Fukuda Kanon

Black is black, y’know

I’m monochrome





Black is black y’know





work is over
today I’m hungry hungry to the MAX
so I’m going to eat

Aah, onaka susukino*

When Budokan was over I’ve felt strange,
like I’m empty~
I haven’t really eaten
although maybe that has nothing to do with Budokan?
Maybe heat fatigue?


Well, if I can lose weight it’s fine.


Life is not so sweet
but I’ll continue trying my best
to keep up a life of weight loss and beauty and such!
Maro is the same as ever today~



Tomorrow is Hiroshima!


Noodles without broth are good
I also like raw maple leaves.

Fans in Hiroshima
told me that fried maple leaves are good but I still haven’t tried them 
(T . T) I want to (T . T)!


It’s Sayashi Riho-chan’s hometown!


Sooo then see you tomorrow

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Dark nails

After Budokan,
along with changing my hair
I changed my nails ⊂




Black and red.


Nakayama Chieko-san,
Thank you again, as always.




I ordered a dark something
and showed her some pictures..

They always exceed what I imagine my nails to look like, fantastic. Thank you so much Chieko-san♪

She came to Budokan, too!





I said I had black hair
but, you know, getting that kind of innocent look
is a little impossible for me. lol


I want to try the gothic look.


I bought black shoes for the occasion~


I’m going to keep wearing my same old MILK, though!
Today I wanted dark, kind of cool look


so I went with MILKBOY and monomania!!!!


Image changes are fun ⊂((x))⊃



I have a couple of other colors I’d like to try, but first I think I’ll get settled into black~.


I feel so much more fresh than the other members do with black hair lol I want some high tones, though.

I’ll do my best at work

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I have been reborn

I have been reborn.





Long black hair



This is just an update. lol


Until next time ⊂o・ )⊃



I’m super into it.



So yeah.

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Inside story.

I don’t want to let out
Budokan backstage stories? things like that
so I think it would be good to write just a little bit ⊂


If I do that I wonder if I can make the memories last a little longer (_)?



First, the venue is huge
and you probably couldn’t see
but I had my makeup done sort of pink




I assumed I would cry
so I used pink eyeshadow
so I wouldn’t lose my eyeliner
and it ended up rather striking!!


I also did the corners of my eyelashes in deep purple~


I really liked it! I’m getting into color makeup lately!




The opening costume.
It’s so cute! White!
It’s S/mileage-y♪
It was white but sparkly

I did my nails white to match this costume~!
I feel sad as it’s hitting me that Budokan is over and my white nails are gone..




Yes! A lot of my friends and acquaintances and relatives came to Budokan.


Normally everyone is keeping track of what I do
but I don’t hardly have any opportunities to show them

so they finally got to come and see♪


My hometown friends and university friends
my entertainment friends and my family.



And a loーーーーーt of people who take care of S/mileage came (>_<)!


Thank you! So so so much(>_<)


When I saw the staff members who have been looking after us since we first formed I started crying,

And people I hadn’t seen in a while, said~ You’ve grown up~

Hearing that from them
I was genuinely happy.


I want to keep thanking everyone who has supported us

I want us to be a group that makes people think, I want to support S/mileage!




So then I

have let you know a little about things besides myself today V(^_^)V

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To keep myself from feeling empty after Budokan I had a full day of stuff~!



I went out with the reliable Saki (Ogawa Saki-chan).

Karaoke! Food!
And suddenly!!! Someone joined us!


If you’re thinking, huh!?!

As a surprise! My friend came!!!! Awesome!!! I was totally shocked!



The shop staff! Said good work at Budokan! So kind! Love! Hyaaa!




They’re so nice it hurts


And then I went bowling for real for the first time in my life!!!

It’s fun!!! We made plans to go again!

I was reminded of how important my friends are (>_<)!



I really would not be who I am without the support of everyone around me



Oh! Here’s a picture of the flowers Yuukarin (Maeda Yuuka-chan) gave me





Okay! I’ll work hard tomorrow!

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Naa Ikou

The S/mileage Nippon Budokan show
is over.





What should I say


I’m an empty shell, an empty shell.


