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A message from the staff

Thank you for always supporting Mano Erina.

We have updated her public facebook account a number of times since entering the new year.
Please check it out as well!

Also, we have decided on the title of the Mano Erina Fan Club Bus Tour!
“Mano Erina Friends“Bus”Party Vol.4 Mano Camp~Let’s Return To Our Youth Again~”

The other day, there was a meeting between Mano and Chairman Araken-san and others.
The deadline is 1/26 so if you haven’t yet, please don’t forget!
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I felt so happy

Yesterday was
the 3rd dinner show ^ ^



It was an add-on event and
the people who came said to me
“thanks for adding a show,”
but that’s not the case!!
When we first announced the show schedule
there were many applications and
since there were many people who couldn’t get tickets when they sold out.
And people were like, if that’s the case, could we come to an extra showing?!
I want to come watch >_<
And so, yesterday they decided to do an extra show!



And so,
the ability to have an additional performance
was all thanks to you, my Mano Friends ♪



Thank you so much ∩^ω^∩



Yesterday when I sang,
I felt incredibly happy.



Usually I have incredible fun
and feel excited and happy
at live shows but,
yesterday in particular, I felt
absolutely extraordinarily happy!!!



Like, I felt “I’m so happy~” just so much
that I got teary eyed with the final song (T_T)



When coming together with everyone in the band
I got closer and closer to seeing
that moment that I could express my feelings through music- it is really fun!!



I’m really sad
that the Osaka show on the 25th was the last one >_<



being able to sing in Osaka for the first time in a while
I had a lot of fun
and spending a wonderful time with everyone
made me feel so happy!






All of my Mano Friends,
thank you so much always 1496 Zukki Ogata



So actually, in between the afternoon and evening show
I escaped from the hall (lol)
and went to
a hamburger shop 1604 Zukki Sayu






A bacon cheeseburger and
guava juice 6913[1]6913[1]



I came here because
I reaaaaaaaaaaaaallllly had this incredible craving
for a super “American” hamburger
and it was reaaaaaaaaaaaalllly delicious 15034



They had pancakes
and other types of hamburgers so
I think I’ll go again ^ ^



Oh and
tonight from 9pm
I’m making an appearance on
TV Asahi’s
“Kasoken no Onna” New Spring Special!!!



This is the work
that I had done when I spent the night somewhere for filming
in December \(^o^)/



I’m incredibly nervous about it2510[1]



Please make sure to watch, okay (ノ´▽`)ノ



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My first Disney of the year ☆

The other day,
I took my first trip to Disney of the year 4459146-Sayu



My goal was
Disney Sea’s
Tower of Terror!!



I get even more scared that normal
on level 13 these days \(^o^)/



I went right when it opened
so I got a fastpass
but then went right away into the standby line!!



And after that,
since there is a little time between changing rides
I went again with my fastpass!!



I rode it 4 times total ヽ(;▽;)ノlol



They started the Sweet Duffy* so
I went with this little guy  ( ̄▽ ̄)






I ended up buying some Disney goods ^ ^






I got a Gelatoni
and my friend bought a Duffy!



I feel like the next time I go
I’ll buy the Duffy too (lol)



Since I have an annual pass
I went over to Disneyland midway!!






The resort bus
was all in Anna from Frozen 672[1] Ogata



And inside, the park was decorated
with Anna and Frozen stuff too ☆






They weren’t doing

Once Upon a Time* so…



In the evening or so, I went back to Disney Sea again
and saw a Duffy bus ^ ^









It was all fuzzy and soft!!!



And I also went to go meet Oswald ♡



He is my absolute favorite character these days ∩^ω^∩






Bit by bit
my collection of Oswald goods is growing 533[1]



While they are doing the Frozen stuff
I want to win the Once Upon a Time lottery and
watch it from the priority area!!



Until I win though,
I’ll try going
on a day when I end work early or something ( ̄^ ̄)ゞ



Oh yeah, so
I might end up writing a lot
about Disney on this blog this year again ♡


*They released a “Sweet Duffy” line of Duffy clothing and goods

*Once Upon a Time is the park’s evening projection show
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It was fun!!!

My casual dinner shows
started yesterday ^ ^



It had been a long time
since I sang so many songs
so I’m nervous each time.



But you know,
when I’m standing on stage
I feel relieved when I see everyone’s faces
and people are smiling faintly as they listen
and hum along.
When I see that, I get so happy!!



seeing everyone’s faces yesterday and today
there were a number of moments when I thought I was going to cry.



I’m so so grateful that
I’m in a place where I can do concerts like this…
Just so so happy!!!



Thank you so much
to everyone who came yesterday and today ♪



Next is the 17th!!



For those of you who haven’t seen it yet, please look forward to it ∩^ω^∩






It wasn’t fair that
everyone else was drinking wine and alcohol the whole time (´・ω・`)
Well, I guess it IS a dinner show (lol)
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Getting things going.

Tomorrow is my casual dinner show.  


Since Patlabor episode 7 is out,
I’m making an appearance at
the stage greetings before the first showing
in Shinjuku Piccadilly
before my show ^ ^



Even though I finally
had my first good break after staring this job
over New Years holiday
I unbelievably caught a cold、、、
so I couldn’t really spend my break the way I wanted (ー ー;)



Everyone, please be careful
since the flu and like
the common cold are really getting around lately >_<



When a new year begins
all kinds of things start moving.



I’m trembling with excitement.
And just a tiny bit nervous. lol



I’ll be doing my best to steadily move forward this year too.






