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Goto Maki’s limited time blog
thank you for so many views and comments!

This blog will be open until Dec 31 (Saturday).

Until then, if you have a message for Goto Maki,
by all means, please put them in this entry’s comments!!

The next time that Goto Maki will meet everyone
is at her One-Man LIVE on Dec 4.

「G-Emotion FINAL」

Dec 4 (Sunday) Makuhari Messe Event Hall

Afternoon show 12:00 Doors open 13:00 start
Evening show 17:30 Doors open 18:30 start (SOLD OUT)

On this day, Goto Maki will suspend her activities.

Only the afternoon show has some seats remaining,
so by all means, on top of attending, please watch her all-out performance!

Purchase tickets here
Special LIVE site is here
(PC only)

Well then, we are counting on your continued support!

From all of Goto Maki’s staff
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This is the LAST entry

I updated about it a while ago, too,

but the 510 hours passed by in a flash.

It’s been a while since I’ve had a blog,
but when I see the comments
it seems that people are having fun reading it, so I was glad♪

Once again, in the form of a blog
I heard everyone’s message one by one.
I’m incredibly thankful.

Thank  you m(__)m

Well then, for this last blog entry
I’ll answer, kinda like in a one question, one answer format

First is
about basic cosmetics

Lately I’ve been trying out Katatsumori products (complete set)
By the way, my face-wash is also Katatsumori♪


My favorite tea is

Yuzu tea!


My favorite perfume is
Ed Hardy or 212 Series

I like to be called

Maki-chan, Gocchin


The contents of my makeup pouch are

BB cream, BB cream powder, Armani powder foundation, cheek (Masuwaka Tsubasa-san’s) orange and pink, Inoui concealer, Deja Vu mascara, lots of brushes, also lots of lip gloss (lol)


The contents of my bag are

makeup pouch, wallet, cellphone, schedule notebook, probably?


The source of my energy is

having loved ones♪


There are also a lot of comments asking about various things about Gocchin,

so, enough about my vital statistics


Favorite food

Recently, nabe (hotpot)

Favorite manga


Favorite game

Monster Hunter

Favorite type

Someone who’s kind and doesn’t nag

Favorite movie

Kanna-san Daiseikou

Favorite drama

Korean daytime dramas

Favorite word/phrase

cute (lol)

Favorite place


Favorite person(s)

My friends (it’s all of you)

Food that you hate

Meat, fish, stuff that smells raw, papaya

Thing that you hate


Type that you hate



that extent.


Also, when I go to sleep, I sleep well with aroma♪

I wrote a lot♪


Well well

Ok then, it’s almost 12.

It’s the end of Cinderella time.

When I wrote that, midnight passed (lol)


Everyone, for reading a blog such as this,

really really really really
thank you very much!

I’ll do my best everyday from tomorrow onwards too!

On Dec 4 let’s meet at Makuhari Event Hall!

I’ll be waiting☆

Well then, goodnight.



Last pic
It’s kinda bad in some ways, with my dry skin(;´∩`)


So I’m uploading something nostalgic, huh?
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Today I have the day off.

I woke up at noon
and got to read a lot of comments

Everyone’s faces at the events up until yesterday…


Whenever I remember them
oh man(ノд<。)゜。

And today, the 510 hour blog will also end

It passed by in a flash.

Well then
Maybe I’ll answer some questions that have been in the comments up until now.

First is

hmm which one.

☆”What color is your hair?” -type questions

My hair kind of has some ash added to beige. When watered down clearly, the translucency kinda comes out…The beauty salon is ZACC-san♪

☆Where do you get your fake eyelashes?

Nowhere in particular, but basically, so that they look clean and natural, I usually use ones that don’t have volume.
I split them into 3 with scissors so that they’re easier to attach.

☆Where do you go shopping?

Generally, in Shibuya’s Parco or Marui, sometimes 109. Ah, I also go to La Foret! When I go to Parco in search of adult-like clothes, it feels like Marui also has the items that both 109 and Parco have!
I want everyday clothes and clothes for lessons from 109!
I go to La Foret to get clothes that have an individuality to them! Kinda like that♪

Are there any other questions that you want to ask?
By all means, put them in the comments, ok?

So, the rehearsals for my concert on Dec 4 start tomorrow, huh?

It feels like, “finally”

It’s been quite a while since I did two performances on a concert day.

Will it be ok?

The setlist, costumes, and stage design are almost done, so I wonder what the direction will be like.

I’ll also sing a lot of album songs


listen properly ok?

Listen to them so that you can sing along~♪

I’m counting on you(´Д`*)

Well then, I’ll write again later

Go on over to the comments♪♪

For today’s pic
I’ll upload one of my partner

I always sleep with this little one♪
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Nagoya♪Last Tokyo♪

Today the 3-day Don Quixote GoMaki RegiTour finished.

All the fans who came to the event, everyone from their hometown, thank you very much.

everyone at the Don Quixote branches that collaborated, thank you very much.

By the way, today’s coordinate♪

knit (moussy)
tank top (LOVE BOAT)
denim shorts (LOVE BOAT)
The boots that I’m always wearing are
a collaboration between UGG and JIMMY CHOO♪


Actually, right now, writing this blog entry

seeing everyone’s facial expressions, hearing everyone’s voices

was truly heartbreaking(;_;)

“Being able to sense everyone at such close range, perhapsノノノ”

when I think that, even now I start crying.

Everyone’s love is as deep as mine

It’s impossible to give thanks

I worked hard these 3 days, but everyone worked hard as well♪♪♪

Concert rehearsals start the day after tomorrow

Gotta work hard.
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Fukuoka♪Osaka♪and then to Nagoya♪

Today since morning

putting on make-up at the hotel!


