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We’ve landed :excite2:

oneandonlyThe migration has been successful! Welcome to the new blog!project server! :tinkerchu:

There may be some bugs, but we’ll keep squashing them as we find them. :penguin: Please let us know in the comments if you see one!

We still have a lot of work to do on blog!project and our sister sites (including MM-BBS, the coolest Hello! Project forum you’ll ever find!), but sooner or later we’ll start putting the features that our new host offers us to good use. They should make reading blog!project much faster and more convenient. We promise to try not to break the site too much in the process. :tinkerchu:

Thank you always for your support and have a good day! :sunny:

aine :flail:
blog!project Site Admin

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Server migration!

gundan1EDIT: The server migration is now complete! Please see the updated news post.

Hello again,

Big news – blog!project is moving to a new server! This may cause a short site downtime, so please read on.

As soon as we move the site and confirm that everything is working correctly we will point the address to the new server. It may take some time before this change propagates to your local DNS server. During that time you will simply continue seeing the site on the old server.

We will post another News post on the new server to confirm that the migration has been successful. If you don’t see it after more than 48 hours or if the site becomes inaccessible, please follow these instructions to clear your local DNS cache.

Please keep your fingers crossed that everything goes without a hitch! :tinkerchu:

aine :flail:
blog!project Site Admin

PS. We hope to restore the mobile version of blog!project soon after the server move.

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Mobile site


We are temporarily disabling the mobile version of blog! project. We hope to restore it soon once we solve a couple issues with it.

In the meantime, apologies to all our visitors with small and smaller screens.

aine :flail:
blog!project Site Admin

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What’s Up? blog!project is here! :sparkle:

Morning_Musume_1st_GenHi everyone, how are you doing in 2015 so far?

Apologies for a slightly bumpy ride yesterday. We were rolling out some necessary updates on the backend of the site. We’re trying to ensure as smooth sailing as possible at all times, but some technical work is unavoidable every now and then. Still, from an admin’s point of view blog!project is a great site that just works – we have our lovely senior admin strawberryjam to thank for creating it, and our great team of translators, editors and preppers to thank for supplying you with a daily dose of translated blogs! :tinkerchu:

You may also have noticed a few changes and new categories in the sidebar recently. S/mileage was joined by the 3rd Generation of members – Aikawa Maho, Murota Mizuki,  and Sasaki Rikako – and became ANGERME. We have started translating Country Girls‘ blogs, featuring everyone’s favourite Tsugunaga Momoko, together with Inaba Manaka, Morito Chisaki, Ozeki Mai, Shimamura Uta, and Yamaki Risa.

With Berryz Koubou‘s impending hiatus their category was moved near the Miscellaneous section. And last but not least, Michishige Sayumi is now a Morning Musume OG, but in her place we have blogs of the 4 new Morning Musume 12th Generation MembersHaga Akane, Makino Maria, Nonaka Miki, and Ogata Haruna. :hurray:

As always, thank you all for your continued support. Please look forward to a lot of exciting stuff happening this year. And if you have any thoughts or suggestions that you’d like to share then please let us know in the comments, we’d love to hear them! :guddo:

aine :flail:
blog!project Site Admin

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Help needed – Preppers! :star:

12thHi Everyone, how have you been doing? :usagi2:

It’s been a while since the last staff post. We’re doing fine. There was a lot of excitement in the Hello! Project world recently. New Morning Musume generation, new s/Mileage generation, Morning Musume visited New York again… :piisu: And on a less cheerful note, soon I will have the unpleasant duty of moving Sayumi’s category from “Morning Musume” to “Morning Musume OG” – as much as I hate the thought of it! :heartbreak:

With all that reshuffling as well as new academic year starting, we’re getting short on hands to prepare blog posts for our translators. This is where – again – we reach out to you, Readers. We’re recruiting Preppers for blog!project again, and you could be one of them! :guddo:

Prepping is simple and does NOT require any knowledge of Japanese. We have very handy step-by-step guides for prepping available as well. All we ask of you is to:

sign up for MM-BBS so we can keep in touch
– be able to prep a few times a week
– let us know when you’re going to be busy so we can have someone substitute for you

Interested? Then please sign up for MM-BBS now, wait till your account gets approved (usually within 24 hours), and introduce yourself in the blog!project thread. Our lovely b!p staff will then sort you out. :sun:

