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Sticky sticky stickiness……

Good evening
If it isn’t Ishida Ayumi~





Today we had a single event in Roppongi 4512837[1] sayu 3768-2


With Nonaka Miki-chan

Seishun Kozou ga Naiteiru (LIVEver.) outfits





At the 3rd event
I presented my new impression 421[1]

……I was pretty confident about it\(^^)/←



However, even though I’ve done it a bunch of times before, if anyone saw that impression today, please lock that memory away


…if the topic of nattou comes again

…maybe the opportunity to do it right will come up?!lol




I want to continue to make more fun memories 2035 4535372[1]



At the Osaka event we had a

「Generation Battle」


We had a competition to see which generation would sing 4535373[1] ayumiSuki na Senpai 4535373[1] ayumi 、、、


10th gen、、


didn’t win、、、



I really wanted to sing  4535016[1]
I was reeeally frustrated


I felt like I wanted to cry and got all flustered (lol)(lol)


But all the fans

「You’ll win next time!」
「I’m cheering on 10th gen!」

they said such nice things 4505919 Sayu 4535016[1]


I’m sorry we couldn’t win……*crying*…





even though I practiced a lot、
and had rehearsals、
and really wanted to sing、

the other members did the same 4535968[1] ayumi 2178[1]



When we have another battle, I don’t want to lose!!


A sign of liveliness from 10th gen

to make you smile





Funny face+Mustache stamp

This turned into a really weird photo!
The mustaches fit too perfectly!←



We’ve been having a lot of rehearsals lately,

so getting to perform in front of people was fun 421[1]


Thank you for cheering us on

See you ayumin 421[1]
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How is everyone doing? Are you having fun? Handshake event! yeah!

Good evening
It’s Ishida Ayumi


Today in Nagoya we had

4535372[1] Group photo event
4535372[1] Individual photo event
4535372[1] Signing
4535372[1] Individual handshakes

When you write it out it seems like a lot!



Ima Koko Kara outfits




Today I woke up 10 minutes before I had to leave the house, but strangely I didn’t feel rushed. lol



At today’s event in Nagoya I had planned to arrive 45 minutes ahead of time to get ready, but ended up getting there a little earlier,


I had a whole hour
I had time to do my makeup, thank goodness



Must be karma←



Since we were in our Ima Koko Kara outfits
I did my hair in that certain way
13478[1] ayumi lol


The way it is in the MV 4535372[1]


Even though I just got a cut a while ago,
it seems the back needs to be cut again,

it already feels long…



6 months ago it was a lot longer though 4535968[1] ayumi



That why I flip the sides of my hair up even more!?



I think girls who have the same length hair can sympathize with me, but


when you do nothing to your hair

and the sides naturally flip up, isn’t that annoying? lol


The always flip up at my shoulders  4535016[1]



In Morning Musume ’15,

Haga Akane-chan has a natural flip in her hair, so of my own accord I decided I wanted to try straightening it :point: lol






This is at a salon,

I tried imitating the way the stylist used the hair drying on Haga-chan’s hair 421[1]


The stylist said I had good technique 4535372[1]




Well then

Thank you for today 4512837[1] sayu
I’ll do my best tomorrow 4512837[1] sayu


See you ayumin 421[1]
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58th single Event

Good evening
It’s Ishida Ayumi(`∂ω∂)


Today we had an event in Osaka 4535373[1] ayumi

We had pictures with fans and a signing



Individual handshake events 4512837[1] sayu 4535373[1] ayumi



There was a lot of talk about Nippon Budoukan

It made me pretty happy to be able to hear people’s opinions about the concert from them directly so soon after it happened


Also thank you for all the comments about my blog 4535373[1] ayumi




This is from when we sang “Maji desu ka Ska!” :point: 


I’m 3rd from the left

My outfit was a  red stripped jacket and jeans


 A lot of people told me

「I like that outfit 4535964[1] ayumi 3768-2



When I was putting this outfit together,


I tried changing my jeans…
and trying on different shoes…

But I couldn’t decide 4535016[1]



I just kept going Hmmmmmmmm…….


But everyone’s comment made me feel relieved
and happy



I’m easily influenced by others←


I’ve come to the conclusion that



…I like this outfit best! lol



My actual favorite
was this outfit that had a blue gradation 3768-2

(Look at the picture I posted the day before Budoukan)


My member color is blue, but


Blue gradation is super pretty! lol


When I wear that I really think
「Wow, blue really suits me well.」 4535372[1] Fufu




The event we had today for “Seishun Kozou ga Naiteiru/Yuugure wa Ameagari/Ima Koko Kara” is over!

Since it’s April release date

we’ve had single events in a lot of different places!


A lot of people came to cheer us on
And we ranked 2nd on the Oricon weekly chart



Please cheer us on when we sell our next single too(^^)




There was a big earthquake in Kansai

We’re safe!!

But it made me think how you have to be ready for anything, and I should talk with my family more.


