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Today I went to the hairdresser’s together with Nakanishi Kana-chan~♪


I dyed my hair slightly tawny~!
But you might not really notice it!
Tamura-san noticed it but Takeuchi-san didn’t!

I also did a treatment, so it’s all silky~♪

By chance, Aikawa Maho-chan had the same skirt as I did、
So we promised to wear them today and take photos~♪




It’s a ZARA skirt~♪♪
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I think people who watched Hello!Sta already know, but first generation member Fukuda Kanon-san has announced her graduation from ANGERME and Hello!Project.

The decision to graduate is definitely not an easy one, and I think she thought long and hard about it! before coming to this conclusion!

I’m also in her position as a member of an idol group, so I think the decision has to come from considering both the group and yourself, but it’s about wanting to spend your time, your only time, the way you choose, in ways that you couldn’t before you graduated!

I think Fukuda-san, being a first generation member, had a lot of things running through her mind. I think she had a lot of thoughts that I wouldn’t understand even if she told me!

But I will work even harder to keep the group moving forward, just as the two first generation members gave as their reason for adding new members and changing the group name.

Even so, I want to treasure our time spent as 9 until the fall!

I hope that you all will not turn away from ANGERME and will continue supporting us.
I would be so happy!

I hope lots of people will come to Budokan.
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Osaka ♪

Today, was the campaign & talk event in Osaka♪♪


The members, from left Murota Mizuki-chan, Nakanishi Kana-chan, Katusta Rina☆

At the campaign, we publicized a lot about the new songs and ANGERME♪♪

At the talk event, we answered questions from everyone in a question corner~!
In spite of it being a weekday a lot of people came because of us 3♪

I was ve~ry glad☆Thank you!☆

Because today is pigtail day, the 3 of us did our pigtails and then the talk event♪


Muro is the same age as me, however “She’s so cute(≧∇≦)” I thought♪

Because Kana summarized our time at the talk event, she helped me a whole lot……

I’m bad at summerizing, therefore today when it was being covered she was able to help me a lot♪♪♪

Because we 3 stayed at a hotel, our relationship deepened even more♪♪

Because once Muro starts chatting she won’t stop chatting fore~ver, it’s amusing! (lol)

After this I want her to reveal her personality like this, you know(≧∇≦)♪♪

Starting tomorrow, is the release event rush in Kantou☆

I’m looking forward to a lot of people comi~ng♪♪
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Nishinomiya Gardens.

Today, was the release event at Hankyuu Nishinomiya Gardens!

Well it was cold, generally speaking…….
The suburbs in the Winter are very cold. (lol)
I’m truly glad there were a lot of people who came in the cold!
Thank you very much♪♪♪♪


Fukuda Kanon-san pretending to be Maro♪
Lately I’m speaking frequently with Maro-san!  Oh, I speak with basically everyone, but it seems as if I especially speak with her!?
Maro-san is amusing♪♪
She’s always laughing at everyone. (lol)


Sasaki Rikako-chan♪
We took this picture today when we were eating sushi for lunch~!

She always says “Katsuta-sa~n!” to me~!
I’m glad….♪
I lo~ve that she’s so cute(≧∇≦)

Tomorrow, I have a talk event & handshake meet in Osaka with Nakanishi Kana-chan and Murota Mizuki-chan!

“Some people will even go to today’s handshake meet~” I’m glad people say that to me!  I’m waiti~ng♪♪
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When I thought “I posted the blog before” I didn’t post it, because I posted it as I was befuddled from oversleeping the text was strange, you know~ (lol)
I’m sorry~ (lol)

It’s not Fukuoka’s Hankyuu Nishinomiya Gardens, it’s Hyogo, right~ (lol)

It’s already been fixed (lol)


The 1st one is, Morning Musume. ’15’s Sayashi Riho-chan♪
I saw Riho-chan’s blog~!
Since hearing frequently of Riho-chan’s shyness, I talk to Riho-chan a bunch~!
I want to hang out soon(≧∇≦)♪


The 2nd one is, Berryz Koubou’s Shimizu Saki-san♪
Whenever Shimizu-san catches my eye, it makes me smile(≧∇≦)
She’s very kind, at the other day’s Hello!Con she changed her hair color, but it was ama~zingly cute(≧∇≦)
Generally speaking I try to cool-ly observe her dancing♪


The 3rd one is Morning Musume. ’15’s Makino Maria-chan♪
Secretly she’s the one person from the new members to whom I feel inclined♪♪
Being able to sense her trying her best to a great extent, “She’s so cute~” I think♪♪

Country Girls’s Shimamura Uta-chan, when I sent “Today is your first release event, so try your best, okay~!” to her, “I love Katsuta-san” came to me~!  She’s too cute~(≧∇≦)

Well then, I’ll try my best at the remaining events, too☆
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Yesterday, was Hello!Con in Fukuoka~♪♪

The backstage seats, Morning Musume. ’15’s Ishida Ayumi-chan was next to me, and next to her was Suzuki Kanon-chan~!


