Ogawa Makoto


Yesterday, I went :kirakira:

Morning Musume’s Budokan live show
It was Niigaki Risa-chan and Mitsui Aika-chan’s graduation performance :kirakira:

Everyone that was on stage was shining brightly

The sight of them giving it their all was cool

I wasn’t in Morning Musume at the same time as Mitsui-chan, but whenever we met, she always said, “Ogawa-saa~n,” and came over to talk to me with a smile. That was impressive.

Her graduation letter overflowed with kindness, typical of Mitsui-chan.
I think she was surely troubled more than others because of her foot injury, but she worked hard.

And then, Gaki-san.
Until the very last moment, she splendidly carried out her role as leader.

Precisely because we’re generation-mates and were always together, I know how much Gaki-san has grown.
She was super cool.

To the two of you, congratulations on your graduation :heart:

It was a truly magnificent stage, from which Morning Musume’s history could be keenly felt :heart:

5th gen members :heart: :heart: :heart:

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