We will be grateful for any help offer, but we’re especially looking for Preppers for the following blogs, in order of importance:

:heart4: Michishige Sayumi
:heart4: Suzuki Kanon
:heart4: Kudou Haruka
:heart4: Wada Ayaka
:heart4: Nakanishi Kana
:heart4: Mano Erina
:heart4: 3rd Gen S/mileage
:heart4: Mitsui Aika
:heart4: Tamura Meimi
:heart4: Katsuta Rina
:heart4: Tsugunaga Momoko

And of course, as always, we are looking for more Translators to join our team as well! If you’re interested in translating for us or know someone who would, please see this post right away! :bikkuri:

Hope to hear from you soon~ :tinkerchu:

aine :flail:
blog!project Site Admin

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While it’s hot~ :meramera:

o0800080012952496918[1]Hey, Visitor,

If you came here to check out Ai Takahashi’s curious wardrobe choice and are baffled by what you see, let me give you a hand.

blog!project is a website dedicated to translating blogs of Japanese girl idols. Our main focus is the Hello! Project collective, with their flagship group Morning Musume. If this only added to your confusion then check the Wikipedia links provided.

FYI, Ai Takahashi used to be a Morning Musume member and leader until she graduated. Now she’s mainly a blogger, TV personality, and a fashionista with apparently poor English!

To make it clear, we are a completely unofficial, non-commercial fan-site. Everything you see is a work of our great team of volunteers.

If all this has caught your interest then feel free to join us at the Morning Musume BBS, aka MM-BBS, our humble and cosy forum for all things idol. Despite the name, our interests cover just about all faces of Japanese pop-culture.

And if you are so impressed and would like to help out, we will be very grateful if you did one of the following:

– Join our team as a translator from Japanese to English – click here for details, we’re always in need for some extra help! :age:
– Send this to your friends who you think might be interested, we’re sure you have a few! :guddo:
– If you can into social media and all that, spread the word about our site, we’d love to see more people get into the idol world with our humble help! :rabu:

Thanks for reading, and don’t be shy to leave us a comment either! :tinkerchu:

aine :flail:
blog!project Site Admin

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Yesterday’s downtime

roadworksApologies everyone for the downtime yesterday. This was due to our host having to perform some maintenance on our server which they failed to inform us of in advance. We would normally put a temporary notice on the front page, but unfortunately we were completely cut off from accessing the backend of the site as well.

All affected sites are now back to normal, you can continue getting your fix of cuteness. :tinkerchu:

aine :flail:
blog!project Site Admin

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Happy New Year! :cracker:

Happy New YearChinese New Year, that is. :nihihi:

We’ve never been too concerned with big dates and anniversaries, but in our post-Christmas-supper slump we missed both the New Year and, more importantly, the third anniversary of blog!project. And what is a blog worth without an anniversary post?

Luckily, thanks to the wonders of the lunisolar calendar, we can now save face. And to make up for the slight delay, I’ll test your attention span with this slightly-longer-than-usual News post.

Although our lovely founder strawberryjam (who is now on a break/hiatus) started work on the site some time earlier, the official birthday of blog!project is January 5th. The oldest translated post in our database is by none other than the glorious leader Michishige Sayumi (and at that time one of our hardest working translators, rob). Many things happened since then.

:ribbon: Old members have graduated, new members have joined.

:ribbon: New groups were formed.

:ribbon: Japan was hit by one of the worst natural disasters in this century.

:ribbon: Morning Musume starter its slow comeback to the well deserved top.

:ribbon: Morning Musume also changed their name (is it necessary? you decide).

:ribbon: Foreign countries and continents were graced by visits of Hello! Project groups and members.

And so much more. Meanwhile, blog!project has been going strong, translating the blog posts for you and occasionally reporting the events and organizing surprise actions.

We won’t give you the exact numbers (because we like to keep our numbers secret / because we’re too lazy to run detailed reports – choose one), but as you may have noticed, 2013 has been a slower year than the previous one. At the same time, comparing graphs for the number of posts published and the number of site visits over the same period of time, there is a very close correlation between the two. This means we have a steady and loyal base of regular readers. For this, to all of you, we’d like to say a big THANK YOU! :heart: We said this many times before, but if there was no one to do this for, there would be no motivation to keep the site going.

