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Good eeeeeeveniiiiiing !!!
Oda Sakura
Ikuta Erina-san and
Iikubo Haruna-san and
Isihida Ayumi-san and
Satou Masaki-san and
I went to see the movie『Parasyte』
When you really think about it, it is really a strange mix 
Well, the movie was extremely good…1075 Zukki Eripon
The first part was also really good,
With the final part
the tears…
won’t stop…T^T
Since I’ll spoil it, I’ll stop here
Anyway, I’m glad I could see it
Of course, when the end credits ran,
I was surprised at how many peoples’ names there were,
it took many people to make this movie…
and stuff, I thought, and was moved,
and during the end credits, I clapped so that the people around me didn’t notice.
Honestly, I couldn’t stop the urge to applaud everyone
Thank you for letting me see this wonderful movie
Like that
we went to eat,
and had a dance lesson,
bought me the ice cream that I like (((o(*゚▽゚*)o)))
Fukumura-san and I,
we both like this ice cream,
but a lot of convenience stores don’t really sell it…
When I say convenience stores,
I mean you don’t really see the thing itself being sold
So, the 2 of us want to eat it~
is like what we said, but,
Somehow today Fukumura-san found the ice cream
Let’s eat ti togetherー!!!
she said(≧∇≦)
Isn’t she cute
I ate it and it was delicious 

Today I also pulled my bangs back into a ponytail

If you look from the front, nothing is there,
It was just an ordinary face….
At the 1001 Nights Event at the Hello Shop
I wore a dress from Fukumura-san :heart:
That night when I put it on my blog Fukumura-san
contacted me and said
Oda-chan is cute!!!!
I’m excited 
deha deha (=゚ω゚)ノ
Ps.On Ikuta-san’s blog she put
Harunan, Ayumin, Masaki-chan, Oda
No no, please write Sakura-chan, ok?
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Oda Sakura here!!
Today we had a photoshoot~
I was happy I was able to have a rare hairstyle 1075 Zukki Eripon
I was happy and stuff *laughs*
ahaha *laughs*
It was idolish
And today!!
The event that happened on 3/16,
Sakura no Shirabe 4’s DVD Digest, was put up on YouTube
With Ishida-san’s birthday event DVD, both are grouped together
The video of Sakura no Shirabe being put up…
My heart is pounding
Since I sing a lot
Please watch the video, and worry about
whether you’ll buy it or not1075 Zukki Eripon
The URL is here
Please continue to support me

A photo from Sakura no Shirabe

At this time the makeup artist put purple eyeshadow on me,
so it was a different atmosphere than normal, and I was able to experience the special feeling of my birthday 1075 Zukki Eripon
Ah, nostalgic ’14 in Hawaii…
Oda-san waving her hand in the picture.
deha deha (=゚ω゚)ノ
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By Chance…?


I watched some stuff I recorded 
The Oda household now has recording equipment.
Actually, we continuously couldn’t record. 
Today when I watched PreCure
when Kirara-chan appeared  on the TV show with an idol as a reporter,
she was preeeetty
Tsugunaga Momoko-san-like…
Is this…!!!
is what I was like
Since I was a little riled up
I communicated with Yamaki Risa-chan for 1 day
That girl is…
With a fluffy pink dress over a white blouse, with twin tails turned to the outside like an angel, and 1 pink ribbon in both the left and the right, Ranko-chan :heart:
She was cute 
I’m changing the subject, but,
I, Oda Sakura,
am doing a Hello Shop event by myself next time
A Thousand and One NIghts
There will be a corner for questions from fans, and
a corner titled Oda Sakura’s 10 songs, etc. :heart:
On the 24th of this month, at the Hello Shop in Akihabara 
If it is convenient for you,
by all means please come  
deha deha (=゚ω゚)ノ
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2 Days

Everyone, good eveNING!!
Oda Sakura heere
The 2 Day Campaign of
Country wide handshake events at the same time is overrrrr
Those 2 days were completed huh…
Yesterday’s Nishonomiya in Hyougo Prefecture, and
Today’s Yokohama in Kanagawa Prefecture
Over and over again
I said
『Nice to meet you!』
I wonder how many people I met 864[1]
That is really a happy thing, isn’t it? Is what I thought 864[1]
Those of you who came that were able to say I’m going to go, that’s an amazing thing,
supply and demand or whatever it’s called、、
anyway it’s a wonderful thing
I’m sorry *laugh*
I can’t explain well with words,
So I thought shouldn’t I put this properly into writing 
Well, what on earth is the feeling of this blog←
I went and wrote it while I thought it…
Anyway, I am happy 
I’m happy 
I am bent on being happy no matter what.
It’s a really happy feeling,
I’m happy :heart:
I got it from everyone 
I’m sorry, I went and became happy
So I am thankful to everyone!
Really, always, thank you very much
Honestly, everyone absorb my happiness rapidly!!!
Everyone in Nishinomiya,
everyone in Yokohama,
Thank you very much.
deha deha (=゚ω゚)ノ
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Handshake ♪


