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Such a happy day、 I’ll treasure it forever。

I turned 25 today。


So many people wished meーーー
A happy birthday!!
Which filled me with joy。


And more than anything
Today was a truly truly truly
Joyful day。


Standing on the stage of a musical, something I’ve always admired
On the very day of my birthday。
It’s like I was completely in a dream。
In the middle of the performance、
I was seriously wondering if I was dreaming。


Yesterday was the opening day, and today was the 2nd day。


Something truly strange
About this musical、
Is that up until 5 minutes before it starts
As usual、 I’d be extremely nervous。
But after that, I don’t feel nervous at all。


Above anything, I enjoy myself
Heart pounding in excitement
I love this Grand hotel
So I think that my feelings overcome the nervousness。


I really love everyone from the Company
Since it’s my first musical
They help me out a lot
And I’m always spoiled lots by them。


And when I was doing my make-up today
All of them
Held a surprise celebration for me。




Though all of them were busy
They’d prepared presents、、、
Though I was really really happy
I was so so so so happy
But I was kind of self-concious
So I wasn’t able to express my happiness well ヽ(;▽;)ノ


Grand Hotel has just started
But for me, it seems like
This musical will become a truly truly great treasure。


Having said that
Until the closing
As Flaemmchen
I’ll endure while shining even more。


And、 I’d like you to come and watch
This Grand Hotel at least once。
That was directed to everyone
Who’s been cheering on Mano Erina so far。


That’s what I think from the bottom of my heart。


I beg for your kindness
For Mano Erina from now on as well。


I’m so happy that my chest hurts!! lol
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Cold Stone ice cream
Which is only sold in Seven-Eleven!!!




My Twitter followers
Told me about it
And I ended up buying it on my way home ^ ^


I’d like to
Buy it tomorrow as well!!!!


Eating ice cream at the end of the day
It’s the pinnacle of joy ヽ(;▽;)ノ
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I do love it。

We’re briskly in the middle of the shooting。


The expression ‘briskly’
Pretty much fits the current mood。 lol


It’s been a while
Since I tried out all sorts of hairstyles ♪


My tummy was empty
So I got karaage while fixing my make-up。




I do like itー。


I love itー。




I want to eat
Karaage made by my mother (*´□`*)


And today
Is my mother’s birthday *\(^o^)/*


Since I couldn’t see her today
I sent her a message 007 Tere Kumai Yurina
We promised
To go eat something yummy in the future!


I’m looking forward to continuing with the photo shoot!!
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Another morning blog post。

A smoothie。



This had been prepared
By the staff members that I’ve always been working with
It got me really pumped up ^ ^


I’ll drink that
And do my best this whole day!!


Everyone, do your best, okay 007 Tere Kumai Yurina007 Tere Kumai Yurina
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Days with nothing to do are fine as well。

Staying at home。


Lazing around。


Doing nothing。


I feel that it would really joyful
To have about one day like this every half-year。


You’d normally think
That if you have a break
You should go hang out!!
You should go and eat something yummy!!
But that feels like such a pain。 lol




I’ll be lively again from tomorrow。
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Having a first experience。

I can break the news today
I’ll be appearing in
A WOWOW drama based on Higashino Keigo-san’s work
「Kakkou no Tamago ha Dare no mono」。


When I said that
I was going to the snowy mountains。
It was to shoot for that drama。


I’ve been in a shooting since the morning today。


And this time
I tried skiing for the first time。
Since I’d never done it before
I was full of anxiety
But everything’s an experience, right!!


I grappled every day
With the snow and temperatures that I couldn’t get used to。


This was the temperature when I arrived at the shooting location this morning。




It’s constantly below freezing here (°_°)




I’ll do my best to add
Even a little bit more colour
Into this drama!!
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Spent the whole day today outside。

I came here today
And the weather was good。




The snowy scenery and the blue sky
Really clears my mind。


It’s nice to occasionally leave Tokyo
And spend time in the great outdoors。


While I say that
At the Shinkansen station
I got Starbucks, as usual。




I’m currently into Cafe Mocha Lattes。


I had to wake up at 4:45 this morning
So I’m being assailed by a bit of drowsiness。


Where did I go to。 lol


I’ll continue on doing my best ( ̄Д ̄)ノ
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I’ll be waiting (._.)

I’m having rehearsals
For my solo lives that’ll start from the 10th。


Yesterday I kept on singing
For about 6~7 hours。
So much time had passed before I noticed it (°_°)


I’ll be performing with a live band again
So I’m thinking about
The arrangement of the songs and how to link them together
With the bandmembers
We jointly contribute ideas and ask help of one another
I’m feeling that LIVE performance production mood。


For me as well
I’m currently trying out approaches and singing styles
That I’ve never done before。





There are a truckload of things
That I would ideally like to do
But reality doesn’t go so smoothly
I feel irritated
I’m irritated by my own lack of ability。 lol


But、 it really is fun。


Even from the rehearsal stage
I’m excited and my heart is pounding
It’s fun。


I truly appreciate
Having a place to sing。


And so、、、


I want you to come and watch me~。


Watch the sight of the current Mano Erina singing。



At Osaka’s AKASO on the 10th
At Odaiba’s Zepp Diver City on the 17th
I’ll be waiting (._.)


And with that!!!
I’ll do my best with rehearsals tomorrow as well!!!
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It’s summer。

We had a summer festival event
For 「Real Onigokko」。


2 weeks have passed since its release
And it’s been a while since I did a stage greeting。
As it was summer
The 3 of us wore yukata ^ ^


Mine was a light yellow yukata。








As for the hairstyle
My hair was brought to one side。


Wearing yukata
Definitely lifted my spirits!!


Sumidagawa River’s fireworks display was yesterday
I was riding on a train in the city
And saw it while clad in a yukata
How nice~、 I thought。 lol


I wonder if I’ll be able to enjoy this summer
Doing things like going to festivals or fireworks??


Will you be going to firework displaysー??
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Long time no see。

Sorry there haven’t been any
updates in a while(°_°)


I’m writing frequently on Twitter, though!Lol


I’ll put up an off-shot
from the issue of Young Magazine
that’s on sale noーw!!


My hair color is light
because of the period I’m on stage,
but I’ll be fine with this as it is,
as it’s something that hasn’t been seen before。 

At this photoshoot
the cameraman, who I haven’t seen in a while,
told me “Mano-chan has slimmed down、and she has grown up!”  17701[1]Since I’ve been much obliged to him
since my days in Hello!Project
I felt somewhat happy
that he would notice such changes ^ ^


What with this and that、
even on location of Esper,
all the cast members
worry about me, like, “Are you well?!”
but I’m incredibly healthyっ!!


They still fuss over my eating
but once filming is finished and we all go out to eat,
I eat the same as everyone else
and I also eat the snacks we have as refreshments。Lol


When these busy days settle down
I want to try doing sports to build up my body!


I want to play basketball or futsal or something!!


Because this job is,
more than anything, a test of my strength。


At the filming site
I’m still eating bentos
so I’m trying to have vegetables when I get home。


Salad udon。Ah、the noodles are cold。
The Mano household is firmly in the “cold noodles” faction。


This summer
it looks like I will be eating a lot of salads with cold noodles。Lol


We’re at a seasonal transition, so
everyone, take care of your health too, okay >_<
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