Kumai Yurina


Today’s Naruchika concert
Was in Matsuyama in Ehime prefectureー!

For the first time in several years?
I did twin tails today ♡

What’s more, all 7 members did it too (lol)


We do love messing around!!
It was fun today~♡

It’s rare to see a sight like today’s (lol)


Here is an announcement。

An announcement concerning
The suspension of 【Naruchika 2014 Autumn Berryz Kobo】 Tokushima Performance
On 13 October (Mon ・ Holiday)

The 【Naruchika 2014 Autumn Berryz Kobo
Tokushima club GRINDHOUSE performance】、
Was scheduled to be held
On the 13th of October (Mon ・ Holiday)、
But taking into consideration the safety of the guests
Due to the influence of Typhoon 19 on transportation facilities、
The performance itself will be suspended。
Furthermore、on the possibility of transferring performances、
Or refunding of tickets
Further announcements will be made on the Hello! Project homepage、
So until then
Please store your tickets carefully。

We too feel that it’s truly unfortunate (;_;)
Sorry to everyone
Who was looking forward to it。

Please be careful, with the typhoon (´・_・`)

We’ll do our best
So that we’ll be able to do a concert in Tokushima again!!

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An announcement ☆ Matchaーz

From 「Matchaーz」
Here’s an activity report!!


On this blog the other day
I wrote about Sumiyama in Uji、
But soon after that、 I heard that
Some of you went for the pottery-making experience too ♪ Thank you~!!
As an Ujicha ♥︎ Ambassador, that makes me happy~♡


I believe there are already
Some people who know of this、
We are making tea utensils
In collaboration with Sumiyama in Uji
The birthplace of ChaChaOukoku no Oujichama
Who is supervised by me
And my 「Matchaーz」 partner Suzuki Airi-chanー!!


We’re currently in the process of thinking what sort of tea utensils to make ♪
Look forward to when it gets done~


Please look forward to the unveiling of a video
Of the pottery-making experience too!


And, and、、
ChaChaOukoku no Oujichama
Will be participating again
In this year’s mascot character grand prix \(^o^)/♡


Continuing on from last year、
I hope we’ll have huge successes to this year ♡
Matchaーz will be cheering him on too ♪



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Is the birthday of Natsuyaki Miyabi-chan~!


Happy birthday \(^o^)/♡




22 years old、ENJOY it, ok!!
Let’s go bullet shopping again, okー♡

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We’ve finished with our LIVE in Nagoyaー‼︎


Everyone who came yesterday and today、
Thank you \(^o^)/♡


We had mini-doughnuts
On the return Shinkansen!




Miyabi’s bouncy ♡
Photographer : Maasan of the World




We got it、 from the point of view of the camera‼︎ lol



Have you got any summer fatigue? Are you doing all right?


For me、 I recently often thinkー
That my strength’s degrading (lol)


I have to build up my strength until the Budokan。(*_*)

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I redid my NAILsー!


I left it up
To Nakayama Chieko-san
To give me summer nails ♡




This is how they all look like。↓↓




I also got a souvenir
From Disneyland (>_<)♡♡




Thank you very much ♡
It’s definitely cute!!


I’ve started liking Ariel recently
So next time
I think I’d like to have Ariel nailsー♡

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21 years old ♡

I held my birthday event ♡
Thank you to everyone who came!




S/mileage’s Fukuda Kanon-chan
Came over
As a surpriseー♡
It did give me a surprise!!
Thanks \(^o^)/




As a 21 year old
Even if I’ve turned into an adult
I’d like to not forget about my childish side、
And mess around, doing all sorts of silly things! lol


The ‘Beware of bears’ sign outside the venue。
It’s just a 「Kumai」(lol)



Sign: Beware of Bears


The cardboard cutouts made by the staff。
They edited it to have me holding a salmon!
It’s just a 「 Kumai 」 (lol)





On cake: Beware of overeating

Even the cake was original!!(lol)


It was an event filled with laughter!
It was great that I got to sing the songs I wanted too。
Thank you for the amazing time ♡



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my birthday♡

Thank you very much
For the many comments yesterday。
I read all of them。


I was reminded once again
That we truly are loved by a lot of people。
We’ll treasure the remaining time、
And we’d like to push forward
In a Berryz Kobo-like manner。


And today、
The 3rd of August
I turn 21 ♡


21 in the blink of an eye。
It’s just so so fastー。


A birthday after yesterday’s sudden announcement。
My feelings are a bit mixed、
But today is the last time I’ll be celebrating my birthday
As part of 「Berryz Kobo」…。


Today’s concert
Was burnt into my memory。


Thinking about it makes me feel really sad、
But I met lots of people
At this year’s concert as well、
And being celebrated、
It became an awesome birthday!!


I had a celebration
With the members too (^O^)♡




Look for Momochi!
※ She’s in the picture (lol)


Thank you for the lovely birthday ♡


Kumai Yurina who has turned 21
Will continue to beg for your kindness!

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A Report.

I have a report from us、
Berryz Kobo。
Though it was reported at
today’s Hello!Project live as well、
Berryz Kobo, as of next spring,
will be entering an
「indefinite suspension of activities」。
It’s the result of discussion among all the members over and over
since about a year ago。
These 10 years, for us,
are a really really valuable treasure。
Since Berryz Kobo was our entire youth、
of course the fans、
but also everyone connected to us and around us、our family、our friends、
while really getting so much support from them,
we’ve been able to get to this point。
We thought that for all those precious people,
「Berryz Kobo」is something that if it went away could never be replaced
so without breaking up, we decided on the words
「indefinite suspension of activities」。
I’m sorry
for surprising you with the sudden announcement…。
I’m overflowing with so many different emotions now、
and remembering the time of our debut
the fun things、and the tough things、
lots of different feelings have been revived。
I’m so ve~ry happy
I became a member of「Berryz Kobo」♡♡♡
I’m grateful。
Thank you so very very much。
Since until we suspend activities next spring、
I’ll do my best with all my strength
continuing on from now as well
please support us!
Berryz Kobo  Kumai Yurina
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Tanabata LIVE★

Yesterday’s Tanabata LIVE
was the most fun everー♡
I was happy that lots of people came!
It was a LIVE full of lots of content
showing we’ll never forget our childlike hearts、
and so I think the Berryz-ness came out ♪♪
The ice cream we ate during the eprformance on stage
was incredibly deliciousー♡
It was the first time in my life
doing something like eating ice cream on stage during a LIVE(lol)
S/mileage’s Fukuda Kanon-chan also
came to see us~!
Thanks Kanon (^O^)♡
My yukata outfit was like this!
It was cute with my name on it!!

I put on some ornate hairpins too!

I like them!。


We made some slightly early
summer memories!
Tanabata LIVES are the best~♡!
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Good afternoon。
I have an announcement!
Releasing today, 7/4、
in「20±SWWET 2014 SUMMER」
I’ll be appearing!!
I turned 20 last August and will soon be 21。
It was a shoot with an adult-like atmosphere ♪
Be sure to check it out okayー(^^)
The Eiffel Tower!!
I’m fully enjoying France~♡