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Good evening!

Oda Sakura here
Today I went to see Cirque du Soleil Totem
They really did a lot of movements that made me unable to think they are the same humans as us,
Their level was really so high,
that without realizing it I murmured,
『The world is awesome』when I was watching
There are people in all kinds of countries,
and we are surrounded by all kinds of countries
Of course I think people that are like『I want to take on the world!』are really cool
I also really longed to be able to go out in front of people!!
I was tempted countless times by the female performers…
Those sexy eyes…
And after that Satou Masaki-san and I went to go see I am a Hero!
It was sc, scary…
The revival of the original was amazing…!
It is better if you are able to go with a large number of people
My heart was fearfully pounding while I watched
But it was interestingー!
My heart was really pounding!!
I received all kinds of stimuli today~
We also took purikura for the first time in a while

Maybe I ended my address wrong, because I never received the pictures on my phone

Thank you Satou-san for sending them. *laugh*
DEHA DEHA(=゚ω゚)ノ
See you again ☆★☆
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Good eveningー!
Oda Sakura here766[1]
I have some information for you all
The sale of an Oda Sakura solo photobook has been decided
It’s my first photobook
Thank you very much!!
The Title is『Sakura Moyou*』
We shot in places like a studio, a school, and also at the beach
Since it was shot at just the right time for sakura to be blooming
there are pictures of sakura×Sakuraー10558[1]
The sound of the phrase my own photobook makes me feel a little embarrassed, but
Since we took a lot of photos,
I think it would be great if it became a great photobook
No, it can’t be that the day has come that we got this kind of information from Oda Sakura…!
Everyone, please be sure to check it outー
Preorders start tomorrow
I’ll give you more information tomorrow♪
Thank you for your support!!!
DEHA DEHA (=゚ω゚)ノ
See you again☆★☆
*Moyou means Pattern
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They Were Eleven!

Good evening~!

Oda Sakura here

Today, continuing from yesterday,

was the spring tour~


During this tour the opening act Tsubaki Factory has come with us, but

Yesterday and today HaroPuro Kenshuusei have come with us.

Kaga Kaede-chan, Onoda Saori-chan, 、Hashimoto Nagisa-chan, Ono Mizuho-chan, Kanatsu Mizuki-chan, Kiyono Momohime-chan,

Thank you very muchー


And I’ll give you some info here

This year we’ll also do a play.

Engeki Joshibu「Contined・They were Eleven! Eastern Horizon・Western Eternity」

What!There are advanced sales at Tokyo Kouen’s Blog!

Presale time: 3/19 (Sat)~28 (Mon)


Everyone please support us

Please make sure you come to the play

Team Khaki (Again)

DEHA DEHA(=゚ω゚)ノ

See You Again ☆★☆

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Tour for the first time in 2 Weeks ♪

Good eveningー!!
Oda Sakura here!!
Today was the spring tour in Nagano 
It was 12th gen Haga Akane-chan’s triumphant return performance to her hometown
When I look at Akanechin I really get a feeling that she looks like my little sister or daughter~
I’m glad she was able to have her return performance~
I did it while I was thinking about it
Tomorrow is Niigata!!
Speaking of Niigata, when we came to Niigata for the spring tour 2 years ago, for some reason I suddenly completely lost my voice…
and I ended up doing a dance only concert
I felt sorry for so many people during that performance…
That’s why tomorrow I will be precise!
I think that I really want to show my performance to everyone

Team Khaki (?)*



DEHA DEHA(=゚ω゚)ノ
See You Again☆★☆
*She put that question mark there, not me!
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It Starts.

Good evening!
Oda Sakura Here3768-2
Today was the Engeki Joshi-bu Musical Triangle’s first dayー
I was nervooooooous
I don’t really know how those of you
who came to see it felt about it, but,
I think for us it was a day with a lot of meaning
But!you see,
Today we did the α version and
tomorrow is the β version,
so tomorrow will be the first day with that meaning
So I think I want to do my  best3768-2
Today is 6/18,
And exactly one month ago, on 5/18, we had a meeting,
We haven’t even had one month of practice itself,
to put together two versions of a play in such a short period of time,
I think all kinds of people did their best for this play
As for myself, since it is still the 2nd performance,
I won’t forget to be thankful for these circumstances!
I think I want to do my best
to make this play a success
Those of you who came today,
wasn’t Princess Sakura cute?
She’s really, really cute >.<
The actors in male roles are also so cool
I’ll also do my best so I won’t lose to them3768-2
Those of you who bought the soundtrack CD,
I think
My recommendation is that
it’s best not to listen to the last track「Te wo Hanasanai」
until you have seen β
But I’m already late aren’t I…
Rosewood, who I play,
is a role full of mystery, I think, but
I think that
it will be refreshing to see the β
of everyone
DEHA DEHA (=゚ω゚)ノ
See you again ☆★☆
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Sakura no Shirabe5!

