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I’m very happy about teatimelovea_org[1] The cake is super yummy!  Thank you very much ^o^ Ahaha A beautiful woman really understands my likes in the fabulous Meitu cellphone 2hearta_org Thank you~This request for selfies on the road, at what pace will they be gone forever~heia_org

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I’m leaving a lot behindye_org[1]

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Good morningo0020002012824348761[1] I obviously got up early, my eyes are particularly sensitive, but I’m wearing a new type without crying and totally without feeling them, oh yeah!  The world is a clear sheet, ahaha, the cases are great beauties @Judyvision Thank you~hohoho~I’ll try my best at today’s recording!

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The sun we see is the sun from 8 minutes ago, the moon we see is the moon from 1.3 seconds ago, the building we see from one mile away existed 5 microseconds ago, even though you’re one meter away from me, the you I see is from 3 nanoseconds ago.  We actually see everything in the past, therefore to say when you reflect in the mirror the you you see isn’t the current you…therefore the conclusion I’ve reached is: I’m not fat, that’s the former mecool_org

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The world is so big, and there’s so much that’s delicious, and yet I, I’ve had to live without that for several decades, it’s just so sad…

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Happy birthday to me~ I’m at: New Taipei City

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Early in the morning Michishige-han sent me the information that Morning Musume. ’14’s 55th single “Egao no Kimi wa Taiyou sa/Kimi no Kawari wa Iyashinai/What is LOVE?” got first place on Oricon Weekly Single Ranking!  It really doesn’t matter how many times I hear it, I’m still so happy!  leader and everyone all really tried very hard, it was awesome!lovea_org[1]I also really, really miss you!  Try your best together!
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Everyone, Happy New Yearlovea_org[1]

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Everyone, have a happy night before New Year’s Evehearta_orgmusic_orgliwu_org

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Us two ate continuously from morning till night completely without the slightest moral integrity, we couldn’t stopheia_orgThank you little Lu for giving me so much of your guys’ home @亮彩眼镜网 ‘s eyeglasses~so cutehsa_org[1]

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