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First Squeeze!

Thanks for your hard work.
Sayubee aka Takagi Sayuki here.

Today I did recorded album songs.

Today I think
I’m going to talk about that album,『First Squeeze!』. ♪

Speaking of albums,
I think as one work they are very interesting.

Don’t you listen to the albums of your favorite artists and stuff a lot?

I always have.
(I do now too.)

Whenever I had a new album at hand,
no matter what time I constantly listened to it.

So, the scenery and atmosphere, smell, and temperature that went with the music, the moment the intro to that album plays I am revived as if in a time slip.

I think it’s wonderful.
When there was a new album with new songs, with great happiness I’d memorize that song, and practice the harmony,

I’d mimic down to the clothing,
and then in the living room, in front of my mother, I’d do an impersonation of a LIVE. *laughs*

I really heard the songs countless, countless times, and studied them.

Also the song order on the album
has all kinds of thoughts wrapped up in it.

「I wonder why this song was put here?With this song order, with this song here it feels like it’s floating」I thought.

That song
was a song that the artist-san wanted to put on the album no matter what.

From the moment I understood that, it was floating.
When that song comes up in the song order, I have come to start crying as soon as the song starts。。

Since it is full of all those kinds of feelings, I think those listening it can also enjoying finding more and more various things.

We’re in the middle of recording for this album,「First Squeeze!」,

And the way I have been thinking about my singing, it really feels like it’s grown.

Since it is music that you can cuddle up with daily, I’ve been obsessing and obsessing until now, it’s only the fine details until it is made, it is because our senpai were there to influence our music.

Also when recording,

I look at the lyric cards I was given, and listening to the CD simply sing.

Ir isn’t good enought to get an OK from the director-san,
If I think to myself「I am able to sing more!, I’ll ask「Please let me sing one more time」, then I am able to sing 1 more take, so I’ve come to be able to do those kinds of things, not just what I am told.

And I have also come to understand why you don’t sing directly into the mic.

「So you don’t fail」
「So you don’t make a mistake in pitch」
「So you don’t rush the rhythm」
those things are also important, but,

But I have come to be able to see what is more important than that, and that is to be able to sing from the heart and enjoy it.

Like that, I got really fired up, and I am also looking forward to listening to the finished album.

Since I think it’ll definitely be a wonderful album, I want everyone to also look forward to it!

And, it would be great if it became an album that would blend in with everyone’s daily lives. ♫

I really talked a lot. *laughs*

About that much makes me really fired up!*laughs*

Everyone look forward to it。。♪


Everyone, what feeling do you have
while you wait for the release day of First Squeeze!??

I will have a lot of opportunities to hear your impressions of listening to the CD,

But since I can’t heard your feelings since it hasn’t arrived yet,

Please tell me how you are waiting!

I should consult you!
~Today’s Song~

Kareshi ni Naritakute/Southern All Stars

This picture isn’t from today.~

I think maybe yesterday.~

Around then~. *laughs*





、、I should also say
I have training now.

I’ll do my best for the last of it.
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Begin to Run

Thanks for your hard work.
Sayubee aka Takagi Sayuki here.
I read everyone’s comments!

Thank you for the stories about dreams.。

Everyone’s dreams ranged from scary ones,
to dreams that made you laugh,

and in there
there was also a comment that said「The Juice=Juice members made an appearance~」,

which made me happy,
but also probably kind of embarrassed.(O_O)

That kind of feeling. *laughs*
Everyone thank you!


Well, we’re already one week into June.
That was fast huh・・

Our tour starts 6/21 at Yokohama Arena,
and the title has been announced, hasn’t it.

『Juice=Juice LIVE MISSION 220 ~Code1→Begin to Run~』

That is 220 performances,
a mountain without challenges.

The members and the staff-san,
when we discussed what our deciding what our aim is from now on,

「First of all, I can’t see at all…」
That kind of anxious member was also there.

I am more of an absurdly burning typo of person than that other member who seems like they won’t do it,

and furthermore, I am the type who tries something for the time being without thinking about what will happen later.

You’ll also have some failures that way,
but you’ll also have times when you are helpful.

There will probably be difficult things as well,
but if you say it, you can only go and do it.

Things you don’t think about
are also occasionally necessary~.

I won’t think about it!
*If I think that to myself, then I don’t think about it.

I’ll replace it.
I’ll forget the things from that time.

To replace those things
there are also times you turn and head in a good direction~.

