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From last night,



Is how I, Oda Sakura, have been

I’m sorry but,

The server…
has been under attack…(on the iPhone)

I’m lying.

Like, it seems like the blog was under maintenance (>人<;)

I thought I would wait until maintenance was over, but I lost to the Sandman…

Sorry for being KY

Since 10th gen knew the circumstances,

wasn’t said
I’m also sorry I expected to be betrayed←

I wanted to put it up yesterday at home (>人<;)

I completed it!!!
Sorry to make you wait

Also, yesterday on Sky Perfect TV’s Music Festival’s rendition of Morning Coffee

I wonder if we were able to convey

the efforts and cooperation of the members!?

Everyone really practiced 

Everyone got in a circle, and sang who knows how many times

Since that practice was also fun,
when the real thing was over

We’re not going to practice anymore…
is how I felt, and it was kind of painful

But since I really enjoyed the real thing
it was good, I think


After the show everyone toasted with mikans 

We got them from the staff
Thank you very much!!

Kudou-san’s posing
is very Oda-like and that makes me happy~


The convenience store has Snow Miku-chan:music:

Welcome to Snow Miku~:music:

Sorry I’m not wearing makeup

Deha deha (=゚ω゚)ノ
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Posting time!!!

Look at the posting time of my blog
2.22 22:223768-2
Today was the day known as *NyanNyanNyan day :music:
This outfit
Well, how many cats does it have:heart:
(Please do not count wrecklessly)
By the way, the person casually going
nyan :heart:
from the left side is Fukumura Mizuki-san
Since it is this day, I am going to go summon my catsー1075 Zukki Eripon
They’re cats, but *they have a dog and monkey relationship,
Pooh-chan and Kuri-chan1075 Zukki Eripon
But they’re cats.

But they’re cats.

They really don’t get along,
these two
They get in fights in bed and stuff
please cut it out
But since it is this day :music:
I am going to cat cat~
Deha deha (=゚ω゚)ノ
*In Japanese the expression for “to fight like cats and dogs” is actually ” to have a dog and monkey relationship”.
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10th Gen-san’s Story Time

You’re welcome everyone 
A cute picture :heart:
By the way, the book Iikubo-san is reading to them
is Frozen 
Lately, I
have desperately been doing memory practice every day
Lately it is practice for our appearance on the Sky Perfect live broadcast,
and practice for the spring tour,
practice for Berryz Koubou-san’s Ariake event
practice for Sakura’s Melody,
Practice for Hina Fest
It’s terribleeeeee
But I’ve got to do my best
Personally for me,
I go to the rehearsal studio,
and my senpai memorize the choreography before me,
and I am extremely impatient 
I will do my best to completely memorize it
even before my senpai!!!
that is to say,
It is kind of mean to the 12th gen 
On this tour,
more than the new members,
We have a lot of demands on us and
It is really a misunderstanding but
that’s what I think!!!
I’ll do my best
Of course, I want the 12th gen to have a lot of success, but :music:
『12th gen are here, and the senpai are here…』
that kind of feeling seems to happen a lot,
Even if I am called a senpai I am still 11th gen
I’ll do my best3768-2
Deha deha (=゚ω゚)ノ
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About Today


Oda Sakura here4414747

at home I was constantly working on remembering choreogarphy~

Since there are a lot of Morning Musume。 songs,
and rehearsal for the spring tour will start soon4414747

to help us remember we receive videos of our senpais’ rehearsals,

But for some reason I
watch dance shots and lives on my iPhone to remember4414747

The reason is,
because I find it bothersome. *laughs*

I review about the same 3 seconds over and over!!

In the past, the part I repeated the most is probably

Nanchatte Renai’s

*Shi~baraku wa genki 「na KYARA de~」♪

the part that went~
na KYARA de. Yes.

