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Good morning!

After the drama shooting yesterday、
I had a HOT shooting with Sengoku Minami ♡


We’re normally stuck so close together that the staff-san have had to caution us though。
We were sticking so closely in this shoot that we’d probably get cautioned。 lol

It was a really fun shooting ♡

I think I’ll be able to tell you about it when it comes up
So look forward to that (*^^*)


Kabe-don ♡
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Coming-of-age ceremony!

Congratulations to everyone who is celebrating their coming-of-age ceremony!
You’re joining the ranks of adults☆


It’s already been 3 years since my own coming-of-age ceremony!
It went by in the blink of an eye~(´・_・`)

I was unable to go for my coming-of-age ceremony、
As I had work、
But since I bought a lovely red furisode
I believe that there will come a day when I’ll wear it!

I hope that those of you who are coming-of-age have a wonderful day!



It’s so cold、 I’ve got to walk
While sticking to someone (´・_・`)


Fishing buddy、 fishing master!
Okamari ♡
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Young King is currently on sale!

Today is the day that Young King goes on sale!

It was a wonderful shooting!
Please check it out ♡

I’m in the middle of a 3-person shooting
With Suzuki Airi-san from ℃-ute
And Tanaka Reina-san from LoVendoЯ!

Look forward to seeing the results of the shooting (*^^*)


I got some cute konpeito ♡

I’ll eat them、
Do some impromptu drama recitation、and showroom!
Until the night, I’ll do my best~♡
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Satisfying day♡

Today I woke up without any hurry。

I switched my summer clothing and winter clothing、

Cleaned every nook and cranny

I practised the guitar




Hm~ I’m in the middle of a tough fight with the guitar (´・_・`)
6 days until I’ll unveil it!

Will I be fine?



It was a satisfying day where I could do the things I wanted to do!


Today I met
A dear friend after ages ♡


We went to watch a movie that the both of us wanted to see、 and went to a cafe (*^^*)

I love the time when we have girls’ conversations at cafes。

It kind of warms me from within (*^^*)

There’ll be a showroom broadcast tonight at nine!
Please watch it (*^^*)
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Christmas has ended ☆

This is kikka!

Did all of you have a lovely Christmas?

After Kikka was done with work, I was intent on memorising my script, so I wasn’t able to do anything Christmas-y (°_°)
But I got to mess around at the girl’s meet-up before Christmas, so I’m fully satisfied this year ♡

I’ll put up a few photos from the 24th, Christmas Eve!

The luck-Kikka promotional bags sold out without a hitch!!

The dakimakura hug pillow was well received too!

Coincidentally, my outfit on that day matched UpGirl’s Moritty lol
An unexpected miracle ^ ^

It surprised me when the members mentioned it lol
The knit-top, the jeans, it’s even the same from the back、、、、、
Looks like we’re on the same wavelength (°_°)


I’m getting fan presents, one after another!

Inside there was this lovely ornament!

Kikka × Miiko
It’s really cute ♡
I’ll treasure it with Minami!

Thank you to Santa-san for the many presents ♡

p.s. The practise room is in Christmas mood too!

There are Christmas mood sweets
And Santa caps!

Next I’ll be looking forward to the New Year! lol

It’s the same cast and staff-san as my previous performance, so every day is a blast ☆

Let’s do our best tomorrow too ♡
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The correct way to use a dakimakura hug-pillow☆

I had rehearsals with the UpGirls for our combined Christmas live ♡
It’s been ages since I’ve danced, so my body can’t keep up。 lol
This is kikka!!!


Today、 something pleasant happened!
With the just completed dakimakura hug-pillow, Sengoku-san did this ♡

She’s hugging itーー♡
This is the correct way to use a dakimakura!

After that。

Nfufu ♡

I wish I could get it to all of you sooner ☆

We’ll be taking orders at the combined Christmas live that’ll be held on the 24th at Red Brick Warehouse!
Everyone, please make sure to GET one!