But I think of course there are people who think too much, or constantly have uneasy, foggy feelings in their head, so

when those people come Juice=Juice’s live,

I think if you forget everything, don’t think about anything,
and are able to do nothing but enjoy yourself, and be moved, it’d be nice to make an easy going, fun time.

And, it’s great that starting tomorrow, I’ll be able to see a slightly different scenery.


if I replace everything with that feeling,

that is, we are loved, but I am going to go on behalf of someone else’s energy.

Rather than bluntly saying「See Juice=Juice’s performance!It’s amazing I bet!」and getting in peoples’ line of sight,

If the 5 of us continue
to discover the

things that we love,
people who think that’s great,

I think it would be the best if you came to hear us sing.
220 performances
for the purpose of our goal,「Next fall I want to stand on stage at Nippon Budoukan in a solo live」,

I think it would be great to be able to meet all kinds of people in various places, if we are able to reach the heart of even one or many people.

until 220 performances have ended,

my aim is to be able to sing「with a voice like a paintbrush」.

Once I have cleared that goal I want to challenge Budoukan.

Also during the lives, I don’t want to forget
『To sing by treating the words as precious』.


Rehearsals haven’t started yet,
I’m really looking forward to them!
「Begin to Run」
I’m able to hear the words of our Live’s title as precious.
I’ll do my best~~
I think I want to run through to the end full of energy!



With Miyamoto Karin-chan~♡
Sa「What pose should be do?」
Ka「What would you do?」
Sa「I wonder what should we do」
Ka「Like let’s do something」
Sa「What should we do」
…And, after all that, the two of us calmed down and did the same pose as always. (laugh)

Like that. ♪♪*laughs*
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Thanks for your hard work.
Sayubee aka Takagi Sayuki here.

I read
everyone’s comments~✌✌♡

Lately I read them over and over again.

I’m able to think, I’ll do my best!
Thank you always!
Today at ANGERME-san’s
Live at Nippon Budoukan

we were able to perform as the opening act.

The song Juice=Juice was able to sing was『Wonderful World』

Now when I sing this song,
I am really happy, and my smile is overflowing.

Next fall.
If only the 5 of us in Juice=Juice could stand on the stage at Budoukan・・

Today for that purpose,
whatever the audience gives us will make me happy, I wonder in what way I’l be able to thoroughly use that energy.

Like that, I will simulate the Budoukan Live that has yet to be decided,

To imagine the figures of the 5 of us standing on stage at Budoukan,

「I want to stand on stage at Budoukan, huh」
were the words we exchanged.

A 220 performance live tour, we’ll definitely hit some troubled waters on this trip, but the 5 of us want to overcome them. ♡


Every day I make sure not to miss it.
Harmonica practice.

Even without knowing the notes,
I just listen to the sound, and for the time being try to blow in it, and make a melody fit.

It’s really fun!

The songs I play, grows everyday at a pace of about one song at a time.♫

Even my mother,
「The fact that you can play like that without looking at the notes is amazing」

is how she praises me.

She promised to buy me a new blues harp ✌✌♡♡

I’m happy~~♡


And and,
Lately there is a beloved book that I always carry with me.

What on earth could that book be, I wonder~.

A hint
『I was surprised』.

It’s fun to read it.~♫

It’s that kind of wonderful book.

~Today’s Song~

Ai Suru Hito Yo/Kobukuro
This song,
I have come to practice playing the harp (harmonica) with it!


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Thanks for your hard work.
Sayubee aka Takagi Sayuki here.
Fukuda Kanon-san’s graduation.

I’ll be really, really, sad and lonely.

Maro always makes me laugh,

Also at the time of the HaroCon on a day when my expression seemed dark,

when I returned home I received a message「What was wrong today?」.

And in her Fukuda-san-like way,
she made me feel good again.
「Because Sayuki is like myself」

she’d say, and Maro who always was always concerned about me, her kindness was absurdly warm, and she was really a kind senpai.

I love Fukuda-san.

At the summer HaroCon,
I want to see Maro’s smile a lot again.

I want to talk with her a lot.

I want to sit next to her on the bus again.

Like always,
if she jokes, it’s ok.

「Honestly~Maro went and did it again~. Again you say nothing but jokes.~」
I really think I want to say that again.、、

But like Fukuda-san also said, to have negative thoughts is no good!

So, I will look forward to seeing
what kinds of things Fukuda-san will do to surprise me!!


I love Fukuda-san!!!

