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(´-`).。oO Shizuoka

Our Shizuoka performance is over \(^_^)/
Thanks for all your hard work。

It was Miki’s first homecoming concert

She kept moving around restlessly before the performance and saying「I’m so nervous~」、but she was fantastic on the stage!
All of her nerves turned into confidence

It’s so cute watching her confidently enjoy herself during the performance♡
My finger is in the picture!(°_°)(°_°)


I also got to eat a sardine bowl today、the concert was super fun、I’m really pleased
I realized that there are 5 performances left

Every time is a blast!
I ate an acai bowl a little beforehand!
It’s so good~

I want to eat a Hawaiian acai bowl~

Gratitude、Deep emotion、Kuduuー?Kanduuー!

「Kyou no Duu de mo ii koto」
Maru-chan!Ieyasu-kun!Black fish cakes!*

*Famous anime character, image character, and food specialty from Shizuoka Prefecture
Kudou Haruka
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(´-`).。oO Suffering from Middle School Syndrome

I’m appearing in the magazine「UPDATE girls vol.2」
It’s on sale today!

It’s a corner called「Arareー」


From the left、

Stylist Iga Daisuke


Cameraman Sanayi Masashi
They gave me a copy of their photobook、”Rareー” ,  which profiles ramen and curry from around the country( ^ω^ )

They talked a lot about ramen and curry
It was a really fun location~


We went to a store called Piwan no Kichijou!
Definitely check it out✌︎✌︎✌︎


Also, today、

I had a recording for
au Headline「Idol mo Iccho!」★
It was my second time today with announcer Ueyama Chiho-san、so it was a relief….lol

It was really fun。


It comes out on12/11 and 12/14\(^_^)/



Well、tomorrow is our first concert in 2 weeks

It’s in Nonaka-chan’s hometown、Shizuoka。

Gratitude、Deep emotion、Kuduuー?Kanduuー!



「Kyou no Duu de mo ii koto」
Zessan Mayuki Kojirasechuu*

*It appears this is somehow related to Suemitsu Ken’ichi’s play “Trump” that other H!P members have mentioned seeing, but it would make no sense even if I translated it to English, so I just left it as is
Kudou Haruka
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(´-`).。oO TRUMP

Sorry、I got distracted(T_T)



Today I  saw「TRUMP」at the theatre!
I absolutely wanted to see it!So, Lilly、Farce、Cherry、and Silvetica all went to see it。

The funny parts are really funny!
The serious parts are serious in themselves!
The show is still running、so I can’t write too many details, but watching Sophie brought back painful memorie。(T_T)(T_T)

There were scenes that made me tear up too~!!!!(T_T)

I wish this series could go on forever。
I was really proud that I played Farce who=Sophie and Anderson!


I met Suemitsu-san again、I hope we can be together on stage again somewhere!

Oh!Also、Yamamoto Shouma-san、who took care of me during Stacys, also appeared in the play. He greeted me。

Everyone told me「You grew up~」

I was a first year middle school student when I performed in Stacys。Lol
I was just a bratty little kid back then。Lol
My manager advised me to、
「Get something that looks like blood!」
So、I had grape juice and cranberry juice☺︎✌︎

They ought to make these for stores!Lol





Today marks one year since Michishige-san graduated。

It flew by in the blink of an eye. I miss her~
Kudou、has grown up
I’ll keep working hard、so please keep watching。






「Kyou no Duu de mo ii koto」
Though there are endings in life、there is no end to an eternal life。
Kudou Haruka
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(´-`).。oO BD

Today I’m off~!

And、it’s my brother’s birthday~!
My family’s eldest son has turned 14。
It came in the blink of an eye(*_*)
Before I knew it, he grew taller and his voice changed
It’s sad in a way…..

Please become a fantastic Youtuber。Lol



Yesterday after our photoshoot、we all went out to eat udon together!
We laughed together、ate until we were full; it was a happy time
I treasure the time the 13 of us get to spend together


There was so much commotion that we forgot to take pictures together!Lol



I finally walked last week’s「Mutsuu~Mierume~」and「Gisou no Fufu
Ughhh~(T_T)I cried~(T_T)

For some reason, I’ve been crying like crazy this week(T_T)


My tear glands are loose(T_T)

This has been a week of eating and crying。
Ijust  can’t figure it out。Lol
This week I need to do mental maintenance。



Gratitude、Deep emotion、Kuduuー?Kanduuー!


「Kyou no Duu de mo ii koto」
My face is swollen*_*)
Kudou Haruka
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(´-`).。oO I’m hungry Kudou Haruka



I’m exhausted from doing photoshoots everyday。Lol
Keep pushing on、meー!

Ah、everyone else is tired too。Lol


I just realized that November is ending

It flew by in the blink of an eye~
Lately、I’ve been thinking about a lot of things
What I’ll eat for breakfast tomorrow、what I’m going to do on my next day off。
Ah、I need to watch Star Wars soon(*_*)
I need to buy my brother a birthday present!


I might not be thinking about anything important。Lol


I want to eat sushiーーーーーーー!!!!

For now, I’m gonna make cookies。


Gratitude、Deep emotion、Kuduuー?Kanduuー!


「Kyou no Duu de mo ii koto」
I want to go to Disneyland
Kudou Haruka
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(´-`).。oO Satoyama Fest

「SATOYAMA&SATOUMI e Ikou!2015with Wings of Courage Fall Fest」
Thank you to everyone who stopped by(^_^)★
With Takahashi Ai-san!
The event just started today、Morning Musume only appears today….
Everyone who’s participating tomorrow and thereafter、have funーー!


We participated in
「Business Trip!The Girl’s Live」

Morning Musume was split into two teams for a coordination battle


The result!!!!





