Natsuyaki Miyabi

Berryz Kobo

Good morning ♡

This is an announcement for everyone。
On the 12th of November
We’ll be releasing our 36th single

A double-A side single 「Romance wo Katatte」「Towa no Uta」♪
This song will be Berryz Kobo’s last single。

So we’ve finally come to the last one~…
It feels a bit sad。

You know、 since Berryz was our youth…
But、 this indefinite hiatus was a decision made by us、 a decision made looking ahead!
We don’t know what paths each of us will be following beyond this、 but I’m truly glad that we kept at it until now!

Tsunku♂-san has made so many songs for us until now、 and Berryz have got to sing all sorts of songs~♪


We’re truly grateful to Tsunku♂-san ♡


Cute songs、 cool songs、 seductive songs、 Berryz has definitely sang songs in all those genres, haven’t we⁈(*^^*)


For the current batch of new songs…

「Romance wo Katatte」
I think that it’s a style that Berryz hasn’t done before。
It’s fantastical and the lyrics will really make your heart skip♡ ♪

It’ll make the hearts of both girls and guys go pitter-patter ♡♡♡

「Towa no Uta」
This song really exudes Berryz-ness‼︎

All of the fans will enjoy singing it at LIVEs‼︎
Treasuring that theme、 the singing、 the dance
They’re all permeated with the theme!

The choreography has us doing a dance that both kids and adults can enjoy dancing to, so I’ve got no doubts that it’ll pump up LIVE performances‼︎‼︎(*^^*)



Everyone, until the very end, please don’t tear your eyes away from Berryz, okay~♡


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Our first LIVE in Okayama ended without a hitchー♪

I was glad to meet so many people today ♡♡


Thank you \(//∇//)\
It seems that Okayama is famous for its kibidango and its muscat grapes、 and we got to eat both after our concert!
When we ate the muscats, the way it goes ‘pop’ in your mouth is irresistible ♡
While the kibidango was springy and had a mild taste!
They were really delicious~(*^^*)
We get to go to all sorts of localities through Naruchika
Meeting lots of people、 and eating delicious foods、 it’s truly bliss~♡
I’m looking forward to the next Naruchika LIVE ♪
So、 ♪I’ll put UP photos from Miyajima♪
There were deer~ They were selling delicious looking chikuwa~
Chii-chan and miya wanted to eat grilled oysters, so we went to this store that was manned by this kind gentleman、 and he gave us an extra oyster as a freebie, saying  「The 2 of you are cuties, so this is on the house♡」♡(*^^*)

What a stroke of luck ♡♡♡
Just looking at the photo makes me want to eat them again~(*_*)

We ate all sorts of things besides that~!

Oyster udon、 friend oysters、 and sweet potato ice cream for dessert
We ate to the point of bursting。
The World Heritage site, Itsukushima Shrine~
It was a really wonderful place☆彡
I’d love to come here even in my private time ♡
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The event at Hirakata park has ended ♪
It made me glad to see so many people gathered there ♡
It seems that there were many people who were seeing us for the first time!
Thank youーーー\(//∇//)\
At today’s event, there were 3 other groups of idol-chans besides Berryz♡
All of them were cute ♡
At the final MC, it made me really happy when those 3 groups of idols said that they all love Berryz
I was really happy ♡♡♡
At interviews、 there are times when we’re asked ‘What would you like to be in the future⁇’、
And miya’s always been saying  「I want to become someone that’s really looked up to by small girls
♡」、 so it made me really happy when we were told today that 「We look up to Berryz Kobo-san♡」 or「We
love you」~♪♪♪
miya’s hair today…♡ Half-up ♡
We got to go on a roller coaster before the event!
Until the next time we drop by Osakaー♪

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Bus Tour

Good morning ♪

The 2-day bus tour was tons of fun ♡
Thank you very much to everyone who was there \(//∇//)\♪


All of us watched a sheepdog show~♪
It seems that there were a lot of people who were seeing it for the first time!
Everyone was entranced watching it (^^)
Lunch Time: BBQ♡♡♡
It was fun to talk with everyone ♡
Having a BBQ with a huge crowd was really fun!
It made the food even more delicious than usual~~(*^^*)
And then the get-together with the fans~

