Mitsui Aika

Berryz Koubou.

Berryz Koubou indefinite hiatus.
I was very surprised!



All of Berryz Koubou, they frequently get in touch with me, however I didn’t hear a single word about announcing yesterday(T_T) lol
With Captain Shimizu Saki-chan, about three days before this we
got in touch, however…lol






The individual, group image Berryz Koubou.
Berryz Koubou’s charm, you know.
All the members, they’re more charming the moment they’re lumped into one, it was fun to find that the power of their unity is high♪
I wonder if I won’t be able to see them at Hello! LIVE~’ll be very lonely.


“But after this I still want to support everyone”, I think♪♪♪
I’m looking forward to everyone’s activity until thiscoming Spring, you know




I want to go see them LIVE!!
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MiTsuI day~~~~~~
(*^^*)♡ hahaha








Like Charlie


Oh!  This time like holds the meaning of, ○○ no you na, or, ○○ ni niteru. mitai na♪♪




Everyone remembered 321 day~!!!(。・_・。)♡
Thank yo~u 3734488[1]


Today, I noticed when I saw the date on my cellphone, and secretly congratulated myself! lol
I don’t mean it’s particularly like a birthday however
Somehow or another, you know



It’s like a second birthday♡








The people here are only called by their first names, because I don’t introduce myself with my full name, I somehow start forgetting!
My family name.




But, when I showed my Chinese host-sister the kanji, “That’s a super pretty name” she said♡
Altogether the kanji hold good meaning**, what!?♪♪


Aika also loves her own name!
I was named by my great-grandma
Thank you!  Great-Grandma♡






Oh!  Yesterday, I saw a shooting star again☆


It probably won’t come on time, but I wished!
Since coming to New Zealand my wish has always been the same.
It’ll surely come true

T.N.: *3, 2, and 1 can be read as “mi”, “tsu”, and “i” respectively.

**The Chinese meanings of the kanji in Aika’s name are “light/shine/ray” (光), “well [noun]/name of the Chinese Well constellation”; less commonly “tidy” (井), “love” (愛), and “good/excellent/beautiful” (佳), which are more or less the Japanese meanings.
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Good evenin’~♡



Test week is finished~!


“Tomorow and the day after tomorrow I want nothing but to strengthen the grammar I studied,” I thi~nk♪♪












My host mother, she gave Aika and my home-stay sister matching pajamas♪♪






They’re my favorite♡♡






If I may change the subject..




I wa~nt to see LEO!!!!



I need you!!!!LEO;(
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Excuse me for somehow neglecting to write for so longω`)


This week is a test week(。・_・。)!
Yesterday was
READING, GRAMMAR,VOCABULARY, and various stuff like that,
Today was
I’m sinking. lol
I don’t know the results yet
Tomorrow is a speaking test♪♪
I’ll try my beeest
(^)ゞ 3734488[1]





From studying so much, my eyes became bad, thanks to that I’ve become like this(。・_・。)







Just kiddi~ng.
I borrowed my friend’s glasses.









On the recent short tests, sometimes I’ve gotten full points, sometimes I wasn’t able toω`)



I’ll put up the one I got full points on♡lol


Until yesterday I seemed fairly crushed, but today I have a feeling I broke through a little.
The reality is that there’s still much more to go however.



It’s a long journeyω`)
Everyone, please cheer me on, okay.




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I’ve heard Tsunku♂-san’s notification.





I was very astonished, I was relieved to read Tsunku♂-san’s positive words.
And, I felt energy to the contrary.


But, I don’t want him to overdo it..(u_u)


I want to go and hear Tsunku♂-san’s songs after this.
Because of this, I want him to rest his body, you know.


I pray for him to get well soon..
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This was quite a while ago, but I went Horse riding~♪♪



It was fun~~~~!!!!
I’ve always wanted to ride a horse♪♪
When I did my graduation memorial
DVD I got to ride, but because that time I did it abruptly, I only did it for a few minutes,
This time I rode for about one hour



With horses, I like their totally pretty eyes♡



C, cute..♡






Unfortunately on the test the other day, 37 points.



On the vocabulary test,
We were to write out,

And explain the Meaning(imi), but
I mistook the English explanation of “to Keep a promise” for
to make a promise“, and got points off


“It would have been good if I had studied properly when I was in middle school”, I truly regret
At that time “Because I’m a Japanese person, I won’t need English or anything!
I complained with that
I complained that I was a person who couldn’t do
I was a person who got sympathy, it was expected


Studing the grammar and foundation and such of English is difficult(ω)ノlol
At first, when I first heard “
Present Perfect“(Genzai kanryoukei) I didn’t understand it~(*>∀<)ノ゙ hahaha
I thought “A perfect present?” or




Well, I’ll try my best to get full points again next time(^_-)!





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Everyone, that’s enough for today(*^^*)♪♪



Today, somehow, there was a call from Berryz Koubou’s Natsuyaki Miyabi-chan and Tokunaga Chinami-chan~(。・_・。)!!
Thinking “This is unexpected”, but it came from two people at the same time~!



I’m glad~♪♪



I picked up a call with Captain Shimizu Saki-chan, and ℃-ute’s Yajima Maimi-chan a little before(*^^*)♪♪
And now I’m currently with Mai-san of the Hagiwaras♪lol



With just taking calls with everyone, I’m energized^ ^♪♪



After!  To Ai-chan I gave a 3734488[1] 3734488[1] congratulation!!(*^^*)
Truly congratulations
Ai-chan wearing her wedding dress……
Even just having imagined it I’m becoming happy. lol


I bet it’ll be totally pretty and cute~(。・_・。)♡


I wish you happiness, for forever…♡








I got full points today, too♪♪




I’ll try my be~st!!

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I advanced~~!

Good evenin’♡


A good result the other day, we had a test…






From today I’ve advanced one class*~~!!(°_°)




My heart was racing, but it was okay(*’v'*)♪♪♪
Moreover today I got all the questions correct


Well done‼︎
Which means “Yoku dekimashita!”, my teacher often says this♪






Ah! I’m late…


Happy Valentinesday 3734488[1]




I made chocolate cake♡




I got these from my room mate(*0)!!
So cute…♡





Everyone did you give a person you like, or an important person a gift?(*’v'*)




I hope everyone will meet with a lovely person(*´-ω-)♡

*T.N.: “Class” meaning “grade-level”, in case that wasn’t clear.
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With the exception of English, I’ll experience various things♡







The other day, we made plum jam, cake, and ice cream!!



We put in sugar, water, and fruit and carefully boiled it down!!
It’s amazing!  It started looking like we were making jam♡



Using this plum jam, mousse cake♡








Ice cream uses the ice cream maker♡



With tofu, milk, ground coffee, and honey(*’v'*)♪
Isn’t it a little healthy?
ω`) lol






It was delicious with the feeling of soy milk ice cream(。・_・。)♪♪♪






Lunch was toasted sandwiches♡




I added the leftovers from supper♪♪
My motto is to eat without waste!
Coming here it’s become reality that I’ll eat anything!
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Is everything alright~?

It seems in Japan is a once in 10 years blizzard, right!!!(°_°)
Is everything alright?


From friends, close friends, and members came notices of snow! lol
I was surprised~!!





There seems to be a lot of congestion with the trains and cars(°_°)


Everyone, please take care not to have any accidents, okay(。・_・。)!





NZ had such a sky(*’v'*)♪♪♪




I’m confidently wearing a Morning Musume. t-shirt, lol
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