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♪.Thank you

Good evening。

【Juice=Juice LIVE MISSION 220 ~Code3 Special→Growing Up!~】

We’re done with the 2nd day of the Nakano performances!

There were lots of people who sacrificed their precious time to meet Juice=Juice in these 2 days… Which makes me happy。 I’m filled with gratitude。

Stuffing my cheeks like this with everyone’s precious Golden Week… My belly’s obviously full! That’s enough。 lol

Anyway、 thank you very much to those who were in attendance。

And there was an announcement at the performance

What do you know!

On the 7th of November (Mon)、








Will be performing LIVE on our own at the Nippon Budokan!!!!!

The always supportive
Members of staff
Friends and family

The members
Who are good companions
And occasionally rivals

And the supportive
Juice=Juice Family

…Honestly、 we were only able to get this far because of the power from all those people。

I’m grateful to every person who has been involved with us。
From the bottom of my heart、、 Thank you very much。

Just because it’s been set doesn’t mean that we should be lax!

There’s lots of things that we still can do、 so we’ll do our best in order to stand on the Budokan stage at an even higher level。

Let’s all go!


1422 Radio Nippon 【BAKUNAI】 will be broadcast late night tonight at 2:00~。 You’ll have good dreams if you listen to it before going to sleep… possibly?! lol

I’ll listen to it too, of course。
Please make sure to check it out。

By the way、 the MC Ganso Bakushouou-san and the staff of the show came to watch today’s performance。

They are truly kind people。
Thank you very much。
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♪. Maid cafe

Good evening。

Let me talk about the time I went to a maid cafe the other day。

My sister was born on the 29th of April、
And my friend was born on the 30th of April

So the three of us lightheartedly went out to have a birthday party、

Anyway, when we were thinking about 「What to do~」 after having our meal、 we entered a maid cafe that we just happened to notice。

I was surprised as a Juice=Juice song was playing as we entered。 The maids liked H!P。 Wellll、 that made me happy。


At first, the three of us were so shy that we didn’t know what to do… But before we knew it, we broke out from our shells a little。 It was really amusing。 lol

When I mentioned that 「The 2 of them will be celebrating their birthdays soon」 to the maids、 we were told that 「People celebrating their birthdays get cake on the house」, so we ordered some

As we were eagerly awaiting the cake、 the music in the store suddenly changed to Happy Birthday to You

Along with the maids、 everyone in the store joined in with the celebration。

I’d thought that they’d just bring along a cake, so I was surprised as well!

Above all, the 2 of them were happy about it。 The 3 of us took polaroids with the maids before we left, and it’s become a wonderful memory。

I’d like to go there again

Well then。
Tomorrow we’ve got a hall concert。

To everyone who’ll be dropping by Nakano Sunplaza、 let’s all make it a blast together!


A shot of Nuntun’s sleeping face sent by my dad。
Super cute…♡

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Good evening。

Yesterday I had an on-location shooting for Hikari TV’s show 【S-cene】 with ℃-ute’s Nakajima Saki-san!

This is probably the first time I’m working with just Nakajima-san, so my heart was really pounding…

But it was great to enjoy ourselves on-location, surrounded by lovely scenery。

This time we went to… Atami!
Look forward to the broadcast。




And, and!
We’ve announced additional dates for

【Juice=Juice LIVE MISSION 220~Code3→Growing!~】

Our currently ongoing Livehouse Tour。

I think that FC members already know about this

But on the 1st (Fri) and 2nd (Sat) of July!
We’ll be having performances in Saitama prefecture!!!

The 2nd of July is my birthday

So on my final day as a 20 year old
And on my first day as a 21 year old

I’ll be able to have 2 days of LIVE performances at my hometown of Saitama prefecture、 it makes me really happy。

Thank you very much!

The venue will be our usual HEAVEN’S ROCK Saitama Shintoshin VJ-3。

Let’s make wonderful memories together ♪♪

Please come to see us。
I’ll be waiting。



Tomorrow is my sister’s birthday。
The day after is my friend’s birthday。

Every day’s special!
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Good morning~☀︎

Here’s a photo from when I went to have yakiniku with the staff of the Radio Nippon programme 【BAKUNAI】、 the MC Ganso Bakushouou-san、 and my manager-san。



It was delicious!


