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Feeling at home!

 Good evening
It’s Ishida Ayumi (*゚∀゚*)


The first concert in Osaka l

is over 13478[1] ayumi  4535016[1]




Eating ice cream after a concert tastes so good  lol




What made this concert so fun


Is that I could feel the people watching me having fun from the audience seats4535372[1]



Everyone was watching the stage with all their might?

The gazes were really intense


It made we want to do my very beeeeest



Also also this past week I had a lot of solo work

so I wasn’t able to see the meme bets :sweat:


So the dressing room was really noisy this morning! Lol


Seeing them everyday has just become such a natural thing~ 421[1]


It felt like I had been storing up everything I wanted to talk about with them, and then when I got to see them it overflowed (lol)


So that noisyness made me feel at home 2178[1]



At this concert we did a lot of funny things for the upcoming DVD magazine4535372[1] 4535016[1]


 Like copying popular gags…lol

…but that might end up getting cut……


It’s that “adult reasons” thing isn’t it  :caution: lol



A special version of Nani wa Tomo Are is on this DVD


It’ll be about half a year but please wait for it←



There’s only 3 concerts left :sweat:



While still enjoying this fun atmosphere

I want us to review our work
and help each other become even better



I’ll work hard tomorrow too\(^^)




Thank you for all your cheers of support today!!



See you ayumin 421[1]
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 Good evening
It’s Ishida Ayumi d(-_☆) 


Today we’re working on TRIANGLE 4535946[1]



Lately I’ve been thinking that I want to be able to do more stuff like movies, dramas, and other plays

So I’ve been watching a lot of them


And on today’s Music Station


Takabatake Maki-San and Shirota Yuu-san sang a duet from the Japanese dub of “Cinderella”



It was so wonderful


I just saw the movie a while ago so


It really spoke to my heart



I didn’t look away for a second 4535016[1]



I want to be able to give a performance that people won’t be able to take their eyes off of, but not just for plays, concerts too



I wish I had more time  4535016[1]

I want to see more and more of them 
Disney movies are really amazing




This is from when we went to Disneyland before




Tomorrow we have a concert in Osaka 4535372[1]


Before I knew it, it’s our already our last performance at Osaka Hall


Wow! I’ll do my best!



See you ayumin 421[1]
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Good evening
It’s Ishida Ayumi ( `・∀・)



Someone took a photo of me ( ´θ)ノlol


I had a lot of trouble waking up this morning… 

Even though I went to bed at 7 :clock:


Rather than my body hurting, it was more like it was heavy,

But at the same time that means that yesterday I worked really hard so that makes me happy 44511301-Ayumi


But in reality it’s painful. Lol


Today we had a recording for NHK-san’s “MUSIC JAPAN” 44511301-Ayumi


And before that

Iikubo Haruna-chan
Sato Masaki-chan and I made plans to go eat out :cutlery: 


I couldn’t afford to be late!

So I forced myself to get up Ishida Ayumin Daaishi sun
I drank a green smoothie 13780[1] ayumi


and left my house!


Lately I’ve been drinking s lot of green smoothies44511301-Ayumi lol


But when I left my house it was still difficult

My legs didn’t want to go forward


I ended up missing my train
And was 3 minutes late←

Then we had lunch :onpu: and crepes :onpu:


I did my best at today’s recording 4513586[1] Ishida Ayumi Fight


This is the 12th generation members first time on NHK-san’s MUSIC JAPAN

I guess it’s also our first time there as Morning Musume ’15 too :berri:


Yuusuke Santamaria-san said he was cheering on ’15 which gave me strength

Out of all the acts performing,

the fact that there were people out there cheering and supporting us made me feel secure


The 13 of us did our best during our performance


I’ll let you know when the broadcast date gets closer :tv:


One five…


And now a picture of the strawberries I had earlier :berri: 44511301-Ayumi



Hey… In this picture 

The strawberry in the very middle isn’t completely red、、、oh well! Lol


Lately I’ve been obsessed with strawberries 44511301-Ayumi



But when it’s summer


My favorite!

My favorite is the one that my stomach calls for!