There were tons of things to remember today, so my head’s in a spin。
And finally, tomorrow we’ll start practising this!

Working on 2 performances at the same time, my head can’t operate at full capacity, and I predict that I’ll be mixed-up (°_°)

Including the practice, it’s over 2 months!
Rightー I’ll put in some spirit and do my bestー!

p.s. I’ll be restarting with the gym from today。
Sweating feels good, right!

I’ll do my best to keep at it!
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Coming to the office after ages, it had been decorated with a Christmas tree ☆

It’s almost Christmas ♡
We started yesterday with rehearsals for the showdown concert with UpGirls on the 24th!
I’m excited to see how it’ll turn out ♡

A new product, a 「dakimakura」 hug-pillow, was actually completed today!!!

Length-wise, it’s 150cm in size ♡
19,800 yen including postage!
It’s my first 「dakimakura」!
And what’s more, I’m in pyjamas! lol

Hugging、 stress release、 image training!
There’s all sorts of ways to use it! lol

Whatever you do, there’s a side with Kikka smiling!

Both sides have differing facial expressions!

By the way, this is how it looks once you’ve compacted it to bring around。

Kikka’s inside there。
Even now, the bag’s about to burst ^ ^

At 「Kikka to UpGa no Christmas Eve Live」 on the 24th at Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse
We’ll be accepting orders for the dakimakura!

Perhaps this might be the first and last!

Everyone, make sure to check it out, okay!

p.s. This sweet beverage I found at the convenience store。
Recently I’ve stopped going to the gym。
I’ll starting dropping by from tomorrow。

I’ll do my best!
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A day filled with happy things ☆

There were happy things today!

The make-up artist-san I worked with during After V made a bento for me!
And it wasn’t just for Kikka、
She was also an acquaintance of Ishihara Atsumi-chan, who’s performing in the same play with me、 so there was a portion for Atsumi-chan too!
The 2 of us got friendly and ate it during the break ♡

Ta-dah ♡

Inari-zushi and lots of side dishes!
There also was a daikon radish and honey drink、 which is good for the throat! The nutritional balance was awesome ♡

For expressly coming to a nearby station to deliver it、
I’m thankful!

You knowー It’s like I’ve got my mama in Tokyo ♡
Thank you very much!

What I was looking forward to today、 was the guest who came to the training hall!
The correct answer is 『Torihada Minoru』-san!

The laughs never died down in the training hall!
I can’t wait for the real thing♡

It’s a different guest every time!
No matter how many times they come, they’re godly times!
Tickets are out too!
Please make sure to come and watch it!

There’s 7 days until the real thing!
We’ve only got 3 days to practise!
Oh my! Oh my! lol

I’ll do my best with the final push!

p.s. Michishige-san graduates from Morning Musume。 today!
We’ve talked on radio shows and at Hello!’s LIVE performances、 and we took a photo!
This photo is a precious memory!

The longest leader in their history!
Congratulations on graduating!
Once you’ve graduated、 I want you to make sure to come and watch the play 『Kuru Kuru to Shi to Shitto』 where I’m appearing with Niigaki Risa-san!

And! The new leader is someone who was in the Hello! Pro Eggs with me、
‘Fuku-chan’ Fukumura Mizuki-chan!
Fuku-chan, good luck!
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Good job with the first day of TIF!

It’s kikka!!

The Tokyo Idol Festival is being held at Odaiba!
TIF! The first day came to an end without any problems!
There were lots of people! People! People!
There were even idol fans who had come from overseas!
This is a worldwide idol fest!
Both the LIVE performances and the weather were super hot!
It’s been 2 years since I was last at TIF!
We also prepared 4 new costumes、 just as I wished for! Even Kikkawa Yuu’s clothes are filled with fighting spirit!


