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I turned 20

And now, I have turned 20.
That’s the news


Both of my birthday events ended safely.


Thank you to all who came.



I’ve been thinking about the setlists for these events for a year, I’d write them and rewrite them. I did this over and over…

I finally decided on 18 songs.


I thought a lot about all of them~



From the first show

“Crying, Hello!Pro Kenshuusei”
The melody of this song is cheerful but it’s a painful and odd song that the trainees all sing together in unison which makes it feel more powerful, so I didn’t know how it would turn out just singing it on my own, but since I began as a Hello!Pro Egg and trained for a while, I chose this song.


“Yokohama Shinkirou, Goto Maki”
When I was elementary school I had to be judged? to join the agency and they were filming footage for a movie and I sang this song for them! At the time I couldn’t put any inflection into songs and ballads were absolutely impossible for me, and really this sort of powerful song is all I could sing, but since I was picking a lot of songs this time I wanted one that would be cool! And so I quickly decided on this one


“Otome Pasta ni Kandou, S/mileage ver.”
I sang this song so much when I was a Hello!wota
♪ At the time there wasn’t anyone I could sing it for besides my family, but as time went on I became a Hello!Pro member, and when they made a S/mileage version of this song that I could perform I felt so happy…. Also, I was really busy at that time, so I don’t really have any memories of it. I thought maybe singing it would make them come back~.


This looks like it will get long so I’ll break it up (ω)



Anyway, it was a joyful birthday event.
I cried at the surprise letter from my mom, and then I cried at the feelings of gratitude for all the fans
I cry easily so stop it


So now so now so now I’m 20! I’ve polished up my singing and expressions but I still want to grow more this year




Please keep looking out for me!



This is a weird face lol
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Birthday goods.

The goods that go on sale for my birthday event have finally been put up~~(ω)



We made a birthday t-shirt this time,
as well as a jacket and an iphone case.



The jacket says, “Rotten but still Marotesque,” and “Soft skin.”
I was very particular about it being kind of dark
o(ω´ )o


I want girls to get a larger men’s size to wear it as a dress! This was such a work of art for me and I’m going to wear it as my normal clothes so let’s all match together!!!



On the iPhone case I just wrote down things I like, so if you ever stop and go, what was it that Maro liked? You can look at your iPhone case for confirmation and remember (^^)!



Oh! Also~~,
I got to tell them the design image I wanted for the birthday shirts
and if you look closely you can see that the princess hairdo I have in the shirt is the same one I have in the pictures! That’s the trick!

I hope you will all go buy my goods \(^o^)





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The independence of a cat




Yesterday was rehearsals(^ω^)
Because our spring tour starts on 3/14!


Rehearsals take a long time,
and I have a lot of things to be careful about remembering
but I will have to do my best.

Or should I say, it’s expected that I should be doing my best.

I should be giving a performance that’s just as great as the expectations people have when they come to the live, that’s what’s to be expected.

It was a rehearsal that made me do some deep thinking.



A long time ago there were so many things I had trouble with and couldn’t do so there were a lot of times I wanted to run away,
but when I overcame them, I think it made reality that much more rough for the time being
but right now I’m have a ton of fun, so I’m really grateful to be where I am right now and having both fun and difficult experiences!


I’ll keep pushing myself




So, lately, I~~~
have a birthday coming up
and I’m excited every day
and my friends had a surprise party for me, so I’m happy every day♪


And I’m having my event on that day so I’m super excited!!!!!


I want to do it already♪


So I’ll do my best today★
18:00 marks the live broadcast of 60TRYbu
Our guest will be Hanae-san *:.. o(≧▽≦)o ..:*☆


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MuroMaro Date.

With some feeling of Berryz loss,
I haven’t updated my blog or twitter in a while so I decided to revive them

Um so, the other day
3rd gen member Muro

Murota Mizuki-chan and I
went to Disney Sea~~



She was excited for a lot of things and she was so cute~
I haven’t been to Disney in a little while, myself,
so I was super pumped!!
Actually a few days ago we went shopping and bought matching clothes! Twin outfits.



A lot of funny things happened
but it’s hard to put them into words~~

Muro is just plain cute….


She made my heart throb a lot♪♪♪


Take care of MuroMaro~~


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This is a notice (ω)

At HinaFest 2015 we are collaborating with the game application “Nintsuku!!!”


The game is currently up for pre-registration.
For details please look up “忍ツク!” (Nintsuku!)♪


A movie of us is also going upーー (((o(*゜▽゜*)o)))


It looks like there will be cosplay and such for Nintsuku! on the days of HinaFest so please look forward to it :heart:


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A Berryz wota the day after

I feel kind of like there’s a gaping hole in my heart, and I realized then how much Berryz Koubou meant to me.


At school and stuff they tell you to say something you like when introducing yourself,

and I would always say, “I like Berryz Koubou!”

and when people asked me what that was
I did my very best to explain their appeal to everyone

That’s why I’m a Hello!wota and even now I have so many friends that are otaku!

I wanted lots of people to like Hello!Pro
and so like if someone was into bands?
I remember recommending them a group called Buono!!


How many years have gone by since then…



I have been able to be an idol this long because Berryz have always been wonderful senpai who watched me grow, and I think that’s another big reason why I have continued to grow




Yesterday I gave Sugaya Risako-san a scrapbook of memories that I had made in secret
and I was so relieved. 

I put in photos of everything RiloMaro have done together….



But if there’s one thing I can say right now
from the bottom of my heart


Thank you Berryz Koubou for all your hard work!!!



Also! At yesterday’s live, for the first time
everyone cried out of emotion and it was so cute lolololol


7 Cinderellas, so beautiful
ーーー! The tears!


I have to stop writing!


