Hagiwara Mai



Today、after spring tour highlight practice
I had a handshake event with Nakajima Saki-chan~

Thank you for coming even though it was a weekday!!

Please come tomorrow too~

Ahh~I wanna see Aika。

We seem to just miss each other’s phone calls and such、、、

Though it can’t be helped lol


We’re communicating every day little by little!

But not very much~~

She contacted me for ℃-ute’s 7th anniversary too、
and since I was incredibly happy about it、she gave me happy words

While being lonely with Aika doing her best in various things too、since she’s working so incredibly hard in her own way,
it really makes Mai think I have to work hard too!

Since I want the dreams of both of us to come true。

I wonder what will become of our futures。

I can’t imagine it~

It’s most important to enjoy the present!

Occasionally I wanna talk about things like this too。

Well、today’s clothes。

I tried wearing suspenders for the first time in a while!


On 3/7 at Ario Kawaguchi、Nakajima Saki・Okai Chisato・Hagiwara Mai will be holding a 「Kokoro no Yobi wo Uta ni Shitemita/Love take it all」release commemorative talk &handshake event!

For details→


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Today、first of all I was able to do a photo shoot for mini!!!

We appeared as Suzuki Airi and Nakajima Saki and Mai!!

Though it was over before I knew it,
it was fun

Please invite me again~~

Also、today ℃-ute had an event、and there was an announcement!

It’s come to be that we’ll be acting as campaign idols for BS-TBS!

I’m so happyーー!Thank you!029e14a5_240

Also、℃-ute will be doing a show!

Thank you for both of them at once!

I’m so happy!!

℃-ute will do our best!

Also、today is the release day of our 24th single「Kokoro no Yobi wo Uta ni Shitemita/Love take it all」!!

So many things~

Everyone、please support us!



Well well、today’s clothes!

A comfortable look。


On Fami-Raji which is broadcast inside of Family Marts、we’re now holding a campaign!
For the 4th campaign’s 2nd week, ℃-ute will appear too!

Details are here


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I’m sorry for not posting yesterday (´・_・`)

Well well、today
I had an event in Kawasakiー

Thank you for coming in the middle of the week (>_<)

Tomorrow’s our release day~。

Tomorrow is an event at Akasaka!!!

Let’s have fun~

Ah、it’s graduation season isn’t it~

Many people told me at handshake events, “I’ve graduated!”

So congrats on your graduation・・・

It’s gone by quickly, hasn’t it~

It seems Mai will also be able to graduate

I wonder if saying it that way (出来そう) is strange?lol

I went to school today you know~



It seems classes are over

Though I didn’t have a high school life or youth like a normal girl、I feel like it was incredibly fulfilling。

Since I was able to graduate from my second year of middle school after sickness too。。lol

I’m glad~。

Youth!!!and seifuku!!!
though I graduated from those in middle school、
having proーperly found plenty of time for them in my life、I’m incredibly glad ^_^

It was probably a fulfilling 3rd year~

The teachers took care of me ^_^

Iya~time passes so quickly, doesn’t it

When I think that I have 2 years until I’m 20、I feel like it’s so quick!lol

I look forward to 2 years from now~

I hope I’ll be fighting for my dreams~~

I wanna have fulfilling days!

And laugh a lot~~

Since if there’s laughter, I feel like the winds of happiness would come!

Well、yesterday’s clothes

I went with a cute look。

Today’s clothes。
I went in bare feet thinking of spring!~
I was surprised how cold it was lol


Tomorrow at the 3/5 Akasaka BLITZ
℃-ute new songs『Kokoro no Yobi wo Uta ni Shitemita/Love take it all』release event special mini live&handshake event+α event venue、we’ll be carrying out a survey!

Details are here→


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Today was Naruchika in Toyama~

The Toyama performance was really fun~

You know、they had suーch a welcome for us
that after the encore、a panel was waiting to say “ariga-toyama” (thanks) to the ℃-ute-chans for coming, which made me really happy
so I felt the love~

Thank you very much (>_<)

I was so increーdibly happy!

I’ll work hard to be able to come again!

It was really fun to come!

Ah、also, in the evening I ate some delicious sushi!

It was really delicious~

The salmon roe was incredibly delicious!

The buri yellowtail too!

I’m satisfied~

Well、tomorrow is Osaka!

I can’t waiーt!

My clothes!

A simple look!
The top Y-shirt is something I bought when I was about in 6th grade!
It’s taken care of me for many years。lol


At the venue for the release mini live&handshake event+α event we’ll be holding on 3/5 at Akasaka BLITZ for ℃-ute’s new songs『Kokoro no Yobi wo Uta ni Shitemita /Love take it all』、we’ll be carrying out a survey

Details are here→

We’re in your care!


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Today was Naruchika opening day

We were at Ishikawa Prefecture’s Kanazawa~

It was too much fun~

Of course all the guys。
but there were also lots of gals、so the ℃-ute-chans felt like happy people
as we cried at your enjoyment。

I wanna do my best to be able to come here again lots (>_<)

Anyhow、going to a venue for the first time makes me get an incredibly happy feeling!
Thank you to everyone who came

Ah、you know Suzuki Airi-chan went to Singapore and bought all the ℃-ute-chans matching Despicable Me sweats as souvenirs

Thank yoーーu。


Everyone got in such high spirits when we wore them matched!

