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Ariake Coliseum LIVE

Good evening ☆彡

Concerning what’s next for miya、、、There were tons of comments on that blog post 、 which made me really happy。
Thank you very much for your messages。
The 1st day of our LIVE performances at Ariake Coliseum have ended without a hitch!
Thank you so very much to everyone who came (^-^)♪
For Berryz、 of our 3 remaining truly important LIVE performances, it’s really sad that 1 has already ended、 but it was a really enjoyable LIVE performance~
In the middle of today、 while I was sobbing I just made it!
And was able to end it with a smile (இɷஇ )
At the last MC, miya asked all of you this question、、Do you love Berryz⁇ Do you care for us⁇
Hearing everyone loudly reply 「Yes♡」 was superーーーmoving ♡♡♡♡♡
Captain Shimizu-chan cried hearing your loud cheers ♡>_<♡
And、 something else that moved me after our LIVE performance、、、
After the performance ended、 when we were heading back to the dressing room, the juniors had made a happy tunnel ♡
That made me really happy~~(/////)
My cute juniors♡♡ Thank You!
Well then、 I’ll put in in some spirit for our 2nd day of LIVE performances at Ariake Coliseum tomorrowーー!
Good night ♡
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Concerning what’s next、、、

Good morning ♪
I have an announcement for everyone。

After Berryz Kobo’s hiatus on the 3rd of March、、、

I will be taking a bit of a break、 but my love of singing hasn’t changed、
So I’ll be making preparations towards new musical activities。
And、 when it comes to my favourite topic of fashion、 I want to learn more and more about it、
I’d like to partake in activities that let me leverage on my own sense at the same time。
There are a lot of things that I learnt through Hello! Project、 so I think that beyond this、 I should utilise them。
I think that I’d like to blog again、 so I beg for your kindness at that time♪
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Making Shisa ♪

Everyone did shisa painting ♪
This is how miya’s handmade shisa looked like!
It’s really cute ♡ I’m satisfied ♡♡♡
Friendly shisa ♡
It was a really fun event、 so it got extended~(lol)
♡ This is how the lunch we had at Okinawa was like ♡
Okinawa soba
Mozuku seaweed
Sea grapes
miya really likes sea grapes!
I’d eat them every day if I could (^-^)
Okinawa dishes are yumーーーーmy ♡*\(^o^)/*♡
2 nights and 3 days isn’t enoughー。(;_;)
I’m really looking forward to the BK party after this~♪♪♪♪
Chii-chan’s having a little break until then!
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good morning♡
I put on facial packs in the morning and my skin’s looking good ♪
It’s the START of the 2nd day of our Okinawa Fan Club Tour~~♪♪
I can’t wait ♡(^-^)
Everyone took photos with sparkling smiles at yesterday’s 8shot!
At night we had the fan get-together event♪
There were a lot of pretty risky questions at the Q&A corner、 it was really fun(lol)
It got really excited when we talked about romance~~♡
There were numerous fans who seriously thought that they’d like to get married to miya、 I got a little embarrassed going ‘Is that so~~‼︎’ ♡(lol)(/////)*kya*♡
It looked like most people didn’t want to get married though lololol (×∀×;(lol)
It was fun to see the feelings of the members and all the fans with my own eyes ♡(^-^)♡
I’m in high spirits today too ♪
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The 8-person photo shoot event between the members and the guests will START soon ♡

I think it must be nerve-wracking、 but since I think it’ll be a precious photograph、 I’ll have a wide smile ♡♡♡
You can check and double-check your make-up, clothes, and pose with this mirror!
miya’s nervous and excited too~~!

Sign above mirror: The photo shoot is soon. Let’s take a wonderful shot with Berryz Kobo! Please decide on the pose you want for the photo beforehand.

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in ♡ Okinawa

good morning♡♡♡



Berryz Kobo’s Fan Club Tour STARTS today~~(^-^)‼︎
This time it’s 2 nights and 3 days in Okinawa!!!
It’s Berryz’ last Fan Club Tour、 so I’d like to enjoy it with everything I’ve got!
I was super looking forward to it♪♪♪
To everyone who came~~ Let’s make some wonderful memories ♡
Berryz have been in Okinawa since yesterday、 we went to Churaumi Aquarium~~ and went shopping、
We had our fill of Okinawa~♪(^-^)
Since I took lots more besides those, I’ll put more UP later!
I’ll be doing make-up nowー♪
What sort of hairstyle should I do today~⁇
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Good evening ☆
I had a rehearsal & outfit fitting ♪
With the outfits being completed、 it inflates the image of the LIVE performance、 and I look forward to it twice as muchー♪♪♪
We’re really getting close to the real thing、 my heart can’t stop beatingーーっ(^^;;
Well! Late night at 3 ~ Bakunai will be broadcast~(^-^)
At today’s broadcast、 there’s an important announcement、 make sure to listen to it okay ☆
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Good morning ♪

