Fukuda Kanon

To everyone in Yamagata

Today was the Yamagata show
and in the middle of it I started to feel bad
and so I was absent.

To everyone who had been looking forward to it. I cannot apologize enough..


More so than feeling better soon, I want to pay more attention to maintaining my physical health.

I’m so sorry.

I’ll do my best in health the next time I come to Yamagata!!!!


Yamagata Suki-chan!!!!!




I want to sing I want to sing I want to siiing
.. (T_T)

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That was Akita

(I’m sorry. This was yesterday’s blog)







I put on white pompoms. lol
Fluffy earrings(^

Today was Akita,
and it was cold, as you might expect~.

I was struck by the fierce cold


We got some yummy yummy kiritanpo hotpot (T . T) Thank you for the food (T . T) It was good!!!!!!


For lunch we also got inaniwa udon
I’m happy…


Now we’re on our way to Yamagata!
Wait for me Yamagataーーー!


I like listening to music while on the road♪♪♪


I’m listening to Matsuura Aya-san’s Kanousei no Michi.

Okay, later

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A lot of things I want to say♪

Yesterday’s The GirlsLive
Did you watch it?


MeiMei, Tamura Meimi-chan
made the outfits for S/mileage!!



ROJITA clothing.
It’s feminine and very cute♪



MeiMei made me this hairpiece!
It’s super adorable 
(T . T)(T . T)♪


Thanks MeiMei!


Also, the S/mileage Budokan performance live DVD is going on sale~!


Real tears… it’s a moving DVD, a memorial of our first Budokan
I want a lot of people to see it.


Everything we did leading up to the Budokan like the planning and stuff was filmed by a cameraman
and all of that footage was compiled into the DVD
that goes on sale tomorrow on our tour!

This cameraman has been close with S/mileage for a while
and he was super strict and in the very beginning said lots of harsh things to us, so we all thought, that cameraman is so scary 
(T . T)….


But now we’ve really become close
all of the members have grown to love him
and of course he still has harsh opinions sometimes, but when he sees us getting tense or something he seems to really understand
and he gives us so much praise whenever he compliments us!!!! S/mileage Family!


That cameraman filmed it, so it’s packed with our honest expressions~♪
Look forward to it♪



Oookay see you laaater

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A day aplenty

Yesterday I went with my best friend and beloved twin
to a showcase(^




It was all so cute (T . T)
I was so refreshed (T . T)!




I love my twin!!!


Afterwards I did a shoot and an interview
and I appeared as a secret guest
at a Berryz Koubou event


I was super nervous…


I’m sorry I talked so much at the event!
But it was a lot of fun!!
I really want to do Idol 36bou again!!!!!

The hand holding the mic was shaking the whole time (T . T)
I was nervous nervous nervous.
Even before I arrived I was struck with a cough that wouldn’t stop,
Maybe because of my nerves?




I didn’t forget my girl power corner but I’m taking a break this time(^ω^)lololol

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Yesterday, I went to study
my senior members
of ℃-ute at their Budokan show.


Monster is the name of the tour but it’s really monster in a good way!


There were a lot of times when I wanted to call out their cuteness but overall they were fantastic, fantastic, fantastic (T . T)


I really like their new song, I miss you.


Also, I was so happy to hear my favorite song “Darenimo naishou no koi shiteru no” live


I quietly thought to myself how much I wanted to hear their solo versions of this song(^ω^)



During the show, the 5 of them get on a stage that goes higher and higher up
it felt like 
-ute were really flying into the sky

S/mileage have been on the same Budokan stage just once before but we got to stand in the same place!

And as I thought that they announced ℃-ute’s Yokohama Arena show, and they’re going so far ahead…


They are fantastic senpai that always support us in our dreams and goals (>_<) I love them (>_<)


I’ll keep doing my best to make S/mileage amazing senpai like them!



