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♪. Massage

Good evening
This is ‘KanaTomo’ Kanazawa Tomoko。

Thank you very much for all your comments。

Today we had a LIVE performance at Takamiya city in Gunma prefecture。 Thank you very much to everyone who came。

Getting to eat her favourite torimeshi、 Kanazawa’s in high spirits。

Looking at all your faces from the stage as we were performing LIVE、 I felt like I saw a lot of people that I hadn’t seen before。

It would be nice if the circle of the Juice=Juice Family got wider…♡♡

For that to happen、 I have to do my best to polish my performing and my talking!

Well then。 My feet were swelling after the LIVE performance and they felt heavy、 but what do you know、 the kind Miyamoto Karin-chan gave me a massage~

Thank you Karin-chan!

I entrusted the lavender massage oil that I bought this morning to Karin-chan, and immediately got a massage… It was pretty painful!

It seems that the flow of my lymphs were blocked、 and I was really refreshed after it ended。

Karin-chan’s really good at giving massages、 so I’d like her to teach me a lot so that I can given Karin-chan a massage next time。

I’ll make another report when that happens。

Well、 that’s it for today。

There’s something I’m looking forward to tomorrow~
What do you think it is…?♡

That is all、 this was Kanazawa Tomoko~~~


I was passing by a bakery when I felt this staggering gaze。

Wha…? I turned around



A mysterious chocolate coronet was looking at me from inside the store。 lol

My curiosity tickled, wanting to know what the heck it was、 I entered the store、 and purchased that chocolate coronet。

It seems that it was a hermit crab。 lol
How adorable。

It’s a pity, but I ate it from the head。 It was delicious!
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Good evening
This is ‘KanaTomo’ Kanazawa Tomoko。

Thank you very much
For all your comments。

Today, it’s the long unseen、、

Is the nickname of Nekotarou (♂)、
My household’s pet cat。)

A fat cat weighing in at about 8kg。



Isn’t he cute??

He hasn’t really appeared on my blog posts recently

At handshake events and the like
Many members of the Juice=Juice Family

Would ask
「Put up Nuntun~」

So I’m responding to your requests ♡♡

Nuntun is really
Always lazing about。

But for some reason、 when I’m practising my dances

He’ll suddenly mess around with my legs

Scratching with all his strength…
Taking bites…! Tohoho。

It’s made me cry several times。 lol
No, seriously。

It was considerably painful。

Perhaps he’s normally storing up power?

…Well, I have no idea
But he’s a weird cat。


Yup。 That’s it! lol

In the future

Please warmly look over the growth
Of Kanazawa Tomoko、
And Nuntun

That would make me happy。♡

I beg for your kindness。


That is all、 this was Kanazawa Tomoko~~~



I’m practising
The dance for a certain song

It’s really difficult…!!!
I’ll do my best!
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Good evening
This is ‘KanaTomo’ Kanazawa Tomoko。

Thank you very much
For all your comments。

We wrapped up

【Juice=Juice First Live Tour 2015~Special Juice~】

To everyone
From the Juice=Juice Family
Who came…

Thank you so so very much!


The fun times
Went by in the blink of an eye…

Honestly honestly
From the bottom of my heart、 I was overjoyed!

Of course we discovered

Things to reflect on
And problems to face for the next time、

But that shows
The extent
Of how we’ve grown、

That’s what our vocal teacher
Told us、
Making us look forward to the future。

Like a dream
Our own hall concert tour
Went by in the blink of an eye

That it’s already come to an end
Definitely makes me feel a bit sad…

But I feel
That there’s lots of things that we should do beyond this

So Juice=Juice will
In Juice=Juice’s own way

And positively!
Do our best from now on。


Together with everyone
We’ll put in our efforts from now on、

So that one-by-one, we’ll realise our many dreams
And steadily develop, step-by-step。

From now on
We beg for your kind support towards Juice=Juice!


…At today’s LIVE performance、 everyone was awesome!
All I can say is。 Thank you。♡


That’s all、 this was Kanazawa Tomoko~~~



I was so emotionally moved and touched
That the tears came unbidden

After the perforance
Uemura Akari-chan made a fuss
「Even the hardest of hearts can be moved to tears, huh!」

It was regretful…、
It was realllly regretful (lol))、

But I couldn’t find any words
To make a comeback。。


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♪.1st place!!!

