Katsuta Rina

Nakano Sunplaza

(We apologize.  This is yesterday’s blog.)






The photograph is with the just-turned-20-years-old-yesterday Wada-san(^o^)






Yesterday we had a little surprise with the members♪♪
Surprises are fun!


Today, at Nakano Sunplaza was HelloCon!

AKB48′s Aigasa Moe-chan came to see us~!
I wasn’t actually able to meet her, but I was glad to have the impression of getting in contact with her~!

And, today Berryz Koubou-san’s indefinite hiatus was announced.

The state can be summed up as not being called a breakup, “That’s really cool”, I thought.

Because it was really unexpected, I can’t believe it at all yet, however because we get to stand on the same stage at HelloCon, “I want to study the reliable performance and burn it into my memory”, I think!


“They’re an amazingly lovely group-san”, I think.
When we had rehearsal and such, “Of course we’ll see their performance again today”, I thought!


Tomorrow are three performances!  I’ll try my best!

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Lately we’ve been having a release event everyday~!\(^o^)/

Yesterday, for the first time was an event at Lazona Kawasaki-san!
I was very glad that tru~~ly a lot of people gathered for us!


And today was the event at Odaiba’s Diver City-san\(^o^)/

I was glad that a lot of people gathered for us in the heat today\(^o^)/

It was fun since it seemed like Summer~!


Because tomorrow is the event at Kourakuen’s LaQua, please look forward to it♪!

The picture, it’s Pupu and Kuran!
Somehow or another these two are good friends(((o(*゜▽゜*)o)))!

The other day, I went to eat with my middle school friends!♪

Hearing everyone’s stories of high school, telling stories from when we were in middle school, it was truly, truly fun!
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Important day♪

Today, was the new songs “Mystery Night!/Eighteen Emotion”‘s release day♪
On the daily ranking, it was second place~(≧∇≦):bikkuri2:
To a lot of people, thank you very much!
I’ll try my best much more~~★:bikkuri2:

And, it was July 15th’s, S/mileage LIVE 2014 Summer FULL CHARGE ~715 Nippon Budokan~‘s general ticket on-sale day~♪:bikkuri2:

Because from today is the general on-sale, I’ll try my best in order to get a lot of people to come~~♪

And to everyone who came to the event today in the rain at Lala Port in Toyosu, thank you very much!

Tomorrow, is the event at Tower Records’ Shibuya store♪
Since we’re speaking of Shibuya, please see S/mileage’s enormous poster without fail♪
The other day, I went to see it with the members, we took a picture, too~!

“S/mileage in Shibuya” makes me truly happy!

In Sankei Sports-san, S/mileage appears in a full page ad!

It would be good if it got even more people to know S/mileage!

I want the Nippon Budokan tickets to get sold out :bikkuri2:・♪%
Please treat me well!
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Today HinaFest was at Pacifico Yokohama!★

S/mileage and juice=juice were the main dish for the two performances!★

“Main dish” just means sang a lot of songs\(^o^)/

By no means did the next song stream~as I thought “What do we do”~on the moniter was Tsunku♂-san!!!!!!

I was truly surprised~!!!

Somehow, for S/mileage on July 15th★☆★☆Nippon Budokan★☆★☆ has been decided!!!!!!!!!!!

I’m staggeringly happy!!!

But because I have no choice that it’s after about three and a half months, I also have a lot of anxiety…

But, somehow even now I can’t believe it..!!
But I’m extremely happy!!!!

Everyone, please absolutely come to Nippon Budokan!!!!!!

I’m looking forward to that!!☆

Tomorrow is HinaFest aga~in♪

Tomorrow’s two performances, because I have a solo I’m nervous~…

I’ll try my best!!!

At any rate now I’m extremely happy!♪


・ 4/30 release NEW single “Mystery Night!” music video now open to the public!

・ “Weekly Smile”~3/15 Spring Tour Fukuoka performance

○Engeki Joshibu Musical LILIUM -Lilium Shoujo Junketsu Kageki-

Ticket blog priority acceptance starting!!

