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Good evening ヾ(*´•o•`*)ノ
This is Miyazaki Yuka

Today at Kanazawa Tomoko’s hometown!
We had a concert

【Juice=Juice LIVE MISSION 220 ~Code2→NEXT to YOU~】

At Saitama New Urban Center ❄️♡♩

To everyone who came
Thank you very much!!

Today I performed
While seated on a chair。

That happened。

I fell due to my own carelessness
And sprained my leg。

I truly apologise、
For causing worry and concern。

There must have been people
Who found it difficult to see me due to the position of the chair、

And yet, not a single one of those people
Showed me a look of displeasure at the handshakes after the concert ended
They were concerned

And a lot of people
Told me to take care

I was reminded again
Of everyone’s warmth。

Thank you so very much。

Now I’ll do as much as I can to not move
And properly cool it so that it gets better soon。

The members had to change
Their positioning as well

While everyone was having a tough time
With the consecutive days of release events

They helped me out a lot。

Thank you (;_;)。

I’m glad to be in Juice=Juice。
I love Juice=Juice。


And、 we had something to announce
At today’s concert…

Juice=Juice’s 3rd
Hall concert tour
Has been set~~!!!

And including the three largest cities
It’s a full-blown hall tour

Which goes to all of the members’ hometowns。

We ourselves found out about it today as well
So we announced it
Without being able to contain our surprise…

I’m really really happy!!

The detailed schedule is as follows!

◾︎ 16 Apr (Sat) Chibaken Bunka Kaikan Hall

◾︎ 23 Apr (Sat) NHK Osaka Hall

◾︎ 3 May (Tues) 4 May (Wed) Nakano Sunplaza

◾︎ 14 May (Sat) Misato City Culture Hall

◾︎ 4 Jun (Sat) NTK Hall
Forest Hall

◾︎ 5 Jun (Sun) Kanazawa Bunka Hall


What do you know、 we’ll be wrapping up at Ishikawa prefecture!!!
My hometown

I’ve always been saying
That I wanted to have a hall concert in Ishikawa prefecture
Looks like it’s finally come true。

One of my dreams will be coming true。

Please come to see us

The fan club applications
Have already started!!

Let’s have fun together
At the hall concerts




The announcement corner
Has changed a little

It’s become a bit of
A Budokan announcement corner

But it’s an announcement corner
For Juice=Juice as a whole




◾︎Juice=Juice Official Homepage

◼︎Juice=Juice’s Twitter

◼︎ Event information

Tomorrow、 before the concert
We’ll have a handshake event!
Even if you don’t have performance tickets
You can join in, so please do ❄️♡

◾︎ Appearance information
Tomorrow! 9 Feb (Tues)「UTB+」
We’ll be on
The front and the back cover!!!!
We all look adorable

◼︎ Budokan Official Home Page

◼︎ Drama 「Budokan」 Document ~Idol Tanjou kara Sotsugyou made~

◼︎ Neku! Sute Official Page

◼︎NEXT YOU Official Twitter


Well (・ω・)ノ Until next time ♡
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Good evening ヾ(*´•o•`*)ノ
This is Miyazaki Yuka

Today、 the 3rd of February
Is the anniversary of Juice=Juice’s formation ♡♩

It’s our third anniversary~♡

It’s been a whole 3 years
Since our formation was announced at Fukuoka prefecture。 The time passed in the blink of an eye。

To everyone who has always been watching us for 3 years
Even those who have watched us for 1 year or even a month
Even 1 day。

You’re all part of
The Juice=Juice family

Precious family members for us, Juice=Juice。

Your presence
Is Juice=Juice’s driving force。

We’ve still got many more dreams for the future
That we’d like to realise

So we still
Beg for your kindness for the future ♡♩


I wonder how our 4th year
Will be like…


And today, the day of our formation

Is the release day

For our 7th new single 「Next is you!/Karada dake ga Otona ni nattan janai」ー!!!

For this single

There’s one song
That we perform as NEXT YOU
The idol group that we play in the drama 「Budokan」

And one song that we perform as Juice=Juice

And so
It’s a release in a new form

It’s the theme song for Budokan!!