I woke up when the make-up artist came and rang my doorbell(Θ▽Θ;)


I was in a hurry (lol)


And, today as well, moon prism make-up with BB cream!!

After my transformation

I went to Fukuoka’s Don Quixote and the event started!

There were also fans whom I haven’t met in a while

I’m grateful

And so

after that, I went to Osaka by plane!

I took a pic while on the airport bus before getting on the plane♪

The bus was empty/ (lol)

Upon arrival in Osaka

I took off my makeup

and the event started!②

It’s been a while since I’ve been in Dotonbori

The takoyaki smells good/

I wanted to eat so–me

At any rate, the event was fuunn

Everyone who participated in the event this time, thank you


the fans who came every time, carrying their luggage and participating



I’m touchedノノノ(;Д;)


Thank you very much.

Well then, I’m off to Nagoya now(´Д`)

Today’s coordinate

Jean jacket (DANCE LB-03)

vest (EMODA)

T-shirt (SLY)

skirt (LOVE BOAT)

That was it♪
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Arriving in Fukuoka☆

Tonight’s dinner is


vegetables and


yum yum(っ´Д`)っ“

In the photo, there’s some black thing within the shadow of some other thing


Well, enough about that

It was delicious

After that

The venue of tomorrow’s event

Don Quixote

I went to visit!!


Bought fake eyelashes

bought face lotion

bought cream☆


Don Quixote

really is fun, after all(´Д`)b


Afterwards, on the second floor there was a purikura machine

so all the staff took pics (lol)

Look at this

Our eyes!!!

(ΘДΘ) Everyone’s eyes got huuuuge!!!

The recent purikura machines

a lot of them can make your eyes look bigger, huh? w(。O。)w

Everyone’s faces look different from usual(☆Д☆)




We cut them up

and shared with everyone♪

Well then, today, around here♪

Gotta go into the bath now and prepare to go to sleep

Today’s bath powder is this♪

It makes the body quite warm and is amazing!!
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Sendai Now


for the Don Quixote

Gomaki RegiTour

I’m in Sendai.


The register will be in front of me,

and I hand over the goods (Aikotoba(VOICE))…


kinda like that

You who came

love you(*^_ ’)

Thank you.

And the me in this mood, with a built-in camera



my cheeks feel ni—ce

I tried making them look tanned

By the way, the way I did it was

to put light pink on the whole cheek


plus orange and passion pink♪

The face changes quite a lot with how the cheeks are done.


Well then, I’m going to Fukuoka now.
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Lazona Kawasaki and new hair

Today, as some may know, I’ve been active since this morning


Lazona Kawasaki from afternoon to nighttime

was amazing☆

There were really so many people who gathered

I’m touched(*/ω\*)

Doind a handshake event after a long time

I was so happy

It was fun(´Д`*)


Talking to everyone one by one


This kind of time


really is precious to me, after all


Truly truly

thank you very much

I’ll do my best from tomorrow onwards too

By the way, these were the band members today♪♪♪

Bassist Nishiyama-san

Happy Birthday☆


And then,

after the event

I went to the beauty salon, ZACC

I took out my extensions

and have a new hairstyle

Ordered from ZACC’s café

black sesame seed banana milk yumyum(´ψψ`)

Well then, see ya tomorrow♪
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Sukkiri♪Good morning♪

Yesterday was the live broadcast on Nico

the people who watched☆

Thank you ♪♪

Monster Hunter 3 (Tri)

I seriously love it☆

Within this year,

I wanna reach the max level on the third character (lol)

Counter stop=HR999

I can’t quite level up…

for being an incomprehensible person


At the end, I took a commemorative photo with everyone from Capcom


Producer Tsujimoto-san and Kobayashi-san from advertising.

I’m always indebted to them♪


By the way, the chocolate that I received as a surprise during the live broadcast earlier

It’s really pretty, right?☆

Osaka’s Poire-san, thank you very much


Ok, until just a while ago

I appeared in Sukkiri, and I wonder if there’s anyone who watched it.

You who’s like, “I couldn’t watch( ̄~ ̄;)” I’ll show you my costume☆

knit (stud)

pants (GARULA)

boots (Babyshoop)


Well then

Now it’s Lazona Kawasaki!!
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Aikotoba(VOICE) finally!!

Today is the release!

Well then well then

today, talking about the title song, “Aikotoba”☆


This song, you know

I sing it believing that it will reach each and everyone who has thought of me and loved me.

From me to everyone/

From everyone to me/

Always confirming our bond in this way, we’ve been able to move forward and come this far.

I feel like it’s an incredibly incredibly beautiful thing.


It’s just that,

I don’t think we can be together for a lifetime


I want to.


I want you to be by my side.

More than thinking that

It’s in my heart.


However, reality is awfully hard.

If there are 100 people, there will be 100 ways of thinking, ways of feeling, pasts, futures, dreams

Among that, being in the same position forever is wonderful

but close to impossible.


But you know, as memories

they will remain in our hearts forever.

I want them to remain


Thinking of such things

I have made this song.


Daring not to be gentle and ballad-like,

it has a rock atmosphere.


Whenever I hear this song, my memories start to become restive, like a revolving lantern*


I wrote this and that

but in any case

turning towards everyone, this song could be made.

Tonight, Nico live♪

Look forward to it, ok? ☆

And tomorrow, let’s meet in Lazona Kawasaki.

Well then, later(´Д`)




*走馬灯: [soumatou] a lantern with two layers.  The inner layer, which has shapes cut out of it, revolves, casting moving shadows.  This is often associated with the phenomenon of “life flashing before one’s eyes” before death.
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