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Fukumura Mizuki


Konbanyuu4367757[1]1075 Zukki Eripon

Today you can call me Fukumura



I laughed a lot with Erina[みんな:11]766 Eripon

It was so funny3768-2

At first you thought this was Mizuki’s blog, huh


But this is Erina’s blog4377425[1]

Please understand that


I bet some of you didn’t know, huh


Oh well90

I  feel like the mood of my blog has bee strange[みんな:11]3768-2


It’s not broken, it’s okay4368516[1] Eripon1496 Zukki



Today’s Ikuta


Today we worked on my birthday event692

Watching the intro video made me grin692


I’m gross


Listening to Niigaki-san’s Yowamushi made me want to cry, and then Niigaki-san texted me this morning, what a lucky day


Thanks to thatI was able to do my best at my dance lesson


I tried my hardest176[1]gakitehe

What should I do tomorrow


Do your best Ikuta[みんな:40][みんな:40][みんな:40]


See ya537[1]


Adios4368934[1] Eripon[みんな:40]


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Kasuka na Kanojo



I want to bee an unexpected Niigaki-san[みんな:11]


Chichin Puipui Abracabadra4367757[1]



It didn’t work

It’s Ikuta Erina-chan

It’s the last episode of Kasuka na Kanojo[みんな:40]


I watched it frantically537[1]gakitehe

I watched it trying to hide my tears1496 Zukki5249[1]


I was moved

Especially at the chorus at the end[みんな:11]3768-2

Even though Anne-san is playing the role of a ghost, she’s too cute3768-2


A lot of girls the same age as me were in that drama, but they were so good at acting I gained respect for them5249[1]1496 Zukki

There were a lot of stories, I liked that[みんな:11]3768-2


I plan on buying the DVD


I want to be a in a school drama too3768-2



I have work now6165[1] Eripon

I’ll do my besht[みんな:11]3768-2

Here I goooooo90692


See ya




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It disappeared

Konbanyuu4367757[1]1075 Zukki Eripon

Is it okay if Ikuta posts

I’m not asking for answers lol


It’s so much fun

I opened my heart to Yoshizawa-san766 Eripon

Last night we talked about many things5249[1]5249[1]


She’s a good senpai4367801[1] Eripon

She told me “Become a diver!!” a lot


Diving into the sea is so cool3768-2

I really think so


Also today our job was to attach poles to coral, but I already wrote the name of the pole4367757[1]1075 Zukki Eripon


It’s going to go in the ocean4367757[1]1075 Zukki Eripon


How cool

It’s the last 2 days4367758[1]



Hey listen…


My Yankee’s hat disappeared…

It disappeared from my stuff


Even though I worked so hard to GET! it myself


It’s nooooooowhere to be seen

I’m shocked…


Why did you disappear hat-kun?4368934[1] Eripon



I wonder if I’ll be able to find it


Should I check the lost & found at the fortune telling place

My fortune was right by the way176[1]gakitehe



My haaaaaaaaaat!!!!!


But it was fun


Thank you Yoshiawa-sangakitehe



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Konbanyuu4367757[1]1075 Zukki Eripon

It’s Ikuta



Gegege no Onitarou as Onitarou

Don’t I look like onitarou4368087[1] Eripon


I thought so3768-2

Today we had a recording for Young Town[みんな:11]3768-2

I participated as Harunan’s pinch hitter


Tsugunaga-san was also a  guest but she was amazing[みんな:40]


She made all the talk about her


I want to be like that4368934[1] Eripon

When I’ve gotten better at it, I want to make everything Tsugunaga-san says about me, I’ll do my best so that I can


But, I did my best, so hopefully they’ll call me back on one day176[1]gakitehe


Come to think of it, the Yankee’s hat came back

My beloved hat[みんな:40]
Thank you God

I was so happyyyyyyy4370692[1]


We had a shoot today too[みんな:40]



Even though i had a test, it was so cute I had to take a pic


The outfit is a secret766 Eripon

Isn’t it cute4368087[1] Eripon

I thought so3768-2


But, please look forward until when you can see this outfit


See ya tomorrow then


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Handshake Event Request

Everyone, thank you for all your song recommendations!


I will listen to them when I get home from school(´・ω・)♪




I’m been practicing my winks for handshake events, but
I still can’t do them


My face just ends up looking really gross
But I won’t give up and I’ll keep practicing
Because I have an energetic image


Even though I’m not like that


Well I might be a bit more energetic than the average person, but
I’ve been told I’m calm.


I used to be energetic and hyper


So people who saw the old energetic Kanon, and then see me now, ask if I’m feeling okay, but
I’m fine.


It looks like I’ve calmed down.




I asked people at the handshake event how I looked with a black expression.
The answer was scary lol
I’ll be careful of it in the future!
I think I”ll rent a bunch of DVD’s today(・ω・)
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Asparagus from Osaka

It’s the girl with the ultimate round face, Fukuda Kanon∧( ‘Θ’ )∧


I admire people who shampoo their hair really hard uwaaa

Lately I’ve been worried about this


Well, it’s the worries of 18 years, yes, yes it is



But there’s no way to lose weight really fast.


