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Good eveningヾ(*´•o•`*)ノ
It’s Miyazaki Yuka.

we performed in the Berryz Koubou

Festival at the Ariake Coliseum.♡♡

We performed “Wonderful World”
from our upcoming single

“Wonderful World/Ça va? Ça va?”
to be released on 4/8!


Since the Berryz Koubou

Festival will be performed tomorrow

as well, I can’t talk too
much about it, so look

forward to tomorrow’s post.☻♡


So instead, today, I’d like
to show you all one of the

outfits from the upcoming single.♡♡


Here you go.♩



This is the outfit
from “Ça va? Ça va?”!

Can you recognize the person
looking down next to me??


It is…




Kanazawa Tomoko-chan.♡


I’ve taken Tomoko’s

lap all for myself.♡♡ hihi


We were both warming up by
the heater.☻✌︎♩ How lovey-dovey! lol

It’s kind of cool how people
tend to be attracted by warmth.♡

As I was sitting on her lap,

Tomoko decided to squeeze my
stomach with all her might.

She always squeezes me really hard,
to the point I have to let out an “Uh”,

but since I don’t want to show
defeat, I try my hardest to not

let it out, but I never succeed.


Tomorrow we have another performance at the
Berryz Koubou Festival in the Ariake Coliseum!!!

I’m going to practice
thoroughly and hope for

the best tomorrow!✌︎



For these two days,

every group except for
Berryz Koubou are put into

one big dressing room.

When we walked in, this was
written on the white board…(u_u)♡♡

(Dear Beloved Hello!Project Members, Let’s give it our best these 2 days!!! –Berryz Koubou)

We gotta go at full energy tomorrow too!

I have to learn as much as I
can from Berryz Koubou in this

little time we have left together.♡


Bye(・ω・)ノfor now♡
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Good eveningヾ(*´•o•`*)ノ
It’s Miyazaki Yuka.

Since the morning,
all 5 of us had a photo shoot.♡♡

The shoot was done outside at
various different locations.☻✌︎

It felt really great going into
a nice, warm room after

being out in the cold.(u_u)♡♡


Miyamoto Karin-chan and
I split a serving of yakisoba

between the two of us.♩

I wanted to eat yakisoba but
knew that I wouldn’t be able

to eat an entire serving.
Luckily, Karin-chan had

the same idea, so we split it.♩

I hadn’t eaten yakisoba in so long,

but it was just as delicious as ever.♡


I thought to myself,

“I love noodles!”,

but really,
I just love food.♡ lol



Since we still have some

free time, we started

talking about that dress that’s
the talk of the town lately!!!

Uemura Akari-chan was
the first to show us

all the picture, but it

seems its even being
featured on TV.


Even though the dress is actually black

and blue, depending on who’s looking
at it, it looks white and gold!

Within the group it split up like this!!!

Black and blue – Kanazawa Tomoko-chan and Uemura Akari-chan

White and gold – Takagi Sayuki-chan

Blue and gold – Miyamoto Karin-chan and I

It looks like Karin-chan
and I are a bit special… lol

It’s so weird!!!!


If you don’t know what I’m
talking about, it’ll probably
come up if you search for
“black and blue dress”!!

You’ll be surprised!



We’re still not done
for today, so I’ll

keep giving it my best.♡



I found this weird stamp.

Why is there a giraffe on his head??♡


Bye(・ω・)ノfor now♡
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Good eveningヾ(*´•o•`*)ノ
It’s Miyazaki Yuka.

I went to eat
bibimbap by
myself today.♡♡

I’d narrowed it down to
either curry or bibimbap

after thinking what I’d

eat today since the morning.(u_u)♡
Even with those two choices,

I struggled for a while before
eventually choosing the bibimbap.♔♩

The restaurant I went to today

had an all-you-can-eat appetizer

bar with 5 different choices.♡♡
I’m glad I was able to eat as much

as, and of any one, as I wanted!

Ususally when it comes
to appetizers, you can’t
eat all the ones on

the menu, but this way,
I was able to try
a little of everything!

Talk about luuuuuucky.♡✌︎


It was a good meal.♩


I posted in my family
LINE group about how
I went and my mom replies

“You sure have become independent!”✌︎♡

When I think about it,
the old me from when I

first arrived in Tokyo
couldn’t go eat alone.

