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「Asobu。 Kurasu。 Sodateru。 SATOYAMA&SATOUMI he Ikou 2015 with Yuuki no Tsubasa Aki Fes」 events


To everyone who came to mallage Shobu、
Thank you very much 002 Kumai Yurina 082[1] Kumai Yurina Maimi


At the very start、
I made an appearance
As an MC at the Yuuki no Tsubasa stage 093[1] Kumai Yurina Maimi


I’m not used to being an MC 016[1] kumai kyorokyoro :sweat:
I was nervous from beginning to end…
But it was reassuring to have my seniors
Iida Kaori-san and Takahashi Ai-san around (:_;) 093[1] Kumai Yurina Maimi


Thank you very much
For giving me support (:_;) 084 png Kumai


After that、
We made an appearance
As 「Ujicha ♡ Ambassadors」 Matcha-zu 222[1] ocha Kumai

With Airi and ChaCha Oukoku no Oujichama 087[1] Runrun Kumai Yurina





As it’s almost Christmas…

Was dressed up as Santa 278[1] png Kumai 282[1] png

How adorable~~ 279[1] png Kumai How soothing 007 Tere Kumai Yurina


I’ve taken other pictures, so I’ll put them up next time, okay!!
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I’ve got an announcement!

I’ll be appearing at 「Asobu。 Kurasu。 Sodateru。

SATOYAMA&SATOUMI he Ikou 2015with Yuuki no Tsubasa Aki Fes」!


Venue: mallage SHOBU

Please check the HP below

For the schedule for the day 087[1] Runrun Kumai Yurina

 SATOYAMA movement 

HP→ Homepage

I’ll also be joining in

As an 「Ujicha ♡ Ambassador」 in Matcha-zu 222[1] ocha Kumai088[1] kirakra Kumai Yurina Maimi



Please drop by (*^.^*)082[1] Kumai Yurina Maimi
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The 22nd of November
Is the birthday of our Captain、
Shimizu Saki-chan 271[1] Birthday Cake png 093[1] Kumai Yurina Maimi





Captain, many happy returns~~082[1] Kumai Yurina Maimi


When I looked at my photos folder
Lots of nostalgic photos came out
So I’ll put them up005 onegai Kumai Yurina png Maimi

How nostalgic~~!!(lol)



She always brought together 088[1] kirakra Kumai Yurina Maimi 088[1] kirakra Kumai Yurina Maimi
The Berryz-chans
I’m really grateful。
I think that
The role of 「Captain」
Was tougher than we thought。

That we got here was
Thanks to her watching over
The rich-in-personality Berryz Kobo as Captain 005 onegai Kumai Yurina png Maimi084 png Kumai





The other day、
She contacted me with a photo telling me that she watched Ousama no Brunch
That made me happy 084 png Kumai

I’m not going to put that photo up though 019[1] Maimi Tehepero Kumai lol



Captain, many happy returns 271[1] Birthday Cake png Kumai
I hope you have a wonderful birthday… 087[1] Runrun Kumai Yurina
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Yesterday I met Maa-san after quite a while
So we took lots of videos and pictures 010 Kumai Yurina Reina

(The videos are on 【 Instagram 087[1] Runrun Kumai Yurina
Please check that out as well!!)



There wasn’t anything funny
But we were really laughing093[1] Kumai Yurina Maimi(lol)

We laughed so much that it was like our voices couldn’t come out 001[1] Kumai Bakuwara





I often go to Disney
With Maa-san
But since we haven’t gone recently
We talked about how nice it would be if we could go soon 090[1] Kumai Yurina Nagareboshi


We’d definitely like to do a bus tour!
I hope we’ll be able to make it come true 093[1] Kumai Yurina Maimi





There’s a ton of photos!!(lol)


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Good evening!
I had a shooting today camerai[1]


I took a photo
With Ishikawa Rika-san、 Kusumi Koharu-chan
Who were together with me at the location 084 png Kumai




It’s been a while since I’ve met these two 084 png Kumai
I feel like it’s unexpectedly rare for the 3 of us to be together 010 Kumai Yurina Reina


In the middle of our lunch break、
I was grumbling
「I can’t take selfies well~~017[1] png shobon kumai」、、、

Ishikawa-san taught me
Selfie tricks 005 onegai Kumai Yurina png Maimi088[1] kirakra Kumai Yurina Maimi


Here’s 1 shot from that time♡(lol)




By the way、 according to Ishikawa-san
Yaguchi Mari-san is good at selfies
So when we meet next time
I’ll try asking her about it 007 Tere Kumai Yurina087[1] Runrun Kumai Yurina
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I went to JETSET-san’s exhibition 432[1] Kumai png apron424[1] png Kumai



For the first time in my life…



Became a mannequin!!(lol)







By the way, this was how it was originally。






What do you think?
I’ve completely become one 015[1] Kumai Warainaki 015[1] Kumai Warainaki (lol)






It was really embarrassing (^▽^;)

But being among the first to get to wear such wonderful outfits
Made me really Happy 084 png Kumai






I got to wear a blue coat 005 onegai Kumai Yurina png Maimi
It was adorable~ 087[1] Runrun Kumai Yurina

You don’t really see
Blue coats
So dressing stylishly in something that isn’t worn by those around me
I get to enjoy my own style of fashion 083[1] Kumai Heart Maimi
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Ousama no Brunch

Today’s Ousama no Brunch
Ended without a hitch 093[1] Kumai Yurina Maimi


To those who watched it、
Thank you very much 088[1] kirakra Kumai Yurina Maimi


For today’s outfit、
I wore a red knit top 083[1] Kumai Heart Maimi



It’s gotten colder
So it’s the season for turtlenecks 430[1] png


This is how my whole body looked like。






knit : JETSET

skirt : JETSET

Top and bottom are both wonderful clothes from JETSET-san 005 onegai Kumai Yurina png Maimi084 png Kumai
This time it’s a cute, girly outfit!


Tomorrow is the long awaited for
Casual dinner show 256[1] png

I’m nervous 093[1] Kumai Yurina Maimi And excited 093[1] Kumai Yurina Maimi
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11th November

The 11th of November…

Is Pocky day093[1] Kumai Yurina Maimi093[1] Kumai Yurina Maimi


Of course、
I had Pocky as well 007 Tere Kumai Yurina082[1] Kumai Yurina Maimi





There were lots of Pocky lined up
At the entrance of the convenience store 117[1] 117[1]


By the way
I managed to GET this one at Costco 008[1] chu Kumai Yurina Maimi


Sharehappi? 087[1] Runrun Kumai Yurina
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On sale tomorrow093[1] Kumai Yurina Maimi

I got BaseBallBear-san’s

New Album
「C2」 087[1] Runrun Kumai Yurina

Thank you very much 088[1] kirakra Kumai Yurina Maimi 088[1] kirakra Kumai Yurina Maimi




Looks like there are 12 songs in total recorded on it 005 onegai Kumai Yurina png Maimi


I’ll immediately listen to it once I get back home 086[1] onpu Kumai 086[1] onpu Kumai
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Mint ♡

Today is、
The birthday of
My household’s pet dog Mint-kun~~271[1] Birthday Cake png082[1] Kumai Yurina Maimi




↑ ↑
The photo is of SpiderMint 098[1] png ashiato lol


Many happy returns Mint~082[1] Kumai Yurina Maimi

You’re already 9 093[1] Kumai Yurina Maimi How fast~

Mint-kun’s been such a baby recently 160[1] png inu

Really soothing~~ Just too cute ♡


Be the sweet and sturdy Mint-kun
From now on as well, okay 098[1] png ashiato 160[1] png inu
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