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Played itー
This is Miyamoto Karin from Juice=Juice。



In our free time
We played the werewolf game
With Country Girls。

The werewolves were
Funaki Musubu-chan
And Tsugunaga Momoko-san

Was just too strong、、、

The villagers lost、、

Uemura Akari-chan
Was the diviner
And she hit on the fact
That Funakki was a werewolf!

I was just a normal villager
Who was left until the very end
We lost、、

The whole time
Momochi-senpai acted as if she were the knight、

But thinking long and hard about it
When the diviner Uemuu
Got eaten
Despite her having found out a werewolf
And Momochi-senpai remained

Shouldn’t protecting the diviner have been the obvious thing to do、、

How frustratingー、、

I’d like to play
The werewolf game again
With lots of people。

I’ve gotten a bit tired of it
So next time I’d like to add in all sorts of roles。

Apologies to those of you
Who aren’t really familiar with the werewolf game。。

。・:*:・゚’★,。・:*:・’Today’s joy。・:*:・゚’★,。・:*:・゚’☆
I spent the whole day sweating
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℃-ute no Hi☆

This is Miyamoto Karin from Juice=Juice。

Today was
℃-ute no Hi
At the Nippon Budokan!

Each and every one of
Single songs
Are really captivating
And cool。

The whole day today
I feel that they showed us just about everything
Be it cuteness
Emotional moments。

The LIVE performance
Ended in the blink of an eye、、

I myself
Covered some of those songs
At Hello! Project concerts
And when I was a H!P Kenshuusei
The memories came back
And I was reminded of the joy
Of having ℃-ute-san as my seniors。

At ℃-ute-san’s performance
Their dancing was in-sync
Their singing was fascinating
And there were lots of songs that pumped up the mood as well。

It’s sad to think
That little by little
There’ll be even less time to watch performances
By ℃-ute-san, whom I love。

Being overwhelmed by Yajima-san’s earth-shattering power and sweat、
My heart skipping a beat at Nakajima-san’s sharp dancing and sexiness
Being moved by the charm of Suzuki-san’s singing and each and every movement of hers
Being soothed by Okai-san’s loud voice and that brilliant smile that I love
Having my heart bowled over by the cuteness of Hagiwara-san’s winks and facial expressions。

There’s lots and lots more that I’d like to write about
But it’s getting longーー。

I burnt the sight of today’s performance
Cleanly into my eyes

So I’ll properly make use of it from now on!

。・:*:・゚’★,。・:*:・’Today’s joy。・:*:・゚’★,。・:*:・゚’☆
℃-ute-san are the bestー♡
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This is Miyamoto Karin from Juice=Juice。

Buono! Festa2016
Happened today
At the Nippon Budokan!

We held a handshake event in the middle of the heat before that
But everyone’s smiles
Blew the heat away~!

Thank you very much!



Buono! Festa2016!

It was the first time
I’ve been able to watch Buono!-san perform live
The depth of the sounds of the live band were also amazing
It was impressive!!!

And I also experienced
How truly amazing
The Nippon Budokan is。

It hits me
Each and every time。

As we draw closer
To the 7th of November
I’m starting to feel it a little
That we’ll really be standing at the stage of the Nippon Budokan。

Since the day before yesterday
In preparation for the Budokan
I’ve started making all sorts of physical preparations!
I hope it’ll show results!

More than anything
I’ll do my best in hopes that it’ll be a wonderful performance!


Today’s meal~!



I tried making paella~!!

It was delicious ♡

。・:*:・゚’★,。・:*:・’Today’s joy。・:*:・゚’★,。・:*:・゚’☆
Buono!-san’s live performance was awesome!
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This is Miyamoto Karin from Juice=Juice。

At Nakano Sunplaza
We had the Hello! Project concerts
An annual tradition。

To everyone who was there
And those who couldn’t be there
But sent us your power
Thank you so very much!

