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First、an announcement!


It’s been decided that Morning Musume。’15 will be singing the ending theme for 「Eiga Precure All Stars: Haru no Carnival 」\( ‘ω’)/







The costumes are very PreCure and girl soldier-like!


For me, a part of the 「We are PreCure」generation, this job is a dream come true。
Even Haru used to admire Nagisa-chan。


The dance, which has a Pre-Cure feel to it, really suits us、so I definitely hope we can bring it to the theatre!


Harunan、Ayumin、and Oda-chan are going to be challening themselves as voice actresses and character design、so please keep an eye on that(`・ω・´)ゞ






I’m making these for Valentine’s Day now。


I made chocolate cookiesっ。
Even I was surprised at how tasty they turned out。Lol


The design resembles that of event goods、but I’m probably just going to give them to my papa or my brother, or perhaps my friends~



Today I had a business meeting?for a job I’ve been looking forward to!
I can’t wait to tell you guys about itっ!




Ok、tomorrow is a concert in Hiroshima



Well、nighty night\(^o^)/



「Kyou no Duu de mo ii koto」
My hands are so dry it’s bothering me。(/ _ ; )
Girl Power(/ _ ; )



★Kudou Haruka★

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It was funー!




Today was the long-awaited photoshoot I told you about yesterday!!
It was really fun(^^)♫


I ate a loーーーt and moved aーーーlot the entire day!
I seriously ate way too much today。Lol
My stomach feels like it’s going to explode( ゜∋゜)





Yesterday on the way home from the Hokkaido performance, I bought Lloyds Popcorn♡


I bought it because it’s small and the price was affordable!
I bought it with Harunan!!



You’d expect no less from Lloyd’s chocolate! The popcorn was crunchy、the chocolate was perfectly sweet、and it was so delicious٩( *˙0˙*)۶



I was really popular with the members today when I brought the popcorn to the photoshoot and shared it!


We’ll be able to go to Hokkaido during the spring tour、so hopefully I can buy some more on the way backっ。




Speaking of which、the spring tour schedule is out!\( ‘ω’)/


Unfortunately、we can’t perform in my hometown Saitama this time、but we’ll be entering Oita and Fukushima prefectures for the first time. We’ll be going to Tochigi, to say the least!I love Tochigi!
We get to perform in places like Tochigi、so I think it’ll be a really fun tour!



Of course there are some elements of anxiety about us becoming a 13 member group、but I want to lead the 12 gen as a senpai and show them my adult composure and charm!!Lol




School and work will resume starting tomorrow。I’m gonna work hard all week!!!




Well、nighty night\(^o^)/



On 3/14「Princess Bambina Spring Edition」comes out!I’m appearing again、this time on the front cover!It’s still a while away、but please check it out!



「Kyou no Duu de mo ii koto」
I was surprised that the The Docchi Ha?*corner was so popular!!


I’ll start it up again if I feel like it。Lol
I have to think about whether there’s anything else I can do。



★Kudou Haruka★


* “Docchi Ha is a game similar to “Coke or Pepsi” in America. You’re presented with two options, such as “Coke or pepsi?” and you have to choose which side you’re on.
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(´-`).。oO(I love Michishige-san♡

I wasn’t able to blog yesterday。
I was feeling so airy that I couldn’t organize my thoughts。

It’s over。
I feel like a deflated balloon right now。

Honestly, I can’t articulate my true feelings。
On the contrary, I wonder if everyone on stage had those feelings??


But、it truly was the greatest live!
I’m proud I was able to be present to send Michishige-san off with such a wonderful live performance。
But if there’s one thing I do regret、it’s getting snot all over Michishige-san’s kimono。Lol


I couldn’t stop crying as I expressed my gratitude to Michishige-san during the ceremony。
Since I went to give her a hug while crying、her kimono ended up getting covered in tears and snot~(´・ω・`)


Michishige-san, I’m sorrーーーy!!!




