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The greatest contemporaries

62767442_240Today was Berryz Kobo’s last concert!

It was a truly wonderful concert!

They were all so cute、 so coolーーー。

It was wonderful。


It feels kind of like a huge gaping hole has opened、 it really is the first time I’ve felt this way
It really is strange、 it’s a feeling I don’t understand。 I feel like this is how it feels when you lose something important。

It’s really sad when something that’s always been there is no longer around。7443f44a_240

For ℃-ute, the presence of Berryz Kobo
It was truly natural that they’d be by our side, I thought that they’d always be there、 so it’s really sad that Berryz Kobo-san are no longer around、 and it’s honestly difficult to bury this feeling that a large gap has been opened (>_<)

Since ℃-ute is what we are
Since Berryz Kobo were always around。。

I really don’t have any idea what I should write。

There were realーーーーーーly loーーts of things we did with Berryz Kobo!

We passed together、 we all practised a lot together、 we got scolded and cried a loーt
We hung out loーーts backstage
There truly are a truckload of memories。
We made countless memories in these 12 and a half years (>_<)


When Berryz Kobo made their début、
Mai was still small, so rather than feeling frustrated
The feeling of 「Must be niceー」 was stronger。
「That’s nice~ Mai wants to do it too。」 was how I felt、 it was really cute when all of them were wearing outfits that were different from ℃-ute’s :sparkleheart: I remember thinking that from the wings of the stage~。
Even now I think that Berryz Kobo are the most cute and cool!

It might be because we’re contemporaries
But that’s what I think whenever I see them :happy::sparkleheart:

Berryz have things that ℃-ute doesn’t possess、 things that ℃-ute can’t have no matter how hard we work
We really felt it when we did the BeriKyuu concerts, and I remember ℃-ute talking about it

And discussing things like that, ℃-ute became united thanks to Berryz Kobo。


And as they were our contemporaries
They praised ℃-ute a lot
And gave advice ‘How about thisー?’!

It’s definitely because they’re our contemporaries that they could say that、 supporting us。
It’s really sad and regretful
That their presence next to us will no longer be there。

When they told ℃-ute about their decision to enter an indefinite hiatus before it was announced to the other Hello! members
It made me really happy、 that all of them went
It’ll be all right because of ℃-ute。 We’ll be counting on you
When they said that、 I was really happy、 but at first we were honestly likeー that’s impossible。

Their feelings made me really realーly glad、 but those words from Berryz were heavy
We were completely uneasy (>_<) Even now。。。
Even now ℃-ute is ℃-ute because Berryz Kobo were around。

But、 we can’t just keep saying things like that
℃-ute has become the group that’s oldest in years in Hello!, so I’d like to properly lead and become seniors that the juniors would like to folllow

It might be impossible for us
To immediately do the things Berryz Kobo have done
But I think we have to。

Is not just ℃-ute’s leader
But Hello!’s leader。

I think that there are a lot more things that Maimi-chan has to do
Even more than she’s done before!
If it’s Maimi-chan、
I’m sure there are a lot of juniors who’d think ‘I want to follow Yajima-san!’、 but I’d like Maimi-chan to become a wonderful leader who, while being kind、 is occasionally strict :happy::sparkleheart:

I think that if it’s Maimi-chan, it’ll be all right、
But ℃-ute has to give lots and lots of support to Maimi-chan、 it would be great if we could make a wonderful H!P by cooperating together (>_<)

Whoaー。 It’s kind of really sad。。。。(>_<)020[1]

I have to do my best to switch over。。

But、 ℃-ute will get over it in our own time。

Berryz Kobo, thank you for all your hard work :excite2:

I think that all of them will be going down various paths
But I’ll really cheer you on、 and I wish joy for all of them :sparkle::sparkle:

I really love all of Berryz Kobo :haato:

It’s really great that Berryz Kobo were our contemporaries
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Today was the Berryz Kobo Matsuri at Ariake Coliseum!

