Niigaki Risa

Each one after a long time

I sang “Lullaby Game” & “Mikan” with these members after a long time☻♥︎


I sang as a duo with Takahashi Ai-chan
Ogawa Makochii
Melon Kinenbi-san, Inaba Atsuko-san, Maeda Yuki-san, Makochi♥︎
Melon Kinenbi Saitou-san
Hair and make-up Ooike-san☻”
I was very glad I got to meet up with everyone after a long time

ai-chan congratulations

From Takahashi Ai-chan, being on the family register and a report came in the mail♥︎43354764333991[1]4333991[1]4333991[1]


Since the old days I had been hearing talk about difficult things until this, because I think “It happened”, when this report came, I was glad from the bottom of my heart433547643354764335476


Build a never ending smiling, happy family, okay :heart::heart:


Truly, truly congratulationssss
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I have a TV recording today



I want to hear Gaki-san sing!!
If you were to do an event
with a current Musume member,
who would you wanna do it with(^^*)?


▪What do you think a 20-year-old Maa-chan 6 years from now will  be like?

I have a feeling she won’t be different.

It seems like people can’t change that easily. lol

▪Is there something that Risa-chan wants right now?

A dog

▪If you could have one wish granted, what would you wish for?

Please give me the power to read people’s hearts

How easy it would be if I were able to know their feelings…

But…maybe it’s good that I don’t know?

▪Up to how many floors can Risa-chan use the stairs?

Third floor

▪Karin-chan seems to really like Gaki-san. Do you have any plans to go out to eat together or anything??

About going out to eat together^ ^

I wanna go
Definitely, someday☆

▪I get nervous easily and I don’t have confidence in myself.
What do you think I should do to change myself?

When you’re nervous, you end up curling yourself up…

I’m told that at times like that, it’s good to take a deep breath, so I take 5 deep breaths, get myself motivated, and then go up onto the stage.

▪Has Gaki-san cooked anything recently? Do you cook together with Shiratama-sensei? I’m already 22 years old, but I still only eat the food that my mom cooks for me and I’m bad at cooking(*ToT) Is there a dish that’s easy to make even for people who aren’t good at cooking?

I don’t cook
I’m 24 years old, you know
I’ll do it if I get married

▪It’s gotten hot. Which cold noodles do you like?

Zaru soba!

▪Do you still keep in touch with Junjun and Linlin?*\(^o^)/*

I do^ ^

We mail each other once in a while

I wanna see them

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▪I want to be in Morning Musume but my parents won’t give me permission no matter what.

How did Gaki-san get permission?

I was also told that I couldn’t at first.

I gave up once, but at the last moment, I was like, “I can’t give up, after all!!!” and when I went to Mama once more, I was allowed to audition.

It’d be great if you can audition… :guddo:

▪It’s been a year since you graduated from Morning Musume, huh?
You’ve appeared in so many stage plays that I think, “It’s only been a year?”Frankly, how was this past year?

I’ll support you so that your second year as an actress will also be productive(●´ω`●)♡

Aah, it went by in a flash and it was full of things to be truly thankful for!

Getting acting work, without any time off and going from one to the next, encountering various roles…

I’ll do my best so that I can get more roles and grow(≧∇≦)

▪Does Gaki-san watch and listen to any idol groups other than Hello Pro?

I don’t listen to them much~[みんな:02]

Is there anything that makes you think,
“This is the one thing I definitely want to do this summer!”
Please tell us(*´ー`*)


▪So, um…I’m not good at texting girls, or rather, I can’t make them long,
so I’d like you to teach me a good method or technique for it.

Why don’t you try to ask her a question? About her interests or something(≧∇≦)

Or stuff like food that she likes

▪Gaki-san, are you good at running??
Do you like running?!

I’m not good at it

I’m bad at running

▪When I go to Tokyo Disneyland, I always ride Big Thunder. Which attraction does Gaki-san always go on?
I’m always supporting you!

Um, Pooh’s Honey Hunt

▪If you were to work with your beloved Abe-shan
which do you want to do the most!?

・Appear together in a stage play
・Work that involves singing, like a live show or dinner show

・Travel show
・An event loaded with talking and games

Travel show!!

It sounds fun!

