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Good eveningヾ(*´•o•`*)ノ
It’s Miyazaki Yuka.

Today was the first
day of the two day

“Hello! Project Hina Fes 2015
~Full Bloom! The Girls’ Festival~”

at the Pacifico Yokohama!!!♡

Thank you to
everyone who came.


Today was ANGERME
and Juice=Juice’s

main performance.

Before it started, all the members did some last minute checks,
got hyped, and went out and gave it their all.
How’d it look?

Of course I was nervous,

but I also had a
tooon of fun!!!


This time around,
the performances will be broadcasted live on SKY PerfecTV!

I’m really happy about it because the people who
were unable to attend will be able to watch it on TV,

as well as people who
hadn’t intended to come!!

I still have a lot to learn from
my seniors about performing

while being conscious of the camera.☻♡



And then at the

“Play. Live. Grow. Let’s go to
event in Exhibition Hall D,


I took part in a
lot of projects!!


During some free time
before going up on stage,

I talked a lot with ANGERME’s
Aikawa Maho-chan.♡♡

Even though Maho-chan is a bit of strange girl,
she grabs your attention.♔

I kind of want to talk to her more.♩


I should probably start by exchanging
contact information with her!!!♬





my birthday T-shirt
went on sale!♡♡

It’s finally here!!!

A proper member colored shirt!!

I came up with colors for
the shirt and the lettering

while the staff came
up with the design.☻♡

I’m super happy that it’s
going to be pink!!!!!


Colored shirts sure are nice.♡

You’d make me
suuuuuuuuper happy

if you wore this shirt to
concerts and other events.♡♡


If you want to purchase it online,
check the link below.♬

If you want to buy it in person,
it’s on sale at the Hina Fes goods stand.♡♡♡



Bye(・ω・)ノfor now♡
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Good eveningヾ(*´•o•`*)ノ
It’s Miyazaki Yuka.


I’ll start off the blog with a picture!!!



When we were filming on location the other day at Kanazawa Station,
I found this beautiful thing.

That’s a picture of me while I was entranced.♡


The way the golden leaf
is so nicely placed inside

the glass is really beautiful!

According to a pamphlet
I read after,

the glass is shatter
resistant too.

I think it’s really Kanazawa-esque,
as well as pretty,
to place golden leaf even there. ♡♡

Kanazawa isn’t known for its golden leaf for nothing!

My parents even gave
Miyamoto Karin-chan some lotion

with golden leaf in it as a present.

She seemed to really like it, so I’m glad.

It kind of made me happy,
the fact that golden leaf is famous here.♡♡


I really love Ishikawa Prefecture,
so in order to persuade you
all into visiting it,

I’ll try to convey
its appeal even more.☝︎♡



Today I went to rehearsals for the
“Hello! Project Hina Fes 2015
~Full Bloom! The Girls’ Festival~”

that will be taking place tomorrow and
the day after in Exhibition Halls A and B

at the Pacifico Yokohama!

Today we had our rehearsals at the venue.


I’m already super nervous.

Always watching videos.
Always watching myself in the mirror.

I’m gonna go over any and all
problems when I review later

to make sure we can all have fun!!!


The venue is suuuper wide.♡

Look forward to it.
If you’re coming that is.♬

Tomorrow is the ANGERME and
Juice=Juice main performance!

I’m going to put all my spirit into it and give it my all.♔♡



And on the same day in Exhibition Hall D,

“Play. Live. Grow. Let’s go to
will also be taking place.♡

At the event,

there will be a
Radio Nippon booth!!!☻♡♬

It will be decorated with pictures
taken at the Iijima Plantation,

as well as videos from the
times I went for


so don’t forget to stop by there.♡♡

I actually wrote a
message and signed a
panel there today.♩

I’d be happy if you went to see it!


Tomorrow’s going to be so much fun.♡


And I almost forgot!

There will also be a handshake event tomorrow.♔♡

It’ll start in Exhibition Hall C
at 15:15.♩

For more information, check the link below.♡



A few days ago when my
friends from back home

surprised me with a cake

as a birthday celebration,

they also gave me this bouquet.♡♡♡



I love pink bouquets.♔♩



That’s a picture of the
bouquet in a vase my
brother bought for me.☻♡

Putting flowers in a room sure does liven up
the place in an instant, wouldn’t you say?♡♡♬



Bye(・ω・)ノfor now♡
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Good eveningヾ(*´•o•`*)ノ
It’s Miyazaki Yuka.


we performed in Nippon TV’s

“PON! Spring Festival”.☻♡♡♡

I don’t usually mention it,
but I change the channel to

Nippon TV every morning!