Apparently you couldn’t comment on my blog post yesterday、 I’m really sorry。 I apologise。

I think that it’s now been fixed!

It definitely wasn’t a plan to make you send more messages to the programme、 to make up for being unable to comment。 (Honest!) lol

Well then。

I woke up early and am heading to work。 I’m not great with mornings, so I drank an energy drink to give me a boost。

It’s a bit of an outing, as I’m being rocked by the train together with students and salarymen。

It kind of feels like I’m on a trip。
My snacks are those crispy plums that I love。

Up until just now, I was reading on the train。

There’s a book that I’d been constantly reading lately。
Carefully, carefully… I took my own sweet time to read it、 but having finally finished reading it, it feels a bit sad。

But I still won’t mention what I thought about it!
That’s what I’ve decided。

I won’t mention why though。 lol

At any rate、
I’m moved from the depths of my heart to have come upon such a wonderful book。

If I have some time, I’d like to go to a bookstore again sometime soon!

And with that, I’m off to work。
Phew。 I’m nervous and excited~~



I often say that I like Nakajima Takui-san’s songs、 it’s like I listen to them every day…

But I’ve been listening to Eric Fukusaki-san’s songs recently!

His voice is earth-shatteringly clear。 It’s wonderful。
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Good evening。

Today I watched 【Crayon Shin-chan Fast Asleep! Dreaming World Big Assault】。

My favourite favourite Shin-chan, who’s a native of Saitama prefecture, just like me。 This year as well, I went with my friend, with whom I make sure to watch the Shin-chan movies with every year。

We laughed lots, and there were also heart-moving scenes… It was the best。 Shin-chan’s straightforward heart、 his feelings towards his friends and family, they were truly lovely

There’s lots of things that I can learn from him!

After it ended, I bought all sorts of promotional items such as clear files and pamphlets、 and I’m fully satisfied。

I promised to make sure to go and watch the next one when it opens。 I can’t wait~っ

With Shin-chan’s power, I’ll be doing my best at work again tomorrow!


Yesterday I got to read the letters from all of you。 Thank you for the presents as well!

They really gave me energy~
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♪. Suzuki-san

Good evening。

Today Juice=Juice spent another full day doing rehearsals for our LIVE concert。

I moved lotsーー。

By the way、 since I wrote about snacking in my blog post yesterday, it definitely wouldn’t be good for me to do it right on the heels of that post… so I only ate 1 oyaki today。

For someone like me, that was a trial。 lol

I might eat a lot tomorrow though…
Well, please forgive me for that。

When I read the comments, there are others who end up eating as well。 Just a little is fine, right。

Well then。

Today is the birthday of ℃-ute’s Suzuki Airi-san。

Many happy returns!

She’s so mature and stylish that you wouldn’t think that she and I were only 1 year apart、 but she’s cute and funny… Suzuki-san has all sorts of aspects to her。

I truly look up to her performances, which are always enchanting。

I’ll keep on cheering her on from the shadows。

Please have a wonderful year。


I didn’t take any photos today either…
I’ll put up a photo of cheese gyudon, which I’ve gotten into recently。

I also love eating curry at gyudon stores。 I like both, so i end up eating both。 lol

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I’ve realised just how much fun it is to have ducks floating in the tub。

This is Kanazawa Tomoko。 20 years old。 Good evening



Well then。

On 1422 Radio Nippon
Broadcast weekly, every Wednesday, late night at 2:00~


Do you listen to it every week??
We had a recording for it today。

It’s already been a year since I took up the assistant post! That went by in the blink of an eye。

Back then, in the middle of the hill road on my way to Radio Nippon、 I felt anticipation while feeling a bit worried… Every time, at that point, I’d have to take a deep breath to calm me down。

「I wonder what sort of person the MC Ganso Bakushouou-san is? What if he’s scary…?」~Back then, I was a bit scared。 lol

That’s already a nostalgic memory。。
How deeply moving。

I truly am always under Ganso-san’s care。

Every time, he’s really sociable! Energetic! And while he obviously talks to me、 in the middle of those fun conversations、 he’d casually give me advice…

He’d tell me about new information that I didn’t know about。

Though there were often times where I’d suddenly be thrown a question like 「Do you know this?」 like it was some sort of quiz、 and I was pushed to give an explanation、 bringing me to my wits’ end、、 lol

He’s a gentle person, who helps me grow。

From now on as well, I’ll work hard with everything I’ve got on the things that I can do as an assistant, so that we’ll be able to “Make Japan smile through laughter”。

All the staff、

And all the listeners!

