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Pikachu Cafe by MIYAZAWA

Good evening!


I’m being annoyed by the noisy chirps of the cicadas。


We’re almost at August。 That was really fast……



I went to a stylist today and made a small image change ( ´ ω ` )





This is how it turned out!

It looks a bit more relaxed。

Thank you very much as always to RISEL-san ♪


The make-up was also done as usual。




And、 I went to the Pikachu cafe!


Accompanying me were Iikubo-san and Kudo-san!


I took up the offer when they invited me with an ‘If it’s okay for you!!’、 and we enjoyed ourselves。






It’s a really cute Diancie coaster!

It seems that what you get changes based on what flavour you’re having。

It was delicious!


It seems to be for a limited time only, so everyone, please give it a try!





Please don’t mind the onee-san on the right who’s lacking in freshness。



I got to see all sorts of information regarding Pokemon at the XY exhibition、 and bought some limited-edition souvenirs at the Pokemon Centre branch、 it was awesome!


Iikubo-san、 Kudo-san、 thank you very much!

If you don’t mind, please invite me out again!




On the way back I played with kitty-chans at a pet shop ♡ This is bliss



Right、 with this, I’ll do my best in August!




And with that!


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She is like a….. by MIYAZAWA

Good work today。
Yesterday and today、for two days、HinaFest & the SATOYAMA event took place。
With many attractions、and a line-up of members with wonderful events、how was it for everyone?
I had a lot of fun。
At HinaFest、we introduced “Bukiyou” and “BINGO”、and as I thought, the excitement level rises in a large venue。
I was happy that so many people got on!

Playing my guitar felt really good!



After all was said and done、Tanaka-san was writing on her blog about Satou-san in the dressing room。(Lol)Otherwise known as Masaking-sama。

All the members were being toyed with。(Lol)



Masaking-sama eating big sister’s gummies。

She materialized in the dressing room、quite like a hurricane。(´∀`)


It somewhat became as though we were all relatives・・・(Lol)


The laughter never ceased、so today my stomach hurt。



I also enjoyed going to the SATOYAMA booths with everyone!!


Being given sweets。。。everyone buying things for me。。。


I wanted to play more!I wanted to do the reptiles capsule machine、but I’m shocked because it seems there weren’t any。



And then、it made me happy to be able to talk with the members of the Kamome Chorus。


All of them、are docile, pure, and cute・・・(*゚ー゚*)


They gave candy and gummies to this big, older sister with strikingly-colored hair!How kind!


I like having conversations with kids(*⌒∇⌒*)




Besides that、thanks to this hair color, I started many conversations with the Hello! members, so I was a bit happy about that。


Okai-san also came to the dressing room。


Her “Kanojo ni Naritai” was the best(`・ω・´)ゞ

(I completely forgot to tell her I wanted to exchange friend codes・・・。)



That’s how I finished today。

My feelings are seeping out from my writing too, huh。



All the members、all the staff、and all those who were involved、thank you for your hard work!


Thank you also to everyone who attended!




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Radio♪ by MIYAZAWA

Good evening!


The video for Love-On was uploaded yesterday!

For those who haven’t checked it out yet, please do.



I had a radio recording today.


I felt like it was really fun this time round.(lol)


Please listen in to it everyone (*^-^*)




I found this in the supermarket recently.





Team Plasma must have switched occupations.


The taste was something I’ve never encountered before but it was delicious.



Now then, I have lots to do right now so I have to stop here.





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Matsudo! by MIYAZAWA

Good evening!



Maaanー, we had fun today too!



To be surrounded by such amazing fellow performers in a hall packed full of the audience, and being able to stand on such a great stage, I feel a great happiness in this.



For us who love anime, the last song sung by the whole lineup was just way too much fun!


How long has it been since I jumped around like that.(lol)




Furthermore, during the live, I had fun seeing how other fans got pumped up in different ways!


Thanks for getting all hyped up for us!





One scene in the dressing room.



Where Okada was getting her makeup done by Tanaka-san.




The Okada today was cuter than usual.


Did everyone notice?




Now then, time to get into the bath.(lol)



The other performers, the staff, and my fellow members, thanks for your hard work!!



And thank you to everyone who graced the venue with their presence.




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Good evening.

After finishing dinner earlier, I was finally able to take a breather.


Today was a totally awesome day!


I’m really happy to be able to meet everyone after so long.

I was able to see many LoVendoЯ fans from the stage, and I got really pumped up.

Of course there were many who were seeing us for the first time.

I wonder how those people see us. I’m curious. ( ̄∇ ̄)



It’s really been too long since we actually held a live show, so the exhaustion is setting in now(lol)

It’s a sign of how wild I went too.


After all we were able to perform with SHOW-YA again, and even acted as backup to them・・・I am truly overcome.


Also I was able to listen to my favorite song “Genkai LOVERS” twice, such a lucky happening.


Everyone was really kind and open, and they were really fun.

I’ll be in your care again from now on as well!!

Thank you for today!


Also, to the staff, my fellow members, the other performers, as well as everyone who came to see us

Thank you very much!



We’ll be at Matsudo for an event tomorrow!


Time to charge up my energy in expectation of tomorrow.


I’ll be waiting.



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I Love Pokemon by MIYAZAWA

Good evening.

