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Shibuya Again!

Oda Sakura here 
TodayI hung out with
Yamaki Risa-chan, and Inaba Manaka-chan
from Country Girlsた1075 Zukki Eripon
Shibuya again!о(ж>▽<)y ☆
Today we also went to karaoke1075 Zukki Eripon
Originally I had standing plans to hang out with Risa-chan,
But since Manaka was also OFF1075 Zukki Eripon
Well let’s go together!!!
We said and off to Shibuya
We were at karaoke for about 3 hours,
Then we went to Animate,
went to eat,
and we bought matching key holders 1075 Zukki Eripon
It was a happy day I was able to spend with too people I really like1075 Zukki Eripon
So with my voice fetish,
Manaka’s singing voice is the best, as expected
It was so moe
She seemed to have a great understanding
of the songs that suited her own voice,
so as expected it was moe 
Risa-chan’s singing was also good!
She was too good at her song choices
Since Risa-chan is a girl who loves voice actors, she sang tons of voice actors’ songsー!!
There weren’t really a lot of names my friends would know,
but it was fun
I steadily had a Vocaloid Matsuri1075 Zukki Eripon
Let’s give these Love Live stickers we got from the gacha machine to Kudou Haruka-san!
That kind of wonderful harassment 1075 Zukki Eripon
deha deha (=゚ω゚)ノ
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I’ve Been 16 for 1 Month Now♪

Oda Sakura here
Today was a personal handshake event
It’s been a while since I’ve done a personal handshake event,
it was realllly fun~
I was happy
As expected having direct conversation is fun 
To convey memories about a concert and stuff,
and eye contact is also important,
And of course words are the simplest part,
So they come in at number 1
Speaking of words,
to meet closely, and look at their face while they convey something, there is a meaning to that, that is to say…
I love humans, I really do.
I received energy from everyone 
Always, thank you very much
Today, something I noticed again
that girls, that put  mascara on their bottom lashes,
Like this!!!
I really like this
When I look down,
and fill in the hairline of the lower lid’s eyelashes,
you can make a line
I like this
I thought
If you put mascara on your lower lashes,
It makes it easier so that your eyelashes don’t become broken.
It’s easy to see the line…
that is the thing I’ve noticed

This is a picture from when we filmed Shibue director’s

of  Seishun Kozou ga Naiteiru
Satou-san took the cocoa we had
and did her best to splash it and hit me a lot.
Here’s Oda with the dirty paper cup….
Today was really fun ♪
deha deha(=゚ω゚)ノ
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Oda Sakura here

Today we had a commemorative release event at Ikebukuro Sunshine 

Morning Musume。’15’s 58th single was
released today, 4/15

Every time, every time, Ikebukuro Sunshine takes care of us…

I really love having events here

There were spectators surrounding us by 360°
It makes me so nervous ε-(´∀`; )

But it is fun 

That we were able to have the event yesterday,
and were able to meet lots of people,
and we were able to meet all kinds of people at today’s event

makes me happyyyyyy!!!!!!

The single this time,
Has the 12th gen participating,
and is our first one as ’15,

We are full of feelings

I think that 4/15 will become a day that the 12th gen members won’t be able to forget

I also cannot forget 1/23/2013

And like that the number of important days increases (((o(*゚▽゚*)o)))

I’m really thankfulー


Tomorrow too 

It’s in Hyougo Prefecture but, 、
I’m able to do a hand shake event

Throughout the country there will be handshake events at 13 places at the same time,
We’ve been able to do lots of handshake events all over the country at the same time before, but、、

Doing it by myself honestly makes me nervous…

I think that definitely lots of people will be able to come

For tomorrow,
sorry for the sudden invitation, but…

Tomorrow, if you have time, by all means

I’m sorry if it is more or less an impossible request!!!!←

The Details and Time:4/16/2015(Th) 6:30PM~ Prefecture・Hankyuu Nishinomiya Gardens 4F Sky Garden Foliage  Stage Takamatsucho, Nishinomiya-shi, Hyougo Line「Nishinomiya North Exit」From the East Ticket Gate it’s about 3 minutes.

Thank you for your support

I’ll be waiting


Before today’s event I went to look at the advertising in Shinjukuー



I’m excited for tomorrow 10558[1]

deha deha (=゚ω゚)ノ
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I’m Alright


I am asked

Do you have a question about something?

『I’m alright.』

Is how I answer.

At the convenience store register

whenever I am asked

Do you need a bag?

『I’m alright.』

is my reply!

but 『I’m alright.』

Is really ambiguous isn’t it

When I use 『I’m alright』

my meaning is

I don’t need a bag!

Do you need a bag?

