Kumai Yurina

Photo shoot & Nakano。

Good evening!
In the morning
BeriKyuu had a photo shoot for 「UTB」!
And then we had a LIVE performance at Nakano Sunplaza~!

Today’s photo shoot、
Was a photo shoot for
The 「UTB」 that’ll go on sale in February
And the 「Hello! Pro BEST SHOT!」 that goes on sale in March♡


This kind of photo makes us look like we’re in a class at school
Seeing us lined up, we’ve grown~ That’s what I thought! lol
It kind of felt nostalgic
What a fun photo shoot ♡

And we had a LIVE performance in the evening~!
Thank you to everyone who came ♪

And Miya returned today
It’s been a while since the 7 of us have been together~♡

The flu’s got pretty prevalent recently
It’s a pity that several Hello! members had to be absent (>_<)
I hope they get better soon (´・_・`)♡

Everyone, please take care too, okay (´・_・`)

I’ve got to wake up early tomorrow!
I’ll do my best at the 3 performances ♪

And with that、 good night ☆

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I beg for your kindness this year as well!!



I hope that 2015 will also be
A wonderful year overflowing with memories。♡


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New Year’s Eve。

Today is New Year’s Eve。
2014 ends today。

It feels like 2014 has been the fastest year of my life
A lot of things happened this year。

The biggest thing was definitely our
「Indefinite hiatus」
It truly was a decision made
After a lot of discussion and worrying。

We also had our first LIVE performance in France、
Our Budokan performance、 spring and autumn tours、 Naruchika、
Our bus tour、 stage-play、 Halloween event、
Our dinner show、 our Christmas event, etc…

Even in our private time
All of the members went to the Land of Dreams
We slept at a Japanese inn
We enjoyed ourselves like it was a field trip、
All of us played with fireworks…

It truly was filled with lots of memories ♡

Since we announced our hiatus、
Even the really minor things feel precious
And each and every moment is an important time。

I overthought about all sorts of things a little
And I don’t know what’s correct
I lost sight of myself
And rather than the worries disappearing
I’m even more swamped with worries、、、

But believing in a bright future、 I’ve got confidence!
I’d like to spend 2015
Without forgetting to 「ENJOY」 too!!

2014, thanks for all the hard work。
Thank you for the many memories ♡


I’ll eat New Year’s soba
And do my best at the Countdown LIVE!!


Have a good year。♡

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♡Merry Xmas♡

Xmas versions of cupcakes ♡
I bought them for my family~(*^^*)


They’re cute, so eating them feels like a waste~! lol

And for some reason
It doesn’t completely feel like Xmas。 lol
What’s more, 2014 is coming to an end soon…
The year passed by in a flash (ノ_・。)

A snap of what we wore during the Xmas event。


Today the rehearsals ended without a hitch!

The new members of Hello! have greatly increased
I feel the youth surrounding me (lol)
We were once at this stage too~
It felt deeply nostalgic…。

I’ve got to get up early tomorrow too!
I’ll do my best at rehearsals!


Enjoy Xmas~♪♪♡

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L、 lo and behold‼︎

Late night 12:30 midnight~
On JORF 「BZS1422」、
L、 lo and behold…!!
Our new song 「Love together!」
From our album that’ll go on sale the 21st of January、
Will be played On Air for the first time ♡

This song still hasn’t been unveiled anywhere else!
BZS1422 will be the very 1st, before anywhere else!!!
For Berryz Kobo、
It truly is our last song。

The lyrics are really nice、
So I’d be glad if you listen to them carefully (^^)


Today at 12:30 midnight~
Everyone, make sure to listen to it, okay ♡

Tell us your thoughts once you’ve listened to it, okay~!!
This Hawaiian surfing Santa
Was at the radio’s studio ♡

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I think there are already people who are aware of this、
But Berryz Kobo will be appearing
In the Thai film 「The One Ticket」!!

In this movie,
For the sake of his daughter
Who’s a big fan of Berryz Kobo、
The father does his best to get Berryz Kobo’s concert tickets
It’s a comedy film!

We’ll be appearing
With 「the role of Berryz Kobo」 *\(^o^)/*

We took a photo together with
The female lead UK-chan ♡


She was adorable~♡

It’ll be screening in Thailand from 31st December!!
If you have the chance, please make sure to check it out ♪

Tomorrow we’ve got polaroid & signing & individual handshake events !
Let’s have a good chatー (*^^*)

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Good evening!

