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Fukumura-san’s Birthday ♪


Oda Sakura here 766[1]

Today is!

Fukumura Mizuki-san’s birthday 


Since I was OFF today…

I went to watch Fukumura-san’s birthday event 

It was fun…[みんな:06]

Nostalgic songs, songs from other agencies…

I was really able to enjoy myself 864[1]

Thank you for your hard work  5249[1]



Out of those pictured in these photos,
I was the only one who didn’t perform at the event 

was there as a guest, or as an MC,

Only Oda went privately 10558[1]

I was able to fully enjoy it  6460[1]

Fukumura-san is really like a big sister  2492[1]

There are times I am like a little sister, or a cat, or perhaps I should say

there are times I want people to spoil me

Decidedly in contrast to Fukumura-san 264[1]

Actually  5652[1]

Furthermore, even when not surrounded by cameras!!

Today she was also an older sister 

I can always rely on her 10606[1]

Thank you for always giving fan service, big sister  5658[1]

Huge thangks! 

18 year old Fukumura-san 2178[1]

Please continue to support me 



Giveaways for the game
All of the bentos backstage had a coupon

The guest, Mano Erina-san,
politely arranged the ribbons, and did the place setting in the dressing room

Well, in that case…


Deha Deha (=゚ω゚)ノ


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Duuday ★


Oda Sakura here (≧∇≦)

Kudou Haruka-san   


Happy birthday 5249[1]

15 years old 

Right now in Morning Musume,
There are five 15 year olds 

Kudou Haruka-san,

Thank you so much for always, always taking care of me…orz

It’s been 2 years since I joined Morning Musume。,

and you always worry about me…



I am always saved by Kudou-san’s bluntness 6087[1] Zukki-Sayu-Maachan

she comes and asks me about the things on her mind,
and thanks to that,

I have also come to be able to bluntly convey my feelings (>人<;)

I don’t have generation mates,
and I really can’t say it myself,

I don’t know if you’ve noticed or not,

Every time,
with perfect timing,

Are you OK??

asking in that voice
really helps me out 

Even though,
I have a habit of always smiling,

In the back of my mind,
I slip and,
Subconsciously Kudou-san is able to see…

Kudou-san probably doesn’t notice, but

she listens pretty deeply 

To be able to do so naturally,
is Kudou’s power  

I really always think so  

thank you so much 

Since I
am the 11th generation member,

From when I first lined up as a member of Morning Musume。
I have always been behind Kudou-san 

When I don’t know where to go,
from behind Kudou,
I walk to the last place in line,

And Kudou-san’s back is
the first one I look for 

She nonchalantly calls out,
and she worries about me,

『Walk like Mizuki』
and stuff like
『add some energy to your step』

those kinds of words.
Thank you so much, always. 3768-2

From now on I will constantly
Follow Kudou-san’s back 2178[3]  *sparkle*



she’s cute 2178[3]

Even though there are times when she really looks like a hunk. 

From now on
I will do my best so 12th gen
can remember my back 

Deha deha(=゚ω゚)ノ
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A Fun Thing ♪

Thanks for your hard work 

Oda Sakura here  

Just before,

We were able to perform on Music Station 3768-2

It was fun (((o(*゚▽゚*)o)))

Michishige-san’s last M Station 

The costumes were,

the TIKI BUN costume’s arranged a bit differently …

We wore these  




Like this we danced to One・Two・Three,
and the moment it turned into TIKI BUN,
we ripped these off, and they became our usual costumes!

It gave the illusion of a quick costume change 

is how it was supposed to go at least…


I had a happening where I ripped it while singing One・Two・Three…

Illusion ( ̄▽+ ̄) *sparkle*  3768-2

No really,
I’m very sorry…

Right now my friends are telling me how stupid that was 

You have to watch reaーlly carefully
to point this out (>人<;)

It’s bad to constantly be focusing on that!!!!

since there were also fans in the studio 2473[1]

It was pretty(≧∇≦)

Of course everyone’s presence
is really big (>人<;)



With the 12th gen who came to observe 

Mysterious faces 

After this,

starting at 11:30PM,

Japan TV’s
『Future Theater』Will air 

Everyone please also be sure to watch that 

Deha Deha(=゚ω゚)ノ
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Thanks for all your hard work 

Oda Sakura here 

Today was,

the cheki, autograph, and hand shake event in 3768-2

Shibuya (((o(*゚▽゚*)o)))

As expected the handshake event was fun 

Today really,

I had to give into the good mood, yes,

Those of you who got extremely crowded, I’m sorry m(_ _)m

This time,

the contents were the tour,

the play,

and 12th gen 2178[1]

There was no end to the conversations (((o(*゚▽゚*)o)))




My little sister is catching up to my height,

I’m in a slump,

but it’s refreshing to see her get past being defiant 

Like、、 it’s not that my sister and I are close in age…


As example shows,

only her legs are getting longer… 377[1]


because of this the young children of today…

I am envious of them, honestly 2539[1]

Deha Deha(=゚ω゚)ノ


☆★ oda
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Hey ♪
Oda Sakura here 

I got a birthday present from Ishida Ayumi-san  (Sakura was born in March)

Now, she gave me something that makes me extremely happy 

Yaーーy o(〃^▽^〃)o

Thank you very much 

Please continue to support me from now on 5249[1]


at Club Citta Kawasaki
We had a launch event for our new song 

And one might say it has become the eve of 

A handshake event
together 5249[1]

Of course I love handshake events 10558[1]

I want to do as many as I can 

So much fun 

Today’s blog title,


Tomorrow will be
I think.

