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Chuuzenji Nakiko

Nakiko × Yajima-chan





Love youーーーーーーーーー




Why is Yajima-chan crying??




She was just kiddingーーー!!!





The usual interaction。





Love you Yajima-chanーーーーっ




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The weather’s kinda gloomyーー (°_°)

Let’s do our best and raise our spiritsーー!!


This photo is how I appeared in yesterday’s drama recital

Mafia Nakajima。



My first moustache。 lolol


I had 2 choices、

A short one and whiskers…





There wasn’t enough space between my nose and mouth for the short one

The moustache would stick to my lips

So I went for the long oneーーーーー lol


This cat packed a punch as well。 lol



Hmmー、 That saidー

No one would be scared of this kind of mafia memberー lol
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An announcement!

1422 Radio Nippon

Nakajima Saki no Cute na Jikan

It’ll start at late night at 1 tonightー


Airi will be my guest!



Look forward to itーーーっ*\(^o^)/*
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Chichibu Meisen

I’m going to talk about the time I went to Chichibu the other dayーーっ


I got Bishamon Koori shaved ice

And at Suzaki Ryokan

I got to try on Chichibu Meisen silk!





The cloth is firm

And because it’s glossy

It shines adorably when you walk outsideーーーっ


That said, when I wear a kimono

I seem like an innkeeper。 lol





There are lots of Chichibu Meisen silk at Suzaki Ryokan!




If you stay over at Suzaki Ryokan

Girls, you should wear them!

Kimonos lift my spiritsーーっ*\(^o^)/*
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Today’s weather is pretty bad, isn’t itー(>_<) Hot、 And humidーーーー (°_°) My hair gets problematicーーっ   Should I tie my hair todayー??   Hmmー、 Butー I should start from what I'll be doingーーー lol   It's rainingー、 It'd be nice to stay at homeーっ   Ah! Which reminds meー Yesterday I cut some veggies, intending to lightly pickle them But I had run out of the pickling ingredients I left the veggies as they were!(°_°)   At any rate、 I'll go to the supermarket and buy the ingredients for pickling!     The photos are of Suzuki-san from yesterday。   o0480048013398542452[1]

She got excited when she picked up the goods。 lol

Ahー、 Yesterday was funーっ*\(^o^)/*
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Last 1!

I’ll do my bestーーーーーーっ


Me right now。



Flopping aroundーーーーー。




Has been talking about it、 for some reason。 lolol





I’ll be preparing for the 3rd timeーー。
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As of today, we’ve been part of Hello! Project

For a whole 13 years!!!!!


Wellー、 It’s deeply moving

13 years ago we were surrounded by seniors, chasing frantically after them

And yet now, our group is the eldest group…

As usual, I’m still chasing frantically lol

Looking back over 13 years

We got to experience all sorts of things

I’m grateful that we continue to have work (>_<)   To everyone we've worked together with、 Thank you very much!   o0480048013352075066[1]


From now on as well, the Hello! Project Kids

Beg for your kindness!!!
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Chisato、 happy birthdayーーっ

Thank you for always making the members laugh

You said that you wanted to have a go at variety!

It’s cool seeing you gradually get more comfortable at dealing with varietyーーー!

Seeing Chisato do her best despite saying she’s mentally weak makes me feel like I have to work hard as well!

I worry about her voice when she overdoes it with her efforts though (>_<)   I beg for your kindness from now on too! o0480048113343442683[1]

Ah、 we did the striking pose from Taiki Bansei againー

It’s super amusing! lolol


Ah、 also?

Actually、 Nakajima left her phone in a taxi and couldn’t answer Chisato’s callsーっ(>_<) It happened again after ages、 I was pretty flustered。(°_°) Good thing I just happened to remember the name of the taxi company though… You can’t do anything without your phone, right For the time being、 thank you for safely getting my phone back to me Taxi driver-san、 thank you very much for sending it to me
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Scribbling with my left hand。

I tried it out。




The signing event is done

Next’ll be handshake eventsーーーー(^-^)!
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Starting the day with Yaji-kitty!




Chisa-kitty is mad (°_°) lolol


Today we’ve got a Naruchika @ Tokyo!

It seems that the weather isn’t greatー but let’s make it a blastーーー!!
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