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Everyone, have a happy night before New Year’s Evehearta_orgmusic_orgliwu_org

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Us two ate continuously from morning till night completely without the slightest moral integrity, we couldn’t stopheia_orgThank you little Lu for giving me so much of your guys’ home @亮彩眼镜网 ‘s eyeglasses~so cutehsa_org[1]

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@大小姐愛子 @大小姐兆絃 It’s truly been quite a while since I’ve seen you!!  Waaah!  Back then you were super cute little girls, you’ve gotten increasingly beautiful and increasingly moe!lovea_org[1]In addition they gave me a gift, what a very polite thing, they wrote a very hearfelt card, it was so movinghearta_orgA thank you filled with love to you bothlovea_org[1]

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T.N.: The girls in the picture and the people she @’d and is talking about are Frances and Aiko of DaXiaoJie.
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Kimi no Kawari wa Iyashinaimusic_org Kimi no Kawari wa Iyashinai music_orgKimi no Kawari wa Iyashinai music_orgKimi no Kawari wa Iyashinai music_org~



T.N.: The MM song “Kimi no Kawari wa Iyashinai” (her picture is of the MV) begins by repeating the song title four times.
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It’s been a super long time since I’ve been together with all of UP UP GIRLS!!!!sada_org[1]lovea_org[1]gza_org[1] I’m really glad to see them!!  Everyone is totally cute and pretty!  I fully want to see them again♡All the H!P members at a concert or something!hsa_org[1]

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Today I saw everybody again at long last!!lovea_org[1]Thank you Barry-san and also @Ryo_jpop -sister(^.^)I had a great time eating!  During my time in MM I was really taken care of!  Being able to be in Taiwan just having a reunion would make me extremely happy![Victory][Victory] Then it’s been so cheerfully decided, afterwards I’ll go stalk you all againheia_org

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Lalala no Pipipi*music_org


*T.N.: “Lalala no Pipipi” is the name of a solo song by Michishige Sayumi.
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I just finished watching the wake-up LIVE,this plot was very cute, wasn’t it!  I couldn’t stand how cute their various natural reactions werehearta_org They were just as beautiful with their make-upless faces and pajamasz2_orgRegardless of if it’s the members on stage or everyone off stage, certainly all without letting up is good, yet it’s all so very exciting, all the fans always with support sticks, I saw them and was very touched.gza_orgLastly, I want to say “Chaa-chan, hello, this is my family Risou-chan, you two really didn’t consider that I’d come to ship you as a couple?”heia_org

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201413!  A profession of love to everyone! shamea_org Does everyone like LinLin back?hearta_org

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Happy New Year!~#马上有钱# Immediately have money!  Immediately have Qian Lin*


*T.N.: Puns galore!  The hashtag says “Immediately have money” (we would say “Get rich quick”, but puns never translate well), and the character for “money” is the same as the one for her family name (Qian).  The characters for “immediately” are literally “horse” and “on/above”, and this is the year of the horse.
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