Michishige Sayumi

Yamagata prefecture☆

Today was the concert in Yamagata!!!

Our first time in Yamagata as Morning Musume!

I’m really happy we were able to go here:heart:

I stood on stage

filled with feelings of gratitude!

The concert was fun:heart:

Thank you everyone!!

After the last show, we went to yakiniku1075 Zukki Eripon -Sayu

Yamagata beef~:raburabu:

I wonder if I got more power from eating meat!?:up:

It was really, really good4505919 Sayu1075 Zukki Eripon -Sayu

Next to me was Harunan:music:

Harunan was happy to sit next to Sayumi, it was cute:bell:

Ishida was also next to me:music::music:

Thank you for the yakiniku!!!!:kirakira:

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Hello!Con pictures

Good morning!

These are pictures from the Hello!Pro concerts♪♪

I’m sorry I’m so late putting them up:aseru:

I took two-shots with THE Possible members
who appeared as guests during the Hello!Pro Concerts1496 Sayu1075 Zukki Eripon -Sayu

Morozuka Kanami-chan1822-sayu


Akiyama Yurika-chan4491337 Sayu


Hashimoto Aina-chan1946 Sayu


Okada Robin Shoko-chan445-2 Sayu


Goto Yuki-chan4496923 sayu


At that time,

everyone in THE Possible
said, “Let’s take pictures~.”
and came into the dressing room
I was really happy:raburabu:

After we finished taking pictures, we talked a little…:music:

It was fun4498591 Sayu

Everyone in THE Possible is so good at singing!!!!

It’s fun listening to “Nanja Korya?!” and it makes me excited♪

In the middle of the song they suddenly switch to acapella and it’s incredibleーー:up::up:

Continuing on, another guest performer
Kikkawa Yuu-chan:heart:

Kikkawa-chan is so wild and free and I love her stories672 Sayu


even more guests from Lovendor

On the last day, we did matching usa-chan hair:raburabu:

By chance1496 Sayu

As expected of the rokkies:nihihi:


For some reason I still have so many pictures from the Hello!Pro concerts…533-Sayu

With Kudo and Oda-chan4313 Sayu

So, today is a Morning Musume concert!!
I’ll work hard♪

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Good morning:heart:


Lately I’ve been really tired for some reason:shobon:

Yesterday I had shoots and rehearsals…

and during a five minute break at rehearsals I fell asleep (lol)

So today, waking up in the morning was really hard.

my shingles are completely gone:!!::!!::!!:

I don’t have any more pain,

and there are a few spots remaining, but I think they’ll clear up very soon:raburabu:

I’m sorry for causing you so much worry:aseru:

Are you all feeling okay!?

I couldn’t say this before but…

Please take care of your health1075 Zukki Eripon -Sayu1075 Zukki Eripon -Sayu1075 Zukki Eripon -Sayu

My clothes from sometime~:music::music::music:

I’m sorry if that’s difficult to understand…(>_<)

It’s a dress:raburabu2:

Okay, I’ll update again later4505919 Sayu

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Good evening!

I read Tsunku-san’s blog earlier.

“Complete remission” was written,
and I didn’t understand so I looked it up on the internet,
and it means that his symptoms have settled down and he’s stable

I’m really glad.

I’m so relieved.

I’m looking forward to the day when I can hear Tsunku-san’s singing again!

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Shoots & rehearsals

Good evening:heart:


was a day

and shoots and rehearsals6912[1] - Sayu

At the shoots,

I got an acai bowl as a snack:music::music:

And lots more!

I was so overjoyed to have tasty things~.

Thank you445-2 Sayu

The shoot was also tons of fun445-2 Sayu


Today, during the shoots,

I’ll tell you some words Sayumi got from the cameraman and staff members:heart:



“Everything is perfect!”

“We can use all of it!”

These three:raburabu2::cracker:


I’ll let you know late
what shoot it was~:music:

I had rehearsals after that!
It was a tiring day:kirakira::kirakira::kirakira:




I’m tiiiiiiired!!!:aseru:

I’m sorry. I complained (lol)

Today I did tons of things I had to do

But, I think I’ll just go to bed early:heart:

Tour outfit:raburabu::raburabu::raburabu:

The tour costumes are so cute672 Sayu672 Sayu672 Sayu

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Good morning445-2 Sayu


On today’s “Mezamashi TV”

Morning Musume ’14′s new song



Mikaeri Bijin

had their MVs shown for the first time:music::music::music:


Did you watch them!?:up:

For the Mikaeri Bijin MV,

I wore a red kimono4490827 Sayu


Today I’m starting with shoots4491905 Sayu4491905 Sayu4491905 Sayu4491905 Sayu

I’ll do my best:heart::up:066[1]-sayu:candy::raburabu::light::ribbon:

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Usa-chan hair

Good eveningーーーー1822-sayu

Today was the Morning Musume ’14 concert in Nagoya:up:

It was fun:heart::heart::heart:

Nagoya is Suzuki Kanon-chan’s hometown♪♪

Her smile was so adorable1075 Zukki Eripon -Sayu1075 Zukki Eripon -Sayu1075 Zukki Eripon -Sayu

Look lookーーーー! These these
wonderful treats that we got6912[1] - Sayu1496 Sayu



They’re too cute to eat:aseru:

But, I chose first:heart::up:

I love concerts!
Thank you for today:heart:

Nagoya has

Sayumi’s solo radio♪

CBC Radio☆Konya mo Usa-chan Peace:raburabu::raburabu::raburabu:

