Niigaki Risa

I became 26 years old



The Ri~sa~ cake :heart: :music: raised my spirits, ee~k  4423024[1]


Countdown live ended without a hitch,
I became 26 years old4400769[1]







Everyone, everyone truly thank youuuuu


I was beyond glad..thank you for the surprise, too



Gaki-people are-the-best~  4423024[1]
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LIVE Banchou! DVD

It’s been completed, huh~

Already, I yearn for it just a little4335476

I’ll have to try my best in order to make my September Solo LIVE more enjoyable~

I’m getting nervouso0020002012459265090[1] Reina

With the DVD, because my comments and such are there, please look without fail


Even with rain my feelings are bright!
A refreshing feeling Gaki-sangakishock2

Today too, while practice is fun, I’ll still try my best~!!Until backstage is just…..a little!
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Berryz Koubou

My kouhai “Berryz Koubou” have announced a hiatus.

I was truly surprised by this sudden thing, we’ve arranged to discuss this properly.  Because of that, until the coming Spring I want you to enjoy each day carefully, with all your heart
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The plan I have..♡

I don’t want rain!!
I have an umbrella, you know..but I don’t want to wait, you know, lol
Aah.  I want to ride Toy Story Mania at Disney Sea..o0020002012459265090[1] Reinagakiheart3
I want to watch my Toy Story DVDo0020002012459265090[1] Reinagakiheart3
I want to go to Disney Resorto0020002012459265090[1] Reinagakiheart3
I want a year passo0020002012459265090[1] Reinagakiheart3
Lately I’ve been only saying things like this, lol
Forgive meo0020002012459265090[1] Reinagakiheart3
I planning something in particular with a certain person…♡♡♡
It seems implimentation isn’t far away, lol
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Mini Stop soft

Coming how after practice, after eating, I went on a walk with Mama~
At Mini Stop I got ice cream~.
So good
It was
By the way, I ate a soft calpis
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Risa fa
Who likes sneakers:heart:

Let’s go~
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To Morning Musume. 14′s LIVE, I wanted to gOOoooo…:down: :down: :down:
I couldn’t go because I had practice and work…
Well, you’ll come back to Tokyo, right..?
I want to go~.
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Today’s Risa fa

There’s Donald!!!!!!
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Various~From~Risa fa.


I got it :music: :music: :music:

When you try it…
It’s so good!!!gakishock2
Because my skin has become sensitive to aging, lately because I’m painstakingly, painstakingly doing skincare, I’m glad for beautiful skin goods, skin-whitening goods.
I’m joining a figure group!!

I want to collect so many that I can build a Disney gallery roomgakimickey

From Risa fa*~

With this because today is cold, I put a white jacket on over it٩(*‾᷆⌢̑‾᷇)۶


*T.N.: “Fa” is an abbreviation of “fashion”.
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May 5th is Gaki-san’s day:up:

The event has finishedddd♪(´ε` )

Weeeell, it was fun:heart::heart:

I was glad to meet with everyone after a long time*\(^o^)/*

Because today I got to MC with Sawayaka Goro-san, well it was truly reassuring537[1]:heart:

And, unexpectedly….

Gettaazu Iida-san…!!!

He came as a surprise!

I got my fortune told..
It’s right on the money..Aah.  Amazing!

Over and over..

I almost cried a little because of the words..

Because he’s a person I’ve always wanted to meet, I was glad:heart:

Having received Gettaazu-san’s book(♥︎^^♥︎)
The people who care without fail!  Look, look please!


Thank you so very much(♥︎^^♥︎)”


I talked a lot with everyone at the LIVE, we truly got really roused up, I began anxiously awaiting September!

And..furthermore, “I absolutely want to do a succesful September LIVE!”, “My feelings have become strong!”

With these things, today I made a pact with everyone, to do sit-ups up until the LIVE!

Immediately, well, I did it~!

Everyone let’s try our best together!!

For a lot, of letters, and presents, thank you so very much!!
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