Fukuda Kanon

Kiyoshi Ryujin

The Kiyoshi Ryujin 25 members have been announced (((o(*゜▽゜*)o)))


My beloved Nachiachia! She will be a part of it as Kiyoshi Natsuki.



I love Nachia!!!


Do your best(;_;)Love



I always think that I have to work hard too to keep up with Nachia!

We’ve both been busy so we haven’t been able to see each other lately.. we’re in a long-distance relationship… Nachia..


I still love you!!! Work hard!!!!
I’ll be supporting you


Oh, I also have something good to tell you all today!


So then~V(^_^)V

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I’m sleeeepy. This is terrible

I can’t stop feeling drowsy.

My eyes won’t open.


Oh, but I forgot something
I had decided to do fireworks this summer
but then I realized that I couldn’t
and I felt bummed 


But the book I use for oracles said today would be very lucky so
I hope something fun happens~♪



Today S/mileage
has more practice for the musical☆

We had a live almost everyday in August
and we have a live and the play every day in September

It’s tough to be busy,
but no matter how hard things seem
there’s always something good in it!!!


When I think
It’s always so hard~now…

But if I can ride this out god will surely watch over me and something fun will be waiting for me at the end of it!


is how I like to think ( ´ ▽ ` )


I recommend it! Everyone, do your best today while thinking that





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Kagoshima was




The Kagoshima live is over~.



We ate something like a rice burger!
It was super tastyyyyyyuuu




There were a lot of people I saw for the first time!
Thank you for coming.


I hope I’ll be able to come back again♪


In the comments on my earlier blog
a lot of people asked, what Disney character would you be, then?

You know, I can’t do it for myself! lol


I have too many personal feelings involved so I don’t know (^^) I’ll leave that up to you (^^)




I saw Riro (Sugaya Risako-san)
and I made this~.

I like RiroMaro! A lot of people told me at handshake events and such
It makes me really happy


By the way if I were
to compare Riro to a Disney character,
she would be Princess Aurora (Sleeping Beauty)

She’s beautiful and kind like a princess
and she’s a wonderful person♪♪
She also looks like her 




Okay then, see you tomorrow

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Thank you for all the topics
you gave me in the comments of my earlier blog~♪



Girly makeup, skin-care stuff
I think the men sent in a lot of stuffed related to me as a S/mileage member.

And like Disney and music and stuff (ω)


I looked over them all!


I wonder what I’ll write aboutーーー


I could happily write about beauty stuff
but I don’t think the men would care about that
so I’ll hold off a little on that


Disney! My beloved Disney!!!


There might be people who don’t know this
but I have a yearly pass
for both parks.


My favorite characters are
Genie and the princesses.

Lately I’ve been into Mary Poppins and Flynn Rider.



Comparing the S/mileage members
to Disney characters would be interesting so I tried it

Huh, have I done this before?

Well whatever



Wada Ayaka-chan would be…

Elsa (Frozen)
Lately Ayacho has been very dignified like Elsa and there’s a part of her that’s like a beautiful older sister so when I saw Frozen, and saw Elsa, I thought, Ah! She’s so much like Ayacho! So Ayacho would be Elsa.
She’s also like Snow from Lilium in a way 


Nakanishi Kana-chan would be…


Stitch (Lilo and Stitch)
She has an image like Stitch of being super active and energetic and running around making noise.
She also has times when she’s relaxed, though
ーーー! But I like Kana when she’s noisy and that part of her is like Stitch, and I think it’s cute in any case so I think Stitch and Kana fit!



Takeuchi Akari-chan would be…


Pinocchio! This is simply because I want to see Takechan dress up like Pinocchio (^-^)/ I definitely think it would look good!! I think it’d be so cute! Pinocchio is also pretty pure and innocent and that’s very much like Takechan




Katsuta Rina-chan would be…
Pooh! (Winnie the Pooh)
Pooh is so carefree, kind of an airhead? When he yawns and sits down it definitely feels like Rinapu
~ is the same as Pooh! RinaPooh! Cute (^_^)


Tamura Meimi-chan would be…
Marie (The Aristocats)

MeiMei is very much like a cat, and whenver I see Marie I immediately think of MeiMei so this instantly came to mind♪
MeiMei has sung Marie’s song before, too, I think it definitely fits!!!



So like that (^-^)


So today is the Kagoshima live. I’ll work hard!!!

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Fukuoka LIVE

The Fukuoka live ended~!



I had a ponytail for the first time in a while.
Because live houses are hotーー


I got pumped up




Lunch was good (^-^)/
Fukuoka is the best.
It was a popular shop!!!


I really liked the sashimi the best!


Aah, should I talk about something with more meaning? I wonder.



Well, nothing is coming to mind so it’s tough!!!!!!!!


I have nothing to talk about.
Please write something in the comments.. I want to write a lot about something.



Yeah yeah


Tomorrow is Kagoshima!

