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4985ab6d_240This is Nakajima Saki。


Today was the final day of the Hello! Cons!

We closed the curtains in Osaka

Thanks to the staff-san and those who came

It’s a Hello! Con that left me with memories

Thank you so so very much!!

Today is the last time we’ll stand together with Berryz Kobo at a Hello! Con。

Before the concert, we all watched videos of past Hello! Cons for a bit。

We talked about how at the time、 it was like this、 we were like that

I felt the 13 years we’ve stood on-stage together


I wanted to sing with Momo-chan too (>_<)

Momo-chan、 don’t push yourself too much

I hope you get well soonー (>_<)

Momo-chan isn’t in the photos thoughっ(>_<)

– Photo 1 –

Nakajima、 broke down in tears… lolol

At the next Ariake

I’ll take a photo of the 12 of us gathered togetherーーーっ!

Berryz Kobo

Please enjoy the remaining time as Berryz Kobo to the fullest

℃-ute loves Berryz Koboーー!!


– Nakajima Saki -
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- Naka -

df61e546_240 (1)This is Nakajima Saki


A lot of people came for yesterday’s birthday event (T_T)
Thank you so so very much

Normally the 3 of us born in February would do an event together
Andー soー I was filled with anxiety (°_°)

Thinking about having done an event by myself, I truly am blessed。
There were staff-san who made preparations for my sake
There were the members and family who lent their cooperation
There were fans who made their way to the venue for my sake。
I’m truly truly grateful (>_<)
Thank you very much!!!!



Well then, here are the details of yesterday’s event…

First was the sketch I occaーーーsionally act out
I acted as Chuuzenji Nakiko。 lol
Nakiko-san, with time to spare as always…

And then we had the concert corner!

M1 Haru Beautiful Every Day
Mai chose this song for me (^-^)
It’s cute, my cup of tea
Thanks for telling me about itーー

MC Reflecting on 21 years of memories together with a blank notebook。
Reflecting on my interactions with my father during my rebellious phase、 I truly was in the wrong (>_<)
Father、 my apologies

M2 Aenai Nagai Nichiyoubi
M3 LOVE Namida Iro
M4 Yuki/Ai×Anata≧Suki
This was titled the married women corner。 lol

MC Replying to the questions and worries received through the cooperation of those who came。
Thank you for your cooperationーーー(>_<)

M5 Maji de Koi suru 5 byou mae
I wonder if you know this songーー?。 lol
Since I’ve taken all the trouble to memorise the lyrics, I’ll sing it when I go for karaokeー。 lol

M6 Sekaichuu no Dare yori kitto
I wonder if you know this songーー?。 lol
It’s a wonderful song
Nakajima’s singing is so-so、
It made me wonder if it was all right for me to sing it?、 but I got to sing it lol

M7 Doki Doki Baby
Lastly it was Mano-chan!
I chose the song since I think that ending with a 「Doki♪」 would be cuteー。 lol

Besides that, there was a surprise from the staff-sam
Cake、 and a small revelations from my mother and sister
I also got a comment from Chisato, it was really a fun time

To those who came
To the staff-san who made preparations
Thank you so so very much!

I’d be unable to do anything without everyone’s power
Even at 21 years of age, I beg for your kindness (>_<)


– Nakajima Saki -
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- Naka -

cf6edeef_240This is Nakajima Saki。


Today we appeared on Countdown Japan 14/15!

I wonder if the rock fans enjoyed themselvesー。(>_<)

To everyone from team℃-ute who came support us

Thanks for your passionate cheers

Thank you very much for helping create a fun concert atmosphere together with us!

Wellー、 Countdown Japan、

I was nervous as usualーーー(>_<)

But、 it was tons of fun、 it’s a fest I definitely want to appear on

I hope we get to make an appearance next year tooー2f413115_240

℃-ute will do our best in 2015 tooーーー


Leader and Nakajima’s outfits for the day。

We really look the same。 lol

– Photo 1 –

What a surpriseーーーーlolol

At the end of the event

All of us had our belated

Christmas present exchange

Saki received a present from Leaderー

It’s a humidifier that looks like a perfume bottle 0b3a9895_240

– Photo 2 –

It’s really feminine


By the way、 mine got to Airi

– Photo 3 –

Cooking goods

Please enjoy having meals sitting around it with your familyーーーっ


Well then, until next timeーーー


– Nakajima Saki -
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- Naka -

bd3825da_240This is Nakajima Saki。


We’ve got release events today!

