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5b431e09_240This is Nakajima Saki。


It was super duper cold today、 (>_<)

Really really!!!

So much it was painful!!

Ahーーーー、 February is scaryー(°_°)

Even though I was born in February、 I really can’t deal with the cold。

I’ll do my best in talking、 in this season

I’m thankful that I don’t have any outdoor location work at present。


And today started with a recording for USEN、Talk in the GARDEN

It’s been ages since I’ve been there

- Photo 1 -

I went with Leader

When I appear on Talk in the GARDEN、

I always think that I’m in a rush。(°_°)

Even though it’s supposed to be a chill、 relaxed programme

I talk in a rush。

And、 I stand outー…

I have to be more aware about speaking in a more relaxed manner

And then I had another radio recordingー

It’ll be broadcast next year

Details will be forthcomingーーっ

Ahー、 Can’t I get back home any earlierー(>_<)

It’s really CーOーLーDーーーっ


- Nakajima Saki -
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- Naka -

28e63e17_240This is Nakajima Saki。


We did all sorts of things in Nagoya todayー lol

Firstly、 group polaroid events。

Individual polaroid events。

Signing events。

That was a first!

You know、 it feels fresh to sign things right in front of my eyes

Nakajima’s handwriting isn’t great、 so I’m sorry when it comes to writing namesーー(>_<)

Thank you to those who came

And then we ended with the familiar individual handshake events

I found this out through the handshakes、

But Nakajima’s 21st birthday event that’ll be held at Differ Ariake

It’s in the middle of a weekday、 I’m truly sorry

It’d make me happy if you could adjust your schedule and come。

That place、 it’s huge、 and the stage is huge too (°_°)

Can I make it fun by myself?

I’ve got to make it enjoyable, right

Right、 for the time being、 I’ll think about what songs I’ll singー!

Details about the birthday events are here→…

The photo is from yesterday!

I took loーts of photos、

But the timing for everyone’s smiles were all over the place, so there aren’t any photos I can use lol

And so、 I’ll put one up with myself as the sacrifice。

- Photo 1 -

That said、 it’s a funny face that’s just on the border of being okay lol

It’s okay, right? lolol


- Nakajima Saki -
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- Naka -

6ee03612_240This is Nakajima Saki。


The Monster tour has safely endedーーーっ!!!

To everyone who came、 thank you very much (>_<)

For this Monster tour

There were acrobatics

But it’s great that we got through it without injury (>_<)

Well、 they happened while we were practising though。

It’s something to remember lol 282d6742_240

After the end of the performance、 ℃-ute with the Kenshuusei girls!

- Photo 1 -

With Kaga-chanーー

- Photo 2 -

The thing in Saki’s hands

Are letters from the Kenshuusei girls

All of theirs are inside

Thank youーーーー

Also、 after the performance、 in front of the changing room

The Kenshuusei girls held these cups with sports drinks in them

They waited for us and passed them to us with a ‘Thank you for your hard workー’ 478a68b5_240

The cups came with messages

Thank you (>_<)

Lastly, this is with Airiーーーっ

- Photo 3 -

Well then, until tomorrowーーっ


- Nakajima Saki -
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- Naka -

c409d311_240This is Nakajima Saki。



I left home early even though the weather was bad

It’s rare for Nakajima…lolol

I put on my sneakers and went walking all around


It doesn’t make you excited, right lol

The job I had after that

The first half was pretty peacefulー

It’s just that everyone was funny、

I had a lot of laughs (^-^)/

Well then

Tomorrow’s the final Monster!

Let’s make it a blastーーーっ


I haven’t put up this photo yet、 right?


A photo from when I went to watch Leader’s dinner showーーっ


Well、 until tomorrow


- Nakajima Saki -
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- Naka -

381105c9_240This is Nakajima Saki。


Today I had a goods shooting for my birthday in February

I can’t waitーーっ!!

What should I do for my birthday??

I’ll turn 21ーーっ

It’s so quick、 21、 what sort of year will it be ?

Though、 it’s a bit too early to think about that lol

I’ll enjoy my remaining time as a 20 year old (^-^)/

Details of the birthday event are here→…

The photo is

Nakajima from Baseball Game Magazine

I really haven’t been taking photos、 I’ve got nothing from Now lol

The other day、 I talked about buying too much umbrellas at the convenience store, right?

And then?

I watch the weather forecast before I go out。

And、 I forget the umbrella I brought from home and leave it where I drop byー

The opposite pattern is happening、 recently。 lol

The umbrellas I’ve stockpiled at home are gradually vanishing…(°_°)

This umbrella problem、 I’ll be more careful


- Nakajima Saki -
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- Naka -

bba77ace_240【From the staff: This blog post is from last night。 We apologise for the delay in updating。】


This is Nakajima Saki。



Started off with a recording for The girls live!