Announced that they would be breaking up
In June next year。

When I heard that they were breaking up
Honestly、 I couldn’t believe it。
In Hello! Project
Ever since I joined the H!P Eggs
Were seniors who were always cool
So a Hello! Project with ℃-ute-san
Was something that was basically a given。

For me
Watching the MV
To ℃-ute-san’s
「Ooki no Ai de motenashite」
Made me know about Hello! Project
And come to like it。

I’m currently really feeling
The sadness of parting with them。

They would always
Show us
Their stylish, shining figures
As we stood behind them。

The times that
I got to stand on the same stage
With ℃-ute-san
They taught me many things
Starting from how to perform
It truly is a treasure to me。

Beyond this
The remaining members
Of Hello! Project
Will properly make use of
What you taught us
And in the hopes
That Hello! Project
Will become even more and more spirited
As a member
I’ll put in all my efforts as well!!!

There are but a few remaining stages
That I’ll be standing on with ℃-ute-san。

Tomorrow as well
We’ve got Hello! Project concerts
At Nakano Sunplaza!

I’ll treasure
Each and every performance、
And I’ll do my best
In hopes that I’ll learn and absorb even more!
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Umeda ☆

This is Miyamoto Karin from Juice=Juice。

LIVE MISSION220 went to
Umeda in Osaka、
Uemura Akari-chan’s hometownー!

Normally, Uemuu’s never nervous
But maybe because she had to do a solo today
She was really high-strung
Which was fresh and cute!

It was our first time at that venue。
We could see everyone’s faces really clearly
Which made us happy!

There really are
Many ways to enjoy
LIVE performances!

Since we rarely get see LIVE performances
From the perspective of the audience
I always think that
I’m unable to watch stage performances objectively
Even by watching more DVDs and other things。

At Hello! Project concerts
I can watch a lot of performances
By the seniors and the juniors
Which makes for a very good learning experience。

I’ve got to get even greedier!
I’m pumped up。

At Osaka Orix Gekijou
We’ve got Hello! Project concerts!

I can’t wait!


More off-shots
From Shounen Sunday~!

A snap at a sandy beach!



☆。・:*:・゚’★,。・:*:・’Today’s joy。・:*:・゚’★,。・:*:・゚’☆
Looking forward to tomorrow ♡
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A certain ☆

This is Miyamoto Karin from Juice=Juice。

I had a certain shooting!

You know what
Being decisive
Is difficult。

Every time I have the opportunity
To objectively take a look at myself
I’ll find some weakness、、

I’ve got to find them even earlier。

And it would be nice to increase my charm。

I’ll do my best。


I haven’t been watching
Movies or dramas at all

I think that I should watch them
In order to learn from them、、

But I still haven’t really taken the first step。

I really don’t watch movies、

So even when I do watch one
I get so flustered

That the movie ends just like that、、。

In order for me
To polish up my sensitivity
I’d like to watch a movie this summer。。

It’s a smalllll
Goal of mine!

Please tell me about any movies you’d like to reccomend!

Ah。 Maybe I should ask
The movie lover Kanazawa Tomoko-chan。


An off-shot
From Shounen Sunday~!



☆。・:*:・゚’★,。・:*:・’ Today’s joy 。・:*:・゚’★,。・:*:・゚’☆
I felt refreshed!
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Wakayama ☆

This is Miyamoto Karin from Juice=Juice!


I made accessories from flowers
During the shooting for Last Code’s promotional goods~!
I was so into it that I even forgot to respond when my name was called! It was fun ♡

Today we had Juice=Juice LIVE MISSION220
Last Code~Full Squeeze!~

It was a substitute LIVE performance
To make up for the Code3 that couldn’t be held
Due to problems with the airport runway!

To everyone who was there
And everyone who couldn’t be there, but sent us your power。 Thank you very much for everything!

At Hello! Project Concerts
As well as at our own LIVE performances、

At hall performances
And at livehouses、

We perform songs from
Our triple A-side 8th single that goes on sale on the 7th of September 、

We put in some thought into making some changes、

And we made minor changes here and there!

