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Let’s play Nintsuku!

Good evening
It’s Ishida Ayumi( ̄∀ ̄)





You should download and play the app “Nintsuku” right away


I know some of you have already started playing


Now in “Nintsuku” you can play against Hello! Project units,


for a showdown!

The scores are all gathered together at the end.


The members were all playing during their free time, but I started a bit late and… now I’m in last place :sweat:

But I want to practice for tomorrow :sweat:


So I need everyone’s help 4513586[1] Ishida Ayumi Fight 44511301-Ayumi


For first timers

13780[1] ayumi First download the app
13780[1] ayumi Follow the instructions as given after you open it
13780[1] ayumi On the menu page it will say something like “Hina Fest” in big letters, touch that
13780[1] ayumi Touch the orange thing
13780[1] ayumi Start with the “Mo” stage
13780[1] ayumi And try to clear all the stages!

……and that’s how you can play I think :onpu: lol


Playing 「Morning Musume。’15」 is the most important thing though 4513586[1] Ishida Ayumi Fight 44511301-Ayumi


All of your scores,
and all of our scores,

will be totaled to see which group wins 4525328[1] ayumi


If you play another groups stage you’ll earn points for them, so be careful of that :caution:


It’s a showdown

so we really want to take #1




please help us out :berri: :onpu:

Let’s do our best together
Also tell others about this showdown! lol



At today’s Hina Fest

Our Makino Maria-chan sang solo and Haga Akane-chan sang in a unit


Everyone was watching over them~


And Sayashi Riho-san and Suzuki Kanon-san were also on stage They were really cute~




Sasaki Rikako-chan’s and my unit
“Date Shimai” will perform

Rehearsal footage :onpu: lol

Suzuki Kanon-san took it for me 44511301-Ayumi
I look so serious. lol


It was a night concert, so we had to work hard all day :sweat:


And today’s afternoon concert was
「Morning Musume。’15 Premium」

The 13 of us did our best


Thank your for your energetic support 4451920[1]-Ayumi


There are still a lot of SATOYAMA events tomorrow!
I’m interested in who they will give the prize to for the best Nukadoko!

I can’t wait 4451920[1]-Ayumi



Yesterday I had an interview with



They interviewed all 13 of us, and will be releasing solo interviews at different times

And today mine went up 4525328[1] ayumi


I gave my true opinions on stuff.

Please read it if you have the chance.


See you ayumin 4451920[1]-Ayumi
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Good evening
It’s Ishida Ayumi ((y)ˆ³ˆ)(y)




『Morning Musume。’15 Concert Tour Spring ~GRADATION~』


has staaarteeed :berri: :onpu:



I have to say this.


It’s so much fun.



On the opening day,

I was partly nervous.
Partly thrilled.
Partly feeling like I looked cool.

Partly feeling like I failed.


Among other things.



This time around we are singing a large variety of songs, so sometimes making the right expression becomes difficult,

I need to study facial expressions more,
so I was feeling frustrated :sweat:



But the first day is over now


I wonder what kind of performance it will be tomorrow, I’m going to think about the next performance, and keep moving forward!



I can’t just stay thinking about what happened…!

That’s what I was thinking today.


……or more like…

There’s a certain song that made me feel that way


That new song,

I want everyone to able to listen to it already 44511301-Ayumi 44511301-Ayumi 44511301-Ayumi


I’ll be happy if people can feel something by listening to our song, so I’m going to try and do that through my singing



The support on our first day was incredible…


There was a lot of cheering?

There people seemingly say “Oh I see”

During the energetic songs
the fans got excited too


I heard a lot of different voices shouting words of encouragement 4525328[1] ayumi

But no matter whose voice it was


It made me super super happy



I was feeling nervous, but then I took a deep breath

and told myself “You can do it!”



I was a bit desperate and strained a bit,

but tomorrow I think I’ll be able to calm down.


I want the fans to enjoy the concert44511301-Ayumi



To everyone who came to the concerts today

How was Morning Musume。’15?


Please tell me your feedback

please make sure and stretch before you good to bed



And to everyone coming tomorrow

Don’t forget to warm=up (lol)



And I’m sure there are a lot of you who can’t come see us on tour, or aren’t sure if you are going to.


By all means, please come.
I want you to see
Morning Musume。’15.

I work even harder than before 4513586[1] Ishida Ayumi Fight



See you ayumin 4451920[1]-Ayumi
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Juice=Juice’s Miyamoto Karin here!

o0480054013222224322Today  I gave everyone the spinach chiffon cake,

and they all said it tasted good!

