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Did you listen to Young Town!?

Good evening
It’s Ishida Ayumi(* ´ `*)

Today is……


4451920[1]-Ayumi Valentine’s Day 4451920[1]-Ayumi


I got a loooooot of chocolate from the Hello Pro members

How niiiiiiice


I think I can safely say that I’ve received more chocolate than even the most popular boys in any class 4513586[1] Ishida Ayumi Fight 44511301-Ayumi lol



Today we had a Hello concert in Osaka
but tomorrow is the last one :sweat:


which means…

this will be the last time we get to do a concert with Berryz Koubou-san……


I’ll miss them :sweat:


But today everyone went out for Yakiniku together!



And speaking of yakiniku…




Ta-da Tongs 4451920[1]-Ayumi 




Yeeeeah they had them!! lol


“Using tongs with just one hand looks cool 4513586[1] Ishida Ayumi Fight 4451920[1]-Ayumi
(TONGU katate ni kakkoi)


That’s a line from our Satoumi unit “HI-FIN”‘s song
“Kaigan Seisou Danshi” please listen to it! lol



I ate so much meat, so I’ll be able work extra hard at tomorrow concert :onpu:




The other day when I went to bed late,

Suddenly I felt like watching the “GIVE ME MORE LOVE” DVD 4512837[1] sayu


So I watched it in the middle of the night.


It already feels so nostalgic……

Even though it feels like it was just yesterday


I started watching from the bonus footage,

As soon as it started……… :sweat: fufu…


It was already late at night so I decided that I was only going to watch the bonus footage

but I couldn’t stop watching it 4514045[1] Ishida Ayumi Shock

and ended up watching the whole thing 4512837[1] sayu


I went to bed at 7am←


I know I’ve said this before, but
You should really watch this DVD! Really!

The bonus footage is funny!


And they usually sell the rest of the behind the scenes footage on a DVD magazine, so that will probably go on sale soon=

I’m looking forward to that 4451920[1]-Ayumi



I’m already itching to start ’15’s spring tour :onpu:

We haven’t started rehearsals yet
and we don’t actually have the setlist ready yet either, lol


I have to work even harder
It will be hard

But right now,

I fee like “Let’s just do it!”


It’s a bit broad though…that feeling…… :sweat:



But first!
I have to do my best at tomorrow final Hello concert!

Please support me


See you ayumin 4451920[1]-Ayumi
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Blog Relay! Last Day! New Single!!


Good evening
It’s Ishida Ayumi(´pωq)


Yesterday I received a blog relay from ANGERME’s Takeuchi Akari-san44511301-Ayumi



First, what a blog relay is…


It’s a project where Hello! Project members here members pass around the theme “Is this me…?” until Hina Fest on 3/38 and 3/29 4513586[1] Ishida Ayumi Fight


On 2/6 it started with Hello! Project’s leader
℃-ute’s Yajima Maimi-san 6005[1]


“Is this me…?” huh?


I play games on my phone when I should be sleeping I guess? lol


I haven’t said this, but

Ishida Ayumi has finally


stopped playing Candy Crush

。・゜゜(Д`)Awawawawawa :sweat:

Even though I said Candy Crush is the only game I play….. I’ve been playing something else….. 4514045[1] Ishida Ayumi Shock :sweat:


The reason I haven’t been playing Candy Crush…
Is because Soda Crush is so much fun…… 44511301-Ayumi :sweat:


It’s like that, I’m not the only one that gets addicted to games like this though right? lol




Hello Pro members voted on which member we would want as our big sister 44511301-Ayumi

I’m going to pass this question on to ℃-ute’s Hagiwara Mai-san 44511301-Ayumi


Hagiwara-san (role of the wife)
Kumai Yurina-san (role of the husband)

The husband would say “Honey I’m Home :onpu: :onpu: :onpu:
and then the wife would run and hug her husband

Ah……  4451920[1]-Ayumi


It’s so cute and heart-wringing that my heart can’t bear it!