*If you need one then alright
If you don’t need one then you’re alright

it could go either way couldn’t it

Today, twice without thinking

I conveyed

I’m alright…


Do you have a question?
Do you need a bag?

And since you can answer the same way the contents aren’t really clear

But you seen 

Do you need one?
I don’t need one.

If I say that,

As for myself,

Isn’t that too abrupt!
So I’m a little opposed to it~

to be more sensitive,

I’m alright.

is what I say~


That has yet to be determinedー

So what kind of story was that. 6460[1]




That’s it 

deha deha (=゚ω゚)ノ


*This is slightly confusing.  She is saying “daijoubu” which many of you know means alright, it’s alright, I’m alright, etc.  But in Japan it is just one word, with all of those meanings, so she is totally correct in being ambiguous.  With the example of the bag at the convenience store, if you are asked if you need a bag it could mean I’m alright, as in I don’t need one, or just alright, in which case you would like one.

**Please take note on the date of this one.  I apparently started it like three and a half months ago….and it has been sitting on my dashboard and I just noticed I never finished it today.  Oops.
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Sakura no *Shirabe


Sakura no Shirabe is over 

I did a lot of preparation for today :music:

All kinds of people enjoyed it 

The set list was:

Itoshiki Hito: Abe Natsumi-san
Shining Itoshiki Anata: Country Musume。-san
Glass no Pumps: Gotou Maki-san
Sakura(solo): Moriyama Naotarou-san
Toki wo Koe Sora wo Koe: Morning Musume。’14
Osanajimi: Fujimoto Miki-san
Namida no Hoshi: Gotou Maki-san


I was able to sing
the last 4 songs with a piano

The performer was Torii Katsunari-san!

Thank you so much

This time,
since I was able to sing songs with history,
To sing them myself, won’t the value of the songs go down, and stuff,
I thought all kinds of things,

But since I practiced myself,
I think I was able to convey wonderful songs :music:

I’m soaking up just a little more happines

Since today was a lot of fun,
I think I want to write a detailed blog again

That’s right, I forgot to mention it at the event,

Sakura (solo) is,
For various reasons…

Not going to be on the DVD recording

It was limited to those of you who came to the event 

Thank you very much :music:


my outfit was lavender,
and my eyeshadow was purple 


Cute ♡
Deha deha (=゚ω゚)ノ


*This means Sakura’s Melody but I think most of you know her events by Sakura no Shirabe by now.
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Oda Sakura here :music:
Today was the first day of the tour :heart:
My heart was pounding(>人<;)
This time was absurd,
for today!!
For this tour, since there was an extreme amount of preparation,
For the first time ever, I was able to enter the first day一with peace of mind
the fans celebrated my birthday 
I just turned 16 on 3/12!!
I was :music:
Thank you so much
For the blog comments as well
Since I was told to
have a wonderful yearー
I will have a wonderfull year:heart:
My first order of business as a 16 year old was today’s concert 
I think those of you who came will understand,
The tour this time is great ~:music:
The set list is wonderful 
The songs and dances are fascinating
I want all kind of people to enjoy themselves~

Of course, it seems that showing your forehead stands out on stage *\(^o^)/*

So please look for me~
The one with a lot of skin color showing is Oda
Deha deha (=゚ω゚)ノ
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Oda Sakura here :music:
Today is!!
my birthday 
Today I turned 16 years old
Today the moment it passed midnight
I got messages from a lot of people :music:
I’m happy (((o(*゚▽゚*)o)))
Furthermore, I had really good weather for my birthday 
I think that that alone made me really happy
Suzuki Kanon-san said,
『I’m going to celebrate!』
and she treated me to some lunch
I’m so happy~
It was delicious:heart:
It was fun 
To be able to have such a wonderful birthday
I’m grateful to the past generations of my family
Since, if just one of them was left out, I would not have been more
Since I was born,
I have been able to meet all kinds of people
and I am grateful that all of those people were born
In short
I am grateful to Adam and Eve
Today I received wonderful messages,
from my friends from school,
also from my senpai and my kouhai,
I received them from the members 
and I received one from Michishige Sayumi-san:heart:
Even now to get this kind of communication,
I cry from the kindness and out of happiness
Today was my birthday, but,
it was a day I spent grateful for all kinds of people 
I felt a lot of happiness :heart:
Thank you so much Suzuki-san :heart:
PS. Maybe, there is probably something wonderful that will happen at Sakura no Shirabe o(*゚▽゚*)o
Deha deha (=゚ω゚)ノ
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PreCure ♡