It made me happy♡♡

I’m so relived…(´>ω<`)

o(*・ω・)ノ Yay

Today for the first time in a while I wore tights.

I can’t come to love them,

but they keep me warm,

so from now on
I’m going to try and wear them more often!

Today it was raining…

On rainy days I like to listen to the sound of the rain falling.

It helps me study.

I also have the sound of rain in my mp3 player and sometimes I listen to it to relax!

Everyone should try it out!

o(*・ω・)ノ Yay

“First Time Outdoors
Iikubo Haruna and Miyamoto Karin learn
with Sharan Q’s Makoto about the winter outdoors
“Lesurely Trip” Plan”

is up on YouTube’s SATOYAMA channel!

And the Galvi magazine March edition
I want to tell you how that went♡♡

A lot of people told me that it seemed like I was really used to riding horseback, so I acted like I was (lol)

(1. Riding Horses):

And we also rode bicycles up mountains,
at first I was scared,
but then riding went smoothly and I found myself wishing we could have ridden longer!!
Going up the mountain made me really warm,
and then we heated up drinks on a gas stove, it was the best♡♡

(2. Bicycle Mountain Climbing)

Then we had a bonfire
Watching the dancing flames was relaxing♡♡
An we ate some really delicious kimchi hot pot!!

(3. Bonfire)



will be on
3/28 and 3/29 at the Pacific Yokohama Arena!

Please check the website for more details.

☆.。.:*・°☆.。.:*・Today’s Happy Point°☆.。.☆*:.

Everyone thought the chiffon cake was good♡♡

That’s all from Miyamoto Karin!
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I made it☆

Juice=Juie’s Miyamoto Karin here!!







It’s been a while since I’ve made something like this♡

It’s a spinach pound cake♡♡

Uemura Akari-chan made me homemade sweets for Valentine’s Day,

so I’m giving her this in return♡♡

Everyone said that it doesn’t look that good in terms of appearance…

I look forward to tomorrow♡♡

o(*・ω・)ノ Yeah

Giving Jasmine snacks…



So cute(´×ω×`)

I want to put a video of her up。。

I’m just so excited by her cuteness (lol)

It’s so cute how she rolls around and acts spoiled♡♡

☆.。.:*・°☆.。.:*・Today’s Happy Point°☆.。.☆*:.

I made chiffon cake♡♡

That’s all from Miyamoto Karin!
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As ’15!

Good Evening
It’s Ishida Ayumi(*`・ω´*)



In 3 days our concert will finally start…

Today we had a dress rehearsal 4513586[1] Ishida Ayumi Fight


After our first run through during every tour something always comes us




…Do I have enough…stamina……for this……?


When the run through is over this is all we talk about between members  :sweat: lol


Even though up until yesterday I kept thinking “You can do it! You can do it!” 44511301-Ayumi 


Once we run the full thing


“Wait. This is hard isn’t it?” is the usual pattern……

I have to build more stamina 4514045[1] Ishida Ayumi Shock :sweat:


But right before the actual show, I don’t feel the difficulty much at all 4513586[1] Ishida Ayumi Fight


Because everyone is supporting!

Everyone is getting pumped up, and it’s fun, so in a matter of minutes I forget about all that stuff!


I want to hurry up and start the tour 4512837[1] sayu


We will do our best as ’15.



And today we all said a silent prayer at 2:46pm.


It’s been 4 years since the Tohoku Earthquake,

Wow, already…
There’s still problems there…


I think there are a lot of people who wonder if there is anything they can do.

But you don’t have to think too hard about it,

Turn the lights off when you leave the room!
Don’t let the water run!

those are some easy things everyone can do


There’s still a lot more things you can do,


I feel that it’s important to remember what happened on March 11th



It was painful. It was hard.

But it doesn’t have to end that way.


That’s why I’m going to do my best to do what I can!


Since I was able to become a member of Morning Musume.
Since I am able to do what I love.



I want to spread smiles everywhere 4525328[1] ayumi



See you ayumin 4451920[1]-Ayumi
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Pretty Cure!!

Good evening
It’s Ishida Ayumi(^・ ω ・^)


Today 44511301-Ayumi


We participated in the early screening for “Pretty Cure All Stars Spring Carnival

Don’t forget it comes out on 3/14 4513586[1] Ishida Ayumi Fight


We were with 4 of the voice actresses,
Oriental Radio-san


Cure Flora and
Cure Lovely came too!


