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Hunter of the Sleepers ( ^ω^ )

Who in the world

Is the hunter of the sleepers??

That would be me!!




Here’s Maria from yesterdayーーーー1604 Zukki Sayu1085[1] Ogata

Due to the effects of yesterday’s earthquake、 we headed back quite late 6087[1] Zukki Sayu Maachan Ogata Haga

Everyone was exhausted and fell asleep 920[1]1085[1] Ogata

But we got back safely 26645[1]4463444[1]-Haruna



Ah、 talking about people sleeping、

I’ll put up a photo I took beforeー 4465335-Sayu Haruna



Fukumura-saーーーn ( ´艸`gakiheart3)



There probably are still more sleeping photos

That I haven’t put up on the blog 1869 Ogata

Perhaps someday


Look forward to the appearances of Iikubo, the hunter of sleepers 1604 Zukki Sayu1822[1]


Fashion Coordinating App

Oyapuminasai 10632 Eripon Sayu
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There seems to be something wrong with the blog today, so excuse me for making this short (;_;)

Today we made a live appearance on SkyPaa! Ongakusai 2015!!

For our first live performance that was accompanied only by a piano、
We sang Morning Musume。’s major début song、
『Morning Coffee』!

Suzuki Kanon-san was unable to appear today、 but with the feelings of the 13 of us、
Singing the début song Morning Coffee
It braced us for the new start we’ll be making from now on!!

Everyone who watched it、
Takebu-san、 and all the performers、 the members of staff、
Thank you very much (*^^*)!!

Today I took a photo with Nogizaka 46’s Hori Miona-chan!
It feels like ‘Finally, we’ve taken a photo!’ (*^^*)
Since the both of us take turns to write for a serialisation in the Yomiuri middle and senior high school newspaper、
We got excited talking about it (^^)
Coincidentally、 we had the exact same hairstyles today~!

Also、 we’ll do our best to get to work together!
And the blog relay、
It’s got to me from Juice=Juice’s Uemura Akari-chan!
It makes me happy that Aarii thinks that way about me、、、

But I think the same way about Aarii, right!? lol
Let’s do our best in our HinaFes unit (*^◯^*)!

Well then、 the blog relay、
The topic is 「Is It Just Me?」!

When I cook, things generally end up tasting like garbage cans(;゜0゜)

Is it just me~???

I’m using the fashion coordination app、 WEAR (^^)
Please、 I’m counting on you ♡←Publicity
The person I’ll pass the baton on to will be、、

ANGERME’s Katsuta Rina-san♡

Katsuta-san is realーーーーーーーly cute、 she’s my type!
Her face is obviously so、 but after all’s said and done, her legs are oh-so pretty!!
Her clothes are cute too ♡

The other day、 I took pictures Katsuta-san and Nakanishi-san making funny faces non-stop with my phone~ lololol
Should I put them up some time~??( ^ω^ )
Today、 I brought along leftover soup from yesterday、
Maachan and Ayumin were like ‘Drink it, drink itー!’、
It was pretty condescending but

‘So、 was it delicious?’

They asked。 lol

‘Seeー! It’s delicious! It’s a miracle!’

It’s settled – my speciality dish is definitely potato soup!

I’ll give this special soup
To you
‘Cause it’s warm~!!

Hello! Project HinaFes 2015 ~ Mankai!The Girls Festival

28 (Sat・ 29 (Sun) March Pacifico Yokohama Exhibition Hall A / Hall B

Details here

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The final performance of our autumn tour was held today in Yokohama Arena :music:

And、 it was Michishige Sayumi-san’s graduation concert。

Such、 how do you say this、 today、 honestly、 I have no idea what I should write

If anything、 my head’s in the clouds :aseru:


Today’s performance was the final performance we had with these exact members。


Michishige-san announced her graduation half a year ago、 and while I thought ‘There’s still half a year!’, we arrived at today in the blink of an eye、


Even at the rehearsal、 we were having so much fun that even though we were in the middle of the rehearsal、 it had me thinking, ‘Is Michishige-san really graduating from today onwards?’、

I was really really looking forward to the start of the performance、 but it’ll come to an end once it starts、、、 that thought was constantly playing in my head。



But、 still、 lots of fans were waiting、 so I wanted to stand on-stage!!

The performance by the 10 of us、

Put together、

We want to let you see it!!


That’s what I thought。


I had set a goal before standing on-stage today。

I wanted to make people say 、


『It was a legendary concert』


When they talk about today’s performance!!(*^^*)

I think that the current members managed to show off a lot of their good points to the fans at today’s performance!!


