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I’ve got tons of it。
This is Miyamoto Karin from Juice=Juice。

Today at Sendai
I was doing promotions
With Kanazawa Tomoko-chan ♥



We made a live appearance
On Totsugeki! Namaiki TV-san、

And at the dressing room
They had this Sendai delicacy~!!!



Sakuma candy
With packaging that’s limited only to Sendai ♥

It was so cute ♥

We talked a lot about Juice=Juice and about NEXT YOU after that!!

I’ll do my best
So that everyone in Sendai will know
More and more about usー♥


We had an event HMV Sendai Loft!

All of you
Were warmer than I expected

It was prettyー
Laid backー、

But I’m happy
That we got to answer
Lots of your questions ♥

There were lots of girls there too
Which made me really happy ♥

I’d like to meet all of you
In Sendai again
At a Hello! Project concert
Or on a leg of our tour ♥


I got to participate in
Takeuchi Akari-chan’s birthday event
As a guest!!

The only time I had
Was the time I spent on-stage
It’s a pity
That I couldn’t watch her perform live、

But since Take-chan’s cute
It’s all OK

I joined in
Dressed pretty much ready to battle!




Tonight! At 12:30 midnight on the scheduled broadcast of Juice=Juice Shizuoka Asahi TV「Kopinkusu!」、 I talk about the LIVE concert I’ll be doing in March with Ogino Karin-san ♥

To those who can watch Shizuoka Asahi TV、
Please check it out!

☆.。.:*・°☆.。Today’s joy.:*・°☆.。.:*・°☆.。.:*・°☆*:..
I had delicious, warm soy milk~
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Kanazawa Tomoko-chan。

This is Miyamoto Karin from Juice=Juice。

Juice=Juice’s subleader
Kanazawa Tomoko-chan
Has announced
That she has been diagnosed with 「endometriosis」。

Tomo has a strong sense of responsibility、
She doesn’t depend on others、 and makes her own decisions、
And、 she always put in efforts with her eyes properly on those around her、 always keeping objective。

Because Tomo is like that、
I’m sure that even beyond what I can imagine
She must have worried about this、 and other things as well、 her feelings probably are in a jumble。
And、 while I do worry about her body、
I also am greatly concerned about her feelings。

From now on as well
There will be all sorts of things。
But、 we told her to not worry about troubling us
If she has to depend on us when she’s absent、
And to properly rest herself when she needs to rest
Above all
We wanted her to take care of her body。

Just having Tomo in Juice=Juice
Is plenty。

But、 Juice=Juice is essentially the 5 of us。
Perhaps、 even if it ends up
That we’ll mostly perform with 4 people、
It would be unthinkable
To give all of you
An unsatisfactory performance、
So even if we’re no replacement for Tomo、
We can but do our best to make up for Tomo。
Or rather, that’s the only thing that we can do。

I’d like to work hard with all our might、
And help one another out。

From now on too
We beg for your kindness towards Juice=Juice。

Miyamoto Karin
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Osaka ☆

This is Miyamoto Karin from Juice=Juice。


At Osaka’s Orix Gekijo
We had Hello! Project concerts

There were two performances。
We did our best, full of spirit

In the middle of the first one
Kanazawa Tomoko-chan had to withdraw
Due to poor health。

We apologise
For being unable to deliver a 5-person performance。

But、 I feel that Tomo really wanted to make an appearance
So she must be frustrated。

To Tomo
Without rushing、 without burdening yourself
I’d like to to take your own sweet、 restful time
To fully recover。

And so、 in order to not make Tomo worry
We will do everything we can
With the 4 of us


Today’s is with
The 2 new members of Country Girls



This time、 we shared a dressing room
With Country Girls、

We really got pumped up talking about all sorts of things
I had fun ♥

Funaki Musubu-chan
Hails from Osaka♥
She was adorable
When she did an Osaka dialect Ver. of the lines from a certain song~♥

Yanagawa Nanami-chan
Has a polite way of speaking at all times
Her choice of words are very grown-up
I’m impressed

We’ll be in the same dressing room tomorrow as well
So I’d like to chat with them


Is the day that the magazine B.L.T goes on sale



An off-shot~♥

It was great to go on the rooftop ♥


I’ll be appearing in

The magazine StreetJack

With Uemura Akari-chan

And the magazine TVfan

With the 5 members of Juice=Juice ♥

Please check those out as well~♥

☆.。.:*・°☆.。Today’s joy.:*・°☆.。.:*・°☆.。.:*・°☆*:..
Everyone’s smile was brilliant
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With everyone☆

We were able to meet youーっ。
This is Miyamoto Karin from Juice=Juice。


All of us had interviews and shootings from the morningー♥

Since we wore outfits in colours that we don’t normally wear!
I look forward to the completed product♥


And today
There was the Nico Nico Live broadcast~♥

With Uemura Akari-chan ♥



We were able to talk a lot
It was fun (*´∀`)♪

As for today’s comments、
I’d like to carefully read them
While I’m in the bath tomorrow。

Today I’ll be carefully reading
Comments from yesterday’s postーっ。

We also were able to talk a lot
At the handshake event
I had funー♥

And tomorrow
At Hiroshima prefecture、 I’ll be having a handshake event with Miyazaki Yuka-chan!!

