Michishige Sayumi


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Minnie-chaaaーーーーn392 Sayu4500092 Sayu4500092 Sayu4500092 Sayu


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I’ll work hard at rehearsal again today!!!!☆

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Good morning:raburabu:


I have rehearsals all day today!

Let’s work hard~

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17th anniversary!!

Good evening:!!:

Today 9/14

is Morning Musume ’14′s 17th birthday:up::raburabu::raburabu:

Which means!!!!

☆Morning Musume ’14☆

☆☆17th anniversary☆☆

We have crossed into our 18th year4491626 Sayu1075 Zukki Eripon -Sayu1075 Zukki Eripon -Sayu

Thank you very much!
To you who always support us:heart:

So today, we had a handshake event in Shinagawa
and a birthday party event4500092 Sayu

At the event…

We performed “TIKI BUN” for the first time!

Morning Musume ’14′s new single that goes on sale 10/15:!!::!!::!!::up:

I’m always super duper nervous about first performances
but I felt like today I was especially calm.

I wonder why?

I have no idea (lol)

TIKI BUN… how was it?:music:

I really like the lyrics that urge you to face forward!


Tsunku♂san gave us a letter, too:light:

And in it!

He said that the 12th generation members would be announced on 9/30 at Nippon Budokan!!!

I’m very excited for some new members to finally join again:heart::heart::heart:

Also, it was the first time someone had their debut date announced like that, so it’s kind of interesting:light:

Today, we face our 18th year on 9/14, and on 9/30 we become new again!!

I’m excited to meet what sort of Morning Musume is coming:raburabu:


Then, Morning Musume’s 14th album was also announced:bikkuri:

The album goes on sale 10/29:up::up::up:

There are some cute songs4495307 Sayu1822-sayu
I’m happy4495307 Sayu4495307 Sayu4495307 Sayu

Of course there are also cool songs like Morning Musume ’14 is known for,

And there are warm songs, too←

We also received a celebratory cake :cake::raburabu:

And cute:heart:
It was tasty1604 Zukki Sayu4498591 Sayu


So today with our 17th anniversary!

I, once again,

felt how much I really, really love Morning Musume:heart:

I am so glad from the bottom of my heart that I got to be a part of it:heart:

I’m also grateful to all of the senpai I had up until now!

the current Morning Musume is working hard.

So when I graduate on 11/26, the new Morning Musume will work hard
and I bet it will continue 19, 20, 50 years…

I hope that you will all take care of us after this, as well:bikkuri:

Ganbatte Ikimashoi in our 18th year!



Hey, a cute girl is~??

Thank you4495307 Sayu4495307 Sayu4495307 Sayu4495307 Sayu4495307 Sayu4495307 Sayu4495307 Sayu4495307 Sayu


Also also
Congratulations to Oda-chan on her 2 year anniversary of joining:bikkuri:

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Good evening!

Good eveningーーー!:raburabu::raburabu::raburabu:

Everyone, yesterday,

thank you for watching

“another sky”:heart:

Today during work
other members and the dance teachers and the staff members said

“I watched another sky~”

and it made me happy:up::raburabu::raburabu:


I’ll write about stories and pictures from another sky after this533-Sayu4491626 Sayu

I have quite a few pictures so look forward to those~:raburabu:


So today, I was in rehearsals for the fall tour since this morning1822-sayu1822-sayu1822-sayu

This time…
I really can’t do anything at all during rehearsals…:shobon:

Waking up early sucks (lol)

I thought I’d be able to do a full day of rehearsals today so I was kind of relaxed this morning:music::music:


It had been a while since a rehearsal like this..

So when I tried doing things

It was rather painfulーーー:aseru:

Throughout my body!



Or should I say…


It is an issue of focus:shobon:


Whenever I get tired,
my body won’t remember new choreography at all and I get sad:shobon:

I’ll go over it with care:choki::heart:

There’s only about a week left until the start of the fall tour!

