Kanazawa Tomoko

♪. Short

Good evening
This is ‘KanaTomo’ Kanazawa Tomoko。

Thank you very much
For always commenting。

Today we had a LIVE performance
At Matsuyama Salonkitty in Ehime prefecture ♡

Thank you very much
To everyone who came~~~

There were 2 performances today
So I used up all my energy!

I’m pretty much completely exhausted…。 lol
If only I had built up my strength!… That’s what I’m feeling。

We’re performing LIVE tomorrow too ♡

Everyone in Tokushima、
Let’s make it a blast together!

Ah、 that’s right。
In the dream I had today、

For some reason
My hair was cut very short。

Dreams are strange, aren’t theyー。
In the world of dreams
Even unnatural things seem natural。

When I opened my eyes
I was like
「Eh? What was that?」、 something like that。

But、 it might be nice to have my hair
Cut very short, once in my life

Will I cut it?! lol
(I don’t have the courage to immediately do it though。)

Just a while ago
My hair was pretty long

That long period of having it long、 and how it is now、
It was really short…

I wonder which one suits me best?

Which one did all of you like~?
Please tell me if you don’t mind。

…Well then。 I hope that
I’ll be able to have a lovely dream again today、

Good nighーt

That is all、 this was Kanazawa Tomoko~~~


I wonder if
Aliens really exist?


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♪.Dressed as a guy

Good evening
This is ‘KanaTomo’ Kanazawa Tomoko。

Thank you very much
For always commenting。

I think that

There are probably a lot of people
Who know about Kanazawa’s love of plums

But recently、 Kanazawa has gotten into
Plum dressing。

If you’re wondering to what extent I’m into it
It’s to the level where I’m putting it on the rice I eat!

It’s really delicious。

When I sprinkle it on soft rice
I becomes like 「plum gruel」
And I eat it like that。

Since it’s so delicious
I’m recommending it to everyone。

Keeping in mind your health、
Please add a reasonable amount when trying to eat it
And don’t go overboard。


Well then、 today
I had practice for the musical!

I’ll do my best、
Acting as the football player Kondo Yuuya-kun。

I’ll be starting to wear the wig from today
Feeling completely like a guy!

Dressing as a guy
Definitely flips a switch。

Training for the dances and the songs have started
And in a bit, we’ll be approaching perfect form。

I’m really looking forward to this production!

Engeki Joshibu 「Musical Koi suru Hello Kitty」

Everyone, please make sure to come and give it a watch, okay~

And there’s also a special blog!

Since I’ll be putting up
Photos of Kanazawa, Yuuya-kun ver.
I’m counting on you to check it out。


That is all、 this was Kanazawa Tomoko~~~



Tomorrow there’s an event
At Yamada Denki LABI1 Namba
In Osaka。

①1:00 pm~ ② 3:00 pm~
There’s 2 performances! Entry is free of charge

Please make sure to drop by。

For details, please check
The Hello! Project Official Site!

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♪. Through my voice

Good evening
This is ‘KanaTomo’ Kanazawa Tomoko。

Thank you very much
For always commenting。

Something happened。


Recently (For about 3 days)、
I haven’t played any games at all!

Aren’t there any fun games
That I can play on a smartphone?

I want to play them on the train
Do you have any apps to recommend?

By the way, Kanazawa has gotten into escape games
Just recently。

Not the scary ones。

Since I’m not really good、
At those scary escape games。

Rather than having problems with the scariness
I’m actually bad at enclosed spaces

So when I’m playing escape games
How do I put it…
My chest gets tight

And with scary ones
My heartbeats? get even faster in irritation。

I wonder if you get what I mean。 It’s like that。
I guess I’m not really getting through…

I like escape games
That are fun and upbeat。♡

Within Juice=Juice
It seems that our leader Miyazaki Yuka-chan
Is good at escape games

So Yuka-chan
To catch up to you and overtake you!
Kanazawa will do her best~っ

Do you enjoy escape games?

That is all、 this was Kanazawa Tomoko~~~


When I unintentionally started singing
Like usual, in a taxi、

The driver-san
Went 「Ah!」…

「Sorry! I unintentionally started singing… I’ll keep quiet。」 I apologised、

「No no! Please sing。 I’ve given you a ride before。 You sang at that time too、 and hearing your voice singing reminded me。」

That’s what happened!

Isn’t it rare
For your singing voice to be remembered?

