Fukuda Kanon




Yesterday I had the day off!
I was moving around all day.

I did shopping here and there
I went for a massage
and it was a very productive way to spend my time but


Bye-bye money

That’s how I feel. Hahaha I can’t laugh hahaha
I can’t do anything but laugh, though



I also got my desired iPhone6
I was stuck between that and the Plus but I went with the normal one (^

I have an iPad so the normal one should be fine, I figured.



I was completely in off-mode so I don’t have any pictures, I’m sorry lol




I’ll leave a dear old picture up instead. lol




When I’m off work I play at ease with my pets and I’m so happy~

I want to have lots of dogs ( ´ ▽ ` )



What are you all doing?


Okay then.

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Thank you for meeting me

Smile Fantasy
has finished its final show.


Thank you to all who came to see it! The weather forecast was awful but we didn’t have to reschedule, thankfully.


July and August were essentially live shows, we had practice every day in September, and the show started in October!
And it has finally hit me that that life is coming to an end.

I finally feel like summer has ended.


When I first read the script, wow!! So many lines!! Can I remember all of it?! This?!

is what I thought

and I had just so many many things to do!

To be honest I might have complained the whole time
and I missed rehearsals and had to watch everyone else go through it and I really thought how weak and pitiful I was both mentally and physically 


However, once opening day came it went by so quickly! I think this every time I do a play~

So quick~


My solo was “Watashi no kokoro.”

Suemitsu-san thinks of Watashi no Kokoro when Fukuda Kanon is brought up, it seems. I’m very happy.
I love that song.

I’m so happy I got to be the protagonist for this song!



Then the play’s original songs
“Smile Fantasy”


The lyrics for all of them are deep.

Smile Fantasy in particular I love so every time I gave it my all.


The members and of course the fans and the staff and family and friends,
meeting everyone is quite a miracle, which, when I thought about it, made me realize that I should treasure the people around me more…

This was our last play as 6 members, but it was a fittingly phenomenal play to end with.


Thanks so much to all of the Hello!Pro Kenshuusei and Acting Girls Club members who performed with us.


This play affected us all


Thank you for meeting me.





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OhaMaro Fantasyー





Today is Smile Fantasy again!
5 shows left.

Which feels long

but there are only two days left
It’s gone by so fast 
(T . T) So soon (T . T)



Yesterday more so than usual the play ended sooner, so I hurriedly went back to my hometown to get a meal with my friend.

It had been a while since we had seen each other, but first, we got really excited talking about things from a while back
we talked a lot about my elementary school graduation and when the teacher confiscated our chairs and we sat in air seats lololol

That time in my life was so embarrassing oh my god

Elementary, middle school and I have too many legendary moments, I was so gross






Anyway I’m sleepy but I have the strength for the three performances! I have to go through with it!


Okay then

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S/m Fan Smile Fantasy





Smile Fantasy is over for today.

The two shows felt hard since it was the first time in a while.
And then tomorrow’s three shows. Even harder.


Like, really, I just have to power my way through it!



Today I had someplace I really want to go to at any cost but I couldn’t (T . T)
No matter how hard I tried it was impossible 
(T . T)
Sad (T . T)


However, I will do my best with what I can




I’ve been really into pasta lately



With Konishi Ayano-sama,
let’s go again~♪

I’ve seen a lot of Aachan!

I really adore her singing voice so I have tremendous respect for her!!!


I love youーーー.

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The thing you gave me♪

Nachia (Kiyoshi Natsuki-chan), who came to see the play, gave me a present!



ChiaMaro’s favorite, MILK!
Thaaaank yooou Chia
(T . T)♪



The other day,
Kana and I took photos back and forth and messed around.


Yes. Once again
Good morning


I got up today without sleeping in
I’m glad, I’m gladーーーー
I’m swaying on the train while listening to music now.


Tonight is Smile Fantasy!


It’s like my home site

How is Smile Fantasy?
It’s a type of play I really haven’t done before so every time I get a little nervous..



Seriously, if you’re a S/m wota I definitely want you to see it!





Today is a day when the things I want to write won’t fall into place. lol

Okay later

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How I spend my free time



Today~, between jobs we went to Odaiba!