Suzuki Airi-san’s singing voice is incredibly beautiful she’s a goddess a goddess come to earth. I long to be like her.



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Today I only had a little work today so I was done quickly (^ω^)


Meaning, well, I went straight home without playing around and am taking a hip bath~



I don’t know if it’s because it’s dry, but I’ve noticed my throat hurting a little, so I’m trying to warm it up



Kana (Nakanishi Kana-chan)
and I took lots of pictures~. Rabbit.

I’ve hung out with her a lot lately!


Today’s girl power*



Before I sleep I use face lotion and cream.
It’s easy to get dried out this time of year so they’re indispensable 

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Recently, the speed at which my bangs grow has been abnormally fast

I cut them on November 3, but they’re already really long for me


About a year ago I cut my hair to about shoulder-length but now it’s so long, it just grows so quickly!


Right right, the other day
I received Oomori Seiko-san’s new album
ahead of time from her directly, it will be released on December 3 


Originally I knew nothing about it, but when I first heard “Zettai kanojo” I was attracted into Oomori-san’s world and as I listened to more songs I really got into it!


The outfits were from Higashi Kanae-san’s Ruruumu collection, which I noticed, and I thought wow, I really like this world view Oomori-san has…


Out of all the songs on this album,
my favorite was “Kodomo ja nai mon 17″ 


Her voice is crazy cute! I love it!


I’ll listen to it a lot♪♪


Thank you Oomori-san♪

The video of
Oomori-san’s collaboration live with Shinsei Kamattechan, “Rock and roll wa naritomanai!” was amazing!!

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The live in Miyazaki is over~!



In our free time we all played a liar game*, it was fun \(^^)


The live itself was super, super fun, too!!! I want to go again!!!

I am always looking forward to weekend lives.


Although doing lives every day in the summer is a battle of strength


There were times when I would start crying for no reason.


There might have been tons and tons of those times (T ^ T) But it was still fun!!!

So, I don’t think I’ve written about my solo song?
I will now.


I got to sing
Ayaka-san’s “Minna sora no shita”♪


When I chose my solo song, I was aware of the message sent through the song,
but the lyrics for Minna sora no shita are just so beautiful! I love it.


I’ll do my best until the end to sing it well.


Please watch over me kindly from now on



Today’s girl power*



This takes care of me a lot in this season♪


* The liar’s game in question is called the Werewolf Game, where one person is secretly a werewolf and the other players have to try and determine who it is before they all die. You can see some footage of play here.

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Saga prefecture.



Today we had a live in Saga!



Our first! Saga! SAGA!

It was fun o(^_^)o
I also got to meet a lot of people for the first time 





Black! BLACK!

I’ll do my best to come back to Saga again♪


On the bus on the way to Miyazaki prefecture
we all played a word game and were all excited! Hyuuu!

Right now we’re all breaking into our alone time.

I’m going to sleep and listen to music~.


Tomorrow is the Miyazaki live (((o(*゜▽゜*)o)))

I’ll work hard tomorrow to be powerful!!!!


Today’s girl power*

I completely forgot. lol





My shoes, the ones on the outside. The inside on is Nakanishi Kana-chama.
MILK shoes are easy to walk in and I like them.
I recommend them to all girls!

They’re so easy to walk in that you could go to Disney in them.

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Short distance

So, I
went to see a movie☆~(ゝ。∂)
“Kinkyori Renai”

My friends and everyone were saying it was good so I went to see it when I had some free time
and it was super good, really so good! My heart was pounding and throbbing!

I think the one who was alone and jealous from beginning to end was quite a piece of work lolololol


Who has seen itーーー?



I want to see Beauty and the Beast, too~(T . T)

Also, I saw the trailer and thought it looked interesting,
“Hibi Rock”

It looks good! I want to see it soon.



Now I’m in a mood to watch a lot of DVDsssssss!




Tomorrow is a live. I want to make it a fat burning day from the bottom of my heart.

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