Natsuyaki Miyabi


Today Naruchika will be LIVE in Kumamotoー ♪
I can’t wait ♡
I wonder what delicacies Kumamoto has~⁇
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I had the day OFF today and just chilled the whole day~♪♪♪

How did you spend your day⁇⁇


I’m wearing a camisole in the photo、 but when I want to sleep, I’ll put on my fluffy roomwear over it and got to sleepー♡
Already asleep~ (_ _).。o○

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Isn’t it super cold?(ノ_<)

My favourite in-room-wear is fluffy and really warm, so I don’t want to take it off~
miya will be going for a shooting after thisー ♪
I’ll be careful since it’ll get even colder at night (*_*)
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Chieko-san did them again for me this time~♡♡♡



Recently、 I’ve been liking the red and aqua combinationー♡♡♡

My current obsession ♪

Plus glitter ♡



The NAILS on my feet match too ♪ I’m realーly liking it ♡



And then、 I got a souvenir from Disneyland from Chieko-san♪
Halloween Disney is cute tooー♡
Chieko-san  Thank You♘♡
I promised to go out together with her next time (*^^*)!

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Good evening~♪
I’m done with work~✧*
Today we had a song recording for NHK…☆MUSIC JAPAN☆!


It’s scheduled to be aired on the 17th of November。
Check it out, okーー(^^)♪
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Good evening~☆彡
Berryz Kobo début 10th anniversary commemoration concert tour  2014 Autumn ~Professional~
Today! It was the opening day~✧*

Thank you to everyone who came ♡

It was really really fun ♡♡♡♡
It was our first time performing our new songs、「Romance wo Katatte」「Towa no Uta」
I was nervous~✧*
Besides that, there were a lot of songs that we were performing for the first time、 it had the fans a bit perplexed (lol)
Well、 what do you expect!
Today we had 2 performances、
But at the 2nd performance, for both songs, miya was surprised that the fans had already memorised the moves~!
I’m sure that after the 1st performance ended、 everyone practised for it~\(//∇//)\
That made me happy ♪
Those who still haven’t seen anything yet! You’ll get to learn it too…(lol)
Everyone learn it, and let’s make some noiseー(*^^*)♪
Today my grandpa and grandma came too ♪
I was so happy, since it’s really been ages since I last saw themーー♡♡♡♡♡♡♡
Gramps told me
‘miya’s become an adult!
You’ve grown up!’、 the tears started flowing。
I get really sentimental~(ノ_<)(lol)
When I was small、 I visited gramps’ place a lot、 but I haven’t been able to recently, so I hope I’ll be able to visit before longー♪
Thanks for the gift ♡

On box lid: From miya’s grandpa and gramma ♥

Well then、 I’m looking forward to when I meet all of you againー♪
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I went to do some repairs♪



While this kid was in two minds about getting eyelash extensions、she decided to GO HOME ♡♡♡
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Thump thump ♡

♡good morning♡
It’s raining in Tokyo~(*_*)
It’s gradually getting colder、 so everyone, be careful to not catch a cold ☆彡
Bring along a coat when you head out!
miya will be having a rehearsal today ♪
Today, all the staff who are involved with the LIVE will gather、 the members will try on our outfits、 it’s a day where we’ll be going through everything as if it was the real thing!
Oh my… I’m nervous~(*_*)
I’ll be off ♡
Since the members’ NAILs were cute, I took a photo ♡ Everyone’s Halloween NAILS♪
I can’t wait for Halloween~♡♡♡
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Today we did a recording for DAM channel ♪
It’ll be broadcast from the 9th of November ~ the 6th of December, so check it out ♡♡♡
Hashimoto Kanna-chan is seriously an angel \(//∇//)\♡

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「UTB+」 is now on sale ♪
♡ Mode style Berryz♡&♡Natural Berryz♡
I’m counting on you to check it out~♡
Well、 let’s work hard today tooー(^^)
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