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Thank You!

My last event
is over~!

Everyone who came,
everyone who supported me,
thank you very much :nikoniko: :nikoniko:

…Though I kinda don’t know
what I should write…

Thanks for coming to this event
on such an important day at the end of the year :nikoniko:

The 1st performance and the 2nd performance
I did with all my strength!

Though I don’t really feel like it’s all over,
it was incredibly fun :sun: :sun:

At the 2nd performance
it went from shots of the original members
until now, and us 3 original members
did a medley :hiyoko:

I’m really happy
I was able to do a medley at the end with the 3 of us,
and it was incredibly fun :nikoniko:

At the last one
it was full of
pink and white glowsticks

I was incredibly moved!

Though I didn’t plan to cry,
I cried
even though my crying face is unattractive.
I’m sorry (lol)

It was really over before I knew it,
but somehow my tears
wouldn’t stop the whole time.

I’m really really thankful.

I wonder if I conveyed that to everyone
at the handshake event–.

Since I started doing activities
as a Hello! Pro Egg, it’s been probably about
7 and a half years, right?

There were really lots of things
that happened :cat2:

I didn’t have confidence in anything,
and it was incredibly frustrating
how bad and absent my true abilities were

and there were times
I looked backward
when I thought about everything

Since everyone always gave me comments
and came to events
and supported me

I was really able to think that I’d do my best
and come to this point :nikoniko:

I’m really thankful :sun: :sun:

…Um, putting 7 years into words
is really difficult… ^^;

Since you’ll start to not understand me
if I just write loosely,
I’ll talk simply!

Everyone, thank you very much for everything until now.

Thank you very much for supporting
me like this :nikoniko:

That so many people like this
cheered me on,

and that so many people like this
supported me,

I definitely won’t forget!

All of the members,
thank you very much for everything until now :nikoniko: :sun:

All of you who are always laughing and positive
and strange (lol)
I love you!

Since I think that Yuuka
is probably the one who knows best
what everyone’s good points are (lol)

I’ll always keep supporting you
as S/mileage’s #1 fan!

I won’t forget
that I promised everyone
that sometime I’ll cheer you on from the seats in Tokyo Dome! \(^-^)/

The staff-san
who’ve always supported me.

My dance teacher
who would always get angry at me (lol),

My makeup-san
who was always kind to me,

All my co-actors who I’ve been in the care of

My beloooooved Hello! senpai
whose kindness I incredibly respected,

and everyone who cheered me on,

Everyone who was concerned with me,
thank you very much :nikoniko: :nikoniko: :nikoniko: :kirakira:

Even if I graduate
I’ll do my best
as myself!

I want to be happy so much
that I won’t lose to you all in it :choki:

Really really, thank you!

2011 December 31st
S/mileage’s Maeda Yuuka
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It was fun!

Good evening~ :nikoniko: :sun:

Today we had individual handshake events!

So very many
people came :hiyoko:

And we talked a lot! :nikoniko: :nikoniko:

I was favored
by all the kind words
from everyone (lol)

They were also super funny
and so made me laugh a lot!

There were lots of people
for whom this would be the last day too.

I wonder if I properly conveyed
my feelings of gratitude :cat2: ?

I’m really glad
to have been able to do an individual handshake event at this time :nikoniko:

Really, really
thank you :sun: :sun:

I’ll definitely
not forget today \(^-^)/

Manager-san specially
made us some
S/mileage straps :cat2:

Not for sale~isn’t that great~ :choki: :choki: (lol)

Tomorrow…… is the last day of the year


Maeda Yuuka’s last day
in S/mileage.

I somehow don’t feel it at all
and I really have not been thinking of anything
to say or to write tomorrow
so now I’m rushing a bit lol

I feel like
I won’t be able to sleep today~ (lol)

The 7 years I’ve had until now
I really don’t feel
will be over tomorrow

And so I’m in a condition of wondering what to do tomorrow
but what I can say now
I’ll say anyhow with all my heart
and have a stage with no regrets.
So with that.

I’ll use up all I have!! :choki: :kirakira: :kirakira:

Everyone who can’t come tomorrow
please support me :nikoniko: :sun:

And everyone who’ll be coming tomorrow
let’s get energized together~!

I hope the last day of the year

will be the best :nikoniko: :sun: :sun:

Okay then, everyone
goodnight :hiyoko:


Even though I said I’d post a lot today
I’m sorry I was only able to
3 times… :shock:

Break time was shorter than I imagined. (lol)
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I hope I’ll be able to
do lots of updates! :nikoniko: (lol)

Earlier, before separating,
everyone went to
Tower Records Shibuya~~ :running:

We all
filled the entryway! (lol)

So we went for
commemorative pictures :choki:

Does it look good on me? (lol)

This was from my individual breaktime :hiyoko:
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Photo Event!

