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Overcome the Past, Overcome Today/ Password is 0 – Iikubo Haruna


Today in Ikebukuro Sunshine City


we had a sales event for “Toki wo koe, Sora wo koe/ Password is 0″  


Lots, lootttttssssssssssss of people came to see us


that it made me so happy    

I feel like every time we announce a new single, when we have an event at Ikebukuro Sunshine City,


more and more people come   http://blog-project.net/wp-content/uploads/2012/01/1822.gif

And, we announced this in front of everyone earlier but


on the Oricon Single Ranking

Daily #1 !!!!

I’m super super happy! Thank you so much  4400769[1] :!!: :!!:


Our goal is to hit #1 on the Oricon Single Ranking 5 x in a row but


we have to take that first step  7247[1]


I would like to just feel pure celebratory joy  http://blog-project.net/wp-content/uploads/2012/12/o00200020123350020111.gif

In order to have even more people stop to look at us,


I’ve gotta improve on our performance even more!


And in order to be more successful than our sempai


and, in this time of Idol Warring States, not to lose to the other idols,

I’ll diligently focus so that I can
Overcome the Past, Overcome Today, Rival is 0 :!!: :!!: :!!:


I couldn’t see it yesterday but!




The moon is red!!!!

I saw itーーーーー 4400769[1] 4400769[1] 4400769[1]


When I saw it 2 hours later


well, it had pretty much returned to its regular color  


⬆︎2 hours later, the moon in front of the office

Tonight from 11:53 pm


I’m making an appearance on
TBS’s “Uwasa wa goho ka, shinjitsu ka gase-dema collection”   


Please make sure to watch it 

Tomorrow we have a release event at Club Check Kawasaki 


Let’s look forward to tomorrow too   http://blog-project.net/wp-content/uploads/2012/01/1822.gif http://blog-project.net/wp-content/uploads/2012/01/1822.gif

Tomorrow is panyanyan 4458662[1] 


You too are panyanyan 



adidas♪(´ε` ) Iikubo Haruna

Konban nyaa  

This afternoon, I went shopping with Ikuta Erina-san and our manager at adidas!  

Hee hee hee, shopping with Ikuta-san and myself 4400769[1] 4400769[1] 4400769[1]

As for myself, I went with two pairs of different colored sneakers in white and black,


and I bought 2 T shirts and 1 shirt 


They are reaaaaaaallly cute after all \(^o^)/


That and as a present to my grandmother (I call her ba-ba)


I bought 1 golf wear shift as well  4461355[1]  



I sent it right away to her :cherry:


along with these delicious chestnut manju that I got at Youngtown  


Chestnut manju reminds me of THAT, you know, Doraemon’s  ”Baibain”* :heart:


Right now, it is somewhere in the universe、、、 :heart4:

Today’s guest for Youngtown was Suzuki Kanon-san :starai:


It was really really funny 


This poster was in front of the Youngtown studio!!!


I got all excited 4400769[1] 4400769[1]


Kenma-kun, the cool Kenma-kun
Oikawa senpai!
You can see Suga-san’s cute jump

Tonight is Jo Jo (≧▽≦)


That person appeared!  4400769[1] 4400769[1] 4400769[1]


They lifted the ban on the opening!   4400769[1] 4400769[1] 4400769[1]


E X C I T E D !!


Jotaro-sama’s “Ojii-chan” that he said until midway in the first chapter is so moe, isn’t it…  gakidrool gakidrool gakidrool


Get a grip Iikubo.

Right now I’m watching Music Station and Angela Aki was singing “Tegami” 


I sang that at my middle school graduation    


Remembering that, I felt so moved、、、!!


While being immersed in that lingering memory after the song ended…


The commercial for au started airing (´∀`)


So happy!



