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Thank you for looking closely!

Good evening
It’s Ishida Ayumi【・_・`d*



Today we had a certain rehearsal


and play rehearsal




On yesterday’s blog


I received a lot of responses,
I feel a bit guilty

Thank you




The correct answer to why I looked a bit different than normal in that picture




my bangs are a wig 4535974[1] ayumi 4368949[1]


A good amount of people realized it, as expected,結構な方が気づいてくださってて、さっすが~と思いましたが、

other answers were my eyes, my eyebrows, and my arms, and now that I think about it, they looked weird too…

I sense it too now

and now I don’t know which is weirdest looking part←



But it was supposed to be!

Just my bangs!




Haga Akane-chan and
Makino Maria-chan


were laughing at me



They made fun of their senpaiー 17014[1] ayumi 4330235[1] lol




“There’s no helping it, you look stup-……”


if I get any comments like that I won’t accept them.




See you ayumin
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It’s Yumeno❤❤❤❤
The reason I put more hearts than usual is because
I am very very happy!
nfufufufufu (≧∇≦)

Some people may already have heard the news, but it has been decided that Tsubaki Factory is going to do a musical!!(><。)❤

「Thank You Berry Much」
We are remaking Berryz Koubou-san’s play from 2009 “Thank You Berry Much” that they did with Gekidan Gekiharo as Gekidan Joshi-bu

Previously on my blog I said that I song I had been listening to a lot was “Thank You Berry Much”! But at the time I really didn’t know this was going to happen( ¨̮ )
When they told us that Tsubaki was going to do this, I was so happy that I was jumping up and down★★

I haven’t seen Berryz Koubou-san’s “Thank You Berry Much” live, but I’ve always liked it so I own the DVD! I’ve seen it many many times!

I’ll do my BE━(*´艸`*)━ST


That’s it for the happy news!
Today we had rehearsal for he Hello! Project concert
The opening day is getting closer and closer, so I have to focus and work hard!!

That’s Ami-chan(Tanimoto Ami).
Her moles are sexy

Good night!!!
Let’s meet in our dreams

P.S. Liking someone because you admire them, liking someone just because you like them, and liking someone because you get along with them are all different things

☺︎Kishimoto Yumeno☺︎
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Arakashi! Episode 7!

Good evening
It’s Ishida Ayumi (`・ω´)



Last night after work,





I wandered back home



to Sendai 4536540[1] ayumi




The Shinkansen is so amazing 4535373[1] ayumi


I got there in no time 4535373[1] ayumi



It felt like I was just popping out to go to the convenience store4535373[1] ayumi


 I’m sorry






The reason I went back to Sendai! Was of course!

to film for Sendai Housou-san’s
“Araarakashiko” 4512837[1] sayu


The 7th episode of “Ishida Ayumi ga Iku!” was about…


4535946[1] Tanabata Festival 4535946[1] I leaned a lot of things about it


I got to learn about the festival that I went to with my friends last year!

I felt very familiar,
but I learned a lot of new things!


Today we went to


this place


which is famous for it’s bamboo fish cakes “Kanezaki”-san’s

……inside the building was wonderful



And speaking of “Kanezaki”-san


From when we had our nationwide simultaneous handshake events




This picture(lol)(lol)(lol)


I’m so adaptable it’s scary (lol)(lol)(lol)



Well, what an unexpected encounter 2035

The place that I was fooling around in and taking pictures,
turned out to be place that I would have work at!




I showed them the picture of this
while thanking them 4623[1] ayumi lol



And after we learned about stuff……

We went out into the town……

And this shy me had to……


Whoops, I can’t say anymore 4535373[1] ayumi



It airs on 6/20
Look forward to it




After the recording I wandered back to Tokyo,

and had rehearsal for TRIANGLE.


I’ll work hard tomorrow too



See you ayumin 44511301-Ayumi
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Thank you☆

Juice=Juice’s Miyamoto Karin here!


Today we had a live in Nagoya!




Today was my first live as a 16 year old!


In the middle of our performance they surprised me with a cake!!



And for the encore this beautiful purple color、、、



Thank you.


Also thank you for the lots and lots of comments on yesterday’s blog.


It’s thanks to everyone that I’ve met so far


that I got to celebrate turning 16 like this.


15 was full of nothing but happy memories.


It passed so quickly.


Every year, one day, one month, one year, feels shorter then before.


Looking back on the past year, it’s reminded me that I have to treasure each and every day.


