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Budokan ☆

Let’s all go
This is Miyamoto Karin from Juice=Juice。



We had our second day of performances for
Juice=Juice LIVEMISSION220
~Code3 Special Growing Up!~
At Nakano Sunplaza!

To everyone who came、
And to those who couldn’t come
But sent us their power。

Thank you so very much!


On 7 Nov (Mon)

We’ll be having

A Nippon Budokan performance~!!!!

It was announced through a video
At today’s second performance。

As a challenge for ourselves
All of Juice=Juice decided
To hold 220 LIVE performances
With the Nippon Budokan as our goal。
Based on our progress
We should be able to achieve it at our 29 Oct (Sat) Okinawa performance。

We’ve performed LIVE
At various places
Throughout the nation。
It makes me really happy!

Things aren’t going to end with our 220nd performance。

We’ll develop even more、
As Juice=Juice have to
Deliver a LIVE performance
At the Nippon Budokan
That’ll go even beyond all your expectations。

When it was announced today、
Everyone’s voices were united
Banzai! Banzai!

And your cheers at the encore call after that
Wholeheartedly delivered
Your congratulations to us。

I was so happy that words can’t do it justice、
And what’s more I’d like to
Wholeheartedly respond to the expectations
Of those who did so。

I may keep on
Writing this and saying this、

But without
The Juice=Juice family、
The members、
The staff、
My family、

I wouldn’t be able to perform LIVE, or have activities as Juice=Juice。

It truly is because of everyone around me
That I’m able to do so、
So from now on
I’d like to keep on conveying my sense of gratitude
By performing with all I’ve got。

Thank you so very much!!!



These were all the H!P Kenshuusei
Who performed as
Today’s opening act!



Thank you so much!!!

。.:*・°☆.。Today’s joy.:* ・°☆.。.:*・°☆.。.:*
Being able to announce our Nippon Budokan performance!
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Kinose-san ☆

Thank you very much。
This is Miyamoto Karin from Juice=Juice。

Kinose Hikaru-san
Who appeared with us in 「Universal Studios Japan de TKO」
Came to see us perform LIVE~!



She was always smiling throughout the recording
She’s gentle、 and talked a lot with us、
So for her to come and see us perform LIVE。。

It made me really happy!!
I love Kinose-san’s warm smile!!
I’ll do my best so that we’ll be able to appear together again on a show!


Dinner at home



On the menu
Germinated brown rice
Minced bonito with onion marinade on it
Eggplant condiment garnish
Spinach potage
Chinese yam dressed with grated daikon

That was what we had。

The onion marinade was just like what I recently wrote and put on the blog
I put it on the bonito and added ponzu to itー!

For the eggplant condiment garnish
Wash the eggplant and cut it across its length
Put it on a silicon steamer with the skin downwards, and just put it in for 3 minutes on 600w and wait until you hear the ‘ding’!
And then、 add a lot of sesame oil and grated ginger and finely chopped onions and salt to taste
I used some dressing that I had on hand~!
And I put small spring onions on top of it!

For the spinach potage
Take parboiled spinach
And shiitake mushrooms and onions
Boil them in a little bit of water、 together with soy milk
Run them in a mixer、 heat it up, and it’s done!
I adjusted the seasoning with salt and consomme!!

For the Chinese yam dressed with grated daikon
Put the Chinese yam in a ziploc bag
And hit it until it’s just the right size
Then add grated daikon and soy sauce and vinegar and mix them up!!

They were all delicious~。

I’ve got to move enough to use it all up!!

I’ve got to watch yesterday’s LIVE performance soon!

。.:*・°☆.。Today’s joy.:* ・°☆.。.:*・°☆.。.:*・°☆
I had a delicious meal!
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USJ Hello! Shop ☆

I had fun
This is Miyamoto Karin from Juice=Juice。

I was with Miyazaki Yuka-chan at USJ from the morning
For an on-location shoot for
J:COM TV 「Universal Studio Japan de TKO」!!



We shot it with TKO-san!!
They were really kind、
And talked a lot with us。
Thank you so so very much!!

My first time!USJ!

Currently there are all sorts of minions there!
I love the minions。

Ever since I watched the minions
I fell almost completely
For the minions language、 so it made me really happy
To meet the minions!!

And the rides!

Amongst the rides I’ve been on so far、
At present,
BACKDROPS is my favourite!

That’s what I think!

USJ was really satisfying
I enjoyed myself!



The broadcasts will be、
May 3rd (Tues)、 10th (Tues)、 17th (Tues)、 24th (Tues)、 31st (Tues)! Make sure to check it out!!


