Kudou Haruka

Farewell〜( ; ; )


We returned home from Hawaii!
Ahー、my beloved Hawaii
(´× ×`)



Hawaiian food(:_;)

Really、we ate a ton of food!my tummy`s fullっ♪♪



This is a picture from when we went to the teppanyaki shopっ。

The chefs cook the food right before your eyes- it`s so cool!!
This is a picture from when we went



I still have a lot of photos、but I`ll post them little by littleー



Okay、I`m gonna go to bed early zzz
I`m tired(lol)


Well、nighty night\(^o^)



「Kyou no Duu de mo ii koto」
I got too tan、I got too tan、、


☆Kudou Haruka

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Pretty soon、it’ll be 11:00 in Hawaii(*.)

I’m currently jet-laggedっ。
I wonder what you’re all doing right now???


It’s a little dark、but here’s everyone today♥︎♥︎♥︎♥︎


This morning Tiffany Sensei taught us all a type of exercise hula dance called “Zumba Hula”. After that we took an 11 shot as Puremoni in Hawaii!!

Puremoni。was a team battle!
I lost (´ω`)

How frustrating!!!!

By the way, the teams were
「Country of Dreams Team」


The people with ◎ were the leaders!Lol


Also!The fans and all of the members (besides Michishige-san) surprised Michishige-san by singing 「Aozora Ga Itsumademo Tsuzuku You Na Mirai De Are!」in a big chorus. It was our present to her ◖|o|◗♪

I’ve truly made a wonderful memory~


A little blurry lol


Like、doesn’t MaaDuu look alike??Lol

We have similar faces、but since we’re the same age our thought processes are also similar、and when the time calls for it, I think we can both be relied upon。








Okay!tomorrow is the last day of the tour!
From the morning we’ll have Puremoni。rallies、and lives!!Love Live!←*


Ahー、I’m so nervous that I might not be able to fall asleep zzz



Well、nighty night\(^o^)




「Kyou no Duu de mo ii koto」
Every night I’ve been stepping out onto the room’s balcony to gaze at the skyline、but for some reason it makes me homesick~

You guys~(:_;)


☆Kudou Haruka

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I’m full〜


Right now、it’s almost 12 in Hawaii
We just ate dinnerヘ

My stomach is so full that I think I’m going to scream。Ugh
This sucks, this sucks, it hurts。
I’m stuffed; we ate meat~




Uーっm、today was the optional tourー!
I went golfing with Ikuta-sanっ。
It was so fun!!!

I had absolutely no experience playing golf before、so I didn’t think I’d be able to do it、but with Ikuta-san’s help I learned how to hit the ballっ!!

Everyone who participated was pretty good too、which surprised me\(゜□゜)


I want to play golf again!
Thank you to Ikuta-san and everyone who cameーっ


My bangs are loーng!Lol


Okay!We’ll be getting up early tomorrow, so, everyone in Hawaii, let’s go to bed~zzz



Well、nighty night\(^o^)




「Kyou no Duu de mo ii koto」
てTerette Terette、Ten。♪♪



☆Kudou Haruka

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One Thousand and One Nights!



Today I did a 『One Thousand and One Nights』event at the Hello! Shop in Akihabara!
I was happy that so many people showed up(*.)


「50 Questions for Kudou Haruka」and 「Spend a Moment with Farrus」っ!!



I wore my costume for the first time in a while~

Farrus-sama’s arrival…..lol



Sorry for the similar photos、but the Hello! Shop staff made this for me!!!

It even has pictures of Farrus!!

I was so happyヽ(゜▽、゜)

I answered all 50 questions earnestly!
Among those、were questions about my hair、whether I was going to abandon you all, etc lolol

There were a lot of questions like that~lol

During Farrus’s turn、we looked at offshots、unpublished rehearsal footage、and several of everyone’s favorite scenes, so it ended up feeling more like “One thing you want to say to Farrus!” lololol







Who’s next up to do One Thousand and One Nights~?


Well、nighty night\(^o^)





「Kyou no Duu de mo ii koto」
After it was over, I went out for tsukemen* with my manager-sanー!
Also、the hashtag is   
#farrussama  lol


*Cold Chinese noodles

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Ponyo Ponyo Ponyo〜♪




Yesterday was Suzuki Kanon`s birthday!



Suzuki-chan is really funny、loves Chaa-chan、always spoils me、always listens to my rants、and is just a really really!wonderful senpai(*.)

It seems that her birthday event yesterday was a huge success…..♡


Please be kind to me from now on too!
And please have a wonderful 16th year





A continuation of yesterday`s Disney discussion!



I got soaking wet。Lol

In the summertime 、The Sea Aquatopia ride becomes a course that gets you soaking wet~
My show pants got wet too。lol



Tomorrow at last!


I might get to meet Farce from

『Thousand and One Nights』!!!






Well、nighty night\(^o^)



「Kyou no Duu de mo ii koto」
I Ponyo-ed for 2 daysー!


☆Kudou Haruka

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Tokyo Disney Resort!!




I went and stayed at Disney Resort today and yesterday(*.)

Since it was my first time getting consecutive days off、my family decided to make the most of it!by taking a day trip somewhere far away and spending the night。Lol




At Toontown。

It’s summer so we’re going to get soaking wet!

