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Good evening!
How did you spend Golden Week?
Did you spend it going on a relaxing trip?
I guess that there were also people who were busy with work?

And everyone、
Thank you very much for your many comments ♡
I read all of them!
The warm comments from all of you、
Made me really happy and encouraged me。
Thank you so much ♡

It’s been 2 months since the 3rd of March。
Even though I thought it would pass in the blink of an eye
It felt unexpectedly longー

For countless days after our hiatus
I didn’t listen to Berryz’ songs、
Didn’t watch videos either
Since it’d make me sad (lol)

Maybe I’ll start back by gradually re-watching the DVDs from ages past ♩

Ah、 I watched this year’s HinaFes
On SkyPerfect *\(^o^)/*
On the stage where they had a 360 degree view of the audience、
Everyone looked to be having fun singing and dancing ♩
It lifted my spirits! H!P is awesome!!


A view that soothed my heart recently。


I took these myselfー♩


I want to go overseasー ♡

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Everyone、 it’s been a while!
Are you doing well??

From today、
I’ll resume blogging!
The blog header has also been updated (*^^*)

To those who were waiting for its resumption、
To those who left comments on the blog
Or opened its pages when I was taking a break、
Thank you so very much。

From now on、
I’d like to update about things like
My current condition or things I thought about or things that I felt
I’d be glad if you make sure to check this blog out!

And today、 the 1st of May
I’ll be entering

This is the homepage。
→【 M-line

It would be great
If I could have the opportunity
To interact with all of you again at events!

From now on、
I beg for your kindness ♡


Kumai Yurina
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Berryz Kobo。

「Berryz Kobo Last Concert 2015
Berryz Kobo Ikubee~!」

It was a perfect combustion~!!!!!!!


To everyone who came、
And everyone who watched
Through the live viewing
To everyone who’s been cheering us until now、

Thank you so very much ♡

We definitely love performing live
That’s how time seemed to pass♩
I really love that atmosphere ♡♡♡

11 years as Berryz Kobo
About 12 and a half years being active since our audition、
I never would have thought
That we’d continue until now。

I said it at our LIVE performance
But thinking about it again、
I truly have been blessed by those around me。

To everyone who cheered on someone like me、
The members、 all the staff、 my friends、
My family who have been the closest to watch over me…
Because all these precious people were there
I was able to continue until now。

No regrets!!
Though I say that, it’s a lie、、、

Having being given such a joyful life
I think that having regrets is obvious。

But、 thinking positively about those regrets
「It’s great that I became part of Berryz Kobo」
My life after this、
I can confidently say that I’ve got confidence。

It’s great that I met all of you。
The time I spent as Berryz Kobo
Is a lifelong treasure of mine。

Thank you very much
For the truly truly lovely 11 years ♡

I’ll treasure this word beyond this
And walk on my next life…



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3rd March。

I ♡ Berryz Kobo


♡ Captain ♡


♡ Momochi ♡


♡ Chinami ♡


♡ Maasan ♡


♡ Miya ♡


♡ Risako ♡


I was able to make it this far
Because they were around。
I spent more time together with them than with my family、
Fun times、 tough times、 sad times
We experienced all of those together。

Some theorised that we had bad blood (lol)
But we’re pretty close
Above all, I believe we’ve got a strong bond of solidarity!!

I’m glad I became a member of Berryz Kobo。
I’m glad that I met everyone。
Thank you♡

I hope that
This day today
Will become a lovely, life-long treasure…

♡ Berryz Kobo Ikube~!♡
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Kouyasai Part2。

Good evening!

☆Berryz Kobo Matsuri Kouyasai☆
The 2nd event has safely come to an end!

For the 2nd event
Those who came were people who were selected by lottery
From amongst those who had bought the best album ♩


At the Kouyasai、
There were things like a game corner and an exhibition corner、
Food and drink corner、 a stamp rally
Nostalgic videos were playing
We had a mini-live、
There were all sorts of things!!

At the stamp rally and game corner
We all talked together、
It was an excited and bustling time~♡

It truly went past in the blink of an eye、
Seeing everyone’s wonderful smiles
Made me feel joy
I got lots of power *\(^o^)/*

It was such a fun time
It’s like I almost forgot
That it’d be ending tomorrow ♩


Finally, tomorrow…

I hope that it becomes a wonderful time
That’ll become a life-long memory。


And and、
ANGERME’s Fukuda Kanon-chan
Blogged about her thoughts on Ariake and made a report ♡

And she also gave me a letter ♡
Even her nails were made to match Berryz ♩

It made me really happy
To see the staff-san and the female fans doing Berryznail ♡



And our great-senior Nakazawa Yuko-san、
And the H!P members too
Wrote messages for us on their blogs ♩

I really feel the love for Berryz。

I’m grateful ♡
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It’ll be the last episode of Radio Nippon 「BZS1422」
The radio show that I do with Chii-chan!
It’s on at late night 12:30~ Don’t miss out on listening to it ♩

We’ve been doing it since the summer of 2 years ago
It’s a lot of fun、 every time
I love it
That comfortable recording studio ♡

For the final time
They made this wonderful picture board for us!!