I was looking at my face a while ago and just started laughing


I’m not being negative or anything

It just kinda looked swollen

Like I had been poisoned or something


Poison face


Even though I’m aiming to be like a marshmallow.


My heart is swayed~


Marshmallow’s may be sweet


But maybe I should aim for asparagus

and not marshmallows


Right now I have really good luck.


Lately I really like this hair style



When I do this hair style

My face looks thinner,

People with thin faces like me,

or people with plain faces,


I think it’s good to show you eyes and eyebrows off.


I sounded like a certain model when I said that∧( ‘Θ’ )∧ lol


Lately showing off my forehead is easier

There are a lot of girls who don’t like putting up their bangs, but

I’m not against it


I don’t like when it makes my face look round,

But I’m still not against it!

Especially since when I take pictures I look normal.


If your forehead isn’t covered, you’ll get less pimples.


That might not work for me though!



I will half-bathe to end the day. My desire to get thin is strong today.


I said to end the day, but

I’ll still be up afterwards to watch Last Cinderella. lol



Well then, until tomorrow!



Where is thiiiis?
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The Last Episode

Konbanyuu4367757[1]1075 Zukki Eripon

We were gonna go with Suzuki, but in the end decided on Ikuta[みんな:03][みんな:04]


Today I hung out with a friend in the afternoon


I get along with them really well766 Eripon



It was fun[みんな:11]3768-2


Erina-chan has a lot of friends5249[1]1496 Zukki

Isn’t that great



With Kanon-chaaaan

I’ve been hanging out with Kanon-chan a lot latelygakitehe176[1]


I want to hang out with the members doing Gogakuyuu too


Speaking of Gogakuyuu…


Today is the last performance in Tokyo isn’t it


Good work everyone176[1]

Do your best in Osaka too4368934[1] Eripon[みんな:40]


You know, today…

Is the last episode…

of “Kasuka na Kanojo”…

I definitely want to see it…


But I don’t think I’ll be able to…


I wanted to watched

I’ll just record it4370692[1]



Tomorrow Ikuta will also do her best5249[1]


Adios766 Eripon3768-2


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Once Again Senpai



Instead of Fukumura we have Ikuta4367758[1]


Yesterday after watching Reader’s Theater, I watched a drama??  Watashi no Atama no Naka no Keshigomu (The Eraser Inside My Head)3768-2


I like this showーーー692

Fukuda Kyoko-san came out

I cried a loot that night


Well…once again I will begin4367757[1]1075 Zukki Eripon


I was in Tokyo…

Now I’m going to Okinawa…

I will be in Okinawa…



I’m in Okinawa noooow4377425[1]

It’s my first time here


I’m excitedgakitehe176[1]

I saw Shisa4368934[1] Eripon4368934[1] Eripon

I accidentally called Shisa (shiisaa) a Citrus depressa (shiikuwaasaa)686[1] Zukki Eripon


Everyone around me just stared

Even though I’m KY, I guess that should be expected692


I also accidentally called a sea cucumber (namako) a mushroom (nameko)686[1] Zukki Eripon

Being myself is fine[みんな:11]


I learned a lot of things in Okinawa CHU3768-2


The yummy things I ate today was…


Sea grapes3768-23768-23768-2


They’re reeeally good69290



Yoshizawa-san is amazing4367757[1]1075 Zukki Eripon

I want to be able to dive into water too4367774[1] Eripon

As expected of my Senpai


I’ll tell you more tomorrow!!


Will you read it tomorrow?
It was fun3768-2


See ya90692




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The event at the Nattori Aeon Mall is over~


Thank you to everyone who came.


Today is Bowling Day, so

did anyone go bowling?


When I bowled a while ago it was fun , so the next time my friends as

What do you want to do?

I’ll say Bowling! Sasazuka Bouru!



Something I want lately is luck.


I have too many unlucky times



Also today when Kananan was saying her lines during the song on stage, I started laughing


Then during the MC I called out Kanana~n


What I said caused a lot of trouble for a lot of people, so I will reflect on my actions, I want to make the best of the events to come.


I didn’t intend to say it funny,

I don’t usually laugh that much at funny things, so I didn’t understand how hard it must be to have to hold in laughter, I wasn’t thinking of other people’s feelings.


I made Kananan laugh, and brought failure, I apologize.


It’s my fault.


I will make sure this doesn’t happen again



Please continue to support me tomorrow too

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Nagoya Food

A Miso Stew Udon place in Nagoya




I always ask for,
a small nabe pot




This girl is trying to limit her carbs←
But I love this small nabe
I’m just happy




Intestines boiled in miso.


I am an intestines wota now.


After this we have an event at Mycal Kuwana! You should come!!
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