At the Osaka Hello! Shop
I had a 1001 Nights event
With Miyazaki Yuka!!



We started by talking about what we liked about Osaka
And ended by doing a question corner

It was fun~!!!

You could also make early purchases of goods
That will go on sale tomorrow !!

There were lots of promotional goods that I wanted for myself!

I’d like to go there again!!

.。.:*・°☆.。Today’s joy.:* ・°☆.。.:*・°☆.。.:*・°☆
The whole day was enjoyable!!
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This is Miyamoto Karin from Juice=Juice。

I chilled out the whole day。

I was chilling out so much
That my eyelids naturally grew heavy、、

At the time
I drank
My favourite coffee、

Which gave me a small switch。

Flipping one’s switch
Is really important。

I’d like to spend the days performing well
By getting good at flipping it!


I made
Fresh juiceー!!

Komatsuna and carrots and a fermented milk drink、、

And ginger。

The book that told me how to make it
Didn’t mention anything
About adding ginger。

But having put it in、、

It became a trying flavour、、、

Since it seems that it’s really good for the body。。

I’ll go on with it。(lol)


The day after tomorrow
At Osaka’s Hello! Shop

I’ll be holding a 1001 Night event
With Miyazaki Yuka-chan!

It seems that there are still tickets for the 1st event、
So please come and see us if you have the time!!


Braided hair~



I can’t do it well、、

I can’t make them so they don’t come undone during LIVE performances(><)

So it’s rare!!

.。.:*・°☆.。Today’s joy.:* ・°☆.。.:*・°☆.。.:*・°☆
Drinking coffee at leisure!
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This is Miyamoto Karin from Juice=Juice。

Was a chill-out-at-home day

Our Jasmine。



Isn’t she cute???
As I was sleeping off my exhaustion on the sofa
She slept on my arm。
That was probably a first。 Honestly, it made me happy、

But you know、、
What I dreamed of at the time
When I was asleep
Was of a white toy poodle that I’d never seen before, for some reason。

Keep it a secret from Jasmine。

This is what’ll happen if you tell her。



A wild Jasmine (lol)
She’s cute even when she’s wild。




I put this up yesterday、
But I’m doing rabbit-eye makeup~。

You do this makeup
By adding some pink even below your eyes
It makes you look like you’ve just cried!

It’s popular
To make it reddish as well、
But I like it completely pink。

After strengthening the pink
I’ll put some
Pink pearl type glitter!

Within this year
I’ll use amber shadow
Or deep blue mascara

I’d like to attempt
Pop neon style makeup!

.。.:*・°☆.。Today’s joy.:* ・°☆.。.:*・°☆.。.:*・°☆
Feeling the muscle pain from situps!
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Cleaning up ☆

Plodding on with it
This is Miyamoto Karin from Juice=Juice。


I’ll be appearing on the cover of
With Morning Musume。’16’s Kudo Haruka-chan!

The cover has been made publicー



When we were doing the shoot
We talked lots about nostalgic stories
From our time as H!P Eggs!

Also、 I heard stories that
Duu has recently been collecting
Tirol chocolate cellophane
I told her that I’d give her mine whenever I eat anyー
But since I haven’t eaten any
I can’t give her anything。

It’ll go on sale on the 9th of April!
Please make sure to check it out!


Steam irons
Are fascinating。

I’ve gotten interested in them recently。

There are lots of spring and summer clothes
That wrinkle easily、、

You can iron them
While they’re on a hanger。

It definitely would be convenient
To have one~。

What should I do。

☆.。.:*・°☆.。Today’s joy.:*・°☆.。.:*・°☆.。.:*・°☆*:..
I did lots of yoga!
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Thank you very much ☆

This is Miyamoto Karin from Juice=Juice。

Thank you very much
For your many comments。

I’m really happy
That you all wrote lots
About your passionate feelings towards Aiko。

I think that Aiko-chan
Is a really fortunate person。
I’m truly happy
To have been given the opportunity to act as Aiko。

To all you Next Addicts
Thank you so very much!




Today we had rehearsals
For Juice=Juice LIVE MISSION220
That’ll start next week
From Ishikawa prefecture!

The setlist is a huge change
From Code2
Lots of things have changed completely!

Sorry I can’t explain it well!

At any rate! Will we be able to show you
A new Juice=Juice?
It’s making me feel super excited!!

While I’m nervous
I’m really excited for it!!
I can’t wait、、


Today’s bento~

Just as I wrote the other day
I used sakura denbu!!



