Hagiwara Mai

Hello! Con!


Yesterday was the opening day for the Hello! Cons!!

Now I feel that 2015 has started :haato:

Oh myー The new members are cute (>_<):haato:

Firstly、 Makino Maria-chan was next to me when everyone was singing、 and she realーly had Mai’s scent。 lol

You know、 Maria-chan took a liking to the perfume that Mai was using a while back、 so it seems she bought it :haato:


But、 she put on quite a lot lol

That was just too cute :sad::sad::sad::sad::sad::sad::sad:

You’re using itー?:sparkleheart: I asked

With a grin :haato::haato::haato::haato: She said yes

What an adorable junior! lol

What’s more、 Maria-chan wrote about Mai on her blog post lol

Thank you :happy::sparkle::sparkle::sparkleheart:

Just too cute :sad::sad::sad::sparkle::sparkle::sparkle::sparkle::sparkle::sparkle:

Being told that makes Mai happy!!:sad::sad::haato::haato:

I’m sobbing (°_°):haato:

I’m grateful since there aren’t many juniors who would speak that way about Mai。 lol


Rightー Let’s do our best today too!!!


We’ve been having dress rehearsals from the morning!

Hagi-chan、、、、 Is sleepy。 lol


Just kiddingー:happy: lol


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fb2e4ba4_240Happy New Year。

I beg for your kindness in 2015 too!

2015, huh~~。 It’s started!

We opened the curtains to 2015 together with the fans at the Countdown Live~
All of ℃-ute JUMPED together at exactly midnight! I kind of like things like that :sparkleheart: lol
After the Countdown Live、 all of ℃-ute
Went for our first shrine visit of the year, drew our fortunes, had food from the stalls、 headed back to our hotel for a shower
And headed back to Tokyo!!!

I feel like it’s the first time I’ve gotten from Osaka to Tokyo so quickly on a Shinkansen。 lol

Everyone was fast asleep lol

For Mai、 once I got back home, I slept a little and had a meal with my family!!0bdf44d3_240

You know、 it’s because today is the birthday of Mai’s father :happy::sparkleheart:

Happy birthday (^o^)/*

There’s a 30 year difference between Mai and my father~!

I’m really proud and respectful of my father! lol

He’s a bit too cool、 but his looks are a bit scary though。 lolol

But you know、 his way of thinking、 his feelings towards work、
His love for the family、
Mai thinks that I’d like to marry this type of personー~:haato: lol
Saying something like that、 it’s embarassing :happy::sweat:

He’ll definitely make sure to come
Always, whenever we have a concert in Tokyo。。。

Thank you :happy::haato::haato:

Occasionally、 I guess I should go
Watch a movie with my father。。。:happy::sparkleheart:

I pray that my father has a wonderful year!!


And Mai will turn 19 this year
My last year as a teenager!!!

I guess it came in a flash、 though it feels like it’s come at last lol

I want to spend my last year as a teenager without any regrets!

And it’s been 10 years since ℃-ute was formed
It’s a year of gratitude。。。:happy::sparkle:

I want our Yokohama Arena performance on the 11th of June to be a success!


I’m really nervous, and I still can’t believe it、 but it made me really happy when it was decided、
And I want to make it a success:happy::haato::haato::haato:

Last year we had many opportunities to perform live, so this year I’d like to have a lot on live performances as well :happy:

I’d also like to improve from the spiritual aspect、、、、lol

I’m weak~。。 Really。:happy::sweat:

This might be my biggest challenge。 lol

It might not go well so easily
But、 I think I’ll do my best in my own way!


Also、 I want to go on a trip with my family!

Maybe to our family favourite Okinawa、 or Hawaii、 or Guamー?

All of us love the sea、 so I want to go somewhere warm :haato:

Let’s seize lotーーs of joyーーー!!:happy: :cherry:

I beg for your kindness this year as well。

We went to my grandma’s house in the evening!

