Ishida Ayumi

New Lives!

It’s Ishida Ayumi (・∀・)

We’ve finally entered April、
and so I think there are those here who are starting new lives

Ishida noticed as well

that I’ve become a 3rd year high school student。

Isn’t that crazy!
Isn’t that too quick!

Yep, but for sure、
our youngest Maa-Duu combo also

are already in their 3rd year of middle school。

Life goes by so quickly, huh
We’ve gotta make it precious

Well、that start of April、
today 4/1、

is April Fools (*´艸`*)

Did you all fool someoneー!?

Since I’m a serious person I haven’t :heart: lol

…or rather、
I don’t have friends who fooled me either…………

Ufufufu (^^) Things like that happen too, huh (^^)

Ahh, since it’s such an opportunity、
I want to make a lie to everyone :onpu:

Though it’s funny to say “I’m going to lie” (lol)

Ah、an infinite loop has just been born in my head!

Though I wrote “I’ll lie”、
I’ve made a blog without lying about anything、

so as a result saying “I’m going to lie” was a lie。

But since if I do that I’m lying、
saying I didn’t lie will make the lie go away、

and so once again writing “I’ll lie”
was a lie after all、

……this infinite loop (lol)

I didn’t really explain it well huh 4254916[1]
Since it’s troublesome I’ll stop with the lying too  (lol)

Today I had a recording with Oda Sakura-chan for All Night Nippon mobile :heart: :heart:
With it being April!

All Night Nippon mobile
has undergone a renewal beginning with this show as well :kirakira:

…Ishida did her best.

Though it was my first time doing a radio show with Oda-chan as the 2of us as well、
we talked about things we haven’t talked about much
and about advising as we head toward our auditions

so it was fun \(^^)/

It’ll stream starting on 4/9! :heart:
Please be sure to listen okay! :heart:

Also、though we talked about it on the radio too、

an app I’ve been into the coーnstantly now 
『Candy Crush』


I’ve cleared the whole thing。

Isn’t that awesomeee!
Though I even think myself that I’ve played it too much、
isn’t that awesomeee!

Though I say that、since recently
the stages have increased yet again、

while looking forward to being able to do the next stages、
I’ll report about it on my blog as well okay :onpu:

Tomorrow is the day of our simultaneous handshake events!

4/2 (Wednesday) 17:00~
Aeon Mall Asahi River East 1F Green Court

I’ll be waiting there

Everyone in Hokkaido :heart:
and everyone who’ll be coming to Hokkaido :heart:
and everyone who supports me :heart:

I’ll be in your care tomorrow

Details are here!

See you ayumin 4400769[1]
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My Therapy!

It’s Ishida Ayumi ヾ(・ω・`)ノ

Since I don’t have time…

I’ll make this look full with pictures :heart: lol

With Michishige Sayumi-san! :heart:

And from there……

Messing around with pictures :heart: lol

Though they’re pictures from Sendai、
when I asked someone who could take a picture, “Please take oneー!”

they gathered together for me :onpu:


Suzuki-san likes me
as an idol, she said。

Isn’t that like, “Ehhh!” :heart:
Suzuki-san、thank you :heart:

To explain those not in the picture、

Kuduu was doing a shoot

and Ikuta-san, before this shoot、
since it was my triumphal return concert
while saying “Let’s all take a picture!”

said something like,「Eri’s okay without taking a pictureー!」without notice (lol)

As a result、she’s not in this picture either gakishock2

As for Maa-chan、when we took the picture Michishige-san was hugging me :heart: …and、seeing that、

got angry and ran off (lol)

We made up though、so it’s okay \(^^)/

When all of Morning Musume。’14 is together、
I get warm feelings from my heart :heart:

It’s calming…or rather、healing :heart:

The prank show from New Year’s and such、
since I recorded it and still have it、

I watched it yesterday for the first time in a while、

and I grinned by myself。

(°Д°) lol

You all have times like this too, right?Right?

Well, somewhere you’ll be able to see
such therapeutic pictures of all those members :heart:

au Book Pass

I’ll introduce!

Though I think it’s easiest to understand
if you click the above link…

there’s an app called Book Pass

In there now
there’s a contest going on within Hello! Project!!

We’re taking pictures from various themes
and which group took the best pictures

will be decided by a vote from all the fans!

…For now, everyone :heart:
it’s OK if you vote for Morning Musume。’14  :heart:

You’ll be able to see some pretty rare members!

au Book Pass
Please be sure to check it out!

