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℃-ute are heading offーーー

At long last, the next HinaFes is

℃-ute Premium!!!!

Now、 due to the SATOYAMA events

We’re all around, so I’m restarting with Airi!


All of team ℃-ute!

Let’s make it a blastーーーー*\(^o^)/*
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Good morning

Well then

Let’s get the answers

For the last of these consecutive pop quizzesーーー*\(^o^)/*

Thank you very much for not losing interest and giving answers!


Well then、 here are the eyes。



I guess eyes are easy to getー?

Well、 there were people who made mistakes though ( ̄▽ ̄)




Hagi Naka Suzu

Hagi Naka Suzu

That’s itーーー!


There’s no prizes for those who got it correct

But at any rate、 congratulationsーーーー*\(^o^)/*


When’s the next time

That these pop quizzes will come upーーー??


Look forward to them when it does happen 012[1] Tokunaga Chinami Niyari
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Whose eyes are these!!!





I’ll tell you the answer tomorrow morning

003[1] png Kumai niyari003[1] png Kumai niyari003[1] png Kumai niyari
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Good morning

While that’s when I intended to put this up

It should actually be a good evening at this time。

I’m sorry (>_<)


Let me compose myself once again!


Lots of people joined in yesterday as wellー

Thank youーーー*\(^o^)/*


There are people who knew the answers

By general intuition。 lolol


Anyway, these were the teeth…




And the answersーー????

Hagi Suzu Naka

Hagi Suzu Naka


From top to bottom, it’s Hagi、 Suzu、 Nakaーーーっ


Please don’t mention anything

About them being the same members!ーーーー(>_<) lolol


Well then、

Tomorrow’s quiz will be the last!

The members might change、 or they might not!

Look forward to itーーーーっ!
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Whose teeth are these!




I’ll tell you the answer tomorrow morning

003[1] png Kumai niyari003[1] png Kumai niyari003[1] png Kumai niyari
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Good Morning

I was surprised by

The large number of people

Who joined in yesterday’s sudden quiz。 lolol


The lips of these 3 people

I thought that they were quite characteristic…






Suzu Hagi Naka

Suzu Hagi Naka


From top to bottom、 Suzu、 Hagi、 Nakaーーー!!!


As I expected, a lot of people got it right!

In particular、 lots of people got Suzu and Naka right!


I’ve got more quizzes

Look forward to them tonightーーー(^-^)
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Whose lips are these!!!



I’ll tell you the answer tomorrow morning

003[1] png Kumai niyari003[1] png Kumai niyari003[1] png Kumai niyari
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Handmade pasta

The other day

I made handmade pasta for the first timeー



Mix it、 knead and knead、 bring it all together

Cut、 then boil

Mix it with the sauce and it’s completeーーー*\(^o^)/*





I missed the timing of the expansion as they were boiling

So they got thick, but it’s OK since it was delicious!


It’s simpler than bread

I feel like I’ll get into this!
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Full of photos

I took snaps of photos with all sorts of facial expressions

So I put them together and posted them upー



Suzu × Hagi × Naka








Huh (°_°)

Mai-chan, what’s up!!!??? lol




It’s like you’ve got something stuck in your throat。 lol

That said, Airi’s making a mysterious face。 lolol




We’re really laughing!!! lolol


We collected ourselves…


We collected ourselves??


Nakajima、 shutting her nostrilsーーー!


The other 2 can’t do it。 lol

Since it’s Nakajima’s special skill!!!!

But showing it just gets boring though… lolol


Continuing on

We were like

How about we do Airi’s recenly talked-about mouth??…



We couldn’t pull it off…


One more time!!!




Mai was able pull it off

But isn’t Nakajima’s weird??
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At my birthday event on the 5th of February

Just as promised

I took photos with the girls that sent video lettersー*\(^o^)/*


With Morning Musume。’16’s

Fukumura Mizuki-chan!



She said that she secretly likes me

Thank you from meーー!!

I’ll become

A senior that she can respect even moreー(>_<)

I like Fuku-chan’s singing *\(^o^)/*

I’m sure there are lots of you who agree with me!



And with


Miyazaki Yuka-chan as wellーーー*\(^o^)/*


Miyazaki-chan said to me

That she secretly

Admires meーーー(>_<)

Thank youーーーー!!!!!

For the 2 of them、 the key point is

「In secret」!! lolol

In secret、、、Thank you


Will be fine if the only thing she does is keep that atmosphere!

If I could bring myself to say it, I’d like her to talk more in Ishikawa dialectー

Miyazaki-chan’s Ishikawa dialect is really adorable!

Since no one else has that atmosphere that Miyazaki-chan has

I envy her!

I look forward to the Budokan drama

That’ll start in February!

Come to think of it、 didn’t it go on air yesterday???(°_°)

I’ve gone and done it (°_°)

I’ll set it to be recorded every week from now onー!!!



Thank you to the 2 of themーー*\(^o^)/*
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