Michishige-san taught me so many things。


The biggest was her teaching me that 『Showing people affection isn’t a bad thing』


Until now、I had always avoided depending on or showing affection to other people、most likely。
I always pretended to be made of steel、but sometimes that would backfire on me….。


But、Michishige-san would tell me「Come here and I’ll give you some affection?」
It’s not like said it only to me in particular、but she understood me。She was always the first to notice even the smallest changes about me、and she was always the only one to notice when I was feeling down。
I love Michishige-san。
I will always, always look up to her。
I’m so glad she was our leader。


Keep in touch, okay?
Let’s all go out to eat together again!
Let’s have a nabe party next time?Lol
I’m going to show people affection。
Showing people affection isn’t something to be embarrassed about。
I’m going to rely more and more on the fans。 (ノ_・。)*sweats*
I’m glad the 10 of us were able to work together。
I’m glad we all met。
I was so happy。
I’m glad I was in Morning Musume while Michishige-san was leader。
Thank you so muchっ。





「Kyou no Duu de mo ii koto」
The DVD magazines、our pictures on my phone、I treasure it all♫
★Kudou Haruka★
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(´-`).。oO(It’s finally happening…. Kudou Haruka★

It’s finally happening tomorrow。
Yokohama Arena。
It’s like、it doesn’t even feel real yet?
I don’t even know。
The half a year since Michishige-san announced her graduation、went by in the blink of an eye。
I thought to myself, 「We still have half a year left!!」  but now it feels like it’s finally here。
This past year has passed by like the wind. There’ve been fun times and happy times and every day has been wonderful and amazing. I’ve  been thinking over and over again about how great the 10 of us were together ….




Ahー、only one day leftー。
The ending might be sloppy, but I want us to be absolutely on fire the entire performance。
I want to deliver the current 10 members’  ultimate power to everyone at the arena, everyone watching life in cinemas nationwide, and everyone watching on TV on BS Sky。!!!
I cannot fully express my gratitude to Michishige-san。
Words like 「Thank you so much」 just aren’t enough。


I was able to grow thanks to Michishige-san 。
I think that making tomorrow’s performance a huge success is the one thing we can do to repay Michishige-san。
I’ll do my bestーーーーーっ!!!







Let’s goーーーーーーーー!!!!!!







「Kyou no Duu de mo ii koto」
My body is sore。Why??
★Kudou Haruka★
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(´-`).。oO(Hiroshima! Kudou Haruka★

Today we had a concert in Hiroshima、Sayashi Riho-san’s hometown!
Hyahhoーーーーi♪( ´θ`)ノ


We only had one performance、so I worked hard with the feeling of “Let’s use our stamina to the max!”!
Sayashi-san was really cute too、so I had a wonderful time♫




An offshot from Young Jump!


The background is orange and redっ


I’ve been spending a lot of time on stage with Sayashi-san。Many people have told me they’re fond of the SayaDuu combination in our stage plays, which makes me happy♡
I envy Sayashi-san-; she can do stage plays, dance, and sing。
I look up to her!!
I want to be someone worthy of standing next to Sayashi-san、and someday would like to surpass her!!


Oh、in addition
Something happened that made me happy。



At the Nippon Budokan concert Sayashi-san and I were practicing our lines out loud。(We had a lot of things to recite ….)


Then, the staff-san said「No doubt about it、Sayashi and Duu are great at reading aloud. You two make a great combination.」


At that moment、all I could think to myself was 「That’s because of Kabe-don*~」。(Hidden meaning)




Next up in Kagawa、but these past 3 days of homecoming lives、have been extremely fun!
I wanna perform in Saitama alreadyーーーー!




Well、nighty night\(^o^)/




「Kyou no Duu de mo ii koto」
Let me introduce you all ♡to the cutest 12th generation member。




Do you get this?Do!!Do made out of pineapple and grapefruit!!
So cuuuuuuute!!!



