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Ikemen lol。

Good eveniiiing!Definitely look at thiーs!!
It’s Erikiteru (Helioptile)ーー1075 Zukki Eripon1961[1]

Did you see???

Ray-san’s special-edition Ikuta-san1075 Zukki Eripon
So、I was asked the question, “What attire would you like to try wearing?”。。。
At first、I wanted to do lolita fashion。。。
When I thought it over well。。。
Since I’m always told I’m an ikemen (handsome guy)、and I haven’t done that look、wouldn’t that be good to try? is what I came up with 692
How is it??Ikuta-san!!
My selfie ended up turning out a little cute, didn’t it
Sorry ー( ´ ▽ ` )ノLol
This、the way my hair is styledー??
It’s not a wig, you knowー1075 Zukki Eripon
He did this with my own hair???
I guess that’s ’cause it gets this short???


Music Station
I’ll perform in those4461374[1]
If you don’t watch, I’ll get super upset 6924461374[1]
Everyoneー!!You gotta check it out


Ikemen Ikuta
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Announcement From the Staff

Thank you for always warmly supporting Mano Erina。


Mano Erina is acting in the TV Asahi special drama「Mama ga Ikita Akashi」
broadcast today at 21:00。


By all means, please watch it。
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Happiness, for the first time in a while。

For the first time in such a long time
I was able to sleep

without setting an alarm


For me,
that’s a considerably happy thing


I’m incredibly glad to be able to
have a sound sleep

without being pressed for time


I slept so soundly
that I don’t even remember what dream I had


Did you watch the drama
「Mama ga Ikita Akashi」(Proof that Mama Lived)
that was broadcast yesterday?


I was very glad
to be able to participate

in this production。


I still haven’t been able to watch it,
so I want to take my time watching it later
^ ^




That reminds me、
after work,

I went with my manager, Manetty,

to slurp up a Krushers

for the first time





Of course
I got the salty Hirami lemon


My poster was also
in the store we went to




Everyone slurp up some too ∩^ω^∩
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♪♪♪I had fuuun♪♪♪

Otsukareーshon :heart: o0020002012958809534[1] Reina



The LIVE endedーo0020002012597128485[1] Reina 



It was reーally fuuun :heart: :heart: :heart:



I had an early morning, but the day ended early too :nikoniko: :kirakira:



I’ll put up some pictures I took with Morning Musume。’14 members :heart: :heart: :heart:






Sayashi Riho-chan :heart:


I wanted to do Sayashi’s make-upo0020002012496478350[1] Reinafor her



but because Sayashi was scolded by an adult、I stopped o0018001812463144257[1] Reinalol



Let me do it again sometimeー :heart: :heart: :heart:








Iikubo Haruna-chan :heart:o0020002012892227921[1]-Reina



And Michishige Sayumi-chan :heart:




I’ve been listening to Morning Musume。songs, so I want to go to karaoke now (Lol)



Reina also wanted to participate



in songs like “Ren’ai Hunter” and “One Two Three”ー




I said (///∇///) :heart:



Will we be able to someday?Lol





I also want to sing “Ookii Hitomi” with Sayu again :heart: :heart: :heart:



Today really was funー :up: :up: :up:



Everyone who got pumped up with LoVendoЯ, thank youっっ :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart:



I’ll do my best in my solo LIVE tomorrow :nikoniko: :guddo:
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I lost。

When I’m looking at various shoes
on the Internet

there are some that I reeeally like


And so、
I head to lunch with a friend in a town

where that shop happens to be


And so
we end up going in the shop
, you know、、、


And so, when I see those shoes in real life
my heart skips a beat, you know


And when I end up taking them in my hands
I end up asking the shop staff

「Could I try these on?」
you know、、、


You understand。


The probability of me buying them
after I put them on rising


This time
I won’t get on board that current


I did think that, but


when I put them on
they’re cute and lightweight and easy to walk in

and they fit just right


So I ended up buying them(*´艸`*) 


I lost to their incredible cuteness。


I don’t regret it


There are days when things like that happen。


since I ended up buying shoes

I thought things like
“This isn’t saving money
“I’ll try hard again tomorrow


Also, I’ve finally been able
to tie my hair back recently

so even if my hair had gotten messed up while sleeping

I can just pull it back and it’s fine

I can’t help but enjoy it(Lol)




I haven’t cut my hair

since last November


I often go to the hair salon for coloring my hair,
but since I want to grow it out

I just have them trim the ends


It finally got longer。


A year ago
I had a short haircut, right


I feel like right now
it’s just right


What do you think
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How are you getting along?!?!

