Miyamoto Karin

I ate it up ☆

It’s Miyamoto Karin from Juice=Juice =*^-^*=

Today、since I’m OFF for the first time in a while、

I gathered up the mixed greens in the Jurin can、 the basil from the Green Fields can、 and cooked them up (//∇//)(//∇//)


For the  Jurin can、 the insides of the can were completely taken up by the roots! (lol)


First up、 the salad from the Jurin can?!
Taー dah (´ΨΨ`)


It looks like there’s quite a lot of it、

It was a bit bitter (。???。)

For those of you who are raising them、 please eat them while the leaves are still tender (ノД`)

And、 the basil from the Green Fields can (>ω<)=3


I made it into tomato pasta and ate it up (*´`)

It was delicious!!

As there’s a peeler to be used on tomatoes in my house, I didn’t need to put it in hot water!!

I recommend it as it doesn’t make them soggy!

While I was cutting the tomatoes、 I slowly got bored of it, and the cuts slowly became bigger (lol)

.*・゜Today’s happiness.゜・

In the morning、 I took my time waking up without an alarm clock (o^^o)♪

That’s all from Miyamoto Karinっ(*≧m≦*)

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Tomorrow is、、☆

It’s Juice=Juice’s Miyamoto Karin  =*^-^*=

Today、 I woke up really early in the morning、 and when I tried switching on the television、 it rang out ‘piーーー’、

It was still in the midst of broadcast suspension(lol)

Tomorrow、there’s a DVD event for ~Greeting~ Miyamoto Karin!

It’s from early in the morning!!

I have to wake up early tomorrow as well!!

I’m reallーy looking forward to it ヽ(*⌒∇⌒*)ノ::・”゜☆。.::・”゜★。.::・”゜☆。Hurーray!!


On yesterday’s blog post、where I initially wrote about Berryz Kobo-san’s 10th anniversary、 I mistakenly wrote that it was their 15th anniversary。

It’s already been corrected。

I have to apologise for troubling Berryz Kobo-san as well as all of the fans and also to everyone who laid eyes on the blog post。

From now on, I’ll be careful not to make such impolite mistakes in the contents。

And to my beloved senpai Berryz Kobo-sa
n、 I’d be glad if you really do get to celebrate your 15th anniversary。

.*・゜Today’s small happiness.゜・*.

I received clogs and white hot-pants (*´`)

That’s all from Miyamoto Karin (*≧m≦*)


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Sugaya-san ☆

It’s Miyamoto Karin from Juice=Juice  =*^-^*=


Is the birthday of  Berryz Kobo’s Sugaya Risako-san

(*≧∀≦)φ.. Many happy returns ♪

Since I couldn’t find a photo I hadn’t uploaded、 I edited a previous photo ☆彡


At Berryz Kobo-san’s 10th anniversary of their formation、

I contacted her to wish them congratulations、

I received all sorts of long replies time and time again、 and the contents were extremely thoughtful、

Despite just getting in touch to wish her congratulations, I feel like I’m being a bother, yet very happy at the same time (≧ω≦)

Whenever we meet、
I often get to see her being extremely like a senpai, and she’s a kind, wonderful senpai、
Despite me being insensitive (lol)、 and there are a lot of places where I should follow her example
That’s what I think ☆彡

With such a cool performance、 it makes my heart skip a beat (●´∀`●)

As far as Sugaya-san is concerned、 I hope she has an extremely wonderful year :*.;”.*・;・^;・:\(*^▽^*)/:・;^・;・*.”;.*: ♪

Also、 I’m going to talk about Momochi-senpai, that is, Tsugunaga Momoko-senpai、
As her birthday came immediately after the celebration for their 10th anniversary、 I appended my apologies countless times when I sent them、
No matter how many times she received my congratulations she gave pleasant replies、
I think that I’d like to be able to give attentive replies、 and talks too (lol) just like Momochi-senpai (≧ω≦)

`・ε・´∩ Right!
Everyone, thank you very much for your comments on time-wasting apps。

As you wrote about many apps that made me go hmmm(o-ェ-)、I’ll use it as a reference (*≧m≦*)

Also、 not just to kill time
But to win over using my time effectively! ∩^ω^∩

.*・゜Today’s small happiness.゜・*.

