Miyazaki Yuka


Good evening ヾ(*´•o•`*)ノ
This is Miyazaki Yuka


This morning
I had a radio recording by myself
I had an interview by myself

All of us did
Vocal training that was different than usual
It was a day with plenty of things~☻♡


I didn’t have anything to do in my free time
So I did something
With my camera~!

What do you think it was~??♡♡





The correct answer: challenging myself to doing these winks that I can’t pull off。 lol

Setting my goal as
A wink like Miyamoto Karin-chan
I gave it a try, but this is how it turned out…。(u_u)



When I tried forcing it
This was how it turned out。


Even though
I’d chosen the photo
That looked the best

It definitely is difficult。



Pinning my eye down like this
I opened my eyesーーー!


I still have a long way to go



In the morning、 I made this~♡✌︎


When I put in less butter
It was just right!

What should I make next…♡


So (・ω・)ノ Until next time ♡

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Good evening ヾ(*´•o•`*)ノ
This is Miyazaki Yuka

♔♡☃Merry Christmas!☃♡♔


It’s Christmas today ♡


Did you enjoy
Your Christmas?☻


All the members of Juice=Juice
Had a present exchange ♡

In the morning, Kanazawa Tomoko-chan

Was conーーーstantly fidgeting around
Going ‘I want to have the exchange soon’

So when we were all gathered
We immediately exchanged presents ♡♩


I got a present
From Uemura Akari-chan ☻!

You could say it’s Aarii-like
An Aarii-like present。

I wonder if you know what it is (u_u)♡? lol

It’s unexpected、 it’s something unexpected。


It’s something you definitely need
When buying something at a store

It was put in an envelope。


When she took it out of her bag
We all went

「Could it be…??」

And had a laugh!!! lol


It was a present exchange rich in personality ✌︎♩


Supplementing today’s lunch
Of omelette rice

Was a star-shaped potato

So I got to eat
Something that was a little Christmas-y ♔



That’s right。

In a previous blog post
I mentioned that

You don’t really get stars at the top of Christmas trees

From that day
Every time I came upon a Christmas tree

I took a photo
Of the tops of those Christmas trees。♡



4 out of 7 Christmas trees
Were topped
With stars!☻

(Investigated by Miyazaki Yuka)


In that short period of time
I came across
Lots of Christmas trees♡




I did a clothes-fitting
For the Hello! Con!

It felt different from usual…♡


Well (・ω・)ノ Until next time ♡

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Good evening ヾ(*´•o•`*)ノ
This is Miyazaki Yuka

Today all of Juice=Juice
Did voice training。♡

Normally we do it alone or in pairs

But with all of us doing the lessons together
We noticed a lot
Of new things ☻!

All of us discussed
About the lyrics

The act of singing songs
Truly has depths。


There are tons and tons of things
Left to learn!♔



A photo of the hair accessory
From when I wore furisode the other day ♡

This kind of Japanese accessory
Is really wonderful ♩




Sorry today’s is so short ( ; ; )

I’m doing well as usual today!

It seems that it’ll get
Really cold tomorrow

Please ensure you’ll be warm when going outside ☻♡


Well (・ω・)ノ Until next time ♡

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Good evening ヾ(*´•o•`*)ノ
This is Miyazaki Yuka

Today at JOL Harajuku
In Harajuku Takeshita-doori

【Dai 5kai J=J School for Girls】
Was held~♡♡

Today’s theme
『Heart-thumping tidying-up』!

The specialist lecturer was

Takeda Nozomi-sensei ☻♔。


We learnt a lot
About tidying up~♩

The words
「Things have their own addresses!」
Left the biggest impression on me

Since if you don’t have
Addresses (places to put each thing)
Your room will be disordered。⋈

I learnt a loーt this time around too ♡

Next one will be on the 6th of February (Friday)!
I can’t wait~♡♡


That’s right。
Since Christmas is close

We dressed up? ♡



With today’s MC Miyamoto Karin-chan ♩



Whose back is this~☻♡??


Here’s the correct answer



It was Uemura Akari-chan ♔
Isn’t this a nice shot?♡



Our independent concerts
Will be starting in Hokuriku tomorrow ♡♡

It looks like there’s tons of snow
So to everyone who’ll be coming

Please keep warm
And be careful ♩⋈


Well (・ω・)ノ Until next time ♡

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Good evening ヾ(*´•o•`*)ノ
This is Miyazaki Yuka


Today I had a photo shoot
We borrowed furisode from Suzunoya-san
And got to wear them ♡♡♡



My first time in furisode ♩♡

Members of Hello! Project
Who were the same age as me
Were gathered together

So it was really lively ⋈♩


I wish that all of you
Could see it as soon as possible☻♡

I’ll update you later, okay ⋈



In my mind
I’ve really got this image that 【Furisode = Coming-of-age ceremony】

Today、 it struck me again
That I’ll be celebrating my coming-of-age!