Oda Sakura here 
Today was a personal handshake event 
Wasn’t it fun~Today :heart:
I love seeing people who look like they’re having fun
This life of not being able to help having fun
I will pray to have this charm…10558[1]3768-2
A handshake is
isn’t it
I don’t really like my hands、、
They’re like children’s hands…
I want ladylike hands
with long, slender fingers…10558[1]
It’s surprising how small they are 
Everyone plays by making hearts and frogs and stuff with their hands,
and when I receive that, I can’t reply
「too small…」
No, to say that directly is an insult isn’t it!?!?
But, every morning I look at them!
When I wake up in the morning,
I reach my hands towards the ceiling
and stare at them 
Babies do this often, don’t they!
Maybe, because the makeup of their body is wondrous…
I also do it for some reason or another
I wonder if my hands will become pretty…
My view every morning

I only just started doing this 1 day

When I say my hands are small,
the effectiveness of bringing my hands to my face for a small face pose
is rapidly decreasing
Instead, it has the exact opposite effect!!
It was that kind of feelings.
I’m sorry*laugh*
deha deha (=゚ω゚)ノ
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Oda Sakura Logirl Interview.

In September of 2012, at the time a second year middle school student, she joined as an 11th gen member.
As the only one to pass the audition titled「Suppin Utahime」,
Tsunku♂Producer praised her, alongside Matsuura Aya and Takahashi Ai,
as the top 3 girls with singing power in all the generations of Hello!Project, and speaking of singing───

Working Hard on that Set List is Beautiful

──The tour has started, but how is the challenge?

I think it’s pretty good. The group itself has become new, so it’s not usual for everyone to be all fired up like this. So you can’t help but have fun. When we were ’14(one four)I also felt this, but I am really happy to be able to be in this group.

──Since becoming ’15(one five), what is the number one thing that has changed?

I really feel a sense of loss for ‘14, but now I have to fill that, and since everyone is doing there best, I have the feeling a great synergy is being born. If we assume ’14 was「family」, then I think ’15 has a relationship like「good work friends」or「rivals」.

──It seems like the set list for this tour is also pretty hard.

The flow from the medley is really tough, it’s terrible. But since sensei said「Working hard on that set list is beautiful」, while I’m thinking「This is really tough!」I think it’s cooler to just completely do it.

──From your expression on stage, it seemed like you still have room to grow.

I’m desperately putting on airs. No…but, that is probably true. I think that I can do more. Of course I have mastered painful and fun feelings, but since I think I can still do more I have to do my best.

Instantly You Peeled About 5 Layers

──In terms of singing, your performance is stable.

Thank you so much.  But, the stability only started with this tour. I think that for myself, I really changed my way of singing during rehearsal for this tour.

──What is one definite way that it has changed?

I changed the position I vocalize from, it’s become easy to use the mic. There have been times that during rehearsal my throat stopped working because I caught a cold, but at those times I would try to sing in a way that wouldn’t burden my throat, that seemed like the correct thing to do. My voice came to resonate from the back of my nose, and since then that is where I sing from.

──Has it become easier to sing than ever before??

Yes. it surprised me, that I no longer sang out of tune, and the volume of my voice even became uniform. The acoustic staff even said to me「Instantly you peeled about 5 layers」, which surprised me.  I was completely not conscious of the fact I changed anything, I was only being impatient.

──When you say impatient, what do you mean?

From the time 12th gen joined, I became a senpai and wondered what kind of transformation I could make, that kind of impatience.

──Since you had that impatience, your singing became stable.

Yes. If I couldn’t do it myself I couldn’t advise my kouhai about it,  so during rehearsal I did my best for that reason, so I could tell them. My goal was for 12th gen to see me in the form of a proper senpai. Only that.

──It is often said「If you get a kouhai you grow」isn’t it.

Yeah, I think it is this. When I joined a lot of people said that 10th gen-san changed.

About Your First Time Having Kouhai

──Since you have your precious first kouhai, let us hear your impressions of 12th gen one by one. We’ll start with Haga(Akane)-san.

Haga-san has told me「I like Oda-san」from the time she was a kenshuusei.  Since she has joined our relationship hasn’t really changed, but it has become extremely positive. In the position of the youngest she is very friendly but, unexpectedly she also has some adult like points, which I think is interesting.

──How is Ogata(Haruna)-san?

