Nakanishi Kana


Fans who are always giving us your warm support!

How are you doing??

I had the privilege of being the MC on Hello!Sta this time

with Sugaya Risako-san、

so were you able to watch itー??

In there, there was an important announcement from S/mileage。

I think you were surprised by this sudden announcement、

but it has been decided that S/mileage will have a

【Group Name Change】


【Addition of 3rd-Generation Members

As it was shown on Hello!Sta、

the two 1st-gen members told us four 2nd-gen members

and the moment the announcement came、it was such a completely unexpected thing

I was surprised; I couldn’t believe it!

But with the original members considering increasing the number of members

so that from now on, when they graduate, the 2nd-gen members can also keep going、

and being able to have a concert at Nippon Budoukan as 6-member S/mileage

and changing the group name to refresh it with a brand-new sense,

that is、

I think S/mileage will be able to grow bigger and bigger、

and with the 3rd-gen members joining, it gives me good motivation

to be able to improve even more myself, so I think it’s a very good thing

I’m very happy

I’d like to create an environment with everyone that’s easy for the 3rd-gen to be in

Because I’m from Osaka、I think it’d be nice if a member from a local area joined、

and I’m full of tons of excitement and anticipation for how we’ll progress from now on!

Members will join from Hello!Pro Kenshuusei、

so I wonder what kind of girls they’ll be?My heart is racing!

Combining the power of the original members、the 2nd-gen members、and the soon-to-join 3rd-gen members, we will go on and do our best

Even now, I still can’t believe I’m doing activities now as S/mileage、

and I truly am happy every day、

and a lot of things happen、

but because I was able to join S/mileage、

and the 2nd gen members were warmly accepted by the 1st、

I’m thankful once again、

for the fact that I’m spending my time this way now!

From now on, like always、


if you would support us even more than you have up to now, I’d be glad

From now on too, we’re in your care

Won’t you continue to come along with usー??

Nakanishi Kana
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Hello again!




There were Hello! Project concerts at Nakano Sunplaza yesterday and today!


And、 Berryz Kobo-san made an announcement yesterday



That in the spring of next year、 they would be entering into an indefinite hiatus。





We’ve worked together at Hello! Cons、





And they were really kind when we were doing a musical、




So it makes me really sad that these senpais that I love like crazy will be suspending their activities。。




For the songs I got for this Hello! Con、




I was struggling with them、 and even though the teacher was giving me lots of instruction、




I was still worried about how difficult it was、




Sugaya-san taught me、




She’s always been kind, even from before、




So she’s helped me out a lot!




It’s great that Sugaya-san was around!
I truly wish to thank her so much!



And I got to talk a lot with Sudo-san today, which was great o0020002013023748890[1]




When we were doing the musical Warera Jeanne together、



We did the same role、 and we started talking a lot since then。



I love her o0020002012460713808[1] Reina







Today is Kumai-san’s birthday!



Many happy returns!




Kumai-san’s pretty and beautiful and her figure is so nice that your eyes just drift towards her!




I hope you have a wonderful year






I love Berryz Kobo-san






I’m begging for their kindness from now on too o0020002013023748890[1]





See you (^^)
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Today、3/12, is Fukuda Kanon-san’s birthday :heart4:



Happy birthday o0020002012465252644[1] Reina

Rabbitー o0020002012476486665[1] Reina

Kana and Fukuda-sanー、

have teamed up for an informal unit called Rabbit o0020002012472456643[1] Reina

Rab【Kana】and Bit【Fukuda-san】put together is Rabbit o0020002012476486665[1] Reina

We’re coming up with material and such、which is fun :starai:

New material has been hitting me lately :kirakira:

I hope someday Rabbit can become official、and do events!

Doing our material、
Making goods together、


It looks soooo fun o0020002012476486665[1] Reina

I’ll do my best to make it come true!


My data folder is full of Fukuda-san
and the two of us making the same facial expressions and taking similar pictures :raburabu:


She always hangs out with meっ :sun: :sun:

Fukuda-san’s singing isn’t blurry、

The lyrics are easy to understand、

and her voice has a flowing feeling、which I think is amazing

She has a straightforward and honest personality、

which I love :kuma:

I hope you have a wonderful birthday :raburabu:

I’m sure everyone who went to her birthday event had fun :heart4:

How nice o0020002012472456643[1] Reina


○S/mileage Live Tourー2014 Spring~Smile Charge~


On 3/15 from Fukuoka、the setlist will change completely!!

○3/14(Fri) Appearance at「Diver City Idol Festival 2014」!

○3/29(土)・30(日)「Hello!Project HinaFest 2014 ~Full Couruse~」event!

★YouTube「Sub subtitled announcement of each performance!」

★3/3(Mon) General ticket sales!!

○4/27(Sun)「LIVE GiRL POP Vol.3」Appearance to be decided!!
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Where at!


Where did I go in Mie Prefecture yesterday??


It was covered in my beloved blue :heart4: :heart4: :heart4:



Where could it be??




Do you knowー??




○ S/mileage Live Tour 2014 Spring ~Smile Charge~


From the 15th of March in Fukuoka、the set list will completely change!!

○3/14(Fri)「Diver City Idol Festival 2014」appearance!

○3/29(Sat)・30(Sun)「Hello!Project  HinaFest 2014 ~Full Course~」event!

★YouTube「Sub subtitled announcement of each performance!」

★3/3(Mon)General ticket release!!
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A photo from yesterday on the Viking at Nagashima Spa Land :kirakira:




○S/mileage live tourー2014 spring~Smile Charge~


From 3/15、the setlist will change completely!!

