Miyazaki Yuka


Good evening ヾ(*´•o•`*)ノ
It’s Miyazaki Yuka


With Takagi Sayuki-chan
I、 Miyazaki Yuka

Got to do
A birthday event~♡♡

My first! Birthday event!

A lot of people came for it
I was really happy (;;)

That such a great number of people
Were celebrating us
It really made me overjoyed。

As always, I would like to deeply, deeply
Thank you very much ♩

We had games
Where we had to go down to the guest seats

To borrow things
Based on a topic

It was fuーーーn。♡

To everyone else who lent us
Your cooperation in all sorts of ways!

Thank you very much~⋈

I got to sing
Mano Erina-san’s
My Days for You

At the mini-live~っ


Throughout my life
That was the most nervous I’d ever been。

What was up with that。
I was really nervous(;;)

However、 I understood that
All of you were watching over me
I was really happy。


And with that
The two of us got to sing


As there was a birthday message
From Yajima-san
I was really happy ♡♡♡

She talked about stories like
The time when the both of us made soba together
My heart was in the clouds。♡

We also got birthday cakes…


Oh、 I’m just filled with so much joy
I can’t write it down。

Since I’m an adult

A twenty year old

From the bottom of my heart
I think that I want to become a lovely woman 。

Reading books, always correcting my posture
Listening to what all sorts of people have to say…

To improve、
From now on as well
I beg for your kindness ♡

Well (・ω・)ノ Until next time ♡

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Good evening ヾ(*´•o•`*)ノ
It’s Miyazaki Yuka



On Radio Nippon

When I got to do a recording
At Iijima Nouen-san
In Miura city, Kanagawa prefecture

I received soup celery
For me to raise!

It’s grown to this level~っ

The things I did included
Always having it in the sun
Rotating the pot

Why is it that nothing but half of it
Has sprouted( ;  ; ) Oh my

What’s up with that。
I’ve got try looking into it a bit more

Since we had some time
Between jobs today

With Miyamoto Karin-chan
And Uemura Akari-chan

I went to a family restaurant ♡♡

Everyone’s stomach was so empty
That our eating speed was
Extremely quick ♩ lol

Eating the desert left us satisfied ♡

That’s right。 Today there was something
That surprised me。

Uemura Akari-chan
Ate the skin of a stone-baked sweet potato!

I had invariably thought that peeling the skin to eat it
Was the obvious way

Aarii is definitely
Trying to surprise me
By eating that way! I thought

「What the heckー are you doingー! lol」
I thrust in as usual

But that wasn’t it、

It really was normal for Aarii。

I thought that if I had to say to Karin-chan
How do you eat yoursー、

I’d have to make
A selfish explanation!

That I had butted in
Had gone from being funny
To being embarrassing

We laughed without end continuousーーーly
For about 2 minutes。

Looking back on it
I feel that
It doesn’t seem like it was funny

But at the time
It really was funnyー!!!lol

Well (・ω・)ノ Until next time ♡

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Good evening ヾ(*´•o•`*)ノ
This is Miyazaki Yuka
I’ve come back to Tokyo~♡♡
Before I said bye bye to my family
I got this


When I opened it…

A sound played
There were birthday messages !
It seemed that I got messages from all of them
Receiving those messages made me glad。♡


I switched on my iPhone
Once I got to the airport、

And received a message from my mother
Regarding my 20th。
I seems that she mulled over it
Over several days

I thought that it was very much like my mother

I was passing by the place
Where you deposit your carry-on bags

And I was holding back tears。

If I were to cry there
I’d look like a person who was crying
Because I couldn’t recognize my own luggage!I thought。
Mother、 thank you。
I loーーーve my whole family!




And today I had voice training
With Uemura Akari-chan
Meeting everyone after a while
Made me happy、

I wanted to talk about lots of things
But whenever we crossed paths
We didn’t really talk much(;;)
From Takagi Sayuki-chan
And Uemura Akari-chan

I received a birthday present ♡
What the two of them had gotten me was so cute
That even while writing this blog post
It’s making me grin
Thank you to the two of you。♡


Once the voice training ended

That was just when Miyamoto Karin-chan
Was doing the event for her solo DVD

So I got to study her with my own eyes
Although I tried
Stealthily participating in the janken tournament
I lost in the very first round。 lol
Karin-chan、 speaking by herself
She seemed tense。
But still cute!⋈


The birthday event
It’s soon! I’m super excited♡
Well (・ω・)ノ Until next time ♡

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An announcement。

Good eveningヾ(*´•o•`*)ノ
It’s Miyazaki Yuka

In a burst, the sakuras are blooming。♡

The petals of the sakura tree
Close to my home
Have bloomed and seem to be fluffy

It would be great、 to go for a flower viewing…♩

And today、 I have
An announcement for everyone。

I will be dropping out from the university
That I’ve been going to since April of last year。

Last year、 getting to participate
In activities as Juice=Juice
Was something pleasant

It’s a completely different lifestyle to what I’ve had up to now。

Our manager-san
Would adjust the work schedule
So that I could go for my required classes

I received a lot of cooperation

Juice=Juice activities and studying at university
Both are extremely new to me

With my exceedingly unskilled self
Both ended up being half-baked
I thought that it would be unacceptable to continue like this and made up my mind。

I was troubled in my own way。

For this reason
I think that I’d like to do my best
And put all my energy into Juice=Juice。

I’ve met wonderful friends at university
I was able to study what I wanted
I even got interested in a new field!