I beg for your continued kindness。

⇒ Next broadcast

Tomorrow! 6th April (Wed) Late night 2:00~

※ A special guest will be appearing… maybe?! Look forward to it。

⇒ Letters

◆ Words/Incidents/Songs that made you smile recently
(Song requests are also ok!)

◆ Onegai… To ♡ mo ♡ ko
(A segment where you’re free to send in words that you want me to say)

◆ Column Ganso
(Please feel free to send in things that you want to ask Ganso-san、 or something you want to be taught)

Besides that you can send your thoughts on our LIVE performances and events、 questions, new segments, and so on?! Please feel free to send us any messages。
Until then、 we’ll be waiting!



I went somewhere after the recording。

It was moving。 It was inspiring。
It was the best。。

Details will come later!
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♪.Best friend

Good evening。
Today I met my best friend, whom I haven’t seen in a while。

Along with my sister, we had a leisurely walk around the neighbourhood、 and went for a meal。

After that we got engrossed in a game。
It’s been a while since I last played Gran Turismo。

It was lots of fun。

I haven’t been able to see my friend recently、 and since we’ve been wanting to hang out, I’m glad that it came true at long last。

We watch the Crayon Shin-chan movies together every year、 so we’ve promised to do so this year as well。

It’s going to open soon。 I can’t wait!

It was a fun day。

To everyone who went to Miyazaki Yuka-chan’s birthday event、 I’d like to hear your thoughts about it as well!

And that’s all。


I’m always dishevelled when I take photos after performing LIVE。 *bitter smile*

Even in videos、 there’s a difference in my hair and makeup compared to the other members if it’s taken after a LIVE performance。 It’s proof that I did my best。

I wonder if you immediately notice that as well?
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Good evening。

Today we had a LIVE concert at Yokohama Bay Hall。

【Juice=Juice LIVE MISSION 220~Code2→NEXT to YOU~】

The final day!

Thank you very much to everyone who came。 Now I’m just being hit by reassuring waves of exhaustion。

The tiredness matches up to how fully I enjoyed myself。
It feels kind of fresh。

And my illness had me in bad condition in Code2, which ended up troubling and worrying lots of people… I truly beg for your forgiveness。

Now my body has obviously gotten much better! And I can fully participate in LIVE performances。 I’m grateful。

Singing and dancing with everyone… I won’t forget my feelings of gratitude to this environment that isn’t something that I should take for granted、 and I’d like to head on forwards toward my dreams。

Going into Code3、 I’d be glad if you would warmly watch over Juice=Juice。

The setlist will change quite a bit!
And of course the outfits will change!

I’ll do my best to use this fresh feeling to set out on a good start。

I beg for your kindness beyond this point as well。


Yesterday was the final inning of
Fuji TV Kei Drama 「Budokan」。

How was it…?!
Was the conclusion unexpected??

BS SkyPa!-san will broadcast the final part on Wednesday。

Please make sure to check that out

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♪. Voice training

Good evening。

Today I had voice training。 I sang songs that we’re planning to perform for Code3。

Before I went to practice on my own, the teacher taught me lots of things today, which gave me confidence。

I’m glad~

There are still a few things that I’m unsure about… So I’d like to check those properly myself and do my best。

The setlist is changing quite a bit~
Everyone, please look forward to it。

It may be short, but today’s is up to her。

Good night。


Today, I thought that black hair really does suit Japanese people。

Be it brown hair or blonde…etc
While of course anything’s lovely if it goes with the person, and though my hair is currently brown (lol)、

Black hair really is pretty、 I like it。

There are colours that are easy to try out for people who are still young、 and many others for people who want a change of mood or a change of image!

In the future, Kanazawa too… Might go to another colour (?!) I don’t know about that though、、、

But I kind of think that I’ll settle down with black in the end。

What colour do you all like?

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