Kumai Yurina

A Report.

I have a report from us、
Berryz Kobo。
Though it was reported at
today’s Hello!Project live as well、
Berryz Kobo, as of next spring,
will be entering an
「indefinite suspension of activities」。
It’s the result of discussion among all the members over and over
since about a year ago。
These 10 years, for us,
are a really really valuable treasure。
Since Berryz Kobo was our entire youth、
of course the fans、
but also everyone connected to us and around us、our family、our friends、
while really getting so much support from them,
we’ve been able to get to this point。
We thought that for all those precious people,
「Berryz Kobo」is something that if it went away could never be replaced
so without breaking up, we decided on the words
「indefinite suspension of activities」。
I’m sorry
for surprising you with the sudden announcement…。
I’m overflowing with so many different emotions now、
and remembering the time of our debut
the fun things、and the tough things、
lots of different feelings have been revived。
I’m so ve~ry happy
I became a member of「Berryz Kobo」♡♡♡
I’m grateful。
Thank you so very very much。
Since until we suspend activities next spring、
I’ll do my best with all my strength
continuing on from now as well
please support us!
Berryz Kobo  Kumai Yurina
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Tanabata LIVE★

Yesterday’s Tanabata LIVE
was the most fun everー♡
I was happy that lots of people came!
It was a LIVE full of lots of content
showing we’ll never forget our childlike hearts、
and so I think the Berryz-ness came out ♪♪
The ice cream we ate during the eprformance on stage
was incredibly deliciousー♡
It was the first time in my life
doing something like eating ice cream on stage during a LIVE(lol)
S/mileage’s Fukuda Kanon-chan also
came to see us~!
Thanks Kanon (^O^)♡
My yukata outfit was like this!
It was cute with my name on it!!

I put on some ornate hairpins too!

I like them!。


We made some slightly early
summer memories!
Tanabata LIVES are the best~♡!
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Good afternoon。
I have an announcement!
Releasing today, 7/4、
in「20±SWWET 2014 SUMMER」
I’ll be appearing!!
I turned 20 last August and will soon be 21。
It was a shoot with an adult-like atmosphere ♪
Be sure to check it out okayー(^^)
The Eiffel Tower!!
I’m fully enjoying France~♡
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is Sudou Maasa-chan’s birthday ♡
Maa-san, congrats on 22!!
Being able to reach your birthday in France
is stylish and greatー♡
It’s still 7/3 in France!!
Have a wonderful year okay (*^^*)
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12 Years。

Today, 6/30
marks 12 years since my audition。
12 years since then…
time passes so quickly, doesn’t it(lol)
At the time I was in 3rd grade。
I loved playing outside
and would often fall and hurt myselfー
So nostalgic ♡
I feel sometimes like going back to then ♪
It’s a day which will be precious my whole life。
On a day like that today
I’m flying to France。
I’ll be baーck ♡
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birthday event

Though the announcement
is late、
I’ll be doing a Birthday event this year too ♡
Date : 8/4 (Monday)
          The day after my birthday ♡
Time : ①18:00 doors open/18:30 curtain rises
         ②19:40 doors open/20:10 curtain rises
Though it was the night before last year、
this year I’ll be doing it after I’ve reached my birthday~!
By the way, the day of my birthday
is a Hello! live (*^^*)!
A picture from last year’s event。
I wonder what to do this year~?
I wonder what outfit to wear~?♡
If you have any
songs you want me to sing!or
things you want me to do
please be sure and tell me!!
I’ll consult you ♡
The deadline is 6/30。
Please by all means participate ♡

So nostalgic(lol)

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Today after rehearsal
I went to get my NAILS done since it’s been a whileー!
This time for the first time
Nakayama Chieko-san
did them for me♡

Since I’ll be going to France soon,

I went with a French-looking red、blue、and white!
Also, heading toward summer, marine-like!
That’s how she finished them for me ♡
When I have my nails done
it really does lift my mood \(^o^)/↑↑
I wonder what kind of nails I should do next~
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Ice Cream*

Summer Hello!
rehearsals have begun!
It’s tough memorizing the choreography (°_°)
but I’m looking forward to it
since I’ll be doing songs I don’t normally dance to ♡
Ice cream after rehearsal is the best~!

A blissful moment…♡


I recommend this Royce ice cream~

Since there’s a maccha flavor in this series too
definitely try eating it okay (*^^*)
When I took the pictures
the ice cream melted and dripped on my clothessss (°_°)


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Today in Osaka
we had polaroid&handshake events!
Thanks for coming (^^)
Also tonight、
the Radio Nippon-san show I do
with Chinami
will reach its 100th broadcast
with the 6/15 show!!!
The 100th time which should be commemorated
was recorded at Tokyo Tower’s viewing platform ♡
Though it was raining,
we were able to see this kind of pretty evening scenery ♡
Now it’s having it’s special limited-time
Tanabata illumination as well!
With it being the 100th、
we also had Captain
as a guest\(^o^)/
Even though public recordings are not a big deal、
I was so happy being able to record
our 100th time with such a great mood
while viewing the pretty sceneryー♡(lol)
Radio Nippon-san、
Thank you very very much
always (*^^*)!
Our precious 100th。
Sunday night 0:30~
Everyone be sure to listen okay!!


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Today we appeared on
「MTV VMAJ 2014」!
Lots of artist-sans
appeared in it、
so I received lots of motivation!!
I was able to watch from the audience during the show、
and so I got excited
along with the fans ♡ lol
I was happy to be able to see
E-girls-san’s performance from close-upー!!
I wanna go to their LIVE! ♡

The MCs were T.M.Revolution-san

and w-inds.san、as well as Hello Pro’s
leader Michishige Sayumi-san ♡
Also, the Tokkuma oshi (lol) Takei Soso-san、
lots of other people also appeared
so I was happy!!
I hope lots of different people
could get to know Berryz Kobo
through this event ♪
I’ll work hard to be able to appear again!!
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