That was a pleasant incident。♡


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♪. Chirachirarii ☆ mi

Good morning
This is ‘KanaTomo’ Kanazawa Tomoko。

Thank you very much
For always commenting。


【Takushoku University Kouryou Matsuri LIVE 2014】

It’s Juice=Juice’s first school festival LIVE!

Wellーーー、I can’t wait

The number of songs we’ll be doing
Is greater than the usual release event’s

We’ve got quite an assortment
Of things planned ♡

As it’s a school festival LIVE…

Let’s pump it up
With that festive mood

There are same day tickets too!

【Ticket price】
Normal admission・ Including students ¥1,000

【Sales schedule】
18 Oct (Sat) 10:00 am~
※ Limited numbers on sale。 Once they’re sold off, they’re gone!!!

【Sales location】
Takushoku University Hachiouji campus First gymnasium Special booth (Near admissions)

It opens at 12:45 noon、 and the performance starts at 1:30 pm~

Details are here。


We’ll be waiting。




With Miyamoto Karin-chan
Who’s been sparkling from this morning。

(Apologies for the make-up-less Kanazawa… lol)

… Which reminds me, recently
(At places like the other day’s individual handshake events)

There’s been a lot of talk about
Sunmyu~’s Noda Mami-san。♡

I think the stories
May have got me interested…
And I took a look at her blog。 lol

With things like
‘A bit of a fairy’
‘Chirachirarii ☆ mi’…

It was odd
That it made me want to make a comeback to it

But since she’s cute, it’s all OK。
Yup。 She’s really cute。

You know。

Every one of them has their own individual characteristics

Even though I didn’t expect that they’d have so many
Based on the times we’ve worked together

It really leaves an impression。
That’s amazing

So that Juice=Juice too
Will have more people remember us

It would be great
If our performances and our talk abilities
Would be more wonderful, and leave even more of an impression。

We’ll do our best。


That is all、 this was Kanazawa Tomoko~~~


When I dropped by the convenience store
I had a hankering for a hot drink
I was feeling the cold。

Downing a gulp
Of cocoa or milk tea

It makes you wonder about that sense of happiness。
Your surroundings immediately feel like they’re sparkling。

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♪. Tsunku♂-san

Good evening
This is ‘KanaTomo’ Kanazawa Tomoko。

Thank you very much
For always commenting。

The other day、
Tsunku♂-san announced
That he had gone into complete remission

But the results of a follow-up examination、
Discovered cancer

So he was hospitalised and underwent surgery、 and is presently at the hospital, receiving medical treatment towards recovery。

It seems that the operation was a success、 and that’s what’s most important。

It would be great if we could meet a healthy Tsunku♂-san, up-close, again!


… Well then。
The movies that I’ve watched recently。

・ Thermae Romae
・ Wreck-It Ralph
・ Crayon Shin-chan: The Storm Called: The Battle of the Warring States
・ The Hangover
・ I Love You Phillip Morris

…And so on。

Even amongst
The Crayon Shin-chan movie series
This one was the most moving。

I really teared up…
I like it so much, I’ve seen it several times。

Thermae Romae too
Was pretーーーーーty funny

Movies are definitely fun~

Please tell me
If you have any recommendations。

That is all、 this was Kanazawa Tomoko~~~


When I went to the supermarket
I found out that there was steak at the food sampling corner!

When I gave it a try
It was realーーly delicious

So, decision made: Steak for dinner。

Immediately taking action after making a decision
……………With that said、

Once I got home
I grilled the steak。 lol

The meat was oh-so delicious~。♡


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Good evening
This is ‘KanaTomo’ Kanazawa Tomoko。

Thank you very much
For always commenting。

Yesterday, I finally
Wrote my goal blog post
So for the time being, I’m relieved。

To everyone who urged me on harshly (lol))
At handshake events and the such、
Thank you very much。

You all had all sorts of goals, huh。

I think that continuing on with your goals、
Is something wonderful。

Personally, the MVP was…
Even though I’m busy with work、 I’ll go and meet Kanazawa as much as possible。 lol

Always and whenever!
Kanazawa will be waiting。

Also there were people
Who wanted to do their best at their tests!

Kanazawa’s turned 19、
So I no longer have to do tests
Since I’m no longer at school

But no longer having to do such tests reluctantly
Is sad, somehow。

You can only savour it as a student、
But I want to experience
That sense of achievement after working hard。

But please work hard!
I’ll be cheering you on from the shadows。

…Well then、 here’s an announcement。
Same day tickets are being sold for

Takushoku University 「Kouryou Matsuri LIVE2014」

Held on the 18th of October (Sat)ーっ!!

