Ishida Ayumi


It’s Ishida Ayumi (*゚ー゚)ゞ

I had full rehearsal today too!

Since it was both yesterday and today、
my body got heavy around when we finished 

Mou、I wanna sleep already :guragura:

If I could jump into the sky、I wonder if I would stop feeling weight?

…When jumping、
being able to make sure and land on the ground…

that’s not something to worry about when in the sky right? (lol)

Oh no、did I say something stupid???

…It’s okay since I was able to properly settle myself, right :light:

The other day, I floated off into space。

I have a picture from that time。


Look, I’m floating! :heart:

only those with pure hearts would see it。

(´∇`) lol

Or rather, the person who took that was awesome huh :light:

Being able to take the shot with this timing :light:



When I tried to tilt my body more

it’s like Michael Jackson right???lol

Though I don’t know what muscles are being used、
beforehand I did my best to invert my body、and stopped :light:

It’s awesome huh.

It’s impossible since I have stiff anklesー

Since I can’t sit back on my heels and crouch.

…even if my ankles were soft it’d be impossible huh (lol)

Being able to use a playful picture as content is great  lol

See you ayumin :heart2:
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It’s Cherry!!

It’s Ishida Ayumi (´∀`ノノ’`゚

LILIUM has opened! :kirakira:


I was a bit nervousー!


I feel like I did well :heart:

We all did our best!

A mail congratulating me on opening day
came from Michishige Sayumi-san

It gave me immediate motivation ←oi

Michishige-san、thank you :heart2: :heart2:

Also today before going on stage、
since we had a full-through practice、

it felt like 2stage performances

but practice and the real thing really are different!!

In good ways。
and bad。

But it was fun :hanami:

I really do love theater!

Since for my role in this play
I move around an awful lot、

I really got to sweating!!

Even though it’s not a concert!

……huh、I wonder if it’s okay for a vampire to sweat (lol)
……though I’m in trouble even if told it’s bad (lol)

Since I use my endurance、
I’ll get fired up and do my best tomorrow too :kirakira:

Thoughts…criticisms…words of praise…

etc. etc.、I’ll be waiting for them!!!

By the way, I。

am the type who grows when praised :heart: :heart: :heart:

Just kidding (lol)

But bad things too、
please tell me what you thought!

I’ll be waiーting \(^^)/

Well then…

See you ayumin :heart2:

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Kana and Kame!

It’s Ishida Ayumi ヾ(*´・з・)ノ

Tomorrow at last…

it’s LILIUM’s opening day :heart:

What should I do、I’m so incredibly uneasy since I don’t feel like it’s going to be starting at all!!

Starting yesterday we went into the theater、
and are practicing using the actual set、

but the atmosphere has changed 
and I’m not used to the feel of the lighting 

so I’ve gotta go over it again!

Though I’m in a state of unease、

what people who saw it will think、
and hoping my role will leave an impressionー、

are things I’m looking forward to :hanami: :kirakira:

And so, by all means、

after coming to see it、
please tell me your thoughts in the comments!

For those who haven’t seen it、
please take care not to spoil!lol

Well today、

is S/mileage’s Nakanishi Kana-chan’s birthday :ribbon:

Kana and Kame lol
(note: “kame” means “turtle”)

Kananan’s high-spiritedness is always fun、and I’m envious how she can get close to whoever she’s with!

Kananan who’s doing a male role in this play

is so incredibly cool!

There are scenes which make me want to cry  :kirakira:

Look forward to things like that too!

Speaking of male roles, Kuduuー :light:

is thinking about it an awful lot、and really doing her best

I’ll also work hard not to lose!

Starting tomorrow、please support us!


Watch Hello Sute okayー
There’s Michishige-san Camera in it

See you ayumin :heart2:
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Movie Date!

It’s Ishida Ayumi :heart2:

Today I went on a movie date with Harunan (*^^*)

Moreover, we saw 2of them!

『Crayon Shin-chan Gachinko!Gyakushuu no Robot-chan』


Since I’d definitely wanted to see them both :light:
I’m glad I had the time today :light:

Shin-chan especially
since I was thinking、it’s over already?

it felt like my prayers were answered!! 

Also、I cried

Robot-chan too、
but Shin-chan was too cool :heart:

It was soothing.

