Fukuda Kanon


I just realized how many years I’ve been using Ohanyon and Otsukanyon 
Well, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger 


I’m headed to Osaka on the bullet train while listening to Oomori Seiko-san on repeat~~~Wound me~~~

If I put it on shuffle JaruJaru’s Sou ja nai yo will come on, without fail, every time~~~



Earlier, I got a picture of Tamura Meimi-chan’s sleeping face but she gave me the no-go so I’ll put it up like this.




I did not keep the original (>_>) lololololol

She looks like a baby when she’s sleeping!

Speaking of babies! Hana-chan! Ojamajo Doremi!



I’m going to Osaka today♪
Senri Selcy.


It’s outside so I will need to do my best to endure the cold (´-`.oO
I’ll need way more enthusiasm lolololol




So yeah, see you later, then.

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Hokkaido (=^x^=)

Hello!Con ended in Hokkaido V(^_^)V Victory



With Nakanishi Kana-chan.

She sat next to me on the plane ride home :plane:
We played around by taking weird pictures but I laughed so much lololololololololol

We also made a the popular Dragon Night lolololol but it’s pretty bad so I want her to make a better one (´-`.oO


I want to go to another SEKAI NO OWARI live!

Honou to Mori no Carnival was so much fun! All of the moving colors in the rainbow war were so pretty~

Also I
cry every time I listen to Gingamachi no akumu 
(>_>) It’s a really good song (>_>)



This is unrelated but yesterday I ate fried mozzarella and it was unbelievably delicious so I will try making some ate home.

I have decided to cook this year!!!!




All I talk about is food!!! Oh man!!! That’s not good!!!!


Which reminds me, I was playing with an application that made a couple out of me and best friend, my twin, and it was so fun that I laughed out loud by myself lolololol So yeah


So, see you, good night-inkosai mentaiko!!!

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Hokkaido 2days

since yesterday I’ve been moving ahead
to Hokkaido (


Yesterday we had
campaigns and events.

When we were walking on the way the snow was insane and really fresh! But! Cold! So cold!


I respect those who live in Hokkaido!




My defense against the cold was perfect
and yet I was still cold~

Muro (Murota Mizuki-chan) is level-headed when she’s with 3rd gen, but yesterday she was exploding with a little sister character and it was seriously so cute, so precious I could die.


Each one of her reactions is adorable,
and yesterday was the first radio show for her so she was nervous
and looking at her really made me feel better (





Her putting on her scarf as she should because it’s cold. Click.



Today is cold, too, but I’ll do my best not to blow away!!!!

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I gathered all of the songs

I attempt to gather up all of the Hello!Project songs
and I think about what kind of playlist I would make and what patterns I could use, always.


I’ll post one thing from those playlists


Grand demo rouka demo medatsu kimi
Nannimo iwazu ni I LOVE YOU
Yuugure koi no jikan

Midnight temptation
Itsuka dokoka de.
Kimi no senpou
Asian Celebration
Uchuu de La Ta Ta
Yakusoku wa toku ni shinai wa



How’s that?

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To Hokkaido

Today I’m in Hokkaido(^_^)
It’s cold(^
_^)So cold(^_^)
Happy new year


The members


Wada Ayaka-chan, Murota Mizuki-chan, and me.



I’ve been amassing a collection of pictures taken of Muro when she’s not expecting it, and this one is a really cute shot.


There are a lot of Muro smiling like crazy~
Too cute (>_>) I’m swooning
Words to make your chest clench 


I liked the apple juice I drank on the place
I hate it I hate it but I like it and I like it I like it but I hate it

No no no yes yes yes


Okay, see you tomorrow

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A day when I say Marotesque
means that the day will someday come when it gets embarrassing, right?




I wonder when that day will be~. But it’s okay to do things like that now since I’m not currently embarrassed by them~.


Today was a dance lesson

We have a project to adjust what we did as 6 into something we will do as 9! Out of all the tough things that happen when numbers increase, I think this is probably the biggest!


It’s still fun(^_^)


We fixed 4 into 7 and then into 6 and now into 9.


I’m taking part in the moments that will change the history of S/mileage and ANGERME.


I always think about how much the 2nd gen members have grown up ´-`.oO



They have gotten so reliable.

They have all taught me things about dancing, embarrassing as it is, and I think Takeuchi Akari-chan in particular is good at teaching dance.
She’s younger and my kouhai but there are absolutely no ill feelings between us 

It’s not like I have ill feelings towards anyone else but especially not Akari!


Nakanishi Kana-chan teaches the dances and such to the 3rd gen members. She said she understands how they feel because her own experience joining was so hard, and that’s why she teaches them!

