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♪.I’m fine!

Good Eveningっ
I’m Tomoko Kanazawa aka KanaTomo。

Again I didn’t update my blog for a while

I’m sorry.(つД`)ノ

And it seems……
Some of you were worried about me!

There’s nothing to worry about、
I’m full of lifeーーー!lol

The upcoming Tamago Show in Tokyo、

The release event for!Ten made Nobore!

Thank you to everyone for coming to see usっっ

The LIVE show and the high five events were fun!

It was my plan to try and give all of you some energy but、

In the end it was everyone who gave me energy (´・ω・`)

I hope I haven’t stolen the health of somebody at the event?!

…well, let’s leave that kind of joke to one side、(lol))

This time will my fourth Tamago Show…

I had my first last year in December

Which means half a year has already passed

It has gone by too fast~~…

I’m always grateful to receive such fun filled days though。

As long as you make to sure to learn something while you’re busy,

then being busy is totally fine!


just sleeping has seemed like a waste of time

There are still more things I should do

and things I want to do。

(but actually I love sleeping so it’s something I always do 。hehe)

Happy Sleeperっ。♡

Moving along

Juice=Juice’s 3rd single

and Kenshuusei’s 2nd single

“Ten made Nobore” will be released soon!

On June 8th~

Ten made Nobore has a fresh kind of feeling to it、

There are two different versions

One is with everyone singing together

and the second is a Juice=Juice version。

The part where we sing “LA LA LA~”…♪♪

That’s when I want all of you to sing too!

Well, it seems like I have a ton of photos for my blog to show you

But I’m troubled about which ones to show…

Today’s photo ♪♪

Kosuga-chan is really kind

She always makes sure to take care of everyone♡

I learned from watching her!

Well, that’s where I’ll end today

Tomoko Kanazawaーーーっ


I love towels、

Sometimes I can’t sleep if I don’t have my towel

Right now at home

I have the best towel ever

I always enjoy sleeping。

I slept with it yesterday too。

I can’t describe how much I love my towelーー!

It’s hard to describe what it is I like about it。

P.S.P.S. (lol))

Enough of the blogs where I just talk to mysekf…

Next time I will answer some of your questions~

If you like, please leave a question in the comments below!っ


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  1. Ość
    Posted July 5, 2013 at 20:47 | Permalink

    Ah, Tomo is a good observer! :-) That’s mature.

    Glad to see Fuyuka, I like her :-)

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