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Berryz Kobo 12th

Today is Berryz Koubou’s LiVE, huh!!
Everyone in Berryz Koubou are super super senpai。



For everyone who’s doing activities as Hello! Project members for 12 and a half years、it’s really really an important important big event, isn’t it。


For all the members、and for all the fans、and for everyone in the agency、and for all the staff-san who’ve been around them supporting them, it’s a precious day。



Eーーーveryone please have fun with all your hearts today!!!!!
I’ll be supporting you too!!!!




Saki-chan、Momo-chan、Miyabi-chan、Chinami-chan、Maasa-chan、Kumai-chan、Risako-chan、you’ve really been working hard (*^^*)♪



I hope it’ll be a wonderful concert…☆



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Berryz Koubou.

Berryz Koubou indefinite hiatus.
I was very surprised!



All of Berryz Koubou, they frequently get in touch with me, however I didn’t hear a single word about announcing yesterday(T_T) lol
With Captain Shimizu Saki-chan, about three days before this we
got in touch, however…lol






The individual, group image Berryz Koubou.
Berryz Koubou’s charm, you know.
All the members, they’re more charming the moment they’re lumped into one, it was fun to find that the power of their unity is high♪
I wonder if I won’t be able to see them at Hello! LIVE~’ll be very lonely.


“But after this I still want to support everyone”, I think♪♪♪
I’m looking forward to everyone’s activity until thiscoming Spring, you know




I want to go see them LIVE!!
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Speaking of her wedding, the bouquet toss!!!!!!




















I caught it(T_T)
It’s somewhat inexcusable
(T_T). lol
It’s good that Aika catching it was a little soon, however
(í _ ì)




But I got the bouquet from Ai-chan, therefore…♡
I gratefully accept it…
(í _ ì) lol



Thank you very much♡Ai-chan♡
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After 1 month (/_<。)

It’s been over a year(Д`)
“I should write, I should write,” I thought, however once I realized it, a month had passed
, excuse me (T_T)




How is everyone doing? ^ ^
Aika attended Ai-chan’s June 2nd wedding~~~~

That’s right!  I went to Hawaii ♡
I was able to see my belooooved Ai-chan’s wedding in my belooooved Hawaii
(T_T) !
I was happy.







“It could result in a memory of Ai-chan,” I thought so I took a bunch of pictures♡






She’s very pretty and cute, “It was truly good to go,” I thought





It was the first time I saw a ceremony being held properly.
Before I graduated from elementary school I went to my cousin’s wedding, however I don’t remember it very much
(T_T) lol



The Hawaiin church had an amazingly good atmosphere, Abe-san and Ai-chan’s atmosphere when they came together was amazingly lovely♪♪♪



Spontaneously my tears were flowing and I somehow got a cathartic feeling♪♪♪




Abe-san and Ai-chan I wish you happiness after this, too..








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New Zealand is Autumn (*´-ω-)♪♪



It became cold~(*v*)♡
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Now in New Zealand, the fruit called “feijoa” are in season and are totally delicious♡




Because there’s a feijoa tree in my host family’s garden, the other night while carrying flashlights we gathered a bu~~~~~nch of them~♡♡
And, we made 100% feijoa juice!!!





Feijoas…I wonder if they kind of taste like kiwis~..(。・_・。)
Do they or don’t they seem to feel passionfruit-like..I
Their appearance is avocado-like! lol
You cut it in half, extract the flesh like a kiwi and eat it (*’v’*)♪
It’s delicious and slightly sour 3734488[1]


They seem to be in season around April, May, and June~♪♪
When you come to New Zealand in this period, there are feijoas everywhere, lol
Please try them without fail (*’v’*) ! lol



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Hang on!!







The week before last, we had a test week, but
I went up a class again ε=ヾ(*~▽~)ノ !
But, there seems to be many people who stay a long time in that class (lol)
It seems difficult.


