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September 10th is ℃-ute no Hi

I’ll write about Happy Incident 2 that occurred on that dayーーー!


Tsubaki Factory’s

Yamagishi Riko-chan

Suddenly came into ℃-ute’s dressing room and started handing something out。



The ℃-ute-chans

Barreled into Yamagishi-chan due to her cutenessーーー。 lol



There was a letter, a tiny gift, and a card for that ℃-ute favourite, Starbucks!

Yamagishi-chan followed along ℃-ute’s tours

As a Kenshuusei (^-^)

Since she’s become part of Tsubaki Factory

Her expressions have become more mature

As we watched over her, we’ve admired at how properly she’s done her research (^-^)

The contents of her letter made me really happy!

But I won’t be telling you what’s in itー。 lolol

Thank you for the lovely letter ♪♪


You know

Watching Tsubaki Factory

I thought back to ℃-ute in the past

I hope that they talk a lot with one another without holding back

And do their best。

Compared to when they formed, they’ve all grown steadily!

They’re also preparing for their debut next year!

It’s amazingー、 everything’s starting from now on!

What sort of group will they becomeーー

Tsubaki Factory, good luckーーー!!!
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September 10th is ℃-ute no Hi

I’ll tell you about a happy thing that occurred on that dayーーーー(^-^)


We got a cake

From the staff-members whom we’ve worked with!!


I’m really happy (T ^ T)

Since ℃-ute have been under their care since we were in primary school

When we talk about memories of the past, we’ll never run out of stories

It was really embarrassing when we brought up the memories of various incidents。 lolol

Honestlyー、 we were under their care (>_<)

Thank you very much for always being kind to ℃-ute


Please take care of ℃-ute until the very end (^-^)!


We were so happy about the cake that we took a ton of photos

So I’ll put them all here! lol














This cake was awfully delicious as wellーっ♡


Thank you so so very much!!!
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℃-ute no Hi

Today we had rehearsals for our 5th September Budokan performance!

We sing all our single songs!!!

That said

We’ve got a staggering amount of lyric cards。 lol

I’m worried whether or not they’ll properly stay in my headーーー(°_°)

We had rehearsals yesterday as well

I’d reviewed things properly, but when I gave it a try at the rehearsals

I made a crazy number of mistakes。 lolol


That’s right、

The Budokan’s spacious, so it’s tough to remember。

Good luck to me!!!

Since it’ll definitely be a wonderful live performance!

Come on and drop by the Nippon Budokan on the 5th of September, ok!

These photos are with

Country Girls’


Momo-chan’s amazing

She can even wear these sorts of frilly outfits!

It’d be impossible for meーーー(>_<)


I’ll go back and double check things againーーっ
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To all of team ℃-ute

We made this announcement today。

℃-ute will disband at our Saitama Super Arena performance that will be held next year in June。

It was a sudden announcement

But this was the result of many discussions with the members and the staff。

It’s thanks to everyone who has supported us

And the many staff members who supported us

That ℃-ute’s greatest dream

「A Saitama Super Arena performance」

Will be coming true。

It’s because you were there that the decision for us to stand at the stage of Saitama Super Arena was made。

It’s because you were there that we did our best for 12 years!

We’d like to see the greatest scenery with all of you at the end!!

10 months remain

I hope that we’ll spend our days as ℃-ute to the max

I hope that we’ll deepen the bonds of team ℃-ute

I’ll treasure each and every day we spend!!!

And so, everyone!!

For ℃-ute、 I’m counting on you until the very end!!

All of team ℃-ute

I truly truly love you (>_<)!!!
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Naka *\(^o^)/*

Just a while back

When I went to a mystic exhibition

I bumped into Kumai Yurina-chan!!!


The 2 of us

Were absorbed in how cute mystic wasー、

Thank you very much

To all the staff of mystic, who are always kind (>_<)!

You know, recently?

Now and then、

I try out Omekashi’s clothes

Isn’t Omekashi cute tooーーーっ!!!lolol

I can’t wait until the deliveryーー(^-^)

I plan to have a meal with Kumai-chan next time!

It was a good day

We still have yet to decide on a day lol

I’ve got high expectations for Kumai-chan’s future activitiesー

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Yesterday, Chisa formally announced it on her blog.

Starting from 6/23, for the sake of treatment for vocal nodules

she will be restricted from work.

We are all prepared to support her!

While trying to properly support our precious, precious member, Chisato

we want to overcome this together(^-^)

is what I say, but Okai-chan

That girl, her recovery rate is amazing

To the point where we have expectations like

“I wonder if she’ll be back in a blink of an eye?” haha

I mean

the piercing she got 3 years ago,

because of her ability to heal,

the hole is still trying to close up haha

Well, I’ll stop digressing there…

I want to watch over the Chisato who declared

“During the time before entering treatment,

I’ll work with all my power!”

Only 3 performances left for our spring tour!

Let’s have funーーーー*\(^o^)/*
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So Airi

often gets crumbs on her lips.

The other day,

after eating some Ritz crackers,

amazingly, to the point of me thinking “even this?”

she had the salt from Ritz on her lipsーーー!hahaha

And so, I’ll show all of you too haha





By the way, when this picture was taken,

she hadn’t realized there was salt on her lips. haha

Same as always huhーーーhaha
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℃-ute are heading offーーー

At long last, the next HinaFes is

℃-ute Premium!!!!

Now、 due to the SATOYAMA events

We’re all around, so I’m restarting with Airi!


All of team ℃-ute!

Let’s make it a blastーーーー*\(^o^)/*
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Good morning

Well then

Let’s get the answers

For the last of these consecutive pop quizzesーーー*\(^o^)/*

Thank you very much for not losing interest and giving answers!


Well then、 here are the eyes。



I guess eyes are easy to getー?

Well、 there were people who made mistakes though ( ̄▽ ̄)




Hagi Naka Suzu

Hagi Naka Suzu

That’s itーーー!


There’s no prizes for those who got it correct

But at any rate、 congratulationsーーーー*\(^o^)/*


When’s the next time

That these pop quizzes will come upーーー??


Look forward to them when it does happen 012[1] Tokunaga Chinami Niyari
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Whose eyes are these!!!





I’ll tell you the answer tomorrow morning

003[1] png Kumai niyari003[1] png Kumai niyari003[1] png Kumai niyari
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