Nakazawa Yuko


At this time
I am in complete and utter astonishment at Berryz Kobo’s announcement

The first time I met those girls
They were still in primary school
All of them were so small and so childish
And I remember being surprised

When I met them at an event just recently
Aーll of them appeared to be mature
They’d become beautiful in their own individual ways
Somehow, that had me extremely happy

As my cute juniors and treasured colleagues
Berryz Kobo’s hiatus
Makes me feel really sad
But I hope that they’ll challenge themselves
To all sorts of things from now on
With my hopes up, I’ll cheer those girls on!
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Fur is~

Hana Taro-san-tachi’s fallen hair is amazing. 

I was saved by this spray this time during molting.

It is scattered and it doesn’t smell good too. 

Taro is not really good at a little brushing but…

It’s a little. However, if Hana Taro can live comfortably than I am happy.


The soon-to-be baby and Hana Taro want to be meet. 


Concerning about the belly’s swelling, I am getting good advice.
Thank you. 

I will try to become sideways in order to relax if it sticks out. It’s not impossible. 

I think it’s not good that I am also becoming a little nervous.
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Congratulations! Congratulations!

Kago-chan gave birth to her baby. :kirakira:

I’m happy :bikkuri:

I’m truly happy. :kirakira: :kirakira:

And it’s a girl. 

My child will be the same age as Kago-chan’s. 

12 years ago I never would have dreamed that this kind of future would be waiting for me…

Thinking about the days when Tsuji-chan and Kago-chan were spoiled little monsters that were noisy and made every day hectic makes me feel nostalgic…

I mean, these two are going to be my seniors when it comes to being a mother. :ase:

Maeda Yuki-chan announced her marriage and pregnancy. :raburabu:

My baby will also be the same age as Yuki-chan’s :kirakira:

Yamadera Koichi-san’s marriage was announced the other day too,
a storm of happy news is blowing around me :bikkuri:

I hope more and more happiness continues.

I shouldn’t ask for too much. :nihihi:

At any rate,
congratulations everyone :age:
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☆An Announcement to Everyone☆

Translation by masa.

This is a personal matter…

The other day, my husband and I held a wedding combined with our family trip in Hawaii :kirakira:

Since our close friends and family congratulated us, it really made my day. :kirakira: :kirakira:

And I have one more announcement to make.

I’m…going to become a mother  :bikkuri:

Since I’m in the fifth month pregnancy and in the second trimester, the day has finally come for me to tell everyone the announcement. :nihihi:

I’m really glad that my dear fans were the first ones to hear the news in my own words at my birthday concert on June 19th. :kirakira:

This is my first experience, so I’m anxious about it everyday. However, I feel joy about becoming a mother from day to day. :kirakira: :kirakira:

Anyway I hope to give birth to a healthy baby so from now on I will put my baby first, and I’ll continue to work taking my physical condition into consideration.

Please keep supporting me :bikkuri:

June 19, 2012 Nakazawa Yuko
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Morning Musume’s Mitsui-chan’s graduation

I think that whenever I saw her, on the other side
of that cute smile, Mitsui-chan was constantly worried and frustrated

On 5/18…

I hope Gaki-san and Mitsui-chan will have the most wonderful ceremony!
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Today is Kamei Eri-chan’s birthday. :kirakira:

She’s only 23. :rabu:

She sent me a text saying “I’m doing well :excite:

I’m glad. :kirakira:

Kame-chan, Happy Birthday :kirakira:

And Kago-chan, who used to cause trouble way back when I was in my around 30, has now become a wife. :kirakira:

Kago-chan is going to be happy :excite:

Congratulations on your marriage. :kirakira:

I’m happy for my frirends to be happy and doing well. :nihihi:
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Probable that it’s not surprising

3 shot

Yocchan and Makoto

Both of them are cute

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While eating imitation crab meat。。。

In the middle of updating my blog

It was fun at the hotel。。。

but I was lonely because Hanataro is not here。。。(;_;)

To be eating at this time。。。

Uu~。。。Once in a while, allowing myself ( ̄∀ ̄)!

Tomorrow is really early as well!

Quickly take a bath and sleep, myself ( ̄∀ ̄)!
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Today is West。。。

Today I’m off for location shoot

Right now, I’m eating salad while on the way there

It’s dark because I’m inside the car


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Hey :bikkuri: Heーy :bikkuri:

10th March 2012

Dream Morning Musume。

Surprisingly :bikkuri:

Budoukan performance has been decided :!!:

I’m so happy, I’m lacking for words。。。

everyone who always cheer for us and supporting us

Thank you :kirakira:

To be able to have this huge dream granted

I really thank you all :kirakira:
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