I think that today、


We gave a performance that you can’t do solo, that you can’t do unless you’re in a group!!

Helping out one another、 following up with one another、 mutually motivating one another、 rivalry、


That’s a group。

Morning Musume。’14’s just like family、 and don’t those bonds actually feel even stronger。


At today’s performance、 I、 all of us、 were realーーーーーーーーーーーly happy!!




And、 Michishige-san。

There are a mountain-load of things I’d like to convey、


My feelings of gratitude and just about everything else、 I feel that even if I were to put in words, it still wouldn’t be enough、 I honestly can’t express the staggering amount of gratitude I have in words。

She taught us a lot of important things。
So so much、、、

But amongst those、 one that particularly left an impression、


Michishige-san constantly treated people with love、


And never forgot her feelings of gratitude。

I think that these two things are really really important。


And I think that is why Michishige-san was loved by many people。

I’d like to become a wonderful lady like Michishige-san。


The words said during the ceremony。
When it came down to the wire、 I feel like I didn’t even say half of what I wanted to get through。



At the Yamaguchi performance a few days back、

Michishige-san said

『Since I entered Morning Musume。, I wanted to become number 1』、

For me who joined Morning Musume。 because I liked Michishige-san、 Michishige-san is No.1。
Her expressiveness and her ability to talk、 her singing and dancing、 her cuteness、 for me, Michishige-san’s number one。


She always told me

『Have confidence in yourself』。

Since I too have become part of Morning Musume。, I want to become number 1。

Expression or talking、 I’d like to overcome Michishige-san in some aspect。 To that extent, I’ll do my best。


Michishige-san、 I’m still in a mood to see you even after you’ve graduated、 so I beg for your kindness from now on too




I’l love Michishige-san my whole life!!


Michishige Forever



*・゜゚・*:.。..。.:*・'(*゚▽゚*)’・*:.。. .。.:*・゜゚・*



And also、 the leader and subleaders were announced today。

The new leader is Fukumura Mizuki-san!!

The subleaders are Ikuta Erina-san and myself、 Iikubo Haruna。

Continuing on as subleader、 starting tomorrow I’ll be the only member in her twenties、 and I’ll devote myself to supporting the members in my own way!!








Let’s goーーーーー

It’s amazingーーーーーーー










Not a single regret in my life




Fashion coordination app



Tomorrow’s panyanyan too 4458662[1]


You too are panyanyanー


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I’ll be back!!:) Iikubo Haruna

Konban-nya 1325[1]4458694[1]-Haruna



I’m baackk Japannnn !!!!!!



After a 14 hour or so flight,


I’ve returned from New York4463444[1]-Haruna



There were so many


Comments on my blog and on WEAR


saying, Hurry home~!…


I’ve come homeeee!!


I’m baackkk !!!






The live show in New York


was a great success 4463678[1]



I tried my best and introduced myself in English but,


when I said


I was an otaku that loved Japanese manga



people were like




like that. I was so surprised (*^◯^*)90[1]



The word “Otaku” is Japanese but


it has spread around the world, hasn’t it 4313 Sayu



Another thing that surprised me was,



when the New York people called out to me


it wasn’t “Harunan” but “honey,”  672 Sayu445-2 Sayu


And plus, when we were shaking hands


they would say to me


“sweet sweet honey time.”


This “sweet sweet honey time”


is a name that I randomly made up for when I do my segment


on all of the CD & DVD making-0fs for new songs 1822-sayu


I was astonished that they knew that 2510[1]4470549[1]-Haruna4470549[1]-Haruna4470549[1]-Haruna



In the concert, it wasn’t just Americans but people from


Canada, Mexico, Chili, Peru, Brazil, Japan, China, Korea, England, Italy, France, Germany…  


in any case, there were people from a lot of different countries that came 50674458694[1]-Haruna4458694[1]-Haruna4458694[1]-Haruna



I felt like, all these people had been waiting for this overseas show for us 6913[1]


Thank you so much!



When we were heading to the airport from the hotel,


I started to feel incredibly sad.



Like, these people had become fans of Morning Musume


and supported us for so many years


and they must have been really looking forward to


our first New York show you know~ 1822-sayu



And like, many days will pass before we could meet again but still
even still, they support us~ 4468472[1]



And on my blog comments too, there are people from overseas who wrote their thoughts and stuff about the concert,


and it seems like it was the first concert for some people too.



