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Good evening
This is ‘KanaTomo’ Kanazawa Tomoko。

Thank you very much
For always commenting。

There’s only about 10 days left in January, but…

Barely in time、
I’d like to write about
This month’s goal & reflect on last month’s。 *bitter laugh*

Don’t mind the feeling that it’s come too late (;´༎ຶД༎ຶ`)!

For December (2014)
【Have well-balanced meals】
Was Kanazawa’s goal

Yuーp… Honestly, it’s complicated。

You know what、 I can’t hold back!

I’d really like to know if there’s a method
To restrain one’s appetite。

Someone tell me。 *cries*
Help save Kanazawa fom her unbalanced diet~(;_;)

This goal has already become a life problem。。 I’ll do my best。。

Well then!
Kanazawa’s goal for this month is

【Listen to a lot of music】

Traditional Japanese music ・ Western music、
Rock ・ Classical ・ Pop…etc
Regardless of genre

I’ll listen to all sorts of music
I’ll listen to songs by all sorts of people

And it would be great if I could learn a lot。

By the way
While I’m writing this blog post right now

I’m listening to a song
By Katy Perry-san。♪♪

It’s lovely!!!

What’s your goal for this month?
Please tell me if you don’t mind。

That is all、 this was Kanazawa Tomoko~~~


My weighing scales might be broken…
My weight changes day by day。 lol

Do these things happenー??

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♪. Temptation

Good evening
This is ‘KanaTomo’ Kanazawa Tomoko。

Thank you very much
For always commenting。

Today we had a recording
For our radio programme

Weekly on Thursdays, on bayfm-san
Broadcast at 10:30~ at night

We are Juice=Juice
Is the name of the show (・ω・)ノ

Of course、
You listen to it, right??

If you actually don’t…
You there!!!

You definitely have to listen next time。

We are Juice=Juice
Has a 「voice blog」
As an established corner

A single member
Reads out their blog

It’s a free talk corner where we can say what we like。

I think you’ll listen to it every week
While looking forward to that corner。

And don’t hesitate with messages!
We’ll be waiting ♡♡

I’m begging for your kindness。


After the radio recording
I was with Miyazaki Yuka-chan and Miyamoto Karin-chan

We were heading towards our next job
By train、

But we had a lot of transfers…
Leader and I were defeated several times
By the temptations at the stations。。

「Ah、 I want to eat that…」
「That looks delicious…」

We groused a lot like that
While Karin-chan would go

「There’s just a bit more to go, so let’s do our best!」

She held us back countless times、
And we were able to get to the end without being late。

Thank you Karin-chan ♡

Leader and subleader、
Will do our best。。*bitter smile*


That is all、 this was Kanazawa Tomoko~~~


Used my phone to take a selfie

It was cute
So I’ll put it up。 Can’t be helped!

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It’s the New Year、
Happy New Year。

This is ‘KanaTomo’ Kanazawa Tomoko。

Thank you very much
For all your comments。

In 2014, as Juice=Juice
We started with our first tour by ourselves

We were able to star in a musical
For the first time

It really was a plentiful year。

I got interviewed by magazines

I got to come out with a DVD…
I had good experiences。

Meeting lots of people、
The Juice=Juice Family
Grew little by little…♡♡

We received support from all sorts of places。

I’m full of gratitude。
Thank you very much。

Hello! Project’s facing
Hectic changes、 evolution
So we can’t let ourselves be left behind

As I am (we are) still inexperienced

With everything we’ve got!
We’ll continue to do our best。

At any rate、 firstly
With our tour that’s currently in session

In 2015
Our goal for the year
Is conquering all 47 administrative divisions in the country。

Everyone、 please please
Drop by and see us。♪♪


And with that、

In 2015, without wavering
No… Even greater than before! lol

And Kanazawa Tomoko
Are begging for your kind support。♡

…Sabotage is a no-no, right?


That is all、 this was Kanazawa Tomoko~~~


A series starting in 2015。

Person being discussed… Miyazaki Yuka


I noted this down。 lol

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Good evening
This is ‘KanaTomo’ Kanazawa Tomoko。

Thank you very much
For always commenting。


Made public yesterday

YouTube original programme
Hello! Sta #97。

Have all of you watched it?