The parts that go well will be there at place where you’re at and where you aren’t。

It’s something that you wouldn’t know from watching videos
If you actually experience them at LIVE performances
And watch them objectively
They’re completely different。

Yupー、 it’s complicated。
But that’s why it’s fun!


Uemura Akari-chan!



When I asked her to take a 2-shot with meー!
She was like ‘No wayーー!’
And when I said ‘Well, then I’ll just take solo shots of us!’
This is the face she made。
We took a 2-shot in the end、、

But this solo shot
Was super adorable。

It’s awesome。

☆・:*:・゚’★・:*:・’Today’s joy。・:*:・゚’★,。
The heat of Wakayama!!!
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Far-off ☆

This is Miyamoto Karin from Juice=Juice。



Kanazawa Tomoko-chan
Used my phone to take a selfie~!(lol)
At a glance, didn’t it seem like a blog post by Tomo?

Today we were on the move for a long time
So I made some progress on my civics investigative learning problems!

Ever since way back
I’ve liked investigative learning
In middle school, when we had to do investigative learning when it was time for civics
I got really excited!

I’d like to finish with my problems soonー。


It’s been super hot recently、、

I definitely do prefer heat to the cold。

When it’s hot
For some reason、 I feel really fired up。

And I really have been
Vigorously putting on sunblock (lol)

I can’t help but worry about getting sunburnt、、

I’ll have to properly put it on tomorrow as well!

Tonight I’ll be working on my abs and back muscles and doing squats
So everyone, let’s do it!

Let’s see how many we can doー!

☆。・:*:・゚’★,。・:*:・’Today’s joy。・:*:・゚’★,。・:*:・゚’☆
Going into a warm place!!
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℃-ute-san ☆

This is Miyamoto Karin from Juice=Juice。



Thank you for all your comments!

Look like water comes in many varieties
And everyone has their own preferences!

In order to drink a lot of water
I’ve decided that I’ll drink a gulp after I’m done with a task
Hopefully I’ll drink a lot!


I bought a cap recently~!

Even though I couldn’t really find one
I’ve wanted a black cap for ages
And finally, I found oneー!

It’ll be seeing heavy use this summerー!


Today was ℃-ute-san’s
Nippon Budokan performance。

℃-ute-san’s stage performances
Definitely are
Truly wonderful
And there’s lots of things for me to learn from、

But it was such of series of exciting performances
That I had no free time to learn things。

Juice=Juice is also a 5 person group、
So it was a reminder for me
That such a wide stage would make it even tougher for 5 people、
And I think that ℃-ute-san are amazing for being able to make such a perfect, lovely, and amusing stage performance。

Juice=Juice will do our best。

☆。・:*:・゚’★,。・:*:・’Today’s joy。・:*:・゚’★,。・:*:・゚’☆
℃-ute-san amazing Budokan performance!
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Kagoshima ☆

This is Miyamoto Karin from Juice=Juice。


A huge Shirokumaー。

Today we had
Our LIVE MISSION220 at Kagoshima prefecture!

I noticed this
When I stretched with more care than usual、、

I’m experiencing sore muscles at my backsideー!!!!

Maybe it’s because
I used it a lot doing pilates yesterday、、

I was thinking about doing the same thing as yesterday, but it hurt、、

I’d like to build up nice musclesー。


Today’s bento~!




Okara bread
Potato mochi
Roasted vegetables
Carrot leaves with genovese sauce
Salted salmon

The carrot leaves and roasted oatmeal
Were made with genovese sauce!
It’s a flavour I quite like! It properly tastes of genovese sauce!!

It might be good with pasta next timeー!


We’re in the middle of FC advance resevations! For the 7th November (Mon)
Juice=Juice LIVE in Nippon Budokan

There’s still 15 days。
It’s a weekday、
But I’d be glad if you’d come。
I’m counting on you。

☆。・:*:・゚’★,。・:*:・’Today’s joy。・:*:・゚’★,。・:*:・゚’☆
The genovese sauce was deliciousー!
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