Kumai Yurina

Pelvic Diet。

The other day at the office
I saw Pelvic Kiko-san!


Though it was our first meeting、
since she was kind and pretty
and just a year off my age
she was like a sister ♡(lol)


She has qualifications as
a pelvic diet instructor、
so also taught me some exercises
for pelvic correctionー!!





Since I’ve been worried about my pelvis、
I’m glad I was able to learn about the pelvic correction exercises!
I’ll work hard to be able to continue them。


I also tried drinking
some Acai, which is popular now。





It was unexpectedly easy to drink,
so I feel like I’ll get into it。♡


I’m heading to a shootー。

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Though everyone was worried about it
in the comments and such、、


I haven’t forgotten!! (lol)


The relay has come around
from Juice=Juice’s Takagi Sayuki-chan!
Thanks \(^o^)/♡


Sayuki-chan is incredibly friendly,
and gives an impression of being a hard worker!


At rehearsal for our Naruchika LIVE
when she learned that I like maccha was like,
「I thought of Kuma-san the instant I saw this!
and bought it without thinking!!」
I was incredibly happy
that she bought the maccha bagel for me ♡(lol)


The question I got
from that cute kouhai of mine, Sayuki-chan。


「Something which moved me recently」is、、


The book called 「Dakishimete」
which was recently made into a movie
moved me when I read it (;_;)!
Moreover, since it’s non-fiction、
I was desperately trying not to cry on the train
while reading it…(;_;) T_T


Being able to live healthy like this、
and do the things I want
it made me feel lots of things
like thankfulness
for being able to be freely active。


It’s like I can’t think of these things
as just being natural。
I’m grateful for being able to do activities like these
as if they’re just natural…。



The relay blog
which started from Morning Musume。’14′s
Leader Michishige Sayumi-san。
Next will be Morning Musume。’14′s
Kudou Haruka-chan \(^o^)/


I wanna sing a unit song again together
with Kuduu at a live (*^^*)
Though she’s boyish、
she also has times when she’s like a doll,
and that gap is great~!!lol


I wonder what has moved
that cutesy Kuduu recently??♡



On 3/29、30 at Yokohama Pacifico
we’ll be holding「HinaFES 2014」!


Those who have the time,
be sure to invite your friends and come play with us, okay!!


9 more days until HinaFES!!






A picture from sometime back。Nostalgic。(lol)

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안녕하세요 \(^o^)/
(Good afternoon)


Though I think some of you already know、


in an event sponsored by Korea’s Mnet
No.1 Artist of Spring 2014」
we’ll be appearing ♡


Date : 4/2(Wednesday)
Place : Yokohama Arena
Time : 19:00 curtain rises


I’ll work hard to be able to speak Korean
though this opportunity, if even just a little bit!!




Also today!
on NOTTV「Endan W」
I’ll be appearing together with
Tokunaga Chinami-chan!





Be sure to watch it okay\(^o^)/


I’m so anxious and excited…♡

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A Walk。

After work today
I took an easy walkー♪


I like taking walks
without being pressed for time。


There were lots of cute spring clothes,
so it got me excited\(^o^)/


On the way back I bought donuts for the first time in a while ♡




Limited spring versions ♡
So cute!!




I of course got the maccha flavor。




I couldn’t do a wink(lol)






Yep、I’ll quit playing around
and properly eat iーt。(lol)



I feel like allergies have begun recently…
Are you all all right?(T_T)



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Momochi, congrats on your birthday ♡




22 (nyan-nyan) years old 、


I hope you’ll have a wonderful year \(^o^)/



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10th Anniversary。



Berryz Kobo’s 10th anniversary ♡




Thanks for so much happiness。


I’m grateful…♡


Berryz Saikou ♡

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Solo LIVE。

Starting yesterday
we had our year in the making
solo tour START ♡


Thanks to those who came \(^o^)/


I really felt again that a LIVE
is so much fun!!


Since the tour has just started、
be sure to come play with us okayー♪


Since the LIVE finished early today、
my family celebrated our 10th anniversary for me
a bit earlyー(*^^*)!




A cake of my beloved Mickey ♡






Tomorrow at last is 3/3。
Berryz Kobo’s 10th birthday…


I hope it’ll be a wonderful day。♡

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Michibata Karen-san ♡

Yesterday at Venus Fort、
and today at Ikebukuro Sunshine
we had release events!!


Thanks for coming \(^o^)/




Tomorrow is an event in Osaka!


an announcement!


On my Radio Nippon show
which I do as a regular
with Tokunaga Chinami-chan
and airs every Sunday late night at 0:30~「BZS1422」、




Michibata Karen-san
will be appearing ♡




I met her for the first time、
so I was very happy at how her distinctive style
gave an incredible aura、
so she was a really gorgeous person ♡


Though of course as a model as well、
I also respect her an awful lot as a woman I admire ♡


I also have the Michibata 3-shimai book、
but I regret that I was too nervous
so wasn’t able to tell her I’ve read it…(´・_・`) lol


Be sure to check it out okayー!!

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New Song。

Yesterday、our double A-side Single
「Otona na no yo!」
「1oku 3zenman sou Diet Oukoku」




「Otona na no yo!」is
finished up as a song
for especially girls the same age as us
to identify with!
Be sure to look out for the adult us in the MV as well ♡




「1oku 3zenman sou Diet Oukoku」
first of all has an impact in the title(lol)
and while the lyrics have comedy-like parts、
the MV was completed give a cool look。




Be sure to check out both songs okay\(^o^)/




Hello Sute which was UPped yesterday!


This time I’ve been allowed
to work as MC!。




「1oku 3zenman sou Diet Oukoku」’s
dance shot ver. is also recorded in it!


Be sure to watch it okay (*^^*)


Well, I’m heading to Fukuoka noーw ✈︎

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Happy Valentine ♡


The snow is incredible,
so I wonder if everyone’s all right?(>_<)



I got these from the members \(^o^)/
Cookies and sweet potatoes♡
They were deliciousー!




I also got this from mamaー!
Cute chocolates ♡




I also made cookies this year!!


Mickey-shaped ♡




I made a lotー!!






Since it’s snowing a lot
this year is a White Valentine huh! ♡023[1] Snowman


Until a bit ago I had a snow battle
with my little brothersー!( ̄▽ ̄)



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