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THE Karaoke ★ Battle

I’ll be appearing on
「THE Karaoke ★ Battle」 at 6:57 p.m. ~ TV Tokyo 082[1] Kumai Yurina

It’s a showdown for the No.1 best male vocalist 093[1] Kumai Yurina


This time around
A wonderful outfit was prepared for me 088[1] kirakra Kumai Yurina



A Hart dress 432[1]

The silver shoes are from ZARA 426[1]

The earrings are from DAMIANI 404[1] Kumai



Please watch it~(*^.^*) 143[1] onpu Kumai Yurina
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Uji Machimeguri Fiesta

Our event at the Ujibashi Doori Shoutengai Chara stage
Of the Uji, Kyoto Machimeguri Fiesta
Ended successfully 007 Tere Kumai Yurina

To everyone who came、
Thank you very much

It made me happy
That lots of people came to see us~082[1] Kumai Yurina087[1] Runrun Kumai Yurina


We once again were able to have our fill
Of the good stuff in Uji city in Kyoto 088[1] kirakra Kumai Yurina

With Chacha Oukoku no Oujichama



the person who MCed the event
NHK Kyoto Housoukyoku’s Yamauchi Miwa-san 007 Tere Kumai Yurina



 083[1] Kumai Heart
The fresh DANCE BOX 143[1] onpu Kumai Yurina
And the Uji-cha ladies 222[1] ocha Kumai
Who livened up the stage with us


As Matchaーzu、 the Uji-cha ♡ Ambassadors
We were able to join in a lovely event
It was tons of fun (*^.^*) 083[1] Kumai Heart

I’d like to go to Uji city again ♩
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Kyoto, which I love~006[1] rabu love Kumai Yurina!!



Ujicha ♡ Ambassadors
℃-ute’s Suzuki and I
Will be appearing as “Matcha-zu”
At the Ujibashi Doori Shoutengai Chara stage
Of the fiesta happening around Uji, Kyoto 088[1] kirakra Kumai Yurina



We’ll also be selling things like T-shirts~087[1] Runrun Kumai Yurina

Please drop by!
And look forward to itー 082[1] Kumai Yurina
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Uji, Kyoto

I’ve got an announcement 002 Kumai Yurina

On the 4th of October (Sun)
Ujicha ♡ ambassadors
℃-ute’s Suzuki Airi-chan and I
Will be appearing as “Matcha-zu”
At the Ujibashi Doori Shoutengai Chara stage
Of the fiesta happening around Uji, Kyoto 082[1] Kumai Yurina


Details are here!



We’ll be selling T-shirts and tea utensils
Designed by us, Matcha-zu 088[1] kirakra Kumai Yurina

Everyone、 please make sure to attend (*^.^*) 087[1] Runrun Kumai Yurina


We’ll be waitingー149[1] heart Kumai Yurina
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This announcement is a bit late…

But I got to work
As a 「DAMMY」2015AW Visual Model 088[1] kirakra Kumai Yurina



It was my first photo shoot as a model
It gave me lots of motivation、
And it was a really good experience!



It’s at the store La Foret Harajuku
So please check it out 082[1] Kumai Yurina
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I tried this
Ice no Mi’s matcha milk flavour 082[1] Kumai Yurina




It’s rich with matcha
And the faint sweetness of milk (*^.^*)083[1] Kumai Heart

I recommend it to those who like matcha 004 Kumai Yurina
It’s limited-time-only, so make haste 093[1] Kumai Yurina


I’m also interested in the cafe au lait 005 onegai Kumai Yurina png‼︎
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I had an interview for 「TopYell」-san 002 Kumai Yurina

It was together with
ANGERME’s Fukuda Kanon-chan 082[1] Kumai Yurina




Kanon will be graduating from ANGERME
At their 29th November BUdokan performance。

With the remaining time、
I hope she’ll ENJOY herself without any regrets 087[1] Runrun Kumai Yurina

TopYell November edition、
Will go on sale on the 6th of October 088[1] kirakra Kumai Yurina

Make sure to check it out 083[1] Kumai Heart
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I’m on-location (*^.^*) 083[1] Kumai Heart


It’s a location that’s full of nature 199[1] Kumai Yurina Clover The air is clean as well 438[1] Kumai Yurina Hare



Once I can get information out
I’ll tell you about it 024[1] NikoNiko Kumai Yurina088[1] kirakra Kumai Yurina
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The other day、
I went to a cafe with my manager-san
After a photo shoot 090[1] Kumai Yurina Nagareboshi


Our goal was, of course、、

Matcha desserts ♡ 010 Kumai Yurina




A soft serve cream with matcha sauce
On an Ujikintoki sweet potato 082[1] Kumai Yurina

For the drink that came with the set
I got iced matcha! lol

All kinds of matcha 007 Tere Kumai Yurina


My manager-san
Also had matcha bavarois and iced matcha 002 Kumai Yurina



Matcha desserts are definitely delicious 087[1] Runrun Kumai Yurina
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Satoda Mai-san

Satoda Mai-san、
Congratulations on being 5 months pregnant 082[1] Kumai Yurina


Satoda-san’s really kind、
Cheerful、 has a fantastic figure
Is good at cooking, she’s a senior I look up to 088[1] kirakra Kumai Yurina088[1] kirakra Kumai Yurina

Please continue to take care of your body
And give birth to a healthy baby 002 Kumai Yurina
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