Just slightly、
It’s like a flower-viewing ✨

The spinach
Has a curry flavour!!

Playing with the bento’s colours is a bit difficult、、

I wish that I could make them even cuterー!

☆.。.:*・°☆.。Today’s joy.:*・°☆.。.:*・°☆.。.:*・°☆*:..
I had fun at the rehearsals!!!
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Tonight ☆

This is Miyamoto Karin from Juice=Juice。

It’s the final episode of the drama 「Budokan」。

In the blink of an eye
We’ve come to the end。

Today’s the last time
We can meet Aiko-chan on a Saturday night。

It’s really really
Sad to part、

But Aiko comes to an answer
After lots of thought。

I want to watch it with my own eyes。

Fuji TV
At 11:40 p.m.~!

Don’t miss it!!!

And、 of course you can’t miss
The SkyPa version
Wednesday night at 9!!!


We had individual events~!

Polaroid events
Handshake events

it was fun to talk lots!
Since at individual handshake events
We can talk at length, without being rushed
I heard your many thoughts about the drama
And we talked about memories of LIVEMISSION220’s Code2
The last of which will be tomorrow。

I’m not
That quick on the uptake
So I’m sorry
If I ended up ruminating on my thoughts、、

I wish that I was much quicker on the uptake。

And、 to the outfits for
Otona no Jijou ~Next to you~
Karada dake ga Otona ni nattan janai

We’ll be bidding farewell to both of them~




It’s kind of sad to part。
It’s really sad。。。


Shizuoka Asahi TV
Will be broadcast tonight at 12:45~ midnight!

This time around
Getters Iida-san once again gets lots of things spot on the mark!

Those who can watch it
Please check it out


I had a different heart-shaped bento container



Taking out my meal from a heart
Made me excited~!

I tried making freeze-dried tofu
I’d like to find some more delicious flavourings~

Also、 it’s spring
I bought sakura denbu
Maybe I should try decorating with it~✨


Juice=Juice LIVEMISSION220

Advance reservations have started!!

Make sure to come and see us, okay

.。.:*・°☆.。Today’s joy.:*・°☆.。.:*・°☆.。.:*・°☆*:
Getting to talk lots!
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Things I want to do ☆

There are lots、
This is Miyamoto Karin from Juice=Juice。

Did I appear in the dreams
Of those who won in rock-paper-scissors??

If I didn’t appear, tough luck

You might have forgotten!

Since you might have just been sound asleep!


This morning、 I thought this when I was eating
The R-1 yoghurt that I’ve been eating every morning、

But in the past
When I eat the same thing every day
There comes a time when I don’t want to eat it any more、、
It still hasn’t come to that point
With R-1 yoghurt、

But in particular, it happened when I had kiwifruits in the morning、
I used to eat it daily at one point in time

But one day
There was a point when I suddenly felt
I definitely don’t want to eat it today! I’m not eating it!! (lol)

Have you gone through such a time?


Today I had a recording for JHN 「JAPAN HaroPuro NETWORK」!

I enjoyed
A mellow talk with

Morning Musume。’16’s
Iikubo Haruna-chan
And Kobushi Factory’s
Inoue Rei-chan



I’m feeling all warm and fuzzy inside right now

As for the broadcast、 the first week will be 6 ~ 12 April
The second week will be 13 ~ 19 April!
Please check it out

.・°☆.。Today’s joy.:*・°☆.。.:*・°☆.。.:*・°☆*:
The day was warner than I thought!
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Serial event ☆

Stellar Ball
This is Miyamoto Karin from Juice=Juice。



Today we had a serial event
At Shinagawa Stellar Ball!

We got fruits✨


They were delicious~

The delicious strawberries gave me strength
And pumped me up for the 3 performances!

Serial events where we get to sing lots
Are fun~✨

Plus, the stage was huge
Which was fun as it was easy to move around✨

Performing live at a slightly big venue
In a stroke, it makes me look forward
To hall concerts or our dreamed-of Budokan

Let’s do our best。


At the 3rd performance
We suddenly played rock-paper-scissors
And we said that those who won
Would turn up in our dreams、、

But I wonder how the dream will be like、、(lol)

By the way
I ate 2 Häagen-Dazs ice creams in my dream yesterday。

The one that comes between two crispy ones
And a normal cup。

Such luxury~✨

I woke up in a state of bliss

.・°☆.。Today’s joy.:*・°☆.。.:*・°☆.。.:*・°☆*:
I sang lots!
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