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Sayu ♡

Yesterday at Yokohama Arena、 I went to watch the graduation LIVE concert for Morning Musume。14 leader 「Michishige Sayumi-chan」





When I entered the venue、 as far as the eye could see, it was filled in Sayu’s image colour, pink

Already、 the thumping of my heart wasn’t stopping, even before it started。



From when the performance started、 the sight of Sayu’s impressive coolness and cuteness、 it gave me goosebumps many times over。

It truly was a wonderful performance

Devoting a period of 12 years just for Morning Musume。、 it’s because it’s Sayu that this kind of space could be brought forth, and I was moved from the bottom of my heart。

Holding back her tears until the end、 occasionally mixing in a smile、 she pulled off a truly splendid, Sayu-like graduation ceremony。


It’s really great that the fans could see that moment with their own eyes 4426083[1]


Sayu ♡


From when she became leader、 the pressure must have been beyond words…


For your 12 years、 truly, thank you so much for your hard work。

Leader Michishige Sayumi was really cool ♡

From today, your time is for yourself。
To make up for how much you’ve run along continuously until now、 have a good rest, okay 2492[1]

Once again, congratulations on your graduation。



And、 to all the fans。

Morning Musume。 will soon turn into Morning Musume。15、 and we beg for your kindness gakiheart3
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Yesterday, I went :kirakira:

Morning Musume’s Budokan live show
It was Niigaki Risa-chan and Mitsui Aika-chan’s graduation performance :kirakira:

Everyone that was on stage was shining brightly

The sight of them giving it their all was cool

I wasn’t in Morning Musume at the same time as Mitsui-chan, but whenever we met, she always said, “Ogawa-saa~n,” and came over to talk to me with a smile. That was impressive.

Her graduation letter overflowed with kindness, typical of Mitsui-chan.
I think she was surely troubled more than others because of her foot injury, but she worked hard.

And then, Gaki-san.
Until the very last moment, she splendidly carried out her role as leader.

Precisely because we’re generation-mates and were always together, I know how much Gaki-san has grown.
She was super cool.

To the two of you, congratulations on your graduation :heart:

It was a truly magnificent stage, from which Morning Musume’s history could be keenly felt :heart:

5th gen members :heart: :heart: :heart:
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