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Good eveningヾ(*´•o•`*)ノ
It’s Miyazaki Yuka.

Today we were at the
NHK Osaka Hall as part of
our first solo hall concert,

“Juice=Juice First Live Tour 2015 ~Special Juice~”.♡♡♡

Thank you to
everyone who came.♔♡


Thank you to the
Hello Pro Kenshuusei who
danced alongside us today too.♡♩


At last,
the curtains have closed on our first live tour.✌♡


Our almost year
long first live tour.

I have so many memories

from this tour that I couldn’t
possibly write about them all.

But it’s not just memories
of the fun times I had,

but also memories about reaching my
limits and hitting a wall and
about feeling impotent and losing heart.

The only reason we’ve been
able to come this far is thanks
to you Juice=Juice family members

who believe in us and
support us from all over.

I am extremely grateful to you all!!


Through these hall concerts I found
parts of myself that still need work.

Parts of Juice=Juice
that still need work!

We still have a lot dreams
we need to make come true.

We still have a long way to go.☻♡

We would appreciate it if you
continued alongside us down this
path towards Juice=Juice’s future.(*^^*)


Our story is
still continuing.♡


I’ll say it again.
Please stick with us on this journey!



Sorry for that wall
of text up there.

As I was saying.

These hall concerts were
a toooooooon of fun.♡♡♡

It felt like a dream!

But I’m glad it wasn’t a dream.
I’m glad it was real!

Did you hear me? Glad!

I’m glad. I’m glad. I’m glad.

I’m so glad!!!

And it’s all
thanks to you.

And thanks to
these members.♡


Everyone, I looooooooove you.♬♡



I used up all
my energy today!!


I’m going to make sure to get it
all back by eating a ton tomorrow.♡

What should I eat?

What recovers energy?
Yakinuku? Curry?

I wonder.

If you had to get your energy back,
what you would you eat??♡


Bye(・ω・)ノfor now♡
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Good eveningヾ(*´•o•`*)ノ
It’s Miyazaki Yuka.


Here’s the 17th

I hosted it alongside
Kaga Kaede-chan.♡

We talked about the latest
news concerning all the
artists under Up-Front.

We also talked about behind the scenes
Juice=Juice stuff and candy.♔♡

We happened to have
similar hairstyles that day,

so we kind of looked
like sisters.♡♡

I gave her a little present.
She really liked it.♔♡

I’m really bad a reading lines
and I bite my tongue really easily,

so I was nervous,

but I gave it my best!

Make sure to watch it.(*^^*)


Today’s first job was
a photo shoot for the

“Stand Out! Class Star Plan!”

segment of Koudansha’s “Nakayoshi”,

which goes on sale the 3rd of every month.♡♡♬

I tried out a new hairstyle for the shoot.☻☝

I’ll post some pictures of it in a few days.♡

After that,
we had another recording session for our album!!♡

Today’s song was the kind of song that will give
you the energy to break through any obstacle…♬

I can see this song hyping
everyone up at a concert.

Look forward to its release on July 15th.☻☝


On last night’s
“The Girls Live”,

Country Girls’
Inaba Manaka-chan

coordinated our outfits for
“Ça va? Ça va?”.♡


Manaka-chan made that
headband herself.♔♡

The outfits were super cute.
Thanks Manaka-chan.♡♡




Earlier when I went to the store to buy some
of those cookies I talked about yesterday,
they didn’t have any…

Not even a single crumb
on the shelves…(;_;)

Who did it!?
Who bought all my cookies!!?? lol

I guess I’ll check back in a few days.♡♬



Bye(・ω・)ノfor now♡
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Good eveningヾ(*´•o•`*)ノ
It’s Miyazaki Yuka.

On yesterday’s Hello! Station,

ANGERME’s Fukuda Kanon-san

announced that she would be
graduating from both ANGERME

and Hello! Project this fall.

I was really surprised
when I heard the news.

And honestly very sad.

I messaged Fukuda-san soon
after and she told me there

was no reason to be sad.
She said she made the

decision with a positive
future in mind…♡

I want to get to know her better during
this summer’s concert tour.(*^^*)

Whenever our gazes meet,
she always makes me laugh!

