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Song making

Thanks for all your hard work.
Takagi Sayuki here. ⍤⃝♥︎


Today I watched

『The Big Question of 1 Million People!?*Waratte Koraete 3 Hour Special!!』

which I **recorded.
The kindergarten trip was so cute, I was healed.~♡♡₍₍ ( ๑॔˃̶◡ ˂̶๑॓)◞♡

Really cute.
I really like little kids.
Yeah. Honestly it was really too cute.


And today we had a photoshoot.
It was an on location shooting.
I came to really want to sing soon.

There, the fake singing was suitable, but when I sang

the makeup artist said,
「You’re in a mood, huh」. *laughlaugh*

No no,
that’s not it!That is to say, hold on, it’s a bit different、、*laughlaugh*

***Because when I’m more open,
I sing with a much better feeling(laughs)

In the bath or inside the car and stuff,
I’m amazing. www


I had a video call with Country・Girls’ Inaba Manaka-chan,

Here’s a screenshot from then. *laughlaugh*



I was introduced to Manakan’s goods of her admired Kudou Haruka.(laughs)

She had a loーーーt spread out
in the dressing room, happily going uhehe uhehe.

Today also, she decorated her room with this poster, and then sent me the picture. *laughlaugh*

Really interesting, Manakan.



I really have a great interest in song making.

Like I have listened to a lot of songs in their completed form, but

The bass track, the drum track, the guitar track, the percussion track、、、I haven’t really had a chance to listen to these things one by one.

But since you can use all kinds of instruments, and all those instruments make the color of the song, then there are an incredible number of roles to play, huh.

So, I really love watching recordings and stuff like that.

「I wonder if it would be better if we did more of this?」「Since this is sad let’s try putting this sound in」Watching the process of this kind of trial and error while a song is slowly being made is fun.

I want to watch it in its raw form、、♡♡

And then, the goodness of the song
If you can talk about a deeper meaning,
while you sing, you can enjoy it even more, I think.

I also want to have conversations with lots of people who play instruments. I think, soon I will be able to watch song making.
So, when the vocals aren’t put in,
isn’t that just the karaoke sound source!

I have become addicted to listening to that.
Yes!Right right!
Tomorrow I have a campaign with Miyamoto Karin-chan in Utsonomiya.

And we’ll go to Lala Square Utsunomiyu,、
and have a release commemoration talk and handshake event for 『Wonderful World/Ça va ? Ça va ?』 !!

Since it is my first talk with Karin,
Even though I am anxious about some things, I think I want to enjoy it!

From 7:00PM!
Everyone come, ok!


Well thenーーー
Good night.


*Appears to be a Japanese variety show.

**Just to clarify, she means she recorded them on her DVR or something, not that she recorded FOR this special.

***I think what she means here is when she isn’t feeling constricted such as when lip syncing or something.
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Oda Sakura here :music:
Today is!!
my birthday 
Today I turned 16 years old
Today the moment it passed midnight
I got messages from a lot of people :music:
I’m happy (((o(*゚▽゚*)o)))
Furthermore, I had really good weather for my birthday 
I think that that alone made me really happy
Suzuki Kanon-san said,
『I’m going to celebrate!』
and she treated me to some lunch
I’m so happy~
It was delicious:heart:
It was fun 
To be able to have such a wonderful birthday
I’m grateful to the past generations of my family
Since, if just one of them was left out, I would not have been more
Since I was born,
I have been able to meet all kinds of people
and I am grateful that all of those people were born
In short
I am grateful to Adam and Eve
Today I received wonderful messages,
from my friends from school,
also from my senpai and my kouhai,
I received them from the members 
and I received one from Michishige Sayumi-san:heart:
Even now to get this kind of communication,
I cry from the kindness and out of happiness
Today was my birthday, but,
it was a day I spent grateful for all kinds of people 
I felt a lot of happiness :heart:
Thank you so much Suzuki-san :heart:
PS. Maybe, there is probably something wonderful that will happen at Sakura no Shirabe o(*゚▽゚*)o
Deha deha (=゚ω゚)ノ
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Thanks for all your hard work.

Takagi Sayuki here ⍤⃝♥︎
Today is Kobukuro’s Kuroda Shunsuke-san’s 38th Happy Birthdayー♡♡

Kuroda-san’s songs are really awesome.

As for where they are awesome,
there are so many places that I’m not sure if it’s ok to tell you or not!!!

