Fukuda Kanon

Full Charge


We started our solo tour rehearsals
on the 11th

This time we’re trying out something new and there are parts we’re struggling with,
but we’re doing our best! But there’s no mistake that there are surprising things in it
so look forward to it☆~(ゝ。∂)


With a certain meaning, fortune is fortune~





I wore a t-shirt from my beloved Aladdin, and I was bouncing around in rehearsal



Right now I’m so hungry my stomach hurts (T . T) Bummer (T . T) This is the absolute worst (T . T) lolololololol



I’m excited for the tour now!

I hope those of you who are coming will be excited, too~


So then, see you tomorrow

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Collected from all of the songs

This, this is the best.



Oomori-san, Tsuno-san, Yurina-san selected them

from all of Hello!Project’s songs!


I might like this version the most!




I want to put out a Fukuda Kanon selections CD, too(>_<)! I really do!

I’ll ask somebody!

I love this series, though~(>_<)


I want to choose out of all the Hello!Pro songs….


I’ll do my best today!
Today we’re recording our show at Ikspiari

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Kumai Yuriya-san

Yesterday was Kumai Yuriya-san’s
I say I don’t know why I didn’t touch on that point yesterday…


but it’s because today I appeared at her birthday event secretly (ω)


Kumai-san, happy happy birthday, turning 21!

It’s her final birthday as a member of Berryz Koubou, so I’m grateful from the bottom of my heart that I could participate (T . T)


When they decided I would appear
the staff asked me, “Are they any members besides Fukuda who like Kumai?”

and when I said, “No!”
then they said they’d go with me! I was so happy!


I’m glad I declared my love for herrrrr.



I didn’t appear in the first show so I was hiding in the dressing room and secretly watching on the monitor
and it was such a Kumai-like event, she’s seriously so cute I was jealous from beginning to end! lol


The Bon Festival present corner was great. Why were there such rare things (T . T)!

When everyone got goods of Kumai-san sleeping at home, how happy were you? (T . T)



Some Berryz wota might have missed out so there’s the possibility of them getting them again (T . T) That’s kindness (T . T) Angel (T . T)



The setlist for the 2nd show was the best.


It was marvelously all songs I like!! In that comfort zone it made me remember things as a Berryz wota and I teared up. Oh no.


I’m so thankful Kumai-san chose those songs!

I love her singing voice so much!!!! I always want to hear it♪♪


After today I’ve started
to like her more and more again, it’s so hard!!


I participated in the last farewell, too (>_<) I was happy (>_<)



I will never ever oshi-hen.



All of the fans, staff,
and Kumai Yuriya-san

Thank you so much.

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TIF 2014 Summary

I didn’t write my thoughts on TIF yesterday so now I am (^-^)/

First, the stage was super hot!! Also! So many people!

So many idols backstage!


Fest!! is what it felt like, it was fun. I actually really wanted to appear at TIF (>_<)

So when it was decided that we would
I was extremely happy!


There were still so many groups I wanted to see, and I thought especially, I wanted to see them~



Oomori Seiko-san
I really like Oomori-san’s version of “Kanojo ni naritai” and other Hello!Pro songs! I definitely watch her MVs, too! She came to our Budokan, too, thank you!!!


Yume Miru Adolescence-san
I always read Pichi Lemon in elementary school, thinking, wow, godly members!, Ogino Karin in particular was too cute
(>_<) She also said she likes Disney (>_<) Liking Disney is the best.


A long time ago I appeared with Kinoshita Ayana-chan in the Shugo Chara Musical♪ I hadn’t seen her at all since then, so I hadn’t seen her as an idol, either, so someday I want to meet together again☆


It’s the group of Sasshii, my ichi-oshi in the 48 groups and someone I got to be friends with, and everyone in it is really a Hakata beauty, and their setlist at last year’s TIF was the best so I wanted to see them!


I love how individualistic they are, and since we performed together I’ve been secretly paying a lot of attention to them and secretly getting really into them, with Nemukyun love.. we said we’d go to Disney together so I want that to happen soon♪


Tokyo Girls’ Style-san
I really love them too much… I watch their MVs a ton. I haven’t been able to go to their lives because my schedule doesn’t match up but they’re seriously amazing!!



With my friend Aatan♪
Konishi Ayano-chan

Aatan is soーーー cute
She’s mature but such a cutie inside♪





Up-up Girls (Kari) and THE Possible and Kikkawa Yuu-chan!!


We all started in Eggs together and I don’t really have the chance to see them on stage so I wanted to see them!
When S/mileage was on stage
Up-up were all on the side watching so I was surprised!!!

Konacchan is pink so she stood out!! lololololol

I want to do a live of just people who started the Eggs! Just once!
I want to try and do songs they perform at the newcomer shows♪♪


I hope someday this will all come true♪

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Berryz Koubou-san.

Today, according to what was posted on the official homepage and presented at the Hello!Con
Berryz Koubou-san… I heard my beloved Berryz Koubou are going to go suspend their activities indefinitely.

