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(´-`).。oO Japan-wide Kudou play-off

Today was fun!

The Japan-wide Kudou play-off!
It was awesome!!!\(^_^)/


Konbanharuka、it’s Kudou.


Today was an event for the 59th single at Osaka Mido Assembly Hall~♪

We did some songs we don’t usually do as well as a burlesque corner。
It was super fun。Lol



Everyone was too adorable。♡


They’re good at acting。
And they finish properly
As you’d expect!Lol


I kinda felt like I slipped up。

Where am I aiming?(´-`).。oO(


Well、I guess it’s fine。
Because I’m having fun。Lol


King、Haga Akane



Her sleeping face。zzz

Ahー、it’s so awesome!
Let’s do it again、the Japan-wide Kudou play-off!
Tomorrow is an individual handshake event
The costumes are a secret(^.^)
Hehe、I can’t wait


Sudou-san sent me this
She’s more of a boy than Asada
S、s、s、so cool!!!!!Lol


Gratitude、Deep emotion、Kuduuー?Kanduuー!


「Kyou no Duu de mo ii koto」
Speaking of flickering, boom

Kudou Haruka
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(´-`).。oO Ultra FES




At approximately 1 in the afternoon~

We appeared on「MUSIC STATION UltraFES」
\(> <)/


We sang「LOVE Machine」!!


Did you watch it????

Nazakawa Yuko-san
Iida Kaori-san
Yasuda Kei-san
The Morning Musume。OG members
came running!


Haru Machine was decided!Lol

The costumes were similar to originals
so we gave it our all during the performance!



Phew~I was so nervous(T_T)


I’m Morning Musume。’15’s

girl with the short black hair
Kudou Haruka!
Please be kind to me!Lol



To everyone。
Gratitude、deep emotion、Kuduuー?Kanduuー!


Until tomorrow



「Kyou no Duu de mo ii koto」
After Music Station ended
I ate ramen♡


☆Kudou Haruka☆
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(´-`).。oO Saitama Performance



The Saitama performance has ended ッo(`ω´ )o


I’m so happy♡
Thank you
so, so much


The moment I came out for the opening
and saw that one side of venue was full of orange
I almost cried(T_T)
I thought I wouldn’t be able to sing


I sang a solo song in the evening


A knitted orange dress was made for me
It’s super cute♡♡♡♡

When the intro began to play
everyone yelled「Wooooー!!!!」
It was so amazing that I almost chickened out!Lol
But I pulled through!



Thank you so much

I felt so loved
by all of you

The members and the staff
and the beloved fans

always support me


I cried during the double encore

I couldn’t hold it in


nothing could make me happier
than lots of people gathering to support me


It’s frustrating

not being able to express it in words


I can’t express how grateful I am
Please keep supporting me!




Deep emotion!




Watch Music Station again tomorrow!


Kyou no Duu de mo ii koto」
Actually, today is my dad’s birthday!
I wonder if I made him proud?Lol

☆Kudou Haruka☆
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(´-`).。oO Opening day!!!!Opening day!!!



Fall Concert Tour PRISM
The first day  is over!o(`ω´ )o


I’m exhausted


But、it was so fun!

I got so pumped up

halfway through
that I almost lost my mind!!



It’s slightly blurry





Something I’ve really been feeling

is the feeling that「I’m not alone」

They support me

We sing and dance together
I’m really happy….
I’m grateful to be able to be here


If something happens
I have people there to help me
That is happiness


I always feel it
but today I felt it even more。


Thank you



To everyone。
Gratitude、Deep emotion、Kuduuー?Kanduuー!


Until tomorrow



「Kyou no Duu de mo ii koto」
I’m hungry!!!


☆Kudou Haruka☆
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(´-`).。oO A glimpse of preciousness



This morning、there was a big earthquake

Are you okay??