The drama will go on air
From Saturday this week

It would be great
If lots and lots more people
Would come to know of this song


At today’s release event
Kawasaki CLUB TITTA’ was packed full of people ♡

It made me really really really happy。


Actually, when our 5th single 「Senobi」
Was released

We held a release event
At the same place

At the time
There really was a huge space left at the back。

That honestly got all of us down

We also worried
About how we should proceed

But today, as we start to head towards our 4 year
A lot of people
Were brimming with smiles。

We’ll be able to see
Such wonderful sights
If we continue to work hard!

That’s what I feel。


Thank you
So so very much
For always cheering us on。

From now on too
We’ll push ourselves to do our best with what’s in front of our eyes!♡

I hope we don’t
Cut short our good start




Have you eaten ehomaki??(*^^*)

I’ll be eating mine after this

Ah! After this
I’ll be appearing on a live radio broadcast with Kanazawa Tomoko-chan!

「The Nutty Radio Show Onitama」

◾︎12:00 midnight~1:00 a.m.
Nippon Housou 「Mucomi+Plus」

Please listen to them


Well then (・ω・)ノ Until next time ♡
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Good morning ヾ(*´•o•`*)ノ
This is Miyazaki Yuka

My brother sent me a photo~

From Shibuya’s scramble crossing!!



Do you know what it is?? Can you see it??
Is there anyone who’s seen it?♡

At the moment、 a huge Juice=Juice billboard
Has been set up
At Shibuya~~♡


With the billboard set up like that

Despite being busy
My brother expressly made time to take a photo

He sent it
To the whole family

He’s really nice, isn’t he~♡
Thank you for everything ✌︎


And there’s also another one at
The Harajuku station entryway to Omotesando
So please look for it if you can

It would make me happy
If you took photos
And spread it to your friends。♡

I beg for your kindness!!


And today
We had a photo shoot from the morning

I’ll mention it again in the future~

Right! Gonna be doing my best



Having prepped up and put on my shoes
When I had put away my key to the entryway

I suddenly felt
That I wasn’t wearing the right clothes for the day

A story about changing clothes that you often hear about。


Well (・ω・)ノ Until next time ♡
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Everyone、 good evening!

As was just announced
Juice=Juice Kanazawa Tomoko
Has been diagnosed with 「endometriosis」。

I’m sure that there are many of you
Who were surprised by this。

I’m sure that there are people
Who feel uneasy about it as well。


When I first heard of it

I was honestly extremely concerned
And I felt anxiety
Over what would happen to our activities beyond this

But for the time being
I’d now like to move ahead with eyes only set forward。

So that all of you will enjoy yourselves
And so that Tomoko won’t get worried

What I can do now、
Even beyond words

Is to perform
With all my life
And with all of my might。


There are five people in Juice=Juice。

The five of us
Will cooperate and do our best!


As for Tomoko、 and Juice=Juice

I’d be happy if the Juice=Juice family
Would all give your support。


On the 3 of February this year
Juice=Juice will enter our 4th year since our formation。

In this 4th year
We’ll definitely be delivering appropriate activities to you。

We’ll change a crisis into an opportunity。

I hope that when we look back on this time several years in the future
It’ll be thought of an important period
Where all of us united even further。


Juice=Juice begs for your kindness
From now on as well!


Leader Miyazaki Yuka
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Good evening ヾ(*´•o•`*)ノ
I’m Miyazaki Yuka

I’ve been promoting at Hiroshima from the morning
With Miyamoto Karin-chan

Doing things like live television broadcasts
Radio shows, and so on

We got to make
Lots of appearances~~♡

We had a talk event
At the underground plaza at Hiroshima station’s south entrance

To everyone who came to meet us
In the midst of the cold
Thank you very much~

The warm eyes of everyone from Hiroshima
Warmed my heart ♡

People who were passing by
Came to shake hands with us as well

There were people for whom
This was their first handshake with Juice=Juice!

It makes me happy
That we get to give birth to new encounters every day





What do you think this is??

This is a Hiroshima speciality。

Do you know what it is~~??

The correct answer is…

That’s right、 momiji manju!!

And when deep-fried, it’s 「Age momiji manju」

We got it as a gift
And before we knew it

Both Karin and I had eaten four per person… lol

It was warm and delicious~♩

The number of things I enjoy eating at Hiroshima
Has gone up by one ♡

That’s right!