Good morning。
This is ‘KanaTomo’ Kanazawa Tomoko。

Thank you very much
For all your comments。

I think that there are probably people who are aware of this

But this time!

Juice=Juice’s 6th NEW single
Released on the 8th of April

Entitled 「Wonderful World/Ça va ? Ça va ?」、…












Got 1st place
On the Oricon Weekly Charts!


…I’m glad。
Honestly! I’m glad!!!


To all the staff
Who have always been supporting us。

To my family who always have kind words for me during tough times。

To Nuntun & Nivea who always soothe my heart and make me forget my exhaustion。

To friends and family who happily contacted me to say 「We bought your CD」。

And more than anyone!

To all of the Juice=Juice Family
Who dance and sing together with us
And always give your complete support。


I’m really、really、 reallllllly…!
Grateful to you。♡


The gap between the previous single to this single was the longest we’ve had so far

And Hello! Project has also experienced all sorts of upheavals…

Honestly, there were times when I felt uneasy。

But now is the time to face forward and do our best。

And for our performances and our talks、 the 5 of us will have discussions and once again do our best。

Ranking isn’t everything、

But including the course of our hard work
It resulted in this 1st place。

…I’m honestly honestly! Happy。
It’s thanks to everyone。

It’s like I can’t get it through no matter how many times I say it…
Thank you very much!!!

There are still lots of things we’re still lacking in… but for Juice=Juice who are celebrating the 2nd anniversary of our formation、 and entering our 3rd year

From now on too, the 5 of us with our abundance of personalities、 and just like our name, always freshly! We’ll do our best to aim even higher and higher

So from now on、 we beg for your kind cheers。


To everyone who listened to our new song
I hope it was like a Wonderful joy had come to visit…

“Je t’aime bien!”


That is all、 this was Kanazawa Tomoko~~~


Everyone should make a toast ♡♡
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Good evening
This is ‘KanaTomo’ Kanazawa Tomoko。

Thank you very much
For all your comments。

Today at Yasu Bunka Hall’s great hall

There were a lot of people performing there
It was really nerve-wracking…

But we were able to have fun and do our best!

I think that there were lots of people present who didn’t know about Juice=Juice、

But it made me really happy that we all made it a blast together(;_;)♡

Thank you so very much。

Today’s photo is with Predianna-san♪♪


You know! It’s seems that they performed Juice=Juice’s songs…

That made me really happy (´;ω;`)❤︎

They have a 9 year old member。
Less than half of Kanazawa’s age…!

It’s unbelievable。 That’s amazing。。

Seeing their spunk and youthfulness、 it made me think that Juice=Juice has got to do our best freshly too!。。

…Yup。 Let’s do our best!

And with that。 For today
The question reply rally~!


◆ My friend looks like Brolly before he goes into Super Saiya-jin mode、 can I bring him along to your next individual handshake event?(lol)

☞ Eh、 that’s awesome! lol Please make sure to bring along any number of friends~

◆ Quite some time has passed since you’ve cut your hair short、 which do you prefer between short hair and long hair?

☞ Short is definitely comfortable! So short、 I guess?^^

◆ I too would like to have springy marshmallow skin like Sayu-chan, Takagi Sayuki-chan, but what should I do?

☞ Sayuki’s skin really is naturally like that、 so it isn’t a question of maintenance。。 Patiently try things out and do your best!

◆ Speaking about Kanazawa Tomoko-san, how about forming a 「Double Kanazawa」 with Kanazawa Yuki-san from GEM? That done、 are there any members of other idol group-sans that you’d like to talk with~♪ or you’d like to befriend~♪?

☞ I share a lot of common points with Yuki-chan, she’s a friend I love ♡♡

I guess the person I’d like to befriend would definitely be Sunmyu~’s Noda Mami-chan!

◆ What’s KanaTomo’s lucky item?

☞ A Jibanyan (from Youkai Watch) pencil case。

◆ Are there any tricks you use when singing 「Ijiwaru Shinaide Dakishimeteyo」?

☞ There are quite a lot of parts where you have to switch from singing in your normal voice to a falsetto、 so please practise with that in mind! It’d make me happy if you sing it a lot ♡

◆ Tomo-chan、 I feel that you’re just like the character 『Haibara Ai』 who appears in Detective Conan、 but what does Tomo-chan herself think????(lol)

☞ I’m happy! But、、 I think that I’m completely different! How about that??

