Kanazawa Tomoko


Good evening
This is ‘KanaTomo’ Kanazawa Tomoko。

Thank you very much
For always commenting。


I went to Yokohama Arena today for

「Morning Musume。’14 Concert Tour Aki GIVE ME MORE LOVE ~Michishige Sayumi Sotsugyou Kinen Special~」

We made an appearance
As the opening act。

It was the first time for me
To perform
At Yokohama Arena

I was realーーーly nervous
But thanks to all of you, I could enjoy myself, singing and dancing。

Thank you very much!

The song we performed
Was from Juice=Juice’s 5th single

But although it’s a song I’ve performed many times before、 I’ve never felt that nervous! lol

I’ll continue to do my best, without forgetting my initial resolve。

It’d make me happy

If there were people who got
Even a little interested in Juice=Juice after seeing us、 as today’s opening act。

For the main part of the concert、

Before it started
It was somewhat unbelievable
That Michishige-san would be graduating

‘Maybe this is just a dream?’
I thought countless times。

… But of course it was reality。

For Kanazawa
Michishige is someone that’s so close, yet so far。

The representative of Hello! Project、
Something like that。 That’s her image。

Cute、 sublime、
Radiant, always with a smile。

She’d respond to my greetings with a smile, without fail
That’s Michishige-san’s gentleness。

It’s really great
That I encountered that Michishige-san…
I was reminded about that again today。

Wearing a lovely pink-coloured flower dress
It was just perfect。

She’s already a beautiful idol

She looked like a doll…
She also looked like a princess。

At any rate。 It was lovely。

Michishige-san、 even having graduated
Keep spirited! Please spend your time enjoyably。

Truly, truly…
Congratulations on graduating。

Thank you for everything up to now!

That is all、 this was Kanazawa Tomoko~~~


Of course, today。

I put on Michishige-san’s wristband
Performed、 and watched and learned!

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♪.Berryz Kobo-san

Good evening
This is ‘KanaTomo’ Kanazawa Tomoko。

Thank you very much
For always commenting。

Berryz Kobo-san’s latest single、
「Romance wo Katatte / Towa no Uta」

Got 2nd place
On the Oricon Weekly Chart!

Honestly、 congratulations ♡

Both songs are wonderful、
And the MVs are realーーーーly cute。

We were really
Under Berryz Kobo-san’s care
At Hello! Cons and the Naruchika LIVEs

I’ve thought countless times how amazing it is
To be able to experience their charms from up close。

They are seniors I can respect。

Until they enter into their hiatus period next spring
I’d like them to rush along
In their very Berryz Kobo-like way!

Well then。
With this and that
Juice=Juice was in musical mode today。

Finally, tomorrow!

【Engeki Joshibu「Musical Koi Suru Hello Kitty」】

Is going to START

I, Kanazawa Tomoko, will be playing the role
Of a guy, Kondo Yuuya-kun。

I’ll do my best
So that you’ll be able
To read even the smallest change

In the mixed emotions of Yuuya-kun
In this production!!!

I can’t wait for the opening day

That is all、 this was Kanazawa Tomoko~~~


When I woke up in the morning
My hair had turned
Into that of a Super Saiyajin’s。

Though I was happy that I looked strong
It was too much of a bomber

So I fixed it。 lol



Good evening
This is ‘KanaTomo’ Kanazawa Tomoko。

Thank you very much
For always commenting。

Juice=Juice had training again today!

The words we’re getting
From the teachers and our manager-sans

Have gradually
Become detailed、 difficult。

Every day, I feel that
Expressing oneself is truly difficult。

Being unnatural is a no-no

But since it’s a musical
It has to reach the furthest seats。

But that doesn’t mean
That I definitely、
Have to raise my voice。

It’s difficult。 Difficult。。

Anyway, I’ll do my best!
I’ll work even harder until the real thing!


That’s right。
I’ve been hearing some nostalgic songs in the city recently。

Chiwata Hidenori-san’s

The theme song to the anime
Konjiki no Gash Bell!!~。

Listening to the song、 I really
Felt nostalgia for Gash…♡

I teared up…

You know、 just hearing a song
Can bring up all sorts of memories
And bring you to tears。

I feel like my tear ducts have gotten looser recently。

Even while we were practising、
Watching Miyamoto Karin-chan sing

Even as an entertainer myself
I felt like crying。

I’d be happy if all of you
Would also get to savour the feeling of being moved to tears…

Please、 make sure
To come and watch the musical

That is all、 this was Kanazawa Tomoko~~~




Listening to music you know
Makes you want to sing it。

In the middle of the town
It makes me happy to realise
「Ah! This song…♡」。

A song by
Morning Musume。’14-san
Was playing at the convenience store yesterday。

But I held myself back properly。
Since I’m grown-up。


…By humming。

Fu fu fu~n♪♪
(Ti Ki Bu~n♪♪)

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♪. Sound

Good evening
This is ‘KanaTomo’ Kanazawa Tomoko。

Thank you very much
For always commenting。

When I got home from practice yesterday
I played a bit of Raging Blast。

Just for 1 hour!
That’s what I decided。 Just 1 hour、 exactly。

So far I’ve been playing the competition mode
And only been fighting nothing but COM opponents

But if I occasionally advance in the story mode
I’d unlock new characters~

So thinking that、 I started playing。

With only 1 hour of play
I managed to GET over 10 of them! Heheh

I’m fully satisfied, having such an unexpected increase。


Brolly’s my favourite。

Since even the music is wonderful
These kind of games are great。

Kageyama Hironobu-san’s singing、
Turns you numb。

Everyone, I want you to make sure to listen to it。

It’s things like the Progression!

