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I was on-location for Ousama no Brunch!


The 「Bukken Cat’s Eye」 corner

461[1] png462[1] png463[1] png



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Since it suddenly started raining
I bought an umbrella
But who would have guessed that the rain would stop。(lol)


…These things happen, don’t they? 019[1] Maimi Tehepero Kumai


But I could see a tiny rainbow
Which gave me some drive (・∀・) 349[1] niji Okai Kumai
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Is Sudo Maasa-chan’s birthday 286[1] png287[1] png

Maasan, many happy returns〜

Are you ENJOYing the bus tour?? 087[1] Runrun Kumai Yurina Maimi


To everyone
Who’s participating in Maasan’s bus tour
Please enjoy it
And make some wonderful memories (*^.^*) 081 png Kumai Okai




Here’s something that Maasan sent me
A photo from the bus tour 433[1] png kumai142[1] png Kumai Yurina

I made some edits to it 010 png Kumai Yurina Reina



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My clothes

The clothes that I wore some time ago。


In my hand
Are churros from Costco 454[1] png kumaaisu




tops : Heather

overall : ZARA

lacegown : lillilly

shoes : converse



The ZARA is long in length
So I recommend it to girls of a tall statureー♡


I like things like lace
But I prefer wearing things that don’t look so sugary sweet 406[1] png ribbon kumai
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14th Anniversary


The 30th of June

Is BeriKyuu’s 14th anniversary 286[1] png448[1] png





Many happy returns to us~448[1] png (lol)


It’s already been 14 years since then。

The days and months really passed by so quickly~

On the 30th of June 2002
The 15 of us all passed
And became the Hello! Project Kids!

I was in my 3rd year of primary school back then
Since I was competitive
Even now, I remember strongly feeling
That I wanted to pass!

But somewhere in the depths of my heart
I thought that I would fail…(lol)


This day 14 years ago
Marked the day that my life changed in one stroke。

I’m surprised that I’ve continued with it even up to now
And I’m filled with gratitude。

I got to experience things
That you wouldn’t normally be able to
If I hadn’t passed the auditions
I don’t think that
I would have experienced so many
Dream-like experiences。


I’ve thought this countless times in these 14 years

「What is normal?」


Of course、 I knew plenty well
That we lie out of the norm。

There have been times when I’ve wished for a normal lifestyle。

But I’ve thought about it a lot, in my own way。

Like, aren’t we normal humans?

It’s just that、 we’re in a slightly different position

The things we experience, the things we worry about, the things we enjoy
Isn’t it the same for everyone?

For example、
(Though it might be a weird example lol)

The thought that

‘I’ve got to get 100 marks on my tests!’、

And the thought that

‘I’ve got to perform perfectly at concerts!’

I think that there are are people who might think
That they mean completely different things when you compare them
But people perceive and feel things differently。

For those concerned
Both are
Just as important。


This is perhaps a thought born of
The fact that up to now
I don’t really like to give preferential treatment to studies (lol)


I’m grateful to my friends、
Who even until now
Have always been close to me as usual。

To the fans who support me。
Family。 All the staff。 The members。

That I’m still doing this, even now
It’s thanks to all of you ♡

Thank you so very much。

From now on as well
I’d like to do my best, in my own way。

Somehow I always keep writing these incomprehensible passages
That don’t come to a conclusion
But while my writing this time around might not come out well
I wrote
Because I wanted to leave behind a record of what I’m thinking about!(;^_^A

Thank you very much
For reading this until the end


Continuing on、
I beg for your kind support
From now on as well
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I had a meeting
For my casual dinner show
That’ll be held in July and August 002 png Kumai Yurina Maimi


There’s just too many songs that I want to sing…
Just picking songs took ages。 lol

First I thought about the flow of the setlist、
Together with the members of staff

「This song should go here!」
「This song would be good at the end~」
「I definitely want to sing this song!」
「It might be interesting to arrange it like this!」

We exchanged opinions。

At long last、、、

The setlist has been done ♡


I personally am really looking forward to it!!


