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Konbanyuu4367757[1]1075 Zukki Eripon

Today I went to @JAM

Up Up Girls (Temp)-san appeared, their intensity was super amazing4367757[1]1075 Zukki Eripon

I also got to listen to 4367757[1]UPPER ROCK4367757[1] which is a song I like3768-2

I like that song a lot

But I heard that all the groups together, made today a 5 hour live, I wanted to see all of them[みんな:11]766 Eripon


I learned a lot692

I want to take what I learned and make Morning Musume。 cooler


I took a picture with everyone4368934[1] Eripon[みんな:40]



I will continue to improve




A while ago…
I went on a DATE4367757[1]1075 Zukki Eripon


Isn’t that nice


I want to say who I went on a DATE with, but i also don;t want to say920 Zukki




Niigaki-saaaaaaan766 Eripon

I said it again

Well, I just wanted to say it…lol

Went went out to eat and went shopping[みんな:11]3768-2

I was sooo happy[みんな:11]


Niigaki-san is too cute[みんな:11]3768-2

I was nervous and excited to see her[みんな:11]3768-2

Are you alright45014501

Is how I felt[みんな:40][みんな:40]


Niigaki-san, linked arms with me[みんな:40]




I shouldn’t say this too much176[1]gakitehe

but, let’s go again4377425[1]4377425[1]

I said it4368493[1] Eripongakitehe


It’s okay if I say iiiiiit

I’ll go I’ll go


You know…

I’m in a really good mood176[1]gakitehe


It’s been decided3227[1]


It seems that Niigaki-san has received a ticket for the cheer on/support meetinggakitehe920 Zukki


How was it everyonegakitehe

I think this time everyone will have fun[みんな:11]


I will do a certain something


It’s special for people who read my blog4367774[1] Eripon4367757[1]


See ya4377425[1]4377425[1]


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Bye bye
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It’s my fault

Good mornyon


Today is the event at Sapporo Factory


I have to wake up early, so I need to go to bed early, but I couldn’t sleep,

so I feel asleep watching London Hearts Magic Mail on the internet. lol


It was super funny!


But I able to wake up on time feeling refreshed.



I’ve discovered a new breakfast food!←


Put half a block of tofu on a plate

put some cod roe and soy sauce on it

and mix it together!


If you do this, it tastes like you’re eating a cod roe bowl, but it’s healthy not to mention yummy!


It’s best if you crush the tofu and mix it

In my house we eat gyuudon (beef bowls) with tofu instead, the tofu era has come.


Tomorrow I think I’ll mix nattou with some ‘It’s rice!’.


If I mix this it might be good! I added it without any hesitation.


I might just eat this for breakfast, lunch, and dinner


I want to change the topping for something with more nutrition!


Doing the event I thought, I need to be thinner.


Even if everyone is doing their best with all their might, if there are people like me who can’t control their figures
it’ll trouble everyone else


People who saw us at the shopping center for the first time, must have thought

Ah, anyone can be an idol


Thinking things like, Are these kids a comedy group?


I am sorry to the members,


My stress was piling up so I wasn’t able to enter carefully.


I have to be able to not laugh at others

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Bye bye

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Refreshed*With D Report

This morning, my face was feeling refreshed for no reason.


Maybe it’s because I slept well?


To bad we didn’t have the jacket cover
photo shoot today! lol


Well, even though it’s only a bit. It’s a big thing to me.


When it’s hot my bangs are always like this


It’s easy when it’s half-up and braided.





Disney Park Food Report




I will start the food report now.




In Disneyland’s

Fantasy Land


Queen of Hearts Banquet Hall



The chicken salad I ate in the
castle shaped like the Queen of Hearts.



I think it’s the most

voluminous salad I’ve had?

Because of that

it costs more that some of the other salads, but

I really recommend it!



There is a lot of chicken,

so even if you’re on a diet it will be filling.


At this restaurant,

they of course have meat and fish

and they have bread and soup and fruit

also the atmosphere is really fantasy like

Please try going!