Every time, I don’t press the start button
And listen to the opening song until the very end。

The theme song, the BGM。, the sound effects…etc。
Sound is really important, isn’t it。

It can greatly change your impression
Of a performance!

Even in musicals
They put in sound effects that’ll leave an impression during the important segments、

There’s the sound of chatter~ to make scenes even easier to understand、 or they’d put in the chime of a bell。

And of course
Musicals have a lot of singing♡

Sound is important~
Through the musical、

And through the game、(lol))
I was reminded once again。

Normally you wouldn’t pay them much attention

But to that extent
In all sorts of ways

It’s deep~。

Are practising again today。

Practising every day。
It’s tough, but fulfilling。

I’ve got to work harder and harder。

(Without make-up again today。 lol)

Juice=Juice first musical leading role。

【Engeki Joshibu 「Musical Koi suru Hello Kitty」】 is coming soon。

Performing at
Shinjuku Kinokuniya Southern Theatre
19th Nov (Wed) ~ 24th Nov (Mon)。

Please make sure to come and watch it!

That is all、 this was Kanazawa Tomoko~~~


It’s a pity
That I can’t go to watch ℃-ute-san’s Budokan live…

But I’ll be sending my support!

I’ll be waiting for impressions and stories from it ♪♪

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Good evening
This is ‘KanaTomo’ Kanazawa Tomoko。

Thank you very much
For always commenting。

We made an appearance at the
【2014 Ajinomoto Stadium 6 hour endurance marathon】。


To everyone who came、
Thank you very much。

Kanazawa of course
Has never run continuously for 6 hours

Neither have I done a relay marathon

So seeing everyone spiritedly giving it their all
Was truly moving。♡

It was wonderful!

Our LIVE performance too、 it had a different atmosphere than usual
It was such a rare day…

What fun。

I’m sure there were people

Who saw Juice=Juice for the first time today!
It’d make me happy
If they became even the slightest bit interested in us

Someday、 it would be good、
If we too could run……っ☆

I was dressed in Reebok-san’s clothes today。



It’s really easy to move in
How awesome。

Isn’t the knit cap cute??


That is all、 this was Kanazawa Tomoko~~~


For the time being, I’ve been stamped as a person who sleeps in。

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♪. November

Good evening
This is ‘KanaTomo’ Kanazawa Tomoko。

Thank you very much
For always commenting。

So at yesterday’s 3rd performance
We talked about
Slow motion cameras on smartphones, right。

We talked about
Miyazaki Yuka-chan being sexy。

You know、 just looking at the video’s screenshot
It already looks so good。



The extent of her sexiness
Even surprised Miyamoto Karin-chan。 lol

You’d expect no less from Leader。


…Well then。
Getting back to the main topic

Let’s get into this blog post
Reflecting on last month & setting a goal。

Last month
Kanazawa’s goal was
【Deepening my bonds with NIVEA】。


NIVEA (Hamster, ♂)
I worked hard、 trying to meet him as much as possible
And even more than that

But it’s pretty difficult to build bonds with him…。

I still haven’t touched him up to now
But I’m able to do things at the level
Of giving him sunflower seeds

And it’s times like those that bring Kanazawa happiess。

Now I’ll start making plans for touching。
I’ll do my best。

Last month was NIVEA
So this month, it’s got to be…

(Pet cat。 Real name = Nekotaro。♂。)

And with that,

This month’s goal
【Deepening my bonds with Nuntun】

This’ll be an easy win!


Nuntun photos will be coming later。
At any rate, I’ll do my best


What are your goals for this month??

That is all、 this was Kanazawa Tomoko~~~


I’m doing a major clean-up of my room。

I had to go for practice midway through
So I’ll be continuing on now。

I’ll do my best。

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Good evening
This is ‘KanaTomo’ Kanazawa Tomoko。

Thank you very much
For always commenting。

2 years ago, on this day itself、 the 1st of November
It was the day Kanazawa joined the Hello! Pro Kenshuusei。

It’s been 2 years since them。
Just 2 years。 Huh…

It feels weird~

At that time
I couldn’t have imagined

What the future had in store for me

I’m truly happy, every day。
Thank you。

…Well then。 Today
12 girls from the Hello! Pro Kenshuusei

And we, Juice=Juice
Had individual handshake events。in Shibuya

Alーーーl of us were together backstage

So I took photos with
Yamaki Risa-chan
Who turned 17 on the 14th of October

And Niinuma Kisora-chan
Who turned 15 on the 20th of October。


The 2 of them were doing twintails。
They were cute, just like twins。♡

Celebrated their birthday

Once again、 have a very happy birthday。

At any rate, today was fun
I got to speak with all sorts of people about all sorts of things!

