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Halloween~ Curry

I planned to probably not make dinner today、

So I made Halloween curry yesterday nightー♪



The Nightmare before Christmas❇

I dressed up as Sally from Nightmare before Christmas last year、↓


But I’m not dressing up this year lol

When I brought that curry out on the table、

In a rare move、 my husband took a photo (lol)

It was tough to gouge out the cheddar cheese

And yet!

My husband mercilessly demolished all the cheese with a spoon、

And ate it lol

I wanted him to eat it just like that (lol)
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Thank you very much ♡

Thank you very much ♪

I received lots of messages from all of you、

I looked at the blog time and time again

And read your messages

On yesterday’s information announcement

Seeing each and every message

Kept me grateful ♥

Thank you so much (*TーT)b

Among them、 there were people who were similarly pregnant、

People who had already just become mothers、

Those who were doing their best with infertility treatments、

It’s our commonality as women!

The thought was reassuring ♪

Talking seriously、

There were times when I checked the pregnancy test kit and it was negative time and time again、

As I wrote yesterday、

When I got my hands on the Maternal and Child Health Handbook、

I’m pregnant、、、
I’m going to be a mother…… The feeling was strong、

On my way back、 I felt so happy that I had to wonder if I wasn’t floating ♪ヽ(´▽`)/


I’m expecting to give birth this year、

Then it’s close to half a year of maternity life。

My belly is already protruding、

And in a bit, it seems that it’l’l be time for me to start feeling the baby’s movement。

Just as all of you said、

In order for it to proceed without incident、

And for a birth without a hitch、

Every day、 I’ll take care of my body ☆


Once again、

To all the OGs、 the fans、
To lots of people!!

Thank you so much ♥
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An announcement to everyone。

An announcement

This may be a private matter、

But this time、 I have been blessed with a new life。

Now I’ve entered the stable period、
I would like to raise the new life in my belly quickly。 When I got my hands on the Maternal and Child Health Handbook、 I felt extremely happy ♡

I’m grateful to everyone who’s always been supporting me、 as well as family、 friends、 people concerned、

I’d like to protect this precious life。

With regards to my work、
While being mindful of my physical condition、 I’d like to work hard on what I’m able to do、
So whatever it is、 I hope that you will watch over me warmly!♪

Goto Maki
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A variety of photosー!
















Since there were tons of photos
I tried putting them up
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Afterparty ♪

Well thenー、 Weーーーーーll then、

It’s the afterpartyー♥

For the afterparty, about 100? of our friends joined us in celebrating ♡

Firstly, here’s us on standby before appearing (lol)

The make-up artist took the shot♪


We made our appearance!!!


Everyone greeted us
With celebratory crackers ♪

Once again、 we did our greetings ☆

We took tons of photos at the afterparty too ♡

And then、

As a sideshow, friends from the bridegroom’s side sang as a present ♪

Although it was ATSUSHI-san’s song、

But in the middle、、、、!!

The groom stood up!!!♪

For ATSUSHI-san’s lines in the song、

He suddenly started speaking at that part!!!

At first, I was completely surprised and ended up laughing lol
But suddenly the tears welled up (*ToT)

I’m grateful that such a surprise had been prepared。


Bingo was fun too (*´∀`)

At any rate、

It was a truly truly joyful day

By the way、 that dress、

Was made by the utmost efforts of the stylist-san ♥

There’s tons of flowers、 it sparkles、

They really made something truly special for me ♡

My hairstyle has a Rapunzel feel ♪

I’ve got unending gratitude for everyone who’s supported me ☆
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Wedding reception ♪


I got a huge amount of comments

Thank you very much ♪

I’m honestly glad


Well then、 the wedding reception

There were over 200 people where we held the reception、

Hearts thumping、 we entered


Immediately after our entrance、 I was glad

And just like that, tears flowed (*´∀`)


Cutting the cake ☆


And then、 the first bite ♡

In the back of my mind、
Should I have put up the cake face、
It was in a mess (lol)

After that、
We had a feast full of photos ♥

It was filled with smiles ☆


That was how the first half was like ♪

I’ll write again about the latter half ♡
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Wedding ceremony

Everyone, it’s been a while ♪

I think there are a lot of people who already know about this☺

Yesterday, the 22nd of February、
I held my wedding ceremony at Oriental Hotel Tokyo、

We were able to hold it without a hitch

Until the day itself, we had repeated meetings, over and over again


I was nervous and excitedっっ!!!!

At the ceremony、 I wore a white wedding dress、 in the middle of a green-laden chapel

Surrounded by many companions、 we were able to pledge our love (ノ´∀`*)


When we exchanged rings、、

My finger couldn’t really fit、、、(lol)

In the end, I put it in myself (lol)


And then, it felt like the atmosphere calmed down、 so it was fun (°▽°)

We received a flower shower、

I did a bouquet toss、

It was a joy-filled mood (*´∀`)


I wanted to try tossing the bouquet ♥

By the way、

That dress、

It’s Four Sis & Co.