Though it was only for a short while
There were a lot of things that I learnt。

With our first independent tour having been decided
Juice=Juice still has a ways to go from now on。

I’ve still got more to improve when it comes to singing and dancing

The parts that I can do with the leeway I haven’t had until now
Particularly on the basics of dancing
I’d like to study and power up from now on。

It might currently be an excessively large dream
But since Juice=Juice’s goal is
To be able to hold a world tour

I think I’d like to continue to study English
For the sake of our dream!

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Good evening ヾ(*´•o•`*)ノ
This is Miyazaki Yuka

For two days in a row
We’ve been holding the HinaFes
At Pacifico Yokohama!

Everyone who came
Thank you very much

Once again、 it was really huge

Filled with running and jumping
I couldn’t stop sweating。

‘I’ve got to build up my physical strength’
I thought。

Also、 from today onwards
I’ve definitely got to work on flexibility!

I’ve heard that
It’s harder for people with flexible bodies
To receive injuries。

Let’s ーdo our beーst!

Please take a look。♡♡


Today、℃-ute’s Yajima Maimi-san
‘Let’s take a photo’

She said to me ( ;  ; )♡

If you’re speaking about Yajima-san
She’s what’s called a 「rain-bringing woman」!

Today it was out in full force!!!

When ℃-ute-san was singing
Outside、 it was raining heavily

But when it came to Berryz Kobo-san
It cleared up!!!

It was absurdly amazing。

Kanazawa Tomoko-chan and I
Were both moved。♡

Today、 Kanazawa Tomoko
She had dried plum sweets as a side dish
And she ate a genuine dried plum。 lol

You’d expect no less from our subleader。

Well (・ω・)ノ Until next time ♡

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Good evening ヾ(*´•o•`*)ノ 
This is Miyazaki Yuka

You know、 I just had cake ♡♡

Kanazawa Tomoko-chan
Miyamoto Karin-chan
Uemura Akari-chan

We celebrated their graduation from senior・junior high school
Congratulations to all of yoーーu♩

And plus、 today
Is Hello! Pro Kenshuusei
Wada Sakurako-chan’s birthday ♡



Sako、 always fluffy like a cloud
And her smile is adorable, how wonderful!!

For your birthday、 many happy returns ♡

And today。
We had individual handshake events & polaroid events。♡



It was something like that♩・。

Ah、 speaking of that
On yesterday’s blog post

“For T-point cards
You can’t use them in any convenience store
Besides Family Mart”

I obtained that information through the comments。 Hihi

In the morning、 I immediately made my way
To Family Mart!!!

I picked up Meiji black chocolate
And a drink and Sakeru cheese {a sort of cheese stick}

And went to the register。

No way。 I’m nervous。
When it comes to the wire, I can’t pull it off!

「Do you have a T-point card?」
Asked the shop assistant-san、

Despite having one on me、 somehow
I ended up becoming like ‘ah。’

「Erm、 that’s all right。」
I ended up saying(;_;)

Yuーp、 it was a failure。
The first time is the hardest!!!

I might be timid when it comes to other things
But this was such a minor thing

Getting nervous over a T-point card。
Right。 Next time。 I’ll do my best。 And progress。

Everyone who came、
To the handshake events and the polaroid events!
Thank you very much ♡

The polaroids、 were they taken well??

Well (・ω・)ノ Until next time ♡



Good evening ヾ(*´•o•`*)ノ
It’s Miyazaki Yuka!

Today I got
an influenza shotーーー! (T . T)

It hurtーーーーーー(T_T)

It hurtーーーー(T_T)

I’m bad with shots。

I went together
with Miyamoto Karin-chan
and Uemura Akari-chan!

I was the first one,
and they were going to insert it、

but I was scared and wanted to run away
and so Karin-chan
went before me!

Though I get an influenza shot
every year、

I’ve gotten influenza every year
from elementary to high school。

But I didn’t get it last year!

Since there’s a Hello concert this year too,
I don’t wanna get it (T . T)

I’ll work hard to manage my health!

After having the shot,
Kanazawa Tomoko-chan and
Miyamoto Karin-chan and
me、Miyazaki Yuka, the three of us

did a recording for bayfm-san’s regular radio show
「We are Juice=Juice」!

The staff-san once again
gave us refreshments ♪

From my favorite place

shiwawawawawaheiーーー!!(likely shiawase, or happiness)
(first appearance of this in a while ♡ lol)

They came to the Niigata performance
of Naruchika too…♪

Thank you very much!

