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(´-`).。oO(# Aichi Campaign



Today Makino, Haga, Suzuki-san, and I
held campaigns in Gifu and Aichi!


We did a handshake event in Aichi\(^_^)/
It made me so happy that lots people told me「I watched FNS yesterday!」♡
And that they talked to me about our new single!
I’m happy I was able to talk to you all for the first time in a whileーーっっ
We’ve recorded a lot for TV and radio、so I’ll let you all know when the date approaches!


I’m grateful to be welcomed warmly by you all. It gives me energy!

I’m able to give my all because you support me、congratulate me when something happens, and love me。
Thank you for following me!
I’m happy
I never thought I’d be loved by so many people


I’m so happy!!!

Thank you


Thank you for waiting until the very end in the heat!

I’ve receieved your guys’ love


I’ve gotta work harder!
I’m gonna work harder because I’ve never been this grateful for everyone’s support、so please cheer me on!
To everyone。
Gratitude!Deep emotion!Kuduuー?Kanduuー!
Until tomorrow
「To everyone」
I didn’t get to eat eel fillets (>_<)


☆Kudou Haruka☆
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(´-`).。oO(#FNS Summer Song Festival

Earlier!I had the honor of appearing on「FNS Summer Song Festival」\(^_^)/ Did you watch it?


I can’t believe I collaborated with Funassiー!
We sang「Renai Revolution 21」!

New costumes were created for it. Funassi and I performed together in matching red ribbons☺︎♫


I was really nervous about performing on the large Yoyogi First Gymnasium stage、but I was able to performance with confidence!


I’m Kuduu Haruka with the short black hair(Spreading hope! Lol)
Please be kind to me!
Today、I wore new shoes to work。

I’m in heaven when I wear new shoes
Even though it’s late at night、I’m trying out the cute sunblock I bought and wasting it

I’m the type of person who wants to use new stuff right away♩


Oh、the answer to yesterday’s question!
(I remembered、、、!!)

Haga Akane-chan was on the left

Makino Maria-chan was on the right

Due to circumstances with time, these two weren’t able to appear in the program(>_<)

But!All 13 of us were there in spirit!


Big sister worked hard!
Makino, Haga, Suzuki-san, and I are holding a campaign in Aichi Prefecture

This will be our first handshake event in a while, too!!
How long has it been since I’ve spoken with you all up close?

I haven’t had any handshake events since TRIANGLE ended、
so I want to hear your thoughts on it directly♡
I’ll be waitingーー( *`ω´)


To everyone。
Gratitude!Deep emotion!Kuduuー?Kanduuー!
Until tomorrow。
「Kyou no Duu de mo ii koto」
I want to eat eel fillets tomorrow。

☆Kudou Haruka☆
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(´-`).。oO A girl’s appetite



Thanks for your hard work\(^_^)/\(^_^)/\(^_^)/
It’s really amazing~

A “THIS is how a concert should be!” type of feeling♡
This morning、I started wanting to eat chocolate very badly。
I thought I didn’t have any chocolate, but when I peeked into my bag, there were Take no Kono Sato!*ヽ(゚◇゚ )ノ
I thought to myself “How lucky”ー!and then I ate them all in one sitting。Lol
Ahー、it’s a bad habit of mine
When I start eating、I can’t stop~
I have to be careful、、、


I gobbled up 551 pork buns** on the way home today。
I might be the person who eats the most out of Morning Musume ’15





Be careful。(>_<)       (food picture insert) Okay!I want to talk about food right now, so I’m going to! Lately、I’ve been a lot of rice rather than bread

But、I love noodles the most。Raーーーーmen

Also、I’ve begun to drink a lot of Jasmine Tea。   Also、a mosquito bit me in the my right eye, and I’ve been scratching it so much that it hurts。(>_<)
I hope it doesn’t start to look like a styー