She’s amazing (>_>)

It moves me (>_>)
Kana clinged to Yuuka, a member at the time, who taught her the dance and now she’s teaching her kouhai and they’re clinging to her… Incredible…


Tamura Meimi-chan has the temperament of an older sister! She teaches them very strictly when they’re losing focus! But she’s still so cute when you dote on her, she’s still the baby☆~(ゝ。∂)

Katsuta Rina-chan, well, I have absolutely no worries! I think she’ll keep moving in her own Rinapu~ way, and I have realized again that that’s just fine (>_>) !




I’ve digressed from the topic at hand,
but I realized how much everyone has grown~ (



So tomorrow in Hokkaido,
Wada Ayaka-chan and Murota Mizuki-chan and I will be doing events and campaigning

Hokkaido Hokkaido~I like it~


Ayacho, Muro, Maro combo.
An unexpected group, I’m excited!



Okay, so, later, then

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What are your plans on 3/12?

3/12 is my birthday~
I’ll be turning 20





And this year again on 3/12
I’m having a birthday event! Yaaay!


I’m doing it twice at TFM Hall, and I’ve been thinking about the setlist for a year so I want to make it event that people don’t regret coming to.



I generally won’t sing the same song twice, so I think there will be lots of songs you won’t be able to see me sing anywhere else and you should come (>_>)! Please come!



I’d like to make it special because it’s actually on my birthday

I hope you’ll celebrate with me ⊂((x))⊃


I wonder what sort of songs you all want me to sing?

I’m thinking right now that I’ll try my hand at singing ballads and mature songs but do you have any particular Hello!Pro song you want me to sing?

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Live appearance

I had an appearance on FM-FUJI’s
radio show!
Thank you to all of you who came out in the cold to see me record.

It was really cold so I hope none of you catch colds (T . T)




I appeared by myself so I got to talk a lot and I had fun (´-`.oO
I’ll work hard to be able to do more work by myself.




Thank you to all the fans who tell me they like my face despite it being the source of so many insecurities.

That feeling came on rather suddenly. lol

I think every day about how to make my insecurities go away

I have small eyes and a weird nose and a round face and low eyebrows and they make me uncomfortable
so I’m always thinking about finding some way to hide them 
Yep yep 


Makeup gives me some sort of relief (>_>)
I’ll tell you about that next time 
Don’t tell me you didn’t ask for it (>_>)


Oookay then, good night-parususan

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Too much laughing

Today I think I’ll go and buy a notebook to write down the things I think about.

That’s today’s goal. Yay




Sushi! Sushi!
My favorite is chuutoro~


I ate sushi yesterday but it was so good!
I ate it again earlier! But I only had one plate that time

Why is that?



The answer is that I couldn’t stop laughing and I had no time to eat

In any case I couldn’t stop laughing and I might have thrown up if I hadn’t stopped eating lolololol
My friend ate it all for me lolololol Thanks lolololol


I laugh a lot these days! It’s the best!

That’s why I’m scared for the next time I get depressed!

I always want to be on a high note like this! I do!

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Nervous TRYbu.

I was super nervous for 60TRYbu!

We had two sets of guests.

Uesugi-san and Hasegawa-san.




They told me some good places to eat and stuff in Hokkaido (>_>) Thank you (>_>)
I definitely want to try them!



Second was…





Berryz Koubou’s Kumai Yurina-san


This is of course the reason I couldn’t keep my composure! I really adore her!

I don’t need any of that “business-oshimen” stuff
I am a Hello!wota and a Berryz wota
down to my roots.
I am also a Kumai Yurina-san wota.


I’d be really stuck if you asked me what I like about her. It’s not that there’s some particular part that I like, it’s that there’s no particular part that I hate, I like all of her.

But Kumai-san’s singing voice is easily recognizable in Berryz songs and it’s charming and wonderful and I especially like that about her.



I got to listen to the Complete Berryz Koubou album, and it made me cry.
I cried just from listening to it 

I got the normal edition with the bonus track.
It includes their coupling songs, and even songs from the plays they’ve done in the past
and it revived some memories.

Of course, I haven’t been to every live and I’m sure there are people who have been to so many shows of theirs that they can’t count them anymore.

But from the time they debuted I have simply, purely liked them and have always supported them, and that is no lie (>_>)


I’ll cry right at Natsu Wakame and Kacchoee, I think, yeah

I’ll cry at Thank you Very Berry, too…


I’ve watched the Lovetogether MV so many times…


I think I’ll write more in detail about the album later.


Thank you.




I’ll see you later, than.



ANGERME Radio Update★

Slash&Burn” (Fukuda Kanon)
Scheduled to appear at 21:00.

Broadcasting live from Yoyogi Studio VIVD.
Also on USTREAM.


This is tonight so please come and see me~!

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