Our senior group、 S/mileage-san
Announced their change of name。


It was also announced in that Hello! Sta、 and S/mileage-san’s new group name is…

Pronounced ‘Anjurumu‘ ANGERME
The decision has been made!

It was a name bestowed by their member、 Nakanishi Kana-san

A combination of the French words ange(Japanese pronunciation ‘anju‘: angel) and larme(Japanese pronunciation ‘rarumu‘: tears)。

With a heart as tender as an angel’s、 shedding all sorts of tears together、 that’s the implicit meaning。

I think that a change of group name
Is something that’s really big

3 new members have joined too
And they’re gradually evolving into a new form。

We, Juice=Juice
Can’t lose to that momentum

So I think
We have to continue to do our best


And、 and
Together with
ANGERME’s Sasaki Rikako-chan

I, Kanazawa Tomoko
Was in charge of this episode’s
Four character idiom corner。



Kei-Kou-Gyuu-Go』 *

Are all of you、
Aware of the meaning of this four character idiom??


If you’re interested in what the correct answer is
Then check out the YouTube original programme
Hello! Sta #97!!


That is all、 this was Kanazawa Tomoko~~~



I saw the pre-filming video for

The movie version of 『Dragon Ball Z: Fukkatsu no F 』

That’ll open in April next year ♡♡
I can’t wait!!!


* ‘KeikouGyuugo‘ (鶏口牛後) has roughly the same meaning as ‘Better to be a big fish in a small pond than a small fish in a big pond’
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Good evening
This is ‘KanaTomo’ Kanazawa Tomoko。

Thank you very much
For always commenting。


Today we had
【Dai 5kai J=J School for Girls】
A girls-only event

Despite it being a weekday
Lots of people came
Which made me really glad!

Today’s theme was
『Heart-thumping tidying-up』。

As the lecturer
We invited heart-thumping tidying-up consultant

Takeda Nozomi-sensei
Or Nonchan-sensei、
And learnt about this and that。

Making use of empty boxes of sweets
And empty tissue boxes
We made storage boxes

Also things like how to fold clothes…
She taught us a lot of useful information
It was a fully satisfying event

Thank you very much!



And today!
It’s close to Christmas…

All of the members
Did a Santa girl
Cosplay ♪♪

The photo is with the person who gave it her all as today’s MC、
Miyamoto Karin-chan~♡

Karin-chan, thanks for your hard work with your first time MC-ing
You were really brilliant!!!!

And、 to everyone who came!
Did you enjoy yourselves?

For today
Thank you so very much

Next time、 Dai 6kai J=J School for Girls
Will be opened on the 6th of February (Fri)!

I’m interested in who’ll MC…
Looking forward to it

That is all、 this was Kanazawa Tomoko~~~


With the free time we had between jobs today
I went on a date with Karin-chan ♡

We did a bit of shopping、
Went for karaoke…

It was for just a short while
But it was fun~
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Good evening
This is ‘KanaTomo’ Kanazawa Tomoko。

Thank you very much
For always commenting。

The other day、

To celebrate Engeki Joshibu 「Musical Koi suru Hello Kitty」

Mano Erina-san brought all of Juice=Juice for yakiniku ♡



Mano-san、 she’s really open-hearted and kind
For over 2 hours, we ate while having a fun chat

It was such a fun time…
Thank you so very much

…Well then。 With this and that
We’re in December。

Time really passed in the blink of an eye。

All sorts of things happened this year
But there’s that saying
“All’s well that ends well”、

Which means that I’ll be writing a blog post compiling the appropriate goals of 2014!

For Kanazawa
【Deepening my bonds with Nuntun】
Was last month’s goal。

Even though we had few opportunities to come into contact、
We played lots of games!!