By the way, the result of this
will be announced

at the HinaFES on the30th (16:30~ concert) :kirakira:

Please support us!!

See you ayumin 4400769[1]
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The MV is Out!

It’s Ishida Ayumi  ●´∀`)ノ

On today’s Hello Sute、

the music video for Toki wo Koe Sora wo Koe
was shown

Though it was supposed to be picked up
by yesterday’s Mezamashi TV-san,

did you all check that out?

Since it hasn’t all been shown yet、
I think there are people curious about it…

but we’ll keep you waiting :heart: :heart:

Hello Sute
Please definitely be sure to check it out!

I looooooove this song!

Though it’s heart-rending、it’s an incredibly gorgeous song、
and the music video is really pretty too

Though I think it’s incredibly rare for there to be a ballad song in a Morning Musume。single、

in order to make it like a whisper 
we sang the whole thing in falsetto 

so I think you can see a new us!

Since I’ve been looking too forward to the MV on today’s Hello Sute、
and started watching it the instant it hit 9:00、

I’m confident I was the first one to play it back!

……as expected that’s not the case, right (lol)

S/mileage’s new music video is in there too、

and it’s so incredibly cool :kirakira:
and mature、and gorgeous :kirakira:

Please watch Hello Suteー!

The thing I want you to pay closest attention to
in the Toki wo Koe Sora wo Koe MV is

:heart: the moment it enters the final hook after the interlude is over :heart:

Though unfortunately…

you can’t see it on Hello Suteー…(lol)

Please look forward to
the special privilege of being able to see the full MV

with the CD :onpu:

Also!Do you remember the canned goods we had a bit ago!
They’ll be sold at the HinaFES!

The videos have been postedー :heart: :heart:

Please check them out here!
Please be sure to check them out!


I’ll be waiting for your thoughts on Toki wo Koe Sora wo Koe \(^^)/

See you ayumin 4400769[1]
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It’s Ishida Ayumi (〃^ω^)

The answer to yesterday’s question!!

There were people who got it right
But there were lots of people who got it wrong too (lol)

Though I thought it was easy…

When I think that、
it’s awesome that Ikuta-san got it right away! (lol)

With that!!

Here’s the answerー!!

From the left、

Kudou Haruka-chan :heart:

Sato Masaki-chan :heart:

Ishida Ayumi :heart:

Iikubo Haruna-chan :heart:

That’s itー!

The same order as this  :onpu:

There were lots of people who answered
Fukumura Mizuki-san in Maa-chan’s place…

What heck, why!?

Though since I knew the answer、
I could only see Maa-chan there、

it’s something you can’t tell just from the shot, huh 4254916[1]

For reasoning it out from the heights、hair length、and the angle
of the picture、

thank you

Were you able to find it out
just like Conan-kun?lol

Though I’d planned on when I said
the 『Weather (Tenki)』was good being a hint tooー

the hint was also too difficult, huh (lol)

I wonder if you had fun with it?  :onpu:

:ribbon: Suzuki Kanon-san
:ribbon: Oda Sakura-chan
:ribbon: Ishida Ayumi

the3of us
had a recording for Morning Jogakuin!!

Isn’t that too rare a combo!!

The two of them graduated from middle school this year、
so will be high school students starting this spring, right!

Congratulaーtions :kirakira:

We talked about that too!!


are the broadcasts!
Check yoroー :heart: :heart: :heart:

A certain event for
Morning Musume。’14 has been decided!

With our new song’s release nearing :kirakira:

check out the video too, yoroー :heart: :heart: :heart:

See you ayumin 4400769[1]
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It’s Ishida Ayumi (*´ー`*)

I have an announcement!

On tomorrow’s「Mezamashi TV」san :heart: :heart:

our 56th single
「Toki wo Koe Sora wo Koe/Password is 0」

has its first in the universe :ribbon:

music video


…scheduled \(^^)/

We took comments too
Please definitely be sure and check it out!

You’ve gotta wake up at 6AM!


I took this today、
but do you know who they are? :onpu:

Ikuta-san has answered it!

……With that said、
Ikuta-san isn’t there (lol)

Fufufu、it’s probably easy :onpu:

I’ll give the answer later on sometime!
Everyone, please try out the challengeー!


The weather was great today, huh :kirakira:
My mood was sunny too :kirakira:

Ah!But there’s something I’m feeling sad about now!