▪Now that we’re approaching summer, the sunlight is gonna get stronger. Are you the type to use umbrellas as a counter-measure? Or the type to use sunscreen? The type not to do anything? Which one? o(^-^)o

I’m the type to use sunscreen~
but I often forget to use it

That’s why this year I’ll be diligent about it

▪Is there a place other than your house where you feel calm( ‘ω’)?
If there is, please tell us.

There isn’t.
At this time.

Today’s Lunch✌



Vegetable plate



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Risa fa

Risa fa that I’ve taken but haven’t uploaded








A typhoon is coming, huh?

Everyone, are you ok?

Take care, ok?

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▪What do you drink after taking a bath?


▪Do you like condiments?

I like pepper
I also like ginger

▪Please tell us what food you like and dislike

Like☞Chicken (in particular, high-quality chicken breast), popcorn

Dislike☞Oysters, the fat in meat, chicken skin

▪I’m come across the most critical situation in my life!!
I want to overcome it somehow,

so please give me a cheer!!!
If Gaki-san cheers for me, I’ll definitely be able to do my best!!

Oh! What happened!

Fighting, do your beeeeest
I’m cheering for you

▪Have you gotten an email from a junior member recently?

I talked to Fuku-chan and Kubo-yan when I got an email from them about their thoughts on the play(≧∇≦)

Also, you know, I also get mail email from Suzuki sometimes:heart:

It makes me happy

Ah, as for Ikuta, it’s everyday. lol

▪What’s “mother’s flavor” to Gaki-san!?!?

The rolled omelette that she put in my bento for me

▪Please tell me which SUPER JUNIOR song you like!


▪Which celebrity did you first like?

Morning Musume.

▪Which role is worth doing in the theater?

1. A cool, lively role with sword battles, etc
2. A lovely but serious role
Kinda like the Virgin Mary
3. A role with a unique worldview, like Fujiko
4. A fun and cheerful role, like in Zettai Kareshi

Also, which role do you like?

They all are truly worth doing because they were fun and I learned a lot…

But to me, the ones that left the most impression were Zettai Kareshi and cutthroat Fujiko.

They were completely different from each other, but they were deep…

They’re roles that I’d want to do again!

▪How does Gaki-san memorize lines?

At any rate, I just read them, I guess. Many times.



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Father’s Day✌




Everyone in my family had Father’s Day dinner together4367216[1]



All of the food was also cute and delicious:heart:

And then at the end, as a surprise



We got them to bring a plate with a sparkler^ ^



I’m glad he was delighted^ ^

With Shirotama-sensei



papa, thanks for everything

Always stay healthy and energetic, ok?

I gave him a belt as a present

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Last night I was frantically cleaning my room and somehow got it clean, then I got tired, so I was reading everyone’s comments while rolling around in bed, and I fell asleep 1049[1]

Thanks for the comments



Ok then, answers

▪If there’s anything you always do before each show, please tell us.

I’m always restless. lol

I also go on standby quite early by myself.

▪Gaki-san, who graduated from Musume about a year ago.

When you were in the group, what’s the number one thing you learned from the members?

The guts of a pro

▪Who keeps the concert costumes when the tour is over?

The company should have them

▪Please tell me which Ghibli work you like



▪How can I get over shyness?

I wanna know too

▪”Omae no koto sukijakenne” (Hiroshima dialect)
“Omae no koto bari suitoyo” (Hakata dialect)
“Omae no koto meccha sukiyade” (Osaka dialect)
[note: They all mean "I like you"]

Which one do you want to hear the most?♡

Osaka dialect♡It’s great♡Makes my heart skip a beat

▪Do you like hats?


▪What food is Gaki-san really into right now?(^-^)


▪Where does Gaki-san buy caps?

If you could, please tell me.

It’s not set~The sparkly one is from ZARA♪

▪I’ll be going to Tokyo for training in June…I’m thinking of going around for fun when it’s over. Are there any food or shopping places that you recommend??

I’m not too well-informed on Tokyo,
but I like places like Odaiba

I’m hungry

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Sleepless Nights

I just can’t fall asleep, so…

I’m systematically cleaning my room NOw!



It’s going pretty well

I’m not gonna do everything


What do you all do on nights when you can’t sleep?

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I went to the beauty salon






I got them to tone down the color and add highlights(≧∇≦)

The color is mint beige☆

And theeen, the inner part is white ash:up::up:

When I said that I would be going out afterward, Matsuoka-san curled it and made it cute for me:heart::heart:

Thank you very much :heart:





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