Fukumura Mizuki

Got all worked up☆Fukumura Mizuki



Today at Zepp Namba
we had an event commemorating the sale of our 56th single “Toki o koe, sora o koe/Password is 0″


Things were crazy fun today too 


In the mini-game corner, we had the unbelievable
“musical chairs” –
was it fun? It was fun, but!


They always choose a corner that is related to our single but this time, there was zero relationship!!!






Password is 0!!!!


So there was a connection~o(´▽` o)ho


And with that! It was the most fun ever :nihihi: :choki:


We played a math game but, Fukumura Mizuki was the unexpected winner~ :music:
Well, it was all thanks to Masaki-chan (^^;


All worked up, worked up!
It was just the best feeling ever (*´σー`)ehehe


We were able to do this because it was a release event but
I bet it’d be fun if we could do this at a concert or something huh~4485[1] Mizuki


I’d love to do itー
I’d love to do it 


Gotta say the important things twice ( ̄ー+ ̄*)sparkle

Today in the middle of our 3 shows, we were able to introduce all of the singles.


We talked about the choreography and the filming of the MV and stuff, and like, I felt once again how much I liked the song or how should I put it..


Even though the single “Toki o koe, sora o koe” went on sale 4 months ago
I feel like the singing this on a cool summer’s night suits it the best.
I was imagining just that today while singing it!


The other songs too!
I’ll keep trying my best so that any time you see them, no matter how many times you see them, you’ll still think “so cool!”

With Harunan~




So anyhow, do you know what day today might be???


Today…was the day that the 2nd generation S/mileage members joined under the nickname “America”


When you say “America” then…
Akari (A)
Mei (Me)
Rina (Ri)
Kana (Ka)
the first syllable of everyone’s names makes out “America”! That’s what they said!


The 2nd gen members sure are funny lol



They are so lively and friendly so from the very beginning I’ve been friends with them but, among the 2nd generation can you guess who is like a big sister~? & Tsundere?

This person always makes me feel better by going Fukumura-saaaan with a smile864[1] Mizuki&lately is chatting more



Her character is amazing! Right on the bullseye, seriously!!
I absolutely love her smiles & occasionally her super serious face just the best 5249[1]




She is a Little Miss Reliable and
I love her grown up performances & the things she does that suits her real age




Do you know which person it is!?
Let’s take care of each other from here on too okay (o^^o)




Do-to, sitting next to me on the Shinkansen ♪


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Pancake☆Fukumura Mizuki



Since I received the day off today


I thought I’d go watch the Anpanman movie!!!


or so I thought but…I didn’t get up and all of a sudden it was already ○時 :!?:
I oversleeppptt o0020002012506567172[1] (shock) :aseru:


and so, I was just relaxing at home when my little brother came home
and then I was STILL just chilling when my big brother came home
and finally, even my dad came home!


Hey the whole family is hereeeee!!!
First time in a whillleee!! lol


and so, all of us went out to eat together  :cutlery:
We went to a place that my mama and I talked about wanting to visit


Craa~zy! It was super good http://blog-project.net/wp-content/uploads/2012/11/o00200020123038285821.gif


The pancakes weren’t fluffy…they were flluuuffy fluffyy ♪
Even splitting it between 2-3 people, I was totally full 4240162[1]


Next time I want to go during breakfast time ♪


They were so good, my little brother said “I’ll eat these pancakes before I die” ♪ lol



When you think about pancakes then~ well look at Sayashi-sun’s blog…
((;゚Д゚)It is all blurry though…lol lol

Today Fukumura Mizuki’s 2nd DVD “Pancake” goes on sale


As for why it is titled “Pancake”…
well, you’ll know if you watch the DVD! lol 


Mizuki has never seen her own DVDs…
I like to escape from reality after all (-_-#)⁇
And so, everything in the Fukumura household is still unopened :aseru:


In truth I really have to watch them and then study what I did right or wrong but…


I think I should gather up some courage and challenge myself to…or not. lol



Eating out today was fun and
Mama & little bro & Mizuki all walked 4 minutes from the train station to home.
My older brother refused — lol
Hello! Stage #78


The MC is Shimizu Saki-san and Iikubo Haruna-chan!