(I feel like my heart is being stolen by this excitement)


I want to hurry up and have some already 44511301-Ayumi

Watermeloooooooooon 44511301-Ayumi lol



Sorry for getting so excited

See you ayumin 4451920[1]-Ayumi
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Good evening
It’s Ishida Ayumi ((*Д)ゞ 


Our concert in Sendai

My triumphant return home


is oveeer  44511301-Ayumi 44511301-Ayumi 44511301-Ayumi


I really burned myself out today


The concert was just so much fun 4525328[1] ayumi


I really love doing concerts

And to be honest, sometimes there are moments when I think “Wow I’m so cool right now”. 4525328[1] ayumi Lol





In reality I have to confidence,

and worry「How do I look right now… :sweat: 

That’s becomes the cause of my mistakes.


Uwa, it’s like a chain of failure 4514045[1] Ishida Ayumi Shock lol



But what saves me from that chain

are all the fans 44511301-Ayumi


There are people watching me!

And smiling!


Those moments give me power

My triumphant return was when everyone in he concert hall gave me an “Ayumin Call”

Everyone listened to me talk

Ah, I’m being watched over…


、、、isn’t that feeling amazing!?



To me it was precious triumphant return44511301-Ayumi

But it’s not going to a memory of myself
It’s a memory of everyone who was there 44511301-Ayumi


Everyone is heeeeeere :berri:


Blue is a wonderful color

This was the best



Beginning yesterday over the past 2 days we had 3 concerts in Tohoku

The were an exciting 2 days
The soul of Tohoku is passionate!


I’ll do my best so that next time we can hold concerts in places we haven’t been to yet. And not just in Tohoku.

I’ll come back to Miyagi soon 4525328[1] ayumi




I had so much fun



Lastly I have an announcement.


I, Ishida Ayumi,

I didn’t except everyone to cheer “banzai” for me during the double encore MC :sweat: lol


Even though it’s this old me

the fact that other people were happy about it made me really happy.



Thank you for your support 



I’m happy surrounded by the kind members.



See you ayumin 4451920[1]-Ayumi
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My memorable Fukushima!

 Good evening
It’s Ishida Ayumi (♥´`*)(*´`♥)


Today we had a concert in Fukushima prefecture


The rumored? Anpanman jacket 44511301-Ayumi

I don’t care whether it’s cute or not←
I think Anpanman is wonderful.



Well then, about Fukushima,

it’s a place full and full of memories!


On 9/25/2012 I had a handshake event with Iikubo Haruna-chan here 4525328[1] ayumi



It brings up so many memories….


Kuniko 4514045[1] Ishida Ayumi Shock lol


If you don’t get it then oh well.



Even  though I’m from Miyagi

It’s the neighboring prefecture, so during six grade on our school field trip we went to Fukushima4525328[1] ayumi

We at Kitakata ramen,
tried drawing Akabeko the red cow, and
we stayed at a hotel with a pool,

…That was 6 years ago…How nostalgic :onpu:


I also went there many times to play with my good friends and family :onpu:



To me it’s just like a hometown 44511301-Ayumi



You know…

When the earthquake happened…

 Since I knew about all the wonderful places in Fukushima

 Watching the news about it

 More than being sad
 I felt kind of lonely.



 So when it was decided that Morning Musume ’15 was going to have a concert in Fukushima I was really really happy.


 At today’s concert I got to see a lot of people’s smiles 44511301-Ayumi


 I got to create a happy space with everyone

And create another wonderful memory,


 I’m so glad we got to come to Fukushima ー 44511301-Ayumi

 Fukushima is such a warm place  44511301-Ayumi


 I want to come back here and do another concert!
 Please wait for me!



 To everyone that came and supported us

Thank you so much for today :berri:



 Well well,

Tomorrow we have a concert in my hometown Miyagi!


I’m s-s-s-so n-n-n-nervous



I hope I can enjoy it

Please make it fun for me 44511301-Ayumi lol


 And I will definitely make it fun for everyone too!

 I’m getting my fill of Sendai :onpu:


 If you don’t know where to go,
 first off you should check out “Chris Road”.

