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Good eveningヾ(*´•o•`*)ノ
It’s Miyazaki Yuka.

We had another round of
energetic rehearsals today.♡♡

Today we went through a nice,
big chunk of the set list.♬♡☝︎

I need to pay special attention to the
second half of the set list when I practice.


our dance instructor told us that

we all had the same exact quirk
in our step when we move around.

I didn’t know what the instructor was
talking about until they pointed it out!!

Where did we pick that up from…?

Since we don’t have rehearsals this weekend,
I’m going to organize everything in my head and

perfect all moves by the next rehearsal session!
That’s my goal!!!

I got this.✌︎♡



That’s a photo from yesterday
when we were live on

“Drinking at Home with Nishikawa Takanori!!”.♡

There was a segment of the show where we each
revealed a bit about ourselves others might not

know in which I said I was a bit of a germaphobe.

Rather than a germaphobe,
I’d say I just really strong and weird hang ups.✌︎♡ lol

It’s only a couple of things!

Like chair and pens.

I don’t carry hand sanitizer with me and
constantly clean my hands or anything,

so it’s not really that I just like things to be clean either.

I just have strong hang ups
with certain things. lol

You’d probably just laugh at me if you knew the other things.


Some of them are pretty vague too.
There are just too many to list out. ✌︎ lol


Sayuki was her same old Sayuki self
in the dressing room yesterday.♡

She was really funny and unrestricted,
like a baby.

We had some of Sayuki’s favorite amazake on the show,

but we were all so shocked at
how watered down it was…♡ lol


We also had some of
Japan’s best pickled plums.

They were super delicious!!

They were so soft,
and despite being sour,
they also had mellow sweetness to them.

They were so delicious,

I thought my cheeks were just going
to melt and fall on the floor.♡♡


It doesn’t matter where I am,
what I’m doing, what time it is;
delicious food will always make me happy.♡♡



Lately I’ve added facial steaming
to my daily morning routine.☻♡

I got the steamer as a present
for my birthday from our manager.♩

Both warm and cold steam comes
out in timed intervals.

It’s supposed to have
healing properties.♡♬



Bye(・ω・)ノfor now♡
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Good eveningヾ(*´•o•`*)ノ
It’s Miyazaki Yuka.

We had rehearsals
for our hall concerts
again today.♬♡

I danced a loooot today!

Since I had actually practiced a bit
at home before going to rehearsals,

I felt really light and loosened
up during the real practice.♡

Speaking of light and loose,

I love the sneakers I
use for rehearsals.☻♩✌︎

I feel really good when
I wear things I like,

and since I also liked the
top I wore for rehearsals,
today was a doubly good day.♡

I find it important
to wear what I like

when I like.♬♡




After rehearsals,

even though I fixed
my makeup and ate,

I was overcome
with sleepiness!!!

It’s too way too early
to be sleepy.♬

Some of you make asking yourself why.


The reason is, later at 22:00,
I will be live on Niconico’s
“Drinking at Home with Nishikawa Takanori!!”.♡☝︎

If any of you reading this are tired,

if you have a carbonated drink at hand,
drink it and you’ll perk right up!♩

I’m busy a lot, going up, down,
and all over the place,

so I always have a carbonated drink at the

ready in case I suddenly get sleepy.✌︎♡ lol


With that said, make sure to tune in to the stream.♩



Earlier today,
Kanazawa Tomoko-chan’s and my
Suica charge were the exact same!!

I was blown away!!!


Bye(・ω・)ノfor now♡
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Good eveningヾ(*´•o•`*)ノ
It’s Miyazaki Yuka.



That’s a picture from today
during an interview session.♡☻

We were all singing
“The Frogs’ Song”

in a round while holding hands.♡

I looked it up just to be
correct for the blog,

but apparently it’s actually called
The Frogs’ Chorus”.♡☝︎

I always thought it was “The Frogs’ Song”!


The more you know.♡

(Don’t you feel nostalgic
when you here
“the more you know”? I do.)


After that,
we had rehearsals for our hall concerts!!


I have to make sure to keep
going over what we learned today

and commit it to muscle memory!!


I’m nervous all of a sudden…

Well, all I can do about it is give it my best!✌︎✌︎

We have rehearsals again tomorrow,
so I need to properly go over everything we’ve done so far!!☻♡


Also tomorrow, at 22:00,

Kanazawa Tomoko-chan,
Takagi Sayuki-chan,
and I, Miyazaki Yuka,

we be appearing live
on Niconico’s

“Drinking at Home with Nishikawa Takanori!!”!