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Nakano 3rd show ☆Fukumura Mizuki



The 3rd show at Nakano Sun Plaza has ended♪ It was fun



The cool performance of my sempais
The cheers from all of you facing the stage
Seeing all of you fans at the performance site, once again I naturally thought
I’ve gotta enjoy this moment! http://blog-project.net/wp-content/uploads/2012/01/1822.gif


It was another moment when I felt, once again, that I just loved Hello Concerts (。^_^。)



And the night show, whoa!!!
Mano Erina-san came to see us http://blog-project.net/wp-content/uploads/2012/01/1822.gif
It’d have been so nice if we could’ve properly met before the show started
I was able to take these photos ♪

Mizuki ×Mano-chan×Akari-chan  :music:


I was so happy that we could get this miraculous photo of the 3 of us (´Д` ) :raburabu:
Thank you for the snacks too ♪


And then and then, the image of Momochi-sempai and Mano-chan chatting together http://blog-project.net/wp-content/uploads/2012/12/o00200020123131694911.gif
I was happy just being able to see that in front of my eyes (人´〰`*)←without asking




And then, today 8/3 is
Berryz Kobo’s Kumai Yurina’s birthday :raburabu: :raburabu:


Happy birthday :raburabu2: :cracker:


I had the chance to sing the same song with Kumai-san in the Hello Concert shuffle and
she would give me advice and
shared her contact information with me (o ´ ▽ ` o).。oO♡ehe
For a shy Mizuki, this was just the ultimate happiness.


I just love her kind aura and expression when she sings!
Kumai-san, who just looks SO good wearing pants* :raburabu2: 1075 Zukki Eripon
Isn’t she cool~
If I could be able to see the Tokuma combo(Tokunaga Chinami-san&Kumai Yurina-san) sing again, huhhh~gakidrool
Please have a wonderful year ♪




The 9th gen today
When it is just the 9th gen, the 9th gen turns all funny don’t we. lol
Aaahhhh  :aseru: :aseru: :aseru:
I forgot to tell them to do it with normal faces (;・∀・)



*パンツスタイル: literally “pants style.”  Aka, how someone looks wearing pants.

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Berryz Kobo-san☆Fukumura Mizuki



Today was a Hello Concert at Nakano Sun Plaza 1075 Zukki Eripon


We all got together in the morning…and while saying hello and stuff…
S/mileage’s Fukuda Kanon and I hugged each other.


Why do you think.


There are probably people who are already aware but
the beloved Berryz Kobo-san made an announcement that they are entering a period of “indefinite hiatus” after next spring (T~T)


So sad. So sad. So sad. So sad. So sad.


I’m already feeling sad right now.


Why…why are so many sad things happening one after the other.




Up until recently Mizuki has been able to hold back all of the sad feelings but
today they just overflowed……


The very moment that Kanon-chan and I saw each other, she went
“…did you hear?” ・゚・(´□`*)。・゚・ぅwaa~n




The concert was suuppper fun.
Concerts sure are fun.
I’m glad we could hold the concert.


It was fun to sing ((*´∀`*))
I’m glad we could sing this song or that song ( ´ ᵕ ` *)



I got a ton of texts from my friends, cheering me on…



But, when I write on my blog like this
I feel better letting it all out (b*’Д’)b


I mean, until fall…until spring…
I’ll cherish the fun we’ll have righhhtt?



Thank you very much to all of you who came to the concert site

Tomorrow is Nakano Sun Plaza again!
Please be good to us tomorrow too (*´Д`*)ノ))

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With Harunan☆Fukumura Mizuki



Today I went on location for「J-MELO 」with Iikubo Haruna-chan☆


This time we planned the new corner「Girls World」!
We combined  designs we received from people all over the world, and made costumes together with students from Tokyo Cultural University :music:


Even though I only had to think about one costume my head was spinning… :aseru: :aseru: :aseru:
It wasn’t just the design, but also the materials and colors and fasteners…
It was difficult to imagine it finished…I never thought thinking about designs was this hard :aseru:


All the students produced the design for us.


It was an honor and a lot of fun ( ´ ▽ `人) :hanami:

A L S O!
Since it was a school, we got to eat in the cafeteria, shop at the school store, and use the vending machines! http://blog-project.net/wp-content/uploads/2012/01/1822.gif


We were treated to soft serve in the cafeteria
It was delicious


It was fun to have a mini university experience ♪



Afterwards was a dance lesson~♪
We danced so muchー1075 Zukki Eripon
If I sweat that much in the dance lesson…
The Mezamashi live might be a problem…´д` ;


Riho-chan and I made a pact to go running sometime this week, but
unfortunately our plans fell through this morning ´д` ; waaah- :aseru:


Since walking and running both start at a minimum of 20 minutes of moving
we could train inside together too?!


We’ll do our best to build up our stamina however we can so we don’t lose to the hot weather!

