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♪.The Queen

Good evening
This is ‘KanaTomo’ Kanazawa Tomoko。

Thank you very much for all your comments。

Today we had a stand-alone LIVE。
What’s more, it was in Saitama prefecture。

Getting to perform LIVE at my beloved home town、 it was truly awesome。 I had fun!

And furthermore, as it’s Halloween today、、 We appeared wearing costumes for the encore!

I was the queen~~



(I didn’t take a proper picture, so my face is a bit weird though。 lol)

Doesn’t this outfit have a cute air to it、 like I’m a cartoon character? It’s my cup of tea。

It would be fun if we could do something next year as well。

The costume was refreshing and amusing。 Above all, it seemed to make everyone happy too。

After Juice=Juice’s LIVE performance had ended、 we performed 1 song on-stage as NEXT YOU。

It had a different atmosphere compared to us as Juice=Juice。。 It felt kind of strange。 lol

Today was a really special day。 Thank you very much to all of you。

Tomorrow we’ll have a standalone LIVE at Torishima♪♪ We’ll do our best!

That is all、 this was Kanazawa Tomoko~~~


Today… I had ramen after quite some time!

Tonkotsu ramen。 It was delicious ♡
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♪. Nun

Good evening

I’ve started studying things at the middle school level recently。 This is ‘KanaTomo’ Kanazawa Tomoko。

Revision activates my brain。 I was surprised at how much I had forgotten。 I look forward to what I’ll learn!

Thank you very much for all your comments。

Have you already seen Magazine House-san’s magazine 「Hanako」 that went on sale yesterday??

Kanazawa obviously saw it immediately
I like the photo where you can see Nuntun’s adorable paw pads。

How was it??



Nuntun is interested as well、 so we’ll be waiting for your impressions。。

Well then!

I had quite a lot of time between jobs today、 so I went to a curry house with Sunmyu~’s Noda Mami-chan。

The 2 of us talked about quite a bit… I think I’ve narrowed my distance with her compared to the last time hung out。

Thank you Mamirin ♡
Let’s hang out again~

That is all、 this was Kanazawa Tomoko~~~


Tomorrow we’ve got a LIVE performance!

There’ll be 2 performances ① 2:30 p.m.~ ② 6:00 p.m.~ at Gifu club-G。

There’ll be a signing event at 1:00 p.m.~ So please drop by。

Kanazawa loves Gifu, so I’m really looking forward to it
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To everyone

Thank you very much for all your support。

I took a break as I was feeling unwell、 but I now feel better。

Saturday and Sunday marked the start of 【LIVE MISSION 220 ~Code2→NEXT to YOU~】、 and what’s more, they were at Shimane prefecture and Tottori prefecture, places that Juice=Juice would be at for the very first time, and I was absent for such important LIVE performances… To all of you、 to the members、 for causing you concern and worry、 I truly would like to apologise。

I heard all sorts of stories from the members which made me really happy, like there were 「Tomoko!」 calls at the encore for the LIVE performances。 Or、 that there were people with red glowsticks。 Thank you very much。

It really is a pity that I was unable to meet you directly、 and I truly do apologise to those who were looking forward to seeing me、 but at any rate, I’m currently getting in shape so that I’ll be able to show all of you that I’m doing well as soon as possible、

I’ll do my best so that I’ll be able to go to Shimane prefecture and Tottori prefecture and properly meet all of you。


I beg for your continued kindness。

Kanazawa Tomoko
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Good evening
This is ‘KanaTomo’ Kanazawa Tomoko。

Thank you very much for all your comments。

Thank you so very much for your congratulatory words for Nuntun。 And thank you lots on the topic of photo books。 lol

It was pretty amusing、 and as I read through them, there were ones that had me giggling as I imagined them。

Like seeing me doing archery、 or re-enacting a scene from a movie、 they were amazing。

Sadly there (seriously!) are no plans to release a photo book at this time、 but I might be able to realise them in other lines of work, not just for a photo book。

I’ll give a proper update when that happens。


Well then。 It rained today、 and it was really chilly。 I hope no one caught a cold?? Are you all right?