It’s a shopping street but

 They have shops that sell Sendai’s specialty beef tongue
 You’ll have to walk a bit but they also have a shop selling Sasakama
 On the way to that shop there’s the shop in the middle that sells this really delicious taiyaki with thin breading


Yes! They have everything there! Lol


The Date Bushou Group that appeared on Arakashi yesterday 4525328[1] ayumi

Have a show tomorrowー
You can learn about history by watching their show :clock:



 Well then, tomorrow! I’m going to work hard!

See you
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Date Shimai!

Good evening
It’s Ishida Ayumi 〆(_・。)


First off I have an announcement :berri:


On sale 4/15

・Seishun Kozou ga Naiteiru
・Yuugure wa Ameagari
・Ima Koko Kara

Triple A-side single
The CD jackets are out 44511301-Ayumi

You can see them here


And the information for the new single events will be coming out periodically 44511301-Ayumi lol


Rather than writing this on my blog, looking at the
Homepage is faster!


So please check out the link↑Up there~


I have magazine info too 44511301-Ayumi

Gravure the Television

My Girl vol.3

CD Journal


Check out the details↑on that same homepage!


And as aired on this weeks
The Girls Live

Next week

I’ll be coordinating for Country Girls


(((((;・∀・)))Please look out for it 44511301-Ayumi It’s profound



Lastly one more important point 4514045[1] Ishida Ayumi Shock


 For our concert in Sendai the day after tomorrow, tomorrow morning I’ll be at the concert hall

doing a handshake event gakishock2


For the time and more details check here


By the way at the same time in Fukushima

Fukumura Mizuki-San, Iikubo Haruna-chan, Ogata Haruna-chan, Nonaka Miki-chan, Makino Maria-chan, and Haga Akane-chan

will also be doing a handshake event!

 I also wanted to do a handshake event in Fukushima…

 I’m a bit disappointed…

 But I’m still looking forward to the handshake event in Sendai  44511301-Ayumi 44511301-Ayumi



Now getting to the main points, today

at the Hello Pro shop in Akihabara
I had an event with Sasaki Rikako-chan! 4513586[1] Ishida Ayumi Fight


For Hina Fest!

The two of us will be performing during the night concert on the 29th 4525328[1] ayumi

We are the only two Hello Pro members from  Miyagi prefecture

and our unit name


has been decided


We are Date Shimai 4513586[1] Ishida Ayumi Fight

The pose is based on Date Masamune-sama’s head piece  :otsukisama: lol


 The Hello Pro shop event was really relaxed

 We just got to talk naturally  44511301-Ayumi


 The two of us got to talk about our hometown and it was really fun  :onpu:

 On the other hand it might have been boring for everyone else though  :sweat:


 But! but the day after tomorrow we have a concert in Miyagi! 

So we were actually able to give out some good information right!? lol


 Today’s event,

made me think again how much I really love my hometown 44511301-Ayumi of course 44511301-Ayumi

Rikako-chan conveyed her love too 44511301-Ayumi


 It was really fun!


 After the event we wandered around the Hello Pro shop …


Making public announcements! Lol


I put signs saying “Ishida Recommends this!” on things I liked :berri:

I put it on stuff like 2shots 44511301-Ayumi Usa-chan peace 44511301-Ayumi a cute picture of Maa-chan44511301-Ayumi on Hello Pro Potato chips 44511301-Ayumi on our clear files going on sale tomorrow44511301-Ayumi

I put them on more things not mentioned here!


I wrote on light blue paper with a blue pen
Try and see if you can find it inside the shop  :onpu:

Well then

I can’t wait for the concert in Fukushima tomorrow!


See you ayumin 4451920[1]-Ayumi
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I’m doing an event tomorrow! Lol

Good evening
It’s Ishida Ayumi d(-_☆)


Sorry I didn’t upload a blog yesterday
and sorry that this post is late



As an apology here’s a link to a wonderful video.


