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Good evening ヾ(*´•o•`*)ノ
This is Miyazaki Yuka

Today we had our own concert

【Juice=Juice LIVE MISSION 220
~Code1→Begin to Run~】

In Shizuoka prefecture~♡

Thank you very much
To everyone who came!

It’s our first time in Kyushu
Since LIVE MISSION 220 started♩

It made me glad
That there were a lot of people
Who said it was their first time to our concert ♡

Today, after a long while
I had my hair up in twintails (*^^*)


Recently、 I’ve often been doing a single tail

I’d hate it
If everyone grew tired of it… lol

With my twintails
Takagi Sayuki-chan went

「Ah~! That’s Sayuki’s
Favourite hairstyle~」

It made me happy
To be praised that way (*^^*)♡ Hehe


Let’s try out all sorts of hairstylesー ♩



All of us
Went to a motsunabe store ♡

All of Juice=Juice
Love motsunabe!!!

After the concert
All of us had empty stomachs。

The food
All disappeared quickly lol

It was a contest!!!!

Well then (・ω・)ノ Until next time ♡
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Good evening ヾ(*´•o•`*)ノ
This is Miyazaki Yuka

Continuing on from yesterday
Today we had Hello! Cons
At Nakano Sunplaza~♡♩

Hello!Project 2015 SUMMER

We had 3 performances today ♡♡

We put our spirit into it
And did our best~♩♡

Thank you very much
To everyone who came


The time we had to assemble today

Was early
So my father sent me by car

In the car
I ate bread for breakfast~。 lol

I was really sleepy。
But my tummy was empty。

That I ate bread properly while half-asleep
It even surprises myself


Also (*^^*)

Today’s the 9th of August!
It can be read 8(Ha)9(Gu)
So it seems that it’s hug (Hagu) day~♡

In the morning、 I saw that article
On the Web news

Amongst the members

We talked about
「It seems that today’s hug day~」。

And then after all the performances had ended
In order to prepare for going back

We all returned to the dressing room

And for some reason
Kanazawa Tomoko-chan was standing in front of the door



And because it was Hug day
「If I don’t get hugs
I’m not moving from here」

And so, as today was Hug day
I hugged Tomoko!

We immediately started
That sort of odd play? lol

It was amusing (*^^*)♡





The place where I got bit by a mosquito
Has already gotten better~♡


Well (・ω・)ノ Until next time ♡
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Good evening ヾ(*´•o•`*)ノ
This is Miyazaki Yuka

I made gyoza today ♡♡


If you’re wondering why gyoza all of a sudden…

I watched a recording

Of 「Hajimete no Otsukai」 – My first chore
The TV broadcast was the other day
So I watched it in the morning

And one of the chores
Was making

Watching that
Suddenly made me want to make gyoza lol


Since I had time today
I made some~♡♡


They’re well burnt!! lol

Maybe there was too much water?

Even though I had such confidence
Looking at them before they were cooked!!


But, but!

They were completely delicious♡


Can you see it from the picture??
Actually, there’s perilla in there!!

I found some perilla at the supermarket

I thought it would taste good if I put it in~
So I tried including it

I split the gyoza ingredients into half
And put perilla into one half

It was really delicious~♩

I recommend it!!!

It was fun to make them。♡
What should I make next~♡




I spent the whole day relaxing!

I’ve saved up a lot of energy。

I’ll be doing my best at work againーーーっ♡

Well (・ω・)ノ Until next time ♡
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Good eveningヾ(*´•o•`*)ノ
It’s Miyazaki Yuka.


After a magazine interview today,
we had rehearsals for

“Juice=Juice LIVE MISSION 220
~Code1→Begin to Run~”1f4301f495

Today we focused mainly on the songs.

There’s a certain part of
a song that I have to
put more energy into.

Is energy the right word?

Maybe, concentrate more?1f6131f495

If I don’t,
the coolness of the song will be lost…

I’ll practice a year’s worth of
it right now to get it right!1f60a

And not just today, but tomorrow, and the day after, every day.♩

I have to be able to go out on stage
with confidence in myself.1f4aa1f493



I just took this picture.1fcamera1f495


Can you tell I cut my hair??1fhaircut1fmusicnote

I got out of work in
the afternoon today,

so I decided to take an
early bath today.1fvictory1fheart

The earlier you take a bath,

the longer you’ll feel relaxed
throughout the night.

