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Today was a maintenance day!!

Thankfully, I got to do everything I wanted to doーー。(^o^)/*

Also if I have a bit of time、 maybe I should get my nails done??

I took off my extensions, coloured my hair, and put them on again!
I left to it Akemi-san from spica again~:onpu:

Thank you very much!!

That said、 my hair’s gotten long~! But currently it’s at a really annoying length。゜(゜´▽`゜)。 It’s difficult to arrange! It immediately curls up!

But、 doing maintenance really brings out your femininity! lol

The number of things I want to do has increased!!

Let’s raise our sense of beautyー(^o^)/*


I’ve been thinking a lot about this recently。

I’d be so happy
If I had slender, thin legs!:sob::sob:

It’d be elegant。゜(゜´▽`゜)。。゜(゜´▽`゜)。:sweat:w

I dream having the ideal legs of models or foreigners like in their pictures。(・×・):sparkle:

Wellー whatever! I’ll watch 24 and go to sleep!

Ahー Chip’s so cute。 lol

My outfit today

It’s casual!

The sneakers are really comfortable :haato:

An announcement!

What do you know!

I’ve got a regular radio programme!

℃-ute Hagiwara Mai no All Night Nippon Mobile!

Mai will be doing a mobile radio programme broadcast through Nippon Broadcasting’s popular smartphone app「All Night Nippon Mobile」!

We’re currently collecting messages and questions that you’d like to ask Mai!
mai@allnightnippon.com by the 20th of October (Mon)!

Hagiwara Mai will do her best with her solo radio programme (^o^)/*



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Happy. :cupid:

da1410af_240【From the staff: This blog post was from last night。 We apologise for the delay in updating。】



We had a full dress rehearsal in Fukuoka today!

We put on the outfits、 and went through with it~

Right。 Tomorrow’s the real thing~(^o^)/*(^o^)/*

I’ll do my bestーー!!


All of us had motsunabe、
So Hagi-chan’s happy!!

And something else that makes me happy
In Takahashi Ai-san’s stylebook I have AI. which is currently on sale, Mai was allowed to write in the spot where there’s messages from everyone!!


I felt like, ‘No way!!!’! Honestly lol

What’s more、 Takahashi-san
Gave Mai a copy of the book with a comment attached:haato::haato::haato:

I’m so hapーーpy!
It’s really stylish
So I’ll use it as a reference! Or rather, I already am lolol

She asked me, ‘Let’s go for a meal, okayー!’、 but it’s hard for us to go。。:sad:



I wish we could go~:haato::haato:

And with that、 today’s personal outfit!


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Today there were ℃-ute release events!

It was decided that the ℃-ute fall tour final
will be at the Nippon Budoukan on 11/11!

It’s really a very happy thing。

Thank you。

At S/mileage’s Budoukan concert yesterday ℃-ute also intruded for a bit
and I saw S/mileage’s performance、

It was a very S/mileage-like Budoukan!Everyone had incredibly happy-looking faces、which made me think that the faces of happy people are so beautiful~!



℃-ute also has to work hard

First of all、on 9.10 there’s ℃-ute’s Day!

I want to talk a loーt with the staff-san to make both Budoukans the best!

I’ve still gotta keep working hard huh

Completely changing the subject、
you know Mai dropped her iPhone
and the screen broke (°_°)

I drop it fairly often。lol

But it’s the first time。For something like this。

Oh noーーo。it was like

so I’ve gotta get it repaired soon (´・_・`)

Well、today’s clothes

A casual look。

Ahh~let’s show my legs~。(´・_・`) lol


Hello!Sute #75!


Mai was able to MC with Morning Musume。’14′s Suzuki Kanon!

Please be sure to check it out!


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I had a handshake event today~

It was Okai Chisato、Suzuki Airi、Hagiwara Mai~

I talked a lot~

We talked about extremely pointless things at the talk show too lol

Everyone who came、thank you。

For some reason today I wanna watch a movie~

I should watch something。


I wonder what~

Spirits has been released, huh!

I’ll up some pictures from the shoot

Masuda Sebastian-san did them for me。

It was a day where I thought I’m glad it was done like a very sweet girl。

I’ll be in your care again (>_<)

Well、today’s clothes

A casual look。

Summery huh。lol


Today at 20:00 we’ll be accepting orders for the Hagiwara Mai DVD「again」!


Please check it out!


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Today was opening day!

It was in Fukuoka~

With yesterday being Michishige-san’s birthday
everyone celebrated and such for her~

Iya、Hello concerts have begun huhー

I’ll do my best until September!!!

