Fukuda Kanon


MeiMei, Tamura Mei-chama
Happy birthday(^



Happy 16th birthdaaaaaaay!
16 is still so young, though, you know.
16 year old love~♪ That song comes to mind…


I’m really looking forward to seeing how much more your expressions grow as you experience more and become more of an adult, although even now MeiMei has some pretty mature expressions!!!


Tomorrow is MeiMei’s birthday event♪ I hope everyone going enjoys her fabulous singing voiceーーー!

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9 members.

Today we had a shoot as 9 members.(^ω^)




9 is so many! I really felt how many it was when we got together for the shoot!


But that’s strength! Or maybe! Fresh.

I want us to all get along quickly~



Earlier, there was a fallen apple at the station~
I wonder why. lol
I’m really curiousーーー



Okay, later

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Fujita Maiko-san.

The guest for yesterday’s 60TRYbu
was Fujita Maiko-san(^


I really haven’t ever greeted a guest before until now
so I was worried about how it was going to go
and of course I have things to reflect on
but it was really fun♪


She gave us lots of valuable information!

She let us listen to her entire album, too
and each song touched me so
it even make my heart quiver 


“Namida ga tomaranai no wa”
is super heartbreaking 


I’ll listen to this album a lot more♪


Thank you (^-^)



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Starting at 18:00.

Starting at18:00
Radio Nippon “60TRYbu”
I will be on again this week


Today’s guest is Fujita Maiko-san.

This is my first time having someone who isn’t a S/mileage member as a guest so I’m anxious
but I’d like to ask her lots of questions!


I’ll do my best *・゜゜・*:....:*‘(*゜▽゜*)’*:.. ..:*・゜゜・*



Everyone listen to it♪♪

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Ending with comedy

This week started in laughter
and it ended in laughter

I seriously did so much!


Today I went to see holiday lights, too (((o(*゜▽゜*)o)))


When I was going to school, my heart felt hollow, like I needed a laugh, so I decided to go see a comedy show.

I went with Nachia (Kiyoshi Natsuki-chan)


I laughed so hardーーー Smile Charge


Tomorrow I’m going to send those smiles off to everyone.


Sooo Friday is the day I have something to look forward to this week, hehehe

Good night



*Today’s girl power*





Nachia gave me this MILK hair clip.
It’s super
ーーー cute
and it matches with Nachia’s♪♪♪
I’ll wear it after this!!!!!

I want to collect lots of
 hair clips~

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*Today’s girl power*

A perfume I like



Cinderella perfume from the perfumer inside Disney Land~♪



It smells so good, I really like it!!!!!!!


I recommend it.

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Swelling counter-measures☆

Today I had a shoot~


So yesterday
I went to
Dollcia in Shibuya 




swell up easily 
(T . T)
so I got an appointment to break up the fat that causes stiffness and swellingーーーー!!!


Man, it felt so good!
(T . T) So many toxins have built up inside me (T . T) So much that I thought that!


They are 30% off for first time customers to their Shibuya and Shinsaibashi stores, so I really recommend them


They’re also going to open one in Ikebukuro in December, so I’ll have to keep going back more often (((o(*゜▽゜*)o)))



I especially recommend it to girls♪♪

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Talk live.



Today I went to the Woman Rush Hour talk live!

Oh, by the way I typically buy tickets for events like these on my own, with my own money.

This might be expected
but I often get asked if I get them for free so I’m just letting you know (^





My seat was close to the front, too!

I learned a lot about talking.
I get a lot of opportunities to be the moderator during a talk
so I get to go to a lot of talk events with entertainers


I have to go again!!!


Comedy is delightful.





*Today’s girl power*




Schedule book.
Here I fill out my schedule with completely private things and work and lots of plans♪


I’m the type that has to write things down!!!

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Complete defeat in cuteness

So cute, oy




This jerk this jerkーーーー








I often get asked how my rabbit Latte is doing, he’s doing fine(^ω^)
But whenever I take pictures of him they turn out bad so I don’t put them up(^



I want to get a black puppy
and name him Kuromitsu-kun!


HachimitsuKuromitsu combo.



It’s raining so be careful of the drops(^ω^)

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It’s Otsukanyon

Did you listen to 60TRYbu?



It was my first 3 hour appearance.
It was live and I was nervous
but it was soooooooo much fun 



The guest was Ayacho
Wada Ayaka-chan~


It was also my first time welcoming a guest so I was nervous about that, too,
but Ayacho’s talks about Buddha and art became like a lesson♪


Come on againーーーー!


Now after the radio show I have a little rest time before work.



*Today’s girl power*



My recommended lipstick~
Dior’s stick for lips.

It has a gloss type consistency
but it’s really all-purpose(^

Lips get dry in winter so be careful.


Okay, good night



Should I make this corner permanent? lol

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