I looove “PON!”.
I mean looooooooooooove it!

I was super happy

to be able to perform

for their festival.♡♡

Thank you to
everyone who came!!


It felt great performing
under a clear, blue sky.♡♬

Singing “Ten made Nobore!”
with everyone under that sky was

a particularly enjoyable moment.♡

I’m so grateful for this chance!

I hope Juice=Juice can
one day appear on the show,
in studio!!!

I wonder what the inside
of that studio looks like.♩♡

I really like the “Nakaoka Family Table” segment,
so I’d really like to be on there as any role,
even the pet role!! lol

I guess it’s just a matter of
trying harder from now on!!☻♡✌︎



I showed Sayuki how
to do Okada Keisuke-san’s

“Nnn wao!!!!!”. lol




After all of that,
we went to rehearsals

for the Hina Fes.♔⋈

There’s only but a couple of
hours before the performance!!!

Even though we’re under
quite a bit of pressure,

we’ll push through and give you
all an enjoyable performance!

So if you’re coming, get ready!✌︎♡



We also have rehearsals tomorrow,
so I have to make sure to keep everything
straight in my head and give it my best!!


Bye(・ω・)ノfor now♡
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Good eveningヾ(*´•o•`*)ノ
It’s Miyazaki Yuka.

Today was my long awaited

Ishikawa campaign!♡♡♡


Miyamoto Karin-chan tagged along in the
first Ishikawa Prefecture campaign!

As part of the campaign,
we appeared on Kanazawa TV’s
“Tele Kin-chan”!!

I was super duper glad to be on!


I can’t describe how happy
I was to be on my beloved

“Your Neighborhood Tele Kin-chan”
and meet the man I always
saw on the show, Homare-san.♡


We also did some filming for the

“Let’s Meet at Kanazawa Station”
segment of the show.

They’re going to split it up into who knows
how many parts and air it at a later date!

I don’t know exactly
when it’ll air,

but it looks to be some time in April.♬

When I’m given the information, I’ll blog about it,
so citizens of Ishikawa Prefecture!

Look for to it.♡♡

I’ll make sure I get on “Tele Kin-chan”
again in the future!!✌︎




Then in the afternoon,
we held the talk and handshake event

at the Kanazawa Forus

I used to do a lot of shopping at.♡

Even though it was a weekday,
a lot of people came.

Thank you to
everyone who came!!

I love the warm aura given off
when I am able to do an event

in Ishikawa Prefecture.♔♬♡



I want all five of us to come next time.♩♡


It truly was a
happiness filled day.♡♡

I came to love
Ishikawa Prefecture even more!!


Right now I’m riding the
Northwestern Bullet Train, “Radiance”, home.♬♡

It’s really comfortable and pretty!!♡



Today was also Country Girls’
major debut.♩♡


I’d be nice if we could go about
our activities motivating each other

to do better from now on.⋈


Bye(・ω・)ノfor now♡
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Good eveningヾ(*´•o•`*)ノ
It’s Miyazaki Yuka.

I came to Ishikawa Prefecture today!!!

Dreams do come true!!

Since we’re having a talk


event in Kanazawa tomorrow,
we arrived here by riding the

Northwestern Bullet Train “Radiance”.☻♡♡♡♡♡♡


The second I got on the train,
I got really excited when I
saw the plaid, red seats.♡♡

“I saw these on TV,”
I exclaimed to myself.♬

I felt like it was a bit of a bumpy ride
despite how excited I was to ride it.

I also felt like the two and a half
hours went by suuuper fast.♡♡♡

Citizens of Kantou!

There are a ton of interesting places
to visit in Ishikawa Prefecture,

so by all means,

take the Northwestern Bullet Train up here and have some fun!☻♩


After going shopping with my
family in the afternoon today,

I went out to eat with
some good friends I

hadn’t met in while.♡♡


I had so much fun.

I had forgotten how funny they were
and how peaceful it was around them.♡♡

I love you girls!!!!


Also, I couldn’t believe it.

As a surprise,

they celebrated my
21st birthday.(T_T)♡♡♡

When the waiter was bringing
the cake to the table,

I thought to myself,
“Oh, is this a belated birthday
celebration for A-chan,”

when in fact
it was for me.♔

I’m always super grateful to them!

I respect each of them for trying hard
and going down the paths they’ve chosen.

Overall, I’m really glad to have them as friends.♡



Then tomorrow, at 19:00,
Miyamoto Karin-chan and I will be

at the talk and handshake event at
the Forus close by Kanazawa Station!