~Today’s Song~

Kanojo no Kare/Watanabe Misato


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Oda Sakura here5249[1]
I went to see ℃-ute-san’s concert
in Yokohama Arena
So much fun!!
It was so much fun!!
I was able to see this tour 1 time before but,
the set list changed radically
It was awesome,
I started crying at Massara Blue Jeans
That’s right, the first song
OK yeah.
Like, feeling the history…
I have ℃-ute-san’s certain kind of feeling,
Simply, as expected
I love ℃-ute-san
I felt it from my heart
Since I was moved,
I really came to study them
We will also do our best5249[1]
Going backstage at Yokohama Arena
brought back a lot of memories
℃-ute-san are the bestーー
deha deha (=゚ω゚)ノ
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Good evening!!
Oda Sakura here

Today we were able to perform on Wednesday Song Festivalー

Since this was my first time on this show,
I have constantly thought that I want to be on this show,

since I have watched all kinds of artist-san’s collaborations and stuff,
and have been able to study them, I was so happy that I was able to perform on it myself :music:

Furthermore to have…
a live band…

it was really a valuable experience, and I really had a lot of fun

And I think everyone else will probably enjoy it
as well


Happy SUmmer Wedding :music:

HAI HAI :music:

This costume is a costume we wore in this year’s spring tour :heart:


And, photobomber Haーchin Ogata
And the nape of Ikuta-san’s neck

deha deha (=゚ω゚)ノ
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Oda Sakura herす
Today I was able to go observe ANGERME-san’s Budoukan performance
It was really
really funす
During the Unit by Unit corner, the moment the intro to Shooting Star started…
I’ve only heard Shooting Star live 2 times, but
of course, it was a masterpiece
It was cute, and wonderful
Even thought I cried there!
the next intro
『Yuugure Koi no Jikan』
The tears flowed
That was eally risky
Also, during the medley
at Panya-san no Arubaito
Furthermore, when that song ended…
「*Koi wo Shiteru ♪ Jikkaku Shoujou~♪」
Please Miniskirt Postwoman!
It was amaaaaaaziiiiing!!
And they flowed…
I was really able to have fun :music:
Tomorrow is our Budoukan performance
I’ll do my bestー
deha deha (=゚ω゚)ノ
*The first line of Please Miniskirt Postwoman if you didn’t figure that out. :) Basically “The symptoms of being aware that you’re in love”.
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Today was the Last Hall Concert
of our Concert Tour1075 Zukki Eripon
It was fuun5249[1]
At the end, there was a part where the members
gave a greeting and said their impressions 1 by 1,
When I listened to the other members’ greetings,
the time from this tour’s rehearsals until today, and,
the conflict inside me
when we changed from ’14 to ’15, and,
Suddenly in my brain I was able to see it on repeat like a video
And so suddenly tears came out
What if the tour wasn’t ending today,
but  ’15 is starting from now1075 Zukki Eripon
Like that kind of feeling 
I wonder why, I thought, but
like they kept flowing and flowing as I thought なんか流れてくるし流しとこーって思いまして
Simply put I became a bit lonely,
actually today we also had the last song!
It’s also true that there are feelings in the tour
Now, doing activities as ’15,
I have somehow started feeling sorry
for when I was doing activities as ’14,
It’s an extremely wondrous feeling…
So strangely, without persevering,
I sang the last song while crying 5249[1]
The new song「Yuugure wa Ameagari」
「*Ano ko」and「Makerarenai」
and stuff
it has those lyrics but,
But to myself, when it says「ano ko」
it’s Morning Musume。’14
’14 and 15 both do their best!
So we can’t lose
Is what I think
I will also do my best on the final day at Budoukan 1075 Zukki Eripon
deha deha (=゚ω゚)ノ
*Ano ko – that girl. Makerarenai – I can’t lose
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Q&A Last!

Thanks for your hard work.
Sayubee aka Takagi Sayuki here.
Thank you so much for all the comments yesterday.

I’m really, really,、、
really, really, happy.

I read everyone’s words that made me happy, and I wonder, why is everyone so nice, and then the tears come again…(laughs)


「It is said humans grab dreams by the handful, but that is not the handful the gods have chosen,  but from the below they push with all their might, and I am a person who doesn’t give up on grabbing that dream until the end, Kobuchi-san said that once.
I think Sayuki-chan is also that kind of person」

That comment was there.

When I hear Kobuchi-san’s words,

my heart is cleansed, or should I say…
I like it.

I have had one dream that I envisioned from a long time ago come true, but I still have more.