Haーchin(Hauna)is older than me by the months we were born in.  In 12th gen she is the oldest and adult-like, but she also has a little sister feeling. I think she is bad at dancing due to inexperience, but since she has done figure skating, for the most part the atmosphere of her signature pose is extremely pretty. I think she has the ability to learn when I see her.

──Well the, how is Nonaka(Miki)-san?

That girl can do anything. Song and dance too. And because she can do anything, she never wants to stop partway through.

──She’s very skillful isn’t she?

That’s right. I don’t want her to overuse her skill. And, if that kind of girl really does her best, I think it becomes a situation where the senpai and myself have to do our best. If that happens, since I believe the degree of perfection of the group will become high, I want Chel(Nonaka)to do her best for us.

──And, Makino(Maria)-san, who was in the same audition as you(Morning Musume。11th Gen Member「Suppin Utahime」Audition)but now you have a senpai kouhai relationship.

Even though we did our best together, when it comes to honorifics we switched places. Maria says「Now I absolutely can’t say it, but at the time of auditions I called her Oda-chan」to the other senpai, ah, that’s right〜I think,and when Maria became a kenshuusei it was a complex feeling. Absurdly cute Maria did her best singing and dancing as a kenshuusei, and she had become good, so it made me wonder the meaning of me joining as 11th gen. There is that kind of pressure, but even so I think that I want to cheer for Maria.

I Don’t Want to Lose To Sayashi-san

──Oda-san is alone in the 11th generation, but if you had your own generation-mates how do you think it would have gone?

Maybe, I think I wouldn’t be able to do as much singing and dancing as I do now.  If I entered as a kenshuusei, and another girl entered from the general public, I think there would be a misunderstanding of what I can do. Among 9th gen-san and 10th gen-san, if someone had entered alone, don’t you think they would have had to desperately do their best?

──On stage, your senpai from 9th gen, Sayashi(Riho)-san and yourself have come to have a lot of twin vocals.

I often have to pay attention to rhythm, and since Sayashi-san really have a great feel for rhythm, when the two of us since in unison, I think we are stable. Since Sayashi-san’s existence pulls the group, I absolutely don’t want to lose.。When Sayashi-san says「You’re really good at singing」it makes me extremely happy, but since I think Sayashi-san is better, the feeling becomes complex. So, when I am told「You’re good」, I want to be at the level where I can gently say「thank you very much」within myself.

──You don’t think you are side by side yet?

Right.  I want to catch up to her quickly.

──On Sayashi-san’s blog, she said she wants to have a leisurely conversation with Oda-san.

I read that.  It made me happy.

──Oda-san certainly has no complaints.

Surely, since I have no generation mates, there are times when I have no one to talk to, I think to myself, what can I do.

Pride as the「Suppin Utahime」

──After this do you personally have any challenges?

Of course singing.  Even more than dancing, I think that singing is difficult. Since the phrase「Suppin Utahime」was attached to the audition that I entered as an 11th gen member from, I have to take responsibility for it, and since I have pride in myself, I think I want to continue that feeling.

──So it isn’t just「I like to sing.」

If it was just that I like to sing, then it would be a story about how going to karaoke is good enough. I have to be able to move people more, and I I want people to think they want to support me. And, I want to have confidence in my own singing. So, at karaoke, I never sing the songs we sing at concerts, and events. HaroPuro songs are extremely special to me, so I think I want to be able to convey them preciously.

──Lastly, how should ’15 be, ideally?

I was extremely happy in ’14, and even now I have a lot of things I yearn for from ’14, but in 12th gen everyone is charming, cute, and really doing their best. ’15 has become a completely new Morning Musume。, but I want to treat the history that has been handed down to us preciously.  If there was a book about Morning Musume。’s history, I think I would be happy to see my name left there.
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Shibuya Again!

Oda Sakura here 
TodayI hung out with
Yamaki Risa-chan, and Inaba Manaka-chan
from Country Girlsた1075 Zukki Eripon
Shibuya again!о(ж>▽<)y ☆
Today we also went to karaoke1075 Zukki Eripon
Originally I had standing plans to hang out with Risa-chan,
But since Manaka was also OFF1075 Zukki Eripon
Well let’s go together!!!
We said and off to Shibuya
We were at karaoke for about 3 hours,
Then we went to Animate,
went to eat,
and we bought matching key holders 1075 Zukki Eripon
It was a happy day I was able to spend with too people I really like1075 Zukki Eripon
So with my voice fetish,
Manaka’s singing voice is the best, as expected
It was so moe
She seemed to have a great understanding
of the songs that suited her own voice,
so as expected it was moe 
Risa-chan’s singing was also good!
She was too good at her song choices
Since Risa-chan is a girl who loves voice actors, she sang tons of voice actors’ songsー!!
There weren’t really a lot of names my friends would know,
but it was fun
I steadily had a Vocaloid Matsuri1075 Zukki Eripon
Let’s give these Love Live stickers we got from the gacha machine to Kudou Haruka-san!
That kind of wonderful harassment 1075 Zukki Eripon
deha deha (=゚ω゚)ノ
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I’ve Been 16 for 1 Month Now♪

