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Young Town ♪♪

Today I had a recording



For MBS「Young Town」 that’ll go on air tomorrow, on the 13th kirakira



As the 2 MCs were taking a break, I was rushed in to act as an MC kirakirakirakira



It’s been a while since I’ve been with Yajima-chan and Kumai-chan







A common point between the 3 of us



We’re the tallest in each of our groups。



However、 Yajima-chan and myself at 167 cm



Lined up with 181 cm Kumai-chan



Yajima-chan and I look small in comparison 014 png bikkuri Kumai Airi100[1] png Kumai



Please make sure to listen to it、 ok kirakirakirakira
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Berryz Kobo ♪♪

I went to Ariake Coliseum as a guest for the Berryz Kobo Matsuri (^^)



I took photos with everyone before the performance‼️




Kobushi Factory








Using Yossui’s selfie stick


With Morning Musume。’15




And with the heavily used


Selfie stick







Country Girls

With all of them (^ω^)


It made me happy to meet all of them after ages‼️


There are still more photos, so until next timeー
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Wedding ceremony ♪♪

It’s this late…。



Today I begged leave from my husband and son、 and went to ‘Gocchin’ Goto Maki-chan’s wedding reception banquet (^^)







Gocchin was really beautiful、 she looked so happy (≧∀≦)ノ


From beginning to end, there were tears AND there was joy ♡♡






It’s been ages since the OG members have gathered together, that was tons of fun (≧∀≦)ノ


There were some inside stories from the staff-san from that time, it was like an alumni gathering (lol)


It was a really fun time (^^)



And、 Gocchin ♡♡



Please be happy and raise a wonderful family with your lovely husband ♡♡



The members’ joy makes me really happy (≧∀≦)ノ




Getting home from that joyful atmosphere, I had a meal with my family, and entered the bath


I played plenty with my son that I had been separated with for half a day, and once I put him to sleep


I fell asleep (lol)(lol)


Sorry for the late report‼️
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Yesterday while I was shopping with my son



I saw Ai-chan’s husband driving so I contacted her…



and she replied “we’re together but he’s not driving~”



so it looks like I had the wrong person (lol)



After that, we talked about where we each were at and



w…wow we found out we were super close and so we went for tea ♡



It was my first time properly talking to her husband so I felt a little nervous but



he played with my son and was a very kind and funny person (^^)



I felt so soothed by this very natural-feeling couple~(´ω`)ノシ



Ai-chan seemed so happy that me, her big sister, felt happy too (´ω`)ノシ



We enjoyed this fun time, all full of coincidences (^^)
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Kumamon ♪♪

Yesterday I had a job with all these people (^^)

Morning Musume。’14

Keme-chan、 Nono、 Gaki-san ♡

After that、 there was a meeting at the office with a big Kumamon cutout

So a manager-san had brought along their son to see it

Pointing his finger


He said something like that(lol)(lol)


You’re calling Kumamon ‘Mama’……

It seems like they took a photo of the son like that(lol)(lol)

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It’s Fall ♪♪

It has become cooler.


For the first day, I went with a friend to have lunch at an organic Italian place and relaxed today.


That’s right.


iPhone5 has been released.


I have not yet mastered the iPhone4S but (laugh)

I want it so badly that I been itching to get it.


But, because I am mechanical ineptitude (laugh), maybe it be ok for someone in the neighborhood who mastered it to teach me about the things that changed….


That is what I thought. (laugh)
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Pioneer Hello! Project♪♪

Today was our Pachinko machine

“Pioneer Hello! Project”‘s complete debut and press release.


By the way, we did the photographing for this about two years ago.


We were given a chance to try it out.

It was a fun pachinko as there were a lot of everyone’s cute figure and

the story that I was able to see by the pachinko and live video.


Mikitty’s baby.


Tora-chan also looked like he was having fun. Cute~


Because I want people to have fun after ten months,

it is certainly for people over 18.
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Respect for the Aged Day♪♪

Are you having fun on the three-day weekend?


I had plans to go fishing on the holiday today but for the sake of the weather being cranky, I gave up.


Matsutake Mushroom meal yesterday.


I tried to make it and remember that the village’s food cooked by boiling was grandmother’s flavor.


I couldn’t reproduce it very well but I was able to make it delicious and appear sweet by adding kamaboko like grandmother’s style.
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September 9th♪♪

Today is the 14th anniversary of


LOVE Machine.


To celebrate,

I sang it at karaoke.


Sorry that it’s dark.
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From Parent’s Home♪♪

I got a package delivered from my parent’s home in Hokkaido.


There is a lot of various delicacies in kombu and fish.*


Before, I probably said


“The #1 tasty ramen is of course Hokkaido ramen (o^~^o)”. (?)


There is a lot of ramen. (Laugh)


Because the late summer heat is still continuing, I was trully happy about the noodles.


Because I ate Kankai delicacy and Shiretoko soba** when I was a kid, it is nostalgic.


I am thankful of the closeness no matter how much time passes.



Translation Notes:

* Kombu is dried kelp. See here for more information.

** Shiretoko soba is a type of soba dish from Abashiri, Hokkaido Prefecture.
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