Fukuda Kanon

Our children.

I finished my work (^^)!


I saw all of the members♪
But we took pictures
in an outfit I can’t show you yet
so here are selfies. I’m sorry.








I often get questions
about my image editing
but generally I edit using LINE camera 

You can buy different stamp sets you like, so I recommend it♪



Oh, right. This is completely unrelated, but still.

Disney is, after all,
where a lot of families go together, isn’t it?


I thought about
how happy I would be if my own daughter loves Disney as much as I do!!


Everyone in S/mileage often things up these wild thoughts~

Like what each of our children will be like
or what sort of family we will raise.


Let’s meet again in 20 years! or, like, you have to let me know if you change your address! lol


I think..


Ayacho will have such beautiful daughters, and she’ll always put them in frilly clothes♪

Kananan will have children who love animals~!

Take-chan will have a huge family! She’ll have lots of active kids.


Rinapu~ will have cute, slightly precocious children

and MeiMei will be a Stage Mama to kids who do plays and stuff!!


Whenever S/mileage
gets together with our kids
it also feels like they’ll all tease Take-chan. lol



You can’t change the past but you can change the future,
so thinking about it is fun 


Oh, Kanon in 5 years? 10 years?
How do you think I’ll turn out?


These ideas are fun, but I should probably stop involving real people in my own imagination. lol



So then see you tomorrow!

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My wish came true♪♪

19 is creeping closer…
And an exceptionally wonderful wish has come true.

The truth is that after yesterday
my mother set up a birthday celebration
for me and her
to stay the night at Disney Sea’s
Hotel Mira Costa!!!


It’s my one true desire really( ;  ; )I could cry( ;  ; 


I’ve always wanted to stay there
but there were almost no days that lined up
when I was on vacation and they had open rooms
but miraculously there was just one open room
and I was finally  able to stay there.



On the first day,
we went to Sea and Land
Sea in the morning
and Land in the afternoon
and after we checked in
so it was very relaxed.


Once we entered the room I got so emotional~!
There was a spacious terrace
and I could see so much of the paaaaark♪



And then to say happy birthday
I received a letter
from Mickey Mouse.


Oh man, I am beyond happy( ;  ; 


And they only carried Disney Channel in the hotel room! Escapsim! lol


When I got hungry
I got have a meal at Restaurant Sakura
in Sea, where I don’t normally go
and it was so perfect.


At night my mother and I talked
in the Salone dell’ Amico
while reading Disney picture books
and magazines
and got some drinks,


I also watched
my faaavorite show Fantasmic from the terrace 


moves me no matter how many times I see it.



This morning at the hotel,
we had a meal
at a buffet restaurant where you could see
all of Disney Sea at once before it opened♪


Also we went into the park 20 minutes before opening
as early admittance

I got to ride Toy Story Mania♪

And Tower of Terror,
and Journey to the Center of the Earth

and now I’m getting ready for work.


Every time I go to Disney
maybe it’s a little extreme
but I discover the hope to live.

When I’m at Disney
I don’t think of the bad things at all,
no, it’s like I don’t have the time to think of them
and I’m waiting for so many fun things
so even when I’m by myself I don’t feel lonely..

Even when I get old,
I want to continue going to Disney as long as my body will let me♪


I want to become something for everyone else
like Disney is for me 


It was a happy day, without a doubt.


The greatest birthday celebration!!!!




I basked in the morning sun (^.^)

Next I want to give Papa and Mama a chance to stay at Mira Costa♪♪

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Cheery me

I don’t have enough tenacity.
I have work harder and harder!

Right now I’m not particularly depressed or sick at all.

I’m cheerful!


And so that’s why I’ve gotten so desperate to change myself quickly, so I’m determined to work more at it (((o(*゜▽゜*)o)))


I’m living honestly in myself.




Headbands are so comfortable
so I want to make them part of my normal attire.

Does it look good?

Well, coming from me
if I ask it like that,

then you can’t tell me it looks bad. lol


Dry skin prevention!!