Fukuda-san was actually the one
who gave me my original nickname,


She took the “nnya” from one of my
favorite foods, konnyaku, moved a letter,

and attached it to my name.♡

My official nickname,

was inspired by the
nickname she gave me!

It only makes me like my nickname more.


I love Fukuda-san’s smile!!

I’ll make sure to learn as
much from her as possible
before this fall.♡


I went to a recording session for our album.♩

My favorite part of the song that
was recorded today is the ending bit.

It’s so cool!!♡

Look forward to its release July 15th.♡♡


After that,

all 5 of us went to rehearsals
for our solo hall tour.♡

There was a bit of a gap
between concerts this month,

so we made sure to be thorough

with our dancing today.♡♡

At the end of the rehearsals,

we all looked each other in the
eyes and pumped ourselves up.

I can’t wait for this Saturday’s
performance in Osaka now!!

I bet you can’t either.♡




I’ve been hooked on these Snoopy cookies
they sell at convenience stores that come

with a little picture inside each bag.♡

They’re really tasty and have a
satisfying crunch to them.♬

I just have to make sure
I don’t eat too many!✌︎



Bye(・ω・)ノfor now♡
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Good eveningヾ(*´•o•`*)ノ
It’s Miyazaki Yuka.

An essential!!


Mr. Parasol♡♡
I can’t forget to use it.

He protects me from the big bad sunrays.☝


I’m in your hands again tomorrow, Mr. Parasol!


Aside from that,
we had a photo shoot today.♡♡

I wore a lot of outfits,
with all kinds of hairstyles,
and lots of different accessories.♩

I can’t wait to see how it turned out.☻♡

One of the staff members

at today’s photo shoot was
also there during my first
photo shoot way back when.

They started talking about
how much I’ve changed since
while they were shooting.

I couldn’t stop laughing!!

Of course I still remember what it was like.


On that day,

I was surrounded by so many adults.

They would keep telling me over and over

again to smile more, to relax.(u_u) lol

It was a short photo shoot,
but at the time,

in the moment,
it felt like hours were passing by.

It felt like an eternity…

It feels so long ago now.♡


I’m still not very good with photo shoots.
I always end up doing the same poses every time.

I still have a lot to learn.♬

But it’s a lot of fun.(*^^*)



I forgot to explain
yesterday’s picture!

That was melon on the fork.♡♡

I ate a lot of melon last year around this time of year too.

I happened to find some melon
at a convenience store today,
so I bought it.♡♡

Melon is probably my favorite fruit right now.♩


Bye(・ω・)ノfor now♡
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Good eveningヾ(*´•o•`*)ノ
It’s Miyazaki Yuka.

Last night I was thinking about
going to the movie theater today

since I had some time before

an afternoon appointment.

But when I woke up,

it was raining so I decided to go
some other time instead.(u_u)✌

It’s nice being able
to decide what you

want to do for the day from
the second you wake up.☝♡

I kinda regretted not going
in the end though!(;_;) lol

I’ll just make sure to go before the
movie I want to watch gets removed.(*^^*)


After my appointment,
I had work!

We preformed in the
“Genuine Girls Music Festival Tuesdays Sixth Act”

at the TSUTAYA O-EAST in Shibuya.♬

We had some free time
after rehearsals,

so I asked everyone if they
wanted to go eat curry.

They said yes,
so we went.☻♡

Have you ever noticed how food tastes
better when you eat with others?⋈♩

I always go for mild curry.

Today I went with traditional
Indian butter chicken curry.♡

The naan was extra delicious today
because it was freshly made!!

I asked the others if they would get naan
for their curry in their lunches at school.

Apparently they all did.♡

Our school lunch conversation
actually got really interesting!

I hope we can all have a meal together like this again soon.




For today’s performance,
we wore our live house outfits.♡♡

I’ve actually been doing
my hair a lot lately,

so today I took the easy route and just straightened it.♡

Thank you to
everyone who came!