Saitama shook quite a bit
but all of my family members are safe\(> <)/


Lately there have been a lot of natural disasters

and it’s little scary, but
I’ll guard my life on my own!
By increasing my awareness more
I have to keep living on


I ate Black Thunder for the first time in ages


Today、my brother is working hard at the sports festival!
Last night he said,「I’m so nervous I can’t slee~p」


I wonder how things turned out?

I’m waiting to hear good news(´-`).。oO(


During rehearsals
I get a glimpse of the members’ natural faces
They’re unbearably cute♡


If I was a fan of Morning Musume。
I’d be a SayaSuzu oshi


The Makino Haga duo
has been interesting lately, too
They really are like little sisters to me
Makino-chan’s relentless need to be spoiled
Haga-chan’s slightly cold responses
I love it~!Lol

But、they’re really close
They do things like sit in the same chair together


Even though tons of seats are open。Lol



The digest for the DVD release set for release on 9/19
is up!






I love the DVD magazines

By all means、check them out!



Okay、tomorrow is the final day of rehearsal!
We’re going to thoroughly confirm the details
I’ll do my best!



To everyone。
Gratitude、deep emotion、Kuduuー?Kanduuー!


Until tomorrow



「Kyou no Duu de mo ii koto」
With each rehearsal
My calves become stronger(T_T)
They’re sooo sore


☆Kudou Haruka☆
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(´-`).。oO( I’m alive



This will be my
first blog post in a while(T_T)(T_T)
I’m sorry


I’m okay
I’m alive!!!!Lol


Also, everyone!
Are you okay in this rain?
It’s raining pretty hard in Saitama

The water levels in the rivers have risen、
so please be careful

I’ll be careful!


We took this photo a minute or so ago….

The backs of mine, Makino’s, and Oda Sakura’s heads
Tiny Nonaka


Yeahー、that’d be a glorious 4 shot!



I’ll do my best in the fall tour rehearsals!
Scrawny kid, fightーーーッッ
I have another 2 weeks after hurting myself
so I’m bracing myself!
I’ll do my best on the last part



To everyone。
Gratitude!Deep emotion!Kuduuー?Kanduuー!


Until tomorrow


「Kyou no Duu de mo ii koto」


It looks kinda like we’re shooting a drama, doesn’t it?Lol


☆Kudou Haruka☆
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(´-`).。oO #Yoshizawa Hitomi-san




Earlier、there was a wonderful announcement


My senpai Yoshizawa Hitomi-san!
Congratulations on your engagement\(> <)/


I’ll forever look up to
the cool and beautiful
Hitomi Yoshizawa-san…!!

I want to see her figure
in her wedding dress~♡♡♡




Thank you for giving me your impressions

of「Otona e Noberu」


I think a lot of people already noticed、but
my basketball shirt
had an orange number 10 on it、
the shorts had a 15、
and the date on the classroom bulletin had to do with me!


And、on the set

green tea sweets were prepared for us!


I’m so happy I was surrounded by

such wonderful staff♡
I hope we can do it together again。




I received Tosca’s goggles!!
Thankcsa!!Lol *
Still, our dancing
was pretty awful(T_T)






I like how

Asada’s had the same bangs。Lol



「BS-TBS Kaikyoku 15 year Special Project
Cool Japan~Road(DOU)~」
is ending!!!


Starting with Best Fifteen
Long Breath
Sword Fight Road
LILIUM Impression Festival
TRIANGLE Impression Festival

I was able to participate
in many events!


I had soooーーーーmuch fun!

Thank you
to everyone who participated!


To everyone。
Gratitude!Deep emotion!Kuduuー?Kanduuー!