So a big venue concert feels like this( ) It’s like a play ( ;


For a long time, the members and staff have been practicing a lot
for this one day
and the curtains finally opened,
but when they did
it all went by so fast…


It was all gone in an instant.


The moment I stood on stage the tears started flowing out (T . T) 

The first song was aMa no jaku so really, yeah.. lol


It was our indies debut song, and it’s packed with a ton of memories.

The members have changed but it has been completely passed on so even now it’s a precious, dear song to me that I love.


I remembered the day we first performed aMa no jaku. It’s nostalgic…


But starting today

every time I sing it
I will remember Budokan.



If I wrote about each song I would go on forever, so I’ll just write a lot of my thoughts.



Oh, I was going to put a picture in here but when I opened up my file just now, I started crying so I closed it (_) lol


But it was a really, really wonderful live!!!! Budokan is so much more amazing than I had imagined in my dreams.


Before it started I received support messages from a lot of people,
I’m still full of joy 


I felt the love of so many people, truly I did.


I love the staff and all of you!!!!
The staff are incredibly caring! So much so that I want to introduce them to you♪♪♪


Thank you so much to all of the fans! When Budokan was announced you all got excited for us
and the next day so many people told me congratulations at the handshake events

I feel like we share both good times and bad times together.


I think at Budokan we were able to repay everyone just a little for that kindness!!!

This isn’t the goal for us, though, it marks the start of another new beginning, I want to feel good when I reaching my future goal, the finish line, someday, that’s the kind of idol life I want to lead☆



Our Hello! senpai and kouhai came as celebratory guests and put me at ease!

I feel like I have always paid too much attention to the opinions of people looking at tiny me.

I was serious about strange things
and it was really all for nothing… lol

But it’s boring, after all, to live a life so seriously and concerned about what others are doing or saying!

From here on I want to expose more and more of myself! My own way! I’ll move on! Not just in appearances, either.



Yes, that’s right! After it was over
the founding S/mileage members gathered together~!

Yuuka (Maeda Yuuka-chan) and
Saki (Ogawa Saki-chan) came to see us
I cried out of emotion… 


Now of course I love all the members who have been accepted into S/mileage!

But, I cannot forget the friends I worked so hard with when S/mileage was formed!! They’re friends I experienced struggles with that I couldn’t even imagine now.

We didn’t feel like rivals so our bonds deepened in the best way as friends♪

I really love them!



Also, everyone in the current S/mileage!


MeiMei (Tamura Meimi-chan)
Even though she was a younger sister character before she has taken ahold of the position of an awesome performer, and I think how she does everything 100% is amazing!! Don’t think about things too hard and let go a little, I want to see the old innocent MeiMei more, too


Rinapu~ (Katsuta Rina-chan)
Rinapu~ is charming in a way I can’t put into words! On the outside she’s doing things plainly, but on the inside she’s very kind, and when I or the other members are having trouble, she gets close like a puppy and says, “Are you okay?” Rinapu~ helps us all♪


Takechan (Takeuchi Akari-chan)
Takechan is synonymous with boyish! Even in her dancing she has motor reflexes like a boy so she looks cool! Her appearance may be boyish but she really is fragile and feminine inside! But I rely so much on her when dancing, and I’m still going to be relying on her so please take care of me! lol


Kana (Nakanishi Kana-chan)
Kana was at a completely different experience level than everyone else when she joined S/mileage, I think it must have been hard and she felt helpless 
(>_<) But, Ayacho and I and eeeeeveryone else, we all started as amateurs, we were all inexperienced in singing and dancing. So, I want Kana to keep working hard without paying any mind to other things, and things are fun whenever she’s around so I want her to stay with us



Ayachoーー!! (Wada Ayaka-chan)
I have known Ayacho for about 10 years now, and probably for that entire time, we’ve had a good amount of distance between us. So while we haven’t clashed over much in particular, we have moments when we’re very close.
When S/mileage was formed, we never thought it would be just the two of us left, we talk about that a lot lolol
The two who had significantly less singing parts. lol

When she was named leader, at the time, I thought, huh!? It’s Ayacho?

But she has been the greatest leader.