Today is the last time
That we’ll sing together with Berryz Kobo。

Is it really the last?60d11a16_240

We can’t do it any more??
It keeps popping up in my head

Whether or not it’s gotten to me yet、
I’m not really sure (>_<):haato:

But、 honestly
It was a joyful, fun time (>_<)

℃-ute sang ae0a5434_240
Berryz Kobo’s Loving you too much!

I heard this from Airi、
But Miya and Momo said、 「This song really boosts the mood and it’s the song that the fans wanted to be sung the most! We want ℃-ute to sing this song」!

Just hearing that made me cry (>_<)

Hearing those words、 I thought
That I wanted to sing it carefully, treasure it, enjoy it!

Berryz Kobo think of ℃-ute
In such a way。
Thank you so so much (>_<)

℃-ute is a truly fortunate group :sparkleheart:

Berryz Kobo are all always smiling
It makes me smile too!

It was a really wonderful concert!

I’d like them to run at full power until the 3rd :happy::sparkleheart::sparkleheart:

Well then、 my outfit for the day

Today’s outfit looks casual

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Today I had the day OFF after quite a while!

Since I’ve been running around recently、 I spent my time at home。

I woke up around noon and did some cleaning、 which was something I had decided to do on the next OFF day!!

It was realーーーーーーーーly
Tiring lol

But、 it’s realーーly organised
I really think that I’d like to keep it like this! lol

Will I be able to do it?? lol

But you know、 it dragged at me again。 lol
It was just such a mess :bigsob:

So、 I shouldn’t do it again。 That’s what I thought、、、lol

But、 it feels really good now it’s clean
Great, isn’t it!!!

Today I’ll have a nice long rest :sparkle::sparkle:

Well then! The blog relay has come along to me!

The blog relay!
En route to the 『HinaFes』 on the 28th, 29th of March、

With a theme of 「Is It Just Me・・・?」
It’s a project that goes around our blogs、 from one member of Hello! Project to another!

And it’s come around to me from Ishida-chan!

Ishida-chan! You’ve gotten cuter recently :xface::sparkleheart:

You’ve gotten kind of mature!!!
Cutting your hair really was the right choice!

Ishida-chan looks really cute when she appears on-screen at the Hello! Cons, I always notice how cute she is!!!

Well then! Is it just me? Right。。。


What can I say。 I don’t know

But I guess it’d be that I start drying my hair with the hairdryer set to warm
And end with it set at cool??

Do all of you do that?? lol

It seems that doing that doesn’t damage your hair
And it’s harder to mess up your hair when you go to sleepーー lol

Something like that?


Next will be ANGERME’s Tamura Meimi-chan :haato:

MeiMei、 she says that she likes Mai (^o^)/* lol

Wellー I’m truly grateful that she says she likes someone like Mai (>_<) lol

Even though there are wonderful girls that are completeーly more charming than Mai (>_<)(>_<)

Thank you :sparkle::sparkle::sparkle:

And MeiMei、 she’s a polite and really nice girl :happy::sparkleheart:

I thinks that such girls are wonderful
I’ve got to follow her example!


MeiMei, I’m counting on youー(^o^)/*

I don’t have any photos with MeiMei :sad::sad::sad::sad::sad:

Such a pity (>_<) I’ll take some next time we meet (>_<)

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Osaka (>_<)


Today’s the day we wrap up the Hello! Con!

It was a truーーーly amazing concert~

I talked about this yesterday、 today’s the last day
That we’ll perform together with Berryz Kobo
At a Hello! Con like this。

The first time alーーーl of us stood on-stage8e532031_240
Was at a Hello! Con、 which made me unnecessarily sad、 and made me recall the past。

Momo couldn’t come because she wasn’t doing too well
That was really sad (>_<)(>_<)

This time we were all together in the dressing room
But alーーl of us were watching videos from the past and chatting
It was really fun :happy:

Before today’s performance began
All of BeriKyuu formed a circle

Of course, for Momo’s part too!

Even though it really was before the performance started
Everyone was crying while saying how crazy it was。 lol

And、 all of us sang Ganbacchae!

BeriKyuu made a selfish request
And asked the staff-san to let us sing it!

