Fukuda Kanon

This is S/mileage.

Tonight at Shibuya, 6-member S/mileage had our final live.


Yes. I’m sad.


We started activities as the founding members of “S/mileage” in 2009.
Lots of things happened then.

Members came and went,
and even though the S/mileage of the founding members had overcome our barriers, it took a lot of time.


At Budokan, I said that I loved the 4-member S/mileage so much that it was difficult to adapt to the current changes

That is indeed the truth. It was the truth.

Because they were my partners who debuted with me, and until our debut they had walked with me on that road for many years.


But you know, now I am very grateful that the 2nd generation members joined us. My feelings of love for the current members are very, very strong.

That is why I will write my memories of the 6 of us without looking back at the past.



When I heard that there would be applications for 2nd generation members I couldn’t withstand the shock
and I did not think that I would be able to love the 6 member S/mileage the way I do now.

The Morning Musume 1st generation members that I liked also said that it took quite a bit of time before they accepted the 2nd generation members.


Even though it’s normal now for Morning Musume members to join and leave, the founding members had to endure that sort of hardship at the time… 

It’s not as though I couldn’t accept the 2nd generation members,

but there were many times when I felt like I absolutely couldn’t keep up with these changes, and I hated myself and I couldn’t stop.


The members grew in number, the atmosphere changed, and I kind of tried to stifle the real me, to crush it to death, but it lived on

I had to stand out somehow. If I didn’t leave some results then I wouldn’t be needed anymore, that’s all I thought about

I was not at my best then.


Of course, now if you asked me if I’m better I don’t think I’d be able to answer


I looked at the leader next to me heaping so much love on the 2nd generation members
I don’t know if you could say I was jealous or what
but at the time I couldn’t do that, I didn’t have that much affection
and perhaps it made me angry inside
but in any case I only blamed myself.


Still, the days passed, and the 6 of us encountered many things, overcame many things, and by the time I realized it I had spent more time in S/mileage with 6 members,
and I came to love them.



We couldn’t play in large venues for our shows, and then those videos got uploaded, but our live tickets weren’t selling at all! They got so mad at us..

We couldn’t go around on a tour, we played nothing but live houses, there were lots of times when it like this was all S/mileage could ever do, I was a kouhai back-up dancer…..


and we were miserable


but then we got to perform at Budokan, we performed in all 47 prefectures, and I felt so much love from our fans

We became able to do these sorts of things
and I had a lot of pride in this 6-member S/mileage.


I love all of them, they’re so strong in their competitive spirit and they don’t get discouraged no matter how people make fun of them or how people chastise them,
I can’t stand how much I smile when I’m with them,
and perhaps that is the real me when I’m with them. It was there from the start. 


I am filled with joy that my dream of becoming a Hello!Pro idol, a dream I’ve had since I was small, has come true while with these members!


I guess it’s a bit late to be thinking such things today, the last day _`)


So, everyone in the S/mileage Family.


You have been stronger, more reliable than we members, and you have always been our support! Or should I say, you are our support! 


I’ve been cheered up when I’m sad by everyone’s smiles and kind words

Every time we’re told about some happy job or news or something

I’m always excited and wanting to tell you all, like, I want to tell the fans! or, when can we let the fans know?


That’s how much I love everyone in the S/mileage Family.

Our group name is changing and our members are increasing, but I don’t want that to break our bonds, okay? (T . T)

Please come with me from here on out.




In my memories of the 6-member S/mileage at the solo live today, the reality is that I can only see a fantasy world and I can’t change that
but I don’t want to end it in sadness.


I want to make you think, with these 3rd generation members, this group, and these fans, it will all be okay!

It’s not a sad end, and my hope is that it will be a live you can see in the future.


Let’s enjoy ourselves with all that we’ve got, right to the very end!!!!!



S/mileage’s Fukuda Kanon




Beauty beauty beauty



I’m rehearsing for tomorrow o(^_^)o

I’m seriously looking forward to tomorrow o(^_^)o!




It’s to be expected, but I’ll give it my all!!
And I’ll do my best so that I have no regrets
from our time as 6 members.


Speaking of which, lately there have been so many girls that are just my type
I have collected so many pictures
and there’s a beautiful young girl folder in my iphone. It’s a secret.


Yesterday I discovered a new type.


To be cute is crime and justice


Okay, later, then

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Earlier I was talking to the person sitting next to me at a cafe and it got really deep


We talked about what energy is


Energy is each person’s essence that forms their core

Only that person can say whether they have or don’t have energy.




