Ishida Ayumi

I’ll always look up to her。

This is Ishida Ayumi (*´・ω・)(・ω・`*)



Michishige Sayumi-san


Congratulations on your graduation



The final day of GIVE ME MOER LOVE [sic]
The Yokohama Arena performance


Today、 it really came to an end



Even though it’s ended
It feels likes there’s still more concerts with the 10 of us


I can’t believe it at all



She’s announced that she’ll be taking a rest for a while after her graduation、 so there really won’t be many chances to meet。



But so far、



It’s like we’ve been meeting each other almost every day


It’s like I’ve spent a longer time together with her than with my family



So suddenly being unable to meet her、


I can’t feel it



You know, I want to meet her again。







I think it’ll drag on for a little while





I’ll properly do what I have to do、



Please watch over us until we’ve calmed down



I love love love these 10 people


I love love love Michishige-san



Being able to meet Michishige-san


Is something I’ll be proud of my whole life



Cool and cute
Sexy and funny and just about everything


She possess all of it


The greatest leader!!!!




Getting to see such lovely scenery


Thank you so so so very much



Next time, it’ll be us。



Michishige-san、 please watch, okay。




Today’s concert


As mentioned yesterday



Managed to deliver
『The greatest Morning Musume。’14』 3768-2



It was the greatest concert 3768-2


We cried buckets
But the smiles overflowed just as much


It was a place enveloped in love



To everyone who cheered us on


Thank you so very much!




And from now on too
We, Morning Musume。



Beg for your kindness!




Michishige-san, please get a good rest



You’re like family to us、
So if anything happens, we’ll immediately come flying!


Well、 we’ll come flying even if nothing happens! lol



See you ayumin
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Mikaeri Bijin!

This is Ishida Ayumi (o(。・д・。)o)

Today we performed
On NHK-san’s

「Kayou Concert」

The song we performed was…

From our 57th single

「Mikaeri Bijin」

What do you know! It was our first performance of the song in Japan!!

Since it’s a song that we haven’t even sung
At concerts or events

I was already nervous, from the morning…

To everyone who watched it…

How was it…?

Michishige-san doesn’t sing it
It’s sung by the 9th gen, 10th gen, 11th gen, 9 of us in total

This 「Mikaeri Bijin」

Mikaeri Bijin, the beauty looking back, is of course、

About Michishige Sayumi-san

It’s a song for Michishige-san, who will be graduating from Morning Musume。 on the 26th、

But this was the first time that Michishige-san would be seeing this song being performed right in front of her eyes、

I hope our feelings reached her…

That was the thought in my mind while I sang

Even Michishige-san’s act of looking back
Was truly beautiful, wonderful!

Looking at Michishige-san at yesterday’s FC event

『How cute
That was the impression I had

But at today’s Kayou Concert, Michishige-san was

『Beautiful 3768-2
That’s the word that came to mind

Michishige-san has all sorts of aspects、 how amazing!

The song 「Mikaeri Bijin」、
Is a song from us to Michishige-san

But she’s also someone we’re normally under the care of 3768-2
A senior I respect3768-2

While being reminded of how precious a person she is、

I was happy let her listen to it once again。

The music video is here 『Mikaeri Bijin

The CD is now on sale too、 so please get it if you’re interested

The people who appeared on the show with us were really kind

The told us to do our best!、 and they were impressed、 listening to live enka that they don’t normally listen to

Thank you very much for today 6005[1]


Today, the 11th of November
Is Pocky & Pretz day

I had both Pocky and Pretz

I feel like it’s been ages since I last had them

And、 when you’re eating it、
You definitely have to eat it like how they do it in the commercials, right (lol)


And what’s more, on the 11th of November
It’s Tanaka Reina-san’s birthday 3768-2

Many happy returns!


It’s Kuduu, wearing Tanaka-san’s birthday T-shirt from last yearー

And Maachan who always goes 「Tanasa-tan! Tanasa-tan!」 (View of back)


We only met for a moment the other day、
But I didn’t have time to do anything beyond greet you、、、

I want to see you again

I hope you have a wonderful year!

See you ayumin
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With 1 word…!

This is Ishida Ayumi (´・д・`)



Today we had


Polaroid events
Signing events
Individual handshake events


At Shiodome!



I got to talk about all sorts of things


About the concert
Whether you’d seen me in Shounen Sunday
If you heard me on Young Town
About Candy Crush
And all sorts of things besides those


We really talked about a lot of things



But the biggest impression that I got


Was about Michishige Sayumi-san’s graduation。



At the polaroid event
There were a lot of 「Usa-chan peace」 requests


Some said 「As a final memento」



You can feel the 26th drawing closer。



At the handshake event、


Everyone let me know their feelings 3768-2
You conveyed your thoughts 3768-2



「Until the 26th、 I’ll cheer with all my might!!」



They said things like that、


Of course I’m glad



But honestly speaking、



I heard a word that made me sad。


「Until」, eh………。



Everyone was piercingly resolute
They looked really cool



But! This is what I think!



I’ll get into your eyes even if you dislike it


Until you naturally want to cheer us on



I myself should do my best!