Recently it has totally gotten as cold as winter at night.

However, it still doesn’t match the coldness of the Tohoku region.(lol)

When we go on tour we’ll be headed to the colder areas, so I’m worried about the other members catching cold.




I have news for everyone here!

Somehow, my love for Pokemon must have reached them, because a Pokemon magazine approached me for comments!

『WE LOVE! Pokemon -BLANKET-』(Bookstore edition)
『WE LOVE! Pokemon -TOTE BAG-』(Convenience store edition)
※Except for the cover and bonus content, everything else is the same.
Release date:2013 October 31st
Price:1365 yen(Book price 1300 yen)






The cover page is so cute. Please go buy it (*^-^*)


I am truly honored.

I’m really glad I’m alive.


I will continue my love of Pokemon without changing from now on too.


I might have ended up becoming a fanatic but

For Pokemon XY, I’m currently focused mostly on Pokemon Amie. (lol)My Charizard is so adorable (・-・*)

Also, I have attained the rank of Duchess in Battle Chateau!(*^-^*) I want to aim even higher!

It’s still a long wait until Pokemon Bank is released.

I want to lavish love on my favorite Pokemon from Black/White too!!(lol)



To have gotten so passionate about this, I’m really happy…


I’ll be really happy if more and more people come to enjoy Pokemon too.

I’m not even the developer though, sorry.(lol)



On my previous post, I received a lot of comments about recommended period dramas, so thank you!!

I’ll check them out!

Well then.





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Good evening.



I recently watched 3 movies.



All 3 were period era movies, and they were Hanjiro, 13 Assassins and Hana no Ato.



All 3 were really interesting.


I really do like period dramas, and I often lose track of myself when I watch them on TV.


What kind of movies does everyone like?



Also, if you have any recommended period dramas, please let me know (*^-^*)





My alarm clock.


Pikachu wakes me up.




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Happy birthday by MIYAZAWA

Good evening.

Since it’s Tsunku♂-san’s birthday today, I was invited to his birthday party.


Tsunku♂-san, happy birthday!



At the party, the point of interest was the sight of his cute children singing to their father with all their might.(*^-^*)


The place was wrapped in a harmonious air, and Tsunku♂-san’s expression was extremely cheerful.




Okada who is tucking into the buffet.




The food was delicious too!

Bavarois? There was a dessert like that which was especially delicious!



The POSSIBLE and Kikkawa Yuu-san, as well as Kintalo-san were singing and dancing for everyone as well.


I would like to get to know everyone else better from now on!




Okada is actually a really good person.


Application for tickets are still in progress!!

You can still make it!


■Application Period:October 18th(Fri)12:00~27th(Sun)18:00

■Application URL:
As above

I’m counting on everyone.




I widened the area of decoration.(lol)


Well then.


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Good evening.

My excitement levels today has achieved Limit Break.



Somehow, I went to watch KISS’s concert!!!


Thanks to someone from the office extending the invitation, I was able to enjoy the concert from a really great seat!!!!!


I also saw Tsuruno-san who was there with his kid nearby.

So Tsuruno-san likes KISS too!




I haven’t been to Budokan since Tanaka-san’s graduation concert.


The moment it began, I was so moved that tears threatened to overflow.


Right in front of my eyes, and not just as figures on a screen, were the members of KISS in the flesh.



They were really just too cool.

The majestic stage and set, as well as the flames that spat up.

Even though we were some distance away, I could still feel the heat when the flames spewed out, and I imagine the members had to shoulder even more of the heat themselves.


I was struck speechless as I watched Gene Simmons, who didn’t seem at all human like us in his glory. It might have been a result of the wire action, but the intensity of performance definitely increased with that.


Also,Tommy Thayer’s guitar solo was the highest form of rock!!!
The finger vibrato sounded so mournful somehow. I want to make such a sound too.


I was completely impressed by the drummer Eric Singer’s drumming style.
What amazingly bewitching and solid drumming. So cool (*^-^*)


And at the position where I was, there was a sub-stage, Paul Stanley came really close by. I was so happy I froze up.
His every movement nailed everyone around him to the spot. He is simply too charming.


If I continue writing on about it, I’d give too much away so I’ll stop here.


I bought both their new album and their T-shirt as well, and it was such a wonderful day.


While I’m still alive, I want to go to all the concerts I ever wanted to go to, that’s what I strongly feel now.



This was the best memory I’ve made so far.

I want to take this precious experience into my life and continue working hard from now on.



I’m counting on you guys for the winter tour tickets too.

■Application Period:October 18th(Fri)12:00~27th(Sun)18:00

■Application URL:




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Someday again by MIYAZAWA

Good evening.

I learned a lot of songs from the recommendations made on my last blog post.

Thanks to that, I feel a bit better now.

Sorry for causing worry.



I met the other members today.



We summed up our activities and comments during our radio recording today.


As I thought, it really is fun talking with everyone (*^-^*)


Also, there are tours and events coming up in turn from now on, so I want to keep making adjustments in preparation for the real show.


LoVendoЯ LIVE TOUR 2013 DecembeЯ Blog Pre-Application is still ongoing!

■Application Period:October 18th(Fri)12:00~27th(Sun)18:00

■Application URL:




Someday I want to have a Pokemon battle competition in the office.


A quick haiku here




Give me your keys



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