Oda Sakura here:music:
We were able to participate in a preview
for the movie Pretty Cure Spring All Stars1075 Zukki Eripon
On stage we debuted
the theme song『Ima Koko Kara』but,
I was extremely nervous 
How do I say this,
Ima Koko Kara starts from my solo part (>人<;)
Since we rarely get songs like this,
it was really an honor,
also to be able to sing in such a place
I mean all kinds of feelings were piling up,
I was heart poundingly nervous 
Fromt he members also,
when we returned to the stage wings
『Oda-chan, wasn’t your singing super nervousー!!*laughs*』
they said to me,
My secret, was let out…
as it so happened
The kids and their mothers in the audience
gave a heart pounding applauce1075 Zukki Eripon
They were really able to enjoy it
Thank you so much :heart:
Of course when I am in front of little kids
it really raises my spirits 
I also want to see Pretty Cure in theaters soon 
Haga-san Haga-san.
Haga-san making a smug face,
I wonder if it is because it is Haga-san’s second day of being 13
Deha deha (=゚ω゚)ノ
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I did sit ups.


Oda Sakura here 

It seems that finally,

I probably hae fay fever…(_ _。)

A tickle in the throat is a symptom of hay fever, right 

Furthermore, my nose is stuffed up….

But I
also am sneezing so maybe it’s just a normal cold~
I think,

but if it’s a normal cold
I always get better if I don’t worry about it

Eh, go to the doctor?
Should I go?

But I feel great besides my nose and throat,

I don’t feel sick

Plus, if I go to the doctor and heal it with medicine,
I want the antibodies
inside of me to give me immunity
I want to become an invincible human like Ikuta Erina-san←
I mean, I think she has more white blood cells than people originally have.

Ah yes, I’ll go to the doーctor.
I’ll go right away
I’ll get an exam righ awーay

You hear me, right away…(–;)
Is it typical??←


My older brother said,

『Huh?It sounds like your voice is delayed?』



It doesn’t sound delーayed, it’s real time
I mean, what kind of monologue is this,

is the conversation we had now~

Doing sit ups is rare,
I regret it ー:music:

but of course I should exercise…


Sorry for the daーrk selfie 

It only became this bright 

Light is important for selfies!!

I’m the one who said this←


A photo of Satou Masaki-san

I have 11 more to upload

Deha deha (=゚ω゚)ノ
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I’m Moved!!& Blog Relay


Oda Sakura here

Today was Berryz Koubou-san’s last live in Nippon Budoukan3768-2

I went to watch3768-2

Of course,
I thought from the bottom of my heart
Berryz are wonderful aren’t they

All kinds of people love them,

and the members really got excited,
and put on a performance they seemed to enjoy,

that they were really able to convey even to the seats,

That I was able to work with them as members of the same Hello! Project fills my heart with pride

Berryz Koubou-san
Thank you so much for teaching us all kinds of things until now!!
Thank you for all your hard work!!!

Everyone was cute…
The MC was interesting…

Since Shimizu-san said,
『Berryz Koubou will live on forever!』

I will continue to see Berryz Koubou-san
in my dreams, and admire them forever

Yesterday, Takagi Sayuki-san
tagged me in the blog relay :music:

Takagi-san, thank you3768-2

The blog theme this time is
『Is this just me?』

When I

walk from my home to the train station and stuff,

Or on the days
that I allow myself plenty of time~

And on days like,
Well, I wonder if I’ll be on time,

And on days like
Oh no I barely made it!!

I change the music I listen to in my headphones

To put it another way,
The songs for these 3 patterns is decided

The BGM and my stride and stuff,
if the rhythm doesn’t match while on the way, the way I walk
becomes like, huh huh?

It doesn’t match…
I think

So I’ll like continue on my right foot twice

When I’m in a hurry in stuff it has to be these songs!!
is what I’m saying3768-2

Is it only me??

This was really a conversation where anything goes
I’m like this 3768-2


In this blog relay、

I think I want to continue and pass the baton to ℃-ute’s Suzuki Airi-san

Suzuki-san and I
at the HaroCon before this,

danced together and stuff to Country Girls’ Itooshikutte Gomen Ne

together with Fukumura-san and Ikuta-san and Ishida-san and stuff, we earnestly played mystery games.

When I think about it now,
What were we doing!?*laughs*

While watching Country Girls’ song
What we thought were own cute points was


This kind of exchange
is what we were doing in front of the monitor backstage

From the time I entered Morning Musume
she has kindly spoken to me,

When you combine everything about Suzuki-san I really respect her
She is ridiculously adorable


Serious MaaーSaku.

There are about 12 more photos

with Satou Masaki-san that I can’t upload…

Deha deha (=゚ω゚)ノ
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