Today was one good day  692 :ribbon:


I’m looking forward to tomorrow too (^○^)


Tomorrow we have a concert in Hokkaido   


he he he、、、Look forward to it!  ←Deep meaning (significance Ishida Ayumin-style)


I’m also looking forward to meeting you all tomorrow (=^x^=)

Tomorrow is panyanyan  4458662[1] 


You too are panyanyan :heart4:


*A medicine type thing in Doraemon that multiplies any object
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oraoraoraora ~ Iikubo Haruna

Konban-nya  :raburabu:

A photo from the Ramen museum


that I went to the day before yesterday~ :ribbon:


Kamome Cafeteria


Mennobou Toride

Both of them were supppppppppppper yummy (*^^*) :heart: :heart: :heart:


Lately I’ve been eating the thick noodles a lot so


at Toride, it felt refreshing to have the thin ones 4370692[1]


The soup was good and I could totally taste the tonkotsu flavor   :heart:


And then!  Even someone like me was able to have fried rice ~v(^-^)v(I’m not good with the fatty part and skin of the meat)
It was delicious :ribbon:

Kamome Cafeteria’s Shio Ramen,


was really, really good 


It was a super gentle falvor and I ended up eating it all in the blink of an eye  :heart4:


I’ve never had shio ramen at a shop and it was my first time having it so,
I REALLY regret that I haven’t eaten this incredible flavor in my whole life until now o0020002012462391770[1] Reina :sweat:

I want to go to the Ramen Museum again!

And finally, starting in Tokyo today!!!!


Jo Jo’s Bizarre Adventure Stardust Crusaders


is starrrtinnng !!!

Jotaroooo samaaaa   

I want you to do your ORAORA Jotaroooo-samaaa 4400769[1] 4400769[1] 4400769[1] 4400769[1]!!!!!

I’ve been looking forward to this day for sooooooooooo long   


tomorrow morning…

I’ve got to be up REALLY early… (T ^ T)

I must…not miss…my recording… 

What to doooooo!?!?!?


I think I’ll take a bath early and then sleep

then wake up with my alarm and watch it 

Tomorrow is panyanyan 4458662[1] 


You too are panyanyan 


*ora ora is a reference to Jo Jo’s
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Help me!! Iikubo Haruna


Today I went to do a photoshoot!


And then, since we ended work early


I could have dinner at home…!But

nobody was home today.

So, what do you think that means?

That’s right.

It means that I make dinner by myself.

( ゚-゚)( ゚ロ゚)(( ロ゚)゚((( ロ)~゚ ゚

H E L P    M E

Since I don’t want this to get in the way of tomorrow’s work


I just want to make some easy side dishes since it doesn’t matter if it tastes that good. ・゜・(ノД`)・゜・。

Speaking of, today I properly boiled the rice 

Everyone, please teach someone like me


an easy and safe dish to make  4400769[1] 4400769[1] 4400769[1] teehee

There were a number of comments about an eye-patch photo so…


I took one (easy to post)



Even though I’m making this face


inside I was secretly all excited.←Shut up

By the way, Kimi Ni Todoke has gone on sale huh!




Apologies for the no-makeup face!


This one was good too  gakidrool  


I hope that Sawako will be able to do something like that soon!  ←




I love Pin!

The people who get it will get it, the people who don’t get it will end up writing that they don’t get it — sorry  4461355[1]


At this time huh~ヽ(゜▽、゜)ノ

This sty, (actually I’m not totally sure it is a sty)


has gotten less painful and swollen compared to yesterday!


I was able to do makeup as normal on today’s photoshoot :starai:


I hope that it gets even better tomorrow too!


Thank you for your concerns gakitear 4400769[1]

Well then, I’ll be waiting for your helpful comments about my meal~

Tomorrow is panyanyan 4458662[1] 4400769[1]


You too are panyanyan :raburabu:


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Good news (((o(*゚▽゚*)o))) Iikubo Haruna

Konban-nya  :heart:

Today was a polaroid and handshake event at Shiodome :heart: :heart: :heart:


Chatting sure is fun, isn’t it \(^o^)/


Like, people that came to our concert can already tell me their impressions :heart:


and their impressions of our new song and stuff :heart:

And we talked a lot about people’s anticipation for the upcoming concerts

and chatted so much about other stuff too   :ribbon:

Thank you so much ♡♡♡

This is sudden but I have good news for everyone :heart: :heart: :heart:

My little sister (3rd year in middle school),

is a genius.


And this genius little sister discovered something!!

