Kudou Haruka

2nd day of consecutive individual handshake eventsっ!




Today was another individual handshake event in Shibuya(^^)♪
It was so much fuuuun!!!

It was fun getting to talk with everyone about about vaーrious things, like Love Live!
My stomach started growling halfway through、but then it quickly stopped!Spontaneous recovery!lol

But、the shoulder strap on my costume irritated my skin、causing a welt。It hurts


Everyone gave me their thoughts on Lilium as well、which made me happy!
Thank you very muchっっヘ




Continuation of my Disney blogging。

Star Tour with everyone!
Shiny glasses!!




With Mr. Incredible

I wanted to take a picture、so I asked one of the female cast members「Can you take our picture!」and she took it for us!!
It’s now my wallpaper。


Let’s matchーlol




Well、summer vacation starts tomorrowーっっ
It’s craーーーーzy!!!


Ahー、what should I do。Okay、what is Kudou going to do。

Anyhow、I’ll go to the movies 。
Ah、is my brother going to go?If he does, should we go together??


Ah、I didn’t do my homework。I have this month to finish it




Well、nighty night\(^o^)





「Kyou no Duu de mo ii koto」
Movies I want to watch。
・Planes 2

・When Marnie was There

They’re all anime。lololol



☆Kudou Haruka

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Today for work we had dance lessons and an interview!!



I can’t give any details right now、but I’ll fill you in when I’m allowed to~

Be patient♪♪









Ahー、I wanna watch a movie!!


You guys!Let’s talk about movies!lol



‘Cause、I want to watch some movie versions。

Of Doraemon or Pokemon, for example。

By the way、the movie “Mononoke no Shima Naki” is really good!*



Ahー、Sleeping Beauty is the best after you watch Malificent( ´o` )



Disney has many wonderful films, of course, but I think I prefer Disney Pixar~?


I absolutely love Toy Story and Monster’s Ink。


I also want to watch “When Marnie was There”!**

And、STAED BY ME Doraemon!***

I want to cry Doraemon tears





And、before our dance lesson Cozy Corner-san brought Michishige-san a birthday cakeっっ!!






We all got to have some



It was deliciousっ。Ehehe





Okay、I’m gonna work hard tomorrow too。



But first I’m going to watch a movie。




Well、nighty night\(^o^)


『Morning Musume。‘
14 Fall Concert Tour GIVE ME MORE LOVE ~Michishige Sayumi Graduation Special~』
3010/1 The official Nippon Budokan blog is now offering special pre-sale tickets !!Types of seating:Normal seating/General Admission・Family-
Acceptance period:
7/8(Tue)1200 to 7/21(Mon)1800

This will be our fastest selling pre-sale yet!

We want to see lots of people there。Let us show you our power。




「Kyou no Duu de mo ii koto」

Today is a good day for ramen。


☆Kudou Haruka


*A children’s film

**A 2014 Studio Ghibli film

*** This is supposed to be “Stand By Me” but she misspelled it

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Necessary courage。



I was sitting on the train and an old woman came up in front of me、but I didn’t say「You can sit here!」

Then I got off at a completely different station and changed to a different train car。( ;  ;

I’m pathetic~





Today I had voice training with Maachanっ!
It was fun singing a lotっ
I will continue working hard dilligently!!


On the way home from voice training、I was looking at my cell phone’s data folder and there were so many nostalgic photossss(」゚ロ゚)



My costumes from concerts and new singles、events、and plays  :kirakira:

↖︎↖︎Starting from the top left↖︎↖︎
LILIUM Farce costume
・My first 
Music Station costume
・My second Music Station costume

・Coupling Best jacket costume

・Mori Musu。costume
・FukuDuu birthday costume
CHANCE everday clothing style costume
Xmas event Santa Clause costume



I can’t pick just one favorite!!!

Out of these costumes、which one do all of you like??♥︎

At handshakes and events、there are a lot of girls who imitate the members’ costumes and create their own, which makes us so~ happy(´^`)♡

You all sure are skillful!