Lately I’ve been sleeping
really late at night but

waking up at the same time
as usual so my skin hasn’t

been looking very good.1f62d1f62d

It doesn’t matter what
beauty product you use,

if you don’t get a
good night’s sleep,

you won’t see any results,
so I’m thinking I’ll

go to sleep early today!

I’m a morning person,
so whatever I have to get done,

I’ll just do it tomorrow morning.1f634♡♡

I’m pretty sure a lot of you reading are
really busy too with a ton of things to do,
but if you’re a morning person,

it might be a good idea to
get to bed early every now
and then too.1f495

It might be a good idea to not ever do it
today and try your best tomorrow.1f60a



If you feel tired when you wake up in the mornings,
I recommend you do some simple leg lifting exercises.
That always wakes me up.1f60a♬♡ lol

Good night1fsleep1f495


Bye(・ω・)ノfor now♡
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Good eveningヾ(*´•o•`*)ノ
It’s Miyazaki Yuka.

Today the 5 us of had
a vocal lesson.1f4301f495

According to the instructor, Sugai,
I should go for a violin-like
vocalization style!!

Not like a guitar, like a violin.

Apparently there a lot of people who do
better with a guitar-like vocalization style,
but I fall under violin style.

I’m pretty sure there are a lot

of you reading this, thinking,

“Violin style?1fviolin
What is that?”1f613

It means that when I
go to sing high notes,
I should pull my voice
out in front of me!

When I tried it out the way
Sugai taught me how,

it made singing super easier!!1f60a1fsparkle

This is all pretty hard
to explain with words,

but singing like this is
easier and sounds better.

I always learn so much when
Sugai is our instructor.1f338


With our new tour right around the corner,
I can’t get lazy.1f60a


After the lesson,
I went to the hair salon and
got some maintenance done.1fhaircut1f484

My bangs had gotten a bit long so
I got them cut as well as balancing

out my entire hair length.1fsparkle1f495

I didn’t take any pictures of
myself today after I cut my hair,

so you’ll have to wait until tomorrow to see it.(*^^*)1f338

Just now,

as I wrote “tomorrow” the next word prediction brought up

Heisei 27, June 18th
Thursday, June 18th
June 18, 2015

There’s a lot more ways to write the date than I thought.1fdizzy1f495

I never knew my phone could do that!
How convenient.1fcherry

Did you know that on iPhones,
if you accidently erase something,

you can shake the phone
and undo your mistake?

There are so many convenient
functions on this thing.♬1f495

I was so surprised when I found out about it.1f388



On my way home from the hair salon,
I found a takoyaki
chain restaurant.(*^^*)

Apparently their newest
menu item was a taiyaki

made using croissant dough
filled with ice cream

and red bean paste.

It sounded so yummy I had to buy one.1f495

I happen to love taiyaki, red bean paste,
and ice cream so having all three together
in one just made it that much more yummy.1f4301f493


Bye(・ω・)ノfor now♡
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Good eveningヾ(*´•o•`*)ノ
It’s Miyazaki Yuka.

we had rehearsals for

“Juice=Juice LIVE MISSION 220
~Code1→Begin to Run~”1f60a1f495

Today we went through
the entire set list,

including MCs, twice.1f338

The staff gave us all
kinds of advice in order

to make this tour as
amazing as possible.1f4aa1fsparkle

Even between us members,
we talked about where we can
improve or change something.

And we don’t just throw out ideas,
we actually try them out.(*^^*)

So far, it’s looking really good.1f338

This may be my job but it’s
a tooon of fun too!1f60a1f495

There’s only a couple of days left until the tour starts.1f64c1fheart

I can’t waaaaaait!!



Last night,
the muscle pain was so unbearable,
I put on 8 compressors.

Those compressors can get pretty cold.1f62d lol

But when I woke up this morning,
my body felt great.♬1f495

I’m pretty sure your mentality
comes into play a lot too but

compressors work great.(*^^*)


Another way I’ve been
relieving pain lately

is by taking a bath with a bit
more water than usual.1fonsen

It’s so warm and relaxing.☺♩



All of the spring dramas
are drawing close to
their final episodes.1f6231fdisappointed72x72x1f614-twitter.png.pagespeed.ic.O8LQO4G2_z

It’s unfortunate that they’re ending,
but I’m curious to see what’s coming up next season.

