Kanazawa Tomoko


Good evening
Known as KanaTomo, this is Kanazawa Tomoko。

Thank you very much
For always commenting。

I went to

Miyazaki Yuka-chan and Takagi Sayuki-chan’s
Birthday event

Their costumes and hairdos
Had a different atmosphere than usual、

It felt fresh ♡

As Uemura Akari-chan
Was wearing Yuka-chan’s T-shirt、

And Miyamoto Karin-chan
Was wearing
Takagi-san’s T-shirt

Kanazawa thought that whichever she wore
It would be unfair…

So I wore a completely red Kanazawa T-shirt
And cheered them on。(lol))

It might have seemed KY、
But I’m sure that when it came to emotions
I wouldn’t lose out to anyone at the venue!!

The 2 of them、 their solo songs
Were really wonderful…

I want them to sing again。

Yuka-chan and Takagi-san
Good job~

Well then、 with this and that

I think I’d like to write about
Kanazawa’s reflection on last month &this month’s objective。

The objective for March was
【Overcoming foods that I dislike!】
That was it。

The foods I dislike
Hijiki Tamagoyaki

Hello! Pro Kenshuusei
Makino Maria-chan

She brought it、 towards my mouth…

I tried eating
Kanimiso with my eyes closed

I did my best!!!

Once I had eaten it
It was unexpectedly delicious…
How mysterious。

And、 my objective for April is
【Go through it with vigour!】
That is it。

From among the comments
I chose something simple。

I’d been worrying about the objective
And we’re rushing into April

So definitely
Such an easy-to-understand objective
Would be the best?!

I’ll work hard today with vigour
What is everyone’s objective?

That is all、 this was Kanazawa Tomoko~~~


Today I watched
Vampire Diaries


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♪. I too

Good evening
Known as KanaTomo, this is Kanazawa Tomoko。

Thank you very much
For always commenting。

At Differ Ariake

℃-ute’s Suzuki Airi-san
Was having her birthday event
I went for it~~~

Going there really was a good decision…!

The day before yesterday、
Juice=Juice held an event at Differ Ariake
The same place

But somehow the atmosphere
Felt completely different at the time。

Having LIVEs and events at the same location
It really does vary by individual~。

If, just once、for a Juice=Juice event
We could watch objectively from the guest seats
I think we’d learn something。

…Well、that’s pretty difficult。

Today’s event
Was very Suzuki-san-like ♡、

Those who came
Got to enjoy themselves!
That emotion was seeping out the whole time

It truly was wonderful。

Even more, she was just a single person
Yet for many songs
She sang her soul out in a cool and adorable way…

Ah, I have
So much more to go

That’s how I felt。(T_T)

I want to become like Suzuki-san!
It’s somewhat difficult for Kanazawa to say it

Since I’ve been thinking
That Kanazawa wants to bring out
A Kanazawa-like personality…

What I saw、 heard、 and felt today
I’d like to capitalise on them
For my activities from now on in my own way。

At any rate!
It was a realーーーly enjoyable time。

Thank you very much ♪♪

I too、
Even more and more and more…

Have to work hard。
That is all、 this was Kanazawa Tomoko~~~


On yesterday’s blog post、
Thank you
For the many comments

Since I’ve decided on a goal
I’ll write about it tomorrow~

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♪.Happy Birthday

Good evening
Known as KanaTomo, this is Kanazawa Tomoko。

Thank you very much
For always commenting。

Today、 the 12th of April…
Is the 20th birthday of

Kanazawa’s beloved senpai
Suzuki Airi-san from ℃-ute!

Have a very happy birthday。

「Suzuki-san’s turning 20 tomorrow~」
I was kind of itching to do something、
And was nervous。

I discussed with Takagi Sayuki-chan who was with me at the time

If I contact her at exactly midnight
Would that be weird?


If a lot of people contact her
It might be hard for her to reply
So maybe it might be better to send nothing at all?