Every hair style suits her
She looks cute no matter what her expression
Even though she’s only one year older than me so unbelieavebly mature

My admired type of woman!





Today is the last day of the Hello concerts 4514045[1] Ishida Ayumi Shock
It went by so fast 4514045[1] Ishida Ayumi Shock

But today felt really long


Today was the last Hello concert with Berryz Koubou-san.
It doesn’t feel real yet.

After the main show,

All the fans called out
Berryz Ikube!”4451920[1]-Ayumi

I was moved


What’s more is after that,

Berryz Koubou-san and ℃-ute-san
sang “Ganbacchae!

I was moved again……


Everyone looked so beautiful.


I won’t get to see them much anymore,
I’ll be in your care until March 3rd

Also, Momochi-senpai 44511301-Ayumi

I hope you get well soon



Lastly I have an important announcement 4513586[1] Ishida Ayumi Fight


Morning Musume ’15’s first single will be releasing soon!

This is Morning Musume’s 58th single!


“Seishun Kozou ga Naiteiru”
“Yuugure wa Ameagari”
“Ima Koko Kara”

It’s a triple A-side single  4451920[1]-Ayumi


It goes on sale 4/15
So please look forward to that



“Seishun Kozou ga Naiteiru”


I will explain the songs in further detail when I am allowed to!

So now I will leave you with just the titles……


Please imagine what kind of songs these will be to your hearts content! lol



I’m sorry this got so long….
Thank you for reading it

See you ayumin 4451920[1]-Ayumi
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Good evening
It’s Ishida Ayumi(*Д´)


Yesterday, February 25th,

was 12th gen member
Ogata Haruna-chan’s birthday :cake: 3768-2


I’m sorry I forgot to write it yesterday :sweat:



We were in Osaka for a concert,

Everyone was with Ogata-chan


up until the time of her birthday :clock: 44511301-Ayumi


And when the clock changed to midnight
we all sang “Happy Birthday” :onpu:

and said “Congratulations!” :onpu:


Celebrating was fun :cake: 3768-2



Ogata-chan is

the first 12th gen member
that I took a 2shot with 4513586[1] Ishida Ayumi Fight lol




the first person to capture
16 year old Ogata-chan on camera


Was none other!

Than me!


……but I was rushing and wasn’t able to take good pictures :sweat:


The pictures are of when we sang Happy Birthday

to the newly 16 year old Ogata-chan


Ogata-chan was really happy,
and had a wonderful smile

Since she had no experience with singing or dance before joining,

I’m sure the road ahead will be difficult


But I’m sure that
there will be many fun times as well

Let’s do our best together Ogata-chan

Also I’m hoping someday,

You’ll be able to jump right into conversations with us Senpai4513586[1] Ishida Ayumi Fight Fufu




Also today,


I had a photo shoot for the magazine “Gravure the Televesion”
with Ikuta Erina-san 44511301-Ayumi


I think this is the first time Ikuta-san and I have done gravure work just the 2 of us 4513586[1] Ishida Ayumi Fight


This surely must be……

because “Suberries” is getting popular 3768-2 lol



The release date is still undecided, but it’s scheduled to be out in spring!!

The shoot was fun 44511301-Ayumi


And at night,


we went and ate yakiniku together4523667[1]

Even though I just went! lol


It was delicious 44511301-Ayumi

And I had a lot of fun 44511301-Ayumi




 :caution: This picture is not related.


See you ayumin 4451920[1]-Ayumi
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Juice=Juice’s Miyamoto Karin here!


Everyone, Happy New Year!


It has been a wonderful passing of the year and I have been looking forward to the coming of the new year.


This year I thought I wouldn’t be able to continue my tradition of doing the New Years Jump…


But instead, there was a concert in Kobe,
Around 7:40pm the members who are 18+started performing until the New Years countdown.
I was able to do the jump then so I had no regrets!


And this morning I watched Kohaku Uta Gassen on my DVR,
Everyone was shining and hey looked so cool.