From Michishige Eleven SOUL I think

How nostalgic~5249[1]

The first solo tour I participated in as an 11th gen member3768-2

Honestly, but I forgot the choreography there

I reviewed it every opportunity I had

Usually, Oda’s own rule is
to try dancing the song all the way through if you can,

but if there is a song where you mess up a little bit try and fix it from your mind,

since you hold your own personal hell inside of you,

If anything,
I am bad at doing preparation for choreography。。

And if I mess up dancing about 5seconds before the song ends, I  get a feeling of despair…(。-_-。)

I wonder if it would be good to quit that rule from hell…

The members are often like,
since, Oda-chan has loved to memorize choreography for a long time~…

and that presumption has been spoken,…

Honestly, that is not the case at all.

Since I embarrassed if I am slow,
I am desperate not to embarrass myself

Time for the 11th=Time for Oda
Because of that

It is not just for myself…
is what I think 4414747

there was also a time where I really couldn’t completely memorize a dance4414747

I wasn’t able to memorize Naichau Kamo 

I was a huge burden…

Since I don’t have any generation mates
wasn’t I the only one who couldn’t do it4414747
There is no one who started the same time as me to compare with.
Looking at the new members,

It doesn’t really feel like they had an inferiority complex, or a superiority complex.

And they cooperate4414747

But I think I also want to cooperate with the 4 member 12th gen

Since I don’t want to lose4414747

The 12th gen are growing rapidly,
and I have become very annoyed,

so I want to grow rapidly 


Suddenly gazing at the camera,

cute :heart:

Some information4414747

On 2/25(W)at 7PM~midnight, Morning Musume。’15 will be performing on the live broadcast  「Sky Perfect!Music Festival 2015」!※This is a live broadcast. Definitely try to watch!

<The Program’s Official HP>


I’m halfway through growing out my bangs.

Deha deha (=゚ω゚)ノ


*For the time being I have a cheerful character.
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I’m sorry!

Thanks for all your hard work

Oda Sakura here

Sorry it has been a while since there’s been an entry (>人<;)

a really fulfilling day of rehearsals is occurring 

That is to say

Rehearsal charge nowー(^ν^)

Well, ah, sorry, um, really,

I have struck from the beginning。。


I’m energetic




There’s only a little bit of time left
in Morning Musume。’14 huh~

We had all kinds of things, ’14 did

What was there~

The prank from New Year’s,

Up until now that was the strongest
with less than three minutes to wake up、、

And at the Olumpics、
As the official cheer characters for the JOC,
we were the Japan Call Ambassadorsー(sparkle)

In the summer we went to Hawaii,

And in the fall we were able to go to NYC[みんな:08]

The 12th generation joined,

We stood on stage at Yokohama Arena,
and our leader, Michishige Sayumi-san graduated,

All of these deep, important experiences
are wonderful memories 3768-2

When it turns to next year I will recall these things

And today is,

Country Girls’
Inaba Manaka-chan’s birthdayーー

I love you Manakan

I’m sorry, but I can’t help but be involved with her ever since her time as a kenshuusei

Cute cute:heart:

Country Girls are too cute

I am spending today in agony

Morito Chisaki-chan was about two steps above me,

and when I headbutted her in the stomach,

it was so cute the way Chisaki-chan reflexively hugged me10558[1]

It seems everyone calls her『Chiーchan』



Everyone is so cute:heart:

Maybe they are angels 10558[1]

Deha deha(=゚ω゚)ノ


*Special thanks to Ragen for helping me figure out the headbutting part of this entry!
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Why is today’s blog like this…。

Thanks for all your hard work

Oda Sakura here

For the first time as 9 people,
And maybe the last,

we had the Christmas Event

It was ridiculously fun

I thought, after all, Morning Musume。is great



Merry Christmas 

It was so much fun

It was soooo fun


Thanks to my oral ulcer,
I couldn’t really laugh so well…

I couldn’t make a smile

It hurts too much

Now, at the base of the tongue,
it is common to get oral ulcers on the part that touches the molars, but

this is the first time I have had an ulcer of this size

There’s already a hole there 

Furthermore, since it is in the position to touch the molars,

It’s like in the hole in this large ulcer I am constantly being pricked by a needle…

