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Yesterday’s outfit。

This was my outfit for doing stage greetings。


I thought I would change up my outfit
for the Patlabor stage greetings
since I’m taking the podium each time、、、
And Halloween is close, so
I tried to realize myself as a rabbit(Lol)




A fluffy dress。


And the person in charge of my wardrobe
attached a tail to it for me♪




In my ears, I have
“HUG ME” earrings445-2[1]






and I have a ribbon choker on my neck





and rabbit ears(Lol)





I was happy that it was a look I can’t normally do
but once I was in the middle of it, I really was embarrassed (ー ー;)Lol


I’m glad that I was able to taste
just a little bit of the Halloween spirit♡


By all means, please watch
Patlabor Chapter 5, okay!!!
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Patlabor Chapter 5

Giving the opening-day stage greetings
for Patlabor Chapter 5。

I did one at Shinjuku Piccadilly!


From here I’ll travel to Ikebukuro^ ^


My outfit is kyute (cute) today∩^ω^∩


There’s a tail attached(Lol)
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Do you get tired of the same old things?

I’ve been doing my best to blog, haven’t I


Writing about ordinary things
even while I’m writing a journal of my London travels

kinda feels just right


Recently、I’ve gotten into braids
and even for a shoot the other day

I had my hair braided




And then、
when I undid them


my hair got like this(Lol)




Ruffly hair Σ( ̄。 ̄ノ)






I feel like it’s been a while
since I’ve taken photos like this


I’ll throw you a curve ball every now and then(lol)
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So fast。

Before I realized it
August is already half over, isn’t it


It’s going by so fastーーー(*´□`*)


I haven’t been able to go to a festival
or do fireworks

or go to a beer garden

or wear a yukata


I want to do one of any of those things
during this month!Lol


Has everyone else
done any summery things
?!^ ^


That’s right、
while I was riding the train the other day

a Krushers
CM came on
and it surprised me(Lol)


The people that sort of saw it
were just blankly staring at

the monitor on the train lol


That wasn’t me, right (Д)ノLol


I looked down without thinking(Lol)


I wanna drink a Krushers♪
Right now I’m feeling kiwi and aloe




Lately、on the days I don’t have work
I go to
ーーーtally makeup-free。


Even if I do wear makeup
it’s just BB-cream

Once in a while I think I’ll try doing eye makeup like I should

even in my private life
( ̄▽ ̄)
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I can’t go back to sleep three times。

When I woke up, I couldn’t keep my eyes open
and ended up going back to sleep three times


Because of that
I ended up still being sleepy

even though I slept a lot (lol)


It defeated the purpose (--;


Most recently、
I’ve just been posting my London posts

so I’m seeing comments like

“I want to see Mano-chan’s face” here and there


Which reminds me、
I haven’t been uploading any selfies at all


my hair has gotten quite long




Maybe I will change my hair color soon ω・`)


Maybe I’ll go for a composed feel。


Since it’s summer and all,
I might lighten it by one tone


I’m worrying, aren’t I、、、




I’m also worrying over whether or not to cut my bangs
since they’ve also gotten longer


For the time being、I may let them growーーー
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This is the cover。

Though it’s already been announced、
this is the front cover for my photobook,

ZERO」, which goes on sale 8/27。




And thiiis one is
the Amazon-exclusive cover




Everyone, by all means ^ ^
Be awaiting the release day
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My photobook will come out ^ ^

On 8/27, my photobook
will go on sale


It’s my sixth one
How soon ω・`)


The title is「ZERO


It’s a little bit like
a return to my starting point
; or rather,
I was standing at the site of a fresh start

That’s the kind of feeling behind this book


I will have a handshake event
to commemorate the release ^ ^


8/30, at 17:00
Hoshino Bookshop (Kintetsu Pass’e store)


8/31, at 13:00
Bunkyodo Bookshop (Shibuya


is when they will be held ∩^ω^∩


Distribution of tickets starts today!


My first handshake event in a while  1075 Zukki Eripon
I’m wai




This is a four-leaf clover that I found
during the shoot for the photobook

I think, perhaps

it may show up in the photobook
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Yesterday I went to Spica♡

You know、there is something miya has been worrying about this whoーーーle time…
Whether or not to cut my bangs…lol lol lol
The result of my worrying。
I cut themーーーーー‼︎

Ah, somehow the murky feelings I’d been having cleared up(^.^)Lol
akemi-san, thank you♡
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A happy thing。

I think my hair
might be the longest its been in a year or two。





Even though a year ago
it was short!


I’m happy ヽ(;▽;)ノ


I wanted it to grow
and I wanted it to grow quickly
so I haven’t cut it
since about November last year!


I’ve been going to the beauty salon
countless times to get my hair colored、
but my haircuts have just been trimming up my ends
and so I’ve finally made it hereー*\(^o^)/*





It’s troublesome to blow-dry
and I have terrible bed-head in the morning(lol)
but personally, I think
I like this length the best!


Tomorrow is my first FC event
in a while, right!


There are three times for it、
but that’s because the contents of each one are a little different。


I wonder if it’ll be okay(・_・;Lol
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I thought this、suddenly。

Getting up early,
riding the bullet train
to the photoshoot location…


When the shoot wrapped up
there was a bit of time

until my return train

so I ate dinner




I had “tai no gomamiso donburi” (rice bowl with sea bream and miso paste)
and finished off with ochazuke (tea poured over rice)


It was delicious。


I bought a single ticket for a movie

and rode the bullet train home


That is、alone。


About riding the bullet train,
I thought this


When I was in Hello!Project
I would have never thought

that I would ride a bullet train by myself,

go to the place where I had work,

and then once the shoot was finished,

modify my train ticket by myself

for my return ride home


Constantly、my manager was there
doing my bullet train tickets,

checking restart times of photoshoots

verifying stage locations…

My manager

was doing everything for me


But now
I check on different kinds of things myself
I’m doing everything by myself


Even though that is ordinary
and obvious


Whether I was being blessed
or spoiled


and whether I’ve become an adult
or if I’ve realized that I still

have further to go in some respects,


I don’t know、


but rather than comparing then and now
like which was bad and which was good

it’s just that if the environment and circumstances surrounding me change

naturally, I will get used to them

and change


That’s just what I thought、incidentally 。


It’s been a while
since I wrote a blog post like this
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