Especially Idina Menzel’s “Let It Go”, listening to it gave me goosebumps.


And Nakamori Akina-san being relayed from the recording studio, everything about her was so cool, her singing voice, her figure, her eyes, I was moved.


My admired Matsuda Seiko-san for the first time was the big finale, she’ll always be an idol, but her singing was very womanly, I was moved.


It made me think “I really want to shine like this person!”


But it’s not that easy, and it’s impossible for me right now, so
I was thinking that it would be good to find a lot of goals for 2015!


First, I want to use my time more wisely!
I need to stop loafing around!


I also want to learn more and more about music(*^^*)


Basically I need to experience lots of music!


I also want to learn how to read notes!
I bought a drill book so I will make sure I do it.
My voice training teacher said there’s still time to learn! So I will do my best!


Tomorrow there will be a Hello! Project concert at Nakano Sun Plaza!


I will put all my energy into this and do my best.


☆.。.:*・°☆.。.:*・Today’s Happy Point・°☆.。.:*・°☆*:..


I made it to the new year (*´д`*)

That’s all from Miyamoto Karin!
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This is from Miyagi!?

Good evening
It’s Ishida Ayumi ─=≡Σ((( つ•̀ω•́)


First order of business


I will be on Sendai Housou-san’s

“Sando ga Iku! Local Research Variety This is from Miyagi?! 2″ 4513586[1] Ishida Ayumi Fight 44511301-Ayumi



Announcer Umeshima Miwako-san


This program

started airing about a year ago :tv:

Originally they just found things and people that are connected to Miyagi in Tokyo …


But for the 2nd show :onpu:


They decided to work on a larger scale

and introduce people and things all around the country that have tis to Miyagi 4512837[1] sayu Ishida Ayumin Daaishi sun


I didn’t know that so many other prefectures have ties to Miyagi!

“Eeeh! Even that!?”

…are the things I think :tv: lol


It was a storm of surprises  4513977[1] ayumi

And I’ll say this again, but
it made me think how amazing Miyagi is!!

It makes me proud to be from Miyagi


I was introduced to this really good shop in Tokyo that has ties to Miyagi

So I want to introduce it to everyone 4451920[1]-Ayumi


The person at the shop said

“I want to be connected to a [Momusu] member “


I replied “If I tell Morning Musume fans they will definitely want to come here!! lol


In this episode we introduce this certain shop, so look forward to it~ 44511301-Ayumi
It’s a really trendy shop 44511301-Ayumi



This was my first time meeting Sanwhichman-san,
but because we are from the same town I felt a sense of kinship lol

That two people from the same town can get together and be on a show about Miyagi makes me happy

Even when the camera’s weren’t recording we talked a lot about our hometown, and Sanwhichman-san was very nice


Hopefully we will be able to work together again sometime!

I’ll continue to do my best too!


February 28th(Sat)
Sendai Housou broadcasting at 14:3015:25 (2:30-3:25pm)

Please watch it



And also,

Yesterday!I recorded All Night Nippon Mobile with Fukumura Mizuki-san!!



It will be airing on the 18th


It was super fun!
Because we’re Ayumizuki! It’s always fun with us!

Please listen to it 4513586[1] Ishida Ayumi Fight



And now……

I have a lot of hard work ahead of me today……


I won’t get to sleep until late at night,
so I will do my best・゜・(Д)・゜・


Good night everybody :guragura: 

See you ayumin 4451920[1]-Ayumi

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Valentine’s Present!

Good evening
It’s Ishida Ayumi(´ω`*)


Today we had a concert in Hiroshima 4513586[1] Ishida Ayumi Fight

It was only one concert,
so the day went by fast :sweat:


Speaking of Hiroshima


It’s the hometown of the girl with a cute sleeping face, Sayashi Riho-san!