When I was 15, I didn’t think about myself enough, so this as a 16 year old, I going to think more and more about me.


Making people look your way is not an easy thing to do, so little by little I’m going to try to get people’s eyes on me,


I will heed the words people say to me, always be grateful, have a warm heart, and be honest with myself,


that’s how I want to live every day of being 16 to the fullest!!


Thank you for a happy day!


☆.。.:*・°☆.。.:*・Today’s Happy Point・°☆.。.:*・°☆*:..


I had a wonderful birthday!



That’s all from Miyamoto Karin!
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The details are here!

Good evening
It’s Ishida Ayumi (メ◆◆)



On 6/10

We’ll be appearing on Fuji TV’s “Wednesday Ballad Festival” :berri:


Big senpai’s Moritaka Chisato-san and ANJASSHU’s Watanabe Ken-san will be MC-ing

The live broadcast starts at 19:57 2035 4414740



Since this is an opportunity for a lot of people to get to see Morning Musume ’15


I hope I stay in good condition…

…for the show 17014[1] ayumi 2178[1] lol



On the 10th please try and get home a little earlier 4536540[1]

And watch us live 4535373[1] ayumi


Please support us 4535372[1]



I’ll do my best



…Ah I yearn to do another concert 4330235[1] 4536529[1]



Today after play rehearsal,

we had rehearsal for the Wednesday Ballad Festival
A had a shoot for the news



Do you know 「au Headline」? 4535373[1] ayumi

It’s a news website under the management of TV Asahi-san, Asahi Newspaper-san, and KDDI-san


And we are appearing in a corner they have called “Geinou mo Iccho!” :berri:


6/9(Tues) featuring Ishida Ayumi

6/16(Tues) featuring Fukumura Mizuki-san

6/23(Tues) featuring Kudo Haruka-chan


:caution: This is the schedule for the articles


WEB ver. URL

News headline :point: as mentioned above
Entertainment→Behind the scenes→「Geinou mo Iccho!」

You can find it under these links 4623[1] ayumi


You can view it on your smartphone or tablet, all the pages are free to view! Also, it’s not jst free for au users, it’s free for Docomo and SB users too!



…did that make sense? lol



Rather than answering questions

we got to talk freely 4535373[1] ayumi


The atmosphere was comfortable and I was able to talk without feeling nervous

I talked about “TRIANGLE” too

And about our concerts、、、
I feel like I talked about a bunch of things、、、

The time passed really quickly 2035


It was over like that! 4330235[1] lol


I don’t often get the chance to talk about myself so freely, so I want to be featured again someday




The interview was for Tokyo Sports-san 4535373[1] ayumi

Me and another member talked about stuff


……I won’t say which member←


We talked about TRIANGLE here too 4537072[1] ayumi
and finishing our Spring tour, etc.


Lately interviews don’t really feel like work


Talking was really fun 2035 4535372[1]

I laughed a lot and kind of got all excited! lol

I look forward to when it’s published 4222[1] ayumi 4598[1] ayumi

I’ll let you know when



Fuuu, I’m getting sleepy

Sweet dreams~

See you ayumin 44511301-Ayumi
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I’m still sleeping (lol)

Good evening
It’s Ishida Ayumi(*д*)



Today we had play rehearsal


It’s already June…



This isn’t the time to be saying Wooow←





With Ogata Haruna-chan4535372[1]


Right now we’re watching footage from our Budoukan concert


I already said this, but

everyone singing along during Namidacchi was amazing


And after we left the stage,


We heard everyone shouting for another encore



I was surprised and happyyyy


We weren’t able to perform a second encore as they had already announced that the show was over 4535016[1]


But I heard you.
Your feelings were conveyed.

Thank you!



I’ll do my best again 4512837[1] sayu



It felt like

I received power










I’ll do my best as waking up early tomorrow  4535016[1]

We have an event in Osaka






Sorry for the sudden announcement 4535016[1]

Tomorrow, on Sendai Housou-san I will be on “Araarakashiko”!


I did something a bit different than usual… 

Something special… 

You’ll just have to wait and see it!


Please watch the broadcast 4535373[1] ayumi


See you ayumin
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Pictures from Hina Feees.

Good evening
It’s Ishida Ayumi…〆(´Д⊂




Was everyone okay during the earthquake?

It shook quite a bit…
But we are all okay


Let’s all be careful from now on 4535016[1]




I’m doing my best at daily lay rehearsals!