I’ll make them precious!

Ah、my sty is also probably healed!!!

Since I haven’t used makeup at all recentlyb1a51b05_240
I used it for the first time in a while today lol

Thank you all for worrying about me (>_<)

Tomorrow is Toーーーーyama!

Toyama!I can’t waitーー^_^

I wanna eat lots of delicious things!

Since I got loーーts of delicious things today too~(*^^*)

Well、my clothes today。

Today I went with a bit of a showy look。

Bare feeーーt!。


On YouTube’s ℃-ute channel, the MV for our new song releasing on 3/5「Love take it all」is being streamed!



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It was spring-like weather today, huh!

I want it to be spring soon just like this~

We had highlight rehearsal again today~

It really is difficult。lol

I haven’t said anything but “difficult” huh lol

But when I think “I can do it!”
“OhーーI think you can do it after a little bit moreーー”

I’m happy when they say that



I’ll work haーrder

I watched Burlesque for the first time in a while today!

I really do like it!

There isn’t a movie which makes me think “Let’s work hard to polish up my femininity” more than Burlesque~

Since I never get tired of watching it、I really like it!

I’ve gotta work hard from tomorrow onー!

I have an early morning tomorrow。(~_~;)



I’ve gotta sleep early!

Naruchika starts tomorrow!

I caーーーn’t wait^_^
Well、happy with today’s clothes。

With and without the jacket。

Soon I won’t be wearing just a jacket but spring clothesー


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Beauty Salon!


It rained today, huh~。

The rain dumps my spirits down。

Frizzy hair makes an appearance too。

That me went to the beauty salon yesterday~

With a spring image、
I went with pink~

It’s probably hard to see、、、。



In a picture、、、(>_<) *sob sob*

I want it to be spring soon。

I lost interest in winter clothes lol


This time spica’s Harajuku shop did it for me~

It was fun talking so much

I want my sty to get better quickly。

In just a little bit it’ll be Naruchika!I’m taking it too lightly。lol

So quick quick!I can’t wait ^_^


Well、today’s clothes!


I like the pastel look :star:


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I went to the eye doctor today~

It seems this time I have the strongest sty-kun。。。lol

Ahh~I pray that it’ll heal up soon。。

I’m really sorry for worrying you (>_<)

Since it seems lack of sleep is part of the cause as well、I’ve gotta sleep early huh~。

Ah、or rather, completely changing the subject

I’ve been into Rapunzel a ton recently

and have been gathering a lot of Rapunzel videos~lol

Since I like the Rapunzel story
and I like Rapunzel too

I wonder how many times Mai’s gone to Rapunzel now?lol

Ahh~I wanna go to Disneyー!

I wanna go to Dreamland~

Earlier when I got in bed and closed my eyes、Disney music suddenly started playing in my head、so it’s like I really wanna go!lol

I thought lol

I hope I’ll be able to go sometime!

Well、I’m heading to the beauty salon now!

Today’s clothes。

The green and such is rare。lol

It’s something I occaーsionally like to wear~

But when wearing a color I don’t normally, it makes me feel awkward too lol


Scheduled for today at 21:00 the YouTube show
『Hello!Sute #56』will be streamed!


the music video for our new song releasing on 3/5, 「Love take it all」will be shown as well!
Please check it out!


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My mother’s gotten better!

I’m gladー。

Thank you for worrying!

Today、first of all I had lunch with my sister。

We talked at a cafe。

I had incredibly deep talks with my sister lol

I occaーーsionally do that, you know~lol



Deep talks。

Even though when I was little we’d do nothing but fight。(´・_・`)

That we’ve become this close~。

It’s precious。

Well well、today as well
we had highlight scene rehearsal!

It’s difficult。



It’s tough to get the trick of。

I wanna become good at it~
Also、veーry soon Maimi-chan and Mai
will be appearing in NOTTV『#EndanW』。

Also、I’m sorry。
Mai’s sty has gotten worse、
so it’ll be an appearance with an eyepatch。

I’m sorry。But since I’m perfectly fine
and will have fun with all my strength, please be sure to watch okay!

today’s clothes。

I went with something mature!
I tried putting some color in with the yellow-green turtleneck。

Aーlso、a version with the jacket。


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Today I did an interview for YanYan-san、and after that
had rehearsal of the highlight scenes
of the ℃-ute tour!!

Iyaーーit’s crazy huh。This

Too difficult。(´・_・`)

I can’t do this easily。(>_<)

I’ll do my best (>_<)

Ahーsince we just began today



I’ll work hard tomorrow tooー^_^

Aーlso、my mother’s gotten sickーー。so Mai’s worried。*sob sob*

Since I’ve never seen my mother get a fever, I’m really


But I’m relieved that it doesn’t look like influenza (´・_・`)

Ahh~I want her to get better soon。

Well、today’s clothes。

It’s the trenchcoat
father bought me yesterdaーy。

I like it

The inside is unexpectedly warm,
so I feel like I’ll be able to wear it around this time of year~

Thanks father(≧∇≦)


Tomorrow on NOTTV『#EndanW』(23:15~24:15)Yajima Maimi-chan and Mai will be appearing!!

Though it’s late at night、since it’s Mai’s first work after 21:00, please watch it lol


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