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My senior from work、 Niigaki Risa-san
Will be getting married 404[1] Kumai405[1]


Niigaki-san, congratulations 082[1] png Kumai Yurina Maimi Okai Chisato


I heard her talk a bit about it
The last time we met
Hearing that she had announced it formally
I got to share in the joy 005 onegai Kumai Yurina png Maimi Okai Chisato088[1] png kirakra Kumai Yurina Maimi Okai


Here’s to long lasting happiness 083[1] Kumai Heart Maimi png
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A photo that
I didn’t put up yesterday、、、081 png Kumai Okai





When I left the venue
There was this really wonderful thing、、、088[1] png kirakra Kumai Yurina Maimi Okai088[1] png kirakra Kumai Yurina Maimi Okai




From all the Maasa cluster 005 onegai Kumai Yurina png Maimi Okai Chisato088[1] png kirakra Kumai Yurina Maimi Okai

It was so wonderful that I took a picture without thinking
And sent it to Maasan (*^.^*)

You’re loved, aren’t you、 Maasan

I also shared in the joy
I was so happy, as if it had been about me!

I’m grateful、、、088[1] png kirakra Kumai Yurina Maimi Okai
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Konchuu Senshi Konchuuger

I went to watch
「Konchuu Senshi Konchuuger」
The play that Maasan is performing in 088[1] png kirakra Kumai Yurina Maimi Okai


When I went to see Maasan after the performance ended、、、


Who would have thought that we’d be wearing the same thing 015[1] Kumai Warainaki093[1] png Kumai Yurina Maimi




Classic Kumaazu 015[1] Kumai Warainaki081 png Kumai Okai


The one that I’m wearing
Are gaucho pants from Heather
But Maasan’s are JEANASIS’ gauchos!

I also own
The JEANASIS gauchos that Maasan was wearing!! lol

Would have been better if I had worn those~~ lol 015[1] Kumai Warainaki

I get indecisive in picking out clothes。 lol


Well~ That pepped me up!!

We wore the same clothes、
And the play was funny as well, which made me laugh a lot 087[1] Runrun Kumai Yurina Maimi130[1] png Kumai

I won’t mention what it’s about
For fear of spoilers、、、

But I laughed a lot! lol

All the cast
Were funny 088[1] png kirakra Kumai Yurina Maimi Okai


Maasan, do your best tomorrow as well~~114 png
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The other day、
I went to a mystic exhibition 087[1] Runrun Kumai Yurina


With Nacky from ℃-ute083[1] Kumai Heart Maimi png




The same-age pairing 010 png Kumai Yurina Reina
It’s been ages since I last met her~~!
We also had a nice, relaxing cup of tea 224[1] png coffee


mystic’s clothes were cute~087[1] Runrun Kumai Yurina

I also ordered a dress from omekashi 432[1] Kumai png apron


I can’t wait to wear it~~♡
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Here’s the studio outfit
I had on for TBS Ousama no Brunch the other day

It’s by JETSETsoloplus-san 081 png Kumai Okai




A navy and white striped dress
Match with red pumps!

432[1] Kumai png apron426[1] png





As it’s a single dress
It’s convenient as it’s cute and easy to wear
You can enjoy being fashionable without any hassle 432[1] Kumai png apron087[1] Runrun Kumai Yurina
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The day before yesterday、
ANGERME’s Tamura Meimi-chan

And yesterday、
Morning Musume。’16’s
Suzuki Kanon-chan

Graduated from their groups and Hello!project!

Meimei and Zukki、 congratulations on graduating 088[1] png kirakra Kumai Yurina Maimi Okai


Meimei has exceptional acting talent、
And when we performed together in a play
She was overwhelming 014 Kumai088[1] png kirakra Kumai Yurina Maimi Okai
Meimei was cool~~!!
And when she did a musical by herself for a Hello! Con MC
It really left a huge impression 087[1] Runrun Kumai Yurina


As for Zukki、
We were together in the same unit
At a Hello! Con tour
We talked a lot
Our member colours were both similarly green
So there was this sense of affinity 199[1] Kumai Yurina Clover199[1] Kumai Yurina Clover lol
More than anything, Zukki has a lovely smile ♡
I hope that she’ll keep with that smile in the future as well。



MeiMei and Zukki、 thank you for your hard work 088[1] png kirakra Kumai Yurina Maimi Okai

Do your best towards each of your own dreams!
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Morning Musume。’16

Morning Musume。’16
Appeared on M Sute 088[1] png kirakra Kumai Yurina Maimi Okai088[1] png kirakra Kumai Yurina Maimi Okai088[1] png kirakra Kumai Yurina Maimi Okai



It’s the last before the graduation of Suzuki Kanon-chan!


I’m glad that I could watch it as it aired~~♡
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My on-location outfit
On last week’s broadcast of TBS Ousama no Brunch
Was from 「JETSETsoloplus」-san 083[1] Kumai Heart Maimi png




The design of the T-shirt was simple and cute ♩

The flower-patterned gaucho pants
Were easy to wear and comfy 005 onegai Kumai Yurina png Maimi Okai Chisato

Adding in the sneakers on my feet
It’s casual! 326[1]
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I went to WHITE JAM-san’s LIVE concert
Together with Captain 340[1] png kumai karaoke




We also took a photo together 433[1] png kumai






I was able to listen
To a lot of my favourite songs
It was tons of fun~~(*^.^*)084 png Kumai




At the venue、
They did the lines from
WHITEJAM-san excellent song 「Moeru Gomi」
And they held a 「Moeru Gomi exhibition」 088[1] png kirakra Kumai Yurina Maimi Okai




They’d decorated the place
With the things they’d received so far from the fans 088[1] png kirakra Kumai Yurina Maimi Okai
It had a wonderful atmosphere ♩



I’ve long dreamed of this! I’m glad that I went with Captain 087[1] Runrun Kumai Yurina


We wanted to go for a meal
But we couldn’t since I was in the middle of a juice cleanse (><;)
Next time for sure 075[1]092[1] png Okai Chisato Kumai
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Today is
The birthday of Tokunaga Chinami-chan 472[1] png Kumai

Chii, many happy returns 082[1] png Kumai Yurina Maimi Okai Chisato271[1] Birthday Cake png Kumai




She seemed to be well when I contacted her, which is great 087[1] Runrun Kumai Yurina


Since we turned up some nostalgic photos, I’ll put one up 433[1] png kumai

At Hawaii 149[1] heart Kumai Yurina





Tokkuma always stayed together in the same room
Whenever we were overseas 117[1] png117[1] png

We created dances in our rooms
We talked a lot
Looking at photos brought out lots of nostalgic memories!

Let’s create a new dance again! lol
I’m also looking forward to Chii’s rapping 007 png Tere Kumai Yurina
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