Although once it becomes tomorrow won’t it become todayー(゙ `-´)/


I bought a new sweater

It, it’s full of sheep…

In a pile…\(゜□゜)/

1 sheep…。
2 sheep…
3 sheep、、、
4 shee…

*The title was the English word “today” written in hiragana.
**This was the English word “tomorrow” written in hiragana.
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12th Gen!!


Oda Sakura here  

Today was ♪
The concert *in Nippon Budoukan 

It was soooo fun 

Up until now,
today I got the feeling that the audience was focused more than ever 

And today was  

this big announcement 

The 12th generation members joined 3768-2 3768-2

Ogata Haruna-chan・15 years old

Nonaka Miki-chan・14 years old

From the HaroPuro Kenshuusei 

Makino Maria-chan・13 years old

Haga Akane-chan・12 years old

Oh oh 、、

They’re getting younger,
They’re steadily getting younger… 

Ogata Haruna-chan is the same age as me 3768-2 3768-2

That is to say!
In this generation Morning Musume。’14 has 4 more people, right!?

Amazing  3768-2

**The bridge of her nose is pretty。←

Nonaka Miki-chan’s
voice is super cute.
Super cute///

The 2 of us have already become good friends 438[1]

Maria-chan ♪
have been saying,

Let’s be in Morning Musume。together!

since the 11th generation auditions, sp 
The moment Maria-chan came and stood on stage the tears started flowing[みんな:18]

Akane-chan was announced first, but

As soon as I heard the words
『From HaroPuro Kenshuusei!』I started crying 2539[1]

I don’t really know why though…

But those two,
our time as Kenshuusei didn’t overlap…

when she was a kenshuusei,
as a senpai she loved,

my name came up  

I’m so happy[みんな:22]

But, instead of just saying such a thing!!!

I myself need to do my best even more than before  

I’m so happy about 12th gen♪
They’re so cute 

I get to meet them again tomorrow 438[1]
I’m excited 2349[1]



I was able to become a senpai, huh…




****Deha deha(=゚ω゚)ノ



** She literally just said “Extremely beautiful bridge of nose” so I can only assume she is referring to Haruna?

***This has not actual meaning, but it was either a typo of her typing “ganbaru” (I’ll do my best) or her trying to make her own cutesy way of saying it.

****I have decided to just leave this as is from now!
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Today was  

Recording for Sakura Sakuradio

And the guest this time was!!!

Michishige Sayumi-saaaaaan 

This time 

I was called to Michishige-san’s radio show,

This time, she came to my radio show 

We were able to talk about all kinds of things 

Since the Web radio
is updated every week on Thursday, 

please be sure to check it out 
Thank you for your support 



I cut my hair today  

Even though I just cut it a month ago 



I cut it 5249[1]

until yesterday it was,



Is it difficult to understand??
I am very sorry about that…

But I didn’t really change it that much  

Well then (=゚ω゚)ノ
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Hawaii ♪



Oda Sakura here 



Today was


the Hawaii 



optional tour 



We went to a coffee factory and a chocolate factory



and I had some coffee,


and also made some chocolate, and we were able to take it with us as is. 




It was fun 5249[1]





I want to do hula daーnce



am really quite good at hula



ever since it was decided we were going to Hawaii


I’ve wanted to do hula…



But today


On TV at the hotel,



The song I danced to when
I practiced hula dancing came on in a CM




…as I say that


It’s on again!!!!
Heeeeeeeeeey!!!!←(Not getting the point across)




for some reason I started dancing 




When I hula danced,


my hair was really long,



so I also used my hair in the dance



Every day I slept in braids、、


I was extremely good at hair arrangement :dash:



Lately my hair has been growing,


and finally I have
become able to arrange my hair and stuff again 






Today I also did it 
Isn’t it cute!?
Especially the back



I did it myself~864[1] Mizuki



Ishida Ayumi-san
curled the hair on the sides of my face 




today I did my best,



tomorrow what should I dooooooo 



『Your hair is cute


those of you who said that,



I’ll do my best so you will tomorrow too :dash:
is how I feel, but


Nothing comes to mind…




What should I do?
I’m worriedー…



This worrisome time is also fun. 