Another thing that you may already know, but it deserves repeating. All blog!project staff are volunteers. We’re a completely fan-driven, unofficial site (though as we said in our Q&A post we’d love to change that last part). Our translators and preppers are just fans like all of you and they have their personal lives, school, work, and other priorities. We put no pressure or obligation on them and we are extremely grateful for all the work they put into the site. At the same time, while it saddens us when any of our staff needs to take a break or leave for any reason, there is little we can do to stop them.

This is also the part where we depend on you, our readers. As in all our Call for Translators posts, please do let your friends know that we are looking for more staff. Use the power of social media. While we do actively seek out new translators ourselves, a friend’s recommendation is always much better than being approached by a stranger. This is for the benefit of all fans around the world, so please, do keep us in mind. :blinkai:

In fact, our great staff deserves much more mention than the two paragraphs before – I’ll save this for another post to give them proper justice.

And now for something completely different, I’d like to introduce to you a few very exciting websites. Perhaps ‘introduce’ is not the right word since you can see them in the footer of each page, but if you have never ventured into any of them then perhaps this will convince you:

:sparkleheart: Morning Musume BBS, aka MM-BBS – the mother board of blog!project and the other two sites. Also one of the oldest English-speaking Hello! Project forums, with over 10 years of proud history. Formerly known for its reputation as mean and elitist, now it’s a friendly and all-welcoming forum with a great community spirit (and only a slight fixation on proper spelling and punctuation :wink2: ). This is were blog!project was born and where it is being coordinated. If you’re looking for a place for smart, high-quality and unrestrained discussion of all H!P-related matters then please drop by and say hello. :guddo:

:sparkleheart: PROJECThello – the Hello! Project lyrics archive, ran and regularly kept up to date by a great team of volunteers, partially overlapping with blog!project staff. This is your go-to place for original Japanese lyrics, colour-coded romanizations, as well as English translations of your favourite songs. Don’t be put off by the basic site design – it worked great for many years and it’s all about the speed and the quality of content rather than flashy looks. :up:

:sparkleheart: TNLyriX – the younger sister site of PROJECThello focused on songs by TNX and NICE GIRL Project! groups. Do names like THE Possible, Karen or Tokito Ami ring any bell? Well, give them a try! :music:

As you can see, blog!project is a part of a huge family and actually the youngest sibling in the bunch. :tinkerchu:

As probably even the most patient among you are at the edges of your seats by now :aseru:, here’s a quick run-down of what we plan or hope to see in the year 2014:

:pinkstar: More translations by more translators, hopefully not without your help.

:pinkstar: More back-end updates and improvements to make our staff’s work easier.

:pinkstar: Perhaps a slight face-lift on the front-end.

:pinkstar: A competition and/or giveaway event – stay tuned! :heehee:

And last but not least – we want to hear from you! blog!project does not usually get much discussion in the comments, however please use the comments under this post for this purpose. Did you enjoy this lengthy post and would you like to see more staff posts like this? Do you have any suggestions for new content, features or improvements, or any complaints? Or just want to chit-chat? Go all out, we want to get to know you better! :sparkle:

All the best in the New Year, whichever calendar you use. :nihihi: :cracker: :cracker: :cracker:

aine :flail:
blog!project Site Admin

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Translators wanted~ :sparkle:

Michishige Sayumi-426314Guess what time it is? It’s Call for Translators time! :clock:

The frequent readers among you will know that we’re in a desperate need for more translators and that our recruitment is always open.

blog!project is based on voluntary work of our translators and preppers. How many blogs are translated and how fast they get translated depends on how much work our staff can put into the site. Because it’s our goal to give you as much content as possible, the resources are always spread very thin. :aseru:

That’s why, if you know Japanese and are willing to help us out, please apply! :up:

If you have friends who know Japanese and you think would be interested, please ask them to apply! :up:

Applying is easy! Just click on this post and follow the steps. :running:

There isn’t much more to add other than that. If you come across this post only months later don’t worry, we’re always happy to get more staff on board.