And other such things、

I consulted about a lot of things with her…
But when I noticed that it was the moment the clock struck midnight
I sent my message。

Suzuki-san is really
Cute and pretty and cool…
She can handle anything with a snap!

She even studies properly、
She’s good at drawing too… She’s so skilful~
That’s what I feel。

But even though we see her in that light
Even more than her natural abilities

She puts in effort with all her might
At places that we can’t see。

I too have to follow her example。
That’s really what I always feel。

Kanazawa really has to
Do her best。(´・ω・`)

And, and… above all
What I love is Suzuki-san’s singing voice。

I think that
There are many parts that are difficult

So I’ll cheer for her from now on too。

I hope you have a wonderful year…☆

And today
At Differ Ariake

There was a serial event
For our 3rd single~

To everyone who came
Thank you very much。

When we were switching over for this event
We got to sing our songs by our senpai。

Everyone had lessons to prepare for singing
And to practice the dance…

Getting to put them on show them today
Made me very happy、

Ah… it’s good that I practiced
That’s how it felt。

Since we’ll be going to Nagoya
For the serial events tomorrow

So that we’ll get to spend an enjoyable time together
I’ll do my best with all my might

And with that, today it’s up to here。

That is all、 this was Kanazawa Tomoko~~~



The fruit I like recently。

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Good evening
Known as KanaTomo, this is Kanazawa Tomoko。

Thank you very much
For always commenting。

After Kanazawa watched 2 episodes of
Vampire Diaries from the morning、

I then headed off to work ♪♪

All of Juice=Juice were there
Somehow it’s definitely fun
And it makes me feel relieved

That’s what I felt today。

Ah、 that’s right。
This might be a little late

But you know
Recently I went to Akihabara alone!


I went to a maid cafe。

The maid-sans were cute~~

Isn’t going alone depressing?
So I was anxious

But I chatted a lot, so I was glad。

Onto my cocoa
A charm? was cast
It was embarrassing but it made me happy~

I’d like to go again。

Everyone、 have you
Ever gone to maid cafes?

That is all、 this was Kanazawa Tomoko~~~




Morning Musume。’14′s
Oda Sakura-san and myself、 Kanazawa

The new song for 【ODATOMO】
The unit where the 2 of us come together

Kodachi wo Nukeru Kaze no you ni

The MV、 have you already
Checked it out?

I took today’s photo on the day of the MV shooting
A 2shot with Oda-san♡

Those who have yet to watch the MV
Check out the original YouTube programme

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♪. Suzuki-san

Good evening
Known as KanaTomo, this is Kanazawa Tomoko。

Thank you very much
For always commenting。

Today at Pacifico Yokohama
The HinaFes!

It ran for 2 days~~~

It was fun ♡
The 2 days passed in the blink of an eye…!

Everyone who came
Thank you very much~

Today I took a photo
Together with my beloved
Suzuki Airi-san from ℃-ute。 Heheh

Ta da da da daーーーーーh





Ah、 you know

Kanazawa wouldn’t say things like beloved
So I ended up getting embarrassed。

But it’s all right~ Saying it~~

Truly、 at this HinaFes
I got to experience again
How wonderful the Suzuki-san is as a whole。

She’s a woman that Kanazawa respects。

Her singing is a given、
But even her bearing, her looks…
I’m in admiration of everything。

Yup yup。

Yup yup。

Yup yup。

Phew~ In just a bit
March will be coming to an end~……

Everyday、there’s never enough time。

There are so many things I want to do。

Since I couldn’t go last year
I’d like to go for a flower viewing this year。

I just happened to think of it now。

It would be great to be able to goーー…

Is there anything you want to do this spring?

That is all、 this was Kanazawa Tomoko~~~


I was chatting with Bitter&Sweet’s
Hasegawa Moemi-san
We have similar interests~

Well then、 what are theーy?




