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7d4942da_240This is Nakajima Saki。


℃-ute’s 26th Single

I miss you/THE FUTURE

Got released today!!!!

Everyone、 have you checked it outー??


We had an event at Ikebukuro Sunshine!

Thanks to everyone who came

Honestly, it made me happy to see that a lot of people had comeっ(>_<)

Thank youー


Morinaga Seika-san cheered us on too、

And made this wonderful thing for us!

- Photo 1 -

I’m just so happy (>_<)

How much time must it have taken to make that?

℃-ute got such a lovely present on our release day

I’m really really happy!

I felt the support we received from lots of people

℃-ute too will do our best to respond to Morinaga Seika-san!!


For ℃-ute’s Single、 I’m counting on youーーー


- Nakajima Saki -
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- Naka -

1e25223b_240This is Nakajima Saki。



I made an appearance on Television Saitama’s GogoTama with Airi!

It was for just a short while, but it was funーーっ

We got this from TV Tama’s staff。 lol

- Photo 1 -

A full set。 lol

Thank you very much!!

With this and that

Airi and I went just like that to Shibuya’s TSUTAYA for a handshake event!

Thank you to those who cameーーっ♪

Thank you for coming in the middle of the coldーっ(^-^)/

Recently、 I’ve been wearing HeatTech

But I forgot to wear mine today

So I was freezing when I left the house (´・_・`)

I’ll start being in the care of HeatTech tomorrow!

Definitely!!!!! lol


Well then、 until tomorrowーー(^-^)/


- Nakajima Saki -
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- Naka -

1d859fa3_240This is Nakajima Saki。


Yesterday we had the Naruchika @ Saga!

Thank you to those who cameー

Since we were in Saga, I did a faux Hanawa-san hairstyle

It’s just me knotting up my bangs though, right?

Mai said it was all right、 and this is how it turned out。

- Photo 1 -


Well well well、 I can’t go on stage like that right lol

Even though I was doing it for the first time, I fixed it and went on stage lol

With this and that

Today we had our release eventー

At Akishima、 we had a talk & handshake event

Thank you to those who cameーっ(^-^)/

Tomorrow、 we’ve got a handshake event at TSUTAYA in Shibuya!

We’ll be waitーingーー

Details are here→…

- Nakaijma Saki -
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- Naka -

aafb5ce1_240This is Nakajima Saki。


Yesterday was the Naruchika @ Nagasaki!!

Thanks to everyone who cameーー

The members have recently gotten into doing impressions、

We showed our impressions on-stage, how was it? lol

Naruchika、 it’s funー rightーっ

There were also people who were seeing us for the first time

And there were people who said that they’d be going to Yokohama Arena on the 11th of June…

That made me really happy!!

Thank you!

The photo is of Chisato practising impressions by watching videos。 lol


- Nakajima Saki -
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- Naka -

0624db1e_240 This is Nakajima Saki。


Good morningーーっ

Yesterday we had Naruchika @ Yamaguchiーー

Thank you to those who came (>_<)

Speaking of Yamaguchi、

Previously? I went to Suou Ooshima for a SATOYAMA on-location shootー

But wellー、 it was an awesome location、 so, so much fun、 that just the memory of it lifts me up

I’d like to go there againーーっ(>_<)

Changing topics、

Yesterday、 Mai-chan curled my hairー8773fcfd_240

Thanks (^-^)/

- Photo 1 -

That Mai-chan suddenly did up Momochi Musubi next to me。

- Photo 2 -

But she didn’t do Momochi Musubi on-stage though lol

Well then、

Today we’ve got a Naruchika in Nagasaki!

Let’s have funー!!!


- Nakajima Saki -
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- Naka -

aiiThis is Nakajima Saki。


Yesterday was our Nippon Budokan performance!

To those who came、

Thank you so so muchーーっ

Budokan really is a place of joy

Holding a concert at the Budokan, that’s the peak of joy!!

It feels just like the lyrics of Tadoritsuita Onna Senshi。

℃-ute has worked hard up to now to see this view

We deeply felt how many people there were who had cheered on ℃-ute to this extent

I’d like to try to continue to do my best from tomorrow。

And this was announced yesterday

On the 6th of November, ℃-ute’s 10th anniversary, there’ll be a Yokohama Arena performance!!

I’ll do my best, with everything I’ve got, onwards toward Yokohama Arena!

Who’d have thought it、 celebrating our 10th anniversary at Yokohama Arena…

Just thinking about it gives me goosebumps (°_°)

It truly truly truly is thanks to all your support

Thank you so so very much (>_<)

Let’s do our best!!!

℃-ute、 we’ll make Yokohama Arena a blast!!


6th November、 we’ll be waiting at Yokohama Arena


- Nakajima Saki -
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- Naka -

f401b8ae_240It’s Nakajima Saki。


I’m truly sorry that I haven’t updated with blog posts for quite a while (>_<)

I started the day with a recording for P★League!

We heard a lot from the players this time around as well!

It’s slowly making me want to try bowling

I’ve got knowledge about it!

Well、 will I be able to put it into practiseー… lol

I’m counting on you to check out P★Leagueー

The photo is with Chisatoーー

We let out some good sweat

- Photo 1 -

We’ll let out some good sweat for tomorrow’s Budokan!

Let’s do our bestーーー


- Nakajima Saki -
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- Naka -

76f97bd2_240This is Nakajima Saki。


Started with a photo shoot for 『Baseball Game Magazine』!

It’s been ages since I’ve done a solo photo shoot, so I felt kind of uneasy lol

But, but、 it was tons of fun

I was in high spiritsーーっ

The weather was good too, and it felt amazing (^-^)/

I got to wear lots of outfits too



I’ll put up pics of only this outfitー

- Photos 1, 2, 3 -

Since it’s a solo shoot, Nakajima could do hairstyles that are normally no-gos。

Today I was kind of in high spirits, not feeling self-concious。 lol

Also、 look forward to which baseball team uniform I’ll be wearingーーーっ

It’ll go on sale the 25th of November!

And then there was a recording for 『The Girls Live』!



I’m counting on you to check it out、 every week (^-^)/

- Nakajima Saki -
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- Naka -

e115df0f_240This is Nakajima Saki。


Today we had Naruchika @ Kyotoーーーっ

It was a blastーっ

3 days of Naruchika in a row was great!

My eyes have gotten used to the close distances

So it’s fun to make eye-contact with all of you!!

That’s my personal opinion lol

However、 the distance really is short!d64767a7_240

I want those who haven’t experienced one before to come to Naruchika once。 lol

These photos are from yesterday!

Omi beefーーーー

- Photos 1, 2 -

What we’re having in these photos is Omi beef tongue。

The Omi beef was deliciousーーっ

Naruchika、 we’re fully enjoying it (^-^)


- Nakajima Saki -
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- Naka -

627ad38e_240This is Nakajima Saki。


Yesterday we had Naruchika @ Fukui

Today we had Naruchika @ Shigaー(^-^)/


Livehouses are fun, aren’t theyーーっ

Seeing everyone enjoy themselves

It honestly makes me happy as well!!!

Thanks for letting us enjoy ourselvesー

Tomorrow will be Kyotoーーーー57d89e4d_240

3 days of Naruchika in a row

Let’s do our best for the last dayーーーっ

The photos are from today

With Leader

- Photo 1 -

We split the local delicacy Baumkuchen amongst ourselves


- Photo 2 -

Airi helping her out too lol d0885cc7_240

- Photo 3 -

Well then

Until tomorrowーーーーっ


- Nakajima Saki -
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