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Fan club tour。

Good afternoon ☀︎

From today
Berryz Kobo fan tour in Okinawa
STARTS (^O^)/♡


We’ve got 8 shots after this~!!
To everyone who’s participating, I wonder your hearts are thumping?? lol


Think of a pose~*\(^o^)/*

I’m looking forward to funny poses♩ lol
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Hello! Con。

Today, the Hello! Con safely came to an end!

Since we passed our auditions
We’ve been doing Hello! Cons for about 12 and a half years。





The first time we participated at a Hello! Con
The performance was at Yoyogi National Gymnasium。

「I’m Kumai-chan! 3rd year of primary school!
Douzo yoroshiku (I humbly beg for your kindness)ー!」 That was my introduction~

How nostalgic~♡

But on the day of the DVD recording
I forgot the word “douzo
I still remember that as a regretful memory, even now (lol)

And when the Kids were introducing ourselves
「Piiporopoppopi! Piiporopoppopi!」
Was how we all made our greetings (lol)

The Hello! Cons hold a lot of memories!
I was able to grow a lot
Through the Hello! Cons。

It’s sad that they’ve come to an end、
But I think that the Hello! Cons will gradually develop
To become a wonderful stage。
But from now on I’d like to cheer
As a guest ♡

Lastly, as BeriKyuu
We sang 「Ganbacchae!」
I was really happy ♡

We asked for it even if it was impossible、
I’m grateful to the staff-san
For responding to our feelings ♡
Thank you very much!



BeriKyuu are the best ♡

Hello! Project Kids are the best ♡
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Valentine’s Day.

♡ Happy Valentine ♡

Today we had a Hello! Con in Osaka!
I got lots of sweets from the membersー♡

From the Beri-chans ♡


And these are from the junior-chans ♡
I got lotーs ♡





It’s the first time in my life I got this many ♡(lol)

Thank you everyone *\(^o^)/*

Tomorrow we’ll be wrapping up the Hello! Cons!!

And it’s my last Hello! Con!!

I’d like to ENJOY wholeheartedly
With these wonderful friends!!♡
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4000 days。

Good evening!

With the changing of the date, today is the 14th!、、

General ticket sales have started for our performances at
☆ Ariake Coliseum ☆ ★ Nippon Budokan ★!!

The rehearsals have already STARTED、
Bit by bit, the feelings are welling up (ノ_・。)

But beyond that、 I want to make them amazing LIVE performances!!
For everyone who’ll be coming
I want it to be an experience that you won’t forget your whole life
I feel strongly about that!!

I’d really like a lot of people
To see how we areー。♡


Here、 I’d like to talk about the 「Berryz Kobo Matsuri」
At Ariake Coliseum
On the 28th of February and 1st of March ♪

The contents of both days will go over 4 hours‼︎
It’s a test of stamina‼︎(lol)

The whole LIVE performance is organised into 3 parts、
The 1st part starts with ℃-ute
And it’ll be a performance by all Hello!Project groups
You’ll be pumped up from the opening ♪♪

In the 2nd part、 the members of Berryz
Will appear in units that we’ve been part of!
Look forward to what units will have their reunion ♡

All the Hello!Project groups
Will sing Berryz Kobo’s songs ♪
What’s more, it’ll change depending on day♪ We’re looking forward to it to ♡

And、 and
The 3rd part will be purely Berryz Kobo on-stage ♡‼︎
The song selection is completely different from Budokan’s、
And we’ll be delivering about 2 hours worth of suppecial contents ♡
This’ll also be a test of stamina‼︎‼︎(lol)

We’ll be delivering all sorts of content!
Everyone! Let’s all ENJOY *\(^o^)/*
We’ll be waitingー♡


And and and!!

What do you know、 today
Counting from Berryz Kobo’s début
It’s been 「4000 days」 ♡

More than the countdown to our hiatus
I wanted to know how long
We’ve been active as Berryz Kobo、
So I counted it using a different app ♡(lol)

It surprised me that 4000 days have already passed‼︎
By the way、 when I counted how long it had been since I was born
It comes to 7865 days today‼︎

With the remaining time as Berryz Kobo、
I’d like to treasure the moments ♡




Sorry it got so long (ノ_・。)
Thank you for reading ♪
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Nakano & An Announcement。

Today, we had an event at the place also known as our Holy Land
「Nakano Sunplaza」!


Today is the last time
That we’ll be standing on the stage of Nakano Sunplaza。

Including things like our own LIVE performances and Hello! Cons
We’ve been in its care for over 200 performances。

It really a place with lots of memories ♡


And we received a letter of appreciation
From the ward mayor of Nakano (*^^*)


We received votes from all of you
For songs you wanted to be sung solo
I got to sing 「Anshinkan」 ♡


It was really funー!♡

It’s such a joy to sing Anshinkan 1 more time
At a place with so many memories。


We also got a berry tart
After the concert endedー*\(^o^)/*
「Nakano Sunplaza」
Thank you for the fun times and memories ♡♡♡


And, and、、、

Today on JORF 「BZS1422」
There’s an important announcement、
So please make sure to listen to it!!
It’s at late night 12:30~★
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Japan, I’m back~!!
I went to Thailand for a couple of days ✈︎✈︎✈︎

This was my 6th time in Thailand!
It was the 3rd time that all of Berryz Kobo have been there!