For lunch
We ate at

Okonomimura’s Atom-san
Which we’d been to thanks to a DVD magazine~~♡

The lady there
Had previously gone to watch
Juice=Juice’s concert♩

She said that she’d watch our drama as well
Which made me indescribably happy

The Hiroshima lady ♡






Electric blankets are terrifying。
They really hit you with waves of sleepiness。

How dangerous。


Well then (・ω・)ノ Until next time ♡



◼︎ Budokan official home page

◼︎ Drama 「Budokan」 Document ~Idol Tanjo kara Sotsugyou made~

◼︎ Neku! Sute official page

◼︎ NEXT YOU official Twitter

◼︎ Event information

Before our concert that starts at 5:00 p.m. tomorrow
At Nagoya E.L.L
There’ll be a NEXT YOU handshake event!!

◼︎Juice=Juice’s Twitter
We’re enhancing our follower growth weekly!!
The goal is 55,555 people!!

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Good evening ヾ(*´•o•`*)ノ
This is Miyazaki Yuka


Today, starting in the morning
I was doing promotions with Uemura Akari-chan

We went to Nagoya, then to Gifu
Then we returned once again to Nagoya~

We had live TV recordings
And live radio recordings
At various places

We participated in 9 programmes
So please listen to them
If you’re in the broadcast areas (*^^*)

Please see our official homepage
For details ♩

And after that
We had a talk & handshake event at HMV Sakae ♡

I’m glad that you came to see us
In the middle of your busy weekday ♩

Thank you very much!!

I was with Uemura Akari-chan
So I was relaxed
And could have normal conversations in the dressing room

We talked about all sorts of things
It was fun~(*^^*)

We talked about what we liked about the drama
And behind-the-scenes stories!!!

Just talking about the drama
Had me upbeat and excited lol


And、 here’s an announcement about the drama!

Every other week from today
A documentary about the drama will start
On CS Fuji TV Two

It’ll be at late night 1:00 a.m.~1:30 a.m.!

How will it turn out like?
I can’t wait ♡

It’s a sudden announcement
So it would make me happy
If you could also spread it to your friends!!!

I hope that lots of people
Will watch it…



I took this on the morning Shinkansen
While I was still sleepy。



I took it in order to make a Twitter update
But I was so sleepy
That I fell asleep

So I’ll put it up now lol

By the way, I’m really sleepy right now
And I fell asleep without realising it
As I was writing up my blog post

It seems that I slept
For about 15 minutes

But my eyes are already wide open!!

That feeling of sleeping soundly for a short while
And having that sleepiness of disappear in one stroke、

Is something I really enjoy。

Well then (・ω・)ノ Until next time ♡
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Good evening ヾ(*´•o•`*)ノ
This is Miyazaki Yuka


In regards to the exciting on-location shoot that I wrote about
In my blog post this morning…

I was producing
Outfits for a studio performance

For TV Tokyo「The Girls Live」
Weekly on Fridays 1:00 a.m.~1:30 a.m.♡

It’s fun to pick out clothes for people~♩



Thinking about how to coordinate them
Making customisations

I really
Love that ♡

The place where we had the on-location shoot
Was Ginza’s GU-san ♩

They’re stylish
And take into account the latest trends
Yet their prices are extremely reasonable!!!

After the on-location shoot ended

Since I had about 10 minutes of free time
In that period of time

「Excuse me~。 Do you mind
If I do some shopping??」
I asked the members of staff。(lol)

So I just went shopping
As though it was nothing out of the ordinary

It was a short time
But I managed to get 4 articles of clothing
So I’m fully satisfied!!

There are lots of simple things
So they’re easy to match

I’m really excited
Wondering how I’ll match them up from now on ♡

It’s like
A Christmas present
To myself~♩ Hehe


Here’s an announcement ♡♡

After this!

Late night at 2
Radio Nippon

Semi-regular Miyazaki、
Talked a lot

We also did
Tomoko please、 Yukanya please~♡

Look forward to it! Listen to it, okay



Today we’ll be celebrating Christmas
With a full moon
After 38 years♡

It’s kind of wonderful ♩


Well then (・ω・)ノ Until next time♡
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Good evening ヾ(*´•o•`*)ノ
This is Miyazaki Yuka

Today we had a 5-person recording
For bayfm「We are Juice=Juice」
Which airs weekly on Thursdays from 10:30 p.m. ~ 10:47 p.m. ♡

Look forward to the chit-chat
Between 5 of us~。(lol)

We also made an appearance

When I’m Tsurui Rurika-chan

Perhaps because I have to keep in-character
As Rurika-chan…

Thinking of how to talk
Becomes difficultーーーっ

But I love
So I’m glad I get to play her role ♡

Tsururin Tsururin~。


After the recording
We had Hello! Con rehearsals!!