And a nostalgic picture.





right now,



I  crazy with happiness…… :onpu: 4512837[1] sayu 4451920[1]-Ayumi 

I feel like giggling


Not because of work
or I did something, or met someone

It’s something else :sweat:



You can feel happiness from trivial things 44511301-Ayumi

That made me even happier 44511301-Ayumi


I want to share this happiness with you all 44511301-Ayumi lol



The day before yesterday, yesterday, and today, it’s been getting warmer outside

Finally Spring is coming :berri:
I wonder how the weather will be tomorrow


…I hope it doesn’t start to get colder :sweat:


Please be careful not to get sick since the temperature is changing so suddenly!



This aired yesterday

:berri: Hello Station :berri:




A video of the first day of ~GRADATION
From our performance at Olympus Hall Yachiouji

“Yuugure wa Ameagari” was included!


I really love this song o0020002012456237556[1] Reina 44511301-Ayumi


It’s really really sad
It makes me feel nostalgic and makes my chest painful

It makes me feel like I have to work hard

and reminds that I can’t always look towards the past


It’s that kind of song.


Morning Musume。’14 has become
Morning Musume。’15

It’s a song that we sing with our current feelings.


I feel like I say
“It’s a song that we sing with our current feeling”

everytime a new song comes out!


Tsunku♂-san is always able to capture our current feeling and turn them into a song He is really amazing~


Speaking of Spring

It has the image of hellos and goodbyes


When you feel that way, please listen to this song 4513586[1] Ishida Ayumi Fight





Pretty Cure CD’s 44511301-Ayumi


Pretty Cure’s version of “Ima Koko Kara”
 The Morning Musume。’15 version of “Ima Koko Kara”

You can listen to both versions on one CD, it’s wonderful  


The other CD is
the Orginal Soundtrack 4525328[1] ayumi

They have the recording from the play in here as well!

It’s awesome!

This song is so nostalgic!


If you interested please check it out

Look forward to Morning Musume。’15’s new songs
They come out on 4/15~



Aaah, I want to hurry up and go to the movie theater already!




Oh yeah! Tomorrow!

At the Hello Shop in Akihabara
Sasaki Rikako-chan and I will hold an event together!

A sudden announcement! Lol


Please come :onpu:


See you ayumin 4451920[1]-Ayumi
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Good evening!
It’s Ishida Ayumiヾ(´ω)


Today I recorded
All Night Nippon Mobile with Ikuta-san :onpu:



We both wire checked shirts by coincidence  4525335[1] ayumi Lol


Suberries in perfect form……



maybe it’s Suberries in our worst form?


It was a funny recording 44511301-Ayumi Probably 44511301-Ayumi


When one of us mentioned something

we talked about certain things for the first time.
It might make you think things like “ohhhh I see”.


It’s out on 4/1

So everyone please look forward to it!!



…I wonder whose on the one that’s out now? Lol


Last time the 12th generation members
:berri: Ogata Haruna-chan
:berri: Nonaka Miki-chan

came as guests


I feel like I forgot to write that on my blog before…… :sweat:



The two of them were so nervous when we were meeting before the show…

and hardly said anything…


so I became worried about how the show would go 4514045[1] Ishida Ayumi Shock


But when the radio show started
they started talking a lot :berri:

Doing radio with them was fun 44511301-Ayumi


It will be out soon……
…maybe it’s already out?

Please listen to it  :onpu: lol




I’m going to change subjects.


I heard the news that the creator of Detective Conan
Aoyana Gosho-san has been hospitalized

and Conan has been put on hiatus in Shuukan Shinen Sunday.


I can’t hide my shock


I don’t know all the details, but
I heard he’s getting surgery…


I’m really anxious to find out what was going to happen in the next chapter…

And I still want to see Conan!


I hope Aoyama-san is getting a good rest right now


See you ayumin 4451920[1]-Ayumi
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An appreciation party by myself!

Good evening
It’s Ishida Ayumi (ω)b


Today I had the entire day off


Yesterday I decided that I was definitely not going to go outside

so I spent my break indoors all day!


