Ikuta Erina

Ikemen lol。

Good eveniiiing!Definitely look at thiーs!!
It’s Erikiteru (Helioptile)ーー1075 Zukki Eripon1961[1]

Did you see???

Ray-san’s special-edition Ikuta-san1075 Zukki Eripon
So、I was asked the question, “What attire would you like to try wearing?”。。。
At first、I wanted to do lolita fashion。。。
When I thought it over well。。。
Since I’m always told I’m an ikemen (handsome guy)、and I haven’t done that look、wouldn’t that be good to try? is what I came up with 692
How is it??Ikuta-san!!
My selfie ended up turning out a little cute, didn’t it
Sorry ー( ´ ▽ ` )ノLol
This、the way my hair is styledー??
It’s not a wig, you knowー1075 Zukki Eripon
He did this with my own hair???
I guess that’s ’cause it gets this short???


Music Station
I’ll perform in those4461374[1]
If you don’t watch, I’ll get super upset 6924461374[1]
Everyoneー!!You gotta check it out


Ikemen Ikuta
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Good eveni-I can’t give up cotton caーndy。。。
It’s Erikiteru (Helioptile)ー1075 Zukki Eripon1961[1]


I found this Kamen Rider Gaim cup at home6921075 Zukki Eripon
Without knowing why we have it。。。
I thought I’d use it and I made my younger brother mad
“That ain’t Eri’sーー” he scolded me lol lol lol
This is the first time I knew it was his 6924461374[1]
and so I thought “Since I found it, doesn’t that mean it’s my victory?”gakitehe
That reminds me、now, Mama 。。。
“Isn’t it true that you only have pictures of yourself on your blogー!!
When I’m looking at your pictures, I can only see ones taken of yourself!!!”


That’s what she told me
Well、that’s alrightー4461367[1]

In that case。。。

So Mama won’t get mad, here’s a different picture than usual for today gakitehe
There’s a shoot tomorrow too、so I have to do my best 4470296[1]4461368[1]
Hello!Sta has been uploaded 1075 Zukki Eripon1961[1]
You can see “Toki wo Koe Sora wo Koe”‘s MV, so watch it, okayー928[3]766 Eripon
Pleeeease 4461368[1]


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I worked hard today and now I seem like a red panda4473814[1]


It’s Erikiteru (Helioptile)ーー4473803[1]



Did everyone see it??


That mysterious picture。。。。。。
That’s right!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


In the artist photo for our new song, Ikuta-san is in the front row

for the first time since her debut single4473814[1]
You were surprised, weren’t you????


It’s not like you’re looking at a messed-up picture 4450844[1]


It’s the 4473815[1]deal for real4473815[1](I want to call it the real deal*)
For those who want to know the details。。。


please look at Morning Musume。’14’s official homepage4473797[1]


Sorryーーーーーーーーーーーーー6087[1] Zukki


Today、I’m writing my blog post on the computer, so I have noーo pictures


Yes!Using the computer is also my specialty 928[3]

(*TN:  She flipped the word for “genuine article/real deal”–本物 (honmono)–around, to “monohon”.)


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Good work today – when I try thinking calmly, I think of uninteresting things 1075 Zukki Eripon90
It’s Erikiteru (Helioptile)ー90
Today the people to say “Happy Birthday” to are 90
Morning Musume。’14′s Oda Sakura-chan
S/mileage’s Fukuda Kanon-san
and America Zarigani’s Hirai-san


Happy Birthday 6921075 Zukki Eripon
I’m becoming very indebted to Fukuda-san 1075 Zukki Eripon
I have the privilege of talking with her a whole lot during Hello!Con 692


Oda-chan is so talented with songs、I’m jealous 928[3]1075 Zukki Eripon
You know, since we’re together just about every day、I feel like I haven’t said “Happy Birthday” 692


I’ll send her an e-mail after this 4470296[1]


Did you watch NicoNicoDouga???
Ikuta was doing her beーst 4461368[1]4461374[1]


