Fukuda Kanon

Very soon!

Have you all bought your goods?
Are your glowsticks good to go?


I’m ready♪
The first show starts in about 30 minutes.



Ukyakyaaa exciiiiited hyaha


It’s so Marotesque with everyone.

Who do you think the first person to send me a birthday text was???

Quiz (^-^)


So that I won’t forget
I’ll tell you at the event!

On my blog, too(^-^)

And yeah see you later

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Last teens

thank you
for the happy birthday comments!


I only read a few of them
but I am going to read all of them 


Today, 3/12
Fukuda Kanon turned 19…
Huh, it has been a rich 19 years, gone by in the blink of an eye.


And this is my last year as a teenager. It feels sad to say it’s the last of my teens.


I turned 19 before Eighteen Emotion went on sale. Hahaha


But, maybe that sadness is proof that I’ve become a little bit more of an adult?


A long time ago, I would say, I want to hurry and grow up! Adults are sneaky! and things like that
but now I’m scared and worried about growing up, and still a little anxious.. that’s how it feels.


Is it correct to say that teens are from age 10 to age 19? lol

Well, assuming that
I have devoted
all of my teens
to activities in Hello!Project!!

I haven’t really participated in any school events, and I haven’t been on a vacation over summer break in more than, what, 10 years? so by no means has it been a normal adolescence

but I’ve been able to keep running full force at the dreams I love so much, and so I think that it’s incredible I have been able to do that.

Keeping up like this
is because I have support from the people around me!

After all, if I didn’t have all the support I get from those around me, I wouldn’t be able to do anything. I really would be helpless on my own.

I can absolutely never forget these feelings of gratitude.


A long time ago, I had a birthday party at my house. I was still dreaming of becoming an idol then.


And now that dream has come true, and I can have a birthday event to spent time with the people who support me
and it makes me so happy 


But I’m not happy here on my own, I want to make everyone who comes to the event and celebrates with me happy, I want to be able to communicate how grateful I am.


There are going to be two
evening events,
but if I don’t wake up early I won’t be able to talk
so I woke up early and spoke
and there’s still some time until my birthday celebrations but I went to Disney Land and Sea!




It was my birthday present to myself, and I bought a Duffy face bag


And I found a new kids Rapunzel hair band that I wanted and bought, too!


Also, the first thing I put in my mouth for lunch as a 19-year-old
was a Disney Land Hotel
Sherwood Garden Restaurant meal




I made sure not to put anything in my mouth since 0:00!

So that my 19-year-old fantasy could begin (^-^)♪ lol



With Marie♪

I was persistent in wanting to see Flynn Rider but I didn’t… (*_*)
I want to see him next time 


So then, everyone, let’s meet up later!

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19 Years Old.

I turned 19!
I’m already overjoyed!

The sound of my cell phone chirping “pin-pon” makes me overjoyed!


Love everyone!




I’ll give you the details of my goals and such as 19 later.

But first everyone!
I turned 19 
(((o(*゜▽゜*)o))) Heheheh


Look after me this year!

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Amazing technology, isn’t it

Using a hair color changing app,
I thought about how I will feel as a 19-year-old
on my last day as 18.


Gyaru Maro-san



Kinda funny



Are you an Ariel fanatic?
That’s what it’s like. lol


19… it’s almost here.
A lot of people took care of me, at 18 


It was such a perfect year!

I want to make 19 an even more fruitful year~.

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Adult, pyon



Last night, I was cleaning up my room
and after feeling clean and refreshed
I watched Tangled!

What is cool to me
in this world,

is the boy version of Kumai-san
in ROCK Erotic.

Barbie’s boyfriend Ken.


Flynn Rider (Eugene)


is the magical genie
from Aladdin

I think.



No matter how many times I see Tangled, it really is a wonderful story.


And I’m so excited for Frozen!!! Kyaaa!!



My bangs have grown out, and I’ve liked putting them back with a child’s hair clip
but today I looked a little more mature
so I selected this one.



