Kumai Yurina


Today I went to
Michishige-san’s graduation concert!!

Congratulations on your graduation ♡


Being active for 12 years
As part of Morning Musume。’14
Is really amazing!

Among the many memories I have with Michishige-san、
One that particularly stands out
Is the memory of getting to sing
「Uchouten LOVE」 at a Hello! Con
Together with Michishige-san (*^^*)

When Michishige-san stood on-stage
She really was as cute as a doll
I got charmed by her today as well ♡
Her appearance in a flower-patterned dress、 how she looked in a kimono
All of it was lovelyー ♡

And today、、、
I was really happy to hear the song I’ve liked from ages ago
「Do it Now」
Performed LIVE~*\(^o^)/*


The moment the song resounded、
I unintentionally screamed in delight (lol)

I’m really grateful!!

Once again, congratulations on graduating♡

For these 4329 days、 good job ♡


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Our LIVE in Osaka、
Ended without a hitchー!!

Thank you to everyone who came ♡

Today is Captain’s birthday
So the venue was completely awash in a single colour by the yellow glowsticks
It was really beautiful *\(^o^)/*

With the now 23 year old Captain ♡


And speaking about Osaka, 551~♡


We got nikuman and shumaiー (^O^)

Tomorrow we’ve got an event at LalaPort TOKYO-BAY、
And there’s also individual handshake events!
Until tomorrow~!

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Good morning☀︎

Today is the birthday
Of Captain Shimizu Saki-chan ♡

Captain, happy birthday *\(^o^)/*


ENJOY your 23rd♡!
I hope you have a wonderful year。

Today we’re performing LIVE in Osaka!!

Let’s all celebrate
Captain’s Birthday together♪
Make sure to drop by, ok~!

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I’ve got a report for everyone!

With our last single that went on sale last week
「Romance wo Katatte」「Towa no Uta」
We attained our highest rank on the Oricon chart since our début ♡


To everyone who’s been supporting us、
Thank you very much *\(^o^)/*

It makes me happy
That our last single
Was listened to by a lot of people ♡

We truly are supported by a lot of people、
It rekindled the feeling in me
That Berryz Kobo is loved。

Please continue to watch warmly
Over Berryz Kobo!

I beg for your kindness ♡

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Good evening!

This morning、
We appeared on 「OhaSta」 *\(^o^)/*
It’s been ages since we were on OhaStaー♡!

We’ve been working with them ever since our début、
It felt pretty nostalgic ♡

Thank you to everyone who watched it (^O^)!

And at night
We had an event at Venus Fort♪
It’s already in complete X’mas mode
The illuminations we could see from the stage
Were really lovely☆

It made me happy to see、
Everyone coming to the handshake, on their way back from work or schoolー!!

Tomorrow we’ll have 3 performances at out LaQua event!
Call your friends
And make sure to drop by, okayー♡ We’ll be waiting♪

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Our 36th New single、
「Romance wo Katatte」「Towa no Uta」
Got released *\(^o^)/*
This is our last single!

「Romance wo Katatte」
Is a cute song, which is rare for Berryz Kobo、
In the choreography
All the members form a ♡heart♡!
Make sure to check out the MV, ok ♪

「Towa no Uta」 has a rock flavour to it、
The lyrics are really emotionally moving (;_;)♡
The moves are simple too
So I want everyone to dance together with us at concerts ♪

And today we had an event
At Ikebukuro Sunshine Fountain Plaza!
It made me glad to see a lot of people gathered there ♡
Thank you to everyone who came ♡

At today’s event
There was an announcement、
Until our Budokan performance on the 3rd of March 2015
I’d like to treasure
Our time as 「Berryz Kobo」。

I’d like to make lots of memories
With the remaining time ♡

Without a break、
We’re begging for your kind, warm support!!



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Today we had an event
At Abeno Q’s Mall!!

Thank you to everyone who came in the cold ♡

It made me glad
To see that a lot of people had come to see usー!!


Today Risako wasn’t in good health
So it was a 6 person performance。

I hope Risako gets better soon (>_<)
Please take care (´・_・`)♡

It’s the season for colds
So everyone, take care (´・_・`)

Tomorrow there’s an event in Nagoya!
Make sure to drop by okay(*^^*)

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Today we had a Naruchika LIVE in Niigata!
Thank you to everyone who came ♡

Today there were a lot more girls than usual
It felt like we were male artistes ♡ lol

When we got to the dressing room of the venue
There was a message from the staff-san ♪♪


And today、 our beloved senior
Melon Kinenbi’s Saito Hitomi-san
Came to see us LIVE ♡


It’s been so long since we last saw her
She’s a really pretty and gentle senior, one we respect ☆
I wish I could be as glamorous as Saito-san~♡(lol)

We also got gifts!

It was really fun~♡
Thank you very much Saito-san‼︎

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Today we were LIVE in Sapporo for Naruchika!
Thank you to everyone who came♪

And today、 the 31st of October is



Everyone’s dressed upー*\(^o^)/*


The theme was Disney ♡
I’m dressed up as Donald~♪


I coloured my cheeks a deeper colour than usual
And also put on coloured contactsー♡

And Donald’s girlfriend
Is Daisyー♡


We became Daisy、 Snow White、 Buzz、 Alice、
Tinkerbell、 and Elsa!

Everyone fits~♡


Since there were also a lot of fans in costume
It was a lively LIVE performance ♡

HalloWeen is fun~♡


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Today’s Naruchika concert
Was in Matsuyama in Ehime prefectureー!

For the first time in several years?
I did twin tails today ♡

What’s more, all 7 members did it too (lol)


We do love messing around!!
It was fun today~♡

It’s rare to see a sight like today’s (lol)


Here is an announcement。

An announcement concerning
The suspension of 【Naruchika 2014 Autumn Berryz Kobo】 Tokushima Performance
On 13 October (Mon ・ Holiday)

The 【Naruchika 2014 Autumn Berryz Kobo
Tokushima club GRINDHOUSE performance】、
Was scheduled to be held
On the 13th of October (Mon ・ Holiday)、
But taking into consideration the safety of the guests
Due to the influence of Typhoon 19 on transportation facilities、
The performance itself will be suspended。
Furthermore、on the possibility of transferring performances、
Or refunding of tickets
Further announcements will be made on the Hello! Project homepage、
So until then
Please store your tickets carefully。

We too feel that it’s truly unfortunate (;_;)
Sorry to everyone
Who was looking forward to it。

Please be careful, with the typhoon (´・_・`)

We’ll do our best
So that we’ll be able to do a concert in Tokushima again!!

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