◆ I wanted to say this for the longest time、 but my sister is named Tomoko d=(^o^)=b
So to do a Tomokoー! call is really embarrassing、 I feel like I can’t say it ( ∩ˇωˇ∩)
I’d like a word for me?d=(^o^)=b

☞ Please give my regards to Tomoko。

◆ What’s Tomoko-chan’s favourite type, guys or girls are OK? The candid type?

☞ People wearing red T-shirts、 holding red penlights、 bringing along red towels、、 and so on, I guess。 I love red ♡

◆ I’m shy, so what should I do at handshake events when I can’t come up with anything to say and it gets awkward。

☞ I’m shy, so I have no idea too。。 I’m bad at being careful about conversations、 so at times when you don’t want to speak or you can’t speak, isn’t it okay to not force yourself and not speak? Like、 enjoy that “gap”!

◆ How do I bring out a vibrato?

☞ I bring mine out unconsciously、 so I don’t have any idea。 *bitter laugh*

A long time ago I had a habit of using a vibrato at hollow parts、、 So instead, I was worried。 Since there are songs where it fits and where it doesn’t~… Umーm…

◆ Please tell us the most recent book you’ve read。

☞ 「Boku ha Ashita、 Kinou no kimi to Deeto suru」! When you properly comprehend the “start” and the “end”、 it’s really heartbreaking。

◆ If you could do a fusion with a member of Juice=Juice, who would you like to do it with?

☞ Miyamoto Karin-chan ♡♡ For some reason or another!


…Until here!

Everyone、 thank you very much
For your many questions。

Once I’ve got time
I’ll start a reply rally


That is all、 this was Kanazawa Tomoko~~~


There’s something I’m looking forward to tomorrow♡♡
Hehehe… What could it be~?
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♪. Animate-san

Good evening
This is ‘KanaTomo’ Kanazawa Tomoko。

Thank you very much
For always commenting。

At Animate’s Osaka Nihonbashi store

For Juice=Juice’s 6th single
Our double A side「Wonderful World/Ça va ? Ça va ?」

There was
A commemoration mini-live & handshake event。

There were lots of people in cosplay、
It was as lively as a festival!

For the event、
There were 3 performances
So we had fun singing all sorts of songs~

All the songs were sung in full
Those kind of performances、
They’re pretty rare too…

I’m sure that there were songs
That you haven’t heard fully for a while?!


With that happening、

And because
It’s been ages since we had
Release events like this…

I was kind of nervous
And there’s lots of things that I’ve got to reflect on。

I’ll make the best of today’s experience
And do my best from now on!!!!

To everyone who came
Thank you very much



(For giving me souvenirs、
I’m grateful to all the staff
Of Animate ♡♡)


Well then、 from here on
I’d like to continue with the comment reply rally。


◆ I want to meet Yuuya-kun (The role that I、 Kanazawa、 played in the musical ) one more time (>_<) Can I meet him someday??(u_u) ☞ Personally, I think that I’d be happy if someday there would be some opportunity to appear as him again… but there aren’t any plans for the moment(;_;) The DVD for Engeki Joshibu 「Musical Koi suru Hello Kitty」 is now on sale、 so you can enjoy that lol There’s an included CD that has recordings of all the songs we sang in the play!   ◆ Please equate the members of Juice=Juice with Dragonball characters ・ Miyazaki Yuka → With her fluffy atmosphere、 she’s like Lunch (Normal)! ・ Takagi Sayuki → As she’s Sayu“bee”、 Yajiro“bee” lol ・ Miyamoto Karin → Well, from the name、 Karin-sama。 ・ Uemura Akari → Hmm… Like、 Videl? I have no idea about myself Or rather、 what do you think?   ◆ When you’re tired but busy、 what do you do to relieve the exhaustion and refresh yourself? ( ›_‹ ) I hope that KanaTomo tells us a method in her own way! ☞ Kanazawa’s recently enjoying massages! I don’t really know how to do it to myself、 so I get my sister to do it or go to a store。   ◆ Do you often go for karaoke?! Please tell us your speciality songs, if you have any! ☞ I love it ♡♡ I don’t think I have any songs that I must sing?? The ones I often sing are、 ♪ MeriKuri / BoA-san ♪ Let it Go / Ito Yuna-san ♪ Shangri-La / Acid Black Cherry-san ♪ Taiyou no Uta / Kaoru Amane-san ♪ Ai no tame ni / Ueto Aya-san ♪ Loser Like Me / Glee Cast-san I sing anime songs too! fripSide-san、 Kawada Mami-san I like their songs too ♡♡   ◆ Please tell us the origin of Kanazawa Tomoko’s name Tomoko♪ ☞ It comes from the name of Nakajima Tomoko-san、 who played the role of Hotaru in 「Kita no Kuni kara」。 My father said 「After being in two minds between Hotaru and Tomoko、 we went for Tomoko。」~   ◆ Kanazawa-san likes to bring up her pinky during concerts、 but is there anything that you think is your habit? ☞ I sometimes raise my pinky。 When I did that in my role as Yuuya-kun in the musical、 I often got warned、 your pinky’s sticking up!。。   ◆ I get so nervous when I shake hands with Kanazawa-san that I end up chewing on my words、 but is there any way that I would be able to speak smoothly and confidently like Kanazawa-san? ☞ Chewing on your words is OK!!! Your feelings get through!   ◆ Recently、 you’ve been putting up Photos of you getting along with Nuntun、 but have you tamed him?? ☞ Normally he’s just tsundere、 I think that he actually really likes me ♡     That’s it for today。 I still intend to answer more~~ Look forward to it。   …Well then! Tomorrow, finally、、 SHIGA IDOL COLLECTION♡ At Yasu Bunka Hall’s Great Hall Everyone’ll gather (・ω・)ノ I can’t wait!   And wih that、 to prepare for tomorrow I’ll sleep early tonight。   Good night   That is all、 this was Kanazawa Tomoko~~~   P.S. I rented lots of DVDs yesterday I’ve got to watch them soon。
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♪. Life’s greatest sorrow…

