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- Naka -

cfce83f8_240This is Nakajima Saki。


I was on break todayーーっ

It was fairly warm in the afternoon、 so I went out without a jacket、

But I was surprised at how cold it was when I was heading home!!

I hate this kind of temperature variationー(>_<)

Everyone、 please be careful to not catch a cold!!

Since it was cold

I felt so happy bathing once I got homeーーっ

The bathtub is awesome

Nakajima, body all warmed up

- Photo 1 -

Well then, until tomorrowーーーっ


- Nakajima Saki -
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- Naka -

3082a67c_240This is Nakajima Saki。


Today we had the Monster tour @ Sendai!!

Thank you to everyone who cameー

At today’s venue、 it was really easy to see all of the fans!

Besides that、 I wonder if some of these people were seeing us for the first time?

They were copying our moves

But someーhow here and there, they seemed self-concious… lol

When we made eye contact, they gave me a smile

And I was happy to see their movements get larger, little by little
We’ll do our best to be able to come again to Sendai as soon as possible!

The next leg of the Monster tour is at Budokan!

In all sorts of things, let’s do our bestーーー!!

This photo is of kiritanpo at Akita。

- Photo 1 -

Airi stuffing her cheeks with it!!

- Photos 2, 3 -

A nice smile!!

Well then, until tomorrowーーー(^-^)/

- Nakajima Saki -
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- Naka – I’ve got an announcementーー

809e31b6_240This is Nakajima Saki。


Today we had our Naruchika @ Iwateーーーっ

Thank you to everyone who came

Wellー、 Iwate was pumped up

You know、 as we’ve gone along doing talks at Naruchika, I’ve become more comーfortable at it…

It’s fun, it’s like having a chat with the people who cameー。

After all that trouble to get to the livehouse, right

There’s still more Naruchikas to follow

It’d be great if I got to communicate with the many people who comeーっ

To those who’ll be coming after this, please look forward to itーっ♪

But now I’ve got an announcement!!!

At tonight’s broadcast

Of 1422 Radio Nippon 「Nakajima Saki no Cute na Jikan」

「THE FUTURE」 from ℃-ute’s single that’ll be on sale on the 19th of November

Will be played on-air for the very first timeー!

I’m counting on you to check it out, okーーーっ


- Nakajima Saki -
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- Naka -

872faf71_240This is Nakajima Saki。



We had the Naruchika @ Akitaーーーっ(^-^)/

Thank you very much to those who came

Every one in Akita has such smooth skin!!

How wonderful!!!

When we were doing handshakes、 I was staring hard at your skin。 lol

Soー niceー Soー niceーっ

After the performance ended, we all went to GO and have kiritanpo!

With Airi who was in the seat next to mineー

- Photo 1 -

The kiritanpo was deliciousーーっ(>_<)

Mai-chan ate her grandmother’s handmade kiritanpo during New Year’s!

Howー niceーっ

I’d like to try the kiritanpo made by Mai’s grandmother someday lol

Howー sneaー ky。 lolol

Tomorrow’s the Morioka Naruchika!

2 performances! Let’s have some funーー


- Nakajima Saki -
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- Naka -

ba46ab7c_240This is Nakajima Saki。


Today I satisfied my craving and went to Disneylandーーーー!!

It’s been ages and ages (>_<)

Ahー、 I love Disney

It was empty today so I had no lining up to do to get on the rides

The Halloween decorations were cute!

I’m fully、 fully satisfied!!!

I shared the meal and the dessert with my friend

- Photos 1.2 -
Ahー、 that was a fulfilling day

Me and my friend were chatting non-stop, catching up!

It’s great to share happiness together

Hearing about the wonderful episodes that happened to my friend made me happy too!

It was a fun day (^-^)/


- Nakajima Saki -
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- Naka -

7a832eca_240This is Nakajima Saki。


Today we had photo shoots for the New Year’s Hello! Con!!

It definitely gets more bustling when everyone from Hello!’s around

I’m looking forward to the New Year’s Hello! Con!!

That said、 Michishige-san will no longer be there, at the next Hello! Con…(´・_・`)

How will it turn outー??

I can’t imagine it

And it’ll also be the last Hello! Con for Berryz Kobo c11ceba1_240

Compared to the usual Hello! Con

The 2015 New Year’s will have all sorts of feelings attached to it

Riーght、 let’s do our best!!!


