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Happy New Year!~#马上有钱# Immediately have money!  Immediately have Qian Lin*


*T.N.: Puns galore!  The hashtag says “Immediately have money” (we would say “Get rich quick”, but puns never translate well), and the character for “money” is the same as the one for her family name (Qian).  The characters for “immediately” are literally “horse” and “on/above”, and this is the year of the horse.
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happy new year!Yesterday I was very happy to spend New Year’s Day in Taipei for the first time, thank you every one so much for taking good care of me music_org Side note, this really* seems like Michishige-han!!  A real person is more similar!  The first time I saw her I somehow was almost about to cry kl_org All of my friends are good people to whom I’m much indebted, thank you!  This year I’ll try my very best, in order to see everyone a lot♡

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*T.N.: Thank you to kaki for the correction.
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lovea_org[1]lovea_org[1]lovea_org[1]lovea_org[1]lovea_org[1]lovea_org[1]lovea_org[1] I’ll promote them my whole life!

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@Queenie竹子 sent my both beautiful and warm coat, and said under natural light the clothes are even more soft and white?lovea_org[1]Thank you~Your family looked after the clothes too wellgza_org The outfit, how it’s starting out~

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Ai-chan, congratslovea_org[1]lovea_org[1]lovea_org[1]!!  The bridegroom unexpectedly isn’t me, so sadshamea_org Hahaha.  Well, well, all kidding aside~Even though with Abe-san, he has to be with Ai-chan when we’re chatting on the phone for a long time, but being able to make Ai-chan feel like a blessed person, that certainly is a very good person!  Please become the happiest wife, okaylovea_org[1]If not I will hurry to Japan and take you away!  Ai-chan, I love youhearta_org
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lovea_org[1]Thank you, @陈雪v博 ~The new style of eyelashes is super natural!  I immediately felt myself become a member of the local tyrant gold* series in the high up big ranks~cool_org[1]
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*T.N.: “Local tyrant gold” is what Chinese people (on the internet in particular) call the gold iPhone 5S instead of “champagne gold” as a sort of dig at the rich show offs or those in the “high up big ranks”.
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Taking pictures resulted in more praise and more only feeling good about myself~The package is very diligently delicate~Thank you belle for sending me my Mito phone 1s limited editionhearta_orgChristmas is like this date of illusionliwu_orgI recommend this one, it’s too fitting

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I watched the theater version, afterwards how directly I got a Gintama figure!!  I have a feeling his handsomeness turned out to a new level

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Three, Thank you


[Question! ~"Youth" whatever does it mean?

LinLin's youth is Morning Musume.

All the fans, members, and staff whom I got to come, was associated with, and loved by in my youth, truly thank you!  Thank you for giving me this lovely youth!♥Now I have to try my best in order to send something lovely out to everyone from LinLin, right!

My Christmas wish is that I want to see everyone again!  "When I continue to try my best", I say Santa-san will surely grant my wish one day!

The sky is connecting us...forever...

Eternally December 15th]
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Tanaka-han, happy birthdaygza_org[1]cakeThe band, both beauty and brains, I really like itmusic_orgThe day we rock together is in due timecool_org[1]
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