Kana, Take, Rina, Maro


We got food and went shopping and talked about silly things but we laughed so much~!


We had Chinese food, which I haven’t had in a while, and it was so good
Bamiyan is tasty, I like it I like it








We met up with Rinapu~ later!


It was fun, let’s go again
These members are always making jokes in the dressing room before shows and they make me laugh so haaaaaaard

I do like jokes and such you know, so seeing them do it really is the best♪


Well then see you tomorrow

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ChiaMaro Activities

Yesterday before the play,
I went out with Nachia (Ryujin Natsuki-chan)
Wife number 5 of Ryujin Kiyoshi 25 ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ


We’ve both been busy and haven’t been able to see each other so it had been quite a while
but Nachia hasn’t changed at all! Love!




We wore matching outfits,
and we went to see the comedy show I like
Lumine the Yoshimoto.


I laughed so hard I criiiiiied

Hanya and Woman Rush Hour were especially funny!!!!




We also went to Nakano Ropeway, where I wanted to go!
Inside the store!



We bought mat-chia-ing T-shirts





Oh, yesterday the two of us
kept adding “ngo” to the end of words
I don’t know what it means but that’s what we were doingo

While it was happening I couldn’t stop laughingo



I want to do something official with this ChiaMaro combongoーーーー!
I want to do a show alongside Ryujin Kiyoshi 25ngo!
I want to be in their Harem Festngo!


See you laterngo (lol)

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Take Take




Nowadays my schedule is packed full of plans for October and November.

My work schedule and private schedule are staring each other down


Fuwaaaaaa it’s so hard to do all of the things I want to do, but I want to do as much of them as I can♪♪

There are too many places I want to go, too… What to do…


But hey, since I haven’t had too many breaks lately, my pocket money has been saved upーーー! Yaaay!




With Takechan.

Take, she’s so funny and so dumb
But that part of her is so loveable! lol


Take-fans will understand that feeling V(^_^)V

Like I can’t put it into words well but they’ll definitely get it V(^_^)V


Take is the ultimate in cute when she’s really bothered by something V(^_^)V lololol

That’s as far as I’m going to compliment her.



I’m looking forward to seeing the 2nd gen members after 3rd gen joins. They look like they’ll all be good older sisters


So yeah, today is Smile Fantasy!!!! I’ll do my best!!

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Before work I had a little time so I went to the parks ( ´ ▽ ` )

Disney Landーーーー.



I went with my friend who had a yearly pass♪
I woke up slowly this morning~, then suddenly I wanted to go so I asked my friend who said, okay, let’s go.

A response one should be afraid of.


We did a lot of character greetings which made me happy!!! It was so much fun!




This drink made of acerola cherries and cactus was yum yummmmmmmーーーー.


Looking at the pictures we took today I’m too fat, I’m a member of the fat club! All of Maro cried! It was so bad I cried so I’ll lose some weight.


I want to withdraw from the fat club so I’ll seriously do my best!


Maybe since I’m already like this tomorrow I’ll just eat a lot at the cafeteria.


Okay, yeahーーー.

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Smile Fantasy’s off day.


Speaking of which, the iPhone6 and iPhone6 plus have come out, have any of you switched already?


I have notーー.

I want to hurry and get a new one but the timing isn’t right _`)

Well, eventually I’ll update
so I’ll look forward to that~.



Right right

Lately, I thought, I have the play!
so I tried going a little heavier with my makeup
and it’s been such a long time since I’ve gone that heavy that I seriously couldn’t remember how to do it and it was bad!


I kind of ended up looking like a gyaru…


So, I have to practice some more.




My makeup these days is generally


light eye shadow and eyeliner onlyーーー.
Mascara is light, too, just one coat.


I have graduated from eyelash extensions for the time being.
I haven’t done them in months~


Every once in a while I’ll do really light eyelashes but I recommend these because once you get used to them it feels natural!


The ones with Saeko-san on the package!



These are fake eyelashes. They don’t rustle around so I like themーー.


Okaaay. I got a lot of questions before about my double eyelids so next time I might write about that!!!

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