Miyazaki Yuka


Good Eveningヾ(*´•o•`*)ノ
This is Miyazaki Yukaっ

Today、at LaLa Port Kashiwanoha

Was Black Butterfly/Kaze ni Fukarete’s
Release Commemoration Event~。♡

All of you that were able to come for it
Thank you very muchっ

It was great at first because of the
Hot summer~。
But later on

It was icy cold weather~。

In the end
The rain was pouring down a lot。

Everyone that got wet in the rain
Are you alright~??( ; ; )

When you get wet by the rain
How do you warm yourself up
Now、I am checking that out!

When you get wet by the rain

It seems that most of the time
You think that your
Body becomes cold!!

Since the heater can only
Heat up the surface of the body

Just like spicy soup
Where in the middle it is still hot☻

I hope that no one is catching a coldっ。

When your physical condition is bad there’s
Nothing much that can be done~。(T . T)

Today、fav fav fav fav
My favoーーーーーrite

Mitarashi dango was part of the refreshments
That we received♡♡♡


It seemed that
Takagi Sayuki-chan and
Miyamoto Karin-chan’s

Stomach was full to the brim

I was left alone to eat up
The remaining~。♡

I was happy that I got to eat about 3 of them!

Full of power☻


Someday I wonder if I’ll be able
To teleport somewhere…??

I like a such a feeling to be able
To appear as Doraemon。

Well(・ω・)ノUntil next time♡

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Good Eveningヾ(*´•o•`*)ノ
This is Miyazaki Yukaっ

Today since morning we had
Hello concert rehearsals~。♡

We sang and danced to all the songsっ

During our free time
I rehearsed and did my best with
The members that are in the same shuffle song as me。☻

I will continue doing my beーst!

Oh yes、and during lunch
I realised that all the members
Of Juice=Juice ate together~。

When a member of Juice=Juice
Has something she likes to eat
From any of our bentos

Then we just give it to that her。♡

Kanazawa Tomoko-chan
Raises up the crunchy plum
Since she loves crunchy plums

Miyamoto Karin-chan
Raises up the rolled egg
Since she loves rolled eggs…♩

Because I love Konyaku
That’s why I received some from the members。♡
[t/n: konyaku (こんにゃく) is solidified jelly made from rhizome of devil's tongue or also known as konjac]

It has always been
Like thatっ

Makes me happy
To get something I like makes me happy

Lots of good things!

Today we ate a delicious meal tooっ☻

And I was just thinking that
Juice=Juice should
Go for a picnic together~♡

Eating bentos and playing badminton
Under the blue skyっ!

It will be lots of fun。

One day we will goーっ♩



A few days ago、Uemura Akari-chan
Took close range photos of

Takagi Sayuki-chan!

The two of them have nice smiles~☻

Well(・ω・)ノUntil next time♡

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Good Eveningヾ(*´•o•`*)ノ
This is Miyazaki Yukaっ

Today、I got to watch alot
Of video recordings which have piled up~。♡


[t/n: Roosevelt Game is a short story TV show that is broadcasted on TBS TV Japan]

At first the content was hard to understand
But I thought that

As I watched it more
It started to gradually become more。☻


There was a lot of excitement since
Both baseball and enterprise business was combined together 。

At first I had the impression that
it was a 「barren zone」
But as it gradually continued
I really liked such a feeling~。♡♡

Kagawa Teruyuki-san’s expression
At the end was amazing!!!

After watching it I replayed it again at slower speed
And used a mirror to

Imitate the expressionっ。

I laughed at my own face which I made!!Lol

I thought it was really interesting
For my face to have such an expression~っ

I want to be able to express fluency or strength through

My expressions
My glances

Live music broadcastingsっ

Because I was not able to take a photo today
This picture is from yesterday with no make up。


I don’t know whether or not you know I
Don’t have any make up on
As I was under the sun~??

I thought about that even if
I look a little immature without make upっ。

Oh right。I have a happy notice for all of you♡

TV Asahi “First”×Roppongi Hills will hold their “First”
Big event!

『TV Asahi・Roppongi Hills Natsu Matsuri SUMMER STATION』
~their first time ever。The new Roppongi Summer Festival。~

Anyway it has been decided that
Juice=Juice will be performing
On 7/22っ!!

