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♡ Berryz Staff-san ♡

Good morning ♪
The cold days are continuing、 is everyone in good health⁇
Washing your hands and gargling is importantー(^-^)
Today we’re heading to Hiroshima for a LIVE performanceー‼︎
I wonder if we’ll get to eat Hiroshimayaki~⁇
I’ll try pestering them about it ♡(๑ꆨ৺ꉺ๑)♪(lol)
The photo below comes from our Nakano Sunplaza LIVE concert、 after we finished with our LIVE performances, the staff-san suddenly entered Berryz’ dressing room、 and I was like ‘Wha⁇⁇’、
They celebrated us with a 「Thank you for your hard work with the Nakano Sunplaza performances~*\(^o^)/*」ー♡♡♡
All of the staff are seriously just too kind ♡♡♡♡
We heard that we’ve been under the care of Nakano Sunplaza for over 200 times、 which was a real surprise!
Once again、 thank you very much ♡
※ 1 person said herself that she was a NG(×∀×;
The pictures that I put UP on yesterday’s blog post were pictures from the day we were at Nakano Sunplaza too~
By the way, the fur earrings → lilLilly♪
The fur is huge and cute ♡
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BK banquet‼︎

The BK Banquet ended~~(._.)
even though it was SO fun, I didn’t want it to end at all‼︎
Well then, I’ll upload pix of Berryz having a crazy fun time!
miya seriously likes this kinda stuff!
Berryz is all grown up huh (^-^)
Dancing and singing and stuff in such close distance to all of you was really fun ♪
Thanks for working hard everyone~~☆
We’ve got another one tomorrow so take it easy ok ♡♡
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☆Good evening☆




So today we had rehearsals for our LIVE but you know, like, I can count on one hand how many rehearsals we’ve done and even though I’m def excited for it, like today I messed up a little so maybe I feel more anxious、、、(×∀×;
Well in any case, I double checked a ton of things right now. It was like, I’ve gotta make my body memorize it! (^^;;
miya is feeling impatient for the first time in a while. (lol)
But even if, the Okinawa fan club tour was funnn huh~~(^-^)♡♡♡
Thank you so much for coming for those 2 nights, 3 days!
Did you have a good time?
miya is so happy to make another wonderful memory with you all ♡
The 3rd LIVE was so pumped up and stuff, I felt so satisfied ♪

And I was super, super happy at the final surprise from all of you fans ♡

Thanks for writing letters.
I was SO happy that I cried again. (lol)
And thanks for the album that was full of your love.
I’ll be taking my time reading through these ok♡
Ok then, I’ve gotta get up early tomorrow too so I’ll be off to bed soon ☆
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miya really really likes Gummi、

And I found a cute ♡ Gummi、 so I’ll put it UP~~
Here it isっ♡♡♡
octopus Gummi ♡♡♡♡♡
The ones from overseas are really cute♡
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Recently we’ve been having rehearsals for LIVE performances every day~~
There are tons of things to remember、 miya’s in a panic (×∀×;
I have to properly review them、 and remember them quickly!
I’ll do my best at tomorrow’s rehearsal tooー♪
good night☆☆☆
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Good morning ♡
Yesterday we had a LIVE performance in Sendai ♪
Thank you to those who came ♡
Did you have fun?
It was the birthday of ℃-ute’s Maimi and MaiMai yesterday, & Nacky celebrated her birthday on the 5th, so all the Hello! Pro members celebrated the birthdays of the 3 of them backstage ♡♡
Maimi~♡ Mai~♡ Nacky~♡
Many happpy returns~~‼︎
The smiles on the faces of the 3 of them were really ℃-ute (^-^)♡
On the way back, I had ox-tongue with Chaーn!
I’m looking forward to today’s event at Nakano Sunplaza ☆
Today is the last time we’ll be able to have a LIVE performance at Nakano Sunplaza…
My heart’s thumpingーー(×∀×;
♡ Thailand diary ♡
I went shopping with Kumai-chan and Shimi-chan~♪♪
The crepes were delicious too ♡
You need to use this card for meals! This card is like the PASMO cards we use in Japan、 you put in the amount you want to use in it, and pay with it~!
There were many varities of curry~
The rice in Thailand was really delicious too ♡
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Good evening ☆

The lessons have endedー♪

I’ll massage myself, and quickly go to sleep ☆
I’ve got to wake up realーly early tomorrow (×∀×;
I hope I don’t oversleep‼︎
Good night ♡
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National dress ♪

Good morning ♪

I’ll be going to dance lessons todayー
♡ Thai diary ♡
It was the first time I wore the national dress!
We all went to 「Wat Pho」 wearing the national dress!
In front of the Buddha statue~
Khop khun kha
I’ve seen Wat Pho on TV、 and it’s a place that I wished I could go to~ ♪
So I was happy that I got to go~♡(^-^)
The Buddha statue was bigger than I thought, so it surprised me!
Also、 I was even moved by the sole of the foot of the Buddha statue!!
I heard that it was something to pay attention to、 but looking at it, it’s a wonderful sole!(^^)
If I’m going to Thailand、 it’s  a place I definitely want to go to!
I recommend it~♪
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I was in Thailand for 2 nights and 3 days~~♪

We arrived in Tokyo some time ago!
I’m home (^-^)♡
The LIVE performance was awesome *\(^o^)/*!!!
We read out our messages in Thai、 but was it well conveyed⁇
I’m a bit worried、 but I hope it got through、、、☆
All of you in Thailand and those from Japan who came to cheer us on、 thank you so so very much ♡♡♡
For Berryz、this LIVE in Thailand is our last tour overseas。
Until now、 I’m realーーーly glad that I’ve got to go overseas、 it was a wonderful experience‼︎
Thank you for the wonderful memories ♪
Even in my private time、 I’d like to go on trips to all sorts of countries~♡
I took lots of photos、 so I’ll put them UP bit-by-bit!
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Yesterday、 I went to home to get some repairs on my eyelash extensions ☆
I coincidentally happened to meet Kumai-chan, so we took a photo together~(^-^)♪
After that、、 Kumai-chan, let’s go get some fried bread!!
These were delicious、 from this place that was recommended by Kumai-chan~♪
And after that、 I went to get my NAILS done☆
This time, it’s realーly to my liking ♡♡♡
Chieko-san, Thank You*\(^o^)/*
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