Kuroda-san sings
with such a nice voice in「Soba ni Oide」and「Maiasa, Boku no Yoko ni Ite.-sweet drip mix-」and「Diary」and stuff.

And his facial expressions as well, but even if I close my eyes and listen, it’s really nice、、。

And the *chorus of「Hikari no Tsubu」is like, honestly too awesome.

You can get a glimpse of male weakness.  I really like that. Like when they seem like they’re going to cry.  It’s not that I am completely a fan of sadness, there are also all kinds of other emotions that are finely expressed、、

I think, how can I express myself in a song like that?

I really admire him.
Kuroda-san’s songs are really amazing!!!!!!!



After work,
I went out to eat with Takeuchi Akari-chan~♡♡

It was fun!!

Take’s hiccups
are really cute(laugh)

It’s interesting isn’t it~really.
Today she really made me laugh!*laughlaugh*

Take thank yoーーーu!
Please invite me again!!!!!
Tomorrow I’ll also do my beーーーst!
Good night.♡♡


*The word used here is “ochisabi” which is a musical term not really used outside of Japan.  It is actually a specific chorus that is a little more “down” or “calm” but is followed by a more upbeat and powerful chorus.  I’m not really sure how to explain it better…
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Berryz Koubou Matsuri *Festival After Party!

Today was the Berryz Koubou Matsuri Festival After Party!
It was a short time, but thank you to everyone who came ♪




There were all kinds of booths, and it gave me a nostalgic feeling, and I remembered all kinds of things.





Isn’t this really an event full of memories?I thought ♪


Since my throat was still not healthy today, in the break between the first and second performance, to take care of it for tomorrow I went to the doctor, so unfortunately I wasn’t able to go to the booths for the second time.…
I’m really sorry to those of you who were like I wanted to meet you~, but since I absolutely want to be better for tomorrow going to the doctor was a priority.


No matter what it takes to sing properly tomorrow and be able to go out with a bang, I will heal myself with medicine and fighting spirit!!!








Please continue supporting me until the end!


Well, I’m going to take a bath, and after going over things for tomorrow I will go to bed early‼︎


See you tomorrow ♡



Risako See you



*I wasn’t quite sure how to put it succinctly, but the word used, “kouyasai,” basically means an event held on the night some kind of festival ends.
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PreCure ♡


Oda Sakura here:music:
We were able to participate in a preview
for the movie Pretty Cure Spring All Stars1075 Zukki Eripon
On stage we debuted
the theme song『Ima Koko Kara』but,
I was extremely nervous 
How do I say this,
Ima Koko Kara starts from my solo part (>人<;)
Since we rarely get songs like this,
it was really an honor,
also to be able to sing in such a place
I mean all kinds of feelings were piling up,
I was heart poundingly nervous 
Fromt he members also,
when we returned to the stage wings
『Oda-chan, wasn’t your singing super nervousー!!*laughs*』
they said to me,
My secret, was let out…
as it so happened
The kids and their mothers in the audience
gave a heart pounding applauce1075 Zukki Eripon
They were really able to enjoy it
Thank you so much :heart:
Of course when I am in front of little kids
it really raises my spirits 
I also want to see Pretty Cure in theaters soon 
Haga-san Haga-san.
Haga-san making a smug face,
I wonder if it is because it is Haga-san’s second day of being 13
Deha deha (=゚ω゚)ノ
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I did sit ups.


Oda Sakura here 

It seems that finally,

I probably hae fay fever…(_ _。)

A tickle in the throat is a symptom of hay fever, right 

Furthermore, my nose is stuffed up….

But I
also am sneezing so maybe it’s just a normal cold~
I think,

but if it’s a normal cold
I always get better if I don’t worry about it

Eh, go to the doctor?
Should I go?

But I feel great besides my nose and throat,

I don’t feel sick

Plus, if I go to the doctor and heal it with medicine,
I want the antibodies
inside of me to give me immunity
I want to become an invincible human like Ikuta Erina-san←
I mean, I think she has more white blood cells than people originally have.

Ah yes, I’ll go to the doーctor.
I’ll go right away
I’ll get an exam righ awーay

You hear me, right away…(–;)
Is it typical??←


My older brother said,

『Huh?It sounds like your voice is delayed?』



It doesn’t sound delーayed, it’s real time
I mean, what kind of monologue is this,

is the conversation we had now~

Doing sit ups is rare,
I regret it ー:music:

but of course I should exercise…


Sorry for the daーrk selfie 

It only became this bright 

Light is important for selfies!!