Anyway, it hurts

It’s intense pain

Today at the event Oda
didn’t really smile…

those of you were thinking that

It is thanks to the oral ulcer 

It was of course a fun time3768-2

Which reminds me,

When we  filmed the MV for TIKI BUN  I was also fighting with an oral ulcer…

Ah, also when filming Toki wo Koe, Sora wo Koe…
And PassZero…

Also Kimi no Kawari wa Iya Shinai…!


It seems I absolutely get them on important days…3074

The MAX I have had at once is 13

I could only eat in painー*cries*

Let’s・oral ulcer diet☆

Not really
What kind of magic is this??

Is it unnecessary to at least be able to laugh

This isn’t normal is it??



deha deha(=゚ω゚)ノ
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Yay yay ♪

Thank you for all your hard work

Oda Sakura here 

Today after dance lessons with the 12th gen members,

we had rehearsal for the HaroCon

Today, in 1 day,
I think I really came to know well
what kind of girls

the 12th gen members are

Just like this I ate with the 12th gen 



I kind of cut off about half of Haga Akane-chan though…(>人<;)

Here everyone talked excitedly,

and there wasn’t a single pause in conversation3768-2

Like honestly,
the 12th gen are absurdly interesting

Today there were also a lot of instances of falling down.

Honestly, there were a lot of episodes.

Honestly, there are so many stories I don’t know
where a good place to start is, so I won’t go there

for the time being I’m a senpai 



Deha deha(=゚ω゚)ノ
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All kinds of things!!


Oda Sakura here

Today we had
an autograph session and a long individual handshake event

It was also the last individual handshake event of the year,

so more than usual
it felt like it passed quickly 


I passed the waiting time while reading the latest volume of Aoharaido,

so I shook hands in a very rough emotional state 

This volume

is the 12th volume, but


Kou is 

Kou isssssssss
so cool 

That guy ーー)))))

is what I was like(((o(*゚▽゚*)o)))

Touma too

What a good guy…

is what I was like~[みんな:17]

Anyway, today,

Among the members,

the topic of conversation was nothing but Aoharaido

Like the movie just opened yesterday…
Today the handshake event ended early…

Only today??

That!is to sayー3768-2



We went



it was too cute…

It was too cool 

My chest tightened :heart:

It was so, so、、

so cute that it hurt

It was cute…

I feel like my heart has been washed3768-2

Don’t mind me. Leave it to me. 6460[1]


It was really good3768-2

From tomorrow I will keep on living life properly as well

After that
We went to eat sundubu :music:

I’m on my way home

It was delicious


I suddenly got the taste of iron in my mouth,

as I wondered what it was,
the inside of my mouth turned completely red

When I looked reaーlly well,

about the size of my thumb nail,




so that painful conversation…I apologize.

After that,
I felt bitter about ordering Sundubu that was spicier than usual,

I felt bitter because I did not feel at all while I was eating

I had two oral ulcers,

but I have no memory of thinking it hurt while I ate

It was absolutely


Today I played the Pocky Game…

Since I had so many stories I’m going to sleep



I love scarf season 

Deha deha(=゚ω゚)ノ
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Friday ♪

It’s Friday!!


is to say

Today is

We were able to perform on it last week, but

This week I have to perfectly watch it too 6460[1]

So I can be healedー

It’s 12/12
Today was 

the 12th generation members’ debut event

Together with our leader, Fukumura Mizuki-san284578

Thank you for your hard work

I was also able to appear a bit by VTR

『*Bonnou Honnou championship』…

No, what on earth is that about 


is what I did (((o(*゚▽゚*)o)))

In that?

