet in our dreams
☺︎Kishimoto Yumeno☺︎
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Thank you for looking closely!

Good evening
It’s Ishida Ayumi【・_・`d*



Today we had a certain rehearsal


and play rehearsal




On yesterday’s blog


I received a lot of responses,
I feel a bit guilty

Thank you




The correct answer to why I looked a bit different than normal in that picture




my bangs are a wig 4535974[1] ayumi 4368949[1]


A good amount of people realized it, as expected,結構な方が気づいてくださってて、さっすが~と思いましたが、

other answers were my eyes, my eyebrows, and my arms, and now that I think about it, they looked weird too…

I sense it too now

and now I don’t know which is weirdest looking part←



But it was supposed to be!

Just my bangs!




Haga Akane-chan and
Makino Maria-chan


were laughing at me



They made fun of their senpaiー 17014[1] ayumi 4330235[1] lol




“There’s no helping it, you look stup-……”


if I get any comments like that I won’t accept them.




See you ayumin
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