Acceptance period:

Acceptance URL:
http://eplus.jp/lilium-blog/ (PC, cell phone-wide)

※One customer per one public performance, acceptance will be until the fourth ticket.
※Main priority isn’t by order of arrival, it will be by lottery.
※The Tokyo performance concluding program 6/15(Sun.)15:00 public performance acceptance will not be covered.

○4/27(Sun.)”LIVE GiRL POP Vol.3″ performance decision!!


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Today was cold~~(°_°)!

Lately I’m enjoying my scarce school life!☆

And, my friends were with the people who went to the LIVE!


It was a first, but it had a staggering strength, was cool, they became fans again~\(^o^)/


Doing a LIVE is fun, but watching is fun too, right!♪♪


From tomorrow is three days of Naruchika, right!
I think, “Because Naruchika will be almost over on Sunday, I want to have a lot of fun”!



○Hello!Station #44

A transmission of “Ee Ka!?” from our 11/28 guest appearance at Morning Musume’s Budokan performance!

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Today we had the tour in Utsunomiya!
I was glad that a looot of people also came today~!

It was ve~ry fun☆

Both ways on the bullet train, it was fun being together with Kana and Take (lol)

The picture, from Jeanne Takeuchi Rupert from whom mysterious ties were born☆(lol)

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Budokan 2☆Ri Na

Today, I went and saw Berryz Koubou-san’s Budokan LIVE!!
Truly from the beginning it was filled with intensity, at any rate it was amazing!

There was a fashionable red carpet on set, and the costumes were cute!

But above all else all of Berryz-san was beyond cute, it was truly amazing\(^o^)/\(^o^)/\(^o^)/
It was truly enlightening☆

Saying “I want S/mileage to do a Budokan LIVE, too”, I’ve begun to thing that again over these two days!



○Hello!Station #43

・ 12/18 Single 【”Ii Yatsu”】MV newly opened to the public!!

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Today we appeared as guests at Morning Musume-san’s Budokan LIVE!


There are times we’ve seen the Budokan stage, but because in practice there is no time we’ve stood on it, today was a first!☆

It was truly somehow like a dream! (lol)

“To that extent a lot of people got to watch S/mileage”, I think and I’m truly glad!


We sang a new song, but everyone got excited for us and such, truly thank you very much!♪♪


We’ll try our best so that S/mileage will also be able to do an independent LIVE at Nippon Budokan!♪♪


Today was truly the best day!




○Hello!Station #43

・ 12/18 Single 【”Ii Yatsu”】MV newly opened to the public!!

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Kashiwa! RiNa

t02200220_0354035412762116392[1]Today was the tour in Kashiwa!

I was only born in Chiba so my hometown is somehow Tokyo, but I was somehow able to do a fitting LIVE!

I’m sorry for being confusi~ng

Today was very fun\(^o^)/
“Let’s continue to grow out my hair”, I think☆

Before the tour, I went to my fun school, and had lunch with my mom!☆

We went to eat pasta♪♪
After that we did just a little shopping\(^o^)/

It was very fun☆☆
I bought the things I wanted☆☆

I want to go out with my mom again\(^o^)/☆

The picture, is with Wada-san\(^o^)/\(^o^)/
Our tour hairdo was matching ponytails\(^o^)/☆☆

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Just a little!


Today, there’s just a little, but together with Kana I went to see Take’s Birthday event\(^o^)/☆

It was amazingly fun and amusing (lol)☆

Birthday events, getting members to come, however, the reality is having come once without incident myself, but I was surprised (lol)

Therefore, it was good that I went this time\(^o^)/♪♪

The pictures are from today!☆

And, I bought the just released for sale magazine called Zipper♪♪

I’ll buy this magazine every time\(^o^)/

Afterwards, Seventeen\(^o^)/☆

Occasionally I’ll also buy sweet
Because magazines show various Western-style clothes, I like them♪♪

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