Please click here for more informationっ


I am already looking forward to itっ!
Please try to make time for it and make arrangementsっ♩

Today、I ate boiled dumplings (gyoza)~♡

The first time when the dumplings were boiling
I thought that the inside
Was still uncooked

So I boiled it
For a longer time

But the skin of the dumpling
Started to break( ; ; )

But the second time was perfect!


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Good Eveningヾ(*´•o•`*)ノ
This is Miyazaki Yukaっ

Today after Hello Concert

Everyone of Juice=Juice
Had a radio recording~。♡

The studio we used
Was different from usualっ

At this studio there was a vending machine which…


It had the words 「Produced by YUKA」on it!!

I unintentionally thought that it resembles

「Produced by Tsunku♂」
So I took a picture of it~。♡♡

Because it was rehearsals
My face had no make up on it~(u_u)

But my hair was able
To cover it up。✌︎Lol

Oh yes and!

Today’s recording
Is a surpriseっ

bayfm「We are Juice=Juice」
Please enjoy the broadcast☻

As work had ended early today
Kanazawa Tomok-chan and
Uemura Akari-chan and I

Went to have dinner together~っ

We were happily
Heading towards a shop
That sold good grilled meat (yakiniku)。

And then something unexpected happened。

The shop had closed(T_T)how could that happenーーーっ!

So we went to a
Family restaurant insteadっ✌︎

Anyway I
Ate spaghetti~♩

The name was too
Long for me to rememberっ

But it was delicious⋈


For today’s coordinate it was completely white。♡
My number one favorite are clothes that are white!

Pherhaps putting on an accessory
With color that matches the clothes
Is one of my standard routines these days☻

Well(・ω・)ノUntil next time♡

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Cod fish

Good Eveningヾ(*´•o•`*)ノ
This is Miyazaki Yukaっ

This morning、as there was time

I went to yesterday’s super market and bought
Ice cream and cod fish

To eat it grilled
With butter and soya sauce~。♡

Out of all fish cod fish is my number one favorite。

But when grilling it
It gets destroyed(T_T)

The cod fish crumbles。

I think it wants to have revenge。

Oh right!!

I was able to find ice~。♡


Ice no mi「pear flavored」!!!
The first time I saw it~♡♡♡

[t/n: ice no mi (アイスの実) is an ice ball snack by glico japan]

Somehow while it was at the entrance of my mouth I felt excited。

When I was taking this photo

I was worried it would melt

I just wanted to quickly eat eat it up!

Because I was so tempted
I wonder if my temptation is gone~。

Japanese school。

Well(・ω・)ノUntil next time♡

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Good Eveningヾ(*´•o•`*)ノ
This is Miyazaki Yukaっ

Today when voice training had ended
Uemura Akari-chan and I

Went to have a meal together~。♡

At a certain shop that
Kanazawa Tomoko-chan and I went previously!

We talked aーlot
It was enjoyable
And it was deーlicious♡

I guess that when you eat delicious food
It just makes you feel happy too~☻

Oh yes。

Today we also went to the super market

PARM and they had
Caramel Macchiato~!!

Recently I have not been able to see
It and I was so happy when it was available again
So I bought a whole lot of it~♩

(Several boxes are a secret。Lol)

I love PARM’s
Caramel Macchiatoっ

Since it easily runs out
I have to plan when I will drink it~。♡

Today、I saw 【Juice=Juice

The feeling of light and airy is the most enjoyableっ


This was taken during the recording!

My bangs are poofed~♩

The thing thing that is attached on my head is not
A ribbon hair clipっ

It was a ordinary wrapping ribbon that
The make up person put on for me~♡

Well(・ω・)ノUntil next time♡

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Good Eveningヾ(*´•o•`*)ノ
This is Miyazaki Yukaっ

Happy and glad♡♡♡

Nevertheless today too was
Hello concert rehearsal…

Surprisingly surprisingly。

I received a
Birthday present from
℃-ute’s Yajima Maimi-san~( ; ; )♡♡

I was thinking of opening it slowly at home
Now、I am hesitating to take a peek at it

I am pacing about

And so Uemura Akari-chan said
「Show it to me!」

In the end、I opened it
When I was in the dressing room☻!


Aーriーtook a photo
Of me opening it upっ!

It was a very very nice wrist watch。

I will value it with great care!