I was really glad that even
people who didn’t know who
we were got hyped up along with us.♡♡



A few days ago,
I had a conversation with our
first manager about freezing food.

Not too long after,
they gave me some freezer
friendly tupperware as a gift!!

I’ll test it out tomorrow.♡♡


Bye(・ω・)ノfor now♡
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Good eveningヾ(*´•o•`*)ノ
It’s Miyazaki Yuka.


I had voice
training today.☻♡

On top of the usual material,

they also gave me a lesson on reading music!

And a lesson on a vocalization technique
that’s name I can’t remember.

There are a ton of vocalization techniques.☝︎

I wonder how many I’ll learn.




That’s natural Miyazaki
in the picture.

I decided to give my skin a break today.

I enjoy putting making on,
but it’s a good idea to let
your skin breathe sometimes.

I did put sunscreen on today though.
Can you still call that a break?

I’m trying not to get
sunburned this year.☝︎☻ lol

I get sunburned way, way, waaay
more easily than most people so

I actually have to consciously try!!

I’ve even started using the parasol
my mom bought me last year again.♬

Now I just need some UV
ray blocking glasses!!



I spent part of my day today
looking at my neighborhood

through the map app on my phone.

It’s weirdly fun just looking
at places on that app!!!

I like to put it in aerial view
and try and look for things
like the Arc de Triomphe

or see if I can’t
find some ruins!!!

It’s a good way to kill time on the train.
Give it a shot.♡♡


Bye(・ω・)ノfor now♡
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Good eveningヾ(*´•o•`*)ノ
It’s Miyazaki Yuka.

Today we had individual handshake events
at the Belle Salle Kudan again.♡

Thank you to
everyone who came.



Just like I mentioned in my post yesterday,

a new challenge was presented to us!!

The “Juice=Juke BOX”,

as it was called,
had us singing a capella for one minute for each fan.☻♡

Man, I was so nervous!

Going one on one can be rough.☝︎ lol

But I also had a lot of fun.♬

A lot of people said they
wanted to hear songs I sang

at my birthday event again,

so I made sure to add a
couple of them on my list!!

I tried really hard in order to sing
better than I did at my birthday event!

I studied the lyrics well!

I want to be able to sing better!

Practicing with the piano would
probably improve my sense of pitch.


I don’t know if we’ll ever be able
to do something like this again,

but new challenges in general

are a lot of fun.♡⋈



during our break time,
I had a brown sugar senbei.

Brown sugar senbei are probably
my favorite type of senbei.♬

I like salt and soy sauce flavored ones too

but brown sugar is on a whole other level!

It was delicious.♡♡

What’s your favorite type of senbei?☻♡



During our break time,

I was also able to finish
a ton of paperwork.♡

Like the messages and drawings for
the upcoming summer concert photos.♬

I think they all came out pretty well.

I used my time wisely!



Bye(・ω・)ノfor now♡
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Good eveningヾ(*´•o•`*)ノ
It’s Miyazaki Yuka.

We had multiple events today
at the Belle Salle Kudan.♡♡

Thank you to
everyone came!

I had a lot of fun.♡

At the individual handshake events,
I had a lot of one on one conversations.

At the cheki events,
I took a lot of pictures doing all kinds of poses.

At the autograph events,
I had a lot of fun making all kind of little drawing!

At the jacket autograph events,
I made a ton of one of a kind
CD jacket covers!!

They were all great fun,
but tomorrow brings a new challenge!!

We will individually be singing a capella
for one minute for you for our new
event called the “Juice=Juke BOX”.♡

Ah… I’m so nervous.


We each created our own list of songs,
which you can see from the link below.♬

You can choose any one of
those songs for us to sing.♡

I’m nervous, but I’m also looking forward to it!!


If you have a ticket for tomorrow’s event,
I’ll be waiting for you at the
Belle Salle Kudan.♡


Lately I have fallen in love with tea!!

I think this is the first time in my
life that I’ve ever wanted to drink

tea as much as I do now right now.

I used to not understand the
mentality of people who bought tea,

but its all clear now.