As an adult
I’d like to learn more and more about

Etiquette in daily life

There are other photos
So I’ll put them up later, okay~♡♩

I’m truly happy
That I got to wear furisode。♡


Now、 we’re in the middle of a break in work


We did some writing
Sang for the musical

We’re making use of our free time ☻♩


Also、 I’ve been playing
A new app
With Kanazawa Tomoko-chan~⋈


I remember the app!

I played it ages ago
「Candy Crush」
We’ve started it again~♡

Now I’m at 153!

We’ll do it again when we have free time ♩



Yesterday、 at Oita’s airport
With Uemura Akari-chan

We bought
Yuzu shio souvenirs ♩♡

Since I forgot to bring them today
I’ll bring them tomorrow ✌︎♡



Well (・ω・)ノ Until next time ♡

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Good evening ヾ(*´•o•`*)ノ
This is Miyazaki Yuka

Today、the 1st of December
Is Miyamoto Karin-chan’s

16th birthday~♡♡♡


When I heard that
Karin-chan was 「How many years old!?」
I was surprised

She knows a lot about beauty products
And loves consumer electronics。


She’s always the idol Miyamoto Karin。♡


Of course I love
That Karin-chan too

But she suddenly
Gets high-spirited
With a constant smileーー!♡

When she doesn’t understand maths problems
She goes
It’s difficult ( ; ; )!

When it comes to things she likes
Her eyes light up
Like they’re going ‘This too!’…

I really like that Karin-chan
When she’s acting her age too!♡

I might be unreliable
But if you have any worries

Come and talk to me any time
Yuka will do her best too
To be of assistance with anything ☻♡

If Karin-chan
Who doesn’t like to be dependent on others’ kindness
Wants to be coddled

My arms are wide open
And always waiting。♡


Have a very happy birthday☻!


And for Karin-chan
On her birthday、 today

【Juice=Juice First Live Tour 2014 News=News ~Kakuchi yori Otodoke shimasu!~】

Was in Nagoya~♡

Thank you very much
To those who came ☻♩

「Karin! Karin!」
The encore went

The purple glowsticks were truly lovely

It even touched my heart
It was so emotionally moving。♡

With the love from so many people
Karin’s smile

Became even lovelier ♩

I hope that your 16th year
Will be a wonderful year too ♡♡




Released on the 1st day of every month

The monthly serialisation 「Nakayoshi」 by Kodansha
「Mezase! Class ☆ Star Keikaku!」

I、 Miyazaki Yuka and Kanazawa Tomoko-chan
Will be appearing in it。♡

If you go to the bookstore-san
Don’t forget to check it out♩

Which reminds me
I haven’t been to a bookstore-san lately。

When I go to a bookstore-san
I’m more fascinated by the picture books than the novels。


Well (・ω・)ノ Until next time ♡

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Good evening ヾ(*´•o•`*)ノ
This is Miyazaki Yuka

I woke up realーly early today
And we were in Okayama prefecture from the morning。♡

We had a live performance on radio
And interviews for magazines

I wonder if
Everyone from Okayama
Got to know us a little better ☻♩

I’d like it if we’d meet lots of people
And they’d become
Part of our family。♡

I found a tram midway through our journey!



There aren’t any trams
In Ishikawa prefecture

So for me
It’s not a vehicle I’m used to riding

When we went to Nagasaki prefecture
I only went on one once ♩

Seeing it continue to run along cars
It’s an odd sight that I won’t get used to。

It’d be kind of nice
If there were less vehicles on the road~♡

I want to ride one again ☻✌︎



We’ve got our live concert in the evening!

【Juice=Juice First Live Tour 2014 News=News Kakuchi yori Otodokeshimasu!~】

Is the title~♡☻♩

To everyone who’s coming
Thank you very much

A part of the setlist
Is changing from today…♡

Since it’s a long long tour
We’re gradually
Making changes to the setlist ♩

So that we’ll be able to sing
Each and every song respectfully

We’ll practise properly!

What songs will there be tomorrow、
Look forward to it~⋈♡



Our subleader
Kanazawa Tomoko-chan。

When she’s got spare time recently
She seriously

Tries to bring out a Kame Hame Ha。

She’s really serious。

As the leader, should I stop this…?

Or else
Might it be better to not stop it。


I guess I’ll keep watch over her for a bit more…




Well (・ω・)ノ Until next time ♡

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Good morning ヾ(*´•o•`*)ノ
This is Miyazaki Yuka

Yesterday in Yokohama Arena

「Morning Musume。’14 Concert Tour Autumn GIVE ME MORE LOVE ~Michishige Sayumi Sotsugyou Kinen Special~」

Made an appearance
As the opening act ☻♡

Getting to sing
As the opening act
For Michishige-san’s graduation concert

Made me really glad!

