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Tomorrow is..☆ Fukumura Mizuki

Konbanpo (*´∀`*)ノn


Hey everyoneeee
Did you see the video where we introduce the goods?


The 4 member colors of the 12th gen!


They made a big decision for

Ogata Haruna-chan→ Sea blue
Nonaka Miki-chan→ purple
Makino Maria-chan→light pink
Haga Akane-chan→ light orange


( ´ ▽ ` )ノ4250474[1]



When I thought back, like how was it when they announced the 9th gen colors?…


I remember during rehearsal, it was just thrown out
kind of like “So Fukumura, you’re dark pink so…”


I had wondered if it would be black or something so when I heard it was deep pink, I was super happy.
It was already a color that I liked before but, it became a color that I loved more and more


It is my favorite color in the world恋ぴんく


Even though I’m wondering like, how will we be now that we’re 13 people~


I’m glad that the 4 members of the 12th gen seem to each get colors they liked 692


From here on out, they’ll be going forward dyed more and more in those colors


Please be good to Morning Musume ’15, who look like colored pencils 864[1]



Tomorrow is the first day of the ’15 Spring Tour



I’m looking forward to it and
feel nervous and jittery and my heart is thumping and waa waa kyaa kyaaa :aseru:


Let’s go do our very best!


Everyone, thank you for your support!


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Oda-chan☆ Fukumura Mizuki



Today 3/12 is the birthday of 11th gen member Oda Sakura-chan


Happpppy birthday Oda-chan


Not only is Oda-chan getting cuter and cuter but she’s gotten better at dancing and showing off her charms, not to mention her singing ~ and stuff


Lately I’ve been thinking!
Oda-chan’s behavior is cuteee。。。




Normally I don’t say these kind of things ODA so I’m kinda flustered :aseru: 264[1]264[1]


Well, it is a problem that Mizuki’s behavior is weird after all… :aseru:


You know how in stores they are selling stuff for the series Sakura.
Like, doesn’t Oda-chan totally come to your mind when you see them? 264[1]


Sakura is showing up too much 264[1] (lol)


I was mistaken up until yesterday~
She is still 16 years old huh


She seems so grown up huh!
Noo, she is grown up!






And, happy birthday to
Angerme’s Fukuda Kanon~
20 years old, right




I have this basic image of like, the people talking around Maro are always with huge smiles on their faces
Maro has a funny and bright personality~766[1]


…but spring this year was really tough huh :aseru:


But but, I’m happy we’ve had lots of chances to talk lately!


I hope the 2 of you have a wonderful year~



Today the 3 of us, Iikubo Haruna-chan, Ishida Ayumi-chan, Fukumura Mizuki


are making an appearance in
“Play. Live. Grow.
Let’s go to SATOYAMA & SATOUMI 2015」opening on the 28-29 this month


We’re making goods to be sold at the booths and stuff. We went on site to hear them talk about how they actually make things out of the trees they raise.

For the whole day today I learned so many amazing things about nature and people’s kindness~


I totally crashed on the Shinkansen!
I conked out wearing a mask, my scarf, and a hooded coat!! lol





Kudo-chan and the 4 12th gen members are introducing the goods for our Spring Tour which starts the day after tomorrow!
They have an announcement too it seems to make sure to watch please
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High School Student ☆ Fukumura Mizuki



Today I had a photoshoot for “Ray” that will be on sale on 4/23!




Cute pastel-colored clothes


The stores have all laid out their spring clothes so things became gorgeously bright all at once~


When I had my first photoshoot, they had given me Ray to read. At the time, I thought, hmm the clothing and content are not for me but for the generation older than me. But lately the clothes are all my taste, like, That! This!


I was caarreefully looking through the magazine


It hit me that my tastes had changed bit by bit even while I myself hadn’t realized it!