Even America itself is incredibly big so, the New York show was really far away for people in California,*


and so, I want to go and meet people overseas more and spread my thanks 4465353



And I felt the warmth and kindness of all of the Morning Musume fans, common around the world 4465335-Sayu Haruna4465335-Sayu Haruna4465335-Sayu Haruna


When I am in Japan,


I’ll put lots of love into my performance and reach you


I’ll even reaching the overseas fans!!



And when I’m overseas again doing a handshake or live event or something,


I’ll reach my fans in Japan too


I want to appeal to lots of people!!



At the New York show this time


we thankfully were covered by lots of reporters 1822-sayu


So please make sure to check these sites too!!



I ended up writing a long post but,


there are so many more feelings I have about the New York show 4465353


I hope to keep those feelings alive in my activities from here on (*^◯^*)4465335-Sayu Haruna






This morning


I had ate cheese cake at


a place people call New York’s most famous!? store 4464254[1]-Haruna






Real cheesecake is incredibly thick and delicious 4464215[1]-Haruna4464215[1]-Haruna4464215[1]-Haruna



I watched these movies on the plane –






Planet of the Apes


Tensai Spivet





Each and every one was really amusing 4464215[1]-Haruna



And, today at 6pm


is the deadline for my birthday event 50676087[1] Zukki-Sayu-Maachan


TFM Hall 2 shows 4463678[1]


Please please, I’ll be waiting 4460388[1]-Haruna4460388[1]-Haruna4460388[1]-Haruna



And perhaps,,,



I may even talk about my past (lol) ~!!



And tonight


I’m making an appearance on


MBS radio


“Our Music History ~Ongaku to Watashitachi ~Morning Musume ’14 Special” 1822-sayu


If you can listen, please do 4458694[1]-Haruna4458694[1]-Haruna4458694[1]-Haruna




There is a lunar eclipse tonight!!!!6912 Zukki6912 Zukki6912 Zukki



Fashion outfit app

4466308[1]4466309[1]WEAR 4466309[1]4466308[1]



Tomorrow is panyanyan too 4458662[1]445-2 Sayu


You too panyanyan 90[1]


Oyapuminasai 10632 Eripon Sayu
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Hatacho — Iikubo Haruna

Konban-nyaa   :heart4:



Today we had a concert at Nakano Sun Plaza :cherry:


The Holy Land Nakano!* 



Tomorrow we have 3 shows gakishock2 !


…so tonight I’ll sleep early~! 



As we know, Nakano Sun Plaza is super hot isn’t it \(//∇//)\


It was super huge and there were so many people who came that I felt overwhelmed again 4465335


I felt so happy being able to see so many smiling faces~!





There was an announcement today but 


my sempai Berryz Kobo-san 


will cease activities next spring.


I had heard this before the show and I was also super shocked. 


Every time that Berryz Kobo-san had talked to me, I would feel incredibly happy.


To be honest, I feel incredibly sad. 



But, we still have over half a year still  


and there are still Hello Concerts so 


I think it’d be nice if we can talk a lot  (o^^o)








Today I met Ayacho, who just turned 20~ 


Though I saw her yesterday too  (*^◯^*)


Since Ayacho is now “hatachi” (a 20 year old) 


she is Hatacho! 






We were trying to make a 20 


Aya-chan was like “Let’s do it like this!” 


The two of us completed 20! 



er, a figure of it.  lol lol 




Like yesterday, today there were so many things that happened by coincidence but,


the present that I gave was coincidentally the same series as Aya-chan’s wallet so they matched! 


So she ended up with a set 4400769[1]



Since I hadn’t seen Aya-chan’s wallet 


I ended up saying “That’s incredible!”  :heart4:




And then,


today the sandals we were wearing were coincidentally, totally alike!





Its incredible, isn’t it (*^◯^*) a coincidence like this! 



So out came another “That’s incredible!”  4465353 4465335




Once more, happy birthday Hatacho…er, A..Ayacho  





WEAR has been updated 4400769[1]




Thank you for so many follows and comments 


Just like with this blog, I read the comments on WEAR of course 4250474[1] 






To our little sister (high school 1st year), happy birthday 4461355[1] lol



Tomorrow is panyanyan  4458662[1] 


You too are panyanyan 






*Nakano Sun Plaza is considered a major shopping center for anime-related goods.
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Princess ♡+° Iikubo Haruna


Today, 7/13, is…

our leader


Michishige Sayumi-san’s birthday  



happy birthday!!!!