Above all, just being able to
Enjoy the time with everyone who’s coming
Is happiness enough (*^.^*)✨


Ever since Berryz Kobo entered our hiatus
Berryz’ songs haven’t been sung for a while
Would it be better to exercise moderation with them
Or should we be singing them

We had to make a lot of considerations。

But I wanted to sing them、
So I was given the opportunity to。

Though there definitely are songs that are so packed with feelings
That I can’t sing them…
(Like Love together lol)


If there’s only a single person
That thinks
‘I like Berryz Kobo’s songs、
I want to hear them after so long、
I’d like to get energised through them!’
Just that would be reassuring

I was reminded of how grateful I am
To be a member of Berryz Kobo、
And it also ties in with my power levels。

It might sound like an exaggeration
But even the smallest of details
Can become a source of truly great strength。


Once again、、

I’d like to do this
Casual dinner show
Packed with my feelings of gratitude
Towards everyone who’s always been watching warmly over me

Whether you’re a lady or a gentleman、
Of my age, younger
Or even older、
Let’s ENJOY it together ♡


I might not be able to put it properly in words (ノ_・。)

But I hope that I’ll be able to get across even a bit of how I feel!


I’m sorry
For updating the blog in the middle of the night 100[1] png Kumai


Good night 105[1] png zzz Kumai



209[1] png210[1] png211[1] png
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I went to an exhibition by WEGO-san ♡


With Maasan




It’s the first time I’ve gone to an exhibition with Maasan!!

Even though we’re used to going out together
It’s the first time we’ve gone to an exhibition 108[1] png Uzumaki Kumai

Maasan was excited to be at our first exhibition
Which was adorable 007 png Tere Kumai Yurina


We also got some delicious sweets!




Inside of the warm loaves of bread
Was some cold~ ice cream 251[1] png Kumai chocolate


I had marshmallow chocolate ♩


The richness of the chocolate was delicious 447[1] png honmei choco

By the way, I prefer dark chocolate!
How about you~??

White? Sugary? Dark?




When I got off the train upon arriving at Harajuku
I bumped into Fukuda Kanon-chan 081 png Kumai Okai

When I was heading to the ticket barrier
I saw Kanon from far away!!

I’m glad I got to see her after so long (*^.^*)✨

These kinds of coincidental meetings are nice too ♡
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Girls Meet-up

The other day、
I went for tea with some good friends of mine 082[1] png Kumai Yurina Maimi Okai Chisato


I laughed so much(lol)



They took a photo of me for the blog (lol)




I’m glad that we met up after so long ♡

The atmosphere of the store was great as well 087[1] Runrun Kumai Yurina Maimi


We used to eat school lunches together
And even though we used to steal bites
We’ve come to have tea
At such a stylish cafe… lolol



My 2 friends
Had this lovely lady aura 016[1] png kumai kyorokyoro088[1] png kirakra Kumai Yurina Maimi Okai Reina

I wish that I could bring out a lovely lady aura
At these times as well (lol)
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At yesterday’s ℃-ute Budokan LIVE ☆




Miya Kuma Maa Saki



Berryz Kobo~

When Berryz gather up
There definitely seems to be a tremendous impact! lol


Our contemporaries’ LIVE performance
Got us in high spirits as well 001[1] Kumai Bakuwara png Maimi

Nacky and Chissa
Waved at us from the trolley cart
Which raised our excitement 130[1] png Kumai142[1] png Kumai Yurina


And today is Chisato’s birthday 286[1] png

Chissa, many happy returns 082[1] png Kumai Yurina Maimi Okai Chisato

I wonder if she had a wonderful birthday (*^.^*)
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I went to watch ℃-ute LIVE in Budokan 340[1] png kumai karaoke Maimi


Here’s a snap that I took with Maasan before the show started
At the Budokan entrance 433[1] png kumai lol




We wanted to try it once~! lol

The fans around there
Called out to us、
Maasa! Kumai-chan!
Thank you very much (*^.^*)♡

You know、
We were undecided about whether to line up for goods! lol


And the LIVE performance itself 340[1] png kumai karaoke Maimi

Were really really cool 081 png Kumai Okai

In the middle of that coolness
There was also cuteness and sexiness
They were truly amazing 088[1] png kirakra Kumai Yurina Maimi Okai Reina088[1] png kirakra Kumai Yurina Maimi Okai Reina

It’s my pride
To have such a wonderful group as a contemporary!!


℃-ute, thanks for your hard work ♡
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Father’s Day

Today is Father’s Day 327[1] png suits


Papa, thank you for everything 081 png Kumai




In the past
Papa brought me along to all sorts of places 383[1] png Kuruma


It’s thanks to you being our household’s central pillar
That everyone in our family
Has always been extremely close 007 png Tere Kumai Yurina lol


Please keep your well being a top priority from now on as well 088[1] png kirakra Kumai Yurina Maimi Okai
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