Katsuta Rina


Today, because I was off after a long time, I went out~♪
It has truly been a long time~(・・;)


When I went shopping, I was greeted by a girl fan☆☆


She told me “I’m cheering you on” so I think “I should try harder”…..


Thank you so very much♪♪



Because I like to wear nice earrings, I think “I want to refer some of these earrings”♪


These, are the “dazzlin” brand earrings that I bought↑.


Not just earrings, I frequently buy Western-style clothes at this store♪
The truth is earrings aren’t the only thing from dazzlin, but this time I’ll refer the~se

And, these are “LDS” brand.
Lately the earrings I’ve published on my Blog are this brand, but because they were truly cute, I also bought something that was a slightly different fashion♪♪


At once at yesterday’s high-five event there were girls* who were matching me, I was glad~☆

These, are “WEGO” earrings.
The price is also very inexpensive, I also buy a lot of Western-style clothes and such at this store♪♪♪

*T.N.: Most Japanese nouns don’t differentiate between singular and plural, so it could have just been one girl.

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New members

Today was the opening day of  SMILE FANTASY!, the musical starring S/mileage!

How was it everyone?

“It’s a musical with laughter and tears,” I think.

We talked at a talk show, we were also in tears during practice when the six of us sang. (lol)

Seeing everyone crying, there was a battled so I didn’t cry with them (lol)

It’s becoming a truly lovely work!

Because after tomorrow we’ll continue much more, we’ll try our best!

And, today was the announcement of the 3rd generation members!

The members are: Aikawa Maho-chan, Sasaki Rikako-chan, and Murota Mizuki-chan!


We’ve become a newly 9 people set-up!
After this us 9 people will try our best!!

Please continue to support us!

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Because I had a litle time today, I went and bought the LDS earrings I’ve a~lways wanted♪♪♪


Rina has become blue♪
I’m worried because they’re amazing and cute, but they turned blue~!
I want to put them on and go out soon…..

Because I’m not shopping recently, I want to shop at ease~

After that was practice!
Today we did a dress rehearsal!

Because there are a lot of difficult things, I’m truly anxious, but because the performance will come in the blink of an eye, I’ll try my best!

Because from 10-4~10-13 at Zenrousai Hall Space Zero, we’re doing the musical called SMILE FANTASY!, please come without fail♪

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Thank you!

I read the comments from everyone!

There are various thoughts, you know.  There were a lot of parts I sympathized with, I was relieved that it seems like after this we’ll continue to be supported!

The truth is doing yesterday’s individual handshake event, “I quickly want to tell everyone who is saying various things to me these things~” I truly thought that!

I’ll try my best so that after this everyone will support us now more than ever!

Today after a long time, I went and did a ss1422 recording with Nakanishi Kana-chan☆

Takahashi Ai-san came and what a guest she was!!

I don’t speak of her much, however she’s truly my favorite person!


I consult her about fashion and such♪♪

While being healed by the truly sweet Takahashi-san, we did the recording!

I received her photobook, and she gave S/mileage Western-style clothes as presents!

Truly thank you very much!!

“You’re as stylish as that stylish Takahashi-san~!” being told that would make me amazingly happy(;_;)!

After this you’ll still always be my inspiration♪
Thank you so very much!

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Announcement Katsuta Rina

On the YouTube program Hello!Station there was an announcement,

3rd generation members will be added, and the S/mileage group name

Will be changed.
“All the fans are surely surprised” I think.
I was incredibly surprised when I heard about it, I’ve come to the time where I understand it!
Originally the image was of a four member group S/mileage
I held on to that, during that there was a call for new member applications,
I went through the audition thinking “I want to join S/mileage”.
Thinking about it now, 2nd generation members themselves being accepted,
“After becoming members, a suitable amount of time has passed” I think.

But, in order for there to become new members, various people will have to be accepted soon
“I want us to create the environment” I think!
Now I’m excited about new members joining!
The S/mileage  name being changed,
Because I love the name “S/mileage”, I’m disappointed, however
If you continue to support the newly evolving us, I’ll be glad.
And we’re taking applications from fans for the group name!
The group name is a truly important thing.
What kind of group name will everyone send in an application for,
From now there’s a lot of anticipation!
Hearing this annoucement, I remembered the days of my joining the group! (lol)
Because in order to see many of all the fans’ delighted faces even for a little
We’ll try our best, please support us!
The new members announcement, will be October 4th!
Please look forward to it!!

Katsuta Rina

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Nakano Sunplaza

(We apologize.  This is yesterday’s blog.)






The photograph is with the just-turned-20-years-old-yesterday Wada-san(^o^)






Yesterday we had a little surprise with the members♪♪
Surprises are fun!


Today, at Nakano Sunplaza was HelloCon!

