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I met up with Risako!!!!!

It’s been ages since I last saw her

Above all, she seemed to be energetic ✨


We went to a cafe and chattedーー!!


Mai’s order、
Grilled apple something-or-the-other。 lol

Sorry for being so vague。☝️


It was delicious、 and we talked a lot
It was fun *\(^o^)/*


We found another place we’d like to go to、
So we’ll go there next time


Well、 it was hot today, wasn’t itー

Mai will be heading for a recording of Hagiwara Mai no All Night Nippon Mobileー✨
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14th year ♡


When I went back home yesterday、 I had a celebration with my family ♡

My family
They’ve never forgotten to celebrate it。(´・_・`)♡

Thank you so much (>_<)   It's thanks to all of you that Mai could go this far (>_<)   For my family 30th June is the day that our lives changed in a flash!   Thank you for always supporting me ♡♡   Love you   o0480064113353121618[1]

And today we enter the second half of the year!!!!!

How fastーーー☝️☝️☝️

In half a year、 Hagitaro will be 20 years old??? lol

OMG✨ lol

It’s raining today but I’m pumped up ♡
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G’mornin ♡
Chip’s face lol
Chip’s not a fan lololol

Firstly, yesterday’s HagiMai






Today, 30th June,
Marks 13 years since we passed as the Hello Project Kids *\(^o^)/*♡
Hurraーh ♡♡♡


It felt lovely to have my fellow companions on BeriKyuu’s LINE
Exchanging congratulations!

Thank you very much for always supporting us!!!!

We’re truly filled with gratitude (>_<)   We’ll do our best in our 14th year!!!!!     We beg for your kindness from now on as well♡   I hope that today will be a good day✨
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My partner yesterday was。


ShimiSakitaro ✨

We were on a date for almost the whole day, it was really fun *\(^o^)/*

We talked a lot ✨✨


You know、 I feel that we were always laughing

Laughter is something that’s wonderful

We were constantly talking at a cafe、 we talked again as we went for karaoke、 and we talked again when we went to Akakara。 lol



It was realーーーly delicious ♡

But you know? An incident occurred。 lol



The Akakara spilled on my clothesーーー。T^T

I can’t laugh about it。。。lol

Seriously。 lol

On my way back, I bought clothes and changed into them before heading home。。


But since I had fun, it was okay!!!


Want to see you soon ✨

Love you ーーーー*\(^o^)/*
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Today’s HagiMai


Everyone, otsuーーーn。 lol




Today、 Nacky took shots of my outfit
At the train’s ticket barrier lol

Maybe because it was Friday
Yesterday、 there was hardly anyone at all
We could afford to take a lot、 but today
I was surprised by how many people were there。 lol

A paradise of salarymen。 lol






It made me laugh。 lol

Well、 that’s what happenedー。 lolol

To all the salarymen, good job。







I’ll make some checks、 then get in the bathーー ♡
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Did you watch the HaroSute that was put up yesterday???

This time、 the MCs were
Country Girls’ Tsugunaga Momoko-chan and Mai |( ̄3 ̄)|♡

It’s a unusual pairing lolol

But。 It was really fun to do

Ahh、 Momochi、、、。 She’s being more moderate
In treating me like a child ☝️☝️☝️☝️ lolol


To those who haven’t watched HaroSute
Please make sure to watch it, ok *\(^o^)/*

I forgot to take a photo with Momochi、
So I’ll put a photo of Mai
When I was messing around and doing the Momochi Musubi lolol

Let’s do our best the whole day today too!!!!

Everyone、 do your best with work、 with school ♡

I hope that today
Will be a day full of joy for everyone ☺️
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Today we had a release event at Ikebukuro!!

Thank you very much to everyone who made their way there ♡♡

I’m counting on you to get our triple A side single
That went on sale today!!!*\(^o^)/*

And! Daily 1st ✨✨✨✨✨✨✨

I’m super happyーーー♡

Thank you so very much (>_<)(>_<) We've got to work even harder!!!!   o0480064013263241219[1]

And! Tonight 1 Apr (Wed)
8:00 p.m. ~ 11:00 p.m.
NACK5 「OniTama」
※ We’re scheduled to appear around 10:20 p.m.~!!!

Suzuki Airi and Hagiwara Mai will be making an appearance!!!!

Please listen to it, okayー!

Well then、 my outfit for the day




♡tops⇨Street by Unfold


I’ll be doing my best with Suzuko on radio!!
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From now、 I’m heading to Osaka with Suzuki Airi
For the time being、 the 2 of us will be sleeping until we get to Osaka。 lol
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Nice to meet you ♡

Nice to meet you ♡
I’m Hagiwara Mai from ℃-ute!!!

Please let me introduce myself for a bit ✨

Born 7 Feb 1996, 19 years old
Blood type AB, Aquarius!

My image colour is yellow

I’m interested in clothes ✨
I like looking at clothes、
As well as wearing clothes from all sorts of styles

Also、 I really likeーー
Having my hair done in all sorts of colours *\(^o^)/*

In ℃-ute、 I’m the youngest in age!!!
So I’m always spoiled
By everyone lol

I beg for your kindness

I’ll be writing lots from now on
And it’d make me happy if you got to know Mai

I beg for your kindness from now on too ❤️❤️

Well then! ℃-ute’s spring tour started todayー*\(^o^)/**\(^o^)/*

It’s a tour I’ve realーーーly been looking forward to
It was tonーーーーーーs of fun ✨

This time around, it’s a tour where our opinions on what we wanted to do
For ℃-ute’s spring tour
Were incorporated、、、

Wellーーー。 We worked up a good sweat lol

It was awesome!!!


