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Suddenly, the temperature has become a little cooler ne :sparkleheart:

The day before yesterday, on the day of the meeting… a disaster:xface:

When just leaving the house… downpour:excite2: :excite2:

Rain coming sideways an umbrella was completely worthless :happy2:


In an instant, my underwear all gloppy

It seemed like a joke (laugh)

They were white therefore transparent… getting too wet, therefore:xface:

The inevitable… at the toilet at the station:happy2: I changed into the gym clothes I had, however:happy2:


[It was] an insanely loud pink jersey:sweat: :sweat: :happy2:

I was embarrassed on the train:happy2:

Even when I was about to go home… I wasn’t drying:happy2:

I was in the pink jersey all the way home yo:devilish: (laugh)


As the meeting ended,
everyone gathered informally :onpu: :onpu:

At an okonomiyaki shop,
everyone in the cast were all being noisy:wink2:

From today on I’m going to do my best at practice:excite2: :wink2:


With a new:haato: Kitty-chan pouch, I’ve got the best feeling:devilish:  :haato:

Later, I watching my beloved SPEED:haato: on 24 Hour TV:haato: tension MAXED:age: :age: :happy:



Ah, yesterday,
my dad’s feet got skin care (laugh)
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Today, too… :xface:

It’s hot :blueface: :sweat: :sweat:

The morning, if you saw the weather forecast…
Maximum temperature… it was 35℃ :shock2:

That’s extremely hot ne :sun:

And today is dance lessons again  :sparkleheart:

When there isn’t much more moisture that can come from my body, I stop sweating

There’s a meeting tomorrow :wink2: :sparkleheart:

Afterward, since I still don’t know what my role is like, I want to quickly read the script~ :wink2: :haato:

Nervously excited (*^_^*)

Morning, a picture while walking  :eye: :camera: :sparkle:

Blurry  something, white  (laugh)


[translator note: I don’t have a loose grasp of English.  Her writing can be in grunts and she talks in bare sentence fragments much of the time. I think it’s cute so I try to leave some of that in her translations. :wink2:]
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Practice starts today :wink2::onpu:

2 days straight of dance lessons :excite2::excite2::wink2::onpu:

Been a while since I’ve done any solid dancing :happy::choki:

Muscles hurt already… :happy2:

Sweat is bursting out :xface:

Will do my best to rehydrate :rabu:
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Warm ne :sun:

Yesterday, it was a healing day :happy:

Some massage,
some skin maintenance :happy: :haato:

I went out to eat at night with a friend :wink2: :guddo:

But, was so hooot 

And today’s hot too ne :sun: :happy:

Starting tomorrow,
practice for the next stage play starts :excite2: :excite2:

The luxury of daily practices starts :wink2: :sparkleheart:

Today, I’m going to the dentist  :loop: And doing some shooo :loop: pping :happy:
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:happy: live :happy:

Today’s location is :rabu:

Yoshizawa Hitomi-chan &
Ishikawa Rika-chan’s unit :happy::haato::haato::haato:


Their live show:happy: is where I’ve come to :wink2:

The infiltrated location :excite2::excite2:

Coming to HANGRY & ANGRY’s live, it’s my first time

I am:happy: super mega dokidoki:rabu::sparkleheart:  wakuwaku :happy: :sparkleheart:

My expectations were beaten, I rose to MAX tension :age::age::happy:

Super mega cool, it was fantastic:happy:

Completely a fan:devilish::choki:

I was all over the place and forgot my camera at the location :devilish:

The song

Everyone, without fail, please check it out:haato:

And as always, those different two people’s
Goth-loli style was fantastic:happy:

Please look forward to Yossui Navi’s broadcast:wink2:

I want to go to another live later :onpu:

Good night:otsukisama:
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I’ve come to a certain live venue ヾ(^▽^)ノ


But it’s a secret :devilish:


Me too, I’m getting riled up while having fun infiltrating and covering the event :excite2:

Here I come :haato:
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