So.. I didn’t want to write a report but maybe I will
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I wanted to be together with you longer

Thank you. Berryz Koubou.



Thank you for all of the fun times, all of the joy.


As a kouhai, as a fan
there are so many things
I learned and gained
from Berryz Koubou that I can’t count them all.



The one who I got along with most
Sugaya Risako-san. Rilo.


Rilo helps me with so many things.
There are too many things I hate or get upset about, and when I cried every day because I didn’t know what to do about anything, she was always there to support me… She gave me advice and listened to my complaints… Rilo once told me that she didn’t care if Maro ever turned her back on her, and that has stuck with me.

Of course there has never been a time now or ever that I have betrayed her, but it makes me so happy that she would say that to me (T . T)
I can do anything if it’s for Rilo! I really think she changed me.


My eternal oshimen
Kumai Yurina-san.


Kumai-san is so kind and warm, she has so much charm, and we talked a lot when we had the same role in Warera Jeanne.
Practicing singing with her and going over our lines together was like a dream _`)

There were times during Hello!Con that I would get depressed and cry, and she would be the first to bring me a tissue and wipe my tears, and I realized what a truly beautiful person she is inside.
I will continue to support Kumai-san’s activities with all I’ve got.
If I ever become a big company chief I’m hiring Kumai-san as a brand model
(T . T)
I hope that I’ll be able to repay her for her kindness in the future somehow….



Hello!Pro’s fashion leader
Natsuyaki Miyabi-san.

The first time I met her I randomly had this image of her being a gyaru and thought maybe she might be scary? But she’s completely different, she’s super duper funny, she always has tons of people around her, she’s so stylish and cute, and she was Hello!Pro’s fashion leader♪♪

Earlier, she gave me a cute, trendy mask as a gift.
I was so happy, I’ll treasure it. I’m also really looking forward to any music-related activity from her!



The always 100% energetic
Tokunaga Chinami-san.


When you’re near her you feel this really wonderful power coming off of her.
She can make everyone smile with one word, she’s at peace in her surroundings, and she can make you relax.

I always think about how adored she is by the members and staff and tons of people~.

She’s older than me and is my senpai, but I love how bright and carefree and adorable she is (ω)


The kind mother
Sudou Maasa-san.

I feel calm and relaxed whenever she’s nearby, and she has an aura that brings people together, and she really does seem like a mother, but she’s able to perform on stage so well and her MCs are always on point, and that gap in her personality is what I fell in love with..
She’s also Cupid to Kumai-san and me♪ She’s always trying to get us to take pictures together, and I’m grateful for her kind heart and compassion.



Everyone’s idol, Momochi
Tsugunaga Momoko-san.


She’s so smart and she’s so quick at responding to things, I’m always trying to learn from her and study her talking.
She is a sparkling super idol normally, but she’ll tell you just like it is and be strict with you, and she’s a senpai I can respect!
She had to participate in a Country Girls song at the last minute, but she did the dance perfectly and remembered the formations and everything, which stayed with me.
Please continue to take care of me!



The reliable captain
Shimizu Saki-san.


I think it must have been very difficult for her being in the position of Captain, but every time I see her she looks so perfect and is looking out for everyone around her, her dancing is virtually flawless, and I will always look up to her for that!

We did an MC together at Hello!Con, and she danced a little to the intro part of S/mileage’s Ii Yatsu, and it was so awesome!
I remember being so moved!
If she releases a dance instruction DVD or something I will definitely buy it




I really, truly love Berryz Koubou.
My youth is Berryz Koubou!!!


Berryz Ikube!!!!!!!!





Berryz Koubou PR Ambassador
ANGERME Fukuda Kanon
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Once again~~

I felt this again yesterday
but in Berryz Koubou lives they show you such different expressions!!

RIght now they’re about to cry
but also have cool faces and full smiles

But they’re all beautiful and adorable
and they’re such idols


I’m so ugly, though lolololol

Ugly-cute lolololol

I can’t maintain the angles and faces I decided on
and so I’m hopeless at smiling or crying
so these 7 are so cute!! I thought!



I don’t want to think about tomorrow being the last time
but time won’t wait
and the calendar is always changing.

I’m going to work now (ω)


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First day of Berryz Matsuri

The first day of Berryz Matsuri is over.


In the cover song section,
we did Ryuusei Boy

It was fun!!!!

During Tsugunaga-san’s one, two, three, go!
I got to break out from the group in the choreography
so I was happy about that!


Different people told me I looked lively, so I’m grateful, so grateful,
and I really though about how much fun singing and dancing could be!
So I want to work even harder in our own concerts!!!! Don’t tell me! That! I haven’t been working hard before!



For the third section I was of course watching
I wanted to burn the sight of them on stage into my memory, since there isn’t much time left
and I watched without waving my glowstick or anything
but I did end up singing along eventually

It was so much fun(^_^)


I won’t speak too much about it.


Okay then, later, I guess


I have to confirm everything for tomorrow, so I’ll do my best ☆*:.. o(≧▽≦)o ..:*☆


I’m excited for tomorrow~~~~!
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My day

This morning? Night?
I listened to Woman Rush Hour’s ANN
and they started with the sad announcement that they would be ending it in March,


and then I went shopping with my mom~


In the evening we went to Valentine
and I dyed my hair
But I didn’t bleach it this time and it’s dark brown so it hasn’t really changed at all

I got my bangs cut again~~


I feel so~~cheerful~~



Afterwards, I met up with Rilo (Sugaya Risako-san) and we hung out a little and then went to eat


Tomorrow is the Berryz Koubou show in Ariake!



We will also be performing a little
so I’m really nervous….

I’ll do my best while reflecting upon how grateful I am to be standing on such an important stage♪♪♪




A good picture~~
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