This will be Sayuki’s first late
night job since turning 18.♡

Make sure to get home early tomorrow,
take a bath,
and watch it.♬




That’s a picture I took of the
Ishikawa skies last month.♡

Beautiful blue skies are really calming, aren’t they?♬

I think nature in general calms me down more than anything else.



Bye(・ω・)ノfor now♡
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Good eveningヾ(*´•o•`*)ノ
It’s Miyazaki Yuka.


Today, April 21st,

is Takagi Sayuki-chan’s



Happy birthday Sayuki.♔♡♩

Sayuki emotes her
feelings very well,

so I can always tell when
she’s in a good mood.

(I can also tell when she’s in a bad mood
and that can cause some issues… lol)

I like that she’s always true to herself
and doesn’t try to delude herself.♡

And then you can’t forget to
mention her powerful singing
voice when you talk about Sayuki!

I really do respect how serious
she is about her singing.

Sayuki’s resolve in her singing makes
me want to try harder myself!☝︎


Sayuki will probably get
mad at me for saying this,

but above all else,
I love her baby-like features,
like her smooth, white cheeks.♡♡

I like how when she smiles,
they just puff up.

You can read whatever mood
she’s in from off her cheeks!♩


I like Sayuki’s more
grown-up aspects too,

but I’d also like to see her
continue being her normal,
honest, true to all self.♡

Make it a great 18th year, okay Sayuki?☻♡♩


I wasn’t able to go to

Sayuki’s birthday event
because of work.(;;)

it’ll be released on DVD,
so I’ll make sure to watch it!!♡



On the subject of birthdays, yesterday,
April 20th, was my dad’s birthday.♬

I could always tell that
my dad really cared and
thought about us a lot!

He would take us on
all kinds of trips.

At the time,

I thought it was normal
to go on so many trips,
but looking back on it now,

it must have been quite a hassle
taking such picky kids all over the place.

I don’t usually say it because
it’s so embarrassing,
but I’m really grateful to him!


Birthdays sure aren’t nice, aren’t they?♡



The final part of the

“Let’s Meet at Kanazawa Station” segment
that Miyamoto Karin-chan and I filmed for

when we went to Kanazawa aired
earlier today on Kanazawa TV’s

“Your Neighborhood Tele Kin-chan”!!

Our recording was split
into 8 whole segments…♡

It made me beyond happy.♡♡

I was so honored to appear on the
“Tele Kin-chan” of my dreams.

I was also reeealy happy
that my grandparents
watched and liked it.☻♡♡

I’ll try my best to be able to appear
on “Tele Kin-chan” again someday!

Thank you so very much,
Kanazawa TV!♡

I looove Ishikawa Prefecture!!!♡


Bye(・ω・)ノfor now♡
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Good eveningヾ(*´•o•`*)ノ
It’s Miyazaki Yuka.


We started the
rehearsals for our solo

hall concerts today.♡♡


I turned into a human waterfall
with how much sweat today!



We’ve already done the
fittings for the outfits.

All of the outfits are really cute.

It makes me super happy!!!

Look forward to them.♩♡



I’ve been having all kinds of dreams!☻


The latest one I can remember

is one where there was some mandarin
flavored Morning Musume ’15

ice cream in the freezer back home.

I assumed my mom
had bought it for me,

so I ate it.


I went to the store to return the milk
ice cream I had bought earlier…


I’m pretty sure there was more to it,
but I can’t remember!


Dreams can be really weird,
can’t they?


And then there are those scary
dreams you had as a kid that
you still vividly remember!

Dreams are so strange!!!


I once heard that,

while you may think you saw
a stranger in your dream,

you’ve actually seen them before in real life.

you might have passed by them on the street before.♡

That’s strange alright.☻♩




I still remember how delicious
the salted rumen I had at the
yakiniku restaurant was.

I want to go with
everyone again…♡


Bye(・ω・)ノfor now♡
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Good eveningヾ(*´•o•`*)ノ
It’s Miyazaki Yuka.

Here’s a picture of us before going up on stage.♡♡



You can’t really tell
from the picture,
but Miyamoto Karin-chan is
giving me a nice tight hug.♡♡


Today we were in Saga for the

“Juice=Juice First Live Tour 2015 News=News~Broadcasting from Across the Nation!~”.☻♡♩

Thank you to
everyone who came.