But now, I have no trouble
eating by myself.♩

Even yakiniku is no issue.

When I get out of work
early, on my way home,

I’ll pop in real quick

then continue on home.


I should try a gyudon restaurant next
since I’ve never been to one alone.

The idea alone is exciting.(u_u)

Would that be the final step in becoming fully self-dining reliant??

No wait. Wouldn’t the final
step be solo-sushi?

Now I don’t know… lol


Now for an announcement♡

On 2/28 and 3/1 at the Berryz Koubou
Festival venue, the Ariake Colosseum,


on 3/3 at the last Berryz
Koubou concert venue, the
Nippon Budoukan,

Juice=Juice will be holding commemorative handshakes
for the upcoming release of our 6th single!


If you have the time,
please come on by.

We’ll be waiting.♔⋈


For more information, check these sites!



At one of the shootings we had a while
back, I did my hair into pigtails
for the first time in a long while.♡



The clothes in the picture are my personal

clothes, but the outfit used for the
shoot fit the pigtails really well!!

I want you all to see it soon.♡

Look forward to it.☻♩



Bye(・ω・)ノfor now♡
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Good morningヾ(*´•o•`*)ノ
It’s Miyazaki Yuka.


I can tell its almost spring
because all the snow in my

town melted yesterday.♡♡

I’m talking about Animal Crossing by the way.✌︎♩

A new cub named Tammy moved
in yesterday, the first new
villager since Cranston moved.

Since I have the Beautiful Ordinance
in place, flowers are

blooming all around town!

There are pink cosmos, orange
tulips, and other types.♩

You’d think I’d get tired of this game,
but it just doesn’t stop being fun.♡♡


Apart from that, we also had some magazine
interviews about our new single yesterday.♩♡

I’m so glad we were asked
to do so many interviews!☻

Of course we talked about the new

songs, but we also talked about
how Juice=Juice has been doing,

our goals for the future, etc.♔♩


In one of those interviews,
we even talked about our

recent rounds of hide and
go seek, as well as some

of our tips and tricks.♡

(Could you imagine if someone used them all…? lol)

I should prepare different
topics to talk about for the

next time we do an interview.


I’ll remind you all about them again when
the magazines get close to going on sale.☻♡♡




Apparently it’s going to cool
down all across the country
today with rain in some places.

I know there are a lot of

people who feel a bit of
depression when it rains,

but don’t let it get to

you and have a great day!♡♡



I wonder what I’ll eat today.

Just thinking about that
puts me in a happy mood.♔♩♡


Bye(・ω・)ノfor now♡
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Good eveningヾ(*´•o•`*)ノ
It’s Miyazaki Yuka.

Today, all 5 of us
members had a really
fun recording session.♩♡

I’ really bad at giving
hints when it comes to
quizes and what, so I

won’t say a single thing!

I won’t say anything because I

know the hint I’ll give will
give too much away and so I

won’t feel any sense of satisfaction
from making you think long and

hard for the right answer.(;_;)

So like I said,
I won’t say anything. It’s a secret.♡

You should look forward to it though.☻♩



during our free time today, we played
a game called “Nara Era!!!” where we

would change how we pronounce words to
sound like they’re from that time period.♩

I recorded some of it on my phone,
but we got too into it and we have

some really ugly expressions on at
some points, so I can’t post it!!!(;_;)


Just now that we may have laughed too much! lol

We had fun.♡



Here’s a picture of me and Miyamoto Karin-chan from when we
were sitting next to each other on the Bullet Train a while back.♩♡




The Starbucks cup was really cute
with the cherry blossoms on it.♔

Without even giving the new
flavors a shot, I went with
the same old caramel steamer.✌︎

It always warms up my heart.


Bye(・ω・)ノfor now♡
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Good eveningヾ(*´•o•`*)ノ
It’s Miyazaki Yuka.


Today I watched a Blu-ray called♡


“Frozen Planet”!!!


I watched a bit of it
about half a year ago,
but I didn’t have the

time to continue watching,

until today!



The polar caps really are beautiful!!
I want to go see them in person!!!


I felt this strange excitement throughout, probably

because of how beautiful each and every shot was.
I never knew excitement could arise from something like this!


I couldn’t sit still.
It was too exciting.

Even my chest tightened.