★Kudou Haruka★


*A scene in Lilum between the two girls’ characters

Kabe don, meaning “Wall smack” refers to the action of intentionally leaning up against a wall and “cornering” someone, usually a woman


You can see GIFs of the scene here:
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To Fukumura-san

♡♡♡♡♡♡Happy BirthDay♡♡♡♡♡♡


Today Fukumura-san turned 18!
Happy birthday| ´ω`|ノ
Today、Kudou attended Fukumura-san’s birthday eventっ!!
By the way, Mano Erina-san also appeared as a special guest♫




Oda-chan came, too!Lol
Even though we went, we didn’t get to go on stage!lol

Fukumura-san was so cute and looked like she was having a blast. I thought to myself,  “I’ve never seen her laugh this much~”!!
Also, 「VERY BEAUTY」 was amazing!!So was 「Arigatou~ookiku Kansha!~」!!!


The key of 「VERY BEAUTY」 is high、but I love Fukumura-san’s falsetto, so I chose it for her!18 is the age where you feel like an adult, so that song really fits!!!!
「Arigatou~Ookiku Kansha!~」 almost made me cry( p_q)涙
Fukumura-san sang it the first time Haru debuted on stage。
I’ve loved that song ever since then, so I wanted her to sing it one more time。
I’m so happy I was able to see it in person。


Good job today, Fukumura-san!
You were great!


I think that the 18th year is a difficult one。Fukumura-san will have to use her head more、so there may be times when she overwhelms herself。
I hope I can support her during those times~、We both used to be Eggs、so I feel we share a special bond that the 9th and 10th generations don’t have。
For that reason, I want her to rely on me more。
Also、my feeling towards Fukumura-san’s fans、is that you’re all amazingly cool!!


I may still be a child、but I’m good at understanding peoples’ feelings- please believe me!!


Make it a wonderful year, okay~♡♡





I love her clingy side。

「Kyou no Duu de mo ii koto」
Everyone!A rhythm game called 「Hello Pro Tap Live」 is going to be released!
It’s similar to Love Live!!!!
Starting today Kudou will go from Love Live-r to Hello Live-r。Lol


I wonder if I accurately expressed !!!!
Nikko Nikko Nikkoー!!
Haru wants a skill like Nikko Nikko ー!!!!!
★Kudou Haruka★
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(´-`).。oO(Happy BirthDay ★

Kudou Haruka is finally 15 ! Everyone!Thank you very much( p_q)嬉

It made me so happy that so many people told me「Happy birthday!」at today’s handshake event!


The outfit I wore for my birthday goods!

It’s in the style of Ciel from Kuro Shitsuji。



『I’m so loved by so many people』

Today, I felt that.

Being 『Happy birthday』by so many people、that doesn’t happen everyday, you know!?

Having so many people who love me、who tell me “I love you”、who make me a priority、who tell me “I miss you~” and who share my interests(Mostly Love Live!lol)makes me so happy。

A lot of things were happening at the same time today、and there were even times where I felt anxious or worried、but I’m just going to put everything in simple terms、without dwelling on the negative or over-stretching myself。

These 9 members have supported me so much up until now、so now I want to support all of them tooっ。
I want to properly look after the 12th generation as well!!

As for my ambitions、I’d like to challenge myself to more stage productions。
I’ve had the privilege of standing on stage many times、but I’ve never been in a movie.  Of course I love being on stage, though, you know?

But I’m by no means gifted at theatre so I want to study more and grow. Michishige-san has been talking a lot about 『Morning Musume。 ’14』on variety shows、but I want to work hard not at variety, but on dramas and movies and make everyone wonder 「Who’s that girl?」

“She’s from Morning Musume。’15!”

My ambition is to be the reason why everyone knows Morning Musume。Right now that might just be another dream、 but I want to make it come true someday!!

And of course!My singing, dancing, and visuals!Lol
I’d like to improve、so please keep supporting me!!


(My face、、、)
Today during our free time, the members、managers, and staff celebrated with me(*´꒳`*)♡

It was so fun♡♡♡

The cakes were delicious too!
Thank youっ(^^)♫

Also、I received an early present from Suzuki-san !
I’ll post a picture of it on my blog laterっ!

Okay!Tomorrow is finally the day of my birthday event!
I’ll do my best!

Don’t forget your towels!!!!
If you don’t have one、they’re going to be sold at the venue so please buy one there!!
By the way, I recommend buying the T-shirt!!(Lol)
Please support Duu!!