Not too long ago,
if I had juice at hand,
I’d drink it in an instance.

But now I do that with tea!!

Like barley tea, or green tea,
or genmai tea, or houji tea,
or buckwheat tea, or corn silk tea.

I like tea so much,
I’ve already lost count of how many
liters of it I’ve drank today alone!

(Okay, maybe not liters,
but it feels like that.☝☻ lol)

I have no idea why this love
for tea suddenly awakened.

At the very least,
it seems healthy,
so I’ll make use of this tea love period to the fullest.♡♔




I’ve also been into this four
picture taking style lately.


That hair style too. lol

Doing my hair like this on
rainy, humid days like today

makes my whole day easy and gives my
neck a chance to breathe as a bonus.⋈

Ladies, I recommend this style.♡

Bye(・ω・)ノfor now♡
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Good eveningヾ(*´•o•`*)ノ
It’s Miyazaki Yuka.

I didn’t have to get to work
today until the afternoon,

so I stayed home all morning.

Since today’s job was a photo shoot,
I spent my time reducing swelling by
taking a half body bath,
massaging myself,
using the nano steamer on my face and stuff.☻♡

I swell much more easily

than most so I took extra
care in order to look good

for today’s shoot…✌︎♡lol


Since I also woke up early today,
I had the time to watch the

“Tangled” movie I recorded
a couple of days ago.♬♡

It was a good movie. ♡
It was my first time watching it so I didn’t know
just how wonderful it was going to be!!!

I recommend you watch
it if you haven’t.☝︎♡

But the movie I really want to
watch right now is “Cinderella”.♔♡♡

I’m definitely going to watch it in theater.♡

I always go by myself,

so this time I think I’ll bring
someone with me…✌︎♡lol

I can’t wait!


After watching “Tangled”,

I wished I had beautiful
hair like Rapunzel.♡

I’m thinking about
using a new shampoo.

Next time I go to the beauty salon,
I’ll ask them what kind of shampoo
they recommend for my hair!!⋈



Today was our first
manager’s birthday.♡♡

Even now they still
watch over us.

They were a strict, yet kind manager.

Hopefully they continue to
watch over us from now on.♡♡

Bye(・ω・)ノfor now♡
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Good eveningヾ(*´•o•`*)ノ
It’s Miyazaki Yuka.

I had a recording session
for our album yet again today!

Today’s songs were more on the funky side.

One of the directors
that’s been with us

from around our indies period
told me about how surprised
he was about how much

I’ve improved since.
It made me super happy.♡♡♡

Learning about singing and music
in general is just so much fun!!

For example,

there’s a ton of ways to do something as simple as singing a line.

You can do it in one breath,
or without any strength behind it,

or with a lot of strength behind it, etc.,
and they all sound different.

Its way more complex than you’d imagine!!!☻☝︎


After the recording,
I had some free time
before my next job,

so I did some shopping.♬

Shopping is so much fun.♡

I’ve been kind of obsessed with denim lately…

The one piece I bought today was denim.
It’s really cute.♡

I have a routine when
it comes to shopping.

I walk through all the stores and try to
remember all the clothes that catch my eye.

If there is too much to remember,

I take notes down on my phone’s
notepad app about what floor,

what store, what brand,
and what the clothes looked like.

Then I go to a restaurant.

As I eat,
I think about the clothes I have
at home and what I just saw.

I think about how easy it would be to
coordinate the new clothes with the old clothes,
about what would look weird,

about what else I would need to complete and outfit, etc…

After I’ve made up my mind,
I go buy the clothes.♡

Making up my mind takes time,
but I have fun doing it.♡

And it’s all made better
with a delicious meal.♡♡

I’ve also been taking advantage
of online shopping sites by deciding

what I want to buy from there
before I even go to the store!♔⋈

All in all,
I made some good purchases today.♡

I had a lot of fun doing it too.♬



I’ve been doing my hair like this a lot lately.


It’s really quick and easy to do,

even if I wake up with a
serious case of bed head.♔♡

Bye(・ω・)ノfor now♡
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