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Good evening!

The other day、 I met up with Maasan! 417[1] kuchibiru Kumai png



The usual 「Kumaazu 」 (*^.^*)


Maasan says that I’m an airhead and that I live at my own pace

But actually、、
Seeing Maasan like this
She’s got parts to her that are airheaded 007 Tere Kumai Yurina lol




Since I get lost easily
I often depend on Maasan
To find paths to where we want to go。 lol

It was the same this time around as well (・∀・)


111[1]If it’s TDS, then I’ll be in charge! lol



Reading Maasan’s Blog post
Made me feel warm inside 130[1] png

Maybe I should listen to that song that I haven’t heard in ages~
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Ousama no Brunch

Good morning 155[1] png gerbera

Today、 at 9:30 a.m.~
I’ll be appearing on TBS「Ousama no Brunch」!


[ Afternoon part ]

・ Ousama no Gourmet Award

I’ll be in charge of it 090[1] Kumai Yurina Nagareboshi


Everyone、 please make sure to watch it (*^.^*)

It’s been a while since I’ve been on Brunch
So I was more nervous than usual。 lol

I’ll do my best 016[1] kumai kyorokyoro
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Today is、
The birthday of Sugaya Risako-chan 286[1] png Maimi Tanjobi Cake


Risako, many happy returns~~082[1] Kumai Yurina Maimi Okai Chisato


Some nostalgic photos 433[1] png kumai



From today, we’ll be the same age for just a few months 019[1] Maimi Tehepero Kumai lol

I hope you have a wonderful birthday…


Let’s have some tea together (*^.^*) 142[1] png Kumai Yurina
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New Life

April starts from today 297[1] png

I think that there are lots of people
Who are starting out on a new life 002 Kumai Yurina

You’ll be starting on an exciting daily life from now on, right!!


The other day、 I too graduated from university 296[1] png




I wore the red furisode that I purchased for my coming-of-age ceremony、
And a moss green hakama 081 png Kumai Okai

I unconsciously chose green! lol
It really does calm me down (*^.^*)


My nails were done in a simple design
That matched the hakama
And the classical pattern 441[1] png


These 4 years really passed by in the blink of an eye!

Who knew that the day for me to write my graduation thesis would come…
I never would have imagined it。 lol

Balancing work and studies
Definitely wasn’t simple、
But it became a really good experience
In my life!

There were times when I thought
About the reasons why I studied、
But I think that there’s meaning to attending university
My perspective widened by attending university。

There’s no need to compare yourself to anyone
Everyone leads their own life。 448[1] png

We’ll be starting on new lives from now on、
And I think that there’ll be difficulties and tough times。

At those times、
Please remember that you’re not the only one facing difficulties
And try expand your perspective and be positive!

I’ll try doing that too(*^.^*)093[1] Kumai Yurina Maimi

I hope that the days starting from tomorrow will be wonderful as well。 088[1] kirakra Kumai Yurina Maimi Okai
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From the play the other day。

Here are photos that I haven’t put on the Blog (*^.^*)


Berryz-chans 081 png Kumai Okai



Saki ♡ Maa ♡ Yuri

(It’s fresh to hear those names that we normally aren’t called 007 Tere Kumai Yurina lol)

The sense of security was staggering 005 onegai Kumai Yurina png Maimi Okai Chisato119[1] png Okai Kumai OK

We talked at length some more
When we went for a meal~~!



Oronamin C injecting power into Maasan 010 Kumai Yurina Reina

It’s been a while since I’ve seen such a sight! lol

Please do your best and take care of your body until the closing 087[1] Runrun Kumai Yurina



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『Kizetsu suru hodo Aishiteru!』

I went to watch
Engeki Joshibu 『Kizetsu suru hodo Aishiteru!』 (*^.^*) 088[1] kirakra Kumai Yurina Maimi Okai


The Country Girls 083[1] Kumai Heart Maimi png



Tsubaki Factory 081 png Kumai Okai


And Maasa 447[1] png honmei choco




Kumaazu 082[1] Kumai Yurina Maimi Okai Chisato Yaay~~!!