I was nervous
So my face became stiff
But don’t miーnd it。 lol

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♪. High school life

Good evening
Known as KanaTomo, this is Kanazawa Tomoko。

Thank you very much
For always commenting。

Yesterday we had a talk event
In Tsudanuma。

And today
We had a polaroid event

To everyone who came
Thank you very much~

We still have more talks to go through with…
For Juice=Juice

I wonder if we’ve developed further than before?
It felt that way, so that’s good。

The polaroid event、 it was fun!
We did all sorts of poses

How many times did I do
The rose quartz pose today? *laughs*

…Ah、 that’s right。
Today、 Kanazawa was unable to participate in the first half of the individual handshake events、

Actually、 I had my high school graduation ceremony! It felt odd though, that my feelings weren’t gushing out at all。

Looking at my friends who were all in tears、 all sorts of emotions came about and heated my chest…

But somehow, since I had a smile on my face until the end, I think it was all good。

For Kanazawa、 my life up to my 2nd year of high school was that of a normal high school girl in a full-time high school

But I’d never even once had a day where I thought that my life was particularly special。

My life underwent a complete change after joining Hello! Project、 and I’ve been given a ton of motivation from the experiences I’ve never had before…

I became acutely aware that wearing two hats at the same time was tough and difficult、 and I noticed that things that used to be normal had slowly become more difficult。

Things like 「It might’ve been better if I had done this at that time」or 「Ahー it would be good if I could do that!」…  I had many regrets like that

Thanks to the efforts of my parents allowing me to continue experiencing everyday as “obviously” normal、 I have to say that 、there is really so very much that I have to be grateful for。

Honestly there were countless times when, with regards to school,  I thought 「I’ll quit」「I’ll transfer」、 and elect to walk the easier path

But now that I’ve got here、 honestly, it feels good to be able to graduate at this school。

I made a loーーt of memories。

I was really really reallーーー…y! happy。

Though it wasn’t just filled with enjoyable things, there were a load of painful things too、 but I think each of those have allowed me to shine as I am now。

Isn’t it mysterious。

“Because it’s the path you’ve chosen, go to school until the end even if it’s tough、 and please graduate。” my father would sternly say to me at times。

At times when I was spewing out complaints or wanting to quit because of the difficulty of balancing things、 my mother would always be encouraging me with a smile。

All of my family who have always been giving moral support。 (Of course Nuntun too!) My friends and teachers、 who listen to my troubles。

The members who have alーways been doing their best together at work。 The staff-san who support us。

All of the fans that have given your cheers of support。

To all of you、 truly
Thank you very much!!!

From hereafter、for everyone who has given their cooperation、 Kanazawa will do nothing but her best in order to be able to give back that power。

From now on I’ll work harder and harder

With that…
Tomorrow is the Nama Tamago Show! in Osaka
I’ll sleep tight today。

Good nighーt。

That is all、 this was Kanazawa Tomoko~~~



Father、 Mother
Thank you
For bringing me into this world。

(Since I can’t say it directly
I’ll put it here。)

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♪. Concluding Festivities

Good evening
Known as KanaTomo, this is Kanazawa Tomoko。

Thank you very much
For always commenting。

We held the concluding festivities for the Hello! Con today

Doesn’t it feel like、 it’s just passed
In the blink of an eye?

We went to all sorts of places♡

It was funnnnnnn

I wonder if I was able to
Develop more compared to last year’s winter Hello! Con?

I’m definitely sure I did!!

It’s really great
Getting to arrive at the final day without any hitches。

Everyone who came to watch us
Thank you very much。

Until the next Hello! Con

In order to show you
Even more of my development

I’ll work hard!!

Before that、 in March
For 2 days, the 29th・30th

At Pacifico Yokohama
Since there’s the Hina Fest、

I’ve got to get psyched
For that one too

Gonna do my best。

That is all、 this was Kanazawa Tomoko~~~


Today’s photo

I was backstage when suddenly
Uemura Akari-chan sat on my lap。

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Good evening
Known as KanaTomo, this is Kanazawa Tomoko。

Thank you very much
For always commenting。

Today we had a Hello! Con in Osaka

Everyone who came
Thank you very much

Ah、 right, right。
Since we had our first Hello! Con
After Valentine’s

I received chocolates
From all sorts of senpai today。

They were deliciousssssss!