Next I want to become like this.
After that I want to do this.
Someday I want this to come true.

The  things we call「dreams」are rapidly getting bigger, but I am not anxious right now, since with direct thoughts I will definitely reach them one day, until then I will be unwavering.

So that I don’t lose all the various things I have received from people I adore, I always want to walk with them together.

As long as everyone is here to kindly watch over me, I am able to do my best more and more.

Thank you.


The last Q&A!!
■Between『You’re good at singing!』and『You’re good at dancing!』
which makes Sayuki happier to be told??

→You’re good at singing.
■When I was shamelessly cheating, one day I suddenly realized how important Sayuki-chan is.  If from now on I wholeheartedly cheer on Sayuki-chan, could you forgive?(;つД`)

→Thank you.
■In the new Kenshuusei units「Kobushi Factory」and「Tsubaki Factory」, who should I pay attention to in terms of singing and dancing in each unit?

→In Kobushi Factory you haven’t really seen much of her, but her dance isn’t skilled, but it becomes powerful and has moved me.

In Tsubaki Factory it’s Yamagishi Riko-chan!You can’t really imagine from the warm feeling of her appearance, but even more than her skillful way of feeling the rhythm, but she dances in such a conscientious way, that you end up gazing at her while thinking, that’s amazing~
■Is Sayubee’s Kung-fun stronger that Rinapu~’s kickboxing and kenshuusei Maeda Koko-chan’s karate?

→It’s strong.
■When you open your eyes you’ve turned into Kanazawa Tomoko-chan.
How do you spend the day?

→Probably I’d think desperately about how to return to the original me.  I couldn’t afford to enjoy that 1 day~
■Please tell me what you like about Kanazawa Tomoko-chan ⊂((・x・))⊃

→She’s funny when she’s in good spirits.

■I’m kind of embarrassed, but I can’t decipher Sayuki-chan’s autograph, what do you write?

■Of the Kobukuro songs that you like, what are your top 5 songs?

→Since my favorite Kobukuro-san songs change depending on the time, I’ll tell you songs I really like!

Kokoro no Hane
Umi ni Furu yuki
Niji no Mashita
To calling of love
Ah, it was 5 songs (°_°) *laughlaugh*



■What kind of a voice is a voice like a paintbrush?

→Using a pen is no good(I won’t talk about it much)

■This is my first comment!
I’ve been a kobukuro fan for 8 years!
Are you going to a live this yearー??

→I’m so happy~.
For someone in the in the KobuFamily-san to give me a comment is extremely…like…how should I put this…I feel like the circle is expanding and that makes me happy.

I went to the live (;_;)(;_;)
It was amazing、、、
■Lately it seems like Tsugunaga-san hasn’t been wearing her Momochi musubi.
I wonder if this isn’t a chance for Sayuki-chan to do Momochi musubi?

→Probably not.
■Nice to meet you☆

I first came to know this blog when searching for Kobukuro!To be 18 years old and a member of the KobuFamily for 10 years, that’s amazing!I am in your parents’ generation, and have probably been a fan for about 14 years.

Before, when you wrote the 10 Kobukuro songs you like, since your list was really close to mine it made me happy. Even though you are young, it was an expert song selection.
Your impressions of the official book, your feelings about the one live, you really like Kobukuro, and further more to find someone on the same path who understands, and convey that kind of fervent feeling, when I read your blog the tears started flowing.

Honestly since juice=juice-san debuted the same year as the idol I support,
I was jealous of your Record Best New Arist Award, (^-^;
But since when I read Sayuki-san’s blog I have a fervent attitude towards your singing, so I thought I want to support you.

juice=juice’s success as a group, until you can costar with the duo Kobukuro,
Please aim to establish singing
and music as your own, unique Sayuki-san!
I expect both lyric and songwriting!

→When I read this comment my tears were also flowing.

You’ve also read my past blog、、thank you very much.

On yesterday’s blog as well, I received a lot of comments from KobuFamily-san who didn’t know about me until now.

I am absurdly happy.
Really, thank you very much.

Right now I am earnestly studying lyric writing.
If I am able to write lyrics and music someday, it would be amazing~.
■Have ever cried when you went to another artist’s live(Whose, and when did it happen)

→I cried yesterday. I cried at Kobukuro-san’s live.

Even from a distance when the LIVE started, the moment I was able to see both of their figures I got goose bumps and shivers and the tears wouldn’t stop.