There were a lot of little kids in the theater 44511301-Ayumi

Everyone had Pretty Cure popcorn, and costume pieces in their hair, they were so cute 44511301-Ayumi


And on today’s stage

We sang the movie’s theme song

“Ima Koko Kara” 13780[1]


The MV is up on Morning Musume’s YouTube channel

This was first time we performed this song 4513586[1] Ishida Ayumi Fight


I was super nervous



All the kids and their mothers and father were clapping and made the environment fun gakishock2 44511301-Ayumi


We were able to give a solid performance!!



I really like the lyrics for “Ima Koko Kara” because they’re straightforward

And towards the end the music swells,

and makes me really cheerful when I hear it :onpu:


The CD goes on sale on 4/15
So please look forward to that 4525328[1] ayumi


“Ima Koko Kara” is the theme song for the movie “Pretty Cure All Stars Spring Carnival♪

The movie is out on 3/14 44511301-Ayumi 44511301-Ayumi 44511301-Ayumi


The ending featured us!

Morning Musume。’15!
All kids from around the country!
and Oriental Radio-san!

We were all dancing 4512837[1] sayu 4523670[1]


You should definitely come see this movie



Speaking of the movie


It’s popcorn44511301-Ayumi
In cute Pretty Cure boxes 44511301-Ayumi


We received some refreshments

They were really really tasty,
I couldn’t stop my hands from reaching for more
:sweat: lol



I want to see it in the movie theater soon :onpu:


Look for the cat character that I designed

in the movie theaters okay? 4525335[1] ayumi


See you ayumin 4451920[1]-Ayumi
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Orix Theater☆

Juice=Juice’s Miyamoto Karin here!!

Today we had a Hello! Project concert at
Osaka Orix Theater!

I missed the last concert in Hiroshima because I had the flu,
so I worked even harder to make up for the time I missed!!!

It had been a while since I was up on stage
so I felt really nervous.

But as usual, when I got on the stage everyone got pumped up as usual,

The senpai and other members made eye contact with me during the performance,

and the staff kept asking me if I was okay.

Everyone was so warm,
I was so grateful I couldn’t express it in words.
I wondered what I should do…

even though this seems obvious,
I put my very all into my performance.

But I might have been straining a bit.

I hope I was able to convey my feelings though, even if it was only a little.

If everyone who came had fun, then that’s all that matters to me.

Somehow I sweat lot more than usual during this concert.

When the concert was over I started feeling something dripping in my hair!! lol
It was sweat (lol)


Also, today

From our double A-side single releasing on 4/8

『Wonderful World / Ça va ? Ça va ?』

we sang

「Wonderful World」!!

This was our first time wearing the single outfits on stage…

Tomorrow I’m going to work hard so that a bunch of people will

start liking Juice=Juice after seeing our performance。・:+°。・:+°

o(*・ω・)ノ Yes

I received so much chocolate on Valentines Day

I got chocolate wasted (lol)


I’ll have to make sure I’m sober for Juice=Juice’s performance (lol)

Happy Valentine♡♡



☆.。.:*・°☆.。.:*・Today’s Happy Point°☆.。.☆*:.

I sweat more than usual♡♡

That’s all from Miyamoto Karin!
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Seishun Kozou is almost on air!

Good evening
It’s Ishida Ayumi(●´ω`●)



I got to appear in
Berryz Koubou Matsuri」 4513586[1] Ishida Ayumi Fight 4525328[1] ayumi



After becoming Morning Musume。’15,


Today was the first time,


that we were able to perform,

with all 13 of us :berri:



Suzuki Kanon-saaan
I’m really glad your leg got better!

The 13 of us sang


Berryz Koubou’s
『Ai wa Itsumo Kimi no Naka ni』  44511301-Ayumi



On Hello Station in the dance corner,
Shimizu Saki-san taught us this dance once
4525328[1] ayumi

I never thought the day that we would perform it would come4513977[1] ayumi



At Berryz Koubou-san’s concert,
In front of all of Berryz
Koubou-san’s fans,
Having to sing song from Berryz

I was super nervous :sweat:


I wonder if some people noticed what’s in the picture?

On our heads,
are the actual,


hats that Berryz Koubou-san

wore for that single  4451920[1]-Ayumi


The one I was wearing,

Had Shimizu-san’s name on it
Thank you Shimizu-san



Especially for 『Ai wa Itsumo Kimi no Naka ni』,
we didn’t have that much rehearsal time,

so we were going over the moves right up until the performance.


