Miyamoto Karin

℃-ute-san ☆

This is Miyamoto Karin from Juice=Juice!!

Today is ℃-ute-san no Hi!

Yup!September 10!!

After school、 I went to watch and learn from ℃-ute-san’s Budokan concert!!

It really gave me goosebumps。

From when it started、 their lovely and powerful singing voices pierced through my heart with a bang!、 and their perfectly uniform movements were fascinating!!

℃-ute-san、 their thoughts regarding ℃-ute no Hi、 and their thoughts regarding Berryz Kobo-san。

I can’t even begin to imagine those。

However、 their extremely passionate feelings were relentlessly conveyed through their performance、

I want to be like that!  I want to be as brilliant! Those feelings strongly resonated in me!!

I learnt lots of things from today!!

I’m happy to have met senpais as wonderful as ℃-ute-san!!

Today、 for the Okai Chisato-san whom I look up to、 who led to the start of my love for Hello! Project、 I swung around a green glowstick!!

Okai-san’s stylishness and her adorable smiles、 they’re really amazing!!

I want to watch Okai-san’s smile forever!!

`・ε・´∩ Right!

On the Hello! Sta that’ll be streaming today、

We’ll be unveiling the video for Senobi(Dance Shot Ver.)

From our double A single 「Senobi/ Date janai yo uchi no Jinsei ha」

That’ll go on sale the 1st of October  (〃ω〃)(〃ω〃)(〃ω〃)

And、 you can see Kanazawa Tomoko-chan doing a hair arrangement too!!

Hello! Sta #83

Please try giving it some of your attention (*´`)(*´`)

・*:.。..。.:+・゜Today’s happiness゜・*:.。..。.:+・゜

Watching ℃-ute-san’s Budokan concert!!o(^o^)o

That is all、 this was Miyamoto Karin!!

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Nagoya Tamago ☆

This is Miyamoto Karin from Juice=Juice!!

Today was the Nagoya performance of the Nama Tamago Show!!!

I worked up a lot of sweat (/ω\*)

Looking at all of the Hello! Pro Kenshuusei on-stage、 their mature expressions made my heart skip a beat、 and so did their smiles!!

With all sorts of songs including cute ones and cool ones、 their aura, their power, it was overwhelming、 and it gave me lots of energy、、、。

I always get lots of good motivation from the Hello! Pro Kenshuusei at Nama Tamago Shows! ( ´▽`)

Every time、 it makes me think that I have to work harder too!

So I hope I can deliver more and more power through Juice=Juice’s performanceーっ(/ω\*)


Today’s photo is with Tanabe Nanami-chan (/ω\*)


I talked a lot with Nanami-chan today、 and now I really feel like I want to perform with her again (*´∀`*)

Nanami-chan’s 「Sayonara Usotsuki no Watashi」 was the bomb!!

And、 Funaki Musubu-chan!
At any rate, she’s tiny and cute and rich in facial expressions (*´`)
She’s always smiling, and she gives me a grin whenever our eyes meet, which makes me feel super happy (/ω\*)

Well! Let’s do our best for the Tokyo performanceー!!

・*:.。..。.:+・゜Today’s happiness゜・*:.。..。.:+・゜

Getting to watch lots of the Hello! Pro Kenshuusei’s performances from a super close distance o(^o^)o

That’s all、 this was Miyamoto Karin!!

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Sendai performance ☆

This is Miyamoto Karin from Juice=Juice!!

Today’s Hello ! Project concert in Sendai was the last performance for this tour!!

For Morning Musume。’14′s Michishige Sayumi-san、 it’s also her last Hello! Project concert!

As it was Michishige-san’s last performance、 she gave presents to all the members of Hello! Project!!

Michishige-san really gave me a lot of help when I first got started。

Knowing nothing at the time、 I intruded into her dressing room、 but she was kind and always smiling、 she took photos and put it up on her blog, and we both played together。

And、 I’ve also learnt a lot from watching Michishige-san from my position as her junior。

Thank you so very much。

Until the very very end of her graduation concert、 I’d like to burn the image of the idol Michishige Sayumi-san into my memory!!

And、 it’s also the home town of Morning Musume。’14 Ishida Ayumi-chan、 and Hello! Pro Kenshuusei Sasaki Rikako-chan (*´∀`*)


Ishida-san’s hair colour really suits her、 it’s cute (*´∀`*)

In the ~YAPPARI~ performance、 I really like how she moves her booty in the dance for the bridge of Busu ni Naranai Tetsugaku, and I watch it every time (/ω\*)

I remember when Rikako-chan was a backdancer for the S/mileage tour、 her dance during Choi Kawa Bancho was so intense、 that she was swinging her head to the extent that it hurt (*´∀`*)

I can’t wait for tomorrow’s Nama Tamago Show! in Nagoya (/ω\*)(/ω\*)

・*:.。..。.:+・゜ Today’s happiness ゜・*:.。..。.:+・゜

Standing on-stage together with Michishige-san at her last Hello! Project concert!o(^o^)o

That’s all、 this was Miyamoto Karin!!