Happy Birthday to those born in March。。。
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Good work toda-I like looking directly below when Raging Spirits does a revolution 901075 Zukki Eripon
It’s Erikiteru (Helioptile)ーー766 Eripon
Today I had rehearsal again3038[1]766 Eripon
Is there something everyone is practicing for right now?!
For us、right now we are practicing for our touーr6921075 Zukki Eripon
If we don’t practice we can’t do iーt928[3]Lol
Well、although since I’m an Idol。。。
since I’m a genius, there are also things I’ll end up being able to do, riーght928[3]766 Eripon


My excitement level is strange today1075 Zukki EriponLol
The picture doesn’t have any stable laughter、but。。。
Look, lookーーーー928[3]
I found a natural pictureー928[3]Lol


When I went to take a selfie、I messed up and ended up hitting the wrong button3038[1]766 Eripon
Then I made a weird face lol lol lol lol
But I was able to take it in a good way 4313
Pictures like this are good now and then too, ri~ght 4470296[1]
It’s a feeling one would expect from Ikuta 4461364[1]


☆On the「au Student Discount」site、a behind-the-scenes video of MoriMusu。’s first event held on 3/9(Sun) was uploaded692
・The site with full details is here→http://p.tl/6UOf


☆「Password is 0」Distribution Information(・∀・)
◆You will be able to watch Morimusu。short.ver starting today(3/10)on「UtaPASS」!
・The distribution site is here→http://p.tl/Ozyo


◆You can download「Password is 0」’s MoriMusu。Short.ver at「LISMO Store」!
・The distribution site is here→http://p.tl/tibk


Access it right now(*^o^)乂(^-^*)
please 4461367[1]

I was moved。

Good work toda-I really want to eat a frozen mandarin orange1075 Zukki Eripon
It’s Erikiteru (Helioptile)ー1075 Zukki Eripon
I rehearsed today as wellー1075 Zukki Eripon
I had some time before the rehearsal、so I went and met up with a friend for the first time in a while
It was super fun
Although we only had a bit of time、I thought, “I’m glad we were able to enjoy itー”4461367[1]
This is a Perry T-shirtっっっ4461367[1]
It’s totally one of my favoritesー


It’s an M size、but since it’s an overseas size it’s way too big, isn’t it


But y’know、huge ones are still okay, right1075 Zukki Eripon90

General sales of tickets for 『Hina Fest』, which takes place on 3/29&30 at Pacifico Yokohama have started1075 Zukki Eripon3038[1]


It’s come around to me from Juice=Juice’s Miyazaki Yuka-chan 6921075 Zukki Eripon


What moved me recently was。。。
that I was given lines in au-san’s CM 6921075 Zukki Eripon
In the song、it goes like “zero zero zero♫” but。。。
in the CM、it’s not like “zero zero zero♫” 115[1]
Ikuta arrivedーーーーーーーー1961[1]4313
I’ll work hard from now on too 4313
I’ll increase the number of lines I get、like One・Two・Three1961[1]4313
By the way、is there something that has moved Berryz Koubou’s Shimizu Saki-san recently??


Please tell us*ーーーーーーー766 Eripon1496 Zukki


I want to confer many deep emotions to everyone at『Hina Fest 2014』1075 Zukki Eripon


*Translator’s note: Ikuta uses a lot of puns on her own name, which I try to reflect in the English translation, but it’s quite hard. Her “Please tell us” in Japanese is “教えてくださ生田” (oshiete kudasaikuta).
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Good work tod-I wanna be a historical character 901075 Zukki Eripon
It’s Erikiteru (Helioptile)ーーーー6921075 Zukki Eripon
My Twin Tail Day pictures were so popular I was surprised901075 Zukki Eripon


because I had double the usual amount of comments, right 766 Eripon
Ikuta stood out the most on Twin Tail DaーーーーyLol
Um、I had Fukumura Mizuki-chan cooperate with me in the picture of me with long hair6924313


Isn’t it amazing????
Isn’t everyone surprised???Lol
Today、I also had work to do。。。


But before that、I went to Shibuya in search of our billboards and。。。


there were noーーーーーーーーーーーーーne


I walked countless times around the Yamanote Line。。。


No matter where I went, none were discovered。。。*cry*


Gee, it looks like there really aren’t any
Erina has no luck when it comes to billboards, huhーー。。。