I won’t write in detail
For fear of spoilers、、、

But at any rate, it was a fun stage play (*^^*) 087[1] Runrun Kumai Yurina


There were lots of laughing points
Which had me giggling with my neighbour
Shimizu Saki-chan!(lol)


When I heard from my manager-san
That Captain would be going to watch it today
I jumped on board as well~~008[1] chu Kumai Yurina Maimi088[1] kirakra Kumai Yurina Maimi Okai lol

I didn’t contact Captain
Until I suddenly took my seat 093[1] Kumai Yurina Maimi007 Tere Kumai Yurina lol

As expected, Captain was surprised! lol





It was fun to meet a Berryz member
After so long 006[1] rabu love Kumai Yurina Maimi

The 3 of us chatted after it ended (lol)


It was truly relaxing (*^.^*)
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Casual Dinner Show

I had my casual dinner show at Harajuku 087[1] Runrun Kumai Yurina


Thank you very much
To everyone who dropped by 088[1] kirakra Kumai Yurina Maimi Okai088[1] kirakra Kumai Yurina Maimi Okai

These are the band members
Who helped liven up
This casual dinner show…

B. Ishikawa Tomoyuki-san
G. Yoshikawa LEE-san
Key. Arahata Ryouhei-san
Dr. Sekiguchi Genpachi-san

Thank you very much
For the lovely performance (*^.^*) 087[1] Runrun Kumai Yurina087[1] Runrun Kumai Yurina



Ever since Berryz Kobo entered our hiatus
I’ve had less opportunities
To do such events、
But being able to do events like this again
And having lots of people gather up for it
Makes me feel really grateful (:_;) 088[1] kirakra Kumai Yurina Maimi Okai

It was a really fun、 lovely time
That it felt like it passed in the blink of an eye 005 onegai Kumai Yurina png Maimi Okai Chisato!!

I’m full of gratitude!
Thank you very much 081 png Kumai Okai



※ At the 2nd performance’s polaroid shooting
Because of various circumstances
You had to wait for quite a long while、
And we truly apologise
For causing you trouble。

We are truly sorry
To those who were waiting in the cold…

Please be careful
To not catch a cold (:_;)
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Young Town

At 10:00 p.m.~
I’ll be making a guest appearance
On MBS Radio 「Young Town」093[1] Kumai Yurina Maimi


It’s my first appearance on Young Town!

It’s an honour
To talk with people who are great seniors in the world of entertainment
Akishiya Sanma-san、 and Murakami Shoji-san 088[1] kirakra Kumai Yurina Maimi Okai

It was for a short time、
But I really learnt a lot。


And then there were also Morning Musume。’16’s
Iikubo Haruna-chan、 and Kudo Haruka-chan 084 png Kumai

A snap before our appearance 433[1] png kumai

Harunan’s sound asleep (lol)
How adorable!! lol





Please check it out 088[1] kirakra Kumai Yurina Maimi Okai

The programme’s home page is 122[1]here】!


And here’s another shot 004 Kumai Yurina Reina

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Yoshizawa Hitomi-san

Yesterday、 I attended
The wedding party of a senior from my office
Yoshizawa Hitomi-san 324[1] png


Yoshizawa-san ♡
Once again, congratulations on your wedding 323[1]322[1]



Yoshizawa-san in a wedding dress
Was really pretty、
And she was brimming with happiness 006[1] rabu love Kumai Yurina Maimi082[1] Kumai Yurina Maimi Okai Chisato


There were the 「Morning Musume。 OG」 members 088[1] kirakra Kumai Yurina Maimi Okai




From left
Mitsui Aika-chan、 Tsuji Nozomi-san、 Ishikawa Rika-san、 Yoshizawa Hitomi-san、 Goto Maki-san、 Yaguchi Mari-san、 Yasuda Kei-san、 Abe Natsumi-san、 Iida Kaori-san 084 png Kumai

My dear seniors093[1] Kumai Yurina Maimi

Not all of them were there、
But the force of 「Morning Musume。」
That I used to love
Brought me back to the days
Of the Hello! Project Kids auditions (:_;) 081 png Kumai Okai

No matter how many years pass、 they’ve got this unchanging, wonderful aura
I truly do respect the seniors 088[1] kirakra Kumai Yurina Maimi Okai
Please share lots of happiness!

Yoshizawa-san, many congratulations 142[1] Kumai Yurina
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I had my casual dinner show 086[1] onpu Kumai


Thank you very much
To everyone who joined in 088[1] kirakra Kumai Yurina Maimi Okai



Last week’s was in Osaka、
While yesterday’s was held in Harajuku 340[1] png kumai karaoke

There were lots of songs
Spring-ish ones、 ones that livened up the crowd
It was really fun~~340[1] png kumai karaoke448[1] png

A live band really has an impact!!




I wore a white dress (*^.^*)


The next one on the 27th will be held at Harajuku 005 onegai Kumai Yurina png Maimi Okai Chisato088[1] kirakra Kumai Yurina Maimi Okai
I can’t wait~~084 png Kumai
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