It was tough since there were games that had us dancing and singing, so in the end, it felt like we had used up our energy~(ノ_<)

But there’s no doubt that it was fun‼︎
Finally, we did a handshake, person-by-person ♡
It was an awesome 2 days ~♪♪
 Thank You!
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Morning Musume。′14
After the concert ended~✧*
♡Berryz♡ Commemoration photo on-stage before the performance ♪
Berryz Kobo will be making an appearance at 「Takara-shi 42nd Kanagawa block Taikai Atsugi Taikai」 ☆
If you can come, please come and see us ♡♡♡
We’ll be waiting~(^^)

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Thoughts ♪

Good evening ☆彡

I was really happy to get lots of comments from all of you♪♪♪
Well then, my thoughts about yesterday~♪
It was our 2nd Nippon Budokan concert。
I think that personally, I was more relaxed compared to the last time we were here、
But how was it from your point of view⁇
Just looking at the comments, I guess that a lot of people had fun?(^^)

Thank you so so much to all of you \(//∇//)\♡
Berryz’ LIVEs are definitely fun‼︎
That’s the impression this concert seems to have given。
You know、 when I saw the faces of all the fans at the concert, there were times when I felt like I would cry、

It’s not like I had any deep thoughts in my mind
But it felt like the tears would naturally come out…
Throughout the concert、 we performed while recalling all sorts of memories (^^)
This many people know about Berryz、 and love us。
Singing and dancing together、 and smiling (^^)✧*
All of that makes me really happy!
Thank you ♡ I wanted to say that to each and every person at the end of the concert。
At the final MC, I fired a ♡Miyabeam♡
Packed with those thoughts ☆
I hope it got through to evーーーeryone ☆彡
I definitely hope that we’ll be able to meet everyone who came to yesterday’s concert again ♡
These were taken by Berryz’ manager-san immediately after it ended(lol)
Everyone’s got good expressions on their faces♡
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Berryz Budokan

The Budokan LIVE ended without a hitch~✧*

Thank you so so much to everyone who came ♡♡♡
Let’s get some good rest tonight♪
Tomorrow I’ll write again about my thoughts on today (ノ_<)
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Good evening ☆彡

The ℃-ute no Hi Budokan concert was really fun ♡
Thank you to everyone who came!
℃-ute~ Good job ♪
It was a really wonderful concertー\(//∇//)\
Keep this a secret, but when we were singing ♪Ganbacchae!♪ with ℃-ute、 I was sobbing (ノ_<)
And、 Buono! made an appearance!
Did you all enjoy that⁇(^^)
Tomorrow, finally‼︎
Berryz’ Budokan concert✧*
Let’s make some noiseーーー♡ lol
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♡℃-ute no Hi ♡

Today is ℃-ute no Hi ♡

Today and tomorrow、 we’ll be performing  LIVE at the Budokan ✧*
I’m nervous and excited ♡


Can’t waitー♡


Yesterday was spent making preparations for the Budokan、
I went to get my hair coloured、and went to get my NAILS and my eyelash extensions maintainedー♪
For colouring, I went to valentine ♡♡♡
It’s done in a pink styleー♡

Nandy-chan, thank you ♡

Chieko-san added pearls to my NAILs ♔
And these are how my eyelash extensions looked like~
I just got up, so my eyes look sleepy。
Riーght, let’s work hard for the LIVE~♪

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♡Thank You♡

Thank you for the many congratulatory messages ♡♡♡


I enjoyed both of yesterday’s events、 they’ve become a wonderful memory ♪

I’m really glad that you all gathered for me ♡
It seems that even Miyabi-sensei is fully satisfied‼︎
This year、 I’d like to treasure every day I go through ♪
Yesterday’s outfit was a one-piece fromlilLilly♡♪


It was an event where I got to wear my favourite lilLilly clothes、 so I was way more excited ✧*
And、 this is the cake I got from all of the staff!
Isn’t it super cute~~\(//∇//)\‼︎

What’s more, the middle of the cake was riddled with strawberries、
It was really deliciousー♡
22 year old miya is begging for your kindness ♡
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