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Notice From the Staff

Thank you for your continued, warm support of Mano Erina。
We have two notifications of acting works to share。

①Appearance in the short movie「Nagain」*

7th Okinawa Film Festival Local Films『Nagain』(Kesennuma, Miyagi Prefecture)
Director: Kikuchi Seiji
Actors: Abe Kouji and more


②Appearance in the NHK FM Radio Drama「Yashaga Ike de Mitsuketa Inochi」

Broadcast Date:
2015 3/23 (Mon)~3/27 (Fri)
10:45 PM~11 PM(1-5 times)

*TN: It is “泣がぃん”. I will correct later if  it is the wrong pronunciation.
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Notice From the Staff

Thank you for your continued, warm support of Mano Erina。
Mano Erina will appear in the 2/27 broadcast of NHKBS Premium「Kumokiri Nizaemon」
playing the part of the character Ohisa。
You can watch a preview via the URL below。
Look forward to it!…/kumokiri2/html_kumokiri2_story04.html
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Notice From the Staff

Thank you for your continued, warm support of Mano Erina。


For the issue of「MilSuma4」(World Photo Press), on sale 2/26,
Mano Erina will serve as the cover girl。
Not only is she on the cover、but she is also published inside。
By all means, please order it!


Order from amazon here。


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Happy Valentines

Happy Valentines Day 15034


I think that today
the Mano cap,
an autographed photo
and a little bit of chocolate was mailed
to the people that ordered
the Mano cap ∩^ω^∩




They embroidered this logo
that I thought of, exactly as I wanted!




I’d like to make all kinds of
other goods with this logo ♡


If there is something that makes you go
“I want this!!”
then please tell me ^^

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I have healed wounds too

Yesterday it was announced that
I’ll be working together as
triple leads with Triendl Reina
and Shinoda Mariko
in “Real Oni-gokko”
by director Sion Sono.*


Today we actually
began wrapping up filming.




It was tough.


It was cold.


In any case, it was cold.


There were days when I got scared
because I couldn’t stop shivering from the cold.


I ran and ran and ran so much
so like, before we began filming
I feel like I got faster at running. lol


This was a film definitely worth doing.


Though there were 3 leading parts,
I feel incredibly grateful that
I could be “lead” in a Sono Shion film.




I feel like I’ve finally taken out
this thorn that has been piercing my heart for a long time
that I hadn’t been able to forget until now
of a time that was so, you know,
so so frustrating
and sad and bitter.


Right now,
I’ve been invited to this project
because I have those memories from that time.


I absolutely think so.


It is because I have such painful memories
that the present is what it is and I can do my best to that extent.



Real Oni Gokko
will be released 7/11.


I’m looking forward to the finished work ^ ^


Thank you for working hard 17701[1]

*The movie will be titled “The Chasing World” in English.
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My travel buddy

This endless long distance traveling
from the last few days
is just crazy.


I’m riding the bullet train day after day.


I’m seriously so glad
that I’m the type who can sleep anywhere. lol


The air is so dry and it is cold so
I put some yuzu in my tumbler
and brought it with me ^ ^




My head felt like it would burst but
bit by bit, I’m digesting things and feel more at ease but 1496 Zukki Ogata


I’m filming another different work at
a nostalgic filming site

and feeling all kinds of things
when at places that I hadn’t visited before
and feeling the warmth of the locals too


and today I’ll be challenged to new things again.


The days are thick and rich.


In the middle of all this
I got a new tumbler ♡





Manetty gave this to me
because she said “Mano-chan you’re so busy
things seem so tough~” !


Before, we had gone to Starbucks together
and I said “cuteeeee” 15034
when I saw this tumbler.
That is the one she gave to me!


How chivalrous (lol)


MM well then,
I’ve still got a ways to go so I’ll be doing my best ∩^ω^∩
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Casual dinner show

On the 25th
I finished up all of my
casual dinner shows ^ ^



A total of 8 shows in 4 days



This has been the most dinner shows I’ve had
up until now but
it also felt like they went by so fast, more so than before.