She’s reliable in an Ayacho style that only she can pull off as leader
all of the members trust her. I wonder if it isn’t because she’s the leader that we’ve come this far?


We’ve had sweet moments and sour moments together, with the 2nd generation members and the fans!


We’ll show you a good dream for the future!





And so thank you, everyone!!!!!!!

S/mileage will run forward from here on outーーー!!!!!!













I want ice cream

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Tomorrow is finally
S/mileage’s Nippon Budokan show.






Are we really doing this?
Is it really tomorrow? That’s how I feel..


When it was announced, there were probably people who thought isn’t this
too soon for them?
I thought so, too!

Budokan is too great a hurdle for the 6 of them! They said!

But, that is precisely why it’s worth doing!


I don’t want to make people say it was too soon for S/mileage…

I want to change the minds of people who don’t like us


We have all come so far.


I wanted to do as much as I could up to this point.

And I’ve been supported by a lot of people (^_^)


The real thing hasn’t started yet, though, but tomorrow at 18:30 is when everything happens!!!


I am incredibly worried but I have a lot of excitement!!!


Every time I wake up I’m worried that my body has messed up, that my throat isn’t working, every single day ( ;  ; )Tomorrow will be the same, though. lol




The time to fight is finally here tomorrow


It’s a lot of things that no one but S/mileage can do, and I want to make an atmosphere with everyone
that only S/mileage could build up♪♪


After it’s over I’m going to do something (^_^) It might be something that makes you happy!!!! It’s something I wanted to do, too so I’m exciteeeed everybody.



Oh, it doesn’t look like I’ll have the time to do Cinderella Revolution so I won’t. lol

The lighting people were sad, too( ;  ; lololololol



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Doing again this year

Yesterday’s blog!





Otsukanyon V(^_^)V



Hello!Cons start today!
The first day was in Fukuoka.



When I woke up, I was in a hurry and did my face kind of like a gyaru
but I fixed it over lunch. Woo


Doing Hello!Cons I think that singing idols are wonderful!


There are words left in my heart, and I unfortunately forgot who said them

but selling lots of CDs is important but the most important thing is to sing songs that reach people’s hearts no matter how little you sell

That’s it.



It’s true!!!! I want lots of people to hear me! Of course I still think in my heart that I want to get
a lot of people to buy CDs


but if I could get a lot of people to say that we’re good, that they want to hear me sing again. I’d like the day to come when people say that~


I want to do events besides my birthday when I can sing by myself!! Definitely!!!

Everyone pray with me V(^_^)V



My favorite singing voice in Hello!



Takagi Sayuki-chan.

did not tell me to write that. lol

I really like it~! Delightful!


I don’t have any pictures with Saruki ( ;  ; )I’ll take one after this ( ;  ; )!




A picture with Rilo (Sugaya Risako-san).


I want to do an event with her!
RiloMaro event!
I want to go buy outfits with her.


There are a lot of things I want to make happen.


I want them to happen step by step




Okay then, see you tomorrow!

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Light Maro



Speaking of which earlier,
I watched the drama GTO prank
did anyone else see it?

That, was really incredible
Maro-senpai also wants to throw a candy vase
and bend a styrofoam protractor 


Setting that aside
that was this morning’s Maro-senpai.



I’m not wearing any makeup, I thought I’d try investigating light makeup.
About the other day, I forgot to draw on my eye pouches but that turned out well, unexpectedly

I’ve actually made real eye pouches


I’ll do more light makeup with skin whitening.




The guy beside me
is my puppy Hachimitsu-kun


He’s extremely cute, his cute behaviors are second to none, so he’s more of a senpai than Maro-senpai! Everyone please help me in that regard!



Sooo I’ll do my best today

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I had my bangs fixed
They’re like this now




Yes I was saved without harm, thank you.

I’ll grow them out after Budokan~


Look. I was bored so I drew this.


This should be real
Maro-senpai election sash t-shirt



Like an it’s an election
let’s support Maro-senpai 



I want fans to put their names there so I’ll think about other things V(^_^)V


I’m hungry so I think I’ll eat dinner at home. Yay. V-sign.

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