Kudou Haruka

Release event@Ikebukuro Sunshine City★






is the release date for Morning Musume 14′s 56th single

「Toki o Koe Sora o Koe/Password is 0」








We got #1 on the Oricon Daily Charts~o┤*´Д`*├o





We’re going to keep aiming for #1 on the Oricon Weekly Charts. I hope we can snag itっ。







For today’s event I participated in taping、 and also a sit-down handshake event。


I made people worry。


Hearing lots of encouraging voices made me so happy。
But, I won’t overexert myself。
For now、I intend to do what I can do to the best of my ability。
By all means, I want you all to watch over me warmly。



I’ll get better soon!!!







The people were amazingggg!!!!!



There were sooo many girls !!!!



And of course、thaaaanks to the guys too!!!!






Proof that Kudou is healthy。lol



I can’t think of anything I want to write, so when I feel like writing again, I will。






Well、nighty night\(^o^)/



What was announced yesterday was incorrect。
I meant to say「Weekly Shounen Magazine」。
It was released today!Thank you!



「Kyou no Duu de mo ii koto」
Oronamin C~♪



★Kudou Haruka★

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Today was the Music Japan public recording (`_´)ゞ
Lots of people were gathered in the NHK Hall、so I was nervousっ。


Eventually Morning Musume。’14 fans were there too、which was reassuring。!!


After all、the feeling of everyone’s presence is amazing!





Today、I had such a cool hairstyleっ★


I’m grateful for the make up artist who creatively fixes my short hair。!!


I mean、Kudou is wearing a pink jacket?





Lately、Kudou is really into animals‼︎


Of course, pets really heal you when you look at them(*´ェ`*)


For example, this picture!





Right?It heals you, right??lol


These Pyoko-san are so cute~♡
(Hey there lolol)


All the Pyoko-san are so skinny lololol



Everyone who looked at this picture、I hope it makes you feel better…….



Nighty night\(^o^)/



Tomorrow morning!
The music video for the new song will debut on Mezamashi TV at 6:00~!


By all means, pleaseeee watch it!


*An old manga with a feline character

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Today was the first day of the spring tour( *´꒳`*)੭⁾⁾
I’m so tired!!!!


I really used up my energy、and it was fun but I wonder if the people who came early are okay?lol
Well、just come!Please!Plz!




No make up。☜


How was the song we debuted today「Toki o Koe, Sora o Koe」???


It’s a song with a classical tune、and a feeling that makes you want to cry。
Come listen to it♡♥︎



Anyway I want you to come see me。


I feel a sense of unity with everyone。


I kept thinking “I love this feeling so much~”。


The power of everyone’s cheering is really awesome。


It’s kind of a miracle。



The orange T-shirts and orange glow sticks were beautiful。


Thank you。



Are you excited for tomorrow!!!



Ah!Oh、Oh、oh my goddddddd!


It’s been decided that audtions will be held for a 12th generationヘ(゚∀゚*)ノ


「Morning Musume。’14 <Kogane(Golden)>Auditions!」


To qualify you must be a girl between the ages of 10 and 17!


How to apply: Smart phone・Computer・Mail、all are OK!


Application period:2014年3月15日~5月11日 deadline。


For more details、please look hereっ。





Well、nighty night\(^o^)/





「Kyou no Duu de mo ii koto」



My penlight recommendation!



★Kudou Haruka★


(´-`).。oO(#1….Kudou Haruka☆




Snーーーーowーーーー!!!023[1] Snowman
It’s cold cold cold y( ꒪◊꒪)y
No no no……


When I heard that the forecast might be snow!?I prepared myself, but when it really snows…….
it’s too cold……


My school is old so there’s no air conditioning!We can’t turn on the heater!A kerosene stove is the limit!( p_q)





But、it’s not the time for me to talk about that!!


Morning Musume。’14


55th Single「Egao no Kimi wa Taiyou Sa/Kimi no Kawari wa Iyashinai/What is LOVE?」










on the Oricon Weekly Charts✧✧



Thank you!
Everything is because all of you support us。


We were able to get #1 this time!

This will be Morning Musume’s first time ever getting 4 consecutive #1′s!!


I’m really happyっ。


I can’t find a better word than “happy”。


This happened because all of you are always looking out for us。

It’s thanks to all of the fans, the staff, the manager’s, Tsunku, etc, and many other people here and there who supported us from the beginning。



Even if I destroy my physical condition、even if I get injured, I’m able to do my best because there are people waiting for me。


I don’t know how to say it、but thank you regardless。



I’m happy Morning Musume entered this wonderful era。


I don’t know how I can contribute to the current Morning Musume、but I will Update myself more and more、because I want to contribute more and more to Morning Musume。





We received a celebratory cake♡♥︎


It was delicious~//////


A 1 for #1!
It’s amazing, right~(´。・ω・。`)(yay)



Laughing was at a record high the day we got #1 lol




Playing the Zubu Tanzun Bungun Game around the cake was the absolute funniest lolol*
(Hanniya-san’s* line)


The Ishida-Iikubo collision was the bestーー!!