The Nohara family often fights、or rather、
quarrels, don’t they (lol)


they’re such an amazing family

How everyone becomes like invincible
when they say, “Nohara Family Fire!” is the best

As for MONSTERZ 、it’s a movie where after seeing the preview with Harunan, we were saying, “Let’s definitely go see it!” 

Though it was a bit scary…

the impact of the content was incredible、
and the impact of the acting was amaーzing!

Being like drawn into the movie world :kirakira:

made me think things like,
“How did they shoot this I wonder…?”

Since I’ve had the experience of doing shoots for CMs and TV、I’m probably curious about strange things (lol)

Watching it like that is fun too!

Also、I did some wonderful shopping today :heart:

『Detective Conan Dimensional Sniper』goods :heart:

It’s a bracelet!

Though I saw the movie before、
at the theater I went to today、

I fell in love with it right away and bought it :light:

It lifts my mood just putting it on!

I’ve gotta definitely make sure not to lose it!!

I’ll probably throw it out somewhere won’t I…
If anyone has a good idea for me please tell me…


since I’m making it precious, I won’t talk about throwing it out!


When we did 『LOVE Machine』in pajamas at Kawaguchiko、the 2of us who performed in glasses :hanami:


Just before going out on stage、
nervous AyuMizuki :heart2: lol

See you ayumin :heart2:
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Lilium Talk Event!

It’s Ishida Ayumi :heart:

Today at Hello Shop Akihabara

for the musical
『LILIUMU-Lilium Shojo Junketsu Kageki-』

we had a talk event :kirakira:

The members who’ll be appearing in the play
(aside from Kananan and Kuduuー :sweat: )

split up into 2groups

and with writer・director Suemitsu-san
and practice assistant Mako-san


we talked a lot about LILIUM :hanami:

S/mileage’s Wada Ayaka-san and Fukuda Kanon-san and Morning Musume。’14′s Fukumura Mizuki-san and Suzuki Kanon-san and me、the 5of us

were in a group…

so it was my first time doing a talk event
with people from another group, wasn’t it? gakishock2

Wada-san and Fukuda-san both

…were increeedibly funny!!!

Through this play、
Wada-san has gotten enamored with Kuduu (lol)

Wada-san when she’s talking about Kuduu like that
was especially cute :heart: :heart:

In the Hello Shop goods
there are potato chips called『Pota-Hello!』、

and there’s a raw photo included in each box、

and I got two of them :kirakira:

The box I opened first
had Sudou Maasa-san’s photo in it :heart2:

and in the second one I opened
was Kudou Haruka-chan’s photo :heart2:

Kuduu’s photo

I gave to Wada-san :heart2:

She was so incredibly happy :heart2:

I thought when we first started the play
that it would be difficult

to talk with people from another group


It’s increeeedibly fun :heart: :heart: :heart:

3days until we open…
I’ll properly practice and do my best!

Today for the first time in a looong time、

I went shopping \(^^)/

What I wore to today’s event
was also something I bought today (lol)

Though I don’t have a picture (lol)

Also yesterday、
I went to my beloved beauty salon!

They cut about 5cm、
and darkened my hair color、

so it changed my mood and got me excited :hanami: :hanami:

The hair I cut off yesterday (lol)(lol)(lol)

Since if I take a picture of only my hair
it becomes a kinda gross、

I wrapped it up with pins!lol

See you ayumin :heart2:
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A Fireworks Contest!

It’s Ishida Ayumi :heart:

Today I had polaroid&handshake events in Shibuya!

My partners for the 3shot polaroids were
 Sayashi Riho-san
 Suzuki Kanon-san

I’m sorry for not taking this with Suzuki-san!

I just thought about it now、

「Shibuya」is a place I’d gotten incredibly used to while I was still in Miyagi around3years ago、

and since I’ve joined Morning Musume。、
I’ve become able to go to Shibuya and Harajuku by myself even、

so I thought that’s incredibly mysterious!!

…that’s all :onpu: lol

So speaking of Shibuya

I walk around Shibuya just like it’s my own garden

Ikuta Erina-san  lol

As for why Ikuta-san’s name suddenly came up、
though it could get long, I’ll explain it!

As I wrote in yesterday’s blog too、
there were fireworks after our concert!!

actually, after that、

we got a double encore (ノω・、)

We all returned to the stage、
and waved as much as we wanted and expressed our thanks

so it was really like closing the curtain on this tour


After that we all ate cake 
and onigiri and such 

Mou, everyone was so high-energy and funny!

