Mano Erina

I want to cherish it.

Three of us good friends
all went to
Disneyland ^ ^
We totally played all day
from the morning until the park was near closing! lol
Everyone brought their baby…








I took tons of pictures (lol)
My child is the one on the far right!








Even later on
I took these INTENSE photos of my friends mid-photoshoot  (lol)




On the way,
we chatted for about an hour
while drinking kahula mocha cocktails (lol)
Whether about theater or
random things about each other, we can
talk about anything.
To have people that you can rely on (and they rely on you)
and play like this
and have belly splitting conversations
and can contact right away if anything happens
even though you met them after becoming an adult

that is something truly precious.
And so, I want to cherish it, you know 1496 Zukki
Up until now, I haven’t really
spent time like this or
hung out with friends like this so
it was incredibly refreshing!!
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A strange sensation

I went to go see
“Koisuru Hello Kitty”!

I also butted in
on the after talk show ^ ^

So like it was kind of
a strange sensation!

The play that we did 5 years ago
has been newly remade
as a musical
and to go see that, well
all these emotions were spinning around
like anticipation, nervousness, and excitement! lol

Being newly remade,
there were really so many songs
and characters’ emotions that weren’t sketched out in the original
were added in.
If there was a part that really drew me in
it was having the exact same line from the first play
and having flashbacks from rehearsal and the show.

It was my first time
watching a play and
getting a taste of those feelings.

It made me happy ^ ^

And watching everyone’s
hardworking figures like this
I thought, Wow everyone is amazing!
and I felt so grateful they put up
this new Koisuru Hello Kitty☆

Everyone please do your best
and take care of your throats until the final curtain ∩^ω^∩






I was so happy to meet
Sakata Rikako for the first time in a while ^ ^

After the play ended
I enjoyed some Beaujolais Nouveau
with the director of the first play Muto,
the producer Tamon,
and the director of this play Nishimori *\(^o^)/*






How incredibly strange
to think that a day like this would come
when we’d all drink wine together (lol)

Talking about our memories from that time
I got super duper excited!!

Maybe today I will
rewatch KoiHello for the first time in a while!
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A quick break

Before work,
taking a quick breath of relief.





For some reason or another, I made it black and white lol
I’m filling out my schedule book
with plans for the rest of the year.
I’m reading a book.
I knew that
I liked this kind of relaxed time.
When my mind spins around
from over thinking all kinds of things,
I’ll spend the time being by taking a wandering walk by myself or
doing whatever I like at a cafe.
Even when the weather is this nice
well you know. lol
I’m hungry but
I don’t know what I feel like eating
so for now I’m having salad and coffee.
It’ll get even colder from here on so
you’ve got to make your body stronger, right >_<
Mm well then,
it is time to head to work!!
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An important thing to me, no matter how much time goes by

Just a while ago
I met everyone in Juice=Juice.

The work
that was my very first time on stage in my first starring role called “Koisuru Hello Kitty”
has been revived.

To be honest, when I first heard the news about its revival
I was bewildered. To an incredible degree.

Together with the girls of S/mileage at the time
and our other costars
we built that piece by working so hard with all our efforts.
It was like, what the heck
how can they do it with a new cast.

Koisuru Hello Kitty is
truly special.

I can’t put it well in words but
it is an important work that will nevvveer fade.

So much that, even now I’ll occasionally rewatch it on DVD.

And so
even though my feelings are complicated about this,
having it revived means
that our Koi-Hello
was received well so
I also am looking forward to
how Juice=Juice’s Koi-Hello
will be brought to life this time.

I think that probably
everyone is feeling pressure too.

Even though the form is a bit different、
acting in a work based on an original piece elsewhere is
involves incredible pressure.
I had a taste of that last year so
perhaps everyone is feeling the same.

I don’t want anyone to worry about our Koi Hello
and I’d like a new Koisuru Hello Kitty
to be carefully put up with Juice=Juice’s own color ^ ^

I’m looking forward to the 20th ♪






No matter how much time passes
this Hello Kitty doll is precious to me.
It is chock full of so many memories ☆




Everyone in Juice=Juice!!
Fight on ∩^ω^∩
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Sphere’s live show!!

Today I went to
Sphere’s live show ^ ^

I went to see Ayahi Takagaki
who starred in Kibako no Kai with me *\(^o^)/*

It is pretty rare
to go see a live show like this
outside of Hello Project so
so I was so excited from the moment it began ♪

And of course,
my pen light was Ayahi’s pink!!





Like wow,
it was just so fun!!

Ayahi of course
and everyone was cute
but their voices were powerful and beautiful
and their dancing was so cute.
They seemed like they were really having fun, doing their show with all their efforts,
that even I had fun just watching 533[1]

There were lots of parts where I learned from them
and felt stimulated so
when I finished watching
I felt very happy!

I want to do a show like that.

I’m really so glad I could see them.

