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What day is todaーy!?







It’s Momochi-senpai’s birthdaaay!!




That’s what I’m saying、but I messed up last night and sent the email to her ahead of time…( ;  ;


I really wanted to send it at 0:00 (midnight)…( ;  ; )Lol























It would be good if you have a wonderful year~(^^)♡



I was extremely moved by Berryz Koubou-san’s recent LIVE、so I will do my best to follow the example of Momochi-senpai’s songs~!Lol







Changing the subject…



Yesterday and today, I did a spring cleaning of the school I’m much obliged to~( ^ω^ )


I made it sparkly~( ^ω^ )✧✦


Cleaning is something I like~( ^ω^ )Lol


But、using water feels cold, so I was really cold( ;  ; )( ;  ; )Lol



It seemed like my hands were going to freeze( ;  ; )*sweat*



I pulled tatami mats in and out, so I’m thoroughly exhausted~(°_°)Lol


The endっ( ^ω^ )♪




Tomorrow we have a release event at Tama Plaza!


Definitely, please come!

Morito Chisaki


The photo is us with souvenirs from Okinawa that Momochi-senpai gave us!



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\Eternal and immortal/

Good evening!


I’m sorry it’s today already( ;  ;

Yesterday was
Berryz Koubou Last Concert
Koubou Ikubee~!



We had the privilege of doing the opening act!

It was our first performance at Budoukan!!

It’s thanks to Berryz Koubou-san that we were even able to perform on such a wonderful stage
Thank you

Getting to be the opening act was a really fun and happy thing、and I strongly felt that I wanted to grow to be able to do our own concert at the Budoukan soon( ;  ; )♡



After the opening ended、we got to watch Berryz Koubou-san’s concert


The stage really was amazing!


From the beginning, they did the songs I like♡Lol


Watching the members, I thought how it’s been an ordeal forBerryz Koubou』-san、having a history of about 11 years、to keep going as a group for this long。


But、I don’t know everything that’s happened since their debut、so I’m sure that a lot more happened than I think did( ;  ; )!


I was truly happy being near such wonderful senpai (seniors)!


I want us to become a group that is loved by many people, like Berryz Koubou-san!!


I feel lonely now、、、

but being able to perform with them at the winter Hello!Con is something I will treasure( ;  ; )♡





A long post!?




Morito Chisaki



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\Breaking into August!/

Good evening~☆


Today we had a release event at LaQua!

It was an outdoor stage、so thank you so much, everyone who came in that heat!(T . T)


It really was hot、and for all three performances I was dripping with sweat(T . T)Lol

Now that it’s August, it’s getting hotter and hotter~~(o_o)
It’s too hot~~

Take care not to get heatstroke, okay~~(o_o)*sweat*



Oh、guess what, guess what!

At today’s release event、Manakan, Momochi-senpai, and I sang solosーーー!!!!


The song I sang for my first ever solo~~?


It waーーーs「Yume Miru 15」!^o^

How was itっ…?Lol

I was sooo nervous、and both my voice and my hand that was holding the mic was shaking、but it was really fun!(^^)


Manakan was also really cute, wasn’t she~~♡

Momochi-senpai was also as expected!^o^



When will Ozechan sing?Lol lol

Look forward to it!!



Tomorrow there’s a release event at Tobu Ikebukuro!
Please make sure to come, everyone~~♡


are the times for the two performances


Look forward to it~☆



Morito Chisaki


This is a picture I took yesterday at Hello!Con!Lol

It’s Morning Musume。’15’s Ogata Haruna-chan、and Kobushi Factory’s Fujii Rio-san!


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\What time did you wake up〜?/

Good evening~~☆

The day before yesterday、Manakan went with me to have lunch~♡

And yesterday, Risa-chan went with me to eat dinner~♡Lol

I ate something that was like fried tofu!

It was delicious!




Since this morning we’ve been on our Sendai campaign!!


I woke up at around 4:30 this morning、so right now I’m already incredibly sleepy~~(o_o)Lol


During the afternoon there was a live broadcast、and we appeared on television!
We also had the privilege of singing our new song!

The zunda (mashed and boiled green soybeans) Japanese-style soup I had was delicious(^^)♡

Though I was nervous、so I kept fumbling…(o_o)*sweat*


I also did a lot of radio recordings~~!



In the evening、there was a public recording for radio and an event!

Risa-chan didn’t feel well, so she couldn’t come、but thank you to everyone who came!


Since Sendai EBeanS-san came to the release event for our last single、I felt nostalgic~!(^^)


This time、it was outdoors、so it was really hot. Is everyone okay~~?(o_o)


for lunch I ate harakomeshi、and for dinner I had beef tongue!
I also received a hagi no tsuki (castella cake filled with custard)!
I only got to enjoy Sendai’s delicious food for today、but I really got to eat a lot~


Tomorrow’s event!Live tour!
I’ll do my best!!!!

Please come, everyoneー!♡


The cut-off date for applying to attend my solo
BD is 8/1 at 23:59

Anyone who hasn’t applied yet、by all means, please do~~^o^


Morito Chisaki

I already ate it all!Lol
It was so good~~♡


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\Osaka Osaka!/

Good evening~~☆


I’ve returned home from Osaka!