See you ayumin
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Tears at the Hello Pro New Unit Announcement

Good Good gooD gooD  ฅ(^・ω・^ฅ)goood♡

Evening ੯ੁૂ‧̀͡u\♡



This is Kobushi Factory’s Wada Sakurako!



Today at Zepp Tokyo we had our


Hello Pro Kenshuusei Rectial
2015 ~June Nama Tamago Show!~


And it was decided that there will be a


for Kobushi Factory!!!!!



I was really surprised。。∑(ºロºlll)



But having a major debit was always our goal
So honestly I’m very happy


But just reaching major debut
isn’t the end goal


it’s more like a new start
so from now on Kobushi Factory will keep on being Kobushi Factory-like


And the 8 of us will always give it our all and take off!!!!




Yup. After that announcement at the Afternoon show our manager gave us flowers.


Each once of us received a different kind of flower
They were really pretty (●´ω`●)


Thank you.♡




Kobushi Factory is just like those flowers
We all have our own characteristics


So even if there are times when our opinions differ
and we can’t agree


If we all just think of the group and try to come up with solutions


I think that we will start to become a wonderful group.


Even when we bump heads over difficult matters, and come to a halt


With all 8 of our different ways of thinking,
I think that Kobushi Factory will be able to create a new path to follow


Kobushi Factory is
『 kind of invinvible 』


Something like that! lol


( …maybe invincible is a bit much )



Please continue to regard Kobushi Factory kindly!




Yeah! Where our happy announcement was made, the


Hello Pro Kenshuusei Recital
2015 ~June Nama Tamago Show!~


Next Performance



June 20th (Sat)
《  Zepp Nagoya(Aichi)》

Afternoon Show    14:00  Doors Open       15:00  Starts

Night Show    17:00  Doors Open      18:00  Starts




Everyone should come


I’ll be waiting for you in my hometown Aichi ♡♡(*^^*)



Well then, Bye-nen (*ˊᵕˋ*)੭ ੈ

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Good evening everyone!
This is Inoue Rei!


Today was our June Nama Tamago Show! in Tokyo(●´∀`●)

We had a really really big announcement ε=ε=(ノ≧∇≦)ノ




This fall


our major debut was decided.


I’m not really sure how I should convey these feelings to everyone, but I’m really happy(∩´∀`∩)


Kobushi Factory has been aiming towards major debut this whole time, and now after the summer we will have reached that goal.

That just makes so me so happy I can’t contain it!

On top of that! A big part of that is that I feel that the door to the dream I’ve held since I was young has finally opened.

For the past 5 short months, the 8 of us have shared a lot of experiences and overcome a lot, and we were finally able to reach our major debut, so I want to make sure I have no regrets (*^ー^)


But, I want to go happily higher and higher and rise to challenge a lot of different things(〃’▽’〃)


I will prepare myself so Rei-t’s Go (*ゝω・*)ノ


6/20 Saturday At Zepp Nagoya in Nagoya prefecture there will be another Hello Pro Kenshuusei Recital 2015~June Nama Tamago Show!~(*⌒▽⌒*)

Please come★


Well that’s all I have to say! This was Inoue Rei!
See you ,,,

P,S. There’s another announcement that I’ll share in my next blog♡

Look forward to it~


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Juice=Juice’s Miyamoto Karin here!


we had an interview, and after

we had a dance lesson♡♡

The interview was for

Our Double A-side single out on 4/8
「Wonderful World/Ça va ? Ça va ?」

and also about,

5/2,3 Nakano Sun Plaza
5/23 NHK Osaka Hall

we were able to talk a lot about our thoughts on the concerts(♡´艸`)

I don’t know when the magazine that the interview is in will be out yet♡♡

o(*・ω・)ノ Yes


In today’s dance lesson,

I was able to get right into the rhythm for the first time in a while

and it made me want to try even more difficult rhythms!


It’s not about matching my movements to the sounds,

I want to be able to “ride” the rhythms!

And what surprised me this time, is that

for the first time in a while I was having so much fun I didn’t get tired at all,

I kept thinking in my head
about how to move to make my dancing look cleaner
I was overflowing with ideas!!

There are times during lessons when I keep trying to
make my moves better but fail,
but for short lessons
I try to make the moves as beautiful as possible
and I am always aware of that!

It was something I always kept in mind when I was in Hello Pro Kenshuusei,
but learning Juice=Juice’s new dances is a new feeling that I love.

I was able to properly have the heart of a beginner again when I danced this time!

I want to increase my skills more and more!

I’ll try my hardest♡♡

o0480085413223131160☆.。.:*・°☆.。.:*・Today’s Happy Point°☆.。.☆*:.

I danced a looot♡♡

That’s all from Miyamoto Karin!
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I tried the joke( ^ω^ )

Good evening
It’s Ishida Ayumi( ^ω^ )



The “sleeping face” hunter who goes above and beyond,



Who is the “sleeping face” hunter’s “sleeping face” hunter?



It’s me!!




Sleeping in between handshake events


The “sleeping face” hunter,
known as


Iikubo Haruna-chan 4535372[1]



Wearing the outfit for Seishun Kozou ga Naiteiru,

her knee is smiling

(Ayumi makes a pun here “Hizakozou ga waratteiru”)






She hasn’t caught me yet, but I thought I’d return the favor for the others!

