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Kumai-san ♡ Berryz Kobo PR Ambassador Blog

I didn’t write a blog post yesterday

I’m sorry~(._.)
There was something that I did、、、、


But I’ll write about yesterday。


I touched on this lightly on Twitter、
And she wrote about it
On her blog as well…


In the morning、 when I got to my destination station

And was staggering towards the ticket barrier

In front of me, there was someone with a clearly different aura!

It was a goddess!


It was someone with a divine figure!


Walking towards me。


Eh?! What’s up with this person?! Isn’t she too beautiful?!?!?!

Wait up!

(I’m really glad that I used wait up! in this situation。 Since she really was walking towards me! Wait up! That’s how I felt。)






That’s right。 As a matter of fact
Walking right in front of my eyes


Kumai Yurina-san


You know、

I tried really hard to keep my cool。

I put out an aura

As if I wasn’t really that into her?


I’m the kind of person who’s bad at handling
Abrupt、 or unexpected situations!


I was really nervous


But I had a moment of bliss!!!


She herself wrote about it
On her blog
Which sent me to high heaven。。。


I’m sorry
But I’m not the type who can nonchalantly go
Let’s take a photo!
So I didn’t take a photo。


For being a useless BeriWota、
For being a useless Berryz Kobo PR Ambassador
I apologise。


To conclude


Kumai Yurina-san is a wonderful human


This’ll come out in tests、
So make sure to note it down!


That’s all


Berryz Kobo PR Ambassador Fukuda Kanon


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Last night.

Last night, I watched MUSIC JAPAN
and Shinsei Kamattechan came on
and I was so emotional 


Noko-san was saying things that were completely different from his lyrics, but he said such nice things that I started to cry!!!

Their songs always give me tons of energy

I want to be an influential person like that, too…



In my own way



I will live my own way.



Oh, thanks for all the comments on my last blog! I’m still accepting more of them♪
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Things I want to do & applications

There’s something I want to do,
I secretly want to be on Jounetsu Tairiku Kaze before graduating 
I want to put that on DVD! lol

How’s that???

I wonder how it will turn out, seeing my work and of course my private meals and playtime and such! I’ve always wanted to be on that show!


Would anyone watch it if that happened?
It’s a simple question~~lol


Please tell me which Hello!Pro songs and which non-Hello!Pro songs you’d like me to sing (⌒‐⌒)
I want to know.


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Spring tour final

The spring tour is completely over~~!


I’m grateful for everyone who came out even once.
Man, I feel such a sense of accomplishment!

I’ve gotten to go forward
to many different places
on the weekend since March
and I’m overjoyed to have seen the goodness of all the places I’ve gone and felt the kindness of the local fans.

Honestly, before the spring tour there were a lot of things to remember since we became a new group, and it was really hard not being able to express myself to the new members like I could with the older members so I was worried the curtain wouldn’t even rise on the first day

But I’ve forgotten all about that now and have had fun, 3rd gen have been working so hard, and I’m so happy (^^)


This was my last spring tour! My last spring with you all~.. Seriously….


Every year it’s so normal to be with the other members and fans through each season, and with each season we had events I felt like I wanted to do more! which made me feel kind of lonely.
I wonder what I’ll be doing next spring?
I’ll probably be hurrying off to school..! lol
Because I slept in!!! lol
And it always seems like that’s when the train is running late.. hahaha

Well, no matter where I am or what I’m doing, I’ll still be me (⌒‐⌒)




Back to the subject at hand,
it’s really a joy to do live shows like this!

I have to think of it as normal, but I do still go back to my original feelings sometimes. lol


When I think of when I wanted to hold a mic so bad but had to wait, I think of the fans who are always there listening to us sing songs in our live shows that were made for us…


Thank you so much!!


The spring tour is over, but there’s still spring and summer, Hello!Con, Budokan, and then handshakes and events, right?


Not all of the events will be close enough for you to go to, but I’d be so happy if you went to as many events as you can!


Please treat me well until the end♪

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Nagoya DAY


We got to Nagoya and the handshake events are over,
and today is the last day of the tour.



The last day of the tour! It’s my last spring tour as an ANGERME member (≧∇≦)


Let’s all have fun together!

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Ah.. chin squeeze

My current trend is having my chin squeezed.
By my beloved Genie!



He also kabe-don’d me



These two poses are perfect for an anime world~~
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The MV for Nanakorobiyaoki
went up in Hello!Sta


So this time, I was chosen to be one of the 3 dancers
and when I first heard that I was shocked, and accidentally blurted out, Wha-wha-wha-what?! I’m a dancer?!?! but this is the first time I can personally put all my strength into dancing, and I feel like I discovered something new within myself.


I’ve done this for so many years and I’m only now doing this.. lol
I can really feel the effects of my work
I personally thought I would kind of give up on dancing on focus on singing, so maybe this is the final test for me.. I think it’s really important.


I feel like if I didn’t have this then I wouldn’t be doing my best at dancing!

At handshake events, fans say,
You wanted to sing, though, didn’t you?
It’s not like that! Unexpectedly!

I really think that dancing is fun,
and I get to dance at the very front
and I get to have a lot of eye-catching parts
so I’m really happy


When we were taking pictures for the CD jacket I really didn’t think I would dance like this
so what should I do with my hair? Hmーーーm…


Should I leave it down and curled?



No, is that too mature?

Yeah. Full twin-tails!



So with that I went with twin-tails
and during the MV shoot my twin-tails kept hitting me in the face and it hurt! lol


I’m happy twin-tails are so popular♪♪♪


I’ve been studying dancers in other groups these days so that I can polish my own dancing up with all the events and lives we have coming up.



I’ll do my best~~!
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Santo Nibunoichi

Did you watch The Girls Live yesterday~~?


Country Girls’ Morito Chisaki-chan did the outfits and we sang Shortcut♪





Clothes from Santo Nibunoichi.


I went shopping there a little bit when they opened and I thought it was a cute store, so I’m happy I got to wear their clothes this time☆


I’m sorry for how my throat sounded….





The flower crown that Chiichan made for me was cute, too (ω)ノThanks!!


I want to do the outfits again someday.



Okay, later~~
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Now on sale

Now on sale is Nikkei Entertainment! Idol Special 2015 Summer
and there are a lot of special features
*:.. o(≧▽≦)o ..:*☆


Thank you.







The weather~~~


I talked a lot in the interview!

Please check it out!
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I hate not doing anything,
so I went out and did karaoke, then bought some daily necessities~.




I look really rough, right?
Maro clothes. Striped t-shirt dress and just a jacket over it and sneakers! It’s a fairly low-effort outfit.





Speaking of which! I’m late writing this!
Congrats to Kobushi Factory for getting a major debut♪


I was also always aiming for a major debut above all else!
So I bet the Kobushi members are so happy!!!


I’m looking forward to being with them at Hello!Con.


I also think they’ll give ANGERME a lot of stimulation (⌒‐⌒) Let’s do our best for each other!


Okay, later
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