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Opening Day, and Broadcast day.

Starting at 7pm
Better Half
will have its opening day perfomance!!!


We already did our final checks
and I’m in the middle of getting makeup and stuff done in the dressing room.


It is nerve wracking, you know.


And, tonight starting at 12:12am
on TV Tokyo “Minna! Esper da yo”
will be airing!!


After such a long time, Espers
have come back!!


I wonder if I can
watch it in real time??


For those of you who can watch it in your area
please do so, okay ^ ^






Opening day of Better Half!!!


And I’m offffff \(^o^)/
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I saw the cherry blossoms??

The opening day of Better Half
is getting closer – I have until tomorrow!!!


Maybe it is allergies but
my eyes have been so itchy ITCHY
starting from this morning (つД`)ノ


Well then well then,
I’ll be playing to the gallery today too!!




Everyone, did you go see the flowers blooming??^ ^


As for me,
I could only see the cherry blossoms
while passing through the street (/ _ ; )


But, I was able to take photos !!!





Cherry blossoms at night are still beautiful huh 2178[1]  2178[1]
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It is April

It is April Fools.


And that being said
I won’t lie. lol


There are just 2 days left until
the showing of Better Half.


Just…2 ays? (゚o゚;;


Eh…A…just 2 days…really?!


The day after tomorrow?!!!!




I’m so nervous!!


Or like, that being said,
I’m wearing a cotton pack mask
and having a cafe au lait with lots of cream right now.




I’ll be properly doing things haphazardly!!!*

*A joke – not sure how to word it better.
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Sleeping as much as I want

I end of sleeping as much as I want.


It is spring I guess (´・Д・)」


Maybe it is because I’m tossing and turning but
when I wake up, there have been times when Duffy is
underneath the bed (lol)


Mano Erina is part of
“Canon EOS M3 Perfect Guide”
which was announced yesterday.





This dress
was really cute so
after I wore it, I ended up asking the stylist
to buy one for me *\(^o^)/*


I want to wear the dress
and go out soon 15034


I want to go shopping for spring clothes.


I’ve been rehearsing this whoooolllllleeee time so
I’ve been holed up just like this
waiting for the show so
for now I’m leaving shopping to someone else (´・ω・`)


I’m only going shopping for like
the day of the evening show!!!


I’ll off to rehearsal today too ^ ^
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It was fun ♪

I came back from having a
talk show at Ario Yao!!


It was my first
shopping center event in a long time.


Back in my indies days
it was a place where I did some singing
so like, it felt nostalgic and
since so many people came today
I felt lots of happiness.


I wanted to talk even more (´・ω・`)


Lately, it is just training training training!!!
every single day. Being able to flip the switch
isn’t something I’m good at personally so
I’m always thinking about the play, thinking about it
and don’t really have room left over to think about other things.
But on the contrary, today’s talkshow
was like a breath of fresh air ^ ^


Thank you very much
to everyone who came!!!





Starting tomorrow we’re rehearsing the final scene!!!


I’ll try hard to…
not to try too hard!! lol


But seriously, for the rehearsal this time
everyone is working so hard
like you’d see smoke coming out of their ears.


We’re fighting with all our bodies and souls
to make a good show and
send this to everyone who comes.


for me personally
it is to rethink
this thing called “theater.”


Starting tomorrow, I’ll be working hard at training!!!
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Has it been 6 years?!

Today I arrived at
Ario Yao.


We have a talk show for Patlabor
from 2pm !!


Thank you very much ^ ^


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Thank you for today

Today makes 6 years since
my major debut
on 3/18/2006.


I am very grateful that
I have the opportunities to sing like this even now
and that everyone comes to hear me
even though I have graduated from
Hello Project.

I’ll be 24 years old pretty soon and
I really feel how fast time goes by, truly.


The me from 6 years earlier
could never at all predict
the path that the me of today is walking down.


I don’t know if the me of today could walk the path
that I had wanted 6 years ago but
the me right now feels very fulfilled by
the path I am walking down ^ ^


I hit so many walls
and couldn’t move forward whatsoever
and thought that my path was just closed to me. But,
I found my own way of thinking
and properly overcame it, I think.


When I worry, struggle,
and feel like I’m having fun
in the daily practice for my stage play these days
I really feel incredibly fulfilled.


I don’t want to lose the possibilities
and don’t think things are 0
so I will keep on pushing forward
so my dream can take shape, little by little.


Thank you so much
to everyone who has always supported me!!


