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Oricon Weekly Chart…Iikubo Haruna

#1 ーーーー!!!!!
Konnichi-nya  4458662[1] 4400769[1]


This is Iikubo Haruna, super pumped up since this morning  692 

Everyone, the 56th single of Morning Musume ’14, double A side,
that debuted the other day on 4/16
“Toki wo koe, sora wo koe/ Password is 0”


has gotten #1 on the Oricon Weekly Chart   http://blog-project.net/wp-content/uploads/2012/01/1822.gif http://blog-project.net/wp-content/uploads/2012/01/1822.gif

I’m really, really happy!


What an honor!!


This, this too, is all thanks to the warm support from everyone ( ´艸`) 4400769[1] !!


Since the last time, that nervous feeling of like, can we get #1 on the Oricon Weekly Chart   ? was super big but


this time, it changed to a feeling like, let’s just believe in our determination.


I really felt
how there were lots of people who’d say they love Morning Musume ’14
at the concerts or the events or the handshake events too.


I just had the simple belief that, surely I’d be able to make the happy announcement to these people! :clover:

And so to think I could see such a wonderful result in this way, well, I have just so much happiness  

Michishige-san also said this on her blog but


to all of you our fans


the feeling of “thank you very much!” goes together with

because we got #1 together (≧▽≦) :raburabu:

I’ll cherish this feeling


and keep working diligently from here on too  !!!!


Thank you also to Oshima-san, Kurosawa-san, and Yamasato-san  


For the first time, the limited edition D press is for the MoriMusume Version 7247[1]


And definitely please, as it is currently getting rave reviews,


please also come to the

Morning Musume ’14 concert tour Spring ~ Evolution~ ♡!


We’re going to show both of our new songs  4461355[1] 

And, I have an announcement… 4400769[1]




We’re holding a handshake event at the Aichi Prefecture Aeon Mall Kiso store, starting at 6:30pm  


The three of us – Fukumura Mizuki-san, Suzuki Kanon-san, Iikubo Haruna   


Please please come, okay   


We’ll be waiting for you (°∀°)b

Let’s enjoy this day too :starai:

even though it is suuuppper early (lol)  
Tomorrow is panyanyan  4458662[1] 


You too are panyanyan 


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