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A meal。

We had rehearsals today。

I had some time between the end of rehearsals and my next job、 so I went for a meal with Takeuchi Akari-chan and juice=juice Miyamoto Karin-chan ♫





Karin’s funny bone seemed to be tickled countless times as she listened to the conversation between the two of us (lol)

Was it that funny?(lol)

I was just getting told off by Take, since instead of passing her a moist towel, I stuffed it into the cup for the sales slip, just the usual flow, but she laughed a lot (lol)

Apparently Karin cooks a lot, which is impressive!
I’ve got to do my best as well!

Ahー It was fun ^ ^

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Kamiko day

Today、 I went out with Kamiko (Kamikokuryo Moe-chan)~♪♪

Firstly、 we went to an Alice Through the Looking Glass art exhibition!


I’m looking forward to it as I want to go for the movie in summer!!
I love Alice’s cute world!


We got postcards along with souvenirs ^ ^

After that we went to look at lots of clothes ^ ^
Kamiko would often ask me、 ‘What’s that~??’、 she was super cute~^ ^^ ^

She’s adorable, like a little sister ^ ^^ ^

I think that it would really suit Kamiko to grow her hair to the length that Wada Ayaka-san had during Yumemiru 15!!!!

So I’ve been telling her that a lot (lol)
I want her to try having her hair at that length somedayー!


I had fun ーー^ ^ I’d like to hang out again!!

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Today、 we appeared at SAKURA FES ^ ^

Thank you very much to everyone who was there!
It’s been a while since we’ve done an outdoor festival!!
Today’s weather was very spring-like, I felt warm throughout ^ ^

I got to take some shots with the girls of Team Shachihoko who appeared together with us ♪


Taking a look after the fact、 Chiyu’s the only one I didn’t take a photo with!! (lol)
I’m on really good terms with the Shachihoko girls ^ ^
We talked lots today~^ ^
It was fun ^ ^

And~ with SUPER☆GiRLS’ Katsuta Rino-chan ^ ^



There’s only a single letter difference between our names~!
Isn’t that crazy!?
She called out to me、 and asked if we could take a photo together ^ ^
She was adorable~^ ^♪♪

It was a fun day ♪
I’d like to appear at more festivals like this ^ ^^ ^

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Today we had the Hello! Cons in Nagoya!
Thank you very much to everyone who came~!

These photos are with Nakanishi Kana-chan~♪



Let’s go and hang out soooooon~^ ^

It’s really comfy when your hair’s cut。 Setting it at concerts doesn’t take much time、 it would have been better if I had it at this length much earlier!

But while I cut it by 5㎝, it unexpectedly wasn’t really noticed~
Even though I thought that I had cut a lot。(lol)

Tomorrow there’s 2 performances at Nagoya! So I’ll do my best~!

The latter part of 「au headline Idol mou iccho」 will be put up on Monday the 18th!

I enjoyed talking about all sorts of things, so please watch it okay~!

<Beginning part> 15 Jan (Fri) First part

<Latter part> 18 Jan (Mon) Latter part
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Today、 Natsuyaki Miyabi-san brought me along to WEGO’s 2016s/s exhibition~♪



The cute, bite-sized sweets were yummy ^ ^


Ta-dah ♪

She’s really like an older sister to me, happily talking about our similar interests in clothes ^ ^

I asked her ‘What do you often get called at handshake events?’、 and I get to call her Miya-chan ♪

She said that ‘It’s fine to not use formal language!’ at first、 as per what I expected! She’s such a broad-hearted senior, even when it comes to formal language ^ ^

It’s inexcusable that I ordered lots of clothes, but I’ll be wearing lots of them this spring and summerーーー♪

I’m really looking forward to the delivery♪
I’ll put up pictures when I wear them~♪
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Yesterday、 Morning Musume。’15’s Sayashi Riho-chan announced her graduation。

I was really startled as well when I heard about it from our manager-san yesterday!
I can’t imagine it at all、 that it’s really such a short time, by the end of the year, and I do feel sad、 but it’s a path that Riho-chan decided in Riho-chan’s own way、 so I’ll cheer her on even after her graduation!!

I contacted Riho-chan yesterday as well、 but she seemed spirited as usual!\(^o^)/

We promised to go for a meal again、 so I’ll write a blog post about it if we do go!

And with that、 I’ll do my best at today’s rehearsal!
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1 day。

Today we had a break from work、、

So I went to hang out with these members~~♪


Aikawa Maho-chan ・ Takeuchi Akari-chan ・ Me

The 3 of us went around to stylish cafes!
We went to all sorts of cafes in one day!

We’d already looked up a lot of cafes beforehand、 so we went to the places that we’d set as places that we wanted to go ♪
The 3 of us got lost midway through, but thanks to AiAi we were somehow able to get to our destination、、(lol)

It was a day with a lot of a laughter ♪

I was looking forward to today for ages~~!
Thankfully、 the weather was good and it was warm!



AiAi taking a shot of Take。(lol)
Looks like fun (lol)



In 1 day, we went to 3 cafes in succession!
We went around to stylish cafes!!
It was sup~~per fun~~♪♪♪♪
Let’s go around to cafes again。\(^o^)/

It was a fun day ♪♪♪
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Today I went to the hairdresser’s together with Nakanishi Kana-chan~♪


I dyed my hair slightly tawny~!
But you might not really notice it!
Tamura-san noticed it but Takeuchi-san didn’t!

I also did a treatment, so it’s all silky~♪

By chance, Aikawa Maho-chan had the same skirt as I did、
So we promised to wear them today and take photos~♪




It’s a ZARA skirt~♪♪
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I think people who watched Hello!Sta already know, but first generation member Fukuda Kanon-san has announced her graduation from ANGERME and Hello!Project.

The decision to graduate is definitely not an easy one, and I think she thought long and hard about it! before coming to this conclusion!

I’m also in her position as a member of an idol group, so I think the decision has to come from considering both the group and yourself, but it’s about wanting to spend your time, your only time, the way you choose, in ways that you couldn’t before you graduated!

I think Fukuda-san, being a first generation member, had a lot of things running through her mind. I think she had a lot of thoughts that I wouldn’t understand even if she told me!

But I will work even harder to keep the group moving forward, just as the two first generation members gave as their reason for adding new members and changing the group name.

Even so, I want to treasure our time spent as 9 until the fall!

I hope that you all will not turn away from ANGERME and will continue supporting us.
I would be so happy!

I hope lots of people will come to Budokan.
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Osaka ♪

Today, was the campaign & talk event in Osaka♪♪


The members, from left Murota Mizuki-chan, Nakanishi Kana-chan, Katusta Rina☆

At the campaign, we publicized a lot about the new songs and ANGERME♪♪

At the talk event, we answered questions from everyone in a question corner~!
In spite of it being a weekday a lot of people came because of us 3♪

I was ve~ry glad☆Thank you!☆

Because today is pigtail day, the 3 of us did our pigtails and then the talk event♪


Muro is the same age as me, however “She’s so cute(≧∇≦)” I thought♪

Because Kana summarized our time at the talk event, she helped me a whole lot……

I’m bad at summerizing, therefore today when it was being covered she was able to help me a lot♪♪♪

Because we 3 stayed at a hotel, our relationship deepened even more♪♪

Because once Muro starts chatting she won’t stop chatting fore~ver, it’s amusing! (lol)

After this I want her to reveal her personality like this, you know(≧∇≦)♪♪

Starting tomorrow, is the release event rush in Kantou☆

I’m looking forward to a lot of people comi~ng♪♪
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