I was happy getting to spend four days straight in my beloved Osaka



Actually、after the talk event four days ago、I got to eat kushikatsu, which I’ve always wanted to eatーー!!!


I wanted to eat it so badly、so I was really happy!

What’s more、I was surprised at how incredibly delicious it was!!

There were so many different kinds to choose from、so I ended up eating too much…(T . T)Lol


I want to eat it again sometime!!Lol



On the 25th and 26th, we had a Hello!Con performance


When we were doing the pep cheer before the performance、Morning Musume。’15’s Iikubo Haruna-san came and stood next to me

Everyone holds hands at the end of the cheer、so I was extremely nervous!Lol



By the way!I had okonomiyaki for dinner the day before yesterday!
Everyone from Tsubaki Factory was with me too!♡
Asakura Kiki-chan was next to me、and I wasn’t able to chat with her much, so I want to be able to talk with her a lot the next chance I get!Lol






Yesterday we also had a live tour!

I’ll do my best to be able to provide a better performance in our next stop、Sendai!




Today there was a NicoNico live broadcast!
Those who came to watch、and those who watched [online]、thank you!


I had fun doing the questionnaires and games and stuff!

But、I was quite nervous since it was my first time doing it!Lol



Morito Chisaki


I took a picture with all of Tsubaki Factory




And、here is Risa-chan and kushikatsu!

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\Even those who can’t come…/

Tomorrow、at Nippon Budoukan, is Berryz Koubou-san’s final LIVE before their indefinite hiatus



Country Girls will be performing as the opening act!


Even those who can’t come、there will be live viewings, so I’d like you to watch, by all means!

Please( ^ω^ )


Morito Chisaki
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\Berryz Koubou-san/

Yesterday、and the day before yesterday, we performed in the Berryz Koubou Festival at Ariake Coliseum!!




The 28th we had the privilege of singing『Itooshikute Gomen ne』、and Berryz Koubou-san’s song『Waracchaou yo BOY FRIEND』!

It was my first time performing on a stage of that size、so it seems my mind blanked out( ;  ; )*sweat*



On the 1st、we sang『Koi Dorobou』、and Berryz Koubou-san’s『Happiness~Koufuku Kangei!~』!



I was so happy getting to do these lovely songs♡

I really was nervous being on a stage where I could be seen from various angles!

It seems like there’s no sense of direction!? so……(°_°)Lol


But I learned a lot( ^ω^ )



It was really funッッッ!!



I was really happy getting to sing Berryz Koubou-san’s songs!!♡



Berryz Koubou-san, who is always so kind
And 3
/3 is, at last, tomorrow…( ;  ;

I love Berryz Koubou( ;  ; )♡





that said、tomorrow is 3/3

It’s Berryz Koubou-san’s last LIVE。


We, Country Girls, will also be performing in the opening act、so I want to give my utmost effort( ;  ; )!!


Definitely, please come!!







Morito Chisaki



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Good evening☆



It’s a bit cold today!The wind is blowing!


Take care not to catch a coldっ(^^)


At school yesterday、there was a farewell ceremony for the third-year students
That’s right。It’s nearly time for the graduation ceremonyッッッ!


My third year has gone too fast、I’m shocked!!

So fast~So fast~( ;  ; )*sweat*



And next I’ll even become a high-school student!Lol



I have to do my best~( ;  ; )*sweat*









Something really happy…


I received a birthday present from ℃-ute’s Hagiwara Mai-san( ^ω^ )♡





It’s a cute blouse and choker!I will treasure them♡

I love Hagiwara-sanっ(^^)♡


At Hello!Con、Hagiwara-san treated me so kindly~( ;  ; )♡


So I was really happy!!



That said、


tomorrow we’re also at Ariake Coliseum!

I’m excited for it!!




Everyone, make sure to come!!






The new unit’s name was chosen!

『Kobushi Factory』


It leaves an impressionっ!(^^)




Morito Chisaki

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Good evening☆




Today I’ll talk about something that raised my spirits!!


When Ozeki-chan and I went to Starbucks recently、

they drew cute pictures on our drink cups、and it made me really happy!!!






They’re cute, aren’t they!


Mine is on the left、and Ozeki-chan’s is on the right!

By the way, mine is a bunny、
and Ozeki-chan’s is a kitty



It was delicious!!!




The endっ( ^ω^ )♪Lol




One more thing!
Recently, when it was my birthday
, Morning Musume。’15’s Ogata Haruna-san!Haachin gave me a present!

I’ve been using it a lot lately!!










Thanks, Haachin!!





Morito Chisaki
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\Blog Relay/

Good evening☆


The blog relay has come around to me from ANGERME’s Aikawa Maho-san~( ^ω^ )

Since Hello!Con started, Maho-chan and I have been getting along really well(^^)♡


We’re such good friends that if we met up now, we’d definitely be chattingっ(^^)!!

We haven’t been able to see each other much since Hello!Con ended、so next time I want to play together!!!Lol




The question is、、、

『Is it just me?』!!


For me, no matter how low my spirits drop、if I’m with someone who’s in high spirits, I’m attracted by that person and my own spirit rises too!


Is it just me??Lol



Next is Juice=Juice‘s Uemura Akari-san。

Uemura-san is really cute!!!

It was really interesting, that time when we were in the back seats of the bullet train!!


Well, then、

bye byeっ!


Morito Chisaki



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