Good evening
This is ‘KanaTomo’ Kanazawa Tomoko。

Thank you very much
For all your comments。

Please listen。
Last night…

When I restarted my smartphone、 the contact addresses, apps, and photos, etc… they were all gone。

For things like contact addresses
I had the utmost essential people tell me theirs
So that was all right、、、

…But it was that。 That (;_;)

My favourite favourite faaaaaavourite

Dragonball app data… Was wiped out! Completelyyyy


No no no!
This sucks sucks sucks! Sucks

My Super Saiya Goku…!!!

We did lots of training、
We went out on lots of adventures together、

After great pains I had awakened him 3 times…

Lining up the remaining awakening medals…
Also collecting zeni! I was doing my best!

Although that was what I had been thinking…(;_;)

I’ll do a Z awakening、 we’d be the strongest~
Even though I was looking forward to that!

I’m drowning in a whirlpool of sorrow。

My heart is broken。。


All of you, please be careful about all sorts of breakdowns and bugs、 and it would be good to back-up occasionally!!!

To those who are playing using the Dragonball application, it would be best to carefully note down your device transfer code!! Right!


Learning from failures……Urghhhhh

Well… Starting from scratch、
Stunned~~ I’ll do my best。 *bitter laugh*


And with that、 after collecting myself
I’ll be answering your comments today。 Continuing on。


◆ I don’t have the courage to go from long hair to short, but when KanaTomo decisively cut your hair、 did you have any second thoughts!?

☞ I don’t really have anything I’m hung-up about… So I was completely fine! Ah、 it’s really comfortable when it’s cutー

◆ It’s all right for you to sing the part you like for your next new song! If that was the case, which part would you like to sing?

1. At the very start
2. At the start of the first chorus
3. At the end of the first verse
4. At the start of the slowed-down chorus
5. At the end of the song

☞ If it’s singing, then I’d like to sing the whole thing! But if I had to pick between those、1 or 2、 no… maybe 5~~ I can’t decide! lol

◆ I’ve been told that I’ve got strong facial features from way back、 but is it easy to remember those with strong facial features at handshakes? lol

☞ I’ve been told that too! For some reason, I’m asked 「You’re from Okinawa, right?」、 and when I asked a station attendant-san the way, it was explained to me in English。 lol

(For Kanazawa、) there honestly isn’t any difference between how easy it is to remember those with strong or light facial features… but the parts of us that have impact!、 let’s seize it positively。^^

◆ Inside your room、 are there any pieces of furniture or accessories that you’re proud of、 like this is cute! or、 this is my favourite!?

☞ My Little Pony dolls♡ They were what I received when I was interviewed by Bushi Road-san、 so I like them as they’re cute!

