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The dawn is breaking!

I’m sorry for startling you with my sudden announcement yesterday (T . T)!


The dawn has broken on the night since announcing my graduation and now
I’m shocked by the incredible response.


Blog comments, of course, and twitter, but also news sites and newspapers and messages from my senpai and kouhai, staff members, and friends
Once again I realized how I’ve only been able to come this far because of all the people who support me.


It’s for all of these people that I need to put their minds at ease!

This definitely isn’t something you should worry over so please relax!


I saw the blogs and tweets from my senpai, kouhai, and people I’ve worked with in the past, and I might have been crying up until now.

But I feel so happy! It made me want to work harder!



This is no time to mope, I have to first make Budokan a success by giving it my all for you.


This blog is, for me, a very important thing, so tomorrow? my next blog? Please let me write a cheerful, fun, energetic, and Marotesque blog♪♪♪


Okay, laaater!
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To all of my fans.

I, Fukuda Kanon, have decided to graduate from ANGERME as well as Hello!Project in autumn of this year.


I apologize for startling anyone with this sudden announcement.


For a long time, I have thought of the subject of “graduation” as a road that one cannot avoid going down in order to take another personal step up, but there were times when I realized that thinking about it became difficult, as that obstacle seemed too great, and I had been avoiding it.

But when I seriously thought about all the things I still want to do, roads I want to travel, and things to do within the group,


With the increase of people from the third generation members and the change in name, ANGERME now has such vigor,
and the three third generation members are so fresh and shine so bright, and the four second generation members have gotten so mature and reliable,

and our leader, who has always warmly watched over everyone and who has always continued to support me, I have no need for concern in leaving the group to them.
Even though I’ll be graduating, I strongly believe that the group can continue to become bigger and bigger.


I love ANGERME and Hello!Project. I also love myself when I am shining as an idol, above all else.

I had so many different thoughts in coming to the decision to graduate,
but I still have many challenges I want to undertake.

Just debuting as a Hello!Project idol was my goal, and I performed activities as part of S/mileage and ANGERME, and I can happily say that I have found another new path.


Up until now I have been in a position of seeing off members as they graduate, but the reality is that it still hasn’t hit me that that day is actually coming for me.

However, I have spoken to people within the company time and time again, and they have respected my opinions and given me answers, and so for me, personally, this is a very positive feeling!


As I thought about graduation,
the lyrics to S/mileage’s “Shin Nippon no Susume!” gave me energy and courage.

I listened to it so, so much, and I started crying.


I listen to the songs of my Hello!Project seniors just as a fan and they give me energy, but it was my own song that gave me the determination to decide to graduate, and that makes me really, truly happy~♪

I have a lot of things I want to tell you all, but I think that would be too long to put into writing… Communicating all of it is so difficult…


I will graduate this autumn, and I have decided to give absolutely everything to my activities as part of ANGERME, so I will take a temporary leave of absence from my university, and I will devote myself to ANGERME.


This should absolutely not leave any negative feelings, and I personally feel cheerful and optimistic, so while I won’t say that I expect you to immediately accept this decision, I do hope that as I work hard with all of my strength you will support me until the end and feel peace of mind seeing me graduate!


I plan on being able to let you know what will come next sometime in the coming days♪


First of all, I will definitely make the Nippon Budokan performance a success, right before your eyes!


Please look forward to it!



Fukuda Kanon
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Something happy!

Today I got a birthday present from Kobushi Factory’s Hirose Ayaka-chan (((o(*゜▽゜*)o)))


I was so shocked and so happy,
it was a cute, cute present
and she wrote me a letter and I started to cry! Thank yoooouuuu…♪

She wrote asking me if I liked what she got me, but I definitely do, it’s so Marotesque!

It’s something Maro really likes, something I secretly wanted♪

I saw her again after a little while, and Hirose-chan has gotten even prettier than she was before!
Do your best, Kobushi Factory leader!!!


Today I was drenched in sweat and not wearing makeup, which isn’t that uncommon for me, but I couldn’t take a picture of that so next time I’ll take one for you☆



Changing the subject~~


Today we had Budokan rehearsals and costume fittings and something secret related to Budokan
I’m so excited I’m getting frustrateeeeeeed..


My heart is pounding and jumping so fast, it’s going to flatten me out and I could just cry!



Oh, today, the dramas I always watch
Shoten Girl and Mother Game both come on so I’m excited for that, too~~. Nyaha.





Sooo, later♪ Thank you for everything♪
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Advancing to Budokan rehearsals

We have Budokan rehearsals again today!!!

Yesterday we worked on the finer
dance movements and matching up with each other
and everyone is going to confirm everything with the instructors.


I remember getting told, No, you do this right here, around the time of my major debut…



I’m happy we get to do a live on 5/26!


Now that we’re ANGERME, S/mileage’s major debut date might not be relevant anymore, but this is the date of my personal major debut, that’s the day that my world changed, so it’s a very important day for me.



