Mano Erina

It’s tomorrow。

Mano Erina’s
6th photobook
goes on sale tomorrow


Once again, here is
an off-shot from the photobook




I wore a bathing suit at the ocean in Yamaguchi prefectureーーー!


Thanks to the fact that it was overcast
the sky was, on the contrary, a dazzling pure-white


We had rented a private home close to the ocean
and were taking pictures

and I was given keychains

handmade by an elderly woman there






I’ll put them on my key!


By all means, please take a look at
my photobook that’s on sale tomorrow, everyone
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It’s almost here。

My photobook「ZERO
is on sale


Some time ago
I received the completed photobook

in advance
^ ^


I’ll have to look at it when I go home。


On the 30th I’ll be in Nagoya
and on the
31st I’ll be in Shibuya for handshake events

It’s been a while, so I’m excited
I’ll be waiting for you




The yukata I wore in my photobook


In the end, I haven’t been able to wear
a yukata in my private life this year either
Has everyone else worn one


Next year, for sure
it would be nice if I could go to a festival or something wearing one
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So the other day、
I went out to eat with
Berryz Koubou’s Momochi


It’s been such a long time since I’ve seen her,
so I was glad to be able to talk with her


Since before I had my solo debut
around my time as a Kenshuusei

Momo-chan would take the time to talk to me

and from then on
、during Hello!Con and stuff
we really were together a lot

As one of my senpai in Hello!Project

and as the one person called Momochi

I respect her, and calm down when we talk ^ ^


everyone’s surprised when they find out that

two people with completely different personalities
get along well(Lol)
For this reason, when we’re together

the motivation I get from her is huge


When I decided on graduating
the very first member I told was Momochi


I trust Momo-chan that much,
and want to hear her opinions


I’m glad we got to talk so much *\(^o^)/*


That’s right、
I got an e-mail from S/mileage’s

Katsuta Rina-chan、、、


“I’m reading your London blog!”


It seems that she’s interested in overseas places
so apparently she’s enjoying reading my blog


I’ll conclude my London blog
very soon


everyone’s responses really have declined

so I guess my regular blog posts really do

get more comments and such


knowing that other members are reading it too

makes me a bit happy


I’m going along on a whim after all


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Girlish motivation UP?!?!

I did my nails for the first time
in an incredibly long time。


By myself ^ ^




I tried to make them colorful
using pastel colors☆



Light blue


I changed the design
only on my ring finger
and stuck a ribbon sticker on it


Maybe my girlish motivation went upー?ω・`)Lol


When I do my nails after a long time
I enjoy it and get excited
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Idol Koushien

The day before yesterday
I got to perform

in Idol Koushien




The set list was


Doki Doki Baby
Ambitious Girls
21 Seikiteki Ren’ai Jijou

Genkimono de Ikou


I sang five songs^ ^


My costume was the one I wore
the other day for the opening of my solo concert


Even though I only had the stage for 30 minutes
I sweated like crazy


Everyone who got pumped up with me
Thank you




This is at the end of the LIVE♪


I want to do a LIVE
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I’ll sing tomorrow

A delicious smell came from somewhere
when I was out walking

Involuntarily, my stomach growled(Lol)

Every day is hot, right
So I have to eat well and get stamina

Even though I think that

I don’t know what I want to eat

even though I’m hungry

so I generally have soumen
(fine white noodles) (._.)

I want to eat yakinikuっ!

tomorrow I will sing

I will have the privilege
of performing at the Idol Koushien exhibition
that will be opened up at Zepp DiverCityっ!

An event full of idol-chans

My performance time is
30 minutes starting from 18:30

Everyone、let’s get pumped up together
and work up a good sweat



My first selfie in a while

Ah、that’s right,
I actually went on a solo trip

a little earlier

and finally imported the photos I took with my digital camera

onto my smartphone

so I’ll write about my trip before long

Look forward to itД)
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Happiness, for the first time in a while。

For the first time in such a long time
I was able to sleep

without setting an alarm


For me,
that’s a considerably happy thing


I’m incredibly glad to be able to
have a sound sleep

without being pressed for time


I slept so soundly
that I don’t even remember what dream I had


Did you watch the drama
「Mama ga Ikita Akashi」(Proof that Mama Lived)
that was broadcast yesterday?


I was very glad
to be able to participate

in this production。


I still haven’t been able to watch it,
so I want to take my time watching it later
^ ^




That reminds me、
after work,

I went with my manager, Manetty,

to slurp up a Krushers

for the first time





Of course
I got the salty Hirami lemon


My poster was also
in the store we went to




Everyone slurp up some too ∩^ω^∩
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Announcement From the Staff

Thank you for always warmly supporting Mano Erina。


Mano Erina is acting in the TV Asahi special drama「Mama ga Ikita Akashi」
broadcast today at 21:00。


By all means, please watch it。
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I wanted to be immersed in the afterglow。

I received a tone generator of the Osaka performance
so I took a half-body bath while listening to that

and immersed myself in the LIVE’s afterglow


I had funーーーっ


At last
my throat and body have also gotten back to the way they were before


Thank you for
the many comments ^ ^


there are all sorts of issues,

but I like doing the acoustic segment

and stuff


I thought that I’d like to try
doing an acoustic LIVE or something


But in order for that to happen
I have to practice the songs

even more


When will I be able to sing nextー?


Ah、I’ll put some off-shots
from the issue of UTB
that’s currently on sale




I did a photoshoot
together with ℃-ute’s

Yajima Maimi-chan ^ω^∩


During a break from shooting
I was making a mountain




It reminded me of the time I was in kindergarten(Lol)
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I lost。

When I’m looking at various shoes
on the Internet

there are some that I reeeally like


And so、
I head to lunch with a friend in a town

where that shop happens to be


And so
we end up going in the shop
, you know、、、


And so, when I see those shoes in real life
my heart skips a beat, you know


And when I end up taking them in my hands
I end up asking the shop staff

「Could I try these on?」
you know、、、


You understand。


The probability of me buying them
after I put them on rising


This time
I won’t get on board that current


I did think that, but


when I put them on
they’re cute and lightweight and easy to walk in

and they fit just right


So I ended up buying them(*´艸`*) 


I lost to their incredible cuteness。


I don’t regret it


There are days when things like that happen。


since I ended up buying shoes

I thought things like
“This isn’t saving money
“I’ll try hard again tomorrow


Also, I’ve finally been able
to tie my hair back recently

so even if my hair had gotten messed up while sleeping

I can just pull it back and it’s fine

I can’t help but enjoy it(Lol)




I haven’t cut my hair

since last November


I often go to the hair salon for coloring my hair,
but since I want to grow it out

I just have them trim the ends


It finally got longer。


A year ago
I had a short haircut, right


I feel like right now
it’s just right


What do you think
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