Seeing the photos like this
All sorts of memories came back。

At first、、
When I heard that we would be doing a radio show
On the day of the meeting of the radio show itself、
It was so sudden that I was shocked (lol)

I had this negative impression that it would be really difficult
To convey things to the listeners just by talking、
But BZS1422 changed it
From 「dislike」 to 「enjoyment」!!

To the staff of BZS1422!
I’ve truly been under their care。
They thought about the things that we wanted to do、
They listened to our selfish desires without making sour faces
They came to watch us LIVE
They’re all full of love for Berryz ♡
Thank you so very much!!


And my companion Chii-chan ♡


She’s really been a saviour!♡
I think that I was able to enjoy BZS1422
Because I was with Chinami
I think that you were able to enjoy
Our own particular atmosphere!

After the recording for the final episode ended、
「That really was Tokkuma!」
I’d be happy if the 2 of us made you think that ♩
Chii, thank you!♡


BZS1422 will enter a hiatus tonight、、
Please make sure to enjoy the last episode ♩

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Good evening!

Our 2 days at Ariake Coliseum
Have safely come to an end!!

To everyone who came、
Thank you very much ♡

It was a concert
That I was able to truly ENJOY from the bottom of my heart ♩♡♩

I definitely do love concerts~*\(^o^)/*


Today Morning Musume。OGs
Iida Kaori-san、 Ishikawa Rika-san、
And Yoshizawa Hitomi-san came
That made me happy (*^^*)

I’m grateful to the currently active H!P members
Who pumped up the 2 days of the Berryz Kobo Matsuri
Together with us ♡

It’s great to have met such wonderful companions ♡


Now 2 days remain…

So that I don’t have regrets。

It would be nice to have a lot of smiles ♡
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1st day。

Good evening!

Today is the opening day of the Berryz Kobo Matsuri
At Ariake Coliseum ♡

Mmー you know、
It was tons of fun~*\(^o^)/*

It was fun to the level
That I don’t know how to put it in words ♡♩♡(lol)

There were 1~3 parts、
The 1st and 2nd parts had
H!P members appearing together with us ♩♩

And the 3rd part was Berryz Kobo’s time!

It truly was a joyful place。

I can’t imagine this kind of joyful atmosphere
Coming to an end!!
Those are my inner feelings。

But now I have to think about
How to ENJOY the limited time
Without regrets!!
It’d be too late once it’s ended!

Now I’ll ENJOY~*\(^o^)/*♡♡♡

I can’t wait for tomorrow ♩



Which reminds me、、
I put on extensions ♡
It’s become as long as just a while back ♩
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Thank you。

Thank you very much
For your many comments。
It made me really happy
That there were people who were commenting for the first time!!

With this many people
Cheering me on for my future
And watching over me…
It’s really reassuring、 uplifting。
Thank you so very much‼︎

Since all of you were there
For about 12 years from my audition、
I was able to get here
That is something that won’t change after this。

Continuing on、
It’d make me happy if you’d watch over me warmly。


In preparation for tomorrow’s LIVE performance
It’s a day for maintenance!
I went to get eyelash extensions, and to the hairdresser’sー♡

I had the eyelash extensions put on
At the usual HOME-san ♡


This time I had over 240 lashes attached ♩


After having put on eyelash extensions
I went to this fried bread store-san
That Miya told me about last time (*^^*)


This time it’s plain-flavoured! It was deliciousー♡


Finally, tomorrow!
First it’s Ariake Coliseum!
I’ll ENJOY with everything I’ve got ♡♩♡
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An announcement。

Concerning what’s beyond the 3rd of March、、
I’d like to make an announcement。

This spring I will enter my 4th year of university。
I’ll be going to university from now on、
And I’d like to graduate in my 4th year。

Speaking about work
I definitely would like to do it、
And I’d like to actively challenge myself
To my dream of working as a model。

Beyond this、
I’d like to discover more about myself
And I’ll do my best
To realise my many dreams!


I think that I’ll take a pause from blogging for the time being、
But once I’ve settled down
I think I’d like to reopen the blog ♩


Beyond this
Kumai Yurina begs for your kindness。

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