It’s great that we really got to sing it!!

Thank you very much!!

This song is the song that we sang the first time we stood on-stage、 so it’s a song that realーーly holds memories
So every time I listen to Ganbacchae!m I think it’s crazy (>_<)

It’s really great that we had contemporaries!
It’s great that Berryz Kobo were our contemporaries

There are lotーーーーーーーーs of things where ℃-ute got helped out by Berryz and things that they taught us!

Thanks so much (>_<)

Since we aren’t in the same group
We hardly ever have the chance to meet with them, it’s only at Hello! Cons in particular where we have the chances to meet, so when we’re getting close to a Hello! Con、 all of us start talking about 「The Hello! Cons are startingーー!」
All of us won’t be able to say that any more
Thinking about it makes me sad。

You know、 all of BeriKyuu
Really talk and laugh about silly things
It’s really fun when we’re all playing games
I really enjoy the excited mood that exists with all of BeriKyuu、、、(>_<)(>_<)

So please understand that much。(>_<) lol

I really can’t imagine Berryz not being around at the next Hello! Con (>_<)

℃-ute has to grow even moreーっ

Berryz have taught us lotーーs、 helped us out just as much。

I love Berryz Kobo (>_<)(>_<)(>_<)

I’ll cheer them at full power until the end :sparkleheart::sparkleheart:

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Today we had Hello! Cons at Osaka!

Today I got Valentine chocolates
From all the Hello! members
That made me really happy:xface::sparkleheart::sparkleheart:ae329a95_240

Thank you :paa::paa:

Mai’s got to give them something in return too っo(^_-)O

What would be bestーー?? lol



That said、 it’s ending tomorrow huh。。 The Hello! Con。

That’s crazy :sob::sob::sob::sob:

Tomorrow will be the final time we’ll perform a Hello! Con together with Berryz Kobo。

You know、 it’s really sad that the number of things that are their last have increased。

When we first appeared at a Hello! Con
Mai was in her 1st year of primary school and Maimi-chan was in her 5th!
The first time we all stood on-stage and sang was around the time of Ganbacchae!~。

How nostalgicーーー。:happy::sparkleheart::sparkleheart:

Everyone’s grown up。 lol

I still remember that time clearly

Like when we first started out。
I remember it very clearlyー。


The fans went Wowーーー!
Every time the seniors would sing, they’d go Wowーーー!
The seniors are amaーーzing :sparkle:

It was emotional

And then Mai was realーーーーーly nervous、 it really was my first experience、 I remember being in a panic by myself lol


You know、 there really are just too much memories
It’s sad。。。(>_<)(>_<)

Contemporaries are really important
There are lotーーーs of things that we experienced because we are contemporaries。

Now we’re watching the video for Ganbacchae!
Everyone’s immersed in it。 lol

It’s extremely sad、 but I should enjoy it, right!!!

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19 :heart:



Everyoneーー thank you very much for your comments!!

Mai turned 19 on the 7th of February~!

Wellーー。 My last teenage year。 Should I say ‘It came in the blink of an eye’
Or should I say ‘finally’ lol

I’d really like to enjoy it
But beyond that、 before I turn 20
I’d like to improve from the spiritual aspect。 lol

But you know、 I got congratulatory messages on LINE from evーーーeryone
Like from senior and junior Hello! members and my friends
I celebrated a truly joyful 19th!:happy::sparkleheart::sparkleheart:


You know、 it looks like it’ll be a really wonderful yearー!


Today we had a Hello! Con at Sendai、
But all of the Hello! members had a surprise for us
They congratulated Maimi-chan and Mai and Nacky、 it made me happy to receive so many words from themーー。

I got presents from the juniors (>_<)
Thanks (>_<)(>_<)
I’m happy (>_<)(>_<)

And the fans sang for me too
Holding and wearing yellow、
It made me really happy、
I felt overjoyed (>_<)(>_<)


Thank you very much to those who came!

