Natsuyaki Miyabi

Thump thump ♡

♡good morning♡
It’s raining in Tokyo~(*_*)
It’s gradually getting colder、 so everyone, be careful to not catch a cold ☆彡
Bring along a coat when you head out!
miya will be having a rehearsal today ♪
Today, all the staff who are involved with the LIVE will gather、 the members will try on our outfits、 it’s a day where we’ll be going through everything as if it was the real thing!
Oh my… I’m nervous~(*_*)
I’ll be off ♡
Since the members’ NAILs were cute, I took a photo ♡ Everyone’s Halloween NAILS♪
I can’t wait for Halloween~♡♡♡
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Today we did a recording for DAM channel ♪
It’ll be broadcast from the 9th of November ~ the 6th of December, so check it out ♡♡♡
Hashimoto Kanna-chan is seriously an angel \(//∇//)\♡

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「UTB+」 is now on sale ♪
♡ Mode style Berryz♡&♡Natural Berryz♡
I’m counting on you to check it out~♡
Well、 let’s work hard today tooー(^^)
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Good evening ☆彡
Today we had another rehearsal for our LIVE~♪
It’s hard、 so I end up sleeping soundly (_ _).。o○
Today、 midway through the rehearsal, the members and the staff-san watched the luncar eclipseー☪
I wonder if all of you got to see it?
It seems that the last time the whole country could see a lunar eclipse was the 10th of December 2011!
A red moon ☪ It was beautiful~♡
And here’s another photo!
A 2-shot with Ganso-san from yesterday’s radio recording~♪
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♡good morning♡




Today was a nice, easy day, not too hot, not too cold~(^^)


miya loves this kind of temperature!




Rehearsals for the autumn tour started yesterday、

But there are songs we haven’t done in a while、 and remembering them is tough…(ノ_<)


But、 I’m full of excitement, and want to do the real thing soon~!



The members chose the songs for this LIVE、 and even the outfits were decided in through discussions with the stylist-sans, with miya and Chan-Rii in the centre (*^^*)♡




There’s hardly any time until the real thing、 so we’re in a bit of a rush、 but all of us want to give you the best LIVE performance ♪

I can’t wait✧*





I’m putting UP what I wore at the individual handshake event, please give some comments if you have any~



Heart-collar knitted one-piece…lilLilly




Today, I’ve still got to go for a Bakunai recording after this ☆☆☆

It’s been a while, I wonder if Ganso-san’s doing well?(*^^*)







Photos… from Itsukushima Shrine

Chii-chan, concentrate。 lol



Right。 What a lovely smile (*^^*)






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♡I have AI.♡

Good evening ☆彡
To everyone who came to today’s individual handshake events
Thank you very much♪
I’m happy to have talked with a lot of people!
Well, there was something that made miya HAPPY just a while ago ♡☆♡☆
Which was GETting aichan’s style Book ♡
Everything’s stylish and cute ♡♡♡♡♡
Her personal clothes、 accessories、 the make-up that goes with the clothing…
aichan’s cuteness isn’t held back!!
It’s sick!✧*
And、 there’s also a report on her Hawaiian wedding、 and the shots of her being all lovey-dovey with Abe Kouji-san were lovely ♡\(//∇//)\
How soothing~♪
Personally, the page miya likes p84~「my Favorite Dresses」♡♡
aichan, who looks good in whatever she wears, has alーways been a senior that I admired ♡♡♡♡♡
I tried taking a photo that was a little wedding-ish, wearing a garland, to match my favourite page ♡
miya’d like to come out with a style Book too, someday~♪

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Event ♪

Good afternoon ♪

The rain outside is crazy…(ノ_<)
Everyone, be careful not to slip!


Today we’ve got release commemoration individual handshake events for 「Romance wo Katatte / Towa no Uta」☆彡
We’re holding it at Nippon Seinenkan Mid Hall ♡
We went to Starbucks in the intermission~♪
Yaーy ♡
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Good evening ☆彡

Thank you for all your comments ♡

Reading the messages from everyone、
I was sobbing…(*_*)
We’ll treasure each and every one of the activities we have until the spring of next year、
And we’d like to create a lot of wonderful memories with all of the fans♪
The autumn tour will be starting、 and there’ll be a slew of events!
We’re counting on you to continue giving your support to Berryz ♡
Since I’ve got some photos of saki and maasa and miya messing around, I’ll put them UPー\(//∇//)\ lol
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Berryz Kobo

Good morning ♡

This is an announcement for everyone。
On the 12th of November
We’ll be releasing our 36th single

A double-A side single 「Romance wo Katatte」「Towa no Uta」♪
This song will be Berryz Kobo’s last single。

So we’ve finally come to the last one~…
It feels a bit sad。

You know、 since Berryz was our youth…
But、 this indefinite hiatus was a decision made by us、 a decision made looking ahead!
We don’t know what paths each of us will be following beyond this、 but I’m truly glad that we kept at it until now!

Tsunku♂-san has made so many songs for us until now、 and Berryz have got to sing all sorts of songs~♪


We’re truly grateful to Tsunku♂-san ♡


Cute songs、 cool songs、 seductive songs、 Berryz has definitely sang songs in all those genres, haven’t we⁈(*^^*)


For the current batch of new songs…

「Romance wo Katatte」
I think that it’s a style that Berryz hasn’t done before。
It’s fantastical and the lyrics will really make your heart skip♡ ♪

It’ll make the hearts of both girls and guys go pitter-patter ♡♡♡

「Towa no Uta」
This song really exudes Berryz-ness‼︎

All of the fans will enjoy singing it at LIVEs‼︎
Treasuring that theme、 the singing、 the dance
They’re all permeated with the theme!

The choreography has us doing a dance that both kids and adults can enjoy dancing to, so I’ve got no doubts that it’ll pump up LIVE performances‼︎‼︎(*^^*)



Everyone, until the very end, please don’t tear your eyes away from Berryz, okay~♡


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Our first LIVE in Okayama ended without a hitchー♪

I was glad to meet so many people today ♡♡


Thank you \(//∇//)\
It seems that Okayama is famous for its kibidango and its muscat grapes、 and we got to eat both after our concert!
When we ate the muscats, the way it goes ‘pop’ in your mouth is irresistible ♡
While the kibidango was springy and had a mild taste!
They were really delicious~(*^^*)
We get to go to all sorts of localities through Naruchika
Meeting lots of people、 and eating delicious foods、 it’s truly bliss~♡
I’m looking forward to the next Naruchika LIVE ♪
So、 ♪I’ll put UP photos from Miyajima♪
There were deer~ They were selling delicious looking chikuwa~
Chii-chan and miya wanted to eat grilled oysters, so we went to this store that was manned by this kind gentleman、 and he gave us an extra oyster as a freebie, saying  「The 2 of you are cuties, so this is on the house♡」♡(*^^*)

What a stroke of luck ♡♡♡
Just looking at the photo makes me want to eat them again~(*_*)

We ate all sorts of things besides that~!

Oyster udon、 friend oysters、 and sweet potato ice cream for dessert
We ate to the point of bursting。
The World Heritage site, Itsukushima Shrine~
It was a really wonderful place☆彡
I’d love to come here even in my private time ♡
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