Fukuda Kanon

*Today’s girl power*

A perfume I like



Cinderella perfume from the perfumer inside Disney Land~♪



It smells so good, I really like it!!!!!!!


I recommend it.

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Swelling counter-measures☆

Today I had a shoot~


So yesterday
I went to
Dollcia in Shibuya 




swell up easily 
(T . T)
so I got an appointment to break up the fat that causes stiffness and swellingーーーー!!!


Man, it felt so good!
(T . T) So many toxins have built up inside me (T . T) So much that I thought that!


They are 30% off for first time customers to their Shibuya and Shinsaibashi stores, so I really recommend them


They’re also going to open one in Ikebukuro in December, so I’ll have to keep going back more often (((o(*゜▽゜*)o)))



I especially recommend it to girls♪♪

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Talk live.



Today I went to the Woman Rush Hour talk live!

Oh, by the way I typically buy tickets for events like these on my own, with my own money.

This might be expected
but I often get asked if I get them for free so I’m just letting you know (^





My seat was close to the front, too!

I learned a lot about talking.
I get a lot of opportunities to be the moderator during a talk
so I get to go to a lot of talk events with entertainers


I have to go again!!!


Comedy is delightful.





*Today’s girl power*




Schedule book.
Here I fill out my schedule with completely private things and work and lots of plans♪


I’m the type that has to write things down!!!

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Complete defeat in cuteness

So cute, oy




This jerk this jerkーーーー








I often get asked how my rabbit Latte is doing, he’s doing fine(^ω^)
But whenever I take pictures of him they turn out bad so I don’t put them up(^



I want to get a black puppy
and name him Kuromitsu-kun!


HachimitsuKuromitsu combo.



It’s raining so be careful of the drops(^ω^)

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It’s Otsukanyon

Did you listen to 60TRYbu?



It was my first 3 hour appearance.
It was live and I was nervous
but it was soooooooo much fun 



The guest was Ayacho
Wada Ayaka-chan~


It was also my first time welcoming a guest so I was nervous about that, too,
but Ayacho’s talks about Buddha and art became like a lesson♪


Come on againーーーー!


Now after the radio show I have a little rest time before work.



*Today’s girl power*



My recommended lipstick~
Dior’s stick for lips.

It has a gloss type consistency
but it’s really all-purpose(^

Lips get dry in winter so be careful.


Okay, good night



Should I make this corner permanent? lol

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It’s pretty flavorful

One day I went to karaoke by myself
and I ended up with quite a flavorful setlist.


I was in this sort of mode that day


I sang like I was yelling
which felt good and was fun (^


At 18:00 on Radio Nippon
listen to 60TRYbu.

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Listen to it. It’s cold, isn’t it.



Samui ne. Samui ne.
S/mileage’s Samui ne. has
begun to fit the season 

Listen to it.


So today is radio!
Radio Nippon’s

A live broadcast for 3 hours tonight starting at 18:00!

Definitely tune in!
The guest is S/mileage’s very own
Wada Ayaka-chan, Ayacho.


I’m waiting for your letters♪





It has been cold lately so I brought back my favorite MILK trench coat.
It’s pink and frilly and cute

I can only wear it while I’m young so I’m going to wear lots of clothes like this while I still can!


…speaking of which I feel like I’ve changed up my personal style~.

I’ve started to live more mature clothing.


But still
I want to keep wearing cute clothes even when I grow up like Fukasawa Midori-san and Aoki Misako-san (≧∇≦)


Okay, see you later

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Pom Pom Purin

Today I got an invitation
to go to the Pom Pom Purin Cafe that will open very soon in Harajuku
so I went with Kana (Nakanishi Kana-chan), Take (Takeuchi Akari-chan), and Rinapu (Katsuta Rina-chan) 



Pom Pom Purin is so cute!!!




They had lots of samples lined up
and the food was so adorable,
I’m already in love 

When it opens
I definitely want to go again~!




You should all go, too!

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Nagoya individual

Yesterday in Nagoya
we had polaroid, drawing,
and handshake event☆~(ゝ。∂)




At the handshakes a lot of people asked me things like, why did you dye your hair black~?
I wonder why? Because my hair is damaged(^


Well there are a few reasons(^ω^)


Several months ago I went back to black for the first time in a long time and was it just because I wanted to wear gothic clothes?


And then I guess I got into black♪


It’s not because I’m aiming to be a pure sort of idol, at least lolololololo




I am in love with Akari’s brown hair.


Actually I wanted to dye the tips of my hair pink or purple but it’s damaged so I decided not to

We talked about if it’s just the ends, we can cut them off and it will be fine but I’m growing it out so I don’t want to cut it (T . T) I gave up (T . T)


But I got the color put in so that when it fades it will turn sort of purple! Yay!



All right then, I’ll give it my all today

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Today in Osaka
we had polaroids, drawing,
and handshake events!




Osaka~(^^) Thank you to everyone who came to see us (^^)




Snap, 6 members!!!


Today, well, something bad or should I say something sad happened but maybe that’s just part of being an idol. Whoo.

Tomorrow I want to have a fun handshake event until the very end (T . T)


I’ll watch some comedy and feel better.
45°’s rap chief is really funny!!!!!!!!



And yeah see you tomorrow~.

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