Announcing this year’s No.1 Valentine’s‼︎
This year it’s~~~~~~~~~~~~
Her handmade apple pie was amazingly!
Delicious ♡
Chii-chan’s going to become a lovely bride in the future ♡
We had work after yesterday’s LIVE performance、 and I fell fast asleep after that ended~…×∀×
The 15 of February marked the last Hello! Con for Berryz Kobo。
Thank you to everyone who came to Osaka ♡♡
Being able to stand on the stage of Hello! Cons for about 12 and a half years、
It really fills me with gratitude。
Thank you very much!
Tears were shed by all you fans、 the Hello! Pro members、 lots of people。
Berryz Kobo is truly loved by so many people, it brings joy to miya ♡
We were still in primary school when we joined Hello! Pro、 knowing nothing~
We learnt all sorts of things from our many seniors ♪
Time has passed since then、 and we’ve turned into H!P’s oldest group without realising it‼︎‼︎‼︎(×∀×
I wonder if miya was all right as a senior~?
I wonder how the juniors saw me~?(^-^)
I wonder if I taught the juniors all sorts of things?
Hmm、、 It worries me a little、、
But it’d make me glad if I influenced them in some way ♡ (๑´⍢`๑)
H!P will be led by ℃-ute from now on, so we’ve got no worries!!!
I think that Hello! Project will continue to gradually develop beyond this‼︎
All of you, make sure to stick to H!P ♡
Please watch over our cute little juniors warmly from now on too, okay ♡♡♡
We were reminded once again about how important our contemporaries ℃-ute are。
Thank you ♡
Yaji was always close to miya, whose tears wouldn’t stop before our performance ♡
The H!P leader is really kind!
Yaji~~ Thank you ♡♡♡
Today I’ve got a photo shoot~ After that I’ll head for rehearsals~ And I’ll go for a fitting for our LIVE performance outfits!
It’s pretty busy、 but I’ll do my best ☆彡
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I really wanted to tell you this yesterday but the blog was under maintenance so I’m doing it now、、、
So, this late night at 3~ airing on Radio Nippon
it was unbelievably, the 100th broadcast of ♡BAKUNAI♡ *\(^o^)/*
congraaattss ☆彡☆彡☆彡 was the very last broadcast brought to you by Motobaku* and me, his Assistant Natsuyaki Miyabi (இɷஇ )
Thank you very much to all of you, the listeners, who listened up until now‼︎
Your many letters made me so happy ♡
♡To Motobaku♡
Being able to be on the radio with Motobaku has really allowed me to learn so many things.
When we first met, I was really nervous. Even though I was stumbling over my words and bad at chatting, Motobaku was so kind ♪
I think, you must have wondered in your heart “will this assistant be alright~(×∀×;⁇ ” and felt unsure. I myself wondered that too after all (lol)
But, Motobaku gave miya so much advice!
I feel so much gratitude.
I’m so glad I could be the Bakunai Assistant ♡
Thank you for everything up until now ♪
♡to the show staff♡
I was so moved how everyone was SO nice ♡◌⑅⃝
Each time you all came to the birthday events and, of course, the LIVES. You are just too wonderful‼︎‼︎
Also, our studio was bounding with chatter and never had a quiet moment (lol)
miya loved it ♡
Thank you for such a fun show every time!
And you know, the Bakunai Team made this promise and, we decided to have a BBQ and go bowling!!
Motobaku! All of the staff! Let’s also keep in touch in our private lives* too~ok?(^-^)
Please don’t forget~~(lol)


*I cannot figure out how to read the name of her co-host 元爆! If this is incorrect, please let me know in the comments and I’ll update it.
*Not just keep a professional relationship but go bowling, etc, in their normal private lives.
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happy♡Valentine’s day

happy Valentine”s day

14th February
I wonder to what extent love will bear fruit~?(*゚ー゚*)♡
It’s the day that offers a chance for girls to convey their feelings of love ♡
And guys who receive confessions、 I wonder how many pieces of chocolate you’ll receive、、 It’s a day that makes your heart beat wildly ♡
I wonder to what extent you’ll put wax in your hair?(lol)
And all the couples out there~

Won’t your mutual feelings of love get even heightened compared to before~~?♡♡♡

Valentine’s is a wonderful day, isn’t it ♡
It makes a lot of people happy ♡♡♡♡♡
miya exchanged chocolates of friendship、 and received tons of chocolates and cookies ♪
And with that, until tomorrow!
Good night~♪
ps. Thank you for coming to our LIVE performance in Osaka!
Tomorrow’s Hello! Con will be the last for Berryz‼︎
We’ll make it an awesome LIVE performance ♡
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