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Yesterday、 ℃-ute announced that they would be breaking up。

I’ve been watching all of them ever since they were the Hello! Project Kids。

Those girls were still young at heart and young in body, and watching them sing and dance with everything they had, it really brought a smile to my face、 and I always protectively watched over them, wishing them ‘Good luckー! Good luckー!’

Those girls developed gradually、 and before I knew it, they had become a group that were leading Hello! Project、 and before I knew it, their skill at dancing and singing had outstripped mine (lol)

Recently, beyond the occasional encounter, I haven’t seen them, but when we’d meet, they’d greet me with a smile and an ‘Ishikawa-sanー!’

Those girls have all passed 20、 and ℃-ute’s breakup was decided upon after they each thought about their own futures。

It’s likely that the fans feel extremely sad。

However、 I think that those girls were the ones who understood that the most when they made the decision。

Because of that、 I felt that I could put my confidence in those girls’ resolution。

Even when ℃-ute have broken up
Maimi-chan、 Saki-chan、 Airi、 Chisato、 and Mai-chan will be my precious juniors。

To ℃-ute
Please run along at full power until your break-up。
Please deliver your gratitude and smiles to your supportive fans, with everything you’ve got。
Please fully get support from the those around you who have been supporting ℃- ute, until the very end。
I’ll cheer you on with all my might as well!
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It’s been a while since I was last on Young Town (^-^)

Today I had a recording for the radio programme 「Young Town」 after about 2 years since my last appearance 088[1] png kirakra Kumai Yurina Maimi Okai

I was glad to see Sanma-san and Murakami Shoji-san after so long、 and I had a lot of laughs 001[1] Kumai Bakuwara png087[1] Runrun Kumai Yurina

With Kato Noriko-san and Momochi 117[1] png Kumai Choki

Momochi wanted to hide her make-up-free face、 so we all covered her up (lol)


11th June (Sat) 10:00 p.m. ~ 11:00 p.m.
MBS Radio 「Young Town」
Look forward to it 088[1] png kirakra Kumai Yurina Maimi Okai
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Bonus ❤︎

With Granny Momoko :haato:

I don’t really want to say this about Momoko…


But she was adorable (lol)


She’s one of the juniors I’ve liked from way back :nihihi:


Momoko is currently livening up Country Girls :excite:


As I got to perform as Country Musume。 ni Ishikawa Rika (Morning Musume。), I’m rooting for them behind the scenes :choki:


Momoko, I’m entrusting the group with you :excite:
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Berryz Kobo ❤︎

I went to see Berryz Kobo yesterday!


Even though they were primary schoolers the first time I met them…
Now they’re all over 20 and are wonderful grown-up ladies :nikoniko: :raburabu:


These 2 as well!


The face I’m making when I’m covering Momochi is horrible (lol)


Berryz Kobo will enter their hiatus at their LIVE performance at the Nippon Budokan on the 3rd of March。


It’s been 12 and a half years counting from their time as the Hello! Project Kids、 you really did a good job!


Honestly、 it’s a bit sad :shobon:

But it’s a decision that all those girls decided on!

Even until now、 even beyond this、 I’ll think of them as important comrades that I love!


I want them to have the greatest happy time at the Nippon Budokan :music:
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You worked hard❤︎

Yesterday I went with my friends to see our good friend’s graduation LIVE :music:




Sayu :heart:
Congratulations on graduating from Morning Musume!
You did a really great job!

You used to be just 「Cute Sayu」
But yesterday you weren’t just cute- you were captivating :bikkuri:
Morning Musume。’14 is constantly evolving
From the bottom of my heart, I want to keep supporting and looking after my beloved friends‼︎
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Thanks for your hard work ❤︎

Yesterday, I went to watch my associate’s graduation concert LIVE with my other fellow associates :music:

Sayu :heart:
Congratulations on your graduation from Morning Musume。!
And thank you so very much for your hard work!

A long time ago she was 「Cute Sayu」
But yesterday, Sayu was more cool than cute :bikkuri:

Morning Musume。’14 always continues to develop

I’ll continue to cheer on my important associates
And from the bottom of my heart, I’d like to watch over them ‼︎
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An announcement

I’m sorry if the current unexpected news surprised all of you。
As it was a first for me, I was greatly surprised as well。

As mentioned in some reports、 I am in a relationship with Seibu Lions’ Nogami Ryoma-san。

I do not know what will happen beyond this, but it would make me happy if you could watch over us warmly。

Ishikawa Rika will continue to do her best, with all her might, so I’m begging for your kindness。

Ishikawa Rika
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Juniors ☻

It seems that my cute juniors Berryz Kobo have announced their indefinite suspension of activity。



It surprised me as well :aseru:



But I believe that this decision definitely came after countless discussions amongst the girls。



Even after Berryz Kobo enters their hiatus, I still want to support each and every one of them!



Until then, so that they have no regrets
I want Berryz Kobo to continue running forward to their heart’s content :nikoniko:



Tomorrow、 finally、 will be the opening day for my play‼︎


The final practice ended without a hitch!


The director Kaneko-sensei gave some closing words…



After this, the play’ll be complete once the audience comes in。
Let’s make this a great play together with the audience!



From the depths of our heart, we gave out a resounding「Yes!」  :nihihi:



From tomorrow until the 17th
I’ll be continuing on as Tsubaki in Daikon‼︎



I’m begging for your kindness :!!:
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Sato Masaki-chan from Morning Musume。’14(*^o^*)


You could say she’s pampered~
You could say she’s innocent~
You could say she’s friendly~


Whenever we meet, she always goes 「Ishikawa-sa~n」 and gives me a hug :nihihi:


She’s like a cute little sister who’s over a zodiac cycle apart from me :heart:



Four successive shots(lol)

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[TN: From the end of Rika’s previous entry]
Also after YoungTown  I went to see a beloved colleague’s courageous performance at Nippon Budoukan.

To be continued.

I went to Nippon Budoukan to see Morning Musume’s concert. o(^▽^)o

Gaki-san & Mittsi’s graduation concert :music:

was super cool.

When she first joined Morning Musume she was really a tiny child, with an itty bitty face like a bean. It makes me nostalgic thinking about how we used to always call her mame [bean].

I still call her mame. (lol)

The letter Gaki-san wrote
resounded in my heart.
I think Gaki-san very clearly expressed her feelings toward the fans, her fellow members, and the many people who supported her.

You’ve truly worked hard. :raburabu:

And then there’s Mittsi~

Somehow she had such adult-like expressions.
I was never in Morning Msume with Mittsi~ but I always watched her from close by.
When Biyuuden and Morning Musume did a concert tour together, we sang “Otoko Tomodachi” together.

Even now I still remember feeling how hard she was working as I danced beside her.

Even after you graduate Morning Musume, please continue to move forward at your own pace. :raburabu:

Good work.  :raburabu:

There was also a surprise during yesterday’s concert…

There’s going to be an 11th generation member audition. o(^▽^)o

I’m going to gain some new colleagues again.

When I joined I was a youthful 15 year old but now…

I’m all grown up.  :choki:

Am I using the right words when I say “grown up”? lol

Morning Musume is always changing.

My beloved Morning Musume.

I’ll continue to cheer them on. :music:

I’ll also do my best to continue to change too. v(^-^)v
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