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Thanks for your hard work

First thing I did today was wake up early、
And since I’d said to Mama the night before that I’d make tamagoyaki!!!
I made it as promised!!!!

Yupーーー。 You want to know if it was delicious?

It didn’t look too great since it was a bit burnt though、
So I didn’t take a photo。 lololol


I’d like to be able
To make cooking that looks really goodーーー lol


And then。


I went on a date with my dear older sister!

I had a ton of fun


We talked a lot~~。

Mai is really happy when I’m with my sister

What’s more、 I had lots of laughs

When we took lots of pictures

It really was such a joy!!!! ☺️






Thank you for the fun time
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An incident when my heart skipped a beat。




Ehーー! Self-conscious





Oh myーー!!!!!




An abundance of cuteness、 an abundance of embarrassment ☹❌

But、 Mai already
Has taken on Kudo-chan’s family name lol


Kudo-chan, love youーー。
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Sato Masaki。

A pampered baby。

Isn’t she even more of a pampered baby than Mai???


She’s like a little sister to me




But actually
Maachan made some mistakes just the other day、
So I got mad!!☹

What’s more、 I was really harsh on her at the time (°_°)


I’m closer to Maachan
Than any of the other juniors
But I had to tell her properly
About what she had done wrong。☹

I wanted her to understand、
So I said that it was because I care about Maachan ☹


And then、
Since Mai rarely gets mad ← Honest!
It came as a surprise、 and it seemed like she took a disliking to me
Even though she’d always be sticking to me、
She didn’t come close、 lol

And so、 Chisato and Mai
Talked with Maachan
We talked about various things

Was it resolved???

That’s what we did lol

And then、 she stuck to me again like this lol




Like that lololol


Today we played UNO together at ℃-ute’s dressing room

She was shrieking all the time like a child
It was adorable。 lol

She’s such a childーーーーー
But I love how she properly does her best, learns, and makes corrections
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I went to watch Country Girls’ concert!!!!!!

With a youthfulness that ℃-ute doesn’t have、
They were adorable!!!!

They also sang nostalgic songs!!

Also、 before the performance
All of them were doing lots of practice、 which I thought was amazing

Also、 they listen a lot to what Momo has to say
Country Girls all seemed to be having such fun
That it made me want to go and meet up with ℃-ute。 lol

What’s up with that!! lol


Isn’t a photo of these members rare?? lol





Momo、 I came for your concertー!!!
I’m happy that she was glad about it

I met the girls of Country Girls
Besides Momo!

And、 it seemed that they were surprised that Mai was there
So they were shrieking Kyaーーー!
In my heart、 it made me happy。 lol

You know、 I was like a celebrity。 lol

⇧ Probably got the wrong idea。 lol

However、 since I don’t really have opportunities
To see Country Girls perform live
I’m glad I watched it!!!

I hope to see them again at the Countdown and the Hello! Cons!!!


And、 I wrote this on the previous blog post
These are the 2 that I love。 These two。







I went for a meal with Aika and Sakicho after the concert
It was funー!!!!!!

We had a good chat

I had a really fun time!!!

After that、 I stayed over at Aika’s place。

This was the fulfilled HagiMai *\(^o^)/*
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Yajima-chan ♡ mai

I got to take a look at Yajima-chan’s photo book ♡

HagiMai’s thoughts after having seen it、、、、













*squeal*ーーーーー(>_<) How embarrassingー(>_<)♡♡     o0480048013405533200[1]





Yup。 Like that。 lol

Thank you very much for your steady beauty。
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I’ll do my best with the 3 rounds todayー!!!!

Look forward to itー☺️



According to Maimi、 this is a kabe-donー lol

It’s funny lol


Let’s go with spirits raised the whole day todayー!
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I met up with Risako!!!!!

It’s been ages since I last saw her

Above all, she seemed to be energetic ✨


We went to a cafe and chattedーー!!


Mai’s order、
Grilled apple something-or-the-other。 lol

Sorry for being so vague。☝️


It was delicious、 and we talked a lot
It was fun *\(^o^)/*


We found another place we’d like to go to、
So we’ll go there next time


Well、 it was hot today, wasn’t itー

Mai will be heading for a recording of Hagiwara Mai no All Night Nippon Mobileー✨
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14th year ♡


When I went back home yesterday、 I had a celebration with my family ♡

My family
They’ve never forgotten to celebrate it。(´・_・`)♡

Thank you so much (>_<)   It's thanks to all of you that Mai could go this far (>_<)   For my family 30th June is the day that our lives changed in a flash!   Thank you for always supporting me ♡♡   Love you   o0480064113353121618[1]

And today we enter the second half of the year!!!!!

How fastーーー☝️☝️☝️

In half a year、 Hagitaro will be 20 years old??? lol

OMG✨ lol

It’s raining today but I’m pumped up ♡
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G’mornin ♡
Chip’s face lol
Chip’s not a fan lololol

Firstly, yesterday’s HagiMai






Today, 30th June,
Marks 13 years since we passed as the Hello Project Kids *\(^o^)/*♡
Hurraーh ♡♡♡


It felt lovely to have my fellow companions on BeriKyuu’s LINE
Exchanging congratulations!

Thank you very much for always supporting us!!!!

We’re truly filled with gratitude (>_<)   We’ll do our best in our 14th year!!!!!     We beg for your kindness from now on as well♡   I hope that today will be a good day✨
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My partner yesterday was。


ShimiSakitaro ✨

We were on a date for almost the whole day, it was really fun *\(^o^)/*

We talked a lot ✨✨


You know、 I feel that we were always laughing

Laughter is something that’s wonderful

We were constantly talking at a cafe、 we talked again as we went for karaoke、 and we talked again when we went to Akakara。 lol



It was realーーーly delicious ♡

But you know? An incident occurred。 lol



The Akakara spilled on my clothesーーー。T^T

I can’t laugh about it。。。lol

Seriously。 lol

On my way back, I bought clothes and changed into them before heading home。。


But since I had fun, it was okay!!!


Want to see you soon ✨

Love you ーーーー*\(^o^)/*
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