Mano Erina

Yesterday’s outfit。

This was my outfit for doing stage greetings。


I thought I would change up my outfit
for the Patlabor stage greetings
since I’m taking the podium each time、、、
And Halloween is close, so
I tried to realize myself as a rabbit(Lol)




A fluffy dress。


And the person in charge of my wardrobe
attached a tail to it for me♪




In my ears, I have
“HUG ME” earrings445-2[1]






and I have a ribbon choker on my neck





and rabbit ears(Lol)





I was happy that it was a look I can’t normally do
but once I was in the middle of it, I really was embarrassed (ー ー;)Lol


I’m glad that I was able to taste
just a little bit of the Halloween spirit♡


By all means, please watch
Patlabor Chapter 5, okay!!!
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Patlabor Chapter 5

Giving the opening-day stage greetings
for Patlabor Chapter 5。

I did one at Shinjuku Piccadilly!


From here I’ll travel to Ikebukuro^ ^


My outfit is kyute (cute) today∩^ω^∩


There’s a tail attached(Lol)
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I don’t hate it

After exercising for about 2 hours
for the first time in a while
I was hit with muscle aches the next day.


When I got up in the morning
I was like
Guha ( ̄◇ ̄;)


But, I don’t hate being sore. lol


Actually I like it.


Like, Are my muscles growing?
It makes me want to move my body even more!
It makes me want to do all kinds of things
like basketball or badminton!!


my ab lines started to show again. lol


It is because when I was up on stage
I did a lot of muscle training ( ̄▽ ̄)


The other day
we began wrapping up
for a work that I filmed in for a short period of time.


It was a short period of time but
maybe it was because we’re all lodging together but
everyone on the cast and the staff too
were able to hit it off right away
and everyone was really nice
so it was an incredibly fun site ♪


And so
I felt so lonely when it all ended (._.)


It is a different role from what I’ve done up until now so
I really want to see the finished product soon!


On the 10th
I popped into an event for UTB
who was so good to me from even before my debut!


It seems that the person who won
the lifesize Mano Erina cardboard cut out
that was a prize at the lottery event
carried it onto the train and took it all the way home like that
I’m just so grateful ヽ(;▽;)ノ


And I met Maimi
for the first time in a while!!



I wish we could go out to eat together
since it has been a while ^ ^




Yesterday I was sleeping and
hit my hand on the wall and scrapped my knuckle.
It hurt like crazy (ー ー;) lol
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It was fun *\(^o^)/*

Where adventure and imagination set sail.


Disney Sea ♡
I went the other day *\(^o^)/*


It was my first time at
Halloween Sea ♪




Skeleton family




Even at the restaurants.




Even a violin playing skeleton.


They chat with you
play with you
and even though they were scary at first,
I ended up totally falling in love with skeletons ∩^ω^∩


It was my first time meeting
Oswald too!!!




He was so cute that I ended up buying his character goods ^ ^


Duffy 4459146-Sayu




I played so much, it was fun 383[1] 4313[1]
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Things from yesterday

Yesterday at TFM Hall
I had a fan club event.


They let me do something like
1st show – live performance
2nd show – talk
3rd show – live !


For events at the ANNEX
I always do a cover too!


So, like this time the
1st show was
Watashi no miryoku ni kizukanai donkan-na hito
and the 2nd was
“Haru Beautiful Everyday”


Both of them have such cute lyrics and I like the melody so
I had wanted to try singing them for so long ^ ^


When we did the talk
Hello Pro Trainee
Ogawa Rena-chan came ♪




Ogawa-chan’s police uniform
is most definitely Manetty’s taste lol


thank you
for coming and helping out *\(^o^)/*


My first event in a long time
flew by in just 1 day!!


And it was announced that next January
I’ll be holding
a casual dinner show!


Live band (^ω^)


I wonder what I should sing…


I wonder if I could sing
songs from artists that I like and such???
I’ll take my time thinking about it from here on!


Thank you so much
to everyone who came yesterday
in such bad weather ∩^ω^∩




Manetty had
prepared the outfit for me ♡






Manetty, who
tried her best to stick on the rhinestones! lol


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A happy thing。

I think my hair
might be the longest its been in a year or two。





Even though a year ago
it was short!