And、 to those who aren’t Mai’s fans but still cheered for me with all your might、 thank you for your well wishesーー(>_<)(>_<):sparkleheart::sparkleheart:

You know、 my 18th birthday was tons of fun、 but my 19th birthday was even happier、 I’ll do my best aat tomorrow’s solo concert
Let’s have funー!!

Riーーght。 I’ll do my bestーー!!


And、 Maimi-chan celebrates her birthday on the same day!!

You know、 I think it’s really amazing, every time our birthday comes around。
You hardly ever find people who can both send birthday messages to one another on the same day。。

I love exchanging messages like this、
With Maimi-chan!

There are many things about Maimi-chan that I really think are amazing。

When there’s something that Maimi-chan can’t do well、 something unthinkable、 she thinks about it positively
Above all、 what Mai thinks is amazing、
She really praises people。
I think that it isn’t that easy
To find out so many good things about peopleー。

When I took a look at what Maimi-chan had written in the blog about Mai today、
Not at allーーーー
That’s kind ofーーー But though I think that
Honestly, it makes me happy lol

Thank you (>_<) lol

Also、 her passion!! lol

It’s like、 Maimi-chan gives everything she’s got
Occasionally、 there are times when I think she should take a breakーー、 but I think that’s something great about Maimi-chan that can’t be mimicked by anyone :happy::sparkleheart::sparkleheart:

Maimi-chan, I love youーーー!

I hope the both of us have a wonderful year :sparkleheart::sparkleheart:

Well then、 my outfit for the day


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Today we had a Hello! Con at Fukuoka!

Thank you very much to everyone who came!

Mai’s favourite Fukuoka :haato::haato:

I had motsunabe、、、 ramen


That gave Mai a slighーt shock (>_<)

But today、 Ikuta Erina-chan
Gave out ice cream as gifts!

The ice cream was really deliciousー。

Since I was thinking that I wanted to eat ice cream~
That made me glad :sparkle:

Thank you~~

For the food

I took a photo with Takagi Sayuki-chan todayー!

Recently I’ve been getting a lot of LINE messages from Takagi-chan lol

What’s more、 suddenly there’ll be funny faces。゜(゜´▽`゜)。。゜(゜´▽`゜)。

Takagi-chan’s high-spirited!!


【Hello! Project HinaFes 2015 Special advance announcement】
Reservation period:31 Jan(Sat)12:00 noon ~ 6 Feb(Fri)11:59 p.m.
Reservation URL:

【Hello! Project HinaFes 2015 ~The established all-member raffle!!~】

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Yesterday :happy::haato:



Yesterday we had a surprise party for Berryz Kobo!

It was something that the members of ℃-ute have been thinking about from the second half of November last year。 It was a secret (^o^)/* lol

The Kids have never hung out in our private time、but all of us wanted to make lots of memories together、 it was packed with ℃-ute’s feelings of gratitude 。 That’s how we did it (^o^)/*

We were really in a rush before it started、
But thankfully it was a success~。:sparkleheart::sparkleheart:



It was a really fun day!

We laughed lotsーーー!


Also、 ℃-ute had another surprise
The staff-san that Berryz have worked with
Like Hello! members、 manager-sans from long ago
We gave them video messages from people who were concerned with them

It was great to see alーーl of them enjoying it :happy::sparkleheart:


This party was a success
Thanks to the staff-san、 Hello! members、 and former manager-sans :happy:

Thank you very much to Berryz’ manager-san and ℃-ute’s manager-san for all their cooperation :sparkle::sparkle: I’m grateful!

It definitely feels like it’s wonderful to have contemporaries
There really is 1 month left
So I’d like to make lotーーs of memories

Ahー。 It’s sad (>_<)

You know、 we haven’t been alーways active together、 but there are memories that only BeriKyuu can understand、 that’s what I feel
They are truly precious companionsー、 and I think that there’s definitely something different with our 12 and a half year relationship :happy::sparkleheart::sparkleheart:

It was a joyful day!
We’ve said that we’ll alーl gather up again
So I can’t wait :excite2::haato:

Right。 ℃-ute has dance lessons now!