I pretty much cried continually from start to finish. *laughs*

I thought, I really really received a lot of energy, so starting tomorrow I will do my best to smile again.

It felt like I was overflowing with all different kinds of feelings at once.

No~it was really an awesome live.
■Since Takagi-san fixates on singing, I think it would be better if you were an artiest instead of in HaroPuro or an idol, what do you think?(;・ω・)

→Ahahahahahahaha (°_°)
Right now I am doing my best as an idol.
I don’t think I merit being called an artist.

I like to sing.  I like music. These are things anyone can say.

So when it merits it, then you can call me that.
This is the end of the Q&A!!!


Since you spent a long time with me,
thank you very much.

And also thanks to everyone who asked me questions!

Since I had quite a few questions I wasn’t able to answer, those of you who asked please ask them again next time (;_;)

I’m sorry (*_*)(*_*)


~Today’s song~


I love the lyrics of the second B melody.


*The hiragana is “yu” if you didn’t figure that out. :)
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Thanks for your hard work.
Sayubee aka Takagi Sayuki here.

Today I have recording.

I have to get ready and go,
but it seems the things I am able to see during that time are increasing, at least I think so.

For example,
「Since it is cool when the drums go like this here, I will also sing in this rhythm」and

「When I impersonate that artist, I remember that technique, so why don’t I try it here one time」and

「It is absolutely cool if you don’t put this style here」and stuff

Like that
The things I can think about myself are increasing, so it’s fun.

I’ll do my best!


■Have you had an episode of an encounter with a banana~

→On the contrary, I remember an episode of an encounter with spinach???
■WHen you sing and dance during concerts and events, what are you careful to do to sing and dance from your heart?(o^∀^o)

→When I am singing I am careful to clearly convey the importance of the words.
■And, when you’re on a diet, what kind of diet do you do…and in the morning when you exercise, around what time and what kind of things do you do, please tell meー!!!

→Nope nope!
I won’t tell you, but I will tell you the time in the morning!I wake up at 5:30!
■In the dance room your grandfather made in your house, have you had lessons together with other Haro Members?

→I have!
On off days Miyazaki Yuka-chan comes to my house, and we review the choreography together.

(And by the way it was my dad who made the room!)
■If you were able to do a collaboration with Kobukuro, what would you want to sing??

→That is a really far reaching dream.

Since the time I was a kid I have said
「Someday I’ll meet Kobukuro」「Someday we’ll sing together」even though there was no basis for it、、

But that dream is becoming true little by little.

Ah、、I didn’t answer the questions. *laughs*
Right now I can’t even imagine that~(°_°)
■I love it so much when Sayuki has an excited expression like「muhiー」that I can’t stand it!So please give me a picture of Sayuki’s muhiー(*^^*)

→What is muhiー!*laughs*


I don’t know but for the time being
I’ll give you this.  *laughs*
■What was your first impression of Yukanyan?

→Yuka-san of Satoyama
■Are you on the Tokyo Bay or Pacific Ocean side of Chiba??
Since you didn’t tell us when you were on IENOMI!!*laughs*

→After that an adult asked me~
I won’t tell~(laugh)
■In Juice=Juice only Miyamoto Karin-chan has put out a photobook,

but what do the other members think about that?

→I think it’s awesome!As to be expected of our Miyamotin!
■Who is Sayuki-chan’s rival?

■On this week’s Hello Station you did the Idiom Corner with Morito Chisaki-chan, but what kind of girl is Morito-chan?

→I wonder if maybe she is shy~I think. Maybe I’m wrong、、

Like, since she worries over everything, she becomes sorry.

Bur she’s a good girl isn’t she~She’s cute!
■Who is your favorite senpai?

→Tanaka Reina-san
■Please tell me Sayuki-chan’s favorite Family Restaurant (one you go to often).
Also, please tell me what you order from the menu.

→Saizeriya(Squid Ink Spaghetti)
■Sayuki-chan loves bikes, but have you ever started humming while riding a bike without realizing it?

→No, I notice it.
I notice it but I sing a lot *laughs* Really singing(laughs)

Since I pass through like the wind, I think that the people I pass also can’t hear me!
■Do you think there is any chance of combining Kung Fu and Ra Ri Ru Re Ro vocal techniques?

→There is. On Nishikawa Takanori’s IENOMI!television show, I wrote that I haven’t done it though.(laughs)

■In News=News is there a performance that left a particularly deep impression?

→Miyazaki Prefecture’s LIVE!