AKB48′s Aigasa Moe-chan came to see us~!
I wasn’t actually able to meet her, but I was glad to have the impression of getting in contact with her~!

And, today Berryz Koubou-san’s indefinite hiatus was announced.

The state can be summed up as not being called a breakup, “That’s really cool”, I thought.

Because it was really unexpected, I can’t believe it at all yet, however because we get to stand on the same stage at HelloCon, “I want to study the reliable performance and burn it into my memory”, I think!


“They’re an amazingly lovely group-san”, I think.
When we had rehearsal and such, “Of course we’ll see their performance again today”, I thought!


Tomorrow are three performances!  I’ll try my best!

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Lately we’ve been having a release event everyday~!\(^o^)/

Yesterday, for the first time was an event at Lazona Kawasaki-san!
I was very glad that tru~~ly a lot of people gathered for us!


And today was the event at Odaiba’s Diver City-san\(^o^)/

I was glad that a lot of people gathered for us in the heat today\(^o^)/

It was fun since it seemed like Summer~!


Because tomorrow is the event at Kourakuen’s LaQua, please look forward to it♪!

The picture, it’s Pupu and Kuran!
Somehow or another these two are good friends(((o(*゜▽゜*)o)))!

The other day, I went to eat with my middle school friends!♪

Hearing everyone’s stories of high school, telling stories from when we were in middle school, it was truly, truly fun!
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Important day♪

Today, was the new songs “Mystery Night!/Eighteen Emotion”‘s release day♪
On the daily ranking, it was second place~(≧∇≦):bikkuri2:
To a lot of people, thank you very much!
I’ll try my best much more~~★:bikkuri2:

And, it was July 15th’s, S/mileage LIVE 2014 Summer FULL CHARGE ~715 Nippon Budokan~‘s general ticket on-sale day~♪:bikkuri2:

Because from today is the general on-sale, I’ll try my best in order to get a lot of people to come~~♪

And to everyone who came to the event today in the rain at Lala Port in Toyosu, thank you very much!

Tomorrow, is the event at Tower Records’ Shibuya store♪
Since we’re speaking of Shibuya, please see S/mileage’s enormous poster without fail♪
The other day, I went to see it with the members, we took a picture, too~!

“S/mileage in Shibuya” makes me truly happy!

In Sankei Sports-san, S/mileage appears in a full page ad!

It would be good if it got even more people to know S/mileage!

I want the Nippon Budokan tickets to get sold out :bikkuri2:・♪%
Please treat me well!
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Today HinaFest was at Pacifico Yokohama!★

S/mileage and juice=juice were the main dish for the two performances!★

“Main dish” just means sang a lot of songs\(^o^)/

By no means did the next song stream~as I thought “What do we do”~on the moniter was Tsunku♂-san!!!!!!

I was truly surprised~!!!

Somehow, for S/mileage on July 15th★☆★☆Nippon Budokan★☆★☆ has been decided!!!!!!!!!!!

I’m staggeringly happy!!!

But because I have no choice that it’s after about three and a half months, I also have a lot of anxiety…

But, somehow even now I can’t believe it..!!
But I’m extremely happy!!!!

Everyone, please absolutely come to Nippon Budokan!!!!!!

I’m looking forward to that!!☆

Tomorrow is HinaFest aga~in♪

Tomorrow’s two performances, because I have a solo I’m nervous~…

I’ll try my best!!!

At any rate now I’m extremely happy!♪


・ 4/30 release NEW single “Mystery Night!” music video now open to the public!

・ “Weekly Smile”~3/15 Spring Tour Fukuoka performance

○Engeki Joshibu Musical LILIUM -Lilium Shoujo Junketsu Kageki-

Ticket blog priority acceptance starting!!

Acceptance period:

Acceptance URL:
http://eplus.jp/lilium-blog/ (PC, cell phone-wide)

※One customer per one public performance, acceptance will be until the fourth ticket.
※Main priority isn’t by order of arrival, it will be by lottery.
※The Tokyo performance concluding program 6/15(Sun.)15:00 public performance acceptance will not be covered.

○4/27(Sun.)”LIVE GiRL POP Vol.3″ performance decision!!


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Today was cold~~(°_°)!

Lately I’m enjoying my scarce school life!☆

And, my friends were with the people who went to the LIVE!


It was a first, but it had a staggering strength, was cool, they became fans again~\(^o^)/


Doing a LIVE is fun, but watching is fun too, right!♪♪


From tomorrow is three days of Naruchika, right!
I think, “Because Naruchika will be almost over on Sunday, I want to have a lot of fun”!



○Hello!Station #44

A transmission of “Ee Ka!?” from our 11/28 guest appearance at Morning Musume’s Budokan performance!

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