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Koha Miya Lovey-Dovey shots ❤️

Putting together some lovey-dovey shots~~ ♡



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Natsuyaki-san ♡

Tonight I was with this person ♡
Natsuyaki-san ♡


When Koharu was at home、 watching Chibimaruko
Miya contacted me asking ‘What are you up toー?’、 and we went for a meal ♡

We talked so much、 we were the last customers at the store ♡

It’s rare to have such a good friend at the same level ♡♡♡

And then we went for karaoke、 and sang lots of Buono!’s songs ♡

Because Koharu’s a Buono! fan ♡

Yup yup yup ♡ It was awesome ♡


I had so much funーーーー‼︎
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Berryz Last Live ♡♡♡

I went to see Berryz Koubou’s last liveーv(^-^)vv(^-^)vv(^-^)v





You’ve been working hard these 12 and a half years ♡


Since the Berryz members are around my age and I’m close to them、it somehow overlapped for me too at today’s live and there were parts which gave me some deep feelings‼



But they were really cool‼
For now I want them to take it easy and rest their bodiesー☺


Everyone in Berryz, thank you for all your hard work v(^-^)v
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Berryz Kobo

I heard that Berryz Kobo will be going on an indefinite hiatus‼
I heard it from someone in the company in the morning、 but it honestly really came as a surprise、 yet I heard that it was a proactive decision、 so I want them to do their best on their new paths (^^) ‼



Berryz have a longer history in the entertainment world than I do、 they’re my senpai in the company、 but we’re close age-wise、
When we were at an exhibition、 I hung out with them and got really close to them、 so this announcement really came as a surprise!!



Without thinking about it, I called up Miyabi :aseru: :aseru: :aseru:
Even though it looked like everyone was busy before the performance、 she explained it clearly to me、
She told me 『I’m sorry for not telling you~:aseru: Koha, let’s go for a meal again, okayー(^^)』 (;´Д`)ノ
Let’s ~~


Miyabi is the same age as me、 and we went to high school together、 so I want her do her best~



I had a ton of worries when I graduated from Hello! Project and Morning Musume。 when I was 17、 so I really understand that it’s not easy to give a simple response‼(☻-☻*)
I want them to do their best from now on too 
All the best to everyone in Berryz Kobo 




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Ai-chan, Congratulations on your marriage

Ai-chan has gotten married*~~~(*^◯^*)♥♥




After her Morning time, Ai-chan was together with him♡
Become the happiest in the world, okay♡


I got a call on the telephone, and I was surprised(*^◯^*)
If Ai-chan is happy, that’s all that matters♡




so happy…



*T.N.: The actual wedding is on Valentine’s Day 2014, but they’ve already registered it with the government, so either that makes them married as opposed to just engaged or Koharu doesn’t know what she’s talking about.
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I went hereーー
The scenery is beautifulーー
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Reward for myself♡♡


I bought this as a gift for myself, a SAINT LAURENT
coin case♡
I’ve always wanted something small to hold change because there’s no place to put coins in large luggage.
It was a good find~♡
The black color is chic and cool♡
I’ll start using it tomorrow♡

Kondo Aya-chan came to watch our performance♡
I promised I would have lunch with her this time♡
CanCam is on sale
Be sure to check it out♡
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About Yesterday


I did a photo shoot yesterday with E-girls’ Kaede-chan for the first time!
She’s 17~
She’s amazingly cute(´∀`*)
Also while I was going to finish the filming for 2LDK,
I met up with Fuduka and Wakatsuki who just finished their last shots♡
2 friends finishing work‼
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Girls Award

Girls Award was really fun♡
I was with Sonmi-chan♡
Sonmi took a picture of the finale while standing in the audience~~
Good thing she had her cell phone in her pocket~~lol
It was really hectic so I didn’t take a lot of pictures,,,
I even met Yumi-chan backstage~~
We both said “Kyaa!” when we saw each other♡
I appeared on Avan Lily and Wego’s sets♡
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Girls Award

Today is the Girls Awards
This is what it’s like when you first get to the dressing room in the morning❤
There is always a souvenir gift
I look forward to using them
I’m off to rehersal^ ^
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