I’ll do my bestー!

My outfit

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Hello! Con!


Yesterday was the opening day for the Hello! Cons!!

Now I feel that 2015 has started :haato:

Oh myー The new members are cute (>_<):haato:

Firstly、 Makino Maria-chan was next to me when everyone was singing、 and she realーly had Mai’s scent。 lol

You know、 Maria-chan took a liking to the perfume that Mai was using a while back、 so it seems she bought it :haato:


But、 she put on quite a lot lol

That was just too cute :sad::sad::sad::sad::sad::sad::sad:

You’re using itー?:sparkleheart: I asked

With a grin :haato::haato::haato::haato: She said yes

What an adorable junior! lol

What’s more、 Maria-chan wrote about Mai on her blog post lol

Thank you :happy::sparkle::sparkle::sparkleheart:

Just too cute :sad::sad::sad::sparkle::sparkle::sparkle::sparkle::sparkle::sparkle:

Being told that makes Mai happy!!:sad::sad::haato::haato:

I’m sobbing (°_°):haato:

I’m grateful since there aren’t many juniors who would speak that way about Mai。 lol


Rightー Let’s do our best today too!!!


We’ve been having dress rehearsals from the morning!

Hagi-chan、、、、 Is sleepy。 lol


Just kiddingー:happy: lol

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fb2e4ba4_240Happy New Year。

I beg for your kindness in 2015 too!

2015, huh~~。 It’s started!

We opened the curtains to 2015 together with the fans at the Countdown Live~
All of ℃-ute JUMPED together at exactly midnight! I kind of like things like that :sparkleheart: lol
After the Countdown Live、 all of ℃-ute
Went for our first shrine visit of the year, drew our fortunes, had food from the stalls、 headed back to our hotel for a shower
And headed back to Tokyo!!!

I feel like it’s the first time I’ve gotten from Osaka to Tokyo so quickly on a Shinkansen。 lol

Everyone was fast asleep lol

For Mai、 once I got back home, I slept a little and had a meal with my family!!0bdf44d3_240

You know、 it’s because today is the birthday of Mai’s father :happy::sparkleheart:

Happy birthday (^o^)/*

There’s a 30 year difference between Mai and my father~!

I’m really proud and respectful of my father! lol

He’s a bit too cool、 but his looks are a bit scary though。 lolol

But you know、 his way of thinking、 his feelings towards work、
His love for the family、
Mai thinks that I’d like to marry this type of personー~:haato: lol
Saying something like that、 it’s embarassing :happy::sweat:

He’ll definitely make sure to come
Always, whenever we have a concert in Tokyo。。。

Thank you :happy::haato::haato:

Occasionally、 I guess I should go
Watch a movie with my father。。。:happy::sparkleheart:

I pray that my father has a wonderful year!!


And Mai will turn 19 this year
My last year as a teenager!!!

I guess it came in a flash、 though it feels like it’s come at last lol

I want to spend my last year as a teenager without any regrets!

And it’s been 10 years since ℃-ute was formed
It’s a year of gratitude。。。:happy::sparkle:

I want our Yokohama Arena performance on the 11th of June to be a success!


I’m really nervous, and I still can’t believe it、 but it made me really happy when it was decided、
And I want to make it a success:happy::haato::haato::haato:

Last year we had many opportunities to perform live, so this year I’d like to have a lot on live performances as well :happy:

I’d also like to improve from the spiritual aspect、、、、lol

I’m weak~。。 Really。:happy::sweat:

This might be my biggest challenge。 lol

It might not go well so easily
But、 I think I’ll do my best in my own way!


Also、 I want to go on a trip with my family!

Maybe to our family favourite Okinawa、 or Hawaii、 or Guamー?

All of us love the sea、 so I want to go somewhere warm :haato:

Let’s seize lotーーs of joyーーー!!:happy: :cherry:

I beg for your kindness this year as well。

We went to my grandma’s house in the evening!

I had crabー!

It was delicious :sparkle::sparkle::sparkle::sparkle:

It was a lovely meal!!!

My outfit for the day


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