In this song they made a V-shape and a diagonal line,
there are a lot of formation parts that confused me

Since Morning Musume。is known for our formation dance skills 4513586[1] Ishida Ayumi Fight

I really wanted to perform the song cooly,


Everyone really did their best :berri:


If anyone who came to today’s concert
thought “Woah!” during our performance 44511301-Ayumi

Please come see us on tour



After our performances were over,

We got to watch the rest of Berryz Koubou-san’s concert


They packed a punch.

It was really really cool.

Plus they were really cute.


Being able to do a concert together with such wonderful people, made me realize again how amazing of an experience that was.

They are really wonderful


Tomorrow we will be appearing
in 「
Berryz Koubou Matsuri」 again

Please support us :berri:





Morning Jogakuin will start!


『Seishun Kozou ga Naiteiru』
will be on air for the very first time 4513586[1] Ishida Ayumi Fight 4514045[1] Ishida Ayumi Shock


One last thing

Hina Fest general tickets have gone on sale!

They’ve also uploaded
a new video!


Please check it out~


See you ayumin 4451920[1]-Ayumi
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Good evening
It’s Ishida Ayumi(*д)b


Announcement 4525328[1] ayumi


Sendai Housou’s

“Sando ga Iku! Local Research Variety This is Miyagi?!2″


Is airing tmorrow 2:30~3:25pm :tv: 44511301-Ayumi


It seems that a lot of people living in Miyagi don’t this, but 4514045[1] Ishida Ayumi Shock

I am from Miyagi myself

I think most people don’t know that 4525718[1] :sweat:


Getting to appear on this show and learn more about Miyagu made me really happy 44511301-Ayumi


On our Spring concert tour

There will be one on 3/22 in Sendai!
And on 3/21 in Fukushima!


I’m happy we’re doing one in my home prefecture 4525328[1] ayumi

I’ve been to Fukushima countless times
for school, with my family, with my friends families 4513586[1] Ishida Ayumi Fight :onpu:


So I’m happy that we get to do a concert in a place that holds so many memories for me 4525328[1] ayumi


By all means, please come\(^^)




Also today,
we recorded for Morning Jogakuin


44511301-Ayumi Fukumura Mizuki-san
44511301-Ayumi Satou Masaki-chan
44511301-Ayumi Ishida Ayumi

Us three will be hosting 3/7 and 3/14 4513586[1] Ishida Ayumi Fight


(This is a picture from an earlier time~ 4525718[1] )


It was fun just talking freely,
It passed by really quickly :sweat:


Look forward to them airing on the 7th and 14th at 12:30am~!!



I also some amazing news to tell you  4451920[1]-Ayumi


Tomorrow on Morning Jogakuin



Seishun Kozou ga Naiteiru


Will air for the first time


……did you know? lol


This is one episode you definitely can’t miss44511301-Ayumi 4514045[1] Ishida Ayumi Shock
Please look forward to it


It’s tomorrow at 12:30am~

Well technically since it’s past midnight, it’s really on the 29th!



I look forward to everyone’s support~ gakishock2 44511301-Ayumi




Also tomorrow,
on Ariake Colliseum at the

4451920[1]-Ayumi Berryz Koubou Matsuri 4451920[1]-Ayumi

Morning Musume。’15 will make an appearance


We only have a little bit of time left with Berryz Koubou-san

Tomorrow we will do our very best to pump everyone up with our performance!


Please support us 4525328[1] ayumi


See you ayumin 4451920[1]-Ayumi
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I’m Sorry for Worrying You.

Juice=Juice’s Miyamoto Karin here!!

Due to the flu I wasn’t able to attend the concerts in Yamaguchi or Hiroshima,
and I also didn’t update my blog.

I’m sorry for worrying you for such a long time.

I’m all better now,

so I made a comeback at today’s Hello! Project concert in Osaka at the Orix Theater!

While I was gone
the Juice=Juice members

sent me videos and messages saying

“Get well soon!”!

Kanazawa Tomoko-chan editied her voice and face, and me one that was a bit like a horror movie,

it made me feel a lot better,

even though I’ve caused them a lot of trouble by being absent,
they still did all this for me…

It made me really happy that I am in Juice=Juice!!


thank you very much for all the comments you left me while I was gone.

Thanks to everyone I’m full of energy now!!!

I apologize to the people who I was supposed to meet, that I wasn’t able to.

I hope that I can meet everyone from Yamaguchi and Hiroshima in the future!

Today I’ll do my absolute best!



That’s all from Miyamoto Karin!
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