【Ticket price】
General・ including students ¥1,000

【Sale period】
17 Oct (Fri)12:00 noon ~ 4:00 pm
18 Oct (Sat)10:00 am~
※ Limited tickets available。 Will close if finished。

【Sales location】
Takushoku University Hachiouji campus First gymnasium Special Booth (Close to the admissions)

What do you know
It’s our first! School festival LIVE♡♥︎

It’ll be your loss if you don’t join in

Everyone, please, please
Make sure to come and see us~

And and…
Our independent LIVE that was suspended
Due to the effect of typhoon 19

The 13 Oct (Mon・Holiday)
Shuunan Chiquita performance…

The postponed performance has been arranged!

Date of postponed performance:8 Feb 2015 (Sun)
Entry & performance times:
Afternoon performance:2:00 pm entry / 2:30 pm performance
Night performance: 5:00 pm entry / 5:30 performance
Venue: Shuunan Chiquita (Yamaguchi)

Due to the effect of the typhoon the other day
We weren’t able to meet with
All of you from Yamaguchi prefecture

So since we’re able to safely meet all of you with this performance…
It really floods me with relief。

It’ll definitely, definitely be a fun LIVE!

With the tickets you have on hand

You will be able to enter
The afternoon or night performances as per the ticket
So please keep them carefully。

Still、 for those people
Who unfortunately will be unable to make it on that day…
We will be offering refunds。

Refund acceptance period: 17 Oct (Fri) ~ 26 Oct (Sun)

Please confirm the details here。

We beg for your kindness。

Haahー… Whatever it is。

I want to have a Halloween party。
I want to have a Halloween party。



…I want to have a Halloween party!!


That is all、 this was Kanazawa Tomoko~~~


What I’ve gotten into recently
Is listening to a lot of songs
That have been recommended to me at handshake events。

Kiiroi Jitensha to Sandwich


Aisu Crea~m to My Purin

For example。

S/mileage-san’s cuteness
And v-u-den’s sexiness
Are amazingggg!

Kanazawa’s studying them daily…。
I’ll do my best

If there are other wonderful compositions you can think of
Please tell me。

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Good evening
This is ‘KanaTomo’ Kanazawa Tomoko。

Thank you very much
For always commenting。


…Well、 from quite a while back!
I’ve wanted to raise a hamster。

(I haven’t really touched one、 but)
I really like them。


At my home
We have our pet cat Nuntun、
So it’d be impossible…

I gave up, thinking that
But finally a flash of inspiration struck me。

That’s right!

It wouldn’t be a problem if I raised one
At the home of the neighbourhood friend I’m closest with
(・ω・)ノ Yup yup。

With that said、
Since it came to mind, I immediately took action。

I quickly headed to the pet shop!!




Isn’t he cuteー?

Even though we’re living in different places、
He’s part of my family from today。

His name’s NIVEA。♡
A male Djungarian hamster。

Soft to the touch~、
And even seeing him walk trudgingly
It’s super cute。

By the way
“Nivea”、 in Latin

Means something like
White as the snow。

Although NIVEA isn’t pure white
There are parts of him that are、

And since it sounded cute
That’s how he got his name。

Everyone、 just like with Nuntun、
Please love him。

I beg for your kindness!

With that said。
(Though half a month’s already passed…)
This month’s goal is

【Deepening my bonds with NIVEA】。

As much as possible, I want to see him every day

And from now on
I’ll gradually befriend him、

And someday I’ll come
To be able to touch him。 I’ll do my besttttt

By the way
Kanazawa’s goal for last month

【Using a hairdryer】。

To be honest, there were days that I skipped out

But so far in my life
I feel that this is the most that I’ve dried my hair

I’ve grown。

From now on too、 I’d like to treasure my hair
And take care of it。

What are your goals for this month??

That is all、 this was Kanazawa Tomoko~~~


For Engeki Joshibu 「Musical Koi suru Hello Kitty」

We’re slowly continuing to receive
The sound sources for the songs。

They’re all really wonderful songs、
So I’m really looking forward to it!

It’ll start on the 19th of November。
Everyone! Please make sure to come and watch us。

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Good evening
This is Kanazawa Tomoko。

Thank you very much
For always commenting。

Nuntun was really cute, right?

I can’t say how happy I am
That all of you know that too。 lol

Well then。 Today

【October 10th is Juice=Juice no Hi
~1st Season~】

It’s the day of the event itself



To everyone who came、
Thank you very much。

From our indies début songs
To the works from our latest single、
Up to the songs announced at our tour

We performed aーーーll
Of Juice=Juice’s songs。

Like the long-unheard Ten Made Nobore!。♡♥︎
That was fun。

Did you enjoy yourselves~??

