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Traveling Alone in London Part.3

Well then、
my solo trip in London
starts for real


I didn’t get jet-lagged
or have a problem like “I can’t sleep without my pilloーw”


so I ate a proper breakfast at the hotel ^ ^




They had a buffet
but I went with this menu every day


The older gentleman with a fabulous mustache
who was at the table next to mine

told me, “The yogurt is good,

so you should have some too”


first of all
to the large park near the hotel




Although it was 9:00 AM or something,
there were people lying down on the lawn and reading book
people running with dogs,

and elderly men and women out for a stroll
Everyone was elegant from morning on


There was a cool doggy there
so I got him to let me take a picture of him




I discovered a squirrel while I was walking




It was my first time seeing a wild squirrel


There was also a plaza with rabbits!!!




This、if you look reーーーally hard
there is a rabbit
This became my favorite place

so I went here every morning


It was spacious and full of greenery,
with a waterfront; a very lovely park




I’ll go for a walk around this area
and then, how about I head into town for some sightseeing


To be continued…(´Д)



I have so many pictures it’s hard to choose from them(Lol)
As I thought
、just how many “Parts” will it be
until I reach the end of it
Everyone, somehow or another

please stay with me for a little while
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Resting and work。Lol

Today is the fourth day of Better Half。


Yesterday we had a suspended performance。


And so、
I had a day off for the first time
in about a month。


The weather was nice
and it was warm out
so I went for a casual stroll。


The cherry blossoms were still blooming ∩^ω^∩ 

I also took a nap
and ate some delicious food;
being able to relax,
I got to refresh myselfー 17701[1]


I’ll work hard starting again today!!!


o0480048013269410784My friend came to the theater
and gave me this chocolate。 

It’s from a shop called PRESTAT♡


You know、
this chocolate shop was in London
when I went there last year!!


I had no idea it was in Japan!!Lol


I want to go to London againー!!!




Alright、before the performance

I’ll have some flan 1496 Zukki Ogata


I’ll enjoy today too\(^o^)/
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I have to do my best。

Yesterday I spent the day in Osaka
for Patlabor’s campaign^ ^


I had a lot of interviews,
and a talk show with Kakei Toshio
at Abenoharukas
and then another interview!




My outfit was like this^ ^


Starting today, I have practice againっ


Before I knew it
half of the period for practicing has finished(^◇^;)


It’s going by in a flaーsh。


I’ll practice diligently
today too。


I guess I’m bracing myself for it。




‘Cause I’ll work hardっ!!!!


It was a little warm out today
so I’m happy∩^ω^∩


I hope everyone else
has a fulfilling day too 672[1] Ogata


Lately, when I’m on the road
I listen to RADWIMPS on the way there
and Hello!Project songs on shuffle
on the way back♪ Lol




I want to sing!!


I want to go to a LIVE too!!!




I made Mano Erina original
dress shirts^ ^


(Left: Mano Red Ver., Right: Mano Blue Ver.)


Please take a look!!
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It’s New Year’s Eve at last!!



This year will end too, won’t it (´・ω・`)



It ended so quickly、、、I think??
I feel like I say that every year
so I don’t know anymore(lol)



This year I had the privilege of
taking part in various productions。



There are still works I can’t announce yet
and ones that haven’t been broadcast, so
I think there are probably many of you
who are thinking “There are lots of things she can’t say
about what kind of work she’s doing now”,
and wondering, “What is Mano doing?”(lol)



I think that little by little、
since graduating from Hello!Project
maybe I’ve forged my own path, and am following it。



There were strict times,
and times where I couldn’t see the future,
doors that I couldn’t open no matter how hard I tried,
and instances where I wasn’t rewarded for putting in the effort
and so this year I knew all sorts of severity。



Even within that
I was able to hold a solo LIVE in June。
I was truly, truly happy about this。



Even though I graduated
there are all of those who comes to listen to my songs,
who get excited with me,
and when I open a blog or Twitter account,
there are all of those who send me messages from far away



I think it really is
everyone’s support
that is pushing me forward so I can do my best。



I want to do a LIVE next year too (´・ω・`)



No、I’ll work hard so that I can have one!!!



there’s my solo trip abroad that was my heart’s desire。



After I had this,
I feel that I was able to become stronger, that my way of thinking changed a bit,
and that I brought about a change in myself。



I’m also thinking, “I’ll work hard at work
so I can go next year too!!”
and already making various plans^ ^



And、next year
is the release of Patlabor’s feature film!!!



I’ll still do activities as part of
Special Vehicle Section 2ー!!!