Oh yeah、I was talking about food。lol

For me、it might be my mom’s curry。(Good girl, lol)
My mom is a good cook
That’s why、I eat even if I’m full
I love mom’s curry the best、so I want to eat it and then destroy it!Lol


Let’s hope the world doesn’t fall apart before thenー。
To everyone。
Gratitude!Deep emotion!Kuduuー?Kanduuー!
Until tomorrow。
「Kyou no Duu de mo ii koto」
By the way、I’m partial towards Kinoko no Yama*, myself(Lol)


☆Kudou Haruka☆

*Japanese snacks made by the company Meiji

** 551 is a brand of pork buns. She didn’t actually consume 551 individual pork buns on the way home (I hope)
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(´-`).。oO Rice balls and cats and my stomach



Today was nice weather!
It’s hot~So hot~Too hot~


Kitty cat。
It looks like Suzuki-san’s Bii-chan☺︎♩
It’s name is Chibi

It’s my friend’s cat!!
It cuddles with me more than anyone else。Why?Lol

The costume for「Ima Sugu Tobikomu Yuuki」
My stomーーーーーaーーーーーchーーーー!!
This is the first new single costume that shows our stomachs in a long time\(゜□゜)/

The degree of exposure for this single is high↑↑
Look forward to seeing the members’ nice bodies(Excluding the Harisenbon pairing*)


、、、、、Harunan(TωT )lol



To everyone。
Gratitude!Deep emotion!Kuduuー?Kanduuー!
Until tomorrow。
「Kyou no Duu de mo ii koto」
Rice balls are so so yummy

☆Kudou Haruka☆


*An old comedy duo made up of two comedians named Haruka and Haruna. Duu is making a joke referencing herself and Iikubo not having nice bodies (likely a reference to them both being flat chested)
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(´-`).。oO Hehehe



Today’s weather is unfortunate(´・ω・`)
It rained、so I have a feeling it’ll be unnecessarily humid。Damp

I worked hard at today’s shoot too!
I was really nervous、but I want to work hard until the very end☆
I’m happy I was taken care of in such a loving place。
I want to tell you all about it soon!!!!!!

Please wait a little longer♡(・∀・)

Sorry for all the selfies!o(TωT )o


Ahー、strawberry milk is so good
I ate too many sweets today。Lol


To everyone。
Gratitude!Deep emotion!Kuduuー?Kanduuー!
Until tomorrow。

「Kyou no Duu de mo ii koto」
Now is the time to grow stronger!
☆Kudou Haruka☆
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(´-`).。oO Reーlaxーing


Sayashi -san returned to work today after her break、so I got to see her for the first time in a while!!

Her physical condition seems to have improved, so I”m relieved。

The 13 of us have fit together perfectly、so we won’t falter even during hot days!We’ll get through this summer\(^_^)/



I relaxed with my family for the first time in a while
I feel charged for tomorrow

I made tamagoyaki for my brother


Oh、watch Hello!Sta, okay ♡>
You can see the video for 「Oh my wish!」 on Hello!Station

The food I ate yesterday after work!
A Hamburger steak place in Shibuya called 「GOLDRUSH」。

It was super yummy!
The sizes weren’t very big、so we could easily order two types(・ω・)
The jerky-like texture was to die for♡


The duck pizza I ate at my shoot  for 「Shonen Sunday」
It was hyper delicious

The crust was thin and crispy and the cheese was stretchy
This is food terrorism。

Nothing but food
Eating is the bestー!It’s greatー!

I ate too much yesterday、so I have to restrain myself tomorrow。
What should I do about tomorrow~??

Okay!I”m going to work hard at my shoot tomorrow!
To everyone。
Gratitude!Deep emotion!Kuduuー?Kanduuー!