I thought about it again
but I really do love
foreign films and TV shows 


I want to watch Dog with a Blog,

and I actually love Full House and Hannah Montana♪

Michelle is too cute.


And now I’m watching Good Luck Charlie.



These are hair pins
that I got earlier from MeiMei as a present.

Kanon often pins back
my bangs with various pins
so MeiMei saw that
and got me some new ones♪

Thanks (((o(*゜▽゜*)o)))


So then tonight I’m going to relax and go to sleep♪
See you tomorrow!

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New single

The title of our 16th single released on 4/30
has been decided!!


“Mystery Night!/Eighteen Emotion”

Yes (((o(*゜▽゜*)o)))


A double-A side this time, too.


Mystery Night! is hey, you know,
whaaaat!? Is that S/mileage?!
Hello!Pro’s number one sexy group?!?!

Watch out for nosebleeds. lol


Eighteen Emotion
I won’t be 18 by the time it goes on sale
but it’s really become a favorite song of mine!

It’s suーーーch a godly song!


Get excited! (((o(*゜▽゜*)o)))



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Speaking frankly it’s scary.

We had a rehearsal
for the new setlist on the spring tour!


Argh, my physical strength!
Fight! Me!!!


I’m looking forward to performing it, though, so much!


Wait for us eagerly (((o(*゜▽゜*)o)))





The outfits from the fan club event.
They’re so cute, aren’t they! They’re each individualized and we look well-dressed
and I’m quite fond of them♪♪


So I’m changing the subject
and lately my thing is
singing loudly in the bath, and recording and taking videos of that!!!


When I watch them afterward I notice I make weird faces when I sing
so I need to fix that 
( ̄▽ ̄)


Also, in the bath, right? Aren’t the acoustics good?

It makes me feel good. lol

Bathtime oh yeah




My bangs have grown out
so I tried parting them down the middle.


Even though it really doesn’t look good on me, it’s an awful truth that that’s how I wore my bangs when I was little �(Д) lolol


Until my birthday I’ll be trimming my bangs normally and getting hair treatments
I want to be a beautiful 19-year-old!


Let’s enjoy my long bangs for a little while longer.


Even though they make it hard to see.


But I’m aaalmost 19 years old. 19 years old. It’s so important I said it twice.


It’s been fast but that’s scary, frankly.

I did say that I wanted to grow up
but now I feel like I want to stay a child, I feel like I want to be taken care of
but this is my last year as a teenager
and I can’t believe ittttt.


While I’m saying that I should keep living like an 18-year-old while I’m still this young!


And yeah, see you tomorrow!!!

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Berryz Koubou’s 10th Anniversary

Today is the 10th anniversary
of Berryz Koubou’s debut.

Really, congratulations!!



I got to go
to their live today 


I was already emotional from the very beginning…
My eyes were so watery….


They’re still on tour so I can’t write everything I’m feeling

I think
there have been so many things that have happened
as Berryz pass
their 10th anniversary.


The amount of strength that the members who give us the fans so many smiles and so much happiness just with their shadows is something immeasurable.


The way they can express that they’re doing their best without saying anything at all is so cool.

Unfortunately people with no composure like me have to tell everyone that we’re doing our best


but Berryz don’t show that
and their performances
evolve every single time

For them,
they put in effort and they put in practice,
and of course doing all of that is to be expected, but I feel like it comes across without them having to talk about it… it’s amazing…


They’ve expressed so much gratitude to the fans
but I as a fan have so much gratitude for them!!!!


I don’t think I’d be able to overcome obstacles if Berryz Koubou didn’t exist,

and they’ve kept our dreams alive with the members who have stayed in the group so long together
so I’m overjoyed (;_;)


It’s sad, but I think it is difficult normally to continue activities as a group without changing lineups.


Having the personal experience of dealing with a change in group formation I know it’s really difficult

but I think it must also be hard to not change at all.


They say that the normal things, the most ordinary things are the most trying.


And so
that makes me realize how amaaaaaaaaaaaaaazing Berryz Koubou is to be the way they are.



In any case, I
love love love Berryz Koubou.