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This is Miyamoto Karin from Juice=Juice!!

Today we had our independent tour at Yuka-chan’s home town of Ishikawa prefecture!!

It was a concert enveloped in a very warm atmosphere。。

Yuka-chan is proud of Ishikawa prefecture、 and seeing how much Yuka-chan loved Ishikawa prefecture at the time made my heart skip a beat o(^o^)o

However、 seeing Yuka-chan get teary-eyed at the 2nd performance、 it made me want to cry too。。

Today’s concert was really passionate、 and my head started swinging at places that it normally wouldn’t、、

For one song, we surprised Yuka-chan by hugging her、、

Through that surprise for Yuka-chan、、  I hope that you received a bit of the joy (*´∇`*)(*´∇`*)

It’d be great to have a concert in Ishikawa prefecture again、、、

`・ε・´∩ Right!

Today I ate 3 of Ishikawa prefecture’s delicacies (*´∇`*)

I ate something that we had got before from Yuka-chan’s family、

They’re called ruby romans、 the largest seedless grapes in Japan!!

And、 I ate bamboo leaf sushi、、

I also had oden

I full enjoyed Ishikawa prefecture ~o(^o^)o

`・ε・´∩ Right!

I could only watch a small portion of the latest 24 Hour TV、 but once in my life、 I’d like to continue following the entirety of 24 Hour TV 。

The theme this time around was miracles。

Miracles are things that hardly ever happen。

But、 seeing everyone join forces to create a miracle with all their might、  I felt once again that even things that weren’t miraculous could also occur。

I have to do my best in order to make a miracle occur too!!

・*:.。..。.:+・゜Today’s happiness゜・*:.。..。.:+・゜

Getting to know even more about the depth of Yuka-chan’s love towards Ishikawa o(^o^)o

That’s all from Miyamoto Karin!!

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Hokkaido ☆

This is Miyamoto Karin from Juice=Juice!!

Today we had a Hello! Project concert in Hokkaido!!

It was winter when we did the last Hello! Project concert here, and the place was a snowscape、、

This time around、、

This is how the scenery looked!!

Somehow, it felt warmer than Tokyo when we went out、 and the moment we arrived at the airport, the air was lovely, it was awesome ( ´▽`)

And here’s Inaba Manaka-chan、 who hails from Hokkaido!!

She’s always very feminine、 and her dancing is really stylish!!

During the bridge for one of S/mileage-san’s songs、 Manaka-chan’s dancing looked so so sharp that I thought she wouldn’t lose out to them in brilliance!!!

Everyone in Hokkaido was really passionate、 and whenever a song started、 they’d raise cheers of encouragement、 and their cheers were great even at other times、、

It really gave us power!!

Today we did a KOREZO! performance!!

For the KOREZO! performances, the meat of it is each group doing their own performances、 but today Juice=Juice were the first out of the gates to perform、 so we were pumped up even before the real thing、 and all of us were working hard, with our hearts even more united than usual!!

It’d be great if even a few more people remember Juice=Juice, since we don’t really get to go to Sapporo o(^o^)o

`・ε・´∩ Right!

Recently、 drying my hands after washing them、、、

It was like I’d applied rose-scented hand cream (´・ω・`)

I’ll do my best so that my grip during handshake events will be great for everyone ( ´▽`)


For Juice=Juice 『Senobi/Date janai yo Uchi no Jinsei ha』

We’ll be having a release commemoration mini-live and handshake event、 at Aria Sapporo o(^o^)oo(^o^)o

Everyone, please drop by ( ´▽`)

For details ↓↓


`・ε・´∩ Right!

I wore Juice=Juice’s T-shirt from the current Hello! Con at today’s rehearsal!!

This T-shirt has a really nice texture、 I love it ( ´▽`)

・*:.。..。.:+・゜ Today’s happiness ゜・*:.。..。.:+・゜

Sweating more than I thought I would o(^o^)o

That’s all from Miyamoto Karin!!

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Good friends ☆

This is Miyamoto Karin from Juice=Juice!!

I went to school today、 and then had vocal training o(^o^)o

At school、 I studied Japanese and health!!

I did reading comprehension questions for Japanese!