I mean, I did graduate from high school after a~ll 4426267[1] 766[1]


On sale today
“Graduationー High school graduation ー2015″
Fukumura Mizuki shows up at high school graduation
For junior high graduates, Kudo Haruka-chan makes an appearance~  1075 Zukki Eripon









*That is what she is saying in her speech bubble. Maybe a reference to the manga/anime “Blue Spring Ride” or Aoharu Raido.
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Akane-chan ☆ Fukumura Mizuki

Konbanpo (*´∀`*)ノn


Today 3/7 is
the birthday of 12th gen member Haga Akane~
Happy birthday~


She was an elementary school student when she joined as a trainee but, wow she’ll already be a 2nd year in middle school




Akane-chan gets to be the little babied one whenever she plays around with the other 12th gen members.


Even though she’s the youngest, she stands out with her grown up looks and that central singing voice


I hope you have a wonderful year…



I sang and danced a lot at today’s rehearsals, learned new things, remembered old memories…it felt like that kinda day


\(•°□°•)/I used my brain a LOT


Yesterday I was all impatient like, :aseru: until the first day of the tour, but


I might be more excited for this
The Film PreCure All Stars Spring Cantabile 


Its the opening day of the film~4367468[1]


The Morning Musume ’15 version of the ending “Ima koko kara” and 
and Harunan, Ayumi-chan, Oda-chan’s characters also appear in the film too


The members too are all excited and nervous 3月14日 and
SO E-X-C-I-T-E-D ₍₍( ´ ᵕ ` *)⁾⁾4367468[1]


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3/6 ☆ Fukumura Mizuki



Today, 3/6 is
21478[1] Momo / Peach21478[1] Momo / PeachTsugunaga Momoko’s birthday 21478[1] Momo / Peach21478[1] Momo / Peach21478[1] Momo / Peach


Tsugunaga-san, happy birtdhay



Mizuki loves this photo


When Mizuki had the flu, Tsugunaga-san said “Do your best!” to me (that’s MY interpretation (〃▽〃)) and the manager sent me this photo.


I look at it often when I feel sad and stuff.


Tsugunaga’s smiling face, her puffed out face, her serious face, her singing face too


Mizuki loves them ALL


The parts of her that a little kid would love, when she’s working hard or her expressions, her character that will suddenly show her complexity, and her kindness 


The Tsugunaga-san that I loved ever since I was little hasn’t changed even today…rather, I admire her even more and love her.


Unfortunately, I could not attend the birthday event but…


All of the goods were like, ah as expected from Tsugunaga! 4213405[1]
I wonder what she sang~


Please have a wonderful year… 4367468[1]




And today, it has been announced ☆
“Morning Musume ’15×BANBANCollaboration Campaign has been set!”
During the campaign period(2015/3/165/6)choose the DAM room at Karaoke BANBAN, bang out a Morning Musume song, and get a gorgeous present!


For the details, see here1075 Zukki Eripon



er  Σ(°□° ノ )ノ whoa!!!
Today the 6th means…there are 8 days until the Spring tour!!!





・・・・・・・・・・・・ :aseru: :aseru: :saeru:


٩( ๑╹ ꇴ╹)۶Le…Let’s do our besttt!!


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Berryz Kobo ☆ Fukumura Mizuki

Konbanpo (*´∀`*)ノn


I didn’t write in my blog for only 2 days but, it feels like a really long time.


I couldn’t because it was impossible to blog, time-wise…
I’m sorry to make you worry (>人<;) :aseru: :aseru:



Today, I was invited to do a live radio broadcast on “Gogo no mariya-ju”



I’m sorry I couldn’t announce this beforehand o0020002012414924220[1] Momo


I felt at home with the 3 –Yamada Maria, Bourbonne (who always comes to see our concerts), and Michiya Anna — and had fun chatting
They played our new song too …The 1st chorus ♪



3/3 has already passed by now ~ :aseru:


Starting from the morning this day, my heart felt so hollow like you could hear a thumping sound going don-donn…my emotions were tumbling around and around.


Whenever I thought about how the Berryz Kobo that I loved and looked up to foreeevvvveerr was having their final concert, I felt scared.