It ended perfectly!


Run away!



See you ayumin
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Good evening☆


Yesterday, it was announced that Shimamura Uta-chan withdrew from Country Girls and Hello! Project.


It was a sudden announcement, and I’m sure everyone was shocked, and I’m sorry for that.


I’ve been with Uta-chan all the time since last fall, and we became good friends, and we were in the middle of saying how we were going to do our best together, so I feel very lonely and frustrated.


Also, when we first joined, we were put together a lot with Ozeko, and the 3 of us spent a lot of time together,
And I was really happy that one time we both had our hair in ponytails and it was said we looked alike(^^) lol


When we stayed at hotels we were often paired in the same room, so I have a lot of memories of that too!


I’m really glad we got to be active with 6 members!


Country Girls will become 5 members now, but we will do our best with energy.

Everyone, please continue to support us!


Morito Chisaki



I love Uta-chan!!!
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I’ll love you, forever

Good evening everyone!!
Thank you for all the likes and comments on my last blog!


I believe that everyone knows this already,

but Shimamura Uta-chan withdrew from Country Girls and Hello! Project yesterday.


It was very sudden, so I’m sure everyone was really surprised by this.

But, so was I.


I’ve been with Uta ever since the 2nd 12th generation auditions for Morning Musume,and when we were both put in County Girls together I was really happy,

and said

Let’s do our best together!!


But when our activities officially started, there was a lot of things we had to remember, we had to be prepared for lessons, and review,

and since Uta and I had no experience with dancing or singing, we were a bit slower than the other members at memorization.


But with all the rehearsals, gradually we were able to figure out how to become better at learning faster.
And then when we began our release events, and got better and better at doing MC’s, it finally felt like we were members of Country Girls.


And at same time we experienced things that were difficult, and the other members were always there to support me, but Uta was the one I confided in the most since we were closest in age.


So I kept thinking how great it would be to continue with these members for many years.


But, all of sudden this was announced and I feel so lonely because Uta being here had become so natural to me.

I keep thinking, I’ll see her tomorrow, we can talk a lot, and have a lot of fun together!


But what was once so natural has now gone away.



I can’t accept that reality right now…。



Because I still can’t believe it…。


I feel so lonely, and sad, I want to see her, I want to talk a bunch with her, I want to play around together, and have fun.


I have a lot of feelings towards Uta.


But, even though I’m feeling very lonely, I don’t have time to be down,


I know that the road ahead isn’t just full of fun things,
but holds difficult and painful times ahead, Momochi-senpai said that too,
and there will be times when I’ve had enough and feel down.


But Ozeki of Country Girls is the most energetic member and can overcome anything,
I’ve realized that I have to be positive about this!


From now on we will continue activities with just the 5 of us! Even if we’re missing a member, Country Girls will still continue to be fresh and full of energy!


I know everyone must be worried that Uta is gone, but I will work my very hardest to make you think that the 5 member Country Girls is great!




I’m sorry for all the worrying that was caused.



Please continue to support the 5 person Country Girls from now on!






Uta. Yesterday our time in Country Girls together ended, but I will never forget the time that we spent together.


From now on, we aren’t members of the same group anymore, but best friends.



I’ll love you, forever.





Ozeki Mai
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Good evening
It’s Ishida Ayumi (=ω)



Today we had song rehearsal for the musical 4535372[1]



There are only 17 days until we open

I can’t believe it






I’m yelling for no reason 2035[1] ayumi lol




I have so many things to do that I didn’t know where to start,

and ended up not being to do anything


I wasted yesterday by not doing anything4535016[1]
(Even though I really enjoy doing nothing



Tonight I’ll do my best 4512837[1] sayu




Lately I’ve been reflecting on myself,

and I’ve decided I take too long in the bath.


Since the concerts are over, I don’t sweat as much, so I have been soaking in the bath to sweat my body out,


I end up spending a full hour in there and get wrinkly :sweat:



Before I get in the bath, and after I get out of the bath


my body looks so different!! lol
And then I make sure I take long baths because I find that funny



Humans are 70% was it……

made from water 2035[1] ayumi :point:


Water is amazing! lol



Speaking of water,

this morning I ate watermelon 12484[1] ayumi


The first thing I put in my mouth after I woke up was watermelon


I tried putting watermelon in my green smoothie for the first time  4535016[1]


……It hurt my heart(I could have stopped←)


Well, I thought at least my smoothie would have a strong sweet flavor, even though I was just eating it earlier  2178[1] lol



……but it turns out that when you put watermelon in a smoothie,


it doesn’t take like watermelon at all

My heart couldn’t take it←
=I don’t recommend it)


But I feel like because it I was able to do my best today 4535373[1] ayumi

There are a lot of different ways to use watermelon12484[1] ayumi 2178[1]





I got my hair cut the morning of our Budoukan concert~


Did you notice?

…it’s not easily noticeable though~



See you ayumin 421[1]
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