Of course 3768-2



There were a lot of people who said that 「We’ll support you even when you become Morning Musume。’15!」 3768-2


There are things I’m uneasy about、



But whatever it is、
I’m looking forward to 『Morning Musume。’15』



To those who thought ‘Until the 26th…’!
And those who are resolutely for Ishida! lol


I’ll beg for your kindness from now on too



Thank you very much for todayーっ







During yesterday’s concert、


Acquaintances of Michishige-san
Gave us these wonderful cakes



The 14 of us pecked at them again and againー



See you ayumin
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The New York Concert!!

It’s Ishida Ayumi (`・ω・´)

Our concert in New York

It didn’t feel like we were doing it here for the first time

though most of the people there I was definitely meeting for the first time

it didn’t feel like that either

and though of course at first my heart was racing

the happy faces of those I saw from the stage

and their faces which looked like they were having so much fun :kirakira:
as well as people who supported us while their tears started to fall :kirakira:

Seeing that、it made me happy as well

and so I was able to do a super enjoyable performance!!!

It was such a warm atmosphereー :heart2:

Though since they were Japanese songs
all the words probably didn’t get communicated

but looking at the faces of those enjoying it

it was like, songs really are shared around the world。
and you’re conveying them in something other than words。

It made all kinds of thoughts come to me,

and so even more!I was able to do my best!!

Also something surprising、

were the reactions during the MCs in Japanese

and there were lots of people
who opened their mouths wide with us to sing the songs together with us

When I wonder if because they like Morning Musume。

they’ve learned Japanese

it’s like, the strength of that feelingー!!


that New York concert、

for us, the 10th gen members

marked our 200th solo concert


Being able to approach that memorable concert
in New York

makes me really happy :heart2:

The 10th gen really are awesome!!

For being able to do a takoyaki party with as the 10 of us for our 3rd anniversary

and having our 200th concert in New York

thank you always everyone

Since I’m able to do my best at the concerts too
with all the cheering we receive。

it’s like we were able to do the concerts
because you all come。

Thank you very much

I wanna do a concert in Japan soon as well!

See you ayumin :heart2:
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Sorry to Keep You Waiting~!!

It’s Ishida Ayumi (*^o^*)

Sorry to keep you waiting everyone!

I’ve returned to Japaaaan :heart2::heart2::heart2:

I’m backー!!!

It’s nice to have a place to say “I’m back”

outside of concerts and events and such :heart2:


Ishida and the stylish city of New York

Going to a stylish city

makes me feel in a refined mood as well


It was fun gakishock2

For the time being



See you ayumin :heart2:
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It’s Ishida Ayumi d(^-^)

Though I wrote Oban、

it’s 8:30a.m. in New York!
I just got up!

Good morning

But everyone in Japan、
it’ll be time for bed soon right!

Please have wonderful dreams!

…Though I didn’t especially have any dreams。lol

Well、in the morning in Japan today (the 7th)

were you able to see the news and newspapers!?

They picked up on Morning Musume。’14 doing a concert in New York :heart2:

The New York concert
was increeeeeedibly exciting!!

Everyone from the New York area 6005[1]

Everyone who came from Brazil or Canda
or other countries around the world 6005[1]

Also everyone who came from Japan 6005[1]

Songs really don’t have a connection with the country
but can become 1when you share them around the worldーキラキラ

Mou, it’s so amazing!!!

The loudness of your cheering

was conveyed too much in Japanese as well (lol)

Though we all studied English
all the fans are so smart or something (lol)

But、I hope I conveyed the English I studied as well

Those who came
as well as those who couldn’t this time

Everyone around the world
thank you for your support :heart2:

Thank You so much :heart2:
(t/l note: she wrote this in English)


An outfit limited to New York!!

There’s so much more I want to write
and there are memorable stories outside of the concert too

but it’ll be over in just a bit longer lol

I’ll write in my blog again okayー!!

That’s all from New York! gakishock2

See you ayumin :heart2:
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Riderman’s right hand! How nostalgic!

This is Ishida Ayumi ヾ(*゚∀゚*)ノ

I’m enjoying myself in New York :heart2:



Since I still can’t tell you any detailed stories。
The tales of our travels will have to wait until next time。

Wait for just a bit more, okayー!!


Before we headed off to New York
I was told that the temperature was

「About as cold as Aomori is at the moment」

But when I got here, it was freezing cold :sweat:

It almost felt like it was in the middle of winter…!

I have to be careful not to catch a cold!

It seems Japan is having problems with the typhoon… 6005[1]

How is it now?
Everyone, please take care


Ah、 in the comments、 there are people who write things like ‘I wonder if you’ll read this comment?’、

But as you can see、 if I connect to the Wi-Fi, I can read them even from New York
Thank you very much!!


Now it’s about 1:30 in the middle of the night
I spent so much time in the bath that it got late!