Takagi Sayuki-chan’s
birthday is coming up,

so without her knowing,

we arranged a surprise
for her!♔♡

According to
Uemura Akari-chan,

the happy birthday song is the
most sung song in the world.

When you think about it,
everyday is somebody’s birthday.♩♡

I’m glad we were all
able to sing it to

Sayuki and that she
enjoyed it.☻♡


And then here’s us
after the concert,

all hyped up…



I don’t know why we lifted
Kanazawa Tomoko-chan up.☝︎♡

I don’t even know who started it…

It’s not like anybody even
brought the idea up either.

Before we knew it, Tomoko was just in our arms!


And she wasn’t even the
birthday girl either! lol

as long as we’re having fun and laughing,
it’s fine.


I guess that’s just “a normal life, a normal happiness”!✌︎♡


Before leaving,

I was looking at the souvenirs and saw
that they were selling all kinds of nori.♡

I love nori!

I bought some salted nori.♩♡

It was different from flavored nori
in that it had actual salt on it.

I also ate a Milcook*
ice cream bar.☝︎

It was really crunchy
and delicious.♡♩

I wish I could buy them in Tokyo.



Thank you to everyone

who gave me advice
on how to learn more
about Ishikawa Prefecture.♡

I’m gonna learn everything about it.☻♩♔


Bye(・ω・)ノfor now♡


*A type of ice cream bar exclusive to the Kyuushuu region.
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Good eveningヾ(*´•o•`*)ノ
It’s Miyazaki Yuka.

Today we were in Miyazaki for the

“Juice=Juice First Live Tour 2015 News=News~Broadcasting from Across the Nation!~”.♡♡♡

Thank you to
everyone who came.

It was Miyazaki Yuka’s first time in Miyazaki Prefecture!!♔♡

I didn’t know Miyazaki Prefecture
was so tropical!

When I exited the airport,
it was so warm,

the sun was shining bright,

and there were a ton of
prefectural “Phoenix” trees!

There was even
a fresh juice stand
inside the airport.

There was no way I couldn’t get super
excited from the second we arrived.☻♡♡

Our performance was just
about as hot and invigorating

as the Miyazaki sunshine.

Everyone’s hand waving
during “Wonderful World”
was perfect.♡✌︎

There are only 2 performances
left in this tour now!

This tour of ours
that started last June

is coming to a close!

We will focus all of our
efforts until the end.♡♡



Today I downloaded an
English vocabulary app and

played around with it during transit.♡

I had forgotten so much more
than I thought I had. (;_;)OMG!

There were a lot of times where I was like,
“Oh yeah, of course. Duh.”

Studying for the first time in
a while really made me feel like
I was actually using my brain!!⋈♡

Knowing English is really important,

so I should continue using
this app from now on.♩


On the subject of learning,
lately I’ve wanted to learn more about Ishikawa Prefecture!!

Like stuff about local traditional crafts,
or the culture and famous locations.♩

I love Ishikawa Prefecture,
so I should know more about it.☝︎♡

Do they sell books about that?

I don’t know how I
should go about this!

“Wouldja mind elpin’
me a spell with this?”*

That’s how I would ask in the Kanazawa dialect.✌︎

Could you understand
that simple example?♩


Anyways, I’ll go check out a bookstore.



Today is Saturday!
You know what that means…

Later tonight at 1:30,

will be on air on Radio Nippon.♡

I’ll remind you all again
through Twitter later.♬

Make sure to tune in, ok?


Bye(・ω・)ノfor now♡


*The original text here was”なんかいいアドバイスあったらぁ教えて欲しいげんけどいいけー?(nanka ii adobaisu attaraa oshiete hoshii genkedo iikee?” which would equate to “なんかいいアドバイスあったらぁ教えて欲しいんだけどいいかー?(nanka ii adobaisu attaraa oshiete hoshii ndakedo iikaa?) in standard Japanese. “げんけど” or “んだけど” are used to introduce topics, usually when asking for something, like favors. A direct equivalent in English would be something like “Um” or “Excuse me”. “け” or “か” are question markers, equivalent to question marks in English. I feel that Japanese dialects and English accents are very different, but do have some overlapping concepts, like regional exclusive words. (But don’t take my word for it, I’m no linguist.) What I feel sets apart dialects from accents is the frequency with which it has different ways of conjugating words etc. Therefore, the translation into whatever that accent I may have created there might not be exactly what Japanese people see/feel when they read/hear a different dialect, but I gave it my best shot.
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Good eveningヾ(*´•o•`*)ノ
It’s Miyazaki Yuka.