Kanazawa likes Rainbow Dash and Appledash in particular。

◆ It’s been 2 years since Juice=Juice first performed in front of an audience。 I’d be happy if you could tell us in your own way which parts have changed from that timeー! And which parts haven’tー! (^v^)

☞ What’s changed is my awareness。 Previously I didn’t fully show my individuality to those around me、 but I’ve become more aware of the group since that time。 I think about my role in the group。

What hasn’t changed… I see? There are lots of things、 but what I’d like not to change is our 「Freshness!」 with all its implied nuances。 Without forgetting my roots, I’ll do my best!

◆ Have you finished watching Dragonball?

☞ I still have some to watchー! I’ve got to watch Dragonball again

If I can, I’d like to read the manga too!

◆ Tomoko-sama said that you’re recently into meat sauce spaghetti、 but which do you prefer、 putting the meat sauce with the boiled spaghetti just like that、 or do you cook it in oil or butter?

☞ I prefer cooking it with butter or olive oil! With lots of sauce! I guess about 200g of spaghetti would be just right!

◆ Because it’s at this time! Please tell us your favourite PreCure! It’s Cure Peace for me!

☞ Smile PreCure Aoki Reika-chan、 and Yes! PreCure 5’s Kasugano Urara-chan ♡

◆ As befitting the season….. Do you have any “fun” memories of graduation or entering school~?

☞ I don’t really have any memories of those (・ω・)ノ lol

Ah、 but! It really tickled my fancy to see my friends who always come to school with really crazy, unruly hair properly decide on hairdos just for the graduation ceremony、、

◆ If the Dragonball characters were to be a family, who would you like to play what roles (Parents、 Sibligngs)?

☞ If I could ignore the current set-up、 Father: Goku、 Mother: Bulma、 Older brother: Trunks、 Younger sister: Pan。

Since the father and mother would be funny, it’d definitely be fun ♡ If I could, I’d be happy if the father was Super Saiya Goku (;_;)(;_;)(;_;)

◆ Please tell us about the charms of Asakura Kiki-chan。

☞ Even though Kiki-chan isn’t tall、 her limbs are long and she’s got a really nice figure ♪♪

Cheerful and cute、 she’s level-headed… I get the feeling that she’s definitely a smart kid。

I think that you can sometimes feel this competitive spirit from her, that’s a charm too (・ω・)ノ

◆ KanaTomo always seems to be composed, but have there ever been hardships when it came to dancing or singing that made you want to cry?

☞ I’m relatively weak, so I immediately sink whenever I hit a wall。

For singing、 the singing was a really hard-fought battle when we were recording for Senobi, so I was pretty worried。 It was difficult to bring out the maturity for Senobi、 and for some reason I was told 「Like that, the grown-ups will just hear you singing from a superior position!」…。

For dancing、 the musical! I couldn’t really get used to the male role。 It was tough。


That’s it for today。



Since I didn’t have photos
The members sent me
Lots of photos ♪♪

(This photo was during the bus tour!)

There are lots of unneeded photos…
But I’m thankful。

I’m grateful。

And with that!

There are still things to be answered in this reply rally、
so please wait。

I’ll always be waiting for your questions


That is all、 this was Kanazawa Tomoko~~~



Tomorrow on the 21st of March (Sat)
At Animate’s Osaka Nipponbashi store
There’s a mini-live & handshake event ♡

The day after tomorrow on the 22nd of March (Sun)
At the great hall of Yasu Bunka Hall

And and!
Next week on the 26th of March (Thurs)

Nihon TV’s event、
「Haru no PON! Matsuri 2015」

There、 Juice=Juice
Will be making an appearance

It’ll be held
At Shiodome NiTere Tower
B2F Zero Suta Hiroba’s special stage…

Everyone, please make sure to drop by

There are lots of plans to meet everyone~
I’m glad ♡♡

Come to all of them, ok! lol
Firstly tomorrow、 I’ll do my best
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Good evening

I recently changed my blusher to orange
This is ‘KanaTomo’ Kanazawa Tomoko。

Thank you very much
For all your comments。

Recently Kanazawa

As mentioned in a previous blog post
I’m still very into the Dragonball smartphone app

But my friend who started at the same time is using the transactions!

(Although it wasn’t intentional、)
With a snide, haughty face

I saw my friend
Make lots of random draws (lol))、

「Maybe Kanazawa should make payments。
It looks like fun。。」

Making up my mind、 I asked my mother
And obviously got shot down…

That got me down。

By the way、 the other day

I was steadily clearing the stages and collecting the in-game currency with everything I had

Completely devoted、 I put in my soul into the random draw…

And what do you know!

