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Congratulations on having given birth ♡
I’m praying that she’ll grow to be healthy ✨

Please look after yourself
Without overdoing it!!
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From now!

I’ll be starting with Instagram from now!!




Everyone, please follow, okay ♡
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30th June

Today、 30th June
Is an important day
It’s when we became the 「Hello! Project Kids」。



From about 30 thousand people
All 15 people who remained in the final judging round passed。

I was in my 3rd year of primary school at the time
My height was a smidgen greater
Than the usual standards~(lol)

Who would have thought that I would now be in this world、
I couldn’t have imagined it 13 years ago。
It’s like a story from out of a dream。

I liked singing and dancing at the time、
But more than 「Wanting to be an idol!」
My feelings leaned even stronger towards
「I want to meet Goto Maki-san!」
「I want to meet Morning Musume。!」。

At the time
I collected lots of trading cards♡ lol


Even now, I’m storing them carefully (^.^)!


This case is exclusively for Goto Maki-san! lol

At the time、 if I hadn’t encountered
The presence of Morning Musume。
I wouldn’t be who I am now、
And I wouldn’t have met those precious members either。

It’s my pride
To have been part of the Hello! Project Kids。

In these 13 years、
There were lots of hard and sad incidents
But beyond those
There were lots of happy and joyful incidents。

I think that life holds a lot more tough incidents
Beyond this。
But with the pride I hold from the life I’ve lived so far、
Whatever happens
I’d like to be positive and do my best。

We beg for your kindness from now on too ♡

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Good afternoon!

The other day、
I went for a meal
With Suzuki Airi-chan from ℃-uteー♡


Airi is my contemporary、
As the sole B-blood type contemporaries、 as Matcha-zu、
We share a lot of common points ♩

When I was together with her the other day
In my mind, I was thinking that we have lots of common points~ (^.^) lol

Next we’ve promised to go
To a stylish cafe
Which Airi told me about ♡
I can’t wait!!
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I went to see
「TRIANGLE β (Beta) version」ー♡

I watched the α (alpha) version the other day、
Which made me go since
I had to see the β (beta) version!! (*^^*) lol

The β (beta) version was really fun too!
I was able to watch it from a different perspective、
I watched it while comparing it
To the α (alpha) version in my mind
Which made it even more funー!!

But it was definitely heartbreaking (´・_・`)♡
Since there might be spoilers
I won’t give any details… lol


Kuduu plays the role of Asada ♡
The contents of the β (beta) version
Make it easier to understand Asada’s thoughts
Kuduu’s Asada was cool ♩


And、 and
Kiri who was acted by Riho-chan
Was really cool and stylish!!
Keep your eyes on Kiri’s sword fight in the α (alpha) version ♡


Maa-san noticed my presence
Even while she was on-stage ♡ You’d expect no less! lol
The tolerance of the father’s role played by Maa-san
Was cool!!

I met ℃-ute’s Maimi and Nacky too ♡


It made me happy to meet the scriptwriter Shioda Taizo
After a while~(*^^*)
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An announcement for everyone!
This update is late…

But I’m scheduled to appear on today’s edition of
「Tokyo Sports」-san’s corner
Published weekly on Tuesday ♡

This time I went to
「Tokyo Sky Tree」!!

A collaboration with the long-cherished Sky Tree ♡

I tried going to the viewing platform、、♡



You can look down through the glass floor~!!(lol)


I was more excited than the small children (lol)
It was fun, if slightly scary ♩

I’d like to hang out at the Sky Tree again ♡
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I went to watch my contemporaries ℃-ute
Perform at Yokohama Arena ♡


Everyone from ℃-ute、
Congratulations on the 10th anniversary of your formation (*^^*)♡

You looked really good!!
Cute、 pretty、 good at dancing and singing
You enjoyed yourselves to the fullest
We could see it when you stood on-stage ♩
It really was funー♡


It gave us joy。
Thank you ♡ And good job ♡
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On sale today

The DVD & Blu-ray of
「Berryz Kobo Last Concert 2015 Berryz Kobo Ikubee~!」
Held on the 3rd of March at the Nippon Budokan
Goes on sale today *\(^o^)/*


Recordings from
The concert we held at Ariake Coliseum
Also appear in the DVD~!!

Have you already managed to GET your hands on it~?♡


It’ll be a lifelong treasure。



Take your time watching itー♡

Everyone, please, please, okay (*・∀・)ノ゛
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Sousenkyo Elections

Sashihara Rino-san、
Congratulations on getting 1st place in the sousenkyo elections ♡


This photo is from way back…(>_<) But I hope We’ll meet again someday。♡
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snidel ♡ Lily Brown

I went to
「snidel」 and 「Lily Brown」’s exhibition ♡


I ordered a bag and a phone case and gaucho pants
From snidel♡



I ordered for-show spectacles and a knitted dress
From Lily Brown ♩


And before the exhibitions
With my manager-sanー!


I had the marshmallow pizza
And the white chocolate & matcha smoothie ♡


The matcha smoothie is a limited-to-spring- product ♩
You can only drink it now ♡(lol)


It’s been a while since I ate there~♡ It was delicious (*^^*)
Sweet things are definitely the best!! lol

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