A picture of me before the first bite
into an ice cream bar after a bath.♩



It was reeealy good.♡♡

It was a new kind they were selling at the convenience store!
It felt like I was biting into a frozen kiwi.♡

I also like the mango flavored
bar in this same series.♩♔

It feels great eating ice cream
after going through the monotony of

getting out of the bath,
putting on and taking off a face mask,
putting on lotion,
and drying your hair.

That’s when ice cream tastes the best.♡


I bet that’s what people feel when they get out
of work after a long day and have a drink.♩



Before all of that however,

all of us members had
a recording session.☻♡

After that recording,
we had two whole hours

off before our next job,
so we went to karaoke.♡♔



It was the first time
we all went together.♩

We’ve all had free time between jobs before,

but they were always at different
times for different lengths,
so we could never get together…☝︎♬

It was a lot of fun!!

Everyone is so
good at singing.

Before this,

I had only gone to karaoke with Uemura Akari-chan a handful of times,
so seeing what everyone else likes to sing,

even from just the opening of the songs,
it was nothing but shock and awe!!!! lol

Everyone was so amazing.♡♡♡

Lately all of us have
been extra talkative.♩

While we were on the way to our next job,
we all studied some English together.

I feel like I got
just a tiny bit smarter
during that ride.♡♡

I should study some more English from now on.



We had our
yakiniku today…♡


Bye(・ω・)ノfor now♡
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Good eveningヾ(*´•o•`*)ノ
It’s Miyazaki Yuka.


all of us members had a dance
lesson taught by Mitsubachi Maki.♡♡

I always learn a ton when
she’s the one teaching us!

Today’s main lesson was about

how to properly use our bodies.

I’ll make sure to put what I learned today to good use!


It was a fun day today,
getting a nice work out in.☻♡



before going to the live broadcast
for bayfm’s “ON8+1″ yesterday,


Kanazawa Tomoko-chan and I had a
recording for “We are Juice=Juice”,

which airs every Tuesday from 22:30 to 22:47!♡♡



Before the recording,

the bayfm staff had
prepared fruit for us

as congratulatory treat.♔♡♡



Mine was the strawberry dish and
Tomoko’s was the watermelon dish.♩

I could really feel the love
by how they knew and prepared

our favorite fruits for us.♡♡


It makes me want to get
better at having more and more
interesting conversations!

the free talks that get uploaded online
have been getting quite long,

so it might be a good idea
to check those out too.♡♔♩



when I eat something I’ve been wanting to eat,
I eat too much of it.(;_;)

Even as I write this, I have popcorn in hand…

This is no good!!!

I’ll try and be more careful from now on.

I’ll save the rest for
tomorrow morning!


Bye(・ω・)ノfor now♡
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Good eveningヾ(*´•o•`*)ノ
It’s Miyazaki Yuka.

I took this picture
yesterday when we

all met up at work.♡♡



I took a picture of each one of
us sounding out “thank you”.☝︎♩♡

I feel pretty good about
how well it came out.♡♡

My favorite of the bunch is the
Takagi Sayuki-chan one in the lower right!

I like how it’s overflowing
with Sayuki’s cuteness.♬♡

I’m sure everyone probably likes
another one of them more though.

Which one is it??♩

It’s fun to take a lot of pictures
and make them into a single image.♡


even the company

staff threw us a



I was so happy that
they had such a big

cake prepared for us.♡♡

They even had,
not a champagne tower,

but a juice tower!♔♩♡



Apple mango juice to be exact.♡

It was really delicious.♡♡

I’d never received such a
grandiose celebration before,

so I was really happy but

I was also really tense!!!


It made me super happy
to receive so many congratulatory
comments from you all.

Thank you.♡

I even got a message from
C-ute’s Yajima Maimi-san!!


While we received
such amazing results,

part of it was definitely
luck on our side,

so we still have
a ton to improve on.

I talked with the other members
about that yesterday.(u_u)♡

Our perfect form is yet upon us!

There are still so many
goals for us to achieve

in order to continue evolving,
the next one being a successful

performance at our solo hall concerts in May!♔


We can’t just rush to meet these goals.
We have to move carefully.

We hope for your continued support.☻♡


Bye(・ω・)ノfor now♡
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