Every time I go to Thailand
I think that everyone has really wonderful smiles (*^^*)♡
It makes me feel really Happy ♡


We went to the World Heritage Site 「Wat Pho」
For the first timeー♪
It was really intense!!


Everyone saying cheese while in the national costume ♪


In our free time, we went to have
A Thai snack called 「Roti」…♡
One thing I look forward to every time I go to Thailand
Is having their roti *\(^o^)/*


It was delicious~!!


Our LIVE performance at Thailand
Really was a blast too *\(^o^)/*

And、 at the encore
There was this surprise from the fans…♡


Thank you for the wonderful message ♡
Our last overseas performance、
Has become a wonderful memory!

Berryz Kobo is being cheered on by people throughout the world
Such bliss。


It would be great to come again in my own private time。
Thank you to everyone from Thailand ♡
Kap khun kap ♡

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This is late…

But today!!

Is the day that Berryz Kobo’s best album、
『Kanjuku Berryz Kobo The Final
Completion Box』 goes on sale♡♡♡



Did all of you manage to GET yoursー⁇

This album
Was finished up as an album
Packed with 10 years
Of our history of activities as Berryz Kobo!!

Obviously it’s got all our singles!
There are special recordings of songs we’ve only performed at plays
And unreleased songs ♪
There’s also an album with a DVD
So make sure to check it out, okay (*^^*)
There’s also one with a Blu-ray ♪


And on the Hello! Sta that’s released today、
Morning Musume。 ′15’s Ishida Ayumi-chan
And I are working as MC ♡

It’s here ↓↓

【​ 】


Ayumin recently cut her hair、 it’s cute ♡
It really suits her ♡

Make sure to watch Hello! Sta, okay~!!
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14th January ♡

Today、 the 14th of January
Is the day of Berryz Kobo’s formation!!

Today’s our 11th anniversary ♡


Of course our début date, the 3rd of March
Is an important date、
But the 14th of January is a day that’s about as important。

Nakano Sunplaza was the very first stage we stood on
As Berryz Kobo。
We’ve been in the care of Nakano Sunplaza until even just recently
For the Hello! Cons
It’s a place that we’re really familiar with。

11 years ago, we never would have thought
That standing on-stage
Would be continue to be something natural to us until nowー。

I’m grateful that we got to continue until now…♡

The members、 staff-san、 family、 friends、
And everyone who’s been cheering us on、、、

It truly was due to the support of lots of people
That we were able to get here ♡

From now on, keeping our feelings of gratitude in mind
I’d like to treasure my many encounters!

I beg for your continued kindness ♡


It was great to be in Berryz Kobo ♡
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Today we had a Naruchika in Tokushima!

It’s a replacement performance、
But thank you to those who came ♪

Today’s is the last of our domestic Naruchika。
It makes me really happy that through Naruchika
We really get to go to all sorts of places、
We made all sorts of memories、
And lots of people got to watch
Berryz’ Naruchika LIVE~♡

The next Naruchika will be in Thailand!
It’s the first overseas Naruchika *\(^o^)/*
I really can’t wait!!

And today is Coming-of-Age Day。
Congratulations to everyone who’s come-of-age ♡
I guess the kids who came-of-age today
Are probably in the middle of class reunions right now??(*^^*)

1 year has passed since I came-of-age last year。
The 1 year passed in a flash (・・;)

Our youngest member, Risako
Is also celebrating her coming-of-age ♡
All of us celebrated in the middle of the LIVE performance!


Riichan, congratulations ♡
Continue to be a cute and lovely lady, okay!
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Photo shoot & Nakano。

Good evening!
In the morning
BeriKyuu had a photo shoot for 「UTB」!
And then we had a LIVE performance at Nakano Sunplaza~!

Today’s photo shoot、
Was a photo shoot for
The 「UTB」 that’ll go on sale in February
And the 「Hello! Pro BEST SHOT!」 that goes on sale in March♡


This kind of photo makes us look like we’re in a class at school
Seeing us lined up, we’ve grown~ That’s what I thought! lol
It kind of felt nostalgic
What a fun photo shoot ♡

And we had a LIVE performance in the evening~!
Thank you to everyone who came ♪

And Miya returned today
It’s been a while since the 7 of us have been together~♡

The flu’s got pretty prevalent recently
It’s a pity that several Hello! members had to be absent (>_<)
I hope they get better soon (´・_・`)♡

Everyone, please take care too, okay (´・_・`)

I’ve got to wake up early tomorrow!
I’ll do my best at the 3 performances ♪

And with that、 good night ☆
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