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Dear everyone

I deeply apologize to everyone, beginning with my fans and staff, for the media fuss and trouble that the recent events related to my husband have caused.



Unfortunately our event scheduled for 11/2 and the Uta Musume Super Live 2014 Winter Event scheduled for 11/8 have been suspended.




I feel so apologetic to you our fans who were looking forward to this show and to the event staff.



I apologize from the bottom of my heart.



I learned about this situation from the news last week.


I do not know the subject or the details but, some time ago the true situation was made quite clear and so he turned himself into the police.
Up until now, there have been countless hurdles and while at the expense of other things, I’ve overcome those hurdles and continued to move forward.


Perhaps I still haven’t been able to overcome those hurdles very well.



I believe that god has granted me the opportunity to look hard and reform myself. I’m thinking about how to go forward from here, including the group activities as Girls Beat!!

I will no longer be someone to cause worries or problems to my fans, the staff, and the other members; I feel this very strongly.

Yet on the other hand, I only know how to be an entertainer so, I also feel like I’d like to plan a comeback to the entertainment world.

Even if we are able to continue our activities, there may be any number of opinions regarding this and I must also think about how I will make a living going forward.

Retirement is also one of the options that I am considering.

Please give me a little bit more time.

I am truly, truly sorry for all of this.

Kago Ai
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Non (*^^*)

Good evening!

Today I’m going to upload something amazing!
Something that everyone would want to know about。

Actually, the 17th of June, that’d be Non’s birthday, right?
I went for Non’s birthday celebration (*^^*)



Leader Tsuji Nozomi and
Sub-leader Kago Ai!
The two of us make up〜

W (Double U)  :choki::choki:



For the first time in 10 years、we sang and danced to
Songs from the W (Double U) and Musume。 era!!

Even though we hadn’t practised at all
We were still the same!!
Looking like twins, even though we aren’t。
Going strong。

From now on too, we’ll always be partners
For me, Non is an important, important companion。

A person with whom I shared the amazing springtime of my youth!
No matter how much time passes
I can honestly say that getting to celebrate in this way truly makes me happy。

From now on too
I’d like us to always get older together!



Have a truly happy birthday :heart4::heart4::heart4:

Of course、 Aibon
Loves Non too (*^^*)!!!

Someday、 let’s pull of pranks again!
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Cheeky Daughter。

Good evening!

I ate udon today♪

I made plans with a friend and went to「Tsurutontan」♪

GahーーーI forgot pictures。

I am an udon-loving Kansai person after all。

(You don’t care?lol)

I feel like I only put stuff about myself that no one cares to know in this blog。

Forgive me pu!

Well today、my friend gave my daughter a present!!

Not only thatーーーーーIt’s HERMES!

Having her HERMES debut even though she’s this small


It’s this♪


A scarf, knit cap and mittens

Wow so cute 〜!!


UgyaaーーーToo much like an angel so cute I want to eat her。

They’re cute but they’re too pricey so using them feels like a waste。。

But、they were given especially to her so、yes。She will be using them♪

Although my daughter is giving a big yawn・・・・lol



Well、、、a bit of a cheeky daughter。

Mama’s excited。(bitter smile)
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Non(Tsuji Nozomi-chan)、has reported that she’s pregnant with her third child!!
Number three、it’s too amazing Nonmama (∋_∈)♪

When I heard the news I was so glad♪♪
Really congrats (*^▽^)/

Take care of your body
I want you to have a fun life raising children&and being happy!
It’s close to my daughter so I want to let them play…☆
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Real Meal!

Today I ate dinner with a friend

who is a more experienced Mama!!

I ate a lot♪

A daikon cheese salad to start

The daikon and cheese made a great combination、very tasty★

Beef sinew stew


Roasted vegetables


Piping hot croquettes

Tender roasted scallops

Abalone steak

Sirloin steak


And then

Garlic rice


Followed by〜

Pickled cucumbers


It was all too delicious and I ate it all♪♪

In winter kimchee stew is delicious too huh〜。


「Teppanyaki and Kimchee Stew Kagurazaka Shirokuya」


It was delicious〜♪

Going out to eat for the first time in a while is good after all huh ★
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My daughter supported her own head!!!

Clap clapーー♪

I don’t like holding her newborn style・・・

It will make me happy to hold her on my side♪

She moves her neck left and right

With different noises catching her attention〜。

It’s cute。

And another little little girl

My beloved dog Downey is cute too ★★

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The Result・・・・

I came home-tan♪

Lately my friends have been saying

「The way Ai-chan writes in her blog is cute〜♪」

Which makes me a happy Kago。

So、the color ended up like this!!


You can’t telll。lol

But、they put low lights in it for me!

They also did a treatment so it’s polished ★


I’m going to show you a thing I like!


You stick this on a wall

It’s a wall sticker!!

When this becomes a focal point it immediately brightens the room。

It looks like something you’d see in LA♪
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I’ve neglected it

Hair maintenance〜!

Without changing the length

I’ll cut just the ends and do a coloring&treatment♪♪


What kind of color should I do??(*_*)

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Doting Mother’s Heart・・・


This morning already feels not like summer but like fall〜。

This Aibon also loves the time when Summer turns to Fall♪

Yesterday a lot of friends came over

So it was a lively dinner but

I got too excited、and for the first time in a while stayed up late!

But I properly

Got up early in the morning、did the cleaning and the laundry

And lots of housewifey things☆lol


Now it’s my daughter’s nap time so

I’m updating my blog!!

(Her sleeping face、is too much like an angel)

I’m using extremely cute towels for my daughter。



Nice to the touch and

It’s got a cute design different from the usual!

And then、it seems too early but

The bathing suit she can wear next summer。

I’m completely too doting of a parent。

Contemplation contemplation・・・・

But、I have a strong feeling of「my child before myself!」after all so

I want to let my daughter wear lots of cute clothes♪

And there’s also lots of stuff I want to let her do!

Of course there’s also stuff I want to do

Loーーーーts of stuff☆
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Quick Nyan♪

This morning、the weather was awful

Oh ho ho〜。

However、thankfully it cleared up in the afternoon♪

At noon、my mother-in-law came over

So in the evening I quickly went shopping!

Looking like this。




When you have a child

I’d heard that you don’t have time to yourself but

You really don’t have anyーーー!

I’m realizing that up to now、I had a ton of freedom。


Surely with all the people who have kids

In this world、 there are Papas&Mamas who have it harder。

I have so much respect for them!

Somehow、I’m doing the best I can by myself。(bitter smile)

What’s that?

What I bought、is cloooーーthes☆

ed75b61d399e14777b32b682e3f18dabI fell in love at first sight of this pink color♪

Beside this I also did GET a knit YO♪

Tonight a friend is coming over to hang oーut。
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