They praised me at today’s recording
be saying like,
“You’ve gotten good at talking!”

so I thought I should work
harder and harderー!

I learn a lot
by listening to my senpais’ radio shows too (*>ω<*)

In the free time we had until the radio show
all of Juice=Juice
went for drinksー! ♡


Tomo had orange juice
Aーriー had mango juice

Well!What do you think
I drankー?♡

Well (・ω・)ノ see ya ♡

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Good eveningヾ(*´•o•`*)ノ
It’s Miyazaki Yuka!

Our event in Fukushima Prefecture is over now,
and we’re heading back to Tokyo on the shinkansen!

The seating is Tomo・King・Me ♡

The three of us are playing with our cameras!

With a 4-shot camera
we showed the four emotions (喜怒哀楽, joy, anger, sadness and humor)!

First of all, Tomo’s emotions!


Continuing on, King’s!


Then lastly, mine!


Tomo did it the best!
One of King’s turned out NG.
I also had one turn out with my eyes half-closed…

Timing for this is difficult

I got frantic during it
and so ended up doing the same pose
for joy and humor (T . T)

In the comments of yesterday’s blogs
everyone made lots
of requests、

so thank you very much ♡♡

Pictures from the dressing room、sleeping faces、
self scenes、clothes、
pictures with senpai, etc. etc. ♪

I’ll work hard
to be able to show you lots of different pictures!

Today I showed you some of us
with various expressions!

The four emotions are difficult, huh.

Everyone, who do you think had
the most-fitting expression ♡?

I like King’s joy one!

Ah、by the way, the order of the pictures is

喜怒 (joy, anger)
哀楽 (sadness, humor)

It was in that order ♡

Lastly, pictures of all three of us
doing the emotions!


Well (・ω・)ノ see ya ♡

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Good evening ヾ(*´•o•`*)ノ
It’s Miyazaki Yuka!

Thank you for answering
yesterday’s question ♡

The right answer is, from the left,

I was the one who asked the question、
but on Aーriー’s blog
there was a hint、
or rather pretty much the answer, huh (lol)

Everyone in Juice=Juice
will work hard
to be able to be stylish in our clothes too ♡

Today、was a Naruchika LIVE
in Saitamaー!

Please listen!

In the catering there were
chamomile black tea leaves?

and I hadn’t drunk it before,
so when I was looking at it for a long time
wondering if it would be goodー

Berryz Kobo’s Natsuyaki Miyabi-san
told me,
「Risako likes chamomile~!」…♪

It gave me an opportunity
to talk to Sugaya-san ♡

so that us in Juice=Juice
and Berryz Kobo-san
can be more connected

has provided us with various chances
and advice ♡

I think she’s really kind,
and just too wonderful! (T . T)♡♡♡


Before the evening concert started,
I took a sudden photo!

Since Aーriー was in the middle
of blinking her eyes, I stamped it.

Since I think occasionally
off-shots like this might be good too,
I tried taking itー!

What kind of pictures do you all want to see♡?
If you would, I’d like to consult with you!

Announcement ♡

11/4(Monday) release
「Nikkei Entertainment!」

releases tomorrow!If you would,
please check it out ♡

Tomorrow we have an event
in Fukushima!

For details, please look at
the Hello!Project official site!

Well (・ω・)ノ see ya ♡

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WhoーIs It!

Thank you very much always
for your comments ♡

Reading the comments,
I noticed something…

The title of my blog yesterday was

but nothing was actually written in the body
about autographs。

I always put a title on
at the end

but yesterday I fell asleep
while writing the blog (T . T)

I happened to wake up in the night、
and noticed I’d fallen asleep
just without writing a title

and anyhow, my feeling of
“I wanna put up my blog!” seems to have been too strong

and I was still half-asleep。

so even though talk about autographs
didn’t come up once in the body of text

for some reason I was a bit lost
and wrote “Autographs”!

Mou, looking at comments in the morning
I was surprisedー!

I wonder what kind of dream I had (T . T)

I’ll be more dependable from now on, okay!
I’m sorry (T . T)

A sudden question!


A picture from necks down!
Do you know who is who?♡

You can see just a bit
of my iPhone (T . T)

When I showed you my clothes the other day
I showed this blue skirt!

Though before I was wearing
a white blouse and heels

today I put on suspenders
and went with leopard-print shoes!

I like the suspenders since they’re so cute ♡

A thick cord on the suspenders
makes them look cute,
but having a thinner one makes them just too cute, doesn’t it!

I bought some suspenders
with thin cordsー! ♡♡

There were my clothes
on a day like today!、

and today, continuing on from yesterday,
I’ve come to Niigata ♡

Today was a Naruchika LIVE
with my senpai Berryz Kobo-san (*>ω<*)

The distance between us and everyone
was so close (naruchika)
and we’re continuing to get closer with
Berryz Kobo-san as well…♡

I loーーーve Naruchika!

Well (・ω・)ノ see ya ♡

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