Feels like we’ve fully entered autumn~、 and speaking of autumn… Reading。 The autumn of reading。

I love watching movies、 and reading manga is interesting as well、 but I also love reading novels and poetry。

When I’m reading books、 it’s fun to imagine what I’m reading。 The faces of the protagonists、 the setting、 the clothes that they wear, even the scenery of the town。

It really is an enjoyable way to spend time。

There probably are a lot of things that Kanazawa imagines。
Recently for example、 it’s been about what sort of events I’d like to do~。

I love birthday events。 But you can’t change your birthday, right?

I was born in July、 so we include summer-ish songs with the season in mind、 but I’ve got lottttts of songs that I like which can go with each season… So I’d really like to have FC events in spring and autumn and winter。

It’s all right if it’s not for my birthday、 I’d like to do them。 Seriously。

There are lots of things we can do because there’s 5 of us、 and of course our 5-person LIVE performances and events are fun、 but there are different merits if I’m going at it alone。

It’s not just about what songs I’d like to sing, I’d also have to think about what sort of songs all of you would like to listen to、 propose ideas to the staff-san、 there’d be preliminary discussions… It’s not something that’s simply done。 It needs cooperation from a lot of people、 it’s something that can’t be done so easily。

And talking too! There are lots of stories I can tell because I’m by myself、 it would be fun to hold those if the possibility exists and the opportunity arises~。

Wouldn’t it be interesting to have the theme change according to the season?

By the way, what Kanazawa has always had in mind、 spring would be Start。 Summer would be Festival。 Autumn would be Sweet。 Winter would be Change。

I’ll talk about the inherent meanings if it comes true someday。 Has it already got you on your toes~? lol (´_ゝ`)

That said、 I’ve gone to such lengths to talk about what I’ve imagined、 so when you’ve got free time, please imagine what they mean!


I didn’t take any photos today, so here’s a photo from when I recorded for Bakunai some time ago~。



Late night tonight at 2:00 a.m.~、 listen to Radio Nippon 【BAKUNAI】

Uemura Akari-chan will also be appearing as a guest。

I’ll be waiting for your thoughts!

And with that, that’s it for today!
That is all、 this was Kanazawa Tomoko~~~


Tomorrow, 【Juice=Juice LIVE MISSION220 ~Code2→NEXT to YOU~】 will finally start!!

Tomorrow will be Juice=Juice’s first time in Shimane prefecture。
①15:00~②18:30~ There are 2 performances。

There are same-day tickets as well, so please drop by。

And! Up to now we’ve had autograph events for those who purchased our albums、 and from tomorrow it won’t just be our album、 we’ll also accept 【Juice=Juice First Live Tour 2015 ~Special Juice~】’s DVDs & Blu-rays。 The autograph event is scheduled to start at 1:30 p.m.~。

Everyone、 let’s meet at Matsue AZTiC canova!

Until tomorrow~
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Good evening
This is ‘KanaTomo’ Kanazawa Tomoko。

Thank you very much for all your comments。



Our household’s pet cat、 the fatty weighing in at over 8kg。 It’s ‘Nuntun’ Nekotaro。♂

That Nuntun had a photo shoot the other day~ I wrote it on a blog post… But actually! It was a photo shoot for Magazine House-san’s magazine 「Hanako」 ♡

It was a feature on cats、 and it also includes the voice of our family’s Buu-chan。 lol

I’m really indescribably happy。。 Thank you very much。

It’ll go on sale on the 22nd of October!

A lot of very warm photos were taken、 so I’m really looking forward to how they’ll be used

I’ll update you again once we get closer to the date。

There are lots of behind-the-scenes stories as well、 so look forward to it in the future。♪♪


And with that、 that’s it for today。
Good night。

That is all、 this was Kanazawa Tomoko~~~



In Uemura Akari-chan’s photo book、 she took some shots with a dog…

But if I came out with a photo book、 I wonder if Nuntun would also make an appearance??

