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It’s summer。

We had a summer festival event
For 「Real Onigokko」。


2 weeks have passed since its release
And it’s been a while since I did a stage greeting。
As it was summer
The 3 of us wore yukata ^ ^


Mine was a light yellow yukata。








As for the hairstyle
My hair was brought to one side。


Wearing yukata
Definitely lifted my spirits!!


Sumidagawa River’s fireworks display was yesterday
I was riding on a train in the city
And saw it while clad in a yukata
How nice~、 I thought。 lol


I wonder if I’ll be able to enjoy this summer
Doing things like going to festivals or fireworks??


Will you be going to firework displaysー??
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Long time no see。

Sorry there haven’t been any
updates in a while(°_°)


I’m writing frequently on Twitter, though!Lol


I’ll put up an off-shot
from the issue of Young Magazine
that’s on sale noーw!!


My hair color is light
because of the period I’m on stage,
but I’ll be fine with this as it is,
as it’s something that hasn’t been seen before。 

At this photoshoot
the cameraman, who I haven’t seen in a while,
told me “Mano-chan has slimmed down、and she has grown up!”  17701[1]Since I’ve been much obliged to him
since my days in Hello!Project
I felt somewhat happy
that he would notice such changes ^ ^


What with this and that、
even on location of Esper,
all the cast members
worry about me, like, “Are you well?!”
but I’m incredibly healthyっ!!


They still fuss over my eating
but once filming is finished and we all go out to eat,
I eat the same as everyone else
and I also eat the snacks we have as refreshments。Lol


When these busy days settle down
I want to try doing sports to build up my body!


I want to play basketball or futsal or something!!


Because this job is,
more than anything, a test of my strength。


At the filming site
I’m still eating bentos
so I’m trying to have vegetables when I get home。


Salad udon。Ah、the noodles are cold。
The Mano household is firmly in the “cold noodles” faction。


This summer
it looks like I will be eating a lot of salads with cold noodles。Lol


We’re at a seasonal transition, so
everyone, take care of your health too, okay >_<
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I also have days when I don’t think about anything!

I relaxed at home for the first time in a long time.


I slept in without setting the alarm
at breakfast
and still in my house clothes
lazed around
and played on my smartphone
and read my script
and did a little cleaning


It was just a brief break.


It is good to make plans
and have an active life but
days like this are important once in a while too.



I got this short sleeved outfit
as a birthday gift from my staff
who took care of me for a photobook
before I debuted.


I wear it as a basic at home, like all the time.


It is my favorite thing to wear at home lately.


Since I didn’t wear any makeup today either
my skin got a break day too ♪


Well then,
it is time to get moving again huh!!!


Hey everyone
how did you spend your Sunday??^ ^
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The place I love

It just popped into my head.


Off to the world of dreams


Disney Sea 383[1]  2178[1]



Recently I’ve been taking care of so many things
and had all kinds of stuff on my mind and worries
and feeling gloomy that there was nowhere for me to go.
So I had been thinking, like,
it’d be so nice if
I had a place to let it all out and blow off some steam.


I’d only come to Disney Sea
for 2~3 hours but after
screaming and
laughing a bunch and
eating some delicious things
I’m feeling more relaxed now!!! lol


By the way,
I wrote to my friend like
Should we go~
What should we do~
and she got right on board this super sudden invitation lol


So this time I didn’t go by myself okay lol
We rode Tower of Terror
and Sinbad \(^o^)/


I’m so grateful to my friend 533[1]


And whats more, we both wore
Disney character clothes
and Disney bags too, just right 383[1]


The fruit wine cocktail was delicious *\(^o^)/*



And, my goal was
this little guy !!!!



The Oswald stuffed toy that they
just recently released!!!


I bought him right away
with zero hesitation 672[1] Ogata  6913[1]


my home is filling right up
with Disney goods… 4459146-Sayu


Since I haven’t spend a full day at Disney Sea
in over a month
it’d be okay if I come again pretty soon, right (´・ω・`)
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But, there are so many things to be happy about.

Even though I slept a ton
I had the most terrifying dream
in a long time.


(ー ー;)


Well putting that aside,
we are finally
at the halfway point
of all of the shows of Better Half put together.


We’re in Tokyo until Monday!!


Wow it just flew by.


And wow
Shimizu Saki-chan
came to watch ^ ^




Captain 2178[1]


I wasn’t able to see them at the Budokan
for their final show on 3/3 so
I was so happy we were able to meet up after this long time!!


she even gave me
a birthday present 6913[1]  6913[1]


I’d love to just chat about all kinds of stuff (*^^*)


Sudou Masaa also
came to see us on a different day but
I couldn’t get a photo (T_T)


And, and
Manetty and
all the usual people who take care of me
celebrated my birthday with me ^ ^




I want to go to Disney Sea again with everyone 383[1]  4459146-Sayu





I’ll be off today, having fun acting in
Better Half again !!!
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Um, I’m not a shy person anymore. lol

So you know, yesterday
℃-ute’s Yajima Maimi
came to Better Half!