We also had
A fitting
For our Hello! Con outfits

I really like how they look~♡

I’ve got to do my best
So that I’ll have confidence
Standing on-stage wearing those outfits ♩

Now、 I’m on the train on my way home

And there’s a baby stroller right in front of my eyes
There’s a little boy in it…♡

He’s holding
A shining stick?

But he’s so cute that I keep glancing at him without thinking。

Since I kept glancing
Our eyes often met

But he gave me a smile~♡

What’s up with thisー! He’s so cute!
What an angel!!! It soothed my heart。


And the heating at my feet, underneath the chair
Was warm as well~。


Here’s an announcement ♡

Juice=Juice FC Event 2015 MeriKuri×Juice×Box

Differ Ariake performance

General tickets
Have also started to go on sale ♡

And at the live viewing

There be blooper reels、 making-of videos、
A documentary video
There’ll be all sorts of things!!!

I’m scared of the blooper reelー!!(lol)

How will it turn out
We’re looking forward to it too

See here for ticketing details (*^^*)



Before the Hello! Con rehearsals
We had bentos for dinner

Yajima Maimi-san
Wada Ayaka-san
Miyamoto Karin-chan
And myself、 Miyazaki Yuka~

We talked about the drama
It was fun and delicious ♡


Well (・ω・)ノ Until next time ♡
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Good evening ヾ(*´•o•`*)ノ
This is Miyazaki Yuka

I had to wake up early today
For a UTB+ photo shoot~

It’s been a while since I’ve worked with UTB+
So I was glad♡

The outfits were really cute too
Look forward to when it goes on sale (*^^*)

It was cold early in the morning
So I warmed myself up
At the electric stove。



I was really really thankful
Towards the stove

The time I spent blanked out while I warmed myself
Was meaningless, but I enjoyed it~


All of us were dressed in white outfits
That were really cute

Look forward to when it goes on saleーっ♡♩


And after that
We had dance lessons

Then we all went to
Morning Musume。-san’s Budokan performance

For Sayashi Riho=san

Today was the last day
That she’d stand on the stage of the Budokan。

Powerful yet flexible dancing
Always fascinates me。

I also really love
The grinning Sayashi-san
Who was backstage。♡

It was particularly emotional
When the four members of the 9th generation

We’ll be standing together
With Sayashi-san at the end
The Countdown Live

I’d like to enjoy it together
With everyone who’s coming!


Here’s an announcement (*^^*)

23 Dec (Wed・Holiday)
We’ll be holding a fan-club-member-only event
At Differ Ariake

「Juice=Juice FC Event 2015 MeriKuri × Juice×Box」

And what do you know!

There’ll also be
A live viewing
At Hong Kong and Taiwan!! ♡

It’s even going overseas!!

It’s a one-night-only special performance
Let’s enjoy
Christmas together~(*^^*)

・ For those who are too distant to get to the venue on that day

・ For those who aren’t in the fan club

This is your chance!!

To those who aren’t sure
Which live viewing venue to go to


Go to United Cinema Kanazawa ✨(lol)

Details are here♩



Yesterday’s picture was of course
Uemura Akari-chan。

I wouldn’t sit on someone’s lap
Without any restraint like that

Only Aarii。



Well then (・ω・)ノ Until next time♡
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I was surprised by the sudden news of Sakurai Takamasa-san’s demise。


We, Juice=Juice
Have often been under his care
Through his radio shows and interviews。

For Juice=Juice’s first overseas performances
He had a schedule conflict
So he told us
That he unfortunately couldn’t make it

But since we definitely want to
Hold performances overseas again、

「Please make sure to come
When that happens!」

Even though he replied
「Of course!」

We had to part
Without that coming true。

It truly is deplorable
And it truly is sad。

He’d tell a lot about
Hello! Project to those overseas

He’d see us from
All sorts of angles
Write about us、 talk about us。

Sakurai-san with his wonderful smile。

I believe that he’ll continue
To always watch over us。


I would like to offer my deepest sympathies。



Miyazaki Yuka
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