But once the concert began, each passing moment was a happy one so..I watched totally engrossed in it.


Of course it was the Berryz with their proper ages from this year but…depending on the song, there was a flash of Berryz from when they were little!


Naturally, Mizuki also watched with the emotions of both the little Mizuki of the past and the me right now.


It was incredibly sad…but also happy



While I watched Berryz’ performance, I’d end up thinking “oh soon we won’t be able to see them” and I’d get sad.


But, I was able to hear and see so much — the songs that I’ve loved ever since I was little, the songs whose choreography I’d memorize when plunked in front of the tv, and the songs since I’ve joined Morning Musume.
Special Generation and Ichome Lock etc, and finishing songs together with everyone in the hall was just the BEST


Berryz Kobo gave me so many memories!
Berryz on the castle stage
were sparkling, like real princesses
and until the very very end, Berryz Kobo continued to enchant me as always.


For the 12 1/2 years since you were Kids
and 11 years since you’ve been Berryz Kobo
thank you so very much


Mizuki( ´͈ ᗨ `͈ )◞ is so glad I fell in love with BerryzKobo 4250474[1]4250474[1]4250474[1]



I’ll be doing my best for the Morning Musume ’15 Spring Tour rehearsal (*゚Д゚)ゞ









Make sure to watch ok~
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Berryz Kobo Matsuri 2☆ Fukumura Mizuki

Konbanpo (*´∀`*)ノn 


There were all kinds of things over yesterday and today’s

2 day “Berryz Kobo Matsuri”




Ah, I’m so happy 4250474[1]



Berryz Kobo’s songs
I was able to sing energizing fun songs today and cool songs yesterday.


And wow, the songs sung at yesterday and today’s LIVE
were chosen by Berryz Kobo it seems 


I’m happpyyyy




And, here is one other happy thing.





Do you know what I also got with this??





I had it autographed gakishock2


No way!
Like noo wayy!!!!!!


whhhhhh !!!


Thank you
soo SO much.



Though normally I’m set on this like, you’ve got to use your member special privileges!!


I apologize to all of the fans of Tsugunaga m(_ _)m



After I said “even if it is a waste, I can’t wear it!” but then I was told, “Wear it~” so :aseru:


What to do!?


Hm, as I thought, I can’t wear it


I was super SUPER happy.



I can’t put my feelings together today, again.



How was the performance by Morning Musume ’15?
I was happy we could have a performance with everyone all together.
Thank for the support today as always (*´Д`*)ノ))


I’m looking forward to the spring tour more and more





*Sorry for any translation errors. Did this one in a rush!!
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Berryz Kobo Festival ☆ Fukumura Mizuki



Today was one super exciting, heart pounding day o0020002012436641621[1] Reina


“Berryz Kobo Festival” in Ariake Coliseum


For 2 days, today and tomorrow, we’ll be standing on stage with Berryz Kobo for the last time.



Morning Musume ’15 is singing in parts 1 and 2 4423022[1]4423030[1]
I was incredibly nervous for the tribute section in part 2.


But since rehearsals, it had been suu~per fun
Kanon-chan has recovered from her leg injury so she was able to participate in a dance performance for the first time in a while♪


It wasn’t just that it was fun but, the fact that we were allowed to sing Berryz Kobo’s songs meant…
we sang them with feelings of gratitutde…feelings of love


It was frustrating that I fell halfway through the show.


But, there was the same amount of joy as there were tears.




To think we were allowed to wear their real hats too…
I’m not telling whose hats are whose though (〃▽〃)4367468[1]4367468[1]4367468[1]


I’ll do my best tomorrow too!!!



This was Berryz Kobo, the princesses that Mizuki has looked up to since I was little.

