Natsuyaki Miyabi


Today’s Hello! Cons have ended without a hitch~♪

To you who came to see us LIVEー! Thank you ♡(^.^)
Today miya’ll tell you about this girl I really like ♡♡♡
That would be、、

Uta-chan from Country Girls ♡♡♡♡♡

She’s oh-so-cuteーー*\(^o^)/*♡
A real angel has materialised ♡
One has come~~♡
Today we exchanged LINE addresses、 but with her face red、 she went 「Thank you very much♡」
That was just too cute‼︎‼︎
I’ve gotten so enamoured with her、、、(lol)
I’ll put another cute shot UP!
Uta-chan and Morito-chan♡
Whatever she does is adorable ♡♡♡
miya has become a fan of Uta ♡
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Hello! Con♪

Today is the opening day for the Hello! Cons~♪
Thank you to everyone who came ♡♡♡
How was this Hello! Con?
If you don’t mind, please write your impressions in the commentsー*\(^o^)/*
The new girls looked really nervous、 but they were really cute ♡
If I have the time, I’ll take photos with the juniors~♪
Today I’ll put UP a photo with Maa-chan ♡
The braids were done by Maa-chan ♪
She’ll definitely turn out to be a lovely Mama ♡ I mentioned that to her (^-^)♡
Well then、 I’ve got to get up early tomorrow
So it’s time for bed ☆
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Everyone、 happy new year ♪



There were a lot of things that left a deep impression in 2014。
I hope that in 2015、 we’ll be able to enjoy every day too, with all of us in good health ☆*\(^o^)/*
miya made preparations、a HARRY [sic] NEW YEAR headband and 2015 sunglasses for all the members to use ♪(^.^)
Begging for your kindness this year too ♡
For Berryz Kobo、 until the 3rd of March
I’d like us to run full speed ahead‼︎
We’re counting on your support ♡♡♡

At the Countdown LIVE、it was fun to perform as Buono! after ages~♡♡♡

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Today is the New Year’s LIVE

Good afternoon ♪
Today we’re holding the New Year’s LIVE in Osaka and Kobeー‼︎
Without sleeping, I’ll do my best。(lol)
Thankfully I did my body maintenance before the change of the year~(^.^)
On that day, I went to the hairdresser Spica in the morning!
So far, it’s the first time I’ve done a high tone‼︎
♡ Galaxy Express 999 metal colour ♡
After that~ I went to home for eyelash extensions ♡
At night, I had my nails done by Chieko-san~♡♡♡
2015 version! I’m trying out sheep nails~
The main point is how it seems to be fluffy ♡
And yesterday、、、
I had a shooting for
Men’s fashion magazine 『smart』-san ♡♡♡
miya’s appearance will be on the March 2015 issue (On sale 24th January)♪
The theme is 「Men’s styles I like、 men’s styles I hate!」
That said、 miya answered things like men’s styles I dislike, my ideal date 、 and men’s behaviours that I like ♡
Those who are interested, please check it out, okay~(^-^)
The supplement in the current issue looks good too~♡
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I’m putting UP my outfit from a while agoー(^-^)
Beret ・EMODA
Skirt ・EMODA
Shoes ・Jeffrey Campbell
And、、 I had to wake up early this morning and my head hadn’t woken up yet, so、、(._.) lol
Outer ・EMODA
Top ・ American Apparel
Skirt ・lilLilly
Shoes ・lilLilly
I spent the day doing maintenance for my body ♪
I went to the hairdresser Spica in the morning~ To put on eyelash extensions after that、 I went to home~ At night、 I had my NAILS done by Chieko-san *\(^o^)/*
For that, I’ll put it UP on tomorrow’s blog postー☆
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Good evening~♪


Recently we’ve been swamped with rehearsals for the Hello!LIVE concerts、 but seeing the juniors doing their best has recently made miya feel like crying lololol
Isn’t that crazy (lol)
Seeing girls that have been told off by the teachers、mortified to the point of crying、 or girls intently practising in front of a mirror、 it brings me back to my Kids days~(^.^)
When they get scolded、 I’m sure that at the moment, they think things like 「This sucks。」 or 「The teachers are scary~」 or、「Do they have to get so mad⁈」、、、
Since that’s what miya used to think ages ago。 lol
They’ll understand the intent once they’ve grown up a little、 and I think it’ll change to feelings of gratitude~♪
So I’d like them to do their best ♡
At any rate, everyone’s pumped up to do their best for the Hello!LIVE‼︎
Make sure to come and see the Hello! members, okay~♪
There are tons of new members, so please give them your support ♡♡♡
This photo is with all the new faces of the Country Girls ♡♡♡
At any rate、、、 They’re superーcute‼︎‼︎
And soothing ♪(^-^)
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good morning!
All you little kids~I wonder if Santa-san came?♡♡♡
Are there any kids who say “I wrote a letter to Santa-san!”?
When miya was little, she wrote them too~♪
I remember I would write the letter and put it by my pillow、and in the morning there would be an actual reply、and I was reeeally happy~♡
Today, enjoy the illuminations、make your tree decorations, room decorations, and such even more flashy、and enjoy X’mas to your heart’s contentー*\(^o^)/*♪
miya is satisfied eating the cake mama made yesterdayっ‼︎‼︎
X’masfashion♪ (sic)
They’re secondhand clothes~♡
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Today I went to a recording for TV Saitama’s「HOT WAVE 」and rehearsal for Hello!LIVE♪
「HOT WAVE 」airs on 1/21 *\(^o^)/*
Check it out, okay~♡
Everyone, have a lovely Christmas Eve♡
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The eve of X’mas eve♪

The Christmas event has ended~(^_-)-☆
Thank You to everyone who came ♡♡♡

I’m really glad that lots of people gathered up for Berryz Kobo’s X’mas karaoke party ♪

It was a fresh event, where you got to see Berryz enjoying ourselves freely doing karaoke、、(lol)
Forgetting about work、 we enjoyed ourselves like normal~*\(^o^)/*
I wonder if you all enjoyed it??
♡The eve of X’mas eve♡ was superb fun‼︎‼︎
The 3 idiots got pumped too, that was a relief (lol)
After the event、 I went for a 「Bakunai」 recording~
It was fun to meet with Ganso-san after quite a while!
It’s the final recording of 2014、 so with a 「Have a good new year!」、 I headed home ♪
I took photos together with the guest、 but since it’s still a secret, I’ll put it UP after the broadcastー♪
Look forward to it ♡
Check out Bakunai next year too, okay~♡
good night☆☆☆
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Thank You♡

Good evening ☆

Thank you to those who came for the signing event & the individual handshake events ♡


Today we talked about lots of different things~♪


We talked about funny stories、 about memorable stories、 particularly serious stories、 at the end there was a even a girl whose tears were flowing、 receiving all of your thoughts made miya really happy ♡


Thank you so much。


I’m looking forward to seeing you again ♡♡♡

Photos with Maa-chan ♡

There’s a version of miya with swept bangs and a version with them down!
Which is your type? lol
Until next time ♪
good night(^_-)-☆
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