I met an insect that I’ve never seen before (〃▽〃)

That’s all from Miyamoto Karin (*≧m≦*)

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HinaFes ☆

It’s Juice=Juice’s 3rd year middle schooler、 Miyamoto Karin  =*^-^*=
At the HinaFes held today at Pacifico Yokohama、 we got to do a main dish performance together with S/mileage-san  (//∇//)

There are a lot of points we should look back on for our singing and dancing、

But it was really fun (*´`)

It’s been quite a while since

Watashi ga Iu Mae ni Dakishimenakya ne

Samidare Bujou ga Samidareru

We got to present their、 original full versions、 we were really glad (//∇//)


The startling announcement、 that S/mileage-san would be holding a Nippon Budokan live performance on the 15th of July、、

Many many congratulations!!

At today’s SATOYAMA&SATOUMI event、

I have to apologise for the penalty game where they had to eat silkworm larvae。。

I had to feed it to Takeuchi Akari-chan!!

It seemed to be pretty horrible、、

But、 we took this photo (〃▽〃)


There’s the HinaFes and SATOYAMA&SATOUMI events tomorrow too (//∇//)

Let’s enjoy them!

That’s all from Miyamoto Karin (*≧m≦*)

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It’s Juice=Juice’s 3rd year middle schooler、 Miyamoto Karin  =*^-^*=

Today at LaLaPort TOKYO-BAY in Chiba, the home town of Takagi Sayuki-chan and I、 we held a release commemoration mini live and handshake eventー(*´`)(*´`)

The official mascot for LaLaPort TOKYO-BAY、 is Funassyii!

For just a little bit today、 I did a Funassyii imitation (^^)(^^)

It was fun (//∇//)

And、 today is the release day for our 3rd single!!

You know…

We got the 2nd place on the daily chart!!

thank you so very much。

We’ve been holding events from when we still couldn’t put the songs on display、

And when there were disruptions with the transport system、 there were still people who made their way to us、

Our first talk event、 it didn’t go over so well、、

Yet time and time again there are people who make their way to us、 there are people who make time in their busy schedules to meet us、 thank you very much。

Thanks to all of you, every event is soooo much fun!

For this release week, so that everyone can enjoy themselves event more、 we’ll work our hardest and back it up with our spiritっっ(≧ω≦)(≧ω≦)


At Odaiba’s MEGA WEB!↓



At 9 pm today Hello!Sta #59 will go live!


I’ll be the MC!

THough I was nervous、、

But I’ll work hard to do it even better next week!


Today I handed over to Uemura Akari-chan、Tojifaa number 2!!


The brace got dislocated while it was being moved (cry)、、、

.*・゜Today’s huge hapiness.゜・*.

2nd place of the daily chart!! Thank you very much!

That’s all from Miyamoto Karin (*^▽^)/★*☆♪

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It’s Miyamoto Karin、 Juice=Juice’s 3rd year middle schooler  =*^-^*=

Today we had individual handshake events and polaroid events for Ijiwaru Shinaide Dakishimete yo/ Hajimete no Keikenchuu (≧∇≦*)

Thank you very much for your many comments about what you’d like to hear from us yesterday (*≧m≦*)

There definitely were a lot of people who’d like to hear about inside stories (^^)

They’ll make an incredible referenceっっ(〃▽〃)

At today’s handshake event、 I think there were a lot of things that I couldn’t get my head around、 so I’ve got to steady myself even more、

I think I wasn’t able to pull off a talk where it looks like we’re having fun together (*≧m≦*)

The events for our 2nd single are coming to an end・・・(T_T)(T_T)

Though I’m wishing a little that they wouldn’t end、

Our 3rd single 「Hadaka no Hadaka no Hadaka no KISS/ Are Kore Shitai!」

Will go on sale on the 19th of March!