I relaxed and watched DVD magazines 44511301-Ayumi



I watched 6468 44511301-Ayumi
(I couldn’t find 65 though(lol))

And then,

I watched the DVD from

Morning Musume。’14 14th album14 shouThe message~」On sale special commemorative event @ Shinagawa Intercity Hall

from 11/24/201444511301-Ayumi


This doesn’t go on sale until 4/29,
so I feel like I got a head start!


We performed these during GIVE ME MORE LOVE, but not at Yokohama Arena

These songs weren’t forgotten about :sweat:

・Waraenai Hanashi
・Watashi wa Watashi Nanda
・Otona ni Nareba Otona ni Nareru
・Kirari to Hikaruboshi
・Koibito ni wa Zettai Shiraretakunai Shinjitsu
 (Full version)

This DVD

is going to be packed


with this footage 4512837[1] sayu

The MC corner is full of content too, so look forward to the release date!



We are going to be selling DVD magazines 67 and 68 on this tour

I wonder if you saw the digest 


67 is more Morning Musume ’15 freely playing :berri: :onpu:


Ishida was


like this



I don’t look like I’m having any fun……lol


If your curious as to what scene this is from
Please watch our DVD magazine vol.67 44511301-Ayumi

The picture doesn’t look very fun though←

But filming this DVD was really fun 44511301-Ayumi



Today Oda Sakura-chan

had a Birthday event called “Sakura no Shirabe”


I heard that she was going to sing with only a piano accompanist 4525328[1] ayumi

Which made me think

Amazing! I want to hear it!

but I couldn’t move my schedule around(lol)


A couple of days ago,

Oda-chan was listening to the recording of her rehearsal and whispering

“It makes me grin” 



Everyone started making fun of her 44511301-Ayumi lol


When I asked her more about it, she said that listening to the piano accompanist makes her grin



I’ll say it again,

Happy Birthday Oda!
Good work at the event!



See you ayumin 4451920[1]-Ayumi
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History will!

Good evening
It’s Ishida Ayumi(^o^)v


We just finished

4 concerts at Hachiouji 4513586[1] Ishida Ayumi Fight


 I’m wiiiiiiiiiped

I’m sure tomorrow my body will be cracking all overrrrr



I had so much fun 44511301-Ayumi


I know I shouldn’t be the one saying this



…aren’t the 13 of us

awesome together……!?


Especially during yesterday and today’s concerts、
it was a rough feeling, but it was there.

It made me happy


Of course there are still parts we need to rehearse, and everyone has different opinions on what they see, but

 the first thing is we have confidence in ourselves

If we don’t have that, we won’t be able to do anything


We we’re having conversations like

“The cheering during that song was amazing!”
“This concert takes so much energy!”
“I wanted to cry during that one song”

in the dressing room


We were all feeling the same things 44511301-Ayumi


It makes me realize that I’m not in this alone, and it makes me happy to be able to talk about the fun things that happened,


we all get to do that together 4513586[1] Ishida Ayumi Fight 4513586[1] Ishida Ayumi Fight 4513586[1] Ishida Ayumi Fight

I felt that way today so


I want the 13 of us to continue to work even harder!



“Everyone will work hard together”

was something I really felt with ’14
or rather something I learned4512837[1] sayu


So I want to make the best of ’15 as well.




From the left

Ultra Smart’s poster
Wakuteka’s single poster
Michishige☆Eleven SOUL’s poster
EVOLUTION’s poster

and on the very right
is our current tour GRADATION’s poster


They had them hung up in the assembly hall 4512837[1] sayu


The posters start with the first 10th gen concert 4525328[1] ayumi
And end with our current concert 4525328[1] ayumi


It’s not all of our tour posters,

but I have sooo many memories of being at Hachiouji!


The expressions we’re making on the posters are so different! Lol



I hope we get to hold another concert here again 4513586[1] Ishida Ayumi Fight



Thank you for all your support on our 2nd day

But, it’s starting from here on out isn’t it (our tour)
It’s the real “Ima Koko Kara” 44511301-Ayumi




Please continue to support us



I will let the muscles I used today

properly rest 4451920[1]-Ayumi


See you ayumin 4451920[1]-Ayumi
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