One of those costumes!
A kid who’s just gotten back from Brazil。
Dressed for samba, even in Japan!
Just like what I wore in Brazil itself、 I was surprised by the high degree of exposure offered by the samba outfit lol
The samba outfit is a real eye-grabber、 baring my tummy and my chest! I’m not losing any steam at all!

My LIVE performance in the samba outfit was on the rooftop stage, and I had been allocated a time slot just at the time that the sun would be setting!

An awesome shot taken by a staff-san!
In this photo、 the hand of a fan was captured in the forefront
It’s like that person’s making a vow to follow me their whole life ☆
It was neither too warm nor too cold!
But everyone passionately came together as one at the LIVE!
I was able to enjoy the LIVE, what with the wonderful atmosphere and all of you wonderful fans!
I wonder how the image of Kikkawa Yuu beyond the setting sun reflected in everyone’s eyes?
Tomorrow’ll be even hotter than today!
And I’ll have lots more performances on stage, even more than today!
And you might want to go to the space where my promotional goods are being sold!


I’ll be appearing as a trespassing staff member, like in the highly acclaimed Pizza-La commercial that’s currently being broadcast。
An idol will be trespassing where the Pizza-La car is and be helping them sell stuff!
Kikkawa Yuu pops up in unexpected places!
If you find me, please give me a shout-out!

Good job to the people who spent a whole day here!
And I’ll be waiting for those who’ll be coming tomorrow!
I’ll enjoy myself to the fullest again tomorrow ♡


【Tomorrow’s scheduled Kikkawa Yuu TIF appearances】

★《11:55 am~12:25 pm IDOL Summer Jamboree》
Venue:SMILE GARDEN(West Promenade Plaza)

★《1:00 pm ~ 2:00 pm Kikkawa Yuu Handshake event》
Venue: Centre Promenade

★《2:35 pm ~ 2:45 pm Kikkawa Yuu LIVE》
Venue:MY NAVI STAGE (Fuji TV Headquarters 1st floor plaza stage)

★《5:30 pm ~ 5:45 pm Kikkawa Yuu LIVE》
Venue:DOLL FACTORY (Wangan studio / M2 studio)

★《7:00 pm ~ 8:00 pm Grand Finale》
Venue:HOT STAGE (New World Doki Doki Land)

Honestly! Honestly! I’ll be popping up in places you won’t expect! lol
So please make sure to follow and check out kikkastaff at Twitter!


And、 I just heard that Berryz Kobo-san will be entering an indefinite hiatus。
The senpai that I’ve liked, ever since their début, will be suspending their activities。
Even now I still remember buying their 1st, 2nd, and 3rd single and being overjoyed when I won Berryz Kobo-san’s pouch when I sent an application in!
It really was a shocker though。
Next week I’ll be getting to appear on stage with them at a Hello! Con、 so I’d like to learn as much as possible from them。
I’d like to support them as a fan until the very end。
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1st place! It’s number one (・・;)!

It’s kikka!!

It’s been a week since my new song went on sale、
And it’s come out on the Oricon chart!
1st place on the Oricon Indies Chart!

1st place! It’s number one (・・;)!
Awesome! First place!
But you know、 on the indies chart! lol
Kikka’s in the indies?

Kikka’s in the indies???
Kikka isn’t in the majors?

I got worried、 so I asked the staff-san, and they told me to relax! lol
So I’ll relax for the time being ☆

But it’s great to get 1st place, whatever it is!!!
It’s cool! It’s cool!


And! I’ve got some information today!!

Kikkawa Yuu 3rd photo book goes on sale on the 27th of July♡
The title is 「Yuuwaku」
It means temptation!!!
For this photo book、 you’ll be able to see my body that repeatedly lost weight、 put on weight、 and put on weight in a single volume ♡♡

I want you to go through this book
While listening to my new song 「URAHARA Temptation」!
Please be tempted!
Vigorous Kikka、 mature Kikka!
Kikka can’t wait to see the finished product as well!!!!

It’ll go on sale the 27th of July! Please make sure to check it out!
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