I laughed so much I started cryingヘ(゚∀゚*)ノ


It was a happy time。




From here on out we will continue aiming for the top。



That’s all we can do!



Well、nighty night\(^o^)/



Until the Socho Olympics、
3 days remaining!Japan!

「Kyou no Duu de mo ii koto」

I got too hyped up over the snow、and forgot about my plans to return the manga←
I’m sorry(´・_・`)lol



☆Kudou Haruka☆


*This is a reference to a game in Japan in which the person who laughs loses

*Japanese comedian

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(´-`).。oO(☆Kudou Haruka




A photo from the prank that I didn’t post。





I was feeling like

What else do you want to do?←



This is the service area we stopped at on the way to the prank house
The inside was so pretty✧✧


It was the evening so I was hyper↑↑



Oh、by the way I’m not wearing any make up(´・ω・`)





The picture was taken without Haru?


Wasn’t this picture on Michishige-san’s blog yesterday!?(^^)


Sayashi-san’s pajamas were nothing but adorable/////


Oh、by the way this guy was the one who slept next to her。Lol!

Are you jealousーー?(o`ω´o)




Naturally I was just lying around!lol



I’ll stop talking about that、since today all of the members had a photoshoot!
It was so cool(`∀´)
I’m excited to finishっ♪♪




Tomorrow is a handshake event at Tower Records in Ikebukuroっ!

The members are Fukumura-san, Harunan, and myself!


We’ll be waitingっ☆




Well、nighty night\(^o^)/




・Today at 22:55~
Morning Musume ’14 is appearing on NHK 「MUSIC JAPAN」!
Also!Hmm!Co-starring with people we admire!?
By all means、please watch itっ。


・Hello Station #51 has been updated↑



The MC is Ishida Ayumi!
Good jobっ☆




Until the Sochi Olmypics、
15 days remaining!Japan!




「Kyou no Duu de mo ii koto」
My face is simply cold(°_°)




☆Kudou Haruka☆

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I love youっ♡Kudou Haruka


Okay!What is today~??

That’s rightっ!

The celebration of leader Michishige-san’s 11th anniversary since joininghttp://blog-project.net/wp-content/uploads/2012/06/reinaheart.gif

Congratulations o┤*´Д`*├o


For always being an annoyance to and making Michishige-san worry, I apologize( p_q)

Haru、will become more of a reliable junior to Michishige-san!! I’ll become the person who will inherit her Morning Musume-ism!!

She’s always cute、feminine and beautiful、 and I learn just from watching her。

Please be kind to Kudou from now on too(・∀・)☆

Michishige-san、I love youっ♡♡

Today we all surprised herヘ(゚∀゚*)ノ

Even more so、we had our dance teacher in on it too!!

9th、10th、 and 11th generation got told off by our teacher、and then Michishige-san came and at the keywords「Hey、apologize to Michishige-san?」we turned around and said、「Michishige-san…….」

Congratulations on your 11th anniversaryー!!!」

She was super surprised(`∀´)♫   It was a huge successっ!!!


Too cuuuuuuute/////////

Michishige-san…… won’t have a heart soon (;´Д`)ノ Ohohoho……..

I’m really envious of how cute and cool Michishige-san is、but I respect her!!


Well、nighty night\(^o^)/


Until the Sochi Olympics、

20 days remaining!Japan!

Tomorrow is the farewell party!!

「Kyou no Duu de mo ii koto」

I was kissed by Takagi。lol

☆Kudou Haruka☆

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\(^o^)/☆Kudou Haruka





Today I was OFF、so I treated myselfっ。




(↑Sobbing_| ̄|○、;’.・ )





A sign found in Ebisuっ!!!


So cool~ヽ(。・∀・。)ノ
「It’s the year of battle for Morning Musume。’14」
it says☆☆


I want to see the signs in many other places、
so try looking for themっ(*_*)♡




My backーー………..

Today I suddenly did my back out↓↓


It feels like I sprained my neck、but when I went to bed and woke up my back started hurting( p_q)凹↓↓



Ahー、I’ve got to heal quicklyっ!!!!
Everyone!don’t worry!





Does anyone have this iPhone caseー?