Spoken by my sister

Hey this just came to mind but like, isn’t it the tax increase soon?
The consumer tax is 4/1 right?


4/1 is April Fool’s Day right?

The tax increase is just a prank, right? 


What a crazy discovery!!!!

Geez, a genius isn’t she? Our sister!!! LOL

YAY, everyone is happy now (≧▽≦) :heart: :heart: :heart:


Gotta face reality you know (・∀・)


Before the tax increase, let’s enjoy ourselves now  :heart4: :heart4: :heart4:

My manga companion today :raburabu:





Gekkan Shoujo no Zaki-kun

Both of them are




funny!!! :raburabu:

The whole time I was reading them, I was smiling, and laughing like “kyahahaha” 

I recommend them! (°∀°)b


I love them!

Tomorrow is panyanyan  4458662[1] 4400769[1]


You too are panyanyan 


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Spring is just lovely☻ Iikubo Haruna


Today I was able to do a photoshoot for


of the May issue of Karaoke DAM for the new catalogue of songs and a poster :heart4:


They hired Morning Musume ’14 to do the cover photo too!  4400769[1] 4400769[1] 4400769[1]




The clothes were totally cute too   




Spring clothes are just so cute, aren’t they!


I ended up wanting to go shopping   4400769[1]


The colors were cute too and


I like flowers…

Spring is just lovely!! :clover:  

For May everyone, let’s all go to Karaoke DAM, more than ever   :raburabu: :raburabu: :raburabu: teehee

Nakagawa Shoko-san’s new song


has tons of cats, which I love.  It is so super cute that it makes me feel so relaxed :heart: :heart: :heart: !!


Actually you know, I secretly sent in a picture of our own pet cat too :heart: lol

http://blog-project.net/wp-content/uploads/2012/01/1822.gif 9lives http://blog-project.net/wp-content/uploads/2012/01/1822.gif


I’ve already watched it on repeat like countless times 4400769[1] 4400769[1] 4400769[1]


Nakagawa-san at the end is especially cute, just so super cute geez…!!


Just the best (≧▽≦)(≧▽≦)(≧▽≦)

Tomorrow is panyanyan 4458662[1] 


You too are panyanyan  


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Nippon Dandy☻ Iikubo Haruna

Konban-nya  4400769[1]

Just a moment ago!


I made an appearance


together with Smileage’s Wada Ayaka-chan


on TOKYO MX’s Nippon Dandy \(^o^)/ 4400769[1] 4400769[1]




It was my first time meeting everyone but


they were really kind and funny so


it was really fun  4400769[1] 4400769[1] 4400769[1]

I didn’t hold back on a debate regarding one thing


so like, I feel really refreshed! lol lol

A snapshot with Takei Sou :clover:




Please come see us on concert again :kirakira:

Before the recording, I ate a meal with Aya-chan :raburabu:


We laughed soooooo much ーーー(≧▽≦)

And we laughed a lot on Nippon Dandy too

so it was a really fun day  4400769[1] 4400769[1] 4400769[1]


I’d be so happy if the two of us could make another appearance together  :raburabu:

Tomorrow is panyanyan  4458662[1] 4400769[1]


You too are panyanyan  


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Yesterday and today ☻ Iikubo Haruna

Konban-nya 4458662[1] 4400769[1]

Were you able to watch Narakon yesterday http://blog-project.net/wp-content/uploads/2012/11/o00200020123064826961.gif ??


It seems like there are some people who couldn’t watch, depending on the area they live in o0020002012462391770[1] Reina

The wedding ceremony for Abareru-kun and Yuka-san was wonderful  


Though I saw it via VTR too


I ended up crying again when I saw it on tv yesterday 4329448[1] http://blog-project.net/wp-content/uploads/2012/01/1822.gif


Even without having any part in their wedding ceremony whatsoever


I got chills just seeing them share their feelings   


People are just so mysterious!

My outfit was very cute~ 


In atypical blue!