○3/14(Fri)Appearance at 「Diver City Idol Festival 2014」!

○3/29(Sat)・30(Sun)「Hello!Project HinaFest2014 ~Full Course~」event!

★YouTube「Sub subtitle announcement of each performance!」

★3/3(Mon) General ticket release!!
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While dancing


Today was a dance lessonっ

I was sweating so muchー!

It’s coldー!

Today、I ate dinner at 4 and then headed off to my dance lesson!

If you asked me why I ate at 4、it’s because it’ll be late at night if I eat after my dance lesson ends、

So I worry I’ll get fat!


But but、


I danced a lot and went home、

and I was hungry so I ate dinner、but when I told myself I was going to stop eating、

I smelled something delicious!

Yakitori for dinner o0020002012358384177[1] o0020002012358384177[1] 

For real!?

I thought、

 but I ended up eating a little 4383616[1]

Kana’s an idiotー!


I lost to temptation 4383616[1] 4383616[1] 4383616[1]



Backpack Chocolat

Looking at this always heals me :heart4:


○S/mileage Live Tourー2014 Spring~Smile Charge~


From Fukuoka, on 3/15 、the setlist will do a complete 180!!

○3/14(Fri) Appearance at「Diver City Idol Festival 2014」!

○3/29(Sat)・30(Sun)「Hello!Project Hina Fest 2014 ~Full Course~]!

★YouTube「Sub subtitled announcement of each performance!」

★Special ticket pre-sale


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Today there was a dance lesson!

I wore hand-me-down pants I received from Mano Erina-san

I thought it was always a waste for me to wear them so I never did、

but today I decided to :light:


Even though it’s so cold that there’s still snow remaining、during rehearsal I was so so hot that even in short sleeves I was sweating,
and it felt so strange!

Even though the air conditioner was on o0020002012358384177[1] 

A little while ago I was hot!

But today is cold!


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Hello :nagareboshi:

It’s the simple Nakanishi Kanaっ(o^^o) :flail:

I had rehearsal today too

Hello!Project concert 

If you don’t come visit you’ll be missing outっ :flail: :flail: :flail: :flail: :flail: :flail: :flail: :flail: :flail: :flail: :flail: :flail: :flail: :flail: :flail: :flail: :flail: :flail: :flail: :flail: :flail: :flail: :flail: :flail: :flail: :flail: :flail: :flail: :flail: :flail: :flail: :flail:

Today’s blog is simple :kuma:

Simple is the best 


With Take who’s reading boys’ mangaっ :kirakira:


Speaking of manga、Sudou-san and I lend and borrow it with each other, and

Recently, she lent me the manga that’s also a movie【Kanojo wa Uso o Itoshisugiteiru】、

It’s so funnyっ

KanoUso is a story about life, the importance of friendship, and various things :nagareboshi:

I hope I can go to the movie tooー

I love manga and books too

If you have a book you recommend, feel free to tell me anytime :nagareboshi:

Kana’s recommended manga is【Kokoro Button】 :heart4:

Recently new books have come outっ :kirakira: So excitingっ :flail:




・ Hello!Station dance section~Rehearsal&comments!
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A wonderful present



Today was the Hello! Project winter concert costume fitting and rehearsal :heart4:

And, today something amazing occured :nagareboshi:

Today was an all day rehearsal but、

On my lunch break、I ate lunch in a different room than the dressing room 、

and when I returned to the dressing room、

This was inside my backback!



This year I thought he absolutely wasn’t coming4383616[1]

I was so happy I cried like a babyー :kuma:


Among all the presents until now, this is what I’m most grateful for :heart4:


It’s S/mileage’s staff 

This sticker is nice, rightー?


Should I give it to herー???

I won’t give it to her  


loves MeiMei’s kindness :heart4:

Love :heart4:

Sleepiness MAX(>_<)



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I guess I’m Nakanishi Kanaーlol

Hello :heart4:

Today there was an event at Club Citta Kawasaki 

There were 2 performancesっ :raburabu: :raburabu:

I’m happy so many people came despite it being a weekday

People came after school and in their uniforms、

After work in their suits、

In member T-shirts、

I came in clothes、

And in addition to that, it was fun watching the handshake eventっ



There were people who had never come before, and there were people whom I hadn’t seen in a while, so I was Ureshii-chan :kirakira:

Of courseっ!The people who always come make me happy too :kirakira:

I hope the people who love S/mileage gradually increasesー!

So in order for that to happen、I’ll be Ganbaruchan :nagareboshi: :nagareboshi:  :nagareboshi:

Ohっ!In addition、I’ll be Ganbaruchan so that 【Friends of Kananan】can increase  


Thank you to all of the friends of Kananan who came today  

Everyone、I wonder if you’ll come tomorrow tooー?

Will tomorrow comeー?

I wonder if you’ll come somedayー?

1, 2, 3 o0020002012519054284[1] Reina

Ii tomoー  

When I am comingー?

I guess nowー o0020002012519054284[1] Reina

Who’s promotingー?

Kana I guessー?


This time I fit ~desho in again and again 

I guess I’m slowー  


There was also a song I hadn’t done in a whle、、、

It was super duper funっ

Rabbit :heart4:



And and、


Tomorrow there will be an event in Daiba at MEGA WEB :kuma:

Since it’s a weekday this might be difficult but、


I’d be happy if you rushed over after school or work

Events will continue all week, so by all means, by all means, please come if you have the timeo0020002012519054284[1] Reina

I received bread that resembled a Christmas tree from Rinapuu’s mom


Thank you :kirakira:

It was cute and also delicious :kirakira:


○S/mileage live tourー2014 spring~Smile Charge~
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