We performed our song called GamushaLIFE、 ℃-ute’s new song that’ll go on sale on the 1st of April
For the first time in public、、

Through the programme musicru TV
SHOCK EYE-san from Shonannokaze
Wrote the lyrics for this song、
And KOUGA-san, a student of the programme’s writing school
Composed it for us!

That GamushaLIFE is really
Wonderful、 it touches my heart countless times when I’m singing it (>_<) The two of them also came to watch us today It made me really happy! I'm truly grateful to the both of them   It's become a precious song that ℃-ute cute can treasure!   Thank you so very much ♡♡   I'd like to sing it more And build it up together with the fans   Ahーー It truly was fun。 I can't wait for tomorrow   Thank you very much for the fun time ♡ And、 thank you very much For making your way there     Right。 Tonight I'll have a good night's sleep ♡   I usually put up photos of how I'm dressed、 But we'll have a break today as I was in a jersey (>_<)   I took one of ℃-ute after the performance ✨ o0480027013251702724[1]

Ah、 when I looked at my left index finger after the end of today’s concert
What do you know! It was bruised (°_°)(°_°) lol
Indeed、 if I had to say
There were times in the middle when I thought that it really hurt, but I don’t remember what caused the bruise at all (°_°)✋

At any rate, I was having fun that the adrenalin was released full throttle ♡ lol

That’s how much I enjoyed it! lolol


I think that perhaps、 Mai might be slow on the uptake。 ;p;

I often slip at places without reason lol

Don’t mind *\(^o^)/* lol


Well then! I’ll do my best tomorrow tooー *\(^o^)/**\(^o^)/*

Good nightーーーー


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The greatest contemporaries

62767442_240Today was Berryz Kobo’s last concert!

It was a truly wonderful concert!

They were all so cute、 so coolーーー。

It was wonderful。


It feels kind of like a huge gaping hole has opened、 it really is the first time I’ve felt this way
It really is strange、 it’s a feeling I don’t understand。 I feel like this is how it feels when you lose something important。

It’s really sad when something that’s always been there is no longer around。7443f44a_240

For ℃-ute, the presence of Berryz Kobo
It was truly natural that they’d be by our side, I thought that they’d always be there、 so it’s really sad that Berryz Kobo-san are no longer around、 and it’s honestly difficult to bury this feeling that a large gap has been opened (>_<)

Since ℃-ute is what we are
Since Berryz Kobo were always around。。

I really don’t have any idea what I should write。

There were realーーーーーーly loーーts of things we did with Berryz Kobo!

We passed together、 we all practised a lot together、 we got scolded and cried a loーt
We hung out loーーts backstage
There truly are a truckload of memories。
We made countless memories in these 12 and a half years (>_<)


When Berryz Kobo made their début、
Mai was still small, so rather than feeling frustrated
The feeling of 「Must be niceー」 was stronger。
「That’s nice~ Mai wants to do it too。」 was how I felt、 it was really cute when all of them were wearing outfits that were different from ℃-ute’s :sparkleheart: I remember thinking that from the wings of the stage~。
Even now I think that Berryz Kobo are the most cute and cool!

It might be because we’re contemporaries
But that’s what I think whenever I see them :happy::sparkleheart:

Berryz have things that ℃-ute doesn’t possess、 things that ℃-ute can’t have no matter how hard we work
We really felt it when we did the BeriKyuu concerts, and I remember ℃-ute talking about it

And discussing things like that, ℃-ute became united thanks to Berryz Kobo。


And as they were our contemporaries
They praised ℃-ute a lot
And gave advice ‘How about thisー?’!

It’s definitely because they’re our contemporaries that they could say that、 supporting us。
It’s really sad and regretful
That their presence next to us will no longer be there。

When they told ℃-ute about their decision to enter an indefinite hiatus before it was announced to the other Hello! members
It made me really happy、 that all of them went
It’ll be all right because of ℃-ute。 We’ll be counting on you
When they said that、 I was really happy、 but at first we were honestly likeー that’s impossible。

Their feelings made me really realーly glad、 but those words from Berryz were heavy
We were completely uneasy (>_<) Even now。。。
Even now ℃-ute is ℃-ute because Berryz Kobo were around。

But、 we can’t just keep saying things like that
℃-ute has become the group that’s oldest in years in Hello!, so I’d like to properly lead and become seniors that the juniors would like to folllow

It might be impossible for us
To immediately do the things Berryz Kobo have done
But I think we have to。

Is not just ℃-ute’s leader
But Hello!’s leader。

I think that there are a lot more things that Maimi-chan has to do
Even more than she’s done before!
If it’s Maimi-chan、
I’m sure there are a lot of juniors who’d think ‘I want to follow Yajima-san!’、 but I’d like Maimi-chan to become a wonderful leader who, while being kind、 is occasionally strict :happy::sparkleheart:

I think that if it’s Maimi-chan, it’ll be all right、
But ℃-ute has to give lots and lots of support to Maimi-chan、 it would be great if we could make a wonderful H!P by cooperating together (>_<)

Whoaー。 It’s kind of really sad。。。。(>_<)020[1]

I have to do my best to switch over。。

But、 ℃-ute will get over it in our own time。

Berryz Kobo, thank you for all your hard work :excite2:

I think that all of them will be going down various paths
But I’ll really cheer you on、 and I wish joy for all of them :sparkle::sparkle:

I really love all of Berryz Kobo :haato:

It’s really great that Berryz Kobo were our contemporaries
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