Kikkawa Yuu

Palm reading!?

It’s Kikka!

The other day Kikka drew on her life line on her palm with magic markers!=

I was embarrassed on the train ride home…

I went home with my left hand in my pocket!

You guys should all try it out too! (lol)

On sunny days I want to listen to Kimaguren’s “LIFE”!

It’s already summer!

I’m looking forward to it. (^^)

For the first time in ages, I’m going to that booth today!

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It’s Kikka!

I want to go to an aquarium!!

Yesterday the weather was really great!

Maybe the rainy season is over already?

When it rains I can’t go walking so it’s a problem.

I hope it’s sunny today.

I want to eat bagna càuda.

Lately I’ve been cutting up vegetables and making a bagna càuda green juice!

It’s healthy!

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From my brother

It’s Kikka!

Yesterday I went walking for the first time in ages!

It’s been raining a lot lately!

Since I hadn’t walked in a while, I got tired quickly.

I wonder if that means I’m already an old lady. (´・_・`)

But I hope the weather is good today(^^)!!

My older brother sent me a picture of the biwa Kikka planted at home a long time ago!

I can’t wait to eat it!

And I’m going to try planting morning glories again this year!

Everyone, let’s all drink lots of cafe au lait today and do our best!

From Kikka Kikka!

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Aimaina Kankei

It’s Kikka!

It’s raining. (´・_・`)

Don’t hang your laundry outside!

Be careful!

Lately I’ve been thinking of hanging it in my room!

But I don’t have a pole to hang them on so it’s impossible!

All I can do is lay my clothes over other things.(^^) lol

It’s tough. (´・_・`)

The rainy season really is tough.

I hope summer gets here soon.

Lately I’ve been listening to Kimaguren-san’s song called “Step” a lot!

Also Kikkaren’s “Aimaina Kankei”!

It’s airing now, so please listen to it!

I love love love Kimaguren-san’s songs!

I’ll do my best today! Kikka

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It’s finished!

It’s Kikka!

Yesterday the Music Video for Kikkaren’s “Aimaina Kankei” was revealed!

Did you all check it out?

It’s a mature MV.

A maturity I haven’t shown before.

It’s a little sexy!

The choreography and the song are easy,
and it’s easy to memorize, so everyone please imitate us!

A dangerous strategy,
fu fu fu♪

The picture is from the shoot for the music video!

Actually this skirt has lots of layers so that I can peel them off!

It’s gorgeous!

Watch it a lot, okay!
Also, tell lots and lots of people about it! lol

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I’m doing my best!

It’s Kikka!
It’s Kikka!
It’s Kikka!

Yesterday was sunny!

It was the perfect weather for walking!

I walked for an hour!

Sweat sweat sweat!

Covered in sweat!

I wonder if I lost weight? lol

I want to have a dog!

A dog! A dog!

A small dog! Woof woof!

I want to go to a dog run!

Let’s do our best today!

p.s. Lately I’m having too much fun watching DVDs!

I recommend the one with the tiger and the ocean and the animals!

Do you know which one I mean? lol

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I have a shoot today!

It’s Kikka!

Today I have a shoot!

We’re taking pictures that are kind of mature? Apparently!

I’ll do my best!

Yesterday was hot, and for the first time in a while the weather was ideal for hanging up my laundry!

But for some reason Kikka’s didn’t dry, so I’m half-dried Kikka…

I think it’ll dry the rest of the way.(≧∇≦)

p.s. Yesterday I used a scrub in the bath!

My skin is soft. (^^)

Today I’ll drink more cafe au lait and do my best!

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The thing I’m obsessed with is…

It’s Kikka!

The thing Kikka is obsessed with lately is!

That thing

where you cut up some fruit

put it in,

push the button and whooosh,

you get ice cream? The thing that does something like that!

I bought it!

Even on hot days you can eat it right up!
I recommend it!

You use fruit so it’s good for you!

p.s. Kikkaren’s Aimaina Kankei is airing!
Everyone please check it out, okay?
The weather is nice today♪
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I saw it!

It’s Kikka!

Lately I’ve been dropping my phone a lot!

It’s all roughed up…

It’s hanging from the hinges.
(´ _ `)

Yesterday when I watched Hirunandesu…

I saw it!

The Cafe au lait CM!!

I finally got to see it.

So refreshing~♪

I love it!

P.s. The picture is of Choco and the ocean!
Choco is so cute!

I wonder if it’ll rain again today(´ _ `)?
I can’t exercise…

Also, I’ve become obsessed with something recently!

I did! I did!

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Have you seen it yet?

It’s Kikka!

Yesterday, finally! Glico Dairy’s “Cafe au lait” CM started airing!

Have you all seen it yet?

Kikka spent all day yesterday watching DVDs so she hasn’t seen it yet.
(´ _ `)

But I’ve been drinking lots of cafe au lait!

I’ve got four application tickets! lol
I gotta collect more!

p.s. Himizu is the best. I really love DVDs lately!

Also today is my first time in ages being on “Dream Creator”!

I’ll do my best!

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