Hmmmmm 、、

I can’t tell if I’m really do my best、、


Let’s, let’s just say I’m desperately working 2035 lol



There are a lot of things I have to remember,
and I have to sleep properly…

but when I’m sleeping I feel like I’m wasting my time…



Aa, right now,

I want to scream with my whole body!



…in short I want to do a concert  4535372[1] lol



I can’t wait for Budoukan the day after tomorrow

I want to see all the light sticks





Fufufu hat~



Aa, my bangs~



(There is no meaning to these pictures :caution: )



The digest for Morning Musume ’15 DVD MAGAZINE Vol.72 was uploaded 4512837[1] sayu

4534018[1] 4530917[1]


This is the last DVD magazine of



They said there’s a lot of good material with the members 421[1]
Fufufufu 421[1] my favorite 421[1] lol



I already checked with our manager and they said,


that there’s a lot of footage of “Ayumizuki” 421[1]



They will be on sale at Budoukan
so please check it out


See you ayumin 421[1]
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It’s Kishimoto Yumeno♥

Today we had a
and then
★rehearsal for the Hello! Project concert★!

I have to review for tomorrow!


Lately I’ve been eating yogurt everyday!
Yogurt with fruit in it is delicious
Like strawberries
and peaches
or blueberries♡

Today for a change I ate plain★

Hello!Project 2015 SUMMER ~DISCOVERY~
Hello!Project 2015 SUMMER ~CHALLENGER~
Good night

☺︎Kishimoto Yumeno☺︎
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Cure Beauty!

Good evening!
This is Niinuma Kisora (´>ω<`)♡


Today when I was eating lunch with everyone,

Morning Musume ’15’s Ogata Haruna-san and Nonaka Miki-chan joined us!

The conversation between Ogata Risa-chan and Ogata Haruna-san was funny~✨


And then after that we danced a lot~


The steps are hard・・・・・
♥I have some news♥

Tsubaki Factory will be appearing as the fresh act for the
Country Girls Live Tour 2015♪♪

Hello!Project 2015 SUMMER ~DISCOVERY~
Hello!Project 2015 SUMMER ~CHALLENGER~

BS-TBS Opening 15th year Anniversary Special Project <Cool Japan~Path(DOU)~> is open!!

With Onoda Soari-chan✨


My nose is dripping・・・・・

Well then

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☺︎Happy Announcement☺︎

Good morning everyone✨
It’s been a while since I blogged in the morning

Yesterday I planned to upload a blog but I feel asleep

I’m sorry


Yesterday was the first day of the June Nama Tamago Show!
in Tokyo~( ๑˃̶ ॣꇴ ॣ˂̶)♪⁺

A lot of people came, plus there were a lot of people waving red penlights and cheering, I was really happy

Thank you(∩❛ڡ❛∩)♡


There was a certain announcement at yesterdays June Nama Tamago Show!✨

I know a lot of you already know, but
《Kobushi Factory Fall Major Debut》 was decided.

Our Major Debut single was also decided on!
・Dosukoi! Kenkyo ni Daitan
・Ramen Daisuki Koisumi-san no Uta
・Nen ni wa Nen (Neniri version)
《These 3 songs》

I was really surprised when it was announced
We were really supposed to just announce that our song Ramen Daisuki Koizumi-san no Uta is going to be the theme song for the drama 『Ramen Daisuki Koizumi-san』 on Fuji TV…


When the surprise was I major debut my knees went weak for a moment


I was incredibly happily although I didn’t cry, but
when I saw our manager and they nodded at me as our eyes met I started crying


Reaching our debut was always Kobushi Factory’s dream, and to have it granted so early makes me happy, but I want to work hard and continue climbing higher and higher✨


Honestly, there have been a lot of times where I think that I’m dragging Kobushi Factory down, and the group would be better off without me, but I’m glad that together we have overcome so much☺︎


From now on there may be many difficult things ahead, but the 8 of us will be able to overcome them!
Because the bonds between Kobushi Factory are deep♩


P;ease continue to support me 《Ogawa Rena》 of Kobushi Factory✨


Today’s pictures are of the announcement, me and Wada Sakurako-chan, and me with 《the member color red flower I got from out manager》


Information about Kobushi Factory’s major debut⇩✨

Also the next June Nama Tamago Show! is

《 at Zepp Nagoya(Aichi)✨
The details are below⇩

Today I’m going work harderenako✨
Until next time

That’s all from Ogawa Rena~
Bye Byyye


ps. I was happy that the other Hello! Project and Kenshuusei members and my friends texted me 《Congratulations~》



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