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♡thank you♡

This was the best LIVE‼️

Thank you so very much 6912[1] - Momo Sayu Ogata

It was happiness having so many people celebrating for me ♡

I’ll write another more relaxed blog okay!

With our dance teacher’s kid ♡

About the PINK CRES. official blog、、、

It was announced the Ameba blog would open at 20:00 today, but due to the condition of the system, we can’t currently create posts. We apologize for this, and will report as soon as the problem is resolved.
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♡ An announcement ♡

An announcement about Buono! Live Viewing 5249[1] Eripon -Sayu Ogata Maachan
Please look at the newspage 4459146-Sayu Maachan



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Good evening 1822-sayu Momo Airi

We’ve started with Buono! rehearsals、
But there are songs that we haven’t done in ages, and we’re unsure of the moves, it’s tough 2508 Okai Chisato2508 Okai Chisato2508 Okai Chisato

It’s just that we’ve got lots of lively songs!
There are so many songs that everyone loves〜〜4459146-Sayu Maachan4459146-Sayu Maachan4459146-Sayu Maachan4459146-Sayu Maachan4459146-Sayu Maachan

Look forward to it, ok 6631[1] Maachan


The short version of So La Ti Do Nee Nee has been uploaded to the 「Buono! Channel」 4459146-Sayu Maachan4459146-Sayu Maachan4459146-Sayu Maachan

Check it out, ok 4313 Sayu Haga miya


SNOW with Airi in the middle of the rehearsal 6912[1] - Momo Sayu Ogata

chan-Momo didn’t have makeup on, so she said that it’ll have to wait until next time 2349[1] Maachan
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Good afternoon〜〜♩
Recently I’ve got increasingly more activities with the new group
I’m spending every day happily (o^^o)

I’m getting closer and clsoer to Hikatan and Nihe, and we’re coming together as a group〜〜!!

I’ve come to really like the 2 of them with these days where we’re spending even more time together 4313 Sayu Haga miya4313 Sayu Haga miya4313 Sayu Haga miya Mmhmm ♡


The days of continuous recordings have ended、 recently it’s been days of dance lessons!
SHE-sensei, who’s taken care of me since I was small、 wrote about how we looked on her blog♩

I love SHE-sensei、 who is a really gentle and funny teacher 5336912[1] - Momo Sayu Ogata6912[1] - Momo Sayu Ogata6912[1] - Momo Sayu Ogata6912[1] - Momo Sayu Ogata6912[1] - Momo Sayu Ogata
Everyone, please trying checking out that blog post too!
I’m putting UP some shots of us messing around〜lololol 290[1]2349[1] Maachan



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I put something UP on wear♩
I’ll be waiting for your likes and comments (꒪͒ ૢ∀ ૢ꒪͒)


You can see the whole thing on wear ♡
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♡Buono! Channel ♡

I made an announcement on Instagram yesterday〜

I’ll announce it on the Ameba blog tooー♩


After ages, the Buono! channel has started moving!




I think there’ll be sudden updates in the future, so try checking it out ♡

Anyway, here’s the Movie that went UP yesterday!!

Watch it, ocrane ♡
(※ A staff member muttered this pun, so I used itーっ(。-_-。) lol)

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♡ Hikaru & Nihe ♡

I went shopping & had lunch with Hikaru and Nihe the other day〜♩
For lunch, we went to a pizza store that Hikaru recommended (o^^o)
We ordered the classic margherita
And a cheese pizza that was covered with lottttts of honey♩♩♩

The 2 of them are slowly getting used to talking with me
Let’s slowly get closerー (꒪͒ ૢ∀ ૢ꒪͒) ♡♡♡
They’re really good girls ♡

I can’t wait to have events and LIVE performanecs!!!
I want to meet the fans as well (^o^)!!

The 2 of them are excited tooーーー♡
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Coordinate by WEAR

Today was really warm, so I’m showing some skin〜✨✨✨
It’s a cool getup, uniformly in Black
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♡power Berryz♡

I tried making the Berryz members into the Powerpuff Girls who’ve been trendy lately~~♡












Don’t they look goーod♡

⇧ If you access this, you all can make them tooー♪
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『GREEN ROOM』closed the curtain on it’s last episode 38 on 2016/1/21☆

I was really happy that lots of people watched it‼︎
Thank you to everyone who watched! ♡♡♡

I was happy to be able to do a wonderful show with all the staff and Chii-chan ♡

I learned quite a lot being allowed to do my first main MC~~♪

I’m also happy that Green room had in total 38 (mi-ya) episodes, though it was by chance! ♡
I was also able to become closer with the young cute kids through Green room‼︎(lol)

Memorial photos UP♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡




























Well~~A new show is starting todayーーー♡
The new show, with a meaning of 「Girls Meeting」
 ♡『Girls Night Out』♡

They’ll be going to picking up talk about food and fashion girls are interested in, as well as going to hotspotsー( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

Please continue to support us from today on! ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡
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