Well、nighty night\(^o^)/

「Kyou no Duu de mo ii koto」
I was crying as I wrote this。
As you get older, even your tears become brittle。(´・_・`)

★Kudou Haruka★
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I’m jet-lagged beyond belief、so tired。Kudou。


Also, you know how I’ve been having stomach problems lately. It’s because my stomach starts hurting if I eat too much(´・ω・`)
For some reason。That’s why
For people who get joy from eating a lot, it’s painful not to be able to eat the full amount~
It feels like I never get hungry and I always have to have a bottle of stomach medicine sitting next to my food。


This sucks~


If you know anything that might help, let me know!!




On the rooftop terrace in New York。


Ayumin took this picture for me!
If the background is stylish then we look stylish too!lol


And also, my hair is long。lol



Ummー、I think a lot of people already know、but yesterday was my last day being in charge of the Hello!Station Idiom corner。



It makes me sad to think that the corner that had been passed over Kenshuusei Taguchi Natsumi-chan is ending today too。


Kudou-sensei’s time as an idiom teacher may be over、but I will start over again as a new teacher with  brand new pupils!



I saw and heard a lot of idioms I didn’t know before!!
Though it was only a short while、everyone who watched!Thank you( ´o` )ノ





I have no pictures with Taguchi…



These headphones、I bought them in New York!
They’re headphones with a frog character、but for only about 1400 yen the quality is really good. I’m  impressed!!




Also!Tomorrow is a handshake event at Shinjuku Sabunado for my photobook「Ashita Tenki ni Naーre!」


If you have time, by all means please come!


By all means!By all means!



By all means, absolutely!


Please support me!!



It’s at 7:00~!



Well、nighty night\(^o^)/




「Kyou no Duu de mo ii koto」
Japan is warm。


★Kudou Haruka★
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We’ve returned to America!!
Ugh~、as you’d expect 14 hours of air travel was exhausting(´・ω・`)




Empire State Building!


I had always wanted to see it!
It was my wish, so I’m thankful I was able to see it so closely(*´ `*)♡


Not only did we get to go to Times Square、we also got to see the State of Liberty, so it was a hugely satisfying trip!




Everyone at the end of the LIVE♫


We had our 「TIKI BUN」costumes arranged、into NY style!
Each of the scarf parts have a different NY on themっ。


New York、you know,  their cheesecake and T-bone steak were deliciousー!
I had eaten it in Japan before、but the rice and the seaweed are reversed in NY sushi!
Um、like a California roll!
Which was also deliciousっ♡
New York!For the first time in my life was fun!
But、I’m really bad at English、so I was pretty stressed about having conversations and had to ask the members for help when the atmosphere didn’t feel right or I couldn’t understand what the person across from me was saying. Communication was hindered completely 、so I’m thinking that I’ve got to work a little harder next time we go to New York( p_q)
Just as I’d expected, Japanese isn’t as common in New York as it is in Hawaii, so I did feel the language barrier↓↓
I’m going to work hard at my Englishっ。
But for now、I’m going to go eat some sushi because I missed Japanese food!
Well、nighty night\(^o^)/
「Kyou no Duu de mo ii koto」
Today is the total lunar eclipseー!
It’s almost entirely hidden!The moon is!


★Kudou Haruka★
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(´-`).。oO(New York★

It’s almost 11 in New Yorkっ。
I’m so fulllll( ´o` )ノ
By the way, I’m sharing a hotel room with Ayumin!
That’s all from New York!!
What with this and that I can’t really reminisce quite yet。

So、please wait a little longerー





By the way, our in-flight food was Yoshinoya gyuudon!
I was so surprised!




Michishige Sayumi-san’s UTB photo series is currently on sale!(There are a lot)
Like I thought, she loves the water~
With that!
Tomorrow is the New York LIVE so I’m going to bed early♫


Well、nighty night\(^o^)/
「Kyou no Duu de mo ii koto」
They have Shingeki no Kyojin* in New York, too!



*Attack on Titan
★Kudou Haruka★
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