When I heard I was incredibly shocked.
It still hasn’t even really hit me..
but I’m filled with tears..

To speak my feelings frankly as a fan,
I’m very, very sad and upset.

However, I think that as as fan, as a kouhai, I should react with a level head to the answer my beloved Berryz Koubou decided upon.

When I was in elementary school I saw them on TV
the first time I encountered Berryz Koubou.

There are members the same age as me, the same generation, but they were so different from me, I longed to shine like them, they stole my heart.

I’m really just one fan

but I will always, always support Berryz Koubou without fail, their songs will rescue me… I’m full of nothing but gratitude.

As one kouhai

I’ve come this far, never stopping thinking that I wanted to become like Berryz Koubou, and I go to all of the members often to talk about things

They always help me.

Well, no matter what happens next I’m going to be an eternal Berryz Koubou oshi!!!!

An eternal Berryz wota!!!

I have to keep working hard, too!

Berryz Ikube! 

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Mornin’, mornin’



Today is TIF (^-^)/



Opening act!!!
It’s hot so everyone please be careful.



I’m secretly looking forward to something today but it would be nice if I could make it a reality


I’ll do my best!

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ChiaMaro Debut




Nachia, Suzukawa Natsuki-sama.

I love her (T . T) Meeting Nachia calms me down more than anyone else can, she’s my kindred spirit!


Today I gave her something~


She’s so sweet, she came to get me from work, I love her

On the way we found something that looked like Funasshii and burst out laughing, it was crazy lololololololololol




We’re ChiaMaro~ Nice to meet you~

I want to go to karaoke with her soon and travel with her


♪I want toーーーーーー
travel the woーーーーーーrld♪



Starting tomorrow morning

TIF!! Tokyo Idol Festival! Tif!


S/mileage will be the opening act
in Smile Garden♪♪

It’s early in the morning but please come and see us!!!

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Backstage story bitterness

“Aa Susukino” and
“Chikyuu wa kyou mo ai wo hagukumu”
had their MVs shown on Hello!Sta 


Everyone seems to like them so I’m happy!!! Hyaーーi

Actually, while we were shooting them
I tried changing my makeup.


I talked with the makeup artists and I thought about new styles!
Up until now I’ve been hiding behind relatively complex styles a lot

so this time I went with the new theme of making the most out of my natural face!


The MVs came out cute and delightful
so if you haven’t seen them yet please go watch.




During the shoot
Takechan (Takeuchi Akari-chan)
took this for me! A reliable kouhai!



I did a weird face.


Okay, later

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Our leader!
Wada Ayaka-chan, Ayacho.
Happy birthday!!!!!

She’s finally twenty!!!! 20 years old!





Happy birthday Ayacho♪


After being together for about 10 years I know
that Ayacho has a ton of power!

I think she has a charm that fascinates people
and I think she really was born and ready to be an idol, you know?

But it’s not just me, everyone thinks that!


For example, no matter how cold she is to you you still end up wanting to be near her ( *ω´) lol



When we had just met
in Hello!Pro Egg
we became pretty fast friends

and I’m the one
who gave her the nickname “Ayacho”~!
New fans! Did you know that? lol


When we were in elementary school,

“I’m Kanocho, so Ayakachan will be Ayacho!”

is what I said lololol I remember lololol
Kanocho didn’t fit at all
and it had zero staying power (of course)


Ayacho is really the exact opposite of me, and that’s why there are so many things I can learn from her.


Well that’s neither here nor there
but she’s cute, without a doubt! I love her! Kyaaaah


I’ll turn 20 in March, too,
so S/mileage will be more adult-like


It’s because Ayacho is always so clean and tidy with herself that I can have the freedom to mess with my hair (T . T) I’m grateful (T . T)


Please look after me from now on, too!

Let’s still meet when we graduate from S/mileage and become housewives or grannies! You’re the number one person I want to see! lol

It’s because she seems like the number one in our generation to not want to meet up (T . T) I’m begging you! (T . T) lolololol




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I did summer-type things

I went to Disney
with a friend who has a yearly pass~




We started getting sweaty in the morning
so we waited for two hours
for Land’s Elegeant and Refreshing Dance Party,

When the show started
we got doused with water!
This is a good show for summer~


At the character greetings
Unbelievably! My beloved!
Flynn! I met Eugene!
He was so cool I thought I was going to die


Then we scored tickets for One Man’s Dream, so once we enjoyed that


We moved to Sea!




Gelatoni is cuteわ~♪
We finally met him.



At night we waited for a while, and we saw our favorite show, Fantasmic.

No matter how many times I see it I get emotional( ;  ; )Hyaaaaa

I never, ever get tired of it…



I still have to get closer.


This friend of mine, she gave me a souvenir that I had wanted so bad! A Florida Disney t-shirt!

I want to wear it soon♪ Thanksss♪


It’s hot today but I’ll do my best!

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