Today we had a Naruchika LIVE in Morioka、
And yesterday we had one in Yamagata !
Thank you to all who came*\(^o^)/*

It was the first time we’ve performed LIVE in both Morioka and Yamagata ♡
I’m happy that we got to do so~!!



Yesterday in Yamagata
We ate Yamagata beef and imoni potato and meat stew ♡


The imoni had a homely taste
It was really delicious~♡
I had seconds!(lol)


Today we had Morioka’s speciality of cold reimen noodles!
We didn’t have the time, so I didn’t take a photo (´・_・`)

It was snowing in Morioka、
It’s the first snow we’ve encountered this winter
So that got our spirits up~!!
I wanted to have a snowball fight ♪

It’s gotten really cold lately
So everyone, please take care of your health, ok!

Let’s do our best at work and at school again
From tomorrowー (*^^*)

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Final Day。

Today at Sendai、
「Berryz Kobo Début 10-Shuunen Kinen Concert
Tour 2014 Autumn ~Professional~」
has been wrapped up!!
It’s been ages since we performed LIVE by ourselves at Sendai
So we were happy to do so~♡

And today、
The hall tours for Berryz Kobo
Have come to an end。

The view from the stage、
I’ll burn it into my memory。

Being able to see
Everyone enjoying themselves、
We fully enjoyed ourselves too!!
I thought that I’d like to end today with a smile…
But the tears still ended up flowing。

From the start of the concert to the end
It really was in the blink of an eye
So even though I thought
That I wanted to treasure every moment、、、
The more I think about it
Time really passed by in a moment。

We’ve held 17 tours
From our début、
And I have a lot of memories about each performance
Memories that I never want to forget。

Of course、
I won’t forget today’s concert
And I don’t want those who came for this tour
To forget either。


I’m so fortunate
To be able to stand on this stage!!

Thank you very much for the extravagant time ♡♡


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Good evening。
Today we had an event at COTTON CLUB!


All the members are over 20
So alcohol was OK at this event ☆

It was an event
That had really romantic, mature atmosphere
That was different than normal!!

It kind of made me uneasy (lol)

We sang songs we hadn’t done for ages
We sang in small groups、、、

Usually we’re always messing around
And making a ruckus、
But I guess all of you got a look at
The grown up Berryz Kobo today⁇
That’s what I think (*^^*)


At the 1st performance
Takahashi Ai-san came
She’s a senior I look up to ♡

Takahashi-san’s good at singing and dancing
She’s really stylish
She’s truly someone I look up to ♡

We also got gifts!

Thank you very much♪

And this was announced today、
But next year on the 23rd of January
For the 2nd time at COTTON CLUB
We’ll be holding an event~!!
I’m looking forward to it from now ♡

Well、 there’s the Hachiouji LIVE tomorrow♡
I’ll work hard tomorrow too!

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November 29th。

Good evening!
Today is the 29th of November。

I guess the world at large thinks of it as ‘Ii Niku no Hi‘, ‘Good meat day’⁇

Our producer Tsunku♂-san
Refers to it as
「Ii Tsunku♂ no Hi」, ‘Good Tsunku♂ day’ *\(^o^)/*

Speaking about November 29th…
On this day last year
It was the day where we stood on the stage
Of Nippon Budokan for the first time。


It’s already been 1 year since then。
Time really does pass by in the blink of an eye~
I’ll never forget about that day、
And from then on, November 29th
Would always be a special day
「The day we first stood on the stage of the Nippon Budokan」ー。


It’s a precious memory ♡

And today
We had a LIVE performance at Gotanda U-Port Hall!
Thanks to everyone who came♡

It was hot and pumped up today as well、
And there’s just 4 performances remaining in this enjoyable tour。
Each song、 each second、 I’ll treasure each moment
I’d like to fully enjoy
The remaining performances ♪


Today Morning Musume。’14′s
Fukumura Mizuki-chan came to see us♡
We got giftsー!


The Kyusoku Jikan made me really happy~!!(lol)
If you paste the sheet on your leg before going to sleep
It gets really refreshed!!
I’ll stick it on today and go to sleep (*^^*)
Mizuki-chan, thank you ♡

And we also got a gift
From the stylist-san
We worked with!


Thank you very much!
They were really delicious (*^^*)
Next time, I’ll go and buy some for myself ♪


Tomorrow we’ve got individual handshake events!
Let’s have a good chat (*^_^*)

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