「I love that Morning Musume。’14 too  」
I was like、grinning to myself←

And from there…

the manager-sans actually prepared the fireworks、and got us super energized gakishock2

There were of course hand-held fireworks!

but also sparklers too!

and so we had a contest of who could do it the longest!!

If you won it’d be reported in everyone’s blog :hanami:
was the reward…

and so!!

the one who won was Ikuta-san  lol

……Haa。That was a long explanation。

I gave an awful lot of time to Ikuta-san 

Though it’s still a bit early for the summer、
being able to make such a wonderful memory doing fireworks :light:

on this occasion、

although I hope we’ll all be able to go to a festival this summer :light:

until Michishige-san graduates、

like this
we’ll make loooots of memories :heart:

See you ayumin :heart:
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Having a Problem with Too Many Memories is kind of a Happy Worry Isn’t It!

It’s Ishida Ayumi ヽ(。・∀・。)ノ

Our tour which began in March

:hanami: Morning Musume。’14 Concert Tour Spring
~Evolution~ :hanami:

finished all its performances today

Fun times keep going by so quickly…

It’s so incredibly sad
when a tour ends ._. :aseru:

But being able to spend time where I was happy from within my heart :heart:

I was able to make loooooots of memories :heart:

Huh、there are too many memories
I don’t know where to begin talking about them!lol

Even in just the 1day today

I made memories I won’t forget for the rest of my life :kirakira:


…I wonder if you see it?

Everyone is actually wearing pajamas!!

This isn’t rehearsal。
It’s the real thing。

Since the place where we did our concert today is where the New Year’s prank was pulled on us、

this time, we

pulled a prank on the fans :light:

To incredible cheers!lol

There was an effect from Fukumura-san and me standing on stage wearing glasses gakishock2  4451920[1]-Ayumi lol

Going out of our way to take our contacts out、

singing 1song with glasses、

and then when it was over putting contacts back in again、

That’s rough!!

Though while saying that、the moment I heard we’d be doing it in pajamas、
I even said myself,「I’ll wear glasses too!!」 (lol)

Since we’re doing it、we’ve gotta reproduce it :onpu:

Since I think it’s something we won’t be able to do a 2nd time、
while being embarrassed as well、it was super fun :heart:

I’ll definitely not forget this either :heart:

When the concert was over、


Some very very pretty fireworks went up :kirakira:

We watched them from the other side of the stage、

but seeing fireworks together with the fans
is something I definitely can’t forget :heart:

Since I hadn’t seen fireworks in quite a while、
I was moved by how pretty they were、

and tears started to come

It’s surely since I was able to see them with these members。
And since I was able to see them together with all the fans。

I think that made them seem even prettier

I was probably able to cry since I was so happy :sparkle:

Mou、I love you allーーーーーー!!!

Even when I failed、
when I looked around there were nothing but warm people。

The members who watched over me with smiles
and told me it was all rightー

you gave me so much support!! gakishock2 :aseru:

「I’m glad I’m in Morning Musume。’14 」

I thought from my heart :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart:

Morning Musume。

is seriously the strongest and the best!!

Ah、not just the members、
but it’s true for people connected with Morning Musume。as well!!

From now on as well,
me as I am
and Morning Musume。’14

please support us \(^^)/

…I’m full of so many more things I want to talk about :ribbon:

Since starting tomorrow I’ll reflect
and take some time writing my thoughts on the tour, look forward to it!

Well then、thank you for your support!

See you ayuminハーチョ
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Michishige Camera Release Day!

It’s Ishida Ayumi 4451920[1]-Ayumi

Today I had an All Night Nippon Mobile recording with Suzuki Kanon-san \(^^)/

This time also、

I acted as
the main personality。

Though it’s not like I’m getting used to talking by myself、

it’s like I’ve become able to enjoy talking more gakishock2 :light:

I’ll work hard from now on too!

Also, in the talk with Suzuki-san、we talked enthusiastically about things Suzuki-san likes!

There were things in which I could empathize with her too :heart:

as well as things like……ehh?…(lol)

I think it was a talk everyone can empathize with!

Look forward to the stream on 6/11!

You see it by adding in the light、
but I totally have to go to the beauty salon soon gakishock2

The color has started fading out

and I really dislike this hair color!