Well, one week has passed since I got into a new class♪♪♪
The feeling of studying is growing♡





I finished today’s homework, too~ε=ヾ(*~▽~)ノ lol
It’s difficult, but that way my ambition springs out, it’s fun!!
I’ve come to think like that♪


Studying for the TOEIC, is more difficult.
“I should go buy a TOEIC strategy book today,” I think♡꒰。•`ェ´•。꒱۶ lol
reading, writing, listening, speaking I decided to take them all, lol
It’s wreckless, you know. lol
But because I intend for this time to be a challenge, it’s okay. (>ε<)ノ
I’ll do it endlessly for a month and a half! lol





New Zealand life has enriched me!
I’m able to make a lot of friends, I go to various places♪♪
New Zealand is mostly nature, but because there’s also places to play, it’s fun ε=ヾ(*~▽~)ノ
There aren’t that many places to play, but! lol
But because I’m able to concentrate on studying that way, it’s good♪♪
That’s Aika’s situation, you know (>ε<)ノ lol


But, lately I’m getting used to going to the movies, going to the gym, going to my friends’ houses, because I’ve gotten to go out it’s all the more fun♡


It’s an inconvenience without a car, but (´・ω・`) lol




Boardgames with my host-family’s friends♡

What I learned yesterday. lol
When I want someone to wait I should say “Wait!” but, because it’s not girl-like, I was told to say “Hang on!” (´・ω・`)ノ
Yes (>ε<)ノ !


Have a nice weekend!!
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Michishige-san ^^

Of course I’ve heard (>ε<)ノ!!
Michishige-san is graduating from Morning Musume. ’14!!




I became kind of lonely all at once _`) lol
What should I do when I’m lonely..
_`) lol


All the members and fans are lonely, you know _`)!






When I got up early today “I wonder, what’s the message from Michishige-san~?(*´-ω-)” I was light hearted when I saw it, then I was surprised by the unexpected information!!




I think I was as surprised as everyone else.
The announcement in her hometown Yamaguchi..people would be put into various thoughts, don’t you think♪♪
While looking at Michishige-san’s blog, I was reminded of
LIVE venues.




From Michishige-san I always felt affection towards the true “Morning Musume.”.
I really liked the “Morning Musume. ’14” which that Michishige-san was the leader of

I respect her a lot.
That I can’t see Leader Michishige-san’s powerful Morning Musume. ’14 in true realtime is a disappointment





And, I really wanted to go watch a Yamaguchi performace (>ε<)ノ!!





Of course, I’ll watch Michishige-san’s graduation concert
No matter what it takes




Until her graduation day, I want her to graduate with a cute smiling face and enjoy it with all her might in a Michishige-san fashion, you know (*^^*)!!
She can be just a smidgen of a sexy Michishige-san, too!
(*´`) lol






Have a good time with Morning Musume.







“These are nothing but photos that have been posted online,” I think, but♪♪
They were nothing but photos where we were close together
( ´艸`)♪
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Movie’s day:)

The other day, I went to the movie theater here for the first time with a classmate and my host sister♡




We watched that♪♪
in 3D



Because there weren’t subtitles, I had a bunch of times I didn’t understand what was said, but the times when I understood through hearing, the pleasantness when I understood (;_;) It wasn’t incomplete. lol






And, Spiderman was so cool~(T▽T)!♡lol
I want to see him!  Spiderman!
゚▽゚*)o))) lol






Oh!  I did see him!!!!!!!! (°_°)









(。・_・。) lol



By the way I got this photo taken, too.












Emma Stone is so cute, I wanted to become increasingly fluent in English(`ω´)♪♪




I totally want to talk about the end, but that’s a no-no~ (。・_・。) lol
I wonder if it was an end Aika couldn’t imagine.
Watch it in the movie theater while your heart is in your stomach and racing without fail, okay~♪♪






And then~~~♡♡
Ana to Yuki no Joou
(Frozen)’s DVD wo Get shimashita~~~♪♪
I got it:)





I really like Frozen‘s Sound track, Let It Go, and Do You Want To Build A Snowman?? I’m listening to them all the time recently♪♪
Close friends, hometown friends, and everyone watched it, because they recommended it to me, I really wanted to watch it♪



I watched it at once♡
A further 2 times
(*^^*) lol


Olaf and Sven are cute!!





Aika really wanted to watch this movie with Big Sister♪♪
I wonder, is there also true love between Aika and her big sister~?
(T▽T) lol♡
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We went to a big market, too♡





There were a bunch of people(*’v’*)♪



It has the feeling of a Farmer’s market
There were fresh vegetables, fruit, fish, homemade jam, et cetera!!


My favorite Chai tea specialty cafe







After that we went to a Fruit store,
I ate fresh fruit ice cream♡









She is so friendly:)


Thank you lovely lady:)
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