I got gel nails for the first time
in fooreeeeevveerrr ♪



I wonder if it’ll match with my dinner show outfit?!^ ^



My heart is pounding for the first time in a while.
I wonder if I’ll be able to sleep… (°_°)
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Sheep, my zodiac sign

Happy New Year.



It is 2015!
The year of the sheep^ ^
I was born the year of the sheep.



This year I’m 24!



To be honest, I wondered
am I okay like this? lol



But if I have been able to
push on forward up until now
and since I can’t go back
and since I don’t want to go back at this point
well then I’ll push forward again.



In truth,
because we have no idea when things will happen
I just want to do the things I want to do
and laugh or cry at the result.
Enjoying yourself is winning, I think.



For all matters this year, I want to
try going forward based just on what I want
without being afraid of or over-thinking the future.



When something happens
it is like I jump into a brand new world
and feel incredibly courageous
but this year I want to take hold of that courage.



This year too
I have my sights up high, together with this person.





Somehow or another

my Manager Manetty

has walked this path together with me from even before my debut.



My first job is

a rehearsal for a dinner show I think.



I’m looking forward to it.

The very first Mano event of the new year.

I hope we get off to a good start!!










This year on 5/1,

the movie version of Patlabor finally comes out!



Before that in April

I have the stage play “Better Half”!



And before that

I’ll be joining in on a new work too!



For this year as well

please be good to Mano Erina.




 I hope that everyone 

has a wonderful year as well 1496 Zukki Ogata
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Notice from the Staff

Thank you for your continued, warm support of Mano Erina。
It has been decided that a Mano Erina fan club tour will be held in Shizuoka!

Mano-chan will have a 1-night, 2-day bus tour, her first in a while
There will be 2-shot photographs、a special LIVE、
and a「snapshot tournament」in which you can take pictures of Mano-chan,
and all sorts of other content
Furthermore、we are making plans for things  that Mano-chan wants to do !
This is a bus tour by Mano-chan for the ManoFure (Mano Friends)

2015 2/28 (Sat)~3/1 (Sun)

●Travel Cost:¥68,000
●Application Deadline:must be postmarked no later than 2015 1/26 (Mon)


Even if you join the fan club after this, you can participate!!

For more information, please click here。
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Merry Chirstmas☆ ° (sic)



My final production of the year
has wrapped up ^ ^



It was intense。


Being separated from Tokyo for the first time in a while
in a hotel life for about three weeks。



Moreover, it was in a place where the coldness I’m bad with
was strong, but I got stronger!Lol



I was able to talk a lot
with all of my costars
and I’ve become able to talk with
the staff whenever we met
for filming
so I had fun and learned things!



I want to hurry up and let you know what it is!


And、I want to see it soon!!



I might be able to give the announcement at the beginning of the new year?!



I worked hard
on my last production of this year,
my last acting work of the year ^ ^





In the end I held out
and didn’t get Duffy’s Christmas costume ( ̄▽ ̄)



It’s an aim for the costume to come out next year, so、、、Lol



May you have a lovely Christmas ✨
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Tokyo after a while, and once again

Today I had a handshake event
at Shinjuku Book 1st ^ ^
It has been a long time and
since it was decided in a big rush
I wondered,
will everyone come for me? But
so many of you came to see me
and it made me happy ^ ^
Honestly, I am just so so grateful
that I have all of you coming to see me
like this, even after I graduated.
Today I received all kinds of words like
your thoughts about this year,
Merry Christmas! or like,
Have a happy new year! or like
Be good to us next year too, okay!
I was so happy (#^.^#)
It finally feels like the end of the year!!lol
I’m really so thankful
that you came to see me in this cold weather!!





Tokyo after about 2 weeks.
It went by in a flash~
Tokyo felt warm~
I was able to sleep in my own bed for the first time in a while~
And well, in any case, I slept a ton~
I’m making sure to drink warm water, morning and night~
And I could have a leisurely lunch with my friends~
I could go see the Christmas lights after my chiro~
Roppongi Midtown Lights ☆




This was my first time

seeing the lights in Midtown (≧∇≦)
And with that,
right now I’m back on the Shinkansen train again, heading back to the filming site. lol
I’ve just got to work hard for a little bit more.
I’m in the middle of reflecting on
the joy of being able to take part in this wonderful work.
Please wait a bit longer
until I can make an announcement about it, okay? (´・ω・`)
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It might be the most this year

Good morning!

When I go to bed with the heater on
it is a little hot and dry
but its cold if I turn it off.
So, I’m always annoyed by
the thermostat at hotels (*´□`*)

Today is cold, isn’t it >_<

Today, I am wearing 3 layers of
extra warm Heattech.
I stuck some kairo warmers on my feet,
on my stomach, 2 on my back,
some right near where my armpits are,
and even some near my wrists
just waiting around in a big bench coat
and leg warmers until we film.

I’ve got a perfect game plan to fight the cold but
today the highest temperature is just 3 degrees* or so…

When I’m outside the whole time
all the excessive cold makes my nose red.
The cold over here really stings (°_°)

In the mornings, the puddles were iced over and
it made me want to say, “Let it go!”*
Ahh, but I didn’t okay. lol

This is dinner from the other day.




Chicken wings and beer.



This is the greatest combo, isn’t it 173[1]lol



It was very delicious \(^o^)/

And in my free time
I play Animal Crossing.





Alright, today again I’ll be off to my shoot
with lots of energy!!!

Everyone, please take care
not to catch a cold, okay >_<

*The title is vague but I think she’s referring to the weather (ie. it might be the coldest day of the year)
*About 37 degrees F.
*From the Disney movie Frozen
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