Ishikawa Rika


Sato Masaki-chan from Morning Musume。’14(*^o^*)


You could say she’s pampered~
You could say she’s innocent~
You could say she’s friendly~


Whenever we meet, she always goes 「Ishikawa-sa~n」 and gives me a hug :nihihi:


She’s like a cute little sister who’s over a zodiac cycle apart from me :heart:



Four successive shots(lol)

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[TN: From the end of Rika's previous entry]
Also after YoungTown  I went to see a beloved colleague’s courageous performance at Nippon Budoukan.

To be continued.

I went to Nippon Budoukan to see Morning Musume’s concert. o(^▽^)o

Gaki-san & Mittsi’s graduation concert :music:

was super cool.

When she first joined Morning Musume she was really a tiny child, with an itty bitty face like a bean. It makes me nostalgic thinking about how we used to always call her mame [bean].

I still call her mame. (lol)

The letter Gaki-san wrote
resounded in my heart.
I think Gaki-san very clearly expressed her feelings toward the fans, her fellow members, and the many people who supported her.

You’ve truly worked hard. :raburabu:

And then there’s Mittsi~

Somehow she had such adult-like expressions.
I was never in Morning Msume with Mittsi~ but I always watched her from close by.
When Biyuuden and Morning Musume did a concert tour together, we sang “Otoko Tomodachi” together.

Even now I still remember feeling how hard she was working as I danced beside her.

Even after you graduate Morning Musume, please continue to move forward at your own pace. :raburabu:

Good work.  :raburabu:

There was also a surprise during yesterday’s concert…

There’s going to be an 11th generation member audition. o(^▽^)o

I’m going to gain some new colleagues again.

When I joined I was a youthful 15 year old but now…

I’m all grown up.  :choki:

Am I using the right words when I say “grown up”? lol

Morning Musume is always changing.

My beloved Morning Musume.

I’ll continue to cheer them on. :music:

I’ll also do my best to continue to change too. v(^-^)v