And、 on tonight’s 1:45 am ~ broadcast of Kopink!、I’ll be introducing Juice=Juice’s new song  『Hadaka no Hadaka no Hadaka no KISS』!

Today、 I met with the all of the staff of Kopink!、 and my cheeks went red、 receiving Shizuoka’s speciality of strawberries (〃▽〃)



Tomorrow there are handshake events for 「Hadaka no Hadaka no Hadaka no KISS/ Are Kore Shitai!」!Details below↓


.*・゜Today’s happiness.゜・

Kanazawa Tomoko-chan, Uemura Akari-chan, and I got a cake to celebrate our graduation (//∇//)



That’s all from Miyamoto Karin (*≧m≦*)

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Jishin Motte Yume wo Motte ☆

It’s Juice=Juice’s 3rd year middle schooler、 Miyamoto Karin  =*^-^*=


The Hello! Con in Osaka、 was today!!


And you knooooow、


I got to sing a solo for the 2nd time!!


Takahashi Ai-san’s


「Jishin Motte Yume wo Motte Tobidatsu kara」


I got to sing that song one more time after singing it in Nagoya!!



The sea of violet glow sticks、it made me really happy (T_T)(T_T)


Actually I was really really nervous、 since I never thought that the performance would get the okay、


To be able to enjoy it with all my might、 I performed with every fibre of my being!


I was more composed compared to last time、 and I think that it was great since I caught the emotions that were conveyed in the lyrics。  (。・・。)






With Morning Musume。’14′s Oda Sakura-chan、


I got to sing  ℃-ute-san’s


「Kanashimi Heaven」、


It was extremely difficult、 and receiving the opportunity to sing a wonderful song that I’m unworthy of、


It made me really glad、


Since I got to sing Okai-san’s part、


When practised it backstage、 I listened to the unedited vocals、 it really gave me goosebumps、


Someday、 I’d like to be able to harmonise like those two!!


It impressed me that much (T_T)




Today is Valentine’s、


.*・゜Today’s small (pretty big)  happiness.゜・*.


I received tons of Valentine’s from the Hello! Project senpais (T_T)




And I got a hug from two of the Hello! Pro Kenshuusei, Tanabe Nanami-chan and Yoshihashi Kurumi-chan (//∇//)


That’s all from Miyamoto Karin (*^▽^)/★*☆♪

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Nama Tamago Show!☆

It’s Juice=Juice’s 3rd year middle schooler、 Miyamoto Karin  =*^-^*=


Today is the Nama Tamago Show!


Well, the rehearsal for it (ノД`)


It was a really heated up rehearsal (*≧m≦*)


It’s been a while since I got to dance so much、 I (almost) became a wakame seaweed (ノД`)


But、 all the Hello! Pro Kenshuusei around me had also prett~y much (almost) turned into wakame、 so I was a little relieved


The performance of the Hello! Pro Kenshuusei、 it’s really glittering and sparkling、


It really felt like they were bursting into flames、 I was overwhelmed (^^;;


I haven’t had this feeling in a long time、 it really gave me a lot of motivation (*≧m≦*)


The sensei too、 told us that Juice=Juice needs to bring up our physical strength  (≧ω≦)


I want to do muscle training!!


I still haven’t tried out shadow boxing, which Tsunku♂-san recommended (*≧m≦*)



Hello! Pro Kenshuusei Recital 2014 ~2-gatsu・3-gatsu no Nama Tamago Show!~


Details are↓ here






Valentine’s (*≧m≦*)(*≧m≦*)


From Hello! Pro Kenshuusei Hamaura Ayano-chan!






From Sasaki Rikako-chan!!




Nomura Minami-chan too!!