Good evening~
Oda Sakura here766[1]
Today at Club Citta Kawasaki, Sakura no Shirabe 5 occurredー1075 Zukki Eripon1075 Zukki Eripon
This time it was my 17th birthday event
1.Kaccho Ii Uta/Mobekimasu
2.Tatoeba/Morning Musume。
3.Chuuou Kaisatsu/Matsuura Aya-san (1st Performance)
3.Taisetsu/Fujimoto Miki-san (2nd Performance)
4.Kiseki no Kaori Dance/Matsuura Aya-san
5.FOREVER Anata ni Aitai/tsunku-san
6.Heya to Y Shatsu to Watashi/Tanaka Reina-san
7.Kousui/Melon Kinenbi-san
I was able to sing these songs
I did my best singing
I was nervous but
it was wonderful time spent!
Thank you1075 Zukki Eripon

Please continue to support me at 17 years old

DEHA DEHA (=゚ω゚)ノ
See you again ☆★☆
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Thanks for your hard work.
Sayubee aka Takagi Sayuki here.

Today was member
Kanazawa Tomoko’s 20th birthday♡♡*\(^o^)/*

Happy birthday Tomoko!

Tomoko has a rough and wild image, but really she is a serious and kind person.

No matter what she is doing, Tomoko is accurate and performs well.
That is talent.

But, when going over our preparation for lives and events and stuff, she does more than anyone else, and I didn’t realize from the beginning that she is really serious.

If I say she is really a good girl, I think all of the fans will understand.

Actually, she also likes to chatter,

and within Juice=Juice she is probably the most human like. *laugh*

Within the members she’s probably the closest to being on my wavelength!

Well, I feel like we only talk about frivolous things, but it’s really fun. *laugh*

It’s thanks to Tomoko!*laugh*
Tomoko’s mother, ○○○-san.

I’m sorry for always causing you such trouble.

Even now when I cheerily receive ○○○-san’s kindness I am moved to tears!*laugh*

Tomoko is such a good girl
thanks to ○○○-san I bet!!

Thank you for giving birth to Tomoko♡♡
I definitely don’t think now that Tomoko has turned 20
she is going to change in any particular way.(Her personality and stuff!)

From now on please keep enjoying life
in a Tomoko-like way.

Since Takagi gives such a noisy life,
and we’ve done all kinds of things,、

and from now on there will be no difference in the time spent doing these things、、(laugh)

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First Squeeze!

Thanks for your hard work.
Sayubee aka Takagi Sayuki here.

Today I did recorded album songs.

Today I think
I’m going to talk about that album,『First Squeeze!』. ♪

Speaking of albums,
I think as one work they are very interesting.

Don’t you listen to the albums of your favorite artists and stuff a lot?

I always have.
(I do now too.)

Whenever I had a new album at hand,
no matter what time I constantly listened to it.

So, the scenery and atmosphere, smell, and temperature that went with the music, the moment the intro to that album plays I am revived as if in a time slip.

I think it’s wonderful.
When there was a new album with new songs, with great happiness I’d memorize that song, and practice the harmony,

I’d mimic down to the clothing,
and then in the living room, in front of my mother, I’d do an impersonation of a LIVE. *laughs*

I really heard the songs countless, countless times, and studied them.

Also the song order on the album
has all kinds of thoughts wrapped up in it.

「I wonder why this song was put here?With this song order, with this song here it feels like it’s floating」I thought.

That song
was a song that the artist-san wanted to put on the album no matter what.

From the moment I understood that, it was floating.
When that song comes up in the song order, I have come to start crying as soon as the song starts。。

Since it is full of all those kinds of feelings, I think those listening it can also enjoying finding more and more various things.

We’re in the middle of recording for this album,「First Squeeze!」,

And the way I have been thinking about my singing, it really feels like it’s grown.

Since it is music that you can cuddle up with daily, I’ve been obsessing and obsessing until now, it’s only the fine details until it is made, it is because our senpai were there to influence our music.

Also when recording,

I look at the lyric cards I was given, and listening to the CD simply sing.

Ir isn’t good enought to get an OK from the director-san,
If I think to myself「I am able to sing more!, I’ll ask「Please let me sing one more time」, then I am able to sing 1 more take, so I’ve come to be able to do those kinds of things, not just what I am told.

And I have also come to understand why you don’t sing directly into the mic.

「So you don’t fail」
「So you don’t make a mistake in pitch」
「So you don’t rush the rhythm」
those things are also important, but,

But I have come to be able to see what is more important than that, and that is to be able to sing from the heart and enjoy it.

Like that, I got really fired up, and I am also looking forward to listening to the finished album.

Since I think it’ll definitely be a wonderful album, I want everyone to also look forward to it!

And, it would be great if it became an album that would blend in with everyone’s daily lives. ♫

I really talked a lot. *laughs*

About that much makes me really fired up!*laughs*

Everyone look forward to it。。♪


Everyone, what feeling do you have
while you wait for the release day of First Squeeze!??

I will have a lot of opportunities to hear your impressions of listening to the CD,

But since I can’t heard your feelings since it hasn’t arrived yet,

Please tell me how you are waiting!

