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♡ My clothes ♡

Good afternoon~♪( ´▽`)
It’s hot today!!!

I’ve finally made my START on WEAR~!
It made me really happy that lots of people followed me ( ; ; )♡
Thank you ♡♡

I put UP one of me in White!
Check out WEAR to find out what brand the clothes are from~☆


I’m going to an exhibition today♪( ´▽`)
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I went to the dentist’s in the morning (>_<)
It's been ages since I last saw the dentist, so I was super nervous (lol)
Aiming for 0 cavities!!
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I’ve been hanging out a lot with my cousin Reina、 and she accompanied me the other day to a place that miya wanted to go to~


It’s in the middle of the neighbourhood of Omotesando Hills~
The brand ♡foxy♡!
It was just so cute that I took tons of photos~♡♡♡




The products were adorable~ I really love the atmosphereー♡



There are things you can purchase、 and miya managed to get GET a T-shirt and bunny stickers~\(//∇//)\

The tattoo stickers and plate were cute too~♡
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This is miya’s WEAR‼︎
WEAR is an app (^-^)

miya will be putting UP photos of my clothesー★
I plan to START from tomorrow!(^-^)
I’d be happy if you’d take a look at it!

I’m counting on you to follow~♡
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Design Festa

Good afternoon~
The weather’s good today~~(^-^)

What are you up to?

Today、 miya’s going to hang out at Design Festa!
There are lots of hand-made products made by many people、 I’m excited~~♡♡
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Everyone, it’s been a while(^-^)

miya will start blogging again from today‼︎

I’ll be putting UP things from miya’s private life and my cosmetics and clothes、 and it’d make me happy if you’d read about it ♡

I beg for your kindness!

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YouTube Original Programme 「GREEN ROOM」 will be broadcast from today!

Broadcast every Thursday at 9 p.m.。
It’s a programme that’s packed with rehearsal videos and behind-the-scenes footage from concerts of photo shoot locations
For Hello! Project、 Team Makenki、 Bitter & Sweet and so on。
Various members of staff will also be making appearances!

Regular MCs: Tokunaga Chinami / Natsuyaki Miyabi

There’ll also be a guest MC appearing every week!
Look forward to it!
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Ariake Coliseum LIVE

Good evening ☆彡

Concerning what’s next for miya、、、There were tons of comments on that blog post 、 which made me really happy。
Thank you very much for your messages。
The 1st day of our LIVE performances at Ariake Coliseum have ended without a hitch!
Thank you so very much to everyone who came (^-^)♪
For Berryz、 of our 3 remaining truly important LIVE performances, it’s really sad that 1 has already ended、 but it was a really enjoyable LIVE performance~
In the middle of today、 while I was sobbing I just made it!
And was able to end it with a smile (இɷஇ )
At the last MC, miya asked all of you this question、、Do you love Berryz⁇ Do you care for us⁇
Hearing everyone loudly reply 「Yes♡」 was superーーーmoving ♡♡♡♡♡
Captain Shimizu-chan cried hearing your loud cheers ♡>_<♡
And、 something else that moved me after our LIVE performance、、、
After the performance ended、 when we were heading back to the dressing room, the juniors had made a happy tunnel ♡
That made me really happy~~(/////)
My cute juniors♡♡ Thank You!
Well then、 I’ll put in in some spirit for our 2nd day of LIVE performances at Ariake Coliseum tomorrowーー!
Good night ♡
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Concerning what’s next、、、

Good morning ♪
I have an announcement for everyone。

After Berryz Kobo’s hiatus on the 3rd of March、、、

I will be taking a bit of a break、 but my love of singing hasn’t changed、
So I’ll be making preparations towards new musical activities。
And、 when it comes to my favourite topic of fashion、 I want to learn more and more about it、
I’d like to partake in activities that let me leverage on my own sense at the same time。
There are a lot of things that I learnt through Hello! Project、 so I think that beyond this、 I should utilise them。
I think that I’d like to blog again、 so I beg for your kindness at that time♪
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Making Shisa ♪

Everyone did shisa painting ♪
This is how miya’s handmade shisa looked like!
It’s really cute ♡ I’m satisfied ♡♡♡
Friendly shisa ♡
It was a really fun event、 so it got extended~(lol)
♡ This is how the lunch we had at Okinawa was like ♡
Okinawa soba
Mozuku seaweed
Sea grapes
miya really likes sea grapes!
I’d eat them every day if I could (^-^)
Okinawa dishes are yumーーーーmy ♡*\(^o^)/*♡
2 nights and 3 days isn’t enoughー。(;_;)
I’m really looking forward to the BK party after this~♪♪♪♪
Chii-chan’s having a little break until then!
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