God extended a kind hand to Kanazawa who hadn’t racked up any charges。。

The rarest “SSR” Super Saiya Goku was smiling at Kanazawa。

Thank you (;´༎ຶД༎ຶ`)♡
Thank you so much。

That was a brilliant smile。
It was sparking。 Really。

I immediately took a screenshot and sent it to my friend。 Hehen ( ´_ゝ`)

At any rate、 Kanazawa will now be taking care of this one preciously。 I’ll do my best。

…Well thenー!
Tomorrow we’ll have a LIVE concert♡

We’ll be heading to Wakayama

I can’t just be spending all my time on the game
I’ll practise properly too!

Currently we’re practising a certain song。
I’ve got to do my best。。

Everyone in Wakayama、
Let’s make it a blast together!!

Today’s photo is、、 a close-up。 lol



And so

That is all、 this was Kanazawa Tomoko~~~



Juice=Juice is appearing in
The magazine 「GiRL POP」-san
Which went on sale today!

Please make sure to check it out ♡
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♪. Goal

Good evening
This is ‘KanaTomo’ Kanazawa Tomoko。

Thank you very much
For all your comments。

Today、 as I do every month、
I reflect on last month & blog about this month’s goal!

Kanazawa’s goal for last month (February) was
【Speak slowly】

For thisー… I’ve still got a ways to go。( ´・ω・` )

I think it’s certainly become a habit。

It’s what I often think、
When I listen to radio programmes afterwards。。

It might be difficult
To immediately fix it

But I’ll try to be as aware of it as possible!
Even a bit would be fine

I’d like to speak slowly。
I’ll continue to do my best!

And… This month’s goal!!

Kanazawa’s goal for March、

【Bring my girlishness UP!】


Recently、 the members have often been
Applying body cream

They get massages

I’ve got increasing opportunities to witness
The sight of them diligently polishing themselves…

So Kanazawa would like to keep up with everyone
And bring UP my girlishness!♪♪

Since even something small would be good
I’ll do my best。。

What should I do??

I’d like to study up on massaging
Do it on everyone
And teach it to them!

I still can’t imagine
Myself doing it though…(笑))

So what are your goals
For this month??


That was all、 this was Kanazawa Tomoko~~~


Nuntuーn ♡♥︎

We’re friendly today too。
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♪. Grey Zone

Good afternoon
This is ‘KanaTomo’ Kanazawa Tomoko。

Thank you very much
For all your comments。

I woke up early this morning、 which is quite the struggle for me!
I went to see my sisters’ senior high school results announcement~

The Kanazawa siblings

Sister ①
Sister ②
Sister ③

That’s how our family is…
Sisters ② & ③ are twins though、

It was the results announcement for the twins ♡


The 2 of them are on good terms at the same senior high school。

And of course the 2 of them
…Passed without any problems!

Phew~。 What a relief。


While my sisters got their documents、
Kanazawa went to say hello
To my former homeroom teacher。

(As it’s the senior high school I used to go to。 lol)

Well~、 It was nostalgic。。

It seems that my teacher often checks out
The programmes that Juice=Juice appears on、 which made me happy ♡♡

As it was a full-day schooling system
Managing it along with work was tough

Whenever I had complaints
This teacher was kind and always supported me。

Today’s meeting、 it kind of
Really raised my spirits!

Thanks (*бωб*)♡

I strongly feel
That I’ve got to work harder~!

At any rate、
To everyone who cheered on my sisters
Thank you very much

And that’s it for today。

‘Til next time。

That was all、 this was Kanazawa Tomoko~~~


After the results announcement
I played with NIVEA。

My beloved pet-chan。
Djungarian Hamster。♂



The pattern on his hands? were a gradation pattern that went from grey to white、

The white pattern was really strong
So with the meaning of “completely white”

I gave him the name

Compared to when I first started raising him
His fur changed when it became winter

The grey zone spreaded… lol

Now it’s become mostly grey。
Well、 he’s cute, so whatever goes。

Ah… By the way
As usual, I didn’t touch him

Taking one step at a time~…
I only gave him food。

Tohoho。( ´・ω・` )

It’s not that I’m scared or anything、
But I kind of can’t touch him。

How strange。。
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