I had crabー!

It was delicious :sparkle::sparkle::sparkle::sparkle:

It was a lovely meal!!!

My outfit for the day



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Today is 2014.12.31!!!

The year is ending :sad::sad::sad::sad:

Wasn’t it quick! It passed in a flash!!!

I’m shockedーー:xface::xface::xface::choki:eab7c18a_240

How was the year for you??^_^


Ahーーー You know、 it was a good year!!!

Every year, there’ll definitely be some things that in my own way
Were tough、 or had me hitting a wall、 but it makes me glad that every year continues to have happy things that exceed those :haato:

Well~。 God won’t give you a barrier you can’t overcome。 Right!!:happy::haato:

I somehow feel that personally, there were lots of things this year that were tough and heart-breaking。。。
But、 I truly got lots of support from the fans at that time、 even though Mai is on the side where I give smiles to the fans who are always cheering us on, I received lots of smiles!
That made me happy
Thank you very much :happy:

Also for me、 about half a year ago?
At the end of every day, I started thinking about things like ‘Was there anything that I found made me happy today。 Was there something that made me glad。’、 and I think there is happiness in a lot of minor things, I might have noticed it a little late this year
But I think that it was a good year :happy::haato:

Of course!!! There were a lot of times in ℃-ute’s activities where I had fun! Which made me glad :haato:

We got to go around a lot of places through Naruchika、
We got to perform 3 times at the Budokan、
We got to perform overseas、 I can’t write it all down
But honestly、 it was fun!

Being able to enjoy myself like thisー
It’s thanks to my family、 friends、 the staff-san、
And all of the fans!!

For ℃-ute and Hagiwara Mai、 thank you very much for this year!!

It was a year filled with joy!!!

I wonder how next year will beー。

I’m looking forward to it


Next year our contemporaries, Berryz Kobo, will be entering a hiatus。。。。There’s just a short time left :wink2::wink2::wink2:


Time really does pass by in a flash。

I’d like to make all sorts of memories until the endー :sparkleheart::sparkleheart:

For ℃-ute、 it’s a year where we’ve got to set ourselves straight
And do our best!!

I want to do my best (^o^)/*


Everyone、 thank you for this year :haato::haato:

To those who are coming for the Countdown Live。
Let’s have fun (^o^)/*

Everyone、 2014 was fun (^o^)/*

Let’s have a good year :sparkleheart::sparkleheart:


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Today, at Countdown Japan 14/15
℃-ute made an appearance!!!

Continuing on from last year, it’s our 2nd appearance!

I was super glad!!

And、 it was tons of fun :sparkle::sparkle:

This time、 there were even more people who came compared to last year、 and it made me really really glad that they came to watch us!!

I wonder if team℃-ute has gotten larger, even by just a little??:sad::sparkleheart:


But、 our ℃-ute power was out in full force
So I think that it’d be great if it made them a little bit interested in us!!!

Ahー。 That was fun :happy::haato:

You know、 it feels like ℃-ute is done with everything this year (^o^)/* lol

There’s still the Hello! Countdown, right!

Ah! Today、 the members of ℃-ute
Had our Christmas present exchange!!

It was fun!! Fun as always!(^o^)/*ef1b9de8_240

Mai got a present from Airi!!

The chances I get something from Airi seem pretty high。゜(゜´▽`゜)。。゜(゜´▽`゜)。

I got an exfoliator!

I should improve my beauty (^o^)/*


Airi, thanks :sparkleheart::sparkleheart::sparkleheart:

I’ll treasure it (^o^)/*


This is the schedule book
That Mai has been carefully using for 1 year (^o^)/*

Mai’s fickle, so I’ve never kept using a schedule book for 1 year、
But you know、 this year I’ve always been using this notebook :happy::choki::choki::choki:

These are Disney devils that I really like。


Well then、 my outfit for the day

An announcement

On the 31st December (Wed) at Osaka and Kobe , a live viewing of the 「Hello! Project COUNTDOWN PARTY 2014 ~ GOOD BYE & HELLO! ~」 will be held!
General tickets for the live viewing are currently on sale!