I’m the one who said this←


A photo of Satou Masaki-san

I have 11 more to upload

Deha deha (=゚ω゚)ノ
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3/3 has finally arrived…
Anyway, I want to enjoy it with everyone, and I think I want to use my full power without any regrets‼︎




Everyone, please support me until the end ♪



Risako See you
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Ariake Coliseum LIVE ♪

Thank you to everyone who has come to the Ariake Coliseum LIVE


Yesterday, the guests on behalf of the Hello!Project OG, Iida Kaori-san, Yoshizawa Hitomi-san, and Ishikawa Rika-san rushed over‼︎




They had a huge bouquet, a letter and message, and it moved me so much it seemed like I would cry, but I was extremely happy.


And, there was a letter from Hello!Project’s leader, Maimi-chan.
It brought total silence.


I thought again that I’m glad ℃-ute is from our same generation, and I was full of feelings of gratitude.
Really, thank you.



Ah~2 days passed in the blink of an eye, but they were really, really fun!
It made me happy.


I only have one regret.
Even thought it was an important day, my throat’s condition became not so well so I feel like I wasn’t really able to sing.
In the middle, when I wasn’t able to sing like normal, I became angry and frustrated and about to cry.
But, since I was able to clearly express my emotions with my singing, I’m happy.


Including today there are 2 days left.
I will focus and do my best until the end!


Everyone, I want you to watch over us warmly until 3/3‼︎



Risako See you
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I’m Moved!!& Blog Relay


Oda Sakura here

Today was Berryz Koubou-san’s last live in Nippon Budoukan3768-2

I went to watch3768-2

Of course,
I thought from the bottom of my heart
Berryz are wonderful aren’t they

All kinds of people love them,

and the members really got excited,
and put on a performance they seemed to enjoy,

that they were really able to convey even to the seats,

That I was able to work with them as members of the same Hello! Project fills my heart with pride

Berryz Koubou-san
Thank you so much for teaching us all kinds of things until now!!
Thank you for all your hard work!!!

Everyone was cute…
The MC was interesting…

Since Shimizu-san said,
『Berryz Koubou will live on forever!』

I will continue to see Berryz Koubou-san
in my dreams, and admire them forever

Yesterday, Takagi Sayuki-san
tagged me in the blog relay :music:

Takagi-san, thank you3768-2

The blog theme this time is
『Is this just me?』

When I

walk from my home to the train station and stuff,

Or on the days
that I allow myself plenty of time~

And on days like,
Well, I wonder if I’ll be on time,

And on days like
Oh no I barely made it!!

I change the music I listen to in my headphones

To put it another way,
The songs for these 3 patterns is decided

The BGM and my stride and stuff,
if the rhythm doesn’t match while on the way, the way I walk
becomes like, huh huh?

It doesn’t match…
I think

So I’ll like continue on my right foot twice

When I’m in a hurry in stuff it has to be these songs!!
is what I’m saying3768-2

Is it only me??

This was really a conversation where anything goes
I’m like this 3768-2


In this blog relay、

I think I want to continue and pass the baton to ℃-ute’s Suzuki Airi-san

Suzuki-san and I
at the HaroCon before this,

danced together and stuff to Country Girls’ Itooshikutte Gomen Ne

together with Fukumura-san and Ikuta-san and Ishida-san and stuff, we earnestly played mystery games.

When I think about it now,
What were we doing!?*laughs*

While watching Country Girls’ song
What we thought were own cute points was


This kind of exchange
is what we were doing in front of the monitor backstage

From the time I entered Morning Musume
she has kindly spoken to me,

When you combine everything about Suzuki-san I really respect her
She is ridiculously adorable


Serious MaaーSaku.

There are about 12 more photos

with Satou Masaki-san that I can’t upload…

Deha deha (=゚ω゚)ノ
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Good morning ☀︎

Today we also have a LIVE at Ariake Coliseum‼︎


Now that this day has finally come I feel a bit lonely.
But, I wonder if  we wereable to convey a fun, awesome LIVE yesterday so that I can forget the lonely feeling♪


Since today’s Ariake Coliseum LIVE is the last, I’ll focus myself to do my best and have fun until the end‼︎





Risako See you
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