Until tomorrow


「Kyou no Duu de mo ii koto」
The temperature changes are so intense


☆Kudou Haruka☆

*This was a pun on the name “Tosca” and the word “Thanks” in Japanese
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(´-`).。oO #Otona e Noberu



「Otona e Noberu」
was broadcast on NHK E TV\(> <)/


I also watched it
in realtime


I was nervous before it even started、
but when it did
You could fully feel

my embarrassment and my nerves……


Oh no~ヽ(;´Д`)ノ


The protagnonist is a real named「Uehara Ayaki」

Ayaka, unable to balance life as a high school student,
loses her motivation。
But、she meets a lot of people
who help her and decided to work hard again


I’m going to grow both times

both times around


I played Ayaka

will the utmost effort!!



Ugh~I was so nervous!Lol

I struggled
but with the help of

the director and the staff
I did my best!!





How was it??Lol


I’d be happy if I had、
even a little of the power of

girls that same age who are facing the same trouble!


The truth is、
Kenshuusei Takase Kurumi

and Otona no Mugicha’s Namiki Shusuke
also have appearances!


It was a relief to have people I know there!Lol


I received these
after we finished shooting!


Preserved flowersー

They’re a treasure♡♡♡


I’ll do my best

so that I can appear in another drama

Please keep supporting me!!!


On 9/8(Thurs)12:25 a.m.~
There will be a re-broadcast!
Those who weren’t able to see it today、
By all means please watch it then!!!


To everyone。
Gratitude!Deep emotion!Kuduuー?Kanduuー!


Until tomorrow。



Pre-sale for the fall tour has begun

Morning Musume。’15 Concert TourーFall~PRISM~


Please be sure to come visit us!



「Kyou no Duu de mo ii koto」
When I’m nervous、I end up eating overeating。Lol


☆Kudou Haruka☆
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(´-`).。oO #TRIANGLE



I’ve returned from Alpha Star
Ahー、it’s over(T_T)


I’m glad I was able to meet a Asada again


I got to return to my beloved Alpha Star
and see everyone
Sakura-sama was cute, of course
As for Rose Wood….


I’m not going to tell you。Lol♡


This play has
allowed me to become close with Sudou Maasa-san


She’s kind and funny
She talks to me about a looーーt of different thing
I love Sudou-san(>_<)♡


I want to know more about
the inside of Asada’s mind
Personally I’d like to see a solo triangle「TRIANGLE」
where we get to clearly see the changes in his feelings~!Lol


I’m kidding、just kidding。



Okay!An announcement for you all!


「Popteen」went on sale

Suzuki Kanon-san and I are in it!!

The two of us are on separate pages、

but by all means please check it out♫



Tomorrow、9/3 19:25~
「Otana e Noberu」
will be broadcast on NHK E TV。

My first drama

My heart is racing

Please watch it with kind eyes。Lol



To everyone。
Gratitude!Deep emotion!Kuduuー?Kanduuー!


Until tomorrow



「Kyou no Duu de mo ii koto」


☆Kudou Haruka☆
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We appeared on

Omg\(> <)/


We headlined with a performance of

「Oh my wish!」



Ugh~、I was so nervous。

It was crazy


I get so nervous

about singing my part

that I’m not able to do it during rehearsal…..

I have weak mental stability。Lol

I had confidence in the actual performance
and did my best!
Everyone、thank you for☆


After the performance

Sayashi-san hugged me and said
「Duuー!You worked so hard!」
That made me so, so happy
It was thanks to everyone’s support


I hope we can stay

in the public view。


It’s been decided that

on 9/23

we’re going to appear on
I feel honored to be able to
appear on Music Station two months in a row!!!!!


I’ll do my best!!!!


Morning Musume。’15’s Kudou Haruka
with the short black hair!Lol

Please be kind to me!


Anyway、thanks for your hard work(>_<)


Tomorrow there’s a HelloCon in Fukuoka!
At last, we’ve reached the final concert~
Everyone、let’s have a good timeーーーッッ



To everyone。
Gratitude!Deep emotion!Kuduuー?Kanduuー!

Until tomorrow


「Kyou no Duu de mo ii koto」

☆Kudou Haruka☆
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