Being able to talk with all of you
And spend a fun time together
Virtually every day、、
It’s such a joyー!!

If you’re nearby, please come and drop by ♥


A solo interview with me has been published
In the pages of 「CDjournal」 that’s gone on sale!!
I talked a lot
So please take a look!

☆.。.:*・°☆.。Today’s joy.:*・°☆.。.:*・°☆.。.:*・°☆*:..
The Nico Nico Live broadcast was fun♥
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Mistake ☆

It’s warm
This is Miyamoto Karin from Juice=Juice。

Today I wore a white, fluffy
Turtleneck knit outfit。

I heard that it would snow
So I bundled myself in a thick knitted outfit、、

But I made a mistake in my selection、、、。

Because after we were done with the concert
It was hot hot hot

I sweated even more than I did at the concert、、。(lol)

After this I’d like to think a little
About how it’s like after concerts
When picking out clothes!

But if it’s too thin
I’ll catch a cold、、

So I’ve got to properly regulate my body heat!♥


I ate tororo kombu
In the morning、

But the salt level was unexpectedly strong
Which made my unhappy。。

Recently, eating things that are too salty
Have somehow made me unhappy (lol)

Maybe it’s because of that swelling feelingー。?

I can’t imagine wanting to drink miso soup
That’s not light brown miso、、。

Since taking too much sugar or salt
Will make you swell up ^^;

I’ll be carefulー。

I’ll drink something warm
Then have a bathー。

What would be niceー?


Today’s is with
ANGERME’s Katsuta Rina-chan!!



Talking with Rinapu~
Brings me back to the past
We talked excitedly (lol)

We’ve promised to go and hang out since forever
But it hasn’t been realised、
So I’d like to be even more excited
When that day comes someday (lol)

☆.。.:*・°☆.。Today’s joy.:*・°☆.。.:*・°☆.。.:*・°☆*:..
It wasn’t cold!
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This is Miyamoto Karin from Juice=Juice。



Strawberry day。

Today, the 15th of January
Is strawberry day!

Where I am there are
Strawberry sweets。
I’m tempted to eat them、、(lol)

I want to eat something
Like strawberry daifukuー!

But tomorrow
Is the Hello! Con! We’ll be on the screen a lot
So I can’t let myself look rounded。。

And with that said、

I’ll drink my dandelion coffee
And keep healthy!

I’ll drink it tomorrow morning as wellー!


The news said
That influenza
Is currently flourishing!!

As for that spreading、、、

Let’s not get caught up in it。

Don’t loseーーーーー


And at the hairdresser’s this morning

I got my hair straightened
But after our live performance

It lost a bit of effectiveness、、

I’ll have to give it some proper care and go to bed!

Iron, iron。


The energy of everyone
In Shiga prefecture、

Was truly overwhelming!

That final Tomo call
Made us really happy ♥

I hope that Tomo gets well soonー♥

☆.。.:*・°☆.。Today’s joy.:*・°☆.。.:*・°☆.。.:*・°☆*:..
The dandelion coffee was delicious!
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It’s valuable, isn’t it。☆

This is Miyamoto Karin from Juice=Juice。

We had the last Nakano Sunplaza performances
For this Hello! Project concert!



With Country Girls’
Funaki Musubu-chan!!
Musubu-chan’s tiny and cute ♡

The extent of how sharp her dancing is in the new song
I love it to bits!!

I love how super cute Funakki looks in her outfits for this Hello! Con, it makes her overflow with that ‘spirited kid’ atmosphere ♡
Please keep an eye on that Funakki!!

Getting to sing at halls
Thanks to these concerts
Which are made up of
The entirety of Hello! Project、
I can’t help
But feel happy!

Each time、
It makes me think
That I’d like to stand there independently someday。

Effort and results
Don’t always come hand in hand、
But results wouldn’t be born without effortー。

I’ll do my bestー。


Our member Kanazawa Tomoko-chan
Hasn’t been in good shape since yesterday、
And she took a break
In the middle of today’s 2nd performance。

We apologise to Tomo’s fans
And everyone who was there
As we were unable to show you
A 5 person performance。

The only thing that we can give you
Are performances
With as much smiles as we can muster
Going full power at all times。

There are 5 people in Juice=Juice。

If a single person is missing
No matter how hard we work
We can’t completely fill that hole。

Yesterday and today
We received a lot of cooperation
From the members of staff who were
Going through even more sudden changes than us、

When Tomo wasn’t around
They gave us red lighting
For certain songs。

Thank you very much。

I hope that Tomo gets well soon。

At Tobu Department Store’s Ikebukuro store
NEXT YOU and Juice=Juice
Will be holding events!!