What sort of shots would you like to see in a photo book?? Ah、 apart from the standard ‘swimsuit’ reply this time。 lol
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♪. Massage

Good evening
This is ‘KanaTomo’ Kanazawa Tomoko。

Thank you very much for all your comments。

Today we had a LIVE performance at Takamiya city in Gunma prefecture。 Thank you very much to everyone who came。

Getting to eat her favourite torimeshi、 Kanazawa’s in high spirits。

Looking at all your faces from the stage as we were performing LIVE、 I felt like I saw a lot of people that I hadn’t seen before。

It would be nice if the circle of the Juice=Juice Family got wider…♡♡

For that to happen、 I have to do my best to polish my performing and my talking!

Well then。 My feet were swelling after the LIVE performance and they felt heavy、 but what do you know、 the kind Miyamoto Karin-chan gave me a massage~

Thank you Karin-chan!

I entrusted the lavender massage oil that I bought this morning to Karin-chan, and immediately got a massage… It was pretty painful!

It seems that the flow of my lymphs were blocked、 and I was really refreshed after it ended。

Karin-chan’s really good at giving massages、 so I’d like her to teach me a lot so that I can given Karin-chan a massage next time。

I’ll make another report when that happens。

Well、 that’s it for today。

There’s something I’m looking forward to tomorrow~
What do you think it is…?♡

That is all、 this was Kanazawa Tomoko~~~


I was passing by a bakery when I felt this staggering gaze。

Wha…? I turned around



A mysterious chocolate coronet was looking at me from inside the store。 lol

My curiosity tickled, wanting to know what the heck it was、 I entered the store、 and purchased that chocolate coronet。

It seems that it was a hermit crab。 lol
How adorable。

It’s a pity, but I ate it from the head。 It was delicious!
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Good afternoon
This is ‘KanaTomo’ Kanazawa Tomoko。

Thank you very much for all your comments。

Actually, I was walking with my younger sister and her friend during the day yesterday、 and we heard a small voice going 「Kuu~」 and 「Kii~」。

What is that? We went to take a peek… And our friend made a huge fuss 「Whoa! There’s a baby lionーーーー!!!!」。

Surprised, 「Eh? Lion?!」, we tried taking a look、 it was a tiny tiny kitty only about as big as Nuntun’s face。

(Indeed, it did not look like a lion。 Yup。 Wry smile)

Had it been abandoned… Had it strayed from its mother… At any rate, we picked it up as we didn’t think it’d be fine left there by itself、 and firstly we headed to a veterinary clinic。

I couldn’t accompany them at the clinic as I had voice training、 I was really worried…

When I opened my mobile phone after I was done, I was relieved, they’d got in touch with me saying 「He’s been checked up! He’s looking healthy!」。 It was a male cat that had lived for about 1 week。 He was really tiny。

It the end, he’s being raised at the friend’s home。 His name、 from the Latin word for lion, was set as “Leo”。

I’m sure he must have been lonely。 But I pray that he’ll grow to be a good kid, receiving an outpouring of love from now on。

I’ll go to see him from time to timeー!




That’s how cute he is。♡


Leo-kun, all the best for your future!!!

That is all、 this was Kanazawa Tomoko~~~


Today we’ve got our own LIVE performance at Mitoshi in Ibaraki prefecture。
The performance will START at 6:30 p.m.~。

I’d like to spend a fun time with all of you。

There’ll be an album cover signing at 5:00 p.m.~ So please participate!