Okay okay

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This is an off-shot from the shooting for the SMILE FANTASY! pamphlets.
With Nakanishi Kana-chan.


Right rightーーー
I have loved Smash Brothers since way back when and now it’s on sale for the 3DS!
I want to play!!! But you know, I’m on tour so I can’t!
I can’t stop wanted to play 
( *ω´)


I talked about Smash Brothers at a talk event a way long time ago
is there anyone reading who actually went to that?



Oh, last night in my hotel room
I had speakers set up
so I chilled out while listening to music~



I heard a lot of things on shuffle

From idols to bands and everything in between!


You know me, with idols, I like voices of people who kind of leave out the nuances of things but don’t miss any beats (^^)






Okay then today is the Fukuoka LIVE! Mentaiko!
I’ll do my best♪

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The Kumamoto live
is over 
( ´ ▽ ` )



I wrote in the morning BLOG,
that Tamura Meimi-chan and I wore matching clothes.




I like it~!!!



So tonight we all went out for Kumamoto ramen.




It was good!! Awesome.


Tomorrow is Fukuoka!!!! I’ll do my best!!!

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Sleepy days keep going on lately.


♪Even if I sleep, Even if I sleep, I can’t sleep enough, can’t sleep enough



Earlier I wanted to go to a family restaurant* without paying, so I went with my motherーーー

There were so many things on the menu I couldn’t decide!!




Right right so today while on the airplane
I was listening to past episodes of All Night Nippon

Woman Rush Hour were talking about Susukino on their show
and I self-servingly felt an affinity with them


Susukino! Aa Susukino!


Lately my vocabulary is full of Susukinoooooo! I think!


Please buy our new single, Aa Susukino.






Oh, today MeiMei (Tamura Meimi-chan) and I wore matching clothes
so I’ll post a picture later


Okay ⊂((x))⊃ See you later ((x))⊃


Now I
am going to listen to SHISHAMO songs.





*A family restaurant is a type of sit-down restaurant that is very cheap and offers a wide variety of menu options. For any American readers, it’s kind of like an O’Charley’s or Chili’s.

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Berryz Koubou Budokan

I sure wanted to write a report on Berryz Koubou’s Budokan, I wanted it to be a rich reportーー

And that’s what I spent this morning thinking about.

Good morning.




In the end I couldn’t go to Buokdan
so I did my best at work! I’ll let you know about it later.


The other members told me about it…


I found the setlist posted the same day on the internet
and it’s a good one!!!!
I still couldn’t be there.
I can only get the DVD.


I went home to my dog,
and I certainly sang Halation Summer in my loneliness.


It also seems like Buono! sanf Rock no Kamisama

“Even if it’s a small stage we’re always at Budokan”

To sing those words really at Budokan must have been an incredible thing.




What I can do now
is just to listen to all the songs in the order of the Budokan setlist 
o(ω´ )o lol


Well I’m going to get ahold of myself and go to the live at Kumamoto today~


Three consecutive holidays in Kyuushuu!! Wait for me Kyuushuuーーー!



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℃-ute no hi.

I went to see my senpai ℃-ute at Nippon Budokan!


I was really looking forward to it ( ´ ▽ ` )


The moment it started the stage rotated and they appeared. Cool!


I personally love the mood I get from watching ℃-ute’s sense of professionalism,

and they convey that each and every thing is in place and they know what they’re doing, I think it’s wonderful.

Yajima-san’s sportsman-like stoicism, Nakajima-san’s full-body dancing, Suzuki-san’s overflowing sense of idolness, Okai-san’s fantastic smile and powerful singing voice, and Mai-chan’s desirable girlishness.


It was the greatest…


When I watch them LIVE
the person next to me is important. It should be someone who can get excited with me,
so it’s this guy. Takeuchi.



team ℃-ute‘s Takechan.

-ute is more of a senpai to Takechan than to me! She knew all of the calls to cheer!!! As expected.



Then Buono!.. Buono! had a revival at today’s LIVE… Hyaaaaa

They’re the best kind of cute, the best kind of cute
I used Natsuyaki Miyabi-san’s color. I messed up though and did purple, then thought, oh, she’s red in Buono!!

It’s been a while so I was impatient.


My beloved Berryz Koubou made an appearance, too!!!!
They did!!!!
I thought, I don’t have many more opportunities to see BerryKyuu…

A summer I don’t want to forget.



The whole thing passed


-ute’s performance abilities are high, I could really feel it, I thought, I still have a ways to go before I reach their level~.

S/mileage will work hard to catch up!





Like I said before, I can’t go to Budokan tomorrow(;_;)
I wept when I heard that I couldn’t(;_;)

Berryz Koubou is what I live for, I really wanted to go…



But you know, I had gotten a job so I was really happy about that
so I’ll just have to do the best that I can! I trust the other members to carry my thoughts!!!

That’s the way it is.


Everyone who can go tomorrow, please support Kumai Yurina-san and Berryz Koubou in my place

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