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Today is
The birthday of Tokunaga Chinami-chan 472[1] png Kumai

Chii, many happy returns 082[1] png Kumai Yurina Maimi Okai Chisato271[1] Birthday Cake png Kumai




She seemed to be well when I contacted her, which is great 087[1] Runrun Kumai Yurina


Since we turned up some nostalgic photos, I’ll put one up 433[1] png kumai

At Hawaii 149[1] heart Kumai Yurina





Tokkuma always stayed together in the same room
Whenever we were overseas 117[1] png117[1] png

We created dances in our rooms
We talked a lot
Looking at photos brought out lots of nostalgic memories!

Let’s create a new dance again! lol
I’m also looking forward to Chii’s rapping 007 png Tere Kumai Yurina
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TBS Ousama no Bruch
Thank you very much for watching it 088[1] png kirakra Kumai Yurina Maimi Okai


Today’s studio outfit
Was from JETSETsoloplus-san 083[1] Kumai Heart Maimi png




A White set-up (*^.^*)

I really like these set-ups!

You can switch what you’re wearing、
And change combinations
It makes coordinating outfits fun 087[1] Runrun Kumai Yurina
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Why am I laughing so much。 lol
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I was on-location for TBS Ousama no Brunch 088[1] png kirakra Kumai Yurina Maimi Okai

I was together with Reina-chan ♡

After the shoot was over
Sangen-jaya was on our way back
So we went to my favourite imagawayaki store (*^.^*)





On Wednesdays、
The imagawayaki becomes 【 white imagawayaki 】 006[1] png rabu love Kumai Yurina Maimi

The batter’s different from usual
Plus you can also savour the plushy texture!

I really like this white imagawayaki ♡



It’s an imagawayaki that’s also liked by the Berryz members ♡

Reina-chan highly recommends it as well093[1] png Kumai Yurina Maimi lol

The moment that I confirmed that today was Wednesday、
I immediately rushed to the store093[1] png Kumai Yurina Maimi lol


Let’s go and eat there again on another Wednesday 087[1] Runrun Kumai Yurina
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Attempting to dance

At the dressing room after yesterday’s
472[1] pngOusama no Brunch472[1] png


Attempted to dance
Berryz Kobo’s 「chachasing」~~087[1] Runrun Kumai Yurina


Link to video


The difference in everyone’s enthusiasm is crazy 015[1] Kumai Warainaki

But it seems like Reina-chan
Has gotten into chachasing 087[1] Runrun Kumai Yurina

In the middle of an on-location shoot
I talked about chachasing with Reina-chan
And then she learnt the dance moves!

That’s Reina-chan for you 007 png Tere Kumai Yurina


The dressing room became so noisy
That we ended up disturbing the people around us
Let’s leave this moderate amount of excitement
As a story for here only 111[1] png111[1] png lol



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Ousama no Brunch

Good morning 344[1] png Kumai

Today at 9:30 a.m.~
I’ll be appearing on TBS 「Ousama no Brunch」!



・ Morning portion
Geinoujin Gohan Club

That’s what I’m in charge of (*^.^*)


Please watch it 087[1] Runrun Kumai Yurina
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I found this ice cream
At the convenience store!!


Matcha-flavoured Shirokuma ice cream (*^^*)


「Matcha」-flavoured Shiro「Kuma」

Kuma… Kumai…


Matcha… Matchaazu…


This ice cream fits me to a T 454[1] png kumaaisu454[1] png kumaaisu454[1] png kumaaisu

And with that thought in mind, I immediately bought it! (lol)


209[1] png210[1] png211[1] png
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Good evening!


Yesterday I went to
BEAMS-san’s sample sale 081 png Kumai Okai



I managed to GET some lovely clothes ♩

When I wear them
I’ll tell you about it on the Blog~432[1] Kumai png apron424[1] png Kumai


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The other day、
I got this from Captain

♡ A Matcha Croissant ♡



It’s really crisp 007 png Tere Kumai Yurina

What’s more, it’s got anko in the inside!


I highly recommend it to people who like matcha ♩

It’s being sold at Vie de France 270[1] png



Thank you Captain 149[1] heart Kumai Yurina



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Mother’s Day

Today is 【Mother’s Day】 155[1] png gerbera


Mama, thank you everything~~081 png Kumai Okai


This year I chose
LAURA ASHLEY as her present!!



I’m glad that she was happy to receive it (*^.^*)♡


Please continue to keep your health a priority
And keep healthy every day 005 onegai Kumai Yurina png Maimi Okai Chisato
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