I should consult you!
~Today’s Song~

Kareshi ni Naritakute/Southern All Stars

This picture isn’t from today.~

I think maybe yesterday.~

Around then~. *laughs*





、、I should also say
I have training now.

I’ll do my best for the last of it.
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Begin to Run

Thanks for your hard work.
Sayubee aka Takagi Sayuki here.
I read everyone’s comments!

Thank you for the stories about dreams.。

Everyone’s dreams ranged from scary ones,
to dreams that made you laugh,

and in there
there was also a comment that said「The Juice=Juice members made an appearance~」,

which made me happy,
but also probably kind of embarrassed.(O_O)

That kind of feeling. *laughs*
Everyone thank you!


Well, we’re already one week into June.
That was fast huh・・

Our tour starts 6/21 at Yokohama Arena,
and the title has been announced, hasn’t it.

『Juice=Juice LIVE MISSION 220 ~Code1→Begin to Run~』

That is 220 performances,
a mountain without challenges.

The members and the staff-san,
when we discussed what our deciding what our aim is from now on,

「First of all, I can’t see at all…」
That kind of anxious member was also there.

I am more of an absurdly burning typo of person than that other member who seems like they won’t do it,

and furthermore, I am the type who tries something for the time being without thinking about what will happen later.

You’ll also have some failures that way,
but you’ll also have times when you are helpful.

There will probably be difficult things as well,
but if you say it, you can only go and do it.

Things you don’t think about
are also occasionally necessary~.

I won’t think about it!
*If I think that to myself, then I don’t think about it.

I’ll replace it.
I’ll forget the things from that time.

To replace those things
there are also times you turn and head in a good direction~.

But I think of course there are people who think too much, or constantly have uneasy, foggy feelings in their head, so

when those people come Juice=Juice’s live,

I think if you forget everything, don’t think about anything,
and are able to do nothing but enjoy yourself, and be moved, it’d be nice to make an easy going, fun time.

And, it’s great that starting tomorrow, I’ll be able to see a slightly different scenery.


if I replace everything with that feeling,

that is, we are loved, but I am going to go on behalf of someone else’s energy.

Rather than bluntly saying「See Juice=Juice’s performance!It’s amazing I bet!」and getting in peoples’ line of sight,

If the 5 of us continue
to discover the

things that we love,
people who think that’s great,

I think it would be the best if you came to hear us sing.
220 performances
for the purpose of our goal,「Next fall I want to stand on stage at Nippon Budoukan in a solo live」,

I think it would be great to be able to meet all kinds of people in various places, if we are able to reach the heart of even one or many people.

until 220 performances have ended,

my aim is to be able to sing「with a voice like a paintbrush」.

Once I have cleared that goal I want to challenge Budoukan.

Also during the lives, I don’t want to forget
『To sing by treating the words as precious』.


Rehearsals haven’t started yet,
I’m really looking forward to them!
「Begin to Run」
I’m able to hear the words of our Live’s title as precious.
I’ll do my best~~
I think I want to run through to the end full of energy!



With Miyamoto Karin-chan~♡
Sa「What pose should be do?」
Ka「What would you do?」
Sa「I wonder what should we do」
Ka「Like let’s do something」
Sa「What should we do」
…And, after all that, the two of us calmed down and did the same pose as always. (laugh)

Like that. ♪♪*laughs*
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Thanks for your hard work.
Sayubee aka Takagi Sayuki here.

I read
everyone’s comments~✌✌♡

Lately I read them over and over again.

I’m able to think, I’ll do my best!
Thank you always!
Today at ANGERME-san’s
Live at Nippon Budoukan

we were able to perform as the opening act.

The song Juice=Juice was able to sing was『Wonderful World』

Now when I sing this song,
I am really happy, and my smile is overflowing.

Next fall.
If only the 5 of us in Juice=Juice could stand on the stage at Budoukan・・

Today for that purpose,
whatever the audience gives us will make me happy, I wonder in what way I’l be able to thoroughly use that energy.

Like that, I will simulate the Budoukan Live that has yet to be decided,

To imagine the figures of the 5 of us standing on stage at Budoukan,

「I want to stand on stage at Budoukan, huh」
were the words we exchanged.

A 220 performance live tour, we’ll definitely hit some troubled waters on this trip, but the 5 of us want to overcome them. ♡


Every day I make sure not to miss it.
Harmonica practice.

Even without knowing the notes,
I just listen to the sound, and for the time being try to blow in it, and make a melody fit.

It’s really fun!

The songs I play, grows everyday at a pace of about one song at a time.♫

Even my mother,
「The fact that you can play like that without looking at the notes is amazing」

is how she praises me.

She promised to buy me a new blues harp ✌✌♡♡

I’m happy~~♡


And and,
Lately there is a beloved book that I always carry with me.

What on earth could that book be, I wonder~.

A hint
『I was surprised』.

It’s fun to read it.~♫

It’s that kind of wonderful book.

~Today’s Song~

Ai Suru Hito Yo/Kobukuro
This song,
I have come to practice playing the harp (harmonica) with it!


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