We got a cake as a gift…

We were really happy and really enjoyed ourselves
It was the best。




By the way!

At today’s event
There was an announcement。

For our first independent LIVE tour
Which is currently receiving rave reviews、

【Juice=Juice 1st live tour 2014
~Kakuchi yori Otodoke shimasu!~】

Something will happen……

What do you know!
From the next one、 the Shuunan Chiquita performance in Yamaguchi prefecture
On the 13th of October (Mon)

We’ll be changing up
The songs we’re doing!!



Currently there are all sorts of upheavals
In Hello! Project。

Morning Musume。’14-san
Have had 4 members join as part of their 12th gen

Michishige Sayumi-san
Will be graduating in autumn。

Berryz Kobo-san have announced that
They’ll be entering an indefinite hiatus from the spring of next year、

It’s been announced that Yajima Maimi-san from ℃-ute
Will become the new leader of Hello! Project。

Will be renaming their group、

And 3 Hello! Pro Kenshuusei
Joined as 3rd gen members。

In this way
Hello! Project is gradually altering itself
And evolving。

What can we, Juice=Juice
Do now。

Honestly, I’ve got some worries、
And I’m worried
‘Will we get buried…?’。

But、 to not be left behind
With all the activity around us

Juice=Juice too
Will gradually evolve

Since we intend to gradually become
A wonderful group

If all of you would continue to support us as you have so far、

No、 even more than you have so far!!!
We’d be happy。

We beg for your kindness。

In any case…
We’re altering our songs、 look forward to it ☆

Thank you very much
For this wonderful day today~

And for the event, we requested entries
For ‘Oretachi no Liner Notes’ (Our liner notes)
…OreLi for short!

There were lots of entries for that too
Thank you very much~~

Tomorrow there’ll be an individual handshake event & a polaroid event!

Everyone in Nagoya~
Please wait for us~~

That is all、 this was Kanazawa Tomoko~~~


For Juice=Juice’s first musical starring role
Engeki Joshibu 「Musical Koi suru Hello Kitty」

I’ve got the sound source for one of the songs that we’ll be singing~~♪♪

Since it’s a really wonderful song
Already、 I can’t wait to sing it

I’ll do lots of practise!
Please、 make sure to come to the musical。

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Good evening
This is ‘KanaTomo’ Kanazawa Tomoko。

Thank you very much
For always commenting。

You know, today, Nun-sama…!!

Just as I was getting back home
He ran in my direction

「Oh my。♡ Finally, he’s coming out to greet me like this…(;_;)」

For a brief instant、 I was deeply moved。

Then he ran past me and disappeared、 high-tailing it。

Of course I ran、 pursued、



Since his frowning face is so cute
He’s pardoned。 lol

After I brought him back home
He was sulking、 continuously


Again, this was cute too。



Pets have a really soothing effect。
I love Nuntun。

He was excessively cute
I tried using him as a pillow。




Well then。
Tomorrow is the 10th of October!

【October 10th is Juice=Juice no Hi
~1st Season~】

We’re having an event on that very day

I’m looking forward to ittttt ♡♥︎

To everyone who’ll be coming
Let’s all enjoy ourselvesーっ

That is all、 this was Kanazawa Tomoko~~~


Mango Rush is delishー!

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♪. Happiness

Good evening
This is ‘KanaTomo’ Kanazawa Tomoko。

Thank you very much
For always commenting。

I love listening to music。

At the parts where I don’t know the words

I enjoy imagining up my own interpretation、
And adding my own colour。

When I’m reading novels
And there are parts that aren’t described
I’d supplement the protagonist’s background

At times, I’d put it on myself
To paint the world。

When sounds pile up, it comes even more alive
And it becomes an even more wonderful stereoscape。

The composer
The lyricist
The singer

Each and every one of them
Must have their own interpretations

And they might not necessarily be the same。

And I, as the listener
Will interpret it in my own way

Just a single song can spread out a magnificent world。
It’s truly liberating。 It’s happiness。



Yesterday and today
There were events。

A lot of people gathered for us
In the middle of what must have been a busy weekday…
Thank you very much。

It isn’t something that’s a given, and I’m thankful for it every day。

There’s an event tomorrow!

At Tressa Yokohama
①15:00~ ②17:00~ ③19:00~

Please、 make sure to drop by

That is all、 this was Kanazawa Tomoko~~~



I’d like to spend a life being loved
Even if it’s just by one person。♡

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