I couldn’t look away from the screen.



The cold waters of the North Pole circulate
the planet and become part of the ocean

currents and even affects the climate
of various parts around the world.


It’s the bearer of climate control!!♡


Beautiful imagery really
does put the heart as ease.


I really would like to see the polar
caps with my own eyes, in person.

I want to see an iceberg up close.

It truly is a marvel.


I mean, I get this emotional
just watching a video!

That’s how you know it’s wonderful.♡♡♡



When it comes down to it, you have to thank things like TVs
and stuff that we are even able to see these kinds of things.
Like the fights between polar bears,
and the dependency between wolves and dison.Only by putting all of these together,

even the nitty-gritty parts,
can you see the appeal of the polar caps.



Have I mentioned how I want to go?

Did you know that Antarctica is 37 times the size of Japan!?


All of that must be filled
with heaps of appeal.♩♡

It’s a 4 disc set but I was only
able to watch the first one today!


I’ll continue watching them, little by little.♩♡


But enough about me,
where do you want to go see??♡





A picture with Takagi Sayuki-chan.♩


I wonder why she crouched when I told her
I was only going to take a picture of our faces.♡ lol



Bye(・ω・)ノfor now♡
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Good eveningヾ(*´•o•`*)ノ
It’s Miyazaki Yuka.


Today we had individual handshake
events at the Higashi Betsuin Hall.♡♡


Thank you very much
to everyone that came!


For today’s hair style,
I curled it a bit and let it loose.☻♩




I prefer to loosely curl
my hair like this.♡




during the autograph session, I felt
like I was giving you all presents
as I wrote the phrases you had all

though up alongside your names


and handed them over. It felt like I
was writing letters to each and everyone
of you. It was really fun!♔♡


I know I said that talking during the handshakes
is really fun, but so is writing.





right now, my phone’s picture folder should
be renamed to “Takagi Sayuki-chan Pictures”.♡


Even though she was sitting right next to me


in the dressing room, without me knowing,
she took pictures of herself every time she

changed between her regular
clothes and the single outfits


so now it’s just overflowing with Sayuki!! lol

There are some rather unflattering
pictures mixed in there,
so I put a stamp over them.(u_u)♡


Sayuki acted a lot more freely
today than she usually does.

She had me laughing all day.♡


She’d purposely do her bangs up
in weird ways and mess around.

I couldn’t stop laughing, even more so when I turned
to look at her and she had a huge grin on her face. lol



Even now, she’s sitting next
to me on the Bullet Train ride

back home,
watching me write this.♔


She has a message for you all:






The tea I had today was really good.



Bye(・ω・)ノfor now♡
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Good eveningヾ(*´•o•`*)ノ
It’s Miyazaki Yuka.


Today we had individual
handshake events at
Osaka’s ATC O’s.♡♡

Thank you very much
to everyone that came.


Even though I’m not normally the type
to fall asleep on the Bullet Train,

last night, for some reason,



I didn’t feel tired after thinking
about how I had to wake up early today,

so I ended up not getting much sleep,
which led to me falling into a deep sleep
almost immediately after getting on the train!!


That’s probably why I was so energetic
all day today during the cheki shots,


autograph sessions, and handshakes!


I like talking to people so
getting to talk with all of
you was really fun.♩

Tomorrow we’ll be at the Higashi Betsuin Hall in Nagoya.♡

Everybody attending tomorrow,
make sure not to oversleep, okay?♩
I’ll be waiting.✌︎♡




Oh, right!

Today’s dressing room was really big.
It even had a Japanese style room in the back.♩


During our free time,
we decided to play around a bit

and did some yubi suma and

impersonations in the Japanese style room.♡



Uemura Akari-chan is really good at
yubi suma and was the first to win!


It was a sight to behold☻!!



Some of the impersonations were so spot on,
you’d think they’d actually
became the artist themselves.

It was a riot!♡♡


For whatever reason,
everyone was about twice as
hyper today as they normally are.

We laughed quite a bit today.♩

It was really fun!!




Here’s a picture of a stuffed
Olaf and Kuu-chan.♡♡

They’re both in the same pose.

How cuuuuuute!!!




Bye(・ω・)ノfor now♡
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Good eveningヾ(*´•o•`*)ノ
It’s Miyazaki Yuka.