I can’t wait.1f4951f495


Bye(・ω・)ノfor now♡
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Good eveningヾ(*´•o•`*)ノ
It’s Miyazaki Yuka.

we had rehearsals for

“Juice=Juice LIVE MISSION 220
~Code1→Begin to Run~”1fdancer

After we said “good morning”
to each other today,
the first thing we started

talking about was how

much our bodies hurt!! lol1f622

We’re pretty used to it by
now because we’re constantly

dancing but the dances to the

album songs are using muscles
we didn’t even know we had.

Our bodies are hurting in all
kinds of places right now!! lol

Regardless of how much it hurts,
we go all out every time!1f60a1f495

We went through entire sets of songs today,

so we danced a lot.♬

We also saw our new outfits
for the first time today.

They’re so pretty.1f4951f495

But I can’t show them to you yet.1fsmirk1fpoint

Don’t just look forward to the new songs and dances!
Look forward to the new outfits too.1f4aa1f4781fheart


After rehearsals,

I was craving meat so I went to
eat yakiniku by myself…1fmeat♡♩

I had my favorites:
salted rumen and salted tongue.1f495

I like them so much that I think
I’d be able to continue living

happily no matter what issue I may
run into as long as I ate some.1fok1fbeating

Why is salted rumen so
gosh darned delicious?

It’s a mystery.

Its deliciousness is
truly a mystery.

It’s probably my favorite
food right now.1f60a


I also really like blueberry
vinegar mixed with carbonated
water right now.1fwine1fsparkle

Drinking blueberry vinegar
feels so healthy.♩

Drinking vinegars in
general makes me feel
really refreshed.1f495


I regained a lot of energy

with everything I ate,

so I think I’ll practice some more when I get home!
And then even more tomorrow.1f5251fmicro



Did you all see it yet?1fcamera

Our profile pictures
on the Hello! Project

site have been

They’re the outfits
from our new album.1fheart♡♡

They’re all check patterned
with small differences on
each members’ outfit.1fdress


I like the frills that run
from my shoulders down to
my waist on my outfit.1f338

Check them out from here:

If you click on an
individual member’s page,
you’ll see their
solo shots.1fcherry




I bought my 3rd bottle
of sunscreen today.1f4301f493

I was serious when I said I wasn’t
going to get sunburned this year.1f60a

Bye(・ω・)ノfor now♡
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Good eveningヾ(*´•o•`*)ノ
It’s Miyazaki Yuka.

we had rehearsals for

“Juice=Juice LIVE MISSION 220
~Code1→Begin to Run~”(*^^*)1f495

Today we practiced some
of the new dances.1flightbulb

I want to tell you
all more about it,
but I can’t!!1f60e1f495

Just look forward to them!

More like I want you to come and see them.

That’s all I really want.1f60a1f495

All of us put in a lot of effort today,

sweating a lot,
using up a lot of our energy.
It sounds rough,

but it was actually a toooooon of fun.1fheart

Fun fun fun1f60a1f495

Do you remember how I said
my neck was hurting yesterday?

Well, it’s gotten better.1f4aa1f4781fsparkle

I’ll make sure to put a compressor on before going to sleep tonight.1f6341f495



Also, an announcement was made today!1ffactory

One of Hello! Project’s newest groups,
Kobushi Factory,


will be making their major
debut this fall.1fheart1fheart

Congratulations to
all the members.1f338

I bet they were all super happy when they found out.

I still remember how happy the five us of were
when we found out we were going to debut.1f60a

Working towards the
same goal as one is

a wonderful thing.1fhourglass1f495


Just like we are right now!

We have to keep working hard to
reach the Nippon Budoukan.1f4aa1f495



It’s that time of year again
where it’s hard for me to stay

in the bath for too long.1f62e

I just start sweating like crazy.




Did you know elephants don’t have sweat glands?
Lucky them.1felephant

Bye(・ω・)ノfor now♡
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Good eveningヾ(*´•o•`*)ノ
It’s Miyazaki Yuka.