From manager-san、

to the 9th 10th and11th gens
something like a quiz came、

and although it gives many hints、

……I don’t know any of the answers。

It’s making me super down  4254916[1] 4254916[1] 4254916[1]

It’s something I can’t do very well、
just like Conan-kun (lol)

See you ayumin 4400769[1]
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It’s Ishida Ayumi (p´з`*)

Today were polaroid and individual handshake events

The 3-shot polaroid combo this time was…


AyuMizuki :heart: :heart:
The Daisuki 100manten combo :heart: :heart:

During a bit of a break、


we played around doing things like this (lol)

It was fun!
Those who took polaroids、please make them precious okay :ribbon:

Those who haven’t gotten one yet、if there’s a combination you like at the next single or such, please try and participate!!

At the individual handshake event、
most comments were about the concert :onpu:

Like things about Sendai、

though it seems like I showed my nervousness (lol)
just hearing people say “It was good” :kirakira:

was really a relief。

Mouー、it’s thanks to everyone’s support (^^)

Concerts have just started、
so I think there are people here who’ll be coming from now on、

and there are also probably people who say, “Well I want to go…!”…。

Though of course I want you to come

If you come when you’re able to
we’ll always be waiting。

It’s ok、it’s ok!

The concert won’t run awaーy\(^^)/ :heart: lol

Moreover, not limited to the concert、events have been decided for our single releasing on 4/16 as well, you know!

Ah、please look up details

on the official home page、and check them out :onpu:

This week、at last, is Hina Fest, right!!

Have you all checked out this video?

Mornign Musume。’14′s
HinaFest Rehearsal Video

If you watch this、”Ah!They’ll sing this song!” you’ll be able to see firsthand (lol)

I think it’ll surely make you want to come
Please be sure to come play with us okay

I can’t wait for Kuduu’s solo too!!

Let’s all support her!

And also, actually!
Everyone who attends the HinaFest

will get a present from our sponsor au-san :heart: :heart:

:ribbon: au「MoriMusu。」original clear file
:ribbon: au「HinaFES」orange glowstick with an original card

……I want them too!!lol

For details, please see here !

Though lots of au-san’s CMs
are being broadcast、

it gets me excited every time I watch it :heart:

I’m so happyー!

See you ayumin 4400769[1]
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Raising the Curtain on Opening Day!

It’s Ishida Ayumi (●´∀`人´∀`●)

The Morning Musume。’14 Concert Tour Spring~Evolution~

reached its opening day without incident!

Iya、rather than without incident、

……or speaking of being not without incident
since it really wasn’t (lol)

As for what happened、

There was a customary surprise for the concert’s opening day。

Or no、it’s not really customary for there to be a surprise、but it feels like it is (lol)

That surprise was this…… :onpu:

「Morning Musume。’14 <Golden> Audition!」has been decided!

It’ll go from 2014/3/15~5/11, the deadline!

For details please look here :onpu:

Though I was wondering if something would happen、
What’s a Golden Audition?・・・

…I thought…honestly。lol

It’s like、not ○○ Generation、
but Golden :kirakira: you know!?

…Isn’t that kinda awesome!?lol

I’ll work hard not to lose to my kouhai!

Also the main thing, the concert :heart: :heart:

……Um…I was nervous (°Д°)(°Д°)(°Д°)…

It was awーful。

But I was super excited!!
It was awーful in that way too :kirakira:

For this tour、
we’re also debuting our new songs!

In that song related to a CM、

since we’re always jumping it gets to my legs…(lol)

ah、something I want you to keep an eye out for
is the formation for the hook!!

If you look at it from above, it becomes a star :kirakira:

Today as well at rehearsal we carefully double-checked things、and I’ll do my best to be able to do it prettily for the next time and on too!

Also, what we debuted today、
:heart: 時空を超え 宇宙を超え :heart:

「Toki wo Koe Sora wo Koe」is how it’s read!

It’s a slow tempo、
enchanting song which makes you listen t it

Since I think there’ll be other chances to introduce it、look forward to them okay! \(^^)/

I noticed yet again doing a concert
how important all the fans are。

You know、just with everyone’s cheering、

I feel like I can work harder to where it’s like many times my normal strength

…What kind of people are all the fans!?

To that extent、
thank you always :onpu: :onpu:

Being grateful I can do concerts、
I’ll work hard over the day tomorrow too! :heart:

The Suberize goods intros!!

Please check them out!

Since if you watch it twice
it’ll be a reprisal of the hilarity、
watch it twice okay :heart: lol

Though you’ll know if you watch the video、
I recommend the glowsticks!

