Iida Kaori

It’s Fall ♪♪

It has become cooler.


For the first day, I went with a friend to have lunch at an organic Italian place and relaxed today.


That’s right.


iPhone5 has been released.


I have not yet mastered the iPhone4S but (laugh)

I want it so badly that I been itching to get it.


But, because I am mechanical ineptitude (laugh), maybe it be ok for someone in the neighborhood who mastered it to teach me about the things that changed….


That is what I thought. (laugh)

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Pioneer Hello! Project♪♪

Today was our Pachinko machine

“Pioneer Hello! Project”‘s complete debut and press release.


By the way, we did the photographing for this about two years ago.


We were given a chance to try it out.

It was a fun pachinko as there were a lot of everyone’s cute figure and

the story that I was able to see by the pachinko and live video.


Mikitty’s baby.


Tora-chan also looked like he was having fun. Cute~


Because I want people to have fun after ten months,

it is certainly for people over 18.

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Respect for the Aged Day♪♪

Are you having fun on the three-day weekend?


I had plans to go fishing on the holiday today but for the sake of the weather being cranky, I gave up.


Matsutake Mushroom meal yesterday.


I tried to make it and remember that the village’s food cooked by boiling was grandmother’s flavor.


I couldn’t reproduce it very well but I was able to make it delicious and appear sweet by adding kamaboko like grandmother’s style.

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September 9th♪♪

Today is the 14th anniversary of


LOVE Machine.


To celebrate,

I sang it at karaoke.


Sorry that it’s dark.

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From Parent’s Home♪♪

I got a package delivered from my parent’s home in Hokkaido.


There is a lot of various delicacies in kombu and fish.*


Before, I probably said


“The #1 tasty ramen is of course Hokkaido ramen (o^~^o)”. (?)


There is a lot of ramen. (Laugh)


Because the late summer heat is still continuing, I was trully happy about the noodles.


Because I ate Kankai delicacy and Shiretoko soba** when I was a kid, it is nostalgic.


I am thankful of the closeness no matter how much time passes.



Translation Notes:

* Kombu is dried kelp. See here for more information.

** Shiretoko soba is a type of soba dish from Abashiri, Hokkaido Prefecture.


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It’s still hot during the day…


But, it’s becoming cooler little by little… maybe!?


It seems that the food is becoming fall-like.


I bought raw salmon roe and then soaked them in soy sauce.


My mother would pull the tuna’s muscles by a badiminton racket many times. (laugh)


Because I don’t have a badminton racket, I will try doing my best by hand.


The other day, I purchased this in Engaruchou.

Yama Wasabi has a good smell.


Well, this is fall’s dinner.


I soaked the salmon roe in soy sauce and garnished the tuna with Yama Wasabi.


Natto Bomb.


Pacific saury’s kabayaki.*


It was sea lettuce and onion clear broth soup.


Translation Notes:

* Kabayaki is a type of procedure to grill fish, eel, and other sea creatures. Wikipedia has an explanation of the procedure here.


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Tokyo also became cooler.


I went to Gotenba’s outlet today.


To tell you the truth, it’s my first time going. But, I couldn’t make up my mind by the absurd amount of stores. (≧ω≦)


At the end, the sizes didn’t add up and I couldn’t GET an one piece of my intention.


I had fun and did shopping.


Because I did a lot of walking and was getting hungry, I parked in Ebina.


I went to my favorite takoyaki store and ate Ebina limited shrimp takoyaki.


There were shrimp and it was delicious. (o^~^o)


I love this pun chick naming.

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I sang on the


STV-Radio Public Recording’s


“Engaru Sunny Hill Cosmos Festival ~Cosmos Concert~”.


Because I went with the office’s vetern Horiuchi Takao today,

it was reassuring.


The 10,000,000 full-bloom cosmos were really lovely.


I was able to sing at a lot of places in Hokkaido this summer.


I was able to create good memories.


Everyone at STV Radio, thank you.


Well, Dosanko Power is charging with a full tank incidentally. Can I do my best in still a hot Tokyo~?

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Long Time No See ♪♪

I ate yakitori.


Because I wasn’t able to eat chilled soumenya pasta with summer heat fatigue…


Long time’s meat.


This is number #1 as it has onions and full of chicken neck meat.


Red wine with yakitori.


There is still more to come with the stern late summer heat but I will do my best in my wellness. (≧ω≦)


By no means, my physical condition won’t return but I beginning to hate the lovable summer. (Laugh)

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Olympics ♪♪

The coverage of the Olympics ended on the 17th day. 


It was a sad day. 


Although my physical condition was pulled down by jet lag, I was deeply impressed everyday by the state of everyone’s utmost effort. 


Everyone’s tears and sweat shined very beautifully because there was always an result in the matches with happy tears and tears of regret. 


Thank you for your passion.  

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