It matches Juice=Juice’s Takagi Sayuki’s、she has Daisy and Haru、has Donaldっ。


We bought them in Disneyland、
There are many people in the world who have these、so let’s be matching with all these people lolol




As for today、a damn cute girl holding an iPhone with a Daisy cover came up next to me while I was waiting for the train。



Although she didn’t have a boyfriend、my heart was pounding/////


Like、I was really freaking out(´Д` )照


If I really thought she was matching with a boyfriend、I would have felt extremely guilty…….



……….and、that was today’s Kudou。←



Well、nighty night\(^o^)/




Until the Sochi Olympics、
23 days remaining!Japan!



「Kyou no Duu de mo ii koto」


☆Kudou Haruka☆

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Kudou and Ishida★Kudou Haruka★

Konchikonbanwa~ :sun: :otsukisama:




Like, hasn’t it gotten too cold here recently?


Snot is really bad。
This、is carrying around a box of tissues level。


My face is cracking。
My eyes are cloudy。
My nose is clogged。
My hands are freezing。






Okayー、it’s Ishida Ayumi’s birthday all over Japanっ(^^)♪♪




I wonder if she did her best at her birthday event?? Good jobーっっ


In front of Haruー?



I’m looking forward to Ishida-san’s 17th year(*∩ω∩) ♡


Let’s remain friendsーーー!!




This is pretty late、but did everyone watch the prank ーー??


My bedhead was awful。( ´(ェ)`)*sweating*



Also, the pajamas were a SATOYAMA event sweatshirt


But you know??

*Usually my pajamas are much higher in girl power?(-з-)







Me this morning。





It’s worse than when I was on TV lolol



I mean、look at meー?
My girl power is high, isn’t it?
Heart pajamas?



But I don’t like theseー
They aren’t good comfort clothes ( p_q)



Ah、because I bought them this wayー


Haru likes her SATOYAMA sweatshirt and UNIQLO fleece pajamasー♡♡




Okayっ、I’m gonna sleep in my UNIQLO pajamasっzzz



Well、nighty night\(^o^)/




Until the Sochi Olympics、
31 days!Japan!




「Kyou no Duu de mo ii koto」



★Kudou Haruka★


*Translator’s note: “Girl power” has a slightly difference nuance in Japan. Having “Joshiryoku” means being feminine and girly and confident.

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Good job!★Kudou Haruka★

Konchikonbanwa~ :sun: :otsukisama:



The 4th day of the Hello Con!
has endedーっ!! 3 stages!!


For some reason my feet are trembling y( ꒪◊꒪)y


That’s because I did my best at the 3 stages。I want to tell my feet they did a good job。



But、isn’t everyone who came also pretty worn out??


Since I think there are even people inside who are willing to come all three timesー





Juice=Juice’s Miyazaki Yuka-chan♡♡


Yuka-chan’s ponytail is the strongestっ。

When Juice=Juice appeared during the record grand prize、Yuka-chan was wearing a ponytail, and it was so cute that I was surprised ←






I’m going to take more pictures with other Hello! members, so please wait a little longer 。



Okayっ!Tomorrow is the last day in Tokyo!



Tomorrow is only one time、so try not to miss it?(`∀´)




Hello Con’s are really funっ♪♪



Of course、the shuffle units and singing is fun、but this time there are interesting combinations、so just watching is fun too(つω`*)



Come soon, okayー!I’ll be waiting!




Well、nighty night\(^o^)/





Until the Sochi Olympics、
33 days remaining!Japan!





「Kyou no Duu de mo ii koto」

I’m flying!Yesっ!



★Kudou Haruka★

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Yahoーっ★Kudou Haruka★

Konchikonbanwa~ :sun: :otsukisama:




The 3rd day of the Hello Con!
has endedーっっ(・∀・)


Noー、Hello Con is fun♪♪♪


Everyone, be lively and enjoy yourselves !!

Everyone who’s coming tomorrowっ(^^)☆
Let’s have fun together~!!!





The stable 10th generation、and 11th generation。

The dressing room seats have become our home base, right←

At least, it’s where we can understand each other!lol





↑What could I be doing here?





Dun dun dun……………






The correct answer is!!




During the Countdown Live, while I was feeling the excitement from my performance、as I I watched Fujimoto Miki’s「Romantic Ukare Mode」、I wanted to imitate the fans and I got wild。I did !




Was anyone there at allー??





I was being secretly filmed by the staff!





Okay、I’ll do my best tomorrow tooっ!
Well、nighty night\(^o^)/




Until the Sochi Olympics、
34 days remaining!Japan!




「Kyou no Duu de mo ii koto」
I’m eating a rice cracker now。



★Kudou Haruka★

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