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Today、I had a day OFF, so I headed for the beauty parlor and eyelash maintenance。




My beloved Nandy-chan took a lot of photos for me






The interior is so cute, it doesn’t even seem like a beauty parlor, and I look forward to every time I go, like I want to live there(Lol)




Nandy-chan、thank youu~



Risako See you
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Come to think of it、I still had my France diary left over, so I’ll write it。


I wanted to go to LADURÉE the whole time, and there was one in the airport so I was able to buy from it at the last minute。










I ended up buying a lot(Lol)


It was my first time eating LADURÉE macaroons、and they were very good。


It seems there are a few of their stores in Japan, so maybe I’ll try going to one。



Risako See you
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yurina ♡ happyBirthday

Thank you for your many messages。
I read them all。


I will work hard with everyone until next Spring、so please cheer me on‼︎



Well、it’s a little overdue, but…
8/3 was Kumai-chan’s birthday♪




May you have a lovely year…。



At any rate, the tomato was delicious~(Lol)



Risako See you
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From us, Berryz Koubou、we have a report。



Though I believe there are those who already have some knowledge of this、it has been decided that Berryz Koubou will enter an indefinite hiatus in the Spring of next year。


It is a conclusion we have come to after having discussed it countless times among all the members since about one year ago。


I’m sorry for surprising you with this sudden announcement。


Until we suspend our activities next Spring、we will all combine our strength and keep at it with all our might、so please continue to support us for a long time‼︎





Berryz Koubou・Sugaya Risako
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This is a continuation of my France diary。


We had time time to use at our discretion、I walked downtown with Miya and Maa-chan in a French town。


We discovered a delicious-looking smoothie and ice cream shop…




and I had a strawberry smoothie♪




It was a bit sour、but it was good。



Afterwards、in the evening we all went to eat some French cuisine。








There was so much ham I couldn’t eat it all, but it was delicious!


The pig-shaped macaroon I had for dessert was so cute



Risako See you
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Yesterday I had the privilege of performing as a guest in S/mileage’s Budoukan LIVE‼︎


The performance started, and I was watching in the wings until I was to appear…
I ended up teary-eyed, seeing the image of everyone(Lol)


They were cool and cute、and everyone was sparkling T^T



You’ve done really, really well, everyone♪



Well、we, Berryz Koubou, will also have our second LIVE at the Budoukan in September, so we have to work hard‼︎



Risako See you
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Although it’s a day late…




Sayumin-san、Happy Birthday :cake:






Me being cheerful after she said、 “I’ll cut a piece of cake for you“…(Lol)




But the piece she cut for me was too big…(Lol)
I split it with Sayashi(Lol)




Even though I got some cake、I’m still staying close to Sayumin-san…(Lol)



I love youっ



May you have a lovely year…。



Risako See you
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maasa♡happy birthday

I’m late on this, but…


Maa-chan、Happy Birthday




Maa-chan、who is always kind and reliable。
Please continue to let me behave like a spoiled child(Lol)



May you have a lovely year…。



Risako See you
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Fans who are always giving us your warm support!

How are you doing??

I had the privilege of being the MC on Hello!Sta this time

with Sugaya Risako-san、

so were you able to watch itー??

In there, there was an important announcement from S/mileage。

I think you were surprised by this sudden announcement、

but it has been decided that S/mileage will have a

【Group Name Change】


【Addition of 3rd-Generation Members

As it was shown on Hello!Sta、

the two 1st-gen members told us four 2nd-gen members

and the moment the announcement came、it was such a completely unexpected thing

I was surprised; I couldn’t believe it!

But with the original members considering increasing the number of members

so that from now on, when they graduate, the 2nd-gen members can also keep going、

and being able to have a concert at Nippon Budoukan as 6-member S/mileage

and changing the group name to refresh it with a brand-new sense,

that is、

I think S/mileage will be able to grow bigger and bigger、

and with the 3rd-gen members joining, it gives me good motivation

to be able to improve even more myself, so I think it’s a very good thing

I’m very happy

I’d like to create an environment with everyone that’s easy for the 3rd-gen to be in

Because I’m from Osaka、I think it’d be nice if a member from a local area joined、

and I’m full of tons of excitement and anticipation for how we’ll progress from now on!

Members will join from Hello!Pro Kenshuusei、

so I wonder what kind of girls they’ll be?My heart is racing!

Combining the power of the original members、the 2nd-gen members、and the soon-to-join 3rd-gen members, we will go on and do our best

Even now, I still can’t believe I’m doing activities now as S/mileage、

and I truly am happy every day、

and a lot of things happen、

but because I was able to join S/mileage、

and the 2nd gen members were warmly accepted by the 1st、

I’m thankful once again、

for the fact that I’m spending my time this way now!

From now on, like always、


if you would support us even more than you have up to now, I’d be glad

From now on too, we’re in your care

Won’t you continue to come along with usー??

Nakanishi Kana
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New members。Name change。

It’s been decided that 3rd-generation members will be joiningーーー!!!!!!

3rd-gen members from Kenshuusei will join!!!!!!



I’m excited over what kinds of girls will come in!!


Also、the group name “S/mileage” will have a name change!




The reason new members are joining、is because the first-gen members

didn’t know what would be good for us 2nd-gen members to do after they graduated

and it seems that they had fully realized their uneasiness about that、and were thinking about us。


Also、there are parts where we have been acting lightly、

and we have to focus our energies a bit more。

We can’t be chit-chatting like we’re the youngest kids forever。

It seems they decided to add 3rd-gen members because

they also wanted us to mature more as well。



When 3rd-gen members join、we can’t be acting frivolously、

and our juniors will be able to be in the same group as us。We’ll become seniors (senpai)。Which means

we will have to teach them what we’ve learned up to now。



There are still lots of things I don’t know how to do、but I’m sure

there are things that the 3rd-gen will teach me too、so I think it would be good

if I, too, could improve little by little!!!




The new members will debut in front of everyone on 10/4、and I’m really looking forward to it!!!




And、about the group name change、the original S/mileage

was a 4-person group、and from there two members graduated、and it seems that

at that time they had even been considering disbanding。


But they didn’t, and we 2nd-gen members were accepted

and we’ve been doing activities together as six people、and on 7/15 this year

we were able to make our Nippon Budoukan performance a success…。


Making this the end of S/mileage in its present form、

new members will come in、and here our group name will change

and we’ll have a brand-new start。



The new group name will be decided through

general applications!




This is the first step toward our bright future!!!


And、from this point on、even though our name will change

S/mileage will continue to evolve、and I think it would be nice if we could become a group

whose existence will go on for a long time!!


From now on, I want to advance forward and improve alongside the new members!!



And from now on too、please give us your support!!

S/mileage 2nd Generation Member

Takeuchi Akari
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