It’s been so long Maimi-chan!!!
As always, she’s beautiful and cute 533[1] Eripon


She even went so far
as to give me a birthday present 6913[1]


I’d love it if we could go have a meal and talk about all kinds of stuff again^ ^


Sakata Rikako-chan
who was together with me
in my first play Koisuru Hello Kitty



I’m always seeing her
in CanCam ∩^ω^∩



And, and
Miyazawa Sae-chan too 672[1] Ogata  4313[1]



I hadn’t seen Sae in a long time but
of course since she’s in GENKING
I got all energized (genki)
after chatting a bit in the dressing room after the play!!!



Every year on my birthday, Sae
sends me a long email 1075 Zukki Eripon -Sayu Ogata


What’s more
Sphere’s Takagaki Ayahi chan
who I met last year in Kibako no Kai
also came *\(^o^)/*



From Ayahi
I got the Sphere album too 661[1]  661[1]
I’ll put it on my iPod and listen to it a lot ♪





While writing on my blog right now, I thought this.


often say that I’m shy but
I feel like that isn’t so anymore. lol


When I debuted
I had transferred high schools too so
I had absolutely no friends.
And so, I was just
together with my manager, Manetty, every single day.


Ah those days are nostalgic. lol


I’m so so grateful
to have met friends like this (*^^*)


Ah, I also got a happy birthday message
from Momochi right on time 1496 Zukki Ogata


Let’s enjoy this 24th year too \(^o^)/
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It was one very happy day.

I finished up Better Half
today again ^ ^


Since today I turned 24 years old
when I went to the theater this morning
everyone in the company
threw me a surprise party 5067[1] Ogata  6913[1]



A reallllllllllllllllly big cake!!!


This year
I wasn’t able to have a birthday event but
after having graduated from Hello Project
thinking, “I want to pursue theater!!”
just being invited to do wonderful works like this,
standing on the stage and doing a play with all my power
and having everyone watch me today on my birthday
made me really happy and I felt so much joy.


Thank you very much
for all of the birthday wishes ^ ^




24 years old
I hope it’ll be a wonderful year 2178[1]
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Thanks for working hard, 23 year old me

Thanks for working hard today as well!!


My last day of being 23 years old!!!


I went to Disney Sea
during the day \(^o^)/



No matter what I just really wanted
to get an Easter Gelatoni
so like wow, I went to Disney Sea alone for the first time. lol


And he properly
came along home with me 445-2[1]



I’m collecting this little one ^ ^


I wanted to ride the attractions
since it was super crazy uncrowded but
I wasn’t brave enough to do it alone… .
so I just went to look over the goods and
then I went right home. lol


Next time I have a break
I’d like to go and enjoy my time with my usual friends!!


That was my last day as a 23 year old.


Today I’m totally burned out again
after Better Half ended.


This year just flew by in a flash huh.


compared to everything until now
I really feel like I’m alive
and I felt like I’m properly carving out my own path.


Maybe it is the feedback
I’m getting from this kind of work
or the true feeling or something.
I can’t express it very well in a concrete way but
I feel like the path that I’ve been walking on
has become clearer to me bit by bit.


Every day my way of thinking changes
on where my goals are,
on if there is an end,
or on where my final destination might be.
So, even though I don’t know anything for sure


it is my life so
I want to live without regret.


Mano Erina
as one human, as a woman
and, as an artist*
will start tomorrow with fulfilling days
so that I can grow even more
and shine.


Thanks for working hard, 23 year old me ^ ^ **

*She uses a word that means like, a creative type, someone who expresses
**Translator is a big fan of Mano’s life lessons.
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Probable defeat

Today I woke up early
and had a shoot ^ ^


My hair was styled in all kinds of ways
and I could put on cute clothes too.
I brought out a little adultness
in my first gravure photoshoot in a while.


Ah, well even if it was a gravure shoot
there wasn’t a swimsuit involved.


Sorry. lol


The weather is nice
and since it is totally warmer than yesterday
I’m so crazy sleepy.


I’m unbelievably sleepy.


My eyelids
are getting heavier…


bring me to bed.


(_ _).。o○





And with this and all that
Better Half today
starts at 7pm.


It’d be nice if I could
take a quick nap after getting to the theater huh~


It seems it’ll be too tough so
I’ll rely on a Red Bull
to give me wings.


Today, I’ll have fun and with all my strength
come to life on stage!!!


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Resting and work。Lol

Today is the fourth day of Better Half。


Yesterday we had a suspended performance。


And so、
I had a day off for the first time
in about a month。


The weather was nice
and it was warm out
so I went for a casual stroll。


The cherry blossoms were still blooming ∩^ω^∩ 

I also took a nap
and ate some delicious food;
being able to relax,
I got to refresh myselfー 17701[1]


I’ll work hard starting again today!!!


o0480048013269410784My friend came to the theater
and gave me this chocolate。 

It’s from a shop called PRESTAT♡


You know、
this chocolate shop was in London
when I went there last year!!


I had no idea it was in Japan!!Lol


I want to go to London againー!!!




Alright、before the performance

I’ll have some flan 1496 Zukki Ogata


I’ll enjoy today too\(^o^)/
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