My tights and shoes were honey colored 


I also wore a flower-shaped necklace that I love and


pink ring and a knuckle ring too


so it was very gorgeous 


And like, you can see my belly too  4461355[1] teehee


I’m making an appearance next week as well so


please check it out 

Yesterday I went to Harajuku with the 10th gen and Oda-chan :starai:


We ate at a stylish cafe,


and chatted and laughed a lot  


We enjoyed spending time leisurely on the terrace~ :clover:

And then、、、

we took a photo with THAT :raburabu:

That’s right…

of course…





The special jumbo-size au shop poster  :raburabu: :raburabu: :raburabu:


This time Oda-chan wasn’t there but :sweat:


the girl way in back in the pink pants is Sato Maa-chan :heart4: lol

It was embarrassing, as we all expected, so


we were like


and then took the photo and quickly broke up (lol)

But it made a wonderful memory :heart: :heart: :heart:

Whenever you see an au shop, do it! (so persistent)

Today I did a recording for All Night Nippon


with Ikuta Erina-san


and after that I had a photoshoot with a magazine 


I’m not allowed to tell you anything yet about the magazine (°∀°)b

But as for All Night Nippon…

please look forward to hearing
what we girls had to chat about, about something we’re usually uninvolved in   :raburabu: :raburabu: :raburabu: lol

“I went to Harajuku yesterday with Oda-chan and 10th members.


We ate at the cafe stylish.


And We had a walk through Harajuku.


It was fun to talk to a lot.” [Iikubo's English]

Tomorrow is panyanyan 4458662[1] 4400769[1]


You too are panyanyan 4400769[1]


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Konbannyaaa  4400769[1]

Today was a rehearsal day :starai:


For this spring tour,


we have no time at all 4461355[1] :sweat:

It’s an increーーーーdibly


fast pace we’re going at!


I’m going to be soaked in sweat~ gakishock2 :sweat:

Do you call it 1 block?


Dancing that entire section start to finish


and with that alone the sweat starts pouring out


and then I think that I’m going to be doing this for a 2 hour concert…!!

And then when it’s over



might get all dried out \(゜□゜)/



Recently I’ve been doing weight training every day before rehearsals


I have to build up more strength!



Chloe Grace Moretz
is someone I really like  4461355[1] 4240164[1] 4240164[1]

She’s too cute!!!


Even though I still haven’t seen her movies Carrie and Kick-Ass gakitear


Seeing photos of her has me infatuated   

So cute~ gakidrool 



Maa-chan earlier!




Playing around with a huge piece of ice~

Speaking of which, I wrote about a bad dream I had yesterday


It was an English nightmare~!


A long time ago, there was something called Nightmare Project


“Yugami no Kuni no Alice”




“Seventh Blood Vampire”


were their games that I was super into 


It was scary and made my heart jump


but it was really and truly!



Just remembering it now


I’ve started getting uneasy and my heart started pounding!


That’s how powerful its influence was  4400769[1]


Interested people should definitely!

look into Nightmare Project even now


and the new “Oz no Kuni no Arukikata” game they put out gakishock2

I’m interested… but terrified…

So now I’m just going to stop! lol

I think if I get the time and the heart I’ll try playing 4370692[1]

I am a rehearsal of a concert tour every day.


I sweat really.


Increase the strength in the muscle training!

Panyanyan tomorrow4458662[1] 


You panyanyan too


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In common☻

Konbannyaaa  :heart:

Today we had a polaroid event and a handshake event 


It was a lot of fun being able to talk so much 4370692[1]


To everyone who came


thank you(*^.^*) :ribbon:

I was truly grateful for all of your kind words, all of your support (*v.v)。 :clover:

I introduced everyone to the Tiny Old Man app the other day,


and I’m happy that there were a relatively large number of people playing it :heart:

I’m playing that one and another app called Tetomon :raburabu:


To explain it simply,


it’s a Puzzles and Dragons version of Tetris  :ribbon:

Lately I’ve gotten the hang of it,




The same app


is also being played by Kudou Haruka-chan :raburabu: !




Something in common!




After that we spent the whole time playing and exchanging things with each other (lol)


Yes yes!

Finally my clothes today!




I bought the blouse at a shop in Harajuku called (me):heart:


The collar and sleeves


have my favorite flower on them :raburabu: :raburabu:

Panyanyan tomorrow 4458662[1] 4400769[1]


You panyanyan too 4400769[1]


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