We’re close friends~!  It’s fun♪♪♪
I want to hang out soon (≧∇≦)


This Western-style clothing, it’s a hand-me-down from Berryz Koubou’s Natsuyaki Miyabi-san♪♪

You can’t see it, but on the bottom I’m wearing pink shorts, I received them as a hand-me-down, too♪♪

I tried to attach a metal badge~☆
I’m happy I got cute Western-style clothes♪♪♪

Which reminds me, the corner in today’s LIVE contained “I’m told they’re the best 3″!  Furthermore!  I was surprised to get first place!

Today’s best 3 is, “The people who seem to have the quickest recovery when they’re down!”

As was said at the LIVE I, will forget unpleasant incidents!
“Forget it, forget it~” while thinking that it’s something I can reasonably forget!

Once I truly succeeded at forgetting!

Because I think “There are people who think “It’s difficult~”,” although it’s very simple, try to challenge yourself without fail, okay☆

Today is a release event at Hankyuu Nishinomiya Gardens!
I won’t switch my head to events~.

I’m looking forward to a lot of people comi~ng♪♪♪
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Day off

Because we got a short period off, I fully enjoyed the time off!

The truth is, I went and stayed the night at Nakanishi Kana-chan’s house~~☆☆

And the two of us went to USJ!



This was my second time going to UStuJa.  It was ama~~~zingly fun~!
The truth is the plan was to go from the morning, but we’re bad at mornings and didn’t have an alarm clock, but once we stopped all that and sleeping restfully we went to UStuJa!


A day off-like comfortable feeling is good, right! (lol)




Of course, we also went to my favorite Harry Potter zone.

We didn’t go before it was bright, but because we were there until night, we were able to see Hogwarts lit up.


“Harry Potter,” is truly good, you know!
I truly like that world view.




We drank butter bear!

This time we also bought headgear!
I’m wearing Cookie Monster, Kana Snoopy!

Because it’s the HALLOWEEN period now, we met zombies, too!

A zombie before the zombie show begins!

They overcharged to go to that stage, however it was zombie like and interesting~!
UStuJa’s HALLOWEEN was so all-out, it was truly fun!

Suddenly being scared by a zombie when we were walking was truly amusing!

We should go to UStuJa again sometime~~!


I’ll variously post UStuJa photos on the blog posts after this too, okay~
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Today, I hung out with Takeda Kyouka-chan~♪♪♪


I saw her at last~~~~~☆☆☆
Because we truly see eye to eye, talking with her is very fun☆

I love her~~☆☆☆
Next is Disney, okay♪♪(lol)




We bought rings at the same place~~(≧∇≦)
And turned them into pinky rings☆
They’re matching~~♪

I want us to work together, you know~We talked together!
In order to realize that…….!

Let’s hang out again, okay☆☆
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The final program of the S/mileage starring musical SMILE FANTASY! was today!




Truly thank you so very much to all the people who came to watch it!

Honestly the practice for this musical was amazingly difficult….
At first I was worried if I could memorize my lines, “This time I’m playing myself,” because I don’t live while being aware of myself in my private life, it was difficult, you know.

“But it was truly good we were able to do this musical,” I think!

After this musical finished, we received letters from the girls who passed the audition (T . T)!

Thank you☆
Because I think “If it weren’t for this musical, we wouldn’t have met,” I’m glad☆

Thank you to all the Kenshuusei!

Even though the lines changed in the closing program, we didn’t listen, our surprised attention was amusing!

Director Suemitsu-san!

Suemitsu-san, I was given a lot of advice by him (lol)

“You should concentrate in practice,” how many times was I told things like that……(lol)
I was an inconvenience!

Since entering S/mileage I’ve appeared in nothing but Suemitsu-san’s stages, they’re all lovely works!

Truly thank you so very much~!

The director’s assistants, Shinshin-san, Yamaguchi-san thank you so very much for covering when there was something (T . T) !

I’m filled with feelings of gratitude towards a lot of people…..

Phew.  Thank you for all the hard work!




Even with the addition of a 3rd generation, please treat the 2nd generation well!
I, I love the 2nd generation members!

And S/mileage too, of course!!!

After this too, please warmly cheer us on.
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Today a lovely guest came to the musical~~! (lol)




For the musical Warera Jeanne the one we’re indebted to for her help, Yamauchi Yuka-chan☆

She sent us a long piece on her impressions, I was truly, truly glad☆★

Thank you☆♪♪




And, Sawayaka Goro-san☆

The moment I saw him in the audience, he seemed to laugh (lol)

After it finished when everyone listened to his impressions, he was so amusing it was difficult to put up with the laughter the next time in that scene….(lol)


He’s truly amusing!  Thank you so very much!


And, ℃-ute’s Yajima-san also came to watch us, however I wasn’t able to greet her(T . T)(T . T)(T . T)

But she gave us delicious homemade refreshments, they were so delicious I ate two!  Truly thank you very much☆

At last, tomorrow is the final program!
Was it long or short???
At any rate, “I want to enjoy the remaining 2 performances,” I think☆
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