Fukuda Kanon

Dream NGK

Second day in Osaka.

We broke into two teams
and went into town~.



Tamura Meimi-chan
and Nakanishi Kana-chan from Osaka
were a team
and we went sightseeing


Kana lived in Osaka so she showed us around Nanba and Shinsaibashi!



We went to NGK like I wanted! Nanba Grand Kagetsu!

I got JaruJaru goods like I wanted


And we heard that Woman Rush Hour would be there so we waited and we got to meet them! I was surprised!!!
I want to see a live show of theirs 
( ´ ▽ ` )


I watch their DVD Urami to Fukushuu no Mille-feuille over and over at home! It’s playing in the living room when I eat. lol




We also went to Katsumi Sayuri-san’s Boyoyon Sweets Garden~

I fell in love with Osaka♪
I love it*~


I definitely want to come here again~




I’ll do my best at the live♪





*This line is written in Kansai dialect

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First day in Osaka.

The first day in Osaka is over.


I’m feeling much better \(^o^)/ Hya


Doing a live at full health is fun! It’s the first time I’ve felt like this this year
so much fun.

I really think that health is most important! lol


So lately my makeup has been extremely light.


Only eye shadow and mascara.
So nice
As I am.




I’ll work hard tomorrow!!!

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I’m sorry.

Yesterday I was absent from the event because I wasn’t feeling well.
I apologize for causing any concern or frustration.

Today I am feeling much better after some welcome rest, so I have to work really hard now!!!
Rain is falling so I’m feeling good♪


starting today
I will not be able to go home at all because of the tour

I bought a huge bag meant for overseas travel and I crammed full with a lot of books!


If I ever
get bored by myself,
I get restless and don’t know what to do, I get caught up in the isolation

so books and games and such are very important to bring. Yes.


I will overcome!

Let me know if you know other ways to keep busy~♪ In the comments~



This picture I took earlier from the plane turned out nicely.


So today is Osaka! I’ll do my very best♪

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I’m going to post the pictures
I took at the Hello!Cons




THE Possible’s
Akiyama Yurika-chan♪

I secretly adore Akkichan… she’s beautiful…



With Hashimoto Aina-chan♪

Hashimon! We were together every day when we did a musical together (´°ω°) I miss her!




It looks like I can’t put that many pictures up
so this will just be the first round 
(´°ω°) Sorryーーーー.



Okay, later

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A while

I’ve neglected to write ;ェ;`) It’s Fukuda… Yeah..


I got sick and I was busy so I didn’t write, I’m sorry.

But I think now I can! (I think lol) I’m going to update my blog!




Sooo today
Sakigake! Ongaku Banzuke~
I’m going to appear


Appearing with me was PASSPO☆’s
Masui Mio-chan~.



MioMio and I talked about going out to eat but we couldn’t go ;ェ;`) We’ll try again♪♪

I love her sense of fashion!


PASSPO☆ and also Team Syachihoko will be appearing as well, so definitely don’t miss out!!!! It’s a lot of funnnnnnn


Please check it out!

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Bragging about my dog






My dog Hachimitsu.
He’s a bo~y

He’s so cute I’m in love love love
I want to see him soon! I’m so sad I can’t see him while I’m on tour.


my mother is always sending me movies of him, it’s a singular happiness for me \(//∇//)\





Mine is the cutest in the world!

And Ioーーーve my rabbit Latte as well! But I don’t have any picturrres
I’m sorry Laa-chan 
(T ^ T)


I’ll do my best at the Fukui live today
the hometown of my beloved senpai, Takahashi Ai-san♪

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Toyama Kanazawa.

Yesterday was the Toyama performance.
Today was the Kanazawa performance♪


Toyama is where I did the musical Miracle on 34th Street, the first time in my life I worked outside of Tokyo


I ate Toyama Black! It’s the best!


Al, so,

Today was Kanazawa.
I believe the female cheers were big and stood out♪♪


8/14 is the day that the 2nd generation members joined S/mileage
as well as the day that the curtain closed on 4-member S/mileage

so it’s a strange day where I want to celebrate but I also feel sad, you know….

I need to stop thinking about it! (T ^ T)


Anyway, congratulations♪♪



I’d be happy if you continued to carry out your activities as S/mileage with pride♪♪





Everyone did their hairstyles from 8/14 3 years ago

If you look at the footage from the tour 3 years ago, my face was completely round, I was covered in sweat, and I walked like a tomato would (^^) lol it’s awful lolol



Okay thennn see you tomorrow okaaay

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2nd generation members♪

2nd generation members!!!
Congratulations on your 3rd anniversary of joining ( ´ ▽ ` )



3 years ago today, you joined S/mileage as submembers and the time has gone by in the blink of an eye.


When these immature new members joined, I hated them and cried,
but they loved S/mileage
so thank you for wanting to join us♪

Now you are all thoroughly reliable kouhai.


There were a lot of times before when we had to be careful of our senpai, but the 2nd generation members moved independently, and I really feel as though you’ve grown.



I really felt that the fans didn’t want to let them in at all from the start, but I think that now there isn’t anyone in the group who hasn’t been accepted
or even that everyone has become most essential.


After this it will already be your fourth year~!


I have to do my best not to lose to all of you, I really, really think that, so we should be good rivals for each other (^-^)/


Let’s keep supporting each other and working hard♪



Congrats ( ´ ▽ ` )



The four of them when they joined.



The four of them today.



They’ve grown ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ Hya


So then.

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Anime wota.

Yesterday, I said I had debuted as an anime wota..

A lot of people asked me, “What are you into?” or “Do you like this?”
but none of you guessed i~t 
(^.^) Booboo(^.^) Hyahyahya


I thought I just wouldn’t say anything
but since your imaginations would get wilder and wilder over things that I’m not actually into, I’ll tell you♪




The answer is




The other day, I saw the stage version of it and from there I got into iiiiiiiiiittt
So I’m studying it as much as I can.



Playing the part of Kukuri in “K”
was my friend Yamauchi Yuka-chan (right)

Yukatan is incredibly good at acting and it was like she had flown straight out of the anime 


I think those of you who have been my fan for a long time will know this,
but starting in like my first year of middle school
in the play Sentoshitsuki Juri-san performed and took great care of me
and at K, I saw him again after so
ーーーーー many years! lol

I had grown about 20 centimeters or more since I had last seen him so he was shocked lol

He played the part of my favorite, Kusanagi!



So that’s how I started getting into

and if there are any other anime or manga you recommend please tell me♪

I’m going to be travelling a lot on tour so manga will be more helpful ∩`ω・∩


Okay then, today is a LIVE! I’ll do my best!

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The question of being too hot every day.

I’ve been so hot lately..




I’m going to Niigata today~!
Niigata! There were big fireworks there earlier! I wanted to see them.



When Yume Miru 15sai went on sale the members went to see fireworks at night but since then I don’t think we have.

I feel like for those of us who joined Hello!Pro in 4th grade, we had never experienced
something that was so normal in the summer for everyone else.


Up until that year I had gone to the ocean every year,
and swam in a pool and watched fireworks
stayed away at a hotel over the vacation
been to festivals
missed the taste of barley tea… lol



But since then my summers have been Hello!Cons and outdoor events, it feels completely differeeeeenttt!!!

Has it been 10 years since that change? So fast. The days and months passing…..


This year is a very hard summer
but I’m grateful to do so many lives so I’ll do my best!



People in Niigata! Wait for me (((o(*゜▽゜*)o)))

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