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Seriousness is! Ishida Ayumi

Good evening
It’s Ishida Ayumi


Today we did a concert in Fukuoka :redtulip:


Speaking of Fukuoka


It’s Ikuta Erina-san’s hometown

Cheering on the others on the sidelines with Ikuta-san is so much fun.


I have confidence that Suberize
didn’t mess up this time
4513586[1] Ishida Ayumi Fight

Mostly I’m laughing at myself though.



Today in the dressing room

Fukumura Mizuki-san and Suzuki Kanon-san said
“Ayumi-chan’s has changed the most~”



we talked a bit about when we first entered Morning Musume  :clock:


I think that I’ve changed the most
in term of character 4514046[1] Ayumi


In the beginning,

and I would say this then too, but


I was a serious person


4514045[1] Ishida Ayumi Shock (;゜∀゜)



I don’t know if I’m serious or not,
I don’t even know myself, but


I goof off sometimes (lol)
and have times when I’m weird (lol)

But doing that is really fun

I think this is me au naturel


If I were really just a serious person,
Wouldn’t be able to joke around right

(……In a good and bad way lol)



I try to get the audience pumped up

by letting them see this foolish side of me
when I’m cheering from the sidelines

I think it’s also because Ikuta-san is there


When it gets hot, funny things become even funnier!!!

……Don’t say that I’ve never been funny from the start!!!


I’m happy we have the same sense of humor 4451920[1]-Ayumi





After the concert with Juice=Juice’s Kanazawa Tomoko-chan 4451920[1]-Ayumi


We’re surprisingly closer in height than I thought

Lately Kanatomo also cut her hair off, so our hair cuts match~ :onpu:


When Kanatomo is dancing, her fingers look
suuuuuper pretty

Lately I’ve been looking at them a lot!!


I make a lot of discoveries during the Hello Concerts, it’s fun Ishida Ayumin Daaishi sun



Did you see the broadcast of “Araarakashiko”
on Sendai Housou?


Next week on 2/7……


I’ll be going to the studio for the first time  4451920[1]-Ayumi


But I’m looking forward to it!
I’m really nervous!

Being on location and being in the studio are two completely different things!


But it’s work in my hometown, so I’ll do my best 4513586[1] Ishida Ayumi Fight


See you ayumin 4451920[1]-Ayumi
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Had a good time.

Good Evenun’69290

It’s Eripon928[3]766 Eripon
2shot with Sayumi-san1496 Zukki766 Eripon
She let me take a picture with her
I’m so thankful4410725[1]
Today we recorded for NHK Hall115[1]
Being in front of everyone made me nervous, but it was fun4410719[1]
We performed our new song, and I think I can be seen more in this dance, so I want to get better at dancing various parts4410734[1]
I want to get better at dancing766 Eripon
I don’t want to forget this feeling928[3]
So I will work even harder from here on out1075 Zukki Eripon
I went out to eat with a friend a while ago766 Eripon1496 Zukki
It was tons of fun115[1]
We took a lot of photos together4410719[1]
But the pictures weren’t cute at all, so we started cracking up1075 Zukki Eripon692
It was really funny928[3]766 Eripon
When I looked at yesterday’s comments, a lot of people said I was cool or looked like a hot guy115[1]766 Eripon
I’m thankfuuuul90
Maybe I should become that kind of character1075 Zukki Eripon1075 Zukki Eripon lol
Just kidding766 Eripon
There were a lot of strangers too lol
They’re probably just jealous1075 Zukki Eripon10632 Eripon
Tsundereeee lol
Well, I’ll work hard tomorrow too 115[1]
Adios1075 Zukki Eripon10632 Eripon
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Roses look good one me

Good evenun’4367757[1]1075 Zukki Eripon

It’s Eriponヾ(@⌒ー⌒@)ノ

A strangerーーー!?? lol

Let’s try and count how many people are here lol

Please help me out


It’s the Ai no Gundan outfits

Today we performed it for the first time90

I was nervous

I tried holding a rose in my mouth lol

How does it look??

Does it look good?

It’s a rose692

Actually, roses are my favorite flowers[みんな:11]766 Eripon

In flower language, roses mean…

Love or something, well I am just a bundle of love3768-2

So it must mean I’m cute45014501

Well, I am just like this4374790[1]


Sakura-chan is in the seat next to me692

We talked soooooo much, and are still talking now

Sakura-chan ate jelly

Grape jelly lol

That was pointless info lol

Tomorrow I’ll be on Shabekuri 007す176[1]

Watch it kaaaay? 4368493[1] Eripon


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Good evenun’1961[1]
It’s Eripon90692

3shot with Sakura-chan and Kanon-chan1075 Zukki Eripon707[1]


We had a shoot today1496 Zukki


It was fun

I don’t know why, but when we have shoot’s with all the members I get nervous1496 Zukki766 Eripon

I wonder why??

Do you want to know why??