I got hand made chocolates from the 3 of them (*´`)




From S/mileage’s Wada Ayaka-chan too (//∇//)





Strawberry bath powder (*´`)
It seems that she remembered that Karin likes strawberries and got it・・・(ノД`)(ノД`)


I’m super glad (*≧m≦*)


.+*:゜+。.☆ A small piece of happiness today .+*:゜+。.☆


I happened to meet a friend from school by chance this morning、and we went to school together (≧ω≦)


That’s all from Miyamoto Karin (*^▽^)/★*☆♪

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I did it ☆

It’s Juice=Juice’s 3rd year middle schooler、 Miyamoto Karin  =*^-^*=


I had a solo photo shoot today (*≧m≦*)


It was fun, though a bit cold (≧∇≦*)


I’ll tell you once the information ban has been lifted (*´`)




Today、I took a look at my Peaberry can…



Ta da~h!

It’s budding っっっ(*≧m≦*)(*≧m≦*)(*≧m≦*)It budded despite it being winter (ノД`)(ノД`)


I’m super pleasedっっ(*≧m≦*)


There were 3 buds (*´`)(*´`)


I’ve got to stay sharp from now on。


So that this cat-chan won’t eat it、、、

I think I want to raise them properly (*≧m≦*)(*≧m≦*)

This photo is a photo from the time I got to appear inThe February 4th (Tues) edition of「Gekkan SPA!」-san (*´`)


I was really excited because the earring was Karin’s favourite daisy stalk (//∇//)


Announcement (*´`)


It’s been decided that we’ll be appearing for Ponican! Idol Kurabu Kanshusai ~Idol Survival~!


●Date and time
May 10th (Sat)
① Opens 10:30 am Starts 11:30 am
② Venue 3:30 pm Starts 4:30 pm
●Venue: Differ Ariake
● Ticket price 4,500 yen(including tax)
● Scheduled appearances: Idoling!!!/Weather Girls/Sanmyu~/Juice=Juice/Babyraids(By Japanese alphabetical order)
● Priority on official homepage
【URL】http://eplus.jp/ponican-juicejuice/(PC・common mobile phones)
● Acceptance deadline:Until 23rd February 2014 (Sunday)11:59 pm


We get to appear again (//∇//)


We’ll do our best so that all of the fans of the other performers come to like us!!


That’s all from Miyamoto Karin (*^▽^)/★*☆♪

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Thank you very much ☆

It’s Juice=Juice’s 3rd year middle schooler、 Miyamoto Karin =*^-^*=


Today、 we had an MV shooting (*≧m≦*)


Since I can’t really tell you much、I’ll inform you when I can talk about it more (//∇//)




I mentioned them yesterday、 the cat-chans during ~Greeting~ (*≧m≦*)


There were a lot!


Could it have been a public gathering??



I kneeled and gave them a rub…



Jasmine usually hates it when Karin does it、 but I got to stroke these ones (*≧m≦*)


So cute (//∇//)


Mimicking the ‘chu chu’ sound of a mouse-chan with my mouth, they came to me (*≧m≦*)




I gathered a lot of cat-chans、 making that sound (*´`)


Our Jasmine、 she responds to that sound too!


To those who keep cat-chans, please give it a try (//∇//)


The limited period for accepting sales through e-LineUP! for Miyamoto Karin’s(Juice=Juice) solo DVD is coming to an end!!


It’ll end today 4th February (Tues) 11:59 pm


Just a few hours left!!!




Thank you for your comments for our 1st anniversary!!


Something everyone in the Juice=Juice family wants to see、


■ Release date
27th February (Thurs)


■ Book title
Juice=Juice photo book


■ Wani Book mail order site


It’s tightly~ packed with one year of Juice=Juice (*≧m≦*)


You might be able to find out things you didn’t know, perhaps??


We’ve already taken a bit of a peek at the contents before you、


And thought ‘We really have changed in a year!”!


Those who still don’t know Juice=Juice、


Can get to know us more deeply、


To those we’ve shared this one year with、 experienced our development、 I think you’ll get feelings of nostalgia (*≧m≦*)




Uemuu’s (Uemura Akari-chan) mysterious conduct (*≧m≦*)


She was listening to the sounds、of Tomo (Kanazawa Tomoko-chan) and Yuka-chan (Miyazaki Yuka-chan)。


How interesting (lol)


I guess she’s excited due to her new earphones  (lol)


That’s all from Miyamoto Karin (*^▽^)/★*☆♪

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