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c3d9627d_240This is Nakajima Saki。



℃-ute had interviews for

Gekkan Entame

BIG ONE GIRLSーーーっ(^-^)/

There’s still a while until they go on sale

Look forward to thoseーーーっ


And then ℃-ute and the staff-san

Had a meeting for the 11th November Budokan!

It’s the first time I’ve participated in a business meeting like this, so I was nervous

And、 I was really excited!

The members openly gave our opinions

I want to do thisー、 we want to try thatー、 would that be too difficultー?

We just let our thoughts flow out in words!

We’ll definitely make the Budokan stage a good one!!

First of all、 the Monster tour is packed with things that ℃-ute wanted to do

And what’s more, we’re adding more things that we want through today’s meetingー

Yup、 it’s definitely definitely going to be a wonderful stage!!

Look forward to it if you’re coming (^-^)/


And there was also an announcement from Tsunku♂-san

Tsunku♂-san、 ℃-ute’s doing our best!

We’d like to have an awesome concert with the songs that were made for us by Tsunku♂-san!

However、 please take care of your health (>_<)

I pray that you’ll get better


- Nakajima Saki -
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ac483d71_240This is Nakajima Saki。


Today、 the weather was really greatー!

I’m really happy, given that it was raining yesterday。 lol


I definitely do love the fine weather。

But already

My stock of photos is getting depleted

At the morning of the recent Omiya Monster performance

We had bromide shootings in the morning, right?

These outfits are for the DVD, but I think they’re OK to put up on the Blog。

- Photo 1 -

Here、 Nakajima、 clad in a skinny fit

It’s tough to put on when I’m sweating (°_°)

But、 it looks goodー!! lol

And so, I’ll do my best to quickly change outfits

Besides that, there are other outfits for Monster

That’ll make you go ‘Eh、 you’re wearing that on-stage?’ー

Those clothes are my favourites!

To those who haven’t seen them yet, please!

Come to a concertーーーっ(^-^)


- Nakajima Saki -
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- Naka -

b0893f00_240This is Nakajima Saki。


It was raining the whole day todayー(°_°)

Although it was raining, it was kind of an enjoyable day

I wonder whyー? lol

Maybe I’ve started to dislike the rain less、


And so

Today I had a recording

「Nakajima Saki no Cute na Jikan」

For 1422 Radio Nipponーーー!!

The guest was this girl

- Photo 1 -


Wellー、 As usual、 Mai was funny

I’m counting on you to check out Nakajima Saki no Cute na Jikan

Late night Saturdays at 1 amーーーっ!!

Ah、 you might get this from the photoー

But today, the booth was Halloween styled!!

It’s really thoughtful, how they do things like this

Working with everyone from Radio Nippon

It makes me feel really warm inside

Thank you very much


- Nakajima Saki -
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- Naka -

c4e24579_240This is Nakajima Saki。


The sky gets really pretty after a typhoon

Everyone、 are you doing all right?

I pray that you’re all safe (>_<)

And today, I was diligently cleaning the house

A clean home brings your spirits up, rightーっ

First of all, to make me excited when cleaning, I had some BGM… lol

I played songs from musicals, from the time when I was still middle school

I got into the roles while cleaning lol

Even now, I’m unexpectedly able to perform them。
But、 it was embarrassing to be seen by my family。 lolol

But you knowー、 It was fun

I got really into it while cleaning。

Since I really like entering into the role lol

Well、 I won’t do them though。


Well then, photos!

Chisato after the end of the Omiya Monster performance!

- Photo 1 -

On her shoulder is a Saitama delicacy、Jumangoku manjuu。 lol

She got so excited, she was rolling on the floor。

- Photo 2 -

I love Okai-chan when she’s like this。 lol


- Nakajima Saki -
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- Naka -

7beb7044_240【From the staff: This blog post was from this afternoon。 We apologise for the delay in updating。】


This is Nakajima Saki。



It’s a pity, but today’s concert was suspended due to the influence of the typhoon。

Apologies to those who had cleared out their schedule for today

It’s really really regretful

I wanted to hear the voices of everyone from Osakaー

And adding to that, there aren’t that many stops on our Monster tour
So each and every stop is even more important than usual!

Typhoon… Please cut us some slackーーー(°_°)

Everyone、 today and tomorrow、 please be careful!

Don’t lose to the typhoon!!

Typhoon、 go past quicklyーーー(>_<)


The photos are of ChisaMai after the Omiya Monster performance。

- Photos 1, 2, 3 -

What a weird atmosphere。 lol

Well、 it looks like ℃-ute enjoys our concerts。7477b05c_240

Since after a concert, the mood becomes charged up

And there’s nothing we’re scared of。

In no time、 our voices are twice as loud than usual。 lolol

Ahーー、 I want to perform in a concertーーっ(>_<) lol


- Nakajima Saki -
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- Naka -

841ada8e_240This is Nakajima Saki。


Yesterday was the Monster tour in Omiyaー!