Alan Hannah-san’s、


And that’s it for today!!!(lol)

I’ll write again at length tomorrow ♪
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To everyone who’s always been supporting me ☆

I have something to report。


Goto Maki has filed her marriage registration、 on the 22nd of July。


Taking a look back、


I made my début in Morning Musume at the age of 13、 and I worked hard every day in my unit and solo activities、 it’s because of the fans who’ve been supporting my dreams、

As well as my family always being together with me。


My mother passed away、 so I took a break from entertainment activities、


And day by day

The thought of wanting to make a family, something I’ve yearned for from the start、 grew stronger。


My companion is not a public figure。


Being with him puts me at ease、 he’s a kind-hearted partner。


Meeting him、 that gave me the impetus to restart。



From the 25th of June、 I started as Chief Curator for  『Alifis』、


And、 I appeared on TV as part of the Morning Musume。OG。


And、 a lot of people visit this blog every day。


With everyone supporting me、


I definitely wanted to report my marriage registration here、 so I’m writing this。



I’ve decided to put forward future developments from now on as well。


Even having registered my marriage、 of course I want to continue with my entertainment activities。


It’s been 15 years since my début in Morning Musume。


I’ve turned 28。


Just as I’ve written on the blog、 I enjoy things like cooking, cosmetics、 and Monster Hunter。


Music too, of course ♪


From now on、 I’ll power up even more、

And、 I’d like to continue going about my daily activities in my own way。


So、 I’d be glad if you’d continue to watch over me just as usual。


From now on、 Goto Maki will be in your kind care!


How should I put this、

I wonder if my feelings were properly conveyed?。。。

Honestly、 I was worrying about it countless times, over and over and over again、 how should I report it… I was always thinking about it。

I really treasure all of you。
No matter how it seems、 it would just be okay if I did it without wavering, in my own way。

That’s how it seems to me。

That might also be thanks to all of you。

Not counting my parents when I was very young

It seems like the staff-san、
And all of the fans have brought me up。

I’m truly thankful。

Once again
From now on too, I’m begging for your kindness ★

Goto Maki
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Thank you for waiting ♡

Wellー Wellー Wellー、

Thank you for waiting!

Fiー nalー ly!!
It’s a c、c、c、c、 comeback!?!!
Are there people who have been waiting faithfully?!

Thank you (*^O^*)
And, andー?!
I’m making a start at Alifis!!

Check it out every day starting today ~(°▽°)ゞ
And also、

The home page!
Has been updated!
It’s from the recent photo shoot ♪

The top page is a shot with a teddy bear!♪

Teddy bear、、、 How cute。

Since it looks good now that it’s done、 take a look, okay ♪

The photographer is someone I’ve always been working together with for my photo books、 Nishida Kouki-sanー!!

It’s been a while since I’ve had a photo shoot、

But with Nishida-san, it was fun and turned out well ♪


And、 and
The Ameblo?!?
Has turned official ★゛




And like that、
I was able to face today without a hitch!
From now on too、 I’ll be counting on your loving support~♥゛
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The beginning of Goto Maki’s blog!

It’s been a while  :music: :!!:
It might be a bit sudden、 but I’m starting this blog :cracker:

It doesn’t mean that I’ll be resuming my music activities immediately。

Here、 the ordinary things that I think about、 what I’m feeling
Even if it’s just a little, I’ll be able to let you know things and share them with you :cherry:
That’s roughly what’s on my mind。

And、 it might be just for a while、 but I’ve discovered things that I want to do。

I’ve always had an interest in beauty ever since I was in my teens、
And I started to cook as far back as I can remember。 And there are all sorts of other things (*´∀`)

Which reminds me、 there was an event for Monster Hunter’s 10th year anniversary the other day、

And I was stirred to blog by the producer Tsujimoto-san、

Or rather、
Thanks to me being stirred up、 it’s now got me started!
Because of that、 definitely、 I’ll be writing a MonHun journal (*^ー^)ノ♪

So、 I’ll start with greetings!、 and then try writing semi-politely?、

To be honest、I’ve communicated with all sorts of people about what I should use as the impetus for blogging
And I got lots and lots of them!

With that said, these are my honest feelings!

Since I’ve been closed for business for about 2 years。
Because of that、

Things like ‘What have you been doing for these past 2 years?’
Or、 if there’s something on your mind、
Thud×2 :!!:
Please give me your questions and opinions here :light:


For this reason、 enjoyably and comfortably :raburabu:  I’m begging for your kindness  058[1]-Sayu

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