Hope to hear from you soon! :raburabu:

aine :flail:
blog!project Site Admin

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b!p updates Q&A~ :hurray:

Tamura Meimi-420574Hi Everyone! :bell:

Because it’s been a while since the previous blog!project updates news posts and I didn’t get to respond to your comments in a timely manner, I’ll address them in this Q&A. I don’t think we ever had a Q&A on blog!project before, so it’s a bit exciting. It’s also probably the closest I will ever get to being an idol, hah. :usagi2:

Q: Too bad this can’t be a paid subscription service. Then we can pay for site maintenance and give translators a small wage. It would probably greatly increase the # of translators we have on staff. It would also give paying readers leverage to complain about things, instead of the bizarre entitlement certain people have over completely volunteer fan translations haha. (eri)
Q: Actually, I think the paid subscription suggestion is a very good idea. Work is work, and even if it is a labor of love, the staff and translators deserve to be compensated for their time and efforts. I would be willing to pay a reasonable fee for access if it meant that blog!project would continue to grow and thrive. (Nobody)
A: In a perfect world a paid service would be a perfect solution. But a perfect world this is not. There are tens of problems this would create. To list just a few, first, we already walk the thin line that separates us from the grey area with our unofficial translations. Getting monetary profit into the equation would open us up to much more severe legal trouble. Second, we doubt that more than a fraction of readers would be both willing and able to pay the subscription fee. Finally, nature abhors a vacuum and most likely sooner than later another free website would open in place of blog!project. So for the foreseeable future the answer to this is “no”. However, see the next question.

Q: For simplicity sake, you might just try a donation button at first. (Nobody)
Q: Yes i agree the people who enjoy reading the translators hardwork should be able to subscribe or donate (Lee)
Q: Do you have a donation page set up? I’ll chip in! (nefleury)
A: A one-off donation drive is something that we had in the back of our minds for a while. But to make it absolutely clear, it would be one-off and only to cover the server and hosting costs (which at least tripled since b!p has started). As most people surely have other spending priorities in December it won’t happen this year, however some time next year perhaps.

Q: Damned ! I translate Maasa’s posts with your Blog. :/ (for my Blog xD) Brief,I hope you can updated your Blog.^^ (Sorry,my English is bad,because I’m french ><;) (Lil-Maa)
A: So you translate from the language you don’t know very well, you don’t credit us or link back to blog!project as the source, and on top of that you hot-link our images? That’s pretty rude, you know that? :evil:

Q: You could just remove the comment function unless people are subscribed to the blog. That way there isn’t spam comments complaining about stuff not getting done unless its from people who are subscribed and would then have the right to complain about everything. (Mizura)
A: blog!project doesn’t get much traffic as far as comments go, however we still wouldn’t want to remove that functionality. Even though theoretically MM-BBS is the actually community behind blog!project, being able to comment here does encourage the readers to participate. And spam comments aren’t that much of an issue really.

Q: Seems we’re all getting hit with the “Need more translator”/”Need more manpower” problem eh? ~Mysterious~ In any case, wish you guys the best of luck, at least it looks like everyone who is having this problem has the support of their community! Power to all of us! (Invis)
A: Thanks for the wishes, much obliged. Same goes to you! By the way, our offer to join forces stands as always – you know how to contact us:guddo:

Q: And if I had idolfan friends that could speak Japanese, I would thankfully hand them over to you >_< (Babyssb)
A: Well, we hope that you will make many Japanese-speaking friends then!  :heart3:

Q: I’m just curious if it is possible to add some banners and advertisment to get some money out of it atleast (AD)
A: This basically goes back to the first answer as to why we’re wary of getting money involved. Also, we’re proud that blog!project and our other sites are advertising-free and we wouldn’t want to change that either.

Q: May I suggest you contact the powers that be over at Hello! Project and see if they would be willing to support your work? It would help them sell more product if more English speakers became fans like we all are. I think you could make a good pitch to UFA about translating for them. IF you can convince them your work will increase their sales, it would be a no-brainer for them to support Blog! Project translations! (Sheikh yer Bu’Tay)
A: We’re only a modest fan-site that’s either too small for UF notice or too unobtrusive for them to care about. And we love blog!project dearly. Approaching the powers that be officially would leave them no choice but to take an official stance about our to be or not to be. And this is not a risk that we’re brave enough or willing to take. At the same time, becoming the official translation site would be our dream come true. That’s why, dear Powers That Be at Up-Front, if you’re reading this and think we’re good enough, please don’t hesitate to contact us. :blinkai:

This about covers the most important points that you’ve all made. We’d also like to thank you all for the support and encouragement that you expressed in your comments! We appreciate it a lot and it really keeps us and our staff going. :tinkerchu:

Please remember that blog!project is always looking for more translators! Please check out the latest recruitment post for details. :!!:

aine :flail:
blog!project Site Admin

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