I thought, I just knew that I loved
and had fun singing.
And I felt really happy
standing together on stage with
the staff and band members that put this live together
and with all of you that came out to meet me.



Seriously you know,
when I see people
coming to see me and to hear my songs
getting energized and smiling
I really feel like even someone like me can communicate something to someone
and when my eyes meet everyone in the middle of a song
I get so full of emotion.



I thought, I wanted to try harder and
that I had to get more and more
charm or like personal power
so I feel like emotionally, I got this new year off to a good start!!



When I sang NEXT MY SELF
as the last song in the final show,
I thought, “I don’t want to lose this feeling”
from the bottom of my heart.



And, please wait because I am doing my best
so that I can have another live show
within the year (._.)



Thank so much for always
supporting me ^ ^



And with the band members ♪





To Kikutani-san on guitar
Ayaka-san on base
Go-san on keyboard
Takao-san on drums,



thank you very much
for this wonderful music show *\(^o^)/*



Please be kind to me the next time 1496 Zukki Ogata   6913[1]
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An unbelievable craving

So, I just had this unbelievable
craving for ochazuke so
I went off by myself
to an ochazuke shop!!



Seasonal special
Cold weather soy sauce koji ochazuke






With a small bowl of rice ^ ^



It was sooooooooooooo
delicious  533[1]   6913[1]   6913[1]



When I properly eat my rice
my body feels energized (^o^)/



Lately, I absolutely
love Japanese food!!



I want to go to a Japanese restaurant
and eat teishoku for lunch ♪



Tomorrow is
a casual dinner show in Osaka!



The final day.



Though I feel sad about this,
I’m looking forward to spending a fun time with everyone
more than anyone else *\(^o^)/*



Since my bangs have really grown out
my forehead is totally exposed…






It is kind of embarrassing so
I hide it with my hand (lol)



Maybe I’ll take my time and get in the bath
and leisurely go to bed  17701[1]   1886
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Cyndi Lauper

On the 20th
I went to the Budokan
to see Cyndi Lauper!!!
I had been looking forward to this for sooooooooooooo long
so much, I just couldn’t help myself!!!



With my costar in Kibako no Kai
Sphere’s Takagaki Ayahi 4313[1]



Like, gosh, I was so excited
my heart was beating like crazy starting in the morning!!



We got to the concert hall
and took a photo in the meantime!!!






Omg, she really came!!
Cyndi Lauper is inside the building!!



We got to our seats
and we were already like waaaaay pumped up.
My heart was really pounding!!!



It started
and when I saw Cyndi Lauper
it was like, IT’S REALLY HER!!!
And hearing her sing was like, WOW IT’S THE REAL THING!!!






Even at that age
she’s really cute and cool
and powerful and sparkling
and she moved all over the stage
and her singing voice is really beautiful
and on top of all that, when she sang right at you
my heart was like gyuuuuuuuuu
like she was holding right onto it.
I was so moved that I couldn’t even talk or cry
so from beginning to end, I just stared at Cindi!!



For the very last song,
she sang the song that I love that I really wanted to hear
and here, my tears just erupted 978   6913[1]



There was this moment when
she held out her mic to the audience
and we could all sing together – I was so happy!



It was the absolute happiest, best time!!



On the way home, I ended up buying
a parka concert souvenir ∩^ω^∩



So I can go see concerts like this
and feel super happy but,
there is just 1 thing



I wish I was born some decades earlier
so I could have encountered
Cyndi Lauper’s songs in real time.



I really though that
after the concert ended.



I want to go to another concert >_<6912[1] - Sayu Ogata
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A message from the staff

Thank you for always supporting Mano Erina.

We have updated her public facebook account a number of times since entering the new year.
Please check it out as well!

Also, we have decided on the title of the Mano Erina Fan Club Bus Tour!
“Mano Erina Friends“Bus”Party Vol.4 Mano Camp~Let’s Return To Our Youth Again~”

The other day, there was a meeting between Mano and Chairman Araken-san and others.
The deadline is 1/26 so if you haven’t yet, please don’t forget!
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