Oda Sakura here
Today was a personal handshake event
It’s been a while since I’ve done a personal handshake event,
it was realllly fun~
I was happy
As expected having direct conversation is fun 
To convey memories about a concert and stuff,
and eye contact is also important,
And of course words are the simplest part,
So they come in at number 1
Speaking of words,
to meet closely, and look at their face while they convey something, there is a meaning to that, that is to say…
I love humans, I really do.
I received energy from everyone 
Always, thank you very much
Today, something I noticed again
that girls, that put  mascara on their bottom lashes,
Like this!!!
I really like this
When I look down,
and fill in the hairline of the lower lid’s eyelashes,
you can make a line
I like this
I thought
If you put mascara on your lower lashes,
It makes it easier so that your eyelashes don’t become broken.
It’s easy to see the line…
that is the thing I’ve noticed

This is a picture from when we filmed Shibue director’s

of  Seishun Kozou ga Naiteiru
Satou-san took the cocoa we had
and did her best to splash it and hit me a lot.
Here’s Oda with the dirty paper cup….
Today was really fun ♪
deha deha(=゚ω゚)ノ
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Oda Sakura here

Today we had a commemorative release event at Ikebukuro Sunshine 

Morning Musume。’15’s 58th single was
released today, 4/15

Every time, every time, Ikebukuro Sunshine takes care of us…

I really love having events here

There were spectators surrounding us by 360°
It makes me so nervous ε-(´∀`; )

But it is fun 

That we were able to have the event yesterday,
and were able to meet lots of people,
and we were able to meet all kinds of people at today’s event

makes me happyyyyyy!!!!!!

The single this time,
Has the 12th gen participating,
and is our first one as ’15,

We are full of feelings

I think that 4/15 will become a day that the 12th gen members won’t be able to forget

I also cannot forget 1/23/2013

And like that the number of important days increases (((o(*゚▽゚*)o)))

I’m really thankfulー


Tomorrow too 

It’s in Hyougo Prefecture but, 、
I’m able to do a hand shake event

Throughout the country there will be handshake events at 13 places at the same time,
We’ve been able to do lots of handshake events all over the country at the same time before, but、、

Doing it by myself honestly makes me nervous…

I think that definitely lots of people will be able to come

For tomorrow,
sorry for the sudden invitation, but…

Tomorrow, if you have time, by all means

I’m sorry if it is more or less an impossible request!!!!←

The Details and Time:4/16/2015(Th) 6:30PM~ Prefecture・Hankyuu Nishinomiya Gardens 4F Sky Garden Foliage  Stage Takamatsucho, Nishinomiya-shi, Hyougo Line「Nishinomiya North Exit」From the East Ticket Gate it’s about 3 minutes.

Thank you for your support

I’ll be waiting


Before today’s event I went to look at the advertising in Shinjukuー



I’m excited for tomorrow 10558[1]

deha deha (=゚ω゚)ノ
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I’m Alright


I am asked

Do you have a question about something?

『I’m alright.』

Is how I answer.

At the convenience store register

whenever I am asked

Do you need a bag?

『I’m alright.』

is my reply!

but 『I’m alright.』

Is really ambiguous isn’t it

When I use 『I’m alright』

my meaning is

I don’t need a bag!

Do you need a bag?

*If you need one then alright
If you don’t need one then you’re alright

it could go either way couldn’t it

Today, twice without thinking

I conveyed

I’m alright…


Do you have a question?
Do you need a bag?

And since you can answer the same way the contents aren’t really clear

But you seen 

Do you need one?
I don’t need one.

If I say that,

As for myself,

Isn’t that too abrupt!
So I’m a little opposed to it~

to be more sensitive,

I’m alright.

is what I say~


That has yet to be determinedー

So what kind of story was that. 6460[1]




That’s it 

deha deha (=゚ω゚)ノ


*This is slightly confusing.  She is saying “daijoubu” which many of you know means alright, it’s alright, I’m alright, etc.  But in Japan it is just one word, with all of those meanings, so she is totally correct in being ambiguous.  With the example of the bag at the convenience store, if you are asked if you need a bag it could mean I’m alright, as in I don’t need one, or just alright, in which case you would like one.

**Please take note on the date of this one.  I apparently started it like three and a half months ago….and it has been sitting on my dashboard and I just noticed I never finished it today.  Oops.
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