It’s a place I’ve wanted to go to since elementary school, so I was extremely happy.

I heard that the people in Miyazaki are all warm, and it really seems to be the case…

The scenery I took in was lush with greenery, and warm, and it all moved me.

Actually I am happy I was able to go!
Furthermore I came to love Miyazaki!!
■Since Takagi-san also likes Unicorn, which song do you like?


Or maybe Hige to Boin~.
■Lately Sayukichin takes a lot of photos with a kissy face, am I invited??(laughs)

■You might long for Miyazaki, but what kind of image do you have about Kagoshima, which is also in the southern part of the country like Miyazaki?

→I have the image that Kagoshima is an island country!
■The glasses you wore on Hello Station were great.
Do you usually wear glasses?

→I have them, but since I stepped on them, I can’t put them over one ear.
■Hm well, I have a question.  At home do you call your parents「Papa Mama」?Or do you call them「Otou-san Okaa-san」?

→I call them Papa Mama
■What is your favorite marine animal?

→What the heck!
Something that lives in the sea?I wonder~…
■When Sayuki-chan has continuous lives and events, she is still able to shove off a wonderful singing voice every time, so what kind of special things do you do to protect your throat from vocal fatigue??

→My inhaler has become a hobby. Also eating honey!
■Who is someone you respect.  Even if you have multiple answers, I don’t mind.  Please tell me.

→Kobuchi Kentarou-san.
■Do you have any artists, or bands, or idols, etc., you listen to often~?If you don’t mind, please tell me!

→I don’t really listen to idols.
Of course the one I listen to the most is Kobukuro-san. After that lately it’s been Unicorn-san and Southern All Stars-san.
■Mount Takasaki Wild Monkey Park’s baby monkey has been given the same name as the British princess, 『Charlotte』, so Sayuki plese give a word of congratulations(*^▽^)/★*☆♪

→I saw that on the news!The baby monkey was so cute~♡♡

What a wonderful name!!
■The generation below us is called「**bakuwara generation」, but what name would you apply to our generation?

→The Charlotte Generation, probably!!
■Of all the prefectures, where is your favorite?

→Miyazaki Prefecture!!!!!!
■Sayuki-chan’s skin is so pretty. What are you careful of?Also, if you have any products that you use please tell me.

→I don’t do anーything.
I remove my makeup, but I don’t use lotion or anything~I also don’t use any masques or anything~.

I probably didn’t answer what you needed、、
I’m sorry(°_°)
■Has Sayuki-chan ever had any big injuries before now?

→Nope!Sayuki’s legs won’t break!
■I have been a ℃-ute fan continuously for many years, but lately I can’t help but notice Sayuki-chan.
I feel like your cuteness and the skill of your singing are amazing. What should I do?

→This is bad.  It’s love!
■For tours and work I think you probably use public transportation often,  if you are able to choose your seat, window seat?Aisle seat?Which do you choose.

→Window seat!!!
Since Juice=Juice decides seats by lottery a lot, I always pull the window seat A!!!

I am an A pro!!!
■Please tell me something you like and something that is cute about Inaba Manaka-chan!!

→Her voice is really cute, and I love her face, but above all I like her personality!

I think she probably really, really worries.

But since it is natural, we have fun when we are together!

But since I worry about whether or not she cares, I think it would be nice to have a conversation without worry, like with Taguchi Natsumi~.
■If Takagi-san could sing as a duo with 1 more person, who would you want it to be?

→Probably Kanazawa Tomoko!


■Which 3 Juice=Juice songs do you love so much you think they are the best?

→Excluding covers,
1: Ijiwaru Shinaide Dakishimete Yo
2: Tsuzuiteiku STORY
■Cute, cool, you’re good at singing, you’re good at dancing, etc.
Which compliment makes Sayuki-chan the happiest?

→Perhaps「You’re good at singing」~.

But I wonder if noticing you have only been secretly focusing on me during a LIVE would make me the happiest!


Thank you for reading this even though it is long (;_;)♡♡

I’ll continue the Q&A✌✌
~Today’s song~

Anata To/Ayaka×Kobukuro
(At the hand shake event a lot of you let me know you look forward to “Today’s Song”!I’m so happy~♡)




I’m looking forward to recording~!!
Off I go!!


*Father, Mother

**Some of you may recognize Bakuwara as one of Katsuta Rina’s nicknames, but it is also a word used to describe a common schoolgirl

***Not really relevant, but Senobi totally came on my iTunes on random while I was translating this part.
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