Thanks to that the amount of Disney T-shirts has increased in our household(^^)♡ Lol

A typhoon had been predicted、but as you know I’m a hare onna!Lol *
It was annoyingly sunny :sun: :sun:

That’s why my arms and legs are bright red!!!(´Д` )
This sucks…..
I even used up an entire bottle of sunscreen…..




At American Sea Waterfront。

The Tower of Terror was so scary~

It was my first time riding Raging Spirits and Center of Jiasu (/ω)♡


I got a great view of Fantasmic Sea, which was fun!

Once Upon A Time was closed due to drawings、so I started desperately riding rides。(*_*)
By the way、One Man’s Dream was also closed



I want to go to Halloween again sometimeー!!!


It was funー!!!!



Well、nighty night\(^o^)



I’m a little late、but on 
8/7 I will be doing 『One Thousand and One Nights』at the Hello! Shop in Akihabara!*
I will answer 50 questions and spend time as Farce for a moment!!

Please be kind to me(´0ノ`*)




「Kyou no Duu de mo ii koto」
Do re mi fa so la si do~♪


☆Kudou Haruka


*The Japanese say that “Ame onna” (Rain women) are responsible for rain, so Duu is joking that she’s a “hare onna” (Sunny woman), hence why it was so warm that day

*This is an event in which an H!P member answers 50 questions asked by audience members

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Today we had a concert in Nakano♪♪
Thank you for all your hard work っっ
Three performances is pretty exhausting。lol


Ah、it made me happy today when a lot of people told me “You did a good job”~!
Today is also Kumai-san’s birthday!!
She told me「I almost cried listening to Kuduu’s singing
(T ^ T)



I’m so happy~♡♡♡♡




A picture from a little while ago。
Kudou-san、your bangs are short?lol



No~、anyway Nakano sure is hotー!
I couldn’t stop sweating。



I’m going to bed early tonight!
Nighty night\




「Kyou no Duu de mo ii koto」

I went to a Rilakkuma cafe a little while ago!




☆Kudou Haruka

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is what day???



That’s right!It’s Wada Ayaka-san’s birthday!!!




We’ve become close since Lilium♡♡

I’m glad I was able to see her briefly today and tell her happy birthday directly!(//_//)

We talk a lot at Hello! Concerts、so everyone’s new topic is DuuCho(lol)
Both of us are shy、but I’m actually happy??
Ah、Wada-san might think I’m annoying, but

If Wada-san reads this Blog I want her to tell me what she thinks!Lol




This was the moment when I got to have your guys’ Ayacho all to myself~

Her face was extremely close to mine!(→o←)

Truly、she has a great body and an overflowing feeling of innocence that I really love!




Wada-san!I love you!





I am eagerly awaiting your response!Lol






Well、nighty night\(^o^)





「Kyou no DuuCho demo ii koto」
t looks like soon I’ll be able to tell you all some good news!


☆Kudou Haruka

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Mezamashi LIVE! ☆




Today was MezamashiLIVE!!
It was so hotttttt((д))
But、it was super fun too!!!!

『Speaking of Mezamashi LIVE、Kuduuー。』

I was so scrawny last year、that as soon as this year’s Mezamashi LIVE was decided I started perfecting my counter-attack!!Lol


Either way, it was hot(´Д` )
To the point where I started melting。lol


The setlist was: 

Passward is 0
take a chance
Help me!!
・Toki o Koe Sora o Koe
What is LOVE




The only person I love is~???






Sing it with meーーーー!!!!












We sang that while posing behind Michishige-sanっ。

Reina dakeeeee!!♪

Sayumi dakeeee!!♪

Being able to say it for both of them made me so happy♡


Someday I want to sing Shabondama with Sayuki at an event~

By the way, if you all would sing
Haruka dakeeeee!!!

at my birthday event, it would make me realllly happyーっ(*_*)

All in all、everyone who came!
Thank you very much~
I broke quite a sweat、so please let me give my body a rest!!




Anyway, thanks for all your hard work!!!


Also!All of the girls from MomoClover Z came to see our Mezamashi LIVE!!

Unfortunately we didn’t take any photos、 but it made me happy when they told us「We had a lot of fun!!!」♡


Was today the release date?
I received the CD of the Sailor Moon theme song!



In addition、my manager-san bought me shaved ice after the LIVE ended!!!

My body instantly cooled down、but I ended up getting a brain freeze。Lol



Okay、let’s do our best tomorrow!
I mean、tomorrow is the long awaited 3-person outing



Well、nighty night\(^o^)




「Kyou no Duu de mo ii koto」
I met up with my elementary school friends for the first time in ages!
Our appearances may have changed(lol)
But we’re still the same on the inside~っ


☆Kudou Haruka

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Doraemo〜n!!!!*cries* ☆




Today、the TV show I had the privilege of appearing on with Fukumura-san is on airー!!



……I was eliminated splendidly_`)


I found myself among such incredible people that I felt bad even calling myself a fan of Doraemon(´_`)

If I get another chance、I’ll work harddddd!!!


Ootake Haruka of Oyakata Powers who made it to the final round!








These 3 girls say that they love me!!


I heard there are more girls who love me、but I still need to take pictures with them。lol




Okay!Let’s do our best tomorrow!


Nighty night\(^o^)





「Kyou no Duu de mo ii koto」
I’m hungry。
I want to play Love Live。

☆Kudou Haruka

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