Do you remember that question
I made yesterday about why
I added sunglasses to the picture?1f60e1f495


A lot of you got the answer right!!

Since C-ute was on “Music Station”
for the first time in 7 years,

I added sunglasses to look like the host,


I thought like only two people 1fsmirk1f495
would get that answer right.

I thought it was a
really hard question.

Way to prove me wrong!!1f62e

Your deductive skills
are amazing.1fmagnifying1fglasses1fshoe1fnewspaper1flightbulb


something went wrong yesterday.

I don’t know why,
probably some kind of corruption,
but on yesterday’s blog only the 1fheart and 1fsparkle

emoticons came out in the actual post.1f62d

What happened?


It was suppose to look like this.


Was it me or
was it the app??

Hopefully they all
come out today.1fbowing1fapplause1f495


And then in the comments yesterday,

people were wishing me a happy anniversary
because 2 years ago yesterday, June 13th,

was the day I, Miyazaki Yuka,
was chosen as the leader of Juice=Juice

and Kanazawa Tomoko-chan


2 whole years!!

Time sure does fly.1fhourglass1fsparkle

At first,
I was so uneasy because
I had no idea what a leader

was suppose to do or what
I even wanted to do.

Luckily I was surrounded by
wonderful people willing to help me.1f495

Those people were the other members
who were just as uneasy as I was

and all you fans who cheered
us on and pushed us forward!

I am who I am now
because I was given

the role of leader.(*^^*)

While I still have a lot to
learn and growing to do,

I’ll keep trying my best as
the leader of this group.

So, all of you reading this!
Keep pushing me forward.1f60a1f495

I’m counting on you.1f338


Now for an announcement.♡♡

Saturday nights are
“Hello! SATOYAMA&SATOUMI Club” nights.1f3a31fsparkle

It starts in a couple of hours! At 25:30.1f4301f495

Every broadcast is chock-full
of Satoyama goodness.1f60a

So let’s learn about Satoyama
and Satoumi together.(*^^*)1fvictory


I woke up this morning
with a pain in my neck…

At first I thought I’d just slept
wrong but then I remembered it

was from one of moves I was practicing
yesterday during rehearsals.1f622

If I do the dance for that song I was practicing,
I can pinpoint the pain!

And I could have gone over that song one more time with the instructor,
but I didn’t.1f4aa

Even though it hurts,
because of that pain,
I can focus more on the song and practice and

remember the correct moves better now.1f495

There’s always a silver lining.1f60a


Bye(・ω・)ノfor now♡
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Good eveningヾ(*´•o•`*)ノ
It’s Miyazaki Yuka.

Today was our first
day of rehearsals for

“Juice=Juice LIVE MISSION 220
~Code1→Begin to Run~”

With new album songs
come new dance moves,

so I have to make sure to
practice even at home.1fsparkle

I feel like I remembered things
much better today than usual!!!


But I still have a ways to go!1fheart


I can’t wait for the tour to start!!
Just wait a little longer, okay?♩

We’re going to be going
all across the country,

so if we stop by close to your home,
please come on by.1fsparkle


After the dance lesson,
the five of us went out for dinner.♩

We had big portion dishes
like curry udon and poki don.

Normally we wouldn’t eat so much,
but we had to recover our energy.

But we do need to be careful to
not mix carbs with carbs.(*^^*)

We even had dessert.♩


After recovering our energy,


we had a vocal lesson with Sugai.

We went over some parts I
was having issues with and now
I feel much better about them!

Now I just need to practice, practice, practice!!!♬

I will rid myself of all issues!!

The other four learned a lot
from today’s vocal lesson too.

We all have a long ways to go.1fheart



Now for an announcement.♡

I, Miyazaki Yuka,

will be appearing as a guest later
tonight at 2:00 on the radio show

Kanazawa Tomoko-chan
is an assistant on,

Radio Nippon’s “BAKUNAI”.

Since it’s Power-Up Week,

you have a chance to
win an amazing prize!1fsparkle

Make sure to tune in.





I was bored a couple of days ago
and tested a lot of camera filters.

Can you guess why I added the
sunglasses in the lower left picture? lol


Bye(・ω・)ノfor now♡
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