Whenever I get back home、
Without giving a signal, a game of tag suddenly commences。

With a vigorous starting dash that you wouldn’t normally see、 Nuntun would run to the 1st floor。

I would immediately chase after。

The footsteps having died down、 perhaps tired of the game of tag… Nuntun continues by starting a game of hide-and-seek in my sisters room。

Climbing to the end of my sister’s bed、
I discover Nunutun’s huge backside jutting out of the futon。

「Foundー you!」

I flip over the futon and give him a hug、 and we go back to how it started。

Nuntun runs at a terrific speed。 Once again we start with playing tag。

It’s a game that doesn’t end until I give up。
Nuntun unexpectedly has a lot of energy…

Or perhaps, in order to play with me, he retains his strength??

…And with that、 we’ve got a good relationship(?)。✌︎♡♡

And, and。
The last for 2014! For December

【Have meals that are well-balanced】
Is my goal。

Though I honestly can’t hold back
When it comes to eating lol

My policy up to now has been
Eat the things you want to eat when you want to eat them、

For the moment
I’ll properly try to have
Completely well-balanced meals once again。

But it’s for my own sake, right。

I’ll do my best!!!

Although it feels like nothing will change from the usual、 well, that much is just right, right??

What are your goals for this month?


That is all、 this was Kanazawa Tomoko~~~


YouTube original programme
Hello! Sta。

In Hello! Sta #95
I, Kanazawa Tomoko

Appear in the
Four-character idiom corner (・ω・)ノcheck it out♡
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♪. I won’t quit

Good evening
This is ‘KanaTomo’ Kanazawa Tomoko。

Thank you very much
For always commenting。


Kanazawa today。



Before I went to work
I woke up earlier than usual、
And I got ready earlier than usual。

With the free time that I had
I played Raging Blast。

Then I bid 「farewell」
To the Playstation 3

While en route
I watched Dragon Ball on my smartphone。


Every day
I’m fully absorbed in Dragon Ball。

I’m the type that really gets into something
Once I start getting into it

So that’s what I do the whole day long
In some ways it’s good、 and in some ways it’s bad。 lol

Even if there’s something else I have to do、 even if I have to shave my sleeping hours, I’ll create time for my hobbies。


By the way, besides Dragon Ball

“A tonjiru (pork miso) boom has come ☆ Yeah”

I wrote about it
In a previous blog post、

But I’m continuing with that too。。。

When we’re staying over at hotels for LIVE performances
I’ll definitely buy tonjiru at the convenience store。

When I return home
I’ll be greeted with my mother’s special tonjiru、

I run to a diner if I get hungry
And order only tonjiru。


Kanazawa’s life is completely polarised…。。

Even though I definitely like what I like
Maybe I should give it up

But still I have to think a bit more
About balancing all sorts of things
And take action。。

I’ll do my best (;´༎ຶД༎ຶ`) lol


All of you、 do you have any thing
Like that?

That is all、 this was Kanazawa Tomoko~~~



This year I want to
Fully write out my New Year’s cards。。

I’ll go
And buy New Year’s cards soon。
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Good evening
This is ‘KanaTomo’ Kanazawa Tomoko。

Thank you very much
For always commenting。

Today is Miyamoto Karin-chan’s
16th birthday!♡♡

Many happy returns

And today, the day of Karin-chan’s birthday itself, we had our LIVE concert in Nagoya

To everyone who came
Thank you very much!

It was tons of fun
It felt like the time passed in the blink of an eye。

And we were deeply moved by your warm encore call of 「Karin! Karin!」。(;_;)

We celebrated her birthday together
And we sang her a song

Thank you for your cooperation。


Karin-chan、 have a happy happy

Karin-chan’s a hard worker
I always find how admirable her excellence is。

She’s someone who gets lonely pretty easily
And I’m sure she must carry a lot of burdens

But maybe she’s bad at asking for help
Or maybe I’m unreliable…

She rarely depends on others
And never lets out any complaints。

I want her to be
More selfish、

And not force herself to bear it!

I love

So I hope that
From now on
I’ll close the distance between Karin-chan

So I’ll think positively and do my best! lol

I beg for your continued kindness!
Have a wonderful 16th…☆

That is all、 this was Kanazawa Tomoko~~~



I found a photo of Karin-chan
Looking like a princessー!