Please come and see us!

☆.。.:*・°☆.。Today’s joy.:*・°☆.。.:*・°☆.。.:*・°☆*:..
Noticing your warmth。
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Bacon Lettuce ☆

This Juice=Juice’s Miyamoto Karin。

Today I had a photo shoot for B.L.T-san ♡


The weather was fine
Which is rare for one of my solo photo shoots ♡

It was pretty warm
During the shooting itself (lol)

I also put on

It’s a feeling I haven’t had in a while ♡

I look forward to how it’ll turn out ♡


In the past
If you were to mention picnics

Would come to mind、

If you were to mention flower-viewing
Onigiri would come to mind。

When I was small
I’d often see scenes of picnics
Appearing inside picture books、

I’ve always
Wanted to go on
A picnic。(lol)

If I could make the time
I’d like to spread out a mat at a field full of flowers
And stuff my cheeks with sandwiches、

Even if I get to do it once、
A childhood dream of mine will have come true。


We’ve got Hello! Cons tomorrow。

I can’t wait。

I’ll spread the word even further
About Juice=Juice and NEXT YOUー。

We’ll do our best
To make Twitter updates
As much as possible。

Sorry that today’s
Is a bit short。。

☆.。.:*・°☆.。Today’s joy.:*・°☆.。.:*・°☆.。.:*・°☆*:..
My socks were warm!
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In the blink of an eye ☆

Hello! Con
This is Miyamoto Karin from Juice=Juice。

The Nakano Sunplaza performances for our established yearly New Year’s Hello! Project concerts、
Have reached a stopping point!!!

At the
Hello! Project concerts

You can watch performances
By all the groups
In Hello! Project
And I feel that just that
Is really rich。

I noticed this the day before
In a different performance 、
But at the intro to one of ℃-ute-san’s songs
The way that Okai-san pumps up the audience is really interesting
I look forward to it every time。

This time
The momentary expression I saw
That really caught my attention、

Was the momentary expression
Of Taguchi Natsumi-chan
With her mouth slightly agape
It was cute and slightly sexy
I liked it ♡



I can’t wait for
The Nakano Sunplaza Hello! Cons
On the 9th and 10th of January ♡


At these
Hello! Project concerts
If anyone has even the slightest interest
In Juice=Juice、
Please! Come and watch
Juice=Juice’s live performances as well ♡


And、 today
Is the birthday of Country Girls’ Yanagawa Nanami-chan!

Country Girls’ Playing Manager
Tsugunaga Momoko-san asked me

Both of
Country Girls’ new members
Like Karin-chan、
How did you do that?? (lol)

I’ll do my best so that they’ll like me even more!

Nanami-chan, happy birthday ♡

☆.。.:*・°☆.。Today’s joy.:*・°☆.。.:*・°☆.。.:*・°☆*:..
My decaffeinated coffee
Was delicious
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One year ☆

This is Miyamoto Karin from Juice=Juice。

Today is
New Year’s Eve。

2015 will come to an end。

It truly went by in the blink of an eye。

Particularly the 2 months starting from November
There was the shooting for the drama、
It feels like time passed as swiftly as the wind。

Looking back,
At the start of this year
I chopped off my hair、
And it’s really grown in this 1 year、。。

We also got to do
A lot of LIVE performances。。

At any rate
It was a year that was full of joy。

And at the same time
Compared to before
It’s a year where I’ve steadfastedly held
To even stronger goals、 dreams、 and feelings。

As I’ve always been saying、 I’d like next year
To be a year where I share fun times
With lots more people
And make them want to see us perform!
To make people think that
I’ll use up everything I’ve got!

There’s the Countdown Concert
Which will be the last day in this year
That I’ll be able to spend with all of you!

To everyone who’ll be watching
Via the live viewing
I’ll do my best
To share the fun time with you as well!!

Let’s share
The fun of the final day of the year ♡


Morning Musume。’15’s Sayashi Riho-san
Graduates today。



I got a present。

Karin-chansan ♥ Thank you for everything up to now ♥ Sayashi

Karin-chansan ♥
Thank you for everything up to now ♥


The person
Who started calling me Karin-chansan
Was Sayashi-san。

For some reason
Since then
Everyone started calling me Chansan 、、。

Sayashi-san was there
At the rehearsals
For our Hello! Project concert、
And there were times
When I felt sad that we would part。。

I believe that there will come a time when we’ll be able to perform again、
So I look forward to that day、
And in order to not be beat、
I’d like to work hard in my own way。

Thank you for everything up until now!!

☆.。.:*・°☆.。Today’s joy.:*・°☆.。.:*・°☆.。.:*・°☆*:..
Enjoying New Year’s Eve!
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