For the outfits we wore, and what song we sang

Look forward to when it goes On Airーーーっ!!

After that

I had a recording for 1422 Radio Nippon Nakajima Saki no Cute na Jikan

With Airiーーーっ

The studio was in Christmas mood e80cd0bf_240

- Photo 1 -

And like that, we had a fun recording

- Photo 2 -

Wellー、 whatever it is, it was cold todayー(>_<)

Winter is scaryーーー(°_°)(°_°)

Yesterday、 I had gloves on throughout the day

I felt the worth of gloves。

I might be in the care of gloves this winter。


- Nakajima Saki -
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- Naka -

cc3a874e_240This is Nakajima Saki。


I went to Christmas Disney today!

Today I went to Sea

Feels like it’s been ages since I went to Disney Sea

Ever since I came alone, I guess?

A sorrowful past lol

But、 it’s not like I dislike going to Disney alone

They both have their own attractions

It was the 3 Nakajima sisters who went

But it’s good to have sisters

I often think that it’s good that we’re 3 sisters (^-^)/

But the next time we go、 I’d like to come with my whole family, just like before

We’d leave the house by car

And enjoy Disney

Then go back home by car in the traffic! Something like that…

If I could drive a carー、 I’d drive instead of my parents

But I can’tーー(°_°)


Well、 I’ve thought about it。


My hand on the way there。

- Photo 1 -

My hand on the way back。

- Photo 2 -

Wellー、that’s how it turned outー…lol


- Nakajima Saki -
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- Naka -

f8549536_240This is Nakajima Saki。



I appeared on TFM Yonpachi with Chisato!

I was kind of nervousーーっ(>_<)

Suzuki Osamu-san was the radio personality、 and he picked up on every little thing

We were in his care!!

After that

I went to Leader’s dinner show with Mai!

Leader、 she was lovelyーー

If anything、 she was cute (>_<)f2db5547_240

She was really really cute!! lol

Mai frantically getting a shot of the dressed up Leader。

- Photo 1 -

Nakajima was busy taking photos too though

Wellー、 she was truly lovely

I wouldn’t actually know、 but it feels like I’ve been invited to Leader’s wedding ceremony。 lol

Me and Mai just kept telling her she was cute、 so cuteーっ

We got a smileーー

- Photo 2 -

Leader’s got a dinner show tomorrow too、 so good luckーっ

She really was wonderful (^-^)/


Ah、 the non-alcoholic cocktail Leader came up with was delicious! lol

Thanks for the mealー


- Nakajima Saki -
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- Naka -

c83f3bdf_240This is Nakajima Saki。

What happened to yesterday’s wonderful weatherー(°_°)

The weather’s super gloomy、

Recently、 I’ve had to buy so many umbrellas at the convenience store

Thinking that I’ve got to straighten upー、 I watched the weather forecast before leaving homeー

…Too late?? lol

They said there’d be a smattering of rain today

So I left home with umbrella in hand!!



And today, I went to the hair salon before work

I got it coloured, had a treatment done, and got it cut slightly!

I’m a regular with Fukunaga Taichi-san、 who I worked with for the air-s photo book

I left the colouring to Taichi-san

I’ll put up photos in the future

These are today’s photos。

- Photos 1, 2-

Nakayama Chieko-san did them prettily

This time, they’re early Chirstmas nails lol


The Christmas motif is just too cute (>_<)

It fits my taste!!

Thank you very much

Finally, here’s NakaSaki, still upbeat at a recent photo shoot。

- Photo 3 -

Well, until next timeーーーっ

- Nakajima Saki -
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- Naka -

de312304_240【From the staff: This blog post was from last night。 We apologise for the delay in updating。】


This is Nakajima Saki。


The weather was really good todayー

Wellー、 I got up by myself somehow! lol

You know、

We’ve started cleaning the houseーーーーっ!!

Might as well while it still isn’t dirty

Apologies、 my appearance is completely in clean-up mode。

- Photos 1.2.3-

I was going to clean in casual wear、 but since it’s hard to move in them

It’s a Heattech、 bare-top all-in-one lolf55ce5e6_240

Although the lower half wasn’t captured…

Wellー、 I cleaned upーーーっlol

I started from the veranda today!

An early major clean-up

To raise my spirits, my hair’s in a ponytail for the time being。

My BGM was Christmas songs。

It was a job well doneーーーっ(>_<)

But now、 I’m currently doing some writing。

My BGM is Christmas songs。18764400_240

Listening to Christmas songs at night makes me sleepy。 lol

I’m sleepy、 and these Christmas songs don’t seem to be helping (°_°)

Hmmー、 I’ll take a little break

Well then、 it’s up to here


- Nakajima Saki -
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