Natsuyaki Miyabi


Good evening *\(^o^)/*

Outside, the glittering illuminations in town are lovely, right~♡
Seeing the illuminations makes me feel happy~♪
Today、 miya had a photo shoot & interview for the magazine 『Ray』-san ♪
I’ll be appearing in the March edition that’ll be sold on the 23rd of Januaryー *\(^o^)/*
Check it out, okay ♡
My work ended slightly early、
So in order to have some maintenance done on my hair、 I went to Spicaー!
Today I had it coloured and treated♪

akemi-san made it look lovely this time around as well~♡

I’m floating in the air♪
Good night ✧*

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Good afternoon ♪
It’s gotten really cold recently, so I’m troubled~
It was freezing when we got to Morioka, and I was alーways shivering。
A lot of the locals had gathered for the Naruchika LIVE in Morioka、 and there were people who were so overcome with joy because they hardly ever get to meet us that they were moved to tears。
And so、 miya was in no danger~
It’s a place where we received tears~~(lol)
It’s great that everyone seemed to be having fun!
Thank you to everyone who cameー*\(^o^)/*
The cold reimen noodles we ate before our LIVE performance ♪
It was delicious ♡
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Berryz Kobo last tour

Good evening ♪

For Berryz、 yesterday was the last time we’d be touring on our own。
Thank you very much to everyone who came ♡


Thank you too to those who couldn’t come、 but cheered us on。
I cried yesterday as well~
Even though I was trying to hold it back、、(lol)
Up to now, Berryz have managed to perform 17 tours。
Being able to have so many tours、 it’s thanks to all of you fans。
Thank you so very much。
Whichever tour I look back on、 they were packed with fun things。
The smiles on the fans faces were brilliant ♪
Berryz really are awesome~✧*
With that、 while thinking about all sorts of things、 standing on stage、 the tears wouldn’t stop。
Each of us had different reasons why our tears were flowing、 but that’s the extent of the the memories that Berryz have
I think everyone feels the same way。
Thank you to everyone who’s come to lots of tours so far。
I’m filed with gratitude!
And I’m truly gratedul to the all the staff-san who have, together with Berryz, crafted the tours we’ve had up until now ♡
It’s just too awesome‼︎‼︎
Thank you to so many people ♡♡♡
Well! Today I’ll switch how I feel、 and do my best at our Naruchika LIVEー*\(^o^)/*
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Berryz dinner show

Today we had a dinner show♪

We were realーーly nervous、
But it was realーーly fun *\(^o^)/*
Everyone was stylish、 and singing on such a lovely stage、 it reminded me once again~ We’ve grown up。
It was vexing that my throat wasn’t doing so good、 but I’m happy that I got to spend such a lovely time with all of you ♡
Thank you ♡
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Today I had an event with saki at the Hello! Shopー♪

We laughed lots~♡(≧∇≦)
The event went by in the blink of an eye!
Thank you to those who came ♡
We held a pretty laid-back event、 but did you enjoy it⁇


By the way, we really enjoyed ourselves~(^^) lol
The taiyaki we got as gifts were delicious ♡
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Good afternoon ♪

It’s cold today~(゚-゚)


Gotta go out dressed warmly, right!


Thank you to everyone who came to yesterday’s Naruchika LIVE in Kashiwa ♡


Yesterday miya’s childhood friends came too ♡♡♡

What’s more, they dressed up like twins ♪

They wore purple dresses too ♡
How cute♡
And、 our good friend Taaachan came too ♪
Taaachan are always upbeat and funny(≧∇≦)♪ Being together with them brings our spirits up~♡

Thank You everyone ♡♡♡

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Good afternoon ♪

Starting today, it’s December~ That was fast~~(×∀×;


I think that December will definitely end in the blink of an eye too、、


Let’s enjoy each day spent ♡(^^)
All of you too, okay!
Thank you to everyone who came to yesterday’s handshake event ♡
It was fun to talk about all sorts of things ♪
You know、 the Starbucks Cup Cinnamon Roll I had yesterday was delicious ♪
I wonder if I’ll go to Starbucks again today ♡♪( ´θ`)ノ
When it gets cold, I yearn even more for Starbucks♡

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Good afternoonー♪( ´θ`)ノ
Today we had individual handshake events ♪
Thanks to everyone who came early in the morning♡
We’ll be waiting for everyone who’ll be coming after this~!
Also, some of my friends came to watch our LIVE performance at Gotanda yesterday~♡

They even brought a towel, thank you ♡
And、 Morning Musume。’14′s Fuku-chan came to watch too♪
 Thank You for the gift✧*
Now it’s our lunch break、、、
I’m going to have my Chinese bentoー♪
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We had a LIVE concert at Gotanda U-Port today ♪



You know、
The stylist-san brought us gifts~♡
I lo~~ve cake♡♡♡♡♡
These cakes are from the store MAISON ICHI、
It seems that it’s a stylish cafe that’s also in Daikanyama and Ebisu ♪
miya wants to go next timeー♪

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In the bus

We’re waiting for our turn for make-up、、、
We slept~  Ate our meals~ Had free time、、
A tickling competition started。 lol
Looks like Maa-chan lost。
I thought that this scene looked lovely when we got to where we needed to be today、 so I took a snap ♪
The beautiful colours of autumn ✧*
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