Yokohoma Arena
Is still too big for us

But we’ll do our best with everything we’ve got
With what’s in front of our eyes, for the time being

It would be great if our dreams came true


As the opening act

All of us had
On our left hands
The wristbands commemorating Michishige-san’s graduation ♡⋈

On the inside
There’s a message written by Michishige-san。

「Thank you for coming to see me。
For giving me lots of love、
Thank you so much。」

Michishige-san wanted
To convey those words to everyone

When we got
To observe the concert

I really felt it
Watching their performance!


She had a lovely smile on all the time
The way she behaved and the words that she said

Whatever it was
Michishige-san was really, truly lovely。♡

I never had
Much chances to interact with Michishige-san

Beyond Hello! Cons

But even in that brief period
I learnt about lots and lots
About Michishige-san’s loveliness!

No matter
When I greeted her
She’d definitely reply with a smile

She really keeps an eye
On the performances of her juniors…

That Michishige-san is loved
I really think that

It’s because

Michishige-san loves those around her
Even more。


What I can currently do
In my position as Juice=Juice leader

Is to look at the watch
And tell everyone when its time
To start doing stretches

Or things like checking the dressing room
When we’re leaving the room。


Looking at the other members
I can’t find
Anything that I excel in

But I believe in all of them
And when it comes to delivering my feelings
I want to become someone who won’t lose to anyone in that aspect。


Of course、
Since I’m in Juice=Juice
I’ve got to work harder and harder
For performances too。♡


The things I’ve learnt from Michishige-san
I’ll treasure them、 practise them

And I’d like to progress every day
From now on!

Congratulations on your graduation。♡⋈





Morning Musume。’14-san’s
9th leader is Fukumura Mizuki-san!

Congratulations ♡♡




Well (・ω・)ノ Until next time ♡

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Good evening ヾ(*´•o•`*)ノ
This is Miyazaki Yuka

Engeki Joshibu 「Musical
Koi suru Hello Kitty」

Has arrived at its 4th day~☻⋈!


To everyone who’s come
Thank you very much

Today is the first time we’re having three performances in a day!

At the end of the first performance

During the after-talk
We tried shuffling the roles
And acting them for a bit

At the end of the third performance
There was a high five event ♩

At the high five
I was、 for some reason

Wearing the promotional sweatshirt。

Below, I wore a skirt
That was the same as the girls’ uniform ♡

My outfits are the teacher’s
And the goddess’

I don’t wear a school uniform

But they had made and prepared one just in case
So I have a skirt ☻⋈


It’s kind of refreshing~♩

Still、 a uniform… It’d be all right, right♡? lol


That’s right!

At the 2nd performance
Morning Musume。’14′s new members

Makino Maria-chan and
Haga Akane-chan

Came to watch。♡



Everyone got
Different varieties of sweets

I got a sweet
Called 「Ichigo Tsubutsubu」

It seems that the two of them chose ones for each and every one of us
Based on what came to their minds ♩

This cute pair are soothing



The tangerines we got as a gift
Were left to cool in the fridge
And we ate them when we had a break in between ♡

When there’s tangerines
Winter! That’s the mood ✌︎♩

It makes me want a kotatsu in the room。


Well (・ω・)ノ Until next time ♡

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Good evening ヾ(*´•o•`*)ノ
This is Miyazaki Yuka

Today I’m Sakaki-sensei~。♡


At Akihabara’s Hello! Shop

We held a talk show
To commemorate the performance of 「Musical
Koi suru Hello Kitty」♡⋈


It’s really been aーges
Since I did an event at the Hello! Shop♩

When Juice=Juice was formed
And we released
Our indies singles

We got to do
A goods handover meet ☻♡

How nostalgic~♩

Thank you very much
To everyone who came today as well♡

The opening day is really soon。

I’ll properly put my thoughts in order
And let’s all build up
Something great!!

That’s right。

BS TBS-san has broadcast
A video of us practising

It’s been made public
On the Juice=Juice channel
On YouTube

Please watch it if you can ☻⋈



Ah、 please watch itー ♡


We got this as a gift
Taiyaki-san ☻!

There’s even the sheet-like part as well
So it could even cover my face ♩

(Jutting out though…♡ lol)

There were custard and adzuki flavours

So of course!

My favourite coarse anko

There’s a store somewhere in Kagawa prefecture
Where they have taiyaki with dumpling rice flour in it

I love that too ♩♡

I also like ice cream

But Japanese foods are number one
They go straight to your body。♡

Talking about food
I’m hungryーっ(u_u) lol


Ranking of foods I want to eat now。

1st place Mitarashi dango
2nd place Kabayaki-san Taro
3rd place Pineapple


When I’m hungry
If I get into the bath
I mysteriously forget about it ☻! lol

At times when it’s pointed out
That my face is puffy
I have to be careful



Recently I’ve been able
To come in contact with a piano every day
I’m glad~♡♡


Well (・ω・)ノ Until next time ♡

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