If you have some free time,
why not come down to see us?♡



I love Ishikawa Prefecture!!!


Bye(・ω・)ノfor now♡
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Good eveningヾ(*´•o•`*)ノ
It’s Miyazaki Yuka.



Yesterday, I used a certain app.♡

What it does is,

before falling asleep,
it plays soothing sounds for a half hour and then stops.

It then goes off like an alarm
at a nice time in the morning

to ease the waking up process.

It was popular for a
while a bit back,

so I decided to re-download and
try it after remembering about it!!


Going to sleep after listening
to soothing sounds is really, well,



The app has all kinds of sounds,
like rainfall and pianos.♩

I was able to sleep without waking up in the middle of the
night and felt refreshed when I woke up in the morning!


It was a really good morning.♬♡



And then today,
I went to a recording session for

Radio Nippon’s “Hello! SATOYAMA&SATOUMI Club”,

broadcasting every Saturday from 26:30 to 27:00.♔♩

I get really happy when people
tell me they listen to the show

at handshake events and stuff.☻✌︎♡

I wish I could read the lines
more smoothly and not bite my

tongue so often!!!(T_T)

I like doing radio work,

so I need to get better at that to
make sure you all get to listen to
a pleasant, smooth broadcast.

if I practice using tounge twister,

I end up just talking too fast,

so I think I need to
practice by enunciating
properly by opening my
mouth wide when talking!

I wonder what else I could do as practice.

I should look that up.♩♡

Even if I only have 1GB left. lol


I look up to people who can read their lines properly.





I watched the final episode
of the drama “Ryuusei Wagon”
I was recording.♡

I looked forward to watching this drama every week.

Kagawa Teruyuki-san’s character,
Chuu-san, was really amazing!

At first,
I just watched the drama on a whim,

but I slowly got really into it.♡

Aah, it was such a good drama.

“Comrade” sure is a great word.☻♡♡



Bye(・ω・)ノfor now♡
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Good eveningヾ(*´•o•`*)ノ
It’s Miyazaki Yuka.


Today we performed in
Shiga Prefecture at the

Yasu Cultural Hall
as part of the

supported by Nama Mail”.♡♡

Thank you to
everyone who came!!

Being our first multi-act
event in a while,

I was suuuuuper


I was like super duper nervous!! lol

It was an amazing chance to spark
interest in people who don’t know us.

Since the venue was at a hall,
us members talked a bit and decided to take

full advantage of the extra space on stage.


We also had the chance
to watch the other
groups’ performances.

No matter how long I watched them,
there was always something I could learn from in their performances!


Even though I was nervous about the whole multi-act thing,
it was super fun in the end!

It made me look forward
to our hall concerts in

May even more!☻♡♡


Can you believe it!?

May is right around the corner!!!

I hope you are all looking
forward to it as much as I am.♡


What will the set list be like?
What will the outfits be like…?♬♡♔





I took this picture right before going out on stage!

Takagi Sayuki-chan and me.♬

Sayuki was laying her head
on my shoulder so hard,

one of her eyes came out kind of weird.(T_T)

The way she’s laying her head
on my shoulder in this picture
makes her look like cute, sleepy kid.♡


Her cheeks look really nice too!
Can you tell how squishy they are through the picture?♬



I’ve been watching so many
videos on YouTube lately in

order to decide on the set list
for my birthday event that I’ve
already hit my data limit.(T_T)

For the time being,
I opted in for an extra gigabyte,
but I’m pretty sure I’ll use that all up soon too.

Data is a scary thing.(T_T)


Bye(・ω・)ノfor now♡
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Good eveningヾ(*´•o•`*)ノ
It’s Miyazaki Yuka.

Today is the one week anniversary!!!♡


But do you know of what??

That’s right!!!!!

The Northwestern Bullet Train
line opened a week ago.♡♡

It’s not an official anniversary though.

I just made it up myself.☝︎♡ lol


In just a few days,
I’ll be getting on the “Radiance”.♡

Since there will be an event
in Kanazawa on the 25th.♬♡

I can’t wait.♩⋈


And on this
one week anniversary,

we had a release event at the
Osaka Nipponbashi Animate.♡♡


Thank you to
everyone who came!!


For our first release event in about half a year,
we did the full version for all the songs,

including songs we hadn’t sang in a while,

so we had to do some reviewing.


Before our major debut,
we didn’t have many songs,

so we would sing the
same song’s half and
full version at events…

Today’s event made me realize
how many songs are our own now

and how far we’ve come.