I really enjoy thinking about how the characters in the story are feeling、 and time was up before I knew it、、、

The questions I like in particular、
Are questions where several words are extracted from the passage and we’re asked、  does this sentence fit? I really enjoy the time spent thinking about it!!

When I get that ‘It’s this!!’ in one shot、  I’m really happy!

There are tons of things to memorise for health, so it was a little hectic (lol)

But, but! I have to memorise them for tests!!

`・ε・´∩ Right!

I had vocal training after that、

Today I brought out my voice a loーーt ( ´▽`)

Today、 I was taught a lot about how to convey the meaning of lyrics。

From long long ago、 I always expressed the lyrics emotionally a lot of the time、 but you need to pull back at times、、、

Whether you’re pushing it or pulling it, there’s all sorts of variations、、、

It struck me that expressiveness really can run deep!

`・ε・´∩ Right!

A shot of Kanazawa Tomoko-chan and Takagi Sayuki-chan being good friends o(^o^)o


The 2 of them are really cute!

・*:.。..。.:+・゜Today’s happiness゜・*:.。..。.:+・゜

Enjoying the rain ( ´▽`)

That’s all from Miyamoto Karin!!

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Morioka ☆

This is Miyamoto Karin from Juice=Juice!!

Today our independent tour made its stop in Morioka!!

It’s a first! Since it was Morioka、 my heart was thumping as we headed there、、

Here’s me studying whilst on the Shinkansen!

By the way, I was studying music and Japanese!!

For music、 I was studying things like major and minor keys、 and chords、、

While I had reading comprehension questions for Japanese (*´д`*)

It was a bit difficult、 but fun ( ´▽`)

At at our independent concert、、

The two performances were booming、 booming concerts!

I was really sweating、 and when we were bowing, it was all drip drip dripーーー about 5 drops (lol)

My sweat-drenched self after the performance



It was even more amazing than that(lol)

My bangs~~~

But I was so happy with the sense of achievement (*´д`*)

Yet I guess it’s something I can’t helpーー This sweat(lol)

`・ε・´∩ Right!

Today、 I got bread rolls、 and mamebujiru ( ´▽`)

The bread rolls were fluffy and delicious、

While the mamebujiru、 had dumplings called mamebu with walnuts in them、 it was sticky、 and the soup was syrupy as well (´・ω・`)

There are lots of things like that which you can only find in certain areas、 they’re just so delicious that I’ve got to be careful not to overeat!!

I’d like to properly savour the taste、 store it in my mind、 and long for it the next time I go thereー( ´▽`)

The next time I get the chance to go to Iwate prefecture, I’d like to eat wanko soba (*´д`*)

`・ε・´∩ Right!

Today I went to see the Rock-Splitting Cherry Tree!!



I’d like to come and see it in full bloom!!

・*:.。..。.:+・゜Today’s happiness゜・*:.。..。.:+・゜

Feeling my shoes get loose on the way back since the swelling had gone down *^^)v

That’s all、 this was Miyamoto Karin!!

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This morning ☆

This is Miyamoto Karin from Juice=Juice!!

When I woke up in the morning and started moving my body、 I was kinda surprised at how light it felt (*´ω`*)

Even the muscles at my abs and my back、 they’re getting hurt less frequently (*´ω`*)(*´ω`*)

I guess I’ve built up my muscles?

It’d be great it that was the case ( ´▽`)

And after that, I went to school!!

For my maths classes、 my notebooks are fulーーl of notes (*´ω`*)

And various others、、、(lol)

I don’t get this and that, so it feels difficult、、、

But I have to do my best (´∀`*)

After school、 I wrote the previous part of this blog post、 I got a bookmark depicting Choco and Jasmine at the graduation ceremony、 and I went to hang out at the home of my friend from my primary and middle school days、

We watched Juice=Juice on YouTube together、

We looked at an exchange diary from our primary school days、 and waxed nostalgic、 it was really fun (´∀`*)

We happily sang Juice=Juice’s songs、 singing together enthusiastically ( ´▽`)

In between that、 we both played TsumTsum、 but I’m not that good at it、 so it was an uphill battle(lol)

I wish I could become better at it ( ´▽`)

`・ε・´∩ Right!

Today I saw a cicada on the veranda、 and I remembered catching them when I was small (^_^;)

My great-grandmother taught me how to catch them with my bare hands (*´ω`*)

You siーlently get close、 then ‘Hoi!’, you catch it with with your thumb and index finger、、

But I can no longer muster up the courage to do it (´・_・`)

Thinking hard about it, just like a cat(lol)

Speaking about cicadas、 I usually see the cicadas with transparent wings every year, but I haven’t seen any this year, so I hope to see them (´・ω・`)

Also、 when I see cicadas、

Berryz Kobo-san’s 「Semi」 plays in my head (ノ∀`)

I really like that slightly heart-rending feeling of a girl returning home、 and the melody of the chorus、

I particularly like the 2nd verse’s lyrics

「I thought of apologising for forgetting about you」

It makes my heart skip a beat (´∀`

`・ε・´∩ Right!