Coincidentally we both wore cat T-shirts!
(;・∀・)Ah… Kanon-chan in the background!





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Usa-chan appears☆Fukumura Mizuki



The sound of the cicadas when I left the hotel this morning was amazing!!!


Mii〜n mii〜n mii〜n mii〜n!
I was kinda like a 16-beat・・(;´д`)ノ!!!←


Our 2 days of concerts in Osaka are over…
Yesterday and today we had 3 performances but
going home is pretty sad :aseru: :aseru:


Everyone who came!
Thanks for your amazing cheering and support1075 Zukki Eripon
I could see the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd floors clearly☆



Today Michishige-san
did Usa-chan hair partway through the concerts


I wonder whyyyy.


OdaSaku asked Michishige-san


I don’t know the reason but, holding out some hairbands she asked Michishige-san, “would you do  pigtails tomorrow?”
Everyone was like “what what??”!
So half out of obligation (? lol) she did pigtails♪

(b*’Д’)b YAY ♪
SO CUUuuuUuute♡ Curly Usa-chan



Today I curled my hair at the beginning, but as usual the curls came out.
I consulted with my manager about what I should do with my hair
and Satou Masaki-chan braided it 176[1]


She said “tada! when it was done and it was amazing


Masaki-chan is so skilled!
She’s very methodical too!
Thanks Maa-chan(人*′Д`*)

S/mileage’s Wada Ayaka-san :raburabu: and Takeuchi Akari-chan :raburabu:



Ah, on my blog yesterday for some reason I wrote
“I’m not gonna sleep till the eeeend!!”
……after all I fell asleep ( ̄▽ ̄;)




Next is Nakano :nikoniko: :heart:


This week is the Mezamashii Live!ヽ(*’∀’)ノ Isn’t itーー♪


I’ll do sit-ups when I get homeー :!!:



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Sayu☆Fukumura Mizuki



Yesterday I couldn’t update my blog and it made me a sad Mizuki…
The comments I usually look forward to… (T ^ T) :aseru:


Oh! Speaking of comments!!!
The comments after my search-for-the-differences answer :!!:
In the end, you all really hate to lose don’t youー
(* ̄m ̄)(it’s a joke, just go with it!!!)
Anyway I’m kinda late in saying this but it was fun(‘-’*)フフ
Thanks, as usual




Yesterday was an emotional day for the members 864[1] Mizuki
While we were eating Maa and Sakura said “please look!”
and while we were eating they interrupted us with an interesting video,
and they waited for Ayumi at the bottom of the stairs with their hands held,
and Eripon put cabbage in my bento←eh?


and then


Harunan and I went last at yesterday’s filming
but when we thought about going home afterwards


inside our bags…













Michishige-san left a present in our bags


It was a copy of Michishige-san’s personal BOOK『Sayu』signed with a message http://blog-project.net/wp-content/uploads/2012/12/o00200020123401601471.gif



I was so moved (beyond help)ヽ(*´∀`)ノ so happyー♪


Thank you sooooo much


I absolutely can’t carry it around :aseru:
I bragged about it to papa and mama ( ̄ー+ ̄*)1075 Zukki Eripon



Since tomorrow is the first showing of「YAPPARI!」I reviewed it a bithttp://blog-project.net/wp-content/uploads/2012/01/1822.gifhttp://blog-project.net/wp-content/uploads/2012/01/1822.gif


Lately there’s been a song that I can neeeeeever get out of my head
This is a song that I love but, since it’s unexpectedly? together with the songs we sing at the Hello concert…
I’m gonna do it!!
I mean… I definitely!!caaaaan’t say what it is but lol
Anyway, if you come to the concert…


“Ah! It’s this song!”


I don’t know if you’ll know which one but…
(´▽σ`)σ (whether you know or not will be up to you)♪ BUTー


Since I’m super into it I want you all to hear it


But I can’t tell you (・∀・)



Aaaaah I can’t wait for tomorrow~


Doors open at 14:00
at 15:00 YAPPARI! starts


Doors open at 17:30
at 18:30 KOREZO! starts


We’ll be waiting for you


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TV Asahi Festival☆Fukumura Mizuki



All the members of Morning Musume ’14 had a filming and then→→→a dance lesson ♪♪♪


I sweat a lot at the lesson and had a good time dancing☆


After work~
I went to the TV Asahi Festival with Eripon and Sakura-chan4367468[1]


♪We went to the “Nobifuto” room
♪and tried “Totta-do!”
♪and barged in on Tetsuko’s room
♪and ate peach shaved ice~
Even though we ate it we kept dreaming about shaved ice :aseru:


It was so much fun


We also went to the gift shop and went into the Legend of Gold attraction!!