The day before Budokan last time, I went to karaoke by myself, sang old songs and randomly got myself into a mood where I started crying. lol

I wonder what I’ll do this time~.


Oh, after rehearsals yesterday I went to a cafe with friends for dinner(≧∇≦)!
Right now I’m still trying to lose weight so I had a salad, but it was a very cool salad!


I have a system of putting on olive oil, vinegar, and salt and pepper by myself, so it was moving…


It was fun♪♪♪


Okay then, I’ll do my best to get pumped up for rehearsals today!!!
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Kobushi Tsubaki

Kobushi Factory’s Hirose Ayaka-chan, Tsubaki Factory’s Ogata Risa-chan.

Both of them!!!


They said I was a senpai they liked (>_<)
I’m so happy (>_<)
Thank you♪♪♪


Ogata-chan said her favorite song was, “Odorou yo,” so she’s a true fanatic and that makes me happy, too!!
It makes me feel good knowing she knows the old stuff…



The new groups are the future
and in both Tsubaki Factory and Kobushi Factory there are members who are Marotesquers… Hello!Pro… this is fate (^O^)





Behind me is Meimi (Tamura Meimi-chan)
but she won’t look at me!! lol

I still like her.

She scribbled all over my script for the MC and wrote weird things on it but I still like her. She has a knack for comedy.


So yeah, later
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Goods discount coupon giveaway




Yesterday, at Budokan rehearsal, we did just about everything except one part, but we finished up our positions and everything like that (ω)



Now is the real battle!


I remember what was taught to me, but I have to make it my own now.
It’s a difficult undertaking but it’s a lot of fun so I’ll work hard!!!


I have to remember new things from today so I’m going to focus on getting that down!



Oh, I went to buy my new wallet before work!


I couldn’t decide on one, but in the end, I used some of my Coming of Age money to buy one from a brand I like!
I’ll treasure it♪



Okay, later, then.
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Did you all watch “Pu” Suma the other day (^O^)?


Yuusuke Santa Maria-san, Kusunagi Tsuyoshi-san, Robert Akiyama-san, and Gekidan Hitori-san
all danced with ANGERME for Taiki Bansei!!!

Filming it was so much fun♪




I was with Nakanishi Kana-chan
and we were teaching Robert Akiyama-san the dance, but he was so funny we couldn’t stop laughing. lol
Thank you for being so nice to us♪


Watching them all try their hardest to remember the dance made me so happy I almost cried!!!



I’ll do my best to do something like this again (((o(*゜▽゜*)o)))
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Well, it’s fine, I guess.



After Budokan rehearsals yesterday,
I dashed off to a certain spot(≧∇≦)

Lumine the Yoshimoto.


“Bestu ni Ee nen kedo…”
That’s what the live was called!

It looked gloriously funny for the people involved, too, and I wanted to go ever since it was announced so I’m glad I finally got to~~!

I constructed my schedule so that it’s easy to go see a comedy show after work so it makes going really easy!


The best part in the show was Sakuma-san’s train conductor story, which made me laugh so hard, and everyone was cracking up and saying hilarious things and then the final garnish of, “Well, it’s fine, I guess,” made it milder
and it was all just my speed.



It was really fun~~~.


I was thinking, of course! And laughing and it was so much fuuuuuun.


I hope I can go again!


Okay, later
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So pretty…



I’ve been focused on shoots for the past few days but today is Budokan rehearsals (ω)ノ The day is getting closer…

I’m nervous and excited…


Just thinking about fills me with such emotion that I start to cry…


Oh, right, right!
Yesterday I went to an exhibition for my beloved MILK

I had work so I couldn’t relax there, but the shop worker Uiru-chan helped me pick out clothes~!





She’s so cute, I love her(≧∇≦)!

I ordered even more!


Changing the subject, but earlier, Katsuta Rina-chan recommended a drama to me called, “Mother Game,” and I’ve been watching it ever since
It’s so interesting!!

Dan Rei-san is so beautiful, I want to be like her (>_>) I want to be an amazing woman like her~!

Also also! Hasegawa Kyoko-san is gorgeous…



I want to be a beautiful mother♪


Okay, I’ll do my best at rehearsals!
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Focused on sushi

Shoots again today (ω)
I’m focused on that these days!!


During makeup.

My bangs hadn’t been set yet so they’re heavy!


Traveling time was long today, so I was listening to music the whole way
I was listening to songs that THE Possible’s Okada Robin Shoko-chan recommended to me


I love listening to music people give me.


I gave her some CreepHyp to listen to!

I wanted to go to one of their lives earlier but I couldn’t get tickets even though I usually can and I couldn’t go (T . T)
Lame (T . T)


I hope I can go next time~.


There are so many good songs in the world! I wonder how many songs I can listen to in my lifetime?

I want to listen to and sing to lots of songs (ω)

I like fairly painful songs! For some reason I like breakup songs! lol


Okay, later.
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