I’ll be waiting。
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♪. Rest day

Good morning。
This is ‘KanaTomo’ Kanazawa Tomoko。

Thank you very much for all your comments。

Yesterday I fell asleep in my return train without realising it、 and we had arrived at the final station when I woke up。 I overslept to the extent that it was impressive。 I was embarrassed to the max…。

Well, that’s how completely tired out I was because of our charged up LIVE performance、 so I guess that’s all right? Whatever。 In the end, I took a taxi and got home。 lol

Well then。

Today I’ve got no plans until night, so in a true sense~~~ I really am OFF。

Without playing around and making a big fuss、 I think that this is a day to let my body rest。

When I’m with all of Juice=Juice, for some reason (Maybe it’s natural because there are 5 girls together though、) we are apt to make a racket in our free time (lol))、 so the occasional day of rest is required。

But I can’t just spend 1 day lazing around… So I’ll hang up the washing and clean up my room a little。 What should I do after that? Enjoy some movies?

Should I rent DVDs or go to the theatre…。 Ah、 I can also go to the library。

Yu~~p。 After this, I’d like to think out and plan for a relaxing day for today。

It’s hot so be careful for heatstroke。 I hope all of you have a good day!

That is all、 this was Kanazawa Tomoko~~~


Our household cat Nuntun is even worse at handling the heat than myself、 clinging to the bed at home every day。



He looks so adorable always cooling himself off where the air-conditioning blows, so I took a photo together with him。 Nun-sama’s white, so it’s overexposed。 lol
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Good evening
This is ‘KanaTomo’ Kanazawa Tomoko。

Thank you very much for all your comments。

Today we had a LIVE performance of our own in Saitama prefecture。 It was fun~~~

My home town of Saitama is awesome!
LIVE concerts are awesome!
The Juice=Juice Family is awesome!!!

That’s how my day was。

A smile naturally appeared on my face、 I was pretty happy。
I honestly always get helped out by all of you、 but I too should become someone who can bring smiles to all of you。。

I’ve got to work even harder。

Thank you very much for the enjoyable time today。


Ah! That’s right。
Hear me out please。

Yesterday I got tricked by Takagi Sayuki-chan。


Takagi 「Tomo, have you lost weight? You look slim! Your arms and your tummy!」

Kanazawa 「Ehー Really? I haven’t weighed myself, so I’ve got no idea」

Takagi 「Try weighing yourself! You’ve definitely lost weight!」

Kanazawa 「Okayー」

With that conversation honestly having put me into a pretty upbeat mood、 I went back home last night and stepped on the scales…





I put on 1kg。(;´༎ຶД༎ຶ`)

Sayuki, you liarーーーーー!lol


Even though it’s summer, I can’t regulate my appetite。
I want something that can do something about it。 Tohoho…

I’m not the type that really thinks ‘I want to lose weight!’、、 But taking care of my body is also my job…

I should probably think about it a little。


That is all、 this was Kanazawa Tomoko~~~


I’ve gotten into iced tea recently。
Of course I like the flavour。

But I often order ice tea when I go and get take-out at cafes、 and the sound & sensation of the water sloshing in the plastic cup is irresistible, I like it。

It’s wonderful how it cools you a bit in the hot summer~

That is all、 this blog was updated while drinking iced tea。♡
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Good evening
This is ‘KanaTomo’ Kanazawa Tomoko。

Thank you very much
For all your comments。

Today, it’s the long unseen、、

Is the nickname of Nekotarou (♂)、
My household’s pet cat。)

A fat cat weighing in at about 8kg。



Isn’t he cute??

He hasn’t really appeared on my blog posts recently

At handshake events and the like
Many members of the Juice=Juice Family

Would ask
「Put up Nuntun~」

So I’m responding to your requests ♡♡

Nuntun is really
Always lazing about。

But for some reason、 when I’m practising my dances

He’ll suddenly mess around with my legs

Scratching with all his strength…
Taking bites…! Tohoho。

It’s made me cry several times。 lol
No, seriously。

It was considerably painful。

Perhaps he’s normally storing up power?

…Well, I have no idea
But he’s a weird cat。


Yup。 That’s it! lol

In the future

Please warmly look over the growth
Of Kanazawa Tomoko、
And Nuntun

That would make me happy。♡

I beg for your kindness。


That is all、 this was Kanazawa Tomoko~~~



I’m practising
The dance for a certain song

It’s really difficult…!!!
I’ll do my best!
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