She was sleeping with her face down,
so I took a picture in gap of her arm

…I was desperate to take a picture of her sleeping face 4514045[1] Ishida Ayumi Shock lol



Today’s concert was fun 4451920[1]-Ayumi
Thank you for your support4451920[1]-Ayumi



Well then,

in 3 days,


It will be Valentine’s Day074 44511301-Ayumi


I’ve had to prepare a lot for the members and staff,

I prepare and prepare, but there seems to be no end to it :sweat: lol

But if work hard for Valentine’s Day, I might get a wonderful return on White Day←

I’ll work hard when I get home today 4513586[1] Ishida Ayumi Fight



I can’t give any Valentine’s to fans since there won’t be any events…


So I was thinking…44511301-Ayumi


The other day on location for “Araarakashiko”

I helped out at Yamamoto Strawberry Plantation :berri:
I helped develop products :berri:


Right near  Yamamoto Strawberry Plantation is a cafe called “Berry Berry Lab”,

I was asked to think about a dessert for the Valentine season

So I thought really hard、、

And tried creating it、、and I was able to make it 4513586[1] Ishida Ayumi Fight


Here’s the finished product


It’s fondant chocolate with strawberries :berri:


It’s like a chocolate cake,

But it’s more raw like than cake,

If you split it open,
chocolate comes dripping out :onpu:

And also inside,
there are strawberries boiled in sugar :berri:


The sweetness of the chocolate and the tartness of the strawberries is the best!



I was going to throw it away if it tasted bad, but it actually came out yummy 44511301-Ayumi


And now!

You can actually come to “Berry Berry Lab”
and eat this!!


If I’m correct……only until the 14th……I think…… 4513977[1] ayumi
It may be a bit longer…… 4513977[1] ayumi

Sorry, I looked it up, but I still don’t know :sweat:


…Check with the store! lol


The dessert I created 4451920[1]-Ayumi

Is a Valentine from me 4451920[1]-Ayumi fufu


If you have time you should definitely come to Miyagi and come get one 4451920[1]-Ayumi lol




And! On the 11th!

Michishige Sayumi-san’s Graduation DVD goes on sale 3768-2


I haven’t watched it yet……


The Blu-ray version has bonus footage of backstage and in the dressing rooms 44511301-Ayumi

I’m sure it will be fun to watch! lol


For those who are still deciding on whether or not to buy it
I recommend the Blu-ray version

Definitely check it out


See you ayumin 4451920[1]-Ayumi
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Pretty Cure!!

Good evening
It’s Ishida Ayumi


I know there’s people that already know, but…

I have big news 4512837[1] sayu 4514045[1] Ishida Ayumi Shock


On March 14th, the movie “Pretty Cure All Stars Spring Carnival♪” is coming out, and… 44511301-Ayumi


This movie’s……

theme song……


will be sung by……



Morning Musume。’15!!!



Amaaaaaaaazing  4451920[1]-Ayumi

I’m sooooooooo
happy happy happy happy
… 4451920[1]-Ayumi


I could cry!


It was just announced during the MC at today’s concert

That Pretty Cure that I admired :onpu:


When I was in middle school, I would learn the ending theme dance and dance them during our dance class :onpu:


Getting to sing the theme song is such an honor gakishock2 44511301-Ayumi gakishock2 44511301-Ayumi gakishock2 44511301-Ayumi gakishock2 44511301-Ayumi


And furthermore! Morning Musume。’15 will be featured dancing at the end of the movie!


Wow…… 44511301-Ayumi :sweat:

I love Pretty Cure so much, I always watch the anime, and try the dances

And now in stead of watching,

I get to dance the ending theme?


These kinds of dreams come true too.
I can’t even believe it.






44511301-Ayumi Iikubo Haruna-chan
44511301-Ayumi Ishida Ayumi
44511301-Ayumi Oda Sakura-chan

The 3 of us,


will be trying voice acting for the first time 4514046[1] Ayumi


I’ve always admired voice actors…
and now that’s coming true too :sweat:

The dreams just keep on continuing :sweat:


I really so happy 4513586[1] Ishida Ayumi Fight 4451920[1]-Ayumi


I say we did voice acting, but we didn’t even do post dubbing. We only got a few lines! But still! To be able to participate in my beloved Pretty Cure’s movie makes me so excited! Can you tell?