Please confirm at the special site for details。

The special site is here!

With that、 sarabajaー

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Today in Osaka、 ℃-ute wrapped up
The final day of our Monster tour (^o^)/*

It actually had been postponed due to the typhoon、、 which was quite regretful、 but it’s really great that we got to do something like this!!!

I’m really happy and grateful that they adopted our opinions for this tour!!

Also、 the Kenshuusei we appeared together with :sparkleheart:

Thank you so much (>_<)

They had tons of surprises for us today

You know、 we really felt the love!

Thank you for the letters (>_<):sparkle:4c8282ca_240

It was great to perform with all of you :sparkleheart:

We all went for motsunabe :sparkleheart:


They’re all cute :xface::sparkle::sparkle:

Particularly Kishimoto-chan!!

She spun around Mai’s towel :happy::sparkleheart:

Thank you (^^)

It was a great day (^o^)/*

Thank you very much to everyone who came :sparkleheart:

My outfit for the day

It’s girlish!


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Kya (^o^)/*


Today、 Berryz Kobo’s Shimizu Saki-chan, Suzuki Airi-chan, and Mai、
Went to watch Amuro Namie-san perform LIVE (^o^)/*(^o^)/*


I’m bursting with joy~:sparkleheart:

She was cool、 and just too cute :xface::haato:

You know、 it was the first time I had goosebumps throughout lol


I marvelled at how those goosebumps constantly remained!! lol

I was completely excited (>_<):sparkle:

It’s great that I got to go :sob::haato::haato:

Ahーー She was so cute (°_°):star::star::star:

You know、 I don’t know how to put it in words、、、lol

What I can say now、
Is that I don’t think that there isn’t anyone else who’s as cool and cute!! :sparkle:

I felt like ‘I’ve got to do my best tomorrow!!’ (^o^)/*

Well then、 my outfit for the day!


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:sob: :sob:


Today I got the day OFF for the first time in a while :sparkleheart:

I spent it with my family!!

Like, it wasn’t like we did anything special or anything but
I feel super fulfilled :happy::haato::haato:

I feel like I laughed a ton!



I felt happy (^o^)/*

And like, even though we didn’t do anything special

I’m super tired lol

Ah!I made curry rice with my papa!

I helped with Papa’s Original Curry lol lol

My schedule doesn’t often match up with papa so
days like this are rare and fun :happy::paa:


And plus, it turned out delicious (^o^)/*

It was delicious (^o^)/*(^o^)/*

My sister made the potato salad

And since I was already taught how to make it, even Mai can do it you know

My outfit today.

Feels rough lol lol
I like this red skirt.

Ahhhh sleeeepppyyy


I’m going to bed.



Good morning lol

I really fell asleep. lol

Doing it right in the middle of writing is funny :bigsob:

I just couldn’t bear the sleepiness. lol

It was the ultimate sleepiness you know~ lol

I’m sorry. :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob:

My outfit today

like I said, today I wanted to do a rough look again, so, rough. lol

Well then, let’s do our best today again!(^o^)/*

I hope that allll of you can have a smiling, happy day :happy::sparkleheart::sparkleheart:


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It was crazy cold today。

For HagiMai、 it was far too cold that she couldn’t stand it。:sad:

Cold、 cold、 cold、 cold

Nothing else escaped her mouth lolol

I miss the summer :sad::sad::sad::sad::sad::sad:


Today、 I had a photo shoot with a certain girl!!

We went to a place that girl likes lol

It was a first for Mai、 but you know
It felt odd、
And it was kind of fun :sparkleheart:

It was a good experience :happy::sparkle:

I’ll give you more details next time (^o^)/*

Also、I got Airi’s style book :sparkleheart:

She was cute!! For Mai、
I’m completely supporting Airi with long bangs :sparkleheart:

Airi with long bangs is super cute :sparkleheart:

Mai wants to come out with a style book like this too~!!!