I think it’s spectacular!(←Indeed lol




Okay! I’m going to watch Puella Magi Madoka Magica, read some manga, and then sleーep!


Well、nighty night\(^o^)




「Kyou no Duu de mo ii koto」



I bought Kagome and one of these。!lol


☆Kudou Haruka

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A long, hot Saturday!☆




What song did I get the title from?Am I imitating someone?
What song is it~!!!

Hint・It’s a Fuji◯Mi◯ song♩






Okay!Today was an all day concert rehearsal(oω´o)

I’m tired~


I danced and sang a loーt. It was so funっっ!!

No doubt I love singing and dancing♡♡


But、I’m tired so I’m going to take a bath and go to bed soon!
Because tomorrow is my first individual handshake event in ages~



Tell me your impressions about Lilium directly~ lol







There are rumors about a blow out between us、but there wasn’t anyっ!
Because it’s not true??lol
(Weren’t we supposedly dating before this?lol)

Today the two of us went out for lunch、we’re good friends!!We have plans to go to Disneyland together again~




Katsuta Rina’s camera


Kananan always comes up to me saying「Kuduu~」
So cuteー、Camellia-kun
She was clingy today tooっ。
I hope I can hang out with Kananan next timeーっ





If I take more pictures with Hello! Project members I will post them!!



Well、nighty night\(^o^)





「Kyou no Duu de mo ii koto」
I finally gave Sayuki her birthday present っ!!


☆Kudou Haruka

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Kudou as of lately☆




Lately、Kudou has been hanging out in bookstores and video rental shops。

I got the 4th volume of Koe no Katachi!

In addition、I rented the DVDs AnoHana, World War Z, and Corpse Bride



I wonder if it’s okay for an idol to be this way??lol




In the bullet train on the way home from Lilium in Osaka。

Imitating soccer players with the rubber bands from their bentos!
I’m great at picking out names lolol




Today、today I went to a sports shop. After shopping、I got nail stickersっ(´0ノ`*)

I just stuck them on。lol


I can’t leave the stickers on since I have school tomorrow、、so I tried to put them on for only 5 minutes。‼︎


Tokunaga-san has soccer nails~How cute~♩♩



It was late、I gave a birthday present directly to Okai-san, who turned 20 years old on the 21st


As you’d expect、Okai-san is cute/////

I’ve come to admire Okai-san、but the only thing I can beat her at is height。lol

What do you mean you’re taller?she says。

That’s why、I’m going to work hard to become to become a moodmaker and an amazing singer like Okai-sanっっ!!!




We were in the same shuffle unit at the last concert、but this time…….( °д°)



Look forward to it~♩♩♩





Well、nighty night\(^o^)






「Kyou no Duu de mo ii koto」
I have some things I want to do when I get home!
How will it goー?Lol
(Who gives a damn about that。)



☆Kudou Haruka

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A lot of peopleっっ!!

Good evening~!!
It’s Kudou Harukaっ!!


Today a lot of guests showed upっ!!
The staff-san and manager-san who have always taken care of me also came!!


Ahー、I was so nervous(lol)


But、everyone told me I did a good job, so I was happy(^^)

I’m gonna work hard so I can get more praise~っ!!!


Today is a DVD recordingっ。


At the things that will last forever……


I’ve gotta do my best!!!!



Many people visited the theater today as well, which made me veーry happy!
Thank you very muchっ。



Goodnight zzz

☆Kudou Haruka

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An endless rain。Kudou Haruka☆



The 4th day is over~!!!
Thanks for your hard workっ。
It ended so quickly、it’s kind of strangeっ。
It’s bright outside!!


Thank you very much for teaching me about what’s good for my throat yesterday( p_q)嬉♡

Tomorrow’s performance was cancelled, so I’d like to slowly rest my throatっ。



Um、I’ve been thinking about how…….
ever since Lilium started it’s been raining nonーstop。
It won’t end。
Endless rain。Perhaps the Lilium world has transferred into the real world!