「Kyou no Duu de mo ii koto」
Wanting to write coffee in kanji instead of as Coffee、is a symptom of Chuunibyou, right?*


*Chuunibyou, “”2nd Year Middle School Syndrome” describes a tendency of2nd year middle school students to try to be unique and mainstream, similar to a “hipster” in English. Kudo is saying that she has chuunibyou because she wants to use the uncommon kanji version of “Coffee” rather than the usual katakana version.
☆Kudou Haruka☆
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A little while ago I tried to write an English title

In the end, I/m just not that smart。(u_u)悔
Just as I’d thought, English is impossible for me~

This morning、I watched a bit of 「HinaFes」
The one with Morning Musume as the main☺︎♫
I”m a step ahead of you all and received the DVD early

By the way, the  「Hamizu」 performance I did with Murotan is on here too.
(´-`).。oO(I looked like I was having fun



I look scary。Lol


I bought juice=juice”s album!
I like 「Chikutaku Watashi no Shun」 and 「Umaretate no Baby Love」 ♡♡


To everyone。
Gratitude!Deep emotion!Kuduuー?Kanduuー!
Until now。


「Kyou no Duu de mo ii koto」
Everyone!Be careful about heatstrokes!
(´-`).。oO(YOU are the one who needs to be the most careful!
☆Kudou Haruka ☆
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Today was the public recording of「MUSIC JAPAN」!!
Lots of our fans came. It was very reassuring\(^_^)/

The air date is 8/24 0:10~0:49 a.m.!
Please check it out!!
Also、yesterday I had the honor of appearing in「Hyadain Presents Hyadain no Girl Pop!Natsu no Dai Kansha-sai」!

MC Takenaka Natsumi-san is a Kudou Oshi and has an orange penlight 、、、♡♡♡

Thank you very much(・∀・)/



An unrelated picture 、、lol

With Aari。
I really like Aari’s singing voice!
I love the songs on juice=juice’s album!

Okayー!I’m gonna be more nervous than I’ve ever been in my life tomorrow、
But I’ll do my best!!

To all people。
Gratitude!Deep emotion!Kuduuー?Kanduuー!

Until tomorrow。

「Kyou no Duu de mo ii koto」
☆Kudou Haruka☆
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HaroCon@ Hokkaido
has ended\(^_^)/\(^_^)/\(^_^)/
It’s great~Hokkaido
My shrill voice grew louder♡

Also、today Angerme sang 「Aa Susukino」♩
These special things are so great
In addition、Maachan and Inaba-chan had their homecoming concerts today!
They were nervous、but they displayed their usual cuteness and charm☆
I wrote in yesterday’s blog that I was in the process of making a certain something!

And that was…these!

Iron-on beaーーーーーーーーーーds!!

Aren’t they awesome!?Aren’t they cute!?
These could be turned into goods, don’t you think?
A while ago, Morning Musume 15 coordinated for the Girls Live, and one of the accessories we made were iron-on beads
I’ve been hooked ever since、、、lol
I realized that I made key holders with all of the members’ colors。Lol


I want to make them noisemakers for our solo tour~

I drank the new Starbuck’s drink!

It’s very peachy!
The peach skin didn’t go away no matter how much I drank. It was so good♡♡
This is the kind of thing girls like, right~ Lol
Today was a very girly blog post!
(It was just about “stuff”。lol)


To everyone。
Until tomorrow。
「Kyou no Duu de mo ii koto」
My muscle pain was so severe that I left the house with a compress on my calf。
☆Kudou Haruka☆
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(´-`).。oO Fight!!



I had a certain job today!
It was difficult and I was really nervous (´・ω・`)
But、I’m going to work my absolute hardest!

Everyone!Please give me your support!!!
Also、I recorded Mo Jo。
My pose is weird lolol
It was my first time attending school in a while、so it was super funー!
It airs 7/25 and 8/1(^ ^)☆
Also、I’m in the process of making a certain something。

I’m gonna work hard at that tooー
To everyone。
Until tomorrow。

「Kyou no Duu de mo ii koto」
Saizeriya* is a high school girl’s best friend。


☆Kudou Haruka☆

*A low-cost Italian restaurant chain
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