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Everyone :heart: It’s been awhile again :choki: It’s Miya :kuma::kirakira:

The cold days are continuing lately, huh :tornado: Since it’s easy to get sick, you’ll need to properly wash your hands :eye: :excite2:

I wonder if you all haven’t caught cold or anything?

Iya~ This year is already over too :shock: Quick! :bikkuri2: :bikkuri2:

I was able to meet everyone a lot at events and lives and such :heart:
Thanks always always for your support :music:

2011… is there anything you have left to do?
Has everyone decided your goals and such for 2012?
Since Miya privately… bought a schedule book, I plan to properly continue it :nikoniko:

This is something I haven’t been able to do~ :aseru:

Everyone, do the things you’ve decided to work hard on :guddo: :heart: until the end, okay :excite2: :raburabu:
By the way, have you checked out the “Hatsukoi Cider” and “DEEP MIND” music videos?

When Miya heard them for the first time, it was refreshing rock :kirakira: :kirakira:
They have a melody that really lingers in your ears, and the lyrics are also incredibly cute :heart: :heart:
The outfits are shocking pink and black suits :queen:
It’s probably the first time Buono!’s worn suits, right :!?:
This time it reminds you of men :jeans: so a bit more than cuteness, we challenged a cool feel :lips:

Since Hatsukoi Cider is a :heart: 1/18 release :heart: everyone, please support us :long2: !

Also also, the Buono! LIVE will be starting from 1/28 :punch:

The tour title is :clovers: “R・E・A・L” :clovers:

To not shame the name, we’ll deliver a LIVE even more real than normal :guddo: :heart:

We’ll be waiting at the venue, okay!! I hope I’ll be able to see everyone a lot this year too :paa: :nikoniko:
Thank you for your support :raburabu2: :heart:
This was Miya :heart: :choki:
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Can you believe it’s Momochi ♪

I don’t remember the last time I made an appearance :kirakira:

This is Buono!’s leader
Tsugunaga Momoko, nickname Momochi! :heart: :heart: :heart:

Today is the last 29th of this year! :heart:

It’s Tsugu’s Day~! (o^∀^o) :kirakira:

※By the way here, in the Idol Kingdom, the 29th is not meat day or Tsunku♂san Day, so please acknowledge it. m(_ _)m

….Crazy! :aseru:

I wonder if I said a rude thing to Tsunku♂san? (>_<)

I’ll have to properly apologize :heart:

Yurushite-nyan*  :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart:

I’ve achieved the day’s nyan-nyan quota :music: (lol)

All right, now I’ll say something leader-like! :kirakira: (lol)

In 2011, Buono! released singles and an album :heart:
Moreover, we had lo~ts of lives and events :heart:
Also also, our first starring roles in a movie, so it was a very fulfilling year! \(^ー^)/ :music:

This was a year in which I had lots of time together with Miya and Airin :heart:

The 3 of us are good :heart: Momochi-friends (otomomochi) :haato:
It became a year when the bonds of Buono! became even deeper! :kirakira:

Though I think there were also times when the leader was outstanding and level-headed~ (lol)
I think that the 3 of us really delivered the best performances with all our strength to everyone! :heart: :heart:

Since a new single release and a live in France have been decided for 2012, I want to run even more swiftly along ( ̄∀ ̄) :music:

Well, hold onto the Buono! rocket :music: (lol)

I really thank you for all the love in 2011! :heart:
And please support us in 2012 too! :heart:

Well then, Happy New Year~ :music:

*This is a phrase Momochi is known for, meaning “Forgive me” with a meow at the end
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★Hey, it’s Airi!

Hey :clapai:
it’s Airi :heart:

Today the photos from
the Buono! Live IN Nagoya
were a little late, but
I’ve put one up okay ☆

Thanks so much
to everyone who came :clapai:

this is a photo
that Miya took for me on stage :cracker:

With all you fans!
I don’t really get a lot of chances like this
so I had fun :usagi2:

We’ve only got
Fukuoka left now
for our Buono! Live…
Let’s look forward to it! :heart:

That’s all, Suzuki Airi �
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Layered Photo by ☆Miya Cameraman

The first day of the Buono! live :heart: :heart:

finished cleanly :long2: :guu: :bikkuri2:
It was really fun :heart: :heart:

Everyone who came
Thank You :raburabu2: :heart: :heart:

I love you :nikoniko: :kirakira:

I’ll upload 2 best shots of the promised photos I took with everyone :choki: :up: :up:

Since it’s commemorative, please properly save it

I’m looking forward to seeing everyone again :paa: :music: :music:
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Important! (Airi)

It’s Suzuki Airi :sun:

Today is the release day of
Buono!’s mini album

For a mini album, there’s enough quality tracks
that I can hardly believe it!!
(↑ That’s a saying which came from Momo yesterday ☆ lol)

The 3 of us each
have featured songs
as well :hanami:

My song
is called
“My allright sky”.

It’s a ballad
which I haven’t sung before :kirakira:

I think it has a
modern tune :heart:

Those who GET it
please tell me your impressions :hanami:

Well, I wonder
which is your favorite song?

Also, an announcement!
It’s getting important now!

In the Ameba Celebrity Mall
there are Buono! gacha-gacha :sun:

If you play the gacha-pon game
on your cell phone!!