Morning~ :hiyoko:

There was a photo event yesterday~!

An awful lot of people
came for us. Thanks :nikoniko:

We really played around yesterday.

Ayaka-chan was beside me,
so the two of us did different poses and such.

And also crazy funny faces!
a lot of people told us to do (lol)

I put my all into it too much
so there were many times I felt like I wouldn’t be able to talk anymore lol :nikoniko:

And our eyes already wouldn’t stay open
when we were doing it with lots of smiles!

Did everyone get a good picture
for some lasting memories :cat2: :cat2: ?

And I snuck out during a break
to be allowed to intrude
on ℃-ute-san’s UST :choki: :kirakira:

The things Okai-san made
were really delicious~ :sun: :sun:
I couldn’t eat the fried chicken
Suzuki-san made since I didn’t have time :shobon:

Though I was worried whether I’d be able to talk
since I was the only one from S/mileage there

℃-ute-san was reeeeally kind,
and I feel incredibly proud :shobon: :shobon: :kirakira:

Thank you very much!
I’ll always be your fan :nikoniko: :heart:

We’re also splitting up
into sentimental groups today~ :choki:

Let’s put all our strength into it~ \(^o^)/

Okay then!
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Good evening!

Today I had an event
full of memories
at IMA Hall :hiyoko:

It’s Please Miniskirt Postwoman’s!
release day!

I ran swiftly through
all 3 performances :running:

At the first one,
I was allowed to sing Matsuura Aya-san’s
“Watashi no Sugoi Houhou” :shobon: :shobon:

It’s the memorable song I was allowed to sing for my first solo
as a Hello! Pro Egg at the Shinjin Kouen
which I reeeeeally love :nikoniko:

I’m really glad I was able to sing it~ :sun:

Though during it, my voice of course
got a bit raspy
and so there were vexing parts too :shobon:

When we did the handshake meet
so incredibly many people said things like,
“Your solo was great!” or “I was moved!”
or “This song really fits Yuuka”
which made me really happy :shobon: :kirakira:

Then at the 2nd performance… (lol)
It was already an event for Kanon :nikoniko: lol lol

It was really too much the best (lol)

At the 3rd performance
as a surprise from all the fans
the glowsticks in the hall went all pink :shock:

I was really moved,
and so I really felt again
that birthdays like this with
everyone celebrating for me
will go away too.

Everyone who came,
I really thank you very much :shobon:

Yep! Today
I turned 17~

Thank you very much
for so many comments :nikoniko:

My ambition for 17 is
though everyone’s supporting me now
after I graduate,
I don’t want to be dependent on anyone

so I want to become a level-headed person
who can do things properly for myself :guddo:

Offshot from my photobook

Okay then, goodnight :cat2:
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Tower Records Shibuya

The event there
is over~~~ :nikoniko: :sun:

An awful lot of people
were standing in line since the morning!

Really, thank you very much :hiyoko:

The 2nd performance
was broadcast on UST too!
Did you watch it? :nikoniko:

Though I was pretty much better than yesterday
I apologize that I’m still in the state
where my voice isn’t coming out too well :shock:
I’ll heal quickly!
At the event my body really got energized,
so I’m glad I was able to have an event
at Tower Records Shibuya
full of memories :nikoniko: :kirakira:
Before the performance started,
there was an impromptu interview,
and as a surprise a huge cake
came out. Shocking :shock: :shock: !
It was a really super huge one!

…that we got (lol)
I wonder if I’ll be able to stop eating it~? (^q^)

Then, during the event too
there was a surprise cake! Oh my gosh! (lol)

It was from Tower Records Shibuya-san.
Thank you :shock: :heart:

Everyone who came,
thank you very much!

At Tower Records Shibuya
every time a single comes out
they put up a panel like this
for us :shock: :kirakira:

The person who drew this
bought Yuuka’s photobook
and put a really awesome drawing of it
into this panel too
so I was really happy :shobon: :heart: !

Thank you..

All of you too, be sure to come see it
at Tower Records Shibuya :nikoniko: :sun:
My last event while 16
was really the best~! Thanks! :running: :dash:
I thought a good bit about the past,
and I do have
lots of regrets.