Captain Shimizu-san
said that conveying her gratitude in one word of “thanks” doesn’t feel like enough


and I, too,

feel like talking about how much I love Berryz Koubou is wasteful, unsatisfactory.


Finding the words is difficult and troublesome.


Anyway, to get to see this live,
I think
that Berryz lives
aren’t a genre of lives of concerts

and instead Berryz Koubou is a form of entertainment

A fantastic, one of a kind, huge show


I realized in my heart that I still have a ways to go. If, by some chance, there’s part of me somewhere in my heart that believes I’m fine as I am, I want to reset that just once.


I also thought about how I want to show everyone S/mileage today.

I thought about how S/mileage still has a ways to go. But at the same time, we still carry the hope and nerve to keep pushing forward.


Berryz Koubou isn’t measured by one person alone!

I’m always wanting S/mileage to be the same sort of group.


It’s always like this
I get new goals
and energy from Berryz Koubou

and I will continue to support them!!!




Today was wonderful♪♪

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Marotesque Station

Did you listen to SS1422?





This time I got to make it Maroetesque Station
and I got to talk a whole lot about Berryz Koubou 


I apologize to fans of Take-chan and MeiMei…. I’m sorry I talked over them.


However, I didn’t want to waste this long-awaited opportunity Radio Nippon had given me
and I thought if I were more reserved than usual it would be boring
so I talked to my heart’s content!

To leave me with the broadcast on the most important day of Berryz Koubou’s 10th anniversary
it makes me so happy to think about 

Thank you so much!!!


I got to play all Berryz songs, too, but I want to make sure everyone knows I haven’t forgotten my love for S/mileage!

I honestly don’t think anyone could beat me in how much I think about S/mileage.

Because I know that that won’t be shaken, I could talk about Berryz happily!



I still think I want to do radio!!


Before, I got to be a regular on a radio show, and that was super duper fun and I love my radio work and I’ll work hard to do it more someday (((o(*゜▽゜*)o)))



I’m still not great at it, and I wonder if I’m the sort of person the public would want to hear on the radio waves…

It’s something I can do reliably so it’d be nice to have more places to express myself♪


Starting today
the Berryz Koubou PR Ambassador 

SS1422 will be playing

Kimi no tomodachi



I’ll keep doing my best to become like Berryz!

I also want the Berryz Koubou fans to recognize me,

and so to do that
I think I have to push my performance ability to the limit.

And I hope that they won’t think I’m just abusing my position…

I will properly do all of the things I should be doing!

And I have to make sure that no one thinks, is this really the kind of performance she picked up from Berryz?!


I want to mingle with all the Berryz wota someday.

I’m not a business wota!!!!


Berryz Koubou-san, congratulations on your 10th anniversary (^_^)

Details to follow



So then♪




My household doesn’t really take or keep pictures of anything, so it’s a shame that I don’t really have any pictures from old or recent undertakings ;_;



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I forgot this announcement ;_;

After this starting at 25:00
I will be appearing
on Radio Nippon SS1422!


Definitely listen!!!!

Because this time is special (^_^)
You have to~

Do it!!



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Mega Bank Day 2



The second day of Mega Bank in Osaka
has ended 
It’s all done!


Thank you so much
to everyone who came…


There were lots of things you could only have done by being in the fan club~♪

Like games played with everyone in the audience.


And actually Kanon won the whole thing!
I didn’t have to take a punishment game even once

I’m so luckyーーー!


I also think that I got everyone
to understand
how good my memory is 




I tried tying my hair back
just a little today.


I want to do another event~♪♪


I’ll work hard
to get even more and more people to participate the next time we have one 


The next time I see everyone I’ll already be 19.




Okay then okay then (((o(*゜▽゜*)o)))

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Osaka now (^-^)





Osaka now (^-^)(^-^)!


Mega Bank 2nd day,
I’ll do my best.


I’m curious about
what Mega Bank is!
I want to go!


People thinking that
should absolutely positively check out the fan club♪


Okay! I’m ready to go!

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