It’s not good if there are any bad pictures244 Eripon766 Eripon

But, it’s not like I ever take bad pictures anyways4313

They all get an OK115[1]2002[1] Eripon

Is what I wish I could say115[1]

Well, I have good and bad ones1075 Zukki Eripon90


I’m always having this nervous feeling when we have shoots69290



It’s IkuDuu69290


We both have caps on1075 Zukki Eripon


It’s our outfits for the Hello Concert1961[1]4313


My earrings say NO1075 Zukki Eripon

So what?? But they actually have a meaning behind them10632 Eripon

Well, don’t ask me what it means1961[1]1075 Zukki Eripon

It’s a long story766 Eripon1496 Zukki

Sakura-chan kept saying how since my earrings say NO

it makes you want to add a K at the end692


Well, I am the Leader of the Niigaki-san Support Group (Niigaki-san Ouen Kai), aka the NOK, so naturally I want to add a K too115[1]


Tomorrow is FNS

I’m nervous…

There are going to be a lot of artists there, so I will my best t make people think the Morning Musume。 did a great job766 Eripon

I’m going put on a performance that will steal the fans of other artists1946244 Eripon

Okay! I’m going to sleep for the sake of my skin244 Eripon

London Hearts are funny


Ookubo-san is funny244 Eripon1946

See ya766 Eripon1496 Zukki


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Good eveneun’115[1]


It’s Eripon90




Today was FNS115[1]10632 Eripon


I was really fun4410719[1]766 Eripon


It made me really happy to be able to have such a fun time69290

From watching a lot of different artist’s I was able to learn alot

I want to appear on it again10632 Eripon90


I was a good experience537[1]

Thank you115[1]




Today’s hairstyle!!

I tried wrapping it up4313692


How does it look??


See ya4411863[1]4411864[1]


When I get home I’m going to watch it again1961[1]

Tomorrow we have rehearsal for that90692


What is that??

That is the problem you have to solve4410719[1]

Adios1075 Zukki Eripon692


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Good evenun’115[1]


It’s Eripon90


I got this from Mizuki537[1]


It was really yummeh4410725[1]



I’m so happy904410719[1]


When I drink something good it makes me energetic537[1]4313



Peach juice is the bestっ69290



Thanks to the juice my recording session also went well537[1]10632 Eripon


I was on pitch more than usual4411864[1]lol



Thanks Mizuki537[1]10632 Eripon





A picture from a while ago537[1]


I forgot about it115[1]4313


Lately Ikuta-san has been having good photo days1496 Zukki766 Eripon



I hope it continues115[1]





It was shown on Hello Station



The MV’s for 「Wagamama Ki no Mama Ai no Joke」「Ai no Gundan」, and our performance at the Hello Concert928[3]766 Eripon


Everyone watch, kay?90



I love everyone10632 Eripon537[1]




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Hello Concert

Good evenun’4410719[1]


It’s Eripooon



A 2shot with Sayashi90692

I did my best in my unit for Sorezore1075 Zukki Eripon


In Mazekoze a lot of different units sing a lot of different songs1075 Zukki Eripon4313

I will be singing “that” song in Mazkoze4313692

I will definitely do it115[1]

You should come537[1]


A shot with Ayumin

After the Hello Concert on Nagoya we ended up doing an After Talk Show1496 Zukki

There will be a unit special at the Mazekoze! Live during the “Makotalk!” section6924410725[1]

Erina will also appear, watch out for me4410734[1]766 Eripon

See ya90692

Adios4410719[1]766 Eripon

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3rd Performance

Good evenun’115[1]


It’s Eripon90




We had the 3rd Hello Concert performance115[1]

Checking my face, with headphones, and wearing a hat, the Erina Look is complete1961[1]766 Eripon

This is the Erina Look picture from abov1075 Zukki Eripon4313

Lately my eyes have been bad


And I haven’t been able to sleep lately6087[1] Zukki

I’m trying my best to sleep everyday1075 Zukki Eripon692


But I couldn’t get to sleep before today’s performance, why?

I want to know



Look for PonPon’s Pocket Morning answers90



Tomorrow is Kanon-chan’s birthday4410719[1]


There will be a birthday event with…



The 3 of us will do it1496 Zukki


I think Kanon-chan will lead it well? lol

I’ll do my best to help her celebrate766 Eripon1496 Zukki



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Good evenun’115[1]


It’s Eripon4410725[1]




Today is Kanon-chan’s birthday


We did a birthday event4410719[1]766 Eripon

Was the talk with Kanon-chan, Masaki-chan, and I interesting

How was it


Kanon-chan looked like she was having a lot of fun766 Eripon1496 Zukki

Watching that made me happy too244 Eripon1946

Congratulations on becoming 15115[1]


And I hope you have a wonderful year9090



Kanon-chan’s room today766 Eriponlol


How is it


She actually tried to get inside it2510[1]


Kanon-chan was her usual funny self1075 Zukki Eripon928[3]


It adds to her charm90692

I want to become more funny244 Eripon



Erina766 Eripon
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From now on

Good Evenun’4367757[1]1075 Zukki Eripon

It’s Eripooon1075 Zukki Eripon


Today I went to Shibuya by myself4367757[1]1075 Zukki Eripon

It was fun

I wanted to shopping, but I didn’t buy a single thing686[1] Zukki Eripon686[1] Zukki Eripon

Maybe I should go agaaaain

I want cloooothes


Want do I want

I don’t know4377425[1]4377425[1]

Oh well766 Eripon

Today we had rehearsal[みんな:11]

I worked really hard4367758[1]

Look forward to Morning Musume。from now on4367757[1]1075 Zukki Eripon


See ya4367757[1]1075 Zukki Eripon


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