Pursuing “cuteness” above all others, the princess of the idol world  4359393[1]


I think it is just super cool how she already has the ideal in mind for herself as an idol and is aiming for those goals

There are just WAYYYY too many things that I want to learn and imitate Michishige-san about but,


like I’m just still so far behind so


that is how everything just ends up feeling halfway done. o0020002012462391770[1] Reina

And in order not to end up like that
I’ve gotta get it together properly.
I hope that I can come to see myself, properly create my own ideal within myself,


and then after aiming for that,


it’d be nice if I could just suck up and absorb all of the wonderful things about Michishige-san (OvO)

So right now, rather than just copy, I think I’ll burn them into my eyes and my brain so that some day I can absorb it all. :clover:

It is easy to talk the talk,


so right now, I’ve said it all before all of youuu lol!lol

Even realizing the things about me that are half-assed is
thanks to Michishige-san (。-_-。)  

I’m so awkward but… o0020002012358384177[1]


please watch over me


from far, faaarrrr away :sweat:



I need to make one correction!!


Not the


Princess of the Idol World♡ but…


She is not JUST the Princess of the Idol World


she is the Princess


that anyone would recognize as their own ♡:cherry:

Happy birthday 4400769[1] 4400769[1] 4400769[1] 4400769[1]

Even though today is Sunday, it was a day off gakishock2

And so、、、

all of the 10th generation members

went to Disneyland gakimickey !!!!


To think that the 4 10th generation members would go out together


like, its been so long, we were like HOW LONG HAS IT BEEN!?   

In the morning, we lined up 1 hour before the gates opened


we split up into the Fastpass Group and the Lunch Group


had lots of fun


ran around carefree

it was the BEST day 

The day started with Splash Mountain


and ended with Splash Mountain! lol

Our pose for Splash Mountain was


for the first one, an idol smile (lol) and then

the last one was…

Usa-chan Peeaaaaccceeee   4400769[1] 4400769[1]

I will excuse myself for my big old foreheadMona Lisa visage. lollol 

Once Upon a Time*


was the BEST!!!!!


So moving!!!!


We were waiting at the location for like 2 hours before the show∧( ‘Θ’ )∧lollol

Tomorrow is panyanyan 4458662[1] 


You too are panyanyan :raburabu:


*A projection show at Tokyo Disneyland
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My legs are throbbing 〜(°_°) Iikubo Haruna

Konban-nyaa  4400769[1]

Today and yesterday we had back to back costume rehearsals 


Geez, I’ve been nervous for soo long but finally I feel a little bit more free :cherry:


But there is still 1 more week left of being a bundle of knee knocking nerves~!


Daily practice is important isn’t it (((o(*゚▽゚*)o)))


Since I’ve been dancing the whole time


My calves are totally swollen tight o0020002012358384177[1] :sweat:

I’ve gotta massage them, take a break, and got to sleep~! 7247[1]


This is Sanma san’s birthday cake


that came out on yesterday’s Youngtown 


Since it was his 59th birthday


They said that the 59(Go-Ku in Japanese)


is Dragon Ball’s Goku  



I’m for Trunks! 4400769[1] 4400769[1] 4400769[1] 4400769[1]



What a wonderful cake, isn’t it*\(^o^)/*

As for a birthday gift, I gave


the 3 volume comic set of “Ano Hi Mita Hana no Namae Wo Bokutachi Wa Mada Shiranai” and


the Crayon Shin-chan comic’s DVDs for


“The Storm Called: The Adult Empire Strikes Back” and,


“The Storm Called: The Battle of the Warring States”




manicure stuff to use to decorate your cell phone   

I’m so glad he happily accepted them   


A hello offshot from Studio Park the other day~ 4400769[1]


Sanma-san said he watched it in real time (((o(*゚▽゚*)o)))


Tomorrow is Tanabata isn’t it :raburabu:


I wonder if you’ll be able to see….the Milky Way…I’ve never seen it in my whole life… — erm, I think I wrote this same thing last year too  :heart: lol


And it is that person’s birthday as well isn’t it 692
Ah, for you all it is the person here that is more important perhaps!  ( ^ω^ ) teehee

Tomorrow too is panyanyan  :heart4:


You too, panyanyan 


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So hungry〜! Iikubo Haruna


Today, starting in the morning, we had rehearsals for the


Hello! Project Summer Concert Tour   


We still haven’t done the dress rehearsal from beginning to end, like it’ll be for the real show, but


in any case!


rehearsals are over from today  :sweat:

There is some time between the dress rehearsal and the main show so


I’ve gotta proopperlly


make sure to practice!!

I wish I could hurry and perform in front of all of you~!


