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Mental mental Maromental

So like~~Like, I~~
I have not been counting down the days until Berryz Koubou go on indefinite hiatus.. but then I just counted them
and… there are only 7 days left
(T ^ T)


Wah~~~I’m going mental~~~~


It’s so normal for them to always be there and all of a sudden I’m going to lose them and it’s like a few of my biggest fears come true.

I’m not trying to sound superior or anything but I’ve supported them from their debut, and I’ve loved all of them since they were in Hello!Pro Kids,
and I thought, they’re my age but they’re sparkling and shining! and they gave me so much courage.



In any case now I want to go to a karaoke place for Berryz reasons and I think I’ll invite my friend who also likes Berryz (>_>)

But I start liking things so much that I get obsessed with them until the very end and I have traits of an otaku who checks up on everything, so there isn’t much of anyone around me who knows as much as I do, so I always kind of pick up on what they don’t know and go overboard with it, so I seriously just want to talk to someone who knows a lot about Berryz (>_>)(>_>)!





Haaa I’m turning into Ojarumaru and I don’t want to move from the tatami~~
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Continuing to chase my dreams





The Yume AWARD5 are over~~!
Thank you..
to those of you who came to see us.



I talked with people who have dreams
and I learned from them(


I still have lots and lots
of dreams!

I have big dreams and small dreams, but I want all of them to come true, and I need to put forth a lot of effort for that to happen!


I’ll keep chasing after my dreams
I want to sparkle forever~~ :kirakira:



I’ve returned to playing games in my spare time these days. Whenever I have a break I unwind with a game~~


The tried-and-true Smash Brothers and Style Savvy.

I want to play Grand Theft Auto (>_>)

I have to clean up my room and find it (>_>)


Okay then, later
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It’s been a while since I showed you my Maro clothes(´-`.oO





Aymmy dress.
I really like how retro it looks!!


I forgot to put on the ribbon when I took the picture
so I took another once I put it on~~~



A refreshing red dress♪




I’ll wear this a lot for early spring!
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Recipe just like mom used to make

Ohanyooon (ω)


Today was the Yume AWARD event
that took place in Nippon Budokan
and we got to participate in it!!!


Budokan!!! I’m reliving all the gratitude and happiness I felt from standing up there on our own before!



Also also, yesterday at 22:00
ANGERME’s Twitter started up
did you follow us???

I’m going to try to do a little photo editing there☆~(ゝ。∂)

Because it’s boring to put the same things there as I do on the blog! I tried~! How long will I keep it up~!




The color in my black eyes is pretty light, it is.



Today it looks like the weather is going to be really nice
so I’m kind of bouncing off the walls~~♪
I thought I’d put on a new dress but I have so many spring dresses that I haven’t ever worn before,
so I don’t know which one to wear~~




Okay. I’ve decided!!!


I’ll post a picture once I put it on~~~

Okay, later
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Something really shocking

Today was the event
in Shinagawa Intercity Hall♪



I was all bouncy and happy for the first time in a while~~
But by the third show my shoulder was really hurting so I’m sorry 

I’ll do better, I’ll do better (T_T)!

At the handshake event,
I had thought I’d seen someone who looked so much like Musubism’s Kimura Misa-chan~~
but I was completely dumbfounded! When! It was really her!!! 
(°_°) I was super surprised!



Thank you….


She came to Budokan, too…


I think she’s a Murotan-oshi! Maro, too, please! lol

Misa-chan and I go to the same person to get our nails done so we talked about that♪ Heheh



Al! so!


At 22:00 ANGERME’s official twitter will start operating until Budokan(^ω^)
Follow us!



Oookay then, later
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This is a good spot!!

Today is the release event
in Shinagawa Intercity Hall(

Lottery winners~~let’s have fun~~

Yesterday I got motion sickness on the bullet train
and so I went straight to bed when I got home
but Shinsei Kamattechan’s Noko-san was on TV so I watched that the whole time
(>_>) lol


So that’s why I still ended up staying up late lololololololololol




I’ve been using Kiehl’s beauty cream every day before I go to bed so my skin is very healthy~♪



It’s been just a little while since we did an event on our own so I’m excited ♪───O(≧∇≦)O────♪


I want to dance~~Bye-bye~~
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Food caloriesー一look

Today we had an individual handshake event and stuff in Osaka (^_^)It was fun(^_^)



I got to talk a lot~~.


Yesterday I went out with my best friend, my twin
and I seriously adore her….!

We went to karaoke and then after we ate
we went to see the Terrace House movie
at the late showing~

Even though it was at night it was still packed!!!


I’ve been watching Terrace House ever since the first season, and this movie was the best~♪


Izumi Maya-san is really cute, cute
and she makes my heart throb…
I love how candid she is.


Her involvement with Kotabe-san was ridiculously funny
and I laughed so hard!!!

My absolute favorite member of Terrace House is a secret, though~~♪
Maya-chan was super cute this time, though(^




Right now I have such a strong desire to do a live
I’m excited for tomorrow~!
Tomorrow is the event in Tokyo(



Good night


Today I slept in for a long time.. I seriously can’t wake up in the mornings.. sweat sweat.. waterfall of sweat..
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I woke up this morning
and it was cold so I warmed up in the bath
and I thought I would exercise a bit before leaving the house
and I decided to put in a DVD
of TRF, which I like,
but my room was so dirty I couldn’t find it lolololololololololololololol

Oh gawd, god
why won’t you let Maro be thin
(>_>) It sucks (>_>)


But that was out of the question
so I just danced to some Berryz songs
and sweat a lot… or at least I should have…


But instead I cried a lot……?!


Oh no (>_>)(>_>)(>_>)


So then I put on some different music did like some jogging or something (>_>)




I’m reading a Kanda Sayaka book that I bought earlier and it’s opening my eyes (>_>)♪♪♪
She’s an angel… I admire her… I want to meet her someday….






Had I lost weight in this picture? I forget. Well, whatever.
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Harem Festa



Today lessons ended early
so Tamura Meimi-chan and I
went to see Kiyoshi Ryujin’s Harem Festa (


This was my first time seeing
my dear Nachia, Kiyoshi Natsuki-chan, performing live!!!
She was super cute, as expected of my wife!

I’m a Natsuki-oshi!!!



She’s seriously adorable (>_>)

I’m proud of my wife (>_>)


I’m crazy obsessed with Kiyoshi Ryujin 25~~!



At the live venue, I got to see Koseki Ren-chan for the first time in a while(≧∇≦)Ren-channnn


Natsuki and Ren-chan and I
are going to go eat pancakes~~
A fatty convention for the 3 of us lolololol









So yeah, later
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I have made my decision

I was at dance lessons





Because, you know, the tour starts on 3/14
We’re increasing the songs we can dance to as 9 members little by little!


In groups where the number of members fluctuates, the formations and choreography change to suit the different numbers, and it’s really hard.


But my beloved Abe Natsumi-san had to go through this too! That’s what I tell myself to keep me going (ω)




Scary lololololololololololololololol



Today marks the start of beauty week~!
I bought a lot of skin-whitening products from Kiehl’s, and I’m taking hip baths with salt and such!
I’m also restarting my regular massages
so that my skin can get white and firm, and then I’ll aim for skinny Maro!

Well, my pattern is usually just to talk a big game, but this time I have the big end-goal of Budokan so I’ll do my best until then (´-`.oO


Oh, and one more thing, I have stuff to buy so I will only if I can.


I have noticed that I need to slim down in order to be cute (>_>)(>_>)
People with sharp lines in their faces are definitely cute, and if I lose weight then I’m going to buy lots of clothes that show off my belly



I’ll do my best


Okay then
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