Chisato’s absent due to the flu, so the 4 of us will do our best!!(>_<)

Chisato、 please take careーーー

To think Chisato got brought down by it…

This year’s flu is strong (°_°)(°_°)

Nakajima has to be careful too

These photos are from the Christmas event

– Photos 1.2 -207874a5_240

And here’s an announcement!!

On the 5th of February next year、 I’ll be holding a 21st birthday event!

It’s a weekday、 but I’ll be waiting for all of you

I’m uneasy because I’m alone, but because I’m alone

I can do the things I want to do to my heart’s extent lol

I’ll be waiting at Differ Ariake on the 5th of February!

The deadline is today, the 23rd, at 11 p.m.!…

– Nakajima Saki -
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- Naka -

e86e2153_240This is Nakajima Saki。

Yesterday, I appeared on J:COM’s J Tele Style with Chisato!

It’s been ages since we’ve last been to J Tele Style

It’s interesting to find out about foreign TV series when we appear on this programme

This time, Golden Boy was introduced

You’ve got to use your head to get itーーーっlol

It’s a series that makes you think

I think it’d be even more fun if you watch it with friends and go ‘I think it’s like thatー’、 or ‘I think it’s like thisー’



After that we had Hello! Con rehearsals

Yesterday it was noisy and bustling, that was fun

And then

I talked about this with Leader

「The juniors、 they’ve really increased in numberー」

Even S/mileage have renewed their name to ANGERME

We’ll be challenging something we haven’t done before at a Hello! Con

Objectively speaking, we’re on the offenceーー、。lol

We’re abound in reliable juniorsー、I thought

Yup、 it would be great if in the New Year、 we’d be able to perform a wonderful concert ♪

I hope that it’ll become a Hello! Con where we’ll be told ‘Hello! Pro、 it’s changed in a good way’ (>_<)

The photos are from my time as ambassador for Chichibu Ichigo Oh! Sono

The moment I was receiving strawberries from the union president Machida-san

– Photo 1 –

These strawberries are twins!

– Photo 2 –

They look like a moustache in that shot。lol

It seems that this is one of the rare joys you get when going strawberry gathering。

I agree!!! lol

I’m seriously making plans to go to Chichibu Ichigo

The gardens will open from January next year、 until June!

We definitely have to goーーー!

An announcement

There will be 2nd reservations for ℃-ute Yajima Maimi ・ Nakajima Saki ・ Hagiwara Mai’s FC birthday event!
If you couldn’t apply last time、 don’t miss this chance!!…

– Nakajima Saki -
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- Naka -

0ce2504d_240This is Nakajima Saki。


Nakajima has now、

Taken on the role of Chichibu Ichigo Oh! Sono ambassador!

Today was the inauguration ceremony!

– Photo 1 –

Chichibu’s strawberries suffered a lot of damage due to the heavy snow in February this year。

Through the efforts of the producers who didn’t give up, 21 gardens will be opened from January next year!

As though they were responding to the feelings of the producers、 many of them have ripened into outstanding strawberries。

I got some too、 and they were really really delicious

Today at Komatsuzawa Leisure Farm、 where the inauguration ceremony was held57b1bee8_240

I also got to sample and compare the numerous varieties of strawberries that they cultivate ♪

I’d love it if all of you could fully enjoy Chichibu’s strawberries

I don’t know if it’s okay for me to say this

But even if I wasn’t supporting them

Just with their taste, Chichibu strawberries can pump me up… lol

That’s how delicious they are

I seriously want to go there even in my private time lol

The gardens will be opening in January next year

So we’ll be waiting for those of you who are interested!!