As long as we’re active,

we have to put out our all
into singing these precious songs.♡


During today’s event,
I felt like someone was

looking at me,

so I turned my head to check
and I find our manager taking

pictures of us in the middle of the event!

I never catch him in the act, so since I did
this time, I came out smiling in the picture.



Takagi Sayuki-chan also happened

to turn at the same time!! lol

Sayuki was making a weird face,
so I took the liberty and covered her mouth.


Everyone was really

energetic today too,
so it was a lot of fun.♡♔✌︎



Today I had planned to take
a picture of Takagi Sayuki-chan

that draws out her charm,

but because I think her charm
shows more in the expressions she makes

in sudden, surprise pictures, I ended up

not taking a picture of her today.✌︎♡

Sayuki lets her guard down every now and then,
so I’ll wait to take a picture until then.♩


Also, yesterday I accidentally
posted the same picture twice.(T_T)

I’m sorry!(T_T)!

Yesterday was the grand prize winner,

so today is the runner up!




I thought some people might like
this one more so here you go…♩


Bye(・ω・)ノfor now♡
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Good eveningヾ(*´•o•`*)ノ
It’s Miyazaki Yuka.

Today I went to a radio recording
for MBS Radio’s “Young Town”
that airs every Saturday

from 22:00-23:30.♡

This is my second time on!

I was super happy,
but I was also super nervous.(T_T)♡

I was with Akashiya Sanma-san
and Murakami Shouji-san.

Even though they’re great people,
there’s no way I couldn’t have been nervous!


And then in the last segment,
I broke out into a cold sweat… lol

It airs tomorrow so
don’t forget to tune in.☻♩


Also a while back during some of our free time,

I decided I’d try and draw out Miyamoto Karin’s
charm and capture it in picture form.

Here are the results.♡♡♬



What do you think??♡


Personally, I think this one wins the grand prize!



I think this one captured the
innocence of a 16 year old best.

On top of that,
you can see just how squishy her cheeks are
with the way she’s pressing down on them.♡♡♡


Now who shall I take
a picture of next?♬

I really like taking pictures.☝︎♡


And now for an announcement!!

It’s been decided!!!!

It has been decided!!!!!!♡♡♡


There will be a commemorative talk and
handshake event at the Kanazawa Forus on March 25th.♔

My wish of doing an event in Kanazawa has come true!

Only Miyamoto Karin-chan
and I will be taking

part in this event.♡

It looks like we’re going to be able to
take the new shiny Northwest Bullet Train!♩♡

I can’t wait!!

I’ll be waiting for you all.✌︎♡




Have you all watched
this video yet??♡

“Aim for Number 1!
Hello Pro ◯◯◯Girl Championship”

Miyazaki Yuka,

will be taking part in the pickling portion!!

It’s my first time pickling.

I can’t say too much right now,
so just wait a little longer.♡


Bye(・ω・)ノfor now♡
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Good eveningヾ(*´•o•`*)ノ
It’s Miyazaki Yuka.




Today we went to a photo shoot
for Koudansha’s “Nakayoshi”.♡

I went with a different hairstyle than normal for the shoot.♩

We’ve had a segment in the magazine since
about the time of our major debut.

The Koudansha offices are really comfortable,
mainly because the staff that work there are

really nice and are always paying close attention to us,

asking us if we’ve cut our hair
or lost weight.☻♡

It goes on sale the first of every month.♩

Make sure to check it out.♡



Also, a few days ago,
I received some of the letters and
presents you all have sent in to me.♡♡

I just finished looking over all of them today!

It always makes me super happy
to see all of the love you pour

into these messages!

Thank you all very much.♡♡


When birthdays come around,
I also always struggle to find a good present.

Seeing how you’ve all
put your time into

preparing such presents
for me is humbling.(T_T)


While I may work day in and day out,

in order to return your love in
whatever way, shape, or form,
I’ll try even harder.☻♡♩⋈



And now for an announcement that makes me really happy.♡

Juice=Juice has been chosen
to perform in the

“PON! Spring Festival 2015”,

taking place from Friday, March 20th
until Saturday the 28th.♡♡✌︎


We’ll be performing on the 26th!

I watch “PON!” a lot,
so it makes me super happy to be a part of this!!

I’d be even happier if you came to watch.♡

For more information, click the following link:



Later today at 20:30, Niconico Douga will be streaming the

“Hina Fes 2015 Opening Commemorative~We’re Gonna Announce the Unit Names~Special”


The leaders of every Hello Project
group will be taking part.♡

Make sure to watch it.♩♡


Bye(・ω・)ノfor now♡
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