Here’s some things I bought yesterday
In the topmost photo,


on the pattern of the one piece dress,



a “Frozen”



it has Anna and Elsa’s profiles








On the plane here,
I watched “Frozen” for the first time.



That movie is wonderful isn’t it. 




I got caught up in its magnificence…




And, 、On that day
I went and bought a “Frozen” one piece dress 



Isn’t it cute 



Yesterday when I went to go shopping,


Some boys were playing kendama (It seems kendama is extremely popular here)


They are extremely good 


They swung around and around 


They let me take a picture, 



and then,


when I said


『thank youー』


as it clicked,
they replied,





Ooh, I’ve come to Hawaii,



is the feeling I got 



Mahalo 5249[1]




Well then (=゚ω゚)ノ


*Mahalo is thanks in Hawaii!


**Hey guys sorry this is so old…I started translating it and then got ridiculously busy for over a month straight.  I noticed I never finished it when I went to translate her New York entry. Anyway once I have a prepper again I should be pretty consistent, although I will be on vacation November 8th-15th so I won’t be translating then.  Thank you for your patience. ^_^
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Oda Sakura here :!!:



It’s been a pretty long time, sorry about that ー(>人<;)



Today was!!


the live concert in New Yoooooooooork :kirakira:


Ahーーit was fun 5249[1]



It was really fun 5249[1]



We all


did our best to study English for today,


but everyone in New York


did their best to memorize Japanese



I was so happyーo0020002012436641621[1] Reina


Thank you so much 4423027[1]4423027[1]



*Thank you for studying Japaneseo0020002012436641621[1] Reina
I came wello0020002012490669334[1] Reina
It was very fun
In addition, I come to New York
Please waito0020002012474462782[1] Reina
Thank you for a wonderful day




There was some English…


Anyway it was a wonderful day :kirakira:



I will do my best to come to New York again :up: :up:



Well then (=゚ω゚)ノ
SEE YOU AGAIN :kirakira:
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I have a lot of things I want to say!!

Thanks for your hard woーrk 

Oda Sakura hereす3768-2


continuing from yesterday
we had a HaroCon in Osaka!!


I was able to talk with ℃-ute’s Yajima Maimi-san
since the morning
so I was in high spirits



We talked about when I sang Let It Go and stuff,

and that time for some reason
I only did a half face of makeup,

we talked about that,

and also ℃-ute’s Suzuki Airi-san was like

『HeyーWhatcha talkin’ aboutー?』


Cute :heart:

How do you do makeup!?
You’ll turn into Zawachin

And so on and so on :music:

One time before, it seems as if she
looked at a makeup blog I wrote 908[1]

it was a real work of art.』←Yes, a witty statement.

I got a witty statement from Suzuki-san (≧∇≦)

My makeup is a work of artーー!!!:music:


Michishige Sayumi-san

wore bunny haaaaaaaaaaaaaair


It was at my requestー:heart:

I handed a hair tie

to Michishige-san

『I want to see pigs tails.
At tomorrow’s concert.』

I told her

She immediately declined


When I noticed

in the middle of the concert
had bunny hair(((o(*゚▽゚*)o)))

First she was against it…

you can’t!

then the members in the dressing room also,


They said.
It was like an awesome act of solidarity

And Michishige-san said


to me


she did it for me 908[1]

pig tails

As expected,

it was cute 

The first time
I saw Michishige-san
with bunny hair,

(Is this an illusion!?)

is what I thought :music:

It had
an awesome sense of a figure,
or even

like that

It was as if you couldn’t touch her。

If you tried to touch,


I wondered if she would become see through

Like Haku and Chihiro
in spirited away?

『You have to eat this or you’ll disappear!!』

That part?

she didn’t really become see through

Since it was cute,
I’m glad i begged her *laugh*

During a song in the concert,

Michishige-san and I
have one moment when we

At that moment,

I saw
an extremely sultry face 

She puffed out her cheeks

It was extremely cute?
It was extremely cute?


It was extremely cute?←

Since it is important, one more time
Extremely cute ry(sic)

Furthermore, [みんな:34]
at the end of the concert,

just before we gathered in the wings,

Ishida Ayumi-san requested

『please do Usa-chan peace』

In the end Michishige-san said

『Thank you so muchー!』
And then

Usa-chan peace♡



Today Michishige-san’s producers were

Ishida Ayumi-san

Oda Sakura ←wrong

Juice=Juice’s Kanazawa Tomoko-san and I
finally exchanged contact information 

Even though the 2 of us were in a unit together,

even though the 2 of us went to karaoke,

It was finally today.

When we went to karaoke,

We sang Hello!Project songs.

Kanatomo sang anime songs,

Oda sang vocaloid songs and stuff,
and singers’s songs *laughs*

I’m an otaku

S/mileage’s Wada Ayaka-san

asked me
are you an otaku?

Yes I’m an otaku☆ I said
Do you know NicoNico Douga

I like what I likeー笑

Well then (=゚ω゚)ノ