You can reserve tickets for Juice=Juice’s first lead role、

「Koi suru Hello Kitty」 in November! It’s a really cute, idol-ish Hello! Kitty-chan and Juice=Juice, so please make sure to come and see us!!

Details are here→http://sort.eplus.jp/sys/T1U14P002132823P0030001P006001

I’ve been thinking about this a lot recently、 but everything about Kitty-chan is cute, right?

I’ve seen plays done at Sanrio Puroland live on television、
But wherever she is and whomever she’s with、 she’s always kind, she’s an idol no matter where she is (*´ω`*)

I have to follow her example゜+.゜(´▽`人)゜+.゜

Today it’s Choco-chan ( ´▽`)


・*:.。..。.:+・゜Today’s happiness゜・*:.。..。.:+・゜

Putting on a charm from Enoshima Shrine nicely (*^^)v

That’s all from Miyamoto Karin!!

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Nyan ☆

This is Miyamoto Karin from Juice=Juice!!

When I went to Enoshima with my family yesterday、 and when looking it up, I read that we’d be able to see kitties there、 so I was looking forward to that、 but we didn’t see a single one、、、(´;ω;`)

I guess they went and hid somewhere because of the heatー?

I can envisage the kitties not wanting to walk on the hot hot asphalt (*´д`*)

They’d make use of the edges of shadows、、

By the way、 when Jasmine goes out from the balcony in the summer time, and the ground is hot、 her pads seem to get hot, and when she’s outside she rushes back home really speedily(lol)

When we got back home
Jasmine was there as usual、、

She seemed even cuter than usual゜+.゜(´▽`人)゜+.゜

From my phone’s photos folder、 here are some pictures of kitties from when I was doing the photo shoot for Shuukan Famitsu-san (ノ∀`)




They were really cute!!

This photo was taken by my manager-san (*´д`*)

It’s a super cute snapー(ノ∀`)

Kitties are easy to stir、 so it’s pretty difficult to get a good lock on them with a camera、 and I have a really hard time when I’m trying to take a shot of Jasmine (lol)

I hope to come up with all sorts of tricks、 and be able to take more cute shotsーっと(ノ∀`)

`・ε・´∩ Right!

There were a lot of people asking ‘What did you eatー??’ in yesterday’s comments、

A bowl of grilled turban shells and sashimi、 I’ve forgotten the name but I ate shellfish sashimi、 red bream boiled in soy sauce、 and spiny lobster miso soup ( ´▽`)

I love shellfish (ノ∀`)(ノ∀`)

The red bream boiled in soy sauce was particularly delicious、、

I’d like to try raw baby sardines next (*´д`*)(*´д`*)

・*:.。..。.:+・゜Today’s happiness゜・*:.。..。.:+・゜

My back was light (*^^)v

That’s all from Miyamoto Karin!!

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Enoshima ☆

This is Miyamoto Karin from Juice=Juice!!

To make up for being unable to go for a New Year’s shrine visit、 I made a shrine visit to Enoshima Shrine today (*^^)v

I’m exhausted from walking, but I enjoyed myself!!!!

When I was heading to Enoshima…



I was studying up before going there、 it was really fun (≧∇≦*)

Just spending the time freely on the train was awesome!

When I got close to Enoshima、 it felt like the scenery itself was gradually getting closer to the sea、 and it felt like I could smell the seawater even though I was in the train (lol)


I arrived at Enoshima…

After that、 I headed to Enoshima Shrine (ノ∀`)

The view from inside the Enoshima Sea Candle was amazing (*´>∀<`*)

Sadly, I couldn’t see Mt. Fuji、、

But、 I could see Yokohama Landmark Tower、 and the Sky Tree (ノ∀`)

And、 the sea too!!!



There were a lot of people there to bathe in the sea、、

It looked fun~~

And finally, I went for a hot spring footbath (*^^)v

Taking a long trip in my private time after a while、 I walked a lot and sweated a lot、 it was reallllly fun (ノ∀`)(ノ∀`)(ノ∀`)

I got to fully recharge myself、、、

So I’ll do my best this autumnー!!!

Finally, here’s a bonus photo of Jasmine (*^^)v

・*:.。..。.:+・゜ Today’s happiness゜・*:.。..。.:+・゜

Spending the whole day replenishing myself (*^^)v

That’s all from Miyamoto Karin!!

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