Or rather,


I wish I could hurry and meet all of you~!

But even so, tomorrow!


I have a polaroid and individual handshake event in Osaka  4370692[1]

There might be people there that I met a little over a month ago, and plus


there might be people that I’m meeting for the first time 、、、 :raburabu:

I can meet the people who say “I’m coming to the Hello Concert!”


just a little bit earlier  4461355[1] 

I’m soo looking forward to tomorrow \(^o^)/

Yesterday I had some watermelon on Youngtown~!



It was swe~eet, and super yummy  

And at night, if you saw on Music Station!!


In the corner where people introduced the song that they cheered themselves on


the novelist Asai Ryo-san

introduced his as


Morning Musume ’14’s

What is LOVE?



So happyyyy   :raburabu:


And I was even happier that it was called a song of
Morning Musume “’14”   gakishock2 

I saw the movie “kirishima bukatsu yamerutteyo”
that Asai Ryo’san had written at the theater ~(o^^o) :clover:

I’m so grateful~!!


The sky yesterday!


The sun was so beautiful so I went and took this photo  4480809[1]

Tomorrow is panyanyan 4458662[1] :raburabu:


You too are panyanyan :raburabu:



*Did this translation in a rush.  Sorry for any errors!
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Farewell Okinawa — Iikubo Haruna


We arrived in Okinawa yesterday night


and left Okinawa today   lol

Farewell Okinawa


I’ll come back when I’ve made a name for myself.


I’m home Mommy
I’m home Daddy*


Today, I am helping out in restoring the coral
at Team Tyura Sango
which is being held now in Okinawa

Yoshizawa Hitomi-san, Ogawa Makoto-san, Ikuta Erina-san, and I make 4  4400769[1] 4400769[1] 4400769[1]



We and this Team Tyura Sango that we’re supporting  is a
a coral revival project, taking action to revive the beautiful coral ocean
Recently, the insect damage from starfish and the leaking of red clay
in addition to the coral bleaching that comes with the raising of the sea water temperature all have made the number of coral drop sharply o0020002012462391770[1] Reina


Starting from the morning, divers and non-diverse together


learn about coral 


Even though I’ve always liked nature and animals and stuff, I didn’t know any details


so I’m glad that I could learn today and study so much about coral  :starai:


Like, I could even teach fans about coral and stuff if they asked me at a handshake event~ \(^o^)/

After that, we made coral seedlings :cherry:


On the supporting props, we freely drew pictures or words, and then the coral would attach itself to them 


The divers carried those to the ocean and planted the coral  :clover:

Ikuta and I were allowed to help as far as making the seedlings 4400769[1]

Yoshizawa-san and Ogawa-san planted the seedlings with other divers in the ocean  

And so, the two of us finished earlier than everyone else :sweat:


Someday, I’d like to get my diver qualifications and


then I will also be able to help plant the coral :heart4: :heart4: :heart4:

Going ahead, we said goodbye to the people that worked with us today

and then we went all around Okinawa doing all kinds of sight seeing :cherry:

We went to
Manza Dream Hole,


Manza Beach,


Shuri Castle,


and International Street   :ribbon:

I got the most excited at Shuri Castle   


This is a model (lol)

But, all of the places were really fun


and I really just fell in love with Okinawa :raburabu:

There are lots of places that I still want to go to :clover:

The #1 is, Okinawa World!

Someday, maybe in my private time


I think it’d be nice if I could go like on a solo trip  

Today was a really stimulating day 4400769[1]


Nature is just wonderful after all \(^o^)/

Tomorrow too is panyanyan  4458662[1] 4480809[1]


You too are panyanyan 4400769[1]


*I think Iikubo is referencing some movie/manga/ etc but I have no idea what!
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Farewell Tokyo – Iikubo Haruna


This is Iikubo Haruna, tummy full from eating a special fillet bowl kiraann。


Since I’m made so simply


all of a sudden I’m fighting sleepiness o0020002012358384177[1]

Adios Tokyo


Farewell Mommy
Farewell Daddy


Haruna is splendidly setting off on a journey.

As for where I’m going、、、

I’m joining up with Yoshizawa Hitomi-san and Ikuta Erina-san yaaaaaaaaaaaaay  

lol lol

And I’m bringing along 4 volumes of manga! lol lol

One Week Friends and Tokyo Ghoul 4400769[1]


I will enjoy them during my trip through the air 4400769[1] 4400769[1]

Tomorrow is panyanyan





Tomorrow is panyanyan 4458662[1] 4400769[1]


You too are panyanyan 


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