Thank you
so very much
for this year ∩^ω^∩



May next year also
be one filled with smiles ☆ °




Everyone、have a good year!!
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Berryz Koubou Ikubee!*

Yesterday、March 3rd,
I headed for Nippon Budoukan。


I went to see Berryz Koubou-san’s
last LIVE。


I had seen Berryz-san singing
at every Hello!Con
but since it had been a while since I’d seen one of their solo LIVEs
before it started, I totally didn’t feel as though
today is their final LIVE”。


From before the LIVE started
everyone in the venue was chanting
and I got goosebumps from feeling that sense of unity。


When it started、and the members came out onto the stage、
and I could see Momochi
I felt like crying somehow。Lol


All seven of them
were truly shining;
they were cute and cool,
and…in any case, they were all
shining, in their individual colors。


Since their formation, I watched them on TV,
watched their PVs and mimicked the dances,
bought their albums and listened to them countless times…
The truth is、that’s how much I loved Berryz Koubou。


That’s why yesterday、
I was really happy to be able to hear some nostalgic songs as well
and during songs like “Maji Bomber!” and “Rival”
my body ended up moving of its own accord。


It really was a fun LIVE!!


Also、the thing I thought most of all was、


“How cool Momochi is…。”


Without shedding tears
she sang and danced with a bright smile
and her MC was interesting too.
She was often looking at the members,
and I thought, from the bottom of my heart,
“Momo-chan really is amazing”。


When Berryz Koubou’s indefinite suspension of activities
was announced at the summer Hello!Con
about 30 minutes before the LIVE started、
Momo-chan called and told me she had really wanted to tell me in person
but she couldn’t because the timing never matched up.
She said “It ended up being over the phone, but I’ll tell you now”。


At that time、
feeling lonely and thinking, “Are you really telling me this?”
I cried, happy that she had called me,
even though she was busy preparing for her performance。


I cried a lot during yesterday’s LIVE
but after it ended and I came home
a feeling of loneliness gradually welled up inside me。


For me, Berryz Koubou
is the reason I love Hello!Project,
and I also admired them。


Thank you for continuing to sing
for these 11 years。


Captain said this、but
Berryz Koubou is eternal!!


*TN: “Berryz Koubou Ikube!” is a catchphrase Berryz often says. It basically means “Let’s go, Berryz Koubou!”
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Notice From the Staff

Thank you for your continued, warm support of Mano Erina。
We have two notifications of acting works to share。

①Appearance in the short movie「Nagain」*

7th Okinawa Film Festival Local Films『Nagain』(Kesennuma, Miyagi Prefecture)
Director: Kikuchi Seiji
Actors: Abe Kouji and more


②Appearance in the NHK FM Radio Drama「Yashaga Ike de Mitsuketa Inochi」

Broadcast Date:
2015 3/23 (Mon)~3/27 (Fri)
10:45 PM~11 PM(1-5 times)

*TN: It is “泣がぃん”. I will correct later if  it is the wrong pronunciation.
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Notice From the Staff

Thank you for your continued, warm support of Mano Erina。
Mano Erina will appear in the 2/27 broadcast of NHKBS Premium「Kumokiri Nizaemon」
playing the part of the character Ohisa。
You can watch a preview via the URL below。
Look forward to it!…/kumokiri2/html_kumokiri2_story04.html
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Notice From the Staff

Thank you for your continued, warm support of Mano Erina。


For the issue of「MilSuma4」(World Photo Press), on sale 2/26,
Mano Erina will serve as the cover girl。
Not only is she on the cover、but she is also published inside。
By all means, please order it!


Order from amazon here。


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Merry Chirstmas☆ ° (sic)



My final production of the year
has wrapped up ^ ^



It was intense。


Being separated from Tokyo for the first time in a while
in a hotel life for about three weeks。



Moreover, it was in a place where the coldness I’m bad with
was strong, but I got stronger!Lol



I was able to talk a lot
with all of my costars
and I’ve become able to talk with
the staff whenever we met
for filming
so I had fun and learned things!



I want to hurry up and let you know what it is!


And、I want to see it soon!!



I might be able to give the announcement at the beginning of the new year?!



I worked hard
on my last production of this year,
my last acting work of the year ^ ^





In the end I held out
and didn’t get Duffy’s Christmas costume ( ̄▽ ̄)



It’s an aim for the costume to come out next year, so、、、Lol



May you have a lovely Christmas ✨
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Today, two years ago



I announced to everyone、”I’m doing LoVendoЯ with these members”っ‼︎




※Today I’ll be using “LoVendoЯ”、rather than the name in katakana (a form of Japanese syllabary; how she usually writes the name)。Lol




Two years is like, “It’s so looong” and in a flash, it goes by in the blink of an eye。



Two years ago, I hadn’t thought we would be able to get tie-ins like we are now, put out albums, appear on TV,  do a battle of the bands, or that I would get along this well with the membersー





















We also took a bunch of picturesー




Marin’s hair color is extremely different, huhー lol




Because everyone is cheering us on, it makes me glad that I’ve been doing this for two years up to just now, without returning home to Fukuoka!









Because we’ll do our best, with the four of us getting along and having fun from now on too




Oh yeah!


Reina, you know!


Even though I’m the type who always forgets the day I debuted、and I would realize it when Sayu told me


isn’t this time remarkable?!Isn’t it amazing?!


Leader Reina-chan
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