Since I’ve already decided on a day to go to the beauty salon :heart:

I’ll bear with it a bit longer until then…

Moreover, today too
I had a full practice of LILIUM  \(^^)/

Though we had a full one yesterday too、

we added in even more changes then。
and even more things were changed today。

Though they’re tough to remember :aseru:

I feel like it’s getting closer and closer to completion
so I’m really looking forward to reaching opening day!!

:hanami: Announcement :hanami:

In「UTB」on sale now
there are some other pictures from my photobook!

Please check it out!


Also today、5/30
is the release day of 「Michishige Camera  ’13-’14」:sparkle:


you’ll regret it if you don’t buy it

Please check it out!!

Well then, tomorrow’s concert

the final day, let’s enjoy it

See you ayumin 4451920[1]-Ayumi
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We Finished it Full-through!

It’s Ishida Ayumi ヾ(‘v`*)ノ

Today we had full rehearsal of our play :sparkle:

It’s tough since there’s not enough time…

I thought I’ve gotta make even more perfect
the stuff I can go over by myself。

But doing it full-through today、

since we can go over the flow of the whole thing!

7days left until the real thing gakishock2

So that I’ll be able to stand on the stage with confidence :sparkle:

I want to focus on the play!

Though I say that、
we have concerts this week too :heart:

Our final performance in Kawaguchiko :heart:

Though it’s sad that our tour will be over、
I won’t pile up desire to do a concert again soon!

Moreover, I have a happy announcement gakishock2 :light:

to commemorate the「Morning Musume。’14 Concert Tour Spring~Evolution~」Kawaguchiko Stellar Theater exhibition、

limited to the 31st(Saturday)the「Fuji Express Line」(Ootsuki Station~Kawaguchiko Station)and「Morning Musume。‘14」
will be doing a collaboration

where a :hanami: Morning Musume。‘14 car :hanami: will be in service!

That’s so awesome…

Posters in the car
and the announcer’s voice

they’ll all be Morning Musume。’14… gakishock2

At the nearest station to「Kawaguchiko Stellar Theater」、Kawaguchi Station, at the ticket gate「Commemorative Exhibition Tickets」(limited number)will be distributed :light:

For more detail please look at the Fuji Express Line HP

By the way, since it seems
you can’t use an IC card on the Fuji Express Line、

please be aware of it!

On the actual day of the concert、
if you’re unsure how to get to the venue、

by all means please try out the train :hanami:

Mou, I’m really looking forward to it now already, but it can’t be helped  :sparkle:

I’ll do my best at the concert tomorrow\(^^)/

so let’s work hard tomorrow too!!


@Okinawa :sparkle:

See you ayumin 4451920[1]-Ayumi
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2 Birthdays!

It’s Ishida Ayumi ヾ(・◇・)ノ

In my blog the day before yesterday, I wrote

「I have a job where if I don’t get fired up from the morning I can’t do my best」 :aseru:

but rather than not being able to do my best、

it’s like something I’m not good at。

Speaking of things I’m not good at、

ahh、that’s it。

Anyhow, I did my best :sparkle:

Since I can’t talk about it yet after all!

please be sad until the info ban is released!lol

Well, today

is Sayashi Riho-san’s birthday gakishock2 4451920[1]-Ayumi

Moreover、it’s also Hello Pro Kenshuusei
Sasaki Rikako-chan’s birthday 4451920[1]-Ayumi

We celebrated during break from practice yesterday!


Sayashi-san is 16!
Rikako-chan is 13!

Since Rikako-chan
is a colleague in the play we’re doing :sparkle:

I hope we’ll be able to get to know each other through the playー!

She’s increeedibly mature
and has a cute face doesn’t she? :heart:


she likes Kuduu。lol

Today Kuduu gave Rikako-chan
a present、

She jumped up and down in joy gakishock2 lol

It’s this incredible gap from her appearance,
so was really funny :sparkle:

Also, Sayashi-san 4451920[1]-Ayumi

In this play、I
have an awful lot of times where I come in contact with Sayashi-san


Though that’s how I feel  lol

It’s not like we particularly usually have a relationship

where we feel apart or close in our hearts…

So through the opportunity of this play、
I hope we’ll be able to close the distance between us 4451920[1]-Ayumi


If the distance between our hearts is far、
ahh like、

we couldn’t dance as the 2of us right!!

Do we actually understand each other or not…?lol

……is that wrapped up in mystery…?

From now on a well、I’ll be in your care :hanami:

See you ayumin 4451920[1]-Ayumi

Oyasumina-sayashi 4451920[1]-Ayumi
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