I took a picture with Michishige-san~



Congratulations on your birthday! (>∀<●)

Also、with Sayashi-chan too!

Occasionally。lol, you know lately, we’ve occaーーsionally talked lol

So she took a picture with me!

Thank you for coming everyone!!

It was happiness since there’s so much delicious stuff in Fukuoka~

Today’s clothes


It’s all EVRIS~


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Today is opening day of the Hello concerts!!

Ahhーーit’s starting!

So quick, isn’t it!

Kato Miliyah’s song People is incredibly beautiful!

You know I think I’ve gotta work hard if there’s something which isn’t going well lol

It’s a good song~。

All right。Let’s work hardーーー

Hagiwara Mai from before bed yesterday。lol

It’s been happiness lately being able to see Sakicho (^ ^)

Shimizu’s Saki, you know


I’ll do my best!


「Hello Pro ANEX~Berryz Kobo×℃-ute=Sweetsheartvol.2~」
The date is、8.20[Wednesday]

The application deadline is 7/13(Sunday)at 23:00!!

For details→


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First of all today、I went to get my nails done!

Nakayama Chieko-san did them for me this time too~

Thank you (>_<)

I went with flowers and checks!

I like it~

After that、I went to see Maleficent
with Yajima Maimi-chan!

It was incredibly fun~

Disney is the best(≧∇≦)(≧∇≦)

Ahh~、it was too wonderful~

But there were times which made me angry too
and with it being 3D there was impact to it as well、so Mai
started saying by herself, “Get ready!” or “Do it again (>_<)” lol lol lol

But I’m glad since it seems Maimi-chan beside me couldn’t hear it lol

I talk before I know it huh。lol

Even though I always keep thinking I can endure~
I did it again today lol

Then after that

I appeared as a secret guest on『UNIDOL 2014 SUMMER』!!!

Iya~ everyone was incredibly wonderful!

Moreover, I was really happy that they danced to a lot of ℃-ute songs (>_<)

I’m really happy they do ℃-ute songs like this!

I was also really happy that ℃-ute could appear like this!

I wondered if those who don’t know ℃-ute
might have come to know us?

Thank you

I wanna appear again~

Thank you very much (>_<)

Well、today’s clothes

A casual lookー


☆℃-ute(910)day special concert 2014 Thank you BeriKyuu!in Nippon Budoukan[Vol. 1]
℃-ute advance blog ticket sales announcement!

Just now、you can order advance tickets through our official blog!

The deadline is tomorrow the 10th at 18:00!!

Please support us ♪


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I had a day-long shoot today~

The outfits were cute too and it was fun~

Being cute gets me energized!


It was a fun shoot~

After that
I had a recording for Girls Live。

Keep looking forward to it~~

Recently I’ve loved to just staーーre off listening to music。

Well、today’s clothes

A rough look。


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Various Things


I’m sorry for not being able to post (>_<)

I’ve been a bit sick (>_<)(>_<)

But!I’m already better!!

℃-ute and Berryz Kobo went to France!!

France is really a beautiful city!!

It’s stylish wherever you look
and since it was with Berryz this time, it was even livelier than last time and when we went sightseeing, everyone was saying it was like a field trip!

The live was also really energetic, and so the 3 days went by in a flash!!

I wanna go again~

Also、we had Hello concert dress rehearsal when we got back!

It’ll be starting soon huh!

So quick, quick。

I’ll do my best! (^ ^)

Also when I got home, all my family
gave me a cake!

It said “You did well in the pole dance。”!


Though mama smoothed out the letters with her fingers、lol
oh well, don’t worry about it!lol

Thanks to all my family!

Ah!Also, it’s been decided that I’ll be doing an event together with Shimizu Saki-chan~(≧∇≦)
「Hello Pro ANEX~Berryz Kobo×℃-ute=Sweets :heart2: vol.2~」
The date is 8.20[Wednesday]

Application deadline is 7/13(Sunday)until 23:00!!

For details→

Doing something with Sakicho makes me so happy

The close friend!pair will do our beーst!

Sakicho LOVE

Well、today’s clothes


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5df45fb4_240【From the staff:This blog is from yesterday evening。We apologize for the late posting。】


We’re in France noーw!

As BeriKyuu!

Everyone gets along well and is having fun! ♡♡

Today we did events for Japan Expo and had an autograph sessionー

Though it was my first time doing something like an autograph session、it was fun〜

You know、I felt like I’ve become a celebrity lol lol

But my jetlag is awful。lol

Yesterday and such I was too sleepy、really too sleepy (´・_・`) lol

I wonder if I’ll get sleepy today too?lol

Tomorrow is our live!!

I can’t waiーーt ♡♡


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