Justー saying :happy: lol

My outfit for the day

It was cold :happy:


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Happiness :sparkleheart:


It was raining today。。。。

I really hate the rain。。

Everyone hates it, right :happy: lol


Today’s the 1st of December、 the beginning of the month、 so I thought that as much as possible, I’d like to keーep smiling、 so I’ve got a smile on my face!!:happy:

From a few months ago, at the end of each day
I think things over, like ‘Today, I wonder what made me happy。 To what extent were there things that made me glad?’、
Small things can bring joy、
You know、 you get relatively less irritated!! lol c57138f9_240

And then、 there are times you get really sad、 tough times, right?

Days which are like ‘There were a lot of things that sucked todayー’。 There definitely are days like those
But even in those、 I think that ‘There was this something that I can be happy about、 it was fun so who cares!’ and I calm down a little :happy::paa:

I’d hate it if I went to bed with unpleasant feelings
And had unpleasant nightmares。 lolol

Well、 it’s something that depends on your own feelings :happy::haato::haato:

Just thinking about gloo~my things
It gets tough!!

I’ll tell you about the one thing
That made Mai the happiest today :sparkleheart: lol

Mama’s cooking was awesome as usual, everything was delicious, that was bliss :happy:

Ahー that made me happy :sparkleheart::sparkleheart:

Well then、 my outfit for the day

My bare feet got a bit cold :happy2:

Mama bought me a new can of NIVEA :sparkleheart: I put it on my whole bodyーー

It’s really moisturisingー:sparkleheart:

Thank you Mama


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Today、 it’s raining。。。
I really dislike the rain~。。
My hair’s all a mess。 It’s unfortunate。 That’s how I feel。:sweat:

Well then、 first thing today
I had a recording for Hagiwara Mai no All Night Nippon Mobile!!

I got to talk a lot!!

Today’s a broadcast day, isn’t it :sparkleheart:



Have all of you listened to it??

I have to work even harder so that lots more people listen to it :happy::sparkle:

After that、 I went to see Michishige-san’s graduation concert!!

You know、 it was truly wonderful :happy::sparkle:

And、 Michishige-san was realーーーly just too cute。:sob::haato::haato::haato::haato:

I hardly ever have chances to chat with Michishige-san、 but when I see her
There are so many things about her that always make me think that she’s amazing、 and if Mai was in Michishige-san’s position、I’d be mostly be unable to pull it off like she does、 so I hold her in high regard。

Mai has never been a leader、 so there are things that I don’t know
But Michishige-san definitely makes the members want to follow her lead!
She makes you think ‘Let’s follow along!’
Seeing Michishige-san regularly shower her members with love、 how she deals with work
I think that it naturally makes the members want to follow her、
And I don’t think that making everyone feel like that is something simple
So I truly respect her!!

Michishige-san has graduated
And Berryz Kobo will be entering their hiatus in March, so Hello! Pro will rapidly be facing changes、 but I think that ℃-ute too has to work even harder、
Maimi-chan has become Hello! Pro leader、
℃-ute can boast having the Hello! Peo leader selected from our ranks、 and I’m sure that Maimi-chan has things she’s worried about、 but all of ℃-ute will support her :sparkleheart:

It was a really really motivating concert、 a wonderful concert :sparkleheart:

On the 11th of June, ℃-ute too will be at the same Yokohama Arena、 and there are still a lot of things that ℃-ute has to work even harder and harder at、 I’d like to do my best in order to make ℃-ute’s 10th anniversary a success!

With that、 my outfit for the day

An announcement
Hello! Sta #94


Mai steps up to the challenge of arranging Maimi-chan’s hair! Please make sure to check it out!


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