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My destination? Tokyo!

Today, for the first time in 6 months I’m headed for Tokyo,

I feel happy but it’s a weird complicated kind of happiness.


I wanted to go and see a Morning Musume concert,

I want to meet everyone, everyone that supported us while I was in the group.

But I don’t really know how I should act in front of everyone.

Maybe that’s just me thinking too much…. but

I should try to relax more! I’ll try my best!

I hope everyone is happy and healthy.
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I thought to myself..  I wonder what I would look like with a BOBO hairstyle,

So I put on the wig to have a look



You have nothing to say? [Sweating!]

My hairstyle is very important, so maybe I’ll try it for real some other time


P.S. It was my mother’s birthday the other day!

We had a great party and this is what I made for my mom! :heart:


Good… Good
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It took a whole of month of great effort… all for this!

I really tried my best

From now on, I’ve become the person who has a license! 

P.S. After I had read everyone’s comments it made me feel full of energy and ready to do my best!

I had better dash!
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It gets cold… it gets hot….

All of a sudden it’s sunny then all of a sudden it rains!

The weather really does have this feeling of instability at the moment.

Really unstable!


Tomorrow I have the last of my driving tests before I can get my licence.

For a number of reasons, so matter what… I want to finish this test as soon as possible!

I’m worn out again today.


Because it’s hot… maybe… but everything just seems impossible recently.


I’ll sort myself out and make sure I do my best on the day!

P.S. It’s HOT!
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A few days ago I had my 6.1 reverse test

I passed! Happy :heart2:

I still have 2 more tests to do…

If I can just keep doing my best until the end of this month, I will get my driving license!


P.S. Driving around makes me so tired!
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Chimaki Day

Today, in China it’s the day you are supposed to eat Chimaki,

Chimaki is a cake wrapped in bamboo leaves.

And old lady made them.

All of the family come together and have fun :heart2:

I love this tea flavoured chimaki the best

P.S. see you later :usagi2:
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Cold weather has arrived.

The temperature suddenly plummeted down…

Not only that, but it’s dark, raining and windy!

It feels like it went back to winter, COLD!! (cry)


I’m practicing reversing every day, only 10 days to go before my test ><

P.S. Drinking milk is really good for you,

it will make you clever, although I worry about the calorie level..

What the…
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Reversing Day

2nd day of practicing,

I had to hold a number and wait my turn, When my turn came I practiced,

It was 39 degrees outside..


I hate to get sunburn,

So I wore long sleeved shirt, sunglasses, took a parasol with me and used suntan spray too!

I stopped wearing sneakers a while ago,

I used to wear sneakers when I went to school,

but yesterday I wore heels and they really hurt my feet,

so today I’m wearing some comfortable sneakers, it puts me back in s studying mood

Yesterday was the first time I actually drove a car, I was kinda scared of the coach and I was really nervous,

But actually, the coach was really nice, he taught me a lot of things, and helped me out so many times,

when he praised my driving skill, that made me really happy! :heart:


Today I was nervous because the coach wasn’t in the car!


I stalled the car engine about 5 times!! lol

P.S. I’ll do my best tomorrow too!
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Driving Theory Test

I woke up at 7am..


Had breakfast at 7:30…


Gathered myself together at 8:20…


And took the test at 9:30


I got a perfect score! 100!

I read lots of books, asked myself many questions…. what a relief

From tomorrow I will be studying the practical side of driving,

I’m really bad at reversing ><
But with everyone’s help, I will practice a lot,

I’ll do my best!


P.S. It just occured to me that when I was in school I studied a lot more..

Hmm….. I just thought of something :excite:
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May 16th

I have a test real soon!

I really hope that I pass the test!

Why is it, when I take a photo in one of those photo booths that it always looks like I have a bitter smile??? lol


After I’ve had dinner it’s revision time


P.S. The reason why my hair is still nice and brightly coloured is because this is a photo from a while ago! hehehe
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