It’s where we broadcast from

so I did Usa-chan hair4500092 Sayu

because it’s Nagoya
I think you were all expecting Usa-chan hair~ so I did it for you672 Sayu4491337 Sayu4491337 Sayulol

Only for the 2nd performance, though!:peetta:

It was really fun:heart:

When I go back to Tokyo I have one more job to do~:light::light::light:

I’ll work hard~~~~~:cherry::cherry::cherry:

Strange pose?!1075 Zukki Eripon -Sayu1075 Zukki Eripon -Sayu1075 Zukki Eripon -Sayu1075 Zukki Eripon -Sayu1075 Zukki Eripon -Sayu1075 Zukki Eripon -Sayu1075 Zukki Eripon -Sayu

See you066[1]-sayu

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Good evening:!!:


we filmed for “MUSIC JAPAN”445-2 Sayu445-2 Sayu445-2 Sayu

This will be my last MUSIC JAPAN:music:

At NHK Hall1075 Zukki Eripon -Sayu

we filmed a performance672 Sayu

I could see a loooot of the fans:heart:

the new song “TIKI BUN”
and my debut song “Shabondama”
were the two songs we performed766 Eripon Sayu

Ai suru hito wa….


Sayumi dakeーーーーー!

Honestly, everyone shouted much louder than I expected so I was surprised & happy:heart::heart::heart:

It was fuuuuuuuuuun:raburabu::raburabu::raburabu::raburabu:

Thank you4491905 Sayu

Sayumi’s last MUSIC JAPAN.

Today, we got a letter from Tsunku-san
and Oomori Seiko-san sang a Morning Musume song
I was really happy.

I have really been taken care of these past 12 years!

MUSIC JAPAN, thank you:music:

Please take care of Morning Musume after this!!

Tomorrow is Nagoya~:heart:


Suzuki Kanon-chan’s hometown:heart:


Let’s enjoy ourselves4495307 Sayu1961[1] Sayu4494857 Sayu

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Good morning:raburabu:

Yesterday the Morning Musume ’14 concert in Zama

was super fun~~~~:heart::heart::heart::up:

But I keep getting closer little by little to the last show, and every time I think that I get sad…:shobon:

It’s so much fun it’s sad.

But the number 1 thing I thought,
was how much I loーーーーーーーーve concerts533-Sayu4500092 Sayu4500092 Sayu4500092 Sayu

I like concerts where I can spend some fun time and sweat together with all of you4490827 Sayu

I love being in the same space as everyone during the concerts4490827 Sayu4490827 Sayu4490827 Sayu

Everyone who came to the Zama show1822-sayu
Everyone who supports us1822-sayu

Thank you1946 Sayu


By the way Sayumi
suddenly got shivers and my joints started to hurt after the show had ended…:aseru:

Last night I got a fever:shock:

But I went to the doctor and now I feel much better:light:

The shingles have also gotten better and only hurt once in a while:music:

I’m gladーーーー:heart:

I’ll do my best todayキラキラキラキラ

Sayumi appears in “non-no” which goes on sale 9/20026 Sayu

Please look if you like4313 Sayu

So then! I’ll write another blog later:heart:

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First day of the fall tour

Good evening:!!::up::up:

Morning Musume ’14′s fall tour started today4490827 Sayu

The first day… means that I was nervous:heart:

But, Sayumi loves concerts and being able to be in the same room with you all:!!::raburabu:

This fall tour will be my last tour.

This time,
I get to sing a lot of songs that are very important to me1075 Zukki Eripon -Sayu

I’m really, really happy:raburabu:

I want to enjoy each and every show of this concert I love:heart:



during rehearsals and such

everyone wore the “Completely Michishige T-shirt”1822-sayu1822-sayu1822-sayu

I was so happy they all wore it for me!!!:heart:

When I was looking out at the audience on stage

I saw a lot of people in pink, too, so I was overjoyed4491626 Sayu4491626 Sayu4491626 Sayu

Thank you:heart:

Of course it felt good
to all wear the completely Michishige t-shirts,

but the costumes for this tour!!!!:music:

They’re super cute4500092 Sayu

Everyone, please come and play with us on the fall tour:heart:


Also, at the first performance today
I gave an announcement to everyone.

On the final day of the fall tour that started today, 11/26, at Yokohama Arena, I will graduate from Morning Musume,

and after I graduate I have decided to take a leave of absence for a while.

Since I joined Morning Musume in 2003, I have thought of Morning Musume first.

Which means that I didn’t any interest in show business, only that I loved Morning Musume,
so I took the audition, became a member, became leader, and planned on giving my whole life up for Morning Musume.

In these 12 years, I feel like I have done everything as a Morning Musume.
I have been running full force with no breaks up until now, so I decided, I would take a leave of absence for a while after graduating.

Maybe “leave of absence” is an exaggeration, but, well, I’m going to take a break from work for a while,
and I’m going to refresh my body and soul while taking my time to think about myself after this~!

I only have a little bit of time left to spend as part of Morning Musume…

Also, at the 9/30 and 10/1 shows at Nippon Budokan the new members will debut:!!::!!::!!:

I’ll keep running with all my strength until 11/26 at Yokohama Arena:up:

I want to spend lots of fun time with all of the fans, too:heart::heart::heart:

I hope you will continue to support me4498591 Sayu



Today I appeared in Sanspo!

Thank you766 Eripon Sayu

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