It’s been a whileーーっ

Omiya、 wasn’t it a blast?

I was surprised at the loudness of your cheers

Saitama’s awesomeーーーlol

Tomorrow’s concert is in Osaka!

Although I have the impression that the cheers in Osaka are always loud… right

With the typhoon、 will it be okayー?(´・_・`)

Everyone who’ll be coming, please be careful (>_<)

Even though I want you to come to the concert

Please don’t force yourself!!


The photo is with Leader at the end of the Nagoya Naruchika。

- Photo 1 -

The grilled eel on rice was deliciousー:excite2:

Well then、 everyone!

Let’s get through the typhoon safelyー!

- Nakajima Saki -
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- Naka -

41efd936_240 This is Nakajima Saki。


Yesterday we had a Naruchika @ Nagoyaー!!

℃-ute’s been going around for Naruchika starting this year

There was a long time in between, so it’s quite a change!

We’re even doing it with a renewed setlist!!

Yesterday’s Diamond Hall is among the largest of the Naruchika venues, but livehouses really are niceーーっ

We can see even the faces of people at the back clearly!

Thank you to everyone who cameーっ(^-^)/

Yesterday’s photos。
We received gifts

Profiteroles × MaiMai

- Photos 1,2,3 -

The camera angle is was a bit too high

She had no idea what sort of expression she should have on her face…

But in Nakajima’s own way, I thought all of them were 「cute」, so I put them up on the Blog anywayー。 lol


Well well well!

Tomorrow’ the Monster tour in Omiyaー!

It’s been a whileーーー
Let’s enjoy itーーーっ!!!


General admission tickets for the 11th November Nippon Budokan special performance went on sale todayー!

Those who haven’t got them, please go ahead!!

- Nakajima Saki -
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- Naka -

08fc5b2c_240This is Nakajima Saki。



We had UTB+-san’s event yesterday!!

They had all sorts of things lined upーーっ

I wanted to talk more with the editor-in-chief

In the usual breaks between photo shoots

℃-ute would talk about all sorts of silly things with the editor-in-chief

Honestly, it’s always funーーlol

Did you know about this?

℃-ute got a letter from the editor-in-chief

The editor-in-chief realーly knows the members wellー。

And you know what?

The editor-in-chief exposed things that we hadn’t even noticedー That was embarrassingー。 lol

And what’s more, it was read out to the public (°_°)

How embarrassing lolol c4ca8b4a_240

During the concert

When ℃-ute was performing

They projected photos from the past on a screen behind us

There was snow falling for Aitai Lonely Christmans…

There really were all sorts of things happening


Photos I took before the performanceーー

- Photo 1-

It’s difficult to take a large selfie with the iPhone6。 lol

- Photo 2, 3 -


Well then, there’s Naruchika today!

I’m looking forward to itー。


- Nakajima Saki -
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- Naka -

ad7481b0_240This is Nakajima Saki。


Today is reverse ℃-ute no Hiーーーっ!!

We had an event sponsored by UTB-sanーっ

I can’t wait、 can’t wait、 can’t wait!!

Everyone who’ll be coming, please enjoy yourselves!

The socks I wore at today’s rehearsal

Disney souvenirs that I got from Chisato yesterday

- Photo 1 -


Well then、 time to wait for the real performanceーっ

- Photo 2 -


- Nakajima Saki -
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- Naka -

6898a693_240This is Nakajima Saki。


Well well well

Here are the answersーーーっ!!!

① MaiMai
② Nakajima
③ Airi
④ Leader
⑤ Chisato

That’s itーーっ。

I suddenly came up with it and thought about giving it a try at the polaroid event…

But was it too difficult?(°_°) lol

The number of people who couldn’t get it was unexpectedーdb4182b7_240

If I do it next time、 it’ll be a bit simpler

m(_ _)m


I was thinking about this throughout the handshake event, you know?

Currently、 I’ve got round pearls stuck on my nails

Doesn’t it get in the way of the handshake?

Is it all right? lol

It’s protruding out this much, you know?

- Photo 1 -

I’ve personally grown really fond of them, I like them

But when I’m shaking hands、 I always feel like they’ll get tugged off, isn’t it such a hindranceー。 lol


But talking about that

I’ve switched to an iPhone6ー

- Photo 2 -

It isn’t the much-talked-about Plus though

But、 I love that there’s plenty of screen space!!

When I lined it up next to the Plus owned by a staff-san, they looked like parent and child lol

If you’re changing, which did you pickー?


And with that、

Thank you to everyone who participated in the quizー


- Nakajima Saki -
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