This was Berryz Kobo, who sparkles no matter how many years pass


I’m sorry. I can’t seem to bring this to an ending :aseru:
In any case, it was all burned into both my eyes and my heart :heart:


I’m SO excited for tomorrow too :raburabu: :raburabu: :raburabu:
Think I’ll head to bed earl~y






1422 Radio Nippon
“Morning Musume ’15’s Morning Jogakko~ hokago meeting”


4/15 on sale, our 58th New Single
“Seishun kozo wa naiteiru”


You can hear it for the first time on air on the radio so don’t miss out~


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Together ☆ Fukumura Mizuki



Eripon had been saying let’s go out to eaa~t for the longest time and we finally made it happen this morning~♪♪♪


We adjusted our work hours and stuff
and went for breakfast!

I requested a salad but…
it was so big that Eripon was like, can you eat this?!


Mizuki loves salad so I had room to spare you know( ̄ー+ ̄*)sparkle 1075 Zukki Eripon


Veggie-hating Eripon ate everything but her cucumbers


Good for you! Or like, that’s amazing!


Mizuki ate her cucumbers (lol


And then for lunch, Riho-chan and I went to get acai
We went to the place that I went before with Michishige-san and Harunan

It seems like it was Riho-chan’s first time eating acai at this place and she gave it rave reviews!
Like, even though I ordered a regular, I could go for another already!


Let’s go together again, okay~
Like, today all I did was eat?
And that is all for today’s meals.



It made me feel like yelling



Like, just like the title, it really just feels like youth♪♪♪


I went with Mama but, like, I started to feel embarrassed


I read the manga and stuff and, the other members recommended it so I totally wanted to go no matter what


I’m glad I could go~
It was my first time watching a love story movie 4426267[1]

Ah!I also went and finished all my work too before!


I’m so happy that I could use the wait time between jobs in a meaningful way ♪



So today you know~、


like, my manager said, I like today’s clothes more than the clothes from earlier!
Fukumura has grown up~


I forgot to take a photoーm(_ _)m :aseru:


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Takahashi-san ☆ Fukumura Mizuki



The image of Kanira yesterday…*
was unexpectedly beautiful! or like, cute! I like it! or something 
There were people who had been waiting, looking forward to it, so I’m so glad I posted them


Right now we’ve entered into the sign of the scorpion…


It seems pretty accurate about my personality and stuff*°皿°*)


Mizuki is a surprisingly dangerous woman ( ̄ー+ ̄*)kira~n


The comments were so funny
I didn’t expect so many people to know I was a Scorpion and like
so many jokes about Saint Seiya
As I figured, when you’re little you think about all kinds of things!


This is a letter set I saw in a shop in NY 4377425[1]
Crabs × pink letter set is like, was this made just for Mizukio0020002012463917400[1] Reina
It was a little expensive but, I bought it to use as decoration ♪


Kurara (my dog) is also doing well ♪
His summer haircut has grown out so, he’s settled down quite a bit lol
I’ll upload a photo some day ok



Also, I received an invitation to Abe Koji-san and Takahashi Ai-san’s wedding reception party so, today I went with Eripon and Riho-chan to the party.

Kanon-chan unfortunately could not come with us because of her injury.


Her flower dress looked so good on her, it was just lovely o0020002012436641621[1] Reina
We heard wonderful and nostalgic songs too and stuff. It was a warm celebration



Like, whoa, Fukumura won this incredible thing through the raffle ((((;゚Д゚)))
The prize I received was the same coffee maker that they use at Abe-san’s parents home!
Like no way, I never thought I’d win the raffle so when I heard “#58!”
I was like, Huuuuuh~~~~~~(0□0;. Takahashi-san surprised me when she went, “Fuku-chaaaaan ♡”!!


Since I love coffee, thank you, I’ll use this a lot 5249[1]5249[1]5249[1]


Once again


Abe Koji-san, Takahashi Ai-san, congratulations on your marriage 1075 Zukki Eripon1075 Zukki Eripon1075 Zukki Eripon
Thank you for inviting me to such a wonderful party today

*Her pet crab, which she posted about here. Indeed, quite beautiful and cute!
*It is common to have raffle ticket prizes and other games at Japanese events
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