Thoughts like, “Ahh, that time”
or “Ahh, I wish I would have done that”
or “Ahh, I wonder why I didn’t do that”

But I don’t have any regrets
from my 16-year-old self :nikoniko: (lol)

Or rather, it was like that today,
but I didn’t think very much of how
today was my last event as a 16-year-old.

I’m living every day
thinking it’s the last :nikoniko: :paa:
…that’s a bit terrible, isn’t it. lol lol lol

And so, even if I become 17,
I want to make each
and every day precious
as if it’s the last!

I’m grateful to all the people
who supported my 16-year-old self :nikoniko: :sun:
I really thank you very much!

And tomorrow
S/mileage’s 8th single
Please Miniskirt Postwoman!
will be released :nikoniko:

Everyone, please support us~!

Okay then, see you tomorrow :paa:
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On Sale Now!

Morning~ :hiyoko: :hiyoko:

UTB which is on sale now :nikoniko:

Appearing with Ayaka-chan
the two of u~s :hiyoko:

I took it in Okinawa~ \(^o^)/

Since the two of us really talked
about things and such up until now
be sure to look look at it :nikoniko:

Also today
is an event at Tower Records Shibuya!

We’ll be waiting :nikoniko: :nikoniko: :sun:

Okay then!
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It’s been awhile

Good evening!

Today we had rehearsal
for the fanclub event
on the 31st :nikoniko:

It’s been awhile
since I’ve sweated that crazily :dash:

Iyaa, we danced~ :kirakira: :kirakira: (lol)

Since we’ll be doing lots more songs
than at normal events
the amount of sweating here is incredible!

I can’t wait! :sun:

A picture from yesterday’s
recording for MelodiX :camera:

Did you watch it, everyone?

Yama-chan and Shizu-chan
are really funny
so it was full of laughter (lol)

Ah! Everyone!
Did you watch the Hello! Pro TIME
at Fujikyuu?

Yuuka hasn’t watched it yet~.

I want to see it soon!! \(^o^)/

Well then, goodni~ght :cat2:
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Good evening \(^-^)/

At Nagoya’s Kintetsu Passe and
Oasis 21
we had an event!

Continuing on today from yesterday
it was reaaally cold :shock:

Anyway, everyone who came
thank you very much :sun:

Since it’s cold,
please take care not to catch cold
I said,

and it seems like I’ve somehow caught a cold… :aseru:

At the first performance at Oasis 21
along the way my voice started not coming out well :shobon:

My vocal cords are naturally frail
as well :shobon:

At the Kintetsu Passe handshake meet,
there were lots of people who were saying,
today will be the last time I see Yuuka!

And even so, my voice wouldn’t come
it was regrettable, and I apologized
and started crying~ (T_T)
I’m really sorry.

But since the events were really fun
and exciting,
I was happy! Thanks!

For the 3rd performance
we came out wearing tree hats :kirakira:

Ah! Today is Christmas Eve!
Merry Christmas everyone! (lol)

…Ah, as for that
those tree hats were
again… heavy heavy.

Since I started swaying partway through,
when I thought about taking it off,

the pin was really stuck
so I couldn’t take it off

But since I felt like I could,
it was tough~ :shobon: (lol)

Everyone, did you have fun? :nikoniko:
Did you catch cold? :shobon:

I had lots of fun!
Thank you very much :sun:

From the left, Mei, Kana-chan, Ayaka-chan’s
Merry Christmas!
sweets that I got :hiyoko:

We’re such girls~~(lol)
Thanks!! :kirakira:

In the morning we appeared
on Hanasaka Times :nikoniko:

I’m glad I was able to say
“Congrats on your wedding”
to Azuma MAX-san! :nikoniko: :choki:

Okay then!
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It’s over~!

Good evening \(^o^)/

Today was an event
in Kobe :cat2:

It was craaaaaaazy cold~ :shock:

Though we were okay
since we were moving,

you waited for us the whole time
before the event started :shock:

I hope you haven’t caught cold~ :aseru:

Mm but at the event, for the first time
I didn’t sweat even a bit :aseru:

Did we make it fun for you?

Though it was cold,
conversely too cold
laughter wouldn’t stop (lol)

The illumination
and the glowsticks were both super pretty

so I’m happy everyone
wore faces that looked like you were having fun :sun:

Everyone who came
thank you very much!

Come again!

Okay then! escaping~


The answer

to my last blog–

I forgot

my carrying case (^0_0^) -giggle-

Though I’ll be staying over today,
things I’ve been using to prepare

I left the carrying case for
in the car…

Aren’t I such an idiot~?? !

bought me what I need


I still of course feel down (lol) (lol) (lol)
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