To everyone who came in the rain、
Thank you very much。

To all the Hello! Pro Kenshuusei as well
Thank you very much for today

Tomorrow we’ll have serial events
For our 5th single。

I still can’t say anything、
But there’s something that’s making me nervous and excited……

Look forward to it!

That is all、 this was Kanazawa Tomoko~~~


Today is Hello Kitty’s birthday!
Congratulations on your 40th year。

There are updates on the special blog for
Musical Koi suru Hello Kitty

So please check that out too。

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♪. Short

Good evening
This is ‘KanaTomo’ Kanazawa Tomoko。

Thank you very much
For always commenting。

Today we had a LIVE performance
At Matsuyama Salonkitty in Ehime prefecture ♡

Thank you very much
To everyone who came~~~

There were 2 performances today
So I used up all my energy!

I’m pretty much completely exhausted…。 lol
If only I had built up my strength!… That’s what I’m feeling。

We’re performing LIVE tomorrow too ♡

Everyone in Tokushima、
Let’s make it a blast together!

Ah、 that’s right。
In the dream I had today、

For some reason
My hair was cut very short。

Dreams are strange, aren’t theyー。
In the world of dreams
Even unnatural things seem natural。

When I opened my eyes
I was like
「Eh? What was that?」、 something like that。

But、 it might be nice to have my hair
Cut very short, once in my life

Will I cut it?! lol
(I don’t have the courage to immediately do it though。)

Just a while ago
My hair was pretty long

That long period of having it long、 and how it is now、
It was really short…

I wonder which one suits me best?

Which one did all of you like~?
Please tell me if you don’t mind。

…Well then。 I hope that
I’ll be able to have a lovely dream again today、

Good nighーt

That is all、 this was Kanazawa Tomoko~~~


I wonder if
Aliens really exist?


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♪.Dressed as a guy

Good evening
This is ‘KanaTomo’ Kanazawa Tomoko。

Thank you very much
For always commenting。

I think that

There are probably a lot of people
Who know about Kanazawa’s love of plums

But recently、 Kanazawa has gotten into
Plum dressing。

If you’re wondering to what extent I’m into it
It’s to the level where I’m putting it on the rice I eat!

It’s really delicious。

When I sprinkle it on soft rice
I becomes like 「plum gruel」
And I eat it like that。

Since it’s so delicious
I’m recommending it to everyone。

Keeping in mind your health、
Please add a reasonable amount when trying to eat it
And don’t go overboard。


Well then、 today
I had practice for the musical!

I’ll do my best、
Acting as the football player Kondo Yuuya-kun。

I’ll be starting to wear the wig from today
Feeling completely like a guy!

Dressing as a guy
Definitely flips a switch。

Training for the dances and the songs have started
And in a bit, we’ll be approaching perfect form。

I’m really looking forward to this production!

Engeki Joshibu 「Musical Koi suru Hello Kitty」

Everyone, please make sure to come and give it a watch, okay~

And there’s also a special blog!

Since I’ll be putting up
Photos of Kanazawa, Yuuya-kun ver.
I’m counting on you to check it out。


That is all、 this was Kanazawa Tomoko~~~



Tomorrow there’s an event
At Yamada Denki LABI1 Namba
In Osaka。

①1:00 pm~ ② 3:00 pm~
There’s 2 performances! Entry is free of charge

Please make sure to drop by。

For details, please check
The Hello! Project Official Site!

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♪. Through my voice

Good evening
This is ‘KanaTomo’ Kanazawa Tomoko。

Thank you very much
For always commenting。

Something happened。


Recently (For about 3 days)、
I haven’t played any games at all!

Aren’t there any fun games
That I can play on a smartphone?

I want to play them on the train
Do you have any apps to recommend?

By the way, Kanazawa has gotten into escape games
Just recently。

Not the scary ones。

Since I’m not really good、
At those scary escape games。

Rather than having problems with the scariness
I’m actually bad at enclosed spaces

So when I’m playing escape games
How do I put it…
My chest gets tight

And with scary ones
My heartbeats? get even faster in irritation。

I wonder if you get what I mean。 It’s like that。
I guess I’m not really getting through…

I like escape games
That are fun and upbeat。♡

Within Juice=Juice
It seems that our leader Miyazaki Yuka-chan
Is good at escape games

So Yuka-chan
To catch up to you and overtake you!
Kanazawa will do her best~っ

Do you enjoy escape games?

That is all、 this was Kanazawa Tomoko~~~


When I unintentionally started singing
Like usual, in a taxi、

The driver-san
Went 「Ah!」…

「Sorry! I unintentionally started singing… I’ll keep quiet。」 I apologised、

「No no! Please sing。 I’ve given you a ride before。 You sang at that time too、 and hearing your voice singing reminded me。」

That’s what happened!

Isn’t it rare
For your singing voice to be remembered?

That was a pleasant incident。♡


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