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Good afternoonっ :kirakira:



Were you surprised?Lol



I got messages from my friends too(//∇//)



“Which is it?You’re serious, right!”


they saidlol



Hilarious~~~o0020002012472456645[1] Reina



What kind of image does Reina have。Lol



I certainly seem to be guilty of such things, huh~(LOL)





*giggles and sticks tongue out* :heart:

Whatever you say, yesterday was April Fool’s Dayっ。


Reina’s already used up all her joke materialo0020002012475286631[1] Reina


Will I not be able to do it next year?Lol


Hーmmっo0020002012463917398[1] ReinaLol




Thanks, everyone, for all your commentsっっ :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart:
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Although we met up after a long time、

A reunion after a while♡













I was attacked。Lol


It was the same
selfish buddy,

Kikkawa Yuu, as always
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Lately、I like this。

I like today’s weather。


Lately、I really like sneakers∩^ω^∩


Until a bit ago
I was wearing high-heeled boots and such

since it’s gotten warmer

I want to walk a lot

in flat-soled shoes


My favorite ones are these♡





VANS’ red sneakers 4459754[1]


They’re easy to wear,
easy to walk in,

and the red makes my feet cute
and they’ve really become a favorite


May today also be a lovely day…^ ^
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I’m finally 23。

I turned 23 ^ ^


Thank you for
the many comments!


I was 17 when I debuted,
yet the time has gone by
in the blink of an eye

I’m sort of
not liking how

the years gradually pile up


A little more than a year has passed since my graduation
and since then, I wonder

how much I am growing up


I want to cultivate
my expressiveness more and more


As a woman
I want to become more charming


I think that strongly。


A year has passed since my graduation
and little by little I’ve come to know

how to use my own time too, so

I want to go to all kinds of places

and see all sorts of things


I want to be ambitious!!!


From now on too
please be kind to me ^ ^





“Even though I was young in those days, rightー”
“Even though I was sparkling in those days, right


So I can’t say that(Lol)


No, no、
“from now on”, right

“The time from now on will be interesting


I’ll work hard so that
I can say that
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Pacifico Yokohama!!Uozumi

Good eveniーng♪
I had the privilege of performing yesterday and today in the HinaFest at Pacifico Yokohama^_^
As expected, it felt good to have a performance at a large venue~(o^^o)
at Pacifico Yokohama, I wore ear monitors for the first time!!
Because it was a spacious venue、the idea was that the sound would echo、and although I performed with ear monitors in so I could properly hear the sound of my guitar…
I didn’t practice with themっ(; ̄O ̄)

Well、however、、、I was a bit、well、I was quite satisfied with myself, being able to wear ear monitors as a NEW item。Lol

Usually, because the sound is returning from underfoot in a live house、I seldom have the chance to use ear monitors~。
Thank you for providing me with a precious experience( ̄^ ̄)ゞ

Also、this time LoVendoЯ also got to do our first handshake event、and I enjoyed getting to talk with everyone in a closer proximity than usual^_^
Everyone who lined up since early in the morning、thank you!!

Midway through、we also went to play at the SATOYAMA&SATOUMI display booth and be a vendor in a hurryー!
Though I was actually going to browse the canned goods that Okamari was selling, you know ♡Lol

Man~、just as Tanaka-san came, everyone was displaying an amazing energy!!Lol
The goods were selling increeedibly hotlyっ!
Once again I thought, “Our leader, Tanaka-san, is amaziiing”っ☆

I couldn’t look through the exhibition corners thoroughly、but when I headed down there, I thought that there should be more opportunities to come in contact with and enjoy nature and local culture♪

Weーll、 after the date changes over to tomorrow, it’ll be a day of memorizing songs。
Let’s be a shut-in。
Oーhh yaーy。

Well then、later~♪


With Marin, immediately following the performance♡





Masaking-san is taking it lol lol lol




The dressing room transformed into a leisure facility。Lol




Looks like I’ll fall asleep easily~!

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For my last day as a 22-year-old。

I went to the Tsurugaoka Hachimanguu
in Kamakura


Although it was after work、
this might have been my first time
coming privately in a really long time


The peonies were blooming





I also pulled a fortune slip
for the first time in a while。


Something I wanted to do at 22 but left undone、、、


There isn’t anything, I guess。


Even if there was something
I think I can do it from tomorrow on, too


I think that
this year I was able to become stronger





May tomorrow, and every day after it,
be wonderful☆





Ah、speaking of something left undone this year,
I wanted to sing

Abe Natsumi-san’s
22sai no Watashiω・`)


That’s it!Lol


Everyone who has
22-year-old Mano Erina,
thank you 
^ ^
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Luxury Lunch Time♡

My last day as a 22 year old


I was doing a shoot near the ocean
and it ended early, so since I’d taken the trouble to go

I went exploring
^ ^


I’m having lunch at a sushi restaurant
that I found after walking around


Since work is over for today too
I’m quite luxuriously having a beer






sushi *\(^o^)/*





It was delicious♪


Age of 22
thank you for your hard work
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When I realized it
it was only a little after I turned 22


How faーst。


Even I can’t believe
that I’m almost 23


I’ve done a shoot with this kind of makeup





It distinctly stands out。


The eyeshadow and
the flip-up of the full eyeliner on the outer corner of my eye


Since I don’t normally wear this kind of makeup
every time I look in the mirror I’m surprised


And for my hairstyle、
it’s light-colored, and curled
and isn’t it a bit adult-like


it’s about time for me to be hungry


What should I have for dinner todaーy?^ ^
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Opening Day…

Patlabor Chapter One


has finally been released。


Since morning、
in Shinjuku
、Yokohama、and Kawasaki
I had the privilege of giving stage greetings


How should I say this。


Although I looked forward to today
like I wanted it to come quickly
like I didn’t want it to come

I was a little bit afraid

or, rather,


my terribly odd emotions were
going around in circles


But you know、
seeing the guest seats full
at the first stage greeting,

and everyone’s facial expressions

calmed me down, or rather,

like, maybe I had been thinking too much


Since the stage greetings started
every time I’d look out over the guest seats

I’d almost cry
and although I held back my welling-up feelings

it was inevitable

and they ended up overflowing


I was happy


But、it’s only just begun。


We’re preparing for the movie version
until Chapter 7 and the Spring of next year


I’ll keep working harder
so that many people,
even by themselves,
will watch
this live-action Patlabor
at more theaters than now
and love it ^ ^


It’s only open for public viewing for 2 weeks
and being shown in just a few theaters,

but I hope it will spread out to more little by little


It spans a long period of time, but
please kindly give us your support


A snapshot at the end of the first stage greeting☆





Fukushi Seiji-san, who plays Yuuma,
couldn’t participate this time
but seeing these members for the first time in a while

I calmed down
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In the Kawasaki dressing room。



In the Kawasaki dressing room。


Some lovely things *\(^o^)/*


This is my last stage greeting
for today


I’m offっ‼︎‼︎


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