Today, I went to rehearsals for the
2/28 and 3/1 Berryz Koubou Festival

to be performed at the
Ariake Coliseum.☻♡

Juice=Juice will also be performing a bit!

It’s completely different from our
usual performances at live houses,

so I have to stay calm and
keep the set list straight in my head!

I’ll try my best to keep it all under control
in order to get you all properly hyped for
Berryz Koubou’s performance.♔

Today, I also order a lot of clothes online.♡

Usually when I order clothes online,
I sit there for a while, pondering
whether or not I should buy it since

I can’t hold the clothes in my hand and see how it feels,
but not this time!

This time I ordered the clothes without a doubt in my mind
because I ordered clothes I decided not to buy the last time I went shopping.

At that time, I got a good feel of the clothes.

I guess I really wanted them back then after all.

I wonder when they’ll arrive?

I can’t wait!♡

After writing the last bit,

I decided to play Animal Crossing on my
3DS for a bit and what do I find?

My favorite villager moved awaaaaaay.(;_;)

Recently, there have been a couple of things
I had to practice and some paperwork to do,

so I didn’t have much time to play,
but for this to happen in only a few days…

I’m so saaaaaad.(;_;)

He was one of the villagers who was there from the very beginning,
Cranston the Ostrich.

No sugar.
No milk.
That’s how Cranston liked his coffee.

If only I could have played Animal Crossing
even once more before he moved away.(;_;)

Despite how saddening it is,
he sent me a picture of himself,

so I decided to frame and display it in my room.


I’ll never forget you,

I never want to think about you
Juice=Juice family members ever leaving so,

I have to put a lot of effort into
never letting our charm fade, don’t I?♔✌︎♡


I bought the bread

I plan to eat tomorrow on the
Bullet Train earlier today on my way home
from rehearsals at a nearby bakery.♡

I can’t help but want to eat it now,
but I’ll persevere and save it for tomorrow.

I can’t wait!♔

Bye(・ω・)ノfor now.♡
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Good evening ヾ(*´•o•`*)ノ
This is Miyazaki Yuka

Today I had
Dance lessons~♡♡

I danced tons!

I woke up early today
So there’s this strange feeling
That it’s somehow been a long day ☻♡

There’s the same number of hours in a day
But it feels


This was started by
Yajima Maimi-san from ℃-ute

The HinaFes Relay Blog…

And yesterday Morning Musume。’15’s
Ikuta Erina-san

Passed the baton to
Miyamoto Karin-chan!

But、 Karin-chan
Is currently recovering from the flu

So to make up for her
I’ll be taking up the baton
As leader

Well then
The theme for this relay blog is
「Is It Just Me…?」
That’s it…

When I record serial dramas
I definitely won’t erase the last episode
And leave it there!

I don’t really
Re-watch it afterwards

But somehow I hold on to it。♡

After that, when I’m organising
I look at the titles

And it feels kind of nostalgic
It feels like
I’m looking through a photo album ☻♡

And、 talking about things related to recordings

For things like variety programmes
I often watch the recordings
At 2 times the speed!

I love TV
So I’d like to watch a lot

But since I honestly don’t have much time…

I watch at 2 times the speed♩♡

I enjoy it even at 2 times the speed!!

It’s my unusual
Fast-forward time。♡

Thinking about it
There are others~☻♩


Next the relay will go around to
Morning Musume。’15’s
Fukumura Mizuki-san ♡♡

We’ve exchanged contact addresses recently
And at Hello! Cons
We talk a lot ♔♡

The flow of the atmosphere
When I’m chatting with Fukumura-san

Is really pleasant ♡


At the HinaFes
Fukumura-san sings solo!

What sort of song will be picked out ♩

I’m looking forward to it~♡♡

I’ll be singing
As part of a trio too

I’ll do my best
To make it enjoyable ✌︎♡

To those who wish to procure HinaFes tickets、
Please see the following ♩

<Reservation Period>:~15 Feb (Sun) 11:59 p.m.
・e+ advance reservations:
・Pia advance reservations:
・Lawson ticket advance reservations:



My pet dog Kuuchan ♡♡



It seemed that Kuuchan entered my sister’s bed
And fell asleep。♡

How cute (;_;)♡


Well (・ω・)ノ Until next time ♡
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