……there’s more 4514045[1] Ishida Ayumi Shock


The 3 of us the voice acted 44511301-Ayumi

Not only did we provide our voices, but we got to design our characters ourselves,
and they’ll be in the movie
44511301-Ayumi 44511301-Ayumi 44511301-Ayumi



Here’s my design :onpu:


People often say I resemble a cat.
Especially the shape of my eyes.
And since I’m from Miyagi prefecture I included that thing from Date Masamune-sama’s head

There are a lot of points 4513586[1] Ishida Ayumi Fight


But the #1 point is

The “’15” on the blue t-shirt 44511301-Ayumi


Since this character that will be in the movie is an “Ishida Ayumi” design,
I decided to make it “Ishida Ayumi”-like.


I was feeling a bit greedy and wanted to make the T-shirt say “Ishida” instead of “’15”. But I though that would not fit in the world of Pretty Cure, so I didn’t do it. :sweat: lol


I drew the design on paper, and then they made it Pretty Cure style.

This is the finished character


She’s going to be animated 4451920[1]-Ayumi



You should go see the movie a bunch of times!!


I DVR the Pretty Cure series that’s running now, Princess Pretty Cure,
and now I feel like my support of the show is more intense.


Before I would always think things like
“How cuuute 44511301-Ayumi
I want to be like theeem 44511301-Ayumi

As I get older, I finally understand the depth of Pretty Cure

I can’t stop watching it :onpu:


If everyone watches, I’m sure you’ll understand 3768-2

And I’m sure you’ll get into it 3768-2


“Pretty Cure All Stars Spring Carnival♪” opens on March 14th

Please go see it in theaters 44511301-Ayumi



See you ayumin 4451920[1]-Ayumi
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Good evening
It’s Ishida Ayumi((o(´∀)o))


The girl that was on top of the cake that I talked about yesterday




I ate her 44511301-Ayumi


There’s no surprise twist(lol)
It’s just as everyone thought(lol)




The sleepover with Harunan!

Was so much fun!


In 2 days we watched 7 DVD’s :tv:


We didn’t even stay up late


Early to bed, early to rise 4513586[1] Ishida Ayumi Fight lol

We went to sleep at about 12:30am
I slept really well 44511301-Ayumi


While we watched DVD’s

we ate snacks…
and drank juice…

while lying down the whole time


It was a leisurely 2 days  :sweat:


I’ll have to pay attention tomorrow!

Valentine’s Day is almost here!
Don’t eat too much!


Ishida Style Exercise
Even I home I have to remember to do thigh lifts
4514045[1] Ishida Ayumi Shock

、、Ah, I haven’t shown any progess! This is bad! lol



But it was really fun 4513586[1] Ishida Ayumi Fight 44511301-Ayumi


We couldn’t watch all the DVD’s we brought (obviously (lol)), so we want to have another “DVD Watching Sleepover” :onpu:


…of course at Harunan’s grandma’s house again 4512837[1] sayu

The food was really good there


And next time hopefully MaaDuu can come 4451920[1]-Ayumi




I kind of took a picture of us
wearing divine face masks!


Rather than our skin becoming sparkly we became funny looking! lol



The year before last? at 10th gen’s sleepover, I feel like we took pictures with face masks on then too…

Face mask pictures…



They’re super rare!!!!

It’s not a holiday or anything, so me sharing these is special!!!!


……In reality, we just got so hyped up over these photos that I wanted to post them←



I hope next time we can wear face masks too

See you ayumin 4451920[1]-Ayumi
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Thank You☆

Juice=Juice’s Miyamoto Karin here!




Thank you for all the comments yesterday。・:+°


I will do my best to make sure that the concert at NHK Osaka Hall is a success!!