I have been told before that I’m not energetic even when inside I’m feeling 120% energetic

Is it really like that?


We had a good discussion





Good friends good kids



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I conquered them!


We are S/mileage!!!!
We conquested to all 47 prefectures in Japan!


Performing in all 47 prefectures
is a first for Hello!Pro 
(^ω^) I’m super happy!!!



Very soon the curtain will close on 6-member S/mileage, though
A lot of things have happened with us.


And I am grateful for being in circumstances that allowed us to perform in live houses in the 47 prefectures,

but in the beinning
we couldn’t even do a tour.

There were times when we could only go around Kantou,
We couldn’t do anything with our strength alone and ran into countless walls
I think all of us were very troubled by it~.


47 prefecture lives, up until this point it was honestly really harsh
Like in August we had lives almost every day, and there were times when it was physically and mentally draining

Whenever I would do a handshake, I was miserable, and there were times when I did nothing but cause people to worry (T_T)




There were also tons of fun and happy times, too!!!
Lots of people looked like they were having fun
and I saw them singing and dancing along with us
it really became power for me,
and I think it was what helped me overcome everything.


Going around to all 47 prefectures
is pretty remarkable
as an idol
but also just as a normal person!


I went to live houses all around the country
and I saw the signatures of different bands, and I knew that the thought of these other people climbing up here would fill my soul

so getting to do shows at live houses
I was really happy about it!

I’ll do my best so that we can get bigger and bigger from here on (^o^)/


The real final.
12/17 at Shibuya, I’ll work hard with all that I’ve got!!!!



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Todays marks the day I will have conquested all 47 prefectures




I have finally done it!


It went by so quickly! Not!
Honestly it took a super long time
and it was really, really hard at times


It took a mental and physical toll
and I didn’t know what to do
but when I saw everyone’s smiling faces I began to have fun 



I also have loーーts of fun memories as a result


I’m going to do my best while reflecting on that♪



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It really has gotten freezing cold lately _`)
My scarf is indispensable!




My face seriously doesn’t work lolololol
Well, it is my face, though,
so I think it’s my right to like what’s mine or not yay

I’ll work hard at makeup so that I my face can become acceptable

Like heavy makeup,
I’m less awkward with it than light makeup 
(T . T)


♪I have complexes as large as mountains


is how I feel. Fight on.




With Nakanishi Kana-chan~.
I like Kana’s features.

She’s my type.



Okay, later


I’m going to watch Kyou wa Kaisha Yasumimasu and then go to sleep.

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The last of this year.





Today’s guest
on 60TRYbu was Nakanishi Kana-chan!




It’s been a little while since I’ve seen Kana so I hugged her the moment I saw her!

She’s cuuuuuuute


This is my last 60TRYbu of this year!


I’ll go into next year thinking of material for talks o(^_^)o

I’ll do my best in 2015♪

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Too cold



It’s been cold lately, and I can’t get out of bed in the morning (-_-) It’s rough (-_-)!




A camera-picture in the furisode yesterday


I saw your comments! There are a lot of you who are the same age!! There are a lot of people the same age as me in Hello!Pro, too
but there are also a lot in the fans!


As expected of the 1994&95 babies (^^)


I’ve been reading different makeup books recently and learning about makeup


I don’t think there has been a single moment in my life when I’ve been completely satisfied with my face so that’s why I have to study every single day.


I do think that what’s inside counts more than appearances, but appearances are still important so I’ll do my best



Today is Radio Nippon 60TRYbu
live broadcast starting at 18:00! Listen to it!



Today’s girl power*



My roomwear these days
It was dirt-cheap at forever21!

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Today, we wore Suzunoya-san’s furisode for a shoot (((o(*゜▽゜*)o)))





Sugaya Risako-san×Fukuda Kanon




It was so so cute and nice outfit, I really liked it!! The colors are really subdued, but the pattern is so gorgeous and beautiful…


My furisode that I wear in private is a completely different kind of cute (T . T)♪


I’ll be doing the Coming of Age ceremony this time, are there any fans who are about the same age as me?


I want us to do the ceremony together!


So yeah.

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Question time.






What is this



Think about it~





The correct answer is, my arm having muscle pain after being used so much at the Berryz concert.




Yes. lol

It really hurtsーー(T . T)


I have a shoot and such starting this morning♪



My new nails.

I went with a fantasy theme
These nails are covered in things that I like!!!






Oookay bye

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