You can win one of
7 types of standby images
of the “Natsu Dakara!” outfits :heart:

If you complete all 7 types
I hear that you can get
a standby image of the 3 of us together

From those who complete the set, by lottery,
a handwritten autographed
microfiber towel and instant camera
which also has your name written on it
you can win!!

Since there are gacha-gacha
for the respective members
by all means, please check it out

Suzuki Airi gacha

Natsuyaki Miyabi gacha

Tsugunaga Momoko gacha

I hear that the winners
will be notified through Ameba
by the staff :heart:

please challenge it :heart2:

Well then!
See you later~ :heart:
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It’s Tsugunaga Momoko

Momochi dropping in :heart:
Everyonnneee? It is everyone’s idol Momochi �

Today is…
the 29th :heart: (Tsugu’s Day)
Which means that I’ve made my appearance (o^ ^o) heehee :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart:

Um lately, I LOVE somen and salad udon :raburabu:

It isn’t cause of summer exhaustion but, when I eat somen and salad udon, Momochi’s power gets electrified :heart:

By the way, the Mr. Tomatoes in my salad udon were grown really quickly at the Tsugunaga house :sun:

My mom is really into growing a veggie garden so, we have veggies on our table every day and she’s starting to brag about her veggies (^_^;)  :ase:

She says the same stuff every time…
Someone save me~haha :heart:

Even though its hot and I’m getting sun burned, somehow my spirits are high aren’t they :nihihi: :kirakira:

I wonder whyyy?

Is it perhaps…

“Because it is Summer”?*

‥‥‥Eeeek :heart:

I’ve said something clever, haven’t I/////////haha :heart:

Now that I’ve done some great advertising!!(lol)
I’ll break this up here :heart:

Aaahhh~so saaadd~
Good~bye~ :music:

…Heehee lol
Bye Byyeee :paa:

:heart: Your reliable leader :heart:
:heart: Momochi :heart:

*Natsu Dakara is the title of their newest single
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Long time no see

Long time no see

:heart4: It’s MyaBi   :heart4:

Lately, Myabi, you know :long2:  :onpu:
I cut my bangs short
and changed
my hair dye coloring,
and had an image change :cupid:
Has anyone not yet seen it〓?

…for their sake I’ll upload a photo okay :heart4:

Took onneee :raburabu:
I transformed
like this :raburabu:

About Buono!’s
schedule from here on :onpu: Airi already told you
evverrythingn didn’t she

People might already
know this but, Buono!s
starring in the film
“Gomenasai” :heart3:
It’s a horror film〓Σ(゜д゜;)!!!
It’s scary 〓 :shock: :shock: :shock:
Sc :!!: A :!!: RY :!!:
Scary 〓 :shock: :shock: :shock:
But, definitely watch it, okay :nikoniko:
Please listen to
Mya’s request :heart: :heart:
Mya’s relying on you :long2: :choki: :music:

And, our NEW single
:sun: Natsu Dakara :sun:
we finished this
SUPER fresh song :paa: :raburabu2:

Listen to it a lot
Memorize it 〓 :music: lol

Recommend it
to your friends too :nihihi:

Okays, later :kirakira: :kirakira:
Mya-Beam :raburabu2: :heart: :heart: :heart:

:ribbon: miyabi :ribbon:
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★It’s Airi

Good evening :heart:
It’s Suzuki Airi~ :starai:

I’m S O R R Y …
for never posting


Speaking of “I’m S O R R Y”

it was decided that Buono! is
going to star in a movie
called “Gomenasai” (I’m sorry)~!
It is planned to show this fall and
is a horror movie…
Today we had
another photoshoot for the poster but,
the main shooting is all over so
today I feel like things have settled down a little :star:

Please watch the movie, okay,
even if you’re scared of horror films (lol)

(Photo ①)

Wellーーー! Yesterday, the 20th

was the day we released
our NEW single
“Natsu Dakara!”!

This time,
it is a summer-like, refreshing song!
You can see the MV on YouTube so
please check it out, okay?

(Photo ②)

And then, and then!
For the single this time,
there is a tie-up campaign
that is in session called
“Forsaken World×Buono!”!

This is
an internet game –
You get an access ID
attached to the single and
you can GET
the original avatars
that we Buono thought up~!

We spent a lot of time thinking them up so
I’d like you all to definitely GET it!

Yup yup :star:

Even though this is all just advertising
I’ll update a little more now :ase:

I’ll do my best okay :heart2:

Well, pretty soon

Buono! Love tour
2011summer~ROCK’n Buono!4~

rehearsals have already begun

The show is
8/20 Nanba HATCH yori Start

It’s all still a secret so
I don’t know anything yet (lol)
Our 4th
“ROCK’n Buono!”
I’m going to do my best so that it is
an even cooler-cuter show than last year-
I’m thinking that I’ll
post up bits and pieces
of my thoughts about rehearsals and stuff so
Keep an eye out okay☆

OK thenーー!
This was Suzuki Airi!


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Suzuki Airi
Happy Birthday!!
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This is Staff.
We apologize for being late with our update.

The three Buono! members are safe and without injury.
Thank you kindly for your concerns.

We are sending heartfelt prayers that one day soon, peace will visit those who have been hurt by this event
and also, for the happiness of those who have passed away.
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