It’s a photo from
The Pinks & Kopinks!
Special live♡
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Good afternoon
This is ‘KanaTomo’ Kanazawa Tomoko。

Thank you very much
For always commenting。

Today’s the second time!
That Juice=Juice has come to Okayama

We had all sorts of interviews
And been busy with activities from the morning
─=≡Σ((( つ•̀ω•́)つ

On RSK Radio-san’s 「Hit Chart Variety Kamonama Radio」

It was Miyazaki Yuka-chan、
Miyamoto Karin-chan, and myself。

And all of us for FM Okayama-san’s 「Ushijima Toshiaki Dream Factory」

Those were the live appearances we made \(◡̈)/♥︎

Thank you very much
To everyone who listened to them。

We were taught Okayama dialect、
We talked about our 5th single
That was fun~

Of course, Juice=Juice learnt about Okayama through our promotions
Which makes me glad

Kanazawa loves radio
I often listen to the radio normally
So I’ll learn more and more

And do my best so that we’ll get to appear on lots of shows!


(This photo was taken yesterday。♡)

Ah! That’s right。
The Tokyo~Okayama Shinkansen。
It was a pretty long trip

So tried sleeping、
I tried reconfirming the changed setlist we have from today

And watched anime。

You’re want to know
What anime I was watching?



The answer is…







Dragon Ball!!!


Even though I play the game
I don’t understand the characters
So I felt that I couldn’t enjoy it、

And started watching the anime。


Dragon Ball every day。 lol

By the way、
I wonder if reading the manga would be all right too?

There must be some differences
Between the manga and anime, right?

Should I get the manga… I’m not sure。
Someone please tell me (;´༎ຶД༎ຶ`)

Well thenー!!!
After this, at 6:30 p.m.~ Our LIVE performance♡

Everyone in Okayama、
Let’s all make it a blast~

There are also same-day tickets!

We’ll be waiting
For lots of you to come


That is all、 this was Kanazawa Tomoko~~~


Actually、 I’ve been talking recently
With Kanazawa Yuuki-san from GEM
About going out for a meal。♡

It would be nice if we could go soon
I’ll have a report if we do~
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Good evening
This is ‘KanaTomo’ Kanazawa Tomoko。

Thank you very much
For always commenting。


I went to Yokohama Arena today for

「Morning Musume。’14 Concert Tour Aki GIVE ME MORE LOVE ~Michishige Sayumi Sotsugyou Kinen Special~」

We made an appearance
As the opening act。

It was the first time for me
To perform
At Yokohama Arena

I was realーーーly nervous
But thanks to all of you, I could enjoy myself, singing and dancing。

Thank you very much!

The song we performed
Was from Juice=Juice’s 5th single

But although it’s a song I’ve performed many times before、 I’ve never felt that nervous! lol

I’ll continue to do my best, without forgetting my initial resolve。

It’d make me happy

If there were people who got
Even a little interested in Juice=Juice after seeing us、 as today’s opening act。

For the main part of the concert、

Before it started
It was somewhat unbelievable
That Michishige-san would be graduating

‘Maybe this is just a dream?’
I thought countless times。

… But of course it was reality。

For Kanazawa
Michishige is someone that’s so close, yet so far。

The representative of Hello! Project、
Something like that。 That’s her image。

Cute、 sublime、
Radiant, always with a smile。

She’d respond to my greetings with a smile, without fail
That’s Michishige-san’s gentleness。

It’s really great
That I encountered that Michishige-san…
I was reminded about that again today。

Wearing a lovely pink-coloured flower dress
It was just perfect。

She’s already a beautiful idol

She looked like a doll…
She also looked like a princess。

At any rate。 It was lovely。

Michishige-san、 even having graduated
Keep spirited! Please spend your time enjoyably。

Truly, truly…
Congratulations on graduating。

Thank you for everything up to now!

That is all、 this was Kanazawa Tomoko~~~


Of course, today。

I put on Michishige-san’s wristband
Performed、 and watched and learned!
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