The last one too、it seems like it was probably taken down the day before。。。
In a sense, it’s wonderful1075 Zukki Eripon1075 Zukki Eripon1075 Zukki Eripon1075 Zukki EriponLol


I tried playing around1075 Zukki Eripon3038[1]
I’ll be ontomorrow’sMezameshi TV-sanー766 Eripon


It’s the first round of Mezameshi Janken (Paper-Rock-Scissors)ーー766 Eripon
What will be revealed???
Look forward to it 692
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Twin tails。

Good wo-let’s make space between the refrigerator and the wall1075 Zukki Eripon4313
It’s Helioptile (Erikiteru)ーー3038[1]766 Eripon
(It says “February 2nd is… Twin Tail Day”.)
Today、is Twin Tail Day, isn’t it1075 Zukki Eripon
I did it with everyone after the event1075 Zukki Eripon
We were super pumped upー928[3]


So today、there was an event in Osaka。。。
It was super funー766 Eripon
So many people came to see usー1075 Zukki Eripon
Thank you 6921075 Zukki Eripon


Come when we do an event in Osaka again, okay928[3]
I sang just a little bit of a song by myself during the event。。。
Did I do okay on the musical intervals???
I’m so worried about it thoughーーー
Well、I guess you can’t help things that have passed 692


Was I able to make you enjoy it??
With a long-haired Ikuta, farewell 6921075 Zukki Eripon
How is this long-haired Ikuta???It’s been a while lol
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Part two.

Good evening~766 Eripon1496 Zukki
It’s Eri-san~~~69290
Today we did an individual handshake event~1496 Zukki
It was the 8th part, but I was totally glad to be able to talk with a lot of people4410719[1]766 Eripon
Thank you very muchhttp://blog-project.net/wp-content/uploads/2012/01/1822.gif


“I’m amazingly grateful for things like that a lot of people come to the handshake events!”, I thought4434695[1]


It’ll be good if there are individual handshake events for the next single, too5825[1]4434195[1]
Then come, okay4434700[1]4434195[1]
4434695[1]Disney Part two4434695[1]
I got locked up in jail…*cries*
I’m on the verge of trying my best to break out4434690[1]4434195[1]
I want to go to Disney4413863[1]4413870[1]
Today, right, ZIP! did a Disney special edition1946
Maybe Erina isn’t very well-informed on Disney, however I think I would be skillful at being the person in charge of driving the vehicle1075 Zukki Eripon4313
Because getting on with 10 people is complex4410719[1]766 Eripon


Tomorrow I’ll try my be~st again at work69290


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Mecha Ike!

Good evening~115[1]
It’s Eritechi~~~~4410725[1]692
Today we did an individual handshake event~90
There were a lot of refreshments, but…
There were lots of chocolates4410719[1]766 Eripon
Because they were totally delicious, I didn’t stop115[1]
I tried my best to restrain myself, but, you know4410719[1]766 Eriponlol


Mecha² Iketeru!, did you watch it4501
Because I tried my best to make myself appealing, If I get to know that people watched it, I’ll be amazingly glad4368493[1] Eripon


It’s a good chance for a lot of people to learn my name
If I’m able to appear again, I’ll be glad4436608[1]4436630[1]
The other day I went to Disneyland4434677[1]4434695[1]
It was totally fun~4411864[1]
It was good I got to go to Christmas Disney3038[1]http://blog-project.net/wp-content/uploads/2012/01/1822.gif
After, if I go to Sea…
It’ll be a Christmas Disney achievement1075 Zukki Eripon1075 Zukki Eripon1075 Zukki Eripon


I took a picture of Donald, you know1496 Zukki
“I didn’t take a picture with Donald”, it was no use4410719[1]4313


Tomorrow is another individual handshake event115[1]
Let’s enjoy ourselves, okaaaaay(*^o^)乂(^-^*)
Let’s go and get excited~γ(▽´ )ツヾ( `▽)ゞ


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