I’ll do my best☆


A picture from another sky~:music::music::music:

I said I’d put them up later but I slid this one in:nihihi::cracker:

Hawaii057[1] Sayu
The ocean is beautiful~:up::up::up:

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Another Sky

Good morning:heart::heart::heart:


I woke up early today:up:

I’ll work hard all day long4491626 Sayu4491626 Sayu4491626 Sayu


Today 23:30~

“Another Sky”

I will be appearing:heart:


I’m nervous……4490827 Sayu4490827 Sayu4490827 Sayu

Everyone watch it okay?:raburabu2::up:

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Berryz Koubou☆


we appeared as guests at Berryz Koubou’s live in Nippon Budokan:!!::!!::raburabu:

Yesterday, we were guests for ℃-ute’s Budokan
so we got to stand on the Budokan stage two days in a row~6912[1] - Sayu


“Password is 0” and

Berryz Koubou’s
“MADAYADE” are the songs were performed as Morning Musume ’14:music::music:

Berryz Koubou songs make you really energized672 Sayu1075 Zukki Eripon -Sayu1075 Zukki Eripon -Sayu1075 Zukki Eripon -Sayu

It was tons of fun1822-sayu


After we were done with our part in the show
we watched the live from the audience seats:up::music::music:

Everyone was so cute
and hearing Berryz songs made me have fun and really energetic:up::up::up:

A picture with Sugaya Risako-chan
from the Hello!Pro concerts:raburabu:


Berryz Koubou
thanks for your hard work these past two days:heart:

Surrounded by Berryz Koubou Captain Shimizu Saki-chan
and ℃-ute leader Yajima Maimi-chan…:heart:

Happiness~4491626 Sayu4491626 Sayu4491626 Sayu

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Good morning


I woke up early so I’m sleepy..

This is a picture from last night~4494857 Sayu

It’s been raining in Tokyo since last night021[1] Rain

Everyone, if you’re going out, please try to keep yourselves dry♪

Sayumi starts off today with a rehearsal1822-sayu1822-sayu1822-sayu
I’ll do my best:heart:

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℃-ute no hi

9/10 is~???

℃-ute no hi:heart::heart::heart:


Today, ℃-ute had a concert at Nippon Budokan,

And Morning Musume ’14 appeared as guests:!!:


Sato Masaki was not feeling well, so she was absent.
I’m sorry..
Maachan, I hope you feel better soon!



“Wagamama ki no mama ai no joke”

℃-ute’s “Chou WONDERFUL” were the songs we sang4491626 Sayu4491626 Sayu4491626 Sayu


It was fun:up::up::music:

The venue was so pumped:raburabu2:

I took these pictures with ℃-ute at the Hello!Pro concert:raburabu:

Today, after rehearsals
and after our appearance was finished
we went to our seats to watch the live:!!:

Last year they did a live at Budokan on 9/10, too
and I wanted to go, but there was just no way:shobon:

I’m happy I got to see it today:raburabu::raburabu:

℃-ute are all so cute:heart:

We talked during today’s MC too…

And each member is such high quality!

They’re adorable, their performances are awesome..
They’re amazing:heart::up:

Everyone in ℃-ute1075 Zukki Eripon -Sayu
Thanks for your hard work1075 Zukki Eripon -Sayu
on ℃-ute no hi in Nippon Budokan:heart:

℃-ute’s Suzuki Airi-chan:heart:

Usa-chan peace:choki:

These are also from the Hello!Pro concert:cracker:



Morning Musume ’14 wore

“Wagamama ki no mama ai no joke” outfits…

with a sleeve4490827 Sayu1822-sayu



Two-shots with Harunan~:ribbon:


So with that, later4498591 Sayu4498591 Sayu4498591 Sayu

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The last day of Hello!Cons,

Hello!Pro Kenshuusei Makino Maria-chan

gave me a present:bikkuri:

So unexpected
I didn’t think that I would get any presents
so I was really, really happy…:raburabu::raburabu::raburabu:

At the time Maria-chan
was crying
so Sayumi cried in sympathy…:shobon:lol


She gave me a present and a letter
and I read it before the show
so I think I was grinning as I read it and the show set-up! lol

But Maria-chan,
she wrote me such wonderful things, it was a delightful letter…:heart:


When Maria-chan
had just joined the Hello!Pro Kenshuusei
we talked a lot:heart:

She would hang on to me
and our eyes would meet and she’d smile:heart:

Maria-chan is soーーー cute4500092 Sayu4500092 Sayu4500092 Sayu


Thank you so much for the present and the letter:cupid:

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goes on sale:music::music:



Please look at itーーーー:raburabu:

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