Today I


Got Volume 15 of Attack on Titan

I want it soon,
I thought,
I should stop by the book storeー

is what I thought

and then when I happened to look to the left

standing next to the register at the store in the train station with all of their might, 

Of course it was the Attack on Titan-sama

(Eren is Kaji-san, Mikasa is Ishikawa-san, Christa is Mikami-san, Commander Erwin and Lieutenant Levi’s dialogue is Ono-san and Kamiya-san…)

while I read I am thinking in the voice actors’ voices, but

Even though I am trying to remember with all of my might,
Absolutely none of the contents are sinking in, and and so I thought maybe I’m not cut out for this, and I quit

But, don’t I usually grasp the contents pretty well…
isn’t that strange…

after thinking about all kinds of things

I realized it…!!


hadn’t read volume 14 yetに…

What an idiot!!
Aren’t I an idiot

Isn’t it strange to go from volume 13 to volume 15

Further more in volume 14, Squad Levi gets all kinds of new…

nnnーit hurts
this is painful…

The damage is…

That is to say, it’s complex

Ah, right.

To read with that kind of feeling is painful.

Ah but,

ah, right.
doesn’t it kind of hurt
to only be able to give that kind of comment



From the 11th gen debut event

Deha Deha (=゚ω゚)ノ


*This literally translates to Worldly Desires Instinct Championship, but it kind of just doesn’t make sense?
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About PreCure!♡

the ban on information has been lifted!


Morning Musume。’15 is
going to sing the theme song for the Pretty Cure movie 836 Ogata




Iikubo Haruna-san, Ishida Ayumi-san, and I
will play the voices of characters we thought up ourselves17359


Since I love voice actors,


and the line up of names of voice actors is wonderful…!!


I wonder if this will be a good thing2456[1]


Of course the voice actors of the Pretty Cures themselves,
but also there are the voices of the fairies…


I voice acted myself!!
that is to say…
I had a lot of fears~(>人<;)


I wonder if my introduction as a voice actor was alright…


since I have that kind of feeling…


I think I want all kinds of people to come and see it4497




As for my own costume…


Doesn’t it look like Cure Ace’s27519
Doki Doki Pretty Cure’s Cure Ace2456[1]
CV:Kugimiya Rie-san16928[1]
That Kugyu-sama2456[1]


I have always liked Pretty Cure

through the generations, I was shocked, but

Cure Beauty
Aoki Reika-chan8338[1] Ogata   8338[1] Ogata


I was shocked the moment she appeared2456[1]


There’s a girl this cute!?
Is what I thought!!


I collected her pictures1013


But, when she transformed,


I’m Cure Beauty.
Please support me.


is exactly the introduction Reika-chan made8338[1] Ogata




She’s smart, nice, a class representative,
in the archery club, and she is also fond of tanka poetry, that is to say

she is probably pretty popular…


I also liked the villain Red
from Happiness Charge144[1]10558[1]
The last episode and stuff made me think of my own past,


Even though he was an enemy,
there was a scene where he dated Cure Lovely


That was too much!!
Red was too cool2456[1]  2456[1]


Anyway I am looking forward to the movie864[1]


3/14 is when it opens,
which is the same day our tour starts


Pretty Cure do their best
I’ll also do my best  2456[1]  2456[1]




In my blog on 6/16/2013,
I wrote about a conversation I had with a friend about the fairies from Pretty Cure,


There I wrote
on the 14th the fairy…
she said there’s 3…
and stuff


Is what I wrote,
and I somehow made myself scared2342[1]
Am I a prophet966[1] Ogata


That!Is to say!!!
Definitely see the movie 129-2 Ogata  129-2 Ogata




From lately in my free time,
A two shot with the Godzilla I sent Inaba Manaka-chanト19218



since it’s in my OFF OFF OFF time
isn’t the difference from Pretty Cure awesome1060

No makeup, my bare forehead, and bedhead2342[1]  2342[1]


Deha Deha (=゚ω゚)ノ
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