Natsuyaki Miyabi


Yesterday I participated in the PON! festival ♪



Outdoor LIVES are really great, huh~☼☼☼

I was happy that lots of people gathered for us ☆彡
 Thank You◡̈⃝♡♡♡
An announcement here!
At the event sponsored by Korean Mnet

「M COUNTDOWNNo.1 Artist of Spring 2014」
it’s been decided that Berryz will be appearing as well~♪
♡Date : 4/2(Wednesday)
♡Place: Yokohama Arena
♡Time : 19:00 curtain rises
If you’d like, come play with us okay◡̈⃝♩
In addition~
It’s been decided that on 6/4 Berryz Kobo’s 35th single will release! ♡◌⑅⃝
Though the title hasn’t been decided yet、look forward to it~☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆
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Good evening☆彡

I’m a HAPPY miya with color in my NAILs too ♡
At what times do you all feel HAPPY⁇(^-^)
Nakayama Chieko-san did my nails for me this time tooー!



Thumbs ♪


I went with milky pink for the base ♡♡
Recently I’ve reeeally been loving milky pink~ヾ(*>∀<)ノ゙
Clothes、bags、shoes、I’ll be collecting it all in pink  ♡♡♡
I’m still collecting~
Let’s use lots of pink this spring for coordinates=3=3=3
For the color, this time as well
「Spica」-san did it for me~!
akemi-san is in charge of it ♡
Girls who’re curious, by all means! ♡
miya’s gotten into tapioca juice‼
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To a Location with Naname 45°-san!



The weather’s great today~☼

I’m so happy! ♡

I wonder if you checked out GogoTama which was broadcast yesterday⁇
I was happy seeing some kids had checked it when reading the comments ♡

With the location with Naname-san STARTing, the first place we went to was a curry restaurant ♪


This place!


Miya ordered the korokke curry ♪
The tastiness doubled with the cheese topping (*^^*)‼
Thanks for the food, Morocco-san ♡
Okayasu-san went with the full size、and it was this much different!
Though it was so much it surprised us、he did his best and ate it all~
By chance, 「Otona na no yo!」was playing at the restaurant, and everyone was surprised!
I made a big appeal to the restaurant owner that “I’m singing this songーー‼‼”(lol)
After that、we continued traveling by car~
The place we finally arrived at was…
It’ll be a secret! (๐ ́꒪̐ꈊ͒꒪̐)ꐳ
The next broadcast is~…
☆16:30-17:45 TeleTama
「GogoTama」☆ on the「Tetsuo」cornerー‼
Watch it okay ♡
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A Day in Sendai。

Our Sendai campaign is over~☆
We had a location today、and challenged a food revolution ♪
The place I went to today was a Thai restaurant!
There I took a picture with Ta-chan and Sato-chan who we got to know ♡
Also、in the evening…
we did an innterview for the Tohoku version of chFILES ♪
I hear it’s a free paper circulated around Tohoku high schools~(^-^)
2 high school girls thought up lots of questions
for us、so we had some girls talk~♡
Since this will be released on 4/20、all you Tohoku high school students check it out okay ♡
On the way home I was happy to also eat some delicious beef tongue~♡♡
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Release Event

Everyone who came to today’s release event in Osaka~thanks (^-^)♡


Thanks to everyone who waited for the individual handshakes too!
I was happy to be able to talk with lots of people today as well ♪
I look forward to seeing you agaーin ♡◌⑅⃝
I’ll UP today’s clothes!
Goodnight ☆彡
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Thank You♪

Everyone who came to today’s release event

Thank You♡♡


Though a bit before this I wasn’t feeling well、
I got better starting with today’s event (^-^)
Thanks so much to everyone who worried about me!
Thanks for so many messages to miya at the handshake events and in the comments ♡
I really do get energized when I see everyone ☆彡
I’ll do my best at the Osaka event tomorrowー✧*
Goodnight ➳♡̷
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An announcement for everyone。

Today there are release commemorative individual handshake events
for Berryz Kobo’s NEW single『Otona na no yo!/1oku 3zenman Sou Diet Oukoku』、
but since I started becoming ill along the way、
I was absent from the individual handshake events。
I’m really sorry for causing trouble for everyone who came。
Everyone who was waiting and looking forward to it、
I’m sorry。
I’ll take it easy so I’ll be able to get better soon!
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Good afternoon ♪

Yesterday、3/6 was Momochi’s birthday~(^-^)!
happy Birthday♡♡♡
Since everyone saw her at work yesterday,
we celebrated ☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆
We prepared a cake secret from Momochi、
and the surprise was a complete success‼
Do lots of activities this year too okay ♡
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Good afternoon ♪
Yesterday、a question came from ℃-ute’s Okai Chisato-chan
through her blog ♡
It seems this started from Morning Musume ’14′s
Michishige Sayumi-chan~(^-^)♡
Since Chissa has a boyish appearance、she has what looks like  candid
personality、but actually she’s an incredibly shy girl~(^-^)
That gap always makes miya’s heart melt ♡
I think Chissa is a genius at entertaining people!
Cause you know she’s always making me laugh when we’re together(≧∇≦)
When looking at Chissa’s smile, it gives me a happy feeling~♡
I wanna see her again soonー♡
Well then, I’ll answer the question from Chissa ♪
☆Something which moved you recently…☆
Something which moved me recently~ was of course
Berryz Kobo on 3/3
reaching the 10th anniversary since our debut ♡
Chissa wrote about it too、which made me incredibly happyー(;_;)♡
At the LIVE held on 3/3、the members’ singing voices and expressions and the MC、they were all so great。
Also、the cheering of all the fans who gathered。
I was moved that so many people celebrated for us ☆彡
Thank you。
We got such a wonderful cake as this from all the staff ♡♡♡
This also moved me ♡
We also did a Budoukan LIVE last year,
and at that time、I was moved when I sang my solo ♡
Mou、they’re all such precious memories
I’ll never forget‼
Well then, miya
will pass it onto Juice=Juice’s Yuka-chan ♪
Yuka-chan, what has moved you recently???
Though Chissa also announced it、
the Berryz Kobo tour has just now STARTED‼
Chissa and Yuka-chan, if you’d like, come play with us~♡
Contact me whenever okay!
Also, those who have the time be sure to come too ☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆
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Grated Daikon Art

On the radio, from the comedian Sanmoji-san、

I got a hand-made grated daikon art sheep-chan ♪(^-^)
I hear it’s trendy now。


The fluffy look is so real~!


miya’s also gotta try making somethingー♡
I wonder if I should get a copybook for this (^-^)
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