Stay tuned for future broadcasts。Lol


In front of the Moraju Iris tree。
We tried to pose like a cover jacket photo。

Tomorrow is a photoshoot。( ^ω^ )

Gratitude、Deep emotion、Kuduuー?Kanduuー!

「Kyou no Duu de mo ii koto」
( ^ω^ )( ^ω^ )( ^ω^ )
Kudou Haruka
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(´-`).。oO Nap

I’m coldヽ(;▽;)ノ


I hate the cold、Konbanharuka


Why、has it gotten colder suddenly!

Don’t animals hibernate in the winter?
Do humans get sleepier in the winter, too?
I’m really sleepy zzz
Ughー、I want to hibernateー。Lol



Use this when you’re asking someone out

「I fell in love-tace with you」*


…..It probably won’t go over well、but don’t blame it on me( ^ω^ )




Anyway、today we recorded MoJo。

I talked a bunch、
with Ayumin and Suzuki-san!
We laughed a lot!
I would’ve liked to meet them as classmates in high school☺︎✌︎

So fun


After MoJo we had a dance lesson

I danced~a lot this week~♪♪

My legs might be getting buff by the time I see you all again

That being said、please don’t stare(¬_¬)

The Satoyama event starts tomorrow

Looks like there will be more pajamas this year, too
I’ll be waiting♡

Gratitude、Deep emotion、Kuduuー?Kanduuー!


「Kyou no Duu de mo ii koto」

I feel like I’ve gotten better at using my time

Kudou Haruka


*This is a lame pun on the word “Horeta” (I fell for you”) and Lettuce
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It’s been raining since the afternoon~
I can’t get my mood up~

Today was a photoshoot。Then a dance lesson

I traveled from the photoshoot location to the dance studio on foot
In terms of distance, it was about 5-6 kilometers?In terms of time、it was about an hour☺︎✌︎



There are more photoshoots to come、but I stopped by Starbucks as a reward to myself

Yesterday I ate a Triangle Chocolate Pie at McDonald’s
Kudou saーn、do you know the meaning of the word “reward”~?(¬_¬)


I couldn’t sleep last night、so it was movie time
「Yubiwa o Hametai」「Arceus Chouchoku no Jikuu e」
「Star Wars Revenge of the Sith」「Tantei wa BAR Iru」

I watched four。I’m gonna watch some today tooー



I cut my bangsー


I need to fix my habit of turning on the TV while I’m writing reports for school~
I can’t go forward in my studies when I do。(¬_¬)


I can’t do math or Englishー



Gratitude、Deep emotion、Kuduuー?Kanduuー!


「Kyou no Duu de mo ii koto」
Save, save
Kudou Haruka
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(´-`).。oO Various daysー

(´-`).。oO(Today is Tanaka-san’s birthday!
(´-`).。oO(Pockyー&Pretz Day!
Tanaka-san!Happy birthday。

She’s cool、cute, and I really admire her!And her wonderful voice!♪
I’d like to go to another one of LoVendoЯ’s live performances(^_^)
I love them♡♡



I watched「DVD MAGAZINE Vol.76」

Well、I eat a lot。Lol

You get to see the members without make up, eating, and playing all in our DVD、what a good deal。
No doubt I love DVD magazinesーーー!
I wonder what I want to do next~
What do you all want to see the members doing?



Yep、they’re cute~
It’s been pretty chilly lately(´・ω・`)

I hate the cold
I’m extremely sensitive to the cold、so my legs and hands get super cold in the winter。(´・ω・`)
Fluffy socks and gloves are a must。

Also、hot water bottles

The person who thought of those really is a genius。Lol
But、I like winter
It’s the season of skiing and snowboarding. Doesn’t the snow get you pumped up?↑↑

Can you cure being sensitive to the cold??



This cake is pretty heavy、but AyuMaa went out of their way to bring it。Thank you!!
Tomorrow is a photoshoot(^_^)
I’m gonna warm up in the bath and then go to bed


Gratitude、Deep emotion、Kuduuー?Kanduuー!



「Kyou no Duu de mo ii koto」
Miyako~Miyako~Mamoru-kun~♪ *

I ate deep-fried beans yesterday。
Kudou Haruka


*A police statue in Okinawa Prefecture
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(´-`).。oO An awesome 2 days

Today I ate a lot
I guess it’s treat day
I ate sweets and ice cream and foodーーー

I eat good foods without hesitation

I don’t wanna feel guilty about food!(¬_¬)



I make it a point to not eat after 7 pm
When I do eat、I eat freely without a second thought、but other than that: NO!!
I give myself treat days every now and then

I give myself days to eat whatever I want
Sweets, juice, whatever!!

And then、I watch what I eat the next day^_^☆
Eating only the bare minimum of food or not eating at all is not good for you!
One day or so is fine、but an entire week is bad。

Also、I choose rice over wheat!
Fish over meat!Boiled vegetables over raw vegetables !
Well、that’s just my strategy。
Just so you know。
Today and yesterday we had a certain photoshoot

We talked a bunch with the staff about various topics、ate a lot of different things、It was a very productive 2 days!!
Old manga and music。
They told me that something funny happens when you search Yahoo!「Gagababa」on Yahoo!。Lol *

I was really refreshed today、so I’ll do my best again from tomorrow\(^o^)/



Gratitude、Deep emotion、Kuduuー?Kanduuー!
「Kyou no Duu de mo ii koto」


This was so freaking good
Kudou Haruka


*Note, this will work only if you search it in Japanese on the Japanese version of Yahoo! search. I went to do it, but it looked like something creepy would pop up, so I stopped. Who knows what happens. If you’re braver than I am, you could find out
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