Kananan is so cool!
I really respect her!
Which is why I’m happy I got to act as a male role with her~っ♡♡♡




Should I put up a picture of my personal clothes for the first time in a while??

Like、lately I’ve been becoming a man for Lilium、so now even my personal wardrobe is becoming boyish lolol


It’s so funny(lol)





Summer sweaters are cute、but hot lolol
Moreover、this one is longer in the backっ。




Well、it’s dinーnerーtime!!!
Nighty night\






「Kyou no Duu de mo ii koto」
I’m watching Charlie and The Chocolate Factory now

☆Kudou Haruka

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Mori Musume。Costume=maybe….☆




Today、we’re travelling farっ٩( *˙0˙*)۶


It’s suuuuuper fun!!!!




Yesterday was the end、MoriMusume’s school girl costume♡



Now whenever I wear this costume、I’m going to think back to that dayーっ



3/29!Hina Fest!


All day yesterday in the individual handshake events I kept endlessly repeating「Maybe….」lol





Actually、only Haru’s costume has this phone case-looking thing on it。


This is the case where I put my earpiece!


In large venues where the sounds reverberate、such as Budokan or Pacifico、we use earpieces!
Haru was the only one who had the privilege of singing a solo in this costume, so I had a special earpiece case added。




Now whenever I see it、I’m going to have flashbacks~( p_q)




All rightー、I’m waking up early tomorrow, tooっ!!!

Well, nighty night\(^o^)





「Kyou no Duu de mo ii koto」
It looks like somehow I have the same foot mold as the Buddha in Kyoto。Lolol


☆Kudou Haruka


15&12 for the last time!

Good evening~!
It`s Kudou Haruka!!

Today、we did some difficult things in rehearsal!lol
This time I worked extremely hard、pushing my body to do many things. At any rate, I did my best to look cooler



I`m gonna keep working hard!
at even better things than that!!


And!Today I celebrated it being Sayashi Riho-san and Sasaki Rikako-chan`s birthdays tomorrow!!



Not everyone was there、but I`m glad we were able to do this on a day when lots of people were aroundっ。


Actually、back when I was on the stage for the first time, everyone threw a celebration like this for me, too。


It made sooo happy that I ended up crying, you know~


That`s why I wanted to be the one to take initiative this time、and I did!!


But did they have a good time, I wonder??Heheっ♡



With that、I`m gonna do my best at lesson review now!!


Nighty night\(^o^)



☆Kudou Haruka

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(´-`).。oO(It`s hard….Kudou Haruka☆



Today was Lilium rehearsalっ!!
I got to do a tooooon of my own scenes٩( *˙0˙*)۶


As you`d expect、it`s difficult↓↓


I can`t really read through the lines of what Farce is thinking(´ω`)


But、today Suemitsu-san praised me, saying 「You`ve improved!」

I`m going to work hard so he`ll keep praising me a lotっっ!!!




Oh!Speaking of which、Lilium`s official blog was started today!
The cast list could be updated at any time、so definitely check it out✧✧




Ishida-san yesterday。

 ”Wake me up when we`re almost there!”she told me、but when I tried to, she wouldn`t wake up lolol




With Wada-sanーっ♡♡

Ugh、when Wada-san sees me, she runs away ~

She does it with such force that I wondered “Does she hate me?”


But、just from my shyly asking、「Could I take a picture with you?」 she got all flustered、「Wha-wha-whatっ、((д))

It was so cute。////


And then, today after rehearsal I told Wada-san 「Good job todayー!」 and when our eyes met、she said  「Ohっ!Kuduuー!!!」 as she headed home。It was incredibly cute//////









Bravo Ayachoー!!!!!!



I almost fell in love with her。♡





Well、nighty night\(^o^)


[Kyou no Duu de mo ii koto

I think I`m gonna have a good dream。lol


☆Kudou Haruka

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