Please continue to be kind do
Mano Erina ♪




And thanks to everyone
for watching Ame-Sta っ∩^ω^∩
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I have to do my best。

Yesterday I spent the day in Osaka
for Patlabor’s campaign^ ^


I had a lot of interviews,
and a talk show with Kakei Toshio
at Abenoharukas
and then another interview!




My outfit was like this^ ^


Starting today, I have practice againっ


Before I knew it
half of the period for practicing has finished(^◇^;)


It’s going by in a flaーsh。


I’ll practice diligently
today too。


I guess I’m bracing myself for it。




‘Cause I’ll work hardっ!!!!


It was a little warm out today
so I’m happy∩^ω^∩


I hope everyone else
has a fulfilling day too 672[1] Ogata


Lately, when I’m on the road
I listen to RADWIMPS on the way there
and Hello!Project songs on shuffle
on the way back♪ Lol




I want to sing!!


I want to go to a LIVE too!!!




I made Mano Erina original
dress shirts^ ^


(Left: Mano Red Ver., Right: Mano Blue Ver.)


Please take a look!!
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Time flies

I’ve been doing stage rehearsals for
Better Half for the last few days on end.


When we began training
we still had over 1 month left.
Or so I had thought, but,
once I realized it, it had already been
more than 2 weeks since we began training.
Every day has been full with
the play, the play,but
each single day goes so fast (ー ー;)


since my head is on full operation
and my emotions are drawn way up out of me
and my energy released
I’m totally spent when I go home.


While I’m waiting for the bath to heat up
I’ll fall asleep for over 2 hours or so and
things like
Even after sleeping, I don’t feel like I’ve slept
and even if I could sleep for 7 hours, it feels like morning came in just a moment. lol


It is tough but
after all, it is fun ^ ^


I’m off to practice today too!!!




My first no makeup post-wake up face
in a long time ( ◞・౪・)◞


And yesterday
I had a rush interview for the
Patlabor movie version!




In a rare move,
my bangs are parted in the center (°_°)


Patlabor Shutto Kessen is
opening on 5/15!!
Please look forward to it ∩^ω^∩
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My first bus tour since graduating

I had a fan club bus tour on
2/28 and 3/1 ^ ^


The destination was
Shizuoka and Kakegawa.
It has been, hm, maybe 2 and a half years since my last bus tour?!


Because it had been so long
I was really looking forward to this
even though I felt nervous and wondered like
will everyone come?…
But since I really love bus tours
I was also allowed to think of the
tour title and event contents too this time!


The first was a 2-shot photoshoot



I wrote it with spray paint* ^ ^


And, the live!!


I went and bought the outfit by myself (lol)



I’m wearing my Mano Cap
and tried out braids
that are tied with
a cut up tour bandana ♪



I was allowed to sing a
cover of
Berryz Kobo’s
“Aisuru hito no namae o kioku ni” 6913[1]


The 2nd show was
was kind of like an athletic meet…lol
It has been WAY too long since I did a ball toss and stuff
so it was incredibly fun
and all of my Mano Friends unexpectedly
played it seriously, which made me happy! lol


And, like wow,
Kakegawa’s mascot
Mr. Cha-no-miya Kinjiro
even came!!



Cha-no-miya also
played the ball toss together with me and stuff
and helped me hand out green tea to everyone
and cooperated in all kinds of things like getting the fans together!!
thanks ∩^ω^∩


To think that a mascot character
would come out to this bus tour, well,
I hadn’t thought that this would really happen so
I’m so so thankful to my FC staff!!!


we also picked strawberries 533[1] Eripon



They were realllllllllly sweet and
I was incredibly happy *\(^o^)/*


And unbelievably,
the Little Red Riding Hood Fun Farm
where we picked strawberries at this time
gave me many strawberries as a souvenir so
I brought some back as gifts
to the Better Half training hall (^O^)


And finally,
the fan group!!!


And by some planning that happened beforehand
my sailor uniform came (lol)


Its getting a little tough isn’t it (lol)


And pigtails on top of that (lol)


At the fan meet up
at the very very end
everyone gave me a surprise…



A message from each and every one of you.


And, a song present.


I was so happy that
I just couldn’t stop crying (/ _ ; )


But really
I’m just simply so grateful
to have all of you, who still support me without fail,
even though it has been 2 years since I graduated from Hello Project.


And this time, unexpectedly
there were people who came on the tour for their first time.
I was really so happy.


When I see everyone’s smiles
I really become happy and
think, yup, this place is really so special.


And so, I want to do this again and
if there is a chance like this
even if a little, even if long or short, I want to
make everyone near me happy!


Thank you so much to
everyone that came on the bus tour 672[1] Ogata    4459146-Sayu

What should we do next time~?? 1604 Zukki Sayu
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