Natsuyaki Miyabi


Today is the day that our last single before our hiatus「Romance wo Katatte/Towa no Uta」
Goes on sale♪(^-^)/
Both are wonderful songs!
Listen to them a lot~♡
And、 to commemorate it, we’ll be holding a mini-live & handshake event at Ikebukuro Sunshine City from 5:30 pm~‼︎
Those who have the time, please drop by okayー( •ॢ◡-ॢ)-♡
1 person gave an NG for herself…
Let’s enjoy the Eventー♪
Photos…in Kyoto

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Good afternoon~(^-^)/

Today, we’re promoting in Sendai!!
I got on the Shinkansen with Chii-chan first thing in the morning、 and headed to Sendai~♪
Chii-chan was engrossed with ♡Alice in Wonderland♡ on the Shinkansen~♪
Alice is cute ♡
In the morning, we appeared on Higashi Nippon Broadcasting’s 「Totsugeki! Namaiki TV」っヾ(◍’౪`◍)ノ゙
In the raw kitchen corner
We ate 「Mushroom hot and sour soup with yakisoba」
That、 was super delicious ♡♡♡
I have to practise so that I can make it toー (*≧ω・)b

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in ★Nagoya

Good evening ☆彡
When we were at Nagoya、 us members went for a meal and had motsunabe again~(^-^)/

Even though Maa-chan and I had just had lots of it recently!



But it was really delicious、 we ate it up in no time ( •ॢ◡-ॢ)-♡
We ate all sorts of things besides that~♪
Horse-meat sashimi。
Beef rolls。
And、 dessert ♡
The store made it heart-shaped for free!
That made me gladー♡
Thank you very much to Kyushu Komachi main store-san (^-^)/♪♪♪
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Thank You♡♡♡

Everyone who came to the Nagoya event

Thank you very much ♡♡♡



It was a fun event ♡



I’d like to go to Nagoya again~♡
I love Nagoya, you see!(^-^)/
We went for purikura when we had a break in between ♪
It’s been ages, so we were excited~♡♡♡ヾ(◍’౪`◍)ノ゙
Kumai-chan peace~♪
Bigger eyes! Longer legs! That’s what everyone was saying, it was fun! lol

For miya、

I like ♡foxy♡, so I was super happy to get shots at the foxy puri machine~♡(/////)

Next time, I’d like to go and take photos with all 7 of us ♪

In the middle of the event、 miya coughed several times, so at the handshake, people asked,「miya, are you all right?」, thank you ( ;  ; )♡
Sorry for making you worry。。
miya’s all right, so you can relax ♡
We had dinner with gustoー(^-^)/♪
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Thank You!

We’re done with the event in Osaka!



It made me happy to see a lot of people who had come to see us ♡
Today、 one of our members, Risako, was on break due to bad health、 so we had a 6 person performance。
Sorry to all the Risako fans( ;  ; )
Chan~♡ Get well soon( ;  ; )♡♡♡
Recently、the days have continued to be cold, so please take care of your health ☆*:。.:*☆
In our break、 Chii-chan and I messed around with these things。。。
Not something done by 22 year olds。lol
But it was funny、 so who cares!
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Event☆ in・Nagoya!


Today we have events at Airport Walk Nagoyaーヾ(◍’౪`◍)ノ゙
♡Allocated times♡
1:00 pm~ ②3:30 pm~ ③6:00 pm
Those are the timesー♪
Those who have the time, please please drop by okayーε=ε=(ノ≧∇≦)ノ
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Today we have events at Abeno Q’s Mall in Osakaー♪
1:00 pm~ which has already ended、
So the next events will be at ②3:30
There’s about 10 minutes until the 2nd one (ノ_<)lol

Everyone, please drop by, ok~♡




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♪Music Dragon♪

♪Announcing a TV appearance by Berryz Kobo ♪


Nihon TV 「Music Dragon」 will go on air tonight ♡♡♡


It’ll be broadcast 12:58 midnight – 1:58 am!
Check it out okayー(^-^)/☆*:.。
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✮NEW Eyelash Extensions ✮

♡ On today’s menu ♡
220 C curls、lightbrown・orange mix
Only a few black ones attached to my lower eyelashes ♪

HOME is already getting into Christmas mood, it’s cute \(//∇//)\♡♡♡

Thank you very much ♡
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We had a photo shoot todayー♪




We had a Naruchika LIVE in Niigata yesterday、 the Power of the girls there was amazing ♡
It was fun, it felt like a battle of guys vs girls♪
Thank you to everyone who came ♡♡♡


And、 Saito Hitomi-san of Melon Kinenbi came to our LIVE performance~\(//∇//)\♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡
She’s like an older sister to miya ✧*✧*
It made me really glad to have a senior I really really really like come to see us!
Getting to meet after a long time really makes you happy ♪☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆♪
On that day、 I didn’t have time to talk with Saito-san at leisure、 so next time we meet I want us to have a relax~~ed girls discussion~♡
And、 we got a yummy gift from Saito-san ♪
Moreover, it came with a message attached~☆º°˚*☆
She’s truly kind( ;  ; )♡♡♡♡♡
All of us savoured it!!
And so, let’s end with a 2 Shot with that older sister ♡
Yummy big sister ✧*✧*✧*

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