Strawberries and me。

– Photo 2 –

Chichibu strawberries that I got as a souvenir。

– Photo 3 –

Thank you very much

I was under their care today!

I’m really happy to be appointed as the ambassador to support these Chichibu strawberries!!!

Everyone、 for Chihibu’s strawberries、 we beg for your kindness!!!

Saitama prefectural office home page…

– Nakajima Saki -
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- Naka -

5b431e09_240This is Nakajima Saki。


It was super duper cold today、 (>_<)

Really really!!!

So much it was painful!!

Ahーーーー、 February is scaryー(°_°)

Even though I was born in February、 I really can’t deal with the cold。

I’ll do my best in talking、 in this season

I’m thankful that I don’t have any outdoor location work at present。


And today started with a recording for USEN、Talk in the GARDEN

It’s been ages since I’ve been there

– Photo 1 –

I went with Leader

When I appear on Talk in the GARDEN、

I always think that I’m in a rush。(°_°)

Even though it’s supposed to be a chill、 relaxed programme

I talk in a rush。

And、 I stand outー…

I have to be more aware about speaking in a more relaxed manner

And then I had another radio recordingー

It’ll be broadcast next year

Details will be forthcomingーーっ

Ahー、 Can’t I get back home any earlierー(>_<)

It’s really CーOーLーDーーーっ


– Nakajima Saki -
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- Naka -

28e63e17_240This is Nakajima Saki。


We did all sorts of things in Nagoya todayー lol

Firstly、 group polaroid events。

Individual polaroid events。

Signing events。

That was a first!

You know、 it feels fresh to sign things right in front of my eyes

Nakajima’s handwriting isn’t great、 so I’m sorry when it comes to writing namesーー(>_<)

Thank you to those who came

And then we ended with the familiar individual handshake events

I found this out through the handshakes、

But Nakajima’s 21st birthday event that’ll be held at Differ Ariake

It’s in the middle of a weekday、 I’m truly sorry

It’d make me happy if you could adjust your schedule and come。

That place、 it’s huge、 and the stage is huge too (°_°)

Can I make it fun by myself?

I’ve got to make it enjoyable, right

Right、 for the time being、 I’ll think about what songs I’ll singー!

Details about the birthday events are here→…

The photo is from yesterday!

I took loーts of photos、

But the timing for everyone’s smiles were all over the place, so there aren’t any photos I can use lol

And so、 I’ll put one up with myself as the sacrifice。

– Photo 1 –

That said、 it’s a funny face that’s just on the border of being okay lol

It’s okay, right? lolol


– Nakajima Saki -
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- Naka -

6ee03612_240This is Nakajima Saki。


The Monster tour has safely endedーーーっ!!!

To everyone who came、 thank you very much (>_<)

For this Monster tour

There were acrobatics

But it’s great that we got through it without injury (>_<)

Well、 they happened while we were practising though。

It’s something to remember lol 282d6742_240

After the end of the performance、 ℃-ute with the Kenshuusei girls!

– Photo 1 –

With Kaga-chanーー

– Photo 2 –

The thing in Saki’s hands

Are letters from the Kenshuusei girls

All of theirs are inside

Thank youーーーー

Also、 after the performance、 in front of the changing room

The Kenshuusei girls held these cups with sports drinks in them

They waited for us and passed them to us with a ‘Thank you for your hard workー’ 478a68b5_240

The cups came with messages

Thank you (>_<)

Lastly, this is with Airiーーーっ

– Photo 3 –

Well then, until tomorrowーーっ


– Nakajima Saki -
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- Naka -

c409d311_240This is Nakajima Saki。



I left home early even though the weather was bad

It’s rare for Nakajima…lolol

I put on my sneakers and went walking all around


It doesn’t make you excited, right lol

The job I had after that

The first half was pretty peacefulー

It’s just that everyone was funny、

I had a lot of laughs (^-^)/

Well then

Tomorrow’s the final Monster!

Let’s make it a blastーーーっ


I haven’t put up this photo yet、 right?


A photo from when I went to watch Leader’s dinner showーーっ


Well、 until tomorrow


– Nakajima Saki -
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