Today we had a live house performance at ReNY in Shinjuku。・:+°


I sweat a looot(((o(*゚▽゚*)o)))


Everyone’s cheering made me want to do my best。・:+°


I wonder if you guys could tell…


o(*・ω・)ノ Yeah


Today Miyazaki Yuka-chan and I are matching?


What happened was, by complete coincidence, we bought the same camouflage skirt, but in different colors, and we both wear them around.


I got me thinking,


The chances of us being in the same group, buying the same skirt, and then wearing them on the same day are so low.


Which made me think that, people coming to our shows, everyone in my life, meeting the other members, the fact that I was born, and that I’m able to do these kinds of activities, is all a miracle.




It’s on to make sure that the people who come and see Juice=Juice once, join the Juice=Juice family and like us more!!


So today  will also be positive and devote myself to delivering energy to everyone!


There are people who have already noticed this,
but I have an announcement.


Today at 9pm
Hello! Station #103 was supposed to be uploaded…


We’ve had to postpone the release due to a glitch in YouTube’s server.


I apologize to everyone who was looking forward to watching it.


We are trying to get it up now for everyone, so please wait a little bit more for further announcements.


☆.。.:*・°☆.。.:*・Today’s Happy Point°☆.。.☆*:.

When I sweat a lot!


That’s all from Miyamoto Karin!
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Because of the Hidden Meaning( ^ω^ )

Good evening
It’s Ishida Ayumi( ˘ ∀ ˘ ♡)


The thing that I looking forward to today…

was a…



44511301-Ayumi 4512837[1] sayu 44511301-Ayumi Sleepover 44511301-Ayumi 4512837[1] sayu 44511301-Ayumi


 At Iikubo Haurna-chan’s grandma’s house

Quite a while ago,

Iikubo Haruna-chan, Kudou Haruka-chan, and I had a sleepover!
Maa-chan had plans at home and couldn’t make it(Д`) :sweat: )


Last year on September 29th (the day 10th gen joined)

everyone in  Morning Musume。’14 had the day off, so we all got together and had a takoyaki party!


At Harunan’s grandma’s house 4451920[1]-Ayumi


It feels nostalgic thinking about that takoyaki party now… :onpu:

There were 10 of us then, but today it was just me and Harunan

The room felt so big gakishock2 :sweat:


It’s a wonderful house~!



We made plans about a week ago,



It was a sleepover just for watching DVD’s 4512837[1] sayu 4514045[1] Ishida Ayumi Shock lol


I brought Detective Conan DVD’s from my house,
and Harunan brought a sad movie

We’ve already watched 3 DVD’s 44511301-Ayumi


Harunan cried at all of them(lol)
It’s kind of incredible(lol)  


If you’re interested the Conan movies I brought were

“The Time Bombed Skyscraper”
“Captured in Her Eyes”
“The Phantom of Baker Street”
“Magician of the Silver Sky”
“Strategy Above the Depths”
“The Private Eye’s Requiem”

I brought these 6! I have a lot! lol


We watched “Captured in Her Eyes”
It’s my favorite one

And that reason for that is,


More than the case←

The lines in that scene 4451920[1]-Ayumi
They grab at your heart strings 4451920[1]-Ayumi

Harunan and I got really excited over it! lol



For dinner her grandma
made us some re~ally good food 44511301-Ayumi


We just made some popcorn with no oil or butter,
and ate it
4523667[1] ayumi 44511301-Ayumi




Haurnan’s teary eyes 4516556[1] ベイマックス Baymax Ishida Ayumin lol

By the way Harunan is in the bath right now┃_☆)キラーッ


After she gets out we are going to watch more movies~ 44511301-Ayumi




I going to take it easy tonight!




This girl was on top of the cake I recieved from everyone in the Arakashi Family yesterday 4512837[1] sayu :berri:

……Is this supposed to be me!? lol



What will become of this girl?


See you ayumin 4451920[1]-Ayumi
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