I’m happy ヽ(;▽;)ノ


I wanted it to grow
and I wanted it to grow quickly
so I haven’t cut it
since about November last year!


I’ve been going to the beauty salon
countless times to get my hair colored、
but my haircuts have just been trimming up my ends
and so I’ve finally made it hereー*\(^o^)/*





It’s troublesome to blow-dry
and I have terrible bed-head in the morning(lol)
but personally, I think
I like this length the best!


Tomorrow is my first FC event
in a while, right!


There are three times for it、
but that’s because the contents of each one are a little different。


I wonder if it’ll be okay(・_・;Lol
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Thanks for working hard!

All of a sudden I realized
aren’t we rushing into October now (°_°)lol


Kibako ended
but without taking a break
I am working again.


Before, when I’d finish with a play
my body would be really exhausted so I’d rest in bed and stuff but
this time, I didn’t even do that…
But, when something I concentrated so so so so hard on
finishes up, then of course
the weariness comes out somewhere in my body you know (lol)


In any case,
I thoroughly ate my meals and thoroughly slept!!
And with that, in no time at all
I returned to my normal self (lol)

So on the 30th
I participated in
Sion Sono’s live event!
there were so many stimulating things
so I ended up really wanting to do a live!
As as I thought, a live band
is super exciting and fun, isn’t it ^ ^


With Ten-tenko,
who appeared as a guest with me♪






I didn’t say
let’s take a photo…
but it was Ten-tenko who said to me
won’t you take a photo?
and it made me happy *\(^o^)/*


I left Tokyo for a bit
to do a photoshoot.
I’m playing a role that is different from what I’ve done up until now
and it is overall a long way off from who I am so
it was a pretty tough challenge…
But I’m enjoying the photoshoot!






We’re close to the mountains so the air is so clear
and it feels so nice!!


In a few days I have another photoshooot so
I’ll try my best!!
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At last

It is the first day of

Kibako no Kai.


Just earlier
we finished the dress rehearsal.


It has been a while since
I’ve been this nervous. lol


I’m going to enjoy myself and do this play
so that everyone
can have fun
can feel satisfied
and so that it will leave itself in your hearts forever!!


With nervousness, excitement, and
a little bit of anxiety
my emotions are all tumbling around (lol)




For training today
my RADWIMPS live Tshirt♪


The last 2-3 days
I’ve been listening to RADWIMPS.


Okay, I’ll get ready
get my mind ready too
and I’ll be off to the show starting at 7pm!!!
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The last sprint

I like the weather today.
It feels like Autumn, doesn’t it ^ ^


And like,
starting today is a 3 day weekend (°_°)


As for us,
this is the final sprint towards
the live show on the 18th.


While feeling a mix of excitement and a little bit of anxiety,
I’m headed towards the training site today again.


I just wish this stress would hurry and go away (._.)


Last time was a repeat of the show but
this time, the show was remade and more characters were added.
So I’ll try my best
to show everyone
the power-up’d Kibako!!!




With Yabuki Haruna
who was recently added this time.


She sits next to me in practice!


She’s really knowledgeable about herb tea!
Since I also love herb tea
I’m going to ask her to teach me all kinds of stuff ∩^ω^∩
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Glasses girl

It has been a while but
an Ameba limited access article.


Even so
its not like the content is rare or something…lol


Everyday is daily practice.


For a change of pace, I made a bento
and carried it to the training site.
And, while listening to music that I like
I wandered around a little bit
on the road from the station to the training site.


On my days off from practice
I’ve also tried this change of pace ^ ^


When I start brooding
I hit a dead end, or like
I can’t find a way out so
once in a while, I want to forget and be free.


That on-off switch
it surprisingly important, isn’t it!






In the training room.


The glasses I use when I read the script.


They were just made recently (^ω^)


I normally don’t wear them!
They are limited to when I look at
a script or a book or like a piano score!


Well then,
there is just a little bit left of practice.


I’ll focus and do my best!!!!


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