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Today :haato: :haato: :haato:

Otsukare-raisu :sparkleheart: :sparkleheart: :sparkleheart:

Today, during the morning,
I made chocolates to give to my co-actors
in Stronger :happy: :haato:

But I made too many (lol)
Well, that’s okay, right :sparkleheart:

I’ll let papa eat them :rabu: -giggle-

And, today
was practice for the play Stronger :haato: :haato: :haato:

I still :paa:

have to work hard~ :happy2: :happy2:
Nakky was
absent today~ :sad: :sad: :sad:

And since it got over really
I did karaoke with Chisato :sparkleheart:

We sang like crazy :paa:

So I saw Chisato’s short hair in person,
and it’s so cute~ :haato: :haato: :haato:
It’s like the old Chisato has returned :rabu:
She’s so cute :sparkleheart: :sparkleheart: :sparkleheart:

And then I went home :haato: :haato: :haato:

Today’s casual clothes :sparkleheart: :sparkleheart: :sparkleheart:
Cute~~~~ :rabu:

Also, a 2-shot with Chocolate today :rabu:
Too cute :sparkleheart: :sparkleheart: :sparkleheart:

P,S Thank you very much
to everyone who said, “I’ll buy ‘Yuke! Genki-kun’s single V”! :happy:
I’ll be grateful :happy: :happy: :happy:
Since it’s up for order on e-Line UP! please check it out okay :haato:

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