The photos were taken by Leader when we were @ Nara for Naruchika

It’s of me eating dango!

- Photos 1.2.3 -

That dango was deliciousーーっ

That said、 I’m wearing a Naruchika T-shirt lol c7863817_240

Wellー Wellー、It’s a memory, a memory (^-^)/


- Nakajima Saki -
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- Naka -

0533e624_240This is Nakajima Saki。



I went to Nakayama Chieko-san’s place

And changed up my nailsーー

- Photo 1 -

These were unexpectedly done with Halloween in mind。 lol



- Photo 2 -

There are pumpkins on my thumbsーーーーっ(^-^)/

I hadn’t given any thought to designs when I went though

With ideas from Chieko-san, it was done adorably!!

Wellー、 You’d expect no less

For making my nails cute、 each and every time、 thank you very much!!

And then I went for a job, finished it in a flash, and returned homeーーー lol

Wellー、 The job went really smoothly。

I went with vigour and ended it with vigour。 lol

Good jobーーー(^-^)/


It seems that the threat of rain will continue for a while

It can’t be helped、 I’ll have to compromise (>_<)


Please compromise with the rain too

- Nakajima Saki -
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- Naka -

c36ecb6b_240【From the staff: This blog post was from the afternoon。 We apologise for the delay in updating。】


This is Nakajima Saki。


Yesterday we had the Monster tour @ Osaka!

You know、 it really was a blast!

For the night performance in particular、 your voices were super powerful。 lol

Wellー、 It was funーーっ

It was really easy to see everyone’s faces at the NHK Osaka Hall!

Seeing the joy of the people who had come


Mai vs Deer

It made me happy tooーーーっ

Thanks (^-^)/



At the Naruchika @ Nara the day before yesterday…

Wellー、 they’re actually sold throughout the country

But our manager-san bought these for us。

- Photo 1 -

Tsukurou! Kinoko no Yama。 (Let’s make it! A mountain of mushrooms) lol

And so、 I quietly did them by myself at the hotel。

Unexpectedly、 it was quite difficult to make the stems stand up straight!

And here、 Mai vs deer

- Photo 2 -

It was amazing how the deer got close so forcefully

MaiMai went weak in the kneesーー(^-^)/


Well、 it’s up to hereーー

- Nakajima Saki -
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- Naka -

ed2ed24a_240This is Nakajima Saki。


Yesterday was the Naruchika @ Naraーー!

Wellー、 The place was fully packed with that live house moodー

It felt like even the people at the back were immediately in front of us

Since the air conditioning was strong

We didn’t feel that sufーーfocated

But it’s still Naruchika!

Thank you to everyone who came!


Yesterday、 in between concerts, we went to Nara Park!

- Photo 1 -


Rice crackers for the deer。

- Photo 2 -

Wellー、℃-ute、 we were all making a ruckusー lol

Staff-san、 thank you very much for bringing us there (^-^)/


And today

The Monster tour in Osaka!

We’ll do our bestーー!!!


- Nakajima Saki -
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- Naka -

c3d9627d_240This is Nakajima Saki。



℃-ute had interviews for

Gekkan Entame

BIG ONE GIRLSーーーっ(^-^)/

There’s still a while until they go on sale

Look forward to thoseーーーっ


And then ℃-ute and the staff-san

Had a meeting for the 11th November Budokan!

It’s the first time I’ve participated in a business meeting like this, so I was nervous

And、 I was really excited!

The members openly gave our opinions

I want to do thisー、 we want to try thatー、 would that be too difficultー?

We just let our thoughts flow out in words!

We’ll definitely make the Budokan stage a good one!!

First of all、 the Monster tour is packed with things that ℃-ute wanted to do

And what’s more, we’re adding more things that we want through today’s meetingー

Yup、 it’s definitely definitely going to be a wonderful stage!!

Look forward to it if you’re coming (^-^)/


And there was also an announcement from Tsunku♂-san

Tsunku♂-san、 ℃-ute’s doing our best!

We’d like to have an awesome concert with the songs that were made for us by Tsunku♂-san!

However、 please take care of your health (>_<)

I pray that you’ll get better


- Nakajima Saki -
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