It seems as if she’s been making preparations
Since a long time ago

I was not able to readily meet youっ

On the way back on the train
I would keep on checking whether it was
Properly inside the paper bagっ!Lol

And for no reason
I felt uneasy

Each time

I took a look in the paper bag
I felt really happy。♡

Although my head is suddenly
Thinking about the rehearsals a lot

A lot of things about the dance

Today、I do not feel tired at all!

That must be because
I am filled with a lot of joy now~。♡


The answer regarding what Takagi
Sayuki-chan was doing proudly
Without any reason is…

To do with the handbag of Kanazawa Tomoko-chanっ!

When touching Tomoko’s bag
There was a rumbling rustling sound coming from it。

It seems that she dabbled and put
Something into Tomoko’s bag

She even attempted to put Tomoko’s DVD
Into the refrigerator

What a brat she isっ♡Lol

I have seen all of
The comments by all of you and

Kanazawa Tomoko-chan’s personal belongings
With that said

I have a lot of potato chipsっ

Anyway saying in a soft voice
I ate that too
For lunchーっ。Lol

Well(・ω・)ノUntil next time♡

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Good Eveningヾ(*´•o•`*)ノ
This is Miyazaki Yukaっ


There was Hello! Project Concert

Members who ended early
Returned home once it was over

While those members who were not yet finished
Ate bento (rice box) for

At first Morning Musume。’14 ‘s
Kudo Haruka-san

S/mileage’s Wada Ayaka-san
Nakanishi Kana-chan
Tamura Meimi-san

I、Miyazaki Yuka
Went ahead and ate first

When it was nearer the middle
Everyーone joined in to eat~♩

It was lively and enjoyable~♡♡

I apologise for being slow
And thus ending late today( ; ; )

Ah!And lastly!

The other day there was time
Before the live started

Takagi Sayuki-chan did
Something proudly

For some reason。

So what do you think she didーっ!


Hint is Kanazawa Tomoko’s private effects。♡

Well(・ω・)ノUntil next time♡


*The title is ben(弁) from the word bento (弁当ーjapanese boxed lunch)

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Good Eveningヾ(*´•o•`*)ノ
This is Miyazaki Yukaっ

I got my hair cut today~。♡

Length of my hair did
Not change muchっ

Sーuch a feeling like this!


About this time last year
My hair had grown suーper long

This is a photo taken long ago in my iPhone
About a year ago from my blog
When I just joined

Photos from long ago
Which I found。♩


It has been a long time but I still remember

What was even longer
Was that I forgot about myselfーっ!

I wonder if I’ll like the current length I haveっ☻

Which do you like better…?♡

Oh yes yes yes。

Yesterday、I wrote comments
For the other members

I just felt like I wanted to write them…

Jyan。Takagi Sayuki!!


It be good if you sent it to the person herself!
I was being told~♩

As for Tomoko

Yesterday’s sketch of Tomoko and
This drawing of Sayuki

I sent both of them out
And received complimentsっ♡♡

For Miyamoto Karin-chan and
Uemura Akari-chan too

I attempted to draw them but
It was completely diーーーfferent from how they looked like

I’ll store it away(T_T)

And so Miyazaki’s solo exhibition will be closing!

Thank you very much!!!

Well(・ω・)ノUntil next time♡

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Good Eveningヾ(*´•o•`*)ノ
This is Miyazaki Yukaっ

I was surprised。

About yesterday’s sketch、I started thinking
Deeply about it。

Firstly the top of the world is grey

Which are birds!!

I was trying to describe the sky
Wiith words

But in the end it seemed like it was redundant。Lol

Yesterday I drew really quicklyっ

(That’s not an excuse still!!Lol)

It was really like that!I’m not bad at drawing
I’ll show you proof。


What do you think~??♩
I also drew the background~っ

Next is、Kumakichi!!

(t/n: Kumakichi is a bear character by Toyota Motor Sports)


Yeah、aren’t I good at this。♡

And lastly!!!!


Do you know who this is??♡

Yes!It is sub leader
Kanazawa Tomoko-san!!!

This is my work that I am confident in。


I’m actually really good at drawing aren’t I

I drew the sketches today、
Over a period of time
And somehow I kept redrawing them

Those that have read till now
It’s a secret。♡Hohoho

It was reallyーーfun~♩

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