Mitsui Aika


Thank you very much for always supporting me^ ^




I have a report for everyone,
So this blog will be a little formal!





Because not long ago, I announced it at the LIVE, I think, “There are people who know this”,



I discovered something new I wanted to try my best at.


That thing is language study.
“I want to reach the ability to understand English”, I thought.





Graduating Morning Musume, until today I had been searching various things for something I want to do.


From the first time we went to Hawaii, I thought “I want to speak English”, however I was studying considerably and didn’t have the chance.
But, because graduating increased my personal time, waking up to English again, going to an English conversation classroom, reading books, having made English speaking friends, however….


I became able to say “Still I want to learn by experiencing authentic English.”.






For this becoming such an abrupt report, I am very sorry….







I think, “Let’s study abroad”!!!



I think, “Having various preparations, however in mid-January I should begin my trip”.



I wanted to appear at the New Year’s concert, however I’m truly very sorry.



In terms of graduating form the group, as well as this time, excuse me for it being so sudden..




I’m not leaving H!P!(lol)




Trying my best, I think, “I want to learn English”!
I think, “I want to surprise everyone”!!




It’s selfish, however I think, “I want everyone to watch over me”..
I’ll try my best!!


Well then I’ll look forward until the day I’ll be able to meet with everyone again.


I’m off!!!






Mitsui Aika




Congratulations on your entry in the family register♡
Truly, truly auspicious!




Furthermore, you registered it for Valentine’s.
That’s so romantic…♡




I expect to be able to see Ai-chan be increasingly happy after this, and I’ll be glad, too^^









I wish you forever happiness….
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Breakfast, is the oden my mother made me.


They’re warming up♪





Yesterday Phongchi came as a guest( ´艸`)♪


Thank you so very much 3734488[1] 3734488[1]




Today is Yoshizawa-san!!
This is my first time appearing together with Yoshizawa-san in theater!!
I wonder how it’ll be~
( ´艸`)♡



I’m looking forward to it♪♪♪

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Today’s guest, is Phongchi 3734488[1]


From 14:00 it’ll begi~n^ ^




Today as well I’ll go and accomplish it very rapidly~!
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Thank you so very much♡

The first day opened without problems, “We totally got everyone to laugh and it was a huge success”, I think!!
I was nervous about my part, but the members enjoyed it, too and it was good~
( ̄▽ ̄)♡






Today Kusumi-san came as a guest~!
It’s been a long time Kusumi-san!
Kusumi-san was Kusumi-san
Thank you so very much
( ´艸`)♡






Laughing, becoming a little serious, gaming, considering…
Various cramming, of all sorts, but I’ll try my be~st to raise my spirits like this until the
23rd 3734488[1]




Thank you very much for the many flowers and presents(^_-)☆







Tomorrow’s guest…


Is making me nervous~!





I’m looking forward to it♡
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Opening day.

Shiritsu Hasuhasu Jogakuin
Opening day~!!!!





The theater house is in Tsukiji♪♪


When I say “Tsukiji”…
I want to eat sushi~!






To start with I’ll try my best with Hasuhasu~ 3734488[1]




Because it seems we added auxiliary seats, because we had time without fail~^ ^
It’s from 19:00~
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That’s enough for today(*´-ω-)♪


Today and yesterday without it snowing….
It was cold, it will have an effect on the trains, too, there’s that, however I wanted to see a little bit!
I wonder when it will snow~.





Yesterday, I went to dinner with everyone again~♡♡
It was fun





It’s getting closer to tomorrow night, the performance( ´艸`)!!
I’m looking forward to it~
^ ^!!!!








We’ll be waiting for you at Tsukiji’s Tsukiji Honganji 3734488[1] 3734488[1]
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Supper^ ^

Last night for supper I ate Asian cuisine with Niigaki-san and Ogawa-san~(*^^*)♪




It was the first time us three ate together~( ´艸`)♪♪♪
With a good meaning it was with a feeling of without taking each other into consideration, it was fun!


We’ve never spent time together with Ogawa-san like this, and because it’s been a while since I was with Niigaki-san, it’s fun♡




This is what I ate♡



It was totally delicious~♪(´ε)


I wonder if we’ll go out together again today~♪
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Good morning!



Today is cold~(._.)
“It might snow some”, you know!
It might be a white Christmas, you know♪




Today is the last practice♪
I’ll try to continue to perform twice!
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Hasuhasu Jogakuin practice~♪


Today I’m trying to persist, various things are changing…( ̄▽ ̄
It’s hard~!
But fun~ 3734488[1]









We laughed too much, and got worn


Zushi-san and Katuu-san are the most interesting. lol
Please look forward to it, okay
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