I wonder what I should talk about next time˙



Look forward to it☆*:. . o(≧▽≦)o . .:*☆



From now on I’m going to post more information about Disney on my blog

I will study and become

more knowledgeable!
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We had an event in Hokkaido!
Hokkaido has a lot of delicious food, and it’s very appealing, but more than that,
I was happy we were able to do an event in Hokkaido!
We don’t get to go to Hokkaido often, so
it made me veeery happy when people told us that they were happy we came, their feelings were strongly conveyed to me :nikoniko: !
People said, “Thank you for coming all the way to Hokkaido!”  I was happy to meet everyone in Hokkaido, so I will do my best so that we can go to Hokkaido more and more!
You might think this is an idol-esque comment, but
I reeeeeeeeally happy that we were able to do an event in Hokkaido!\(^^)/
And after, of course, we had a seafood bowl!
It was good :bikkuri::nikoniko:
After that, I bought my あとあと、私の大好きな大好きな、
absolute favorite sweet macaron cookies \(^^)/\(^^)/
My entire family loves these cookies\(^^)/
But the cookies are in Otaru, so
I thought I wouldn’t be able to buy them
but the fans told me where they sell them in the airport, so I was able tot but them :nikoniko: !
Earlier my family and I ate the strawberry flavored cookies! I hadn’t had the strawberry flavor before, but it was really really good :nikoniko::nikoniko:

I sunbathed :nikoniko:

Also, I saw the super moon
from inside the plane! (^^)
Bye bye
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6/22 is Bowling Day (^^♪

S/mileage was appointed the PR cheerleaders of Bowling Day.

Everyone in the bowling alley was full of smiles~!
Sasazuka Bouru-san is also on the poster with S/mileage, so please look forward to that!
I have gone bowling with Take-chan before, but
I love bowling, so
I want to go with all the members~~~~
I wanted to go bowling with everyone
When they asked “When are we going?”
I thought, it should be now!
I really want to go, since everyone asked me about it… lol
But I will go when I have time to go with everyone!
Let’s smile while bowling~^^

Bye bye
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I want to go to a lavender feild

Good work today-nyon


We had an event in Sapporo factory



When you think of Hokkaido


Umi no Sachi! (Happiness of the Sea)


It’s a 3 colored salmon bowl.

It’s a delicious combination

The atmosphere is beautiful in Hokkaido, Thank you


The sea urchin Hokkaido is the only kind I can eat

Salmon is the best


 Ah, now I feel like going to my favorite sushi place.


The boss molds the sushi rice Kanon size for me. In mini mini size


It’s the best. The miso soup is also delicious.


I will go soon








How nostalgic~


It’s also been a while since I’ve seen

the people of Hokkaido

So I was really excited

It was fun, and I heard a lot of happy words.


I was told “Please come again!” so I will do my best to go back.


On the plane ride home today,

On the plane’s music station?

I listened to the J-Pop Memories channel.


I love old songs.


I only know the really popular one, but

there are a lot of honest songs, how should I say,

a lot of songs that sound smooth

anyways I like them.


I think there are a lot of sad songs that make me hold me chest


I like Rainy Blue


I want to learn a lot,

someone who is experienced in life!

Please recommend old songs to me



and with that

Everyone who is my age!


For when I go to karaoke with my friends,

please tell me about a song that makes you think


Amazing! or say Wow, or that gets you pumped up!


I want to go to karaoke with Meimei!

Because I like Meimei’s singing


Well then, see you tomorrow
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It’s today!

Today is Bowling Day!

Did you go bowling?

Was it fun?? :nikoniko::nikoniko::nikoniko:

Today we had an event in Miyagi

Thanks to those who came to see us!!

There were people watching from above too, so it made me happy!

Lately it hasn’t been sunny out,
I can’t receive light power from the sun :shobon:

I want to hurry up and bathe in tomorrow’s sun :sun: …I have to get power!!

I wonder if it will be sunny out??

Tomorrow is, Hokkaido!

When I looked at the weather reports for Hokkaido,
The highest temperature was 26℃, so it looks like it might be hot, but
the lowest temperature is 13℃…
I wonder if it’ll be cold…

Everyone in Hokkaido,
How is the weather???

Bye bye
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Shiawase Happiness

I went to Disneyland.


My class was canceled, so

out my year pass holder buddies

I went with a friend

I was in a musical with before!


I went with Kawamoto Mayu-chan!


It’s been a while since I’ve seen Mayuuu!


We hung out a lot since the Shugo Chara! musical


Mayu is really beautiful

and super cute!




Today was

a really happy time






My recommendation is,

the Queen of Hearts

banquet hall’s


・rice bread

・caesar salad

・corn cream soup


Yup. My stomach is full.




Being a guest at Disneyland makes me ridiculously happy.


I will continue to be

in the care of Disneyland Resort-san’s

that holds hope and dreams (^-^)Yay
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