But、 since my body was freezing、

I was gently warmed to the core :heart2:

When I got out of the bath、
Kudo Haruka-chan who’s sharing the room with me、


Was like this (lol)

What’s up with her right hand (lol)

(By the way、 this is the right hand
That’s alluded to in the title of this blog post)

Well、 when she woke up just now

I asked her if it would be okay to put that photo up on the blog

And she went 「It’s completely fine~」。

Refuse a little!! lol

You’d expect no less from a narcissist
Even her sleeping face is cuteー。 lol


That said、 I’ve got to go to sleep soonー

We’ve got to get up early tomorrowーっ



It’s a different version of yesterday’s photo

By the way、 this is
A photo from the day we did the concert in Yamagata

See you ayumin :heart2:
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This is Ishida Ayumi ( ゚д゚)


I woke up normally today…

Then I drank some juice in the afternoon

After that, suddenly

My throat felt blocked
There was this uncomfortable sensation that something was stuck in my throat

‘Hmmmー?’ I thought (lol)

My throat hurts so much right now, that can’t be good :sweat:

When I looked at my reflection in the mirror

The middle of my throat was red and rashy…

I went to the hospital’s emergency services
And had it looked at

I was told it was a sore throat?!

Damnー! At such a time!

But I was told that if I take a lot of water, it’ll get better
So I’ll definitely get better by the time we get to the NY concert。

Ishida、 you’re a girl who can do it if you try。

It’ll be okay!!!!! lol


And I had a recording for All Night Nippon Mobile today :onpu:

Today’s guest was Harunan

We talked about the takoyaki party
We talked about the 12th gen members
We also talked about something for the first time

You definitely should listen to it~? lol

During the takoyaki party、

While going 「Ehー It’s embarrassingー」
She’s properly checking out her own MC parts

Michishige Sayumi-san :heart2:

But honestly、the 6th gen-san’s MC’s are amusing

I’d like to watch them again somewhereーっ\(^^)/

And I too

Will do my best to be able to MC like that!

See you ayumin :heart2:
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This is Ishida Ayumi (o^^o)


Ikuta-san and her papa and mama and little brother-kun
Harunan and her mama
Ishida and Mama

Which is to say、 quite an interesting combination

Went for lunch together :heart:

This is probably the first time、
I’ve gone out with the mothers of other members for a meal!!

You know、 the mothers were excited  

Us members、 since normally we’re always together、 there aren’t any new topics in particular that we can bring up…

…Well, that’s how it was  lol

But Ikuta-san’s younger brother、
Was funnyー He’s really a kid :light:

Though、I’m still a kid too


For me、

Just a while ago、

At a Hello! Con、

Suzuki Airi-san :heart:

Said to me something on the lines of
「You’ve grown up」 :heart:

I’m so、、、



Thank you very much 

It’s something I’ve been a bit aware of recently、
So I’ve got to work harder、 that’s what I think :heart:

I’ll do my best!!

The magazine 『Top Yell』-san
Where I have a discussion with that Suzuki Airi-san

Is currently on sale :light:

Please make sure to read that article

I’m counting on you

For me、 I can’t even muster up the courage

To ask her to take a photo with me←

So to go as far as to ask her to hang out。・゜゜(ノД`)

……Those who know will understand (lol)
……It’s just jealousy (lol)

Tomorrow’s the Nakano Hello! Con performance :light:

At the concert、
In more than one way、

Will I be able to speak up!?

I’ll do my best tomorrow too gakishock2 :heart:


The Girls Live was broadcast yesterday!

Takahashi Ai-san
Coordinated outfits for Morning Musume。’14

It was super stylish  :kirakira:


Tw、 tw、 tw、 twintails!!

See you ayumin :heart2:
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This is Ishida Ayumi d('ェ'*)

Today we had a concert at Nakano :light:

…I was still nervous…

That said, Nakano Sunplaza was super hot!
Even staying still, I still broke out in sweat!

That’s the extent of how much physical strength was needed…

It’s all right if it’s the venue getting fired up、
But when it’s the temperature that’s heating up, then it’s a bit tough (lol)

We can’t do anything, since it’s summer…

But talking about things that we can do、
We can do things that are eco-friendly :ribbon:

I hope the temperature of the Earth doesn’t go any higher

Well then、

At today’s afternoon performance、
There was an important announcement from Berryz Kobo-san。

They will be entering an indefinite hiatus from the spring of next year。

Honestly I can’t say I’m just surprised、
My head’s still spinning、

But there’s still the summer and winter Hello! Cons!

I’d like to learn from their example、

And it would be great if I could chat with them :heart:

Berryz Kobo’s latest single is『Futsuu、 Idol 10-nen yatterannai desho!?』

I loーve that song :light:

What’s more, I think that since it was Berryz Kobo-san who sang it、
I came to like the song :heart:

I’ll do my best at tomorrow’s 3 Nakano performances!!

Just as I declared on yesterday’s blog post

I got to upload photos with Wada-san :light:



We were like that、
Aー ndー thenー


Squeezeーっっっ :heart: :heart:

We embraced 

For someone like me to do this, I apologise!! lol
I was quite extremely happy!!

The Wada-san who’s turned 20、

Her beauty when singing
Her cuteness backstage
Her innocent side that occasionally reveals itself
Her coolness, even when the only thing she’s doing is standing still

She possesses a lot of things :kirakira:

When I turn 20…

How will I beーっ(lol)(lol)

See you ayumin :heart2:
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