Goodniーght (^^)

Please be sure to let me hear about
your thoughts from today’s concert。

See you ayumin 4400769[1]
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1 Page of Youth

It’s Ishida Ayumi ヾ(o≧∀≦o)ノ゙

I think
that you didn’t understand yesterday’s blog (lol)

Thank you for your various opinions

It’s not that I wasn’t worried about it、
but I hadn’t thought that hard about it。

But reading the comments made sweat come from my eyes… gakishock2

As for why that was、
I don’t even really know myself

But since with Ishida Ayumi being Ishida Ayumi :onpu:

It’s not that “I’ve gotta know!”、
but I wonder if it’s okay to watch how I am now。

I’ll not think too hard about things like,
“I’ve gotta find a hobby!”。

……though I really should have a hobby, huh。

Also、with things like dance being a part of Ayumin

that honestly made me happy (^^)

Also、something I’m often saying recently、
there’s Candy Crush and such (lol)

I’ve progressed up to 422 now :heart: :heart: :heart:

After I recommended it、
it seems there are lots of fans who started it!

So I’m always doing it thinking,
“I don’t wanna be overtaken!I don’t wanna lose!”←

And so all the fans too、

please do your best without giving up :onpu: lol

Since there’s no time limit、I think you’ll be able to do it by taking your tiーme thinking about it, right?

Also, just challenge it many times!

…Since there were lots of people who asked for advice、that was a little bit of advice from Ishida :ribbon:

Today was a recording for 『The Girls Live』!

Also!! :heart:
Fukumura Mizuki-san!! :heart:

has returned as of today :heart: :heart:

Welcome baーck! :heart:

is healthy!!
(Though the picture is from before lol)

Doesn’t it reflect a bit of youth??

Ah、Ishida is doing well too :onpu:

See you ayumin 4400769[1]
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Who Am Iー!

It’s Ishida Ayumi (●・ω・)/

I had rehearsal today too :onpu:

……Honestly、”I had rehearsal.”

is all I’ve written already (lol)

Since it’s full of things I can’t talk about、
Even if I think, “I wanna write that!” it’s no good

Please look forward to
when the tour starts okay :heart:

I feel like I’ve written that many times too (lol)

Conversely、what do you all want to know?

Ah、though since it’s not that I’m particularly recruiting questions、I just want to ask about it。←

Depending on what everyone wants to know、

I feel like  I’ll know how much
you all know meー :onpu: :onpu:

Yep、that’s all I tried to think (lol)

Since I basically don’t have any hobbies、
and don’t know what I like、
and don’t know what I’m particular about or anything、

I don’t really know much about myself 

Even if I’m asked something、
first of all I get to thinking、”I don’t know…”

And sooo

It’s super difficult to do surveys and such
which are asking a lot about me!!lol

Though I’m good at multiple choice :onpu:

Also、in Japanese studies、there are times when you write about your own thoughts right。

I’m also bad at things like that…

And so, I like things like science and math :heart:

Ah、but、I like writing blogs and such too

Since I don’t really know more!


See you ayumin 4400769[1]
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It’s Ishida Ayumi (●´・∀・`●)ノ

Today with Ikuta Erina-san :onpu:
I had a shoot for a goods intro video!

「Evolution」goods :onpu:


I feel like in recent blogs、
there’ve been a lot of Suberize appearances…

Oh no!

If I keep this up

it’ll become a laaaーme blog!

……huh、though I’ve always been lame。

Kyaha :heart: (lol)(lol)

Iya, but。

I have confidence that on my blog
I’m more interesting than in concerts。

……though that’s also kinda like, “How am I doing?”←

In our spring tour starting on 3/15 as well、
I think we have a talk corner、

Let’s see

Evolution with my talking ability too…

Ahaha (lol) I’ll work hard to be able to do iーt (lol)

I’ll make sure that even if I mess up
I won’t evolve in the wrong direction!!

Though I’m warming up bit by bit

I put a bit of a damper on it in Suberize…。。

By the way, all the fans、


are expecting me to be lame right?
I’m found outー :heart: :heart:

…I’m in this kind of mood today!!lol

The goods intro with Suberize as well、
in this kind of mood、

was a super fun shoot :ribbon:

Though at first、you’ll probably think
“Oi oi, you’re being lame…” (lol)

since if you watch the whoーle thing、

I expect it will be funny overall!!

Though it’s a bit before it’ll be available、
please look forward to it :heart:

When that time comes, watch it until the end without giving up okay :heart:

Ah、was today’s blog lame?lol

If it was a bit,
it’s because of the Suberize content!

I’ll leave it up to your assessment!lol

See you ayumin 4400769[1]
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