And! (σ´□`)σ here’s an announcement~
Broadcasting on TV Asahi on 7/26 (Saturday) 14:4516:00
on『Doraemon’s No.1 Match! Who are the wildcard participants!? Super Preliminary Competition Special』Kudou Haruka and I will be appearing!


Doraemon, loved by so many people around the world.
My siblings and I also used to watch it on TV every day and see the movies every year
and we collected all the novels
And participated in Doraemon seminars←unrelated (lol)


Ah, when you think of me the impression of Anpanman is probably strong ^_^;


Do and I did our best!!


Definitely watch it~http://blog-project.net/wp-content/uploads/2012/01/1822.gif


I wonder if I can go to every station’s festival this summer~( ̄▽+ ̄*)1075 Zukki Eripon







This time the MCs are
S/mileage’s Takeuchi Akari-chan4240162[1]Juice=Juice’s Miyazaki Yuka-chan4240162[1]


4-character idioms with MM ’14
(Kudou Haruka × Taguchi Natsumi)​
Hair arranging (Sayashi Riho)

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Answer〜☆Fukumura Mizuki



Today after my dance lesson
I went to the movies with my mom3768-2


First we saw Patlabor 3
ーo( ´ ▽ ` *)o
Mano-chan projected on a huge screen was adorable o0020002012460748245[1] Reina
Today’s story featured Krachevna (Oota Rina).
The action was amazing…I’m steadily getting into te Patlabor movies


Next was Maleficent
My mom has lots of Disney videos and DVDs but
A long time ago the first video her father (my grandfather) bought for her was Sleeping Beauty so it’s important to her
And she loved the story
Since I thought I wanted to see it too we decided to go together♪


Nyahahaha ( ̄▽ + ̄*) 3D with subtitleshttp://blog-project.net/wp-content/uploads/2012/01/1822.gif


I think if I write about it I’ll accidentally give spoilers so
I won’t write my impressions (人*′Д`*)


I think it was the first time I went to see two movies?!but
I’m glad I went!Totally satisfied ₍₍( ´ ᵕ ` *)⁾⁾ 


Afterward while we were talking on our way home we missed our stop lol :aseru:
I’ll be careful :nihihi: :aseru:


Since Anpanman could only be baked in the morning I’m gonna do a summer break challenge!!

Yes!Here!! Let’s check yesterday’s answers~ :music:
(Things like the width of my stance and my left hand being visible don’t count)


☆The Correct Answers☆
・Sayashi’s face
・The way Kanon-chan has her hand
・My right hand
↑These almost everyone got right


The tricky parts…

Riho-chan and I switched hats864[1] Mizuki
No one noticedー :dash: ←but some people got close~



YEP!I win~♪( ´〰`)b


Kanon-chan’s weird face was a trap hahaha


And then, there definitely couldn’t be something different with Ayumin or Eripon lol


This was fun ( ̄▽ + ̄*)

Our costumes look kinda like…like we’re from the prairie
We look like characters in a story :nikoniko:



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Marine Day☆Fukumura Mizuki



Today we had another handshake event at BelleSalle Shibuya Garden 692
It was nostalgic and a lot of fun :music:
Yesterday and today a lot of people came who hadn’t come in a while :dash:



So, today!
We talked about apps we’re into,
and questions about the things that happened before
(like the Hello concert and the Mezamashii live and Hawaii)
also Anpanman and Doraemon and Disney and Sanrio
We talked so much about all kinds of topics




To sum it up Saturday Sunday and Monday were a really fun three days




In「Phototechnic Digital」releasing on the 19th
The members are me, Ikuta Erina, Sayashi Riho, Suzuki Kanon, Ishida Ayumi, and Oda Sakura.
MM ’14 high school members


The location was a mountain with lots of nature? The photoshoot spot looked like a forest!

This shot is a different angle of the cover 4485[1] Mizuki


The air felt good,
everyone chatted while looking at the scenery,
We messed around playing Morning Musume aruaru~
everyone played outside
Sakura-chan made amazing things by braiding flowers together!


The picture of the hydrangea I posted before was something I found and photographed during this shoot



So here’s a question

Spot the differences in the photos ♪ hehehe



Of course I know who Pink Lady is!!
( ̄ー+ ̄*)http://blog-project.net/wp-content/uploads/2012/01/1822.gif


Using the power I get from everyone
I’m gonna do my best to prepare for tomorrow’s lessonー4240162[1]



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