Among those were handmade ones。
Such feminine power。

I didn’t prepare anything for Valentine’s

On White Day
I’ll return just as much as I got!

That’s what I’m thinking… self-reflecting。 *bitter smile*

Kanazawa’s bad at presents。

Therefore birthdays、
Or Valentine’s

Aren’t really my forte。

Though it might be cool
To hand them over with a flourish、

What if they don’t like it?
How are they supposed to bring it around?

I’ll worry about things like that

「AhーI hate this、 I’ll quiーt」
That’s how it ends up。

Moreover since I just buy something
And quickly present them

Things like birthday surprises on the day itself
I’m bad with those。

Since life is riddled with such occasions
I’d like to overcome my inability for giving presents。

And I have to enjoy
Every day freely

I’ve been aware of it for a bit
I’ll try to do my best。

Tomorrow is a Hello! Con!
We’ll be wrapping up (;_;) It passed in the blink of an eye

Let’s enjoy the remaining time
That is all、 this was Kanazawa Tomoko~~~


I forgot to take a photo today too。

So here’s what I ate recently
I’m showing off this
Delicious cheesecake。 lol


I was into it for a period of time

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♪. Good night

Good evening
Known as KanaTomo, this is Kanazawa Tomoko。

Thank you very much
For always commenting。

Ah、 everyone
Happy Valentine~♡

Whether you received chocolates
Or didn’t get any、

I think that there are people
Who didn’t receive any and bought some for themselves

Unfortunately for Kanazawa
I didn’t really meet any girls today…

By myself、
I bought cookies and ate them
Tohoho。 lol

But it’s fine since it was delicious。

Yesterday and the day before
I received some from
All of the Hello! Pro Kenshuusei

I also received some from my friends
And the staff-san

I’m a popular girl。
(´_ゝ`) Hehen


Ahー。 I can’t think of anything
To write about today…

It’s difficult。 Yuーp。

Ah、 a question from Kanazawa。
I hope everyone will listen since there’s only one。

When sleeping at night、
Do you sleep with the lights on?

Do you sleep with them off?


That’s it。
That is all、 this was Kanazawa Tomoko~~~




Since it’s cold
Please don’t get a cold
And get some rest。

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♪. Currently borrowing

Good evening
Known as KanaTomo, this is Kanazawa Tomoko。

Thank you very much
For always commenting。

Thank you for the well wishes for my brother!
(He turned 21。 lol)

Getting a large number of  congratulatory messages
Through the comments
Was truly delightful。

Furthermore he read the comments
Before I did、 which surprised me。 lol

Ah! Also movie recommendations、
I received a lot of them
I’m glad。

Among them were movies that I’d been considering、
Movies that I still haven’t watched。

Actually、 Kanazawa
Borrowed several  DVDs from
Uemura Akari-chan’s Mama

I still haven’t watched about 2 of them
Because of that、 I haven’t returned them…。

Written among the comments
The DVD for that movie

Currently I have it borrowed
From Uemuu Mama、

I thought、 I’ll watch it tomorrow。
Looking forward to ittttt ♪♪

And、I want to finish watching the DVDs soon
And return them。

By the way, the movies I want to watch right now…

Wreck-It Ralph
Thermæ Romæ
Die Hard

More or less。
There’s quite a lot on my mind!


Ah、 by the way, by the way。

Like reading the original book、
Or watching the previews and having it on your mind

「I want to watch this movie! Let’s watch it!」
Is generally how Kanazawa does it

How does everyone
Select their movies?

Please tell me if you can

That is all、 this was Kanazawa Tomoko~~~


I thought I’d definitely take a photo
I forgot about it。 Tohoho…

With that said、 I don’t know when this was from
A photo with Uemuu。


Whether I’ve uploaded this one…
I’ve forgotten。

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