Mano Erina

At last

It is the first day of

Kibako no Kai.


Just earlier
we finished the dress rehearsal.


It has been a while since
I’ve been this nervous. lol


I’m going to enjoy myself and do this play
so that everyone
can have fun
can feel satisfied
and so that it will leave itself in your hearts forever!!


With nervousness, excitement, and
a little bit of anxiety
my emotions are all tumbling around (lol)




For training today
my RADWIMPS live Tshirt♪


The last 2-3 days
I’ve been listening to RADWIMPS.


Okay, I’ll get ready
get my mind ready too
and I’ll be off to the show starting at 7pm!!!
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Glasses girl

It has been a while but
an Ameba limited access article.


Even so
its not like the content is rare or something…lol


Everyday is daily practice.


For a change of pace, I made a bento
and carried it to the training site.
And, while listening to music that I like
I wandered around a little bit
on the road from the station to the training site.


On my days off from practice
I’ve also tried this change of pace ^ ^


When I start brooding
I hit a dead end, or like
I can’t find a way out so
once in a while, I want to forget and be free.


That on-off switch
it surprisingly important, isn’t it!






In the training room.


The glasses I use when I read the script.


They were just made recently (^ω^)


I normally don’t wear them!
They are limited to when I look at
a script or a book or like a piano score!


Well then,
there is just a little bit left of practice.


I’ll focus and do my best!!!!


Amenba Entry List
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It’s tomorrow。

Mano Erina’s
6th photobook
goes on sale tomorrow


Once again, here is
an off-shot from the photobook




I wore a bathing suit at the ocean in Yamaguchi prefectureーーー!


Thanks to the fact that it was overcast
the sky was, on the contrary, a dazzling pure-white


We had rented a private home close to the ocean
and were taking pictures

and I was given keychains

handmade by an elderly woman there






I’ll put them on my key!


By all means, please take a look at
my photobook that’s on sale tomorrow, everyone
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It’s almost here。

My photobook「ZERO
is on sale


Some time ago
I received the completed photobook

in advance
^ ^


I’ll have to look at it when I go home。


On the 30th I’ll be in Nagoya
and on the
31st I’ll be in Shibuya for handshake events

It’s been a while, so I’m excited
I’ll be waiting for you




The yukata I wore in my photobook


In the end, I haven’t been able to wear
a yukata in my private life this year either
Has everyone else worn one


Next year, for sure
it would be nice if I could go to a festival or something wearing one
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I’ve been charged up!!

The other day
I got electrified


At Disney Sea *\(^o^)/*


My purpose for going was this little guy♡




The new character,


All but the plushies
were sold out


If a costume comes out, I want itっ∩^ω^∩




I’d lined up my friends’ Gelatonis
and was taking photos




This was taken at just the right moment(Lol)


From start to close
I played until I was exhausted




It’ll be nice if I can go at Halloween too (*´艸`*)
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So the other day、
I went out to eat with
Berryz Koubou’s Momochi


It’s been such a long time since I’ve seen her,
so I was glad to be able to talk with her


Since before I had my solo debut
around my time as a Kenshuusei

Momo-chan would take the time to talk to me

and from then on
、during Hello!Con and stuff
we really were together a lot

As one of my senpai in Hello!Project

and as the one person called Momochi

I respect her, and calm down when we talk ^ ^


everyone’s surprised when they find out that

two people with completely different personalities
get along well(Lol)
For this reason, when we’re together

the motivation I get from her is huge


When I decided on graduating
the very first member I told was Momochi


I trust Momo-chan that much,
and want to hear her opinions


I’m glad we got to talk so much *\(^o^)/*


That’s right、
I got an e-mail from S/mileage’s

Katsuta Rina-chan、、、


“I’m reading your London blog!”


It seems that she’s interested in overseas places
so apparently she’s enjoying reading my blog


I’ll conclude my London blog
very soon


everyone’s responses really have declined

so I guess my regular blog posts really do

get more comments and such


knowing that other members are reading it too

makes me a bit happy


I’m going along on a whim after all


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Traveling Alone in London Part2

Now、from the airport to the hotel!!

Before that、
The Heathrow Airport is so expansive

and it was congested enough that

coming out of immigration check

it took about an hou
to get my hand luggage


Every time I go overseas I think this。
What’s up with the nervousness you get

at that immigration check?


For my travel from the airport,
I was joining a travel agency tour this time

so although it was a free plan type of tour,

it included drop-off and pick-up from the airport to the hotel

so they hoーーーnked the car


The travel agency people
explained all sorts of things to me, alongside some pamphlets

but the city scenery was fresh to me

and no matter what, my gaze kept traveling out the window




arrival at the hotelっ!


I also checked in without any trouble
and went into my room

and then, since it was already evening

I went for dinner and a walk in the neighborhood



The buildings are lovely ^ ^


There was also greenery;
it was refreshing



I accidentally took a photo of
London’s KFC!Lol



The day I arrived
I just walked around the hotel area

and ate dinner at a shop I happened to find

and then I went back to the hotel, constantly looking at the guidebook
to prepare for the next day’s sightseeing
I went to bed early


To be continued…(´Д)
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Traveling Alone in London Part.1

The goal I’ve always had since
about the time I turned 20

of traveling alone was realized at last

My destination、、、

London, England ^ ^

Although I was really undecided over whether to go there
or to go to New York in America,

this time I decided to try London

because I hadn’t been to Europe before
^ ^

First of all、
I purchased a guidebook

and a book of easy English

It was fun researching the climate over there
and packing for it


From Narita Airport to London


Before boarding the plane,
I sent an email to my family saying

“I’m off!”

Although my parents told me
“It’s dangerous being overseas alone
” a whole lot
because I went having my own way over that

I said “I’ll have fun, absorb all sorts of things, and then come back home

On the plane、
I talked with woman on the other side of my seat

while eating our in-flight meal, like

“Where are you headed
“Oh my
、you’re alone?”
and even a little bit of gossip

So I wasn’t lonely
during the long flight!Lol


While I was watching movies,
reading the guidebook,

and sleeping and stuff


we made touchdown in London’s Heathrow Airport *\(^o^)/*


The moment I stepped off the plane、
I really felt like, “Wow
、I really DID come by myself(o_o)

like I might cry

from here, I’ll head towards

the hotel I made reservations at

To be continued…(´Д)
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Girlish motivation UP?!?!

I did my nails for the first time
in an incredibly long time。


By myself ^ ^




I tried to make them colorful
using pastel colors☆



Light blue


I changed the design
only on my ring finger
and stuck a ribbon sticker on it


Maybe my girlish motivation went upー?ω・`)Lol


When I do my nails after a long time
I enjoy it and get excited
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Idol Koushien

The day before yesterday
I got to perform

in Idol Koushien




The set list was


Doki Doki Baby
Ambitious Girls
21 Seikiteki Ren’ai Jijou

Genkimono de Ikou


I sang five songs^ ^


My costume was the one I wore
the other day for the opening of my solo concert


Even though I only had the stage for 30 minutes
I sweated like crazy


Everyone who got pumped up with me
Thank you




This is at the end of the LIVE♪


I want to do a LIVE
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