I also tried doing more relaxed makeup.

I said I would cut my bangs but I figured I’d let them grow out a little.





This is from yesterday.
Yesterday I did younger makeup, like for a little girl, so it’s completely different from today’s~!

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I got my nails done.


I get asked a lot
“Don’t you do your nails?”

In S/mileage,
it’s actually prohibited!!!


But, basic colors that don’t stand out or clear coats are OK so I had that done~!

Ah, waーi
A good pink close to my skin color.





Whenever I get gel nails,
my nails get a lot tougher
and as I’m prone to picking at my nails while I’m asleep
I can’t peel them off when they have the gel on, so it’s nice 


I also got a hand massage, it felt goooooood~♪


Nail artist Ishii Akiko did them♪ Thank you (*^^*)



Forehead forehead. lol


So thenーーーSee you later? Tomorrow?

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Yesterday was Sunday
so I want out with Papa~♪


I haven’t really
been able to take Sundays off,
so it’s been fairly difficult
to go out with him
but yesterday I did 


We left around lunchtime,


so we ate omelette rice!
I rarely eat this out, so this might have been close to my first time.




we also went to the cell phone store
and I changed phones!!! Waーi!!

I changed colors~.

Papa changed phones entirely
and he didn’t seem to know how to use the new one
so I taught him 
(^_-) Yeah

Good daughter~(^_-) lol


We had dinner at home

And Papa made it!
It was fish and pork broth and stuff and it was so gooooood.

He differs from me in that
no matter how much he eats he doesn’t gain weight
so I’m jealous(;_;)lolol


Yes, yes, there is a bottle of wine that has been in a wine cellar for safekeeping for the past 18 years until I’m 20 when it can be opened, one called “kanon” that was made in 1995, the year I was born,

We talked about that..

It’s been so quick, I realized!!!
Before, 20 seemed so far off 

I almost forgot about the wine!

but then I realized
it would only be one more year….
so soon


I’ll let you know how it tastes when I turn 20


Including today there are only two days left of being 18! I’ll do my best rehearsing for my birthday event songs today (((o(*゜▽゜*)o)))



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Me a long time ago. lol


I parted my bangs close to the middle
a time when my hair was light 



Squished nose… lol




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Roasted green tea again.


Yesterday I had it in a tumbler, brought it with me.


It hadn’t really gotten cold at all so I could still have it warm (^.^)







The other day, we got
Krispy Kreme Doughnuts!
are cute 


I don’t care for super sweet doughnuts
but this soy flour? sort of flavor
was so good!!!



Oh, yeah. If you saw Hello!Sta
you saw all the members
playing in the canal!

At that time
I wasn’t feeling well
so even though I got to see everyone on their way
I couldn’t go play(;_;)

Nooo I’m famous for being sick.
Why…. a bad year..
But I have been taking care of myself?!
I have to focus even moooooooore

I have been to the doctor countless times just this year(;_;)lolol


But I reeeally wanted
to play in that snow, too!
So I have to go to Hokkaido again! Yay!



Today I tried listening
to some genres I don’t normally listen to and I’m digging it. lol


Okay then, see you laterーーー!

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Black black black black

I forgot to mention this,
but last time
on the singing corner of “The Girls Live”
I was absent
and so I think there are people
going, “Huh?”

I had to miss filming due to poor health(;_;)


I’m so sorry if anyone got a shock from it!


Next time S/mileage is on I’m going to be completely there! Look forward to it!


Oh, also.


My hair was, a decent while ago?
Well maybe not that long ago
but I dyed it black
and no one noticed at all(;_;)

No one noticed that I changed color
so it’s brown again(;_;)lol sob


Nobody cared, and weeell it was plain so I’m not going back to black.




Hey, black eyes.



I tested it to see if anyone would see it
and I took the challenge so I’m not bothered♪

But there were a few people here and there who noticed at handshakes! Thank you!!!!


I wonder how I’ll be at 19 (((o(*゜▽゜*)o)))

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