So grateful to Ayahi (^ω^)

As I thought
when I see a girl, sparkling on stage,
I REALLY admire and like her!

What I felt today
was kinda like my elementary school self
going to see a Hello! Project concert
and being all wrapped up in that excited longing!!

It was a strange feeling.

I want to go to another Sphere concert ♪
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That was fast.

I just realized
that it has been over a week since I last updated.
And there is only about a month and a half left of this year too hm.
It goes so fast doesn’t it (._.)
I’m being very sensitive about my physical upkeep.
Every day I wear a mask.
Once I get home, I wash my hands and
then sanitize them with Te Pika Gel.*
I avoid cold things
so my body doesn’t feel chilled
and exercise at least once a week
and, I drink hot water morning and night!!
As for my flu shot
I already got one ^ ^
Once it becomes cold
everyone, please be careful
not to get sick and stuff, okay >_<
More and more, Christmas songs
reach my ear as I walk down the street.
Even though it was JUST Halloween.
And that being said
it already starting to feel like Christmas





Disney Sea \(^o^)/
was beautiful ^ ^
Duffy and Shellie May’s
Christmas costumes were so cute
that I stood in the shop foreevvvvveeerrr
should I buy them or should I hold back.
The conclusion、、、
I held back (lol)
If I still want them after 1 week
I’ll buy them the next time I go! Lol
And with this and that? well,
with this timing, I’m starting to wonder
what to do about my hair.





Maybe I’ll cut it a little.
Maybe I’ll curl it.
What should I do about the color.
Maybe lighten it
or put in highlights
or put in inner colors?
Or leave it as it is…
I can’t find a color where I feel
“I want this!” so
for now maybe I’ll just maintain the current color (._.)
Right now、I have this enormous desire
to go to karaoke.
Everyone, have you ever
gone to karaoke by yourself??(´・ω・`)
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October ends with todaーy。


This year is also on the verge of
having only two months remaining in it。
It’s going by so fast, isn’t it (ー ー;)


I appeared at Fukumura Mizuki-chan’s
birthday event
as a surprise!


It was my first time doing something like this ∩^ω^∩


I wore Fuku-chan’s
birthday T-shirt ♡





It’s been a while, so I was glad to be able to see her ^ ^





I also met Kuduu
and Oda-chan!





Duu has overtaken me in height(Lol)





Surprisingly, I think this is the first time
I’ve taken a 2-shot with Oda-chan?!?!


Lastly, here’s one with everyone ♪





Have a wonderful year as an 18 year old *\(^o^)/*
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Yesterday’s outfit。

This was my outfit for doing stage greetings。


I thought I would change up my outfit
for the Patlabor stage greetings
since I’m taking the podium each time、、、
And Halloween is close, so
I tried to realize myself as a rabbit(Lol)




A fluffy dress。


And the person in charge of my wardrobe
attached a tail to it for me♪




In my ears, I have
“HUG ME” earrings445-2[1]






and I have a ribbon choker on my neck





and rabbit ears(Lol)





I was happy that it was a look I can’t normally do
but once I was in the middle of it, I really was embarrassed (ー ー;)Lol


I’m glad that I was able to taste
just a little bit of the Halloween spirit♡


By all means, please watch
Patlabor Chapter 5, okay!!!
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Patlabor Chapter 5

Giving the opening-day stage greetings
for Patlabor Chapter 5。

I did one at Shinjuku Piccadilly!


From here I’ll travel to Ikebukuro^ ^


My outfit is kyute (cute) today∩^ω^∩


There’s a tail attached(Lol)
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I don’t hate it

After exercising for about 2 hours
for the first time in a while
I was hit with muscle aches the next day.


When I got up in the morning
I was like
Guha ( ̄◇ ̄;)


But, I don’t hate being sore. lol


Actually I like it.


Like, Are my muscles growing?
It makes me want to move my body even more!
It makes me want to do all kinds of things
like basketball or badminton!!


my ab lines started to show again. lol


It is because when I was up on stage
I did a lot of muscle training ( ̄▽ ̄)


The other day
we began wrapping up
for a work that I filmed in for a short period of time.


It was a short period of time but
maybe it was because we’re all lodging together but
everyone on the cast and the staff too
were able to hit it off right away
and everyone was really nice
so it was an incredibly fun site ♪


And so
I felt so lonely when it all ended (._.)


It is a different role from what I’ve done up until now so
I really want to see the finished product soon!


On the 10th
I popped into an event for UTB
who was so good to me from even before my debut!


It seems that the person who won
the lifesize Mano Erina cardboard cut out
that was a prize at the lottery event
carried it onto the train and took it all the way home like that
I’m just so grateful ヽ(;▽;)ノ


And I met Maimi
for the first time in a while!!



I wish we could go out to eat together
since it has been a while ^ ^




Yesterday I was sleeping and
hit my hand on the wall and scrapped my knuckle.
It hurt like crazy (ー ー;) lol
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