It’s hot today(ー ー;)


For the first time this year‼︎
I went outside just in short sleevesー^ ^


I always
carry around a light cardigan
or hoodieっ




Even though it feels nice to walk in short sleeves
I’m afraid of getting sunburned,
so next time I’ll definitely
carry a jacket around ω・`)Lol


As the hot days continue,
I receive messages with pictures attached
from my friends
saying stuff like「I’m slurping it up for the first time now」
「I drank Krushersー!」.(Lol)




Has everyone drunk them tooー?!?!


By the way
now I feel like I want to drink
a kiwi & aloe oneーーーっ♡


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After I had fun、、、

the morning after my LIVE
my right shoulder wouldn’t raise up


I played around
with all my might

and after having fun

certainly, this would turn up


I was already happy
because even that sort of thing

hasn’t happened in a while ^ ^


Oh yes、
so on the day of my LIVE

there were refreshments of Krushers,

chicken, and biscuits

from KFC in the dressing room


Usually, I can’t really eat
when it’s time for a LIVE, but

between the first and second performances

I ended up eating

the Krushers, chicken,

and biscuits




thank you *\(^o^)/*


And, and、
Morning Musume。’s

Fukumura Mizuki-chan came

to the evening performanceー!


Moreover、at the end of her play‼︎‼︎


I was happy♡


I remembered that I was emailing Fuku-chan
the who
ーle morning
on the day of my graduation LIVE^ ^


When it ended、
we met backstage

and Fuku-chan looked like she would cry

She’s cute as always, hu





Thank you so much for coming
despite being worn out from your play
^ ^
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Zepp Diver City

Yesterday was
my solo LIVE
Zepp Diver City


Before it started
I was so incre
ーーーdibly nervous
that even though it was time for assembling

I was playing the piano backstage

right up until the last minute(Lol)


I really was so nervous
that I had a strange feeling,

like, I wanted it to hurry up and start

and yet I wanted to have a bit more time


But you know,
when it started and I ascended onto the stage

and the same view as always came into view

I was really happy


Since it had been a while
since I’d sung and danced a lot

and sweated a bunch

my anxiety was great, but

somehow or another,

I enjoyed yesterday’s performance
I really was filled with that feeling


Thank you for
a fun time *\(^o^)/*


The next performance is on the 29th in Osaka‼︎‼︎‼︎


Be waiting for it in anticipation♡






Pictures from before and after
the performance♪
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One year since graduation☆

Yahoっ★o0020002012597128485[1] Reina


Today is the day that one year has passed since Reina graduated from Morning Musume。o0020002012472456649[1] Reina


I saw your blog comments



(It says: “Everyone, thank you–”)


One year went by faーstっっo0020002012529706859[1] Reina


One year passed in the blink of an eye :nikoniko: :kirakira: :paa:


Though I’ll be active as a member of LoVendoЯ,


to everyone who is coming along with me even now, thank you :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart:


And those who have only recently started to support me too, thank you :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart:


Please support me from now on tooo0020002012390620944[1]




Yahhoiっっo0020002012597128485[1] Reina :music:
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I use it habituallyっ

Mornin’っっo0020002012597128485[1] Reina


I also went to bed before midnight yesterday and slept a loーtっっ



I’m happyっ:heart: :heart: o0020002012892227921[1]-Reina:heart: :heart:



That is, it’s raini━━━━━━━━━━━━━ng (°Д°)





I’m using my own iPhone case habitually :heart: :heart: :heart:


By the way, so is o0020002012949046649[1] MamaMamaっっ :heart: :heart: :heart:
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