Kumai Yurina

Tanabata LIVE★

Yesterday’s Tanabata LIVE
was the most fun everー♡
I was happy that lots of people came!
It was a LIVE full of lots of content
showing we’ll never forget our childlike hearts、
and so I think the Berryz-ness came out ♪♪
The ice cream we ate during the eprformance on stage
was incredibly deliciousー♡
It was the first time in my life
doing something like eating ice cream on stage during a LIVE(lol)
S/mileage’s Fukuda Kanon-chan also
came to see us~!
Thanks Kanon (^O^)♡
My yukata outfit was like this!
It was cute with my name on it!!

I put on some ornate hairpins too!

I like them!。


We made some slightly early
summer memories!
Tanabata LIVES are the best~♡!
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Good afternoon。
I have an announcement!
Releasing today, 7/4、
in「20±SWWET 2014 SUMMER」
I’ll be appearing!!
I turned 20 last August and will soon be 21。
It was a shoot with an adult-like atmosphere ♪
Be sure to check it out okayー(^^)
The Eiffel Tower!!
I’m fully enjoying France~♡
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is Sudou Maasa-chan’s birthday ♡
Maa-san, congrats on 22!!
Being able to reach your birthday in France
is stylish and greatー♡
It’s still 7/3 in France!!
Have a wonderful year okay (*^^*)
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12 Years。

Today, 6/30
marks 12 years since my audition。
12 years since then…
time passes so quickly, doesn’t it(lol)
At the time I was in 3rd grade。
I loved playing outside
and would often fall and hurt myselfー
So nostalgic ♡
I feel sometimes like going back to then ♪
It’s a day which will be precious my whole life。
On a day like that today
I’m flying to France。
I’ll be baーck ♡
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birthday event

Though the announcement
is late、
I’ll be doing a Birthday event this year too ♡
Date : 8/4 (Monday)
          The day after my birthday ♡
Time : ①18:00 doors open/18:30 curtain rises
         ②19:40 doors open/20:10 curtain rises
Though it was the night before last year、
this year I’ll be doing it after I’ve reached my birthday~!
By the way, the day of my birthday
is a Hello! live (*^^*)!
A picture from last year’s event。
I wonder what to do this year~?
I wonder what outfit to wear~?♡
If you have any
songs you want me to sing!or
things you want me to do
please be sure and tell me!!
I’ll consult you ♡
The deadline is 6/30。
Please by all means participate ♡

So nostalgic(lol)

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Today after rehearsal
I went to get my NAILS done since it’s been a whileー!
This time for the first time
Nakayama Chieko-san
did them for me♡

Since I’ll be going to France soon,

I went with a French-looking red、blue、and white!
Also, heading toward summer, marine-like!
That’s how she finished them for me ♡
When I have my nails done
it really does lift my mood \(^o^)/↑↑
I wonder what kind of nails I should do next~
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Ice Cream*

Summer Hello!
rehearsals have begun!
It’s tough memorizing the choreography (°_°)
but I’m looking forward to it
since I’ll be doing songs I don’t normally dance to ♡
Ice cream after rehearsal is the best~!

A blissful moment…♡


I recommend this Royce ice cream~

Since there’s a maccha flavor in this series too
definitely try eating it okay (*^^*)
When I took the pictures
the ice cream melted and dripped on my clothessss (°_°)


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Today in Osaka
we had polaroid&handshake events!
Thanks for coming (^^)
Also tonight、
the Radio Nippon-san show I do
with Chinami
will reach its 100th broadcast
with the 6/15 show!!!
The 100th time which should be commemorated
was recorded at Tokyo Tower’s viewing platform ♡
Though it was raining,
we were able to see this kind of pretty evening scenery ♡
Now it’s having it’s special limited-time
Tanabata illumination as well!
With it being the 100th、
we also had Captain
as a guest\(^o^)/
Even though public recordings are not a big deal、
I was so happy being able to record
our 100th time with such a great mood
while viewing the pretty sceneryー♡(lol)
Radio Nippon-san、
Thank you very very much
always (*^^*)!
Our precious 100th。
Sunday night 0:30~
Everyone be sure to listen okay!!


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Today we appeared on
「MTV VMAJ 2014」!
Lots of artist-sans
appeared in it、
so I received lots of motivation!!
I was able to watch from the audience during the show、
and so I got excited
along with the fans ♡ lol
I was happy to be able to see
E-girls-san’s performance from close-upー!!
I wanna go to their LIVE! ♡

The MCs were T.M.Revolution-san

and w-inds.san、as well as Hello Pro’s
leader Michishige Sayumi-san ♡
Also, the Tokkuma oshi (lol) Takei Soso-san、
lots of other people also appeared
so I was happy!!
I hope lots of different people
could get to know Berryz Kobo
through this event ♪
I’ll work hard to be able to appear again!!
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Mint ♡

His first appearance in a long time~!
My pet dog Mint-kun ♡
He’s sitting quietly in my lap ♡

Though he’s a chihuahua

he’s intense like a Shiba(lol)
I like this facial profile ♡(lol)
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